Master PC: The Program Diary
By Benji Dude

Part 2


If you're under 18 you shouldn't be reading this yadda yadda yadda... Make sure you have read "The program" before you read this.  Like before thanks to all the people at the BEA, especially JR Parz & all the people who have written stuff linked to the "Master PC" universe for the inspiration.  So on with the story

So then a few months have passed, new laws have been passed (yeah the polygamy thing was me) & I'm enjoying life to the max.  So what have I been up too?  I'll tell you.

Well as you should know by now Ann (that's Jennifer Anniston) has become one of the most successful porn stars of this age (as I'm sure you know :)) & Brit (that's Britney Spears) has all but beaten Michael Jackson's record of most successful record into the ground.  But what of Rachel & Grace I hear you ask, well last month Grace moved in with me & Rachel might as well be living with me for the amount of time she spends here.  Daz & Denise are still together along with Jeri & Joanna & my lesbian friends are still together as happy as ever.   As for college, well Daz, Denise, Grace & me have finished college.  But enough about the past, on, with the present.

Monday 7am:
I awake to see Rachel looking back at me, "Morning love, can I get a lift into school pleeeease?" Rachel pleaded, yawning I said, "I suppose so, nine 'o' clock is it?" "Yeah, thanks lovey kin's" Rachel said kissing me lovingly on the lips, "Ok just give me some time to get ready" I replied savouring the kiss.  Rachel went down stairs to get her school stuff ready & I soon joined her, "So have you given any thought about what you want for your birthday?" I asked, hugging Rachel from behind, "No, I'm sure that whatever you get me I'll love" Rachel replied kissing me on the check.  I lightly cupped one of her nice firm D cup tits, "Easy tiger, we don't want you getting arrested now do we?" Rachel said, as she pushed her bum into my groin, "Ok Rachel, you win, we've got some time before we have to go, so shall we?" I indicated to the sofa & sat down, Rachel sat down on my lap, her arms draped around my neck, I put the TV on & we watched till it was time to leave.

Monday 7:55am:
"Ok then shall we go?" I asked kissing Rachel on the lips, "Suppose so" Rachel said sighing, I left a note for the girls saying that I was taking Rachel into school & Rachel & I headed out to the car.  We hoped in & drove to school.

Monday 8:30am:
"Sorry, you're a bit early love" I said as I pulled up to the entrance of school, "That's ok love, gives us more time to be together" Rachel said as she leaned over to kiss me, "Huh, I haven't got a problem with that" I replied kissing Rachel lovingly on her lips.

Monday 8:50am:
"Ok I'd better go now" Rachel said giving me a peck on the check, "I'll pick you up at three ok?" "Thanks love" she replied as she closed the car door & blew me a kiss.  I watched Rachel shake her ass from side to side as she walked in the main entrance; just before she went in she turned round & waved to me, I waved back & set off home.

Monday 9:15am:
I got home & the girls were still asleep, so I went to my PC & loaded up "the program" & typed Rachel, my sweet, innocent, darling Rachel, she came up on screen so I got typing.  I made it so that her tits would grow to fill whatever size bra she has on & made it so that the changes would not take effect till Wednesday (Rachel's birthday) I hit send & closed down her profile.  I then went to the "security" tab & put in a password lockout, it's not that I don't trust my girls, I do, just not that much (plus there's the matter of Daz).  "Right, think I'll go back to sleep" I said to my self as I turned off the PC & headed back to bed.  I got undressed & snuggled up with Grace in the bed & soon drifted off.

Monday 11:45am:
I awoke to the sensation of someone giving me a blowjob under the sheets.  I looked around to see that no one else was there.  So I lifted the bed sheets to see who it was, "Oh, Brit, how nice of you" I said pleasantly surprised, "Shall I continue master?" she asked, "Please do" I replied giving her a pleasing smile.  Brit continued to take my whole stiff member in her mouth, "Oh Brit you suck a good cock" I said as I blew my load into her mouth, "Oh thank you master, is there anything else I can do for you master?" "You can tell me where the other girls are" "They're in the bath master" "Thank you Brit" I said as I tweaked one of her nipples, "Why don't you join them, I'll be with you shortly" I added, "Ok master" Brit said kissing me on my lips & running off to the bathroom.  Her ass swaying from side to side & her tits bobbing up & down.

I was a little thirsty & I couldn't be bothered to go downstairs to get a drink, so I gave myself some JJ cup tits, which were lactating.  I cupped one of my tits & brought it to my mouth & sucked on the dripping nipple.  After about five minutes of sucking I had drunk my load & was ready to join my girls in the bath, I removed my tits & headed for the bath.

"Can I squeeze in?" I asked, "Sure thing love" Grace said as she nudged round the side of the bath just enough for me to squeeze in, "How about we put on the bubbles?" I asked as I hugged Grace & Ann, all the girls nodded so I leaned over to the control panel & turned the Jacuzzi on, Ann came almost immediately with slave following closely after.  It wasn't long before my dick was pocking its head above the surface.  Grace was the first to notice & started to give me a hand job but Brit soon noticed, moved over to me & positioned my dick so that it was aiming down her mouth, seconds later she was blowing me.  Grace got a rhythm going with Brit, to give me a deep throat blow job, unbeknown to me, Brit had positioned her self in such a way that her pussy was at one of the Jacuzzi jets, slowly bringing her self to orgasm.  While Grace was giving me a hand job we were also snogging, letting our tongues explore each other's mouths.  On top of that I was also squeezing one of her tits to death, which was (as you would expect) making Grace very horny, as I was keeping her on the highly aroused state.  After about twenty minutes I blew my load into Brit's mouth, coincidentally Brit came seconds after I did (I didn't do anything I swear).

Ann & slave were still wrapped in bubbly orgasm to take notice of anything else.  I rested Brit against the bath while she was recovering, "Ben" Grace started, "I'm as horny as fuck & I know you are responsible, so fuck me already!" "Well, who am I to disagree with a lady?" I said as I leaned over her & slowly inserted my cock into her tight fanny.  I started off slow to tease her, "Ben, can I fondle your tits?" Grace asked, "Why not" I replied, I gave my self JJ's (they're my favourite size for me to have), "Oh Ben, you have such great tits" Grace said as she went to suck on one of my nipples.  Unknown by Grace I had also made them lactate, "Is this milk I can taste Ben?" Grace asked surprised, "Yeah, do you like it?" "Like it, I love it" Grace happily said as she lunged to my nipple again.  I looked over my shoulder to see what was happening to the other girls, I saw slave, by her self nearly unconscious.  I looked over to Ann & got a shock, Brit was on Ann fucking her nipple!  Both girls seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely (even though Ann was on the verge of unconsciousness).  After about five minutes both girls came & Ann slipped into unconsciousness & Brit just lay on top of Ann breathing heavily.  Meanwhile Grace & me were still at it.  I had somewhat speeded up my rhythm (fast enough to make our tits bounce up & down), "OH BEN, I'M GONNA CUM" Grace shouted, I speeded up even more, "OH GOD, OH GOD, FUCK YES, YES, YES, YESSSSSSSSSSS" Grace screamed as she & I cam together.  I collapsed on top of Grace our tits smashing into each other's, igniting a light orgasm from Grace, "Oh Ben, you are just to good to us," Grace said as she kissed me on my lips with a loving touch.  I turned off the Jacuzzi, Grace & me got out & I lifted out the other girls one by one & rested them on the bed (which is now big enough for everyone to sleep in), Grace & I dried each other off while the girls were on the bed.

Monday 12:30pm:
"Grace I have something I wish to ask you, Ann & Brit" "What is it Ben?" Grace asked, "Wake up the girls & I'll tell you" I replied, not giving anything away.  Grace went over to the girls & started to rub them in the right places & soon they were all awake.  "Right, Grace, Ann, Brit could you all please stand there" I pointed to were I wanted them to stand & indicated a line.  "Now close your eyes" I asked, "& no peeping, slave don't say anything" I added, the three girls had there eyes closed so I went over to my wardrobe & got out three little boxes.  Walked back round so I was in front of them, got down on one knee, opened the boxes & said, "Ok open your eyes now" the girls opened there eyes & gasped, "Will you three do me the honour of marrying me?" I asked, all three nodded, I placed the rings (each ring had twenty diamonds in it) on the corresponding fingers.  All three girls hugged me as they admired their new rocks, "Ok now girls, don't tell Rachel, I want to tell her when the time is right & that includes you slave" "Ok Ben/master" the girls all said in unison.  After the excitement had lowered I ordered slave to make some lunch.

Monday 1:10pm:
"Ah thank you slave" I said as I finished my last mouth full, the others finished shortly after, "Ben, I'm going for a swim now, care to join me?" Grace said as she undressed (I now have an indoor swimming pool), "Sure why not, lets all go for a swim, girls" I said inviting the other girls to join Grace & me.  Grace was the first in, elegantly stepping in via the steps, I was next in, bombing in from the diving board, Brit, Ann & slave all slipped in, Ann's tits were floating on the water surface.

Grace was doing lengths, while the others were just resting against the side of the pool, I swam over to them, "Com' on girls, why aren't you all swimming?" "Because we just ate master" Ann said, "Oh don't let that worry you, as long as I'm around you'll be fine" I said engaging the girls in a group hug.  "Well to tell you the truth master" Ann started, "I'd rather get fucked or improve my tan" I broke the hug, "Oh really?" I asked raising an eyebrow, "Yes master really, I just want to feel your Godly cock in my pussy as you caress my tits, oh please master, fuck me" I waved the other girls away, they joined Grace in doing lengths.  I moved closer to Ann, when her tits were pressing up against my chest she wrapped her legs around my waist & put her arms round my neck.  I inserted my cock into her tight pussy & Ann started to pump up & down on my monster cock, her breathing was getting heavy.  Her head was tilted back; I moved us away from the pool edge & started to submerge.  Soon we were both under the water, using my powers I made it so we didn't need to breathe.  I rested my ass on the floor & Ann started to ride me, her tits bobbing up & down in slow motion, I leaned forward & started to suck on one of her tits, while I squeezed the other.  After about five minutes of Ann riding (& her eighth orgasm) I pushed her onto her back & put her legs on my shoulders & continued to shag her.  Another five minutes later I blew a huge load of cum into her pussy, which seeped its way out, I removed my cock from her pussy & she eagerly ate up the escaping cum.  Once all the floating cum was collected by Ann (which took all of thirty seconds) she came after me, pushed me onto the floor & started to suck my cock, with her pussy at my face I started to eat her pussy giving her clit plenty of licking. After she had her thirtieth orgasm of the session I blew my load into her mouth; she buried my face deeper into her ass as a sign of appreciation.  I slipped my way out of her grip & swam to the surface; Ann followed by my side.  When we were both at the surface I made it so we had to breathe again, "There, is that better Ann?  Are you more happy now?" I asked, "Oh yes master thank you" Ann happily said as she eagerly hugged me, "Ok why don't you go & improve your tan then" I said, Ann quickly got out of the pool & headed for the tanning bed (which was in the corner) & set to improving her tan.

I looked round to see what the other girls were up to, Grace was still doing lengths but Brit & slave were on the edge of the pool having a fanny fuck!  I swam over (making sure not to disrupt Grace's pace) & climbed out to watch the girls, as I got out I felt my ridged cock press against the edge of the pool, the head of my cock rubbing against my chest.  I sat crossed legged as the girls continued to fuck each other, after they had about three orgasms I told them to stop.  I went over to one of the chairs & sat down, I invited slave to impale her self on my stiff cock, which she did.  I then gave her an erect cock 12" long (no balls) just above her fanny & invited Brit to impale her self on slave's cock, which she did.  So there was me, on a chair with slave facing me, my cock in her fanny & then Brit facing slave with her cock in Brit.  I started to shag slave which intern made slave fuck Brit, "Oh master" slave started, "This is fucking incredible, thank you master" I leaned forward (as much as I could) & started to fondle Brit's tits, squeezing them together, pinching her nipples.

Monday 1:50pm:
"YES, YES, OH FUCK YES, YESSSSSSSSS" Brit screamed out as she had the equivalent of ten orgasms in one go, she then fainted & collapsed onto me, slave's cock still in her pussy.  "OH DON'T STOP MASTER, YES, YES, YES, FUCK ME, HARDER, FASTER MASTER, YES, YES, AAAAAHHHHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSS" slave screamed out as she had both her organs cum at the same time, she also fainted & collapsed but backwards, her head inches away from the floor.  Using my strength I lifted Brit up & placed her on one of the chairs next to me, I then brought slave up so she was upright & removed her from my cock & placed her on the chair, which was on the other side of me.  I got up looked at slave & thought, "hmm she looks pretty good with a cock, think I'll keep it there".  Grace was creeping up behind me, when she was with in striking distance she leaped on me, hugged me & kissed me hungrily on the lips, "Enjoy your sex session?" she asked, "Yeah thanks, I've just got something to do now, what do you think?" I asked pointing to slave, "Could make things interesting, I mean it'll be hard to hide in public" "That's what I've got to do" I replied, "What?" Grace asked, "Make it so that her cock is only visible to the ones I love" "By love you mean the ones you fuck & Rachel?" Grace checked, "Yeah, I'm just going to do that, then I'm going to meet up with Daz to play some pool" I said as I kissed Grace lovingly on the lips.  I started to walk out & I said, "Don't stay in there too long will you Ann" "No master" came the reply.

I dried my self off, got dressed & logged into "the program" I typed in "slave" & she came up on screen, I put in the command that would only make her cock visible to the ones I love or to any one who was in the house & hit send.  I got my wallet, keys & cue & headed for the door, "Bye girls" I said, "I'll be back about three, after I've picked up Rachel" I added, "Ok love" Grace shouted back, "See you in a bit" she added.

Monday 2:20pm:
"Alright Daz?" I asked as I walked up to the entrance of the pool hall, "Yeah I'm alright mate, you?" "Well let's say that I'm not going to have a bachelor pad for much longer" I said with a grin on my face, "You mean, you are finally putting that polygamy law to use?" "Yeah, anyway shall we go in?" I said, I invited Daz to go in first.  "Can we have a set of pool balls please" I asked the man behind the counter, "Course" the man said, he bent down behind the counter & put a set of balls on the counter, "Any table in particular?" "No, any table is fine" "Ok you table is number four, & it'll be £1.50 an hour" "Ok, thanks" I said as I picked up the pool balls.

"Call" I said as I tossed a coin, "Heads" Daz called, "It's tails, you can break" I said, "Thanks mate" Daz said as he positioned the white ball.  He made a good break but didn't pot anything, as I'm aiming up my first shot we got talking, "So how is everyone?" I ask, "Yeah good, Jeri is such a fucking good fuck!  How are your ladies?" "Great, I shagged Ann for like ten minutes under water this morning & I've turned slave into a hermaphrodite" "A what?" Daz asked confused, "A hermaphrodite, you know a person with both sexual organs" I said as I took another shot, "Oh right so you gave slave a dick, where abouts did you put it?" "It's just above her fanny but I didn't give her any balls, so she can't ejaculate, I could change that I suppose" "Have you done slave since you gave her a nob?" Daz asked curiously, "Yeah, I did slave while Brit did slave, if that makes sense" "Yeah I think so".

Monday 2:40pm:
"& he takes the match" I said as Daz potted the black, "I've gotta be off now mate, you know how it is with kids" I added chuckling to myself, "So you're picking up Rachel then?" Daz said also having a chuckle, "Yeah, say why don't you come over on Wednesday, it's her b'day (birthday), you know what they say, "the more the merrier"" "Yeah ok, shall I bring my women?" "Yeah we've got our lesbian friends coming, we can make a real party out of it" "Ok then I'll see you Wednesday then" "Yeah, you staying here, or going?" I asked as I reached for my wallet, "Um, I'm gonna stay for a bit" "Right, well here's £1.50 for the hour" I handed him the money, "Right thanks mate I'll see you later" "Yeah later".

Monday 3:05pm:
I pulled up to the entrance of the school & saw Rachel waiting, "Sorry love, traffic was a bit more heavy than I thought" I said as she got in, "Do you forgive me?" I asked with a sorry look on my face, "Of course I do jungle boy" she said as she pecked me on the check (jungle boy is what Rachel calls me when she's comforting me, I don't know why).  I pulled out of the school & we got chatting, "So how was your day?" I asked, "You know, pretty boring, you?" "The same as most days love, sex".  I pulled into the car park of the local park, "Why have we stopped here?" Rachel asked, "Come with me there's something I need to tell you" I said as I lead Rachel to my "thinking place".  "Oh this is big isn't it Ben?" Rachel asked recognising the location, "Yeah sorta.  Right here goes, I have proposed to Ann, Brit & Grace & they have all accepted, now this doesn't mean I don't love you as much.  It's just that, well, you're not old enough to get married, at least not without your parents permission" I said, hopping Rachel would understand, "Ben that's wonderful I'm so happy for you" she said as she hugged me with joy, "Really, you're not upset?" I asked a bit surprised, "No, why would I be, was there anything else you wanted to tell me?" Rachel asked still hugging me, "Um, are you familiar with the term "hermaphrodite"?" I asked breaking the hug, "No, what is it?" Rachel asked curiously, "Ok, um, you know that snails have both male & female sex parts?" "Yeah" "Well that's a hermaphrodite & I've turned slave into one" "You mean you've turned slave into a snail?" Rachel asked puzzled, laughing I replied with, "No, no, what I mean is I've given slave a dick, just above her fanny, are you ok with that?" I asked slightly worried, "Um, I don't know, I guess I'd have to see for myself, how big is her dick?" "12" long when erect but it'll stay stiff just as long as mine, or at least it will do once I make the necessary changes" I said bringing Rachel in for another hug.  "Ok then, I'll have to see it but I think I'll be ok with it, shall we go?" Rachel said pecking me on the cheek, "Ok then" I said also pecking her on the cheek, we held hands as we walked back to the car & headed home.

Monday 3:20pm:
"We're back," I shouted as I walked through the door, the girls all came running to us with joy in their eyes.  We had a group hug, "So lets see the rings then" asked Rachel, Grace, Ann & Brit all put their hand forward for Rachel to inspect, "Oh wow these must have cost a fortune Ben" Rachel said as she hugged the three girls, "Yeah, £150,000 each" I replied.  "Slave, show Rachel your new "asset"" I said as I led Rachel into the living room.  I sat down & Rachel sat on my lap, with Grace sitting next to me resting her head on my shoulder, Brit & Ann stood behind me, their arms draped over my chest.  I nodded my head to slave to indicate that we were ready.  Slave removed her trousers to reveal a semi stiff cock, Rachel gasped, "So, what do you think?" I asked, looking into her eyes, "Um, I, I don't know, it looks kind-a strange, does it produce cum?" "No, but that doesn't stop her having an orgasm, what do you want me to do with it?" I asked pecking her on the cheek, "Um keep it for now, I think I could grow to like it.  Oh god, what happens if we go out in public?" "It's sorted, only us five & people who are in this house can see it" "Oh, ok then, well I'd better go do my homework now" Rachel said as she stood up, her eyes transfixed on slave's cock, "Anything I can help with?" I asked, "Um, I don't think so, thanks anyway love" Rachel said as she got her bag & headed for the dinning room.

"Well, what shall we do now girls?" I asked, "Well I'm going into town to meet up with some mates love, I should be back before six" Grace said, "Ok, here take the Porsche" I said as I gave her the keys, "Thanks love" Grace replied as she kissed me on the lips, "See you later" she added as she headed out the door.  "What about you two?" I said patting Ann & Brit on their hands, "Well I've got a film shoot which starts in about three hours" said Ann, "Actually, master I need a small favour" she added, "Oh yeah, what is it?" I responded, "Well, the director of this film wants me to have bigger tits, so I was wondering if you could give me some tits that are twice as big as the worlds biggest, master" shocked I said, "Um, yeah, why not".  I led Ann up to "the program" & typed her name in, her profile came up & I minimised it, went to the help tab & typed in, "who has the worlds biggest tits" "the program" came back with, "the woman with the worlds biggest tits is Lolo Ferrari (deceased)".  I brought up Ann's profile again & made it so that her tits were twice the size of Lolo's & hit send, I took off her top & caressed her tits as they expanded, past R, past T.  They got to a U cup & still they grew, Ann was in a state of constant orgasm.  Her tits finally stopped growing when they reached a WW cup (that's a bit of a mouth full).  "Oh master" Ann said in-between orgasm, "I can't stop cumming, do something please master" I sat her down on the bed & went back to "the program" & typed, "you will only have an orgasm when someone is caressing your tits or when we are having sex, unless other wise stated by master" & hit send.  Ann stopped cumming almost immediately, "Oh thank you master" Ann said as she hugged me for all she was worth, "I need to get going now master, or I'm going to be late" she added, "Ok I'll give you a lift" I said, "But how master? Grace took your car" "I'll just use yours," I said as I took her hand & led her downstairs.

Brit was on the sofa watching the TV while lightly stroking her clit, "Hey Brit, have you got anything planned for today?" I asked, "No master why?" Brit replied just before an orgasm, "Just checking love, carry on" I said, "Rachel, I'm taking Ann down to a film shoot, should be back in about an hour" I added, "Ok love, see you in a bit" Rachel shouted from the dinning room.

I removed the roof from the car & put the passenger seat as far back as it would go & helped Ann get in, I didn't bother with putting Ann's seat belt on (she has got big enough bags as it is :)).  I got in myself & drove to Ann's film shoot.

Monday 3:40pm: (with Rachel)
"Hay Brit, can you give me a hand with this question?" Rachel asked, "Sorry Rachel, I'm busy" "But you're only having a toss" "Yeah but master said to "carry on"" "Fine then, where's slave?" Rachel asked getting annoyed; "Beats me" Brit said just as another orgasm came over her.  Rachel started to look for slave but couldn't find her, "Oh for fuck sake!  Guess I'm going to have to wait till Ben gets back"

Monday 4pm: (with me)
"Here we are Ann" I said as I turned off the engine, she was able to get out by her self, the director was standing about four foot in front of the car & instantly noticed Ann's increased bust line, "What do you think?" Ann asked giving them a good shake, "I, I, I, I think, you'll be the star of the show" he said with a big grin, "Call me when you have finished love" I said as I turned the engine back on, "You mean you're not staying?" Ann said looking sad, "No, I want to get back to Rachel, you know how she is when I'm gone for long periods of time" "Yeah, ok, see you later love" Ann said as she waved me good bye.

Monday 4:40pm:
"Hi, sorry I'm late" I said as I came through the door, "Ben, Ben, I need you to do something" Rachel said as she greeted me, "Oh, & what's that?" "I need you to make me dominant over the girls, & I need some help with my homework" Rachel said with a smile, "Well, how can I say no to a smile like that?" I said wrapping my arm round her shoulders as we went up to "the program".  I modified Ann, Brit & slave to be submissive to Rachel, "Thank you Ben" Rachel said as she hugged me from behind & kissed me on the cheek, "Right then, so what's this home work love?" "It's some science stuff, it's easier if I show you" Rachel said as she lead me downstairs, for the next forty minutes I helped her with her homework.

Monday 5:30pm:
"There we go love" I said as we finished the homework, "Oh thank you Ben" Rachel said, lovingly kissing me on the lips, "Any time" I replied, engaging her in a hug.  "Hay Rachel" I started, "Yeah Ben" "How would you like to move in with me & the girls?" shocked Rachel said, "I, I, I would love to, but what about my mum & dad?" "We should be able to bring them round, just remember not to mention the girls", "Ok then, how about we go over there now & see what they say?" "Yeah ok then" I got the car keys & we headed for the door, "Hay master, where are you going?" Brit asked as yet another orgasm came over her, "Just round to Rachel's parents, shouldn't be too long, why?" "My arm is getting tired master & I want a cock inside of me" "Ok you can stop now then.  Why don't you go & find slave & shag her.  I'm sure she's around somewhere" "Ok master" Brit said as her last orgasm of the marathon masturbation session ended, her pussy red raw & dripping with fanny juices, "Ok than see you in a bit Brit" I said as Rachel & me walked out the house.

Monday 5:55pm:
"Mum, dad, hello?" Rachel shouted out as we walked through the front door, "Rachel, is that you?" came a voice from upstairs, "Yeah it's me, I need to ask you something, it's important" "Ok just a sec" came the reply.  We both went into the living room & waited, "Sorry about that love" said Jane; "Now what was it you wanted to ask me?" she added taking a seat.  Rachel held onto my hand for support, "Well Ben has asked me to, move in with him" "Oh I don't know" Jane said stretching out the last word, "If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.  Considering the amount of time she spends there anyway" I said, "I'll ring John & see what he has to say" said Jane as she headed for the phone, I waited till Jane was talking to John before I turned on mind reader (I discovered about a month ago that I could listen in on conversations, while reading a persons mind).  "Hello John" "Hi Jane, is there something you want me to pick up after work?" "No love, Ben has asked Rachel to move in with him, what do you think about it?" Jane asked with a hint of anger, "Well I can't see what the difference would be, com' on love she's fifteen in two days let her do her own thing" "Oh alright then, see you in a bit love" Jane said as she hung up the phone.  I quickly turned off mind reader & waited for Jane to come back into the room, she sat down, "Well your dad thinks it's alright & as much as I hate to say it, I think I agree, so go on, move in with him & be happy" "Oh thank you mum" Rachel said as she hugged Jane, "Shall we go get some of your stuff then Rachel?" I asked, "Yeah ok then" she replied.  Rachel ran up the stairs & started collecting her things up, "Thank you Jane" I said as I hugged her (in a friendly way, you dirty bastards :)) "It's ok, now go & help my little girl with her stuff" Jane said as she went into the kitchen.

"So what are you bringing back then?" I asked as I walked into Rachel's room, "There isn't much here, I guess I've been staying with you longer than I thought" Rachel said in a soft voice, picking up some CD's.  "You don't have to move in straight away, if you want to spend some time with your parents" I said placing my hands on her shoulders, comforting her, "No, no it's alright, it's not like I'm moving out of their lives" Rachel said holding back the tears, "Hay, hay, what's brought this on?  Come on" I said hugging her, the tears rolling down her face, "Oh it's horrible Ben!  The things people are saying at school, I don't know how much more I can take!" Rachel said getting even more upset "It's ok tell me about it love, I'm here" "They, they say that I don't love my parents & that I'm only going out with you because you have loads of money & a car" Rachel said between sniffs & sharp breaths.  "They call me horrible names like slapper, tart, whore" she continued, "I had no idea, why didn't you tell me?" I asked handing her a tissue, "You seemed so happy, I didn't want to make you upset" Rachel said blowing her nose, "Oh love, I was only happy 'cos I thought you were happy" I said as I engaged her in another hug.  "I'm so scared Ben, I don't know what to do next" Rachel said holding on to me for dear life, "Have you told anyone about this?" I said stroking Rachel on her back, "No, I've kept it to myself, what should I do?" I broke the hug so that I could look into her eyes, but she looked at the floor, "Look at me Rachel" I started, she looked up, "You need to tell a teacher.  I'll come with you if you want, but I can't get directly involved, this is really a family matter" I wiped a tear from her cheek.  "Thank you love" Rachel started, giving me a smile as another tear rolled down her face, "There is a time tomorrow when we get to talk to our form tutor, it's at 1:30 I would love it if you could be there" "Ok I'll meet you at the front of school at about one then, ok?" "Thank you love" Rachel said as she gave me another smile, "Be warned though, if your tutor does do anything, the bullies might come back for more, I just pray that you don't get anything half as bad as what I got" I said as I hugged her again.  "Com' on lets get this stuff into the car" I said as I picked up a box full of stuff, Rachel cleared her nose & tidied her make up, "Ready?" I asked giving her a sympathetic look, "Yeah, how do I look?" Rachel asked giving me a smile, "Fabulous, as always" I replied, Rachel kissed me & we headed for the car.

"Bye mum, I'll be back some time, ring me if you want to do dinner or something" Rachel said as she hugged Jane, "Well I guess this is it, I didn't think my little girl would move out so quickly.  The place won't be the same without you" "Ok, well thanks again for being so understanding Jane" I said as Rachel headed for the car, "It's ok Ben, just don't upset her" "I won't, I love her too much".  Just then Rachel honked the car horn, "Com' on Ben, let's go" I put the box in the boot & we drove home.

Monday 6:40pm:
"Hi we're back" I shouted as we both walked through the door, "Oh I was getting worried Ben, where have you been?" Grace asked as she hugged us both, "We've just been round to my house to pick some things up" Rachel said, "Why?" replied Grace, "'Cos Ben asked me to move in with everyone" Rachel said, a positive smile beaming from her.  "Oh that's wonderful, now we can be one big happy family" Grace said, "Hay, where's Brit?" Grace asked, "She should be here shagging slave, why?" I replied, "I can't find her anywhere, I thought she might have been with you" "Nope, actually I haven't seen slave since she showed off her cock.  Anyway we'll find her later, let's take this stuff upstairs shall we?" I said picking up the big box from Rachel's house.  We took the stuff upstairs & put it in the spare room, when I heard a light creaking noise, I followed the sound to the main bedroom (who am I kidding, it's the only bedroom :)), opened the door & saw slave sucking on her cock.  It was glistening with sweat & saliva & was very raw, "Slave!" I shouted, "How many orgasm's have you had?" I added, "I don't know master, I lost count after two hundred" "So why are you continuing?" I asked, "Because master you said not to stop sucking any cock till you taste some cum, so just like you said I'm still going" "For the love of god slave stop" I ordered, slave stopped immediately panting heavily.  "Hay Rachel" I called out as she was looking through her stuff, "Yeah Ben" came the reply, "Have you made up your mind about slave's cock?" "Yeah, keep it, it's so horny" Rachel said, "Ok" I replied, "Slave, would you like to be able to cum with your cock?" I asked, "Oh yes please master" slave replied still panting heavily.  I started to give slave some balls which were where you would expect them to be, "That don't look right" I thought to myself, so I made the balls sink into slave's body, they were completely submerged.  "This'll be our little secret," I said to slave, she nodded her head in acknowledgement, "Now go make some dinner for us" "Yes master" slave said as she hurried to the kitchen.  I went back to the spare room, "& how are you?" I asked kissing Grace on the lips, "I'm fine thanks love" she said returning the kiss, "& your mates, how are they?" "Ecstatic that I'm getting married" Grace said giving me a loving smile, "Oh Ben, do you remember this?" Rachel asked showing us a photo of the three of us, "Oh yeah, that was when you two first kissed, when was that?  Must have been about two months ago now" I said hugging both of them, "Yeah tenth of September" Rachel said looking into Grace's eyes.

Monday 7:30pm:
"Master, dinner is served" slave said, "Right thank you slave" I replied letting Rachel & Grace go first.  Rachel & Grace sat down at the table, "I'm just going to look for Brit I'll be back in a sec" I said, "Don't be too long love" Grace said giving me a loving smile.  I went to the swimming pool, not there.  I went to the backroom, not there, living room, not there, "I'll try the garage" I thought to my self, I opened the door to the garage, "Brit, you in here?" I asked, "Yeah master, I can't find slave anywhere" Brit replied, "Don't worry about it now I found her, com' on dinner's on the table" I said inviting Brit to take my hand.  We all sat down & ate our dinner.

Monday 8:10pm:
"Ah that was exquisite slave" I said wiping my lips with my napkin, "Thank you master" slave replied, "Right I'm going to go in the Jacuzzi, anyone want to join me?" Grace asked giving me a wink, "Yeah why not" Rachel said, "Care to join us Ben?" she added squeezing my knee, "Yeah, it'll be a good way to wind down the day" I said, returning the squeeze & wink, "Why don't we all go?" I added, "Sure" Brit & slave replied in union.  We all headed up stairs got naked & got in, "Everybody ready?" I asked, my hand hovering above the control panel, everyone nodded.  So I turned the Jacuzzi onto full power, slave came immediately, her cock becoming stiff in seconds, Brit started breathing heavily after about a minute, "Don't they look good?" I asked Grace & Rachel, my arms round their shoulders, "Yeah, I had no idea that a dick could get stiff so quickly" Grace replied, "What about you Rachel?" I asked, Rachel didn't hear me she was transfixed on slave's cock, its stiffness slowly mesmerising her, "Rachel?" I repeated, "What?  Sorry love I wasn't listening, what did you say?" Rachel replied, "I said they look good don't they?" I said, looking into her deep brown eyes, "Oh, yeah, hay Ben, what is it like having a dick?" shocked by the question I stammered out with, "Um, I don't know, its normal I guess, why do you want to know?" "Oh just wondering" Rachel replied.

Monday 9pm:
"Well I'm beat, I'm going to call it a day" I said as I got out of the Jacuzzi, "I think I'll join you" Rachel said yawning, I gave her my hand as she climbed out of the Jacuzzi, "How about you Grace?" I asked, "I'll be there in a bit love" Grace said giving me a smile.  Rachel & me dried our selves off & got into bed, we soon drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.

Monday 9:30pm:
"Right, com' on girls, time we got out" Grace said as she turned off the Jacuzzi, "Oh but Grace" Brit started, "Don't start this with me.  We have to wrap up all of Rachel's presents tomorrow ready for her birthday" Grace said in a stern voice, "Ok Grace" Brit said as the last of the bubbles reached the surface of the water.  Grace & Brit pulled slave out of the Jacuzzi, as she was drained from all the orgasms she had had, they all dried them selves off Brit helping slave & they quietly slipped into bed & soon fell asleep.

Tuesday 12:30am:
I was rudely awoken by the phone ringing, "Yes!" I said in an angry tone, "Hi master, it's me Ann, can you come & pick me up?" sighing I replied with, "Yeah, I'll be there in a bit" "Oh thank you master" Ann replied happily, "I'll be there in a bit" I repeated hanging up the phone.  "Who was that love?" Rachel asked, as I snaked my way out of bed, "That was Ann love.  She's finished filming for the day, I have to go pick her up, I'll be back in a bit, go back to sleep" I said kissing her on the forehead, "Ok love see you in a bit" Rachel said resting her head on the pillow.

Tuesday 1:10am:
I pulled up to the studio & saw Ann waiting for me, surrounded by fans, I honked the horn & opened the door, Ann quickly got in & I drove off, "So how did it go?" I asked, rubbing Ann's leg, "Yeah, it was pretty good master, not much sex though" Ann said placing her hand on mine, "Oh well maybe tomorrow" I said giving her leg a light squeeze, "Err master?" Ann started, "Yeah" I replied, "Can you make my tits back to what they were, my back is killing me, & maybe put them back like this tomorrow morning?" "I'll do better, I'll make it so that your tits grow to that size every time you go filming for this film, how about that?" "Thank you master, do you think you could make them smaller now?  Please master" "Ok" I replied making Ann's tits go back to an M cup, "Thank you master" Ann said leaning over to kiss me, "That's ok love anytime".

Tuesday 1:50am:
"Ah home sweet home" I said as I pulled into the drive, I waited for a reply (as I usually get one from Ann) but there wasn't one, looking over to the passenger seat I saw Ann in a blissful sleep.  "Poor thing" I said to my self as I parked the car & lifted her out, using my powers I gave my self a third arm & opened the front door.  I rested Ann down on the sofa, gave my self two arms again, closed & locked the front door & took Ann upstairs to the bedroom, I quickly undressed her & my self & put her next to slave as I snuggled up to Brit, I soon fell fast asleep.

Tuesday 7:30am:
"Ben, Beeen, time to wake up" Rachel softly said in my ear, "Huh, is it that time already?" I asked rolling over to look at Rachel, "Yeah love, don't forget about that thing at school today" Rachel said stroking the side of my face, "Ok, ok, I'm meeting you at one yeah?" I asked getting out of bed, "Yeah love, I'll be downstairs" Rachel replied, "Ok love" I said as I was putting on some trousers.

Tuesday 7:50am:
"Hay love" I said hugging Rachel from behind, "Hay" Rachel replied kissing me on the cheek, "You getting excited?" I asked, "Just one day to go" I added, "Yeah, I can't wait to see what everyone got me" Rachel said smiling, "What you got today?" I asked leading Rachel into the living room, "Um science, maths, drama, english & art" "Lovely" I said sarcastically, "Yeah tell me about it" Rachel replied giving me a worried look, "You worried about this afternoon?" I asked taking hold of her hand, "Yeah a little" Rachel said squeezing my hand, "Try & put on a strong face.   Just remember I'll be there for you, by your side through think & thin, for ever & always" I said giving her a sympathetic look, "Thanks love," Rachel said engaging me in a hug.  "Ok we'd better get going love," I said giving her a loving kiss, "Yeah, let's go" Rachel reluctantly said.  I picked up Rachel's bag & we headed out to the car.

Tuesday 8:40am:
"Well here we are" I said pulling into a parking space, "Thanks love, well into the fire..." Rachel started as she opened the door, "Hold on Rachel, we have a few minutes before you have to go" I said bringing her in for a kiss.  Breaking the kiss Rachel said, "Oh all right then, you convinced me" & continued the kissing session.

Tuesday 8:50am:
"Sorry love, I gotta go" Rachel said breaking the kiss, "I'll be thinking about you" I said as Rachel closed the door, "Same here" she mouthed just before she blew me a kiss, I caught it & placed it on my lips.  Rachel took a deep breath before she headed for the school entrance, when she walked in I started the engine & drove home.

Tuesday 9:20am:
"I don't think I can wait another two years before breaking Rachel in," I said to myself as I walked into the house.  So I went to my PC & loaded "the program" put the password in & clicked on the "law" tab.  I looked for the law to do with consensual sex & moved it from sixteen down to fourteen & made it so that Blair wouldn't announce the change in the law till tomorrow & hit send.  I closed down the law tab & loaded up each of my girls & made it so they couldn't get pregnant unless I wanted them to, I also stopped them from having their periods, I hit send & closed down all the profiles except for Ann's.  I made the changes to her tits & hit send & then closed down her profile.  I went back to bed & soon feel asleep again.

Tuesday 11:10am:
I was softly awoken by Grace stroking my face, "Morning love" I said, a warm smile coming over me, "Morning, hubby" Grace replied, we laid in bed for awhile just enjoying being with one another.  When Brit came from the spare bedroom phone, "Master" Brit started, "I've got to go to back home, my mum has fallen ill, is that ok?" she asked worried, "What, of course it is Brit go" I replied asking no questions.  Grace & me helped Brit put some stuff into a bag, "I don't know how long I'll be master" Brit said just before she opened the door, "It's ok love, just ring us when you get there" "Ok master" Brit said as she kissed Grace & me good bye.  "Ben why don't you look at what's wrong with Brit's mum?" Grace replied, closing the front door, "I was just about to" I replied, making my way up the stairs.  I loaded up "the program" & typed in Brit's name, then clicked on her mum's name, she came up on screen, so I looked at what was wrong with her, "Well?" Grace asked with a hint of urgency, "She's had a stroke because of a brain tumour" I replied, "Oh no!" Grace said in shock, "Is she going to be all right?" she added, "I don't know, it doesn't say" I said taking Grace's hand, "All we can do is wait" I added.  "Master, I'm off to the film shoot now" Ann shouted up the stairs, "Wait a minute Ann, I need to tell you something" I said, standing at the top of the stairs, "Oh what is it master?" Ann said giving me a worried look, I walked down the stairs, took Ann's hand, "It's Brit's mum, she has had a stroke" I said in a soft voice, shocked Ann said, "Well, well is she going to be alright?" "We don't know, Brit's on her way there now" "You mean she's going to America?" "Yeah, try not to worry about it, I'll let you know if anything happens, now go, or you'll be late" I said opening the front door, "Ok, I'll see you this afternoon" Ann said walking out the door.

Tuesday 11:50am:
"Well that just leaves you, me & slave" Grace said, walking down the stairs in a sexy manor, "Yeah.  I'm going to go in the Jacuzzi with some soothing music on for a bit" I said, " I want to be as relaxed as possible for this meeting with Rachel's tutor this afternoon" I added, "Ok love.  I'm gonna find slave & have a fuck" Grace said, walking off to the kitchen.

Tuesday 12:10pm:
"Ah slave there you are" Grace said as she walked into the backroom, "Oh hi Grace" slave replied, "Was there something you wanted?" she added, "Yeah, I want you to fuck me" Grace ordered, "Yes Grace.  Of course Grace" slave replied getting undressed, "You will address me as mistress from now on" Grace said, also getting undressed, "Yes mistress.  Which organ shall I use to fuck you with mistress?" slave said kissing Grace all over, "Your cock, use your cock on my fanny" Grace said lying down on her back.  With that slave slowly pushed in her cock, both moaning an early orgasm, Grace put her legs on slave's shoulders, "Yeah, that's it slave, fuck me, fuck me good" "Oh mistress, your pussy is so tight" slave said as she caressed Grace's tits, "Does this make your pussy wet slave?" Grace asked caressing slave's tits, "Oh yes mistress, my pussy is very wet" slave gasped as an orgasm came over her (of the male variety).  "Don't stop slave till you have made me scream my orgy" Grace ordered, "Yes mistress, what ever you say mistress" slave responded, her still hard cock pumping in & out of Grace's tight pussy.  A few minutes later Grace shouted, "OH FUCK YES, YES, YES, YESSSSSSS".

Hearing Grace shout I thought to my self, "Damn that be good sex, I wonder what she is thinking" with that I turned on mind reader, "I wish slave's cock was as big as Ben's" was the only thought I could get from Grace.  "Well, let's not disappoint" I thought to my self, turning off mind reader, I concentrated on slave's cock growing.  "Ah slave, you're getting bigger, grow my lovely, grow" Grace said as slave continued to pump her pussy.  Soon slave's cock was as big as mine & Grace was enjoying every minute of it, "YES, YES, YES, FUCK ME BITCH, FUCK ME, YES, YES, AH SHIT THAT'S GOOD" Grace screamed as both slave & Grace came at the same time.  Grace moving her legs to the side just before slave collapsed on top of her, igniting another orgasm.

Tuesday 12:30pm:
"I'd better get ready" I said to my self noticing the time, I quickly got dried & dressed, just as I was putting my shirt on Grace hugged me from behind, "Thank you love" "For what?" I replied, "For making slave's cock as big as yours, "Well I just figured that that was what you wanted" I said buttoning the last button, "Now I have to go to Rachel's school now, I'll be back in a bit" I added, "Ok love, see you in a bit".

Tuesday 12:55pm:
"Hi love" I said as I got out of the car, "Oh Ben I'm so glad you're hear" Rachel said hugging me, "So how has your day been so far?" I asked, returning the hug, "It's not been to bad, but Natalie has been a right bitch to me all day" Rachel said getting a bit angry.  "Is she the one who has been doing all the bullying?" I asked, as we walked to her classroom, "For the most part, she was the one who started it all" Rachel said, showing me into her classroom.

"Well, well, well" Nat (Natalie) started, "If it isn't little Miss slut" she continued with a sly smile, "Hay bitch!" I snapped back, "We haven't done anything to the likes of what you are suggesting" I added, "Now back off!" I said looking down my nose at her, "Sure, what ever you say... Chuck" Nat said checking out my body with that sly smile again.

Nat is, according to Rachel, a real bad character, who treats boys badly & uses them.  She is considered an evil bitch that is sophisticated & most of the school really hates her.  She has a sexy body with curves in all the right places, about 5'5" & about a C cup chest, thick shinny brunette hair, which goes just past her shoulders & she has some aqua marine blue eyes that just ooze lust, finished off with some long thick eye lashes.  She looked like an elegant creature but one with a vicious bite.

Tuesday 12:59pm:
Nat gave me a wink & walked away, swinging her ass in a seductive manor, "Ben, it's time" Rachel said, taking my hand & leading me away to where this meeting was to take place.

Tuesday 1:03pm:
"Ok Rachel you can come in now" said her teacher as another student came out from the room.  We both stood up together, "Er, who are you?" the teacher asked, giving me a strange look, "Ben, Ben Collings.  I'm Rachel's boy friend" I replied offering my hand for a shake, "Ok this is normally for the student & the teacher Ben" "I invited him along miss" Rachel said taking my hand.  "Ok I'll make this an exception but only the once" miss said in a stern voice, we walked in & listened to Rachel as she explained all her problems.

Tuesday 1:30pm:
"Ok Rachel, I'll deal with this personally" miss said once Rachel had stopped talking, I handed Rachel a tissue (as she had understandably been crying) & said, "I know how this system works.  You'll tell Natalie that Rachel said this, then you'll give her a warning and then the whole cycle starts over again.  All I ask is that you don't mention Rachel at all & if I hear that Natalie knows it was Rachel I'll be on this place faster than a cheater on speed" "I'll keep that in mind" miss said in a straight voice, "Rachel doesn't deserve this, no one does.  She hasn't done anything wrong, don't make her suffer" I said engaging Rachel in a hug.  "Well there's nothing more to do here, go & enjoy the rest of you lunch break Rachel" miss said packing up her things, "It was nice to meet you Ben" she added, "The feeling is mutual" I said as we shock hands again & she left the room.  "How much of lunch is left?" I asked sitting back down next to Rachel wrapping my arm round her, "About ten or so minutes" Rachel said, her eyes still showing the signs of someone who has just been crying, "Do you want me to stay with you for a bit?" I asked, kissing her on the forehead, "Please" Rachel said.  I stood up & gave my hand for Rachel to take, which she did, "This is your school, where do you want to go?" I asked, "There is this quiet place on the fields that I like to go to" Rachel said hugging me, "Ok then, let's go" I said opening the door.

Tuesday 1:33pm:
"Here we are" Rachel said, taking a seat on the grass, "I can see why you like it here" I said sitting next to her, my arm round her shoulder.  "Thank you for being there Ben" Rachel said resting her head on my shoulder, "That's ok Rachel, remember what I said, for ever & always".  For the rest of lunch, we just sat there enjoying each other's company.

Tuesday 1:40pm:
"I've got to go for registration now" Rachel said looking at her watch, "I'll walk you back to your classroom" I said helping her up, "Awww thanks love.  I'd let you carry my books if I had any on me" Rachel said, giving me a smile, "I think that is the first time I have seen you smile today" I said, giving her a kiss on the lips, Rachel giggled & we set off.

Tuesday 1:43pm:
"Here we are" Rachel said, "Are you going to be alright love?" I asked kissing her on the forehead again, "Yeah, I will survive" Rachel said just like in the song (you know the one).  We kissed as she randomly looked for the door handle.  After she had found it she started to walk through, I followed, still kissing each other, till she was too far away for my to reach.  "I'll see you in about an hour" I said as she walked to her seat, "Ok love, see you later" Rachel said still keeping eye contact.  I closed the door & walked off to the car & headed home.

Tuesday 2:10pm:
"Hi, I'm home" I said, closing the front door, "Master, master, mistress left a note for you to read" slave said, happy to see me, "Mistress?" I said to my self as slave showed me the note: -

<Ben I've gone to the sauna with some of my mates, I'll be back before four.
        Love Grace
        P.s. I've ordered slave to call me mistress ;)>

"Ok then, come with me slave," I said walking to the bedroom.  I sat down on the bed & invited slave to sit next to me, "Would you like to see me suck my own cock?" I asked, "Oh yes master that would make me very happy" "Ok but only if you suck your cock first" I said, taking my trousers off.  Slave leaned back on the bed as she removed her skirt & knickers, "Master, I can't reach it" slave said, pitifully trying to get her flaccid nob in her mouth, "Here" I said tweaking on of her nipples, which got her cock hard in seconds.  She leaned forward & took her cock in her mouth & started to suck, within minutes she was moaning & breathing heavily, "Yes that's it slave, don't stop till you cum" I said as my cock was getting hard.

As slave continued to suck cock, her pussy juices were making a little wet patch on the bed.  I separated her legs out enough so that I could get two fingers in & started to push them in & out.  A few minutes later slave's cock erupted, "Ahhh, does my cock cumming make master happy?" slave asked as I continued to pump my fingers in & out of her pussy, "Yes slave, now cum for me" I ordered.  Slave had another orgasm as her pussy tightened around my fingers, "OH FUCK THANK YOU MASTER" slave shouted as she came.  "Right, now for my turn" I said as I got back onto the bed, I laid down, my stiff cock sticking straight up into the air, using my powers I made it point up my body, its head still 5" away from my mouth.  Using my powers again I made it big enough so that I could suck it while on my back, by the time it was big enough it was 23" long, I positioned it in my mouth & started to suck.  It didn't take long for slave to start stroking her pussy again as she watched me suck my self off.

After about ten minutes I was still sucking & slave was still stroking her pussy, I stopped & asked, "Does this turn you on?" "Yes... master" slave said as she was approaching an orgasm, I put my cock back into my mouth & blew my load & swallowed my cum, "That taste's disgusting!" I said to myself, "Master, can I cum yet?" slave asked getting tired, "Yeah go on then," I said trying to ignore the taste in my mouth, slave came with a flurry of juice coming from her pussy.  Once she had recovered I asked, "Be truthful now, do you like the taste of my cum?" "Truthfully master, I hate the taste of it, I only lap it all up because it makes you happy" slave said unsure of my reply, "Ok, so what would you & the other girls like it to taste like?" I asked, putting my clothes back on, "Um... something sweet, like strawberries" "Ok then" I said heading for the PC.  I brought myself up on the screen & changed the taste of my cum to sweet strawberries & hit send.

Tuesday 2:30pm:
"Ok I'm off to pick up Rachel now slave, I'll be back in a bit" I said turning off the PC, "Ok master, I'll be right here fucking myself stupid" slave said as she put her cock between her tits.

Tuesday 2:55pm:
I parked the car & put the radio on as I waited for Rachel to come out.  After three "songs" of dance shit (I'm a rock man remember) Rachel came out.  I waved to her but she didn't wave back, she seemed to be worried about something, looking over her shoulder with an uneasy look.  Then I saw what the problem was; Nat was following with a determined look on her face, quickly closing in on Rachel.  When she was within striking distance she grabbed Rachel's hair & pulled, that's when I got out of the car & ran to Rachel's rescue, "Hay!  Get off her bitch!" I said as I grabbed Nat's arm, Rachel stopped struggling & Nat let go, "That's better" I said letter her arm go, "Now if I catch or hear about you hurting Rachel I'll deal with you personally got it?" I added in a stern voice while hugging Rachel, Nat walked up close to me, "Sure, what ever you say... chuck" she said checking out my body with that sly smile again, "Hay he's taken!" Rachel said, holding onto me, knowing when to leave, Nat walked off swaying her ass from side to side.  When Nat was far enough away Rachel started to cry, "Oh thank you, <sniff>, <sniff> Ben" hugging her I said, "Hay, hay it's alright, there now.  I take it your teacher told Nat" Rachel nodded, "Do you want me to stay with you till registration & meet you outside your classroom from now on?" I asked walking her to the car, "<sniff>, <sniff>, yeah" Rachel sobbed out, "Ok then" I said opening the car door for her to get in.  "Here" I said handing her a tissue, "Unfortunately I've got some bad news" I added, "What is it?" Rachel asked clearing up her make up, "It's Brit's mum, she's got a brain tumor" Rachel gasped, "Oh no!  Is she going to be all right?" "I don't know, Brit is heading over to the USA now, actually she should be landing soon I hope" "But why don't you use "the program" & make her all better?" Rachel asked, "Because she had a stroke.  So she's in hospital, it would be a bit strange if one minute she had this tumor & the next she didn't" "But can't you do something, anything?" Rachel asked getting hysterical, "Rachel calm down!  I'm only going to use it as a last resort" "But..." I cut her off with a kiss, "Please Rachel.  Go with me on this one" I asked, looking into her eyes, "Ok Ben, shall we go home" Rachel said giving me a smile, I turned the engine on & drove home.

Tuesday 3:25pm:
"Hay Ben" Rachel started, "Yeah" I replied parking the car, "Can I try out having a nob?" shocked I said, "Um, yeah, if you want" "Yeah I do.  I haven't been able to stop thinking about slave's nob, I want to see what it's like having a nob" "Ok then" I said opening the front door.  "Hello master, hello Rachel" slave said hugging us both, "Hi slave, say have you wrapped Rachel's presents yet?" I asked, "Not yet master" "Well why don't you do it now, Rachel & me want to do something together" I replied, giving Rachel a hug, "Ok master" slave said running off to where the presents were hidden, "Shall we" I said inviting Rachel to go up the stairs first.

Rachel sat on the bed as I loaded up "the program", "Ok Rachel, do you want a nob like slave's or do you want a proper nob like mine?" I asked, "Oh I want it to be as real as possible" Rachel said getting excited, "Ok.  Do you want to take your trousers off first, it might get a bit tight down there" "Yeah ok then" Rachel said as she started to take her trousers off, "How big do you want it?" I asked, "Um lets keep it small first, 6" when erect should do" Rachel said as she removed her knickers.  I typed in the required length, hit send & turned round to watch, "Wow, I can feel the changes, my fanny is disappearing!" Rachel said in excitement, soon there was nothing there, just an area of pubic hair, "Oh Ben, it's coming!  I can feel it starting to poke out" Rachel said getting even more excited, I was slowly getting a hard on, although I didn't like the idea of Rachel having a dick (I think she's perfect anyway).  It was soon recognizable as a nob, "Oh Ben, this is wonderful," Rachel said as her balls started to come through, after about five minutes Rachel's transformation was complete.

"So what do you think?" I asked, "This is incredible Ben!  Thank you" Rachel said as she hugged me, "Don't you want to hold it?" I asked, "Oh yeah" Rachel said as she moved her hand nervously closer to her dick.  When she touched it she jumped, "Oh wow, I had no idea it would feel so real, I felt my hand touch my dick, huh, that sounds weird, my dick" Rachel said as she moved to her dick again.  She grabbed it & brought it up so she could look at the head, giggling she said, "Hay it feels like a sausage" "Yeah?  Why don't you make it stiff?" I said, "How do I do that?" Rachel asked, "Just move your hand up & down the shaft" I replied showing her what I meant in the air, "Oh ok then" Rachel said as she started to make her dick stiff, "Wow it's so stiff, no wonder men hate getting erections in public.  There's not much sensation is there?" Rachel said letting go of her hard dick, "Touch the head" I said getting to my feet, nervously Rachel moved her hand to the head.  When she touched it she gasped & fell to the floor, offering my hand I helped her get up, "My god, is that normal or did you do something?" "Nope, that is normal just like you asked for" I replied, "Oh ok then, lets make it bigger!" "Ok then, how big do you want it?" I asked heading back to "the program", "Let's go all the way, make it as big as yours!" Rachel eagerly said, "Ok is that as big as mine when stiff?" I asked looking at the screen, "Yeah please" Rachel replied holding her cock in her hands, "Ok then, ready?" I asked, my finger hovering above the return button, Rachel nodded, then gasped as her hands got moved apart as her cock got thicker & longer.

Rachel was breathing heavily now, "Oh...Ben...this is...incredible!" Rachel said between breaths, she hadn't noticed that her balls had also grown.  I walked over & sat next to her, while she was still breathing heavily I whispered in her ear, "There's one thing you haven't noticed yet" as I said this I moved my hand down to her balls, "What" Rachel replied, I cupped her balls, "My god they're huge!" Rachel said, her breathing becoming more normal now, she moved one of her hands to the head, I grabbed her arm, "Ben, what are you doing?" Rachel asked puzzled, "If you touch your head then you'll cum & loose your virginity, do what that?  Or would you rather you loose your virginity the right way?" I said looking into her eyes.  Rachel looked at her nob, then back at me, "You're right, I don't want to loose my virginity like this.  But I want to now the sort of sensation you get when you touch your head" "Ok" I said letting go of her arm & making her dick unable to orgasm.  "Go on, touch it" I said, "But you just said..." Rachel said puzzled, "It's ok, you can't orgasm" I said in a soft voice.  Rachel slowly moved her hand to the head of her huge cock, when she was about an inch away she grabbed it fiercely.  She gasped & shivered, then fainted; still shivering from the sensation I moved her up the bed & made her comfortable.  I then headed back to "the program" & put her fanny back, where it belongs.

Tuesday 4pm:
I left Rachel to sleep & looked for slave.  "Master, all the presents are wrapped up" slave said as I walked into the living room.  "Good, good" I said giving one of slave's nipples a tweak then adding, "Rachel's asleep, so try & keep your voice down" "Yes master.  Can I show you something master?" slave asked giving me a light hug, "Sure" I replied, "Ok, we are gonna need "the program"" slave said leading me into the bedroom, "Right" I replied a bit unsure of what she wanted to show me.  I loaded up "the program", "So, what do you want to show me?" I asked, "Type in Jane Weaver" slave said, I typed in the name & waited for the woman to come up.

Jane was 5'4 1/2", a BB cup, thin with long legs, thick shinny ginger hair going down to her ass, which was all but flat, emerald green eyes & a plain face.

Tuesday 4pm (Cont.):
"& you wanted to show me her because?" I asked, lost for a reason, "Because she works in Pabo & I thought you might like her" slave said looking at the floor, "How about I make her your little girl?" I asked bringing her head up so she would look me in the eye, "What, so she would do what I ask?" "Yeah, just think she would fuck you when ever you wanted, would you like that?" "Oh yes please master" slave said getting excited, "Ok then, how do you want her?" I asked, "Um, I don't know there are so many things I like" slave said, getting a hard on, "Ok then how about we do this..." I said typing in "you will become slave's dream girl.  Your tits will grow to how she wants them.  Your cunt will become as tight & as sensitive as she likes them everything about you will change till you are the girl of her dreams."  "Yeah ok then, but I want to see her change, could you do that for me?" slave said, slowly rubbing her cock, "Tell you what, how about I make her come here & then when ever she has an orgasm her body will change a bit?" I asked, encouraging slave to speed up her rubbing, "Oh yeah I'd love that master!" slave said, getting ready to drink up her cum.  So, I typed in "you love Ben Yantz & all of his girls.  You will do what ever they say" as well as " every time you have an orgasm you will turn into slave's dream girl.  After five orgasm you will be slave's dream girl" "There how about that?" slave was too busy drinking up her cum to hear me, "Slave, slave, SLAVE!" licking up the last of her cum slave responded, "What?  Oh" slave read what was on the screen, "That's perfect master, thank you" slave said making me caress her tits.  With my spare hand, I hit send.

Tuesday 4:15pm:
"Mmmmm what's going on?" Rachel said, slowly coming round, "Nothing love, did you enjoy your little sleep?" "Yes thanks, I'm going to have a shower now, ok?" Rachel said getting to her feet, "Ok love" I replied, then adding, "Slave why don't you go & start on dinner, I feel like an early meal tonight" "Yes master" slave said putting her cock back down her skirt.  Once slave was out of the room & Rachel was busy in the shower, I went back to "the program" loaded up Rachel's profile & clicked on the "live" tab, instantly the image on the screen turned into a live video feed of Rachel in the shower.

The video feed on "the program" is like watching a program on digital TV, sharp, clean & crisp & not like video feeds on the net.

Tuesday 4:17pm:
"What am I doing?" I said to my self, turning the video feed off.  Contemplating weather to tell Rachel that I was watching her or not, my line of thought was interrupted by Grace coming home, "Hello" she shouted as she closed the door, "Sorry I'm a bit late" she added, I closed down Rachel's profile & went to talk to Grace.  "That's ok love," I said kissing her on the cheek, "So how are your mates?" I asked, walking her into the living room, "Yeah they're good, we talked about a lot of "girly" stuff, what have you been up to?" Grace said sitting on my lap, "Well I watched slave suck her own cock & she watched me as I sucked my cock too and Rachel has tried out having a dick" I said, wrapping my arms round Grace's waist, "Oh yeah how'd it go with her tutor?" "Yeah the meeting went well, but I don't think the bullying is going to stop anytime soon" "What makes you say that?" "The one doing the bullying is not going to give up easily, she's a smart one..." I went onto tell Grace about what happened when I went to pick her up at the end of college, "Oh my, where is she?" Grace asked a worry look on her face, "Who?  Nat?" I asked confused, "No, silly Rachel" Grace said giggling "Oh, she's in the shower, she hasn't said much about what happened, to me anyway" "I'll have a chat with her when she comes out of the shower" Grace said, "You think this might be a "girl only" thing?" I asked, "No, not really, I just think she might won't to talk to me about it, we've grown really close over the last few weeks" Grace said pecking me on the lips, "Ok love if that's what you think" I said returning the kiss.

Just then the phone rang, "Oh shit that must be Brit!" I said, quickly lifting Grace off of my lap, "You mean she hasn't rung yet?" Grace asked getting to her feet, "Nope" I said just before I picked up the phone, "Hello, Brit?" I eagerly said down the phone, "Hi Ben, yeah it's me, I'm at the hospital" "Public pay phone?" I asked, slightly pissed that Brit didn't call me master, "Yeah" Brit replied, "How is she?" I asked with a worried tone to my voice, "She's stable, it was a mild stroke" "Oh thank god" I said, breathing a sigh of relief, "So is she going to have an operation?" I asked, "Yeah, she's got one tomorrow, is it ok if I stay till she is given the all clear?"  "Yeah Brit, god, of course, I just ask for one thing" I asked with a sly smile, "Yeah Ben?" "Cum for me at least once every hour, starting now" as soon as I finished speaking, Brit had an orgasm.  Shuddering Brit said, "Ah, thank you Ben, I'll ring again after the operation" Brit said blowing a kiss down the phone, "Ok Brit in a bit" I said returning the kiss.  "Well?" Grace anxiously asked, "She's stable, they are operating tomorrow" "Oh what a relief" Grace said hugging me, "Slave, how much longer till dinner?" I asked, "About half an hour master" "Ok, shall we go watch some TV love?" I asked wrapping my arm round Grace's shoulders, "Yeah ok then" replied Grace, wrapping her arm round my waist.

Tuesday 4:30pm:
"What you doing?" Rachel asked, as she walked into the living room rubbing her hair with a towel, "Just watching telly" I replied making room for her to sit down.  "Hay Rachel, can I have a little talk?" Grace asked taking Rachel's hand, "Yeah sure, what's it about?" Rachel asked, "What ever you want," Grace said leading her away into the backroom.  Using mind reader, I listened in on their conversation.  I'm glad to say that Rachel didn't tell Grace anything that I didn't already know.

Tuesday 4:50pm:
"Hello" Ann said as she came through the door, "Oh hello Ann, I didn't expect you home for awhile yet" I said giving her a kiss on the lips, "Yeah, I know, surprise!" Ann said giving me a hug, "Master, dinner is served" slave said, giving Ann a light hug, "Thanks slave" I said taking Ann in my arm, "Will you go & get Rachel & Grace please slave" I added, "Yes master" slave replied heading off to the back room.

Tuesday 5:30pm:
"Thanks slave" I said, as slave took our plates out into the kitchen.  Just as I relaxed in my chair, the doorbell went, "Who could that be?" I said, heading to the door.

I opened the door, "Hello" I asked; "Hello, is this Ben Yantz house?" asked the woman.  I looked closer at the woman in the doorway, "Jane?  Jane Weaver?" I asked, "Yeah that's me" "Ah Jane come in, come in" I said stepping out of the way, "Slave your little girl is here" I shouted into the kitchen, "Right Jane, some ground rules, you will call me master & Rachel & Grace mistress got it?" I said as slave made her way into the hallway, "Yes master".  "Ah Jane come here" slave said, opening her arms for a hug, "Now Jane you are going be called pet from now on, understand?" slave said, "Yes slave" pet replied, "& you will call me miss ok?" slave ordered "Yes miss" "Right I'll leave you two to it" I said heading back to the dinning room.  "Who was it Ben?" Rachel asked, giving me a warm smile, "Oh just someone slave met awhile ago" "Is she going to be one of the family?" Grace asked, "Yeah, she's submissive to everyone, even slave, who has named her pet.  Which reminds me, Ann, you are to call Rachel & Grace mistress from now on ok?" I asked giving Rachel & Grace a wink, "Yes master" Ann replied, "Ok then, I'm going to go in the Jacuzzi for a bit, anyone want to join me?" "Yeah I will" Rachel replied, "Com' on Grace" Rachel added, lightly tugging on her arm, "Oh ok then" Grace said giving Rachel a peck on the cheek, "& what about you Ann?" I asked looking at her, "I'm going to have a swim" Ann said, "Ok then see you in a bit" I said, Rachel & Grace arm in arm.

Tuesday 5:40pm:
"Hay Ben, you look like you could do with being relieved of that hard on, may I?" Grace asked, lustfully licking her lips, "Be my guest" I said, leaning back against the side of the Jacuzzi, Grace started to suck my cock, I looked into Rachel's eye's, she smiled at me & we engaged in some snogging with tongues.  My breathing was getting heavy as Grace continued to blow me, "Cum for her Ben" Rachel whispered into my ear, I blew a massive load into Grace's mouth, she struggled to sallow it all, but managed, "Christ Ben!  You trying to choke me?" Grace asked getting her breath back, "Sorry, did you notice anything different about my cum?" I asked giving one of Grace's nipples a tweak, "Yeah I did actually.  It tasted like, um, strawberries", "We have a winner," I said kissing her on the lips, "You have slave to thank for the change in the flavour," I added, "Oh right, I'll remember to thank her the next time I see her then" Grace said giving Rachel a wink while she kissed me.

"Ben can I have a fuck?" Grace asked, bringing her tits to my eye level, "But what about Rachel?" I asked, lightly rubbing Grace's tits, "She can caress my tits, com' on Ben, please" Grace said, bouncing her tits up & down, "Ok then, do you want to be on top or shall I?" "I'll go on top" Grace said, straddling me, seconds later she was fucking me.  "Com' on Rachel, caress my tits already" Grace said, panting heavily, "I don't know, doesn't this count as losing my virginity?" "No, Rachel you'll only lose that when we make love.  Hopefully in the not too distant future" I said also panting heavily, "Ok then" Rachel said as she moved her hands to Grace's tits, "Yeah, that's it Rachel, rub them, squeeze them, push them together, yeah Rachel, you're doing great" Grace said as she came up for her first orgasm.  "Grace, have you ever had anyone finger your ass hole before?" Rachel asked, as Grace continued to fuck me, "No, will you be my first?" Grace replied, Rachel soon had three fingers up Grace's ass fingering her to another orgasm, "OH YES, YES, FUCK MY ASS RACHEL, FUCK MY PUSSY BEN, YES, YES, OH FUCK YESSSS" Grace screamed out, "Do you think she enjoyed it?" Rachel asked giving me a wink, "I don't know, I think she want's some more" I said, giving myself a second nob, "Put that in her ass" I asked Rachel, which she happily did, "Oh Ben, this is just like our first Wednesday together, do you remember?" Grace asked on the verge of another orgasm, "Yeah Grace I remember" I said as I realised my load into her tight pussy, "AH FUCK, YES, YES, FUCK, OH GOD, MY BOYFRIEND, IS A GOD, OH FUCK YES, YES, YESSSSSSSS" Grace shouted as she had her second orgasm.  She collapsed onto me breathing heavily, "Thank you both" Grace said, forcing herself off of my cock.

Tuesday 6:30pm:
I got rid of my second cock, "So what do you want to do now?" I asked, hugging them both, "I think I'll go & get a bit of a tan" Rachel said, getting out of the Jacuzzi, "Ok love" I started, rubbing the side of her leg, "What about you Grace?" I added, Grace gave me a seductive look, then kissed me long & lovingly on the lips, "Answer your question?" Grace asked, breaking the kiss, "Oh yeah" I said rolling on top of her, kissing her on the lips, Grace started to giggle, "I'll see you later" Rachel said, slightly angry.  Noticing Rachel's tone Grace said, "She sounded a bit pissed off, maybe I should go talk to her", still kissing Grace all over I replied, "Ah, she'll be fine, let her go get her tan" "Ok then" Grace said, as I started to suckle on one of her nipples.  I thought about her tits growing & soon enough they started to grow.  "Oh yeah Ben, make 'em real sensitive" Grace said, panting heavily, I made them twice as sensitive as her clit.  "Oh Ben, my pussy is so wet, I need you inside of me" Grace said nearing a nipple orgasm, breaking from her nipple I said, "Soon love, soon" I gave her nipple a pinch, "Oh yeah Ben, that feels so fucking good, but I want more, oh so much more".  By now her tits were an M cup & still growing, I made her tits four times as sensitive as her clit & her nipples six times as sensitive, Grace couldn't stop cumming.  "Oh Ben, oh Ben, oh fuck yes, fuck yes, yes, yes, do me Ben, do me now, I'm all yours" "Ok then, but first..." I said, giving my self a pussy & Grace a nob, Grace grabbed her cock & got it ready for me put inside.  I stopped her tit growth at a QQQ cup, "Oh Ben, I can, feel the, air round, my tits, please Ben, make me cum" Grace said, unable to move.  I lowered my self over her 12"er while rubbing her tits all over, "Oh Ben, my cock feels, sooo good inside your pussy" "Yeah, your cock feels sooo good inside me too" I said making my pussy even tighter.  By now water was going all over the place as I continued to bob up & down on Grace's cock, wave's of tit flesh rippled across her tits as the wave's of water crashed against them like rocks on a rocky beach.  "Oh Grace, I'm gonna cum" I said, having little control over my pussy, "My cock is gonna explode any second, love" Grace panted between nipple orgasms.  "OH FUCK, YES, YES, YES, DO ME BEN, DO ME" Grace shouted as her cock exploded in my pussy, "Oh yeah, fuck yeah, your cock feels so good when you cum inside me" I panted as I too came with explosive force.  I collapsed onto Grace's tits, "OH FUCK YES!" Grace shouted as I made contact with one of her nipples, realising another load of cum into my pussy, setting me off again in orgasm, "Oh yeah, oh yeah, fuck yes, yes, yes, yesss" I quietly said, on the verge of unconsciousness.  Grace was just able to turn the Jacuzzi off, "Ben, Ben, don't go falling asleep on me, I've got things to do.  Ben wake up!" Grace said in a panicky voice, I just managed to roll off her tits, making her cum another three times, which, in turn made me cum another three times (as her cock was still in my pussy).  "I don't know if I have the strength to put us right at the moment" I said, my arms draped over the edge of the Jacuzzi, "Com' on Ben this isn't funny!" Grace started, getting angry, "My tits are pinning me down, I can't move, you are gonna have to try & put us back, at least make my tits smaller" Grace said getting her mouth as close to my ear as possible (about two feet away).  "I can, barely... keep... my... eye's..." I fell into unconsciousness, "Ben? BEN! WAKE UP!" Grace shouted, "Um, SOMEONE, ANYONE HELP!" she added.

Tuesday 7pm: (With Rachel)
Rachel lay still in the tanning bed, sobbing to herself, "It's not fair, it's not fucking fair!" Ann surfaced from a dive & heard Rachel sobbing, she got out & walked over to the bed, "Hay mistress, you ok?" "No!" "Do you want to talk about it?  I'm a good listener," Ann said placing her hand on Rachel's shoulder, "I don't know where to start" "Ok, how about you come out from there, then we can talk properly" Ann said in a soft voice, "Ok" Rachel said sniffing.  Ann turned off the tanning bed & took a seat on the pool's edge; Rachel sat next to her.  Ann put an arm round Rachel, "I just feel that something is missing between me & Ben" Rachel started, "I think I now what it is but I'm not sure" she added, leaning her head on Ann, "What do you think is missing?" Ann said stroking Rachel's arm, "It's either, sex, or me having big tits.  I don't want really big tits like yours & I don't want sex before I'm legal" Rachel said sniffing again, "Oh I don't think master thinks there is anything missing between you two" Ann said, stroking Rachel's hair, "Well of course not.  He can shag any of you whenever he wants & you've all got big tits!  What could he possible want with me?" "Well you are the one he always talks about when you're at school, not Grace, not Brit, you.  He really cares about you other wise he wouldn't have gone with you when you talked to your tutor would he?" Ann said in that same soft voice, "Suppose, but I just get the feeling he doesn't appreciate me.  I mean yeah, it was great when we first started going out but I feel like I don't get him excited anymore, ever since my tits stopped growing, he hasn't hugged me just for the sake of hugging me, or held my hand, I feel like he doesn't..." Rachel stopped abruptly, "Feel like he doesn't, what?" Ann asked looking into Rachel's eyes, taking a deep breath Rachel said, "I feel like he doesn't love me anymore, like I was some sort of pet project" a tear trickled down Rachel's cheek, "Maybe Natalie is right, maybe I am a slut" Rachel added, the tears becoming more frequent.  "Hay, Natalie is wrong & don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  You are the most down to earth person I know, you never ask for too much & you don't expect anything in return.  I bet most of the girls in your school have succumb to their sexual urges, but you haven't, because you want it to be right & you want it to be with Ben don't you?" Ann said, wiping a tear away from Rachel's face, "Yeah but not if he doesn't love me.  Oh Ann, what should I do?" Rachel asked, hugging Ann lovingly, "You need to talk to him, get him alone & tell him what you told me.  I'm sure he'll say he still love's you with all his hart, just talk to him mistress" Ann said, kissing Rachel on her forehead, "Ok, thanks Ann, please, don't mention this conversation to anyone" Rachel asked, getting to her feet, "Ok mistress".

Tuesday 7:30pm: (with me)
Rachel & Ann were sitting in the living room watching TV when they heard Grace shouting for help.  "I wonder what she needs help with, last I saw she was getting fucked by Ben" Rachel said to Ann, a puzzled look on her face, "Well we'd better go & see what mistress wants, com' on mistress" Ann said, heading for the stairs.

"Grace, what's wrong?" Rachel said as she walked up the stairs, "I'm stuck & Ben is unconscious, I can't wake him" Grace said in a hurried voice, "Ok, um, Ann, you try & use "the program" to get Grace back to normal & I'll try to wake Ben" Rachel said running towards me, "Ok mistress" Ann said as she headed towards my PC.  Rachel got to the Jacuzzi just as Grace had yet another orgasm, cum shooting across her expanse of tit flesh, coursing another nipple orgasm, "My god, what did he do to you?" Rachel asked in shock, panting heavily Grace said, "Please, just wake him up" "Ben, com' on Ben wake up, please" Rachel said into my ear, it had no effect, "Ben, please wake up, don't do this to us" Rachel said, shaking my body, still no effect.  "Mistress, master has put a password on "the program" we can't use it" Ann said, running to the Jacuzzi, "Ok, um, I guess we're going to have to break his password" Rachel said, heading off to "the program" "Stay here & comfort Grace" Rachel added, Ann nodded.

Rachel sat down in front of the monitor, "Right then here goes" she said to her self.  "Well he likes Nintendo" she thought to her self, she typed it in, "incorrect password please try again".  "Ok, um, well his favourite film is Gladiator", she typed it in, "incorrect password please try again".  "Shit, um Super Smash Bros" "incorrect", "CPT Falcon" "incorrect", "28/02/84" (my birthday) "incorrect", "transformers" "incorrect" "Shit!  Have you got any ideas about what his password might be?" Rachel said to Grace & Ann, "Try his favourite robot from robot wars" Grace said, "How about our names mistress" Ann added, "Ok, well his favourite robot is Razor" "incorrect", "Shit!" "Ann" "incorrect", "Brit" "incorrect", "Grace" "incorrect", "Rachel" "incorrect", "Slave" "incorrect", "Shit!  Nothing is working" Rachel said, "Try some of his favourite lines Rachel" Grace said, having another orgasm, "smells of wee" "incorrect, "anywho" "incorrect", "forever & always" "incorrect", just then Rachel had an idea, "Rachel forever & always" "password accepted, welcome back Ben" "I'm in!" Rachel shouted out in joy.  She typed in Grace's name & put her right, she then typed in my name.  She put me back to how I should be but before hitting the send button she hovered over my "love" tab, "No, I want to hear it from him" she thought to herself, moving the mouse pointer to the send button & clicking it.

Tuesday 7:40pm:
Slowly coming round I mumbled, "Huh, what happened?" "Well you completely fucked my brains out & then got knocked out" Grace snapped stepping out of the Jacuzzi, "While leaving me to suffer another ten orgasms 'cos your breathing was making the water move!" she added, "I'm, I'm sorry, I don't know what else to say.  Hang on, if I was unconscious, how did you get back to normal?" "I cracked your password" Rachel said as she walked towards the Jacuzzi.  I looked long & lovingly into her eyes, "Thank you Rachel" I said, getting to my feet, when she was close enough I put my hands just below her shoulders & kissed her on her forehead.

"Ben, can I talk to you in private?" Rachel asked, as I dried my self off, "Yeah, sure" I replied, not liking the wording (Rachel only asks to talk to me in private when she thinks there is something wrong with our relationship).  Rachel lead me to the living room & sat down on one of the sofa's, I sat next to her, "So what is it you want to talk about?" I asked, taking her hand, taking a deep breath Rachel started, "Ben, you know I love you, but lately I get the feeling from you that you no longer feel the same way about me" I kneeled down in front of her, "Rachel, what makes you think that?" I said in a soft voice, still holding onto her hands, "Ever since my tits stopped growing, you never hug me just for the sake of hugging me, or hold my hand.  I just feel so unappreciated by you" Rachel said, a tear rolling down her face, "I feel like there is something missing," she added, sighing I replied, "Rachel, my beautiful, amazing, sweet Rachel, do you remember what I told your parents when I first met them?"  I looked lovingly into her eyes, "No, hi?" Rachel said, sniffing, "Huh, no, I said that I knew I loved you from the moment I saw you" I said, stroking the side of her face, "Yeah that was then, I just think that you have lost that love for me" Rachel said, looking down at the floor.  "I was going to give this to you tomorrow, but just to prove how much I love you, you can have it now" I said reaching for the draw in the small table by the sofa & pulling out a small box.  "Go on, open it" I said handing it to her, Rachel took it from my hand & slowly opened the box, inside was a necklace with a locket.  Rachel delicately picked up the necklace & opened the locket, inside was a picture of Rachel on the left & an inscription on the right, "Rachel I will love you", Rachel looked at me puzzled, "it opens again" I said, taking it in my hand & showing her.  On the back of the inscription was a picture of me & in the middle was another inscription, "Forever & always" "Does that answer your question?" I asked, opening the necklace, Rachel smiled & nodded, whipping away a tear.  I walked round to her back & fixed the necklace closed around her neck, Rachel stood up & kissed me, long & lovingly on the lips.  "I'm sorry if I've made you think I didn't love you anymore" I said hugging her, "It's ok jungle boy, I guess I was just getting jealous.  I was thinking maybe you didn't love me anymore because we weren't having sex & I didn't have really big tits" "Oh Rachel, I guess I have been paying more attention to the other girls, I'm sorry" I said, kissing her on her cheek.

Tuesday 8pm:
"How about you & me snuggle up together tonight & watch a film, just the two of us?" I asked, giving Rachel a lovingly look, "Yeah ok then" Rachel replied looking into my eyes with love.  I dimmed the lights & got a video ready while Rachel got a big blanket & some popcorn.  "What film are we watching?" Rachel said as she sat down next to me, draping the blanket over the both of us, "One of your favourites, The Lion King" I said, as I hit the play button.

Tuesday 8:45pm:
"Hay, what cha doing?" Grace said, holding Ann's hand as they both walked into the living room, "We're spending some time together" I replied, signalling with my head for them to go away, "Oh right, ok then, com' on Ann let's leave these love birds to it" Grace said walking away.

Tuesday 9:30pm:
"& so, the circle of life was put straight again" I said, rewinding the video, giving me a light squeeze Rachel said, "I love you Ben" "I love you too Rachel" I replied kissing her on her forehead, "So what do you want to do now?" I asked, Rachel didn't respond, "Rachel?" I said, looking down at her, to see that she had fallen asleep, softly breathing, oblivious to the world.  I picked her up & carried her to the bed, I put her in the bed & kissed her good night, "Sweet dreams" I said in a soft voice.

Tuesday 6pm: (with slave)
Slave & pet were talking in the backroom "Pet" "Yes miss?" "Would you like to please me a lot?" slave asked, cupping pet's tits, "Oh yes miss, pleasing you would make me very happy" pet replied, her nipples pointing out by 3", "Ok pet, strip for me" slave ordered, taking her clothes off.

Pet started to strip, casually taking her clothes off, "No, no, no pet, in a sexy manor" "Yes miss, sorry miss", pet continued to strip, she would push her tits together, through her bra & wave her ass in slave's face when she had removed her trousers, revealing a thong.  She took off her bra & placed it between her legs, rubbing it back & forth, slowly bringing her (in comparison) sensitive-less clit to attention, "Easy pet, don't waste yourself yet" slave said, her cock becoming stiff, "Now let me see your pussy" she added.  Pet slowly & seductively removed her thong to reveal a dripping wet pussy, "That's good pet, now straddle me" slave said, opening her arms, "Yes miss" pet replied, quickly inserting slave's cock into her pussy, "Oh miss, you're sooo big!" pet said as slave's cock pushed its self against her cervix.  "Com' on pet, screw me" slave said, pinching one of her own nipples, pet started to bob up & down, "OH MISS, OH MISS, YES, YES, OH FUCK YES, MISS YOU ARE SO, FUCKING BIG, OH YES, OH YES, YESSSSSS" pet replied as she had her first orgasm of the transformation.  Pet could feel something changing in side of her, "Err miss, what's happening to me?" stroking pet's arm slave replied, "You are becoming my dream girl pet, another four orgasm & you'll be just how I want you".

When slave stopped talking, some major changes happened, first pet grow from 5'4 1/2" to 5'6", her tits grew from their BB cup to a CC cup, her hips flared out 1" on both sides, her ass became just a little more full.  Then her muscle's developed, making her look like she keeps fit, her lips filled out by a small amount, slave jumped as she felt pet's pussy tighten, just a bit.  "Oh lets do that again miss" pet said, overjoyed with her small improvements, "Ok then" slave replied, enjoying the tightness in pet's pussy.  Slave started to thrust her hips up & down making pet's tits bounce up & down, "OH YES, OH YES, DO ME MISS, DO ME, OH YES, YES, YES, FUCK YESSSSS!" pet screamed as she had the most powerful orgasm she had ever had.  "I can feel the changes again miss" pet said, panting heavily, she grew again to 5'8", her tits went up to a DD cup, her hips flared out another 2" on both sides, her ass filled out a bit more again, her muscle developed making her look like an athlete, her pussy tightened again around slave's cock.  "Lay down" slave ordered, pet laid down on the floor, her legs spread wide apart, slave followed, her cock still inside of pet, "I'm not going to stop till I cum" slave said to her self out loud, "Ok miss" pet replied, rubbing her own tits all over.

"How do you like this?" slave said, thrusting her cock into pet's pussy with some force, "Oh, don't, stop, miss" pet replied, breathing heavily, "OH YES, YES, YES, YES, OH FUCK YESSS" pet screamed out as she had her third orgasm.  Slave continued to fuck pet, another orgasm coming from pet within seconds yet still slave continued, a minute later both, slave & pet cam together.  Slave removed her self from pet's pussy, sitting down on the sofa she said, "Pet, stand up" pet did as she was ordered.  Pet shuddered as the final transformation started, pet grew from 5'8" to 6'6", her tits grew to a GGG cup, her hips flared out another 2" in total, her ass became nice & round & her muscle increased rapidly.  When her muscle stopped growing she was five times more muscular then slave (remember slave has muscle like an athlete).  Then her face changed her cheekbones moved up her face, her eyebrows became like a models, her eyelashes lengthened & her skin changed so that she had a floor-less complexion.  "I... I think I'm done miss" pet replied, marvelling at her new body, "I think so too pet" slave replied, looking at pet's body in ore, "I had no idea I liked so much muscle" slave added.  "Thank you miss, thank you" pet said, hugging slave, "That's ok pet, now let's go & show you off to everyone" slave said, putting her clothes back on.

Tuesday 9:35pm: (with me)
"Master, master" slave said as she saw me walking down the stairs, "Keep it down slave, Rachel is asleep" I said, cooling her down.  "Master, pet's transformation is complete" slave said, with a beaming smile, "Oh, I was hoping to watch some of it, never mind, let's see her then" I said, taking one of slave's hands, she lead me into the living room.  Pet was sitting down on a sofa with a blanket over her body, "Let's see your new body then pet" I said taking a seat.  Pet stood up, still holding onto the blanket, I followed pet's face as she stood, I had to tilt my head back when pet finally reached her full height, "Ok pet let master see you" slave said, pet threw back the blanket.  My jaw hit the floor, "Do you like me like this master?" pet asked, rubbing her tits together, her nipples sticking out 6", from where I was sitting I guessed them to be about 4" wide, "Um, no pet, I don't like you like that" I said with authority.  "Have you shown Grace & Ann yet?" I asked, getting to my feet, "Yes master, Ann said she could grow to like it but would like it better if there wasn't so much muscle & Grace didn't like it" pet replied, "Ok, pet come with me" I said heading up to "the program".  I loaded up slave's & pet's profile's, I then deleted the command in pet's profile that made her slave's dream girl, I then copied slave's measurements (bra size, cock size etc) & pasted them into pet's profile, "Are you ready for another transformation?" I asked, "Yes master" pet replied, just before I hit the send button I changed slave's dream girl to her & hit send on both profiles.  First pet shrunk down to 6', then her tits grew to a JJ cup, and then her muscle reduced to that of an athlete.  Pet was rubbing her self all over, she had one hand down by her pussy, lightly stroking her bush, when she moved her hand up about 1" & gasped, "What the hell is that master?" pet asked rubbing this lump that was forming, slowly getting longer.  "That is going to be your cock pet," I said, stroking her clit with the palm of my hand, "Oh master, I'm not sure I want a cock" pet said, breathing heavily, "But pet, you like having a cock don't you?" I whispered into her ear, "Yes, master" pet replied, on the verge of orgasm.  I picked her up; as I didn't want her to wake Rachel, & lead her down stairs, by now her cock was 9" long.  I laid her down on the sofa, "Now play with your growing cock" I ordered, pet grabbed her cock with both hands & started to pump it for all it was worth, "OH YES, OH YES, THANK YOU, THANK YOU MASTER, OH YES, OH FUCK YESSSS" pet screamed as her cock erupted with a load of cum, dribbling down the side of her hands.  A few minutes later it had reached its full size.

Tuesday 10:20pm:
"What do you think?" I asked both girls, "Oh master she is just like me" slave said hugging me, "Oh thank you master, thank you" pet replied, "Ok do you know where Grace & Ann are?" I asked, "Swimming pool last I saw master" slave replied, "Thank you slave" I said, giving one of her nipples a pinch, "Now it would make me vary happy if you two were to suck each others cocks, could you do that for me please?" I asked, "Ok master" slave said, getting on top of pet & taking her cock in her mouth, "Go on pet, join in" I said, pet quickly put slave's cock in her mouth.  While they were tossing each other off I went to find Grace & Ann.

Tuesday 10:25pm:
I walked in to the swimming pool area & saw Grace & Ann 69ing each other by the pool's edge, there body's glistening with water & sweat, I took a seat while I watched them eat each other dry.  "OH YES, YES, OH FUCK YES, YES, YES, YESSSS" Ann screamed as she had an orgasm, "Ok Ann you can roll off now" Grace said, removing her fingers from Ann's pussy.  Ann rolled off Grace & bumped into my leg, "Oh, sorry master, I didn't see you there" Ann said in surprise, "That's ok Ann, I've got some good news for you both" I said giving each girl a hand up, "Oh what is it Ben?" Grace asked, wrapping her arm round my waist, "Well I've made pet just like slave" I said putting my arm round Grace & Ann, "Oh I'm so glad you did Ben" Grace said, kissing my cheek, "Yes thank you master" Ann said kissing my other cheek.  "Is everything ok with you & Rachel?" Grace asked, giving me a concerned look, "Yeah it is now, thanks love" I said kissing her on the forehead, "Well what was the problem?" Grace asked, "Rachel thought that I didn't love her anymore" I said giving her a loving look, "Oh, I take it you gave her the necklace then" "What makes you say that?" I asked, walking both girls into the living room, "Well I know that Rachel thinks that a gift from the hart means a lot more than words" Grace said resting her head against my chest, "Well yeah, I did" I said, kissing the top of Grace's head, "She's up stairs asleep" I added.

We walked into the living room, "Oh Ben, you got them sucking each other's cock's!  That's so horny!" Grace said getting turned on, "Well I'm going to bed now, night" I said, yawning, "Ok love, we'll put Rachel's presents out before we go to bed" Grace replied, kissing me good night, "Night girls" I said to the others as I made my way to the bedroom.  I got undressed & snuggled up to Rachel & feel fast asleep.

Tuesday 10:45pm: (with Grace)
"Ok slave & pet, I want you to stop that now" Grace ordered, both girls stopped, "Ann, get undressed" she added, "Yes mistress" Ann replied as she started to take her clothes off, Grace also took her clothes off.  "Right, slave, lay down on your back & Ann, you get her cock in your pussy" Grace started, the girls doing as they were told, "Now pet, put your cock up Ann's ass hole" pet did as she was told & Grace put her pussy on slave's face.  "Now slave I want you to fuck Ann while you eat my pussy, understand?" slave licked Grace's clit to show she understood, "What about me mistress?" pet asked, slowly inching her cock into Ann's ass, "I want you to fuck Ann up the ass silly" Grace replied, smiling, "Ann, you just enjoy the experience" she added.  Grace nodded to everyone to start, pet pumped Ann's ass for all she was worth, slave licked Grace's pussy as she fuck Ann's pussy.  "OH YES, OH YES, YES, YES, FUCK YES" Ann shouted as she had an early orgasm, "Ann, keep it down" Grace said, heavily breathing, "Sorry mistress" Ann replied, lowering her loudness.  "Ah, mistress, I'm gonna cum" pet said, not used to the new sensations running through her body, "That's ok pet, just keep going" Grace replied, on the verge of orgasm.  "Ah fuck, Ann, your ass is sooo tight" pet screamed in a low voice as she blew her load into Ann's ass, "Oh yeah, that's it slave, make your mistress cum, oh yeah, oh fuck yeah" Grace said as she had an orgasm.  "Oh yes, oh yes, yes, yes, yes, oh fuck yesssss" Ann screamed in a low voice as she had another orgasm "Thank you mistress" Ann said, breathing heavily, "For, what?" Grace asked, on the verge of orgasm, "For letting me get fucked like this" Ann said, also on the verge of orgasm, "Ok, when slave cum's I want you two to cum as well, understand?" Grace said, seconds away from orgasm, "Yes mistress" they all said in unison, "Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, yes, yes, yessss" Grace said, trying to keep her voice down as she had an orgasm.  Grace lifted her self off of slave's face, kneeled down beside her, "How far off are you slave?" Grace asked, rubbing slave's tits, "Not, far, off, if, you, keep, that, up, mistress" slave said panting heavily, Grace started to give slave's nipples some "tweekage", "Oh yes, oh yes, fuck yes, yes, yes, yessss" slave screamed in a low voice as she had both her organs cum in quick succession.  "Ah fuck yes that feels good" Ann & pet said in unison as they both cam together, "Right girls let's call it a day" Grace said, picking up her clothes.  They all got their stuff & went to bed, "Mistress, you coming?" Ann asked, "I'll be there in a bit Ann, I'm just going to get Rachel's presents out".

Wednesday 7am: (with me)
"BEN, BEN, TIME WAKE UP, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!" Rachel shouted, jumping up & down on the bed, as happy as could be, "Morning love, happy birthday" I said, opening my arms for a hug, "I can't wait to see what everyone got me!" Rachel said, still bobbing up & down on the bed, "Hay, what's all the commotion about?" Grace asked, being suddenly woken up, "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" Rachel shouted hugging Grace, "Really?  I'd never have guessed" Grace said, giving me a wink as she hugged Rachel.  "Why don't you two go downstairs while I wake up the others" I said, getting out of bed, "Ok com' on Grace" Rachel said, tugging on Grace's arm, "I'm coming, I'm coming" Grace said, trying to keep up with Rachel's pace as she headed downstairs.  "Right, come on girls time to wake up" I said as I got some clothes on, "What is it master?" Ann said, with a warm smile, "It's Rachel's birthday" I replied, helping Ann out of bed, "Oh yeah, silly me" Ann said, rubbing her tits, to wake her self up.  "Morning master" slave said, slowly coming round, "Morning slave, wake up pet for me would you" I replied, "Ok master" slave replied, rubbing pet's tits, "Com' on pet, time to wake up" she whispered into pet's ear.  With a sexual moan pet woke up, "Morning miss, what can I do for you?" pet asked, her nipples growing to their full 6", "Nothing, just come down stairs with me as it's mistress's birthday today" slave said, getting a hard on.  "Ok girls, get dressed & join me & the others downstairs, a.s.a.p." I said, making my way to the stairs, "Ok master" they all said in unison.

Wednesday 7:10am:
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Ann, slave & pet said in unison as they walked into the living room, "Thanks, can I start to open them now?" Rachel asked me, giving a beaming smile, "No you can't, you know we just bought this lot for you to look at" I said in a sarcastic tone, then smiling, "Thanks love" Rachel said, picking up the first present.  She ripped away the wrapping like a woman possessed, she tossed the wrapping to one side, Grace picked up the wrapping & looked for the label, "This is from Ann" she said, "What is it?" I asked, resting my head on Rachel's shoulder, "It's one of those flip sand landscape things" Rachel said, giving Ann a hug, "Thank you" she added, "That's ok mistress, I remember when I was younger, I used to watch one of these things for hours, it's very relaxing" Ann said.  Rachel reached for the next present, "This one's from Brit, should I leave it till she comes home?" Rachel asked, "I think that would be best" I replied, offering to take it from her.  She reached for the next one, "This one's from slave" Rachel said, as she removed the wrapping, she opened the box & pulled out a shiny black tube top, "Oh thank you slave" Rachel said hugging slave, "That's ok mistress.  I heard you talking to mistress about clothes & how you wanted a tube top" slave said, kissing Rachel on the cheek.  Rachel got the next present, from Grace, Rachel opened the big box & blushed, "What is it?" I asked, with an embarrassed look on her face Rachel lifted up the box for me to see, "Ooooh I see" I said as I saw the sexy lingerie & bikini, "Grace you kinky thing you" I said, giving her a sly look, Rachel picked up the next present, "Ou!  This one's from you Ben" Rachel said, excitedly, she ripped away the wrapping to reveal a big make up set.  "Oh wow Ben, it's massive" Rachel said, looking at the list of things it contains on the back, "Yeah well.  I know you um, wanted some more make up & um, you use so much stuff um, I didn't know what to get so um, I got you that & um, yeah" I said unsure if Rachel would appreciate it, "Oh Ben I love it.  I'll never have to buy make up again," Rachel said giving me a hug, "Who are the other presents from?" Rachel asked, "They're from your parents & relatives" I said, moving them closer to her, a tear trickled it's way down her face, "You alright love?" I asked, seeing the tear, "Yeah, it's just this is my first birthday without my parents" Rachel replied, wiping away the tear, "Rachel, you'll never be without your parents" I started, looking into her eyes, "They will always be with you, in your hart" I said smiling, "Yeah you're right" Rachel said smiling.  "So, you gonna open them or what?" Grace said, lightening the mood, "Yeah, of course, you think I'm crazy or something?" Rachel said in a happy way.  Rachel got some CD's, money & "little things".

Wednesday 7:20am:
"So you going to put any of your new clothes on?" I asked, helping Grace round up all the wrapping paper, "I think I'll wear the tube top to school" Rachel said blushing again as she thought about the sexy lingerie, "Yeah?  Ok then" I said, giving her an understanding smile, Rachel grabbed all her stuff & headed to the bedroom.  "I think she liked what she got," I said to Grace, "Yeah I think so too, what you said to her about her parents was so nice" Grace replied, giving me a kiss.  "Grace, I'm really sorry about what happened yesterday" "Yeah, I know you are love, we faint all the time, it was stupid of me to think that you couldn't" Grace replied, kissing me again.  "Can you & the girls get everything ready for Rachel's birthday party, once I've taken Rachel to school?" I asked, "Yeah sure thing love, when does the party start?" "I'm going tell everyone to be here for about 6pm" I said, stuffing all the paper into a bin bag, "Ok love it'll be ready, just keep Rachel away till then, make a nice little surprise" "You got it love" I said taking the bin bag out to the bins.

Wednesday 7:30am:
"What do you think Ben?" Rachel asked, striking a pose, "Any description I give you would not do justice" I said, giving her a hug, "Awww thanks love" Rachel said, giving me a kiss.  "So what have you got today?" I asked, inviting Rachel to sit on my lap, "Um English, maths, French, PE & humanities" Rachel said getting comfortable, "Oh such a fun filled day" I said in a giddy voice, "Yeah" Rachel said giggling, "You all ready for today then?" I asked, gazing in to her big brown eyes, "Yeah why?" Rachel replied, "Well it gives us more time to do this" I said engaging her in some snogging, "Hay Ben, Ben" Grace said as she walked into the living room, "Oh never mind" she added walking away.

Wednesday 7:50am:
"Ok love we'd better be going" I said breaking the snogging session, "Yeah, ok then, I wonder what my mates have got me?" Rachel said, jumping to her feet, "Ok girls I'm taking Rachel to school now" I shouted out as I got to the door, "Ok Ben" Grace shouted back from the backroom.

Wednesday 8:35am:
"You know it's true what they say," I said as we drove into the school car park, "What's that love?" Rachel asked, "Your school years are the ones you remember the most" "Ben, you've been out of college for two months, that hardly counts as a life time" Rachel said, giving me one of "those" looks, you know the look that says a thousand things (you just never know what thing it's saying when they give it to you).  "Ok then how about we do some of this then?" I asked, as I leaned over to kiss Rachel, "Yeah, I don't have a problem with that" Rachel said, returning the kiss.

Wednesday 8:50am:
"Let's go Ben" Rachel said, looking at her watch, "Lead the way" I replied, stepping out of the car, Rachel took my hand & lead me to her class room.  We walked into the classroom, "Hay Ben" Nat said, giving me a lustful look.  She then looked at Rachel with a scouring look, Rachel just stuck her tong out at her, "At least I've got a boyfriend" Rachel said, "Yeah, well we'll see about that" Nat replied, giving me another lustful look.  "Yeah whatever Nat" I said as I looked into Rachel's eyes, "He'll come round Rachel, just you wait & see" Nat said as she walked off to her seat, I sat down in Rachel's seat & she sat down on my lap.  "Hay Rach, hay Ben" said Sophy, one of Rachel's mates, "Hay Soph, do you like my new top?" Rachel replied, showing it off, "Oh yeah it's way nice" Soph replied, delving into her bag, she pulled out a box, "Happy birthday" she said as she handed Rachel the box.  Rachel opened the box to reveal a crop top, which said, "A boyfriend is for Xmas, Not for life" Rachel giggled, "Thanks Soph" she said as she gave her a hug.

Soph is 5'7", with blond hair going to the small of her back, long legs & about a B cup chest.  She has light blue eyes, a small nose & high cheekbones.  She's nice but not outstanding.

Wednesday 8:55am:
"Hiya" said Emma, as she sat down with us, "Happy birthday" she added, handing Rachel a smallish box, "Thanks Emma" Rachel replied, opening the box, she pulled out the contents, "Awww it's so sweet" Rachel said, giving the little cuddly toy a hug.

Emma is 5'3" black hair going just past her ears, deep brown eyes, curvaceous legs, which lead to some flaring hips & about a CC cup set of tits.

Wednesday 8:55am (Cont.):
Rachel talked to her mates while we were waiting for the teacher to arrive, "Hay Rachel, what's that around your neck?" Soph asked, pointing to the locket, "What this?  This is from Ben" Rachel replied, opening up the locket, the girls read the inscription, "Aww that is just so nice" Emma said, putting her hands on her hart.  Just then the teacher came in, "Right you lot, shut up & let me take the register" she shouted above the noise, everyone went quiet.  "Miss, miss, Rachel has bought in an unregistered person into school" Nat said, giving Rachel & me an evil look.  "Pardon?" the teacher started, looking to where Nat was pointing, "Oh hi Ben" she added seeing me with Rachel, "Hi" I replied.  "I should probably be going now" I added, resting Rachel on the table, "Oh take this lot for me would you love" Rachel asked, "Yeah, sure thing love" I said kissing her full on the lips while I was picking up the boxes.  "I'll see you later love" I whispered into her ear, "Ok love, I've got humanities last" Rachel replied, "Ok love, later" I replied, giving her another kiss.

Wednesday 9:40am:
"Hello" I said, walking through the front door, "Hi love, what's all that?" Grace asked taking some of the presents from me, "These are some presents from Rachel's friends," I said, "How are the preparations coming?" I added, "Um, they're coming along" Grace said, with a slightly worried look on her face, "You haven't started yet have you?" I asked giving her a suspect look, Grace looked at me, "No" she said shaking her head, "Ok, how about we make a start now?" I said, putting down Rachel's presents, "Ok love" Grace said, giving me a kiss, "Ok, you get the decorations out & I'll start ringing round" I said heading off to the phone.

"Hello" Daz said, as he picked up the phone, "Alright mate, it's me, Ben" I replied, "Alright mate, what's up?" "Rachel's b'day party, I'm just ringing up to tell you to be here before 6pm" "Ok mate why before six?" "'Cos I'm doing a surprise party for her, so you know, I want everyone to go, "surprise" when she walks in" "Ok mate, I'll be there about half five with my women" "Ok mate later" "Later".  We both hung up the phone.  "Hello" came a woman's voice, "Hi, Mrs Smith? (Emma's mum)" I asked, "Yes, who is this?" "Hi, this is Ben Yantz, I'm Rachel's boyfriend, one of Emma's friends" "Oh yes I know Rachel, what can I do for you Ben?" "It's about Rachel's party tonight" "Yes" "Well if you could get Emma here for about half five that would be great" "Five thirty, got it, does Emma need to bring anything?" "Just her self" "Ok, when shall I come to pick her up?" "Oh don't worry about that, I'll drive her home" "Oh, ok then, I'll bring her round about half past five then" "Ok bye" we both hung up.  "Hello, Miss Jones speaking" "Hi, Miss Jones, this is Ben Yantz" "Do I know you?" "I'm Rachel Gross's boyfriend" "Oh so you're the one Sophy keeps talking about, what can I do for you Ben?" "Well you know it's Rachel's birthday party tonight?" "Yeah" "Well I'm just ringing to ask if you could tell Sophy to be here for about half five, just so we can get ready for Rachel's surprise" "Ok what time does she want picking up?" "I'll drive her home when the party is finished Miss Jones" "Oh please call me Samantha" "Ok Samantha, say do you pick up Sophy from school?" "Yeah why?" "Well I pick up Rachel too, so maybe we should meet up?" "Yeah ok then, how will I recognise you?" "I'll be in a Porsche" "You have a Porsche! Oh wow Rachel struck it lucky with you didn't she" "I like to think I'm the lucky one" "Aww that's a nice thing to say, anyway, I'm keeping you from getting that party ready, I'll see you later, bye" "Bye", we both hung up.  "Hello" "Hi Jen, it's Ben here" "Oh hi Ben, I haven't talked to you in ages" Jen said, perking up a bit, "Well there'll be plenty of time for that tonight, you still on for Rachel's birthday party?" "Yeah, me & the girls have got her presents right by the door" "Good, I've told everyone else to be here for about half five, is that ok?" "Half five, no problem, see you later", we both hung up.  "Grace, I'm just going down to Joe's house to tell his mum what time he should be here for" I said to Grace, hugging her from behind, "Ok love, see you in a bit" Grace replied, resting her head on mine for a second.

I rang the door bell, "Oh hi Ben, com' on in" said Eva (Joe's mum) "Thanks I'm just visiting to tell you when Joe needs to be round for Rachel's party" "Ok, can Hannah come too?" "Yeah of course, they need to be round mine about half five" "Half five it is then, say Ben, you like women with big breasts right?" Eva said showing off some of her C cup cleavage, shocked I replied, "Um, yeah, why?" "Well, do you think I'm too old to get implants?" "I think you are only as old as you think you are but why would you want implants?" "Well I don't know if you've noticed but I've been working out a lot recently" "I've seen you running in the mornings" "Well I'm trying to do a Madonna, you know, reinvent myself.  So I'm getting fit, losing wait & as part of my reinventing I was thinking about having bigger breasts" "Well what does Jim think about all this?" "I haven't told him about the breast job" "Ok, well um, have you thought about how big you want to be?" "Well how big is Hannah?  She's a DD right?" "That's what Joe has told me" "Well bigger than that but not huge" "Define huge" "Anything above a G cup" "Ok do you know how much implants that size are these days?" "A lot" "Yeah it's about hundred pound for every extra cup size you have" "A hundred!  I can't afford that!" Eva said in shock, "Ok how about I pay for it, I know a good surgeon" "What's the catch?" Eva said suspiciously, "Just that you let me choose what your new bra size is going to be, I'll take what you said into consideration" "You promise?" Eva said, pondering my offer, "Hay this is me we're talking about" I said, relaxing in the chair, "Ok it's a deal, just don't tell anyone" "Ok I'll give the surgeon a call, I'll even give you a lift there if you want" "Oh thanks Ben.  Well I've got things to do" Eva said, getting to her feet, "Yeah so do I" I said, also getting to my feet.  I headed back home.

Eva is 5'4" with short brown hair, I wouldn't say she was fat but she was more than "podgy".  She has blue eyes & she is in her late thirties, early forties.

Wednesday 10:10am:
"Hay Ben, can you give me a hand with this?" Grace asked as I walked through the front door, "Just a sec love, I've got something to do" I replied, heading up the stairs to the bedroom.  I turned on "the program" & brought up Eva.  I made her come round to the house tomorrow at about 11am & faint the moment she walks through the door, I hit send & closed down her profile.

"Ok Grace, what do you need help with?" I asked, hugging her from behind, "It's done now, slave helped me, but maybe you could sort out a play list for tonight" "I'm on it, what are the others doing?" I asked, kneeling down in front of the CD's, "Well slave & pet are sorting out food & Ann is just getting some more decorations" "Right ok then".  Just then the phone rang, I leaped to my feet & answered the phone, "Hello" I said down the phone, "Hi master it's me" "Brit?  How did the operation go?" "It went smoothly master, I'm at mums home now, she should be here soon then I'll be on my way home" "Ok Brit, give my regards to your mum, see you soon" "Bye master" "Bye Brit".  Just before Brit hung up I could hear her having an orgasm, I put the phone down, "That's my girl," I said as I made my way back to the CD's.  "Who was it love?" Grace asked as I sat down, "It was Brit, the operation went smoothly & she'll be on her way home soon" I replied looking into Grace's eyes.

Wednesday 10:30am:
"Master I'm off to the film shoot now" Ann said, poking her head round the corner into the living room, "Ok Ann, see you later" I said, blowing her a kiss.  "I'm just going to see how the food is coming," I said to Grace, "Ok love.  I'm just going to finish this wall then I'm gonna have a break" Grace replied, giving me a wink.  "How's the food coming girls?" I asked, smelling the aroma in the air as something was cooking, "Just fine master" slave replied, kneeing some dough.

Wednesday 11:30am: (with Rachel)
"Hay Rachel, what we got next?" asked Emma as they walked out of their last lesion, "PE" Rachel replied sighing, "What's wrong Rach?" Soph asked, "It's not fair, I have to take my new top off now" Rachel replied, marvelling at her top, "Well at least you get to put it back on again" Emma replied.

Rachel removed her top to reveal bare breast, she put on her sport bra, "god I hate putting this thing on" Rachel thought to her self (the bra is a little big for her & rides up & down her back).  She fastened the last clip & felt a tingling feeling in her tits, she looked down & saw them expand to fill the bra, "Ben you little devil" she thought to her self, she quickly put a t shirt on & went out into the hallway to wait for everyone else.  Unknown to Rachel, Nat had seen her tits expand, "interesting, very interesting" she thought to her self.

Wednesday 12pm: (with me)
"Hay Ben" Grace said in a soft voice as she hugged me from behind, "Hay love, you on your break now?" Grace moved her hand down to my groin, "Oh yeah" she replied in a soft voice again, I turned round to face her & she wrapped her legs round my waist, she kissed me hungrily & I lead her up stairs.  I rested her on the bed, we both undressed, I leaped onto the bed & kissed Grace hungrily all over, "Hay Ben, have you ever wondered what it's like to be really tall, I mean like a giant?" "Not recently, why?" I replied, lightly rubbing one of Grace's tits, "I've been dreaming about being really tall the last few nights, could you make me tall Ben?" Grace asked, squeezing her tits together, "Ok love, shall we go outside?" I asked, picking her up, using only my cock, "Do I have a choice?" Grace replied, marvelling at the strength of my cock.  I walked us both out into the back garden, "Ben what if someone is watching?" "I've got it covered" I replied, making us seem like we were just having plane old-fashioned sex.  I rested Grace on the grass, "Ready love?" I asked, taking a few steps back, Grace nodded.  I started to make her grow, "Mmm yes Ben, bigger, make me bigger" Grace moaned as she approached 6', everything about her was staying in proportion to her normal self, her tits were growing larger, her fanny becoming bigger.  "Yes Ben, yes, make me huge, make me huge Ben" Grace moaned reaching 7' now, I speeded up her growth, 8', 9' & still she grew, "Com' on Ben, I want to be fucking huge" Grace said, passing 15'.  18', 20', 25' still she grew, her fanny was at least 1' from top to bottom now, "More Ben, more, make me so tall that I have a 4' tall fanny, please Ben, please" Grace pleaded with me, enjoying the sensation of being so big.  I gave her what she wanted, the growth stopped when she had a fanny 4' tall, she would have stood about 100' tall, if she was to stand up, her breasts were so huge, I wouldn't know where to start guessing their size, she swamped everything round her.

"Hay Ben, you look like an ant" Grace said, taking in the view from her new perspective.  I walked over to her fanny & took her 10" long clit into my mouth, "Yeah Ben, yeah, shag me with a monster cock, you know you want to" Grace moaned, rubbing her tits together, I slipped in my 15" of hard cock into her pussy.  "Hay that tickles" Grace said, rubbing the sides of her legs, I made my cock grow, "Yeah Ben, I can start to feel it now, make it a tight fit" Grace ordered, pushing me deeper into her fanny with a finger.  I spread my arms & legs out, so as not to get stuck in her fanny forever.  Grace was panting heavily, now my cock was well over 20' & at least 5' wide, "YES BEN, YES, BIGGER, BIGGER, YES, YES" Grace shouted, my cock still growing, I gave no reply as I was still sucking on her clit.  "That'll do Ben" Grace said, as my cock reached 35', I released my suction of her clit, "I'm not done yet," I shouted up to her, I gave my cock some gigantic veins, easily 1' wide & protruding by as much.  I started to rock my pelvis back & forth, "Yes, yes, yes Ben, yes, oh fuck yes" Grace said in a soft voice as I slowly brought her to orgasm.  "YES, YES, OH FUCK YES, BEN, DO ME, DO ME, YES, OH FUCK, YESSSSS" Grace shouted, having a huge orgasm, an orgasm of such force it pushed me out of her pussy.  "Oh wow that was something" Grace said, panting heavily, "GRACE, I'M NOT DONE YET, BLOW ME!" I shouted up to her, my cock pointing straight up into the air.  Grace repositioned her self, her fanny rubbing up against a tree we have in the garden, she hungrily took my monster cock in her mouth, a few minutes later, I blew my load into her mouth, just as she had brought her self to her second orgasm, via the tree.  "Ok Ben, you can make me go back to normal now" Grace said, putting me on one of her nipples (after I made my cock shrink back to normal).  I started to make her shrink back to her normal height.  When she reached about 50' I started to slip from her nipple, "Er Grace, I'm starting to slip here, give us a hand" Grace put her hand underneath me & lifted me up on top of her tits, "Now sit still & be quiet" Grace said, giving me a wink.  When she reached 20' I jumped off her & waited for her to shrink back to normal.

Wednesday 1:20pm:
"Oh thank you for letting me realise a dream" Grace said, hugging me lovingly, "That's ok love, shall we" I said, indicating for Grace to go first.  We walked through the kitchen were slave & pet were still cooking, "Enjoy yourself master?" slave asked, giving me a sly look, "Yes, thank you slave" I started, looking at all the food that was ready for eating, "Just finish the batch of food you're doing now & I think that'll be enough" I said, giving both girls nipples a quick pinch.

Wednesday 12:15am: (with Rachel)
Rachel & friends walked into the changing room, "Thank god we have lunch next, I'm knackered" Soph said, taking her top off, "Yeah I'm starving" Rachel said, also taking her top off.  Emma had noticed that Rachel's sport bra was more tight fitting than normal, "Hay Rachel, I thought you said that bra was a bit big for you" "Um, yeah it was, I guess I'm still growing" Rachel replied, thinking fast.  Rachel removed her bra & put her tube top back on, "God I love this top" Rachel said, putting her things into her bag, "I wish my tits would grow back to normal, this top is a bit too tight" she thought to her self, walking out into the hall way.

Wednesday 1:30pm: (with me)
"We'll have to do that again Ben" Grace said, putting her top on, "Er, yeah if you want" I replied, zipping up my flies, "Didn't you enjoy it love?" Grace asked, giving me a hug, "Yeah, I just missed rubbing you tits, maybe next time I won't make you so big" I said, returning the hug, "Ok, as long as I pleased you, now, on with the decorations" Grace said.  I gave her ass a light squeeze, "Chop, chop" I said, as I squeezed her ass, "Oh easy tiger" Grace replied, giving me a smile.

Wednesday 2:30pm:
"Ok I'm off to pick up Rachel" I said heading for the door, "Just remember to keep her away from the house till six" Grace said, "Yes, I know I'm not silly" I replied, kissing Grace good bye, "How are you going to keep her occupied?" Grace asked as I was getting into the car, "I'll think of something" I replied, turning the engine on.

Wednesday 2:55pm:
I parked the car & headed for reception, "Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the humanities block?" I asked, "Yeah, you go down this hall, take a right at the end, then it's the second hall on your left" the receptionist replied, giving hand gestures, "Ok thanks" I said heading off down the hall.

Wednesday 3pm:
The bell rang for end of lesion (& school), soon Rachel came out of her classroom, "Hi love" I said giving her a hug, "Hi love, I've got something to ask you" Rachel said, kissing me, "Oh yeah, what?" I asked, wrapping my arm round her shoulder, "Wait till we're in the car" she replied, putting her arm round my waist, "See you later love birds" Emma & Soph said in unison as they walked past us, "Bye" Rachel said, waving to them.  We walked back to the car, I just opened the door when Samantha spotted us, "Oh hi Ben, nice car" I turned round to face her.  I was stunned, she was incredible, 5'7" of pure toned female (she kept fit), the greenest of green eyes, the most lushes of lushes lips, long beautiful, thick, shiny blond hair going down to the small of her back.  Some, what looked to be, nice firm D cup tits & one hell of a curvaceous set of legs going all the way up to a perfectly round ass, she was beauty personified (Rachel, of course was personified beauty, personified).  "Hay Samantha, it's nice to meet you, where's Sophy?" I asked, leaning against the car for support, "Oh she's usually late coming out.  Hope you don't mind me saying so but, you are very handsome for a seventeen year old" Samantha said, lightly dragging a hand across my chest, "Oh, um, thanks, you look stunning your self" I replied, blushing.  "Oh thank you, you know, it's been awhile since I've had a man in my life" Samantha started, slowly moving her hand down to my groin, she found my cock & gasped, "& you certainly are a man & a half.  Maybe you should come round sometime & we can do, dinner or something" Samantha said, reluctantly removing her hand from my groin.  "Er, maybe this isn't the best time to talk about this, I'll ring you" I said, kissing her on her hand, "It was nice to meet you Samantha" I added, getting into the car, "The pleasure was all mine" Samantha said, leaning down into the car.  "Hi Sam" Rachel said, "Oh hi Rachel, how are you?" "I'm fine thanks, I don't mean to be rude but, can we go now Ben?" "Oh yeah sure Rachel" I said, turning the engine on, "It's her birthday" I whispered to Samantha, "Oh right" she whispered back, "Well I'll let you be on your way now" Samantha said, stepping away from the car.

Wednesday 3:10pm:
"What's wrong Rachel, you haven't said a word since we left school?" I said, parking the car in the park car park, "I can't believe you let Samantha come on to you like that, my best friends mum!  How could you?" Rachel said, slumping in the chair, her arms crossed across her chest, "What do you want me to say?" I said, turning to face her, "Who's to say I'm going to advance on her "come on"?" I added, putting my hand on her shoulder, "She's done it before.  Sophy has told me how she has, manipulated men" Rachel said, giving me a stern look, "Rachel, you forget that I have this power & "the program", I can manipulate her long before she would even think about manipulating me.  Come on Rachel lets not fight, especially on your birthday" I said, giving her shoulder a light squeeze, Rachel looked at me & smiled, "Alright then.  So why have we stopped here?" Rachel asked, kissing my hand, "No reason, just thought it would be nice to spend some quality time together just the two of us" I replied, opening the car door, "Oh, ok then" Rachel said, getting out of the car.  We walked down the park to a bench & sat down, Rachel leaned against me & I put my arm round her shoulders, "Has Brit rung yet?" Rachel asked, looking up at me, "Yeah, as a matter of fact she did, she should be on her way home by now actually" "How is her mum, is she alright?" "Yeah, she's doing fine" I replied, stroking her arm.

Wednesday 3:40pm:
"Look at the sky Ben, isn't it wonderful?" "It certainly is Rachel but not as wonderful as you" I said, kissing her on the head, "Aww thanks love, actually, now we are on the subject of me <giggle>.  What did you do to my tits, they grew a bit when I put my sports bra on, I want answers?" Rachel asked, giving me a wink, "Ah yes, well that was part three of my present to you" "Oh, but why such a small enlargement?" "I've, made your tits grow to what ever size bra you have on, it just so happened that your sport bra is a bit bigger than your normal bra's" "Oh, ok then.  I'm getting a bit cold Ben" I gave her my jumper to put on, "So if I put on one of Grace's bra's say, then I would end up with some GG sized tits?" "Yeah that's right" "So um, how am I meant to get my normal bra on if I've got some huge tits?" "Ah, um, I guess I hadn't thought of that, I'll sort something out when we get home" "Ok, can we go home now Ben?" "Er, yeah ok then".  We walked back to the car, "shit!  How am I gonna get her in the house & not see what I've got planned, I've got it" I thought to my self, as we both got into the car, I turned on the engine & Rachel yawned, "You a bit tired over there?" I asked, yawning again Rachel replied, "Yeah, guess I mu..." she fell asleep, just like I wanted her to.  I drove home & put her on the bed to sleep till the time was right.

Wednesday 3:50pm:
"Right then best make those changes," I said to my self, after realising that I had been watching Rachel sleep for the past ten minutes.  I loaded up "the program" & brought up Rachel on screen, I erased the command about filling bra sizes & put in, "You have the power to control your own bra size" & hit send, Rachel twitched a bit as her tits went back to their normal D cup size.  I then brought up Eva again, as well as my own profile.  I looked at who she loved & how much she loved me, "Consulting friend" was all it said for me, "I think I'll have a bit of fun" I said to my self, moving the bar up to, "Unconscious love".  I then made her get extremely horny & wet when ever she saw me & hit send.  I closed down her profile & clicked on, "Recent meetings" on my profile to bring up a list of people I have met in the last two days; I scrolled down to Samantha  & opened her profile.  I looked at how much she liked me; "Shagging partner" was all it said, "Hmm nice" I said to my self, looking at her measurements.  She was indeed a D cup but her stamina was low, very low, she would run out of steam after about ten yards (or three minutes in bed).  I increased her stamina to the human maximum (two hours), & increased the sensitivity in her clit, nipples & tits & hit send.  Before I closed down "the program" I changed the password, "Just to be safe," I said to my self, I closed down "the program" & waited for everyone to arrive.

Wednesday 5:30pm:
Daz was the first person to arrive, "Alright mate?" I asked, once he & his women were inside, "Yeah thanks mate".  He handed me the pile of presents (yes I said pile), "Bloody hell man, anyone would think you are family or something" "Well there is one from each of us mate" "Oh right, well go through" I said, indicating with my head.  I put the presents at the end of the coffee table, "Help your self to some nibbles" I said, taking a seat.  I was just about to reach for a nibble when the doorbell rang, I opened the door, "Hi Ben" said Soph, "My mum hasn't stopped talking about you, what did you say to her?" she added, "Um, nothing, guess when you're hot you're hot" I replied, taking her coat.  I introduced Soph to everyone, "Oh my god, you know Jeri Ryan" Soph said excitedly, "Yeah, well help your self to nibbles, Daz, behave" I said, knowing what he was thinking.  The doorbell went again, "Hi Emma come on in," I said, taking her coat, "Soph is in the living room" I added, hanging up her coat, Emma walked into the living room & gasped, "Jeri Ryan? Oh my god oh my god, is it really you?  It can't be, you are like mega" "Emma calm down," Soph said, pulling on her arm, dragging her down to the sofa.

Wednesday 5:40pm:
"Ah, hopefully that'll be Amanda & co" I said as the door bell went, "Hi Ben" they all said in unison, "Hi all, come in," I said, taking coats & presents, I introduced everyone to everyone.  "Hello master" Brit said, walking through the front door, "Hay Brit, glad you could make Rachel's party" I said, giving her a hug, Emma & Soph's jaws dropped, "You know Britney spears?" Emma said in disbelief, "Hay master I'm home, oh hi Brit, I've missed you" Ann said walking into the living room, "I've missed you too Ann" Brit said, giving her a hug, "Hay Ben do you know any other celebs?" Soph asked, not believing what she was seeing, "Not at the moment" I said, taking a nibble, "Hay I heard the door" Grace said, with slave & pet close behind, "Oh mistress, I'm so glad to see you" Brit said, running over to her, arms wide open.  The doorbell went again, "That must be Joe", I opened the door, "Hi Ben" "Alright mate, where's Hannah?" I asked, "She's on her way, you know girls" Joe said, handing me the present.  I introduced him to everyone he didn't know,  "Ok seeing as everyone is here I'm going to get Rachel now, places people" I said like some gay film director.

"Rachel, Rachel, come on time to wake up" I said in a soft voice, lightly stroking the side of her face, "Huh, what time is it?" Rachel said, slowly coming round, "It's five forty-five love, come on, I've got something to show you" I said, offering my hand, "What is it?" Rachel asked, getting to her feet, "You'll see, just close your eyes", Rachel closed her eyes & I took her down stairs.

"Ok, you can open them now" I said, "SURPRISE!" everyone said, jumping out from all sides, "Oh wow, thank you Ben" Rachel said, hugging me, "Well go on, open them" I said pointing to the pile of presents.  "Hay mistress" Brit said, handing Rachel her present, "Thanks Brit, Brit you're here" Rachel said, hugging her with joy.  For the next few hours we talked & partied & made fools out of ourselves.

Wednesday 9:20pm:
"Well Brit's asleep & the party is coming to an end, what say I take you two home?" I said, offering my hands to Emma & Sophy, "Do we have to?" asked Emma, getting a bit too friendly with Joe, "Yeah I think you should.  Just think, you get to ride in a Porsche" "Well, that is very tempting" Emma started, "Can I have your number before I go Joe?" she added, placing her hand on his leg, "Er yeah, I suppose so" Joe said, reaching for a pen & napkin that were near by, "Thanks" Emma said, giving Joe a peck on the cheek.  "Right, let's go then girls" I said, picking up the keys, "Hay Daz if you want you can stay the night" I added, "Er no, it's alright mate, I'll leave you to your girls" Daz replied, "Ok then, see you later" I replied heading out the door.

Wednesday 9:40pm:
"Right here we are Emma," I said, pulling over to the side of the road, "Thanks for the lift Ben, great party" Emma replied, getting out of the car, I waited till she was inside before driving off to Sophy's house.

Wednesday 10pm:
"Right Soph, here we are" I said, pulling over, "Soph?" I looked round, she had fallen asleep, "Ok here we go," I said to my self, turning off the engine.  I lifted her out of the car & carried her to the front door, & rang the doorbell, "Oh, hi Ben" Samantha said, opening the door, "Hi, I guess there was just too much excitement for her" I said, showing Soph fast asleep, "Aww, well bring her in, can I get you a drink?"  Samantha asked, stepping out of the doorway, "No, I'm fine thanks" I replied, laying Soph down on the sofa.

It was only then that I noticed that Samantha was in her silk dressing gown, her cleavage in ample view, she made no attempt to hide her body from me.  "Well I should be off home now" I said, as Samantha came back from the kitchen, "No Ben, wait, there's something I need to tell you" she said, leading me into the living room.  She sat down next to me, right next to me, & placed a hand on my lap, "Ben, I find you very attractive & it's been a long time, a very long time since I had a man in my life.  Infact I haven't had anyone since I got pregnant with Sophy, I was only sixteen at the time" "Samantha, why are you telling me this, I love Rachel" "Yes I know you do, but that doesn't stop you doing all those other girls who live with you, does it?" "How do you know about that?" I asked, moving away, "Oh please, you are going out with a fourteen year old girl, girls talk about everything & please, call me Sam" Sam said removing her gown, "I'm sorry Sam, I can't do this, you're my girlfriends mates mum" I said, heading for the door.  "I know about "the program" & your powers" Sam said hurriedly, I stopped in the doorway, "What do you want?" I asked, slowly turning round, "I want you, I want you to fuck me, like you fuck the girls you live with" Sam said, running over to me, her tits bobbing up & down, "& what if I said no?" "Then you'll be on the front page of every newspaper by the morning" sighing I replied, "I find you very attractive as well, just tell me one thing, are you all you?" "Yes, yes I am, you've never done an older woman have you?" Sam asked, pushing her tits into my chest, "I've not done anyone in there thirties" I replied, getting a hard on, "Come on Ben, I can feel you dick getting hard, I know you want me" Sam said, unzipping my flies, "Fuck it" I said, hungrily kissing her.  I laid her down on the floor as I took my top off; Sam removed my trousers like a woman possessed.  I leaned on top of her & quickly forced my semi stiff cock into her pussy, "Oh Ben, I can feel you, getting bigger inside me, oh god" Sam said, thrusting her chest into the air, I continued to pump her, I turned over so I was on the floor.  Sam started to bounce up & down on my stiffening cock, "Oh, oh, ouch, OUCH!  Ben, you're to big, you're hurting me" Sam said, trying to remove herself from my cock, "Hang on" I said, making the pain pleasurable, "Oh I don't know what you did but thank you" Sam said, bouncing up & down again.  I squeezed her tits, one in each hand, Sam helped me, pushing them together, "Yes, yes, oh god yes, you're good Ben, so, fucking good" Sam said, panting heavily, "OH YES, YES, YES, FUCK YES, OH GOD, YESSSSSS" Sam shouted as she had her first orgasm in a long time.

I laid her on her back again & removed my self from her pussy, "Oh let me try to suck your monster cock" Sam said, sitting up, "Ok, if you think you can take it" I replied, sitting on the sofa.  She positioned her self, opened her mouth & started to take my cock in her mouth.  She got about 5" in, "Is that the best you can do?" I asked, Sam nodded, "Well get ready to take the whole thing," I said, disabling her gag reflex, Sam started to put more & more of my cock into her mouth.  She repositioned her self so that her throat was straight & continued to put my 15" of pure rock hard cock down her throat.  Her pussy was dripping wet as she still sucked on my cock, I was able to reach her tits & so, played with them some more, making them five times more sensitive than her clit.  Her continuos stream of orgasms soon brought me to orgasm.  I forced her off of my cock & put her gag reflex back, "My god, how did I manage to put all that down my throat?" Sam asked, resting next to me on the sofa, her tits not touching anything, "I removed your gag reflex" I said, pinching one of her nipples, "OH GOD!" Sam shouted as she had an orgasm, "I've never been that sensitive" she added, marvelling at her rock hard nipples, "Yeah, I know, I made your tits five times more sensitive than your clit" I replied, taking her hand & moving it to her tit.  She made contact, "OH GOD, OH GOD!" she shouted again, two more orgasms coming over her, "Wow, you really can do anything can't you?" "Yeah well, I should be off now," I said, picking up my clothes, "WHAT!  You can't leave me like this, put them back to normal!" Sam said with some urgency, "When I go, I don't know when I'll be coming back, do you really want to go back to what you were like before?" I asked, putting my top on, "Ok, ok make them as sensitive as my clit then" Sam said, putting her arms through the sleeves of her gown, taking great effort to avoid her tits, "Ok then" I said, putting her gown on her properly & tying the straps.  Naturally she started cumming straight away, "OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD" she screamed as orgasm after orgasm came over her.  Sam collapsed onto the floor, I kneeled down beside her, "Just to let you know, I can make you so sensitive that being naked would be too much sensation.  So don't try any funny business" I stood up, "OH GOD, PLEASE, OH GOD, GIVE ME, OH GOD, WHAT I, OH GOD, ASKED FOR, OH GOD, PLEASE" Sam shouted, the orgasms still overcoming her body.  I kneeled down again, "Ok then" I said, giving both tits a firm squeeze, "OH FUCKING HELL THAT'S STRONG" Sam shouted, I reduced the sensitivity to twice her clit.  Sam just lay there, wasted, bearly enough energy to breathe, "I'll be off then," I said, heading for the door, "I love you Ben" Sam said just before I closed the front door.

Wednesday 10:45pm:
"Hi, I'm back" I said, walking into the living room, "You took your time" Rachel said, giving me a kiss, "Um, yeah, sorry, traffic" I replied, returning the kiss, "Come with me Rachel" I added taking her hand & leading her upstairs, "What is it Ben?" Rachel asked, curiously, I turned on the radio, "& in a surprise announcement the Prime Minister has reduced the age of consensual sex from sixteen to fourteen" I turned off the radio.  Rachel's face lit up, "Oh Ben I'm so happy, we can do it, we can actually do it legally" Rachel said, hugging me, "I thought that would make you happy" I said, returning the hug, "So shall we?" I asked, looking into her eyes, "I don't want a shag Ben" "Neither do I Rachel, I want to make love to you, I want our first time to be memorable" I said, still looking into her eyes, "I'm glad you said that love but I'm too tired now.  Please don't be upset" Rachel said, kissing me with a loving touch, "Ok love, when ever you are ready, you go to sleep now, I'll sort out the mess downstairs tomorrow" I said, giving her a hug, "Ok love, night" Rachel replied, returning the hug.

"Hay girls don't worry about all this now, come on let's all go to bed.  We haven't gone to bed together in ages" I said, making them all put down the things in their hands, "Ok master" the four submissive girls said, running up the stairs to bed.  "Hay Grace, you coming?" I asked, Grace was looking out over the swimming pool, "Ben, do you really want to get married?" Grace asked, turning round to face me, "What, of course I do why would you think over wise?" I replied, taking her hands, "You proposed to me & the others but you haven't said a word since" Grace said, a tear making it's way down her face, "Grace I'm sorry, I was waiting for one of you to start making a fuse about this dress or that dress" I replied, wiping away the tear, "Oh, so you are sure about getting married?" Grace asked, perking up, "I wouldn't have asked other wise" I said, giving her a hug, "Come on, let's go to bed" I added, leading her up to the bed.

Thursday 7:30am:
"Rachel, time to wake up" I said softly into her ear, "Huh, oh morning love" Rachel said, turning over to face me, "Come on, I've got a little something to show you" I said, giving her a hand out of bed, "What is it?" Rachel asked, putting her dressing gown on, "It's to do with your breasts" I replied, leading her downstairs to the living room.  I sat down on a sofa, Rachel sat next to me, "So what have you done now?" Rachel asked, sitting back in the sofa, "I've given you the power to control how big your breasts go" I said, looking into her eyes, "WHAT!  You mean I can choose to have big mother fucking tits, or really small tits if I want?" Rachel asked amazed, "I can have them when I want?" she added, sitting up, "Yeah, all you have to do is think about it" I replied, taking her hand, "Why don't you give it a go" I added, "Ok then, but only quickly" Rachel said, standing up.  "I'll go smaller first, just incase I can't get them back to normal" Rachel said, loosening her gown, "That's ok, just think about the bra size you want" I said.  "Let's see, how about I try a B cup" Rachel said, cupping her tits, she gasped, "Ben, Ben, they're shrinking, they're shrinking" she added, her face lighting up with joy.  They stopped shrinking, "Now to try out some big 'en's" Rachel said, thinking about making them grow, "How big you gonna go love?" I asked, getting highly turned on, "You'll see love, you'll see" Rachel replied, giving me a devilish wink.  By this time they had grown back to her normal D's, but they didn't stop, Rachel was starting to breath deeply now.  When they got to an E cup I started to caress them, her gown getting tight from the expanding tits, "Oh this is amazing Ben" Rachel said, helping me caress her tits.  "Do you like them?" Rachel asked, the growth having stopped, "Yeah, how big are they?" I asked with excitement, "They're a FF cup, at least that's what I wanted them to be" Rachel replied, her gown stretching to its limits.

Thursday 7:40am:
"Hay you'd better get ready," I said, removing my hands from her tits, "Yeah, you're right" Rachel said, making her tits shrink back to their normal D cup, "God this is so easy" she said, heading up stairs.  I sorted out her school stuff while she got dressed & had breakfast.

Thursday 7:50am:
"You ready love?" I asked hugging her from behind, cupping her tits, "Yeah, I can't believe I can change how big my tits are, I'm so happy," Rachel said, turning round to hug me.  We got in the car & drove to school.

Thursday 8:30am:
"Right, shall we?" I asked, turning the engine off, "Yeah ok then" Rachel replied, giving me a loving look.  We walked to her classroom hand in hand.

We walked in & sat down, when we were comfortable Nat came over.  She sat down on the table, one foot on the table, showing off her firm, smooth leg to me (she was wearing a skirt), "Hi Ben, why don't you let me show you what a real girl can do" Nat said in a lustful voice.  I stared at her leg for a couple of seconds, then looked away, "I've got all the girl I could possible want right here" I said, looking into Rachel's eyes, "Yeah, so back off!" Rachel said in a stern voice, "He doesn't really love you slut, he just says he does, go on Ben tell her, tell her about all the times you've called me & told me you only want to be with me" Nat said, kissing me full on the lips.  Rachel looked at me in shock, "It's not true, please tell me it's not true" she said, trying vainly to keep the tears back, "It's not true, don't listen to her, she's just trying to get between us, you know I love you" I said, looking into her eyes, wiping away a tear.  "How can you say that Ben?" Nat said, turning on the waterworks, by now the whole class was listening, "I let you into my life, I let you have sex with me & this is how you repay me!" Nat added, trying to kiss me again, I moved away, "Natalie, I don't even know your surname, let alone where you live" I said, hugging Rachel.  "Oh I see what you are doing, very sneaky" Nat said, walking round the table, "You're trying to make it look like you don't have feelings for me, so we can keep going out in secrecy" Nat added, pushing her body against mine, "Ben, what is she talking about?" Rachel asked, another tear rolling down her cheek, "I have no idea love, just don't listen to her, you know how I feel about you.  I'm crazy for you" I said, kissing her lovingly on the lips, "Look Natalie, I'm flattered you feel the way you do about me but I don't have any feelings for you" I said, taking my seat again.  Nat leaned onto the table, her V neck top showing off her cleavage, "You know you love me Ben, it's just a matter of time before you realise it" she said.  I looked down at her cleavage & saw a phone number written across her tits, "call me 01463 895664" it said, I looked back at her face & gave her a scouring look & she walked off back to her seat.  The rest of the class resumed their earlier conversations.

Thursday 8:55am:
"Right shut up" miss said, taking her seat, I headed for the door, "Just a minute Ben, I want a word with you before you go" miss said, looking above her glasses at me, "Ok, I'll just be outside" I replied opening the door.  I stood outside the classroom & waited, while I waited I watched Rachel, using my "dirty vision".  She looked visible upset, so I turned on mind reader, "was Ben telling the truth?  What if Nat was right?  No, Ben does love me, doesn't he?  Oh god what am I gonna do?" Rachel thought over & over again, "oh Rachel, if only you knew how much I love you" I thought to my self, breathing a heavy sigh.

Thursday 9am:
The class started coming out, so I turned off "dirty vision" & waited for everyone to come out, Nat was one of the last to come out, "Ring me won't you" Nat said, draping her hand across my chest, I looked away.  When the last of the class came out I noticed that Rachel hadn't, I walked back into the classroom, "Ah Ben, sit down, sit down" miss said, indicating a seat for me to sit in, Rachel sat next to me & took my hand.  "Now then, I wanted to talk to you because this situation is getting out of hand," miss said in a stern voice, "Er, what situation?" I asked, "You coming in here with Rachel, it's got to stop" "Why?  I wouldn't be coming in here if you had sorted out Natalie properly the first time Rachel & I came to you" I asked in a stern voice, "Shall we take a look at the video?" miss said, bringing out a TV from the store room in the corner, "Video?" I said, looking round to see a camera.  There it was, in the corner, above the door, "Shit" I said under my breath, resting my face against my fist.  The camera got it all, from the moment Natalie put her foot on the table, to her showing her cleavage to me.  "We can't have our students acting like this, I appreciate you trying to protect Rachel, you love very much I can see that, but this can't go on" "Yes I know, so what are you going to do about Natalie?" I asked, leaning onto the teacher's desk, "Ben, as far as I can see, Natalie isn't the problem, you are, & so I'm going to have to ask you to restrain your self from coming onto the school campus" "Or what?" I asked in a threatening tone, "Or else the school will be forced to put a restraining order on you" miss said, meeting my eye level.  "I can't believe you are willing to let Rachel go through more bullying just because the one man she loves can't bear to be away from her" "You do love me, you really do love me!" Rachel said, leaping up to hug me, "You see, you see what Natalie is doing to her, she is trying to tear us apart.  It's not me you should be trying to get rid of its Natalie.  Come on Rachel, I'll walk you to your lesion" I said, heading for the door, Rachel under my arm.

"Well here we are" Rachel said, tidying her make up, "You gonna be alright love?" I asked, giving her a hug, "Yeah, I should be" Rachel said, we kissed & Rachel headed into her class.

Thursday 9:10am:
I got into my car & sighed, "how am I gonna sort this one out?" I thought to my self, turning on the engine.  I sat & thought about what to do for a few minutes & then drove home, no closer to an answer.

Thursday 9:50am:
I walked through the front door, "Hi love, jeez what's wrong, you look like shit?" Grace asked, meeting me in the hallway, "This thing with Natalie is getting out of hand" I said, taking a seat on the steps, Grace sat next to me, "What do you mean?" Grace asked in a soft voice, I told Grace what happened today, from leg to restraining order.

"Have you checked how Natalie feels about you, she may really like you" Grace asked, giving me a comforting hug, "No, but there is something else" I replied, looking into her eyes, "What is it?  You can tell me" Grace asked, still hugging me, "I shagged Sophy's mum last night, she knows about "the program"" I replied, resting my head on her shoulder, "That's ok love, I forgive you" Grace said, kissing my head, "I know you'd forgive me, that's not the problem.  How is Rachel going to feel about it?" I replied, looking into her eyes, "As long as you tell her today what you did, I'm sure she'll understand" Grace replied, kissing my forehead, "Now go & see how Natalie feels about you" Grace added, standing up.  I loaded up "the program", brought up my profile & looked for Natalie under my "Recent meetings" tab, "Where is she?" I said to my self, scrolling up & down the list.  I sat back in the chair & tried to use mind reader on her, nothing, not a single thought.  I thought about Natalie's body, "No girl has a body like that at that age," I said to my self, I then thought about Sam's body, "Very few women have a body like that with surgery, let a lone naturally" I said to my self looking at the screen.  "What if..." I said to my self, clicking on Sam's profile, she came up on screen & I saw a tab I had never seen before, "Alternate personalities" I clicked on it & up came Natalie, everything was there, height, bra size, stamina, hair colour.  I minimised both profiles & went to the help file, "how do you get alternate personalities?" I typed; "the program" came back with, "1. Be classed as insane or 2. Go to, FILE, PERSONALITY, ADD EXTRA", I then typed in, "how do alternate personalities work?" "alternate personalities work by transforming your body (& mind if desired) when a certain event occurs" "Right, ok" I said, typing in, "is there anyway Samantha Jones can change to her alternate personality without a copy of this program?" the hard drive flashed for a few seconds, "No" was all that came up, "can you disable another copy of this program from here?" "as long the copy is within hundred mile radius of this computer" "is Samantha Jones's copy within the radius?" "yes" "if Samantha Jones's copy was disabled would she still turn into her alternate personality?" "no".  I thought about what I should do for a few minutes then typed, "disable Samantha Jones's copy of "the program" when she is her normal self" I hit send, "define normal self" "the program" came up with, "normal self, her self, Samantha Jones" I hit return, "command sent, this copy will be out of use till the command has been for filled.  Due to the size of the request" "Right well I guess that is that for now" I said, closing down "the program".

Thursday 10:30am: (with Rachel)
"Hay girls I've got a little something to show you" Rachel said, as they headed out of the class for break, "Oh yeah, what is it?" Emma asked with curiosity, "Come with me" Rachel replied, leading the way to the girl's toilets.

"So come on, spill it" Soph said, getting inpatient, Rachel walked into a cubical & invited them in, unsure both girls walked in.  Rachel closed the door, lifted her top up & removed her bra, "What are you doing Rachel?" Emma asked, nervously, "Note there isn't any thing under my boobs" Rachel replied, lifting them up, "Just get on with it Rach, I don't like standing in here with two other girls" Soph said, getting uneasy, "Ok, ok, just watch my boobs" Rachel said, thinking about them growing to a JJ cup.  The girls looked on in amazement as Rachel's tits grew past an F cup, "Oh my god Rachel, how do you do that?" Soph asked, taking a seat on the toilet, "Ben gave me the power to control my boobs, I can go as big or as small as I want" Rachel replied, her tits slowing their growth as they approached a JJ cup.  "Wow that's amazing but you'd better put them back, we haven't got much of break left" Emma said, handing Rachel her bra, "Thanks Em" Rachel said, making her tits shrink.  "Well looky, looky here, it would seem that the slut is a freak & a bit of a lezzy too" Nat said, looking down on the girls from a neighbouring cubical, "Nat!  How long have you been there for?" Rachel asked, putting her top back on, "Long enough, just think, what will Ben say when I tell him about your little talent, or the rest of the school for that matter" Nat replied, laughing to her self as she walked out of the toilets.  The girls walked out to the sinks & Rachel broke out in tears, "Oh Rachel don't cry" Emma said, hugging her, "But I'm going to be classed as a freak!" Rachel said into Emma's shoulder, "No you won't, who is going to believe what Natalie says" Soph said, rubbing Rachel's back for support, "Yeah I suppose but it won't stop people asking will it?" "No, but you can deny it all, come on Rachel, head up, you've got to be strong" Soph said, "Yeah, ok" Rachel replied, tidying her make up, "Lets go" she added, heading out the door.

Thursday 10:50am: (with me)
"Eva should be coming soon, I'd better check "the program" is working" I said to my self, getting out of the Jacuzzi.  I opened "the program", "Welcome back Ben, all systems are operating", I brought up Eva's profile & waited for her to come.

"Hi Eva come in," I said, answering the door, "Thanks Ben, I don't know weather to be excited or not" Eva said, stepping through the doorway, "We've got some time before we have to go, do you want a drink?" I asked, "No, it's al..." Eva collapsed into my arms, I picked her up, carried her to the bedroom & laid her down on the bed.  I took her clothes off but left her soaking pants on (to give her some dignity) & sat down in front of "the program".  "Hmm thirty eight huh?" I said to my self, moving the bar down to twenty-two, "Right then bra size" I thought out loud, I increased her bra size to an E cup & hit send.  Her skin softened as her body grew younger until there no wrinkles were there shouldn't be, then her tits swelled as they grew & grew, when they stopped growing her pants were see through they were so wet.  "right, now for the weight" I thought, adjusting her weight to that of a woman who has a fit body, well toned, but no muscle showing (kind of like a page 3 girl) I hit send again.  Her body slimed as the fat disappeared, the crotch of her pants sticking to her pussy as her stomach flattened, "Think I'll make the tits a bit bigger" I said, changing the measurement from an E cup to an FF cup, I hit send & watched as her tits grew again.  I turned round again to face the screen, "warning not sufficient back strength to walk upright, shall I correct the problem?" I clicked on yes, I swung Eva's image round so I could look at her back & thought that it was too muscular for her new body & so, lowered the appearance of it.  I tripled the sensitivity in her clit, tits & nipples, increased her stamina to double the human maximum, made her pussy twice as tight as a Asian girls & hit send, I could visible see her pussy tighten.  "& now for personality" I said, clicking on the corresponding tab, I made her "live for sex" as "the program" put it, only want to wear sexy, revealing clothes & talk dirty.  I increased her love for me from "unconscious love" to "can't live without" but I made it take about three days to get to that point, I also made her think that she had been to the surgery.  I hit send, gave her some new fitting clothes (just how she likes them :))  & carried her home & I wrote out a note placing it by her side saying: -

<Eva, hope you like the new you, I paid for some other "improvements" hope you don't mind.


"Everything ok love?" Grace asked as I walked through the front door, "Yeah love" I replied, giving her a kiss, "Do you know where Brit is?" I added, "Yeah she's upstairs in bed, I think she is still suffering from the jet lag" "Thanks love" I replied, kissing her again.  I went upstairs & brought up Brit's profile, & typed, "you will not suffer from jet lag" & hit send, "Oh, hello master, I must have drifted off to sleep" Brit said, sitting up, "That's ok Brit, now come over here & suck my cock" I ordered, unzipping my flies.  I closed down Brit's profile & loaded Sam's again, I looked at how much she loved me, to see if it had changed, "life long partner" "She really does love me" I said, a bit surprised, "Who really loves you master?" Brit asked, realising my cock from her mouth, "Don't worry your little head about it" I replied, patting her head, I started to make some changes.

Thursday 10:40am: (with Samantha)
Natalie walked through the front door to Samantha's house after bunking the rest of the day.  She closed the door behind her & stripped, "I am Samantha" she said out loud.  She marvelled at the sensations she got as she grew 2" & as her tits grew to a perfect D cup, she moved her hands all over her body as her hips flared out, she ran her hands through her hair as it grew & changed from brown to blond.  "Man that is so horny" she said, her transformation complete, "I wonder what else this little program can do?" she added making her way to the PC, she logged onto her windows & click on the shortcut, "missing file: msdrill2568.dll, msdrill2469.dll, msdrill1597.dll, this program will now close" said a window, "What!  NO!  This can't be!" Sam said in total shock, she tried to open "the program" again, same message.

Sam only knew the basics when it came to computers, she listened absent mindedly as the store clerk through a whole list of computer spec's & accessories at her, saying they were "the newest thing".  Half the accessories still lay in their boxes unused.  Sam only had "the program" a few days.

Thursday 10:40am: (with Samantha) (Cont.)
"How did this happen?" Sam asked her self, "Files just don't go missing" she added, picking up the phone, she put it back down again, "What am I going to say?  Hi, I have this program that lets me be a god & it's missing some files, help" she said to her self sarcastically.  "Maybe Ben can help me" she said, resting back in her chair, she started to day dream about me, unaware that her hand had made its way to her pussy, two fingers pumping in & out.  "I've got to see Ben" she said, removing her fingers from her pussy, "But first" she said, putting some clothes on. She was just about to go out the door when she thought, "Maybe third time lucky" she clicked on the shortcut, but still the files were missing, she sighed, "To Ben's house" she said, determined.

Thursday 11:30am: (with me)
"Hi does Ben live here?" Samantha asked with a big friendly grin, "Who can I say is calling miss?" slave asked, "Miss Jones, can you tell him it's important".  Slave invited Samantha in & ran up the stairs, "Master, there is a Miss Jones to see you, she says it's important" I looked away from the screen, "Ok slave, bring her up" I replied, a sly grin on my face.

"Hi Ben" Samantha said, peering round the corner "Hi Sam, come in come in" I replied, inviting her sit on the bed.  "Before you say anything Sam, I know that you had a copy of this amazing program & no, I won't fix it for you" "How did you know it was broken?" Sam asked, slightly shocked, "I'll give you three guesses" I replied, one side of my mouth smiling, "YOU BASTARD!  I'LL KILL YOU!"  Sam shouted, running towards me, "Sam stop" I said coolly & calmly, Sam stopped dead in her footsteps, she waved her arms franticly trying to reach me, "Sam, you will stand still" I said getting to my feet, Sam stood still, unable to move.  "You, you bastard!  You used the master PC on me didn't you?" Sam demanded, pure rage on her face, "Master PC?  What's that?" I asked puzzled, "Master PC is that!" Sam replied, pointing her noise at the screen, "I knew it had to have a name" I said, looking at the screen, "It keeps it's self well protected" I added, turning back to face Sam.  "Look at you, you're pathetic" Sam started, "All these women, & only one really loves you, & she's a freak!" "How dear you talk about Rachel like that!" I said, slapping her round the face, my teeth firmly together, "By the way" I started, calming down, "I have three women here who love me, & you" "Oh really?  What makes you think they love you?" Sam asked, a big red make forming on her cheek, "One is my mother & the other told me so, before I made any changes to her".  "Well since you disabled my copy, you must know that I was Natalie" Sam asked, shaking her hair out of her face, "Yeah, that's why I'm doing this to you" I replied, digging my knuckle into her back bone, "Is that all you're gonna do?" Sam asked wincing in pain but still unable to move, "No, but I want you to answer some questions for me" "What if I don't want to answer?" Sam asked, trying to be hard, "Well, Sam, you really don't have a choice.  I can hit you till you tell me or I can make, master PC as you call it, make you tell me or you can just be a nice little girl & tell me straight off the bat" I said, putting my hands on her shoulders (from behind) & sniffing her hair.

"Question number one, how long have you had master PC for?" Sam thought about saying a year, she wanted to say a year but, "Just a few days, less than a week" came out, shock coming over her face, "Ok if you've only had it a few days how come Rachel has memories going back about four weeks?" "I gave her & everyone else at the school fake memories".  "Right, question number two, how did you get master PC?" I asked, taking a seat in front of the PC, "Someone sent it me through e mail" "Do you know who?" "No" "Can you remember the address?" "No" "Ok question number three, how much do you know about master PC & the power it has?" "Not very much, just enough to know how to improve parts of my body, oh & the alternate personality thing, damn that is so horny" "You really don't understand the power you have lost do you?" "It was big wasn't it?" "Bigger than you could possible imagine, bigger than even I could ever hope to imagine" "That big huh?" I slapped her again, "Silence, you will only talk when I ask you a question, understand?" "Yes" Sam sobbed through the tears, which were making there way down her cheek, "Good.  Question number four, why did you feel that you had to put Rachel through the torment you put her through?  To get at me?"  "Yes, to start off, I only found out about your little, group yesterday, by which time it was too late to change my plan" "Question five, did you enjoy putting Rachel through the pain she went through?  You'd better give me the right answer" I asked, waving my fist at her, "Sorta, part of me liked it but the other part didn't" "& our survey says, X, wrong answer" I slapped her again, both cheeks really red now.

"Ok you may talk freely now" I said, taking my seat again, "YOU BASTARED!..." Sam shouted, "Ah, ah, keep your voice down" I said, interrupting her, "You bastered! If I could move, I'd rip your eyes out!" Sam said, no louder than normal conversation volume, "But Sam, you love me, it says so here" I replied, indicating the love bar.  "This alternate personality thing is really interesting, apparently you can have the memories of both people, at the same time" I added, clicking on Sam's alternate personality, "What are you going to do to me?" Sam asked, getting worried, "Please I have a daughter" she pleaded, "I know, don't worry she will live a happy life here with Rachel the girls & me" I replied, not looking at her.

"Now then, you can move but not off that spot" I said, turning round, Sam instantly moved her hand to her cheeks, "What do you want?" "You'll see, now strip for me" I ordered, "Fuck you! I'm not stripping for you!  You're a monster!" Sam said as she stripped, "You say that but you really don't mean it" I said, looking up & down her body, Sam moved to cover her self up.  "You will make no effort to cover your self up" I said, Sam moved her arms to her side, "You will make no attempt to harm me" I added, walking over to her, I walked around her, scanning every curve.  I felt her smooth firm legs & moved up to her pussy, giving it a few rubs, just to get her wet, I then moved round to her nice firm, perfectly formed ass & gave it a squeeze.  Standing behind her I moved my hands up to her stomach, then up to her tits & cupped them, "How often do you wear a bra?" I whispered into her ear, "I don't, ever since I got master PC" Sam replied, still crying, "I see" I said, pushing her tits together, I moved her hair out of the way, revealing a nice, smooth cheek, "Do you remember what I said about your tits last night?" I said, giving her a kiss & sitting back down again, "No, please no" Sam said, remembering what I said just last night about her tits, it was too late, she was getting aroused, her breathing was getting more & more heavy, "No, please, no" she repeated, on the verge of orgasm.  "All I want to hear are two little words" I said, walking over to her, my hands ready to touch her tits, "I'm cumming" Sam said, her first orgasm washing over her, "No, that's not it, maybe this'll help" I said, grabbing both tits & squeezing.  "Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god" "Nope wrong again, I said two words not eight" I said realising my grip of her tits, which by now were so sensitive I didn't need to touch them to make her cum so quickly.  "I'm, I'm, oh god" "Nearly there" I said, still increasing her sensitivity, "I'm, I'm sorry" "BINGO!  We have a winner" I said, reducing her sensitivity back to normal.  Sam collapsed onto the floor, her feet still in the same spot, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry" Sam mumbled, still recovering from the intense bombardment of sensation & orgasm.

"& now, for the start of the rest of your life" I said, making her stand up, "What!  You mean there is more punishment?" Sam asked, slowly recovering, "Oh yes, punishment you will have for the rest of your life.  Let the changes begin" when I finished the last sentence, Sam began to change.  She shrunk down to 5'3, her hair stayed at the small of her back but curled into spirals, her eyes turned to Natalie's blue eyes (there are too many brown eyes in this house), her tits grew, & grew, & grew, "How big are you making me?" Sam asked, to scared to touch them incase she orgasmed, "You are a PP cup.  The good news, they are very sensitive, the bad news is you don't have the back strength to walk up right" I let Sam go & she feel forward onto her tits & orgasmed immediately, she tried vainly to get up, but her tits were simply to heavy.  "You may move freely now" I said, crouching down to her face, with all her might she was just able to move onto her back, her tits resting perfectly on her chest, towering into the air, "Is this it?  Am I done?" Sam asked, breathing normally, "Not by a long shot" I said, looking down at her pussy, I saw her pussy move up her body till the top of it was just under her navel by about an inch & then her neatly shaven pussy became bare.  Then, where her pussy was only moments ago, a cock started to make it's way out from her groin, it grew & grew, till it was 12" long & fully erect (complete with balls), I grabbed her arm, "Feel that?  That's yours" I said, making her grip her cock, "<gasp> My pussy!  My wonderful pussy, what have you done to it?" "Don't worry it's just here" I replied moving her hand to the new home of her pussy, "Whenever your pussy cums so will your cock & vice versa" I added.  Her butt cheeks started to get more sensitive, "Hay, that tickles" Sam said giggling, "<gasp> What did you do to my voice <giggle>" "This is just your alternate personality coming through, soon you'll be a stupid bimbo on the outside & your normal self on the inside & an obedient one at that.  Now get onto all fours" I ordered, "<giggle> Yes Ben <giggle>" "Now, now bimbo, you are to call me master, ok?" "<giggle> Yes master <giggle>".  I gave her ass a squeeze & she orgasmed, it's only half as sensitive as her tits, but a good squeeze can send her over the edge, "<giggle> That was nice master, can we do it again? <giggle>" "Soon bimbo soon" I replied, looking at her groin, waiting for the last piece for the jigsaw.  There it was, her cock was moving to one side & another one was growing by its side, just as long & just as thick, "Can you feel that bimbo?  Can you feel your second cock?" "<giggle> Yes master <giggle> I feel it <giggle>".  I used mind reader on Sam to see what she was thinking, "Oh god not two cocks, one was bad enough" "Do you like your cocks bimbo?" I asked, keeping mind reader on, "<giggle> Oh yes master thank you <giggle>" "Nooooooooo, I hate it!  I want you to die!" Sam shouted in her head, I laughed, "Good, good bimbo, you'll fit in nicely here" I said, patting her on her head, the transformation complete.

Thursday 1:15pm:
"You have absolutely no desire to touch my computer in anyway, understand bimbo?" "<giggle> What's un, under" "Do you know what I am asking of you?" I said, "<giggle> Yes master <giggle>" "Good bimbo, good, now suck my cock" I ordered, bimbo just giggled as she tried to make her way over to me (I was sitting at the PC).  She must have orgasmed about ten times in about 6 yards but she got to me, eventually.

I closed down her profile & bought up Sophy's & typed, "you live with Rachel & Ben, you have done for some time now" & hit send I gave Rachel & the rest of the girls a similar command & made it known to all their friends.  I then went back to Sophy's profile & added, "you live with Rachel & Ben because your mother was killed in a tragic car accident & her will had no next of kin specified for you to live with" & hit send.  "Come on bimbo, time to introduce you the rest of the family" I said, blowing my load in her mouth, "<giggle> Mmmm ok master <giggle>" bimbo replied, licking her lips.  I picked her up & carried her down the stairs (I wasn't going to wait all day for her to get down the stairs), "Stay here bimbo" I ordered, making her stay in the living room, "<giggle> Ok master <giggle>", I went off to get the other girls.

Thursday 1:45pm:
I stopped at the door to the living room, "Now close your eyes, all of you" I asked, they all complied, "What have you got in store for us Ben?" Grace asked excitedly, "You'll see love, you'll see" I replied, giving her a kiss.  I lead them in, one by one, & sat them down on the sofa, "Ok, you can open your eyes now" I said excitedly, they all gasped as they saw bimbo's two cock's, bimbo naturally, giggled, "Hi, I'm bimbo <giggle>" "Who she submissive to Ben?" Grace asked, getting turned on, "The same as pet love" I replied, giving her a smile, "<giggle> How are you mistress <giggle>" "<gasp> How did she know what to call me?" Grace asked, looking at me with astonishment, "I did it on master PC" I replied, giving her another smile, "Oh so you finally found out what the name is then" Grace said, returning the smile, "How long is she going to stay stiff for master?" Ann said, getting extremely horny, I turned on mind reader again on Sam & replied, "Till she is dead" "No!  you basted, I can't have two stiff cocks for ever", "Why is she on all fours master?" Brit asked, rubbing her jeans into her pussy, "Because she doesn't have the back strength to support her tits.  I'd recommend that you don't give her any complicated orders, she couldn't say understand, so think stupid monkey with her" I replied, "But apart from that do as you like with her" I added, sitting down on the arm of the sofa.  "Master, does she still have a pussy, her cocks looks very low down?" I chuckled, "Yes pet, yes she does have a pussy, in comparison it's where your cock is" "Oh goody" pet replied, clapping her hands together, "Now I'm going to go for a swim, does anyone want to join me?" I asked, taking my top off, "Yeah ok then master, come on Brit" Ann said, taking Brit's hand, "Ok Ann, god I've missed you" Brit replied, "What about you Grace?" I asked, removing my pants, "Um, I think I'll improve my tan a bit, it's getting a bit pale" Grace replied, removing her top, her tits bouncing free, "& you two?" I asked looking at slave & pet, "What do you think miss, should we?" pet asked, looking into slave's eyes, "Yeah why not" slave said, getting up.  Everyone got undressed & got into the pool, bimbo joined us fifteen minutes later, after crawling the distance, as bimbo got into the water I read Sam's mind, "Oh god it's only been two hours & it already feels like it's been a year.  What's that feeling?  Oh no, not my cocks, anything but that" "Hay bimbo?" "Yeah master <giggle>" "Are you about to cum?" I asked from across the pool, "<giggle> Yeah master <giggle> my cocks are gonna cum real hard <giggle>" just then bimbo went into multi-organ orgasm, "get used to it Sam, you've got a lifetime of it" I thought to my self.

Thursday 2:30pm:
"right I'm going to pick up Rachel & Soph now, I'll be back in a bit" I said, combing my hair, "Ok love, in a bit" Grace replied, blowing me a kiss, I blew a kiss back & went on my way.

Thursday 2:30pm:
I parked the car, using mind reader I found out that Rachel (& therefore Soph) had science last, like yesterday I went to reception & asked for directions & waited out side the class for the bell to ring.  While I was waiting I thought about this that & the other, "who will win the world cup this year?  Should I be embarrassed in saying I like Brit's music?  That chick from TV is really hot" you know the normal seventeen year old stuff.

Thursday 3pm:
The bell rang & the girls came out, "Hi Ben" Rachel said, hugging & kissing me, "Hi love, good day was it?" "Yeah it was alright" Rachel replied, giving me another kiss, "You alright Soph?" I asked, "Yeah Ben I'm fine, I just feel a bit lonely at the moment" Soph replied, looking unhappy, "Well if it's any help I know how you feel & it's only a matter of time before you find someone" I replied, giving her shoulder a light squeeze, "Yeah I know, maybe this weekend a?" Soph said, forcing a smile, "Yeah Soph that's the spirit, you will get someone this weekend," Rachel said, trying to perk her up.

I opened the door to the only four seater Porsche Boxter in the world & let the girls in, they both sat at the back, it's easier for them to talk I think, I don't ask when it comes to girls.  I drove them home, with a big grin on my face.

Thursday 3:30pm:
"Come on Soph, lets get this homework out of the way" Rachel said, realising her grip of my hand, "Yeah, ok then" Soph replied, following Rachel.  "Just before you go do your homework, I'd like to introduce you to bimbo" I said, walking Rachel & Soph into the living room, "My god Ben!  Who is she?" Rachel asked in shock, "Just someone who used to give us a lot of problems" I replied, grinning, knowing that Sam would be crying out to her daughter, "I don't like that name Ben, can we change it?" Rachel asked, looking into my eyes, "Sure, how about, Tess?" "Yeah Tess sounds good" Rachel replied, kissing my cheek, "Ok Tess it is then, now go do your homework" I said, patting Rachel on her ass, "Oh!  Easy tiger" Rachel replied, giving me a wink.

Thursday 4:30pm: (with Eva)
Eva woke up from her long sleep, "Boy that sure was some drug" she said to her self, sitting up, "<gasp> My god these are massive" Eva said to her self, "But oh so nice" she added, rubbing them all over.  She looked over to the arm rest & saw the note, "Other improvements?" Eva said to her self, running to the full body mirror in the hall way, "<gasp> Oh wow, I'm sooo fit" she said out loud as she moved her hands all over her body.  She moved her hand down to her pussy, "Oh my pussy is sooo wet" she said to her self as images of me ran through her head, "Oh I need Ben's cock inside my sopping pussy" she said, three fingers deep inside her pussy, while she cupped one of her tits, sucking on the nipple.  "Why am I thinking of Ben & why am I talking so dirty & what is with these highly sexy clothes that I like so much?" Eva asked her self as she brought her self to orgasm, "Oh it doesn't matter" she said to herself, having another orgasm.  She wanted to go over to my house but knew she should stay & wait for Jim, "Ben would like that" she thought to her self, she sat back down on the sofa & brought her self to countless orgasms as she watched the porn channels.

Thursday 4:30pm: (with me)
"Hay Ben, what's up?  You look like you're waiting for something," Grace asked, sitting next to me, rubbing her hair (she'd been in the shower), "Which do you want to hear first, the good, or the bad?" I asked, looking into her eyes, "Start with the bad, always start with the bad" Grace replied, looking a bit worried, "Well the bad news is Tess is Soph's mum" I said, sighing, "Tess?  Who's Tess?" Grace asked puzzled, "Duh, stupid me, bimbo is Soph's mum.  Rachel didn't like the name bimbo, so we changed it to Tess" I replied, holding her hand, "But she's dead, she has been for some time now" "No, no she's not.  She's inside Tess, & hating every minute of it" I said, looking at the ground, "Why have you done that to Sam?  She was so nice," Grace asked, lifting my head up, "She had a copy of master PC & she was Natalie as well.  Oh Grace, I let anger take control of me" I replied, looking out the window, still holding onto Grace's hand.  "You need to put things right Ben at least give bim, er I mean Tess some dignity" Grace said, finding it hard to take all this in but looking into my eyes all the same.  "I'm going to do something I should have done a long time ago," I said, making my way to master PC, "Ben, don't do anything stupid" Grace said, following closely behind.  I loaded up master PC, brought up Grace's, Ann's, Brit's, pet's, Tess's, Joe's, Hannah's & Eva's profiles, "Ben what are you doing?  You're scaring me," Grace asked, putting her hands on my shoulders, "Let's just say my conscience has court up with me" I replied, looking into her eyes.

In Ann's profile I typed, "Ann you feel that the love you once had for Ben & the rest of the girls has gone & are going back to the USA", I also reduced her sensitivity back to a more manageable level & reduced her tits down a DD cup.  As well as removing the command about only cumming when someone is having sex with her & hit send.  For pet I returned her to normal but gave her some adequate improvements (curvaceous body etc) & hit send.  I did the same for Tess but made her have no interest in finding another copy of master PC.  I also returned Joe & family back to normal but leaving some improvements.  "What are you going to do with me?" Grace asked, holding back the tears, I looked into her eyes, held her hand & said, "Not a lot, just make you more like you used to be" I kissed her hand & made the changes but didn't hit send.  I went to Brit's profile & reduced the extreme love she felt for me & everyone else to "very good friend" I also added, "you like Ben, a lot & visit often for a chat & sex" I hit send & closed her profile down.  "Please Ben, don't do this" Grace pleaded with me, the tears running down her face, "I'm sorry love, I have to, don't worry we'll still be together" I replied, laying her down on the bed, "This is for your own good" I added, kissing her for the last time on her lushes lips.  "Just one question before you change me back" "Yes love" "What was the good news?" I gave her a smile & replied, "I still love you as much as the first day I saw you" "Please, don't do it Ben" "I'm sorry love, I have to" I replied, sitting back down in front of the screen.  I slowly moved the mouse to the send button, "Please Ben please, don't do it" Grace pleaded, I couldn't bear to look at her as I pressed the send button, "I'm sorry love, I'm so very, very sorry" I said, breathing a heavy sigh.  I couldn't bear to watch as Grace changed back to what she was like almost two & a half months ago.  When Grace had stopped crying I knew she was asleep, just as I wanted her to be, I sat & watched her for a few minutes, "It's for the best" I said to my self, bringing up Rachel & Soph's profiles.  I put their memories straight, after I made them go to sleep, I also made Rachel's tits go back to what they should be, if they were still growing.  I went downstairs, my eyes all red & blood shoot & carried Soph to the car I also got Sam (who, just like everyone else, was asleep) & put her in the car & drove them both back to their house, they would wake up in a few hours as if nothing had happened.

I got back home & wondered what to do with slave, my mum.  I went back to master PC, brought up mum's profile & stared at it for a good ten minutes, "There is only one thing I can do" I said, putting things back to what they were two months ago.  Although I did change some things, I made her look her age of fifty-one (she smoked), I turned her into a non smoker, sleep in the spare bedroom & I made her see nothing wrong with me going out with both Rachel & Grace, I hit send.  I went back downstairs & laid Rachel down on a sofa, while she slept.  I went back upstairs & increased all our back accounts by enough so we would never have to worry about money again & hit send.  I was torn between watching Rachel or Grace sleep; I love them equally as much as the other, I wiped away the tears that were still on Grace's cheeks & brought Rachel up to the bedroom & watched them both sleep.

Thursday 5:50pm:
I was typing responses for all the girls to any questions they might get about where they have been & stuff when Grace & Rachel started to wake up; I sent the commands & closed down the PC.  I moved over to the bed, "Hello girls, is everything ok?" I nervously asked, "<gasp> My D cup tits!  What happened to them Ben?" Rachel asked, shocked (I had also removed her new powers), "I got rid of them.  I can put them back if you really want it's entirely your own choice.  Don't have them just 'cos I like them big" I replied, marvelling at what I fell in love with on that one summer Saturday morning.  "No, no I really want them" Rachel said, her eyes watering up, "Oh Rachel don't cry" I said, hugging her with all my love.  I gave Rachel her tits back using my powers as we hugged, "Thank you Ben" Rachel said, giving me a kiss, "That's ok love" I replied, returning the kiss, "Ben? Ben, why did you do this to us?" Grace asked, finally opening her eyes, "What have you done Ben?" Rachel asked, confused, first I told Rachel all that I had done about sending all the girls back to where they belong.  "...As for why I did it, well, I felt that everything was getting out of hand & I was scared that the love both of you have for me would quickly turn artificial, I couldn't stand to let that happen" I finished, a single tear rolling down my cheek.  "Oh Ben, we could never stop loving you" Grace said, hugging me, "Isn't that right Rachel?" she added, "Yeah, my little jungle boy" Rachel replied, hugging us both.  "You have no idea how much that means to me <sniff>" I said, hugging them both, stronger then before.

Thursday 6pm:
"Grace, if you don't mind I would like to have some time alone with Ben" Rachel asked, "Yeah sure thing Rachel, I'll be watching TV downstairs" Grace replied, breaking the hug & heading downstairs.  "I'm ready, if you are Ben" Rachel said, unbuttoning the top few buttons on her top, "Yeah but first" I replied, putting some romantic music on & dimming the lights, for the ultimate cosiness.  I'm not going to write what happened as making love is a sensual thing between a man & a woman.

Thursday 7:30pm:
"That was wonderful Ben" Rachel said, panting heavily, looking into my eyes, "It most certainly was love, I'm glad you were my first" I replied, kissing her hand, "What do you mean your first?" Rachel asked, a little puzzled, "I've never made love before, only shagged, you are the first woman I have made love to & I shall treasure it forever & always" I said, looking into her eyes & kissing her hand again, "Oh Ben" Rachel said, blushing.  "Shall we go join Grace?" I asked, kissing Rachel's hand yet again, "Yeah, ok then.  I can't wait to see what it is like having sex when you have your big dick" Rachel replied, putting her dressing gown on (I gave myself an average sized dick when I made love to Rachel), "You'll find out soon enough" I said, making my cock 12" long again & putting my dressing gown on.

"Hi Grace" Rachel sad, sitting down next to her, "Rachel, you're beaming, did Ben take a certain fruit from you?" Grace asked, giving me a sly look, Rachel blushed, "Yeah, we made love, it was fantastic" Rachel gave me a shy look, "Aww you really know how to make a girl happy don't you" Grace said, giving me a wink, "Yeah" I replied, sitting down between them.  Mum woke up from her sleep in the conservatory, "Oh dear" mum said, yawning, "I must have dosed off, what do you three want?" (don't worry, I gave mum some clothes) she added, "Well what do you two want?" I asked, looking at Rachel & Grace, "Nothing to fancy for me thanks Jen" Grace said, "Have you got any fishcakes?" Rachel asked, "Yeah I think so" mum replied, "Well if Rachel's having fishcakes then I'll have some with a load of backed beans thanks mum" I said, hugging Rachel & Grace, "Would you like some fishcakes Grace?" mum asked, hoping she would say yes, "Yeah ok then, thanks Jen" Grace replied.  "Grace, call me mum, & that goes for you as well Rachel" mum said, just before she headed off for the freezer, "Ok, mum" they said in unison.  I started to water up, "Hay Ben, what's wrong?" Rachel asked, seeing me watering up, "Its just <sniff> excuse me..." I replied walking out to the hallway, "Ben, come on, you can talk to us" Grace said, following me to the hallway.  I walked up to the top of the stairs (I spent a lot of time thinking there, before I found my thinking place in the park), "Its just <sniff> I can't believe what I <sniff> did to mum, how could I?  My own mother" "Oh there there" Grace said, engaging me in a hug, "You could have done a lot worse" Rachel said, sitting next to me, rubbing my back for comfort.  "Yeah but still, <sniff> my own mother" I said, still crying, "I don't deserve you two" I added, "If anything we don't deserve you," Rachel said.  "You have given us the best two months of our lives & you forget, we are getting married at some point" Grace added, "Yeah, you're right, both of you.  I wish I could describe how much I love you both," I said, kissing them both.

Thursday 7:50pm:
"Ok dinner's ready" mum shouted, from the kitchen, "Come on Ben, cheer up, you've done the right thing" Grace said, giving me a hand to my feet.  We went downstairs & had dinner.

Thursday 8:20pm:
"Thanks mum" Grace said, finishing her dinner, "That's ok Grace, would you like anything else?" "Oh, no thanks, I'm full" Grace replied, "Come on girls, let's go up to the bedroom" I said, taking their hands.  We walked into the bedroom & I put a "do not disturb" sign on the handle.  "Hay Ben do you think you could do something with your mum that would bring slave back, I was kinda getting fond of her" Grace asked, "You mean like an alternate personality?" "Yeah, something like that" Grace replied, "What about you Rachel, would you like that?" I asked, taking a seat at the computer, "Yeah, that would be nice, that way I get to have sex with a hermaphrodite" "Ok then" I replied, turning the computer on.  I loaded up master PC & brought up mum's profile, "We need to have some sort of trigger phrase" I said, setting mum up with an extra personality, "It would have to be, inconspicuous" Grace added, "How about, "Polly want a cracker"?" Rachel said, we all looked at each other & laughed, "That's so silly it might just work" Grace said, "Ok then, "Polly want a cracker" it is then" I said, typing it in, "Then we could have, "Polly doesn't want a cracker" to put Jen back" Rachel said, "So it was said, so shall it be" I replied, putting it in.   "How are you going to get slave back then?" Grace asked, "Ah ha using my massive brain power I can get slave from my recent meetings list & copy all her stats to this extra personality" I replied, saying it as I did it, "Anything you want to add?" I added, looking at both girls, "I don't think so, just make sure Jen doesn't remember anything when she is slave" Grace replied, giving me a smile, "Right, done & dusted" I said, hitting the send button, "slave is now mum's alternate personality" I added, turning round to look at Rachel & Grace, they smiled & I hugged them both, "Everything is going to be ok" I said as I hugged them both.

Thursday 8:40pm:
"I don't know about you two but I'm getting horny," I said, laying on the bed, "Yeah, me too" Grace replied, crawling up to me in a sexy manor, "I'm still horny from our love making" Rachel said, laying next to me, "How about we have our first threesome?" I asked, looking at them both, they both nodded in agreement.  We all stripped, Rachel laid on her back, "How are we going to do this Ben?" Grace asked, moving her hands all over my body, "How about you lay on top of Rachel, I have a plan" I replied, giving one of her nipples a pinch, Grace got on top of Rachel & they kissed.  I waited for them to break the kiss before I inserted my cock into Grace's pussy, "He's in me" Grace said, giving Rachel a kiss, I removed my self from Grace & went into Rachel, "Now he's in me" Rachel said, giving one of Grace's nipples a pinch & kissing her.  I kept alternating between them for awhile, slowing bringing them to the edge, I removed my self from Grace & gave my self two cocks, one just above the other in just the right place so that I could do them both at the same time.  Both girls realising the delay, looked at me with pleading eyes, "Please Ben, we're not finished yet" Rachel said in a sexy voice.  I inserted my cocks into their pussies, both girls moaned, looked at each other then at me & smiled, I continued to pump my girl's pussies.  "OH YES, YES, YES, YESSSS" both girls screamed out as they orgasmed at the same time, thanks to a certain person :) (credit goes to Vahktang for the inspiration there).  I blew my loads into their pussies & lay down on the bed, both girls laying either side of me, a cock in their hands, "Did you like that girls?" I asked, running my hands through their hair, "Oh it was better than I ever thought possible" Rachel said, giving me a big smile, "Yeah, we'll have to do it again some time" Grace replied, kissing my chest.  After a few minutes the girls fell asleep, still holding onto my cocks, I soon followed, looking forward to a bi-blowjob when we wake up.

Friday 7:30pm:
"Ben wake up, you need to take me into school" Rachel said, making my cock stiff, "No, I don't" I replied, smiling, "Why not?" Rachel asked puzzled, "It's your last day today isn't it?" "Yeah, &?" "Well I was thinking you don't have to go if you don't want to" I replied, cupping her tits, "Mmm, ok then, but only cos this feels so good" Rachel replied, tilting her head back, "Ok then, lets go back to sleep" I said, resting her head on my chest.  Rachel still held onto my cock.

Friday 11:10pm:
I awoke to see a pussy in my face, I gave it a lick & waited for the moan, it was Grace's, I then felt it, without any encouragement at all, both girls were sucking my cocks.  "I want to see you suck them," I said, enjoying the pleasure, Grace moved to one side & I saw Rachel, giving head, just not that well, "Hay Rachel, do you want to be better at that?" I asked, giving a moan of pleasure, "Oh yeah please Ben" Rachel replied, realising her suction, with a few thoughts I improved her cock sucking skills so much it would make a porn star jealous.  She reapplied her suction & I almost lost it right there & then but I didn't, I improved Grace's sucking ability to the same level.  Minutes later, I blew bucket loads of sweat strawberry flavoured cum down their throats.  "Does cum normally taste like strawberries?" Rachel asked, licking up every last drop, "No, it normally tastes foul" Grace replied, also licking up every last drop of my cum.

Friday 11:30pm:
"Time for a shower I think" I said, getting off the bed, "Care to join me?" I added, giving both girls gave a wink, "Yeah, why not" Grace said, closely following me with Rachel in hand.

"Hay, I've always wanted to have a threesome in a shower, can we?" Grace asked, "We haven't got enough dicks" Rachel replied, "Oh yes we do" I replied, removing my second cock & giving it to Rachel (metaphorically speaking), "Ok let's do this" Rachel said, getting excited.  Grace turned round so that she was facing Rachel, Rachel inserted her cock in Grace's pussy, "Where are you going to do me Ben, as if I need to ask" Grace asked, panting, I inserted my cock into her ass hole.  I synchronised myself with Rachel so that when I was in Grace, Rachel was out & vice versa.  "Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, fuck me good, oh yes, yess, yesssss" Grace said as we brought her to orgasm, she leaned back onto me, "Make my tits big, like they used to be" she said, cupping her tits, "Ok love" I replied, also cupping her tits.  I started to make them grow, slowly at first but with maximum sensation, Rachel was mesmerised by Grace's growing tits, "Suck them already" Grace said, panting heavily, Rachel reached forward & sucked on one nipple while she squeezed the other like a woman possessed.  A few minutes later, she started pumping Grace's pussy again, "Oh boy, she, really, knows how, to use, that, monster, doesn't she?" Grace panted out, "Well, she's had a good teacher" I replied, sticking my tongue down her mouth & following Rachel's lead.  "OH YES, OH YES, OH YES, YES, YES, OH FUCK YESSSSSSS" Rachel shouted as she had her first ever male orgasm, she then slid out of Grace's pussy as she feel to the floor, completely wasted, "Did you enjoy that Rachel?" I asked, still pumping Grace's ass, there was no reply, "You, must of, worn, her out" Grace replied, on the verge of yet another orgasm, "Ah, ah, ah, ah, yes, yes, yes, yes, fuck yessssss" Grace whispered out, her first proper anal orgasm.  I removed my self from her ass hole, gave Rachel her pussy back, turned off the shower & put Rachel on the bed.  Grace dried her off as I dried my self off.

Friday 12:45pm:
"Hay, how did you enjoy that?" I asked, "Huh?  Oh, it was incredible" Rachel said, gaining her energy back, "How come you're not tired?" she added, "'cos I improved my stamina, why?  Do you want to be like me?" I replied, giving her a hand to her feet, "Oh yeah, please love" Rachel replied, giving me a smile, "Well if you're going to improve her stamina, you'd better do me as well" Grace said, slightly unsteady on her feet, "You got it girls" I said, turning on the computer & loading master PC.  I loaded up both girls & increased their stamina to 50% more then the human maximum & hit send, both girls shuddered, "Wow what a rush" Rachel said, looking all over her body in amazement, "Glad you like it, I'm going to get some lunch now, care to join me?" I asked, putting some trousers on, "Yeah, I'm starving" Grace said, I turned off the computer while the girls made themselves look presentable.

Friday 1:35pm:
"Well, what do you want to do now?" I asked, putting the plates in the dishwasher, "I'm going to rest in the Jacuzzi for a bit" Grace replied, heading up the stairs, "Can you give me an alternate personality love?" Rachel asked, giving me a puppy eyed look, "Yeah I guess, what do you want?" I asked, slightly sceptical, "Load up master PC & I'll tell you" Rachel asked, holding onto my hand as she led me upstairs.

"Ok, so what do you want?" I asked, bringing up her profile, "I want to be just me but with a dick that is 20" long when hard & some... say JJ cup tits" Rachel replied, hugging me from behind, "Er ok, you sure about 20"?" I asked, "Oh yeah absolutely" Rachel replied hugging me a little more tightly, "Ok then" I said taking a deep breath.  I made the changes, "What do you want for a trigger phrase?" I asked, looking into her eyes, "How about, "big dick" to make the changes &, "no dick" to put me back to normal" Rachel replied, stroking my chest, "Ok then, you really sure you want a dick 20" long?" I asked, typing in the phrases, "Yes, god love, don't worry, I'll come to you the moment I want to change it" Rachel said, kissing my cheek, "Do you want anything changed about your personality?" "No, just have it as me, although, maybe you should make me like big tits" I made the changes, "You ready?" I asked, the mouse pointer hovering above the send button, Rachel nodded, I hit send & she kissed me full on the lips, "Thanks love" she said, kissing me again.

Rachel took a few steps back & said her trigger phrase, she started to moan as her tits grew, I started to remove her top, "No Ben, leave it on, I want to feel my tits rip my top to pieces" Rachel said, rubbing her now FF cup tits all over.  By now her top was getting tight, "Oh yes, this feels, amazing" Rachel said panting, her top starting to rip in the middle, showing her tits pressing together, "Yes, grow my lovelies, grow" Rachel said, her tits now a III cup.  When her tits got to a J cup her top ripped to pieces & her tits bounced free, "Oh wow" Rachel said, panting heavily, "These are perfect" she added, cupping one of them with both hands.  She moved in front of the mirror & let her tits bounce freely, "& now, for the final piece" Rachel said, looking down the mirror to her crotch, it didn't take long for a bulge to appear.  When it got to the size of about three baseballs the zip of her trousers started to come undone, "This is incredible Ben" Rachel said, cupping her balls.  "My god, it's as big as a football (soccer to you yanks)" Rachel said, the button to her trousers struggling to keep together, a few seconds later the button pinged off & her trousers fell to the floor, her panties had long since ripped to pieces.  Her flaccid cock rolled out freely, the head just passing her knee, "Oh wow, it's massive" Rachel said, looking in ore at her reflection.  She then gave one of her 3" long nipples a pinch & we both watched as her cock grew stiff.  When it was fully erect, Rachel lifted it up & placed it between her tits, "Wow, it nearly goes past my head" Rachel said, wrapping her tits round her cock.  She then laid down on the bed & started to rub her tits up & down the shaft of her monster cock, "Oh, my, god, this is, fucking, amazing" Rachel panted, her orgasm nearing.  A few seconds later she blew her load, the cum shot right past her head & splattered on the wall, with her final moments of continuousness she was just able to say her trigger phrase.  I watched her as her tits shrank back to their D cups & as her cock shrank back into a pussy.  I laid the bed sheets over her & whipped up the cum & went to join Grace.

Friday 2:15pm:
"Hay Grace, can I join you?" I asked, slipping into the Jacuzzi, Grace moved round next to me & rested her head on my chest, "What is your stamina set at love?" Grace asked, lightly stroking my cock, "Um, it's about four times the human maximum, why?" I replied, cupping a tit, "Oh, just wondering" Grace replied, stroking my cock with a bit more determination now.  When Grace got my cock stiff she moved in front of me & wrapped her tits round my cock & tit fucked me.  "I'm going to keep fucking you till you are worn out," Grace said, giving me a devilish look, "Ok love, what ever you say" I replied. With a few quick thoughts I made Grace have the equivalent of two orgasms in one when ever she made me cum, I also made it so she didn't realise it, just for fun.  I went to play with her tits but she stopped me, "Na ah, no touching" she replied pushing my hands away.  By now I was breathing heavily, "How are you enjoying it?" Grace asked, anticipating my orgasm, "I'm loving it, as always" I replied, just before I orgasmed, Grace shuddered, then carried on as if nothing had happened.  I wanted to play with tits, I was getting desperate to play with some tits, so, seeing as Grace wasn't letting me play with hers I gave my self some, a nice firm set of JJ's.  I played with my nipples to start off with, which, some how felt like it was making my cock even stiffer than before, after about five minutes I started to suck on a nipple, soon my orgasms were coming thick & fast.  Grace's tits were covered with my cum in a matter of minutes but still Grace continued.

Friday 5:15pm:
"What's the matter Grace, getting tired?" I asked, Grace's rhythm slowing down, "Yeah, I guess you're just too strong for me" Grace replied, leaning back against the Jacuzzi, "Ah well, don't worry about it love" I replied.  I put her mind & body straight, Grace had a puzzled look on her face for a few seconds, she then looked at me, "You sly bastered" she said, giving me a wink, "Well I had to have some fun with your body" I replied, bouncing my tits up & down.  "Hay guys, what you doing?" Rachel asked, slipping into the Jacuzzi, "Oh nothing, say, you know what I'd like?  I'd really like, a big dick" I said looking at Rachel, within seconds she was moaning as her tits grew.  I rolled on top of her & pushed my tits down onto her growing tits, which soon got her going, "Oh Ben, I want to fuck a fanny" Rachel said as her cock got stiff, "Not me love, I'm worn out" Grace replied.  I stood up, my cock also getting stiff but instead of letting it grow I made it shrink into a pussy, Rachel was amazed by the whole sequence, "Good enough for you?" I asked, Rachel nodded, so I lowered myself onto her stiffening cock, I leaned forward again, letting our tits rub against each other, "Do me Ben, do me like a whore" Rachel said, tilting her head back.  I started to rock my hips up & down over her massive cock, minutes later Rachel was close to cumming, "YES, YES, GOD DAMN IT, BEN YOU'VE GOT A, TIGHT PUSSY, FUCK YES, YES, YES, YESSSS!" Rachel shouted in orgasm, I removed my self from her cock with a comforting "pop" sound.  "You know I think you should have no dick for a while" I said, putting my body straight (don't worry I did cum, I'm just more controlled than my girls) Rachel moaned as her body went back to normal.

Friday 6:15pm:
We all got out of the Jacuzzi & dried our selves off.  "Hay, are you lot ready for dinner?" mum asked through the door, I looked at my girls & they nodded, "Yeah mum, pizza would be nice" I replied, putting the TV on & sitting back on the bed, both girls sat on either side of me.

Friday 6:45pm:
"Your dinner's ready" mum shouted from the bottom of the steps, so we went down & had dinner.  "Do you want to come to youth club with me tonight girls?" I asked, both girls nodded, "Ok, why don't we all wear something a little risky, if you know what I mean" I asked, giving both girls a wink, "Yeah, ok then love" Grace replied, rubbing my leg with her foot.  "I don't know Ben, I'm not really into wearing risky clothing" "Oh go on Rachel, it'll be fun," Grace said with puppy eyes.  I took Rachel's hand, "Please" I said in a soft voice, "Oh all right then, but only because the pair of you look so sad with those faces" Rachel replied, giving me a smile.  We continued with our dinner & talked about what clothes we should wear.

Friday 7:20pm:
The girls went to pick out their outfits while I put the dishes in the dishwasher.  "Let's see 'em then," I said walking into the bedroom, both girls moved out of the way allowing me to see the outfits laid out on the bed, "No, no, no, I meant on you, let's see 'em on you" both girls looked at each other & had a little giggle.  They put the outfits on, "What do you think love?" Rachel said, giving me a twirl.  Rachel was wearing a shiny black, short sleeved shirt, tied in the middle with some shiny black trousers that griped onto her hips like there was no tomorrow.  "I think you look amazing, as always," I said, giving her a peck on the cheek, "What about me Ben?" Grace asked, striking a pose.  Grace was wearing a long black dress with a slit in one side that went all the way up to her waist, with a V shaped cleavage that went all the way down to about an inch past her belly button, "Amazing, as always" I replied, also giving her a peck on the cheek.  I packed up the N64 & we watched some TV till it was time to leave.

Friday 8:00pm:
"Come on girls, let's go," I said, turning off the TV, I picked up my stuff & we headed for the door.  "Are you going to youth club now?" mum asked just before I opened the door, "Yeah, see you later mum" I replied, walking out the door.  The three of us got in the car & drove off to youth club.

Friday 8:10pm:
We walked into the hall & I set up the N64 & some of the other stuff while everyone was arriving, "Hi Ben, how's it going?" Paul asked, "Oh hi Paul, yeah it's going pretty well, I've got an announcement to make at some point tonight" "Yeah, what is it?" Paul asked, eagerly, "No, no, no mate, you're gonna have to wait" I replied with a smile, "Alright mate, talk to you later" Paul said, heading off to get something, "Hay, what did Paul want?" Grace asked, giving me a hug, "Just a chat" I said, "Don't worry," I added in a sarcastic tone, Grace smiled & kissed me on the lips.

Friday 9pm:
I turned down the volume on the hi-fi, "Err, excuse me, can I have your attention please" everyone stopped what they were doing, "Ok, um, I would like to announce that me & Grace are engaged" the hall erupted with cheers & applause.  "THREE CHEERS FOR THE HAPPY COUPLE!" someone shouted out, by now Grace was standing by my side, "HIP HIP" one person said, "HORAY!" came the reply, "HIP HIP, HORAY!  HIP HIP, HORAY!"  I must have shaken everyone's hand at least five times throughout the night.  "So when's the big day?" Paul asked, "We haven't decided yet" Grace replied, holding my hand, "Right, so what's this big announcement then?" Paul asked with a smile, "Oh that, yeah, um, I'm gay" I jokingly replied, laughing Paul said, "Right, well I'll leave you two love birds to it" he then walked off to sort some argument out.

Friday 10:30pm:
"Well thanks for your help Ben & congratulations again," Paul said as the girls & I headed for the car, "Thanks, see you next week" I replied, opening the car door for my girls.  We all got in & I started the engine & pulled out, only to hear a clanking noise.  I turned off the engine & walked to the back of the car to see about a dozen drink cans attached to the bumper, I looked at Paul, he chuckled to him self & waved, I waved back, got back into the car & drove home.

Friday 10:45pm:
"Did you have a good time?" mum asked as we walked through the front door, we all nodded & sat down on the sofa.  "Good, well <yawn> I'm going to go to bed now, night" mum said, heading for the door, we all said night as mum made her way up the stairs.  Both girls rested their heads on my chest as we watched TV, Rachel said her trigger phrase, we all watched as her tits grew out of her dress & as her cock forced her trousers to their absolute limit, "Why'd you do that Rachel?" Grace asked, leaning over & cupping one of Rachel's tits, "Mmm, I like the extra sensation" Rachel replied, getting hard, she removed her trousers before her cock ripped it in two (she wasn't wearing any knickers).  "Well I'm going to go to bed now" I said, giving one of Rachel's nipples a pinch, "Mmm, I'll join you" Rachel said, enjoying the sensation, "Yeah, me to" Grace said, we all went up stairs & got into bed.  The girls rested their heads on my chest "Hay Ben" Rachel started, "Yeah love" I replied, "Could you give me something soft to rest my head against?" "What, like some fleshy tits?" "Yeah that'd be nice" "Of course love anything for you" I replied, giving myself some JJ cup tits that were like pillows.  Rachel placed her cock between her tits & got her head comfortable on one of my tits, Grace also rested her head on my tits & we all drifted off to sleep.

Saturday 8:30pm:
"Com' on girls, time to wake up" I said softly into their ears, "Huh? Oh, ok love" Grace said, coming round, "Rachel, come on Rachel time to get up" I said into Rachel's ear a little louder then last time, "Morning love" Rachel said, sitting up.  She had forgotten about her cock & got a big surprise when she saw it rising up past her head, "OH SHIT! Er no dick" she hurriedly said, "Hay love what would happen if I were to say one of my trigger phrases twice, like if I said, big you know what then said it again without saying the other one?" Rachel said, putting her bowling shirt on, "I don't know, I'll check for you" I replied, loading up master PC.  I typed in the question & master PC came back with, "if one trigger phrase is said in succession then the alternate personality becomes the default profile & the old profile is deleted" "Shit!" I said with surprise, I told Rachel what would happen, "Oh my god, can you do something to make sure I don't get accidentally deleted?" "Um, maybe, I'll check" I typed in, "can I make a copy of someone's profile?" master PC replied with, "profiles are saved as *.pfs make a new document, copy all the requested stats & save as *.pfs" I did as master PC said & made a copy of Rachel's profile (just Rachel's NOT including her alternate personality).  "There you go, you're safe now" I replied, giving Rachel a comforting smile, "Thanks love, I'm going downstairs now to have some breakfast" Rachel said, giving me a loving kiss, "I'll join you Rachel, you coming love?" Grace asked, "I'll be there in a minute" I replied.

I waited for the sound of the girls heading down the stairs before I asked master PC a question that I had been thinking about for a while, "can you make computer games characters come to life?" "I can do this in two ways, 1. I can make a new body & have it modelled to the characters measurement or 2. I can make an exact copy of the character so that they look just like they do in the game" "oh the possibilities" I thought to myself, I loaded up my profile & started work on an alternate profile.  I made it a woman, 6', firm E cups, the sexiest body ever imagined, long shiny blonde hair going down to my perfectly formed ass, I increased my age to twenty two & made myself bi.  My trigger phrase was "working at a strip joint" to turn me into Zoë (my female name) & "out of hours" to turn me back to me.  I hit send & started up another alternate profile, this one would also turn me into a woman, well girl actually, of fifteen, nice perky C cup tits, blonde hair again, going down to my shoulders, I will stand at 5'3" & have a sexy body to boot I would also be bi.  My trigger phrase for this body is, "young again" to make me April & "back to reality" to make me, me again, I hit send, made a copy of my default profile & went downstairs to join my girls.

"Ok then girls, you ready?" I asked, placing my bowling balls at the front door, "Yeah love" they said in unison, we got in the car & drove off to the bowl.

Saturday 9:30pm:
We walked into the bowl & got ready for the mornings bowling, while we were waiting for everyone to arrive we just sat with each other, enjoying the others company.

Saturday 9:45pm:
"League players you are now on fifteen minutes practise" came the voice over the speaker system, while everyone else was practising I went up to the front desk, "Excuse me, could you announce that Ben Yantz is engaged to Grace Shelly?" I asked, "Yeah of course, congratulations" said the man at the desk, I said thanks & walked back to my lane.  "This is a customer announcement, we would like send our congratulations to Ben Yantz & Grace Shelly down on lanes 3 & 4 who are engaged to be married in the near future.  As an early wedding present we would like to give them a £200 gift voucher to spend at Mario's Pro Shop, the best in Europe" Grace turned red as the whole bowl turned to look at us, there were whistles & cheers from everybody.  "Go on, show them the ring" I whispered into her ear, Grace raised her hand to the crowds & there was another wave of cheers & whistles but soon everyone cooled down & carried on with their bowling.

Saturday 11:40pm:
Another good set of games (243, 231, 265 a 739 series & a 246 avg.) Rachel got 160, 125 & 142 a 427 series & a 142 avg. Grace on the other hand doesn't bowl, "I can't get it down the end without the bumper things" she keeps saying & refuses to bowl other wise, so I can't help her.  Getting back to the story, while Rachel & Grace were putting the balls in the right bags I went down to the front desk to pick up the wedding gift.  "Hi, I'm Ben Yantz, you have a gift voucher for me" "Oh yeah, here you go sir & congratulations again" said the young woman, "Thanks, Becky" I said looking at her name tag, "Oh please, here come your girlfriend & daughter" Becky said, blushing, "She's not my daughter, she's my second girlfriend" I replied, Becky blushed again.  "You ready love?" Rachel asked, "Yeah, lets go" I replied, we got in the car & drove home.

Saturday 12:30pm:
"How'd you do?" mum asked, opening the door for us, "Yeah, we did pretty well" I replied, putting the balls in the kitchen, "Yeah, the bowl gave them a £200 gift voucher" Rachel said, putting her ball bag down.  "Wow, that's great, let me guess, you can only spend it at the bowl?" mum asked, "Well sorta, its for Mario's pro shop" I said, hugging Rachel from behind.  "Well that's very nice, do any of you want any launch?" mum asked, heading for the kitchen, we all said no, Grace & Rachel went into the living room & put the TV on while I put the balls away.

I sat down between my girls, hugging them both, "Hay Grace, seeing as Rachel has an extra personality, do you want one?" I asked, playing with her hair, "Um, I don't know, it sounds like a good idea but I don't know what I would have" "Well how about we load master PC up & we'll see what we can do?" I replied, stroking the side of her face, "Yeah go on Grace, it's such a horny experience" Rachel added, "Ok then" Grace said, getting to her feet.

I loaded up master PC & set Grace up with an alternate personality, "So what do you want?" I asked, "Well, um, I really liked that whole giantess thing so make me tall" "How tall?" I interrupted, "I don't know, not too big, I don't want to shoot through the ceiling, say about 10'?" I made her 10', "Anything else?" "Yeah, something you'll really like, give me some PPP cup tits, really firm & no back problems" "Would I have it any other way?" I asked, typing the information in, "Oh, & one last thing, make my tits & clit twenty times more sensitive than they should be for someone that size" Grace said with a big grin, I added the sensitivity, "Ok & trigger phrases?" "Um, "high & mighty" to make me tall &, "mighty fine" to make me normal" I put in the phrases, "Is there anything else you want?" I asked, hovering above the send button, "Nope, that'll do thanks love" I hit send, "So, miss high & mighty would you like some big dick?" I said with a grin, Rachel quickly took her clothes off as her body changed, Grace just stood on the spot, overwhelmed by the sensations she was getting.

When she reached 7' her clothes ripped apart, her tits hadn't grown yet & her nipples were way bigger than her tits were but she didn't notice she was too happy turning into a giantess.  When she reached 9' she had to sit down so as not to go through the roof, she stopped growing & looked at her body in ore, "Hay!  Where are my tits?" graces asked, noticing a flat chest, "They should be there soon, don't worry" I replied, just then they started to grow but they stopped growing when they reached what looked like (on her body) measly A cups (& bearly that) "Ben, I want huge tits!  Were are they?" "Hang on a sec" I replied, I went over to master PC & typed in Grace's alternate personality, "tits corresponding to body size" & hit send, "Oh yes!  I can feel them growing again Ben" Grace said, as she started to caress them, they soon got to full size, "Come on Ben, take me, you know you want to" Grace said in a sexy voice, spreading her legs.  I walked down to her pussy, rubbing her thighs as I went, I lightly blew on her clit, "AH FUCKING HELL THAT'S FUCKING GOOD!" Grace shouted out, an intense orgasm overcoming her, "& all I did was blow" I said to my self, "Is everything ok?" mum asked through the door, "Oh shit!  Um, Polly want a cracker" Rachel said, thinking quickly, we could hear moans & the sound of clothes ripping through the door.  A few seconds later slave walked through the door, "Hi master, MISTRESS, you're, you're so tall & mistress what happened to your perfectly formed pussy?" slave asked in shock, "I had a little, "alteration" do you like?" Rachel replied, making her cock slap against each thigh, "Oh yes mistress, you look very horny" slave replied, getting hard, "Good" Rachel said, sitting on the edge of the bed, "Now suck my cock" she ordered, slave longed at Rachel's cock & sucked it like a woman possessed.

Meanwhile I had moved onto Grace's hip, I reached up & started to rub her right tit, "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, THAT IS GOOD!" Grace shouted, I climbed onto the bed & reached up to her nipple & gave it a pinch, "AAAAHHHH FUCKING HELL, THAT FEELS, FUCKING, YES, YES, YES, FUCKING GREAT!" Grace shouted out again, hitting the floor with her fist, "Man you is going to go ballistic when I shag you" I said, moving back down to her pussy, I gave her clit another blow, Grace cursed again.  When Grace had stopped cursing I slid my cock into her pussy, doing so made her quietly curse, I looked over my shoulder to Rachel & slave, slave was still sucking Rachel's cock, "Hay girls, come over here" I said, both girls came over, "What do you want love?" Rachel asked, "I want you both to shove your cock's into Grace's pussy, we're all going to shag her at once" I whispered to them both, "What you lot planning?" Grace asked, "We're going to" slave started, before I cut her off, "Don't tell her" slave went silent, "Close your eyes Grace & tell us what you feel" I said, Grace closed her eyes.  Rachel was the first of the two to put her cock in, "I, I, feel an extra cock" Grace said, breathing heavily, slave was next, slipping her cock in the other side of mine, "Fuck, I, I, I feel another cock" Grace repeated, "Well done love, you can open your eyes now" I said, Grace opened her eyes & looked straight down at us.  "Oh boy, go on, fuck me, all of you, fuck me now," Grace said, moving her hand up to a tit.

We quickly got a rhythm going, when I was all the way in the other two would have just their heads in & vice versa.  "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, YES, YES, YES, KEEP, FUCK, YES, GOING, FUCK, FUCK" Grace shouted, now franticly squeezing her nipples & pushing her tits together, "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH, FUUUUUUUUUUCK, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Grace shouted as the most intense orgasm she had ever had came over her entire body, she fell onto her back & into unconsciousness, we all removed our selves from Grace's pussy.  "No dick" said Rachel; she played with her tits as they shrank back to their D cup, "Mmm, mighty fine" I said.  I played with Grace's tits as she came back down to her normal height, "Slave, get into mum's bed & go to sleep" I ordered, "Yes master, see you later mistress" slave replied, placing her cock between her tits.  Once Grace was close to her normal height I placed her on the bed, I went over to master PC & closed it down, Rachel had since returned to normal, "I'm just going to bring mum back" I said to Rachel, giving her a kiss, "Ok love" she replied, returning the kiss.

Saturday 2:25pm:
Slave was fast asleep, I played with her tits for a bit, making her cock erect & making her hug it like a teddy bear, "Polly doesn't want a cracker," I softly said, I left her alone as she turned back into mum.

"Hay Rachel, what do you want to do now?" I asked walking back into the bedroom, "Hay!" Rachel said, surprised, "Um, I think I'm just going to catch a few Z's" she added, turning off the PC screen, "Ok then, I'll see you in a bit" I blew her a kiss & went downstairs.

Saturday 2:25pm: (with Rachel)
"I can't take much more of this" Rachel thought to her self, sitting down in front of the PC.  She loaded up master PC, "Please enter password" Rachel typed in my old password, "incorrect password please try again" "Oh, fine then, um..." Rachel said, slumping in the chair, "I love Rachel" she typed in as a hunch, "incorrect password, you have one more attempt" "I will always love Rachel" she crossed her fingers as she hit enter.  "Welcome back Ben" "Yes!" Rachel said to her self, a big grin on her face, she brought up her profile & was just about to start typing when, "Hay Rachel, what do you want to do now?" "Hay!" she turned off the PC screen, "I think I'm just going to catch a few Z's" Rachel replied, moving over to the bed, "Ok then, I'll see you in a bit" I blew her a kiss & went downstairs.  Rachel moved back to master PC, "Phew!" she said to herself, "Now then" she added as she started to type away.

Saturday 3pm: (with me)
I wrote out a note saying that, "I've gone out, I'll be back soon". I got in my car & headed into town.

I parked the car, brought some sexy women's clothes, found a public toilet, got in, changed into the clothes & said my trigger phrase to turn me into Zoë.  I then went to find a strip club but not just any strip club a really seedy one, it didn't take me long to find the most seediest club in town, I looked at the name, "Heaven's Bad Girls" I walked in & asked to talk to the manager.  "Hi I'm the manager, what can I do for you?" said this old fat man smoking a cigar, "Hi" I started in my bimbo like voice, "Do you have any room for little old me to work?" I added, running a finger down his chest, he looked up & down my body, "Maybe, come with me" he said walking off to his office.  He offered me a seat but I perched my ass on the edge of his desk, "So, um" "Zoë" "Right Zoë, what makes you think I want someone like you working here?" "I don't know <giggle> but I'm really good with people & when it comes to the bedroom I'm a wild thing <giggle>" "Ok, can you blow?" "CAN I?" I said excitedly, getting to my feet, I walked round the desk, crouched down between his legs & started to give him a blowjob, "OH yeah, oh yeah bitch you do a good blowjob, oh yeah" seconds later he came in my mouth, not wanting to disappoint I swallowed it all.  "Well thank you for that nice demonstration, but here at Heaven's bad girls, we all have some special talent" the manager pulled up a blind, "You see that red head over there?" "Yeah" "Well she can lick her self out & you see that black woman over there, she can put a whole 8" of cock in her mouth & not chock, what can you do that is so special?" "Well" I started rubbing my toe into the floor, I made the manager see nothing wrong with what I can do, "I can do anything you want me to do & I can make myself look like anything you want me to look like" I said, sitting on the table again.  "Ok then, take all your clothes off & give your self an extra set of tits, on your legs" the manager said, crossing his arms, "Ok then <giggle>" I replied, taking my clothes off, I left my shoes on, "Where abouts on my legs do you want these extra tits?" I asked, not covering any part of my body, "How about, on your thighs" he said, leaning forward.

Using my "dirty vision" I could see he was getting hard again, "<giggle> Ok then" I thought about some tits growing on my legs & soon enough they started to grow, "You didn't say how big you wanted them <giggle>, is DD big enough <giggle>?" "Yeah DD will do just fine" he replied just as the tits stopped growing, "So <giggle> do I get the job?" I asked, playing with my new tits, "Just one more thing" "Yeah <giggle>" "Fuck me" "Ok <giggle>" I replied.  I walked round the desk, my new tits slapping into my knees, he pulled his trousers down, I straddled him & started to fuck him.  "Oh yeah, oh yeah, that is one tight pussy bitch, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah" he started, "Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, you have, a huge dick, yeah, yeah, make me scream, yeah" I said between pants.  Obviously he didn't have a huge dick (about 6" hard).  A few minutes later he came, I also came, actually I came several times after I increased the sensitivity in my pussy.  I pressed his head in to my cleavage (at my chest), "So, do I get the job now?" I asked, pressing down on his softening cock, "Yeah, you got the job, when can you start?" he replied, breathing heavily, "As soon as I've signed the paper work <giggle>" I replied, removing my second pair of tits, "Ok, wait here while I get the necessary papers" he said, putting his trousers on again.  He opened his door, "Oh, by the way, I'm Jack" "It's nice to meet you Jack <giggle>" I replied, leaning back on the sofa he had in his office, while he was gone I put my clothes back on.

"Right, here we go Zoë" Jack said, handing me the papers, as I made my way to the back of the papers I used "mind reader" on Jack to see what the contract said, I was right about this place, what the customer wants, the customer gets.  "Jack, how much do I get paid <giggle>?" I asked sucking on the end of the pen, "You get paid £4.20 an hour (minimum wage) & you get to keep 20% of your tips.  If you get stripper of the mouth then you get an extra £250 bonus" "Ooooh wow, that's a lot of money" I replied, clapping my hands together like a little girl.  I quickly signed the contract Zoë B & handed it back to Jack, "Zoë B?  What does the B stand for?" "Barracuda" I replied, licking my top lip, "Ok Zoë, while you are in this building you will be called Barbie, I think that fits your body & personality, ok?" "<giggle> I like that, can I get to work now?" "Yeah, but just before you go" "Yeah <giggle>" "Are your tits real?" "Oh yeah Jack, you wanna feel <giggle>?" "No, no I've got plenty of time to cop a feel, if you go & see Jamie at the staff only door, he'll show you your make up area, why don't you put a nice small skirt on" "Ok Jack <giggle> what ever you say" I replied.  I gave my ass a little wiggle before I closed his door.

"Hi, Jamie?" "Yeah?" said this tall black man, he clearly worked out, "Hi, I'm Barbie but you can call me Zoë, Jack said you would show me my make up area <giggle>?" I asked, taking his arm in mine, "Yeah sure thing Zoë, this way".  "Here you go Zoë, you have to provide your own make up, the clothes are just over there" Jamie said, pointing to an offset room, "Ok Jamie, thanks <giggle>" I replied.  I changed into a G-string & a maid's outfit, "Hmm, this top is a bit big," I thought to myself, I looked around to make sure no one was looking & made the top shrink to about two sizes too small, "Ah much better" I said.  I walked out to the main hall & coasted from customer to customer.

Saturday 3:30pm:
I was returning a try of glasses to the bar when someone spanked me on the ass, I turned round & saw this man, about 6' with above average build, "What can I do for you sir? <giggle>" I asked, leaning towards him, "I'd like some company please" the man replied, "Ok sir, just let me give these to the bar <giggle>"  I replied, indicating the glasses, "Don't be to long" the man said, as I faced the bar.  I hurried back to the customer, "What would you like sir? <giggle>" I asked, sitting in his lap, "I've heard that you are the woman who can give people the chance to play out their sexual fantasies, is that true?" "<giggle> Yeah, it's true, I can do anything you want me to do" I replied, bringing my face close to his, "Oh good, is there a private room we can go into?  I feel a little embarrassed about my request" "Year sure, come with me <giggle>" I said, taking his hand & leading him to one of the private viewing rooms.

"So then sir, what'll it be <giggle>?" I asked, taking my clothes off, taking a deep breath the man replied, "Well, I want you to give your self, an extra set of tits, just below the ones you got, each tit having four nipples, which produce milk, can you do that?" the man asked hopefully, "Sure I can, I'm Barbie, I can do anything <giggle>" I replied, my extra tits already apparent, "How big do you want them?" I asked, "They, they look good enough, make the nipples twice their size though" the man replied, I giggled in acknowledgement, all sixteen nipples protruding by ten whole inches.  The man just stared at them, "Well, it's what you wanted isn't it?" I asked, giving a random nipple a squeeze, forcing some milk out, "A, a, a, a yeah, yeah it is" "Well play with them then, do what you have always fantasised about" I said, moving my hands all over my four tits.  He slowly moved his hands closer to my tits, getting impatient I grabbed his arms & forced them onto my tits, forcing eight nipples to draw milk.  That's when he lost it & lunged at my nipples, sucking from that one, then that one, then the other one, the sensations I was getting were just unbelievable, a constant stream of orgasms & milk.  I reached down to the man's flies & withdrew his hard cock, "Mmm fuck me" he said, taking a short break from my nipples, I straddled him & pistoned my hip back & forth, quickly bringing him to orgasm.  "Will there be anything else sir <giggle>?" I asked, getting to my feet, "Er, no Barbie, that'll be all thanks" the man said handing me ten twenty pound notes, "Thank you sir, come again soon <giggle>" I replied as he made his way out of the room, "Don't worry, I will" he replied.  I put my self back to normal (as Zoë), put my clothes back on & went back into the main hall.

Saturday 3:40pm:
"Er, it's Barbie right?" asked this man, about 5'7" with a small build, "Yeah <giggle> what can I do for you sir?" I asked, playing with my hair, the man leaned towards my ear and whispered, "I want to know what my wife feels when we have sex, so, could you like, give me a pussy & yourself a cock?" "Yeah, I can do that sir <giggle> follow me" I replied taking his hand & leading him to one of the private rooms.

"You know sir, half of the enjoyment of sex for a woman is the overall feeling they get from their bodies, not just their pussies.  If you really want to know what sex is like for a woman you're gonna have to go the whole way" I said as I removed my g-string, "Oh, um, well do what you have to do then.  I just want to know what my wife feels when we have sex" the man replied, "Ok then, you might want to undress, certain areas are gonna get tight soon <giggle>" I said, "Yeah, you're right" replied the man as he removed his top.  A couple of seconds later, he was just as naked as I was, "What do you want first sir?  Me with a dick or you into woman <giggle>?" I asked, "Um, you with a dick & I want to see it happen" the man replied, getting excited, "Ok sir, you got it <giggle>" I said, giving myself a cock, "How big do you want it?" I added, my cock just passing 4" soft, "Um, how about 8" when hard" "Ok <giggle>" I replied, finishing the growth at the right time, "Is this ok sir <giggle>?" I asked, holding onto my cock & waving it about, "Wow that is kinda horny, I didn't think I'd find it so sexy" the man replied, "Good <giggle>, are you ready for your little transformation?" I asked, "Yeah, here I've written down my wife's measurements, I'm meant to be buying her a new outfit, so if you could make me like her" the man said, handing me the piece of paper, "Sure thing sir <giggle>" I replied, scanning the measurements.  I put the paper down, "Could you stand up please" I asked, the man stood up, "How accurate are these measurement?" I asked, "My wife gave them to me" the man replied.

First I made him 6'3" (guess he likes 'em tall), then I gave him some DD cup tits, replaced his large dick with a pussy (it was about 6 or 7" long soft), I then enlarged his hips to 30" & shank his waist to 25".  "What sort of ass has your wife got <giggle>?" I asked, my cock getting hard, "It's firm & round, but these tits are too firm, my wife's tits are saggy" he replied, I made his tits saggy & rounded off his ass, "Have you got a picture?" I asked, "Is it important?" the man replied, "Oh yes, very important, remember what I said about feelings from the whole body, that includes the face" "Ok we go" the man said, getting a photo of his wife out from his wallet.  I lengthened his hair to just below his ears & turned it to blonde & made all the other changes, "There we go sir, or should that be ma'am <giggle>?" I said, the transformation complete, the man touched himself all over, "Wow this feels pretty good, is there a mirror?" I got a small mirror out from a cupboard in the corner of the room, "Wow, you've done an amazing job, there's just one little thing" "What <giggle>?" I asked, "This dark bit of skin on the tits, they need to be bigger, about 3" wide" "Ok <giggle>"I made the changes, "Shall we get to it?" I asked, lightly pushing him onto the seat behind him, "Oh, please, don't let me stop you" the man replied, opening his legs.

I slowly inched my cock into his pussy, coursing him to quietly moan in pleasure, soon I was rocking back & forth, removing all but 1" of my cock, then slamming it all in again, "How does it FEEL?" I asked, putting extra force behind my push, "I, feel, so, full.  So, very, very, full.  Please, don't, stop" the man panted out, rubbing his hands all over his tits.  I was enjoying the sex but I wanted more.  So I gave my self-an extra dick, just above the one I already had & started pumping furiously at it but it wasn't enough, I wanted more, I moved my new dick slightly to the left & gave myself another one next to it & pumped it for all it was worth.  "Do you wanna know what sex can be like?" I asked, looking at his blissed expression, "Yes, please, yes, give me more" the man replied.  Still pumping on my cocks I firmed up his tits & enlarged them to an E cup, "I'm gonna blow, this is too much!" the man said, on the verge of orgasm, seconds later, he erupted, I too came, spewing loads of cum all over the place.  I removed my still hard dick from his pussy & put my self back to normal, "So, how did you enjoy your first time as a woman <giggle>?" I asked, "Ah, um, it was amazing, I never knew you could feel so full!  & the small adjustment you made to my tits just increased all the sensations I felt, my wife would love it!" "So do you want to go back to your normal self now <giggle>?" I asked, putting my clothes back on, "Yeah, I guess I'd better" the man reluctantly said, I quickly put him back to his former self.  "You are welcome to come back anytime you please, you could even bring your wife, then I could make some, changes if you like <giggle>" "Oh yeah, I'll definitely be coming back" the man replied handing me five twenties.

Saturday 4:10pm:
"Hay sexy, get your butt over here" a handsome man said, pulling me into his lap, "<giggle> What can I do for you sir?" I asked, draping my arms around his neck, "I want sex, so take me to a private room sexy" the man ordered, "Ok sir <giggle> follow me" I replied leading him to a private room.

Stripping I asked, "Do you want straight forward sex, or something a bit more unique <giggle>?" "Er, what do you mean?" the man asked back, "I can make any sexual fantasy come true <giggle>" I replied, getting his cock out, "You like women with a bit of muscle, I can do that, you like huge tits, I can make that happen.  Anything you want I can do" I added, getting his dick hard, "Oh, well, in that case could you make your tits really small, like an A cup & make them get bigger every time my cock goes into your pussy?" "Yeah, I can do that <giggle> is there anything else you want?" I asked, pulling his trousers down, "Um, yeah, can you get a pussy/cock combo?" "Oh I'm so glad you asked <giggle>" I replied, reducing my tits to an A cup & giving myself a 12" cock in the usual place (just under my belly button).

I positioned my pussy above his waiting cock, my dick getting hard, "How big do you want my titties to get <giggle>?" I asked, ready for sex, "Oh um, at least an F cup & make your nipples grow twice their size" the man asked, his dick gagging for some sex, I thought the requirements to myself & straddled him, my tits growing to an AA cup.  I fucked the man's 8 incher for all it was worth, my tits going through all the cup sizes one by one, after a minute my cock was surrounded by my tit flesh, any movement bringing my dick one step closer to orgasm, "Are you enjoying it?" I asked, my pussy nearing orgasm, "Oh yeah baby" the man replied, just before he lunged at my 8" wide nipple & sucked it for all it was worth, that's all I could handle.  First my cock erupted, splattering cum all over the inside curves of my giant sized melons, then my pussy gave way, clamping round the man's dick so hard I thought it was going to get cut off, using my powers I gave the man a powerful orgasm.  "Oh yeah, Christ that was good baby" the man said, rubbing my QQQ cup tits all over (well, for the most part anyway), "My wallet is in my trousers. If you can get it without moving from this spot you can have as much money as you want" the man added, his reasons for the challenge clear.  "Why did I have to fling them to the other side of the room?" I thought to my self, using my powers I lengthened my arms & brought his trousers back, "There we go sir <giggle>" I said, handing him the trousers, "Right, erm, there's £400 quid there, that's all the change I have" the man said, handing me the ward of notes, "That'll do nicely sir <giggle>" I replied, putting the cash in my cleavage.

With that I put my body straight, allowing the man to play with my tits as I reduced them to my normal E cups.  "Unless you have any money sir I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask you leave <giggle>" I said, sucking on a finger, "I'll go, all I have is plastic" the man replied, putting his trousers on.  After he left I put my clothes back on & went into the main hall again.

Saturday 5pm:
"Hay Jack, I'm off now, ok <giggle>?" "Yeah ok Barbie, be sure to be here nice & early" "Ok Jack, bye <giggle>".  I got into my car, said my trigger phrase, changed into the clothes I was wearing before I left home & drove home.

Saturday 5:20pm:
"WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?!" mum shouted the moment I walked through the door, "Out, like I said, I had my mobile with me, you could have rung" I replied, "Where are my girls?" I asked, "Grace is still asleep & Rachel is in the pool" mum replied, "Ok, thanks mum" I replied as I made my way to the pool.

"Hi Rachel, did yea miss me?" "<gasp> Ben, you're back, I was getting worried, where have you been?" Rachel asked, leaping out of the pool & running over to hug me, "Just into town, I've got a job" "Oh yeah, where, doing what?" "It's at a strip club" "Oh" Rachel said, disappointed, "Do you work there like that?" she added, "No, I turn into a blonde bimbo called Zoë, you wanna see?" "Um, yeah ok then" Rachel replied, taking a few steps back, I said my trigger phrase & turned into Zoë, "So what do you think <giggle>?" "I think you are fucking hot!  When can I see you work?" Rachel asked, her nipples getting hard, "<giggle> Not till you're eighteen love" I replied, I said my trigger phrase again, "Dry your self off Rachel, there's something I want to do with you" I replied, handing her a towel.

"So what is it you want to do Ben?" Rachel asked as she did up the zip on her trousers, I took her outside, held her hands & thought, "I am an eagle" then we started to lift off the ground, well I did, Rachel had to stand on my feet.  I took us high into the sky, by now the sun was setting in the distance making the sky red.  "So, come on, spill it" Rachel said, looking into my eyes, "I want to make this as memorable as possible.  Rachel, I will never stop loving you, until my dying breath, my hart belongs to you, no matter what you look like" "Why are you telling me this Ben?" "Because, my love, I get the feeling that you are feeling a bit rejected at the moment.  I just want you to know that I will never reject you, or leave you completely by your self.  In a couple of years, when you are sixteen I will ask you to marry me" "But I can't get married at sixteen, you have to be eighteen, don't you?" "You can get married at sixteen with your parents consent" "Oh right" Rachel said, "Hang on, if your hart belongs to me, does that mean you don't love Grace anymore?" Rachel added, getting confused, "No, I still love her, after all she is my first love, but she doesn't love me anymore (that's if she ever loved me in the first place)" "Well why is she still here then if she doesn't love you?" "I thought that would have been obvious, it's 'cos of my powers & master PC" "How can you marry her, knowing she doesn't love you?" "I don't know, I've dreamt about being with her for so long, now that it has come true, I'm not sure I want it to end, but that doesn't change how I feel about you, all my hart, forever & always" I kissed her forehead, "Shall we go back down?" I asked, Rachel nodded her head, I slowly brought us down to ground level, "Right, I'm going to get ready for my night out now" Rachel said, a worried look on her face. "Hay what's wrong?" I asked, "Nothing love, nothing" Rachel replied, she gave me a kiss & headed off to the bedroom.

Saturday 3pm: (with Rachel)
"Right then that looks like it's done" Rachel said to herself, checking all the information over.  She had increased her tits size to a firm E cup, she would stand 6'6" tall, her hair would grow down to her ass & would be in a ponytail.  She would have the same power as master PC, she made herself unable to get embarrassed.  She linked her muscle size to how angry she got (the more angry she got the bigger her muscle would get), she would wear a black PVC outfit shaped like a V just wide enough to cover her nipples she would also have shiny black boots on that would go all the way up to mid-thigh with 5" heels on & to top it all off she would be dominant over 99% of the worlds population just for good measure she made her self eighteen.  She set it all on a time delay to start when "the time was right", she hit send & closed down master PC & the computer.

Saturday 5:30pm:
"Maybe I shouldn't have done all those changes to myself if he loves me that much?" Rachel said to her self as she changed into her tube top she got for her birthday & a short-ish skirt, "I'll just make a few changes" she thought to her self.  She loaded up master PC, brought up her file & tried to get rid of the population command, "Error new command could not be sent" "SHIT!" she tried to get rid of being embarrassed, "Error new command could not be sent" "SHIT!  I'm gonna have to leave it till I change & try & sort it out then" she turned off the PC & set to work on her make up.

Saturday 5:50pm: (with me)
"Hay Rachel, how you doing?" I asked as I walked into the bedroom, "Fine love, Grace is just helping me with my hair" Rachel replied, Grace walked out from the shower room, "Oh hi love, it's a shame you can't come with us tonight," Grace said, giving me a smile, "Well you see.  You're wrong there love," I said, giving her a peck on the cheek, "Oh, & why is that?" "Because I can be young again" as I said that I turned into April, "Hi, you can call me April" I said in a cute voice, "Oh, oh, does that mean you'll be coming with us?" Rachel said excitedly, I nodded my head, "Grace, I thought you were doing her hair, not steering at me" "Yeah, but, but I've never seen such a young looking pussy before" I looked down to see my trousers on the floor, "Oops, silly me" I replied, blushing.  I quickly got some provocative clothes on & sorted my hair out.  When my hair was sorted the others were ready to go, "Com' on April, lets go" Rachel said, taking Grace's & my hand, "Ok Jen, we are going now, see you later" Grace said as she opened the front door, "Ok girls, enjoy your self's" mum said from the living room.  Rachel & I got into the back & Grace took the wheel.

Saturday 6:20pm:
Grace parked the car & the three of us headed to McDonalds to wait for the rest of the gang (Amanda, Sarah, Jen, Jody, Soph & Emma) after five minutes the gang had collected, "Right then, shall we?" Grace said, pointing to "Club Street", as it is known to all the locals.

"This looks like a good place to party" Rachel said, "Oh yeah it is, the DJ is well good" Amanda said, heading over to the door with Jen in hand, "It's decided then" Sarah said, looking at Jody in a sexy way.  We all headed in (it was no problem getting the bouncer to let a load of minors into the club :)).  Grace bought the first round of drinks (alcoholic of course) some of us danced, some of us shouted at each other (well you can't talk in a club can you) but Amanda & co snoged for most of the night.

"Hay, do you wanna dance?" someone asked me from behind, I turned round to see this, fairly handsome male, about my (normal) height, above average build, short brown hair & brown eyes.  "I don't know" I said teasing, "Go on April, I'll be fine with Soph" Rachel said, nudging my side, "Oh what the hell" I said, he took my hand & lead me to the dance floor.  "April, that's a nice name, I'm Brad" "Nice to meet you Brad" I replied, the song ended, "I can see loads of couples out there tonight, so here's a nice slow one for ya" said the DJ, flipping one vinyl off & replacing it with another.

He took my hand again; I moved in close & put my arms round his neck, he placed his arms round my waist, his hands resting on my ass, we rocked gently back & forth, "So, where abouts do you live April?" "Oh not far, about a ten minute drive away" I replied, stroking the back of his neck with my thumb, "What about you?" I added, "Me, I just leave round the corner," Brad said, a big grin on his face, "Oh really, you come here often?" "Yeah most nights" "You must be a real party animal then?" I replied, pushing my body into his, (he was getting hard :)), "Yeah, yeah I am" Brad said, copping a view of my cleavage, I rested my head on his chest, "Are you an animal when it comes to the bedroom?" I said in a sexy voice, "With the right girl" he replied, giving my ass a light squeeze, "Do you live alone?" I asked, looking into his eyes, "Yeah, don't take this the wrong way but you don't look old enough to be in here" Brad said, running a hand through my hair, blushing I replied, "I'm sixteen, how old are you?" "Nineteen, I moved into my apartment about a month ago".

The song ended, "I'm going to sit down now," I said, unravelling myself from him.  I walked to the edge of the dance floor, turned round & gave him a wink, he quickly followed & I took a seat, "Can I get you a drink?" Brad asked, "Um, yeah peach Archers, please" I replied, "Coming right up" he said just before he headed for the bar, "So, what's he like?" Rachel asked, "Yeah, he's ok, got his own apartment" I replied, giving her a wink, "Here you go, one peach Archers" Brad said, handing me the bottle.  For the next hour or so we talked.

Saturday 7:15pm:
"Hay April, the others are getting ready to move onto the next club" Soph said, "Oh right, I'll be there in a sec" I replied, "You're, you're not leaving are you?" Brad asked, "Yeah, maybe I'll see you around sometime" "Well can I at least have your phone number?" "Um, ok then" I got out my lipstick & applied it to his arm, "There we go" I said, touching up my lips, "I'll ring you" Brad said, "Ok, bye" I gave him a peck on the cheek & headed off to meet up with the girls.  "You took your time" Grace said, "Yeah I know, the poor lad wanted my number" I replied with a smile, "April, you'll break his hart when he finds out the truth about you" Rachel said, "Yeah well, I'll deal with that when it comes, he has to ring me first".  We had a quick laugh, "Shall we go to the next club then?" Emma said, getting impatient, we grabbed our coats & headed to the next club.

Saturday 7:25pm:
"What'll it be girls?" Jody asked, pointing to the bar, "I'll have a pint of larger thanks" I replied, "Vodka & lime for me" Grace said, "Yeah same here" replied Rachel, "Just a coke for me" Emma & Soph replied, the rest had Bud Lights.

We were all talking when, "Hay, excuse me, do you wanna dance?" I looked up to see this coloured man, about 5'6", slap head, very buff, I could feel my nipples getting hard, "Yeah ok then" I replied, he lead me to the dance floor & we danced & talked.  Meanwhile back with the girls, "Did it hurt?" the girls turned round, "Excuse me?" Rachel replied, ""When you fell from heaven" Rachel blushed, "If you wanted a dance you should just ask" she replied, taking the mans hand.  They made there way over to me, "So what's he like?" Rachel asked, "He's a bit of a bore" I whispered into her ear, "What's mister average like?" I added, "Mister average is Tom, do you think we could add him to our family?" Rachel asked, catching a glimpse of one of my erect nipples, "I don't think so, I kinda like being the only male" I replied, both men grabbed us & pulled us into their arms.

"Hay Jody, I'm getting horny, how about you?" Sarah asked, moving Jody's hand to her hardening cock, "Well seeing as you're getting hard, I don't have much choice do I?" Jody replied, cupping a tit, they made their way to the toilets.  They found an empty cubical, Sarah took her trousers off & sat down on the toilet seat.  Jody lifted her long skirt up & straddled Sarah, "Oh Sarah, no matter how many times we have sex, your cock never ceases to amaze me" Jody said, removing her top, "Yeah, I still can't believe I have a cock" Sarah replied, playing with Jody's tits.  Jody started to bob up & down, "Yeah, yeah Jody yeah, fuck me, fuck me" came Sarah's muffled voice from Jody's cleavage, "Yeah Sarah, fill me with your cum, yes, yes, yes, fuck yesssss" Jody quietly said, not wanting to attract any unwanted attention.  They quickly changed positions, now Jody was on the toilet seat, her legs on Sarah's shoulders, Sarah continued to fuck her, "Man, we're gonna have to ask Ben to make your fanny tighter" Sarah said, nearing orgasm, "Or make your cock bigger" Jody replied, with a wink & a grin.  Seconds later they both came.  "Sarah? Jody? You in here?" Amanda asked, "Yeah, what do you want Amanda?" Sarah asked through the door, "Just checking, me & Jen will be in the cubical next to you" Amanda replied.  Sarah & Jody heard a cubical door open & close, they both got on top of the toilet & looked over the edge, "Hi girls, don't mind us" Jody said, giving them a big grin.  "We don't mind, we like an audience" Jen replied, "Don't we Amanda?" she added, giving her bare tit a lick, "Mmm yeah" Amanda replied, lifting her skirt up to reveal her hardening cock, Jen just moved on top of her & started bobbing like a boat.  "You two planned this didn't you?" Sarah asked, noticing no removal of knickers, "Ah, ah, ah, yeah" Jen replied, nearing orgasm, she started to pound the cubical wall, "YES, YES, YES, OH FUCK YESSSS" she screamed out in orgasm.  "Damn, so it's you who makes all the noise" Jody said, playing with Sarah's hard cock, "Yeah, it's great isn't it?" Amanda replied, Jody wasted, a few seconds later Amanda orgasmed, "Hay I was going to ask Ben if he could make Jody's pussy tighter" Sarah started, "Or make your cock bigger" Jody interrupted, "Or make my cock bigger, you wanna give it a try?" Sarah finished, "Actually, I've got a better idea" Amanda replied, putting her cock back between her legs, "Oh yeah, what?" Jody asked, "You'll see" Amanda replied with a big grin.  They all got out of their cubicles & sorted them selves out before rejoining the group.

Saturday 8:15pm:
"Enjoy your selves did you?" Grace asked as the girls sat down, "Yeah thanks, could you get Ben to ring us sometime, there's something we want to ask him?" Amanda asked, taking a swig of her Bud Light, "Why don't you go one better & ask him yourself" Grace replied, "But he's not here & we want it done as soon as possible" Sarah replied, "Well" Grace started, a grin forming, "You know April?" she started to giggle, "You mean he's... & she's..." Jody asked in shock, "One & the same" Grace replied.  By now Rachel & I were making our way back to the girls, "Hay girls, what's up?" I asked, "It's ok April, you can stop the act now, we know it's really you Ben" Jen replied, a big smile on her face, "Grace, you told" I said, pulling a miffed expression, "Yeah, well, the girls have a request to ask of you" Grace replied, "Yeah?  What is it?" I asked, "Can we go somewhere a bit more quiet?" Amanda asked, "How about you text me what you want?" Amanda got her mobile out & bashed out a message & sent it to me which read:

"Sarah want bigger nob, Jody want tight :@ (cat, think about it).  Could u swap round our parts, I miss my :@ ;)"

"I could do, but I've got an idea you'll like even better" I said, "Yeah, what is it?" Jen asked, "You'll see, by the morning you'll have something very exciting" I replied.  "Hay, um where's Soph & Emma?" Rachel asked changing the subject, we all started to look round the room from our seats, "There's Emma, making out with someone" Sarah said, pointing to the bar, "& there's Soph, also making out" Amanda said, pointing to the other end of the bar, "Do you wanna go Rachel?" Grace asked, "Yeah, I'm getting a bit tired" she replied, "Ok, I'll get Emma, you get Soph Rachel" I said.  I walked over to the bar (after turning down about twenty guys for a dance), "Hay Emma, Rachel's calling it a night" I said, Emma broke their "session", "Huh, oh ok, just give me a sec" Emma replied, reaching for her lipstick.  She wrote her number down on the lad's shirt, she gave him a wink & we got back to the rest of the group.  "Soph, we're going home now" Rachel said as Soph was getting comfortable on this lad's lap, "Hay, oh, go on without me" Soph replied, breaking the kiss as little as possible, "Er, ok then, if you're sure" Rachel said, a little unsure, "Yeah, yeah I am, I'll be fine, I'll ring you yeah?" Soph replied, "Ok then, see you later" & with that Rachel came back over to us, "Well why isn't she coming back with us?" Grace asked, "She said to go on without her, I didn't want to argue, she seemed so happy to finally find someone you know?" "Yeah, ok lets go then" Emma replied, wrapping an arm round her shoulder.

Saturday 8:35pm:
Rachel, Grace & I got back to our car, "Do you want a lift Emma?" Grace asked, "Yeah thanks" Emma replied, hopping into the back of the car with Rachel, I got into the passenger seat, "We'll see you later girls" Grace said, reversing out of the parking space, "Yeah later guys" Sarah replied, they all waved to us as we drove off.

Saturday 8:55pm:
"Right, here we go Emma" Grace said, pulling up to the curb, "Thanks for the lift" Emma said as she got out of the car, "See you later Em" Rachel added, "Yeah later Rachel" Emma replied, closing the car door, when she was safely through her door we drove off.

Saturday 9:15pm:
"Home sweet home" I said, "Now back to reality" I added, I got some more, appropriate clothes on before I walked back into the house, "Hay Ben, what's your mum going to say, when she sees you come through the door?" Grace asked, "Don't worry" I started, "Mum'll think I've been up stairs all this time & went out side to meet you both".  I opened the door, "Hi girls, good night?" mum asked, "Yeah it was great thanks <yawn>" Rachel replied, "I think I'm gonna go crash on the bed" she added, making her way up the stairs.  "I'm going to do that thing for the girls" I said, also making my way up the stairs, "Ok love, I'm going to watch TV with your mum for a bit" Grace replied.

Rachel was asleep on the bed.  I turned on the PC & loaded up master PC, I brought up all four girls (Amanda, Jen, Sarah, Jody) & typed, "you have the power to change your body & your partners body only" I then put limits on what they could change (most things but no super powers or things like that) & hit send.  I closed down their profiles & brought up Grace's, I made her submissive to me & Rachel, except she wouldn't realise it, I increased her love for me & hit send.  I closed down the PC & went to join Grace.  "Hay Grace, I'm gonna <yawn> follow Rachel's example, you come?" (no typo) I said, leaning through the doorway, "Yeah ok then love" Grace replied.  We both got undressed & undressed Rachel & soon fell asleep.

Sunday 11:15am:
I woke up with a hangover, "That's something I should change," I said quietly to myself as the girls were still asleep.  I loaded up master PC & made the necessary changes, I also made the fact that Grace had become submissive seem perfectly normal to mum, I hit send & closed down the PC.

I looked back at Grace & thought, "I think she would look better with even bigger tits" I concentrated on her melon's & made them grow, the bed cover was moving further & further away from her body as her melon's grew & grew, I stopped the growth at an II cup.  I moved the bed cover back over her body to inspect my handy work.  Her nipples were fucking huge! 5' long & just as wide, I gave one a light pinch & it went hard instantly, "Damn I'm good" I quietly said to myself, I put the cover back & went downstairs for some breakfast.

"Morning love, did you sleep well?" asked mum as I walked into the kitchen, "Yeah, thanks, say don't you think it would be better if you moved into a place of your own?" I asked, getting the milk out of the fridge, "Oh, um, am I crowding you & the girls?" mum replied, a bit surprised, "Yeah a little, I don't mean to be mean but do you think you could find a place to live?" "Yeah ok then Ben, if that's what you want?" "Yeah it is, thanks mum" "Ok, I'll start looking tomorrow".

Of course mum would never so winningly move out, it's just a little something I added, you know just a bit of submissiveness.  What mum doesn't know is that when she moves into her own place she's going to change into a twenty year old blonde bimbo who is hell bent on having sex with anyone or anything.  Why do this?  Well why not.

Sunday 11:20am: (with Sarah & Jody)
Sarah woke up, her tits souring into the sky.  She reached down to give herself her morning toss but couldn't find her dick, confused, she quietly got out of bed (Jody was asleep) & looked at her naked body in their full length mirror, "Shit!  My cock's gone" Sarah quietly said to herself, "I was really beginning to enjoy it as well" she added, cupping a tit, "I wish I had it back, bigger than before" she sighed to herself.  She looked at herself in the mirror again & noticed a lump where her pussy should have been, she looked at her reflection, a puzzled look on her face.  She kept looking at this lump as it grew bigger & bigger, "Oh I wish it would hurry up" she impatiently said to herself, the lump speeded up, "Oh my god!  It's a dick," she said excitedly to herself.  The head was at her knees now, "Wow, I think that's big enough" she excitedly said.  "Hang on, I wake up with a pussy, think about having my cock back, bigger then before, & it grows back, I wonder..." she added, she thought about moving her cock up to just below her belly button, "Cool!" she said thinking about having a pussy.  She gave it a couple of minutes, then lifted her cock out of the way to reveal a, perfectly formed pussy, "Oh man, this is so cool," she said letting her cock go.  She went to Jody's side of the bed & lifted the sheets away, "fucking hell that's huge!" she thought to herself, seeing Jody's, truly monster nob, the head was in line with her feet & it wasn't even hard!  "Jody wake up!" Sarah said, shaking Jody's body, "Wha, what, what do you want Sarah?" Jody groggily said, Sarah reached for Jody's cock & lifted it up so that she could see, "FUCK!  That's huge!" Jody said, quickly waking up, "& it's all yours love" Sarah added, letting it go, "But, but how?" Jody asked in disbelief, "You remember last night, Ben said he would give us a surprise this morning, well I think he has given us similar powers to the ones he's got" Sarah replied, revealing her cock & pussy combo, "So how come I've ended up with a massive dick?" "Well I woke up with a pussy, I think it goes back to last again, you remember I said we should ask Ben to make your fanny tighter?" "Yeah, & I was saying or make you dick bigger, right, so how do I get rid of this, at least make it smaller?" Jody said, lifting her cock up with a hand, "Just think about it, that's all I did.  You know I bet we can do anything with our bodies" Sarah replied, "I want to know what life's like with a dick so I'll just make it smaller, 12" should do I think <gasp>".  Both girls looked on as Jody's cock grew smaller & smaller until, naturally it was 12" long.

Sunday 11:25am:
"Can I try out my new cock?" Jody asked, "Yeah ok, I'm all yours" Sarah replied, laying down on the bed & spreading her legs.  "Sarah, it's not getting hard" Jody said, waving her cock around like some sausage, "Here" Sarah replied, giving one of Jody's nipples a pinch, "Wow it's working... oh my god, it's getting huge" Jody said, her cock reaching maximum stiffness.  "Well, what are you waiting for, shove it in already" Sarah said, spreading her legs again, "Ok, here goes" Jody replied, slowly inching her way in, the very moment the head was in Sarah's pussy her cock got stiff.  "Now there's something I'm good at" Jody said, grabbing Sarah's dick & placing it between her tits, "Oh yeah, keep going Jody, keep going, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, oh fuck yesssss" Sarah said, her cock spewing cum like a volcano, "Yeah, yeah, just a bit more, yeah, yeah, yes, yes, yesssss" Sarah adding seconds later as her pussy clamped round Jody's cock, "OH HELL THAT'S TIGHT!" Jody replied, Sarah's pussy contraptions pushing her over the edge.  Jody removed her self from Sarah's fanny & laid down beside her, "Did you enjoy that?" Sarah asked, looking into Jody's eyes, panting, Jody replied, "Wow, no wonder men can only last a few minutes, but you, you're an animal, I'm sure that if I didn't get worn out you'd keep going all through the night" "Yeah, I probably would.  Com' on, lets see what else we can change about ourselves" Sarah replied, making her way to the mirror, "What do you mean?" Jody asked, following closely behind, "Er, hello, have you seen the amount of fat I've put on over the last couple of weeks?" Sarah replied, pinching a good inch of fat from her waist, "That just means there's more of you for me to hold onto" Jody said, giving Sarah a wink & a cosy hug, "Yeah, well I don't like it.  I mean, look at you, you eat loads of junk food & you don't even put on an ounce of weight" "What are you saying?  That I eat like a pig?" Jody asked, putting her hands on her hips, "No!  I'm sorry it didn't mean to sound like that, it's just that no matter what you eat, you'll have that, very, sexy body, whereas I have to watch what I eat" Sarah replied, with a sympathetic look, "Ok then.  So you're getting rid of the excess fat, what else you doing?" Jody asked, resting Sarah's head on her bosom, "Um, a few extra inches maybe, hair colour, overall shape & figure" Sarah replied, giving Jody's nipple a light kiss, "Now step back a bit love" Sarah added, Jody perched on the edge of the bed & watched on.

First Sarah grew to 6', then she removed her fat, making herself look like a super model, she then increased the length of her cock to 24" & added some mega thick veins with a radius of 2cm.  She then reduced her tits to an M cup but increased the sensitivity to that of a RR cup.  "There we go, what do you think?" Sarah asked, doing a quick twirl, "You look a bit skinny" Jody replied, "Ok then, I'll add a bit of muscle" Sarah replied, turning back to the mirror, she gave her self the appearance of someone who looks after their body, just the slightest hint of muscle showing.  "Mmm, that felt pretty good, maybe just a bit more" Sarah thought to herself out loud as she thought about her muscle increasing again, she increased it so she looks like she works out a little too often.  "Ok Sarah, that's enough" Jody said, getting worried, "No, I must have more" Sarah replied, increasing her muscle again, "Damn it Sarah, I said that's enough!" Jody said, raising her voice, "This, feels, so, a, mazing" Sarah replied, nearing orgasm, her appearance now is like five Arnold Swarsinigger's in one, "Sarah stop!" Jody repeated, Sarah stopped, just on the very edge of orgasm, "Com' on Sarah, put your self back to your first increasement" Jody said, getting to her feet, "Ok Jody" Sarah replied, reducing her muscle back down to someone who looks after their body, "So, how about that then Jody?" Sarah asked, twirling round again, "Much better love" Jody replied, giving Sarah a hug, "Oh!  Mind my tits, I've made them really sensitive" Sarah said, Jody's hair, causing a reaction, in her body, "Oh, sorry love, any way it's my turn now, close your eyes" Jody replied, giving Sarah a wink, "Ok love" Sarah replied, laying down on the bed & closing her eyes.

"hang on, Sarah is being way to submissive to me, I wonder" Jody thought to herself, "Hay Sarah, get on all fours & bark like a dog" to her amazement Sarah got onto all fours & barked like a dog, she even gave her ass a wiggle, mimicking a tail, "Ok, go back to how you were" Jody said, Sarah laid back down & closed her eyes.  "Cool" Jody said to herself, making her way to Sarah, "Over the next, two weeks you will become the most submissive out of all of us, you will do most of the stuff that the others ask of you but will do everything I ask of you, understand?" Jody whispered into Sarah's ear, Sarah nodded, "Oh, & when we are alone you will call me goddess, ok?" Jody added, again Sarah nodded, her eyes still closed, "Good" Jody said, walking over to the mirror again.

Jody looked at herself in the mirror, "Hmm a few more inches on the legs wouldn't go a miss" she said, adding 5" to her legs, "I've always wanted more pronounced hips" she thought to herself, adding 3" to each side, she took 2" off her waist.  "I love the feeling I get from my cock" she said, taking it in her hand, "But I don't want to get rid of it" she added, "I know" she excitedly added, moving it up just below her belly button & adding a pussy, super tight & bold.  "More sensitivity now I think" Jody said, she increased her tit sensitivity to a T cup & her nipples to a V cup, she increased her pussy sensitivity twenty-fold.  "I've got to have a bubble gum butt," Jody said to herself, looking at her ass in the mirror, she watched on as her ass filled, firmed & shaped to a perfect bubble gum ass.  She looked at her dark brown hair, "Yes, pure blonde, is my colour" she said, watching her hair change colour, she also lengthened her shoulder length hair down to her ass & added curls all the way down.  She filled out her lips & lengthened her eye lashes & shaped her eye brows, "Brown eyes & blonde hair?  I think not" Jody said to herself, making her eyes a brilliant emerald green, she also added a twinkle to them as well.  Jody moved her hand down to her ass hole (she enjoyed many an anal penetration), "Yeah lets make it as sensitive as my pussy" she said to herself, she moved her finger away before she got to horny, "& now for the last piece, I wish I could control my orgasms" she said, not sure if it would work.  She thought to herself, "cum" but nothing happened, she tried again, "pussy cum" "Oh yesssss" she said as her pussy orgasmed, "This is so cool" she said to herself, "Sarah, you will only cum when I cum, understand?" Sarah nodded.

Jody got into the doggie style position on the floor, facing the mirror, "Sarah, do me up the ass" Jody ordered, "What's with all the assertiveness?" Sarah asked, "Um, nothing love, you know how I like a good anal fuck" Jody replied.  Sarah got off the bed & opened her eyes, "My god Jody, you look magnificent, & what an ass!" "Thanks Sarah" Jody replied, "Now do me!  Please" Jody added, "Ok, ok" Sarah said, getting into position.  Moments later Sarah's cock was in Jody's ass, "YES, YES, OH YES, KEEP GOING, FUCK MY SUPER ASS!" Jody screamed, nearing orgasm, one hand pumping her cock for all it was worth.  Jody looked up into the mirror, "Oh man this looks so horny" she said out loud, watching Sarah's tits bounce up & down with every thrust.  "Oh goddess, I think I'm gonna cum" Sarah said, on the verge, "Not yet Sarah, not until I've cum" Jody replied, both not noticing that Sarah said goddess, "YES, YES, YES, FUCK YESSSS!" Jody screamed, both her organs cumming at the same time, seconds later Sarah orgasmed, "YES, YES, YES, FUCK YES" she screamed, the anal contraptions being to much for her to handle, "That is one bloody tight ass" Sarah added just before she collapsed onto the floor, out for the count.  "Sarah?  Can you hear me?" Jody asked, there was no reply, "Sarah, if you can her me twitch your right hand", Jody looked at Sarah's right hand waiting for a twitch, about ten seconds later it twitched, "YES!" Jody shrieked, "Ok, right, Sarah, you are completely submissive to me.  You will only cum when I tell you to.  You will love any changes I make to you 'cos you know it makes me happy, you live to make me happy, nothing else matters.  Twitch you right hand if you understand" Jody said, waiting for the hand to twitch, which it did.

Sunday 11:30am: (with Amanda & Jen)
Jen woke up, "Ah, another day" she thought to herself, getting out of bed.  She walked past a full length mirror, looked at her self, took a couple of steps, stopped then went back to the mirror, "What...the...hell has Ben done! <gasp> My voice!" Jen said noticing her voice was more, manly.  She looked down at her self & moved her hands to where her tits should have been, only to feel a well toned chest, slowly she moved her eyes down her reflection to her groin, "Fuck!  I have a cock!" Jen said in shock, slowly moving her hand down to her dick, to make sure it was real, which of course it was.  "So this is what it's like to be a man" Jen quietly said to her self, inspecting her new body.  A couple of minutes later "it's all very nice but, I don't want to be a man for the rest of my life" Jen thought to herself as she imagined what she would like to look like if she was a woman.  Just then she felt a tingling all over her body, she looked at her reflection in the mirror as she watched her body change, she grew 9" to 5'8", her legs became toned & feminine again, her hips flared out as her waist thinned to 8", her hips now 60".  She stood still as her cock turned into a perfect pussy, she looked at her chest as the muscle their slowly turned into some perfectly round, firm yet soft, E cup melons, her nipples widened to 3" & lengthened to 5".  She looked at her self in the mirror while she cupped her left tit, she watched on in amazement as her stubble vanished from her manly face and as her whole face became feminine & a lot sexier.  She brought her hazel, shoulder length hair round to her front, draping it over the top of her tits, "No, it can't be!" she said as her hair turned blonde & lengthened down to her navel, making some slight curls as it went, "This is so cool! <gasp> My voice, it's, it's oh so sexy" Jen said, her transformation now complete, "I must be like the pure definition of sex!" she added, moving her hands all over, "Wait till Amanda sees me, she won't be able to stop cumming".

Sunday 11:40am:
Jen was just able to move herself away from the mirror after ten minutes of looking at her self.  She made her way to their en suit shower room, she pulled the curtain to & called to Amanda, "Amanda time to wake up, I've got a little surprise for you", "Huh, what do you want Jen?" Amanda replied, slowly getting out of bed, not realising that she had a pussy again, "Just sit at the end of the bed for me would you sweetie?" Jen asked, "You ok Jen?  You sound a little different" Amanda replied, perching on the edge of the bed, "I've never been better" Jen said, just before she walked out into the bedroom, "Surprise!" Jen added, stroking a pose, "Oh my god, I think I'm gonna cum" Amanda replied, her breathing getting quicker, "Yes, yes, yes, ah fuck yesssss" Amanda whispered, as her pussy built up for another orgasm, "Well, sweetie, what do you think?" Jen asked, sitting down next to her lover, "I, I, I think I've got a pussy again" Amanda replied moments before her second orgasm.  Jen looked down at Amanda's groin, "Year, you sure do, just like it used to be.  You even have that cute little mole to the left" "I, can't, seem to, stop, cu-hu-hum-ing" Amanda replied having yet another orgasm, "Oh please, I mean I know I've got a really sexy body, that, I, wished for..." Jen trailed of, "Amanda, you can stop cumming now" Jen said, crossing her perfect fingers, panting Amanda replied, "Oh thank god that stopped".  Amanda was wasted,  she just lay their on the bed, "Yo, you said, you wished, for that, that body?" Amanda asked, still breathing heavily, "Year, I woke up this morning, a man, a bit of a hunk actually, then I thought about being a woman again & what sorta body I'd like, then BAME! The next thing I knew my body was changing into what you see now.  I like to think of my self as the definition of sex" Jen replied, hocking her hair behind her ears, Amanda sat up, "I was missing my pussy.  What do you mean my cute little mole?" "Amanda, you know I love your mole down by your pussy, the one that disappeared when you got a cock, remember?" Jen replied, giving Amanda a light hug, "What this thing?!" Amanda said, pointing to her mole, "I hate it I wish I never had it" Amanda said, standing up, naturally in a story like this it started to disappear, "<gasp> Amanda look!  It's vanishing" Jen said, pointing to the mole, Amanda looked down just in time to see her mole completely disappear, "Wow" Amanda said as she made her way to the mirror.

She looked at her self in the mirror, "What you thinking?" Jen asked, walking up behind her, "Just what I'd like to change" Amanda replied, "Can you go into the shower room, just so I can give you a surprise as well?" she added, "Sure thing sweetie" Jen replied, she gave her a quick peck on the cheek & went into the shower room.  Amanda started to picture her dream body in the mirror, "yeah 6' should be tall enough" she thought, she felt herself all over as she grew 10".  She pictured herself with some flaring hips, smaller then Jen's though, she placed her hands at her hips as they grew out to a total measurement of 25".  "I've always wanted a thinner waist," she thought to herself, reducing it to 15".  "what's this?  EE cup?  I think not, let's try a HH cup" Amanda thought to herself, cupping her jugs.  She pushed them together & kneaded them as they grew 9 cup sizes, "mmm, I think I'll have them as sensitive as some LL cup boobs" she thought, letting them bounce free.

Her pussy started to get wet & she could feel the heat rising up as her tits became super sensitive, biting her lip she made her nipples hard (so as not to let Jen know what she's doing).  She pictured herself with nipples the same size as Jen's, they were 7" long, now that they were hard, "right, that'll be my non-erect size" she thought to her self.  She swivelled her body round & looked at her ass, "I've always wanted a perfect hart shaped ass" she thought, she watched on in ore as her ass firmed, toned & expanded to a perfect hart shape.  She turned back round, "black really isn't my colour, may be strawberry blonde" Amanda thought, putting her hair straight-ish, "Oh year, that'll do nicely" she thought as she made it lengthen to just past her nipples.  She quickly made the last few changes, filling out her lips, shaping her eye brows & bush, "Ok, you can come out now" she said.  The moment Jen walked out Amanda started to feel the heat rising from her cunt, "Wow sweetie, you look dead sexy" Jen replied, getting wet, "There's just one thing" she added, taking a seat on the bed, "What, what's missing?" Amanda asked looking at her body, "Well non of us have got a dick now, & you know I don't really like licking out pussy" Jen replied, stroking her own thigh, "Ok, I'll give myself a cock then" Amanda replied, "No!  Wait I don't want you to get rid of your pussy" Jen said, lightly stroking her own boobs, "Ok, I've got an idea" Amanda said, she turned round, "I'll make it a surprise" she said, giving Jen a wink.  She thought about (go on, have a guess) having a cock just above her pussy 12" long when soft (as if you didn't know), she turned back round again, "Well, what do you think?" Amanda asked, lifting up her dick just enough so that Jen could see her pussy, "It's the best of both worlds" Jen replied.  "Man I'm feeling so horny, you are just so god damn sexy Jen" Amanda said, her cock getting hard & her nipples passing 8" in length, "Yeah me too, com' on, let me fuck your cock, we can use the double dildo as well" Jen replied, getting the two ended dildo out from a draw, "But your pussy will be full with my dick" Amanda said, laying down on the bed, "I was planning on shoving it up my ass sweetie" Jen replied, giving the dildo a thick coating of her juices.

Sunday 11:50am:
 "Go on, shove it in" Amanda said, spreading her legs, Jen teased her clit, moving the tip of the dildo up & down her slit, then slowly moving it up into her pussy.  Jen positioned her pussy above Amanda's cock, she reached round to the dildo & inserted the head into her ass, "Man, I love double penetration" Jen said, giving Amanda a wink as she positioned her cock at her pussy.  She held onto the cock until the head was in, she sexually moved her hands up to her tits & played with them, as she pushed the rest of the way down.  Amanda reached up to Jen's arms & moved them down to her tits, "Give them a real good squeeze" Amanda said, giving Jen a wink.  Jen's hands were millimetres away from her tits, she moved her hands to her nipples & rolled them back & forth between her thumb & for-finger, "YES, YES, YES, FUCK YES, KEEP GOING, YES, YES, YESSSSSS" Amanda screamed, as both her cock & pussy erupted in orgasmic bliss.  "I'm not done yet sweetie, make your cock really big with thick veins" Jen said, desperately rocking her hips back & forth trying to cum, "<gasp> Thank you sweetie, thank you" Jen said, feeling Amanda's cock expanding in her cunt.  Her breathing was increasing in speed now, "Amanda, Amanda, is my, pussy, tight enough, for you?  Amanda?" Jen asked, Amanda was out for the count, "Cool, I can do stuff to her as well!  Ahhhhhh yesssss" Jen said, her pussy orgasmaming out of control.  She lifted her self off of Amanda's cock & removed the dildo from her ass.

Sunday 11:55am:
She laid down next to her love, Amanda's cock begging for attention, it's veins throbbing, Jen locked eyes on the tower of meat, "Wow, that's big, but it could always be bigger" she said to herself, picturing it enlarging again.  She positioned it between Amanda's tits, stopping the growth when the head was at her mouth; she made Amanda hug her length of meat like a teddy bear.  Jen looked at Amanda's pussy, "Hmm, yes, tighter I think & more sensitive" she said, making Amanda's cunt hellishly tight & fifteen times more sensitive, she tried to put a finger in her pussy, tried being the optimum word.  "Well, maybe just bit looser" she said, relaxing the fanny muscle, just a bit.  She was now able to get her finger in, with a bit of effort.  She moved her self up Amanda's sleeping body, she moved the hair away from her ear, "Amanda, you are completely submissive to me, you will call me master whenever we are alone, doing what I ask of you makes you very horny, you know that pleasing me is the only thing that matters, you love any adjustments I make to your body because you know it pleases me" she whispered.  Jen moved to the end of the bed & court a glimpse of herself in the mirror, "Oh what the hell, lets make these bigger" she said, cupping both tits with her hands.  She increased the size of her mam's to a FF cup.  She gave her nipples a bit of a play, "Mmm more sensitivity I think" she hushed to herself, increasing it by some twenty fold, "Ah, ah, yes, yes, yes, yesssss" she quietly said as she had a light orgasm.  Jen put on a skimpy bikini & marvelled at her body for a bit in the mirror, "now all I need is a tan" she thought to herself, "yeah a nice golden tan" she added, picturing it in the mirror, "Perfect <giggle>" she giggled to herself.

She tour herself away from the mirror & crouched down at Amanda's side, "Amanda, sweetie, time to wake up" she said, stroking the side of her lovers face, "Huh, oh hello master" Amanda replied, moving her hand down to her pussy, "Amanda, you will not fuck or cum unless I tell you to ok sweetie?" Jen ordered, "Yes master, what ever you say master" Amanda replied, putting her arms to her side, "this is so cool" Jen thought to herself, "Ok Amanda go look at your self in the mirror" Jen ordered, "Ok master" Amanda replied with a blissful smile, "What do you think of your body Amanda?" Jen asked, standing by her side, "I think I'm perfect, but not as perfect as master" Amanda replied, blushing, "Ok sweetie, you are to refer to your self in the third person when we are alone ok sweetie?" Jen asked, hugging Amanda from behind, "Yes master, Amanda will do anything you say master" Amanda replied, "Good, now give you're self a second dick where your pussy is & give me some double penetration" Jen said, taking her bikini off & getting into the doggy position on the bed.  Amanda put her cocks into Jen's hole's, "Yes, that's it sweetie, make your master scream, yes, yes, YES, YES, OH YES, FUCK YES, YES, YESSSSSS" Jen screamed as the extra sensation from Amanda's ragged surfaced cocks put her over the edge.  Both girls laid down on the bed, wasted, "Did you enjoy that Amanda?" "Yes master, Amanda enjoyed it an awful lot master" "Even though you didn't cum?" "Yes master" "Ok sweetie, you can cum now" Jen said, playing with Amanda's tits, "Yes, yes, yes, yes thank you master, yes, yesssss" Amanda whispered, her cocks getting covered in her cum, "Did you enjoy that sweetie?" "Yes master, Amanda really enjoyed that" "Good, you can put your pussy back now sweetie" "Thank you master, Amanda will do it right away" Amanda replied, moving in front of the mirror, "Oh sweetie" "Yes master" "When we are alone you will be called sweetie, ok?" "Yes master, sweetie understands" Amanda replied just as her pussy finished forming, "Good, now come back to bed" Jen ordered, patting the bed in a suggestive way.

Sunday 1:10am:
Amanda & Jen were sitting in the living room, watching TV, lightly playing with each other, when Jody & Sarah walked in, "My god!  You got the powers too!  This is amazing!" Amanda said, standing up to get a better look, "Can you imagine what the foursome's will be like?" Sarah asked, checking out Amanda & Jen, "Yeah, should be something special" Jen said.  "Come sit Amanda" Jen added, indicating her lap, Amanda sat down on Jen's lap without question, Jody then sat down next to Jen, "Com' on Sarah, sit down" Jody said, also indicating her lap, Sarah sat down but Jody went one up on Jen, putting her cock into Sarah's pussy.  For the next half-hour or so they all talked about what they did, Jen & Jody not saying anything about being dominant over their partner.

Sunday 1:40am:
"Excuse me, I gotta go pee" Sarah said, making her way to the toilet, once the lock was done, Jody thought to her, "Sarah, cock, pussy cum times three" seconds later, a loud moan could be heard from the toilet.  "I'm, er, going to make my self a sandwich, anyone want one ?" Amanda asked, getting to her feet, both Jen & Jody said no, once Amanda was out of the room Jody thought to herself, "Sarah, stay there, till you are called for", "Well, you seem to have Sarah well trained" Jen said, "I could say the same for you & Amanda" Jody replied, a hundred thoughts going through her head.  "It's getting a bit cold in here, I'm just going to put something on" Jody added, making her way to her bedroom, Jody quickly grabbed her silk robe, stood in front of the mirror & thought, "I wish my brain was 20% stronger, mentally" gave it a few seconds then went back to the living room.  "Your robe seems to be bit tight, shall I make it a better fit?" Jen asked, just as Jody sat down, "No, it's alright, I'll manage, why don't you go & see how Amanda's doing?" Jody replied, Jen visible tried to resist Jody request, but couldn't, "Ok then, I'll be back in a bit".  Jen walked in to the kitchen, "Sweetie?" she asked, "Yes master?" Amanda replied, "When we go back into the living room I want you to keep Jody's mouth shut, I don't care how you do it, just make sure she can't talk, ok sweetie?" "Yes master, sweetie understands" Amanda replied, "Ok, leave the sandwich now sweetie" Jen said, taking Amanda's hand, "Ok master", they both went back to the living room.  As soon as Amanda was within striking distance, she leaped on Jody & shoved her tongue down her throat, making it impossible for Jody to speak.  "Ok Jody, listen up..." Jen started, thinking quick Jody thought, "Jen, you are completely submissive to me, doing what I say makes you very horny & happy, you love doing what I ask of you because you know it makes me happy" "...Things are gonna change" Jen continued, "I am going to be completely submissive to you <gasp>" Jen tried again, "Doing what ever you ask makes me very horny & happy". She was too late, Jody's mind was too strong to over power.  Jody sent a command to Jen to tell Amanda to get off, as expected Amanda quickly got off.  Jody got to her feet, "Right, sit down the pair of you" Jody said in a commanding tone, both girls sat down on the sofa, "Amanda, you are completely submissive to me, & me only, understand?" Jody said, looking down at her, "Yes Jody, I understand" Amanda replied, "Good, you are to call me goddess at all times, understand?" Jody asked, both girls nodded, "Er, I can't hear you" Jody said, putting a hand to her ear, "Yes goddess" both girls said in unison, "That's better, now you both love me & Sarah as much as you love each other, understand?" "Yes goddess" they replied, "Right, Amanda stand up", Amanda stood up, unsure if it would work or not, Jody thought about Amanda's nipples turning into 12" cocks.  Amanda's nipples quickly turned into a pair of cocks, "Right, they will only produce milk" Jody said, thinking about removing Amanda's pussy & moving her other cock down to a more, normal position, "All your cock's will produce milk" Jody said.  "Tell me Amanda, what bra size are you now?" Jody asked, lifting one of Amanda's tits up, "I'm a HH cup goddess" Amanda replied, breathing heavily, "& how sensitive are you?" "LL cups goddess" Amanda replied, nearing orgasm, "Very good" Jody said, letting Amanda's tit slap back on her chest, "You can sit down now" she added, "Thank you goddess".  "Jen, stand up" Jody ordered, Jen stood up straight away, "How big is your waist?" Jody asked, "8" goddess, why?" Jen replied, "Just wondering, & your waist?" "60" goddess" Jen replied, moving her hands down her wasp like figure, "Very nice" Jody said, impressed.  With the slightest thought Jody gave Jen a second pussy, just above her normal one & enlarged her nipples to 6" wide & 5" long, "They will stay like that, fully erect & extra sensitive" Jody said in a commanding tone, "Thank you goddess, thank you" Jen replied, already breathing heavily from the extra sensation, "You may sit down" Jody said, Jen sat down.  "You will not cum, unless I tell you to, that goes for you too Amanda" Jody added, "Yes goddess, thank you goddess" both girls said unison.

Sunday 2:20am:
Jody sat down between her two new lovers, "Hay Sarah, come in here & join us" Jody said, within seconds Sarah was in the living room, ready to serve, "Sit down Sarah" Jody ordered, she sat down on the arm of the sofa.  "Amanda, from now on, you will do all the cooking, being the master chief that you are" "Yes goddess, thank goddess" Amanda replied, "Whenever you need some sauce for whatever you are cooking you will make one of your cock's produce it, understand?" Jody said, "Yes goddess, I understand, "Oh & all of you will refer to your self in the third person understand?" "Yes goddess" said the girls in unison.  "Right, Jen, you will do all the cleaning in the house, whenever you need some polish you will make you tits produce it & if you are cleaning a low area, such as the bottom self of the book case, you will bend at the hips, showing you ass to the world, understand?" "Yes goddess, Jen understands" "What about Sarah goddess?" Sarah asked, getting hopeful, "You will help out where you can, using your tits to produce the necessary stuff, understand?" "Yes goddess, Sarah understands" "Oh & Sarah?" "Yes goddess?" "You love Jen & Amanda as much as you love me, ok?" "Yes goddess, thank you goddess" "Good, now get to work" Jody said, putting her feet up & turning the TV on with the simplest thought.

Sunday 11:25am: (with me)
"Morning love" Rachel happily said, hugging me from behind, "Did you know that you've made Grace's tits bigger?" she added, kissing my cheek, "Morning love, yeah I know, she looks good though, don't you think?" "Um, yeah I guess so" Rachel replied, taking a seat on my lap, "So, when you two get married are we going to move out & into a place of our own?" she added, "Well, no, I've got mum moving out as soon as possible.  So then we'll have the place to our selves" I replied, giving her a kiss full on the lips, we rested our heads on each other, "Oh I can't wait" Rachel replied, looking into my eyes & giving me another kiss on the lips.  "Hay Ben, could you please put my tits back to normal please?" Grace asked, batting her eyes, "But you like you new bigger tits don't you?" I replied, "Um, yeah, yeah I do, thanks love you're the best" Grace replied, she gave me a good look at her cleavage & sat down on the sofa.

Sunday 11:35am:
After much cuddling between me & Rachel I finally finished my breakfast, after putting the dish in the dishwasher we went into the living room to join Grace.  I sat down next to Grace & started to play with her tits, Rachel was about to sit down next to me, she saw me playing with Grace's tits, suddenly, she stopped & wrapped her arms round her stomach, "<gasp> It's started!" she said in shock, "Wha... wha... what's started?" I asked, horrified that Rachel seemed to be in pain, "Forgive me" Rachel replied just before the major physical changes started.  First she shot up to 6'6", her dressing gown unable to cover her pussy, not that it mattered, as her dressing gown turned into a black PVC outfit shaped like a V going over her shoulders & going down to her pussy, it was just big enough to cover her nipples.  Then her tits started to grow, they got bigger & bigger, strangely enough her top got wider & wider as well.  When her tits stopped growing I guessed them to be an E cup.  She cupped her new tits & a big smile washed over her face, she started to breath deeply, unaware that her hair was growing down to her ass, which turned into a ponytail that went up slightly at her head before it went down.  She stood there, admiring her new body.

Being the lazy teenager that she was she had some trainers near by, she grabbed them & put them on, almost immediately they turned into some black shiny boots that went to mid-thigh with what I guessed to be 5" heels.  "Hay, what do you think love?" Rachel asked, pushing her new melons together, she gave a little twirl & bumped her head on the ceiling, "Ouch! I'd better make these things a little shorter" she said, she reduced the heels to 3", I had noticed that her outfit was like a thong round the back, using minimal material between her butt cheeks, she looked at us both, "Well?  I'm waiting for an answer" she repeated, pushing her jugs together again, "Um, I'm a bit surprised at the changes you made, you're not the sexy-wear-in-public type of person" I replied, "Yes that's all very well but what do you think?" Rachel asked again, getting angry, I noticed that her muscle seemed to be increasing, "You look very nice love" I said, "Yeah, you look very sexy Rachel" Grace quickly added, "Good, now then, Ben do you like working at a strip joint?" Rachel asked, her muscle going back to normal, I could feel my body changing to Zoë, I wanted to say yes.  I opened my mouth to say yes but, "Pardon" passed my forming lips, "I said do you like working at a strip joint?" then it hit me, "<gasp> What have you done Rachel <giggle>?" I asked, "I've made "Zoë" your default profile but I've not finished yet, take your clothes off Zoë" without question I took my clothes off, I just sat there naked, "Now for a bit of experimentation" Rachel said, perching on one of the sofa arms.  I could feel something happening to my nipples, I looked down & saw them getting bigger & wider.  When they both got to about 6" long, they started to change colour, they went from a dark nipple like pink to my flesh colour & at the end of the nipples a very noticeable slit formed & that's when it hit me, Rachel was turning my nipples into dicks.  A few seconds later the transformation was complete, my flaccid dicks slapped onto my tits, they were 6" long, "From now on Zoë you will be called, what are you called where you work?" "Barbie <giggle>" I replied, "Right you will be called Barbie from now on, understand?" "Yes Rachel <giggle>" "Why are you doing this Rachel?" Grace asked, "Shut up Grace!" Rachel replied, giving her a scouring look.

I looked at Grace's tits; I was soon able to see her nipples poking there way through her top, first they just got hard but they soon got bigger by 2" her nipples now protruding by an impressive 7".  "From now on Grace, they will stay like that, rock hard & very sensitive" "But they're not very sensitive <gasp>" Grace replied as Rachel increased the sensitivity some twenty fold.

"Hay, I heard gasping, what's going on?" mum asked walking into the living room, "Polly want a cracker?  Does Polly want a cracker?" Rachel said in a soppy tone, mum quickly turned into slave; "Hello mistress, mistress you keep changing" slave said, "Yeah I know, from now on you will all call me goddess understand?" we all nodded.  "Good, now Grace stand up" Grace stood up, "Stick out your tongue & strip for me" Rachel added.  Grace did as she was told, Rachel lengthened Grace's tongue by about 5" "Ok you can put your tongue away now" Rachel said, Grace put her tongue back into her mouth like it was still normal length, "& now for your last change" Rachel added.  Slave & I looked at Grace as this "last change" took place, Rachel had swapped Grace's ass round with her pussy, so now her ass was at her front & her pussy was at her rear, everything else was still the same, "Oh my god!  I can see my ass!" Grace said in shock, "Yeah I know, isn't it cool?  Now go & sit down with Barbie, you too slave" Rachel ordered, both girls sat on either side of me.

"Now then, what do you think, dick or no dick?" Rachel asked giving herself a dick as big as mine used to be (12" flaccid) she had it in the same place as slaves, "Well? Dick, no dick, dick, no dick tell me" Rachel repeated, constantly removing her dick & replacing it again, "Goddess looks very sexy with a dick <giggle>" I replied, "Yeah goddess looks damn hot with a, nice, long, fat dick" slave added, "I don't know goddess, I think it ruins your figure" Grace replied, "Well you're out voted two to one, so I'm keeping it" Rachel replied.  "Err, goddess, how come you can change you body so quickly & with minimal concentration <giggle>?" I asked, getting aroused by all the cocks that were present, "Well Barbie, you see I've given myself the same powers as master PC which, as you know can do spontaneous changes.  Now Grace, I want you to suck one of Barbie's cocks" "Yes goddess" Grace replied, she grabbed my left cock & inserted it into her mouth, "Move round to her front Grace" Rachel said, getting hard.  Grace did as she was told, "Now slave, fuck Grace with you cock" Rachel added, "Yes goddess" slave replied, she moved round to Grace's newly placed pussy & inserted her cock, Grace gave out a sexual moan, which in turn made me moan.  Soon I had one hand wrapped round my other cock & my spare hand down at my pussy, franticly pumping two fingers in & out, Rachel quickly joined the action ramming her cock into slave's dripping pussy.

I was the first to cum, shooting masses of cum down Grace's throat seconds later my other cock blew its load, landing on Grace's shoulder, "Did you enjoy that Barbie?" Rachel asked, playing with her tits, "Yes, goddess" I softly said, Grace still sucking my cock, "Ok Grace, lick out her pussy" Rachel ordered.  Grace quickly but sexually moved from my tit to my pussy, she gently moved my hand out of the way & started jabbing my clit & pussy with her enhanced tongue, "Would you like it slave if I had a bigger cock?" Rachel asked, licking slave's ear, "Oh yes goddess, I live for big cocks" slave replied, nearing orgasm, Rachel removed her cock, with a whimper from slave, she made her cock flaccid & doubled its length, it now hung 24" long.  She made it hard again & continued fucking slave, slave screamed out in pleasure, "YES, YES, YES, DO ME GODDESS, DO ME, YES, YES, YES, OH FUCK, YESSSSSSSSS" slave screamed out as an all mighty orgasm over powered her body, which in turn set Grace off, which in turn set Rachel off, just how she wanted it.  "Ok stop now" Rachel ordered, getting to her feet, when we were all sitting on the sofa again Rachel made me cum again.  "Right, I'm going to go into town now, why don't you entertain yourselves while I'm gone" & with that she increased our libido's so much that it was hard to concentrate on anything else, "Oh you can not use the PC unless it is important understand?" Rachel said just before she opened the front door, we all nodded our heads, "Good, have fun" Rachel said as she made her way out the door.  "I've got to sort this out," I thought to myself as I heard Rachel drive off in my car, "But I'm too horny at the moment to think straight" I added, "Fuck my titties <giggle>" I suddenly blurted out, my hornyness getting the better of me, both girls pushed me onto my back.  Grace lowered her pussy over my left cock & slave did my right cock, they both sat at a forty-five degree angle from my body, slave started to tit fuck her dick, Grace, soon had her mouth over slave's cock, sucking it for all it's worth.

Sunday 12:40pm: (with Rachel)
Rachel stopped at some traffic lights in town; a twenty-something lad pulled up beside her.  "Hay cutie, what's your name?" the lad asked, "My name is Rachel but you can call me goddess" Rachel replied, giving him a wink, "Ok then goddess, are those jugs of yours real?" he asked, Rachel gave them a little shake, "Oh absolutely" she replied, showing him a nipple.  "I bet you've got a, nice, big, cock" Rachel asked, licking her top lip, "Yeah I do actually" he replied, "Oh come now, tell me the truth" Rachel said, playing with her exposed nipple, "No, it's tiny I think it's only about 4" long when hard" the lad replied, "Aww you poor thing, come here, I'll make it nice & big" Rachel replied.  The lad got out of his car & stood next to Rachel in the middle of the road, "Well get it out then" Rachel said, getting impatient, "But, but we're in public" "Oh like you care, you've got nothing to see anyway just get it out!" Rachel replied getting a bit angry, this time she felt her muscles increasing, "Hmm I could quit like this," she thought to her self.  By now the lad had his cock out, Rachel put it into her mouth & started to blow him, as she blew this lads tiny cock she made it bigger, a real mans cock, 10" long & rock solid, the lad blew his load, "There we go, how's that?" Rachel asked, "Wow thanks goddess!" the lad excitedly said, "Yeah as well as making it bigger, you'll also be able to go for longer & have multiple orgasm in one session" Rachel said, the light turned green, "Have fun" she added as she drove off.

She parked her car in the multi story car park & headed into town.  When she was walking down the street she decided to have a little fun, she moved her outfit to the insides of her tits, so now both nipples were in full view.  Ironically enough a policeman was walking the opposite way from her & unsurprisingly saw her, "<cough> Err excuse me, unless you cover your self up with something more appropriate I'm afraid I'm going to have to arrest you" "Yeah, you & who's army?" Rachel replied, "Threatening a police officer is a serious crime" "Oh don't be so silly" Rachel replied, "I'm not going to cover myself up & you're not going to arrest me are you?" she added, playing with a nipple, "Err no, no I'm not I was just being stupid" the policeman replied.  "Hay come with me" Rachel ordered, she lead him down a back alley, "How do you like your sex Mr police man?" Rachel asked pushing him up against a wall, "Any which way miss" he replied, "Oh please call me goddess" Rachel said, unzipping his trousers, "Are you really a goddess?" "Yes I am I can change any part of your body or mind" Rachel replied, putting the officers nob in her cleavage, "Oh well in that case, I've always wondered what sex is like for a woman & I couldn't help notice your monster sized cock &" "It's ok, I understand" Rachel replied, she realised his cock from her tits.  "You want to be a woman, then so shall it be" Rachel said with a grin.  She started with his feet, making them more feminine, she made her way up his legs, shaping them, making them firmer, she widened his hips & replaced his cock with a neatly shaven pussy.  She then narrowed his waist, all the time making the skin firmer, she then started on his face, she got rid of his rough manly jaw & replaced it with a rounded female one.  She lengthened his hair down to his shoulders, keeping its dark brown colour, "& now for my favourite part" Rachel said, looking at the officers chest, she enlarged the tits to a nice firm D cup, "How's that?" she asked, "Great <gasp> my voice!" "Yeah, good isn't it, now take you top off" Rachel replied, the officer happily took his top off, "Oh please goddess, go easy on me" said the officer, with that Rachel shoved her monster cock into the officers pussy (she had already done the whole heightened pleasure thing).

"Keep your voice down, we don't want unwanted attention do we" Rachel said as she continued to fuck the newly female officer, "Yes, goddess, no, goddess" replied the officer, nearing orgasm, a few minutes later the officer lost it, "Yes, yes, yes, thank you goddess, thank you" panted the officer.  Rachel made a few adjustments to the officer's clothes, she gave her a skirt & some fishnet stockings, she also made the officers top two sizes too small.  "Are you going to put me back to normal now goddess?" asked the officer, "No, from now on you will always be a woman, what you call your self is up to you, have fun" Rachel replied heading for the pavement again.

Sunday 1:30pm:
"Ah here we go, just what I was looking for" Rachel said, finding the local BBC TV centre, she walked in.  "Can I help you miss?" asked the woman at reception, "Yes, I would like to know the way to the studio please" replied Rachel, "Are you an audience member for a show?" "No, just tell me where the studios are" Rachel replied getting angry again, her muscle increasing, "Damn this is horny" she thought to herself, "Certainly miss..." the woman behind the counter gave Rachel the directions to the closet studio.

"Right then" she said to her self, using her master PC powers, she gave her self expert knowledge on how to use all the equipment in the studio, she also modified the transmitter to broadcast world-wide, she started to transmit.

"Hello people of the world, I am Rachel but you will all call me goddess, you will obey every command I give you without question.  Now then, you see me as the perfect example of the human figure, just seeing me, picture or in real life will get you very horny & wet/hard.  You will all become law abiding, you will have no need to steal or hurt anyone, unless they ask for it.  Right now for the sexy bit.  All women over the age of sixteen & below thirty-five will have there tits enlarged to at least a D cup by me, this will excite you, deep down you have always wanted bigger tits, if your tits are already bigger then a D cup then your tits will get firmed up.  Your pussies will be made tighter & more sensitive as well, you also like this, from now on you will always talk dirty, breasts will be referred to as tits, jugs, melons, & so on, your vaginas will be, pussies, cunt's, etc, you will only talk dirty, you will always dress in a sexy manor & will be dominant over men in the age range I said.  All men between sixteen & thirty-five will have there cocks enlarged to 10" long when hard, you will be able to go for far longer then you used to be able to go for & you will be multi orgasmic.  You will be submissive to women who fall into the age range I said earlier.  When you become sixteen these changes will take affect at midday on you birthday, there is no avoiding it, this applies for both sexes.  All weapons are to be disarmed & blasted into space, only plastic kid's weapons are allowed.  If you see me walking down the street you will bow your heads before me, if I touch you, you will have the most powerful orgasm you have ever had."

She ended the transmission & set it to be broadcast twenty-four hours a day, everyday for the next two weeks, she also made it that when anyone who feel into the age range watched the transmission the changes she explained would start.  "There that should do it" she said to her self, she turned off the lights & what not in the studio & set off home.

Sunday 2:15pm: (with me)
"Hay Barbie, make you cocks bigger" asked Grace, luckily I still had my powers so I made them bigger, the same as what Rachel had set the men's at.  I had already had my pussy cum five times & I was getting tired, "Can we roll this up girls <giggle>" I asked, both girls contracted their pussy muscle's as much as possible to try & make me cum, it worked, "Ahhhhh thank you girls" I replied.  "Hello, I'm home" Rachel said, walking through the front door, "Hello goddess" we all replied, "Did you all enjoy your selves?" Rachel asked, "Oh yes goddess, me & mistress fucked Barbie's tits all the time" slave replied, "Oh really, that must have been nice, from now on slave you will address mistress as Grace, understand?" "Yes goddess" "Good, now Barbie come with me" Rachel ordered, "Yes goddess <giggle>" I replied, "What shall we do goddess?" Grace asked, Rachel looked over her shoulder at them, "What else, fuck" she said.  She took my hand & led me to the pool.

"What do you want goddess <giggle>?" I asked, "First you can suck my cock, the more you suck my cock the more I'll reduce your cocks" Rachel replied, taking a seat on one of the pool side chairs, I quickly engulfed her monster cock in my mouth & started to blow.  The more I bobbed my head up & down the entire length of her cock the more my cock's reduced, I could feel them getting smaller.  After about five minutes they were back to normal nipples, Rachel blew her load down my throat, "Mmm thank you goddess <giggle>" I replied, "That's ok Barbie, now I want you to get me angry, really angry, do you think you could that for me?" Rachel asked, cupping her tits & pushing them together, "Will you reduce me libido if I do goddess?" I asked, "I am, after all the man you love" I added, "Um, yeah ok then Barbie, now make me really angry" Rachel replied, "Ok goddess, you are stupid, nothing but a slapper, you look like a freak..." Rachel was going red with anger, her muscle was increasing.  She was starting to look like a male one hundred metre sprint runner, "Yes keep going Barbie" Rachel replied, moving her hands all over her improving body, "You are rubbish in bed, your tits aren't big enough..." Rachel was looking like a huge body builder now, "& blonde really isn't your colour" I finished.  Rachel orgasmed from the intense pleasure of her rapidly developed muscle, "Was that ok goddess, did I do good <giggle>?" I asked, "Yes Barbie you did good" Rachel replied as she lowered my libido, I felt my senses come back to me, "Ahhh thank you goddess" I replied, giving her a kiss on the lips, "That's alright Barbie, did you mean it when you said my tits weren't big enough?" Rachel asked, "Err yes goddess, I think you would look better with perhaps a GG cup?" I replied, choosing my answer very carefully, "Ok" Rachel cheerfully replied she made her jugs a GG cup, "How's that?" she asked, "Perfect goddess <giggle>" I replied, "Ok, now go Barbie, go & enjoy your self" "Ok thanks goddess" I replied.

I set off for the bedroom but more importantly I went there for master PC.  I loaded up master PC & brought up Rachel's & my profiles up.  First I found the copy of my normal profile & reinserted it & hit send I quickly said my trigger phrase, "Oh boy that was scary" I said to my self in my normal manly voice.  I then closed down my profile & set to work on Rachel's I put everything back to how it was & added, "you have absolutely no interest in using master PC your self" I put a time delay on that would make the changes start when she next saw me. I turned my self back into Zoë & went downstairs.

Sunday 3pm:
I went into the living room & saw slave sitting on the sofa with Rachel sitting on top of her, slave's cock in her pussy & Grace was on top of Rachel, her cock in Grace's pussy, Rachel was in pure bliss as she got fucked & fucked Grace at the same time.  "Oh Barbie, come & join us" Grace asked, sticking out her tongue, they moved onto the floor, now Grace was at just the right height to lick out my pussy, I walked over & pushed her head into my pussy, Rachel was screaming out in orgy, her eyes closed.  Grace was able to stick her tongue far enough in to be able to stimulate my G spot.

Soon Rachel had stopped cumming, she opened her eyes & saw me, "Oh hi Barbie, couldn't stay away huh?" just then she got a confused look on her face, she looked down & saw her cock disappear, she quickly got out from between the other girls, "NO!  What's happening to me?" Rachel asked, "I'm putting you back to normal love" I replied, as I turned into my normal self again, Rachel now shrinking back down to her normal 5'5".  She played with her tits (which looked far bigger than GG on her small frame) as they went down to a D cup.  "No, no, no" she started to say, which slowly turned into, "Thank you, thank you love, thank you" her PVC outfit turned back into her dressing gown as did her boots.  Rachel got to her feet, ran over & hugged me, "I'm so sorry love, can you forgive me?" she asked, a tear trickling down her face, "It's alright love, I forgive you" "Goddess you're back to normal" slave said, "Slave you will call her mistress, understand?" I said, slave nodded her head, "Ben can you put me back?" asked Grace, indicating her ass with her hands, with a quick thought Grace's ass was back where it should be, "& what about my nipples?" Grace asked, "You like them like that don't you?" I replied, Grace nodded, I decided to leave her tongue as well, "Oh Ben what about slave?" Rachel asked, still hugging me, "Well you deleted mum's profile & I didn't make a copy, but she was going to change into something similar anyway" I replied, kissing the top of her head, "Oh god! The video!  What are we going to do about the video?" Rachel asked, panicking, "Video?  What video?" I asked, "When I left you lot hear fucking each other I went to the BBC studio & made a video saying that..." she went on to describe what the video said, "Ok, I've got a plan" I rung up the studio & said that there was a bomb in the building.  Concentrating I was able to make sure that the building was empty, concentrating even harder, I was able to blow up the building, "There that should do it" I replied, giving Rachel a smile, "Quick!  The TV" Rachel said running over to the TV, she put it on, but all that came up was snow, on all the channels, "Phew!" Rachel said, looking up at me, "Yeah, it's alright Rachel everything is back to normal" I replied, lifting her up to her feet & giving her a hug.  She burst into tears, "I'm so sorry Ben <sniff>, I didn't mean to go so far <sniff> with the transformation <sniff> I just got so <sniff> carried away" "Sh sh, there there Rachel, it's alright, power corrupts & absolute power corrupts absolutely" I replied, holding her tight.

Sunday 3:20pm:
The phone rang, "I'll get it" said Grace, "Hello, who is it?" she asked, "Hi, it's Soph, is Rachel there I need to talk to her?" "Yeah sure" Grace replied, Grace walked back into the living room, "Rachel, it's Soph, she sounds kinda upset" Grace said, "Ok, thanks Grace" Rachel replied.  "Hi Soph, what's the problem?" Rachel asked, "Well um, yo, you know that lad I was with last night?" Soph started, getting more & more upset, "Yeah?" Rachel replied getting nervous, "Well he, he, he rapped me" & with that Soph burst into tears, "Oh my god!  Are you alright, did he hurt you?" Rachel asked in shock, "No, I think I'm alright but I don't know what to do <sniff>" "Um, who else have you told?" "No one, just you" "Ok leave it at that, I might be able to help, just give me ten minutes k?" "<sniff> Ok" "I'm so sorry Soph, I shouldn't have left you" "Don't blame your self Rachel <sniff>" with that Soph hung up.  "Ben, Ben, Soph got rapped last night, is there anything you can do?" "Yeah, come with me Rachel" I replied, I took her upstairs & loaded up master PC, I typed in Soph's name & brought up her recent meetings list, "Can you see the lad that Soph was making out with when you saw her last?" I asked, slowly scrolling through the list, Rachel quickly pointed him out; I loaded up his profile.  First I made him realise what he had done, I then increased his guilt with each day that passed, he would feel more & more guilty until eventually he would turn himself over to the police.  For good measure I made his dick get smaller as he felt more guilty it would be only 3" long when hard & hit send, "But what about Soph, she'll have to live with this for the rest of her life" Rachel asked, "I'm getting to it" I replied, closing down the rappers profile.  I did a quick cheek on the law to do with rape, if a man turns himself in after committing rape then there is no court case & no investigation.  So in knowing that, I made Soph forget that she had ever been rapped, "Do you know if she was a virgin before the rape?" I asked, "Yeah she was a virgin, even though she did a bit too much flirting most of the time" Rachel replied, I put Soph's virginity back & hit send, "There we go love, sorted" I said, giving her a hug & a kiss, "Thanks love" Rachel replied, returning the kiss.

"Hay love" Rachel started, looking up into my eyes, "Yeah love" I replied, "Can you make me like big tits, I really want to make you happy" Rachel asked, "But Rachel, you make me happy just the way you are, I love you, no matter what you look like" I replied, "Even when I was bulging with muscle?" "Yes, even when you were bulging with muscle, you are perfect, body & soul" I kissed her forehead, "I love all your little quirks, I love your shyness when it comes to showing your body off in public.  I love the way you walk, talk, eat, I even love the way you sleep" I kissed her forehead again, "Really?" Rachel asked, looking into my eyes, "Yes really, I love everything about you, you are perfect," I lifted her chin up, "Forever & always Rachel" I gave her a loving kiss on the lips, "I'm sorry Ben" Rachel replied, I wrapped my arms round her & we hugged for a while.

Sunday 4pm:
Rachel & I walked into the living room, Grace was licking out slave's cunt & slave was tit fucking herself, Grace's cunt was running like a tap it was so wet, we sat down on the sofa & watched.  Rachel noticed me getting hard, "I don't mind if you join in love" she said, lightly rubbing my dick through the trousers, "Thanks love" I replied, giving her a kiss, I quickly got undressed.  I positioned myself at Grace's rear, I increased the size of the veins in my cock by 50%, they were bulging out by about one centimetre.  I placed the head at Grace's pussy lips & pushed it in with all my power, making Grace scream a light orgasm, her face, forced into slave's pussy, in turn setting her off in sexual bliss.  I leaned forward, over Grace's back & played with her tits, sending waves of pleasure to her cunt, she helped me to play with her jugs, pushing my hands deeper into the flesh with her own hands, "Come on, cum for me girls" I said, balls deep in Grace's soaking pussy.  Grace was the first to cum, nearly cutting my dick off with her tight pussy muscles, then slave orgasmed, cum shooting all over her face, Grace got a load of slave's pussy juices over her face.  I removed myself from Grace's cunt, she rolled over onto her back, I pointed my cock at Grace's face, "Shall I?" I asked Rachel, "What?" replied Rachel, "Shall I shoot my cum all over her face?" I asked again, "Yeah go on then," Rachel said, giving me a wink.  I realised loads of sweet strawberry flavoured cum all over Grace's face, soon her face was covered by my sweet cum, her face turning white by the sheer volume of cum, "That's enough Ben, you don't want to drown her do you?" Rachel asked, "No, I guess not" I replied, stopping the flow of cum.  I put my clothes back on & sat down next to Rachel, "Did you enjoy watching me?" I asked, putting my arm round her, "Um, yeah I did but I like it even more when we do it" Rachel replied, giving me a devilish wink & smile, "My my, we are horny aren't we?" I said giving her a hug, "Yeah, a little" Rachel replied, blushing, "Hay do you think I should give Grace a cock?" I asked, giving Rachel a kiss on her forehead, "Oh, speaking of dicks can I have a dick that only us four can see?" asked Rachel, giving me a puppy eyed look, "Um, how about I give you the power to decide weather to have a dick or not.  So then you can have one when ever you want" I replied, returning the puppy look, "Yeah ok then, give Grace a dick if you want, I'm not that bothered" Rachel replied, "Ok then, consider it done" I said, giving Rachel another hug.

I put the TV on; the dicks could wait till later.  I flipped through the channels when a news report court my eye, "Earlier today a strange transmission was aired.  At first nothing was thought of it but reports are coming in that, a small percentage of the worlds female population have been turned into bimbo like people while a similar amount of men have been turned into the male equivalent.  They are all claming that the woman who was on this broadcast is a goddess & should be obeyed at all times.  This news reporter can only assume that it is a matter of time before they form their own religion.  If you think you may have seen this video then first look for these side affects..." the reporter went on to describe what "goddess" had said would happen, "We must hope that this virus is not contagious but if it is, which this reporter sincerely hopes not, then God have mercy on our souls.  & now it's over to Jim for the sport".  I turned off the TV, Rachel burst into tears, "Oh come on now, don't get like this, it's not your fault" I said, resting her head on my chest as I hugged her (yes again), "But I've ruined their lives!  I might have <sniff> turned someone who was on the verge of finding a cure for some, incurable disease <sniff> into a sex mad lunatic" Rachel replied, "Yes, you might have, but I can always give the cure to someone else to find like someone who works at Cancer research UK, or what ever" I replied, rubbing Rachel's back, "<sniff> Yeah, I suppose" "Come on, you can't blame your self for what you did, it wasn't really you was it?" "No, I guess not <sniff>" "Come on I'll make you some nice hot chocolate & get the Jacuzzi going for you" (Rachel's favourite treat), "Aww thanks love" Rachel replied, giving me a kiss, she went up stairs & got ready.

First I set the Jacuzzi up, Rachel slipped in, in a bathing suit, "There, you just lay there & have a nice soak while I get your hot chocolate" I said, giving her a kiss, Rachel moaned in acknowledgement.  A few minutes later I came back with the hot chocolate, "Ahhhhhh thanks love" Rachel replied taking the mug from me, "It's just how you like it.  Now I'm going to give Grace a dick & sort some other things out" "Ok love" Rachel replied, giving me a kiss, I put some soothing music on & left her to it.

Sunday 4:30pm:
I loaded up master PC & brought up Rachel & Grace's profiles.  First I gave Grace a dick just like slave's in the same place, with the same provisos, only people in this house or anyone I'm fucking can see it.  I also made Grace like the idea of having a dick & hit send I also made her call me master unless we are in public, I closed her profile down.  On Rachel's profile I made a command that said, "you have the power to have a dick if you so wish it, you can also increase your bra size, but only if you want to, you can also make you tits bounce like a weightlifter flecks his chest muscles" I hit send.  Out of curiosity I looked at how much Rachel loved me, I went through all the necessary menu's to get to her love setting, I got there & a small window popped up, "this person's love is off the scale, reduce love to maximum level?" I hit no & looked at her love scale, it was more than half the length of the scale off the end, I asked master PC, "how is it possible to have love going off the scale?" master PC replied with, "love can only go off the scale when two "soul mates" are with each other, any attempt to increase the love of a soul mate will automatically reduce the love to the scale maximum" I sat back in my chair, amazed, "I can't believe I have found my soul mate, so early in life, I mean we get along like two gloves but I would never have thought" I quietly said to myself.  I loaded up my profile to check that we were soul mates, which of course we are.

Sunday 4:40pm: (with Rachel)
Rachel pushed her breasts together through her swimsuit, "<sigh> I wish I could make these bigger" she said to herself, cupping them both.  She started to imagine her self with big knockers, like slaves.  She started to get a warm feeling in her tits, she looked down at them & saw them starting to go over the top of her swimsuit, "<gasp> Ben you sly devil" she said, pressing her jugs into each other as they grew.  Soon her swimsuit started to rip from the masses of tit flesh; she pulled the shoulder straps down to rescue it, removing the cage surrounding her ever growing melons.  She saw one of her nipples, "Oh boy are you big" she said, placing her thumb & for finger at it's sides, they were about 1" apart, she watched as it got hard, "Man these little beauties must be about 2" long but they're so hard".  She gave her nipple a flick, "<gasp> Man, & so sensitive too, I can see what Grace likes about big tits" Rachel said, unintentionally getting wet (down there).  She lifted one of her jugs up with her hands, "Mmm now all I need is a dick," she said, enjoying her touch.  She could feel something moving her swimsuit, just above her pussy, nervously she moved a hand down, she brushed this, thing, she then grabbed it, it didn't take her long to realise what it was, "Thank you love" she said to her self, completely removing her swimsuit.  She jerked her cock off as it grew; she parted her tits to allow for her cock to continue growing.  When it got up to the top of her cleavage she stopped the growth, "Ben is so going to love me now" Rachel said to herself as she closed her melons around her cock, she moved her hips up & down, fucking herself.  "Yes, yes, yes, yes yes yes" she whispered to herself as she neared orgasm, "Yesyesyesyes ahhhhh" she quietly said, cum pumping its way onto her jugs.  Then it hit her, "I've juts masturbated, I've never masturbated before, does that make me a wanker or something?" she asked her self.

Sunday 5:20pm: (with me)
 "Hay, how you doing Rachel?" I asked opening the door, "Oh, I see you've discovered you new powers" I added, noticing Rachel's enhancements, "Um yeah" Rachel replied, blushing, "I've just masturbated for the first time, does that make me a wanker or something?" she asked, unsure where to put her hands, "Haha, no love, that doesn't make you a wanker" I replied, perching on the Jacuzzi edge, "Are you ready to come out yet?" I asked, kissing her cheek, "Um yeah I guess so, how do I get rid of all this?" asked Rachel, indicating her cock & tits, I gave her a hand out of the Jacuzzi, "Just think it away" I replied, grabbing a towel, "Just like before" I added, "Ok, I'll try" Rachel replied, with a few thoughts she was back to normal.  "Come on, lets join the others" I said, we went down stairs & joined the girls.

Sunday 5:25pm:
Grace & slave were spread out on the sofa, wasted from their session of sex, "Slave, make some dinner for Rachel & me" I ordered, "Yes, master" slave replied, using all her strength to get to her feet, "Why don't you go & give her a hand Grace" I added, "Yes, master" Grace replied, slowly following slave.  I sat down on the sofa, Rachel laid her self out, resting her head on my chest, I wrapped my arms round her waist & she placed her hands on mine, we watched some TV, being careful to avoid any news programs, while we waited for dinner.  "Rachel?" I started, "Yes love?" Rachel replied, "You know how much I love you right?" "Yeah, with all your hart, forever & always" "Well, that's because we are soul mates, you & I" Rachel sat up, "Really?  You're not messing me around?" Rachel asked, looking into my eyes, "Yes really, would I lie about something like this?" I replied, giving her a warm smile, "I suppose not, soul mate" replied Rachel, with a big grin, we hugged & kissed, for a bit.  "Master, mistress, dinner is ready" slave said, her juices running down her leg (she was still naked, apart from an apron she had on), "Thank you slave, you & Grace can go & fuck now" I replied, taking Rachel's hand & walking to the dinner table.

Two weeks later:
Saturday 1pm:
I walked out of the church, a married man, Grace under my arm.  It was beautiful, Daz was my main man, Rachel was the bride's maid.  It was a classic wedding, Grace was in white, I was in a black tux.  After the photo's Grace & I got into the stretch limo, "You going to be alright, with just slave for the next two weeks love?" I asked, looking at Rachel's E cups (she had decided to make them a bit bigger over the past two weeks), "Yeah love, I'll be fine, I can always call some mates over" Rachel replied with a wink, she leaned into the car & gave me a kiss, her bosom nearly falling out of her outfit.  "Watch your self love" I said as Rachel pulled out of the car, "Who cares if anyone sees my tits, they ain't seen nothing yet" replied Rachel giving me another wink, I winked back, the limo rolled off & I waved to everyone.  If you're wondering who court Grace's bouquet, it was Amanda (just as well I made gay & lesbian marriage legal last week eh?).

So who knows where my life might lead now, I hear the Aisin population is rather small chested :D.

The End... or is it?

Comments, suggestion, hate mail to thanks for reading.  There may or may not be a part 3 but I will start work on a prequel to part 1 very soon.
Benji Dude