A Master PC Story
Remaking his Life
Part Two
by SatansMutt

John had come across a program while downloading files off another's computer using a file sharing utility.  This program, MasterPC, gave him the power to control others, both physically and mentally.  Using the software he was able to set a plan in motion, setting his now ex-wife up with her employer, and then altering himself so that he could get the neighbor woman that he was attracted to.  John's moral's stopped him from making any drastic changes to anyone, and so he confined himself to making more subtle changes.


John had been preparing all week for the weekend. He knew that Saturday his neighbor Katrina would be outside working on the yard while her boyfriend/roommate Gary worked.  Using the MasterPC program he'd downloaded a couple weeks earlier, he had made some nice improvements to his body.  All signs of fat were gone, replaced with
hardened muscle.  His skin was dark tan, he had fixed his need for glasses, and taken care of the aging look on his face.  He had the body of a 24 year old male model, with the bonus of a 14 inch cock.

Kat was outside working in a flower bed, wearing a cutoff t-shirt and short shorts, the curve of her ass cheeks showing. John stared for a few seconds, picturing in his mind walking up behind her and fucking that sweet ass, and grabbing those large breasts of hers.

As he began mowing the yard, Kat looked up and gave him a wave, he smiled waved back. Kat started at him for a moment, then set down her shovel and started to walk over.  John turned the mower off and walked over to meet her.

"Hey there neighbor" Kat said.

"Hey you.  Tending the yard alone?  Where's Gary today?" John replied.

"He had to go to work - something about the new server they installed having problems.  Say, I hate to be the typical nosey neighbor, but what happened the other day, where'd Kelly go?" she asked.

"It's over Kat - she's gone. She moved in with another guy - her boss to be exact."

Kat looked shocked as she said "Oh wow - that really sucks. What a rotten thing to do to you."

"Na, it's ok - it's been over for years. We were just waiting for the right time to end it. With Dana off to school, now was the time.  I think she'll be much happier with her new boyfriend."

"Well, that's definitely a healthy attitude to have" she replied.  She stared at him, her eyes roaming over his firm muscular body "Gee John, I never realized you had such a great body - you should show it off more often. Maybe I'd have more ambition working in the yard if I had you to look at." she said with a little laugh.

"Thanks, I've been working out lately. I had some fitness equipment in the basement for years and figured now that I had to get back into the dating scene, it was time to get some use out of it." he lied. "Do you really like it? Think the hard work and sweat is paying off?"

Kat's deep brown eyes sparkled as she said "Oh yes, definitely.  Your really looking good.  It makes me realize I should start working out again and get this flabby old body of mine into better shape, I feel totally fat!  Gary must be disgusted with an old woman like me."

John stared into Kats eyes as he responded "Kat, you're not fat, or flabby.  Your a damn good looking woman." He knew how much it bothered her that Gary wasn't ready to marry her, so he added "Gary is lucky to have you as a partner."

Kat's luscious lips formed a pout as she answered "Yes well, we'll never be married - he's just hanging on until he finds some pretty little hard body his own age, then he'll toss me out the door. It's what I get for falling for a guy so much younger than me."

"He'll never get a woman hotter than you Kat, whether she's younger or older than him.  But, I tell you what. Not that I think you need it, but if you want to work out you're more than welcome to join me. I'd love to have a workout partner, someone to motivate me when I'm too lazy to do it. I have all the equipment sitting there, no sense in spending the money at some overpriced meat market fitness center."

"Really?" she replied "You won't mind helping me get into shape? I could really use your hand.. err.. your help" she said with a little laugh.

"Absolutely, it'd be my pleasure - I'd love to. I could show you a few things, help you work up a sweat." he said with a grin. "Why don't you go put on some workout clothes while I finish up the lawn and we can get at it right away."

"Oh, your such a doll" she said breathlessly "It's a date, I'll be back in a bit before you change your mind."  With that, she turned and giving her long black hair a little toss, ran towards her house.  Watching her sweet ass bounce as she jogged away, John knew that he'd never change his mind about wanting to fuck the shit out of her.


"UUhhhh" John grunted.

"8" Katrina counted "Come on John, one more."

John lowered the barbell to his chest and strained his muscles, pushing the 250 pound bar back up. "UUUhhhh!" he grunted.

Placing the bar back into its cradle, he stood up and said "Ok, now it's your turn."

"No way, I can't handle that" Katrina said.

With a laugh, John started to remove weights and answered "We'll lower it to something you can handle. Now lay down on the bench and scoot your head up between these bars.  Don't worry about dropping it, I'll spot you."

As Kat lay down on the bench, John got a chance to check out her body.  She'd chosen a sport t-shirt and tight shorts to work out in, they did little to hide her goods and did a great job of showing off her figure.

Kat reached her arms up and wrapped her hands around the barbell. She lifted the bar off the cradle and lowered it to her chest, John's hands on the bar as she did it.  As the bar touched her chest, she felt his fingers brush against her breasts.  She couldn't believe how
aroused she was getting working out with this man.  She used to work out a little when she was younger, but never with a male partner.  As she started to push the bar back up, her eyes came off the bar and started upwards - straight up at Johns crotch.  She almost dropped the bar as she realized she was looking up the leg of his shorts and could see the head of his cock. "Oh!" she exclaimed.

John took the weight of the bar and lifted it, setting it in the cradle. "Are you ok?" he asked.  "Yes, that was more than I expected - I wasn't ready for it" she answered mischievously.

Not taking the bait, John said "Let me drop a few pounds off the bar".  After removing a weight from each end he said "Ok, try that".

Kat's eyes were on Johns massive cock as she lowered the bar. She paused for a moment, his hands touching her breasts. She licked her lips, staring upwards at the largest cock she'd ever seen.  Limp as it was, it was easily twice as big as Gary's was hard.  'Shit, that'd give the wonder dildo a run for it's money' she thought to herself.

John couldn't miss that Kat was openly staring at his crotch.  As his hands brushed her breasts each time the bar went down, he couldn't help but think about the show she'd put on for him in the window.  He longed to fondle her, to fuck her, to feel her shudder under him as he fucked her senseless.  He felt his cock stir and grow, swelling with blood as he pictured the huge dildo ramming into that hot pussy of hers.  'To hell with my rules, I have GOT to fuck her!' he thought.

Katrina watched in amazement as John's cock twitched and started to grow, the head now poking out of his shorts.  It was as big around as a bottle, and it had to be at least 14 inches long.  She could feel her pussy start to grow wet.  Pushing the barbell up and onto the rack, she reached up under his shorts and wrapped her small hand around the massive cock. As she started to stroke it, she felt it grow even larger.

"Oh my god John, I've never seen anything .. I never realized you were.. oh wow." Kat whispered.  Pulling free of her grasp, John lifted the weights off the rack and set them on the floor. He grabbed his shorts and pulled them down, then stepped back to the bench and straddled her head. She reached up with both hands and started to stroke it, running her hands up and down the length.  "Oh wow, your balls - they're HUGE!" she cried.

Grabbing a hold on his massive member, Kat pulled him down until his cock was by her mouth. She started to lick and suck it, taking the head into her mouth.  He leaned back in to Kat, rubbing his cock against her lips.  She greedily sucked his manhood back into her
mouth, expertly sucking on it while rubbing the rest of his cock and balls with her hands.

"UUUhhh.. oh ya, suck it Kat. Suck it for me" John murmured.  Reaching out to her t-shirt, he grabbed the material in both hands and with one solid motion tore it in two letting her huge breasts pop free. He started to massage them, playing with the hardening nipples.  He bent his head down and started to suck on them - they were the size of a
pencil eraser, and just as hard.  He ran his hands down her soft belly, under the elastic of her pants and under her thong.  He ran his fingers through the soft fuzz of her cunt hair, then slid his fingers between her moist pussy lips.  "Ummmm" she murmured against the cock that filled her mouth.

They stayed like that for several minutes, locked together, his hands manipulating her moist cunt, she sucking expertly on his hard cock, their excitement growing as the moments passed.  Using the control he had given himself over his orgasm's, John willed himself to remain just short of climax, wanting to make this last as along as possible.
He continued to rub her pussy lips, flicking her click, then tracing circles around it. Suddenly he felt her body tighten up, then start to shudder as she had a powerful orgasm.  As her shuddering subsided, he stood up and pulled his cock out of her mouth.

"No, don't.. oh god, I needed that. It's been so long since someone made me cum.  Let me finish, repay the favor.  I want to taste your cum." Kat whispered.   With a grin, John replied "Don't worry, there is plenty of time.. I'm just getting warmed up."   Walking around the weight bench, John went to the foot of it and stood between Kat's legs.  Reaching down he grabbed the waistband of her shorts, then pulled them off.  He looked down at the covered pussy before him, barely concealed beneath the black thong which he grabbed and pulled off, revealing her neatly trimmed pussy.

He ran his hands down her thighs, then back up again, running his thumbs up to her crotch and along her pussy lips.  Kneeling down, he started to kiss his way up the inside of her thighs, sucking and nibbling, his fingers massaging her cunt lips.  Reaching her sex, he removed his fingers and lightly blew on her cunt, then kissed the lips.  He ran his tongue through them, then used his fingers to separate the lips, exposing the engorged clit hidden within. He started to suck on it, his hands rubbing her belly, tickling the inside of her thighs.  "Oh god.. that feels good.. it's been so long since someone did that... HE thinks it's disgusting, but it's not... oh god that feels great!  Don't stop, eat my pussy, suck it baby.. ohhhh yes!" she cried.

Pulling her closer to the end of the bench, her ass barely hanging on, John put Kats legs up on her shoulders, all the while sucking on her clit.  He cupped her ass and stuck one of his thumbs up into her soaking pussy, then slid it down to her puckered ass hole.  He ran his finger around it, testing it's tautness.  He continued that way, sucking her pussy and alternating his fingers between inside her pussy and rubbing her ass hole.  He could tell she was near the edge, ready to cum on his face, and as her body started to tighten he slid his thumb into her butt hole as he sucked hard on her clit.

"OH GOD! OH GOD! OH SHIT!!  YESS!!" Kat screamed, her body thrashing around, grinding her cunt hard onto Johns face. Her body shoot again and again as a massive orgasm rocked through her. "Damn John, where did you learn to eat pussy? That was the best.. the best I've ever had." Kat said when she finally caught her breath.

Smiling, John stood up and started to rub his turgid cock against her pussy lips, then slid his cock into the opening.  Pushing forward, he started to slid the massive length of it into her moist hole.  He pushed in a couple inches, then pulled out, rocking back and forth,
sliding a few more inches every few times he pushed forward.  He watched his cock slid deeper and deeper into Kat's hot cunt, her pussy lips stretched wide around the massive girth of his cock.  6 inches, a few more strokes, 8 inches, a couple more.. 10 inches.. Kat was moaning  "Oh my god.. fuck me, fuck my cunt... fill me with that beautiful cock of yours.  Oh god, I love it.. Fuck me John, fuck me hard, fuck me NOW!".  12 inches and her body started to shudder, an orgasm crashing over her.  John could feel her cunt squeezing his cock..  a few more strokes and he was hitting bottom, slamming all 14
inches into her, faster and faster, pulling all 14 inches almost completely out, only to slam it back all the way to the bottom, his huge balls slapping her ass.  "Fuck me.. Fuck me.. Oh god.. fuck me" Kat cried over and over, her body writhing on the weight bench as she
climaxed again and again.  Deciding it was time, John released the block on his own climax and started to grunt as he felt wave after wave of cum burst out of his cock and into her steaming cunt.  "I can feel it!" Kat cried "I can feel your cum shooting in me! Oh my god!  Fuck me! Fuck me!" as she came yet again.

As his orgasm subsided, John willed his cock to remain hard, and while keeping it inside of Kat's soaked cunt he bent over and grabbed her by the waist.  Lifting Kat up, he sat down on the bench and lowered her onto his still rock hard cock.  Kat was barely coherent as she hugged him tightly, pressing her breasts against his chest. She whispered
into his ear "I love your cock John, you're the best fuck I've ever had. I love feeling your cock buried in me, filling me up. I've never felt so full or been fucked so good in all my life."  They sat like that for several minutes, locked in each others embrace, caressing
each others back and neck.  Kat wiggled her ass a bit, and using her legs she raised herself up, sliding her pussy up on the massive cock buried inside of her, then dropped back down onto John's lap.  "Your still hard?  Your amazing" Kat purred into John's ear.  "It's you baby, you get me so hot, as long as I'm buried in that beautiful pussy of yours I'll always be hard" John whispered back into her ear.  "As long as it's hard, it's going to be buried in my pussy" she giggled back.


Later that day, their sexual encounter over, John watched as Kat got dressed. "I should be going, *he* will be home soon and I suppose I should get some work done around the house, and make something to eat." Kat said.  She walked close and hugged John, then cupped his balls in her tiny hands.  "Thanks for letting me use your equipment" she said with a grin "I hope I didn't wear out my welcome, I'd love to *come* over again - that was the best workout I've ever had!"

"Any time baby, anytime.  That was the best, working out with you as my partner really *pumped* me up." he grinned back "Anytime you want to work out, the door is always open - just come on by.  A couple more workouts like that and we'll both be in great shape."

John watched as Kat wiggled her ass, walking across the lawn to her house.  He knew that this was something he could definitely get used to.  Walking over to his PC, he launched the MasterPC program and typed in Katrina's name.  He had promised himself that he'd keep making changes to someone else minimal, but figured that since she had
worked out so hard she needed to be rewarded for the effort.  He watched her picture spin on the monitor for a moment, then started in with the subtle changes he felt she deserved - he lowered her body fat, increased muscle tone, reduced the aging effects on her face, and reduced the sag of her breasts - each by only 1%.  'Combined they should give her an effect that would be noticed but won't shock her.' he thought to himself.  Deciding he deserved something too - he increase his muscle mass by 1%. As an after thought 'for Kats pleasure' he enlarged his cock by another 1/2 in in length and 1/2 inch in diameter, then switched back to Kat and made her body 5% more sexually responsive - but only to him.

Pleased with the way things were turning out so far, he knew it was time to start Phase III.

** To be continued **