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Master PC: Return of the Program
Chapter One: Just in Time
By thereisnospoon4

Kristy finally managed to get his cock out of its confines. She did not know whether his mother was ignoring what was happening, did not care about it or was simply unaware, so she continued massaging her son’s cock with her hand. Kristy had been grateful for a lot of things lately. The first of which was being asked to baby sit David.

She had not sat for him since he was 12 and she was 15. That was four years ago and since he was now 16 she never thought she would again. In fact she had almost forgotten him until his mother called. Apparently she had to go out and didn’t trust him home alone. She had reluctantly agreed, was about to call back and cancel when things changed for her.

An image of David popped into her head. He was beautiful, everything she wanted in a man. She knew she belonged to him and wanted to spend the rest of her life pleasing him. She spent the rest of the day preparing for their meeting that night. Kristy bought a whole new wardrobe of sluty cloths and sexy things. She now would wear heels all the time even when they were not called for. She bought everything she thought David would like after all her thoughts were always on him. She even went to shave her pussy for him, but for some reason it was already hairless. Her breasts had even grown in size and firmness. Of course none of this shocked or scared her, she was more than happy feeling these new changes would help her please David.

She also spent the day horny. The constant thoughts of David had her losing her mind. She didn’t want to masturbate cause she wanted the real thing and only David would do. Her anticipation got the best of her and Kristy decided to go over early, which is why she was now seated for supper with David and his mother. They sat in relative silence eating. Happy to be in each other’s company, which was what Kristy was currently grateful for.

Most mothers would never have allowed their son (let alone their teenaged son) be baby sat by a girl that looked like her. She had chosen to wear four inch heeled fuck-me boots. They were black leather and like all good fuck-me boots they came up just passed her knees. Kristy had then chosen a very short black skirt, not skin tight, but more of a loose fitting one. Her blouse was white, yet very shire. The out-line of her bra was very visible. Her cleavage was clearly visible, as Kristy had removed all but one button. Kristy knew she was lucky David’s mother couldn’t see her underwear, even an open minded parent like her would have objected to the micro thong she wore. It was silk matching the white bra she wore.

She half expected to be kicked out on sight when his mother opened the door to greet her. Instead she had smiled softly and asked her in. She called for her son and left saying she would leave them alone to get reacquainted. When David came into view she could tell that he knew her heart was his. He walked up and without a hello kissed her. Passion flowed from the kiss. He did not kiss with inexperience he should have, but instead with the experience a hundred life times would only supply.

After a quick grope of her breasts she found her alone in the entrance. He had left her to go to the living room. She found him sitting in front of the TV openly watching a porno movie, his mother only feet away in the kitchen cooking supper. Kristy said nothing and had walked up behind him and began massaging his shoulders. Her nipples hardened, as the privilege of touching him really excited her. So there they stayed until they were called for dinner.

She smiled as David walked up to the table with an obvious hard-on. His mother didn’t even blink. Her spot at the table was obvious. Although the table was round, two chairs were pushed together across from the one his mother sat at. Kristy took the seat beside her love enjoying the manipulation of his hand on her thigh as his mother dished out the food.

So hear she now sat masturbating him at the table as everyone enjoyed the meal. It wasn’t even her idea. He had suggested it when his mother went into the kitchen to get the salt she had forgotten. Actually suggested it wasn’t really true. He had leaned to her and said that one of his fantasies was to be masturbated at the dinner table without anyone knowing. She had taken this as a request rather than an omission. And trying very hard not to get noticed she began fishing with one hand trying to get David’s cock out his pants.

She had soon realized that his mother was all but oblivious to what happened between Kristy and David. She reached over with her other hand and was easily able to free the swollen member. She was very pleased with its size. Most men let alone boys did not have such an impressive sized cock. If she didn’t know better she would have assumed some alterations had occurred.

About this time in the meal Kristy sensed David was about to blow his load. She was unsure what to do and could only smile awkwardly at his mother as the telltale sounds of masturbation came from under the table and seemed to be amplified by the silence of the supper. In a crackling voice on anticipation, Kristy heard David tell his mother to go in the kitchen and get dessert. The second she was gone he grabbed Kristy by the head.

“Hold your hair back, lean forward and take it in the face”

Although she disliked the command, the thought of obeying his wish took her to the brink of orgasm only to fade rather than reach the plateau. She obeyed and assumed to degrading position, waiting for the privilege to wear his cum. She closed her eyes as David shot his load onto her beautiful face.

“Don’t you dare wipe it off until I tell you to!”

Embarrassed Kristy sat up quickly. David’s mother had again entered the dinning room. With his hot cum on her face, Kristy knew for sure that David’s mother would surely know what had been happening now. If only she was allowed to wipe his seed off. His mother placed a piece of cake in front of each of them saying she was glad to see they were having fun. It was said in such a manner that Kristy was sure She was proud of the way her son had dominated his baby sitter.

It wasn’t until they were done eating and all the dishes were cleared away, that David had told her that she may now go and clean her face. Her face was red and both David and his mother laughed. The cum had already started to dry. She made her way to the bathroom. She looked at the frustrated face in the mirror. Serving David was not going to be easy. She was so confused. She did not know whether she was more humiliated by what had happened or horny.

By the time Kristy had again made herself presentable for David’s pleasure, his mother already had her jacket on. Kristy walked her to the door to bid her a good night. She was painfully aware of David’s presence behind her as his mother told her about emergency numbers and to remember to use protection. Her skirt raised a bit, Kristy soon found David’s hands on her hips. She could tell he was kneeling as his mother left, cause her nearly non-existent panties were slowly lowered to the ground.

Quickly he stood and took a few steps back as the front door closed. Kristy turned on her heels and they stepped out of her thong. “ So when do I get to fuck up,” she tried to say coyly, but it came out sluty instead. “Now is as good as ever and here is as good a place as any,” replied Davis as he backed to the wall.

Kristy stepped to him and as he roughly brought her closer by grabbing her ass, she undid the only button of her blouse. It soon found its way to the floor, followed quickly by her sexy bra. Her one leg hooked itself around his back as the other tried to grind against his massive crotch. There they stood in a long lust driven kiss. Finally they would be together as lovers, as man and slave. Kristy undid his pants and for the second time that night she had his cock in her hand.

David spun them around so that it was her back against the wall not his. He lifted her up and instinctively knowing what was required of her, Kristy wrapped her other leg around David. He then slowly lowered her onto his shaft. Kristy was happy her man was in her. She began to rise slowly began to rise up on his cock only to slam down on it again. Although an expert in his technique, the shock of losing his virginity to his boyhood fantasy was too much. David lost his balance and they fell to the floor.

Kristy landed on hard on her back, with David on top of her and still moving inside her. She was winded and began gasping to regain her breath. David never realized she was panicking, He only thought she was fucking harder, so he began pounding into her giving no mercy. She shook violently as each thrust of her lover caused her not to regain her breath. Horrified she saw his face, a face she knew. David was about to cum, which made Kristy ready to cum too. Together they orgasmed. David with a loud grunt and Kristy with a silent plead for air.

David collapsed on top of Kristy staring to her eyes as she twitched a few more times. Together they regained their breath. Once rested David jumped to his feet.

“Remember when you used to baby sit me and all night you made me do chores cause you knew I had a crush on you? Well I think you are regretting that now. Well actually your old self is, the new you is probably happy that I even would consider fucking you. Now get dressed, leave your panties and bra where they are, and go clean the kitchen and do the dishes. We are having a guest tonight. A real woman! A perfect woman!”

David did actually love her; he just loved dominating her too. Besides the guest was truly beautiful. As for Kristy, she wasn’t even upset about having to share David. She after all was lucky to have been aloud this fuck and if she wanted more she would have to obey. So as David pulled his pants up and walked into the living room to finish his porno movie, Kristy adjusted her skirt and put her blouse on. With her breasts now visible through her blouse, Kristy went into the kitchen to clean as her man had requested.

Raymond Condor could be considered both lucky and unlucky. Up till three years ago he was one of the most successful men around. A multi-millionaire and CEO, he ran a powerful jewelry company. A greedy board of investors got scared because one of his investments had failed and lost them money. That would not have been something for Raymond to worry about, but on his way to the top he had pissed off a lot of people.

Some of the more powerful saw their chance and framed Raymond for fraud. The fact that he was actually defrauding the company made their claim all that more potent. He lost everything, but disappeared to a life on the street before he could end up in jail. He learned how to survive like a bum. Eating what he found on the ground, sleep wherever suited him and begging for money when time permitted.

And it seemed to Raymond time always permitted. Raymond had even been a bum long enough to secure a good spot under the main street bridge to place his box home. Raymond was close to losing his mind too. He was still there, but his extreme change in social status had definitely affected him. He found he could do things that he could never do before, like rob people.

Just the other day he held up some mother and her two kids. The mother was so frightened for her children that he was able to persuade her to get extra cash from the ATM to finance his living expenses. Tonight wasn’t about burglary or petty theft; no tonight was about rape.

He had seen her get out of a van three blocks away. She was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. She had long black hair. Her eyes were a bright blue and her smile was to die for. She was obviously a working girl. Everything she wore screamed that. Her high-heeled fuck-me red leather boots, her skintight mini skirt and her black lace bra for a top all read like a traditional whore.

Raymond’s only concern was the van that slowly followed her as she walked. They had obviously not seen Raymond, so all he had to do was to be careful not to be seen…at least until he was ready to rape her. His near insanity had made his ego grow. He felt in his heart that who ever was in the van, he could handle. So slowly and careful he followed her.

Staying a good distance away from the van, but not so far as to lose sight of the beauty, Raymond moved forward. This woman was beyond sexy; she oozed sex. Her ass wiggled as she walked begging to be fucked. Raymond knew she was ready for action and he was going to give it to him. After all what kind of a woman wore a bra for a top.

She turned into a driveway and the van sped up. Obviously they were just making sure no cops were around and that she made it to the house. The occupants would no doubt park around the corner until she was done servicing her client. As long as he made sure she didn’t press her pager to summon the van he to would be partaking in her gifts tonight.

He was surprised to see another pretty woman answer the door. This one resembled the brunette in dress. She too wore fuck-me boots. Her skirt was short too although not skin tight like his whore. Instead of a bra top she wore a blouse and even from this distance he could tell she wore no bra. Raymond heard a male voice call to them to “come service their master”.

Intrigued Raymond approached the bay window to watch. He had never been able to convince two women to tag team him, but this guy had. Sure he was paying for it, but Raymond figured a threesome was a threesome. Besides both the woman were incredibly hot. As Raymond peered thru the window, his jaw dropped to the ground, the man wasn’t a man at all. He was a boy. He could not have been more than 14 or 15.

He called to his whore Simone (the one Raymond had been following). He commanded her to remove Kristy’s (the other girl) blouse. The boy licked his lips in anticipation as the blonde’s breast became un-encumbered by the flimsy material. Kristy leaned to Simone to give her a kiss. Simone hesitated then submitted. Their tongues clashed and lips pressed together in a passionate kiss.

This upset the boy he started shouting “WAIT…you are not suppose to hesitate on of my commands. I will fix you!!!”

The boy grabbed his laptop, which was seated on the coffee table next to him and began to type. The brunette said, “Master PC visibly confirmed. You have no right to control and alter other people.”

The brunette whore spilled out other things. Stuff Raymond could not make out. Something was said about her real name and how he was about to be stopped. Raymond hardly cared and wasn’t really paying attention until the brunette’s hair changed to that of a blonde’s. A fight broke out, and things happened so fast. Kristy had moved to Simone to interfere, but was literally punched across the room.

With Kristy knocked unconscious, the boy battle with the now blonde whore. Punches and kicks flew faster than humanly possible. Both were experts, and definitely strong too. More than one fist went thru the wall as the fight spilled into the hallway and out of Raymond’s sight.

Now Raymond was no fool. Anything worth fighting over this badly was worth the risk of stealing. Raymond snuck thru the open bay window. He had easily kicked out the screen and was in. As he crept past Kristy’s half naked body he couldn’t resist pinching her left nipple. Realizing time was limited he moved to the laptop.

He saw the opened program on the computer, Master PC. The profile of Simone was still loaded. A picture of her rotated, it was exact except that the picture’s hair was still a brunette. He put one and one together and figured they were fighting over this rather than the laptop itself. He listened for a second.

The fight was still going on. He looked back at the desk and saw a bunch of CD-Rs sitting on the floor. Another plan came to Raymond. Rather than stealing the laptop and risking a fight with the victor of the fight, he would burn the program. He quickly inserted the disk into the drive. When the burning program started, he quickly copied the program and moved it to the burn folder. He then started the burn.

He heard the van pull up and saw someone get out and run towards the house. It was a man, but Raymond could not make out the face. Instead of heading for the front door the man rushed the bedroom window and leaping feet first. The crash told Raymond he was in the house and the situation had gotten worse.

He started heading for the window. He saw Kristy again on the floor. Her beauty was too much. The situation was too much. For some reason Raymond decided to undo his pants and take out his manhood. Standing over Kristy he masturbated. His hand was working furiously. The fight still raged. He knew he could be caught by people much more powerful than him and this only excited him more.

He concentrated on Kristy’s young breasts. Despite being unconscious her nipples were still hard and her breathing still heavy. This girl was still horny. Raymond wished he had more time. He wanted badly to fuck this girl. He closed his eye and imagined he was. This would be as close as he would get, because it hit him.

A powerful orgasm! His gunk shot at Kristy. For the second time that night she wore a man’s spunk on her face, though this time only on the cheek. Having climaxed Raymond began to come back to reality. He was ready to leave now. He looked back into the room to make sure he wasn’t spotted and to his amazement the CD door opened. It was done burning.

He was grabbing the disk and shut the drive door. The fight had ended. Raymond rushed for the window as he heard people approaching the living room. He was barely able to replace the screen when they entered. He took this as a good sign. Not knowing what he had. Raymond ran into the night.

Simone. My name is Simone. She had to remember at least until she knew for sure. It was that she wasn’t sure if the Master PC had been used on her, it was who had used it. It could easily have been a relative or a best friend, on thing was for sure and that was David was some how linked to the Master PC program.

They had planned this since the command for changes happened to her Simone persona. She made the proper adjustment and whore Simone was created. Simone was to dress very specific and of course she was in love with and wanted to serve David. Ridiculous, ultimate power and all the kid wanted was to fuck everything in sight.

She got out of the van and headed to the house. She felt confident. With Him in the van she knew nothing would go wrong. As she walked she practiced moving sexy. She didn’t know how long she would have to be in there and wanted him to think she was actually under his control.

I was a quicker walk than she thought. Maybe it was the anticipation, but she found herself at the front door. The van went around the corner. It didn’t really matter if he was out of sight because she knew he would be watching her on his computer screen. She was safe. She waited for an answer at the door.

It opened to reveal a hot blonde. Most like around 18, not that that was necessarily her real age any way. She was under the control of the Master PC too. She dressed close to the same except for the see-thru blouse. “This guy knows what he like anyway,” she thought.

She was sure David had the Master PC program now! One girl perhaps was a gift from a friend. Two, was very unlikely. Of course he could have really close friends or a really caring family. She would need to locate the program to know 100% for sure. David beckoned them to his side and they move in the house to him.

The boy was seated in a Lazy boy style chair. Confidence mixed with lust plagued his face. He knew he was getting some tonight. “Well he thinks he knows,” she chuckled to herself. A command to remove the blouse of the blond was quick to come and knowing that hesitation could ruin the situation, it fell to the floor.

Kristy’s beauty was beginning to be exposed again. She didn’t really want to do this. In fact she hated it. If it didn’t serve the greater good she would never have done it, that and the fact she had a good idea that they wouldn’t remember any of this. Then it happened. Kristy leaned to her for a kiss.

It was in this moment that she realized she couldn’t do it. Kissing this girl was not for her. Then she remembered the mission. Find and stop the Master PC program. If it fell into the wrong hands, that person could try and control the world. She decided to cave and let the young woman kiss her.

It was to little to late. It seemed even the split second it took her to decide wasn’t quick enough for the boy. Angry he spouted about how he would fix her and grabbed for his laptop. One that she had not even noticed, even though it was right there in front of her. Relief filled her as the screen came into view for her. The Master PC program!!! It was David all along.

“Master PC visibly confirmed.”

She knew what was being seen in the van. Those words would trigger an alarm in the van and soon this would be over for the boy. She started ranting about how wrong this was, how he had no right to do this. After all it was the Master PC program that had taken her memory and made her into an assassin.

“My name isn’t Simone. I am Jennifer Bell!”

Right on cue her hair change to her more natural blond color. It lengthened a bit a curled a bit. He was definitely watching over her. This was his sign that he would soon be there to help. Kristy lunged at her and as a reflex Jennifer hit her and hit her hard. Kristy flew across the room smashing her head into the wall and knocking her unconscious.

Jennifer went to hit the boy, but missed. He had used the Master PC program to increase his fighting prowess. She dodged his punch and as it went thru the wall she knew his strength was increased too. This was not going to be an easy fight.

Both combatants thru flurries of kicks and punches. The fight ended up in the hallway. His speed had been increased too and she was caught unprepared. David knocked her into his bedroom and proceeded to beat her. She couldn’t catch her breath or regain her composure. His new fighting in stinks must have told him the only way to beat her was not to stop until she was dead.

He most likely would have succeeded as he continued to punch her with strength that would have killed most ordinary people with one punch. Again and again the blows landed. Just as she thought she was through, Jennifer heard the bedroom window smash. The punches stopped.

David had been forced to stand to face the new threat. A young man stood in front of him. He wore a blue sweater and black jeans. His glasses didn’t make him look like much. Jennifer suspects this is what he like others to think. David thru punches at the intruder, all of which had no effect. Finally out of breathe and scared for his life, David asked, “Who are you?”

“He is Frederick Holly,” Jennifer answered for him.

David had looked at Jennifer as she revealed her answer and as he looked backed Frederick all he saw was black. Frederick had knocked his out. His eyes found Jennifer. She could tell he was upset to see her beaten, not because she would have lost, but because it hurt him to see her in pain. She knew he loved her just like she loved him. Jennifer felt they were meant for each other.

That is why she was able to forgive him that day in the hotel when he told her about the Master PC. How could she be mad, she would have killed him if he had not had the Master PC? Besides he came clean and they were able over come their hunters and destroyed them.

Jennifer felt bad. It was her that had convinced Frederick to use her for this mission. Now he suffered for that decision. Rather than dwell on the situation, Frederick made light of it. He looked into her cleavage and commented on her “lushes tits”. They smiled at each other and head back to the living room.

She watched as Frederick grabbed the laptop and headed for the front door. He returned shortly with a new laptop, a replacement for the one with the Master PC. They left for the van hand in hand. Opening the back to reveal a technological wonderland. Frederick hopped in and immediately started typing.

Jennifer felt her wounds heal. She watched as he changed David’s profile. David lost his super strength, speed and fighting prowess. He naturally forgot about today’s events and definitely would never remember Frederick or Jennifer. Frederick moved into Kristy’s profile. After reading a few lines he hit the desk with his fists.

He explained that David had wrecked Kristy’s profile too much. She knew who she was and that was it. No history. Nothing! He couldn’t just return her to normal. Jennifer watched in amazement as Frederick worked around this problem.  He made them feel the same about each other. David would help Kristy with her missing memory. If they were meant to be, then they would stay in love. If not, they would fall out of love and go on with their lives. Jennifer smiled. All was fixed and another program was captured, ready to be destroyed.

They moved to the front of the van and took off. Jennifer was sure that tonight’s excitement would pay off with a long session of lovemaking. Jennifer smiled softly again to Frederick. He had saved the day and was able to put things back to the way they were (well close enough). His skills grew daily and as they drove of into the night Jennifer was amazed at how technologically inclined he was.

To be continued…

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