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Warning: As the chapter title indicates this part of the story is a little dark and a little violent. Fear not fore even as darkness falls, light will soon rise.

Master PC: Return of the Program
Chapter Two:  Darkness Cometh
By thereisnospoon4

Four Months Ago


His was gone. Theirs began tonight. Six men lay at his feet. Blood ran down the drains as the showers washed over the unconscious men. They had come here to beat on him. They believed he had snitched to guard Higgins. They believed he was the reason their leader was now in solitary confinement. They were wrong.

The truth was Slash had no idea how or why their boss was down there and as of this second he no longer cared. Something had happened. He was sent here cause of the bitches at Mancor. He always said women had no right to the Master PC program. They would surely ruin Mancor. And it seemed like he was right.

The women complained about him. They felt he was far worse than them. Rather than love his new slaves he would fuck them and mercilessly beat them or at least punish them. They felt that he crossed the line when a few of his slaves turned up dead. Why use the Master PC program if you were not willing to control the very existence of your slaves.

After all he had given Mancor, his loyalty, his genius, hell he had even given them his sister, they chose to side with the women. They said for the safety of the slave trade, for the safety of the Master PC program and for the safety of Mancor he was to be stripped of power. And in some self-repenting hypocritical act they had him locked up for the deaths of his slaves.

Something had happened. His strength and fighting prowess had returned to him. Someone (most likely some treacherous bitch) had destroyed Mancor. Since his powers had only been suspended while he served his life sentences, Slash figured Mancor had either forgiven him (unlikely since they knew what his wrath would be like) or been compromised. He knew no man in Mancor would betray them so it must have been a bitch.

Hate was not a strong enough word. Maybe he hated women before this, but now the word did not define his feelings towards them. They locked him up. They were responsible for having his powers revoked. If any of the Mancor women stood when he got out, he would punish every last one of them.

Slash needed to get to a computer. If not to find out what had happened then at least to regain access to the Master PC program. He may now have the strength of 20 men and the skills of all the best fighters, but that wouldn't be enough. He needed help. And he knew just the person.

Jason Dodge was a loser. He was in jail for fraud and embezzling. He had managed to steal thirty million dollars from his company. They offered him a deal. Two years if he told them where all the money was. He declined and got a ten-year stretch. They found five million. For those counting at home that means he made $2,500,000 for every year he was in jail. Loser, yes; dumb, no!

Slash didn't just pick him for his intellect. He knew Jason could be bullied and with the right rewards he could be bought with little worry of him opening his mouth. Besides he was the only con Slash knew that had access to a computer. It was a highly restricted computer. It didn't connect to the Internet, but that hardly mattered, as it was connect to a LAN that was connected to the Internet. Slash had the skills to get past any of the securities they had set up. Slash would then have to access a few computers he knew would have the Master PC program. And voila, he would be all-powerful again.

When Slash found Jason he gave him two choices. A: Help him get access to the computer and receive some form of reward or B: get beaten within a inch of his life then tortured into getting him access anyway. Jason chose (A) and soon they found themselves in the computer room.

It was a cold room. Made of concrete with no windows and only a solid steel door, this room offered little in the way of comfort. The computer sat on a park bench like table. Other than the jack the computer was attached to the room was empty. A sole light lit the room guaranteeing massive headaches to those who work to long in poor lighting.

Jason was made to wait outside and stand guard. Hardly able to with stand the elements of a warm sunny day, Jason took his post seriously. So when Guard Higgins came around the corner he frantically banged the prearranged code on the door. With no response, Jason heart pounded. Higgins approached and asked who was in the room.

Higgins was not a very attractive woman and at the same time not unattractive either. Every con wanted to fuck her. Some out of spite, some to put her in her place and some because it had been that long since they had experienced a woman. Her build was that of an amateur body builder. Her red hair was cut short like all the Guards. Her breasts were small and her ass was kind of mushy.

Still Jason wanted to fuck her. So he watched her with that dumb smile guys get when they fantasize about a woman while they stare at her. She struggled to open the door. She didn't understand why she couldn't get the door opened. This door, like most in the prison, locked from the outside, not the inside. She pulled furiously at the door and cursed at the room's occupant. She swore that who ever was in there would pay for this.

Then she turned and looked at Jason with lust in her eyes. Stunned Jason still silently stared at her. Her hair became shoulder length in seconds. Her bulky muscles disappeared as a more womanly form took shape. Her ass tightened and her breasts grew. They now strained in her tight uniform threatening to pop the buttons. Her lips became full and her skin tanned. She was now a beauty that any man would want. Jason's mind couldn't handle it and he passed out. She was about to help the man she now lusted after when the door opened.

There stood Slash, more massive and much more scary than she had remembered. With great speed Slash grabbed a handful of her hair and literally dragged her into the room. All her training told her how to get out of this situation, but for some reason she was unable to lift a finger against him. She simply took the pain of having her hair pulled by this monster.

The pain! There was something about the pain too. It seemed to be amplified. All she could do was scream. Slash thru her to the ground and stepped to her sobbing body. Horrified she looked up to see Slash undoing his prison issue pants. "Suck my cock as I tell you all about your new life and what is about to happen to you," Slash said as his mammoth cock came into view.

"Never! I will never suc…"

She was cut of by powerful slaps to her face. Screaming from the unbelievable pain, she found that Slash had grabbed by the hair again. Quickly and without mercy he pulled her to her feet again. He slapped her in the face three more times. Then as he stared at her face he calmly spoke again "Suck my cock as I tell you all about your new life and what is about to happen to you."

He let go of her hair and she slumped to the floor. The pain was so great she thought she would pass out, but for some reason she knew that tonight no matter what she would not be able to. Unwilling to take more pain, she instead took his cock. With distain, she began using her expert skills at giving a man oral pleasure.

"I found out, by reading your file that you lead the James boys to believe I was the one that snitched and had their boss locked in solitary. And so this is why things are as they now are. You by now realize that you love and lust after our young friend Jason out there. You will spend the rest of your life pleasuring him and serving him even in his most repulsive requests. And you will find he has developed knew tastes for giving out pain. Pain, which for you will be amplified ten fold. You will also find that you will never reach a point where the pain a man gives you in his pleasure will make you lose consciousness. You will find yourself unable to defend yourself against any man unless Jason requests it. And despite yourself pleasuring a dominant male turns you on. Tell me, do you know what a donkey punch is?"

"It…it…its where a man punches a girl in the kidneys as he takes her from behind…ri…right?"

"That is what it is for amateurs and those who don't know what they are doing. You will learn the true definition. You will learn why it can be deadly and why you will fear every time your lover uses this, his new favorite sexual act. And even if I told you how I made it impossible for you to die from this, you will shake with terror every time it is done to you. Welcome, Mary Higgins, to the way things should be!"

Slash finished talking as his cum shot into Mary's mouth. He grabbed her by the hair and flung her towards the bench table. He told her to strip naked and assume the doggie position on the bench seat. He moved to her and slapped her five times to make her understand that she would be complying. She quickly began stripping for Slash. She would have without the slaps. Slash was a tall muscular man. His baldhead and goat-tee look would scare most people, but Slash seemed to have an aura of fear around him. She knew he was in charge.

Mary assumed the demanded position, exposing her pussy and ass to her vile lover. He positioned himself behind her and delivered ten blows to her ass. A spanking that made her scream in pain. At the height of her screams Slash rammed his cock hard into her pussy. Despite herself Mary realized she was horny. Her pussy was only encouraging him.

His thrusts were fast and were done with in and out motions. No rhythm what so ever. Her pleasure was never a consideration in this fuck. Mary's hair was yanked back forcing head back and new screams from her mouth. She remained in the doggie position with her palms flat against the bench and amongst her screams, moans could be heard. Slash's gripped tighten on her hair and his trusts picked up speed and intensity. As Mary felt his approaching orgasm she felt a new pain.

It took only seconds to know that Slash's had withdrawn from her hungry pussy and was now going full tilt in her ass. She would be denied an orgasm despite having almost reached one a mist the pain. Then as she thought about how this wasn't so bad, and didn't understand why Slash said she would come to fear it, Slash punched her in the back of the head as hard as he could.

An orgasm began to take over his body. Mary passed out from the punch to the back of her head. This caused her asshole to tighten up adding a tremendous sensation to Slash's already glorious orgasm. Slash moved to her head and dried his cock in her hair. He then pushed her unconscious body to the floor and moved back to the computer.

Slash wished he had not removed his file from the Master PC program or he would now be able to type Slash was a free man and walk out of here. Then again if he had not he would have been gone when what ever happened to Mancor occurred. He began bringing up every employee of the penitentiary and changing their views on him and his incarceration.

When he was done, he dragged Jason's still unconscious body into the room and laid it on top of Mary's. Jason had done his job in getting Slash to a computer. As compensation, Slash made him a free man and Mary his slave. With the twenty five million dollars he had, Slash knew Jason would be all right. Just as a safety precaution Slash gave Jason some muscle and some fighting skills. Nothing like a user of the Master PC would have, but enough to survive.

An idea passed thru Slash's head. He went back to the computer. He brought up Doug's file. Doug was a new guard and as such was given shitty jobs. One of which was night monitor. In the control room, Doug sat up. Without knowing why he switched on the intercom and started playing Dirty Laundry by Don Henley.

"Slash you old dog, some escaping music," thought Slash!

And with a huge smile Slash began to strut his way out of the prison. He passed thru doors that were held open by the very guards that were protecting them. Each and every one of them happy Slash was finally getting out and each apologized for their horrendous mistake.

The prisoner section gave way to the guard's rooms, which inevitably led to the offices. Slash was horny just thinking about it. He knew what surprise was awaiting him at the exit. After all he had planned the surprise. He heard a voice asking if everyone had gone nuts and that a con was escaping. Slash of cause dispensed with him all to the rhythm of the music playing over the intercom.

New guy! How was Slash to know? He approached the exit, where a beautiful blonde trembled as she waited for him. Heidi was the new girl here when Slash was booked. He told her if he ever got out of here she would be pleasuring him. Slash never forgot and neither did she.

Heidi was on her second week at the pen when Slash came in. He was pissed! He kept scream about traders and how he would make the world pay. Why she remembered his was what he said to her. As he had been dragged passed her, he said if he had been the man he was the day before she would be his fuck bitch. As he was taken out of her sight he screamed that if he ever got out she would be his.

And now she stood waiting for him as he left his jail. Slash walked up to the beauty and drew her close. He kissed her violently. His tongue parted her lips and slashed into her mouth. His left hand pinched and squeezed her ass. His right hand manhandled her breasts. When he was satisfied he broke the embrace.

"Spin around and lets see how I did!"

Slash admired his changes. Her breasts were much bigger. Her bra was clearly too small and causing her pain. Her now skintight blouse was breaking under the new pressure her breasts created. Her ass was a fine piece of work when it came into Slash gave it a few slaps. He knew that if she wasn't already aware she had new senses towards pain, she was aware now. Her screams satisfied him. Allowing her to grasp his arm he escorted her out like she was his date.

He got her to direct him to her car. When they arrived Slash took a deep breath. Freedom! He was back the world would soon know it too, well at least the female population would. Looking to the side he smiled at Heidi. He was going to enjoy her and there was no time like the present.

"Let you hair down," He said as he delivered another slap to her face. "Hike your skirt up and then rip your own panties off. Then bend over and grab your ankles. Don't even think of bending your knees. You will please me or you will suffer. The choice is yours."

Her hair was already lowered by the time Slash had finished speaking. Her skirt was then promptly raised. Slash was filled with joy as he watched his new bitch tug desperately to rip her non-delicate panties from her body. To encourage her he spanked her repeatedly while telling her to hurry. The encouragement worked as Heidi was soon grasping her ankles.

Naked and exposed, Heidi began to prepare herself for the next stage. She knowingly had her legs apart, as far apart as she could while still holding her ankles and having her legs straight. Slash got behind her. He knew she was not aware of the position she was in and the pain she was about to partake in.

Slash dropped his pants and for the second time that night exposed his cock to a pussy. He told her that under no circumstances was she to break her position until he told her to. He placed his left hand on her belly to help guide and balance her during the fuck. Then he trusted into her.

Her head was perfect level to the car door and the perfect distance away. Each thrust drove her head into the side of the car. His hand guided her torso back after each thrust to make sure the next one would be at its most effectiveness. Each thrust gave way to screams from Heidi, but she never broke the position. She was determined to please him. Somehow she knew it was the only way she would survive the ordeal.

Slash was truly enjoying himself. He diligently slapped the side of her ass with his free hand after each thrust. He than raised his hand in a fist of victory. He would shake his hand in the air and after each on of Heidi's screams he answered with "I am back!"

Slash then grabbed her hair forcing her face to become acquainted with the door. He never smashed her face hard enough to damage her; after all he would want to fuck this bitch again. No he was after her pain. He wanted her and all women to suffer for his pleasure. He felt he was doing them a favor introducing them to new pleasures of servitude. A pleasure Heidi was sure to learn.

Slash's orgasm soon approach. He decided she was going to be allowed to take it in her pussy. Slash was known to like spraying a new slave in the face, but there would be plenty of time for that. This was what he wanted now. And in living for the moment Slash dumped his load into her accepting pussy.

She too had an orgasm. It seemed that when Slash had added, "his pleasure was hers" to her file, he might have gone over board. This he would be remedied when he got to a computer. After all her denial of pleasure would also please him. For now he was satisfied. He stood Heidi up and kissed her passionately.

"Very good. Continue and we will get along just fine. Now give me the directions to your house I need a place to think."

She complied. He had her sit in the passenger seat and give him the keys to her car. He started the car a headed to her house. He was impressed with her willingness to please and wanted to test her. Her house wasn't very far so her told her to make him cum two more times before they arrive. She of course was only allowed to use her mouth. On top of that his first orgasm was to coat her face the second was for her to drink.

She immediately set about her task taking his length into her mouth. He laughed to himself. She was good, never really even choked. She was a sight too. Her skirt was still above her waist. Her blouse still strained under the force of her breasts. And her Bra still caused her pain as it constricted the flow of blood to her now enormous breasts. The thing that completed her pleasure in submissiveness was the moan that escaped as she sucked his cock.

Slash's hand naturally guided her. He didn't want her to think for even a second that she had any control. He would hold her head down at times completely impaling it on his cock. When his first orgasm came he yanked her head up so fast that some hair was removed from her head. Her face naturally accepted the white wash. Hot drops of cum laced her pretty face.

When he finished he shoved her face back down and let her know she was now under a time constraint cause he was going to speed the rest of the way. His foot hit the gas and Heidi began to work at a fevered pace. She sucked hard and fast knowing that she did not have the time to play around first.

Thankfully for her he never got soft. Had she known about the Master PC program she could of guessed why, but instead she just took it as a good sign. She made sure each time her lips came down on the shaft they always went to the base. Heidi's lips clung to the shaft was she withdrew, but his cock was never allowed to leave the confines of her mouth. As Slash turned onto her street, she was drinking down his cum.

She was successful. Slash was both happy and mad. Happy that she was able to please him again, Mad that he had no reason to punish her when they got inside. Not that he wasn't still going to, it was just that he preferred letting the bitches know why they were being beaten.

Slash pulled into her driveway and quickly got out of the car. He walked to the front door with Heidi in toe. At the door he told Heidi she was always to be naked inside the house. He opened the door and walked in. Heidi followed and immediately began stripping. Slash was finally happy, he now had reason to punish her.

"You are clothed inside the house. Guess you should have stripped outside. You will have to be punished now. However first I need to see you computer."

Now naked and trembling again, Heidi led Slash to her computer. She had a feeling the night had just begun. Slash told her to leave; fore he had work to do.

The night had truly just begun!

To be continued…

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