The Program Diary
Part One
by Benji Dude

Disclaimer: This was my first attempt at a BE story so give it a chance.  If you are under eighteen you shouldn't be reading this.  Author takes no responsibility for anyone or anything, not even himself.  But if anyone claims this as his / her / its own work, I'll get mad!  I originally wrote this in June 2001, writing it in my spare time.  I would like to thank all the people at the BEA, especially JR Parz & all the people who have written stuff linked to the "Master PC" universe for the inspiration.  I am British so some of the words might be spelt differently compared to the American version.

Revised edition summer 2003

Where to start, where to start.  Well it all happened last week...


Monday 2pm:
After coming home from college, I started to write out the evaluation for the latest project (which was due in the next day)!  After proof reading the final version I saved it & turned off the PC, as I turned off the monitor I got an electric shook, which sent me across my room & rendered me unconscious!

Monday 4pm:
After coming around the first thing I noticed was that my nob had grown!  Quickly getting a ruler I measured myself I couldn't believe my cock had grown 4" by one electric shook!  I tried to understand the ramifications of what happened but in the end I brushed it off as just a fluke.  Just then the doorbell went.  Steadily I got to the door while supporting my head, because I had one hell of a headache, I answered the door & I couldn't believe my eyes for it was my first REAL love who I hadn't seen in over five YEARS! & for no reason she was at my house.  She walked into the living room & turned on the TV.  I sat next to her not sure what to say, when she moved closer & sat on my lap!  (I was in seventh heaven) it wasn't long before my (new & improved) member was nice & stiff, I don't think she noticed, she was too happy just being with me.

Grace was 5'5" with brown hair going down to her sholdier, she wasn't exactly skinny nor was she fat but she had some meat on her & her tits were about a D cup.  Not every mans ideal woman I know, but she was mine & that's all that mattered.  She was wearing some tight denum jeans & a low-cut tank top, her breast in near full view.

Monday 5pm:
Getting bored of watching TV Grace said to me "Come on I've got something I just have to do", she took my hand & led me to my bedroom.  That's when I thought my most passionate dream was going to come true.  She pushed me onto the bed & started to strip I was so fixated on Grace that I hadn't noticed my own nob growing again it was now 12" long, Grace stood before me completely naked.  She walked over to me & undid my flies with her teeth.  I quickly took off my T-shirt & before I knew it, we were having sex.  I was touching; playing with her tits when they started to feel bigger but they looked the same size as before.   Suddenly they grew again, that's when I noticed that every time Grace forced herself down onto my 12" cock her tits grew by a small amount.  "HOLY FUCK" I screamed out, Grace quickly opened her eyes (she had already had one orgasm) & looked right at her growing tits "Fucking hell!" she said, "They must be like GG or something".  As she said that she pushed down onto my big dick & we both came in one big & loud scream of pure ecstasy.  We both got up & stared at her "improved" chest, when disappointingly they started to go back to normal.  We both put it down to a natural one off.

Monday 6pm:
We both got dressed & Grace asked, "Can I use your PC?" "Sure" I said, slightly stunned that she knew I had a PC.  Grace was about to log onto the Internet when I noticed a new program on my desktop.  Swiping the mouse from Grace I opened the program & saw two pictures of Grace on the screen (a before & after).  On top of the after picture there was a down menu, which had a list of women I knew (some by name only (Celebes) & others were friends), there was loads of stars, some big bust entertainers & some of my mates sister & mums.  Grace hadn't noticed the fact that she was on the monitor, she was looking at the wall in disgust mumbling something to herself about knowing what programs I've got on my own PC.  "Grace take a look at this" I said, she turned her head & said, "Oh Ben you're not going to morph my body again are you?" "No! I'm not sure what this program does!" I replied with interest.

I already have a morph program, it's a load of rubbish but I can't afford to buy a decent one, so I live with it.  I've always dreamed of being able to change peoples body's with a computer program (looks like my dream has finally come true).

Grace I've discovered loves every part of me even my big tit fetish but instead of trying to discourage me from it she positively encourages it.  So she was used to seeing my "morphs" of her breasts she said that they are very good but I could tell that she didn't like the "morphs" of her getting big breasts that much, she was very happy with her D cup tits.  The sex earlier disproved that thought though.

Monday 6pm (cont.):
Not knowing what the program did I started to fiddle with the options (I have a habit of doing this sort of thing).  I gave the "after" image of Grace some ZZ tits, a sexy yet fit body, some full & soft lips, an improved libido & I even changed some parts of her personality, I made her more horny, loving & understanding.

After making the changes "MORPH" started to flash on the screen, after finding the right button & clicking on it a small window appeared with a bar which started to fill up 10%, 20%.  About a minute later (after I apologised for snatching the mouse from Grace) the bar was full, the PC made a "PING" sound which made Grace jump up out of her chair & she said "Ben, I kind-a feel wired" "What do you mean love?" I said, "I don't know, just wired," Grace replied worryingly.  Just then her lips started to become more full & soft like a supermodel, just before they stopped shaping I moved the mirror in front of her.  She was just able to see her very own lips fill to perfection.  Grace could only make an expression of utter amazement.  Then her tight fit jeans started to become a loose fit; they fell down around her ankles to reveal two very sexy, firm, smooth legs.  She turned round to look at her butt she saw her panties turn into a thong, quickly followed by her butt cheeks firming & shrinking until they were perfect.

None of us had noticed her chest gradually filling out the tank top she was wearing.  Until she was falling out of it.  We both looked at her ever increasing mountains.  Then her top started to rip right down the middle, "What are you doing to me?" Grace asked starting to panic, "It must be that program" I said, still not quite believing what was happening.  Eventually the tension from her fleshy pillows got too great for her tank top giving way, ripping completely!  Grace's huge tits just jingled about; they were down to the bottom of her belly button & still growing!  Grace completely gob smacked about the size of her mounds started to feel them.  Her dainty hands were dwarfed by the size of her breasts.  She was moving her hands all over her tits when she brushed one of her extra sensitive nipples.  Doing so made her fanny juices start to trickle down her legs.  Well I say down her legs, I didn't notice the juices until they passed her tits, which were down to her knees.  Now looking back up Graces mounds I could see that her nipples alone were as big as her old tits!

By the time her tits were down to her ankles the growth had stopped.  Before she could recover from the sudden growth of her tits she fell to the ground legs wide apart.  She wanted to caress her improving fanny but her gigantic mounds stopped her getting anywhere near to it.  Her recently formed (& soaking) thong ripped into two revealing her woman hood, I could see it all.  Her clit grew by a tiny amount but increased in sensitivity.  Her fanny lips were swelling, becoming more & more tight until all of a sudden they stopped.  Electricity sparked across her legs.  She was orgasming at an alarming rate.  She must of orgasmed ten times in a minute!

Monday 6:10pm:
"Look at me!" Grace said, "I'm a freak!" she added as she started to swell up.  I was thinking about how big she was & thought to my self, "They're too big I wish they were more like Colt 45's tits"; just then Grace's monster melons started to shrink!  "Now what's happening?" she asked, too scared to touch her tits.

When they stopped shrinking Grace got hold of the tape measure that I used from before & ordered, "Quick, measure me!" I quickly took the measuring tape & wrapped it around her huge chest & shouted out "60 inches!" "60 inches?  That would make me a TTT cup I think," Grace said amazed "What a coincidence" I said "I was just thinking of Colt 45" "So!" Grace said with a hint of anger "So she has a bra size of TTT!"

I wasn't sure if Grace took in what I had just said because she was deep in thought trying to figure out what was going on (just one of the many things I loved about her).  After a minute she said with a hint of disbelief, "Are you telling me that you have the power to change peoples appearance?" shocked I said, "I guess so.  That would explain my nob growing from 6" to 12" in under four hours!" "Well lets see if I'm right" Grace said excitedly.

She ran over to me with her tits bouncing left, right & centre, bending down at my feet she reached foreword & took my trousers off, looked at my 12" member & said "Why don't you make it bigger?" "I'll give it a try" I said not sure if I wanted a bigger dick!  On that thought low & behold it started to grow!  At first I said, "Nah, it's not getting bigger, just erect!"  I was wrong.  Because after it should have reached maximum stiffness it was showing no signs of slowing down, getting excited Grace said, "I'll get the tape measure", I couldn't believe what I was seeing (although it was easier to believe after what I had already seen today).  Grace stretched out the tape measure & said in a low voice "Whose been drinking their milk?" I said in a hurried voice "How big is it?" "16" & still growing!" Grace replied her breath caching.  I could see my stiff member getting closer & closer to my mouth & shouted out "I DON'T WANT IT ANY BIGGER!" as I said that, it stopped growing.

"It's 20" lover boy" Grace said in a sexy tone, holding my enlarged balls.  She tried to hold my dick with her hand but she could only hold a third of it's girth with one hand, trying to complete the circle with her other hand Grace could only manage two thirds of my throbbing girth!  "I'm not sure that's going to fit in Ben!" Grace said slightly worried, "Don't worry sexy," I said in a commanding voice, "I'll make it fit!" I added, confidant about my new powers.  With that I made it a nice 15" of pure love machine.  Suddenly, mum came through the front door!  Startled I quickly made Grace a GG & brought my dick down to 8".  We got our clothes on & went down stairs to say hi & talk about what had happened to me.

Monday 7pm:
"...& That's when you came home" "Ben you don't honestly expect me to believe that do you?" mum said, "Fine then if you don't believe me!  I'll prove it to you!" I said with a hint of determination, "What would you like to change about your self?" "Don't be so silly Ben" mum said, trying to stop me making a fool of my self, "Tell me what you would change about your self!" I ordered her, "Ok, ok if I could change anything about my body I would have my self made taller, younger & have my fingers made more slender!" "Ok you may want to have a mirror handy" I said, cracking my knuckles, "Here, you can use mine Jen" Grace offered, "Oh thank you Grace" mum said not expecting anything to happen, "Are you ready mum?" I said, "Hit me!" mum said joking about.  Then, mum looked down into the mirror & saw her face wrinkles slowly disappear, until she had a flawless complexion.  In disbelief she looked down at her hand & saw her fingers become slender.  Surprised she stood up waiting for her growth spurt, when she started to grow.  Mum couldn't believe it & said, "How tall will I become?" "How tall do you want to be?" I said like I had said it a hundred times before, "Uh I don't know 5'9" or so" mum said getting happier by the second, "Ok I'll make you 6' that's a nice round number" mum looked down at her trousers, which were only down to her ankles now!  Mum looked back into the mirror & said, "I must be about twenty!" "Nineteen actually" I said, correcting her, "You could start a business" Mum said as she came to the end of her spontaneous growth, I quickly replied, "No I couldn't I'd be classed as freak!" laughing, Grace responded, "Maybe but a rich freak that I love".

For the next few hours all we did was watch TV, although Grace & I got a bit better acquainted with one another on a more mental level.  "Ben, can I sleep in with you in your bed tonight?" Grace said, "Um" I said a bit surprised, "Please" Grace said giving me a puppy eyed look, "Ok I'll try to contain my self in bed," I said joking.

Monday 11pm:
Grace was in bed waiting for me join her; I was supposedly in the bathroom.  I loaded Grace profile on the program & made some simple changes.  First I made her like having big tits, next I gave her advanced knowledge about bra sizes, so that she would be able to work out any size bra, weather they existed or not (just for kicks).  Finally I made it so that no matter how big her melons got she would not get any back pains & would require no bra or support.  I quickly hit the morph button, turned off the PC & joined Grace in bed.


Tuesday 6am:
"Ben time to wake up" Grace whispered in my ear "Uh what time is it?" I mumbled "It's 6am my love" Grace said kissing me on the cheek "6am!  Wake me up in a hour's time" I said not fully awake "NO!  Get out of Bed NOW!  You promised!" Grace said, grabbing my arm & pulling me out of bed, "I promised what exactly?" I replied, "You promised that you would take me in to collage today.  We talked about it last night!" Grace said in a panicky voice, "Well what time is your first lesson?" I said slowly coming round, "It's starts at seven, come on you know I have an early start on Tuesdays" "Ok, ok I'm up, I'm up.  Just give us ten minutes to get ready" I replied sitting up.

Tuesday 6:10am:
"BEN ARE YOU READY YET?" Grace shouted, "I'm coming!" I said walking out of the bathroom.  "What do you expect me to do for two whole hours before my lesson starts?" I asked with curiosity, "You could come & sit in with me in my lesson, or you could go to the library & draw something" Grace replied sarcastically, "I know how much you like to draw" she added with a puppy look on her face.  "Ok we'd better get going if you want to get to your lesson on time" I said kissing Grace in her cleavage, "Oh Ben not now, we need to get going, you said so your self" Grace said lightly pushing me away, "Alright, alright, have you got everything you need for today?" I said like some worried mum "Yes mummy" Grace responded, picking up on the way I asked the question.

We headed to my car (which was an old Metro city) when Grace asked "Why don't you turn your car into one of those cool Mercedes Smart cars?" "I don't know if I can change inanimate objects.  I'll give it a go though, just for you" I replied, looking into her eyes, "Ah that's so sweet Ben.  Just make it quick!  We haven't all morning!" Grace responded sharply, I looked at the rusting old Metro & thought about it changing.  To my surprise the Metro started to morph into a sleek black Smart Car, when the transformation was complete Grace shouted out, "IT'S A SMART CAR!".

Tuesday 6:55am:
"Miss is it all right if my boyfriend sits in our lesson today?" Grace kindly said to her teacher, "Ok then but only if he doesn't disturb you or anyone else in the lesson" Mrs. Harrison said trying to hide her disgust of the idea.  We sat down at the back of the classroom (Grace liked it at the back, I however preferred it at the front because it's easier to see the board).  We got talking about my powers when Grace suggested, "Why don't you make Mrs. Harrison more easy going & "fun"?" "I guess I could do that but to what end?" I asked slightly confused, Grace edged closer to me & planted a very sexy & seductive kiss right on the lips, getting the idea I said, "Right!  I get ya" so I made Mrs. Harrison more easy going & fun.  At least I think I did, she didn't act any differently apart from sitting down to hold her head for a few seconds.  Then from no where Mrs. Harrison said, "I don't know about you but I can't be bothered to do this lesson today, what about you lot?" the hole class, slightly confused, looked at each other then agreed not to have the lesson.

Grace (who never liked that lesson anyway) was overjoyed, lightly grabbing my manhood she gave me another sexy & seductive kiss, "Come on!" she said suddenly taking my hand & leading me to the girls toilets.  She playfully pushed me into a cubical & said, "I think you know what I want", "Mumma told me there be day's like this!" I said joking about what was to come, and then unbelievably my mind started to think of Britney Spears!  Grace could feel the changes & said, "Oh, Ben what are you changing about me?" staying clam I replied, "Why don't you look in the mirror", she turned around, opened the cubical door, looked into the mirror & gasped, "I don't believe it!  You turned me into Britney Spears!  Don't you think you're missing something?" pointing at her chest which was the same size as Britney's, "If you insist, come here, I want to feel them get bigger!" I said, arms out stretched.  Grace walked towards me looking at her celebrity's body while holding her tits waiting for them to get bigger.  I waited till she was standing in front of me.  I reached out to cup her tits & thought about them becoming the same size as Chelsea Charm's melons (as of 2001).  Sure enough they started to grow Britney's D cup tits (or is that Grace's D cup tits?) started to fill up her bra.  Grace started to feel her growing tits, as her top started to stretch.  Her very erect nipples started to protrude out of her top.  Then her top started to rip; she was about to have a nipple orgasm when, suddenly her big melons finally forced themselves out of her top, but they still had some growing to do!

They were billowing out when finally the bottom of her tits reached her bellybutton & the growth stopped.  Shockingly I forgot to make her nipples bigger as well!  "AH WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MY NIPPLES?" Grace said, kind of pissed off, "Just give me a minute & all will be fine" I replied as I slowly moved my hands to her nipples.  I found them & gave them a light squeeze (just to make sure they were the nipples).  Grace moaned in a sexual way so I continued to make her tits perfect.  First off I made her areola's 4" in diameter & gave her 2" long nipples with a diameter of 1".

Tuesday 7:05am:
"Take me Ben take me now!" Grace said panting heavily, "Just a minute, I know how you like a big package!" I said getting horny, I took off my trousers & pants to reveal my 8" cock slowly getting erect & proceeded to make it bigger than any cock Grace had ever seen, "How big are you going to make it?" Grace eagerly asked, "You'll see" I replied, revealing nothing about the size 12", 16" Grace was getting really excited by now 18", 24", "Don't make it too big Ben" Grace said sarcastically 28", 32".  Gob smacked Grace asked, "How big is it Ben?" like some stud I responded "It's 3ft of pure love machine baby", "How the hell is that meant to fit in Ben?" Grace asked expecting a reply straight away, "It's not meant to fit in!  You're meant to ride it!" I said getting excited.  Taken aback from the immediate reply Grace got hold of my throbbing dick, placed it between her legs & said, "Giddy up horsy!".

So I started to make my 3ft dick bounce up & down, making Grace pant more & more.  We were leaning against the cubical door.  Putting a lot of strain on the hinges.  Suddenly they gave way sending me & Grace to the floor; my head landed right in Grace's large chest.  Just then another student walked through the door, surprised she took a step back raised her hands & said, "I'll leave you to it" & walked out again.  Highly embarased we both look at each other & laughed.  We quickly got up, put the cubical door straight & got into the neighbourghing cubical, "Come on Ben shag me!  I need to be fucked!" Grace asked, caressing her huge tits, I made my member a more manergable size (18") & slamed it into her cunt.  My nob was pushing against her cervix slowly fourcing its way into her uterus.  The feeling was undiscribable.  Grace was on the verge of unconceness when she suddenly sparked into life & screemed her orgasum.

Panting heavily Grace said, "Oh Ben, that was incredible!", "You're telling me!" I replied, slowly recovering from the experience, "What do you want to do know then?" I asked, "We still have like two hours before either of us has another lession" I added, making my nob 8" again, "We could have some fun in the library, what do you think?" Grace asked, "Ok then but first..." I said, changing Grace back into her normal form.

Tuesday 7:20am:
Grace made sure that the coast was clear before giving me the signal to walk out.  "We should probably leave the sex for when we are at home," I said, "To avoid any embarrassing situations?" Grace asked, "Yeah I thought I was gonna die when that girl walked in to the toilets!" I said getting over excited.  "Come on lets have some fun in the library" Grace said taking my hand & leading me to the library.  We both got a book each & sat at the back of the library.  We sat there for about five minutes waiting for some attractive girls to come into the library; I was just about to leave when Grace said, "What about those four?" I looked at the four girls; quickly reading their name tags & said, "DAME!  There hot!" realising what I had just said I quickly added, "b... b... but not as hot as you!" Grace gave me a dirty look, then smiled (she never could stay angry with me for long).  I sat back down & waited for the girls to sit down, to our luck they sat on the table next to us.

They started to talk about their course when things moved onto other things (mainly personal appearance).  Amanda (a small chested girl, about an A cup Grace reckoned) said to Jen (a slightly larger than average chested girl about an E cup), "I wish I could have tits as big as yours Jen".  That's when Grace nudged me in my side & whispered into my ear, "Let the fun begin" thinking what I could do to Amanda I eventually decided to make her tits get bigger at a noticeable rate & sure enough they started to grow.

Amanda didn't notice until her T-shirt got tight, she looked down & said, "Oh shit!  What the hell is happening to me?" she had already grown to a C cup, "I wonder how big I'm going to go" she added, her T-shirt starting to strain from the pressure of her D cup mounds.  I thought to my self, "Now is the time to have some fun" & I thought about making Amanda's tits skip a few sizes, suddenly her T-shirt ripped revealing some very round EE cup tits.  I was surprised that she didn't ware a bra, she quickly grabbed her coat and flung it over her new chest hopping that no one apart from her friends had seen her breasts.

I walked over & asked, "Do you know how your breasts suddenly grew?" shocked Amanda replied, "No, do you?" sitting down next to her & taking her hand I said in a soft voice, "Yes I do, it was me", "Get out of here!" Amanda said taking her hand back, "How can you change the size of my tits?" Amanda added, "Yeah prove it!" demanded Sarah (one of the other girls who had some C cup tits), "How do you want me to prove it?" I said confidently, "Turn me from a red head to a blond" Sarah ordered, "If that's what you want, then that's what you'll get" I replied.  I thought about her hair turning to blond (she was already a red head) Sarah pulled her long red hair in front of her face & it wasn't long before she could see that her hair had changed to blond, "I don't bloody believe it!  He can change peoples appearance".  "What did you say your name was?" Jody asked (the last of the four girls with smallish C cup tits) I simply replied with, "Ben" (I thought of coming up with some inventive superhero name but couldn't think of anything), "Well Ben could you make my boobs an II cup?" Jody said hopefully, "Sure, do you want to go somewhere a bit more private or not?" I asked thinking only about the size of her tits & her dignity, (all right I was only thinking about her tits).  "No, I want my friends to see this," she said getting excited,  "You might want to take your bra off" I suggested, "Fuck that!" she said "Just make them bigger!" she said getting impatient.

She was cupping her breasts waiting for them to grow.  Suddenly she gasped & that's when everyone else knew that they were growing, "They're growing, they're growing!" Jody said getting excited, "Do you want to feel them girls?" she said wanting to share the experience.  Slightly scared the girls slowly moved their hands closer to Jody's now DD cup melons.  As the girl's hands started to caress her tits she started to moan with sexual pleasure, which quickly turned to moans of pain as Jody started to feel her (now tiny bra) dig into her FFF cup melons.  Grace came over to help Jody with her bra, they eventually got it off & the sudden surge of tit flesh forced her T-shirt to rip open revealing to HH cup tits & a set of very erect 3" long nipples & areola's as round as golf balls.  When the growth had stopped her tits were resting on the table in front of her.

Tuesday 7:40am:
Sarah, felling somewhat inadequate compared to her newly endowed friends demanded, "Ben give me the equivalent bra size of all four of us combined!  Please!" "Are you sure?  That's going to be fucking big!" I replied slightly concerned, "Yes I must be the biggest!" she said with an evil glee in her eye, "If that's what you want" I said with a bit of uncertainty.  "Just let me take my bra off first," Sarah said fiddling with her bra straps (she was able to take it off without removing her blouse), "Ok Ben make 'em big!" she said getting excited.  I asked Grace to work out the size; she whispered it into my ear, "You need to make her a RR!" "Dame!  That's big," I said to my self.

With Sarah getting more impatient by the minute I started to make her tits grow.  "Wow, that feels amazing!" Sarah said, "How big are they going to be?" she asked getting excited, "I'll tell you when they're done," I said heavily concentrating on her now III cup tits.  Sarah's jugs were clearly the biggest out of the group now & it was becoming clear that they were all very close friends because the others were finding it very hard not to rub Sarah's growing mounds when Grace said, "Go on, give in to your urges".  Then all the girls just leaped at Sarah's now NN cup tits, the sensation of having six hands moving all over her gigantic tits put Sarah on the verge of the biggest orgasm of her life.  Concentrating even harder I was able to stop her screaming out in public.

"There you go Sarah your RR cup boobs," I said resting after all the concentration "RR!  I didn't even know that size existed!", "Well it does & you've got 'em" I said getting to my feet, "Thank you" Sarah said; "Now I can do what I've always wanted to do".  The rest of the group looked at her slightly confused, eager to know, in a unified voice they said, "What's that?", "I've always wanted to be, a big bust entertainer," Sarah said with a sense of determination, "Well you'll be good at that!" I said noticing that Grace was giving me a dirty look.  "Can we keep in touch with you Ben?" Amanda said feeling her EE cups tits, before I could say anything Grace replied, "We'd like that wouldn't we Ben?".  Not quit believing what Grace had just said I stuttered out "Y... y... yes I would love to keep in touch" I gave them my mobile number & gave them some clothes that would fit their new frames before leaving for the boy's toilets.

Tuesday 8am:
"Dame!  What a rush!" I thought to my self, sitting on one of the toilets with my 12" erect cock standing to attention.  I so wanted to relieve myself but I held it in while I made my dick 3ft long again.  Then & only then did I start to relieve myself.  It didn't take long, after about ten pumps of my dick, I came.  I shouldn't have made my dick so big because I was blowing a lot of cum out all over the cubical door (I must have spewed about two big bucket loads).

Mean while Grace was getting impatient & put her head through the door to the boys toilets & said, "Come on Ben, what are you doing in there, tossing your self off?!".  Surprised by the question I replied, "Just give me a minute" I quickly made my dick 8" again, wiped up what I could of my cum, flushed it down the toilet (well what else am I going to do), washed my hands & went out to meet Grace.  "You took your time didn't you?" lying through my teeth I responded, "Sorry I just had to go" "What should we do for the next hour?" I added, "Shall we go to the cafeteria?" Grace suggested, "Ok let's go" I said.  We got to the cafeteria sat down & just chilled for the next hour.

Tuesday 9am:
"Hay we'd better get going to our lessons" I said, looking at my watch, "Ok were shall we meet up?" Grace said, hating the idea of being separated, "How about we just meet up here again in a hour?" I suggested being sympathetic, "Ok then.  I'll see you in a hour" Grace said, kissing me on the cheek & saying, "I'll see you later lover boy" & with that we went our separate ways (so to speak).

"Wassup?  Daz" I said, "Wasssup?" Daz replied, then added, "What did you do over the weekend then?", "Well..." I paused, thinking about weather to tell him about my new found powers or not, "...You know that girl I've loved since God knows when?" I continued, "Yeah what about her?" Daz said getting interested, "Well we are like, a thing know," I said feeling macho, "Wow, that's great Ben, you're going to have to introduce me to her like very soon!" Daz replied (thinking about "Friends" & maybe "sisters"), "That's a good thing then because we are meeting up again after English why don't you come along?" I offered, "Ok then, its about high time I put a face to the name".

"Excuse me do you mind?  I'm trying to take the register," said Mel our teacher (a short man in his late forties early fifties, with short grey/ black hair), we just stayed silent.  After we had been given our work for the lesson we started talking (as lads do in boring lessons) Daz started off the conversation by asking, "How's your P.C.?" (I nearly lost everything on my hard drive a couple of weeks ago) to which I replied, "It's fine, actually I just got this new program it's really weird, I don't even remember installing it", "What does it do?" Daz asked getting curious, "You won't believe me.  It's too strange," I said, "Nah, go on, I already know about what turns you on" Daz said wondering what could be so strange, "Ok then" I said giving in "As far as I know it allows me to change people's physical & mental appearance", "WHAT!  That's just total bollocks!  There is no way on this earth that you can do that" he paused for a second & then asked, "So how does it work?" we had a quick laugh.  "I don't really know, I just make the changes hit the right button & wait a few minutes & the changes start.  You may actually get turned on by it." I suggested, "If I come round tomorrow will you show me it?" Daz asked getting hopeful, "I see no reason why not, we can experiment on Denise" (Denise is someone in our class who Daz fancies, she is 5'4" with C/D cup tits & she is a bit "podgy"), "You mean you could make her like me?" Daz said getting even more hopeful, "Yeah I could turn her into your dream girl if you want" I offered, "I'm their man, I'm there!" Daz said getting really excited, just then, Mel looked over in our direction so we stopped talking & got on with our work.

Tuesday 10am:
Daz & me went into the cafeteria & I immediately saw Grace sitting on one of the sofas.  "There she is" I said waving to her, "Man you got a bomb there!" said Daz with a hint of jealousy.  We walked over (as you would expect) & I introduced them to each other, "Grace this is Daz, Daz this is Grace".  "Hello Grace, Ben has told me a lot about you, but he did you no justice" Daz said kissing Grace's hand, "Ah that's so nice" Grace replied, "Daz, do you mind hitting on my girlfriend!" I said with a hint of friendly anger, "Sorry mate it's just she's so hot!  So Grace have you got any single friends you want to bring my way?" Daz asked hopefully, "As a matter of fact we just made some new friends that you may like today didn't we Ben?" Grace said giving me a seductive look, "Yeah there hot man, but not as hot as my Grace" I said cupping one of her tits.  "When are you meeting them next?" Daz said, "I'm not sure but they have my mobile number" I said with a cocky look on my face.  Just then my mobile rang (sod's law proving its self again), I answered it (as you would) & it was Amanda, "Hay Ben what you doing?", "Nothing much just sitting in the cafeteria killing time" I said giving Grace a wink, "If you stay there me & the girls will be with you in just a sec" Amanda said getting a bit giddy, "Ok I'll see you in a bit then, bye" I replied, "Who was that?" asked Daz with a hint of interest, "That was Amanda, one of the girls we met earlier" I said, "Speak of the devil" I added just as they walked in, Grace waved to them & they sat down taking up the rest of the space on the sofa.

Daz was unable to take his eyes off Jen (the only girl not to have anything changed about her).  Jen noticed & played with him slowly taking bigger & bigger breaths, until she made a tear in her top, right in the middle of her cleavage.  That's when Daz asked quickly, "What's your name? What's your phone number? Do you want to go out with me? My name is Darien."  Feeling powerful Jen said in a hushed voice "My name is Jennifer but you can call be Jen.  My number is 07929 567845.  Only if you don't look at my tits all through the date & I'm pleased to meet you Darien" composing himself Daz said, "Jen you got yourself a date & call me Daz".

Tuesday 10:30am:
"So then girls, how did you all meet?" Daz asked, wanting to know everything about them (he likes his "groupies"), "Well we met at the induction days two years ago & we've been really close friends every since" Sarah said, lightly rubbing one of her huge erect nipples, "Wow, so tell me, are you all natural?" Daz wondered, examining each bosom with his eyes, "Tch!" tuted Amanda, "Unfortunately Jen is the only natural one but none of us have had surgery" said Jody.  "So how did you all get so big?" fearing my secret might get out I quickly intervened, "Well they told me that they used this cream, isn't that right girls?" I said using my powers to make the girls agree.

Looking at her watch Grace said, "Well we'd better get going to our next lesions' boy's", "As always you're right Grace" I said giving her a light kiss on her full & soft lips.  "See you later Jen," said Daz kissing her on her hand, "Ahhh" said the other girls in unison.  "When shall we meet up again?" asked Sarah, "Well me & Daz finish our next lesion at 1PM, so we'll call you then & we can decide where to meet" I said with Grace by my side.  "But what about me Ben, my next lesion finishes at 12" Grace said worried, "Well how about when you finish you call the girls & then you can hang out with them till me & Ben finish" Daz said in a moment of genius.  "Ok then see you girls in a hour, & I'll see you in two" Grace said lightly stroking my nose.

Tuesday 11:20am:
"So then, what did you think of the girls?" I said curiously, "Well they're very nice but Sarah is way too big in the chest area, even Jen is too big for my liking really" Daz said, unsure of himself, "So why did you ask her out?  Albeit while pressing the fast forward button" I said laughing at my own cheap joke (go ahead, mock me if you want).  "It was her face that really did it for me but I'm still in love with Denise" Daz replied questioning what had happened earlier, "It's alright Daz I'll talk to Jen I'm sure she'll understand" I said, unsure of what to do next, "So how did you meet them all?" Daz said breaking the silence, "Well me & Grace were in the library, I was helping her with some of her work, when they all sat down on the table next to us & started talking.  After a few minutes they started to get a bit loud.  So I went over to them & told them to keep it down & out of no where they asked me for my phone number saying that they found me "cute" & that's how it was." I said lying through my teeth.

Daz looked at Denise, who was sitting across the room, & breathed a heavy sigh; "You really do love her don't you?" I said feeling sorry for him, "Yeah.  I'd worship the ground she walks on if I wouldn't look so stupid.  I just can't describe my feelings for her.  The words don't exist," said Daz breathing another heavy sigh.  "Don't worry Daz your time will come, just hopefully sooner than it took me to get Grace" I said understanding fully, "Yeah, I suppose you're right" Daz said getting on with his work.

Tuesday 12 noon:
After some time Daz said, "You know, I think they may be lesbian's!", "Excuse me?" I said, shocked at the sudden accusation, "Your busty lady friends, I think they might be lesbians" Daz said with confidence, "How did you come to that conclusion?" I asked curiously, "Well it's obvious isn't it, why else would they all have such big tits together?" suggested Daz, "I don't know I think they're just really close friends," I said trying to hide the truth about them.  When for a split second, I thought about them being lesbians.  I quickly got the thought out of my head & thought to my self, "They should be all right I don't think I thought about it for long enough".

Meanwhile, "Hi Jody it's Grace where are you?" "Oh hi Grace we're just at the doors to the college" Jody said perking up, "Ok I'll see you in a minute" Grace replied, "Ok bye" Jody said hanging up her mobile.  "That was Grace, she'll be hear in a minute" Jody said to the girls, "Is it just me or are they just adorable as a couple?" Sarah asked looking down her vast cleavage, "Who? Ben & Grace?" said Amanda lightly rubbing her nipples, "Yeah, they look so perfect together don't they?" Sarah said again, "Oh absolutely you couldn't make a better couple if you tried" Jody added being all girlie.  Just then Grace joined the group, "Hi girls, what are you going to do then till Ben & Daz finish there lesion?" asked Grace, "Well we were just going to go round town & do a bit of window shopping," replied Sarah eyeing Grace up several times.

Tuesday 12:20pm:
In the town centre, talk moved onto personal appearance, (as is always the case with girls).  "So Grace what is your bra size & how did you get them?" asked Sarah giving her a seductive look, "They're GG & I "got them" from Ben giving them to me" Grace replied, "What was your original size?" said Jody giving Sarah a dirty look, "They were a large D cup.  Why all the questions about my tits?" asked Grace getting a little uncomfortable, "We're just curious that's all" replied Amanda giving her a light hug, she continued by saying, "How did you & Ben meet?" "We were in French & science together at secondary school.  I don't know about Ben but it was love at first sight for me" Grace said reminiscing on day's gone bye, "Who made the first move, when did they make it & how?  Come on we want all the details" said Jen getting excited, "Well Ben made the first move in year eight a few weeks before Christmas in a Christmas card, it was really sweet, he put his number in & everything.  I was really surprised because he was really quiet in class" Grace said putting her hand on her chest, the girls all said in unison, "Ahhh that's so sweet" "So how about you lot, have you got that special someone?" Grace asked joining in with the mood of the group, "Nope, no one yet, we've been single for about six months now" said Jen, giving a heavy sigh.  "Actually I don't know about you lot but just recently I've found my self looking at girls in a more sexual way" Jen added looking at Jody's cleavage, "Yeah same here" said Sarah giving Grace an even more seductive look than before.  "That's really strange because I feel the same way too" said Amanda reaching out to touch Sarah's huge tit mounds.  Suddenly, "GIRLS!  You can't do this in public!  Hell I don't want you to do it in front of me!" Grace said in a shocked voice, "Sorry Grace but we just feel really horny all of a sudden" said Sarah giving her, the eye, while walking closer in a sexy manner.  "Sarah I'm glad that you fell comfortable about your sexuality but I just don't feel the same way" Grace said keeping her distance.

Tuesday 12:55pm:
Just then her mobile rang, "Saved by the bell" Grace thought to her self, she pulled out her mobile from her bag & answered it, "Hello" she said in a cool & collective manner, "Hi ya sexy!" I said, "Oh hi Ben we're just out side Electronic Boutique, how was the lesion?" Grace asked glad to hear my voice, "You know same old, same old.  Daz & me are about..." I stop mid sentence & lightly taped her on her shoulder she turned round & a smile of pure happiness flooded her face, we both hung up our phones & Grace gave me a very big hug that lasted a hole minute!  "How are you all doing ladies?" Daz said being friendly, "Fine thanks" said Sarah slightly upset about Grace's feelings for her, "I'm good" said Amanda feeling happy about letting her sexuality out, "I'm ok thank you Daz" said Jody also happy about her sexuality being open, "Daz are you still wanting to go on that date?" Jen said trying her best not to upset him too much, "Well if it's alright with you I've actually got my eye on someone else" replied Daz feeling awful about the whole situation, "No, that's fine I understand" said Jen giving him a light hug.  "Well now that's out of the way us three have finished for the day so shall we go to my place?" I offered standing next to Daz but with my arm around Grace, "We'd love to come round but we still have lesions to go to" said Sarah wanting to get away from Grace as soon as possible.  "Ok then, we'll see you soon then," I said leading the way to the car, "Bye," the girls all said in unison.

Tuesday 1pm:
"So Daz what do you think of the new wheels?" I said as we all got out of my car (I modified the seating before Daz got see it), "I liked them before but know, I'm definitely gonna get one" replied Daz, satisfied about the ride.  We went into the house (as you would expect) & dumped our bags in the hallway.  Wasting no time at all, Daz got straight to the point, "So when are you going to show me this "super program" of yours?"  Shocked Grace whispered into my ear, "You told him about the program?" in a hushed voice I replied, "Well boys will be boys" Grace gave me a dirty look, then smiled.  Daz broke the silence again by repeating his question so I replied, "I was thinking after we have some lunch but if you want to see it now I guess its ok", "No, no after lunch sounds good to me, what have you got?" Daz asked placing his hands on his stomach, "You should know by now you've been round more time's than my gran & she lives just five minutes away".

Tuesday 1:30pm:
Finishing off his mouth full Daz said, "God I wish my parents would buy some of the stuff you have to eat", "What are you on about?" I said slightly confused, "You have stuff in your fridge that I can only dream of" Daz replied.  "Ok now that lunch is out of the way do you want to see the program now?" I offered, "Yeah please!" Daz said getting excited; I lead Daz & Grace up to spare room (which has my P.C. in) booted it up & loaded the program, "Oh it's changed a bit since the last time I used it," I said a bit surprised.

Before the screen had a before & after shot with a down menu above the after shoot, but now there was only one picture window & above that was a little text box which said, "Type name of subject".  There were boxes around the edge that had things like, "fitness", "Mind", "Appearance" & "Other" they were shaded out now (probably waiting for a name to be put in or something).

Tuesday 1:30pm (Cont.):
"So what are you waiting for?  Load up Denise all ready!" Daz said getting excited, I typed her name into the box & after a few seconds, sure enough there was Denise on the screen.  There were two images of her on the screen one from the front & the other from the side, looking at her stats I said, "Well what do ya know she's a D cup" then looking at Daz I asked, "Where shall I start?" Daz, who was stunned at the fact that the program was a reality said, "First things first, make her totally in love with me.  Something like the two of you have" so I made the changes, Daz continued, "Ok know make her really sexy like Jeri Ryan" I made the adjustments again.  Again Daz continued, "Right then, know give her some muscle so that she looks like she works out a little too often.  Not grotesque but enough to make her muscle stand out without flexing any muscle, if you know what I mean" I made the changes to what I thought Daz wanted & said, "How about that?" Daz looked at the image on the screen for a moment, then said, "Um, give her about another 10%" I complied & asked, "Anything else?", "Yeah um, stamina, is that while in bed?" Daz asked, "Oh yeah!" I said like some young surfer, "Ok then what is it at the moment?" Daz asked, "At the moment she can go for about ten minutes" I replied, "Right then, make it so that she can go for about three hours" requested Daz,  "What else do you want to change?" I said, "Her clit!  Triple it's sensitivity & make her nipples 10% less sensitive than her clit & the rest of her breasts 20% less sensitive" Daz said confidently, "Dame Daz!  She won't be able to walk down the street with out cumming her brains out!" I said, "Good idea!" I added, Daz & me had a laugh but Grace just gave us a dirty look.  "Is there anything else I can do to her Daz?" I asked, "Nope!  But can you put like time restraints on it, so that the changes will only happen after a certain event?" Daz asked, "Yeah, I can even make the changes happen over a period of time if you like" I replied, then adding, "How long do you want the changes to take & when?" Daz thought for a moment then said, "Is spontaneous like one second she's podgy & then the next seconds she a babe?", I replied with, "No, if you have it on spontaneous then they changes will take about a minute, depending on what you want to happen", "Ok then have the changes take about ten minutes & have them start when we are both in class tomorrow" Daz said, "You got it!" I replied as I typed in the last command.

"Ok then Daz, is there anything you want to change about yourself?" I asked while putting my arm around Grace, looking nervously at Grace while umming & erring Grace kindly said, "It's all right Daz, I understand" & with that she walked out of the room while saying, "I'll be in the living room watching TV".  I typed in Dazza's name, waited a few seconds & just like before an image of Daz came up on the screen, "So what am I to change about you?" I asked, Daz looked at the screen & asked, "Recovery time?  What's that?", "It's how long you have to wait before you can get stiff again" I replied looking at his recovery time which was incredibly long, over two hours!  "I'm guessing you want that dramatically reduced?" I asked, "Yeah what's the minimum?" I moved the bar for recovery time to it's lowest & a window came up saying, "Warning penis will always be stiff.  Keep setting - yes or no" I looked at Daz & said, "Well, yes or no?" "God man what do you think, of course no!" Daz said slightly pissed off then adding, "Make it a couple of seconds" "Ok anything else?" I asked, "Um how big does it say my nob is?" asked Daz, looking at penis length I said, "5" when fully erect.  If you want to please the new & improved Denise then you're gonna need a bigger package than that" I said.  Daz thought for a moment, then said, "Ok her we go, why don't you make it so when it's floppy its as big as the average "erect endowed person" if you know what I mean", "That means that it'll be 8" when it's floppy & a full 12" when erect is that ok?" I asked, "Yeah that's fine with me, will my bollocks grow as well?" asked Daz with a hint of curiosity, "Yes they will grow by 140%, apparently" I replied then adding, "Is there anything else you want to change?", "Um maybe, how sensitive is my nob when erect?" asked a curious Daz, looking up the right information I said, "Well, put it like this, compared to Denise's clit you're as dead as a door nob!", "Well make it as sensitive as... Denise's tits!" Daz said thinking long & hard about his choice, "Are you sure?  That's fucking sensitive!" I said, a bit worried about his wellbeing, "Yeah, I'm sure & that's all I want to change, so could you make the changes spontaneous please?" Daz confidently asked, "Sure thing" I replied.  I made the final changes & hit the send button.  Mere seconds later Daz gasped & moved his hands down to his groin to feel his dick grow & did it grow.  The bulge in his trousers was huge to say the least, but I wasn't jealous (why should I be?) I could have a dick ten times his & then some if I so desired.

Tuesday 2pm:
"Well, what do you think pretty cool huh?" I said, "I'll say, for the first time in my life I feel like a man" replied Daz, getting to his feet, "I hope you & Denise have a very happy time together".  With that I turned off my P.C. & we both went into the living room to join Grace.

"Is everything in working order lads?" Grace asked, "Yes Grace & bye this time tomorrow I'll have the woman of my dreams" said Daz dreaming about what was to come.  Just then Grace came over & sat on my lap, I put my arms around her waist & she put her hands on mine & kissed me on the cheek.  For the next few hours we watched telly & played a few games.

Tuesday 5pm:
"Well guess I should be getting home now," said Daz, "I'll see you both tomorrow and thanks for the, improvements mate" he added, opening the front door, "We'll go down to the bus stop with you if you want?" I offered, "Alright then" said Daz accepting my offer.  We walked down to the bus stop & talked about the possibilities of the program, not knowing that something was going to go terribly wrong.  We got to the bus stop & by accident (I assure you) I made Grace's tits grow from her GG up to II, Daz saw everything & said, "How did that happen Ben?  You didn't once bring up Grace on the program.  Do you have the program in you or something?" taking a heavy sigh I replied, "Yeah, you found me out I do have the same powers as the program" "But how?" asked Daz.  Seeing as he knew that I had these powers I could see no problem with telling him how I got the powers & the program.  So, I told him everything right from the start, from writhing out the evaluation to getting the electric shock to finding out that I had the power to manipulate peoples bodies.

Just as I finished explaining what had happened to me the bus came round the corner, Daz reluctantly got on though he had many questions.  Just as the bus doors were closing he said, "I want answers, I'll call you", "Ok Daz I'll see you tomorrow" & with that the bus drove off.

After the bus had driven out of sight Grace gave me a hug & said, "Ben can you make my boobs go back to normal please?" so I replied with, "& by normal you mean?", "I mean back to what they were ten minutes ago!" Grace said getting slightly angry, "Ok love if that's what you want" I said as I made her tits shrink back down a GG cup & all was well.


Wednesday 10am:
"Grace, I'm off to college know, I'll see you in about two hours ok?" I whispered into Grace's ear as she was still in bed, she replied with, "Huh, oh, ok Ben see you later, ring me when you are on you way home".  I got my stuff for my lesion (yes that's right I only have one lesion on Wednesdays) & drove off to college with the radio blasting at two-thirds volume.

Wednesday 10:50am:
I got to college & went up to the cafeteria as I was somewhat early (the class starts at 11:15) & sat down on one of the sofa's & waited for Daz to arrive.  When Jen walked in, stood in the middle of the room & said, "Excuse me, can I have everyone's attention please.  Right I have an announcement to make, as you may have noticed my close friends & I have had a sudden increase in the chest area but that's not what I wont to talk to you about.  No, I won't to talk to you about our sexuality, what I'm trying to say is that my friends & I are now 100% lesbians, so we don't want any offers for date's from any men.  Women on the other hand are welcome to try.  Thank you for your time, bye" as she was heading out the door she turned round & waved at me, so I waved back & with that she walked off.  A few minutes later Daz walked in & sat at the other end of the sofa.

"So Ben, what did you & Grace get up to last night?" asked Daz with a cheeky grin, "That's non of your business you dirty basted!" I said with a hint of anger & sarcasm, then adding, "So, are you excited about what is about to happen with you & Denise?", "Yeah I'm so excited, I just can't wait" replied Daz, "Oh Daz, you know what you said about Jen & the others being lesbians?" I said, "Yeah what about it?" Daz replied with curiosity, "Well you just missed a speech from Jen saying that they are all complete lesbians!" I said getting a bit carried away, "Dame!  I knew I was right about those four" Daz replied excited, I then corrected him by saying, "Actually Daz, I think it may have been me who changed them into lesbians", "But why?" Daz asked shocked, "I didn't mean to, after you said that they may be lesbians I thought about them being lesbians for a split second & thought nothing of it.  I didn't think that I had thought about it long enough, but obviously I was wrong," I said looking down at the floor.

Wednesday 11:15am:
"Hay we'd better get going" Daz said trying to lighten the mood, "Yeah you're right.  You must be shitting your pants by now because of what is about to happen to Denise?" I said also getting excited, "Yeah, do you think she'll notice the changes?" Daz asked with a hint of curiosity, "Well you didn't ask to make her oblivious to any changes & I didn't implement it so I'm guessing that's she's going to notice it a lot" I said with a hint of sarcasm.

We walked up the stairs to the classroom (which was on the top floor!) & walked in but Denise wasn't there yet.  So we got on with making our screens (the lesion was Screen-Printing).

Wednesday 11:20am:
Denise walked into the classroom but Daz & me were in the room at the back finishing off our screens.  So Denise walked over to where she normally works, got her stuff out & got on with her designs.

I looked into the classroom to see if she was in the classroom & I spotted her (as you would expect in a story of this kind) I turned round & said, "Daz the time is nigh" "What the hell are you on about man?" Daz said with a confused look on his face "Denise is in the classroom" I replied, "COOL!  Does that mean the changes have started?" Daz said getting excited, "No, not yet" I said, "Why not?" Daz queried, "Well you said to make the changes start when you are both in the classroom & this isn't the classroom" I said, "Well let's go.  We can't do anymore to our screens until they're dry".  So we walked into the classroom, sat down in our seats & waited.

After about two minutes Daz said in a hushed voice, "I can see some muscle!  It's working!" after about five minutes we could notice that Denise was finding it harder & harder to keep her eyes off Daz.  After about seven minutes nearly all the muscle development was finished, I said to Daz quietly, "& now for the tits" & sure enough Denise started to take deeper & deeper breaths until she ran out of the classroom only to came back after the ten minute span was up.

She came in sorted out her clothes & sat down & continued with her work, "Go on then!" I said to Daz elbowing him in his side, "Ok I'm going I'm going".  He walked over to her.  She blushed.  He sat down.  It looked like it was plain sailing.  Until Denise suddenly stood up.  Something wasn't right; Daz looked over at me with a worried look on his face.  When suddenly Denise started to grow, rapidly!  She quickly passed 6' when she had stopped everyone was looking at her; my best guess at the time was that she was about 6'8".  She was on the verge of tears.  Daz offered him self for comfort.  Before they made contact her right arm suddenly bulged outwards with muscle by about tenfold.  Then her left arm, then her chest bulged outwards completely submerging her tits.  Then her abdomen bulged making a twelve pack, then her legs.  She had turned into an amazon woman!  Before anyone could say anything she ran out of the classroom her face in her hands crying a river.  Daz started to run after her but I got in the way holding him back saying, "Daz!  Just let here go she'll be fine!"

Wednesday 11:30am:
Daz quickly cooled down.  After all the commotion had settled down & everyone had supposedly got back to work, Daz asked, "Does that program have phone numbers on it?", "I don't know I'll find out when I get home" I replied, "Come on Ben, she loves me now, & she needs someone to talk to" Daz said giving me a worried look.  I thought for a few minutes about what to do.  When I remembered that Grace would still be at my house I told Daz with a hint of hope, "Ok hopefully Grace will be at my place so I can ring her & then she can see if the program has phone numbers on it or not ok?" Daz nodded so we got on with our work but Daz was getting more & more restless.  So I finally came out with, "Right then do you want me to ring Grace now?" again Daz nodded, "Ok then" I asked our teacher if I could go to the toilet, she said yes so I went (as you would expect).

Wednesday 11:45am:
I got into one of the cubicles in the toilets, got my mobile out & rang Grace's mobile (ah the wonders of modern technology), she picked up & said, "Hello lovey dove, say shouldn't you be in class now?" I replied with, "Well yeah but I need to ask a small favour", "What's that then?" Grace asked curiously, "I need you to run the program & see if you can get hold of Denise's phone number please" I asked in a hushed voice, "Ok then just give a minute I'll ring you back ok?" Grace said, sending a kiss down the line, "Ok bye" I replied as I hung up the phone & waited, & waited, & waited.

Wednesday 11:50am:
My phone rang, I quickly answered it & it was Grace (give your self a pat on the back if you got it right), "Hi Grace were you able to get her phone number?" I said hopefully, "Yeah I saw Denise's body on the screen what the hell happened?" Grace asked with a hint of shock, "I don't know something went wrong but I don't know what.  Anyway the number?" I replied, "Oh yeah, I got her home & mobile numbers which do you want?" Grace offered, "Um just give me both of them" I wrote down the numbers on the cubical door, then asked Grace, "Hay Grace was there any other information on there?", "Like what?" Grace responded, "You know National Insurance numbers that sort of thing" I suggested, "Oh yeah, there's spaces for credit cards & stuff.  Why?" Grace replied, "Oh no reason just wondering.  Can you give me an update on Denise's new stats?" I said, "Yeah she's now 7'9" & is twice as strong as the winner of the worlds strongest man this year, everything else seems to be the same" Grace said, "Ok sexy, thanks I'll see you in about an hour bye" I quickly replied, "Bye lovey dove".  With that, we both hung up & I went back to the classroom (after putting Denise's numbers into my mobile).

"Did you get the number?" Daz asked anxiously, "Yeah they are..." I told him the numbers & he put them into his mobile.  Daz was able to keep himself under control for the rest of the lesion & the time soon passed.

Wednesday 12:30pm:
We left the classroom like grease lighting getting his mobile out Daz rang Denise, "Denise are you alright?" Daz asked anxiously, "Is, is that you Daz?" Denise replied through the tears, "Yeah it's me where are you?" replied Daz in a sympathetic tone, "I'm in the girls toilets on the second floor", "Ok stay there I'm on my way.  I'll be there before you know it" Daz said comforting tone, "Ok I love you" Daz put his phone into his pocket & said, "Come on Ben, she's in the girls toilets on the second floor".  We ran down the stairs, found the girls toilets.  Looked round to check no one was coming, took a deep breath & walked in.

Inside the girls' toilets we could hear someone crying, knocking on the door he thought was the right one Daz asked, "Denise, is that you?" holding back the tears Denise replied, "Daz?", "Yeah it's me, why don't you come out & we can talk about it?" Daz said in a soft voice, "Er, er ok then but only because it's you" Denise replied, sniffing.  Daz steeped back from the door, the lock moved & the door opened.  Denise stood up to her full height (as you would expect) her head towered above the cubical walls, looking down at Daz she said, "Daz, what happened to me?  I'm, I'm, an amazon woman!", "I know it wasn't meant to be this way" Daz replied.  Just then Daz had an idea, "Hay Ben can you use your powers to make Denise the way I want her?" I replied with, "Sorry Daz I already tried that when she was changing", "Ok then, so what do we do know?" Denise said getting even more worried (if that was possible), responding I said, "We'll have to go to my house & use the program to make the changes" Daz, getting excited said, "Well, what are we waiting for lets go!".  So, Denise went out first to check the path was clear (does this sound familiar?), gave us the all clear & we headed to my car.  Daz & me got in, Denise just stood there giving me a dirty look before saying, "& just how the hell am I meant to get in?", "Oops, I forgot it's only small car, lets go round the corner & I'll change it" I replied turning the engine on.  So I drove my car round the corner, Daz & Denise walked round arm in arm.

I got out & started to think of my beautiful Smart car changing to a hideous people mover (shock horror!) & sure enough, the car started to lengthen & get taller.  The whole transformation took about five minutes.  "Ok!  Everybody in" I said taking the drivers seat, Denise sat in the back with the seats as far back as they would go & Daz sat in the font passenger seat, on the way back to my house Denise & Daz got better acquainted finding out about each others likes & dislikes.

Wednesday 1:20pm:
"Hello Grace, are you here?" I shouted out, "Oh hi Ben I'm in the bath hope you don't mind?" Grace shouted back, "No not at all just be sure you have something on when you get out ok?" I replied, "Why?" Grace asked quizzically, "Daz & Denise are here" I said, rolling my eyes, "Oh ok then".

"So where & what is this program you two are on about?" Denise asked, eager to get her body back to how Daz wanted it, "Follow me, it's just up here" I said leading the way to the spare room.  I loaded up the program, Daz sat down on a beanbag & Denise sat on the bed making it bend down to the floor, I didn't say anything (I may not be the brightest person in the world but I sure ain't stupid).

I typed in Denise's name & she came up on the screen again (this is the third time in case you lost count), "So Daz how do you want Denise?" I asked, "Can you put her body back to normal?" replied Daz hopeful, "This is normal now," I said in a sorry voice.  "Ok then I'll try & remember how I had it before" Daz said, thinking about how he wanted Denise for a few minutes then said, "I remember something know, make her really sexy like Jeri Ryan.  Ok now give her some muscle so that she looks like she works out a little too often.  Not grotesque but enough to make her muscle stand out without flexing any muscle.  Now for the stamina make it so that she can go for three hours.  Next her clit triple it's sensitivity & make her nipples 10% less sensitive than her clit & the rest of her breasts 20% less sensitive ok?" I made the changes & asked, "Anything else?", "Yeah make her totally submissive & four times more horny & any pain I give her will be received in a pleasant way, oh & one more thing make her ass hole as sensitive as her fanny" Daz said, holding Denise's hand, "You got it" I said making the changes then adding, "You ready Denise?", "The sooner I get rid of all this muscle the better" Denise replied, I hit the morph button & waited a few seconds.

Denise gasped & stood up.  We watched as her huge muscles slowly shrunk down to what Daz had wanted, with her chest shrinking last revealing two D cup tits (which made Denise & Daz very happy).  Denise started to breath heavily as her tits got their sensitivity back when she went to rub them Daz grabbed her arms & shock his head.  So, Denise lowered her arms only to have an intense orgasm, as her ass hole became as sensitive as her clit.  She laid down on the bed & went into a light sleep.  Daz slightly confused asked me, "How come she hasn't gotten smaller?", "What, do you mean in height?" I asked unsure,  "Yeah she's still like over seven foot" Daz replied spreading his arms for emphases, "You didn't ask me to make her smaller" I said, "Ok then make her 6' but make it so that 50% of her height is in her legs" Daz said rubbing his hands together, "Ok then if that's what you want".  I made the changes hit morph & again after a few seconds Denise started to shrink her legs didn't shrink that much but her upper body shrank considerably.  The growth had woken her up & she stood up with a confused look on her face & asked, "Is it just me or have I got smaller?" quickly Daz said, "Yeah you are now 6', 3' of which is in your legs".

Denise, who was ready (& willing) to be fucked leaned forward to look Daz square in the face and said in a sexy voice, "Thank you Daz, now I have the wettest pussy in the world will you please fuck me, or would you rather I fucked you?  Master" swallowing heavily Daz replied, "Fuck me now woman!" I interrupted by saying "Not in here your not!  You wanna fuck you fuck in the master bedroom" Daz took Denise's hand & lead her to the master bedroom, in a matter seconds moans could be heard, so I left them to it.

I went into the bathroom to meet Grace neck high in bubble's slowly caressing her tits (she had her back to the door).  I thought about what I could do to surprise her & I thought, "Make her tits numb, nah.  Make her tits more sensitive, nah.  Give her a third tit; no don't be stupid man.  Give her a nob, now there's an idea".  So, I thought about her fanny being replaced with an erect nob 4" long (I wonted to see how big I could make it before she'd notice) soon it was 5", then 6", 8", 15".  It was beginning to surface 20" it was now only millimetres away from the bottom of her tits 22", 25" it was now pushing against her tits & still she didn't notice 27", 28", 30"! Grace finally moved one of her hands to feel what was pushing against her tits.  When she felt a huge nob between her tits going all the way down to where her fanny should have been she jumped out of the bath & looked in the mirror to check she wasn't imagining it.

That's when she saw me standing behind her on the verge of laughter, "I suppose you think this is funny?" Grace said in an angry tone I replied with, "Yeah, but its also fucking sexy", "Well how about I try it out on some pussy then?".  Thinking about what she meant I quickly realised what she wanted.  So I started to think about my nob being replaced with a fanny & par usual my nob started to shrink until there was nothing there.  Then I felt it; my very own fanny being formed inside me, when it was finished I slowly striped leaving my pants for last.  Then just before Grace leaped onto me I removed my pants reviling my fanny (complete with juices).

Grace (who had dried her self off while I was stripping) came over to me & pushed me onto the floor & slammed in her huge 30" shaft into my fanny.  I screamed out in pain, Grace quickly removed her nob & asked, "Ben, what's wrong?" recovering from the pain I said, "Your nob it's so big & I forgot to make the pain pleasurable just give me a minute".  I made it so that her huge organ would no longer hurt me but in fact, heighten the pleasure of the whole experience (no pun intended).  "Ok I'm ready now," I said as I spread out my legs inviting Grace to shove in her nob, she complied.  She screamed out an early orgasm, I too screamed out an early orgasm.  Five minutes (& many orgasms) later we're still at it luckily Grace's nob had the same ability as mine (staying stiff for hours, quick recovery etc.).  She slammed her shaft in again bringing me to orgasm but it went on & on, longer than any other I had in the last five minutes then it hit me, I was having what most women could only dream of having, a continuos orgasm.  Then Grace had another orgasm & with that, she removed her self from me & we both laid there on the floor recovering from the intense experience of having sex with the other sex's organs.  "Wow, well that was something" I said, "Huh oh yeah" Grace replied then adding "I don't want to spoil the mood but could I have my own fanny again?", "Sure you can, have you ever had a continuos orgasm?" I asked casually, "No why?" Grace replied, "Oh it's just that I had one just now that's all anyway..." as I said that I gave Grace her fanny back & I put my nob back to 12".

Daz knocked on the door, "Hay Ben you in there?", "Yeah what do ya want?" I asked, "Can I talk to you I want to ask you something?" Daz replied with a slight nervousness about him, "Ok just give me a minute" I quickly got dressed & told Grace that, "I'd be back" (in an Arnold Schwarzenegger tone).  I went into the hallway to see what Daz wanted, "So what do you want to ask me?" I asked, "I was wondering can you or the program duplicate body parts?" Daz asked curiously, "Well I'm kind of worn out at the moment so I'll try the program if you want" I said, "Yeah ok then" Daz responded.  We went into the spare room again, I typed in Dazza's name & he came up on the screen.  Before I asked him what he wanted to duplicate I went to the help file & typed in, "duplicate body parts" the help file came up with, "Any part of the body can be duplicated, however no one person can be duplicated in their entirety".  Then I typed, "how do you make duplicate body parts" & again the help file came up with, "Make sure the person you want to give duplicate parts too is loaded then go to ADD then DUPLICATE then select the part to duplicate & press ADD PART".

"Right then what body part do you want to get duplicated?" I asked, Daz replied with, "My dick I want another dick placed just above my current one so that I can do Denise up the ass as well as up her pussy", "Ok then" I said slightly shocked yet interested at the same time.  I went through the menu's to get Daz his second nob & told the program where to place it, "Anything else?" I asked, "Yeah could you make me 5'10" & give me a muscled body please" Daz asked, "Ok then, here we go".  I hit the morph button & Daz started to shudder as he went from 5'8" to 5'10" & he became a chipmunk (one of the dancers not the animal).  Then he pulled down his trousers so that he could see his second nob grow, about two inches above his original one, a bulge appeared which eventually turned into his second nob hanging on top of his other nob, "Yes! Cheers Ben" was all Daz could say as he went back into the master bedroom to shag Denise again.

Wednesday 1:40pm:
I was thinking about the possibilities of multiple body parts when Grace sneaked up behind me & pushed my head backward into her ample cleavage & said, "What did Daz want?" "A second nob!" I said as if it was normal "What!  Why?" Grace asked shocked, "So that he could do Denise up her ass & up her fanny at the same time" I replied, "Wouldn't that hurt Denise?" questioned Grace slightly worried, "No because Daz asked that I make her ass hole as sensitive as her fanny & that any pain he gave her would be pleasurable".  Just then we heard, "OH DAZ, OH DAZ, HARDER, HARDER" then there was one of the loudest orgasms we had ever heard.

Then Grace looked at me & mouthed "Two dicks" by this time I had recovered from the earlier shagging session so I used my powers to give myself the second nob after which I then gave Grace the necessary changes so that she could enjoy the experience as well.  I removed her dressing down & let Grace strip me with her teeth; she is surprisingly talented with her teeth.  I then whispered into her ear, "Get into the doggy position" which she did without question.  I then made my dick (sorry dicks) 15" long but before I put them in the holes, I made the top one (which would go into her ass) cum about five times (so that I could use that as lubrication, smart huh?).  Then without warning I slammed my stiff rods into the corresponding holes, Grace nearly had an orgasm right there & then but she didn't.  I started to rock my pelvis back & forth, Grace could only pant, "Yes, yes, yes keep it up, more, more, harder, faster, faster" I complied with Grace's request.  So I got faster & harder until she screamed out an orgasm twice as load as Denise's last one, not long after I too cam & with that I released my manhood's from Grace & we fell to the ground laying side by side.

Wednesday 2:10pm:
Grace looked at the clock on the wall & said, "Holy fucking shit!  I'd better get going or I'm going to be late for school!" she quickly got dressed kissed me on the check grabbed her school stuff & ran out of the door.  Feeling somewhat unwanted, I went into the master bedroom where Denise & Daz where still fucking, as I suspected the anal/fanny sex had stopped & Daz was on his back with Denise on top & he had both nob's in her fanny!

I sat down on a chair & watched, as I watched I thought about how I could make there sex even better & so I thought, "a second fanny, nah, another nob for Daz, nah, bigger tits, yeah, but something else as well... I got it! I'll take one of Dazza's nob's away & replace it with a fanny & I'll give Denise a nob that'll go into Dazza's fanny, ah I'm too good".  Luckily for me, they both had their eyes closed so I started with Denise.  First I made her tits bigger from there (to me anyway) rather small D cups to DD, then DDD, EEE, FFF "There that's better", then I gave her a nob but I didn't let her now about it till it was the right time.  Now it was Dazza's turn I started off by making sure that he didn't realise that he was loosing a nob, once the nob that I had added was gone I started on the fanny & it was done. The stage was set, I unlocked the lock out I had put on them & they realised that they had some extra parts Denise was quick to put her new nob into Daz so as too please him as soon as possible.  Amazingly they still hadn't noticed me sitting there watching them.

They soon found their rhythm with each other's new parts.  It was one of the strangest things seeing something like this, if you ever get the chance then I recommend you try this out (yeah-right man it's a story idiot).  Anyway, after about five minutes of this they came in one big orgy.  They removed each other from the other (?) & moved to the edge of the bed.  That's when they spotted me just sitting there, keeping my cool I said as if I had done nothing wrong, "Hi I assume you enjoyed your little improvements I made?" shocked Daz said, "Yeah but could you get rid of this fanny & her nob & next time ask me before you change me or Denise ok?" I replied with, "Ok do you want Denise to keep the tits, they're FFF you know?" Daz thought for a moment then said, "Take them down to a EE cup" "You got it" I said as I made the changes & everyone was happy.

Wednesday 2:30pm:
"Ah shit is that the time?" Daz said looking at his watch "I told mum that I'd be back for 3" he added, "The bus will take too long, you can drive can't you?" I asked "Yeah why?" I didn't reply, I was too busy thinking of a sports car for Daz & Denise to get home in (a Jag XJ220), "Ben you in there?" Daz asked, "Yeah I'm here look out of the window" I replied with a smile, "HOLY FUCK!  Is that a Jag?" Daz said excited, "Yeah an XJ220 to be precise.  Think of it as a present" I said, getting to my feet, "A present for what?" Daz asked surprised, "Just a present, now go or you'll be late" I replied, Daz & Denise got in the car, Daz revved the engine a few times & said to me, "Ah that's a good sound" & with that he drove off.

I closed the front door & contemplated, "If the program can do this much I wonder, can it give people super powers?".  Loaded the program, brought up the help file & typed in, "superpowers" it came back with, "the superpowers of the world are USA & Japan", "God dame it!" I said slumping back into my chair, I then typed, "giving people super powers" it came back with, "it is possible to give people superpowers but it usually results in insanity.  There are three ways to get superpowers 1. Get court in a nuclear explosion 2. Take the human defaults off & have fun 3. Make sure the person you want to give superpowers to is loaded then go to ADD then POWERS then select the powers you want to give & hit ADD POWERS.  Warning muscle strength will increase by 5% with each power you add", "usually results in insanity!" I said to my self, I quickly decided that it wasn't worth the risk.  So I loaded my self up & made my self immune to insanity or anything along those lines then I went to ADD then POWERS & looked at all the powers I could have.  I decided to give my self, "super speed", "dirty vision", "fly like an eagle", "truth machine" & "mind reader" I hit ADD POWERS, a small window came up which said, "warning 25% muscle increase continue? yes or no" I thought about it for a few seconds then hit yes.  My image on the screen was updated with the powers & the muscle.  Before I hit the morph button I went to the help file again & typed, "is it possible to remove the muscle that came with the superpowers?" it came back with, "you can either get rid of the muscle & loose the powers or you can reduce the appearance of the muscle".  Not wanting to loose the powers I typed, "how do you reduce muscle appearance?" again it came back with, "to reduce muscle appearance go to APPEARANCE then MUSCLE & click on REDUCE then reduce the muscle by the required amount & hit APPLY".

So, I did as it said & reduced my muscles to give myself a toned body, nothing to drastic & hit APPLY.  My image was updated again; happy with the way I looked on the screen I hit morph.  An intense feeling went through my body as I got the superpowers.  As the feeling went away I tried to use my new powers, "Dirty vision on," I said but nothing happened.  So then, I thought, "Look through the wall" still nothing.  Keeping my cool I went to the program again & typed, "how do I use my superpowers?" yet again it came back with, "to find out how to use your superpowers go to ADD then POWERS then go to HOW TO USE & read the information idiot!"

So I went to ADD then POWERS & I clicked on HOW TO USE & started to read the relevant information, "how to use "dirty vision".  First you must be looking in the right direction then think to your self, "I'm blind" & the dirty vision will kick in".  "Ok then easy enough" I said to my self, looking at the floor.  I thought to my self, "I'm blind" & sure enough I could start to see through the floor as I continued to look I could see further & further until it donned on me, "How do I turn it off?" I thought to my self, "maybe if I say I can see it'll turn off" so I said it, "I can see".  Luckily for me it worked & I got my normal vision back I went back to the screen & the next bit said, "make sure you read this before you use "dirty vision" (fucking typical).  To turn off "dirty vision" you must say, "I can see" or, "I'm not blind anymore".  To keep "dirty vision" at a certain depth you must think about how far you want to go (e.g. through a wall = wall depth, through clothing = clothing depth etc)".  "Ok then" I said to my self, I continued to read.

"How to use "super speed".  Just run like normal but don't think you are faster, know you are faster & the speed will come.  To turn off "super speed" just stop running", "nice" I said to my self as I started to read the next bit of information.

"How to use "fly like an eagle".  To turn on this power you must think that you are an eagle & you will start to fly like an eagle (hence the name).  "Fly like an eagle can be used with "super speed" to achieve high speeds".

"How to use "truth machine".  To use "truth machine" you must think, "are they lying or not" while they are talking & you will get the answer.  "Truth machine" will turn it's self off when not required".

"How to use "mind reader".  To use "mind reader" just think about that persons mind & you will start to read it, to turn "mind reader" off just stop thinking about that persons mind"

"Well that's easy enough," I said to my self.

Wednesday 2:50pm:
Resting in my chair I pondered who to manipulate next, thinking of people I know a song lyric flashed in my head, "Yeah, she'll do nicely" I said as I typed in Britney Spears a message came up on screen, "subject is out of range", "Ah what?  What range?" I said to my self in disbelief, loading up the help file (yet again) I typed, "What is your range" the program replied with, "I have a range of 100 miles & not a centimetre more", "is that range from the PC or from I am standing?" I questioned; "the range is from the machine I am currently on" responded the program, "can I copy you onto a laptop or another PC?" I asked, the program simply replied with, "yes".  Running into the garage I quickly found my old I-Book, which mum had brought for to use at college but forgot about the price of the software.  I connected the I-Book to the PC via USB & typed into the program, "what is your directory" (yeah I know I'm a lazy sod), "I can't tell you that" the program replied, "can you copy your self onto the I-Book?" I inquired, "sorry, can't do that either" answered the program, "Fine then" I said, closing the program down, I simple copied my hard drive to the I-Book (not really expecting it to work).  I rebooted the I-Book just to be on the safe side & was surprised to see the same short cut to the program on the I-Book desktop, I was even more surprised (nay gob-smacked) when the short cut actually worked.  Closing everything down I said out loud, "Right I'm off to the states" I-Book in hand I stepped outside & started to picture my self soaring through the sky, to say I was shocked when my feet left the ground would have been an understatement.

I reached cruising height & thought, "Right, err America is... that way" I started to fly, the wind under my arms felt incredible but I knew I could faster, I felt a sudden burst of speed, I guessed that I was doing about 50mph but still I knew I could go faster, another burst of speed, more, faster, more, faster, more, faster.  I could see a Concorde in the distance getting bigger within seconds I over took it, the speed, it was incredible, the odd corkscrew here & there along with loop-the-loops all of it was so effort less, it was unbelievable.  I could see the shores of Florida, so I slowed to a cruising speed & started to probe Britney's to find her residence, it was simple enough, a quick course correction & I was on my way.  I settled down in a tree in her front garden (it was a very dense tree, so no one could see without trying).  I could see that she was in the bathroom having a shower, the dirty vision proving very useful.

Next of course I loaded Britney's profile, "Dame she is a virgin!  Well I'll be changing that soon," I thought to my self with a chuckle.  I started to make some changes to the, Queen of Pop.  I started off by making her dump that boyfriend she's got (that Nsinc guy) & me, her whole love, then I made her want to move in with me but she would still do her singing & stuff.  Next I made her totally submissive in the relationship, after that I made it so that any plastic surgery she had would be turned into real flesh (so no implants would be present), following that I added a few more sizes to her bust to grow over a week.  She would go from her D cup to an EEE cup.  I made her nipples as sensitive as her clit & her breasts 20% less sensitive.  I linked the size of her breasts to her clit sensitivity & her libido so that as her tits got bigger her clit would get more sensitive & she would want more & more sex & of course, her tits would get more sensitive as well.

I added to her stamina, recovery time, ass sensitivity, as well as making her muscle 10% more developed than Grace's.  As a little extra I made it so that Britney would have a mild orgasm whenever someone touched her, anywhere, until she moved in with me.  I hit morph the I-book flashed its busy light for a few seconds then it was done.  Before closing Britney's profile I looked at her other information (blood type, driving licence etc) I took her credit card numbers (yes all ten of them) and phone number then closed down her profile.

I then typed in Jennifer Anniston, "subject out of range", "It was worth a try" I said to my self, I quickly read her mind, surprisingly it was even easier to read than Britney's.  For the second time I took the air & sliced through it like a hot knife through butter.  I found her sun bathing in the back garden, luckily she was currently tanning her back.  So I quietly hid behind a bush in the garden, I quickly loaded up her profile & typed, "you will not see anyone unfamiliar in the garden" & hit send, as I was pretty sure she could me where I was hiding (as I could clearly see her).  I was about to start making some alterations when she turned onto her back, I decided to have a little bit of simple fun, "you don't want any tan lines & you don't care if people are watching" I typed.  Jennifer quickly & surprising sexily removed the bikini she was wearing & continued sun bathing.  "Shit those are some big nipples," I thought to my self as her nipples hardened right before my eyes.  As with Britney I started to make some alterations.  I started by making her dominant over Britney but submissive to Grace & me, I made her bisexual, linked the same things as before (tits - clit - nipples).   I made her go from her sad C cup tits to a FF cup within a week.  Next I made her 20cm taller, half along her legs, which I reshaped so that she would have the perfect hourglass figure.  Made her divorce Brad Pitt & move in with me.

I left her muscular build as it was but I increased the strength in her back so that she could still walk with her new tits.  I then increased her libido ten fold & increased the sensitivity all over her body; I made it so that her body was 30% less sensitive than her clit, which I added about another 15% to.  Next was her personality, I made her like porn (both hard & soft) & I made her like doing porn films.  I did the hole pain thing (you didn't think I was going to Wight out the whole thing did you?).  I then looked at her numbers, wrote them down & just for kicks I made her nipples stay erect until she moves in with me & hit morph.  By this time next week I'll have two of the worlds sexiest women to fuck whenever I want (the sexiest woman being Grace of course).   Admiring Jennifer's slowly expanding bust, I checked the time on my I-Book, "Fuck! I need to get back home!" I quietly said to my self, turning off the I-Book as I took to the air I doubled back home.

Wednesday 3pm:
I landed at my front door & walked in I sat down on the sofa for a few moments, still riding the high of flying without wings, when suddenly I thought "I'd better make Grace comfortable with me having other women as well as her".  So I went to the PC & loaded her up, made her bisexual & that the fact that I might have more women, seem normal & wouldn't upset her, I hit morph & closed down the PC.

Wednesday 3:10pm:
By now my eyes were getting tired so I went out to my car (which is a people mover at the moment - uh, shudder) I thought about it changing to a Porsche Boxster (you like my taste no?).  Sure enough, it changed; I got in & cruised into town.

Wednesday 3:40pm:
I parked the car in a multi-story car park & set off for the centre.  I decided to go to my bank & get two new credit cards.  After some mind manipulation, I got my new credit cards (one was connected to Jennifer Anniston's account & the other was (somehow) connected to all ten of Britney's accounts) with a near unlimited amount of money I headed for the shops.  The first place I went to was Electronic Boutique because there was a shit load of games I wanted but couldn't afford until now (I only get £20 a month! & I don't have a job).

Going round the shelves picking up all the games, I wanted & some upgrades to my PC I went up to the pay desk & handed over my pile of games & PC stuff.  "That'll be £410 please sir" said the shop assistant, "Ok do you accept visa?" I asked, "Yes sir" replied the shop assistant, I handed over one of the cards, he swiped it, handed it back & said, "Have a nice day...sir" slightly puzzled by his remark I left the store & headed to HMV.  While in there I got all the current CD's that I wonted, plus a shed load of DVD's (I spent another £240) I went back to my car & put my shopping in the back, covered it all up & headed back out again to the centre.

Wednesday 4pm:
When I got back into the centre, I decided to go to Curreys (an electrical store) & buy a 42" wide screen TV & a home cinema setup, all of which was to go into my room (of coarse).  Once I had bought all of the equipment that I needed (& arranged a time to pick it all up) I headed back out to the street when it hit me, "My room isn't big enough for all of this stuff".  So the next place I went to was, the supermarket (only joking), the DIY store to find a decent company that could put an extension on to my room, I found one, a Cold Seal Windows.  I talked to the man that was handing out leaflets & arranged a time for him to come round & inspect the house & do whatever else he had to do (I had thought about doing the extension myself but I don't have any building know-how &, well I just couldn't be bothered).  After that was all sorted out I went back to my car & headed home.

Wednesday 4:40pm:
I got home; put my new CD's in my rack apart from three, which I put into my hi-fi & pumped up the volume.  While they were playing, I set to work upgrading my PC with all the parts I bought (as well as playing some of the new games I bought for my console while the PC was constantly re starting, as is always the case with new equipment).  Then the doorbell went I answered it & it was the man from Cold Seal Windows.  "Hi I'm here to look at a possible extension," he said hopping he had the right house, "Oh right yeah come in," I said moving out of the doorway.  I lead him up to my bedroom & told him what I wanted, "Ok I'll just take a look from outside if that's ok?" he said seeing £ sounds flash before his eyes.

My bedroom (which is very small) overlooks the backroom; to the left was the neighbour's house & to the right was the bathroom, so the only way to go was forward.

Wednesday 5pm:
While the man was looking at the integrity of the backroom & taking notes, again the doorbell went & this time it was Grace coming round from college, "Ben, what is that van doing in your drive way?" she asked, "& hello to you too" I said being sarcastic then adding, "I'm getting an estimate for an extension I want" "Ooh, sounds expensive" Grace replied, getting giddy, "It probably will be" I replied, "So, tell me, what is it & where is it going to be?" Grace asked getting excited, "It's going to be above the back room & it'll make my room twice as big hopefully" I said getting court in a daydream.  We went into the living room & sat down, "How was college?" I asked, "You know, same old boring crap, what have you been doing this afternoon?" asked Grace, "I went into town, bought a load of CD's & games & shit for my PC & on Friday I'll have a surprise for you" I replied, "Oh what is it?" Grace asked getting excited again, "Now, now if I tell you then it won't be a surprise will it" I said, "Su' pose" Grace said as she laid down, her head on my lap.

Just then "Excuse me, I've finished looking at the building, I just need to ask you some questions" lifting Grace's head off of my lap I went outside to talk to the builder. "Right then fire away" I said, "Ok first off your backroom has the foundations but I'm gonna need building permission from the council is that ok?" I nodded my head, "Ok then second the price have you had any other estimates?" "No not yet, why?" I asked, "Oh it's just if you find a quote cheaper then we'll beat it by 20%" offered the builder, "So how much is it going to coast?" I asked getting impatient, "Ok well with labour added it'll coast..." he paused while he added up all the coasts then said, "£15,000, here's my card ring me when you are ready to talk about what you want", "Ok thanks" I took his card & he left.  I went back to Grace & we watched TV.

Wednesday 5:30pm:
"Hello" mum said as she walked through the door, "Hi mum" I said, "Hi Jen" Grace followed, "Oh hello Grace how are you?" mum asked, "I'm fine thanks.  Ben's getting...", "I don't want her to know yet," I said cutting Grace off, "Don't want me to know what Ben?" mum asked thinking that I had done something wrong.  I paused for a moment thinking what I could say to lead mum off track but couldn't think of anything convincing so I came clean, "I'm getting an extension to my room" with a hint of anger mum said, "& I suppose you want me to pay for it?" "No, no that's alright I've got it covered" I responded, "How?" mum said getting interested, "Well I've got a credit card that is linked to Jennifer Anniston's bank account & another which is linked to all ten of Britney Spear's.  So I'm pretty much loaded at the moment," I said putting a big grin on my face.  "I see & if they catch on to what you are doing hey, what then?" mum said putting her hands on her hips, "They won't because I've made them fall completely in love with me!" I said getting annoyed by all the questions, "& what about Grace, don't you love her anymore?" mum said in a strong tone,  "Mum!  Of coarse I do!  Grace is & shall always be my number one girl" I replied, "& how about you Grace are you happy about Ben having other women besides you?" mum said desperately trying to find something wrong with what I've done.  "Yes I see no problem with it, actually I'm kind of turned on by the prospect" Grace said with a sheepish smile, "Fine then I give up, it seems you have thought of everything" mum said throwing her hands into the air while walking out of the room.

"So what do you want to do now?" I asked Grace, lightly hugging her from behind "How about we play some of those new games of yours?" Grace said, kissing me on the cheek, "Oh shit!  I forgot about the PC!" I quickly ran up the stairs (not using my superpowers) looked at the screen, which said, "Install Unreal Tournament to this file name & path" I hit yes the next window said, "Installation will take about one & a half hours", "Ah shit!  Well I guess it's the N64 for us" I said really wanting to play some of the PC games, "What game do you want to play?" I asked Grace, she looked at all the boxes with a glazed look over her face then picking one up she said, "This one", "Nice choice" I said as I took the copy of, "Conker's Bad Fur Day" out of the box & put it into the slot.  We laughed out loud at some of the jokes in the game as we played against each other & against the computer for the next ninety minutes.

Wednesday 7pm:
The PC pinged; we both looked round & on the screen was, "Installation complete.  Do you want to read the readme file? yes or no" I hit no, then Grace asked, "Hay can I see what you are doing to Britney & Jennifer?" happily I replied with, "Yeah of course" I opened the program & loaded up both Britney & Jennifer.   Grace looked at the two images on the screen & said, "Oh, I'm gonna enjoy fucking them!  They look so hot!  Who's arriving first?", "They should be here at about the same time" I said then adding, "Could you excuse me for a moment there's something I want to do?", "Sure" Grace said cheerfully as she went into the hallway.

I closed Britney & Jennifer's profiles down & wrote, "Jennifer Yantz" (my mum); she came up on screen (in her nineteen-year-old figure) & I started to make some changes.  When I made those adjustments on Monday I didn't change her weight so she still had the weight of a fifty year old who has had two children (if you know what I mean), so that was the first thing I changed.  I changed her weight to that of an athlete (which included her muscle development) I then made her tits a UUU cup & gave her the back strength so that she could walk upright.  Next was her libido, I made it so that she would want to, "fuck like a rabbit" (as the program put it).  I increased her clit sensitivity so that it was the same as Jennifer's Anniston's.  Then I made her gradually get more & more horny the longer she went without sex so that every ten minutes she would have to either fuck her self or milk her tits (which I changed so that they would produce milk continuously).  Then I made her submissive & totally in love with me (like a girlfriend) & finally I made it so that every time she walked into the house she would be like this & every time she left the house she would go back to what I had made her on Monday.

I did all this for two reasons 1. I was pissed off at her for what she said to me earlier & 2. I wanted another fuck toy.  I hit morph, then remembered that I forgot to add to her nipple sensitivity so I quickly linked her clit & nipples (like so many times before) hit morph again & closed her profile down.  "Ok Grace you can come back in now" I called to her, she came back in & hugged me form behind & said, "Can I ask what you wanted to do?", "You'll find out soon enough," I replied with a smirk on my face.  Just then mum ran through the door (complete with ripped clothing) into the spare room screaming, "OH BEN PLEASE FUCK ME!" Grace, shocked at the woman's forwardness said, "Jen is that you?" to which she replied, "Yes Grace its me & I really need to be fucked!  Someone please fuck me!" Grace looked back at me pleading me with her eyes to relieve my mum; I shock my head, I wanted mum to be really horny before I did anything.

Wednesday 7:10pm:
Mum, not wanting to toss her self off started to suck on her tits.  I walked over to her & moved her face from her tit & moved her hands down to her fanny & started to move them back & forth, when mum had the rhythm I started to suck on one of her massive tit mounds while I caressed the other one with my hands.  Mum was getting closer & closer to an orgasm, her breathing was getting heavier & heavier, her rhythm was speeding up, then she came with a river of cum gushing out of her cunt, Grace soon started to lick up all the sexual juices.  Once I had drank all the milk I could take I started to rub my hands softly against her smooth face.  She moaned lightly & started to suck on one of my fingers, looking passionately into my eyes, I removed what was left of her clothing & thought to my self, "I'd better make her clothing stretch out when she changes".  Then I slid in my 16" hard on into her sopping pussy & I started to make it bigger.  I made it a huge 30" raving hard on complete with big pumping veins all along it's shaft, I gave it a girth of a good 10" & started to fuck my mum slowly at first 1. To heighten my pleasure & 2. To tease my mum's clit & g spot.  Grace, who was getting horny herself at the sight, started to fuck her self off.  All three of us came at the same time, after recovering from the best sex she had ever had mum looked at the clock & said, "Oh shit!  I've got a parents evening starting at eight I've got to get ready, if that's ok with you Ben?" I replied with, "Of course it is", "Oh thank you Ben" mum said as she ran to her room to get dressed.  I went over to my PC & brought up mum's profile again & added that when she changes all of the clothes that she owns will stretch as well, I hit morph & closed down her profile.

Wednesday 7:15pm:
Mum got dressed & headed out to her car, as she walked over to her car I could see her tits go back to there C cup's & I could also see her, "pile on the pounds".  She got in as if nothing had changed & drove off to her parents evening.  "So Grace what do you think of my mum now?" I asked, "I think what you have done is totally disrespectful" she said, giving me a dirty look, "but she is fucking hot and I'm glad you did it," she added as she gave me a hug & a kiss on the lips.

"You know what you should do now?" Grace said, "What?" I asked, "You should help your mate Joe & his sister out a bit if you know what I mean" Grace said, with a sly grin, "Are you suggesting I make them partake in some inter family sex?" I asked, "Yeah & some other stuff" replied Grace giving me a loving look, "Ok then lets see what we can do" I said as I lead Grace to the program.

I typed in Joe's name, he came up on the screen & when Grace saw the size of his dick she burst out in laughter, "OH MY GOD!  HAHA THAT IS TINY! HAHA MY LITTLE FINGER IS BIGGER! HAHA", "Shall I help him out a bit?" I said on the verge of laughing, "HAHA I think you should," so I made his tiny 2" (yes that's right 2") dick into a proud (well proudish) 8" dick like Dazza's except with big bulging veins all along its shaft.  I proceeded to make some more changes, I upped his stamina so that he could go for about two hours & reduced his recovery time to five minutes.  I then made him completely in love with his sister & made it so that any changes would be seen as normal.  I also put a time lock on so that the changes would not start until he & his sister were both in one or the other's bedrooms & then hit send.  I closed down his profile & typed in his sister, Hannah, she came up on screen, I made her totally in love with Joe & the fact that she had sexual feelings for him were just normal.  I gave her advanced knowledge of all sexual positions & to save me some typing I entered "you will become Joe's dream girl.  Your tits will grow to how he wants them, your cunt will become as tight & as sensitive as he likes them everything about you will change till you are the girl of his dreams".  I then put on the same time lock as I gave to Joe & hit send.  "Is that to madam's liking?" I asked looking into Grace's shiny brown eyes, "Yeah that should do, but what about their parents?" suggested Grace, "I'll do that now" I said, I typed in the names of Joe's parents & put in a command saying that any changes their kids go through is normal & the fact that they have sex with each other is also normal, "There how about that?" I asked Grace, "Looks fine to me" she replied I hit send & closed down their profiles.

Wednesday 7:45pm:
"What time does your mum get back from her parents evening?" Grace asked sitting on my lap rubbing her hands over my chest, "About nine, why?" I asked slowly getting a hard on, "Well we have the house to our selves for the next hour, & I'm getting horny".   I looked down at her crotch to see a small wet patch appear, so I held onto her as I stood up & she wrapped her legs round my stomach, my head deep in her cleavage I walked into my bedroom & laid her down on the bed.  She unwrapped her legs; we kissed long & passionately while undressing each other.  When we were both naked we sat up; Grace looked at my 14" hard on & started to move towards it.  I stopped her, moved her head away & made my dick into a raging 40" hard on complete with veins as thick as my little finger, its girth was well over 15".  Grace was in ore at seeing such a huge organ; she moved her hands slowly towards it & placed them along its shaft a sudden surge shock through its veins making her jump.  I moved my hands towards her chest & placed on hand on each tit & made them grow; she was starting to moan at the sensation of her tits getting bigger & more sensitive, "Oh yes, oh yes, bigger, bigger Ben, bigger, oh yes" she managed to say between moans.

They got to about an OOO cup & I stopped, Grace realising that the growth had stopped looked at me then said, "Why'd you stop?  Make them huge, make them bigger than your mum's huge fuckers!" not wanting to disappoint the lady I continued to make them bigger.  By the time they were UUU cup (the same size as my mum) Grace had had five orgasms just from the sensation of her tits growing.  "Bigger, bigger Ben, bigger" Grace demanded, I continued, I stopped again a XX cup, "Oh yesssss!  I have biggest, sensitive tits in the world!  Now let me tit fuck you Ben!" she said as she pushed me onto my back with her tits bringing her to yet another orgasm (the tenth of the night).  She grabbed my huge cock & placed it between her huge fleshy mountains & squeezed her tits together resulting in her having the loudest orgasm so far, the orgasm left her limp so I put her onto her back & continued to tit fuck her (or is that myself?).  She soon had another orgasm but it kept on going, she was having a continuos orgasm & loving every minute of it.

I had managed to keep my love juices held within so far, building the pressure up for as long as I could.  When suddenly Grace's orgasm came to an abrupt end, she shoot up & her mouth went right over the head of my cock milliseconds before I blew my load.  She tried to swallow as much of my cum as she could but there was simply too much, over two thirds of my cum ran down my love shaft, "Ohhh shhhhhhiiiiiit that felt good!" I said as the pulses from my nob began to subside.  Grace continued to lick the rest of my cum off of my dick while I was recovering.

"Are you ready Ben?" Grace asked as she licked up the last of my cum, "Yeah, shall I make it smaller?" I asked back looking at my elephant sized cock, "No, I'll never forgive myself if I don't fuck the biggest dick in the world" Grace said while rubbing her hands over my chest, "But could you make my tits a bit smaller?  Maybe down to a LLL cup?" she asked giving me a smile that lilt up the room, "Anything for my number one girl" I said.  I made her shrink back down to a LLL cup, Grace thanked me by giving me a hug, she then laid down on her back & spread her legs out waiting for me to get, "stuck in" (you can mock all you like I don't care).  I manoeuvred my self so that my dick was at her fanny lips & started to push my basketball-sized head into her pussy.  She gave out a little yelp followed by a sexual moan, I continued to insert my 3' barge poll into her pussy.  After I had put in about 15" of my throbbing dick I could feel her cervix, before I tried to break past it for the second time I asked, "Grace are you ready to have your cervix broken again?" Grace replied with a faint, "Yes" so I continued to push more of my gargantuan cock into her.  I pushed past her cervix with a loud moan from the both of us, I continued still to push the last 10" into my love, when I hit yet another wall (the back of the uterus) "NO!" I screamed out I was 5" short of getting my cock into her (don't ask me how I just was) Grace was just able to get out the words, "Ram me Ben, make me scream" between loud screams of sexual pleasure.  So naturally I did as the lady wanted & started to ram her; I would remove almost my entire huge dick only to ram the whole thing into her at great speed for the next twenty minutes.

It wasn't till I cam in her that I realised that I had stretched out her uterus to such an extent that I could quite comfortable fit my whole 40" love rod into her fanny.  So with a curious mind I started to make my nob longer to see how much I had stretched my love out, I soon hit the back wall.  So I removed my self from her (she had since fainted from the intense sexual pleasure) & got hold of a tape measure & started to measure myself, "HOLY SHIT!"  I shouted out, "THAT'S ONE HUGE MOTHER FUCKER OF A NOB!"  I added as I looked at the measurement of 53".

Grace was just coming round & the first thing she saw was my gigantic cock, she gasped then said, "Ben why oh why did you make it bigger?" taking a big breath I said, "I was just curious as to how much I had stretched out your pussy, "WHAT!  You mean you can fit that huge fucker into my fanny?" Grace said taken aback as she got more & more of her vision back, "Well, yeah it's 53" you know" I replied, "I DON'T FUCKING CARE!  All I know is that I want my fanny back to it's tight normal self, I mean look at it you can see my fucking cervix!" Grace said getting upset, "You think I would keep your fanny looking like that?  I would never dream of it," I said as I put her pussy back to normal.  "There, how's that?" I asked, "It's perfect, thank you Ben" Grace said as she moved my gigantic dick out of the way to give me a hug, "I think it's about time I made this a more manageable size" I said. Grace broke the hug & took a couple of steps back & I started to make my nob go back to its "normal" 12" again but instead of having it like it was before (without big throbbing veins) I put in some, big throbbing veins, which made Grace happy.

Wednesday 9:05pm:
"Hello Ben I'm back" mum said as she came through the front door.  Surprised how close it was to 9 'o' clock (mum is normally about half an hour late) we quickly got dressed, "Ben my tit's are still LLL nothing will fit!" Grace said getting even more panicky, "Oh sorry Grace" I said as I made her tits go back to her perfect GG cups, Grace put on her top & we both went down stairs.  We walked into the kitchen just in time to see mum's tits finish their growing spurt.  "Hello mum" I said, mum turned round her tits swaying too & through, she saw me & her face lit up, she ran over to me & hugged me, while she was doing this Grace started to fondle mum's tits.  I told mum to go & wait in the living room, which she happily did, I got out some biscuits from the "snack cabinet" while Grace unbeknown to me got hold of a cucumber (use your imagination) from the fridge.  We went into the living room to see mum sucking on one of her tits, "Mum don't suck your tits or toss your self off, understand?" I said in a demanding voice, mum stopped sucking her tit & just sat there.

We all watched TV, all the while mum was getting more & more horny.  She was getting restless, she really needed to toss herself off, she tried to contain her self until she couldn't hold it in any longer & pleaded with me, "Ben please let me toss my self, its been over half an hour!" Grace looked at me & then looked at the cucumber she had brought in, giving in I said, "Ok but only if you use that cucumber on your pussy", "Oh thank you Ben!" mum said as she reached out for the cucumber, she picked it up & sighed, "What's wrong?" Grace said, "Well it's a bit small" mum replied (it was only about 4"), "Could you make it bigger Ben, please?" mum added giving me a loving smile, "Ok how big do you want it?" I asked, "As big as your dick Ben" mum answered, so I made it as big as my cock.

Mum quickly inserted the fruit into her pussy & moved it back & forth like a woman possessed.  While she was tossing her self I held back her orgasm still & asked, "What do you think of me now?" between her moans mum got out, "I think you are magnificent Ben", "What did you call me?" I asked in a superior tone, "Ben" mum replied, "Ok from now on you will call me master, understand?" I asked, "Yes, master" mum screamed out as I let her cum to orgasm (after about fifty minutes) still shaking from her orgasms mum said, "Oh thank you master, thank you" she then fell into a natural sleep, the cucumber still impaled in her sopping pussy.

Wednesday 9:55pm:
"I think we should follow her example" Grace said lightly grabbing my balls, "Ok then" I said adding, "Mum, mum get up" mum woke up & sleepily said, "What is it master?", "We are going to go to bed now & I want you to curl up at the end of your bed & go to sleep, does this excite you?" I asked, "Oh yes masters commands make me very happy".  We went up to mum's bedroom, we all got undressed, me & Grace got into bed & just as she was ordered to, mum curled up at the end of the bed & fell to sleep again.  Grace & me cuddled while we watched some more TV, her hand moved down to my cock & she started to give me a hand job.  I turned off the TV & kissed her long & deep; once my cock was hard (which didn't take long) I inserted my member into her wet pussy & started to fuck her.  After we had both come to orgasm we fell asleep in each other's arms, my still hard cock in her tight fanny.


Thursday 9am:
The alarm sounded, I was the first to wake up & so, turned it off.  I removed my amazingly still hard cock from Grace's pussy & started to wake her up gently.  Grace soon woke up, she looked me in the eyes & smiled then she looked at my chest & a puzzled look came over her, I looked down & froze.  I had tits!  I was a man & I had tits! Big one's though about an E cup.  "You do have some strange dreams Ben" Grace said, "But I don't know, you look kind a sexy" she added, I then said, "Yeah I feel kind a sexy but I can't go to college with tits".  I then made them go away, we got dressed (mum was still asleep), Grace went downstairs to get breakfast ready.  I woke mum up, she smiled & kissed me, I then ordered mum, "Mum you are going to go into work today & quit.  You are then going to buy some sexy outfits, the sexier the better, you are then going to come home & not milk your self or toss your self off until I come home.  Understand?", "Yes master" she said lighting rubbing my cock through my trousers, "Now get dressed, you are going to ware your bikini you bought all those years ago and that satin through, & the highest heeled shoes you have.  Understand?" I said in a demanding tone, "Yes master" mum replied as she looked for her bikini, I left her to get dressed, as I was hungry.  I went downstairs to see Grace tucking into a bowl of cereal & joined her.

After we had our cereal, we got ready for college.  Mum finally came down stairs, "Is this what master wanted" mum said as she struck a pose, "Perfect" I said, "Now go to work & do what I asked of you" I added, "Yes master" she replied as she ran for the door.  She got into her car as if everything was normal & drove off.  "Well, shall we go?" I asked stroking the side of Grace's face, "Yeah might as well" Grace replied.  We got into my Porsche & drove to college, all the while Grace was lightly stroking my cock through my trousers.

Mum got to work on time, like she did everyday, walked into the head teachers office sat down on the desk & said to him "Jim, you can get all your problem children & stick them up your ass!  Because I quit!" mum stood up, thrust her chest out, put her hands to them & moved them about to get them comfortable & walked out waving her ass from side to side leaving Jim speechless.

Thursday 9:30 am:
I parked the car & we went into the cafeteria, as I drove faster than I had expected to (sport cars have a habit of doing that).  We walked round the corner into the cafeteria & saw our lesbian friends, they waved us over so we sat down & got talking.  "So how are you both?" said Jen in a happy tone, "We're good" Grace said then adding, "& the sex!  Wow it's just excelent!", "So what have you all been up to?" I asked, "Well we've been having a lot of lesbian sex & stuff with each other, actually I've got a request to ask you but in private" said Sarah fonderling one of Jody's tits.  It was becoming clear which girls like each other the most (from all the fonderling).  "Yeah I've got a request to ask of you as well" Amanda said giving Jen "the eye", "Well I've got half an hour before my lesion starts so why don't we go somewhere a bit more quite & see what I can do" I offered Jen quickly responded with, "Sorry, can't do that now, we've got a lesion starting like now.  Com on girls we had better get going, see you later love birds" they all said bye & agreed to meet up with us at 1pm (yeah I've got a three hour lesion!), "I'll ring you when I get out of my lesion" I said to them as they walked out of the room.

Just then, Daz came into the cafeteria with Denise arm in arm.  They came over to us & sat down, "Hay Daz, what you been up to?" I asked, "Oh nothing much, just being fucked senseless by Denise & me fucking her senseless" Daz said lightly rubbing Denise's tits, "So just the usual then?" I joked back, "Yeah, so what have you been doing?" Daz replied, "Well I turned mum into my sex slave, bought a shit load of games, new hard ware for my PC.  I also made Britney spears & Jennifer Anniston love me & I'll be getting an extension to my room" Daz & Denise looked at me in amazement.  "How the fuck did you manage to afford all that?" asked Daz, his jaw almost at his feet, "I've got two credit cards that are linked into Britney's & Jennifer's bank accounts" I replied in a cool manor, "God damn man you must be loaded?" Daz said a little bit on the loud side, "Do you want to say that any louder?  I don't think they heard you in Japan!" I replied sarcastically, "Oh sorry mate, so what games did you buy?" I told him what games I bought & we talk about the sort of sex we had had until it was time for us to go to our lesions.

Thursday 10am:
"I'll see you in three hours love" I said to Grace giving her a kiss on the check, "Ok lovey dove see you later" she said returning the kiss.  So Grace went off to her lesion & Denise, Daz & me went off to our typography lesion (the art of using fonts in designs).

After the register was taken & we were given our work, the three of us got talking.  "So Ben, what's the strangest thing you have done to anyone so far?" asked Daz, "Well, um, at one point I gave Grace a dick, but the strangest thing was probably giving myself a pussy" I said slightly embarrassed.  Shocked Denise asked, "Why the fuck did you give your self a fanny?", "Because it was at the same time I gave Grace a cock & she wanted to try it out" I said, "Oh all right then" replied Daz.  Just then Denise moved her hand down to Dazza's dick & started to rub it, "Denise! Not here, behave your self!" Daz said between his clenched teeth, "Oh sorry master" "Don't call me that while we are at college!" Daz ordered through his teeth again, "Sorry Daz" Denise said as she removed her hand from his semi-stiff cock.  The rest of the lesion went without any problems.

Mum walked into the shopping centre (after parking her car).  Headed for Pabo (the best, & most expensive, sex store in town) walked up to the counter & said, "Could you get me one item of every one of your sexiest pieces of lingerie you have please?" the shop assistant, shocked at her request said, "What size are you?", "I'm a 40C cup, 32, 34 & don't worry about the price" mum said with a smile.  The store clerk walked into the store room & came back a few minutes later with a big pile of clothes, "Are these ok?" she asked, "Fine" mum replied, "Can I try them out?" she added, "Sure you can, the changing rooms are just over there in the corner" "Thanks" mum replied. She went into one of the changing rooms & tried everything on.  She came out about twenty minutes later walked up to the store clerk & said, "I'll take them all" the clerk totalled up all the clothes & said, "That'll be £5000 please" mum handed over her credit card, the transaction was complete.

"Will there be anything else?" the clerk asked smiling, "Um yes pick something out for yourself," shocked the clerk looked round the store then back at mum, mum nodded to indicate that she was not imagining things.  The clerk walked over to the tiger print section & picked up a two-piece bikini with gold highlights that coast £150, "Is that all?" mum asked.  Stunned the clerk went over to the where the vibrators were on display & pick up the biggest dildo there was (10" if you must know).  That had a price tag of £75 (I told you it was expensive) the clerk was just about to get her purse out when mum said, "Oh put that away, this is my gift to you to say thanks for your help".   Mum paid for the items & took a mental note of the clerk's name a Miss Jane Weaver, picked up her stuff & just before she headed for the exit she said to Jane, "You may get some other gifts soon" & walked out of the store.  One of the other clerks who over head mum's last line said to Jane, "What was that all about?" "I have no idea but she is obviously crazy" replied Jane.

Mum got home & changed into a crotch less set of tights & a padded bra that could be pumped up to increase cleavage & put on over that a sparkling dinner dress with a slit up one side going all the way up to her waist & waited for me to get home.

Thursday 1pm:
The lesion now finished we went into the cafeteria to meet Grace, who was in the queue waiting to get a bottle of pop.  The three of us sat down at one of the free tables (as all the sofas were taken).  Grace having bought her drink sneaked up behind me & rapped her arms round my chest & kissed me long & lovingly on the lips then said, "Ben, the girls are over there, shall we go & see what they wanted from you?"  Looking over my shoulder to see the girls sitting on one of the sofas I replied, "I'll go over & see what they want, how about you three go into town & I'll meet up with you later?", "Ok then" Grace said giving me a long hug, interrupting Daz said, "Shall we go then?", "Might as well" replied Denise giving him a long, loving kiss on the lips.  So they walked out & headed into town.

"Hi girls, sorry I didn't come over, I didn't see you" I said, "Oh that's alright Ben can I ask you for that request now?" asked Sarah "Sure do you want to come as well Amanda?" I asked, "Ok then, where are we going to do this then?" she asked, "How about the boys toilets?" I offered, after some hesitation they both agreed so all three of us went into the boy's toilets.  "So Amanda what is this favour you wanted?" I asked perching against the sinks, "Well I want a, a, a nob about 12" long, with big veins, oh & a quick recovery time, can you do that?" said Amanda nervously, "Sure & what about you Sarah?" shocked Sarah said, "Um that's exactly what I want!", "Ok that makes my life easy" I jokingly said, "So can you do it?" Amanda asked, "Sure I can, so who shall I do first?" I offered, "Do Sarah first", "Do Amanda first" they both said at the same time, "Ok I'll toss a coin, heads I do Sarah first, tails I do Amanda first ok?" I said, as I got a coin from my wallet, they both nodded, I flipped the coin, "It's tails" I said.  So I started to give Amanda her 12"er, soon a bulge could be seen "gasp! I don't believe it, I've got a dick!" Amanda said in shock, "Don't forget you've got balls as well.  Now that you are done are you ready Sarah?" I said, "Yeah, oh could you please reduce my tits as well down to a P cup?" Sarah asked, "Sure if that's what you want?" I replied, "It is" Sarah softly said, I made her tits smaller first, while adjusting her wardrobe as well, "Oh thanks Ben" Sarah said, "Hang on I'm not done yet" I replied as I started to give her a nob (I was getting good at this body manipulation thing).  "Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes thank you Ben, thank you!" Sarah said just as I was finishing off her 12" dick.  "There, you may want to put those things between your legs or something, they stick out like a sore thumb" I said slowly getting a hard on.  "Can you help us Ben?" asked Amanda while she was removing her trousers "No can do, I've got to catch up with Grace & the others" I said, "Why don't you help each other?" I added, "Ok then thanks again Ben" Sarah said, "Ok I'll see you around girls bye" & with that, I left for the town centre.

I was able to find the others easily enough by using "mind reader" on Grace & finding where she was, I was sneaking up behind Grace after using "super speed" when I was close enough I put my hands over her eyes & said, "Guess who?" Grace quickly turned round with a big smile on her face & moved my hands to the side & kissed me lovingly for about a minute on the lips.  Once the kiss ended Daz said, "So what did the girls want?", "Um they wanted dicks" I replied, Daz had an expression of shock & amazement, "Use your imagination," I added Daz thought about it for a second then nodded his head in acknowledgement.

Thursday 1:50pm:
"Um Ben, I've finished for the day, could I come & sit in with you for your last lesion?" Grace asked, "I'll have to ask Kate (our course leader) but I don't think that should be a problem" I replied giving her a light hug.  "Hay Ben we'd better get back" Daz said looking Denise straight in the eye, "Yeah you're right, come on Grace" I said as Grace was looking at a very nice dinner dress (& very expensive too), "Oh Ben could you buy that for me?  Please" pleaded Grace giving me a puppy eyed look, "Maybe, we'll see" I replied giving her a light push in the right direction (to college).

Thursday 2pm:
"Um Kate, is it alright if my girlfriend joins us today?" I asked, "Go on then," said Kate after giving me a dirty look then adding, "It's nice to see that you have found someone at last" to which I replied, "Not someone, my true love in life".  The group of girls in the class, eaves dropping in on the conversation said, "Aaaaaaahhhhh that's so sweet" I turned round to look at them & as soon as I had turned round they all turned round as if they hadn't done a thing.

Thursday 2:55pm:
"Well that's it for this week ladies & gentlemen so get lost & I don't want to see any of you till Monday" Kate jokingly said then adding, "Denise can I have a word before you go?", "Yeah, what is it?" Denise replied, "It's about what happened yesterday, do you three mind if we talk alone?" Kate asked, looking at me, Daz & Grace, taking the hint we walkout of the classroom & waited in the hallway.

"I was just a bit concerned about what happened to you yesterday, are you ok?  Do you know how it happened?" Kate asked with a concerned look on her face, "Yes I'm fine now thanks & yes I do no how it happened" Denise replied curious about the last question, "Oh you do?" Kate said moving closer to Denise then adding, "How did it happen then?" Kate's hand now slowly moving up Denise's leg to her panty less crotch.  Getting worried Denise replied, "Um, Ben's got this program that um, lets him change people, um, what are you doing?" Kate replied with, "Oh Denise, I find your body soo sexy, it's just the sort of thing I dream of & try to find on the net, you're perfect, I bet you're really good at licking cunts aren't you?  Your muscle, tits, legs, height everything about you is perfect, please Denise lick my cunt dry!".  Kate now had three finger in Denise's cunt slowly bring her round to an orgasm, "Um Kate, I'm flattered you feel like that about me but I'm not a lesbian nor am I bi" Denise said her breaths getting deeper & heavier.  Kate with her free hand grabbed one of Denise's hands & placed it on one of her own tits & started to make a circular motion with it, Denise now completely raped in a ever increasing orgasm was unable to scream out for help.  Once Denise was making the circular motion on her tit by her self, Kate started to remove her clothing with her free hand to reveal a very perky set of C cup tits.

Thursday 3:05pm:
"God!  What's taking them so long?" Daz asked getting inpatient, "I'm sure she'll be out when Kate has finished talking to her Daz" replied Grace.  Getting inpatient myself, I decided to see what was going on, so I looked at the right wall & said in my head, "I'm blind" & I continued to think about seeing through the wall & sure enough my vision stuck at wall thickness.  Glancing round the room I quickly spotted Kate damn near fisting Denise while Denise was laid flat on a table her face in Kate's cunt while she was rubbing her tits, sexual juices spreading out all over the table.  "Oh shit!" I screamed out then saying in my head, "I can see" returning my vision back to normal, "What is it Ben?" Daz & Grace said in unison, "Kate is fisting Denise" I replied, Daz stormed into the classroom with Grace & me quickly following.  Denise aware that someone just came through the door quickly looked up tears running down her face & in between heavy breaths was just able to say, "Daz, help, me" Daz ran over to the two ladies & grabbed Kate's arm & pulled it out of Denise's sopping cunt.  Kate, finally realising what she was doing quickly got off of Denise & got her clothes back on, Grace lent Denise a hand while she also got her clothes back on, "Just what do you think you were doing?" I asked Kate after telling Daz it would be better if I asked the questions, "Denise has the body of my dream partner, I, I just couldn't contain myself, Denise told me that you have a program that can change people, can you do me a favour?" Kate replied, "Yes I do & it depends what you want?" I said giving Denise a sideways dirty look Kate replied with, "Could you make me twenty again, give me the same body as Denise & make me age at half the normal rate?" I finished off writing down what she wanted & asked, "Does that included sensitivity & how long do you want the changes to take?" "Um half the sensitivity, can you make the changes start at 5pm & be as quick as possible?" Kate asked finally putting her jumper back on, "Well what do you think?" I asked looking at the others, "I don't think you should give her anything!" said Daz, comforting Denise, "Well I think that anyone who wants some improvements should be entitled to them" Grace answered hugging me from behind, "What about you Denise?" I asked giving her a supportive look, "I think you should let her rot in hell!" replied Denise giving Kate "daggers", "Well I'm not sure weather to give you the changes or not.  I guess you'll find out at 5pm" I said to Kate, "Well I guess you are right, Denise I am sorry for what I did" Kate replied looking down at her feet.  With that, we (that's Grace, Daz, Denise & me) left for my place Denise & Daz in his jag with Grace & me in my Porsche.

Thursday 3:40pm:
We went into the house & mum came running towards me arms open & asked, "Master do you like what I got?" I said, "Yes I do mum you are very sexy looking" I gave her a kiss & said to the others, "Help your self to the fridge & make your self at home, I got something to do, I won't be long".  The others headed straight for the fridge while I headed for my PC & the program mum following close behind.  I typed in Dazza's name, waited for him to come up on screen (while I was waiting for this mum started to suck my cock) & typed, "your nob will become a "magic wand" whenever you or any woman makes a wish & kisses your nob that wish will come true.  You will not be able to wish for the power's Ben has or wish for the program, nor will you able to which for more money & you will not be able to wish for superpowers but you can wish for someone to grow big tits, legs, bums etc.  The more times that anyone kisses it after making a wish that wish will be made true that amount of times".  I minimised his profile & typed in "Kate Drew" & started to make the changes that she had asked for, I made her:
* really sexy like Jeri Ryan
* Have some muscle so that she looks like she works out a little too often.  Not grotesque but enough to make her muscle stand out without flexing any muscle
* stamina improved so that she can go for three hours
* clit twice it's sensitivity & made her nipples 20% less sensitive than her clit & the rest of her breasts 40% less sensitive
* totally submissive in any relationship & twice as horny & any pain her lover gives her will be received in a pleasant way
* ass hole as sensitive as her fanny
* age at half the normal rate
* twenty again
Before I hit the send button I decided to add a little something that would always remind her of what she did so I typed, "once every three months your muscle will grow by fifty fold & your tits will grow to a TTT cup.  You will grow to 7', you will stay like this for a week or until you have had sex with someone who has a 15" dick & made them cum before you do", "There that should teach you bitch!" I said, I hit the send button & closed down her profile, Dazza's profile automatically came back up.  Ready to give him his gift I called him up to my room, "What is it Ben?" he asked, "I've got a little present for you" I said as I turned the screen round so that Daz could read what was on it, "Do you accept my present?" I asked to which Daz replied, "Um when you say "The more times that anyone kisses it after making a wish that wish will be made true that amount of times" you mean?" Daz asked unsure, "I mean that say Denise wished for you to have a 20" dick & she kissed it twice then you would end up with a 40" dick get it?" I replied, "Oh yeah I get ya, ok then I accept" Daz said, I hit send & Daz shuddered for a few seconds, "Cheers mate" Daz said happily, "Any time" I replied we headed back down stairs to the living room.

Thursday 4pm: (at Joe's house)
"Joe, where are you?" asked Hannah, "I'm in my room, what do you want?" replied Joe, "I need to ask you something, can I come in?" questioned Hannah, "Go on then what is it you need to ask me?" Joe replied as Hannah walked in.  They both gasped, Joe held onto his nob as it grew to form a big bulge in his trousers he then realised that he loved his sister but much more than a sister, more as a lover!  Hannah also realised that she too loved Joe like a lover, then it started.  She started to turn into Joe's dream girl.  First she matured into an eighteen year old, she then grew to 5'7" her hips widened to make the lower half of an hour glass while her tits grew to a DD cup, her hair lengthened down to her ass becoming thick & full it turned from its brunette colour to jet black.  Then her nails turned from their natural colour to blood red as did her lips (which filled out to that of a porn stars'), her eye lashes lengthened to maximum effect & her eye brows shaped to have that kink that so many girls have these days.  "Oh my god Hannah you look better than in my dreams" Joe said in shock, "I fell like I never need to go to the toilet, yet I still have my ass hole, I think..." replied Hannah as she moved her hand down to where her ass hole should be only to feel a new clit & fanny.  "OH MY GOD!  I'VE GOT TWO FANNIES!  Not too mention I feel so sexy & horny, I need that nob of yours in my virgin pussy while in the backstroke position.  If that's ok with you?" Hannah hashed; walking over to the bed in a sexy manner, "Sure just show me how I should be positioned" replied Joe.

Hannah showed her new lover how he should be (on his back) while she mounted him putting his nob at her front entrance she laid down on his chest her tits facing the ceiling, she then pushed down making them one, connected by Joe's big veined dick.  "Do me Joe, do me now" Hannah gasped as she was nearing orgasm, "Come on Hannah I want to see your face as you cum, face me" Joe ordered, Hannah was all too happy to comply.  As Hannah was getting closer to her climax Joe started to fondle her tits, gently at first but quickly getting rough, when Hannah was just able to say, "Joe pull my nipples, pull them till they com off!"  Joe grabbed both nipples with his thumbs & forefingers & pulled, & pulled but for some reason they weren't slipping out of his fingers.  So he wrapped his hands round where he thought Hannah's tits should be only to reveal that he had stretched out her nipples to over 3" & her aureole's had widened out to 4"!  Just then Hannah forced her self down over Joe's big cock & screamed her first orgy ever.  She collapsed on to Joe, panting heavily Hannah sighed, "Oh Joe that was incredible, I love you", "I love you too Hannah" Joe replied, lightly stroking her back.  They soon fell into a natural sleep, both having a few "wet dreams".

Thursday 4:30pm:
"Well, shall we play something else?" I said to the others after winning the fifth game in a row of Perfect Dark.  "No can do my man, I've got to get back home & get ready for work, I'll see you later" Daz replied taking Denise by the hand, "You free tomorrow?" he added, "I've got a delivery coming but apart from that I think so, why?" I asked, "Just checking, anyway see you later" Grace, mum & me waved them goodbye as Daz drove off home sounding his horn as he went with the traditional "honk, honk".

"Master can I please relieve my self now?  I'm dying of horniness" I thought about it for a few seconds & said, "Mum, would you like a smaller chest?", "Oh yes please master, smaller tits would make me a lot happier" mum replied with a grin, "Ok you can have a smaller chest but only if you have sex with Grace" I said with a sly grin.  Mum was up the stairs faster than a Cheater on speed; Grace & I walked up the stairs holding hands looking into each other's eyes all the way.

We walked into the master bedroom to find mum lying down on the bed ready to have her first experience of lesbian sex (she still had her clothes on).  I took a seat while Grace approached mum in a seductive manor; she climbed onto the bed.  Mum rushed towards Grace, I didn't want this over too soon, so I said, "I want you to make love to each other, not fuck" mum quickly slowed down her actions.  They kissed like they had done it a thousand times before, searching each other's mouths with their tongs.  Mum started to caress Grace's tits; Grace moved her kissing down to mum's cleavage, while unzipping mums dress.  Once mums tits where out in the open Grace leaned back & let mum do the same to her.  She moved her kiss's down to Grace's cleavage, removing her top.  Then started to suck on one of her nipples, slowing moving down to her navel.  Grace returned the pleasure by kissing all the way down to mum's crotch & removing her tights, mum bit onto Grace's knickers & pulled them down by her teeth, both girls were very wet by now.

Mum moved her face back up to meet Grace's where they kissed long & lovingly.  I was getting a serious hard on (correction I had a serious hard on).  Grace was finding it hard to put her hands round mum with her big chest so I reduced mums breast size to a JJ cup, which pleased both no end.  Then mum moved down Grace's body kissing it all the way until she reached her pussy.  She blew on it lightly which made Grace shudder with a light orgasm, then ever so teasingly she started to lick up & down the slit & round her clit for the next thirty seconds until mum kissed her clit then licked it, which made Grace cum with a loud orgasm.  Grace pushed mum onto her back as she climbed on top & gave her a kiss on the lips.  Grace then started to lick mum all the way down to her nipples; she would do rings around the edge of mum's areola slowly pushing mum to the edge.  Then she would flick her tongue across a nipple making mum cum but not fully (hum I wonder why).  After Grace had done that for the third time she moved down to mum's pussy.  She licked up, down, round & round, she then sucked on mum's clit making her scream out in orgy after orgy.

They then got into a sixty-nine & fingered each other to a perfectly synchronised orgasm (I couldn't help it).  Grace looked over at me & said, "Ben could you make a two ended dildo for us please?"  Highly enjoying what I was seeing I complied, & made an 18" long, 8" round double-ended dildo for them to play with.  Grace hungrily grabbed the dildo & forced it into mum, then she straddled her, impaling her self on the monster dildo.  They soon got a rhythm going & after ten minutes of building up one huge mother of an orgasm I let them cum.  "Oh god that was good" they both said as they slumped onto each other the dildo still in their pussies.

I striped off, removed the dildo & got in between them, they soon snuggled up with me.  They both moved there hands down to my stiff cock & tried to give me a nice hand job but it just wasn't working.  So I gave my self a second nob, mum grabbed the newly formed cock and gave me a hand job while Grace also gave me nice hand job on my, "Old Faithful" they soon made me cum, after which we all fell into a natural sleep.

Thursday 6:30pm:
I awoke to Grace & mum giving me a twin blowjob on my cocks, I quickly came.  Mum & Grace licked up every last piece of my cum.  We snuggled for a bit before getting dressed, mum put on a leather hot dress with tie strings on the back.  Grace looked through what mum had brought & decided to put on a sparkling translucent evening dress which went down to her ankles & had slits up both sides that went up to her crotch.  They both struck a pose & mum asked, "Does master like what he sees?" I replied with, "Yes, you both look very sexy".  Happy at my response they both came over to me & gave me a hug & a kiss, "I'm getting hungry mum, cook me & Grace something nice for dinner" I ordered, "What do you want master?" mum asked, "Surprise us" I replied with a grin, "& you can set the table for one as well" I added giving Grace a wink.

Mum walked down to the kitchen & started making the dinner, Grace started heading out of the bedroom, "Where do you think you're going?" I said as I took hold of her arm & swung her back into my loving arms & giving her a sexual kiss on the lips, "Oh what do you have in mind?" Grace replied, returning the kiss.  I swept her off her feet & placed her on the bed, undressed her & said, "I need to be relieved" Grace looked at me with a sympathetic look & said, "Ahhh did we make you horny?" I nodded as I made her tits grow with maximum sensation ever so slowly, teasing her to the edge, "Oh Ben they must be like an M cup or something?" Grace said very happy, "Triple MMM actually but that doesn't matter, all that does matter is that I'm going to make my cock 2' long & I want you to do what you like to it ok?" I replied.  Grace nodded excitedly; I laid down on the bed next to her my nob growing to 24" (2').  Grace went down on me, her fanny at my face as she started to put my monster cock into her mouth, she got 10" in, then she grabbed it with both hands & started to bob up & down, mean while her fanny getting ever closer to my face.  When it was about 5" away from my face I moved in for the kill (so to speak).  I started to lick the slit of her fanny with the tip of my tong, every so often brushing the tip of her clit which would make her shudder with a light orgasm.  After I had made her cum for the seventh time she stopped the blowjob & moved to face me while she wrapped her huge tit mounds around my cock & tit fucked me, every so often licking the head of my monster member.

After about twenty minutes I came with an explosive force, showering her face with my love juice, "Ben could you make it a bit smaller please?  I want to fuck you" Grace asked giving me a close up look of her canyon of cleavage, "Ok love, do me real good" I replied as I reduced my nob back down to its normal 12" of love machine.  Grace quickly mounted me, she tilted her head back & started to mash her tits, pushing them together, pinching her nipples putting her close to the edge.  Between breaths Grace panted, "Hold me back Ben, hold me back" I made her so that she couldn't cum until I had cum.  I then helped her mash her tits; she soon entered a new zone a zone where she was at orgasm with out having an orgasm.  I could feel my dick stretching out her fanny (which meant less sensation for both of us) so I made her cunt as tight as a thirteen-year-old virgin Asian girl's.  Grace was soon able to bring me to the edge, "Get ready for your biggest orgasm ever" I panted between breaths.  Seconds later I exploded into her cunt hot sperm oozing out from the sides of her cunt where my dick wasn't plugging the hole.  Just as I was recovering Grace screamed out in orgasm, "OH YES!  OH YES!  OH GOD YOU'RE THE BEST! OH YESSSSSSS!".  It must have been some orgasm; Grace fell on top of me as soon as she had finished screaming & was rendered unconscious, I slipped my way out of Grace's pussy, laid her on her back & put her tits back down to her perfect GG cup.  I left her there at peace with the world.  I went to the program & typed in my mums' name.  She cam up & I deleted the command that said, "every time you walked into the house you will be like this & every time you leave the house you will go back to what I had made her on Monday" & hit send.

I sat back in my chair & thought about all the women I liked in the world & thought about the possibilities but one name kept coming back to me, Rachel Gross.

I first fell in love with Grace while in year eight, after I blew it (long story I won't go into it hear).  I held onto the slimmest chance that I might see her again & give it an another crack.  Anyway five years later & I was still hoping but now there was this Rachel that had started coming down to the bowling club (bowling club, in Britain? Believe it mate).  She was really nice, about 5'5", blond hair that went down to her shoulders, baby brown eyes, about a B cup chest & very nice body the only problem was that she was thirteen & I'm seventeen.  Now I know what you're thinking, "Four years isn't that much" but remember that we are both teenagers a relationship now could end in disaster, as we grow apart.  The agonising part is that I do love her as much, if not more than Grace but I didn't get Grace the first time & it took me getting a couple of hundred volts through me to get her.  I didn't want to make the same mistake again & hold onto hope for another five years.  So I held back my emotions, for about two weeks after I realised my feelings for her, I asked her out she said that she would, "have to think about it".  That was three weeks ago & still no answer, well this Saturday she's going to give me my answer.

Thursday 6:50pm:
I typed in Rachel Gross & she came up in all her glory (even on the screen she had this glow about her).  My estimate about her bra size was a little generous (she was an AAA cup).  I was too scared to look at who she loved (of fear of rejection).  So in the command box I typed, "this Saturday you will give Ben your answer about weather or not to go out with him" I hovered above the send button, contemplating weather or not I wanted to know how she felt about me.  Then coming to the conclusion that it is best if now, than to spend the rest of my life wondering.  So I hit the send button.  This Saturday was going to be either the best or the worst day of my life (to date).  I closed down her profile, slumped in my chair & thought about Rachel & what she will say.

Thursday 7:20pm:
Grace was stirring on the bed so I went over to her & gently brought her round.  She awoke, gave me a kiss & a cuddle just as mum was coming into the room, "Dinner is served master" mum said leading us down to the dinner room.  I sat down in the one chair mum put at the table & Grace sat on my lap, her ass resting nicely in the grove of my legs.  "Mum, put some nice music on, then you can go up into the bedroom & pleasure your self" I said feeding Grace some of the dinner, "Yes master, thank you master" mum said as she went over to the hi-fi & put on some nice love music.

Half way through the meal Grace could see that something was wrong, "What's wrong love?" she asked as she fed me some more of the dinner.  Sighing heavily I said, "Oh this Saturday is going to be very important for me", "Why is that love?" Grace asked, pausing for a moment I said, "Well, you see after about five years hoping I would see you again, I was beginning to admit the fact that it wasn't going to happen &, well I've fallen in love with someone else", "Oh?" Grace replied in an understanding tone, "Don't get me wrong.  I still love you after all you were my first love" I said, looking into her eyes, "Ahhh, so what's this girl like then?  Come on give me the details" Grace said giving me a sympathetic hug.  "Well, she's called Rachel, about 5'5", blond hair that goes down to her shoulders, baby brown eyes, very nice body & there's this aura about her that just gets my hart going like a runaway speed train" I replied sighing again as I thought about this Saturday.  "Awww that's so nice.  She sounds very nice, I can't wait till Saturday" Grace said giving me a kiss on the check, "I'd prefer it if you'd stay out of the picture for a while.  You understand don't you?" I said, unhappy at my request Grace nodded in agreement, "Yes love, I understand", "You'll meet her soon, I promise," I replied giving her a kiss on the check.  We finished our dinner & the three of us snuggled up in front of the TV for the rest of the night, the girls falling asleep in my arms.


Friday 11:05am:
I was awoken suddenly by someone ringing the door bell, "Yes, what is it?" I said as I opened the door, "I have a 42" wide screen TV & a home cinema setup for a Mr. Ben Yantz.  I do have the right house don't I?" the deliveryman asked, "Yeah bring them in" I said giving him a hand with the TV, I tipped him handsomely (£200).  He drove off with a grin on his face.  Then I thought, "Ok since I'm sleeping in the master bedroom now do I need to make my room bigger?" as I made my way up the stairs my thoughts continued, "What I could do is get rid of that wall between my room & the master bedroom & get that extension.  Yeah that's a great idea".  I got hold of the business card the man from cold Seal Windows gave me & rang the number on it, "Hello this is Bill, how can I help you?" came the voice, "Oh hi, this is Ben Yantz.  You came to look at a possible extension on my house, the one going over the back room" I replied, "Oh yeah I remember, what can I do for you Ben?" bill said,  "It's easier if I show you.  How soon can you get here?" I asked, "I'll be there in about thirty minutes" he answered, "Ok see you then, bye" I hung up the phone.

I slowly woke up the girls & said, "Girls, get into something more, concealing as I've got someone coming round, mum you'd better stay in the spare room", "Ok master" mum replied as she gave me a kiss & went into the spare room, "Who is coming round Ben?" Grace asked giving me a morning hug, "It's that man from Cold Seal Windows, I want to check something with him, now go & get dressed he'll be here soon" I said lightly spanking her on the ass, "Ohh kinky" Grace said as she jumped from the surprise.

Friday 11:50am:
The three of us were playing on the N64, as bill was late (just like all other builders). "Oh that must be him," I said as the door bell rang I answered the door, "Bill glad you could make it" I said welcoming him inside, "What was it you wanted to show me?" he said wanting to get straight to business, I showed him the wall I wanted to get rid off.  "Yeah I think we could do that, is there anything else?" he asked, "Um maybe, could you make a small wall here so that the master bedroom door is the only door to this room?" I asked, "Yeah, should be no problem" bill replied, thinking he could retire on this one job alone, "Oh & one more thing, would it be possible for you to knock down this wall so that this shower room can be accessed by people in the spare room as well?" I asked pointing out which wall I meant; "I'll just go have a look in the spare room" he said.  He went into the spare room (the girls must have overheard because they weren't there), gave the wall a few taps & said, "Um, I don't think so.  You see this wall here is one of the main structure walls, if I do anything to this one you run the chance of bringing down the whole house, sorry", "Ok how much more will it coast to do the things I asked before?" I questioned, not really caring about the price, "Um what was my first estimate?" he asked, "£15,000, with labour, I think" I replied, "Ok well then it should be about... £16,150 then" nodding my head in agreement I said, "How soon can you start?" shocked by my question he said, "Um tomorrow sound good to you?", "Tomorrow sounds great" I said with a smile, "Ok my work force should be here at about 9am ok?" bill checked, "Yeah but I'm not going to be hear but Jen should be, she'll make a mean cup of tea for your lads" laughing bill said, "9am it is then, we'll discuss payment when the job is done", "Ok then, I'll see you tomorrow" I said as I showed him the door.

Friday 12:20pm:
"Grace, Jen, where are you?" I shouted out, "Just here" Grace said as she wrapped her arms round me from behind, "Where did you go?" I asked, "Just into the living room, then into the backroom" replied mum then adding, "I figured master didn't want the builder to see us", "Thanks mum, now I've got to set up this surprise so why don't you two go & entertain your selves".  The girls went off into the living room & watched TV while I took my 42" beast & home cinema up into the bedroom.

Friday 1pm:
"Ok girls you can come up now" I said as I took a seat on the bed, the girls came running into the room & gasped at the monster TV, "Oh Ben it's magnificent" Grace said, giving me a hug, "Yeah guess where the sub woofer is?" I said as I invited mum to sit on the bed.  Just as mum sat down I turned on the TV & the bed shock, "Oh this could make things interesting" Grace said giving me a kiss on the check, "Oh look Grace there's even a DVD player" mum said as she kissed me on the neck.  We snuggled up together on the bed as we watched films & TV for most of the day.

Friday 8pm:
"Ok girls I've got to get ready for youth club now," I said as I slid my way out of the grip of my lovely girls, "Can I come Ben?" asked Grace lightly rubbing one of mums tits, "Yeah I guess so, mum you'd better stay here" I replied, "But master" mum pleaded revealing some of her cleavage, "Stay here" I said again in a stern voice.  I went off to pack up the N64 (I always take it with me) as Grace got dressed to go out.  "Grace, you can't go to the youth club looking like that" I said, (she was wearing a see through metallic dress), "As nice as you look I don't think it's very appropriate" I added, "Well what do you want me to wear then?" asked Grace, "How about this one?" I pointed out a nice body long dress with snake skin trimmings along the top, "Oh ok then love, you always pick out the best stuff, you're like a girlfriend but you're my boyfriend" Grace said taking the dress from me, "What are those?  Pants? Don't ware them please, why don't you go o natural?" I said as Grace took off her first dress, "I don't know Ben what if people see up my skirt?" Grace asked blushing, "Grace, it goes all the way down to your ankles.  No one is going to able to see up there unless they get on the floor" I said then adding, "& if I catch anyone doing that I'm gonna set them straight", "Ok then Ben" Grace said giving me a kiss on the check again.

Friday 8:10pm:
"Come on Grace we need to get going" I shouted up the stairs, "Ok Ben I'm coming" Grace replied, "Mum make sure that the VCR records the comedy night on four" I shouted to mum who was in the bedroom enjoying the sub woofer, "Ok love see you later" replied mum.  With that Grace and me went to the car & set off for the youth club.

Friday 8:20pm:
"I told you we should have left earlier" I told Grace as we were five minutes late, "Sorry love but we are here now & that's all that matters" argued Grace in defence (do we sound like a married couple yet?).  I parked the car & we headed for the hall.  We walked into the hall & a few heads turned, we both ignored them & I started to set up the N64 while Grace went to socialise, "Hay Ben, who's the page three girl?" asked Paul one of the leaders of the youth club, "Who, you mean Grace?  She's my girlfriend" I replied as I turned on the TV, "Way da go Ben, so have you been together long?" Paul asked, elbowing me in the side, "Since Monday" I replied, "Dame you work fast man!  Five days & you're already introducing her to everyone" Paul said, unable to take his eyes off Grace, "Yeah well, she is the girl I've been hoping to get with for five years" I replied, "Oh right, I get ya" said Paul as he gave me a sarcastic wink then walked off.

Just then Joe came over to me, "Hay Ben, is that who I think it is?" he asked slightly shocked, "Depends if you think it's Grace or not" I replied, "Dame she looks better than you described her, anyway guess what?" Joe asked getting excited, "What?" I replied half harted, "Well on Thursday..." Joe started to describe what happened to him & Hannah yesterday, "... & now we are totally in love, pretty cool huh?" he finished, "Yeah, if a little strange" I replied trying not to act like I already knew.  The rest of the night was spent playing pool, games & other things.

Friday 10:20pm:
"Hello, we're back, did you record those things for me?" I asked as mum came to greet us both, "Yes master everything was recorded, how was tonight?" mum asked, "Yeah alright" I replied.  "Come on girls I've got an early start tomorrow" I said leading the girls into the bedroom, we got undressed, snuggled together & fell to sleep within twenty minutes.


Saturday 8:30am:
I woke up, got dressed, gently woke up Grace & mum, "Right I'm off to bowling now, Grace I'll ring you when its ok to come over" I said kissing Grace lovingly on the lips then adding, "Mum, the builders should be here at about nine be nice & don't forget to make tea or coffee for them ok?" mum nodded.  I gave one of mum's nipples a pinch & she had a light orgasm, "I'll see you later, bye girls," I said as I headed off to the bowl, both girls waving to me as I left.

Saturday 9:45am:
I parked the car, got my bowling balls out & walked into the bowl.  I walked down to my normal lanes, got my bowling balls & stuff out ready, then waited for everyone else to arrive (I have a habit of arriving early).

Saturday 9:50am:
By now most people had arrived (including Rachel), "Lanes one through sixteen your lanes are now on fifteen minutes practise play" came the voice over the speaker system.  While we were on practise I got talking to Rachel (who was on the same lane), "So, have you given any thought about what I said?" I asked, my hands getting clammy, "About going on a date with you?" she replied looking me in the eyes with her big baby brown eyes, "Yeah, you know I haven't been able to stop thinking about you" I replied, "Yeah I have been thinking about you to" she blushed, "Is that a yes?" I asked hopefully, "Yeah I guess it is" she replied, again blushing, "Oh you mean it?" I asked excitedly, she nodded, "Oh you've made me the happiest man in the world" I said as I slung her round through a 360-degree turn. "So when shall we go on our first date?" Rachel asked giving me a light hug, "How about tomorrow?  We could go see a film & then maybe get something to eat?" I said not quit sure what to do with myself, "Tomorrow sounds good" Rachel said with a big smile.

Saturday 10:05am:
"League players will you please stop practise bowling that's will you please stop practise bowling thank you" came the voice again.  We laughed at the announcers timing, "Nothing quit like the announcement of practise time ending to kill the mood" I said, Rachel laughed & gave me a look that she always gives me when I make a joke (good or bad).

Saturday 11:40am:
I knew she was good for me, it was one of my best set of games in a long time (190, 210 & 227 a 627 series & 209 avg.).  "I'll ring you sometime today & we can talk about what film to see" I said to Rachel lightly holding her in my arms, "Ok I await your loving call" Rachel replied returning the hold.  I walked out of the bowl with a positive hop in my stride & a big grin across my face.

Saturday 12:30pm:
I got home & mum welcomed me home, "So?  What did Rachel say?" she asked inquisitively, "How'd you know that Rachel was going to give me an answer today?" I replied, "Grace told me, come on what did she say?" mum asked again, building the tension I put on a sad face & said, "She said...yes" mums face lit up, she hugged me with passion & kissed me long & deep on the lips.  "Have you been nice to the builders?" I said breaking the kiss, "Yeah, I made them some tea about half an hour ago" mum responded, "Good girl" I said kissing her on the chin, "I'll just go up & see how they are doing" I added.

"So how is everything going?" I asked one the builders, "Yeah fine, should be done by Monday," he said as he made a big hole in the wall, "Ok what time are you planing on finishing today?" I asked, "Well we are paid from nine till six, so about five," he replied laughing, laughing with him I said, "Ok I'll let you get on with your work".

I went into the spare room & loaded up the program.  I typed in mum & I looked at her fine figure (complete with JJ tits) & deleted the command that made her have to fuck her self every ten minutes & hit send.  I then typed in Britney's name to check up on how she was coming along, she was now an E cup & getting ready to move her stuff over here.  Next I typed in Jennifer Anniston's name, "Damn she's moving over tomorrow!" I said to myself, just then mum came into the room, "What you doing master?" she asked like a little girl, "Just some things mum, would you like to suck my cock?" I asked, "Oh yes please master" mum replied as she ran over to me, crawled under the desk, unzipped my flies & started to suck my cock.  I looked back at Jennifer Anniston's profile, "I think I'll make them just a bit bigger" I thought to my self (they were set to be a FF cup).  "Mum how big would you like to see Jennifer Anniston's tits?" I asked, realising her suction over my cock mum responded, "Bigger then mine master", "How much bigger?" I asked, "Um about eight sizes master" mum said, quickly returning to my dick, "So you want her to be an M cup then?" I confirmed, "Mmm umm" mum murmured, I made the changes & hit send.

I shot my load into mum's mouth, which made her happy; my mind was getting curious about how Rachel felt about me so I typed her name in.  She came up & I looked in the menu called, "sexuality & love".  "She loves me, she really loves me" I said to no in particular.  I checked some other things about her.  She's a virgin (just as well), is not bi or a lesbian but has thought about having sex with a girl once.  She has a low self a steam when it comes to doing things in front of an audience, has had only one serious relationship about two years ago & dreams about meeting a boy who would do anything for her (sounds like me).  Just then I noticed a tab labelled, "dreams" curious, I click on it & it was a long (& I mean long) list of her biggest dreams.  I read aloud what it said on screen, "I want to be taller, have a C or D cup chest, have the perfect hourglass figure & to marry a man who really loves me (again sounds like me).  I pondered about some changes but decided against it (I didn't want to ruin any chances, not again).

Saturday 2:10pm:
I came once again in mums mouth & closed down the program, "Ok mum you can stop now," I said kissing her on the forehead, "I do love to suck master cock" mum said as she licked up the rest of my cum.  "I know you do mum," I replied with a sly grin on my face, "I have to make a phone call, why don't you play on the console for a bit" I added.  Mum hoped over to the N64 & started playing while I went downstairs to call Rachel (who else do you think I was going to call?).

"Hello, this is Jane Gross" came the unfamiliar voice, "Oh, hello can I speak to Rachel?" I asked, "May I ask who is calling?" Jane asked back, "It's Ben from bowling" I replied, "Ok just a sec" <Rachel there's a Ben on the phone for you>.  "Hello, Ben, I've been waiting for you to ring" Rachel said excitedly, shocked at the sudden reply I responded, "Uh hi Rachel, are there any particular films you want to see or are you happy to see anything?", "How about AI?" Rachel offered, "Sounds good to me, how about we go to the noon showing?" I said, "Noon sounds good, where shall we meet up?" asked Rachel, "Um how about...  at the pick & mix in Woolworth's" I suggested, "Yeah that sounds good, Oh Ben your full of good ideas, how much money should I bring?" Rachel asked, rushing her words, "Just enough to get your self into town, my treat" I said, "Why only enough to get into town?" Rachel asked curiously, "Well I was hoping I could give you a lift home" I replied, "You mean you can drive?" Rachel said shocked, "Yeah, got me own car, nice sporty little number" I replied in a slightly cocky manor, "Oh I can't wait Ben, I'll see you tomorrow then at 12" Rachel said getting excited again, "Yeah I can't wait either" I said, waiting for her to hang up.  "You hang up" Rachel said, "No you hang up first" I replied, "No you hang up first" Rachel said in a playful manor.  "I'm always the last to hang up, you hang up first" I said with a slight laugh, Rachel giggled, "No you hang up first" giving in I said, "Ok then I'm going to hang up in 3...2...1", "Why haven't you hung up?" Rachel asked, giggling again, "Because I love you & I'm always the last to hang up" I replied, Rachel laughed again, "Do you really?" she asked, "Yeah, I do & I hope you feel the same way about me" I said with some emotion, "I, I, I think I do.  I get this warm fuzzy feeling when I think about you, does that count?" she asked, "Yeah I guess so, seeing as I get the same thing" I replied, "Awww, that's so nice Ben.  I can't believe you haven't already got someone" Rachel said, "Well technically I do have someone now, I have you" I replied in a soft tone, "Awww there you go again being all nice & romantic" Rachel said in a soppy tone, "Well, what can I say, I'm a nice guy" I replied.  "I hate to be a boring so & so but I've got some homework that really needs to be done" Rachel said with a sorry tone, "No, no that's ok I understand, what is it?" I asked, "Maths" replied Rachel, "Oh anything I can help with?" I asked hopefully, "Don't know, depends how good you are at Algebra?" replied Rachel, slightly defeatist, "Yeah well you know, I was only the best in my class.  Why don't you bring it down & we can go through it together?" I said raising her hope, "Yeah ok then give me sec to bring it all down" Rachel replied.  "Ben?  You still there?" Rachel asked, "Yeah Rachel shall we begin" I replied, "Ok then...".

Saturday 3pm:
It took some doing, as I had to explain why some of the answers were what they were but we did it in the end, "Oh thank you Ben, I don't think I could have done it without you" Rachel said happily, "That's ok Rachel anytime.  Well I guess we should be hanging up now I must have rung up a huge bill" I replied, "Oh sorry Ben I won't get you in trouble will I?" Rachel said worried, "No, no Rachel don't worry about it" I said with a big grin on my face, "So whose going to hang up first?" I added, "How about I count to three & we hang up at the same time?" Rachel offered, "Ok then" I replied.  We counted down together, "1...2...2...2..." we laughed together.  "Ok lets just get this over with" I said, "Sorry" Rachel replied in a sorry voice, "I didn't mean it like that, it's just that I have things that need to be done as well, I'll see you tomorrow at twelve yeah?" I apologised, "Yeah ok Ben see you tomorrow" Rachel said hanging up (see I told you I always hang up last), I put the phone down & leaped for joy.  I ran upstairs & kissed mum full on the lips, distracting her from the game she was playing, "I take it the phone call went well master?" she asked, "Ah it went better than well, it was fucking fantastic," I replied again kissing mum on the lips.

Just then someone was ringing on the doorbell.  I went down & opened the door.  "Oh hi Daz" I said, "Hi Ben, you look very happy about something" he replied, "Well I've got me a date with that girl from bowling" I said with a grin, "You sly bugger you, so when is it, what are you doing, come on I want in" Daz said stepping into the house.  "It's tomorrow, I'm meeting her at about twelve at the pick & mix in Woolworth's, we're going to see AI & get something to eat afterwards," I said grin getting bigger, "Nice, so what's up with all these vans & people?" Daz asked, looking around, "I'm getting some home improvements done" I answered showing him upstairs, "So where's Denise?" I added, "She's got work, how about Grace?" inquired Daz, "I think she's at home.  I should ring her really, I think I may have been a bit mean to her earlier" I replied, "What did you say?" Daz said in a sarcastic tone, "I said that she should stay out of the way for a bit, just until Rachel is comfortable with me.  I think she may have taken it the wrong way" I replied, "I'm sure she understands, just make sure you ring her, we don't want a repeat of the last time do we?" Daz said, "No, guess you're right" I replied.  Changing the pace of the conversation Daz asked, "So tell me, what are you doing to this place?" I showed him what I had planed, "So what do you think?" I asked, "What do I think!  I think that's going to one huge mother fucker of a bedroom" replied Daz enthusiastically.

We laughed as we walked into the spare room, "Oh hi Daz, how are you & Denise?" asked mum, "Hi Jen, fine thanks.  I see Ben has reduced your tits a bit" replied Daz, unfazed by mum's appearance, "Yeah, master's so nice, master even let me suck his cock this morning, I made master cum twice" mum said, her nipples hardening, "Yes ok mum that's enough.  I'm sure Daz doesn't want to know everything.  So was there any reason in particular you came over?" I asked, "Well yes & no" replied Daz hesitantly, "Well either you did or you didn't" I said trying to get a solid answer out of Daz, "Ok I was wondering if you could make Joanna Hardtop at least fancy me?" asked Daz, "Daz, you can use your dick for that" I said sighing, "Does that mean I can make Denise fell alright about me having other women besides her?" Daz asked, "Yeah, the power in your dick is near unlimited" I replied, "Oh cool!  Hey have you seen Britney Spears & Jennifer Anniston lately?" questioned Daz, getting excited, "I don't need to" I calmly replied, "What do you mean?" Daz asked curiously, "I've made them fall in love with me & I made some improvements.  Jen is coming over tomorrow with Britney arriving in a couple of days hopefully" I replied with grin, "God damn it man, I was going to take Britney!" Daz stated, "Well how about you take Jeri Ryan?" I offered, "Sounds good to me, can we use the program?" Daz asked, "Alright then" I replied, loading up the program.

I loaded up the program & typed in Jeri Ryan, she came up on screen, "What the fuck is on her face?" Daz asked concerned, "She must be filming something for star trek" I replied, as it looked like she had on all those Borg components, "Oh, alright then, shall we make a start then?" Daz offered cooling down, "Yeah, what first?" I asked,  "Ok first make her waist like it is in star trek, then make her as sensitive as Denise & totally submissive to the both of us (Denise & Daz).  Then make her like women with cocks" Daz demanded, "So you don't want her to actually love you then?" I asked, "Of course I do that goes without saying.  Make her always call me master & talk about her self in the third person" Daz added as I made the changes, "Anything else?" I asked, "Um yeah better make the changes take about two days" Daz suggested, I put on the time restraint & hit send.

"Shall I do Joanna Hardtop since I've got the program up & running?" I offered while fondling one of mum's tits, "Yeah might as well" Daz replied, "Who is she anyway?" I asked, "I' haven't heard her name in the register" I added, "She is someone I met on holiday last year" replied Daz, "A holiday romance?" I assumed, "Yeah you could say that, although nothing happened, we kissed & that was about it" responded Daz.  I typed in her name & asked, "Oh my god, please tell me she wasn't like that when you last saw her?", "No she was a well fit bird I swear" Daz replied slightly shocked by her appearance.  I looked in her "history" box to see if I could find out why she let her self go, "Apparently you were meant to ring her &, oh dear" I said stopping mid sentence, "What?" Daz asked worried, "She still loves you" I replied, "She what?" Daz asked with shock, "She still loves you" I repeated, "But that was over a year ago" stated Daz, "Yeah well I held onto Grace for five years, love makes you do stupid things mate" I replied, "So where is she living at the moment?" asked Daz, getting back on track.  I looked in the relevant place, "New Zealand" I said, "Damn how can we get her over here then?" asked Daz, slightly defeatist, "We could make her win a competition to win a house here or something" I offered, "Yeah that sounds like a good idea" I typed in the relevant information then asked, "So what shall I do to her?", "Some wait loss would be a good place to start about ten pound less then Jeri Ryan should be good.  Next make her tits a DDD cup, again make her as sensitive as Denise, make her 50% submissive to me only.  Then make her so she likes to wear revealing clothes & the more revealing it is the more horny she gets & give her a perfect hourglass figure.  Oh & make her bi as well, did we make Jeri bi?" stated Daz, I made the changes, "No, I don't think so, is that all?" I replied, "Yeah, just make Jeri bi & we're all done" Daz said in a cheery tone, I hit send & made Jeri bi.

Saturday 4:40pm:
"Mum go & see if the builders want some tea" I ordered, "Yes master" mum complied, she walked out of the spare room with her butt swaying from side to side, "Umph! That's a nice ass," I said just as mum walked around the corner, "Bit of Smash Bros.?" I asked Daz, "Yeah suppose but only if I get a computer partner" Daz replied, "Ok I'll give you two just to be nice" I offered, we played Smash Bros. for a bit & talked about "stuff".

Saturday 5:20pm:
"I think you won that one Daz," I said as we waited for the results from the last game, "This games winner is... the blue team," the announcer from the game said, "See I told you" I added.  Daz finally beat me, it took him & two level nine partners & a severe handicap but he finally did it.  "Ok how about we do some pool then? (I have my own snooker table (not full size) in the garage)" I asked not wanting to hang around the loser's pitch, "Yeah pool sounds good" replied Daz.  We walked down to the garage & I set up the table while Daz put together the cue's, "What's master doing?" mum inquired as she walked into the garage, "We are just going to play some pool mum, would you like to watch?" I asked, "Oh yes please master" mum said enthusiastically, "Ok then, sit down over there & be quite" I ordered, mum did as she was told.

Saturday 6:10pm:
"Ok Mr Yantz, me & the lads are off now.  We should be hear at the same time tomorrow" said Bill, "Ok Bill, see you tomorrow then" I replied, seeing the builders off.  "Yeah when you're ready Ben" Daz said impatiently, "Right then, he needs this black for the frame & for the cup" I hushed like a snooker commentator, "The pressure's on" Daz added.  I struck the white ball, it travelled down the table to the black, they made contact, it looked like it was going in, I held my breath &... the black, rattled in the jaw & came back out again Daz breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

"Oh how the table's have turned," I said in commentator mode, "Now if Darien can pot this black then he can put this game into its final frame, the pressure's on, can he handle it" I added, Daz stood up & said, "Ben, shut up!"  Mum giggled, Daz went back to the table & lined up his shoot, the room was silent, he pulled the cue back & pushed through.  The white travelled down to meet the black, they hit but it was a poor contact & the black travelled into the centre of the table for an easy pot.  "This for the match" I said as I chose the pocket, lined up the shoot & struck the white.  It ploughed into the black sending it right into the jaw of the pocket, it rattled a bit, it came out (again) & shoot over to the other corner & went in, "Jazzy cunt" Daz said as we shook hands on a game well played.

"Well I've got to get going now, I said I'd pick up Denise from work, she's probably waiting" Daz said, looking at his watch, we walked to the front of the house & I waved Daz goodbye & said, "See you later mate".

"Master can I have a fuck now?" mum asked rubbing her self all over, "Yeah, why not" I replied.  I lead mum to the bedroom & laid her down on the bed, she started to strip & I removed my clothes & laid down.  "Mum, get on top" I ordered, "Oh yes master" mum happily said then adding, "Do I make master horny?" I replied with, "Yes mum you make me very horny.  Now seek for penetration" mum gladly pushed down over my huge cock & shuddered with pleasure.  While mum was bobbing up & down I gave my self, two extra dicks, one to go into her virgin ass & the other to go into her pussy (yes I know she already has one there).  "Oh yes master please give me more cocks to fuck" mum panted, I thought three dicks were enough for one man to have so I gave mum her own dick just above her fanny.  I made it big enough so that she could suck it, "Oh thank you master" mum replied in between breaths, "Mum, suck your cock" I ordered, "But master I don't have a cock" replied mum, "Open your eyes & look down at your self" I ordered.  Mum opened her eyes & with shock said, "Oh wow, thank you master, thank you!", "Now suck" I demanded, "Suck for all you're worth" I added, mum happily sucked on her very own cock.  I started to fondle her tits squeezing them into each other & pinching her nipples just keeping her on the edge.  "Oh please master let me cum, I've been a good little girl" pleaded mum, "No not yet" I replied in a stern voice, I made it so that mum would not cum till I had cum (it makes my life easier).

Mum continued to suck her cock while I did her in her ass & pussy, I pushed her over onto her back she wrapped her legs around my waist not wanting the sex to end.  I was on the verge of cumming, "Are you ready to have your best orgasm ever?" I asked, mum realised her cock from her mouth & answered, "Oh yes master let me cum in buckets, please".  Mum quickly went back to sucking her cock & just then I released my package, "Oh yeah, oh yeah god that feels good" I said, just then mum's cock realised it load as well sending loads of hot cum down her throat.

When mum's cock had stopped cumming I removed it & got rid of my extra dick's as well, "OH YES, OH YES, OH FUCK YES, MASTER IS A GOD, OH YES" Mum screamed as her fanny gave way to her best orgasm ever.  "Oh master please don't stop fucking me" mum pleaded, "I need to make a phone call, why don't you suck my cock while I'm on the phone?" I suggested, "Oh yes please master, sucking master's cock would make me very happy" mum happily said.

Saturday 6:50pm:
"Hello is Grace there, it's Ben" I said down the phone, "Oh hi Ben, just a sec I'll get her for you" said Grace's mum, "Hello Ben, I thought you didn't want to talk to me for a bit?" Grace said, "Oh Grace that's not what I meant.  I meant not to come over & act like a girlfriend in case Rachel is here" I replied, "So shall I ring if I want to come over then?" questioned Grace, "Yeah that's a good idea" I responded, "So I take it that Rachel said yes then?" assumed Grace, "Yeah we're going to see AI tomorrow.  She doesn't know this yet but I'm taking her out for a late lunch" I said, "You haven't taken me out yet, don't you love me enough or something?" Grace asked in a sorry tone, "No, it's just that I want this thing with Rachel to work out first time & besides I will never stop loving you & that's the truth" I said, "Aww ok then Ben.  I really enjoyed last night; we must do it again sometime" Grace said forgiving me, "Yeah, soon love I promise" I said in a soft tone, "So what have you been doing today?" I added, "Um well you know stuff, homework mostly, but you were always on my mind lovey dove" Grace replied, "Aww thanks love.  Well I was just ringing to check you were alright, so I'll be going now" I said, "Ok Ben.  Oh just before you go" Grace said quickly, "Yeah" I replied concerned, "I know that Jen is sucking your cock" Grace said with a slight giggle, "Never could hide anything from you love" I replied with a smile.  I blew Grace a kiss down the phone, which she returned & we hung up on each other.  I blew my load into mum's mouth, "Mmm thank you master" mum said as she licked up the last of my spunk.  "Why don't you take my credit cards & do some shopping on the net?" I suggested, "Oh thank you master, what shall I buy?" asked mum, "Anything you want mum, go wild" I replied, "Oh thank you master" mum said as she gave me a kiss on the lips & ran into the back room.  "Right then time to expand on that dream I had," I said to myself.

Saturday 7pm:
I went into the bedroom, got undressed & looked at my self in the mirror.  My well toned body & well hung cock staring back at me.  "Right then" I said to myself & started to think about having tits, I looked down at my chest to see two small lumps appear & they were growing.  When they got to a C cup I started to rub them, kneading them, pushing them into each other, all the while making them bigger.  I could feel the warmth from my tits (I like the sound of that, my tits) as they expanded.  I put on one of mum's T-shirt's & I could feel the fabric being stretched as my tits got even bigger.  When the t shirt was pulled half way up my chest the bottom of my tits were at my navel with my 5" long nipples pocking straight out just above the seem of the T-shirt (at the bottom).  Then the T-shirt started to rip & my tits released them selves from the confinement, my tits now down to my groin in their huge, self-supporting, spherical firmness, "That'll do" I said as I made the growth stop.  I then made my dick bigger, I made it big enough so that the head was poking above my tits (26" if you wanted to know).  I laid down on the bed & then I started to rock myself back & forth, tit fucking my self, all the while rubbing my nipples & pinching them.  After about ten minutes I let myself cum, huge globs of thick creamy cum ran down my tits making them glisten.

After recovering from the intense orgasm I said out loud, "Right, now for the big plunge" & I started to turn myself into a woman.  First my dick disappeared to form a tight cunt.  Next my hips widened to a perfect hourglass figure.  I started to touch myself all over as my face became more feminine & my hair lengthened.  Soon my well-toned body was much more feminine.  I looked my self over in the mirror & said, "Damn Ben you are one sexy bird!" I moved my right hand down to my cunt & stuck two fingers in while I used my left hand to support my left tit so that I could suck on my nipple.  I soon fell onto the bed as the sensations coming from my cunt overpowered me.  "Ah yes, ah yes, who's your daddy" I screamed as I came to my first orgasm of the night as a woman, "Ah fuck, ah fuck, oh god yes.  Being a woman is so, fucking good when it comes to sex" I screamed out a few minutes later as I had my third orgasm.  Suddenly, "Master, master I've finished shopping, can I..." mum stopped half sentence in surprise of seeing, not her master but this incredibly sexy woman, "Oh yes, oh yes" I said as I had yet another orgasm, "Mum lick my fanny" I ordered, "Yes master" mum said without question.  She walked over to me & removed my fingers from my tight cunt & started to lick, teasing my clit.  I then started to rub both my tits, caressing their firmness, squeezing them together.  "Mum get undressed & let me lick your fanny" I panted, "Yes master" mum replied happily.  She got undressed & put her ass at my face, her stomach resting on my huge, soft, pillows of flesh.  I was straight in there licking mum's pussy like a man possessed (or should that be woman?).  I soon made mum cum & I quickly followed.   "OH MASTER, OH MASTER, YES, YES, YESSSSSSS" mum shouted as I shoved in two of my fingers & stabbed her clit with my tongue, "OH YES MUM, YES" I shouted as mum brought me to orgasm.  "I can see, that Grace, has, taught you, well" I panted, I made mum cum once more before stopping.  "Ok mum stop" I ordered, mum immediately stopped, "Get off me mum" I added as she was still on my tits, mum rolled of me & laid beside me lightly stroking one of my tits.  While I was lying there on the bed I turned myself back into my normal self.  My cunt stretched out to make my dick (all twelve flaccid inches of it), my hips went back to their manly shape, my hair shrank & my face became manly again & my muscular physique came back.

Saturday 8:15pm:
"Did you enjoy licking master's cunt?" I asked, "Oh yes master, master has a very nice, tight cunt" replied mum, licking her lips, "Good, good" I replied as I pattered mum on the head.  I then got dressed, put on the TV (complete with sub woofer) & snuggled up with mum.

Saturday 11:30pm:
"I love you master" mum said as she lightly stroked my nob through my trousers, "How much do you love me?" I asked, "With all my hart master" she replied, "So why aren't you sucking my cock?" I asked, "Oh sorry master" mum said quickly, as she undid my flies to reveal my semi-stiff cock.  Mum put her mouth around my cock & started to suck.  After half an hour I shot my load into mum's willing mouth, while she was licking the rest of my spunk from my dick I got undressed ready for bed.  I got into bed & said to mum, "Mum curl up like a dog at the end of the bed & go to sleep", "Yes master" mum replied as she did as I asked, she soon fell asleep.


Sunday 1:43am:
"I've got all these powers yet still I can't get to sleep," I thought to myself, sighing I said, "I can't believe I've actually got a date tomorrow".  Rachel was the only thing on my mind, "What if this date doesn't work out?" I asked my self, "I don't want to use the program on her, not yet.  Not until we are comfortable with each other," I added.  I got out of bed & went to the sink in the shower room & got myself a drink off water.  "Here's to hoping," I said to my reflection in the mirror, holding up the glass of water, I drank it in one, went back to bed & thought, "Well there's nothing I can do without using the program" & I soon drifted off to sleep.

Sunday 10:30am:
I awoke with a smile on my face as mum was giving me a blowjob, "Morning mum" I said, "Oh good morning master" mum said letting my cock out of her mouth with a pop, "Well don't stop" I said, mum continued to suck my cock.  A few minutes later I blew my load, as always mum licked up every last drop of my cum, "Right better get ready for my date," I said, I had a shower, did my teeth & stuff & got dressed.  I wore a black polyester shirt with dark red flames at the bottom over my black "Hard Rock Café" T-shirt & I put on some dark navy (almost black) combat jeans.

Sunday 11am:
"Mum, what do you think, the trainers or the shoes?" I asked as I was getting ready to leave, "Um the shoes master" answered mum, "Ok mum I'm off on my date now, I don't know when I'll be back" I said, "Ok master" replied mum as she gave me a peck on the check.  "See you later mum" I said as I returned the kiss, I got in my car & drove off.

Sunday 11:30am:
I parked the car & headed to Woolworth's & waited for Rachel.  After about five minutes Rachel showed up, "Hi Ben, have you been waiting long?" asked Rachel, "About five minutes, have you had lunch yet?" I replied, kissing her hand, "No why?" Rachel asked curiously, "Would you like to have a late lunch with me after the film?" I replied fiddling with my fingers, "Yeah sure, why not" Rachel answered, "Ok great" I said, "Do you want some pick & mix or shall we leave it?" I added, "I think we had better leave it if we are going to have lunch" replied Rachel with a smile, "Ok shall we go then?" I asked, "Ok" Rachel said taking my hand.

"Two adults for AI please" I said to the cashier (it's a strange pricing system), she gave me the two tickets & said, "Enjoy the film".  We walked over to the snack bar; "Do you want a drink or something?" I asked, "A regular diet Pepsi would be nice" replied Rachel, "One regular diet Pepsi for the young lady" I said to the man behind the counter.  He poured a cup of Pepsi & handed it to Rachel, "94p please" he said I handed him the money & we headed off to the right screen.  We sat down at the back of the screening room & waited for the film to start.

Sunday 2:15pm:
"Did you enjoy that?" I asked as we walked out of the cinema, my arm around her shoulder, "Yeah it was pretty good" Rachel said putting her arm round my waist, "So where did you have in mind for lunch?" she added, "I was thinking about Cactus Jack, is that ok?" I asked, looking into her eyes, "Yeah sounds great, I've never been in there before, what's it like?" Rachel asked back, "Don't know, never been in there" I replied, Rachel giggled a bit & tightened her grip around my waist.

We arrived at Cactus Jack & the waiter took us to our table & gave us our menus.  "Anything take your fancy?" I asked, "Yeah, you" Rachel replied blushing, "Ahhh that's so nice, but I meant on the menu" I said, blushing slightly my self, "Um the cheese & pickle toasted sandwich sounds nice, what about you?" Rachel asked lightly squeezing my hand, "I was thinking about the tuna mayonnaise sandwich," I replied returning the squeeze.  "Oh, you're a fish man then?" asked Rachel, "Not really I only like tuna, I'll have salmon if I have to but you know" I replied with a wink, "Yeah, are you sure I don't have to give you any money?" Rachel asked, "Yeah, I can't have my date coughing up money on a date I asked them out on can I?" I replied, my eyes never leaving hers.  "Have you made up your minds?" asked our waiter, pen poised.  I put my hand out inviting Rachel to order first, "I'll have the cheese & pickle toasted sandwich & a diet Pepsi please" Rachel said, giving me a smile, "Ok & sir", "I'll have the tuna mayonnaise sandwich & a Fanta please" I said, returning Rachel's smile, "Ok it'll be about half an hour" the waiter said.  He went off into the kitchen & Rachel & I got talking again, "So Rachel tell me a bit about your life" I asked gazing into her baby brown eyes, "Well I was born in '87 & we moved up here in '92.  I've lived here ever since" Rachel said also gazing into my eyes, "How about you?  I bet you've had a much more interesting life than me" she added, "Well I was born in '84, moved up here in '90 then moved into my current house in '91.  I've been to France about ten times & the US twice.  I'm guessing you've done more than simply lived a life of routine" I said, taking Rachel's hand in mine, Rachel blushed, "Yeah I've been to France, Spain, Scotland, I've been pretty much all over the place in my life, to a degree.  What sort of music do you like?" Rachel asked, "Rock, mainly but I like some of the stuff in the pop charts how about you?" I replied, unable to look at anything other than her eyes, "Oh I'm a real pop person me, I'll listen to whatever is popular" Rachel said, almost mesmerised by my sky blue eyes.

Sunday 2:45pm:
"Ok here's the cheese & pickle toasted sandwich, & here's the tuna mayonnaise sandwich" said the waiter as he laid down the plates on the table, "Enjoy your meals" he added, then walking off.  We continued to explain our likes & dislikes as we ate our lunch, we talked about anything & everything.

Sunday 3:20pm:
"So do you want to do something else or shall I take you home?" I asked as I paid for the meal, "I'd like it if we just walk around town for a bit" Rachel said as she gave me a light hug, "Ok anywhere in particular?" I asked, wrapping my arm around her, "Well, there is this nice out fit..." Rachel started, "Ok lets go" I interrupted.  We walked over to the store & Rachel pointed out the out fit in the window, "There it is," she said, "Very nice" I replied then adding, "Do you want to try it on?", "What?  You mean you don't mind hanging around while I try on some clothes?" Rachel asked with a hint of surprise, "If that's what you want to do then no, I don't mind" I said giving her a light hug from the side, we walked in & Rachel asked if she could try on the out fit in the window.  The woman behind the counter got the out fit & handed it to Rachel, "There you go" she said pointing to the changing rooms.  Rachel stepped into one of the changing rooms, jokingly I followed, "Ben you can't come in here!" Rachel said as she pushed me out again with a smile on her face & drawing the curtain closed.

Sunday 3:30pm:
A few minutes later Rachel came out of the cubical, "So what do you think?" she asked as she struck a pose for me, "You... look... fabulous" I said in shock, "Really, you think?  You're not just saying that?" Rachel questioned with a big smile on her face, "Yeah, really.  So are you going to buy it?" I asked, "Yeah, I've been saving for ages" Rachel replied getting even more happy, "No you're not" I said, shaking my head from side to side, "Why not?" Rachel said getting unhappy.  "Because I'm going to buy it for you" I said with a big grin, "No, Ben, I can't let you do that.  It's only our first date" Rachel said insistently, "Please Rachel, I want to do everything I can for you, because I love you," I said with a loving look.  "Aaawwww you look so cute when you look like that, how can I say no?" Rachel said with a cute look of her own, "You'd better get changed back then so I can buy it" I replied giving her a light hug.  A few minutes later Rachel came out with her new out fit hanging over her arm, we walked over to the counter, I paid & we walked out (as you would).

Sunday 3:50pm:
"Ben, how can you afford all this?" Rachel asked giving me a strong hug, "I've been saving for a long time," I said looking into her eyes, "Oh, so how much money do you have?" asked Rachel inquisitively, "Um, enough" I said, making Rachel smile then adding, "Why all the questions about my finances?", "I'm just curious, most people I know don't have enough money to be able to afford all the things you've done for me today," Rachel said giving me a kiss on the check.  Returning the kiss I said, "Well if you become my steady girlfriend then I can make your wildest dreams come true, if you'll let me" I said giving her another kiss on the check.  We stopped walking.  Rachel stepped round to face me.  We looked into each other's eyes & something clicked.  We moved closer to each other our lips getting ready for first contact.  Rachel closed her eyes.  I soon followed.  We kissed full on the lips.  It was sensual & loving.  The kiss lasted for, I don't know (& I don't care).  But when it ended we took an age separating our lips from each other, savouring the moment I asked, "Does that mean what I think it means?" Rachel nodded & kissed me again (on the lips).  "I don't want this moment to end" Rachel said, hugging me, "I don't want it to end either, but it must" I replied also hugging her, then adding, "Is there anything else you want to do, or shall we call an end to this first date?" I asked looking into her eyes, "Um, no, but do you want to, meet the parents?" Rachel asked hopefully, "I don't see why not, it's going to happen sooner or later, might as well be sooner than later" I said giving her another kiss (yes on the lips).  I put my arm round her shoulder & she put her arm round my waist with her head resting on my stomach as we waked back to the car.

Sunday 4:05pm:
We walked into the car park, arm in arm, & I lead her to the car, with shock Rachel said, "Oh Ben you have a Porsche?  That's amazing!" in a soft voice I replied, "No, what's amazing is you", "Ahhh you aren't like any other boy I've been with.  You're so lovely & understanding" Rachel said giving me a strong hug, "Well that's because I'm a man, not a boy" I jokingly said, standing proud, "Tch, men" Rachel jokingly replied.  We got in & drove to Rachel's house.

Sunday 4:30pm:
"Hi I'm back," Rachel shouted out as we walked through the door, "Oh hi love, how was it?" Rachel's mum replied, "It was great mum, actually he's here now" Rachel said as she closed the door.  Rachel led me into the living room & we sat down on the sofa.  About a minute later Rachel's mum & dad came into the room, I stood up, shook there hands & said, "Hi you must be Jane, John, bet you didn't expect to see me so soon a?" (John is the parent who takes Rachel down to the bowl every Saturday) John replied, "So you are the one who my daughter is hopelessly in love with hmm.  Well I'm happy for you, she couldn't have made a better choice" Rachel blushed, "Well I knew I loved her from the moment I set my eyes on her" I said.  Realising that it could have been taken the wrong way I quickly added,  "Not that this is purely a physical thing, I really do love her", "It's ok Ben we understand" replied Jane inviting me to sit down again.  For the next few hours we talk about this, that & the other.

Sunday 8:25pm:
"Well, guess I should be getting back home" I said, looking at my watch, "Oh Ben, stay the night, please" Rachel pleaded, "I'd love to but I've got college in the morning & I bet you have to" I replied, looking into her eyes.  Rachel sighed, "Ben's right you know" Jane said, "But Ben, you've got a Porsche, you could get back home & into college in no time" Rachel argued, "Yeah I could do, but would it be alright with you two if I stayed round the night?  I don't want Rachel to be upset," I asked, "Well, I do have my reservations but I can't get in the way of love" replied Jane, "Yeah I know you're a good lad Ben, prove me right" said John, "Yay!" Rachel shouted as she hugged her parents & me.  "I'll just go & get some stuff for the night" I said, "I'll come too" added Rachel, "We shouldn't be long," she added.

We walked out to the car & got in, we waved to Rachel's parents as we drove off, "I can't believe it, I'm going to see your house, I'm so excited" Rachel said, lightly clapping her hands, "It's nothing special.  In fact it's a bit of a mess at the moment" I said, "Why is that?" asked Rachel, "Well we are in the process of getting some improvements done" I replied, concentrating on the road, "Oh like what?" Rachel asked curiously, "You'll find out when we get there," I teasingly replied.

Sunday 8:40pm:
"Here we are," I said as I pulled into the drive, using my powers I made mum act like nothing more than a sister, "Looks nice" Rachel said as she got out of the car, I locked the car & we went into the house.  "Hi Jen" I said as I closed the door, "Hi Ben" mum replied, I lead Rachel upstairs & got some night gear together, "My god Ben, this room is huge" Rachel said in shock, "You wouldn't have said that this morning" I replied with a smile, "How are you & computers?" I added, "Why do you ask?" Rachel questioned back, "I was just thinking about bringing my N64 with me, do you play computer games?" I asked inquisitively, "Yeah sometimes, I'm not a gaming obsessive but you know" replied Rachel in a slightly sad tone, "What's up with the sad tone?" I asked facing her, "I've heard you talk to some other people at the bowl about computers & you come out with a lot of, well diberish.  So, I feel like I've let you down" Rachel replied, looking at the floor, "Oh come on Rachel" I said, lifting her chin up, "Look at me.  I don't care if you are good with computers or not, I love you because you are you" I continued, kissing her on the forehead, "Really?" Rachel asked unsure, "Absolutely" I replied, "So shall I bring it with me?" I added giving her a smile, "Yeah why not" Rachel replied, as she gave me a hug.  I put the N64 & a selection of games into the bag & headed for the front door, "Jen I'm sleeping over at Rachel's house tonight, should be back around 2/3pm" I said, "Ok Ben have a good one" replied mum, watching the TV, "Where are your parents Ben?" Rachel asked, "Mum is round gran's, & my dad is hopefully in his grave" I replied, "Oh sorry I didn't mean to..." Rachel said, fading off, "It's ok you didn't know" I replied giving her a warm smile, we got into the car & headed back to Rachel's place.

Sunday 8:55pm:
"We're back," Rachel said, "Ok Ben, we've made the spare bed for you" said Jane "Oh thanks, you didn't have to.  I can quite happily sleep on the floor" I replied, "Oh don't be silly Ben, you're going to sleep in that bed & I won't hear another word about it" Jane replied.  Rachel showed me to my bedroom & I left my stuff in there, we went back downstairs to join Rachel's parents in the living room again & got talking.

Sunday 10:40pm:
"Well I don't know about you Ben but I know you have an early start tomorrow young lady" said Jane with a stern voice, "But mum" pleaded Rachel, "It's alright Rachel, I'll be up to send you to sleep in a minute" I said in a soft voice, "Ok" Rachel said in a sad voice, "Night everyone" she added giving me a hug, "Night" we all replied.  As Rachel made her way up the stairs I got talking again to her parents, "So how does Rachel normally get to school?" I asked, "I normally give her a lift in why?" replied John, "How about I give her a lift in, would that be any easier?" I offered, "Yeah, I think that would, thanks," replied John, "But isn't that going to make you late for college Ben?" questioned Jane, "Nah I should be alright.  Besides the college is pretty easy on being late, especially if, like me you haven't been late yet" I said with a big grin on my face.  "Which school does she go to and what time does she have to be there for?" I asked, "She goes to St Patrick's secondary school, I normally get her there for about nine" John replied, "Ok is that the one down Edwards way?" I asked, checking, "Yeah that's the one" replied John.  "Well I'd better go & send Rachel to sleep" I said yawning, "Ok Ben good night" said Jane, "Good night" I replied.

I knocked on Rachel's door, "Yeah" came the reply.  I walked in to see Rachel in her bed, "Hi Rachel, if you want you can snuggle up with me in the spare bed to night" I said resting by her side, "Oh I'd love to Ben" Rachel replied lifting the bed sheets, "Not now, when your parents are in bed ok?" I said putting the sheets back over her beautiful body, she nodded, "I'll see you in a bit" I said, kissing her on her forehead, "I love you" Rachel said as she returned the kiss, "I love you too, night sweet hart" I said kissing her again.  I brushed my teeth & got into bed.

Sunday 11:20pm:
"Ben?  Are you still awake?" came a voice, "Yeah, is that you Rachel?" I asked, "Well who else is it going to be, Santa Claus" Rachel whispered, "Yeah ok, do you want to snuggle?" I offered as I moved over in the bed.  Rachel was in the bed faster than you can say, "I love to snuggle", "Ben, what are your mates going to say about you going out with a thirteen year old?" Rachel asked, her hands clutching onto mine, "Oh don't worry your self with that, I'd be more worried about what you mates are going to say about me" I replied kissing her on the noise, "What do you mean?" Rachel asked, slightly confused, "Well I'm sure they won't but they may call you a slut or something for going out with someone as old as me" I replied, "I don't think so we've been mates for years" Rachel said resting her head on my chest.  I started to lightly stroke Rachel's arm & said, "Rachel, I just want you to know that I will love you, forever & always".  As I looked down to see her face (in the moon light) I saw that she had already drifted off to sleep, she looked so at peace & even more beautiful than when she was awake, her head still resting on my chest, using it as a pillow.  I soon followed in her example & fell a sleep.


Monday 7am:
I awoke to see Rachel still sleeping on my chest, I gently lifted her head off my chest & rested it on the pillow, I then slithered out of the bed & sat down in the chair just looking at her, so peaceful, so beautiful.

Monday 8am:
I walked over to my sleeping beauty & whispered into her ear, "Come on Rachel, time to wake up" she slowly awoke.  She had a smile of pure happiness the moment she saw me looking back at her, "What time is it love?" she asked still a little sleepy, "It's 8 'o' clock sweet hart" I answered kissing her lovingly on the lips.  "I dreamed about you" Rachel said returning the kiss, "Nice dreams I hope" I replied as I gave her a hand out of bed, she hugged me & said, "Oh yeah, I dreamed that we got married, it was wonderful", "Ahh that sounds nice love.  Now you'd better get dressed or we're going to be late" I said gently squeezing her ass.  I got dressed & headed downstairs Rachel followed a few minutes later.

"Morning Ben, did you sleep well?" asked Jane as she walked into the kitchen, "Yes, thank you" I replied.  Just then Rachel popped her head above the work surface, "Oh, morning mum" she said in a cheerful mood, "Morning all" said john as he walked into the kitchen we all said morning & sat down at the kitchen table & had our breakfast.

Monday 8:25am:
"Come on Rachel, time we got going" I said as I picked up my keys, "What do you mean we?" Rachel asked puzzled, "I offered to take you into school today" I replied, "Ahh that's so wonderful Ben, you are so thoughtful" Rachel said as she kissed me on the lips her left leg going up in the air.  We got in the car & drove off to her school.

Monday 8:50am:
I pulled up in the school car park & asked, "Shall I pick you up at the end of your day?", "Oh would you, I'd love that" Rachel replied as she got out of the car, "3pm yeah?" I checked, "Yeah, thanks love" Rachel replied, we kissed & I drove off as Rachel headed to her friends (which were hanging around at the front of the school).

Monday 9:30am:
I got to college ridiculously early so I went up to the cafeteria & watched time pass me by, for all of ten minutes, "Hi Ben, how are you... where's Grace?  You haven't fallen out have you?" asked Jody as the other girls sat down on the sofa, "I'm good thanks, I have no idea & no, we haven't fallen out, she just didn't sleep over last night.  Any way how are you all?" I asked, "We're good" said Jody looking into Sarah's eyes, "Yeah we're great thanks" said Amanda placing her hand on Jen's leg while looking into her eyes.  "Good, I take it everything's, in working order" I asked looking down at Sarah's & Amanda's crotch, "Oh yeah" said Sarah with a sly grin, "So why didn't Grace sleep over last night?" asked Jen, "Because... I slept over at another girls house last night" I said papering my self for some evil backlash from the girls, "You mean you are two timing Grace?  What are you thinking?" demanded Amanda, "Oh no, it's ok Grace knows & is fine with it.  It's just that this girl might not be fine with it" I replied putting my hands up in defence, "You mean you haven't told, this girl about Grace?" asked Jen, "Yeah, I'm just waiting for the right time, I'm going to tell her.  Because I love her as much if it more than I love Grace" I answered standing my ground, "Hmm, well as long as you do tell her, you best not go breaking any harts now you hear?" said Sarah with authority, "Yes ma'am" I answered.

Monday 9:40am:
Just then Grace walked in, "Oh Ben" she said hugging me, "I've missed you so much" she added, "I missed you too" I replied kissing her on the lips.  "So how did the date go?" asked Grace sitting on my lap, "Oh it was great, we just clicked, just like that" I said clicking my fingers, "Oh I'm pleased for you Ben, so when do I get to see her?" Grace asked, wrapping her arms around my neck, "Soon love, soon" I replied, "Well I've got to get to my lesion, when do you finish love?" I added, "Not until four why?" Grace asked, "Well I was going to give you a lift but I'm picking up Rachel from school at three" I stated, "Oh well, can I come round to night?" Grace asked hopefully,  "Yeah hopefully I'll have told Rachel about the situation by then" I replied kissing Grace on her forehead, "I'll see you later" I added.

Monday 10am:
"Alright Daz? Denise" I asked as I walked into the class room, "Yeah we're good, how did your date go?" Daz asked, his arm round Denise's shoulders, "Ah it was great mate, she fell asleep in my arms.  It was truly wonderful" I replied with a smile, "Nice one mate, now give us a hand with this maths shit will you" Daz asked showing me what he was doing (I'm doing level two maths & Daz is only doing level one so him & Denise keep asking me for help).  I looked at Dazza's work & told him what to do & I got on with my work.

Monday 12am:
"I'll see you later Daz," I said as I got into my car, "Where are you going?" Denise asked, "I'm going to pick up Rachel from school" I replied revving the engine, "Alright mate see you later," Daz said giving me a sarcastic wink.

Monday 1pm:
"Hi mum, I'm home" I said, "Oh master" mum said as she hugged me, "We have a guest" she added taking my hand & leading me into the living room.  "Jennifer Anniston!" I said in shock.  She turned her face to look at me & then stood up showing all 6'1" of her beautiful body; "You must be Ben?  You look even more sexy than in my dreams" said Jennifer, "I'm sorry, I thought I heard you call me Ben" I replied, "Yeah that's right" Jennifer said, walking over to me, "Well from now on you will call me master got it?" I ordered, "Yes master" Jennifer replied.

I thought to my self, "Hmm this could get confusing, I know", "Mum you will be called slave & Jennifer you will be called Ann got it?" I said, they both nodded in acknowledgement.  "Right Ann, suck my cock & slave lick Ann's cunt" I ordered, they did as hey were told without question & for the next hour all I did was have my cock sucked & watched slave lick Ann dry.

Monday 3pm:
I saw Rachel coming out of school, so I honked my horn, she saw me & came running to me.  She got in the car leaned over & kissed me, "How was your day?" I asked savouring the kiss, "Yeah it was ok but it would have been better if you were there" Rachel replied smiling.  "Rachel, I've got something to tell you" I said sighing, "Do you have some place you like to go to when you have something on your mind or when you are upset?" I added, "No, I normally talk to my mum why?" Rachel asked, slightly worried, "Ok I'll take you to my thinking place & tell you then, it's important" I said giving Rachel a sympathetic look.

Monday 3:30pm:
"Here we are," I said as I pulled up in the car park by my local park (about ten minutes away from my house).  We got out of the car & I lead Rachel down to my thinking place.  "So what is it you need to tell me?" Rachel asked in a concerned voice, sighing deeply I replied, "Well, what I'm about to tell you may shock you & end this relationship", "Ok I'm sure it's nothing we can't handle together" Rachel said as she took my hand.  Breathing another sigh I started to tell Rachel about my powers, Grace & most of what has happened to me in the last week.

"... So there we go," I said sighing heavily, "So you are telling me that, you have some sort of body changing powers" Rachel said in surprise, "Yeah, I suppose you think I'm a freak now?" I said looking down at the ground.  "Um, I don't know what I think anymore, for all I know you may have made me fall in love with you" Rachel said annoyed, "No, no I can't bring my self to change anything about you.  If you love me then you really do love me" I said staring into Rachel's baby brown eyes.  "The only thing I've done to you was to make you give me an answer on Saturday.  I didn't even look at who you loved, if anyone" I said on the verge of crying, "Oh Ben.  I don't know what you want me to say" Rachel said also on the verge of crying, "Just say that you still love me & will still go out with me" I replied, a tear rolling down my face.  Rachel moved closer, looking me in my eyes, "I love you," she said wrapping her arms around me, realising a flood of tears, "Oh thank you Rachel" I said hugging her, crying myself.

Monday 4:10pm:
"I suppose you want to give me some huge tits that are bigger than my head" Rachel assumed, once the tears had stopped, "Only if you want them," I said pushing her away so that I could look at her face.  "Just say you love me" Rachel said, hugging me again, "I will always love you, forever & always Rachel" I replied, lightly stroking her back, "Forever & always" Rachel replied kissing me on the check, "I guess you'd better show me this program then" she added standing up, "Ok" I replied leading her to the car.

Monday 4:20pm:
"Ok brace your self, the tits maybe bigger than you thought" I said taking Rachel by the hand.  I opened the door, "Hello girls, I'm home," I said as I closed the door, all three girls (yes Grace was there) came running round the corner, "Stop!" I said slave & Ann stopped dead but Grace continued to come over to me & hugged me, "Grace, Grace this is Rachel" I said, Grace looked at Rachel, hugged her & said, "Ah nice to finally meet you.  You are far more beautiful than Ben has given you credit for" Rachel blushed, "Rachel, this is my mum, or slave as we call her now & this is..." I said, "Jennifer Anniston" Rachel said in shock, cutting me off, "Yeah but we call her Ann" I replied.  "Shall we go into the living room?" I added.  We all went into the living room & sat down to watch TV.

Monday 4:40pm:
"Ben?" Rachel asked, "Yeah" I replied, "Can I see this program of yours?" Rachel requested, "Sure, girls stay here" I ordered as I waited for Grace to lift her head off my chest along with Rachel.  I stated up my PC & loaded the program, "There you go" I said, "This is it, this is the thing you used to get Jennifer, I mean Ann, to be your lover?" Rachel asked in disbelief, "Yeah, I probably shouldn't say this but, I looked at your dreams & I know that you want some bigger breasts, may I?" I asked taking Rachel's hands in mine, "But what about my parents, my friends, my wardrobe?" Rachel asked, getting rather vocal, "I can make it all seem perfectly normal, or I can make the changes take place over some time.  Just like what I did with Ann & Britney Spears, who should be coming soon," I said inviting Rachel to sit on my lap.  "Um, can I see what I'd look like with a C cup?" Rachel asked, curiously, "Sure, do you mean in real life or just on the screen?" I asked stroking her hair, "Just on the screen please Ben" replied Rachel, "Ok love" I said as I typed in her name.  When she came up on the screen her jaw dropped, "Oh my god, this has everything about me, I can't believe how accurate it is" Rachel said, her hand over her moth.  I made Rachel's tits a C cup & asked, "How does that look?", "Um, I think I'd prefer a D cup, I know you would" replied Rachel with a wink, I made her a D cup, "How about that?" I asked, Rachel looked into my eyes & said in a soft voice, "Perfect", "Will a month do?" I asked, "Excuse me?" Rachel asked puzzled, "A month, for you breasts to grow" I replied, "Oh, yeah, a month should be fine" confirmed Rachel, "Ok should I make your wardrobe stretch as well?" I questioned, looking into her eyes, "Um, better not, I want people to notice that my breasts are growing" replied Rachel, kissing my forehead, "Ok love" I replied, returning the kiss to on the check.  After I hit the send button we went back downstairs to join the girls watching TV.

Monday 5pm:
We had just got comfortable when the doorbell went, excuse me girls I said untangling myself from them.  I went to answer the door, "Hello" I said as I opened the door, "Ben, Ben Yantz?" came the half familiar voice, "Yeah" I said not looking up, "It's me Britney" I looked up, "Oh fuck!  You're here, come in, come in" I said surprised, "I've been dreaming about you all week Ben" Britney said putting her bags down in the hallway, "Ok first things first.  You are to call me master ok?" I asked, Britney nodded, "& second you will be called Brit from now on" again Brit nodded, "Ok come through" I said inviting her into the living room. "Girls, I'm sure you all know who this is," I said, letting Brit walk in, "Oh my god it's Britney Spears!" Rachel said, "I'm like your biggest fan," she added, I invited Brit to sit down while I sat down in between Rachel & Grace again, soon Brit was answering all sorts of questions from everyone when Grace whispered into my ear, "Ben, I need to tell you something", "What is it?" I whispered back, "Can we go into the kitchen?" she whispered again, I nodded, "Girls Grace & me are just going into the kitchen, we won't be long," I said following Grace into the kitchen.

"What is it Grace?" I asked resting against the work surface, "Well, I know how you got the program & your powers" Grace said sighing, "Yeah I know.  I got an electric shock," I said wondering where this conversation was going.  Sighing again Grace continued, "No, you see, I gave it to you" shocked I asked, "Wha?  How?" "Well, about a week before you had your, shock I got this program off the net, & I've never stopped loving you & I so wanted to be with you.  So I made you have that electric shock, after finding out where you lived, & when you had had your electric shock I came into your house & installed the program on your PC & left again.  Only to return" Grace answered, "When I woke up two hours later, which you set up I suppose" I said cutting Grace off, "Yeah, so do you still love me?" Grace asked, "Just tell me one thing, did you make me love you or is what I'm feeling true?" I questioned, "Oh it's true, the only thing a did to you was give you the powers & the shock" Grace said just able to hold back the tears, "Well in that case, yes, I do still love you" I said offering my arms for a hug.  Grace came over to me & sobbed in my arms; "It's ok Grace," I said in a soft voice as I stroked her hair, "It's ok" I repeated.  Once Grace had stopped sobbing I gently lifted her head so that I could look into her eyes & said, "Thank you Grace, thank you".  We went back into the living room & continued to talk each other.

Monday 10pm:
"Well I'm shattered does anyone want to join me in bed?" I asked, everyone nodded (don't worry Rachel had already asked her parents if she could stay the night while we were talking), "Right then, slave, Ann & Brit you will sleep like dogs at the end of the bed" I added.  We all went up into the bedroom & got ready for bed, I laid in the middle of the bed with Grace on my left & Rachel on my right, both resting there heads on my chest, while the other three curled up like dogs at the end of the bed.  "Yeah life is good," I said to my girls as I drifted off to sleep.

The End... or is it?

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