A Master PC Story
Remaking his Life
Part One
by SatansMutt

John Butler sat in the den, staring at the PC as it downloaded the files he'd selected.  As he often did in the evenings, he'd browse the systems of other people using the file share utility, looking for someone who'd stupidly shared their entire system.  Once he found a suitable system, he'd download the files that looked most interesting - personal documents, saved files, email folders, and any interesting looking programs.  He considered it all mostly harmless fun, he never did anything with the information he found - but the email and letters he often found provided him an escape from the life he'd become stuck in.

John been married for 18 years to Kelly, the woman he'd knocked up in his 20's. Any passion they had for each other was long past - it was simply a marriage of convenience on both their parts.  Dana, their only child, recently left for college and the house had become lonely and quiet.  John's boring middle age nights had been reduced to finding entertainment in the lives of others.

Browsing through the email of his latest raid victim, he came across a file in the mail folder with a large attachment.  Running it thru the virus scanner, it came up clean so he ran the attached program, MasterPC.exe.  As the program ran through the installation, he looked out the window and noticed the neighbor Katrina.  "Damn, what a body" he thought as she bent over weeding the flowers.  "That Gary is one lucky sonofabitch".  Gary and Kat made a strange couple.  He was 32, about 5'7", skinny and rather plain looking.  Kat on the other hand was an attractive 39-year-old woman with long black hair and brown eyes, 5 foot 8, 38C breasts and a very shapely ass.

The install program finished and placed an icon on the desktop so John clicked on it.  Up popped a new window with a spinning mannequin and a screen flash that said, "Welcome to Master Command Center, your own personal command center. The Master allows you to become a virtual god to the people around you.  You now possess the power to bend their reality to your specifications."  It then prompted him for his full name.  He entered it and hit return. A menu came up asking for a subject's name, not knowing what it was looking for he again typed in his name.  "Well, that sure sounds interesting.  Must be some sort of game." he thought as he typed his own name in the subject box.

Staring out the window at Kat he thought, "Gary is an idiot.  He doesn't know if he wants to marry her, and they rarely have sex.  If I had a woman that looked like that, I'd spend my days in bed fucking her bowlegged."  A stupid grin crossed his features as he thought,
"Hell, if I had a body that looked like that I'd spend the day in bed playing with myself."

Looking at the spinning mannequin on the screen, he read the message on the screen 'Whatever you enter, the subject will feel/be affected by immediately after pressing the 'Send' button.'  "Hmmm… what the hell is this? Some sort of joke?"  Still thinking about his little joke, he typed "Make subject look like Katrina." and clicked send.

John shuddered as his body started to contort, reshape and form.  John looked down in shock as his t-shirt started to swell, the large breasts expanding outward.  He sat there in shock, his mind refusing to accept what was happening.  Suddenly, as the ramifications of what he'd done ran through his mind, he slid his hand inside his shorts and felt… nothing.  "OH SHIT!" he yelled - but the voice wasn't his, it sounded just like his neighbor Kat.  "Oh shit!" he thought "My dick, my balls, they're gone!"  He paused for a few seconds and then, sliding his hand down in his shorts, he felt his fur covered pussy.

No sooner had he touched himself when he heard the garage door opener start up.  "Oh FUCK!  Kelly is home!" he said, again surprised by the sound of his voice.  His slender hands shaking, he quickly typed "Undo changes" and clicked send.


Kelly opened the hatch on the SUV and grabbed a bag of groceries.  Walking into the house she yelled "John, come give me a hand with these."  As she set the bag down, John walked around the corner with an odd flustered look on his face.  "Whets wrong with you?  Did I catch you whacking off to some porn pictures on that damn computer?" she asked.  "Knock it off Kelly, you know I don't go to those sites" he replied.


Later, after everything was put away and Kelly was upstairs watching TV, John sat down at the computer again. Thinking he'd better read up on the MasterPC program and explore a bit before trying it again, he busied himself with the help files.  He soon found the save menu and security lock.  Remembering his earlier experience, he entered in his own name as the subject then saved his current body and password locked it.

"Well, lets see" he thought, "I've always wanted a large cock". He typed 'Enlarge penis by 50%' and pressed enter.  He felt his cock throb and swell in his shorts. 'Enlarge by 100%' he typed.  His shorts were now straining from the massive bulge between his legs.  "Damn, should have done the math first.  7 inches, make it 10.5, double that.. Holy shit, that's a 21 inch cock!"

As a thought crossed his mind he entered 'Kelly Butler' into the subject, saved the file, then typed 'You will go downstairs, get a drink of water. You will then sneeze, say good night, go upstairs and get into bed, and sleep soundly till exactly 7am."  A moment later,
Kelly came downstairs, drank a glass of water, sneezed, said "good night" then headed by up the stairs.  Laughing to himself he thought "Time to play".

John removed his shorts and stared at his massive dick. He stroked it a few times and watched in amazement as it grew to inhuman proportions. "Too much" he thought, and typed in "Make penis 14 inches".  Just before he pressed enter, he remembered that the subject was still his wife Kelly. "Now that'd shock the shit out of her" he chuckled.  He quickly deleted the text, changed the subject to himself, and changed his dick to 14 inches. Figuring he needed the whole package, he tripled the size of his balls and gave himself unlimited control of his orgasms.

Enjoying the changes he saw, he decided to find some decent porn and try his cock out.  He launched the browser and started to type in the address of his favorite site, then stopped and thought, "on second thought, lets see if I get some real porn."

John could see Gary and Kats bedroom window from the den.  Unfortunately, no matter how much he tried he'd never been able to get a glimpse of her changing or walking around the bedroom naked.  In fact, the closest he'd come to it was when he watched her sunbathing on the deck in a bikini.

Although John wasn't attracted to his overweight, frumpy wife, he didn't hate her.  They were more like casual friends, living in the same house, and every month or two having uninspired sex when they both felt the urge to release.  John wasn't the sort of man to cheat on Kelly, no matter how boring their life was.  But that didn't mean he couldn't watch an exhibition.

He could see the glow from the neighbors' living room lights, so he figured that they were watching TV. He changed the subject to 'Katrina Davis', then entered 'You will go to the bedroom, close the door, open the blinds, then remove all of your clothes.' and pressed enter.  He sat back and watched as, 100 feet away the bedroom light went on. Just as he'd ordered, Kat started to undress.  He started stroking his cock, staring at the show.  Once Kat was undressed he typed 'Face the window, then start playing with your breasts'.  He was really enjoying this now. 'Run your hands down your belly, then play with your pussy.  Continue to play with your pussy and tits until you give yourself an orgasm.'

John was getting into it, beating his massive meat as his gorgeous neighbor stood there, rubbing her large 38C breasts, finger fucking her well-trimmed cunt.  Kat was really going at it, obviously she had lots of practice masturbating.  'With Gary's low sex drive, she must do that a lot' he decided. Just then, the bedroom door opened and Gary walked in.  He looked startled as he realized what Kat was doing, then ran over and closed the blinds.

'Oh shit' John thought, 'Forgot about him.'  Quickly changing the subject to 'Gary Johnson' he entered 'you will forget what you just saw. Turn around, go back to the living room, and watch the TV for the next hour. Do not leave the chair. Nothing you see or hear Katrina do will seem unusual to you. After an hour you will go to bed and remember nothing of the nights events."

Setting the subject back to Katrina, he ordered her to open the blinds, then continue masturbating.  As the blinds opened, John saw that while she began playing with her pussy, she'd obviously had an orgasm while they were closed. "God damn it!" he said aloud.  Quickly banging on the keys he entered 'Go get your favorite dildo or vibrator, then return and hold it up to the window. If you don't have one, shake your head.'  Kat turned and walked into the closet, then returned in a minute and held up a thick, 10" dildo.  "Damn" John murmured "you like it big, don't you baby?"  'There is no way little
Gary, all 5ft 6inches of him, packs anything like that.  No wonder their sex life sucks as bad as mine does' he thought.

'Place a chair facing the window, and use your dildo to bring yourself to orgasm' he entered.  Then he leaned back and started stroking his huge cock, enjoying the show.

Kat eased the giant dildo into her wet throbbing pussy, the walls of her cunt knowing every bump and ridge on it. She thrilled with the feeling of it, a feeling that Gary had never been able to give her - his small cock barely brought pleasure to her.  She slid the dildo in, stretching her pussy, then started sliding it back and forth with one hand while the other rubbed her engorged clit.  'Uhhh' she murmured… "Mmmm.. ohhh.. that feels so good."  She slid bubba the wonder dildo back and forth, each time pushing it deeper and deeper, until finally she had almost the entire length ramming into her.  Her clit was on fire, burning with a feeling that only an orgasm would satisfy.  'Uhhhh.. Ohh.. Oh shit.. Fuck.. fuck it.. AHHHH!' she screamed as her cunt exploded in orgasmic lust.

Across the yard, John was busy pounding his cock, jerking up and down it's length with both hands, barely holding back as he watched Kat cum. "Fuck it baby, yes.. Fuck that thing."  He felt the pressure building, felt the load travel through his balls as Kat started
shaking and threw her head back in a silent scream.  "UGGGG!" he yelled as his cock burst, shooting a large thick stream of cum onto the monitor.  He continued to jerk as a second, then a third and forth jet of hot cum flew out onto the desk, each stream easily containing more cum than he could normally shoot total.

'Shit that was amazing' he thought.  He watched Kat breath deeply, still shaking from her orgasm.  After a minute, he ordered her to cleanup, go to bed, and only remember the evening as a pleasant erotic dream.


John sat back, pondering on what to do next.  He could have any woman he wanted, he could fuck any he set his mind to.  He could change his wife into the woman of his dreams, body and soul.  But, he figured if he changed people too much someone was bound to notice. If he wasn't careful, he could really get himself into trouble with MasterPC. How could he use this program to it's fullest, to improve his life dramatically, without harming anyone or getting himself in trouble?  Deep inside, he knew he didn't have it in him to turn someone into a sex robot, an automaton solely for his sexual pleasure.

His mind turned to Kat.  They'd had many talks since Kat and Gary moved in, sitting on the deck sharing a beer and chatting online.  Though she was a knock out, she was very insecure about her looks - she was very concerned that she was getting past her prime. She hadn't had much luck with men in the past; she'd already had two failed marriages. But somehow, when Gary and her met she fell for him.  Gary wasn't much to look at, but he was a nice guy and treated her decently.  Kat had confided in John that she thought if Gary ever left her, no guy worth a damn would ever love her again - he was the only decent man she'd ever been in a relationship with.  Gary on the other hand, had been having seconds thoughts lately about getting serious with a woman several years older than him.

John thought about the absurdity of it all - he and Kelly stuck in a loveless marriage, Gary and Katrina in a similarly odd relationship.  He was intensely attracted to Kat, both physically and emotionally.  He felt on several occasions that she thought the same way about him, but both knew that nothing would ever happen as long as he was married.

Like a lighting bolt, an idea hit John and started to take form.  If he could get rid of Kelly, and could find a new woman for Gary... then, with a little nudge or two, he could get Kat.  His mind wandered back to the show he had watched her put on, wondered how it would feel to play with her tits, her pussy, to bring her to climax. He started feeling aroused, thinking of her fucking the large dildo, wishing he could do something but knowing that he wouldn't.

Or could he? 'What would it hurt if I brought her over and fucked her - no one has to know?' he thought. 'I'd know.. I'd know it was a sham, that it didn't mean anything, and it's wrong - no different than rape. I could, but I can't do it.' he decided.

And then he remembered his first experiment with MasterPC.  'Naa... that's just too weird.  But, I do wonder what would it feel like to have an orgasm like that?  How will I know what feels good to her if, when, I get a chance to fuck her?' Hesitantly, he slowly started typing on the keyboard.

As he pressed enter, he felt his body start to transform again, to shape and mold. He felt his chest start to swell as breasts started to form.  He tore off his shirt and watched as they expanded, growing to a large 38C size. He pulled off his shorts and looked down to where, moments before a huge cock had been, now only a neatly trimmed pussy was. He noticed that the tits had a little sag to them, and decided that once Kat was his he would have to adjust that.  'Take a little bit off on the hips and thighs and she's perfect' he decided.

Remembering Kat's actions, he started to rub his breasts then tweaked the nipples. 'Ouch - damn that hurts.. Maybe women really don't like it' he thought.  His hand ran down his thin stomach, over the flared hips, the inside of the soft thighs, and to his pussy.  He squeezed it, then dragged a finger through the slit and rubbed his clit.  'Mmmm - now that feels good' he thought.  Slowly he started rubbing, rolling the clit across his finger, running them down into his cunt hole.  His breathing started to come in gasps as he continued to play, fingering himself, the pace on clit quickening.  He brought up one hand and cupped a breast, raising it to his mouth. Expertly he started licking and sucking it, sucking the nipple, all the while the pace with his other hand on his cunt quickening.

Through his half opened eyes, he noticed the empty Corona bottle sitting on the desk.  'Hell no, that's sick... I wonder what it feels like to have something inside?  No, I can't..' all race through his mind. 'Oh, What the fuck. I gotta know' he decided.  Removing the hand from his tit, he reached up and grabbed the bottle. While his right hand massaged his clit, the left slowly brought the bottle to his cunt opening. Slowly, very slowly, he started to ease it in. The narrow neck parted his pussy, sliding easily along the wet walls. 'Damn.. that feels good' he thought. He slid more of the bottle in, sliding it inwards until the wider base was expanding the hole.  His right hand was working rapidly on the clit, faster, faster, until he felt his belly start to clench. His pussy started to throb with contractions, the clit engorged and insanely sensitive, as he felt his body start to shudder. 'Ugg.. Ugg.. OH SHIT!' he cried as his mind exploded.

John lay there for a bit, the bottle still jammed into his cunt.  He grabbed it and slowly pulled it out, marveling at how intense of an orgasm it had been.  It wasn't much different than what a guy feels, and yet - it wasn't the same. More of an internal release than the
ball emptying feeling that he had always felt before.  But it definitely felt great.

He restored his body from the save file, then reapplied the changes to his body and saved that as 'NewMe'. As he cleaned up the computer and the mess on the chair, he realized that this was by far the weirdest fucking day of his life.


Nearly 2 weeks had passed since MasterPC had entered John's life.  He had spent much time in contemplation about the amazing program, trying to decide what he would do with it.  There was a nearly overwhelming temptation to abuse it, to radically change the people around him and modify their bodies and personalities to suit his needs.  But the more he thought on it, the more convinced he was that radical changes would sooner or later get him in trouble - one day he would make a mistake that would ruin it all.
He also realized that his conscious would get the better of him if he really rearranged someone. He decided on a set of ground rules for himself when using MasterPC.

#1 - No mental changes to someone that would make him or her do something they would normally be against.

#2 - No change that would bring someone to harm, or financial ruin.

#3 - Any physical changes to someone must be done in small steps over time.

#4 - No physical changes to give someone abnormal proportions or change his or her gender.

Of course, none of these rules applied to changes he made to himself.  Once he decided on the rules, he started putting his plan into action.

The first step was to get rid of his wife Kelly.  He didn't love her, didn't want her, and had no interest in making himself love her.  He had known for sometime that there was some harmless flirting going on between her and Dan, the owner of the store she worked at. John had teased Kelly about it on occasion, when Kelly would tell him about something that had happened at work.

Dan was single, fairly well off financially, and was apparently attracted to Kelly - a perfect person to pawn her off on. John used MasterPC to plant the idea in both Dan and Kelly's minds that he wouldn't care what happened between them, that her marriage was almost over anyway. He also lowered their resistance to each others advances, and to be extra sure that something would happen he increased both Dan and Kelly's sexual needs while they were at work.

A couple weeks later John was on his way home from work, as he drove down the street he noticed that there was a pickup truck in the driveway.  As he pulled into the garage, Kelly came walking out with a box in hand. She looked surprised for a moment, then put the box down and walked to his car.

"John, we need to talk" she said. "Neither of us is happy with our marriage.  Dana is a grown woman, and is off to college.  There is no reason for us to continue living like this. I think it's time for us to go our own way."

John smiled and replied, "Yes, I knew it was coming - it was only a matter of time.  It's ok Kel, really.  Do you have a place to stay?"

"I moving in with Dan." she answered, "I'm not sure how it will all work out, but we're happy and I want to give it a shot.  It wouldn't be fair to you for us to go around behind your back."

"That's great, he's a decent guy.  I think the two of you will be really happy together.  What do you want to do about the house, our money, all of that?" he asked.

Kelly paused for a moment, then said "Well, I've been thinking - You can afford the payments, I can't so you can have the house. Pay me half the equity in it and plus half the savings, and you can do what you want with the house. What do you think?"

"That's fine Kel - I'll get you the money soon as I can get the loan."

Later, as John watched Kelly and Dan drive away in the overloaded pickup, he smiled and thought "Now, on to phase II"

** To be continued **