In A Public Place

By Boris Ludmenkov


I wanted to show you something. How are you by the way?

Fine, thank you. Are you going to sit there playing with your laptop or are we going to get on with it? What are you grinning at? I do have to get back to work you know.

Do you?

Well, no actually. I just said that to try and hurry you up and irritate you. I uhhh did I just say...

And are you fine?

I'm damn glad to be living apart from you. Mother nags me about it. She's never seen through your act the way I have. You're still her golden haired boy.

Bless her.

She was never married to you. So what is it you wanted to show me?

A new program I've acquired. I think it will make a great difference in our relationship.

We haven't got a relationship, Jeffery. We're getting divorced.

How much have you done about it? Spent any money yet?

No, just made enquiries and got in contact with a solicitor. You'll know when he gets in touch with you believe me.

Oh, good I'm glad about that. Just call him up and tell him you won't be needing the appointment, will you.

Oh very funny! I'm uhhh.... That is... I uhhh.... <Beep-beeble-beeble-beep> Could I speak to Mr Robinson? Oh, well could I leave a message? I'm Mrs Jacobs: I had an appointment with him on Monday? Well, could you thank him for me and say I won't be needing it after all? Yes, do apologise for me. No, if it's nothing he's done and if I do decide to go through with it I'll be in touch. Thank you.

Good girl.

Why...Uhhh I didn't want to do that. I mean I still want to divorce you. Why did I...

Because I asked you to. You'll do anything I ask you to. Because of my little toy here.

Now, look Jeffery...

Stand up!


Be quiet. Now come over here. Turn around. Hands above your head. Bend over, right over, touch your toes. That's it. Now, let's see, what are you wearing for a meeting with your loving husband. Oh, dear.... White Marks and Sparks. Not the black lacy ones you know I like. Pull them down, Jennifer dear. All the way down to your ankles. Lovely. Now straighten up and go back to your seat. No! Leave the panties around your ankles. That's it. Now stop crying. What's the matter? Oh, you can speak now but don't shout or attract attention to us.

You... you touched me....

Yes, I touched my wife's cunt. I'm entitled.

You touched! In public. You can't get away with this! People will see...

Look around you. Does it look as if anyone is paying attention? No? They seem more interested in their toasted tea-cakes and cappucino coffee than the fact that you bent over and pulled your panties down.

How....How are you doing this?

My new toy. My other new toy. Heh. See I got sent this program, don't know who sent it. Don't know who wrote it. But it's the most wonderful thing. It's like a CAD program (that's Computer Aided Design, dear) but a CAD program for changing people's minds and bodies. Look, here's my current subject, that's you dear Jenny, and if you look here at this box you'll see that there's a menu that allows you to make the effects invisible to everyone or just to some people. I've set it so all the other people in the cafe will ignore anything we do, anything I do to you. In this room only you and me can tell there's anything unusual happening. Isn't that fine?

Look, Jeffery, I don't know what you've got there but this is crazy.....

No, it's just my way of saving our marriage. Your friends told you to meet me in public didn't they? Make sure I couldn't do anything 'crazy'? Well, as far as anyone else is concerned we meet, we talk things over and we decide to give it another try. And you won't be telling them any different and you won't be divorcing me and taking half the business.

Jeff, please...

The only thing I haven't decided is: are you going to enjoy it or not?


What I mean is, with this I can either make you act as if you've changed your mind about me and are all lovey-dovey again or I can really change your mind and you'll really be all lovey-dovey and happy. Which do you think is best?


Let's try it. This is the fake.

Oh. Uh, Jeffy, hun, what else can you do with your little box of tricks huh?

Oh, what would you like me to do?

Well, anything you want, anything you think would make you happy. I mean I know I was always nasty to you about you staring at other women's tits. Bigger tits, I mean. Bigger than mine.

Uh huh.

Well, I was thinking... If your little toy allows you to alter bodies just the same as it alters minds you could maybe ummm.....

Take your top off. And the bra. Now don't you look a sight?

Do you like what you see? Huh?

Now hold still a minute.

Oh. Ooooh. They're big! Big nipples too!

Play with them for me.

Sure Jeffy. Oooh that's nice. Very nice. I'd rather have you play with them though. Would you like to come across and suck them. I'd like that....

And off. You're crying again. I told you not to do that.

Jeffy please....

Don't you like them? You have to tell me the truth you know.

They're...obscene! Ridiculous! And they'll give my back hell I know they will.

Good point that last. I'll write it in so you never have any difficulty with them. There. But you're wrong: those aren't ridiculous. This is ridiculous.

Oh, God! God!

Now did I say you could stop playing with your nipples?

I can't even reach them! Oh, look at the size of them. I'll never even be able to stand with them. You bastard!

And now is the time to try the real change of attitude. How do you feel about your new tits now, Jenny?

Do you like them? Jeffy? They're so big and they make me so horny! I'm all wet down below. I'm so wet for you.

You still can't reach the nipples though can you? Maybe if I make them bigger you'll be able to reach them.

Ooooh. Oh!

No? You'll need some help. Excuse me!

You talking to us?

Yes, you and your friend, young lady.

What you want? Could you come over here? You are....?

I'm Annie and that's Bog.


Well, Wendy really but she hates that.

Oh that's OK. Well, Bog and Annie, you see this young lady here?

The one with the big tits?

That's right. Now I wonder if you would do me and her a favour and suck on her nipples a while?

I dunno, I don't do girls.

You don't, Bog? You suprise me... Just a tick. There how do you feel about girls now, the two of you?

Hey, well yeah I can get into that....

I'm sure the two of you can explore your new insights later. In fact you will, together. For now I want your attention on my wife's nipples.

Uuuuh unnnnh oh God...oh fuck...oh Jeffy you get such kinky ideas...Oh yeah, that's good, that's sweet....

Lovely. I think I'll take a photograph..... I got that digital camera you got me for Christmas....

Whatever you want, Jeffy. Jeffy? You going to fuck me? Please fuck me Jeffy?

Maybe later. Tell you what, let's give your two little friends a treat.

Oh, ooooh... I'm filling up. Oh it hurt's Jeffy... Girls, suck me milk me....Harder....Oh God....

That's a lovely sight. It'll look great in the family album. Let's get a close up. Now don't dribble, Annie.

Ohhh, oooh sooo sweeet....

Yes. Really, sweet. Let's put you back to normal. Huh? Once last time.

Oh, don't do this...It's wrong, Jeffy....

You know what I think? I think that you're right. It would be wrong. You're my wife. And I love you. So let's get your tits down to a size where you can stand up. That's it. Now don't pout, Annie. You and Bog can come with us. We'll have a party.

Oh Jeffy....

And because I love you, I've decided your going to love every little thing we do together. Won't you.

Anything you say, Jeffy hun. We're going to have a party.

Uh huh. Now do your top up. Hmm, it's really lucky you hadn't spent any money on the solicitor. You're going to need a lot of new clothes.