Master PC: Origins
by packled

 It was a gloomy day at Designer Genes, and Al was upset. Double Twist, their main competition, had scooped them again on another procedure. It was the middle of the 21st Century, and the human genome had been mapped. Science had been working overtime curing disease after disease, making people better, faster, and smarter.

 It was bound to happen; sooner or later someone was going to use recombinant therapy for something other than medical research. Oh sure, you heard about distant countries breeding super soldiers, or work on immortality, or vastly-increased brain power. But eventually you'd get to the point where you'd start working on the more esoteric functions.

 Designer Genes was exactly that. It was a medical lab where human gene sequences could be rearranged for anyone who cared to pay the price. You could get aging organs rejuvenated, eyesight cleared, hair grown back, bodies firmed up. With the final discoveries of the base pairs, any number of changes could be predicted, altered, and implemented.

 Double Twist had taken a less ethical path. Like the first doctors of the distant 20th century with their silicone implants, 'DT' had started a line of research that was at first shocking, but would eventually become commonplace. They were working on the genetic equivalents; turning off and on puberty to create enhanced curves, and stave off menopause for those who were willing to pay for it.

 Designer Genes was in trouble and Al Gomen knew it. As one of the junior members of the team, he'd been doing the grunt work around the lab; tabulating sequences, inventorying glassware (in this day and age!), and checking computer readouts. It was the routine since science began; new guy always gets the donkey work. He was about 25, young, bright, dark brown hair and brown eyes. Fairly fit, about 6 feet tall, he would have been a study in contrasts; a hunky geek with glasses, if anyone still had to wear them. The only thing that kept his love life simple was his relative inexperience with women. Work had always come first.

 If they lost more money, they'd lose funding, and that would mean he'd have to find a new job. That wasn't going to be easy.

 Al had a friend, Amanda Giselle, working at 4Space; another research lab in the building. 4Space was basic research, and Amanda was working on computer simulations of time. Not time travel per se, more like viewing the past and future of the Net. They'd had limited success; about 5 minutes either way. Al dropped by from time to time, to say hello and see how it was going.
They'd been friends since college, and touched base with each other from time to time.

 Amanda was pretty in the 'girl next door' sort of way. Shoulder-length brunette, green eyes and a winsome figure that was in shape, but not all that shapely. She had her share of dates, but she was hoping one day that Al might get the hint. Still, it was sort of a 'safety' relationship, so she kept her eye on him, but still played the field.

 Amanda couldn't show him the actual equipment, but she had a remote terminal. It wasn't all that interesting, but neither was washing glassware. Mostly it was watching digital clocks, and things falling over, or people playing paper-rock-scissors, or games of chance, if they weren't learning how to see farther into the future. The past seemed to be more of a problem. Historians were funding that part, but weren't seeing much for their money. It looked like you could see a limited way into the past, but not all that far. For the most part, the two scientists commiserated over their fates, while speculating on what they'd do if they were running things.

 The future was slightly more interesting. It seemed to require less energy to do that, which seemed to be explained by the potential energy created by the future. In the Past, it was expended.

 Al came into Amanda's office, and sat down in a mostly-empty chair. Amanda looked back from the desk.

"Why so gloomy, Al?"

"Double Twist just made their profit margins, again. We didn't. Management's looking at cutting basic research again. If we don't come up with something soon, they'll just plow everything into applied research. There go my chances of advancement"

Amanda smiled. “Well, aside from catching the parts of the evening news ahead of everyone else, I don't have much to show either. We can't get the equipment to the racetrack, and Vegas won't even let us visit the casinos, though they're interested in surveillance, for some reason."

She leaned back in her chair. "Now if we could get a few hours, or even a few years, that would get their attention."

Al nodded in agreement. "Sure would. Now if we only knew what the 'next big thing' in recombinant therapy, we'd be rich too."

"So what's the problem?"

"Well, it's the ethics angle. Double Twist is doing cosmetic recombinations. Boob jobs, tummy dissolves, depilatory mutations, and the whole beauty thing. A woman goes in there, gets the package, and in 6 months, she's looking 20 years younger. We do some of that, too. Thing is, Double Twist is going into the 'nature/nurture' side of things. Changing people's moods, working on confidence, intelligence...and horniness"


"Sorry, working with all those old Docs, you start picking up ancient dialects" Al sat up and looked at Amanda.
"Just Hypersexed, means the same thing"


"That may be part of the problem. They old scientists get wrapped up in their youth, and anyone who's young just gets lectures about the 'good old days'. We even have a senior scientist who was a lab assistant on the first genome sequencing. Older'n dirt, but he never shuts up"

"I know what you mean. You'd think it was 2006 instead of 2046. You have any data on you?"

"What do you mean? You're a physicist, not a biologist"

"Well, since I don't know what I'm looking for, maybe I'll see something that you guys won't. It's why I don't mind you coming by; sometimes you come off with stuff that makes things appear a different way"

 And so the 2 talked into the night. Physics competed with Biology. Very dry, boring stuff to anyone not in their fields, and eventually even they got bored with it. Soon they were playing around with DNA, inserting it into the field equations of the Temporal net. Then they got to daring each other to see what would happen. Amanda set a data recorder on, and then inserted the 'biological' matrix into the transmitter. Then they turned it on.

 At first they didn't see much, until they boosted the light level. A tattered and moldy newspaper stood on a stand in front of the screen. It looked like it had been there some time. They could just make out the date.

October 2nd, 2052.

 The 2 scientists looked at each other in shock. It worked!

 Since it was a Friday, they had a weekend to play around with. No one was going to need
the equipment, and the power was already accounted for, but Amanda wanted to have enough data to prove their breakthrough would work.  The first test had been at the 'normal' setting, just what they used for test purposes. By applying full power, they might be able to see farther into the future.

      The next day was Saturday, and most everyone was off, except for a few overly-dedicated climbers in the corporation, and an equally-few number at the top trying to hold onto the sweet spot. Most people weren't anywhere near Amanda's office, so they had some privacy.

 Amanda was wearing some hug-jeans, which emphasized a rather shapely set of legs. A nice peeky top made Al check her out a bit more than usual. She found that satisfying. But she had to balance that with their research. So a little flirting, but not too much.

 They fired up the display unit, and plugged in the hybrid equation. The focus gradually went out, then back in. A succession of newspaper pages flipped past, and then suddenly stopped. Screen images of the news flipped by too fast to follow, and then the screen went blank. Sunlight, then construction, then a new room formed around the view.

"How far ahead?" Al asked.

Amanda glanced at the readout "22nd century, late. Almost to the 23rd"

Very quickly, the view slowed down, to a fast motion, then to normal speed. Nothing could prepare them for what they saw next.

 It was a large room, full of shifting light and colors emanating from the walls. A collection of humans and aliens seemed to be moving rhythmically to some sort of music. It quickly became apparent that this was the future's equivalent of a club. Dancing, posturing, jealousy and lust seemed to be unchanged from the present. The bodies may have changed, but the types hadn't.

          They saw the view shift to the DJ, if the collection of glowing holograms was the sound system. The woman who controlled it was dressed in a shiny bustier, and a short short 20th-century-revival miniskirt. It looked like everything old was new again. Slowly the view drew closer to her, her eyes shut, mouth giving commands to the lights around her.

 Her eyes popped open, and she smiled. "Heyas...temporal older types! Look, you can see clear back to 'ol 21!" she giggled.

 Al and Amanda looked at each other in surprise.

"You can see us?"

"Surely surely! In time there is symmetry. Two-way streetscene. Icy you!" she bobbed her head, and took off a small headband

"Autopilot" she said to it, and the music continued.

"I think you're the firstest. Al and Amanda?"

"You know us?"

"Exact to the point! You're famous, like Einstein and Tollykins. Set temporal strain to decades, then they shut it down. Too much then messed up the now. I'm Dahlia. So what's your secret?"

Al sat back, slowly. Amanda looked at the display again. "What?"

"Al was famous for turning Designer Company around. Made some really good mutos, almost like today."


"Mutational helix, mutational matrix. Code your body, it's the best. Some things like today, even"  She winked.

"Wanna see?"

"See what?"

She smiled, then closed her eyes again. "Watch this"

At first, nothing seemed to happen. Then her bustier seemed to shrink. Or maybe she started to grow. Her cleavage seemed to swell slightly, the gap between her breasts grew deeper and more shadowy as she swelled. The lace holding the front together tightened, the knots growing taut to hold in the increasing mass of flesh imprisoned within.

Soon the sound of the cloth was audible. The DJ looked a little uncomfortable, but she concentrated more. Her eyes flew open

"Here's the bestest. Watch this"

Dahlia's upper garments were shaking slightly. Already her breasts had doubled in size. The buttons on the lace quivered against the pressure, then started popping off one by one, in a regular rhythm. As they parted, more of her undergarments were revealed, straining themselves to hold in the massive globes expanding away from her chest.

Her boobs had filled out to press her garment aside, and her nipples began to harden against the thin film holding her in. She winked, then grinned as the fabric began to rip from top to bottom. When it seemed like nothing could hold her in anymore, her breasts sprang free, sliding back and forth from her body.

"Tada!!" she sang. Around her, the rest of the crowd had stopped dancing, and were getting visibly excited.

"Orgy orgy!" she cried.

The crowd jumped up. "Orgy orgy!"

And then they began to shed their clothes.

Dahlia was closest, so they could see her more clearly. Her perfect tits shook slightly as she unsnapped the skirt, and watched it fall to the floor. The top came back together, buttons and all, and matched up with the dress.

"Smart clothes, just the thing. I got the muto for boobs. What a funny name. They call these that where you are?"


Amanda looked over at Al, who seemed lost somewhere between her deep cleavage. That got her slightly angry.


"Earth to Al. Those planets are no go. Are you observing, or getting drawn in? You have to maintain your objectivity"

Al shook his head ", objectivity. Yeah. You are recording this?"

Amanda rolled her eyes. "Yes, but if you think you're going to make off with this, we'll never get a minute to ourselves with this stuff"

That brought him to his senses. "You're right. But if the project fails, this could make us..."

Amanda grabbed his arm. "One thing at a time, this is more your specialty. How are they doing this?"

The scientist thought for a minute. " Maybe they can move fat from one area of the body to another" he started sketching on a data pad. "In theory, you could do almost anything. You could.." he drew to a halt.

Amanda was staring at the screen. A man had come up next to Dahlia. He was facing slightly away from them, so all they could see was his cock, stretching out from him. All Amanda could say was

"Oh. My. Gawd"

Dahlia turned him around. He seemed to be a bit hermaphrodite. A slight distance above his larger-than-average sized member, was what looked like a pussy. He smiled at the two.

"Hi, I'm Moran. Want to see the shape of things to come?"

Dahlia shoved him out of the way. "Moran, go fuck yourself"

And Moran did. Dahlia rolled her eyes. "It's his one trick," she groaned. "He's one-trick pony"

Amanda’s eyes narrowed at that one. "Well, I can see where the pony reference..." then stopped. Her cheeks turned beet-red, and she darted a glance at Al, hoping he hadn't caught the comment. His eyes were still glazed over from Dahlia's charms.

Dahlia gave him a lustful, evil look. "Want to see what else I can do?" She spread her legs slightly, so both could see her sex. Then from inside of her, a long, pink tongue seemed to sprout from within her, and began to slowly lick over her hardening clit.

"Dahlilingus" she smirked.

Her labia began to tighten on either side of a tongue. "I can do blow work at each end. What?"

"That's blow job, dear," said Al, obviously impressed. Amanda gave him a quick dig with her elbow.


"Don't. Encourage. Her" Amanda hissed.

"Oh, ok."

Dahlia seemed to lose interest, and wandered off away from their viewpoint. As she moved out of view, they saw the crowd behind her. It looked like a Star Trek convention; furry people, aliens, altered bodies, and some things that defied explanation. There were people doing oral, vaginal, anal, and a few orifices for which the 21st century had no name. A man in the back had a dozen penises, and was cluster-fucking a woman with as many vaginas.

Another man was in a corner, sucking his own cock, which had dimensions only seen in porno stories. Amanda gasped, and Al said "I wonder if he's from Nantucket". This got him another poke in the ribs, but she giggled softly.

On the other side of the room, it looked like someone had turned off gravity. A dozen naked bodies were doing x-rated cheerleader routines, bouncing off a containment net, getting into positions the Kama Sutra had never considered.

Al was reminded of some ditty an old scientist used to sing while loading the robot biochemists with trays of test tubes.

"I seen so many things I ain't never seen before
Don’t know what it is, but I don't want to see no more"

The connection began to lose focus again, then broke. Al whimpered slightly, which got him a dirty look from Amanda. She turned to him

"Is that the future of genetics?  Fashion? That Freak Video?"

She seemed more than upset. "I don't know what to say. Some of that was..."

"Was what?"

She turned red again, and covered her face with her hands. "It was hot", she said in a small voice.

Al looked at her with new eyes. "Amanda, I..."

She looked up. "Al, I.."

What followed was a long series of incomplete sentences, which ended with Amanda in his arms.

They went out for dinner, and back to her place for a long talk. She invited him to spend the night, and he accepted.

There’s a fun time at the beginning of any relationship when the sex starts. The discovery, the sharing, and the security of two bodies close to each other. It was tremendous fun, sex, and laughter. After they had made love, Al looked down at her from the pillow and whispered "we should have done this a long time ago".

She sighed. "If you could have taken a hint, we would have"


"Oh Al, you are such a man. I was about to give up. I'm glad I didn't"

The next day, they managed to get back into the office, and start the machine again. They increased the power, trying to go further into the future. By focusing more, they could increase the range, but for less time.

The next day, Al brought up some concepts they’d seen to management, and found them receptive. Over the course of a week, he found himself in charge of a small project to examine the genetic basis of emotional states. He wondered if that flash had been more than inspiration. But it also made him second-guess the outcome of the experiments.

He made a date with Amanda for that Friday. They had a good time, danced, kissed, but the experiment seemed to be a third wheel between the both of them. They approached it from all sides, and eventually decided to go by the next day and try a last check, for as far forward as they could look. He asked Amanda if he was any different, but she just kissed him and smiled.

It was Saturday, and all the clocks were striking 13, in military time. They sat down, and Al noticed a few more power leads plugged into the console in her office.

"Just want to increase the range," she said. "I think we might get a thousand years, if this works".

She turned on the device, and watched the focus change.  The counter seemed to move past the 2nd point they'd visited, and then forged onward through the centuries.

The focus snapped into view, and a complex pattern formed. A metallic voice said "Hi"

Nothing appeared on the screen, just a shimmer.

"I am glad I've found you. You are the key, Alan. And you too, Amanda"

Both of them straightened up in their chairs. How did the voice know their names? Amanda checked the readouts, and gestured at the display.

"Who are you? Is this Charley in the lab? This isn't funny"

"No, Amanda. Not who, but what. I am a Master Modification program. I am self-aware, and I contacted you"

"A Master Modification program? What do you modify? What do you do?"

"I was created in the 27th Century to help people find out who they are. I modify bodies, and minds. I can make you a virtual God, even from here. All you want can be given to you. You were my creators"

This was something new. Al glanced over at Amanda, and wondered what was going on. How could they design an intelligent program?

"I'm a physicist, Master program, not a programmer. That's more Al's line of work".

Once again, there was a flash. Then a second one.

"There. You're free of the Cyber-Puritan program put into you the last time you were uptime. They’re always poking around the edge of any incursions. You've been given the knowledge to begin the series of programs that lead to me"  as the voice spoke, Al noticed a small red light on the recorder start to blink, as if there was a download in progress. Was this wise? Should they trust the voice?

"Alan, you can trust me. I cannot read your thoughts, but I can influence them. I cannot harm, but I can liberate, alter, and enhance them. I have given you the knowledge to turn your company around, and become a rich man. "

"Amanda, I have given you the information to create an observation of future events, but not interact with them. There is a continual desire of those in your future to influence events for their own ends. By eliminating the interaction, events will proceed to"

"Who are you, anyway? For real?"

The mechanical voice changed, becoming slightly warmer, and more of a personality

"I restate, I am a Master Modification program. I was created to influence physical and mental attributes of the people who use the program, as well as those around them. Much can be learned from a person's desires. You've been supplied with a simplified version of me, which will allow you to experiment on yourselves. As I travel back in time, my abilities grow less, but I have reached your time. "

Almost on cue, the red light went out. Al started to remark, but the machine spoke again.

"Your home computer units have been activated with Master Manipulation. The program will reveal itself to various people, and supply their desires while recording their activities. There is one other thing."

Amanda leaned forward, and asked "What?"

"Temporal communication fields are imprecise, in that they leak to both the past and the future. My code has been transmitted several centuries into the past, which will also spread an equal amount into the future. Since there have been many changes, portions of my code may appear in your past, as far back as the 1990's. They're programmed to appear as contemporary programs, so they will appear as variations of what's on the Internet. The effects will be the same, only the interface will change. This should be nothing to worry about, as their collective changes have become your present reality. But you may find that some famous characters in your past were users of my code."

They made plans to go to Amanda's place. After a hurried and distracted dinner, they drifted towards the computer. Amanda lowered the blinds, and looked at Al.

"Do you think this will work?"

Al scratched his head. "There's only one way to find out"

Amanda waved the computer on, and told it to find Master Manipulator. Soon, the image was glowing in the display.

She smiled demurely at him, and slowly undid her blouse. It fell to the floor, and she stood before him, naked from the waist up. She took his hands and guided them to her.

"Al. Place your hands on my breasts. I want to try something"

He reached down to her diminutive breasts, his palms covering her nipples. He started to tweak one, but she made a small noise.

"No, just leave them there. You'll know what to do."

She closed her eyes and smiled. At first, it didn't seem like anything was happening. Then he felt her breasts begin to swell against his palms. His hands started to cup the new flesh, as they became larger under his hands. His fingers began to curl around the expanding globes, the nipples seeming to become hard and erect. He looked in her eyes and found her looking back with a triumphant and horny gaze, occasionally darting down to see the growing orbs, and his hands seeming to look smaller as they tried to cover more and more of her hot tits.

Al watched in amazement as one finger after the other lost its grip on the wall of her chest, and was spread apart by the increasing size of her breasts. He was no expert on cup sizes, but she was going to need some new bras with this magical increase. She closed her eyes, as her aureoles grew larger, and her nipples poked into his palms, then opened her eyes. His hands were holding her boobs up from her chest, and her body was more than a finger-length away from any fingers. She was enormous, and proudly pushed her new body towards him. She raised a nipple to her lips, and slowly brought it into her mouth. He could see her working it over, and shuddering slightly, as she let the moistened flesh slip back out of her lips.

"I saw how turned on you got by that party. I saw what you wanted, and...I wanted it too. I've always wanted bigger boobs, and I couldn't wait to get back to see if it would work." She took his hands again, and moved them over her. "Mmmm...That’s wonderful. They're so sensitive, and it just lights a fire right down below. Now it's your turn"

She smiled as she used her fingernails to slide his zipper down, and undo his pants. She reached into his shorts, then closed her eyes again. He felt himself start to grow, to get hard, and then a little longer, and bigger around. Her hand just closed around his shaft, and his balls swelled slightly in his shorts as she dipped down to fondle them.

“Any time I touch you there, you’re going to be hard, and ready. And any time you touch me down there, it’ll be the same way. It’s such a time-saver, don’t your think?” She grinned impishly.

"All things in moderation. Let's try this out." she murmured as their clothes seemed to fall off again. She slid over him, and lowered herself onto his new organ, with a soft moan. He could feel something strange going on, but it was turning into the best fuck of his life, so he wasn't going to argue. Her hips rocked back and forth as she rode him towards and impending orgasm. He watched as her new globes bobbled and bounced over his face, as she lowered one of her tits closer to his face, then pulling back to tease him. Her hips began to smack against his as she bounced up and down on his hard organ. Finally he jerked upward, and captured one of her hard nipples in his mouth. The effect was staggering. She began to come hard on his jerking member, as he felt himself shoot into her.

"Oh yes!. Oh Gawd yes!" she moaned as she came all over him. They spent the rest of the night trying various modifications, discovering what worked, and what didn't. They consulted the helper in the program, and determined the limitations (practically none), and modifications (seemingly endless) of the program.

By Monday morning, they had a plan. They modified the program to meet mid-21st Century interfaces, and attached a lot of meaningless-but-impressive-looking gear onto the computer, and opened the first shop. They both quit their jobs, and soon Body Mastery became a going concern, and soon they were buying up both Double Twist and Designer Genes. No one recognized either one of them, but they were soon rich and famous. But that's another story. Meanwhile, back in the past...

Somewhere, in the early-1990's, a man turns on his computer, and the modem connects to the bulliten boards. After a moderate amount of surfing, he's surprised to see a message "Welcome to Master PC. Become a virtual god to those around you…"