Master PC: Return of the Program

By thereisnospoon4

Author's Note: This story is sexually explicit and is not suitable for minors. This is a work of fiction. All characters are based on ones created in the author's mind. This story is not to be posted or duplicated without the author's expressed permission and this notice posted with it.
Story Note: This is the second story in a series. Characters, places and things will be mentioned with the assumption that you have read the previous story. Although this story will stand alone it will help with the big picture. The first story is "Master PC: Not Technically Inclined" found at

Master PC: Return of the Program

Chapter 3

Questions to fuel the fire


Frederick smiled to himself as he sat alone in his cell. An office by anyone else's standards, but to Angie this was a cell straight out of a bondage movie. It was scary how easily some people were swayed by the Master PC program and how easily others were corrupted. Angie had been one of the easiest users to spot.

Frederick had been strolling thru the mall (a popular hunting ground for users). Like most users and victims of the Master PC program, Angie was incredibly hot. No doubt she never started out that way, but here she was, a tall stunning red head. Her looks aided in her search; a search for slaves.

Frederick having been altered himself was an obvious choice for Angie. It was a stroke of luck finding such a specimen. A specimen that needed no altering; except for taste. If she even had the slightest clue to Frederick's power and intelligence, she would have run. If she knew his true age, she never would have even tried. I mean what would she want with an old man.

But as fate would have it, she was clueless. She beckoned him. He of course went to her, pretending to be a deer-in-headlights before her beauty. When asked for his name, he gave Theodore Clancy. Right there in the mall, in front of everybody, she opened up her laptop and booted up the Master PC program.

All Frederick needed now was her name so Jennifer, who was watching everything, could start fixing the situation. When he asked he was slapped. Frederick managed to control himself. He didn't like giving up control, but this was a public place. He couldn't simply attack her, so as he became aware of what she was typing, Frederick pretended to be a submissive male.

He was good too. With all the "yes mistresses" and a few "as you wishes", he had her believing he was now her willing slave. Of course he wasn't allowed to ask for her name since he was now to be silent all the time. Frederick would have to bide his time.

She was anxious to test her new toy out. So she gave the command to leave. He followed her like a puppy dog. As they approached the exit she stopped. Angie had spotted something. What was better than one slave? Two!

This was going to complicate things. He would be unable to stop her from getting another victim. And if she corrupted his file too much, they would be unable to return things to normal. Things never seemed to be able to go smoothly. The man approached them and was promptly asked for his name.

"Dale Jones,"

His reply was stutter filled and sad. It immediately told Frederick he was as young as he looked, probably about 18 or 19. Again she took out her laptop in front of everyone. She was too secure in her power. If Frederick didn't somehow slow her down, Jennifer may not be able to get a screen shot of his original profile before she messed with it too much.

Pretending to be jealous he shouted a few things at Dale and pushed him into his would-be mistress. She promptly stood and delivered three hard slaps to Fredericks face. Again he had to restrain himself. Embarrassed for having this happen in public, Frederick took comfort in the fact that it should have provided enough time for Jennifer to get what she needed.

Forcing her men to kneel by her, Angie began altering Dale's profile. If she had used the program longer or had quicker wits about her she may have noticed that "Theodore" had spoken (yelled in fact) when he was explicitly forbidden. But for Angie the power of the Master PC program had blinded her. She was in control for the first time in her life and nothing could stop her.

Finishing with Dale, she led the boy-toys to her van. As punishment for his out burst, Frederick was made to drive, forced to endure time away from his "new love" while Dale would be rewarded for his good behavior. The reward was to be allowed to please Angie.

Angie and Dale got into the back while Frederick got into the driver's seat. She told him the direction to her house and gave him the command to get there. As he took off, Dale took his position between her legs and began removing her panties with his mouth. She leaned back into the seat with her legs now wide apart so her new toy could please her easier, then she began barking orders.

"You will address me as mistress Angie. In fact all females you meet from now on will be know as mistress. Any women in your life right now will be dumped. You are mine and I refuse to share you with your loved ones. I may use you as male prostitutes so I won't have to work anymore. Believe me when I say you will not enjoy your time with your clients. It will be torture being with someone other than me. But you will do it cause I ask it of you."

She kept on stating their new rules, but Frederick stopped listening. He didn't care soon this would be over and her control of them with it. She lacked the discipline for power. She was hungry and wanted more. The more she got the more she would want. Her kind was probably the most dangerous because it would not be long before the world would come into her sight. She didn't need more power, what she needed was less.

Frederick was glad this was already half over. They had her first name and soon they would have her address. After that it would be only a matter of time before they could change her profile and maybe for once this could end without violence. Nobody liked giving up control and if they had to make a move fast, most were completely ready to defend themselves.

It seemed that Frederick was lucky because no matter how they worded their own profiles, he was a bit stronger, faster and more cunning. He had no idea why. It was a question he would have to look into. It always gave him an edge. Even Jennifer seemed to lack in comparison to him, although he would never mention it to her. He wanted only to comfort her and encourage her.

She had been through a lot. Having no real recollection of her past, only snap shot visions. They knew Mancor had sent her to kill him. They knew her real name was Jennifer Bell because it was part of the Master PC. Other than that her life was a mystery. They had destroyed Mancor so that threat on her life was over. Perhaps deleting the files erased he past, but it was mostly worth it.

A company dealing with the slave trade of others was unacceptable. If Jennifer was disappointed with their destruction she never mentioned it. She always seems happy when they are together. The same happiness he feels when he is with her. Frederick remembers the chance he took when he told her about the Master PC program, about what he had done with her.

He remembered crying as he told her, not just for what he had done, but because he feared losing her. She of course was more than forgiving. She said she had feared his love wasn't real and he was just going to hurt her like others did. But as she heard the truth she realized the chance he took, the risk he took. Only love could withstand that. Which is why she is always completely comfortable and happy with him. He was there for her and she for him.

It was actually her idea to send Courtney into the lion's den. Of course she volunteered to go in as well to make sure all things looked like Frederick had died. Frederick had objected. He didn't want to put her back in danger, but he listened to her. It seemed that for once her input mattered. And together they managed to take down Mancor; of course they had the manipulated help of Courtney. Afterwards they found out more people had the Master PC program. She had trouble dealing with the fact that others were being controlled. She feared that eventually someone would come back for her. Frederick's heart broke at the sight of her fear and sadness and he assured her they would hunt down all the users so no one could control her again. And so the hunt began.

Now they are tracking down users. What frustrates Frederick seemingly never ending amount of users they are coming across. He wondered how many copies were actually out there. How many more times they would have to do this before it would be over and they could go live in peace and happiness together. Somehow Frederick knew Angie was not going to be the last.

He pulled into her driveway and shut the engine off. Angie had orgasmed three times on the way here. Now she was lecturing Frederick on how that was how she was to be pleasure. He smiles back and said "yes Mistress Angie," all the while he was thinking of how she was going down.

Someone came out of the house to greet them. Another woman. This one was a brunette of equal beauty to Angie, another obvious Master PC user. "Great," thought Frederick "more complications!"

"Did mistress Sweet tell you that you will be required to wear these collars," the brunette asked us?

"I had told them to call me mistress Angie."

A small argument ensued as to which way they were to be addressed. It hardly mattered they now had her full name: Angie Sweet. Soon Jennifer would have both their names and this would be over. Frederick still had hope that this would end without him being in a fight.

However he would have to wait. The collars were put on and a leash was attached. Frederick and Dale were led into the house, crawling like dogs for there mistresses. Frederick hated this, and he had had enough. He was about to stand when Angie shouted out "Kelly Harrison."

Another argument broke out as to why Angie had shouted out her name. They agreed it was weird, but concluded that it was unimportant. Everyone walked (or crawled) through the door. In the front entrance the men were told to lick their shoes. Knowing that Jennifer had both their names and it would be over in minutes now, Frederick was able to control himself again. He bent to Angie's feet and began licking her shoes.

"Why did you get him? He is so ugly and unattractive," questioned Kelly.

"I don't know, I guess I felt sorry for him," replied Angie. "We should lock him up in the bondage cell. That will teach him that his fate is to serve us as a maid not a sex toy. He will be punished daily and always be denied our delights!"

Frederick was promptly led to his "cell". They demanded that he sit in the torture chair as they removed his collar. Realizing this was Jennifer's doing, I took a seat in the comfortable leather chair. They apologized for having to put him in here, but he needed to learn discipline. Frederick couldn't resist a smirk as they told him he could use the computer and Angie's laptop if he wanted to entertain himself.

Frederick began thinking about how scary it was that some people were so easily swayed by the Master PC program and how easily others were corrupted. Angie had been one of the easiest users to spot. He began reflecting on the things that had brought him to his "cell" and laughed.

He took the laptop/computer comment as hint and booted up the two machines. Sure enough they both contained a copy of the Master PC program. Frederick began to format the hard drives. He would have edited the profiles, but he didn't have Dale's screen shot to set his file straight. Frederick would have to do it from their van.

As he waited for the drives to format, he could hear screams of pain coming from the bedroom down the hall. They were torturing Dale. From the sound of the screams it was more that just playful spanks. He never begged his mistresses to stop cause their pleasure was more important than his pain. Frederick could take no more. He stood and headed towards the screams.

He flung the door to the bedroom open. Dale was hung up side down in some torture device. He was naked and his balls were in some sort of vice. The tightening handle was strung to the ceiling. Angie and Kelly (who were naked also) were whipping him. The string to the vice was hung in such a way that if he flinched or moved in a feeble attempt to get out of the way of the wipe, he would end up tightening the vice himself. His screams were because he was squishing his own balls.

Rather than fighting the women, Frederick turned and headed back to the office. He realized that Jennifer had made them ignore his presence (probably so he would be able to just leave, but this also allowed for cooler heads to prevail). There would be no fight this time!

Frederick waited for the format to be complete, trying hard to ignore Dale's pleas for mercy. "Hold on just a bit longer my friend," thought Frederick "this will soon be over!" Frederick picked up the newspaper that was on the desk and tried to read it hoping to be distracted enough to be able to shut out Dale. He was not disappointed. On the front page was an article about a murdered victim, a girl named Heidi Siegel. She was found beaten to death. Now crimes of this nature were not uncommon. What was uncommon, was the two very different pictures of Heidi.

The first was her job photo, which was that of a beautiful young lady. The second was one of her taken within the last month. Her breast had become ridiculously huge. She now dressed like a streetwalker. Even though her face wore a smile, her eyes screamed of fear. A leather-clad arm was around her shoulder. The picture itself looked like it was ripped in half. Her changes were too drastic to be anything but to be the doing of the Master PC program. Frederick knew where he would start his search for the next Master PC user.

Soon the two machines finished. Frederick then stood and left the house. He headed down the driveway and got into the back of the van that Jennifer had parked there. Trading soft kisses with his love he thanked her and set about restoring the profiles. They had a four monitor set up so as to see multiple things at once. One displayed Dale's screen shot of his original profile settings. The other three now displayed the actual profiles. The first thing he did was stop the torture. The girls soon found themselves letting Dale loose. The second thing Frederick did was to fix the damage that had been cause by the torture device.

Frederick felt the hands of Jennifer come to his shoulders. "Boy, you must be stressed," she said. As he worked at their files she massaged his back. Frederick made Dale aware of what the girls and done to him. He was then given three choices:

  1. Forget them, forget these events and go back to the way things were.
  2. Leave things as they now are and enjoy submission.
  3. Take control of the girl's lives, providing the discipline the ladies so desperately need.
Inside the house, Dale makes his way to the phone and dials a seemingly random number. He knows exactly what he wants. And was about to make his decision. When Frederick answered the phone Dale simply said "option 3," and hung up. Frederick had his answer and went about his business.

He deleted all memories of him and the Master PC program from their memories. If they ever come across the program again they will alert Frederick (a subconscious act). Dale would now be dominate over the two girls since the didn't seem to mind controlling others. Dale would never hurt them like they did to him, but a lifetime of servitude should equal things out. The girls found themselves in love with Dale and willing to please him. He saved their files and took the drivers seat and started to drive home.

"You are still stressed," Jennifer coyly said, "let me help you!"

With a lustful smirk she knelt between the shotgun seat and the passenger seat (to which the van provide more than adequate room). Her hands found their way to his crotch. Soon she had his penis free.

"Now just relax," she said as she lowered her mouth on to his shaft.

Jennifer had become quite good at this. She enjoyed being able to pleasure him this way. She knew a lot of girls found this to be repulsive, but he went down on her besides she did actually get pleasure from this. With his increased stamina and recovery time, Jennifer knew they would be having sex tonight.

Frederick brushed her hair to the side. He loved watching as she eagerly sucked on his cock. She was perfect. Everything he ever wanted in a woman. He doesn't what he will ever do if something were to happen to her. Hunting down Master PC users was becoming more and more important to him. He would not let harm come to her again.

Jennifer gently licked down his shaft to his balls. She sucked each one into her mouth. Her tongue lovingly flicked at each testicle. She then began licking the shaft again. She wanted this to last, but since they would be home soon she was best to hurry so they could head straight in.

Jennifer expertly began deep throating Frederick. And sure enough as the approached their home (at least home for now), Frederick began to orgasm. Jennifer naturally took his cum and swallowed it. She loved the look of satisfaction he always had after a blowjob. Staying silent she only winked in response to his thank you nod. Frederick parked the van and they were soon in the house.

They kissed each other passionately not speaking, but undressing each other. The whole process was not rushed. They were trying to enjoy every moment. The kisses turned into nibbles and back into kisses as they took each other in. When the last stitch of clothing hit the floor, Jennifer took a step back and slowly twirled.

Frederick's smile always pleased her. She always felt beautiful with him. Smiling back at him, Jennifer took his had and began to lead him to the bedroom. Periodically she would glace back smiling at him as he drank in the sight of her. Only a giggle of anticipation broke their silence. They slowly approached the room and once inside shut the door.

Embracing each other they began to madly kiss each other. With a hop Jennifer wrapped both her legs around him. She kept herself just high enough to tease his cock. The look of love in his eyes drew her back to kissing him. He easily supported her. Jennifer could tell he was ready to be in her, laughing she told him "not yet."

"I disagree"

He slowly walked her to the bed. All along she playfully laughed. As he reached the end of the bed he slowly lowered her onto her back. That sly look that drove Frederick crazy came across her face. Encouraged, Frederick thrust forward entering Jennifer for the first time that night. He leaned forward and their lips met again. Their kisses held true as their hips greeted each other in a game of hide and seek.

Their body's glistened with sweat under the moonlight that came through the window. The embrace of the moment seemed perfect. Even Jennifer's golden hair bounced around in what was like predetermined movements. Only the like moans of happiness could be heard the orgasmed together. Together they maintained the embrace, kissing each other as passionately as they had begun.

For five minutes they held each other, until Jennifer spun them around so she was on top. She sat up so she could smile down at Frederick, who was still inside her and again was fully erect. Their fingers locked together and Jennifer slowly began a rhythmic dance on his cock. The longer this went on the faster her movements became.

She began to raise her arms. Frederick's hands also rose to as he refused to break the hold. The grip tightened as both lovers' orgasms were approaching. Since they were not kissing with their lips their eye never broke contact as they were in their own form of a kiss. Soft moans again escaped their lips, but barely audible until Jennifer thru her head back with a "yes" as her orgasm took over.

Frederick's followed shortly after. Jennifer's tight body came to rest on his, her head on his chest and their arms wrapped loving around each other. No words were needed. Together in one of those rare perfect moments they drifted of to sleep. The pains of the day were taken away by the love of the other person.

Jennifer woke in the morning. She was alone in bed. She had waken when Frederick got up two hours ago, but on his request had gone back to sleep. She knew something was on his mind and had wanted him to think things thru. She was now ready to face the day, so she slowly got up and headed for the kitchen.

She noticed the light to the computer room was on which meant that was where Frederick was. Rather than continuing her trip to the kitchen she opened the door and entered the room. Frederick was sitting staring at the screen when Jennifer entered. He looked at her and all she saw was a look of worry on his face.

"What is wrong," she asked?

Frederick tossed yesterdays paper on the desk so that she could see the cover. She read the story of the Heidi the murdered girl. Looking at the two photos she began to know what he was worried about.

"We have a problem," he said.

"What," Jennifer questioned?

"I ran her name on the Master PC program. It came up as "in love with Slash". I ran Slash, which was obviously a nickname, but had no results. Jennifer, no results can only mean one thing; we have a murdering Master PC user that has pulled his file from program..."

To be continued...