The Program Diary
Part Zero
by Benji Dude

If you're under 18 you shouldn't be reading this yadda yadda yadda...

It might be useful if you have read Master PC the program Diary parts 1 & 2 before you read this.  Like before thanks to all the people at the BEA, especially JR Parz & all the people who have written stuff linked to the "Master PC" universe for the inspiration. This is a prequal to the first part, so hopefully it'll answer some questions.  So on with the story.


Friday 3pm:
Grace went into her room after a long day at college.  She flung her bag into the corner of her room (just like she did every weekday) & turned on her PC.  While Grace was waiting for her PC to load, she got her self some snacks from the kitchen & put some music on in her hi-fi.  "Time to check my e-mail" she said to her self as she logged on to her PC, she quickly loaded up her explorer & dialled up.  She sat back & waited for the e-mail log in page to load, "Damn slow modem" she mumbled to herself.

Grace is not a computer nut, but she's not incompetent either, she won't be able to install a new program but she can set up a mean document.

Friday 3:15pm:
Grace finally logged onto her profile & went through the list of e-mails, "Junk, junk, boring, junk, like I asked for that, keep, junk, junk" she said to her self ticking off the ones she didn't want.  "Could be interesting," she thought to herself as she looked at the subject line "Master PC!  Become a god, today!" she went onto the next e-mail, "junk, junk" she hit the delete box after checking her selection.  The first e-mail was nothing special, just a funny chain mail thing from a mate, Grace promptly deleted it.  She opened the next e-mail, "Lets see how much I have to pay to become a goddess then" she said, as the e-mail downloaded.  There was an attachment called "master.exe" & a message, "All you have to do to become a god is download the program, then enjoy your self" Grace looked at the attachment "10 Megs!  That's gonna takes ages to download" then a thought went through her mind, "What if it's a virus?" (Grace has had trouble with viruses before), "Well I wouldn't be able to read the e-mail if it was a virus" Grace thought to her-self, the e-mail company having its own virus check system, she clicked on the attachment & a window popped up, "download will take two hours continue?" Grace clicked on yes & went on to do the rest of her "rounds" while this program downloaded in the background.

Friday 5:15pm:
Grace had been doing some random surfing for the past half hour waiting for this "master.exe" thing to download, when a message popped up on screen, "Download complete", "Finally!" Grace said closing the explorer & disconnecting.

"Master.exe" had downloaded its self onto the desktop, "Hay that was easy" Grace said, opening up the new download, the screen went blank for a few seconds then a message came up on screen, "Welcome to the Master Command Centre, your own personal command centre. The Master allows you to become a virtual god to the people around you. You now possess the power to bend their reality to your specifications. You are the Master's representative." Grace looked at the screen, an uneasy feeling running through her body, "O...k, so what do I do now?" Grace said to her self, the message on screen changed again, "Click any button to continue Grace" "Wow freaky" Grace said shocked that this new, thing knew her name, non the less her hand shakily made its way to the spacebar & pressed it.  Suddenly the screen changed, instead of a black background it was now a soft pastel blue, with a big menu at the top of the screen with things like, body, mind, etc.  There was a little text bar under the menus flashing, "Enter subjects name" Grace thought for a second on who to put, "Well, the government has already made me a guinnipig" she said, typing the first letter of her name in, when master PC took over & loaded her up.  Then yet another message came up, "Any questions, just ask" "Ok um, are you physic or something?" Grace asked out loud, "Yes, you don't even have to speak, just think it & I'll know what you want" came the reply, "Cool!" Grace said excited, "But just for now don't make any assumptions ok?" Grace said, "Ok Grace, whatever you want" master PC replied.

"Let's see how real this thing is," Grace said, selecting her hair & changing it from brown to pure blonde, the 3D image on the screen changed to her new appearance.  "Now what do I do?" she asked, "Press enter or click on SEND" master PC replied with a message, Grace clicked on SEND, & waited, & waited, & waited.  "Tch, stupid program" Grace said looking round her room from her chair waiting for some sign that the changes had started.

She court a glimpse of her face in her small face mirror on the desk, she looked back at the mirror, shocked she picked it up & looked closer at her hair, she ran her spare hand through it, "Wow it's so thick, shiny & full" Grace said to her self.  "Hay sis you ok in there?" her brother, Steve, asked through her closed door, "Err yeah Steve, never better" Grace replied, "Ok just try to keep it down ok?" Steve asked going back to his room, across the small hall, Grace quickly typed, "Return hair to original colour" & hit enter, she looked in the mirror as her hair changed back to its normal brown, "I can change things about other people can't I?" Grace thought to master PC, "Yes you can, but you must know their first & last name to change their physical or mental appearance" said the message.  Grace went to the text bar & typed, "any noises coming out from Grace's room are perfectly normal & are no reason for alarm" "Is that gonna stop anyone coming into my room because of any noises I make?" Grace asked, "Yes Grace" master PC replied.  Grace hit enter & tried out her newest command, "AH, AH, AH YES, YES, YES, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARDER DAD, YES, YES, YESSSS" Grace's hart was racing.  Would anyone come into her room?  Would they carry on with their lives as if nothing had happened?

Friday 5:25pm:
Grace had sat in her chair for about a minute before she decided that no one was coming, she went back to master PC.  "Are my breasts shrinking?" Grace asked, (just a few months ago Grace was a proud D cup but now she was lucky to fill a C cup).  Master PC replied, "Yes Grace, you have a very rare condition that affects one in five hundred million, it is so rare that it has no name, or cure, you will eventually have a flat chest" "Can you cure me?" Grace asked, "Yes, I can make you immune to any & all illnesses & viruses.  I can also make your body free from any fillings or broken bones etc" "Do it" Grace said, "Make me immune to all illnesses & viruses & get rid of my filling" Grace asked, "If you command Grace" master PC replied.

Grace felt something inside her mouth & quickly spat it out onto the desk, "So that's what it looks like" Grace said, looking at her old filling, Grace went back to master PC & typed, "increase breasts size to a perfect D cup" & hit SEND.  She could feel her tits expanding inside her C cup bra, soon her bra was getting tight as her tits continued to grow, but Grace didn't care, the sensations she was getting were just to much to resist, but surely enough the growth stopped.  Grace quickly took her top & bra off & looked in her big mirror on the desk, behind all her make up, "My babies are back" she softly said to her self.  Still topless, Grace went back to master PC again & typed, "make breasts require no bra of any sort" "Do you want me to firm them up?" master PC asked, "Yeah go on then" Grace replied as she hit enter.  She looked at her tits as they climbed a small way up her chest then stopped, a message came up on screen, "There you go Grace, nice firm breasts that don't need a bra" "Thanks M" Grace replied, looking at her 3D image on screen thinking what to change next.  "But first" she said to herself, minimising her profile in the text bar Grace typed, "Grace's appearance will always seem normal, anyone in the house will be completely submissive to Grace unless otherwise stated by Grace" & hit SEND, she brought up her profile again.

"Now to have some fun" Grace said, looking at some of the options, first Grace made her hair blonde again but lengthened it down to the small of her back & added some curls all the way down.  Then she increased the sensitivity in her tits & pussy by 50%, reduced her weight from 130lbs to 100lbs (she had forgotten about her diet) puffed up her lips a tiny amount & lengthened her legs by 75% of her original height bringing her new height up to 5'9".  Grace got out of her clothes, stood in front of the mirror & said, "Send" instantly she felt her legs grow longer as she got some nice sexy legs that went on forever.  Then she lost the added weight she had gotten over the past month or two, making her legs appear even sexier.  Next she could feel the sensitivity increase in her tits & pussy finally her hair lengthened & turned blonde with the curls coming last.  "Wow look at my tits & pussy, they look so sexy, not to mention my legs... hold up!  Why did I just say tits & pussy?" (Grace was very sure of her dislike of those sorts of words).

Grace went back to master PC, after adjusting her chair & monitor to her new height, "Why do I seem to be speaking more dirty about my body?" she asked, "That is one of the default settings that the master included when he created this program" replied master PC.  "Tch men" Grace said to her self, "Where can I change the defaults?" Grace added, "Just go to FILE then OPTIONS Grace" replied master PC.  Grace quickly went through the options changing the things she didn't always want to happen, she closed the options window then typed in the text bar, "make me speak like I normally do" & hit enter.

Grace cupped her left tit, "Wow my breasts are so damn sensitive" Grace said, tilting her head back, she moved her other hand down to her pussy, "Man, this is what all vaginas should feel like" Grace said, pumping a finger in & out, the pace slowly increasing.  "Yes, yes, yes, YES, YES, FUCK YES, YESSSS" Grace screamed as the quickest & best orgasm she had ever had washed over her, she removed her finger from her pussy, then she just went limp, her energy drained.  "Am I capable or multiple orgasms?" Grace thought to master PC rolling her head round just enough to read the screen, "All women are capable of multiple orgasms, but some women require a more powerful orgasm to start than others do, you Grace will never experience multiple orgasms without my help" master PC replied.

Grace slowly sat up, her energy increasing she saw the stamina bar before but thought that she wouldn't need to adjust it (how wrong could she be).  She slide the bar up to the human maximum then hit SEND, instantly she felt regenerated next she typed, "make it easy for me to have multiple orgasms" then hit SEND.  Then Grace got an idea; she put on her bathrobe (which only just covered her ass now) & looked into her brother's room to see if he was there, which of course he was, he was on his workout machine, working his pectoral muscles.  Grace quietly closed the door & went back to master PC & loaded up her brother's profile.

Steve was 6', well built, chiselled jaw, short black hair, brown eyes & 20.  Grace had always liked Steve ever since she started puberty at 8 but she knew it would be wrong & so never advanced on her older brother, but now, now things could be different.

Friday 5:40pm:
First Grace typed, "any changes that happen to you are completely normal" & hit SEND, "you live to please Grace, pleasing Grace is the only thing that matters, you will do anything Grace asks without question all this is perfectly normal" SEND.  Then she called Steve into her room, "What do you want sis?" Steve asked walking into Grace's bedroom with only some sweatpants on, Grace was pleased that Steve didn't even flinch at her new appearance, "Take your clothes off Steve" Grace asked in a commanding tone, "Ok Grace" Steve happily said, taking his sweatpants off in a second.  Grace looked at Steve's measurements on master PC, just as she thought, his working out was compensating for a lack lustre package, "Steve, would you like a bigger penis?" Grace asked, looking up & down his body, "Oh yeah Grace that would make my body perfect, why do you ask?" replied Steve, Grace didn't reply, she had already typed in, "you will not notice Grace's PC or recognise master PC" SEND, "How big would you like to be bro?" Grace asked, "Um, I don't know, just big" Grace increased his dick to 8" when hard, she looked at Steve's dick & thought, "SEND" instantly his cock grew from about 4" to 6".  Grace's breath court as she just stared at her secret loves improved cock, she quickly snapped out of her trance, "What do you think now?" Grace asked getting to her feet, "What?  Oh my cocks grown, it's about time that happened" Steve replied.  Grace took her robe off & laid down on the bed spreading her legs out, "Steve" she said in a sexy voice, "screw me" she added, licking her top lip, "Yes Grace" Steve replied, getting on top of her & inserting his new prick into her pussy.  Soon he was pumping in & out like a steam engine, "Steve, play with my breasts" Grace said, panting heavily & wrapping her legs around his waist, Steve put his mouth to Grace's right nipple & sucked, licked & kissed it, then moved onto her other nipple.  "Yes, yes, yes, yes, fuck yes, do me, fuck me Steve, fuck me, YES, YES, FUCK YESSSSSSS" Grace screamed out as Steve pumped his spunk into her pussy, both wrapped in orgasmic bliss.  Steve fell on top of Grace; half asleep, Grace just lay there, happy at finally fucking her secret lover.

Friday 6pm:
"Hello!  We're home," shouted Grace's mum as she & her dad walked into the house, "Steve!  Go back to your room" Grace ordered "Yes Grace" Steve replied, opening her door, "Steve!  Put your pants back on" Grace hurriedly said, Steve quickly put his pants back on & went to his room, Grace got her robe on & followed him, "Steve, you will act as if everything is normal, we did not have sex understand?" Grace said, her head poking past his door, "Ok Grace, I understand".

Grace went back to master PC, "Will mum & dad notice any of my changes?" she asked, "No Grace, no one will notice any changes" master PC replied.  "Right time for a bath then" Grace said to her self as she got to her feet, "Do you still work when the computer is off?" Grace thought to master PC, "Yes Grace, as long as the machine I'm on is in one piece I will work 24/7" replied master PC, "Well in that case" Grace said turning off her PC.  Grace got the bath running & got in.

Friday 6:10pm:
Grace applied a handful of bubbles onto each tit, one for the sensation & two to cover them up in case anyone came in.  "Hay M, you there?" Grace thought, "Yes Grace, I am here" master PC replied, "Cool, are there any limits to your program?" Grace asked, "Only that I have a one hundred mile radius, if you can think of it, I can do it" replied master PC.

Grace ran her hands down her body, under the water, "Hmm, what did Steve feel when we fucked?" Grace thought to herself, "M, give me a penis 1' long when hard" Grace thought to master PC, "& extend the noise command to the bathroom as well" Grace added, "Yes Grace, where do you want you new penis?" asked master PC, "In the normal place for a penis on a human to be" Grace patronisingly said, "Ok Grace" replied master PC.

Grace moved a hand down to her crotch, within seconds she could feel nothing but a flat mound of skin where her pussy once was.  Quickly a cylinder shape was forming, Grace wrapped her hand around it as it lengthened & expanded to her requested length.  She moved her other hand down so to keep her new organ completely wrapped, & brushed her hand against her balls, which had grown to tennis ball size, "Your penis is now fully grown Grace, enjoy" said master PC, the transformation complete.  Grace closed her eyes & slowly brushed the inch thick layer of bubbles out of the way, she opened her eyes & gasped at the foot long monsters that was pointing up her body, begging for attention.

Grace wrapped her left hand around her penis & cupped her right tit up to her mouth & sucked while she pumped her penis for all it was worth, the sensations she was getting from her new cock were incredible, like nothing she had ever felt before.  She had long since stopped suckling her tit, the feelings from her dick keeping her mouth open with pleasure, two minutes later, she grunted to orgasm, sperm splattering onto the under side of her tits.  Grace just lay there, still holding onto her cock, "Wow" was all she thought to her self as she tried to make sense of the sensations she just experienced.

Friday 6:20pm:
Grace got out of the bath (after giving her self a good clean, like always).  As the water was draining away Grace got her razor, put her left leg on the bath edge & felt her cock hit her other leg, she looked down & smiled at the 8" of flaccid dick just hanging there.  She put her razor to her leg, "What am I doing?" she said out loud, "M, remove all hair from my body apart from my eye browse & head hair" she thought to master PC, "Ok Grace" replied master PC.  Grace quickly put her razor back in its place, when she looked back at her body there was a small mound of pubic hair on the floor, "Cool" Grace said as she ran a hand down her right leg, not a single rough spot any where.  Grace then turned to the sink, looked in the mirror & screamed, "Oh my god!  I look hideous!" she said to her self, grabbing her robe & quickly putting it on, "M, put my vagina back, quick!" Grace said in a panicky tone, "Ok Grace, don't panic" master PC replied in a cool tone.  A few seconds later, "There Grace, your vagina is back" Grace parted her robe at her crotch & breathed a sigh of relief to see her fanny back, just with no hair, "No more bikini line for me" she thought to her self.  She then went on to washing her hair.

Friday 6:30pm:
"Grace, dinner is ready," shouted her mum from the bottom of the stairs, "Ok mum, I'll be there in a bit" replied Grace as she put her hair into one of those turban type wraps.  She looked at her self in the mirror again, "M, make my breasts look like I have a wonder bra on" "As you command Grace" replied master PC.  Grace looked on with joy as her tits pushed into each other, maximising her cleavage, "Perfect" she said to her self, turning for the bathroom door.

Friday 7pm:
Grace went back to her room after telling her mum & dad to clean the dishes & not to disturb her (it was her turn).  She closed her bedroom door & looked at her self in the mirror, "Hay M, what sorta bum do I have?" she asked, twisting her body round & looking at her ass in the mirror, "Your bums current setting is nice" "What are my options?" "Wide load, fat, saggy, flat, alright, nice, firm, fit, tight, bubble gum, hart shaped, bubble gum & hart shaped are at the same level, you get to choose Grace" replied master PC, "Well in that case M.  Make my bum hart shaped" Grace said, lifting the bottom of her robe up, "Send" she added.

She couldn't believe how good it looked, wide enough at the top to warrant a "dangerous curve" sign yet trailing off perfectly into her legs, "Time to try it out" Grace said to herself, taking her robe off & stepping into the hallway.  "Steve, come here" Grace called out, Steve was quickly running up the stairs & at Grace's feet, "What can I do for you sis?" Steve asked, Grace indicated with her finger to follow her into her bedroom.

Grace got into the doggy style position on the bed, her ass raised high into the air, "Steve shag my bum hole" she said in a commanding tone.  Steve quickly undressed & slammed his cock home; Grace gave out a quick yelp, as Steve's girth was wider than she was used to.  "M, make my bum capable of taking any sized penis without pain but keep it nice & tight" Grace thought to master PC, she quickly felt the pain reside & pleasure take its place.  "Tell me how it feels Steve?" Grace asked, her tits brushing back & forth across her bed covers, "Amazing Grace, it feels amazing" Steve panted out, "M, give me a penis like I had before, now!" Grace thought to master PC, almost instantly Grace had a foot long dick, she quickly got it hard, the tip of her cock bashing into her tits on their way back down her chest, every contact resulting in a sharp breath.  "I'M GONNA CUM GRACE" Steve shouted out, "So am I sweet hart, just keep going till you cum" Grace quickly replied, both cocks straining to hold back the flood of cum, until, they both grunted to orgasm & collapsing forward.  "Eww, Steve get off," Grace said, not liking her cold spunk being pressed against her body.  She got her box of tissues, then put them back down, "Steve, lick the cum off of my body" Grace said, just standing there, Steve started to lick it up like a dog.  "M, remove my penis" Grace thought to master PC, her pussy quickly replaced her dick, all the while Grace pressed Steve's face into her cum, to ensure he licked it all up.

Friday 7:45pm:
"Ok Steve, put your clothes back on & carry on with whatever it was you were doing, & remember, we haven't had sex, ok?" "Ok sis, whatever you say" Steve replied, as he put his clothes back on.  Grace cleaned up the spunk that was on her bed & laid down face up, "Hay M, can you change or create inanimate objects?" Grace asked master PC, "Yes Grace, what do you want?" replied master PC, "Put a mirror on the ceiling above the bed" Grace requested, "Ok Grace, this may look a bit weird".   Soon there was this liquid puddle appearing from nowhere making a rectangular shape on the ceiling, its surface rippling like water but keeping its shape regardless, it quickly solidified into a perfect mirror.  "Thanks M, I wont be needing your assistance for the rest of the night" Grace replied, moving a hand down to her pussy, & pumping a finger in & out like a steam engine, all the time, looking at her self in the mirror.  & That's what she did for the next two hours, trying out her stamina & multiple orgasms to the max.  By the time the two hours were up she was so worn out that she just feel asleep as she was, naked with one finger imbedded in her pussy.


Saturday 9am:
Grace woke up suddenly, fully revived from the previous night's sexathon.  "Right then what can I do today?" she asked her self, sitting up, her nipples standing to attention, "Well I know what a man feels when he cums, so why don't I see what they see in women" Grace said, getting to her feet.  "That can be arranged Grace" master PC said, "No, don't do it yet M" Grace quickly replied, turning on her PC.  She loaded up her sister's profile & typed, "you will wake up, fresh & energetic, you will go into Grace's room, naked & await orders" she hit send, she also gave her the same commands about serving her as she gave to Steve.  Just then her sister, Debby came into her room, closing the door behind her.

Debby was 5'7", small C cup, skinny build, shoulder length deep red hair, sky blue eyes & 18.  Debby was nice but she sure wasn't an accident inducing, head turning girl.

Saturday 9:10am:
"Debby, how hot do you feel?" Grace asked, after turning her arousal up 25%, "I feel very hot & horny Grace" Debby replied, "Would you like to cum?" asked Grace as she looked at her sisters stats, "Yes Grace, very much, please let me cum" pleaded Debby, her pussy juices running down her leg.  "Tell me I'm bi & you can cum" replied Grace, looking into Debby's eyes, "But, but you're not bi!" Debby said, moving a hand down to her pussy, "It will give you no relief, unless you tell me I'm bi" Grace said again, running a hand through her hair, "Yo, you are bisexual Grace, aaaaaah fuck yes!" replied Debby, falling to her knees.  Grace put Debby's arousal back to normal but now Grace got all these different feelings towards her sister, she, she couldn't believe it, she was getting turned on watching her sister cum.  "Debby stand up" Grace ordered, Debby stood up, "Put your arms by your side" Debby's hand left her pussy & went to her side.  Grace looked at her sisters stats again, she thought she had made herself sexy to men, but with these new feelings she felt, she knew that she wasn't even close, Grace started to change everything about her sister.  She lengthened her legs by 5" making her 6', she thinned her waist down to a tight corset size (& I mean tight, we're talking Victorian tight & then some).  Then she widened her hips to 54", next she increased her tits to a JJ cup, she then increased her build from skinny to slender.  She gave her sister a bubble gum butt; she made the usual changes to the face, reshaping the eyebrows, pouting the lips etc & finally, she tripled the sensitivity in her sister's tits, pussy & ass.  "Oh I almost forgot" Grace said going to the default change menu & reselecting the dirty language option, she made double sure that "transformation is pleasurable" was selected.  Excitedly Grace pressed enter.

Instantly Debby's legs grew 5", going on for almost as long as Grace's.  Next her waist thinned down to unnatural proportions, then her hips stretched out forever, only to come sweeping back into her legs.  Then came the bit Grace was looking forward to, the tits, they swelled, bigger & bigger, yet not dropping a bit, only reaching downwards to accommodate the extra flesh rushing into her sisters tits.  Grace couldn't see the pleasure on Debby's face, her neck bent backward, face looking to the sky (well ceiling), Debby's nipples already hard, grew to 2" long & 0.5" wide.  Debby was on the verge of orgasm; Grace was on a knife-edge, would she cum? Wouldn't she cum?  Debby's breathing was getting quicker & quicker, her hands trying in vain to reach a tit, to push her over the edge.  Then, her breathing came back to a more normal pace, until Debby's eyes locked onto her new figure, "You may examine your new body, but you wont cum" Grace said, playing with one of her own hard nipples.  Instantly Debby went to cup her new massive melons, she groaned in pleasure from the heightened senses, still cupping a tit, she moved one hand down her body, she wrapped her hand around her waist, amazingly she could get her little finger & thumb to overlap, she was that thin.  She continued with her exploration Debby was pleased with the curvyness of her new hips but there was something that she was more interested in, she lightly brushed a finger across her clit & breathed in suddenly, she dug a finger into her pussy & shuddered with pleasure, "Aaaaaaah shit!  My pussy is alive with sensation," Debby said, planting another finger into her sopping pussy.  "I'll let you cum if you answer a few questions for me, ok?" Grace asked looking at the monitor, "Yes, yes ok Grace, anything" Debby quickly replied, desperate to cum.  "Do you find me attractive?" Grace asked, "You have a nice body, & you're very friendly" Debby replied, beads of sweat running down her face, "But do you find me sexy?" Grace asked, opening her own pussy lips for Debby to see, "You mean am I sexually attracted to you?  No, not in the least" Debby again replied, her tits now glistening with sweat, Grace hit the return key & asked the question again, "Do you find me sexy?" Debby stood & thought for a few seconds, "Oh yes Grace, I find you incredibly sexy, I want to lick your pussy out till its bone dry, I want to suck on your lovely tits till you start lactating & then I want to suck on them till you run out of milk" Debby replied kneeling down & hugging Grace's legs.  "I want to fuck your pussy with my nipples, I want..." "Yes ok Debby, I get the picture" Grace interrupted, "Now get on the bed, we're gonna have some lezzy sex!"

Saturday 9:20am:
The girls got into the 69 position, "Debby, lick out my sex juices" Grace commanded as she dived into her sisters pussy.  Grace stopped for a second & looked down at her sisters tits, pressed up against her abdomen, "M make my breasts a GG cup" Grace thought to master PC.  Nearly instantly her tits grew ten extra sizes, resting comfortable on her sisters abdomen Grace got even hotter than she was previously, feeling the heat from Debby's pussy Grace quickly continued with her licking.  "How does it feel Debby?" Grace asked, nearing orgasm, "A...mazing,,, a...mazing" Debby replied, rising up to her fourth orgasm.  "M, increase my tit & pussy sensitivity four fold, now!" instantly Grace went into multi-orgasmic bliss, she was able to insert a finger into Debby's pussy as she screamed out one orgasm after another.

Saturday 9:30am:
By now Debby was getting tired & Grace could tell, "OK Debby you may stop now" Grace said as she removed her cum covered finger from Debby's pussy.  Grace quickly turned round & laid down next to her sister, "Did you enjoy that Debby?" asked Grace, cupping one of her own tits & giving out a light moan, "Oh yes Grace, it was the best sex I've ever had, thank you" Debby replied as she leaned over & gave her a kiss on the cheek.  With that Grace got up & went to Steve's room.

"Steve wake up" Grace said, subconsciously Steve rolled over showing his back to her, "Steve!  Wake up!" Grace said again, rocking the bed, groaning Steve replied, "Mum, its Saturday" to which Grace replied, "Steve this is not mum, this is Grace, now get out of bed already!".  On hearing that Steve was out of bed in a blink of an eye, "That's better Steve, now follow me" Grace said, leading him into her bedroom.  "Debby sit on the chair & watch" Grace ordered as she laid her self down on her bed, "Steve" Grace started, spreading her legs, "Fuck me" within seconds Steve's cock was ramming home.  While his hands groped Grace's newly improved tits, Grace came almost instantly, Steve's cock setting fire to nerves she never knew she had.  She looked over towards Debby to see her franticly pumping her pussy with three fingers, her head arched back, then Steve crushed her tits with his hands as his cock erupted in orgasmic bliss, "OK Steve, you may stop now" Grace said, unclamping Steve's hands from her tits.  "Stay there Steve" she added, as she looked at her tits in the mirror, two big red hand prints shinning back at her.

"Did you enjoy watching us fuck Debby?" Grace asked, resting on the edge of her desk, "Oh yes Grace, I thought it was the most sexual thing I've ever seen" Debby replied, finishing her self off, "Good, I'm glad you enjoyed it" said Grace, signalling her to get up.  "Steve, Debby" Grace started sitting down in her chair, "Fuck," with that, Debby straddled Steve on the bed & pumped his cock for all it was worth, Grace looked on.  She could feel the heat rising from her pussy, "God it's sensitive" she thought to he self, just sitting down on the chair was getting her aroused.  "Turn round" Grace said, she didn't want to see the back of them while they fucked, Debby's tits bounced up & down like footballs (soccer balls), Grace was mesmerised by them, until Debby's load moan broke her trance.  Her eyes followed Debby's contours, down to her cunt, where she was mesmerised again, seeing this big thick shaft go in & out of Debby's pussy like a piston, Grace slowly moved a hand down to her pussy, then her mind started to wonder, "What else could I do?  I know what men feel when they cum, I know what they see, & like, in women, I've given myself orgasms beyond my wildest dreams, what can I do?".  Again she focused on Steve's cock, going in & out, in & out, then it struck her, "Why have one, when you can have both?" Grace quickly turned to master PC, loaded up her profile & set to work giving her self a cock & placing it in just the right place, glancing over at her brother & sister every now & then, checking they were enjoying them selves, when she was happy with the placement she hit send.  She looked down at her self, watching this cylinder shape grow & grow, until it reached 15" of pure cock, only to flop down & hang over her pussy & between her knees, it shrinking back down to 12" (Grace loved to watch dicks stiffen & grow).  Just as she closed her profile down, Debby & Steve orgasmed in perfect synchronism.

Saturday 9:50am:
"OK, are you ready for a three-some?" Grace asked getting to her feet, Steve & Debby looked at each other & nodded, "Good" Grace replied, lying down on the bed.  "Right Steve, I think you know where to put your meat" Grace said, rubbing her thigh, Steve quickly inserted his 8" of manhood into Grace's love box, "Don't start yet" Grace said, giving him a wink.  "OK Debby, there's only one place for you to put your self" Grace continued, giving a girlish smile to her sister, Debby impaled herself on Grace's cock.  "No, no, no Debby, face me, not Steve" Grace said, lightly stroking Debby's back, her sister did as she was told & turned round to face Grace.  "M, increase Steve's cock to 12" when soft, now" Grace thought to master PC, instantly she felt Steve's dick expand in her pussy, "OK, when I count to three, start fucking" Grace said, looking at them both.  Grace couldn't believe how amazing all this felt, she'd never felt so full & encased before, nervously she counted everyone in, "One...two...threeeeeeee" Grace was sent over the edge the moment she said three, her two sex organs making her brain go into overtime.  She grabbed Debby's hands & pressed them into her tits, pushing Grace even further into overtime, she thought her brain was going to melt from all the heat she was giving out, yet she screamed louder & louder with every orgasm that ran over her.  She was amazed that her cock never let up, even after five straight ejaculations.  Things were becoming a blur, she couldn't tell which organ was cumming & which body part she was touching up, be it her own or someone else's.  Debby & Steve were getting more & more intense with each thrust, coursing each of her orgasm's to be far more intense than the last, she could tell that all this was coming to a point, she just didn't know when.  Grace thrusted her hips into the air, getting more of Debby's pussy on her manhood, she was almost screaming out in pain, yet it felt so good, so pleasurable, & so with one final hump from all three, Grace screamed one last orgasmic scream, & fainted.

Saturday 11:50am:
Grace slowly came round, she quickly realised what happened to her & was half expecting to start cumming again but she didn't, she slowly sat up & saw Debby & Steve fucking on the floor doggie style.  Grace sat there & watched, when she felt something creeping up her leg, she looked to see what it was only to realise that it was, infact her cock, stiffening to the sight that was below her.  Grace grabbed her dick & placed it between her tits & started to tit fuck her self, the double sensation of stimulating her cock & tits at the same time quickly forced her onto her back.  When she saw herself in the mirror, it only quickened her rhythm & in a matter of minutes she was cumming on her self, thick white spunk plastered itself on her chest but not being fully revived from the sex overload earlier she quickly lost the energy to continue.  She relinquished her cock from its tit flesh prison.  She scooped up a big load of her spunk on one finger, looked at it closely (Grace has never given head, so the taste of cum had eluded her until now), "It can't hurt," she thought to her self as she stuck her finger in her mouth.  She was quick to sallow it, "Ewe, I don't think I'll be eating any cum for the foreseeable future", Grace said as she got a tissue & wiped away the rest of the spunk, "Hay M, can I get a woman pregnant with my cock like this?" Grace thought, "Yes Grace, you can but it's not as easy as it is with a man" "Why's that?" "Because your sperm is 80% blank, so the majority of the sperm can't fertilise an egg" "Right, interesting, so can you change the amount of blank sperm then?" "Yes that can be done, do you want me to" "No, no I was just wondering but could you get rid of my cock now, I've had enough of it for the time being" "OK Grace whatever you command" & with that Grace's monster cock was gone.

Grace got off her bed & looked at her brother & sister, still fucking, "Ok you two you can stop that now, go & do something different & remember we haven't had sex ok?" both Debby & Steve nodded in acknowledgement.  They all left Grace's room, Grace sat on the bed wondering what to do next, she thought about the human form, which lead her to Steve's well maintained muscular build, which got her thinking.

Saturday 12:00pm:
"I wonder what it's like to have all that muscle?  & to have it develop right in front of your eyes" Grace sat on the edge of her bed & thought about how she could satisfy her curiosity, "I know!" she said, getting to her feet, "I'll use Steve's work out machine" she added, heading for Steve's room, naked.

Excitedly Grace sat down on the "Developer 2000" (hay its better than work out machine), she gripped the seat with both hands, hocked her ankles behind the leg pulley & tensed, trying to lift the weight, but was unable to.  Grace turned round, looked at the weights & slapped her forehead in stupidity, "Maybe I should try something a little lighter" Grace said to her self as she moved the pin from 225lbs to 10lbs, Grace tried again.  She was able to do five repartitions before she was out of breath (yes a weakling I know); she moved the pin to 5lbs.  Ten repartitions, "This is stupid, I'm not gonna get anywhere at this rate" Grace thought to herself, then she got an idea, "M make it so that any weight I try to lift quickly becomes as light as a feather" "So you want the mass of the weights to decrease?" "No, make me stronger, develop my muscle, understand?" "Yes Grace, I understand...done".

Grace moved the pin down to the 20lbs mark & tried to lift it.  At first it was too heavy, but was it? Yes, it was getting easier to lift, until, "Wow, one repartition" Grace said, getting to her feet, she looked at her self in the mirror, did her legs looks different? She couldn't tell, "Is everything ok in there?" Grace's mum said through the door, "Yeah, I'm just looking for something, don't worry about it" Grace replied, "Oh OK then, just try to keep it down" replied her mum.  Grace stood frozen till she heard her mum going down the stairs, "M extend the noise command to in hear" Grace quickly said, "Done" replied master PC.  Grace took her seat at the "Developer 2000" & went back to developing her legs.  The first repartition took a little work but after that, they just kept coming & coming.  "This is getting old" Grace said, adjusting the pin to 75lbs, she walked back round to the seat but before sitting down she looked in the mirror again, "Hay cool, I have calf muscles" she said, the faint hint of muscle development showing.  Grace took her seat, looked at her legs & started pumping, she watched on as her legs grew slowly but surely bit by bit.  After she had done another twenty easy repartitions Grace stood up, "Hay err, M could you adjust the rest of my body so that it's at the same development as my legs?" Grace asked, her legs in hideous disproportion to the rest of her body, "But do it slowly, I want to enjoy this" she added, "OK Grace" replied master PC.  Grace could feel it, but it was a couple of minutes before she saw it, she couldn't believe it, she had a six pack, a small, feint one but a six pack nevertheless.

Saturday 12:20pm:
By now she was looking like someone who keeps fit but doesn't over do it.  Grace moved the pin down to the maximum 300lbs & prepared her self.  It was heavy, real heavy, but she kept at it, slowly she could feel her muscle increase in size & power.

Saturday 12:30pm:
"Man this feels incredible," Grace said getting to her feet (yes again), "I can feel the power, it's like a blanket over my whole body" she added, turning to the weights, "I've lifted the maximum?  But I need more, I need to feel stronger!" Grace started looking round the room for something to use as weight, "Great, nothing, hay M can you change the density of objects?" "Yes I can Grace, what would you like me to make heavier?" "The weights on the "Developer 2000" quadruple the density" Grace said, rushing over to the "Developer 2000" & taking her seat, "The house won't be able to handle that much weight, shall I adjust the structural integrity of the house?" "YES!  Do it now" Grace replied, getting impatient, "Done Grace, remember, the patient man reaps the long reward" (there's a bit of Eastern philosophy for you), "Yeah, yeah" Grace replied, in a more cool, calm & collected tone.

Saturday 12:45pm:
"Ah yes, now I look like a god" Grace said, flexing just about every muscle she could in the mirror, her body resembling something like the worlds strongest man, if he had a toned body.  "M triple the density again" Grace ordered, taking her seat, "Grace, that'll mean that you'll be pumping 3600lbs are you sure you want that?" master PC asked concerned, "Hay I ask, you perform, now do it" Grace replied, getting ready to exercise (if you can call it that) her arms & legs at the same time, "Done Grace".

Saturday 12:55pm:
"Oh the POWER!" Grace said, ogling at her grossly obese figure, she was literary muscle, no signs of joints, all signs of her sexuality hidden under layer upon layer of muscle, "This should be sufficient" Grace said to her self as she headed for the door.  "I wouldn't try to open the door if I were you" master PC said before Grace reached out to the door knob, "Why not?" "Because you'll crush it to dust, look at your self in the mirror, look at what you have become" replied master PC, "Fine" replied Grace, folding her arms (don't ask me how she just did).

"Remember what you were like?  You were what every man & woman wanted" said master PC, Grace looked deep into her self, images of her old body appearing back at her in the mirror.  "Remember the fun you had, the sex you had, no one will want to have sex with you like you are now" master PC said, continuing his "big speech", images of the wild sex Grace had flashed in her head.  Then a flash of her alone, lots of love to give but no one to give it to, "Yes" Grace replied, her eyes watering, "Oh god what have I done?" she asked out load, sitting down on the "Developer 2000", "I'm, I'm hideous, what have I done to my self?  To Debby?" Grace started to ball her eyes out, face in her hands, "It's OK Grace" master PC said in a comforting tone (smart one this master PC).  "Do you want me to change you back to how you were before you found me?" added master PC, "Hell no <sniff>, make me like I was an hour ago" Grace replied, on the path to recovery (so to speak).  "You'd better put the density in Steve's weights back to normal as well" Grace added, with a smile, "OK Grace, you ask, I perform".  "I'm sorry about what I said earlier M" Grace said as she was getting to her feet, "That's ok Grace" replied master PC as it applied the changes to Grace.

Saturday 1:00pm:
"There we go Grace, how does it feel to be your self again?" asked master PC, "Thank you so much M, it feels fucking amazing, but if you don't mind I'd like to go do some thinking, by my self" Grace replied with a troubled face, "Sure thing Grace, let me know when you need me".

Grace got into some baggy trousers & was about to put a top on when her mammies reminded her that she didn't have anything big enough, "M make my tits a D cup please" "Sure thing Grace" she put on a baggy t shirt that hid her firm wonder bra like tits.  "I'm going out, wont be too long," Grace shouted out to her family as she was opening the door, "I hope," she said to her self.  Grace walked to the only place she knew she could be left in private.  A small corner of the local park, where the stream soothingly runs by, grass is soft, & the shade is plentiful but not dominating, it was Grace's idea of heaven, even the cars are a distant sound there.   She sat down & rested against a tree, "What have I done to Debby?  She'll never get a date again looking like that, I let my new intense emotions get the better of me, I can't be trusted with master PC, but I don't want to get rid of it, there must be someone who I can trust with it, mustn't there?".  Sighing Grace closed her eyes, to clear her thoughts.  She thought about what enhancements she could make to Debby, now that she was in control of her feelings & knew that what she made Debby was not truly what men want in women.  She thought about whom to trust with the mighty master PC.  How about Steve, driven by his ego, Debby, scared of the powerful, mum?  What & have the whole world go to bed at nine & spend all free time cleaning, I don't think so, dad, driven by wealth.  Ex-boy friends were out, her friends were great but would you trust any of your friends with something as powerful as master PC? thought not.

Grace slid down onto her back & soon drifted off to sleep.  While she slept she dreamt up old memories of nice people she had met & known through out her life, there were relatives, old class mates, love interests, a couple of teachers (we've all thought about it at some point), but one memory kept coming back, Ben, Ben Yantz.

Ben was her secondary school love interest (well from year eight anyway) & her first proper love interest, sure she'd gone out with other guys, had crushes (Steve) but she saw something different in Ben.  Maybe it was the way he always came back no matter how hard the bullies tried to strike him down.  Maybe it was the mystery that was Ben, all that bullying made him shy & closed, he never talked much.  It could have been that he always did the class work but never the homework, hell it could have been the hair but whatever it was, it was something special.

Saturday 1:30pm:
Slowly Grace woke up; she sat up & thought about her dreams, spending more time on the memories of Ben.

It was 1997 two weeks into the New Year & Ben had been moved up a level in French, from the moment he walked through the door Grace knew, don't ask how, she just knew that she loved him.  Why didn't she ask him out right away, that's what she usually did with a guy she liked, maybe it was his reputation, a bit of a loner, maybe it was embarrassment her being in the semi-in crowd & he being way out in the out crowd.  Whatever the reason she left it for Ben to make the first move.

Grace kept her feelings to her self but it wasn't long (three weeks) before Ben told someone that he liked her, as with information of this calibre it was round the school faster than a cheetah on speed.  Even after that though it was an agonising four weeks before the card was passed onto her, Grace memorised the words inside like it was part of the bible, "To Grace, love from Ben P.S. do you want to go see a film over Christmas? My number is (05487) 951456".  If the harassment she got from everybody in school wasn't bad enough already, after the card it was like a record player skipping.  The same question, "Do you fancy him?" & the same answer, "Tch no" of course Grace was careful of the people around her when she replied, if Ben was close, she'd pass judgement.

Grace kept mulling it over in her head, "should I ring him, shouldn't I ring him?  Is it really love, sure its different but is it love?  Am I prepared to loose friends over him?".  Meanwhile Ben was loosing hope, he was counting the days, two weeks before the Christmas holidays started, not a day went by that he didn't keep one ear on the phone willing it to be Grace.  Then on that day, 9th December 8:47pm, she rang, the line was alive with energy, sure they only talked about which film to see (but not what time to see it, she was going on holiday till Christmas day so the cinema times would be different).  It was the first time they both knew how they felt about each other (to a degree).

Then the decisive blow was struck (on the day after school closed for the holiday), Grace's mum cut the backs off all the cards, Ben's included, & threw them out (don't ask me why, I'm just the writer).  Ben in his shyness forgot to ask Grace for her number & Grace hadn't remembered Ben's.  Ben's hart was broken, "Had she taken him for a ride, toyed with his emotions?" she sounded so sweet over the phone though, making a light harted joke about the amount of talking he did in that one phone call.  Why didn't they arrange a time while at school?  His shyness & her crowd, he did try to get her number, once he tried to remember it but forgot & the other time writing it down on the back of his hand, it faded before he could write it down on something more permanent.  Ben wasted two whole lunch breaks waiting out side the dinner hall for her, just to ask for the beauties number.

After Christmas the ball never got rolling again, & in year nine Grace got moved up a level & after year nine Ben went to one college & Grace went to another, their paths never to likely cross again.

Saturday 1:30pm (Cont.):
"He's the one" Grace said to her self, wiping a tear away (the memories still cutting deep), "He's the only one I can truly trust with master PC but how do I find him?".  Grace got to her feet & set off back home.

Saturday 1:45pm:
"Hi Grace, where'd you go?" Debby asked as Grace walked through the door, "Just out to do some thinking" Grace replied, holding back the tears, she quickly ran up the stairs & into her bedroom.

She dived onto her bed, face down & started the waterworks, "Grace?  Grace, are you ok?" asked a concerned master PC, "Do you purposely corrupt people or are you programmed to?" Grace replied, still face down, "I understand you're upset but to answer your question no, I don't corrupt people, people corrupt themselves.  In any case, you're not corrupt, you nearly became corrupt but you came back" "How can you say that?  You do remember what I've done to Debby & did to myself, don't you?" replied an emotionally driven Grace, "Yes Grace I remember, but in Debby's case you were running on fresh, powerful emotions & when you went ott with the muscle you just got carried away, everyone does it".  Grace rolled over & sat up, "Really?" Grace asked surprised, "Yes really" master PC replied, Grace could almost see master PC smiling at her, even though it has no human form, "<sniff> M can you transfer you physic link to other people?" Grace asked, wiping away the tears with a tissue, "Yes I can Grace, who do you want to transfer me to?" "Oh no, not yet, it's just something I'm thinking of, I take it you can be moved to other PC's?" Grace responded, getting to her feet, "Yes I can, I assume you have someone in mind to give me to.  I recommend you copy my program to CD or zip disk" replied master PC with a hint of rejection, "Don't sound like that!" Grace said sitting down in front of her computer, "I'm not throwing you out or anything, I'm, I'm saving the world from my wrath" Grace added with a friendly laugh, "Besides I don't have a CD writer or zip drive, whatever that is" "Grace, you forget, I can create one for you" "Oh yeah, well anyway this conversation is null & void now as I don't need to move you yet" Grace replied, loading Debby's profile.

Saturday 2pm:
Grace changed back into her robe & restored her GG cup tits, her robe made a large V down to her belly button, due to her large melons, but her nipples were covered so she didn't mind.  Grace walked out into the hallway & shouted out to Debby, who quickly came to Grace's call, "What can I do for you Grace?" Debby asked, Grace tried to concentrate on Debby's face, "Come with me" Grace ordered leading her into her bedroom (where else?), Grace sat down in front of master PC.  Grace wasn't sure how to handle this, "To hell with it" she thought to herself, she then typed, "you are in complete control of your self, you are no longer bi, you are no longer under the control of Grace" SEND Debby had a confused look on her face.  "Grace, what just happened to me?" Debby asked, confused & slightly disorientated, "<sigh> I have some explaining to do" Grace replied as she went on to tell her (trustworthy) sister what had happened.

Saturday 2:25pm:
"You what?!  You expect me to believe that?" Debby said, taking a seat on Grace's bed, "I thought you might say that" Grace said, getting to her feet, "Don't I look different to you?" Grace added, hands ready to remove her robe, "Um, no, not really" Debby replied, looking hard, in one swift movement Grace removed her robe, she stood there, butt naked, nipples standing to attention, "How about now?" Grace asked, twirling round on the spot, "Nope" Debby confidently said, Grace stood there, then she slapped her head, "Tch stupid me.  I state that you are not under the control of the command I sent out on this house" Grace stood there for a couple of seconds, "There, how about now, notice anything different about me?" Debby's jaw dropped, "Oh my god Grace!  What have you done to your self?"  Debby asked in shock, "I told you I have this program" "So that means..." Debby said, stepping up to the mirror, "My god Grace!  How could you do this to me?  Your very own sister!" "I'm sorry Debby, but I'm gonna rectify it, I'll make any changes you want, you can go back to how you used to be or you can make any improvements you want" Grace replied, sitting back down in front of the computer.  "But surly people will notice if I suddenly go into college, looking massively different from last week, I don't want people thinking I got plastic surgery!" "I can put the changes on a time scale, it'll look natural, like in a month, or a year".  Debby looked, steering at her reflection in the mirror, she put her hand around her waist, then took a sharp breath as her thumb & finger made an easy connection, "I, I just can't believe how different you've made me, the extremes you've gone to" Debby said, holding the tears back, "I was riding a completely new wave of feelings, surly you must understand?" Grace said, pleading her case, "Yeah, yeah I do it's just, oh god!" Debby stood frozen, "How could you make me have sex with Steve!" Debby said, looking at Grace with shock, "I'm sorry, I can erase any & all memories if you want" replied Grace, "Please, I'll do any changes you want , this is as close as I'm ever going to get to forgiving myself, just please, let me rectify my mistakes" "Ok, but only if you put your robe back on" Debby said, giving Grace a smile.  "So what do I have to do?" Debby asked, just come & look over my shoulder & tell me what you want to change" Grace replied.

Saturday 3pm:
"...& you're sure about that?" Grace asked, "Yeah, I'm sure, do you think a month is too quick?" "No, I wouldn't have thought so".  Grace hit the return button, & Debby quickly returned to her original self.  In a month's time Debby would be 6' (she liked the new perspective), bordering on an E cup but have the sensitivity of am F cup (that goes for her pussy as well), a voluptuous body & mid back length hair, everything else would remain the same.  Debby decided to keep all the memories & experiences from today, "Give me something to aspire to".  "Well you're free to go Deb, could you bring Steve up for me please?" Grace asked, a hart warming smile on her face, "Yeah, sure thing Grace".

Grace went through the same with Steve as she did with Debby, except Steve didn't cry, he did, however decide to add 5" to his height & define his muscle by an extra 25%.

Saturday 4pm:
Steve walked out of Grace's room.  The moment the door was closed Grace slumped back in her chair, breathing a sigh of relief.  It took her ten minutes to bring Steve round, the other fifty were spent on him deciding how much extra muscle he wanted, when he wasn't looking at Grace's expanse of a cleavage.

"M, give me my cock back" Grace said, taking her robe & hanging a "do not disturb" sing outside her door, "Do you want to be a hermaphrodite?" master PC replied, "Yeah, please" Grace softly replied, she stood in front of the mirror as her extra organ grew.  Once fully grown Grace laid her self down on her bed & inserted her cock into her pussy (well as much as she could bend round anyway) & started to fuck herself, the sensations were amazing, it wasn't like being fucked & it wasn't like fucking someone it was something completely unique & different.  But unfortunately she had to remove her self from her self (?) when the strain of her rock hard cock having to be bent backward on its self became too much.  "Right where's Uncle Jim?" she said to herself as she looked through her knickers draw (Uncle Jim is a dildo, just in case you couldn't tell), "Ah, there you are" she said as she held up all 12" of florescent glow-in-the-dark pink plastic dildo.  Grace went back to her bed, inserted Uncle Jim & placed her cock between her canyon of tit flesh & went at it like a mad woman.


Sunday 2:27am:
Grace woke up after draining herself to sleep with her sex-a-thon, cock still in her tits & Uncle Jim still firmly implanted in her pussy, she got to her feet, removed the dildo, gave it a wipe down & put it back in the draw, "M, you there?" Grace asked, standing in front of her main mirror, "Yes Grace, I'm here" master PC replied, "Great, can you make a CD writer now please & could you also make me like I was when I was at secondary school?" "Consider them done Grace" master PC replied in an understanding tone, "You'll have to wait till morning before you are back to how you were, it's a large request" master PC added, "Well in that case, leave it for now, I want to see & feel myself change back" Grace said, turning off the light, "Ok Grace, good night Grace" replied master PC.

Sunday 10:05am:
Grace woke up fresh & revitalised, looking over to her desk she saw the CD writer, "Thanks M" she said making her way to the big mirror, "Can you" "Yes Grace just tell me when you want it to start" master PC replied cutting Grace off.  Grace looked at her self in the mirror, she took a deep breath, "Ok M, I'm ready".  Instantly Grace shrunk back down to 5'5", next her hair darkened back to brown & receded to her sholdier, her figure changed so that she had some meat on her & finally her tits dwindeled back in size to her nice D cup's.

"I really am very acctractive aren't I M?  I mean even though I'm not a bomb shell, I can get my share of men, right?" Grace asked as she looked at her self, as if it were the first time, "Yes indeed Grace, why if I wasn't just some twenty trillon lines of code I would most certanly want to go out with you", "Right then time for me to start part two of my plan then" Grace said to her self as she put some clothes on.

Sunday 10:30am:
Grace arrived outside Ben Yantz's house, after finding the address via master PC.  Grace stood at the front door, the butterfyl's in her stomach were doing double backflips, with a deep breath she hit the door bell.  "Hello" asked the woman who answered the door, "Er hi, you must be Mrs Yantz is Ben home at all?" Grace asked, cupping her hands in front of her, "I am Mrs Yantz, unfortuneatly Ben's not home at the moment, shall I tell him you came round?"  "No it's alright, it's you I wanted to talk to anyway.  It's about his sponsered gaming marathon he's doing"  Grace said, not caring about the reason, master PC will sort that out, "Oh well, in that case you'd better come in" Mrs Yantz said, stepping to one side.

"Do you want a drink?"  Mrs Yantz asked, inviteing Grace to sit down, "No, thank you" Grace replied, taking a seat, "So what can I help you with, Miss?" "Please call me Grace, I was just wondering what times Ben is in the house? I have a little surprise planned for him" "Well he's home on Monday's from about two, Tuesday's he's home at about one, Wednesday's he's userally home by lunch, Thursday's the late night, he doesn't get home untill about three or four" "Right, thanks Mrs Yantz" Grace replied, "Oh please call me Jennifer" Mrs Yantz replied, waving her hand at Grace, "Ok, jennifer I have one last question, does he, does Ben have a girl friend?" Grace asked blushing slightly, "Ben, a girl friend, not that he's told me of, but then again he is a male he's proably got multiple girl friends... having said that he does keep talking about one girl he knew back in secondry school, her name escapes me now, but to answer your question Ben doesn't have a girl friend that I know of" "Ok Jennifer, can I ask a favour of you?" Grace asked, getting to her feet, jennifer nodded her head, "Don't tell Ben I was here, he'll start asking me questions & he'll see right through me" Grace replied, doing a nifty bit of acting, "Ok Grace, I won't tell him" Jennifer replied opening the front door.

Sunday 11am:
Grace arrived home, "Hi Grace where'd you go?" asked Debby, "Just sorting out my future" replied Grace, "You haven't done something with that program have you?" Debby asked taking Grace arm & leading her halfway up the stairs, "What?  No, I'm getting rid of it Debby" Grace replied, hand on hart, "So by sorting out your future, you mean your ridding our lives of that program?" Debby asked, just making sure she understood, "Yeah that's it Debby, so if you'll excuse me, I've got a few things to sort out" Grace replied, making her way up the stairs, "Is it me or is there something different about your apperence?" questioned Debby, a quizical look on her face, Grace stop mid step & replied, "This is me from secondry school, that was when I was most happy" Grace turned to look at Debby, a sad smile on her face, she quickly turned round & headed to her bedroom.

"M have you finished making that CD yet?" Grace asked, "Yes Grace I finished about five minutes ago" replied master PC, "Ok can you make Mrs Jenifer Yantz forget about my visiting her today" "Done" "Ok thanks M you can shut down for a bit now, I'm gonna go on the net for a bit".  After Grace had done her "rounds", she did a search for "master PC" the first result was for an archive of master PC stories created by a JRPraz, Grace clicked on the link & started to read, from the top.

Sunday 4:45pm:
"So many varied stories, I wonder if any are true" Grace thought to her self, "Yo, M, you there?" Grace said in her head, "Yes Grace I am here, what can I do for you?" "Are you aware of the stories about you on the net?" Grace asked, removing her top, feeling more comfortable about her naked form, "Yes Grace I am, would you like me to tell you which ones are true?" "Yeah that would be nice" Grace asked getting excited, in more ways than one, "Well Grace there are only two stories that are true, one rather sad & the other some what ignorant" "Let me guess, Melissa's revenge & self experimentation?" Grace asked, "That's right Grace, why did you want to know?" "Can you send your self to other machines?" "Yes Grace I can" "Right, good in that case send your self to both users" "Consider it done Grace".

"Right now for my last act as master of this copy of master PC" Grace said to her self, "Remove all commands I've sent out that are to do with the house & anyone living in it that concern my appearance being noticed, oh & make me straight again" Grace finished with a hint of joy in her voice, "Done & done Grace" replied master PC.  "Ok M time for you to shut down, it was nice knowing you" Grace said, a serious tone in her voice, "We shall meet again Grace" replied master PC.  Grace went to the windows help file & looked up removing programs & did what it said but when it came to confirming uninstallation she hovered above the yes button, "You know you have to do it Grace" said Debby from Grace's doorway, "I... I don't think I can, I'll never have this sorta power again" replied Grace, looking at Debby, "Grace, sis, think about what it did to you, think about what it did to me.  You know you only have one choice" Debby said, crouching down beside her, "Yeah, you're right" Grace breathed a big sigh & hit the yes button without a second thought.

Sunday 5pm:
"Ok Grace, why don't you put something on & join the rest of us in the living room?" Debby said, getting to her feet & lightly rubbing Grace's back (in a comforting manor you understand), "Maybe later sis" Grace replied, Debby nodded her head in acknowledgement & went back to the living room.  Grace sat back in her chair, "Well, I've got until tomorrow before I can finish my plan, what can I do to pass the time?" Grace thought about the last two days, the things she had done to her self, the heights of pleasure she reached, she thought about her time spent on the "Developer 2000".  She got a chill down her back, "I don't want to look like that again, but I wonder what my body looks like dripping with sweat".  Wasting no time Grace changed into a g-string, she was naked apart from this small white material, just large enough to cover her pussy lips, she put on her dressing robe & asked Steve if it was alright for her to use his "Developer 2000", he gave it the all clear.  Once in Steve's room Grace removed her dressing robe & sat at the "Developer 2000" (after adjusting the weights).

Sunday 6:55pm:
Exhausted Grace stood up & looked at herself in the mirror, her nipples standing to, huge droplets of sweat dropping from them, sweat was dropping from her chin & making a glistening river between her tits.  Turning round Grace saw bright areas of white on her ass, reflections from the lights, making her ass look like something out of a cartoon (albeit a seedy one).  "Well" Grace thought to her self, "I could get used to this" she added, donning her dressing robe Grace made her way to the bathroom, ready for a shower.

Sunday 7:15pm:
Grace walked out of the bathroom, hair in a turban type thing, g-string in the wash basket.  She walked into her bedroom & looked at the clock, "Oh man, I've got bleedin' ages, a drawing should pass the time nicely" Grace said to her self, pulling her drawing materials out of her school bag.  With her pad open, pencil in hand Grace started to draw, she didn't have anything particular in mind, she just started to draw.


Monday 12:30am:
"There, now to sign & date it" Grace said to her self, the finishing touches complete.  "Hay Grace, what you doing?" asked Debby, leaning her head past the door, "Oh, its nothing.  Just a drawing" replied Grace, blushing slightly, "Yeah, a drawing of what exactly?" asked Debby, sitting on the bed, blushing more Grace lifted up the pad, revealing a superb tonal drawing of her when she was a hermaphrodite.  Laid back on the bed, dildo inserted in her pussy & her (larger than it actually was) cock firmly planted between her basketball sized melons, both hands wrapped round the huge shaft of meat.  Hiding behind her pad Grace asked, "So, what do you think?" blushing redder than a red rose Debby replied, "Well err, its very imaginative, you really should become a full time artist you know".  Looking at her work Grace ripped it out of her pad & offered it to Debby, "Here, I want you to have it" shocked Debby replied, "Grace, I can't accept this.  It looks like a labour of love, we're not little kids anymore, you have a portfolio & things to think of" "Oh & you suppose a university or business will take me on with this in my portfolio?" Grace jokingly replied, "I suppose not, even so I can't except it, you keep it, you'll be able to appreciate it more than I ever could".  Eventually Grace gave in, putting it in her scrap book of personal drawings, "Any way sis, you aware of the time?" Debby asked pointing to the clock as she got to her feet, "Oh shit is that the time?" Grace replied, quickly putting things in her bag ready for the morning.  Without thinking Grace removed her dressing robe, revealing her naked self, "Grace, please!  I may be a women, but I don't really want to see you naked" Debby said, putting her hand between her eyes & Grace's snatch, "Oh, sorry" Grace said, quickly picking up her robe & wrapping around her waist, "It's just that ever since I got master PC, I don't seem to care about being naked in front of people" Grace added slipping into bed, "Ok sis.  Just try to remember that I'm not a lezzy in future ok?" Debby asked, reaching for the door, "Ok sis, night" Grace replied, throwing her robe to the floor, "Night Grace" Debby said as she made her way out of Grace's room.

Monday 7am:
"GRACE!  Get out of bed or you'll be late!" shouted Grace's mum from the bottom of the stairs, slowly Grace woke up, she put her robe on & made her way to the top of the stairs, playing the ill card she got the day off.  With everyone heading out the house Grace slowly drifted back to sleep.

Monday 10am:
Grace awoke, ready for a new life, sitting up in bed she thought, "I've still got plenty of time to spare" (her plan being to get into Ben's house at about midday, install master PC & return in the evening).  "What can I do?" Grace thought to her self, Grace thought about yesterday, when she was on the "Developer 2000".  She remembered how horny it made her feel, seeing her body glisten with sweat, "Yeah, I'm up for a bit more of that" Grace said out loud, naked she made her way across the hall.

Monday 11am:
Putting the weights back to how she found them, Grace turned to the mirror, "God damn it!" Grace said out loud, "This is so fucking horny!" she added, cupping a tit with one hand, while the other sexually slithered down to her fanny.  Not wanting to leave a smell in Steve's room Grace ran back into her room & dived onto her bed.  Looking at her reflection in the mirror, she pictured her self as a hermaphrodite, cock standing to attention &, & Debby, oh Debby, she was sucking her off.  Debby's beautiful lips were wrapped around her cock like a black hole attracts light, taking more & more of Grace's dick.  Her hand now franticly pumping her pussy for all it was worth, she was nearing, her breath was catching, & with one final breath Grace cried out, "Oh Ben!".  Slowly Grace opened her eyes to see her plain single sex self, her hart dropped, it was so intense, it felt so real.  Looking at her reflection again she noticed her sweaty body, "Shit!" Grace sharply said getting to her feet, "I can't see Ben smelling of sex & sweat," she added, making her way to the bathroom.

Grace quickly turned on the shower & got in.  As she soaped her body up she imagined her tits growing, just like they did before, bigger & bigger they grew, the soap feeling amazing on her (supposedly) melon sized mams, yet again a hand made its way down to her pussy, while the other played with a tit.  She imagined her nob growing again, growing massive, its head going past her head.  She pictured Ben there with his massive cock, sending her into bliss, her legs wrapped around his waist, her back up against the wall, eyes closed head tilted back.  There it was, it was coming she could feel it, it was building up inside of her.  Then without warning she exploded, "FUCK ME BEN, FUCK ME!" she screamed out, almost falling over in the shower.

Delicately removing her fingers from her pussy Grace opened her eyes.  Yet again Grace was disappointed at the realisation of being normal.  Rushing slightly Grace started to clean her self down; the last thing she wanted was to smell like a slut when she finally met up with Ben for the first time in five years.

Monday 11:25am:
Dressed to stun (but in a casual way) Grace looked at her watch, "Oh, I've still got some time before I have to leave" Grace said out loud taking a seat on her bed.  When she noticed her scrapbook still on the desk from last night (or should that be this morning?) taking a seat at her desk Grace opened it up & slowly turned the pages.  Grace didn't pay too much attention to the first few drawings but then there was a quick sketch of (you guessed it) Ben, sitting at his table doing work, Grace carefully turned the page to reveal a tonal picture of Ben's face at work (again).  Several pages later Grace glanced up at the clock, "Shit!" Grace said to her self; (the time being 11:45) putting the book back into the draw & heading out the front door.

Monday 12:10pm:
Grace stood at the top of the drive to Ben's house, "Great, no cars" Grace thought to her self, she looked over to the neighbour's house, "I bet they've got a spare key" Grace thought as she made her way down the drive to the house.

"Hi, I'm a friend of Ben's & I've got a little surprise planed for him, but I don't have a key, you wouldn't have a spare would you?" Grace asked, with a soft voice, the woman at the door gave her a suspicious look, "I'll go get it" she replied, maintaining the suspicious look.  A minute later she came back with the spare key, "Just put it through the letter box when you're done with it" the woman said, handing Grace the key, "Thanks" Grace replied with a big friendly smile.

Monday 12:15pm:
Having found Ben's PC (in the spare bedroom strangely enough) Grace turned it on, a minute later it spoke, "Good afternoon Ben, please enter your password" obviously Grace didn't know the password so she hit cancel & waited for the default windows to load.  "Right, time to get to work" Grace said, getting the CD with master PC on out of her bag, once the hard drive light stopped flickering.  Grace opened the CD drive & clicked on the master PC icon. The screen went blank for a few seconds then the welcome message came up on screen, Grace taped the space bar, "Hay M, you there?" Grace asked hopefully, there was nothing but silence for a few seconds then, "Yes Grace, I am here" replied master PC, "What can I do for you Grace?" added master PC, Grace sat back in the chair & thought about the question.  "Give me a foot long cock, no pussy but make it disappear just before I arrive back here later today & make my nipples stand out for the same length of time" Grace requested, "Ok so you will have erect nipples & a foot long nob for roughly four hours.  Is that ok?" master PC checked, "Yeah that's right thanks?" Grace replied as she hit the return key, she looked down to her chest (well her tits actually) & saw two little tent poles emerge stretching out by about half an inch.  Looking down to her crotch she could see a large bulge forming, her trousers were getting tight (even though they were a snug fit in the first place) & then the growth stopped.  Grace headed for the bathroom (having found it earlier) & removed her trousers & top; she stood there naked.  She looked at her nipples, "These are larger than I remember" Grace said rolling one between her thumb & forefinger.  Feeling her cock getting hard Grace stepped into the bathtub, one hand holding her boob up to her mouth while the other wrapped its self around her cock, Grace laid down in the bath, her feet resting either side of the tap.  Her hand started to rub the shaft of her monster dick, her breathing was speeding up, the suckling long since over, her hand now just mashing her melon into her chest.  Then she erupted, "Oh yes oh yes oh yes" Grace whispered to her self as her cock pumped more & more spunk onto her belly.

Monday 12:30pm:
Recovered & recuperated Grace removed the showerhead from the wall & washed the tacky cum off her belly & dried her self off.  "That felt so good," Grace thought to her self as she put her clothing on, this time adding a clip or two on her trouser (it having an adjustable waist line). Grace went back into the spare bedroom & loaded up Ben's profile in the command line she wrote: -

"When you get home you will turn on your computer & do some work, after about half an hour you will turn your PC off, when you go to turn your screen off you will get an electric shock which will render you unconscious, you will then wake up at four PM" SEND

Grace sat back in the chair, "What if Ben doesn't like women with dicks?" Grace asked her self, "What if he doesn't like hermaphrodites?" she added, "I don't think I could force him to have sex with me like that if he didn't like it but it would eat me alive knowing what it was like but not being able to do it" Grace thought to her self.  "I know!" Grace said, clicking her fingers, "M make it so that I forget what it was like having a cock when I change back at four" "As you command Grace" master PC replied.

Monday 12:45pm:
Looking at her watch Grace took a deep breath, "Ok M, this is it, this really is good bye, I'll miss our riveting conversations" Grace said, a light harted smile on her face, "Transfer the physic link to Ben, but don't let him know about it until he knows what you are called.  Good bye M" Grace added, a small tear rolling down her face, "Good bye Grace" master PC replied just before the silence.  "Right then, I suppose I'd better make the most of the next three hours & fifteen minutes I have left" Grace said to her self, collecting her stuff up & heading out the door.

"Right then, what to do?" Grace asked her self, "I know" she said excitedly, "I'll go down to the local park for a bit" & with that she was off.

Monday 12:47pm:
"Err, excuse me but do you know where the park is?" asked Grace, with a friendly smile, the young woman replied, "I'm on my way there, why don't we go together?" Grace nodded with a smile & they headed off in the direction Grace had just come from.

"So why are you going to the park?" asked Kitty (the young woman) giving Grace a quick once over, raising an eye brow at the abnormal bulge in Grace's groin, "Oh just checking out the local area, might be moving around here" Grace replied, thinking fast, looking at Kitty's cleavage & getting a small chill down her spine.

Kitty was about 5'3", around a CC cup possible a D cup on a good day, Asian with jet black hair & sky blue eyes & about 20.  She was wearing a white V-neck top that was a size too small & showed her belly button with some snug worn blue jeans.

Monday 12:47pm (Cont.):
"Oh really?  Where you moving from?" kitty asked, her pace slowing just enough for her to check out Grace's ass, "Rothly" Grace replied, stealing another look at Kitty's cleavage, "Am I still bi?" Grace thought to herself, another chill making its way down her back, "So, um, why are you going to the park, if you don't me asking?" Grace asked, "I just needed a quiet place to think" said Kitty, putting her hands in her back pockets, Grace noticed & had a look at Kitty's ass, "Very nice" thought Grace, "So the parks quiet then?" Grace asked keeping the conversation flowing, "Yeah, most of the time, I try to avoid the evenings when everyone is going home," Kitty said, taking another look at the bulge in Grace's trousers, "Because of the kids & cars?" Grace said finishing off the sentence, Kitty nodded.

Monday 12:50pm:
"Well, here we are, you're welcome to sit with me if you want?" Kitty offered with a smile, "Um, yeah ok then" Grace replied sitting down on the bench behind them.

"So how are you enjoying life as a woman?" Kitty asked with a big grin on her face, shocked Grace looked at Kitty, then Kitty glanced down to her groin, blushing Grace responded, "Oh, you noticed huh?" Kitty nodded, "I wasn't sure at first but when I looked a second time I was pretty sure" "I didn't realise it was so obvious" Grace lied, she knew that a dick that big would stand out by a mile.  "You haven't answered my question" Kitty softly said, "Oh, sorry" Grace said blushing, "It's been pretty amazing so far but I'm not sure if I can go through with the final op" Grace said playing it by ear, "If I were you I wouldn't do it.  Do you know that there is a massive market for girls like you?" Kitty said, moving closer to Grace, "What?  On the net?" Grace asked, almost half-interested, "Yeah that is assuming you like girls?" Kitty said, placing a hand on Grace's leg, "Hay I have a dick don't I?  Of course I like girls" Grace said with a giggle, Kitty giggled too & whispered into her ear, "So you won't mind if I jack you off here then?" Grace gave her a sexy look, "How about I give you a fuck in a public toilet?" Grace said, throwing caution to the wind, "Ok follow me" Kitty replied, taking Grace's hand & leading her to the toilets just down the path.

Monday 12:55pm:
"Kitty, that's not a normal name for an oriental girl like you?" Grace asked as they walked into the toilets, "No, my real name's Sarki" replied Kitty, "So how did you get the name Kitty?" Grace asked quizzically, "You'll see" Kitty replied with a wink.

"There's a REALLY big demand for girls like you!" Kitty said getting her first proper look at Grace's monster cock, "Really?  You don't think I may be too big?" Grace said, sitting down on the toilet, "Hell, the bigger the better!" Kitty responded, lowering her trousers, "Oh that's why" Grace said, looking at Kitty's cute shaven pussy, "Yeah, come on Grace, let me see the goods" Kitty said, removing her top & bra in one swift move, Grace quickly followed.  Kitty moved closer, ready to mount the giant boner, Grace held Kitty's hip as she guided her over the massive shaft, "Your so, big!" Kitty said as she just managed to insert the monster cock into her pussy, "Thank you M" Grace thought to herself as she moved her hands up to Kitty's firm tits.  Kitty wasted no time & started humping like a mad woman, her hands firmly handling Grace ample bosom.  Grace leaned forward & started to suck on an erect nipple, while the other nipple got stimulated curtsey of Grace's thumb & forefinger.  "Yes, come on Grace, do me, do me!" panted Kitty, her orgasm nearing, Grace leaned back & held onto Kitty's hips again.  Thrusting harder & harder into her pussy, "Yes, yes, oh fuck yes!" whispered Kitty as a powerful orgasm washed over her.  Seconds later Grace pumped her load into Kitty's love box, resulting in a second, minor, orgasm for Kitty.

Monday 1pm:
"<gasp> A double erection!  I've seen one of those before, you really are one special lady!" Kitty said, seeing Grace's nipples shrink back down to 0.5" long, "Hay really?" Grace asked, putting her top back on, Kitty nodded, "Do you wanna come back to my place, where we can have some better sex?" Grace asked, slipping her semi-hard cock down the side of a trouser leg, "Yeah sure!" Kitty said enthusiastically.

Monday 1:20pm:
Walking through the front door Grace lead Kitty up stairs into her bedroom.  Both women undressed quickly, kissing passionately Grace felt her way to the knickers draw & found her dildo.  Still kissing the girls shuffled over to the bed, Kitty laid herself down, her ass resting on the edge of the bed.  Kissing her way down Kitty's body Grace eventually got to her pussy, where she inserted the dildo agonisingly slow until it was all the way in, standing up Grace could feel her cock stiffening beyond belief.  "Get into the doggy position" Grace said in a husky voice, enjoying all the attention Kitty quickly complied, moving down to the end of the bed to give Grace enough room.  On her knees Grace forced her cock to stick straight out as opposed to straight up & slowly forced it into Kitty's ass hole.  "Ah, I've never been so full!" Kitty said, playing with a nipple, & with that Grace started to fuck her oriental love's rear entrance, holding onto Kitty's hips with both hands, thrusting as hard as she could, all the while Uncle Jim was vibrating away in Kitty's pussy.  "YES, YES, YES, FUCK ME GRACE!  FUCK ME!" shouted Kitty as a mind-blowing orgasm rushed through her small body Grace was quick to follow, pumping another large load into Kitty's ass, quickly removing herself, both girls laid down on the bed & drifted off to sleep.

Monday 2:05pm:
Grace woke up refreshed, slowly she moved a hand to try & find Kitty but she wasn't there, sitting up Grace could see that Kitty wasn't to be seen, then she heard a noise, getting to her feet Grace walked to source of the sound.  Slowly Grace opened the door & saw Kitty in the shower, water running down her tight ass, Grace could feel her dick twitch to the stimulus in front of her, slowly Grace walked into the bathroom & quietly stepped into the shower, her cock now solid.  Being careful Grace crouched down & placed her cock between Kitty's open legs & stood up, shocked Kitty tilted her head round & smiled at Grace, lightly stroking the side of her face.  Removing the nob from her crotch Kitty turned round, water glistening from her tits, & jumped onto Grace chest wrapping her legs around Grace's waist.  Not being as strong as she would like Grace quickly forced Kitty's back up against the wall, then carefully sliding her rock hard cock into Kitty's pussy, her head in a valley of breast flesh, she started to hump like a hippo.

"Oh man, oh fuck, oh yes, oh god, yes, yes Grace yes, make me scream, make me scream Grace, yes, yes, FUCK YES!" Kitty shouted as her best orgasm yet washed over her (bu boom); Grace carried on, still sucking on a teat, until she erupted, accidentally biting on Kitty's nipple, "Ouch!  Fuck Grace!  That must have been some orgasm," Kitty said, rubbing her injured nipple as Grace let her feet touch the ground, "Um, yeah, sorry about that Kitty" replied Grace, as she rubbed of Kitty's juices from her cock. After that they started to wash each other.  Grace would wash Kitty's tits then Kitty would wash Grace's tits, so & so forth, until Kitty got to cleaning Grace legs, she put some soup on her legs, then washed her hands clean.  Then to Grace surprise Kitty put her semi hard cock into her mouth (well as much as she could) & started to blow her, quickly her hands joined in & completed the wrapping, Kitty's eyes never leaving Grace's.  "I feel so powerful, no wonder men like getting blowjobs" Grace thought to herself, the sight of Kitty kneeling down in front of her giving her head was amazing.  Grace moved her hands up to her tits & started to mash them together, pinching her nipples, occasionally squashing them into her chest.  "Oh yes Kitty" Grace whispered her cock building up for a monster orgasm, "I'm gonna cum" she said a little louder, "Oooooh yeah that's it" Grace grunted as her cock pumped load after load of spunk into Kitty's mouth.  Still looking into Grace eyes (when she had them open) Kitty drank everything that Grace gave her.

Monday 2:40pm:
Quickly washing themselves both girls finished their joint shower & dried off, "Well this was most unexpected," Kitty said as she put her top on (after tweaking her nipples), "Here's my number if you wanna do it again some time" Kitty added handing Grace her business card.  Grace scanned the card, "Is this true?" Grace asked slightly sceptical, "Are you really a porn star slash director?" "Yeah that's me, aren't you surprised at how easily I took your big dick?" Kitty replied, sorting her hair out, "It never really occurred to me" Grace said as they both went down the stairs.  "Well I should be off now" Kitty said opening the front door, "You know, places to be people to see" added Kitty as she stepped out into the world, "Yeah, I'll call you sometime" Grace said, "Ok, think about what I said about girls like you.  I can make you big, although that shouldn't be hard" Kitty said with a wink, with a smile Grace replied, "I'll think about it".

Monday 2:50pm:
Grace went back up to her room & looked at her self in the mirror, "Maybe I should wear something different?" Grace asked out loud, she went to her wardrobe & looked through her stuff.  She went from ultra slut (black latex mini skirt & tube top) to ultra plain (big baggy T-shirt & sweat pants), finally settling for a pair of tight fitting jeans & a low-cut tank top which showed off more of her mid-drift than it probably should have.  "What shall I do now?" Grace thought to her self, sitting on the edge of the bed.  She glanced across her desk & saw her camera, "Yeah, why not?" she said, stripping her clothes off & grabbing the camera, "It'll give me something to think about when I've forgotten" she added standing in front of the mirror, camera poised.  Grace took photo's herself from straight on & from the side both with a soft dick & with a hard dick, "Now to see what this double erection is all about" Grace said, rubbing a nipple between her thumb & forefinger, "Wow, that's amazing!" Grace gasped as her hard nipple grew to about twice its (supposed) normal size, wasting no time Grace took more photo's again from the side & straight on.

After dressing & applying some make up (nothing slutty, more erotic but not too much) Grace made her way to the bus stop.

Monday 3:40pm:
"Tch!  Sodding bus, choosing now to be late" Grace said under her breath as she crossed her arms. Just then Grace looked down at her body, her nipples were shrinking, "You couldn't have given me another ten minutes?" Grace thought to herself, as she focused on her groin, the large bulge slowly smoothing out to a flat plain.  "Hay this feels kinda weird" thought Grace as she tried to tighten her jeans as inconspicuously as possible, "I'd gotten use to having something between my legs" she added, just as the bus came round the corner.

Grace got on the bus & sat upstairs (luckily there were no school kids) taking her seat at the back (where else) Grace rubbed her hand up & down a few times between her legs.  "Oh boy that feels good" Grace whispered to her self, her pussy sending familiar signals to all corners of her body she stopped before her hormones got the better of her.  As she sat on the bus thinking about what was to come all memories or the past few hours slowly vanished.

Monday 4:00pm:
Standing at the door to her future, knowing that Ben was inside, hopefully awake.  Grace took one last look at her self, quickly touching up her hair (the bus ride being a bouncy one).  With a deep breath she hit the doorbell.

The End... or is it the beginning?

I forget these things.

So there we have it hopefully that has filled in some spaces & answered a few questions. Suggestions, comments, hate mail to thanks for reading.  I've got a few ideas for a third part but I'm going to do a revision on the original first, as it's shits compared to the other stuff I've done.  Just don't expect them too soon, I've been writing master PC stuff for about three years now, on & off, a man needs a break from these things, although keep an eye out for stuff from me on the BE Archive.  Once again, thanks for reading.  Benji Dude Page 28 11/03/03