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Master PC: Revenge
By WeirdoBc


Sandra Tremblay - that bitch!  She'll never cause me problems again. Yeah, a bitch!  Do you want to know what she did?  Well, I'll tell you what she did!  She made me believe that she loved me!  We had great sex together and some months later we were married.
Oh, I know what you're thinking… but just let me tell you my story and you'll understand.

About a month after we were married a policeman came to my door and arrested me on the spot.  He told me my rights and then he took me to jail.  I found out later that they got a unanimous call that there was cocaine in my house.  At the trial, Sandra was there and told the judge that she was the one who called the police because she had enough of my ‘drugging’.  She even told them that I was selling some to minor age girls in exchange for sexual favors.

I was filled with rage, disbelief, doubt, and a lot of other feelings that I can’t even describe… but I was mostly filled with rage.  I got 2 years and she only came to see me once to get me to sign the divorce papers.  I was filled with so much anger that I signed the whole thing without reading it or even speaking to her… and just before she left she turned to me with one of her famous evil grins making me think I made yet another mistake.

She got everything I owned and sold it… and I heard she went to the United States.  Two years later when I came out of jail, I found that I couldn’t get my job back and all my previous friends disowned me.  They didn’t even want to speak to me.

My life was a living hell…  I was broke and living on social services.  I found someplace cheap to live and started going from pawn shop to pawn shop in hopes of finding used furniture.

That's how I found the computer.  Yeah, really!  What?  Why am I making a big deal of a computer?  Well, just shut your mouth and let me tell my story…

The computer was a Portable Pentium II with Windows 98 and the shop sold it to me for a ridiculously low price, but what made this computer so special was a program called Master PC that had previously been installed… and when I clicked open the program… a window popped up, “Welcome to the Master Command Center... your own personal command center where the Master allows you to become a god to the people around you.  You now possess the power to bend their reality to your specifications.  You are the Master's representative".

"No way…!" I cried with shock, thinking that it had to be a joke.  There was no way something like this could be possible!  But I had to find out, so when it asked for my name, I typed it… and then when it asked for a subject’s name, I typed my name again because I didn’t know anybody.  Then what happened nearly floored me!  Spinning around on some sort of circular platform was a 3D image of me, clothed in the exact clothes I was wearing!  Maybe this thing was real…

I found a menu for different parts of my anatomy and decided to increase my penis length by two inches… and after I pressed the ‘Send’ button I felt it grow!  Jesus Christ!  I really felt it grow!

Huh…?  Don't interrupt me!  Let me finish my story then I'll show you proof, ok?

Like I said, I felt it grow so I took off my pants to take a look and it noticeably longer.  I swear!  I closed the program right there and sat in the corner to think.

I sat there thinking for what seemed like hours, immobile as a statue as I stared at the computer.  Incidentally, my pants were still around my knees as I was too shocked to pull them up.  Then I had an idea.  I went back to the computer and opened the program back up and tried entering Sandra Tremblay’s name in the box.  It said that the subject was out of range.  Damn!  Ok, I clicked on the ‘help’ button to find out the range and it indicated a 1000 mile radius.  OK, maybe it can work...

I quickly closed the portable, put it in the bag and left a note for the Proprio not to look for me.  Then I headed for the border of the United States, but because there was a juridical file on me I knew that I’d have trouble getting across.  So, I powered up my computer… brought up the Master PC program and pressed the ‘help’ option again.  I typed "How do I send an order to someone without knowing their name?"  The answer came… “Send a general order and specify some conditions that apply only to the targeted subject".

So, I typed "If you are a country border agent and you see a guy who says his name is Sexual Obsession… let him pass without asking any questions and then forget he passed you right afterwards"… I pressed the ‘Send’ button and voila.

So, I went on the road for almost a month.  I went from city to city and typed in the bitch's name every thousand miles.  Food, a bedroom, and gas were never a problem because of the program.

I found her!  I was at a hotel in ‘Philly’ and sent her a command to come to my hotel room.  Now, I could have her!  Before she arrived, I typed in more commands…  “You'll do whatever [My name] tell you regardless what you feel.  You will never try and run away from [My name], or call for help in any way… and when you speak you do so in a normal speaking voice".  I pressed ‘Send’…

It took about ten minutes before I heard a soft tapping at the door.  At first I saw confusion in her eyes, but when she realized it was me, I saw fear… oh, how priceless.

"You,” she spoke and then looked surprised.  She probably expected to sound louder.

"Come in and sit on the bed until I tell you otherwise," I replied.

"There's no way I'll... wait!  What am I doing?!?" she responded, looking all panicky as she sat down on the bed as instructed.

I closed the door.

She started calling me names until I told her to shut her mouth…  She was an obedient bitch now.

I took a chair and sat directly in front of her… just out of her reach.  She was still very beautiful and I started to feel a stirring.  Then I scolded myself for my body’s reaction to her and then focused on my revenge.  I had been thinking of this moment for the longest time.

"Ok, bitch…  Here it is.  You stole my life and now it’s my turn to steal yours.  Undress for me completely!"

She looked like a deer caught in a pair of headlights while she undressed.

Revenge is truly sweet… trust me.  When she had taken all her clothes off, she sat down once again on the bed… now naked.  To try and hide her nudity, she had her knees against her chest and legs shut closed.

“How do you feel?” I asked, staring at her with hatred.

I think she must have been losing it because all she did was shake her head "no’ over and over and over again.

"Lay down on the bed with your arms and legs fully spread… position yourself into an ‘X’ position and then remain like that".

She did as she was told… she had no choice. <hehehe>.  I then went to my computer to make sure she was sterile, clean of any diseases, and that her sex was well lubricating with her own juicy arousal.  I then undressed myself, climbed on the bed and showed her my newly enlarged ‘dick’.

"Look at my dick,” I commanded her, adding, “Do you see that it’s a lot bigger?”

Her eyes lit up with fright probably wondering if it was too big for her pussy.

Then without another moment of hesitation, I fucked her… right then and there and although she was crying, I could tell that she loved it, feeling her pussy muscles contract around my ‘dick’ like a vice!  I must have made her climax ten times in the course of an hour before I ‘came’ in her.

"Answer me!  How do you feel now?" I asked, smiling down at her.

"Humiliated… raped… and…"

“And what…?” I asked.

“Damn you!  I feel more sexually satisfied than I’ve ever felt before in my life!”

"Well, that’s nothing compared to what I’m going to do next,” I replied and then commanded her to stand up beside the bed but not to move.

As she stood there I went back to my computer and brought up me.  I then began typing…  "Your body will transform into the exact replica of Sandra Tremblay.  Just like her you’ll be completely immune to disease.  Your age growth will be reduced 10% of the normal age growth.  You will possess all the knowledge and memories that Sandra Tremblay has and you’ll be able to access them simply by thinking of it.  You will be attracted to women like you are right now and you’ll possess all of Sandra's mannerisms".

I then paused for a moment…  You know, planning something and then actually carrying it out are two different things and now I wondered whether I had the guts to go through with this… but then I knew I could always change myself back, so why not?  I pressed the ‘Send’ button and turned to face her…  She was in complete shock!  I walked right up to her… eye to eye.  Of course she still couldn’t move.

I then took a step back and smiled… then cupped my new boobs.  Actually, they were her boobs but on my new body.  They were huge, too!  I reached down to pick up her discarded bra and saw that she wore a 34‘D’ cup…  I smiled and lifted them up to show her.

"You see?  Now your life is mine!" I yelled at her in my now beautiful sexy, sensual female voice.  I caressed myself in front of her and was amazed at more sensitive a female body was compared to a male’s.

"Oh, you know…  Caressing your body all over is surely making me hot.  Ohhhh, you sure have a gifted body <hehe>.  But you already know this, don't you?  You must know a lot of ways to make this delicious body of yours cum, right?  <hehe>  We’ll find out together".

“I… I’m not a lesbian,” she whispered, trembling.

I paused for a moment to consider what she was saying and then I smiled.

“Then let me fix this,” I finally replied.

“No!” she cried, but it only came out a whisper.

By that time I was already back on my computer… had her profile up and was typing.  “You now hate ‘dick’… and now love pussy.  You are only attracted to girls”.

I saw the look of shock on her face… and I also noted a look of desire as well.  I quickly stretched out on the bed and pointed my finger to my new pussy… which of course was identical to her own.

"Lick my cunt until I tell you to stop.  Use every ounce of knowledge you have of your own body to make my new body cum”.

I was outright beaming when she climbed on the bed… in-between my new legs and then began licking me.  It was funny because at first she looked horrified… but then she really started to get into it… and I was becoming more and more aroused as waves and waves of pleasure filled my new body.  Females have no idea how much more of an advantage they have over men.  I must have let her lap at my ne pussy for hours… and I wasn’t the only one that was vocal, having climaxed repeatedly, but she had exploded with her own orgasms as well.  I remembered I wanted to humiliate her so I asked, "Sandra, how does ‘your’ pussy taste?"

I could tell that she hated to admit it… but she groaned in pleasure in response.

If a man would have seen us, two identical women, going at it like we were… one licking the other’s cunt while she fingered herself in the process, I’m sure his ‘dick’ would have grown so hard that he would have exploded on the spot!

"Oh, Sandra, I love what you've done, but please stop and go take a seat on the sofa"

She almost looked sad when I forced her to stop, and I could see that she was embarrassed by this.  I went to the computer and added my last commands…  "Your body will transform into a very cute and sexy 18 year old Asian girl.  Your body will constantly be horny for pussy, but most especially for me whether I’m wearing your body or my body.  Your new body will have a mind of her now and you won’t have any control over what this sexy 18 year old girl does with your body unless she allows you too… and she’ll only do that when I tell her too.  Your body will respond to the name of Li Bido because that best describes your new focus in life.  Your body will know everything you do and will also be able to hear every thought and emotion that the sexy 18 year old girl does.  Your body will want to do everything I ask her and she’ll love me totally and unconditionally.  You will do anything to make my pleasure more enjoyable.  She will be totally submissive to me and will experience mini orgasms when I humiliate her.  She will be bisexual only because of my original body and will age at 10% of normal age growth”.  This time I didn't hesitate when I pressed the ‘Send’ Button.

Right before my eyes, Sandra transformed into a boy's sexual fantasy.  She now possessed long black hair, green eyes, and kneeled submissively before me.

"I am yours, Mistress…" she whispered subserviently.

"What’s your name, sweetie?"

"My name is Li, Mistress"

"What's your whole name?"

"My whole name is Li Bido," she replied with a giggle.

“Return to your Sandra state,” I commanded.

Sandra’s eyes lit up and she looked down at herself in shock.  She cupped her smaller boobs and gasped.

“Do you like the new you?” I asked, grinning.

“What have you done to me?” she asked in a whisper.

“You certainly look sweet,” I responded, smiling.

"I bet you are feeling humiliated, aren’t you?" I asked.

She nodded her head ‘yes’ in utter shock.

“And what else are you feeling… be honest,” I commanded.

“Hornier than I’ve ever felt before,” she replied, blushing.

"Good…  Return to your Li state," I commanded.

Suddenly, the look on Sandra’s new face turned from shock to pleasure.

“What would you like to do, Li?”

"Make love to you, Mistress".

I helped her up off the floor and then we kissed… passionately.  We fell onto the bed and made love all over again!  Li licked my cunt to one orgasm after another while I licked hers with equal passion… and then passed out from our continuous sex.

I woke the next morning with Li snuggled close to my pussy and smiled.  I decided to delete Master PC from my computer, deciding that making love to Li with Sandra’s old body was more pleasurable that I could ever have in my old body.

I bought Li new clothes for her youthful body… dressing her in the sexy new style that girls wore today.  For fun I surfaced Sandra and she immediately blushed.

I resumed Sandra's life since that day and fortunate for me she was in-between boyfriends.  Of course we went back to the Province of Quebec, Canada to restart our new lives.  I found life as a lipstick lesbian quite gratifying and I always allowed Li to participate.  Since in Province of Quebec, gay couples can have a civil marriage, Li and I are now married.

I had Li start a pornographic career doing magazines and lesbian videos… but to ensure I still feel a sense of revenge against Sandra, I surface Sandra during her shoots.

Now you know everything…  I got my revenge.  Sandra is humiliated every time she explodes with an orgasm at what her old tongue does to her new pussy.  It doesn’t matter whether she’s surfaced or not, she still feels everything Li feels…

The End…