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Opening the Box
A Master PC Story

by The Sinner

Part Three

Kelly sat down on the couch next to Jason, gasping as the tight denim fabric of her skin-tight cutoffs rubbed against her pussy. She sat still for several seconds with her eyes closed, willing her pulse to slow down, waiting for the surge of pleasure from her overly-sensitive crotch to wash out of her body. She had come to treasure these rare moments when her mind wasn't swamped by thoughts of sex.

It had been three days since Jason had ordered her to stop going to work. Three days of continuous sex. Three days of spending nearly every waking moment servicing Jason's elephantine cock. Three days of non-stop stroking, licking, sucking, and fucking. Every half hour or so, he would orgasm, bellowing loudly as he pulled out of whatever orifice he was using, his enormous prick spraying sticky white jism all over Kelly. Then, after a pause of perhaps thirty seconds, he would be ready to take her again. Kelly found herself in a near-constant state of exhaustion as she struggled to keep up with Jason's limitless endurance and his always-hard prick.

Not that she didn't like it; she loved it. That was the problem. Her appetite for Jason's cock had only become stronger with the constant exposure to it. Even seeing it was now enough to start her mouth and pussy dripping. And the lust that came over her was stronger than anything she'd ever felt. When she was horny, as she was for most of her waking hours now, she found herself so sex-hungry that she couldn't even think rationally. She was addicted, and it was destroying her mind.

It was only in rare moments that she could even think coherently. Jason no longer needed sleep -- gods didn't need to sleep, he explained -- but she did, and he allowed her to take long naps frequently while he watched TV and surfed the net, searching for more and more news of his program's spread. She was also allowed to eat when her hunger became stronger than her fuck-lust. It was the brief respites from sex that she had while she was eating, and just before and just after sleeping, that allowed her some degree of sentient thought.

Even these brief periods of lucidity were growing shorter and weaker. Kelly had found herself unable to keep from fondling her mammoth tits and soft, juicy pussy while eating. She could see that Jason's program, if left unchecked, would have catastrophic consequences, but she couldn't get Jason to understand that. Even if she could have pierced his megalomania, she had no idea what they could do about the program. The genie was out of the bottle, and there was no way to stuff it back in. Kelly inevitably got depressed whenever she was able to think straight, which only made it easier to slide back into the role of the cock-hungry fuck-slave. Why bother trying to think when there's nothing pleasant to think about? Each time, though, she found it harder to return to rationality, and she knew that it wouldn't be long before her mind and personality vanished forever, leaving behind a creature that only thought about, and only cared about, Jason's cock.

Kelly opened her eyes and looked around the coffee shop. Moonpenny's had turned into a very different place over the last few days. The place had always had a reputation as a geek hangout; that was probably a large part of the reason the shop had had pocket-sized PCs placed on every table. But these days very few of the compact computers were used for email, web-surfing, or any other such mundane task.

Most of the tables were occupied by young men. Some of them were typing furiously at the keyboards of the restaurant's computers; others were in more relaxed poses. Every single one of them, however, was accompanied by at least one fawning female, lavishing some form of attention on him and catering to at least one of his needs. These creatures varied rather widely in size, shape, and ethnicity, though there did seem to be a few popular themes. Most of the women had flaring hips and thin waists, and a large number of them sported impossibly large breasts. Kelly unconsciously reached up and began to rub her stiff nipples through the super-tight white T-shirt she wore.

Modesty had apparently been discarded some time ago. Right next to the couch on which she and Jason sat, Kelly saw a voluptuous brunette sitting on her lover's lap, moaning urgently as she slid up and down on his cock. The boy, who looked to be barely eighteen, was licking eagerly at her generous tits. Kelly stared at the lusty couple, her free hand beginning to slide down her stomach toward her crotch.

"What can I get for you today, miss?"

Kelly jumped, looking at the waitress. "Um... j-just a hot chocolate, please," she stammered. She didn't want caffeine in her system; she had enough trouble staying calm as it was.

"All right, then. And you sir?" she asked, turning toward Jason.

"Espresso, please."

"We'll have those right out for you." The waitress threw them a parting smile before hurrying off.

Kelly watched her go. Aside from having a perfect hourglass figure, a pair of succulently pointed tits, and a thick mane of lustrous red hair, the girl seemed not to have been affected by the most popular new geek hobby. In fact, Kelly noticed that all the regular waitresses seemed to be working as usual. "Jason, why isn't somebody... um..."

"Using her?"

Kelly felt her pussy clench at the words. She liked being used. "Y-yes," she replied, struggling to remain calm. "Why isn't somebody using her?"

"Somebody is using her, my little pet. She belongs to the store. They have a high-powered server in the back that protects the waitresses. You see, a more powerful computer can override a weaker one. In return, the store uses her to serve coffee to its customers. I expect the owner or the manager also gets to make use of her when she isn't waiting on customers."

"Oh," Kelly replied.

"You see," Jason continued, "that's the way the new world I've created will work. Those who can understand and use the gift I've provided will hold the power. Those without power will be ruled and protected by those with power. The weak will serve the strong."

"B-but Jason, that's cruel!" she protested. She knew in the next moment that that was a mistake.

"Cruel?" Jason asked, his voice rising. "Kelly, the world has always been cruel! The strong have always ruled the weak. Now, at least, those with power will be able to change their chattel to better suit their tasks. The slaves will have the pleasure of being good at their duties, and the masters will benefit from the improvements in their lifestyle. Everyone will be happier. After all, don't you get all excited every time I deign to let you service my cock?"

Kelly's eyes fluttered as she thought about Jason's cock. She struggled to stay calm. "W-well, yes, but..."

"Oh, just shut up, you uppity cunt," Jason sighed, turning away to look around the coffee shop. Kelly swallowed, stung. Jason's rebukes always hurt. As much as Kelly knew she had to make Jason see reason, she still wanted -- needed -- craved his approval. She needed him to be happy with her.

The waitress returned with their orders, and Kelly sipped her hot chocolate as she looked over the shop again. On the far side of the room, a bespectacled young man sat in a chair, smiling down at the two lovely young women sitting on their knees in front of him. The girls were taking turns sucking his erect prick, their long, thick manes of blonde hair swishing gently as their heads bobbed up and down. The display was turning Kelly on, as just about anything remotely sexual seemed to do these days.

Just as Kelly had begun to rub the thin layer of denim covering her crotch, the young man stiffened, lifting his ass from the chair as he panted quickly, his hand grabbing the blonde head buried in his crotch. Kelly began to pant with him, her blood pressure rising as she watched him come in the blonde's mouth. After a few moments, he slumped back into the chair. The girl who'd been sucking him off turned to face the young beauty next to her. They kissed, and Kelly got a good look at their faces for the first time.

The kissing beauties were a pair of popular singers, girls who'd built their success with flashy music, flashy dancing, and flashy clothing. Kelly watched as the two faces that had adorned album covers, magazines, and soft drink commercials sucked each other wantonly, white semen dripping from their locked lips.

Kelly realized that it was more likely that these girls weren't really the two singers they looked like, but rather that this man had modified them to look like the pop stars he fantasized about. That horrified her even more. The girls' personalities had certainly been changed, and perhaps even destroyed by the process of being transformed into sex dolls. Now their appearances had been changed beyond recognition. Was there anything even left of them? Even if someone wanted to return them to their old selves, was that possible? Was there any way of even knowing who they had actually been?

A woman stumbled up to the low table on which her cup and Jason's sat. She was panting with exhaustion. Her breasts, even by the standards of their current locale, were enormous, easily the size of soccer balls. Her blouse had been ripped open; tatters of white fabric hanging over her chest. The weight on her chest seemed to be causing her some trouble; she tottered unsteadily on her high heels. "W-would you l-like some..." She swallowed, her face flushed with humiliation, as she brought her hands up to cup her enormous tits. "...s-some m-milk in your coffee?"

The bedraggled woman looked pleadingly at Jason, who shook his head. She turned toward Kelly, a desperate look in her eye. "P-please, miss... th-the pressure h-hurts so much!" She fell to her knees, still holding up her enormous melons. Kelly nodded, eager to help this poor woman. The girl smiled weakly in gratitude and leaned forward, squeezing one enormous breast. A stream of milk squirted out, splashing into Kelly's hot chocolate. "Ohhhhh..." she moaned, a look of visible relief crossing her face. "Th-thank you, miss!"

"Good job, Bessie!" "That's what those udders are for!" "Good little moo-cow!" The calls came from a nearby table, where three young men chortled and slapped each other on the back as they watched the big-breasted young woman squeeze her mammary into Kelly's cup. One of them leaned forward and began typing furiously on the computer in front of him, a wide grin on his face.

"Ohhhh noooo..." the woman wailed as Kelly's cup filled up. "It's h-happening again!" Kelly watched in horror as the woman's breasts swelled, becoming even larger than before. "Oh god!" she screamed, leaning on the coffee table. trying to support the enormous weight on her chest. Her face was a mask of agony.

The cat-calls began from the other table. "Come here, Bessie! Farmer Bob wants his milk!" "Crawl over here, you little heifer!" "What kind of noise does a cow make?"

The girl struggled to turn and crawl toward them. "M-mooooo!" she called out in a trembling voice. Her boobs, now the size of beach balls, dragged across the floor, leaving streams of white milk on the carpet. "Mooooo!" she called, pain obvious in her voice. The boys helped her up to a semi-standing position, her massive tits resting on the table as her knees buckled. They began to play with her, laughing all the while at her predicament.

Kelly turned to face her master. "Jason! She's in agony!" she pleaded.

"No, she's not. She's serving her purpose in life. Look how happy she is."

Kelly looked. The girl's face looked calmer, perhaps even a bit happy, and her mooing had taken on a more aroused character. Perhaps that had something to do with the fact that two of the young men were using her tits as squirt guns, trying to see which of them could shoot milk the furthest. Or it might have had more to do with the third boy, who was now standing behind her, his cock sliding rhythmically in and out of her pussy. "Moooooo.... moooooooo!"

"B-but Jason," Kelly pleaded, "this is wrong! Making her do that, it's..."

Jason slapped her. Kelly froze, emotionally stung much more than physically. "Damn it, bitch, stop your whining! One more outburst like that and I'm going to get rid of you!" Kelly trembled at those words. She couldn't live without Jason. Without his cock. "Now shut up and let me enjoy watching my new world unfold."

Kelly struggled not to cry as she nodded. She was at her wits' end. There was nothing she could say to make Jason see the truth of what he had created, and every time she tried he only got angrier. Perhaps it was best to just give up. Best to just surrender herself to the pleasure of being Jason's slave, live for the bliss of sucking and fucking his magnificent cock, and not have to worry about actually thinking anymore.

If the world was turning into a circus of carnality, who was she to stop it? Best to just give in. She looked around at the gorgeous, sexy girls rubbing, fondling, licking, sucking, and screwing their masters. Every man in the place had at least one eager filly servicing his needs.

Except for the one two tables over from the couch. Kelly caught him looking at her, but he quickly returned his attention to the computer in front of him. From where she was sitting she could just barely see the screen. She squinted. It was a difficult angle, but she thought she could make it out. The Master PC program was running, all right. Kelly leaned forward, trying to get a better look...

She jumped. The body spinning on the screen was all too familiar. "J-Jason!" she whispered hurriedly, grabbing his arm and pointing. "That man! He's..."

"Damn it, you ignorant slut!" he hissed. "I told you not to bug me with your whining."

Kelly worked up all the courage she could muster to continue speaking in the face of Jason's rage. "B-but he's using the p-program t-to..."

"To change you? Christ, you're a stupid bitch," he growled. "I told you that a powerful computer can override a weaker one, and my machine at home has four times the horsepower of that glorified calculator he's using. But you know what? I'm through with all your incessant simpering. If he wants you, he can have you!"


"No, shut up! I'm through with you. Now go to your new master, tell him you're his new fuck-bitch, and suck him off!" Jason pointed at the man. Kelly swallowed. She couldn't disobey Jason's command. Defeated, she stood up and walked over to the lone hacker. She fought back tears. Maybe it was best this way.

The man looked up at her as she sank to her knees in front of him. "H-hello, master," she stammered. "I'm y-your new f-fuck-bitch." She reached up to unzip his pants.

"Oh, m-my!" he stammered. "W-well, that's very nice and all, b-but..." Kelly pulled his semi-hard cock out of his pants. It was nowhere near the size of Jason's. But she would have to adapt. Sighing, she leaned forward and took him into her mouth, sucking on the stiffening shaft. "R-really, I'm n-not... oh, my!" he groaned as Kelly swirled her tongue around his cock. "W-well, now I s-suppose that is good!" he exclaimed, pushing the computer back a bit as he rested his arm on the table. Kelly put as much enthusiasm as she could into the blowjob. She didn't feel the same electric thrill she'd felt when she sucked Jason off, but maybe in time her new master would give her the same level of pleasure.

There was a sudden crash. Kelly looked up to see her new master weaving unsteadily. Coffee was running from the top of his head down over the dazed expression on his face. As she let his prick fall out of her mouth, he slumped over sideways, falling out of the chair. Behind him stood Jason, holding the handle of a shattered coffee mug. He was staring at the screen.

Kelly rose to her feet and followed his gaze. The now-unconscious man had been editing the "Mental/Emotional notes" field of the program when Kelly's blowjob had interrupted him. The field read "Loves to suck Harold Dalton's cock. Loves the idea of being Harold's fuck-toy." A blinking cursor stood at the end of the line, awaiting a tap on the "Enter" key. Kelly realized that Jason had seen what was on the screen when the man had pushed the computer away from himself to enjoy her work on his cock. An image of Jason's own body was spinning in the program's main window.

Kelly looked at Jason. He was still standing there, breathing in quick, shallow breaths, his lower jaw trembling. She couldn't remember seeing him this scared. Kelly watched as he leaned forward, picking up the hacker's plastic coffee mug, and poured the contents all over the keyboard. The monitor flickered out as sparks began to fly from the machine. Jason stepped back a bit, still hyperventilating. Then he lunged forward, slamming the mug repeatedly into the hissing machine. Chiclet keys flew from the computer as the LCD screen developed a spiderweb of cracks.

At last he dropped the mug to the floor, his breathing slowing. "Come on, Kelly. Let's go." He strode past her toward the door.

"Jason! Where are we going?" she asked as she hurried to follow him.

He stopped in his tracks, turning to look at her. The look in his eyes was apologetic. "We're going to put the genie back in the bottle."

"Who is it?" The voice was muffled by the thick wooden door.

"It's me, you paranoid freak," Jason hollered. He turned to Kelly, speaking softly. "These guys are a little wacked out, but they're the best hackers in the city." Kelly nodded, looking up at the towering bulk of the old townhouse. Clearly the "best hackers in the city" made a fair bit of money, if they could afford a nice place like this.

"I heard that!" said the voice from behind the door.

"Just open the damn door!" Jason yelled. "It's important!"

"Fine, fine," came the surly but resigned voice. Kelly heard a series of metallic clicks and scrapes coming from the other side of the door. At last, it swung open, revealing a portly young man in a T-shirt that wasn't quite big enough to cover his entire belly. He pushed his stringy brown hair back off of his pale face and squinted into the sunlight. "Hi, Jason. Come on in."

Jason stepped in, Kelly following him. "Rod, this is my girlfriend Kelly. Kelly, this is Rod McCaffrey."

Kelly smiled at him. Rod looked her up and down, nodding once before turning back to Jason. "Well, come on in. Ed's in the den."

"The house is looking nice," Jason commented as they followed Rod down a hallway. Kelly looked around at the well-maintained, tastefully-decorated rooms they passed by.

"Yeah, we put the bunnies to work on sprucing the place up a bit. It was Ed's idea."

Just then, they arrived at the end of the hallway. The room beyond bore almost no resemblance to the rest of the house. It was a mess. Several tables were arranged haphazardly around the walls of the room, each supporting one or more computers in various states of assembly. The floor was littered with random electronic devices, manuals, CDs, and scraps of paper. Underneath the debris, cables of all shapes, colors, and sizes snaked across the floor, connecting the computers to each other and to various outlets and plugs in the wall. What little sunlight got past the windowshades was overwhelmed by the glow of dozens of monitors.

"Hey, Jason, how ya doing?" The greeting came from a wiry, bespectacled black man sitting in front of a glowing monitor. Two gorgeous and rather well-endowed blonde women stood behind him, massaging his shoulders, vapid smiles on their faces. A similarly comely brunette and redhead sprung up off a couch and hurried over to shower similar attention on Rod as he led Jason and Kelly into the room. A shower of giggles erupted from the women.

"I'm... well, I'm doing all right, Ed. At least now I am." Jason looked at Kelly, grinning wryly. Kelly's heart melted. It was such a relief to see him looking sane again. "How about you?" Jason asked, turning back to the black man.

He grinned broadly, motioning to the two girls rubbing his shoulders. "Can't complain!" The blondes giggled at that.

Jason's brow furrowed as he looked at the women. "Wait a minute. Is that who I think it is?"

Ed laughed. "Introduce yourselves, ladies."

The nearest blonde turned to face Jason and Kelly. "Hi, I'm Miss May!" she exclaimed in a chirpy voice. "I'm a blue-eyed blonde! My measurements are thirty-six "D", twenty-three, thirty-six! My turn-ons include being ordered around, staying indoors all day, and getting treated like the cum-thirsty slut I am! What I look for in a man is a sedentary lifestyle, an extensive knowledge of computers, and a willingness to let me suck his cock all day long!"

She turned back to Ed, resuming the sensuous shoulder massage, as the other girl spoke up. "Hi, I'm Miss March! I'm a brown-eyed blonde! My measurements are thirty-eight "C" ..."

"Wait a minute!" Jason exclaimed. You mean these two are the real thing? Actual Pl..."

"Absolutely bona fide, 100% real!" Ed chortled. "Rod's got this year's Miss January and February over there." He gestured to where his portly roommate was getting a similar massage from the brunette and redhead. "They're the real deal."

"Well, it looks like you did some work to reduce their intelligence." Jason asked.

"You'd be surprised," Rod muttered, rolling his eyes. "Anyway, we really owe you for putting your program on our FTP site. We got first crack at it, so we were able to grab the best ones before everyone else got the program."

"Actually, that's what I came over to talk about," Jason said, stepping carefully around the debris on the floor as he headed over to a free chair. Kelly followed him, placing her heels gingerly.

"Oh?" Rod asked. Both hackers were looking intently at Jason. "What's the matter? Our server shows over a hundred thousand downloads already. It's incredibly popular."

"That's the problem," Jason replied. "It's too popular."

"Too popular? What do you mean?"

"Have you guys been outside recently?" Jason asked.

Ed's brow furrowed. "Um... not since... let's see... a week ago last Tuesday, I guess. Why? What's going on outside?"

"It's pandemonium," Jason replied. "Everyone's got the program. Everyone is using it on everyone else. It's going to destroy civilization if it isn't stopped."

"Oh, come on," Rod said. "It can't be that bad. After all, the original version was already out there before you wrote your clone. Sure, it wasn't open-source, but it was still freely copyable. If it really had the potential to bring about the end of the world, it would have already happened."

Jason shook his head. "That's what I kept thinking while I was writing it. But I'm telling you, bad things are happening now that weren't happening before."

"All right, we'll take your word for it, Jason," Ed said. "But..."

"Now wait a minute," Rod interrupted. "I don't buy this at all. Why would Jason's program send everything to hell when the original version didn't?"

Jason sighed, palms upward in surrender. "I don't know. I just know that it is happening."

"Well," Rod huffed, "I'm not going to just..."

"Oh my god!" Kelly gasped. "I just remembered! Jason, that evening when you were working on the program and I was... well, you know..." She blushed a bit. "You said the program was crippled!"

"Crippled?... Oh... yes. Yes!" He exclaimed. "The original version was crippleware!"

"How exactly?" Ed asked.

"It took a hardware fingerprint. It would only work on a very specific hardware configuration. Of course! That's why it did that! That way, almost everyone who downloaded it couldn't get it to work, assumed it was garbage, and tossed it. Only a few lucky people could even use the damn thing!"

Ed leaned back, the blondes still rubbing his shoulders, arms and chest. "It makes sense, Rod."

Rod was scowling as his own admirers massaged him. "Oh, all right, I guess I'll believe it. But what the hell are we supposed to do about it?" All three programmers frowned in thought. The centerfolds continued to smile vacantly. The only sound came from the humming fans of the computers. The silence stretched.

Kelly finally broke it. "Well, can you send out a... um... whaddayacallit... a patch to the program. Tell everyone it's an upgrade, but really it stops the program from working?"

"No, that won't work," Ed sighed. "We could send out a patch for the executable, but since the source code for the program is right there, anyone could just recompile the old version. And if we sent out a patch for the source code, it would be trivial for anybody to see what changes we were trying to make just by looking at the patch." Kelly had the feeling that "anybody" in this case meant "anybody with a college degree in computer science", but she supposed the point was still valid.

The room lapsed into silence again. Kelly saw the blondes look at each other nervously. The sound of a chirping bird drifted in through the shaded windows.

"Well, okay," she said at last, "can't you make like a virus or something? Something that'll go to everyone's hard drive and delete every copy of the program?"

"No, that won't work either," Rod responded. "You see, the program's been out for several weeks now. People have made a lot of modifications to it. Some of the new versions are probably a lot different from the original. Even if we could write a virus that we could guarantee would get onto everybody's hard drive -- and that's pretty much impossible right there -- we could never get it to recognize all the different versions of the program. We probably don't even know what a lot of the versions look like."

Another period of silence ensued. Kelly heard a clock ticking from the next room. She chewed on an inch-long fingernail.

"Well, damn it!" she shouted, pounding her fist on a table. "Can't we just use the program to make everyone forget the damn thing?"

Jason sighed. "No, Kelly, that won't work either. First of all, we'd need to have access to an incredibly powerful computer to handle that many people. Maybe even a cluster of supercomputers. And then, on top of that, we'd need complete data on almost everyone on the planet, or at least all the people who could have seen the program. We don't have either of those things, do we, guys?"

No one answered. Kelly looked up to find Rod and Ed staring at each other. Jason looked up too, confusion evident on his face. "What?" he asked.

"Vanguard," Ed whispered.

Rod smiled wolfishly. "Exactly."

Jason threw up his hands. "Oh, for Chrissakes, you guys, I've told you it doesn't exist!"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Kelly asked.

"Vanguard," Ed said, swiveling to face the computer next to him and beginning to type, "is a covert electronic intelligence system run by the espionage agencies of the five major English-speaking nations: Us, the Brits, the Canucks, the Aussies, and the Kiwis. The Vanguard system is used to spy on all forms of electronic communication -- phone, faxes, email, you name it. The ACLU has been trying to learn about Vanguard for years, and the European Parliament recently launched a major investigation, but nobody really knows the full scope of the system."

"Except us," Rod piped in as he hammered away at his own keyboard. "Through a series of cleverly-placed taps on major telephone switching stations and internet hubs, Vanguard is capable of monitoring at least 98% of the email and telephone communication in this country. Vanguard has a detailed file on virtually everyone who's ever picked up a telephone or logged on to the internet. And because of the vast amount of processing required to sort and catalog all this data, Vanguard is home to the world's largest and most powerful supercomputer cluster." The portly hacker broke into a smile. "That makes it ideal for our purposes." The brunette and the redhead swooned as Rod finished speaking, giggling appreciatively at his display of knowledge.

"It doesn't exist!" Jason insisted. "It's just a bunch of wacko conspiracy theories."

"It certainly does," Ed replied. "Otherwise, how do you explain JFK's assassination? He was killed because he was opposed to building the system in the first place. The CIA and NSA knew Johnson would be more pliable."

"This is what I'm talking about!" Jason yelled.

"Are you guys serious?" Kelly asked skeptically.

"Very much so," Ed said.

"All right," Jason said. "Supposing I accept that Vanguard actually exists, which I don't, but supposing I do, how do you actually plan to break into a top-secret government computing facility?"

"Oh, it's very simple," Rod said. "One of their sys-admins sent us the password a couple of days ago."

"What?" Jason asked incredulously. "What the fuck are you talking about?"

Rod smiled, clearly enjoying Jason's confusion. "It was a pretty lucky thing, really. For awhile now, we've been watching how IP numbers get allocated. There were holes in the distribution, and..."

"What's an IP number?" Kelly asked.

Rod sighed, annoyed. "IP stands for Internet Protocol. An IP number is a number used to identify an individual computer on the internet. When you want to connect a computer to the internet, you go to the authorities and they give you an IP number for the computer.

"Anyway, as I was saying, Ed and I watched how the numbers were allocated, and we noticed there were gaps in the distribution; some numbers just weren't being distributed, and nobody could explain why. So we started watching to see if anyone was contacting those IP numbers."

"Watching how?" Jason asked.

"We snuck little packet sniffers into some of the major ISPs. They watched to see if any traffic was going to the forbidden IPs. And then, just three days ago we found someone remotely accessing one of them. We traced it back and found it was someone using a laptop at a hotel downtown. So we broke into the hotel computer and found out his name."

"I see. And then you just waltzed down there and asked him to please tell you the password?" Jason asked sarcastically.

Rod scowled. "Don't be an ass. We used your program to make him want to tell someone. We made him feel guilty about what he was doing, spying on people and all, and gave him an uncontrollable urge to assuage his guilt by telling the next person he thought he could trust."

"What, and somehow you convinced him he could trust you?"

Rod snorted. "Not us." He jerked his thumb toward the two gorgeous models rubbing his shoulders. "We sent Mandy and Trixie here over to the hotel to fuck his brains out."

"His cock was so yummy," the redhead enthused, licking her lips in remembered lust.

"He came all over Trixie's tits!" the brunette exclaimed. Both girls giggled uncontrollably at that.

"Anyway" Ed said, "we were going to wait a few days before we tried it out, but from what you're saying, the sky is falling now."

Jason sighed. "Yeah, it's getting pretty close to that. Look, are you sure this is going to work?"

"Only one way to find out," Ed replied. "Have a seat, Jason." He motioned to a chair next to him, in front of which sat a monitor and keyboard. "Get the source code to your program off the server and start hacking at it. We need a version of the program that'll make the same modification to a huge number of people in quick successions, and you know that code better than anyone. Meanwhile, we'll try to set up a connection to Vanguard."

Jason opened his mouth to protest, but Kelly placed a gentle hand on his arm. "Please, Jason. This may be our only chance to stop it."

Jason looked at her, then closed his mouth and nodded. "Right." He shifted over to the chair Ed had indicated. Kelly got up and stood behind him, her fingers resting gently on his shoulders as he began to type. It reminded her of the long evenings she'd spent standing behind Jason, helping him relax while he'd worked on the program. She wondered if he might prefer she kneel between his legs and relax him that way, but decided against it. He needed all his concentration focused on the computer right now.

She remained there for awhile as Jason worked furiously. The room was largely silent, save for the stacatto clicking of three keyboards. Rod and Ed occasionally exchanged a few terse pieces of jargon. Jason remained silent, hunched over the keyboard. Kelly rubbed his shoulders gently, trying to defuse the tension in them faster than it was building up.

"Got it!" Ed exclaimed. "We're in!" Kelly and Jason both leaned over to look at his monitor. "Now let's see..." the wiry hacker muttered. "How do we access the files?" He tapped on the keyboard for a moment. Suddenly, the screen sprang to life. Kelly tried to keep up with the scrolling lines of text that appeared.

NAME: Hoffman, Jason Michael

AGE: 25

HEIGHT: 5'8"

WEIGHT: 185 lbs.

EDUCATION: B.S. Computer Science, M.I.T.

MEDICAL COMMENTS: Good health. Suffers from acrophobia, seasonal allergies. Has occasional bladder-control problems.

PERSONAL COMMENTS: Experienced hacker. Originator of OpenMaster, an open-source clone of the Master PC program. Dislikes seafood. In love with Kelly Lynn Wright. Likes Cinnamon. Enjoys...

Ed gave a low whistle. "Occasional bladder-control problems, huh?"

"Oh, fuck you!" Jason exclaimed. "I haven't had that since I was thirteen. You'd think a goddamn secret surveillance agency could keep their records up to date."

"Hey, it's not my business," Ed replied. "Let's see what they have on Rod..."

"Might I remind you that we need to hurry?" Rod called out. "I've tunneled our connection through four different sites, so we should be able to stay hidden for a little while, but we don't have forever."

"Oh, all right," Ed replied, a bit downcast. "Jason, how's the code looking?"

Jason returned to his workstation. "It'll work, but it's going to be slow. I don't know what sort of architecture their system has, so I can't optimize it."

"Well, start uploading it," Ed said. "I'll see if I can find an optimizer."

"Right," Jason replied. Both hackers went back to typing on their respective keyboards.

Kelly frowned, a bit disturbed by the ease with which these guys had broken into what appeared to be a highly-sensitive government computer. "Isn't it a bit odd that we were able to get in so easily?" she asked.

"Well," Rod said offhandedly, "you have to bear in mind that until recently almost no one even knew Vanguard existed. And even the people that did know had no idea where to find it. So they were relying on secrecy as their security. No one can break in to your system if no one knows it exists."

Kelly thought about that. She could see the logic in it, but something still bothered her...

"Got the optimizer!" Ed exclaimed, pumping his fists in the air. The two blondes cheered appreciatively. "It's called "parallel-op", spelled parallel hyphen oh pee. Just pipe the source code through it while I set up a batch file for your program.

Jason nodded. "All right, guys, we're going to run this program on every single person in the entire world. What are we going to do to them, exactly?"

"Well, obviously we want them to never run the program again," Rod said, "so let's set it up so they'll be unable to understand or use the program. And they're going to forget it every existed."

"Or any variant of it," Ed interjected.

"Right, or any variant of it."

"Great. That was easy," Jason said, starting to type again.

"But that still leaves the program out there," Kelly pointed out. "What if a copy lies around for awhile and somebody we missed stumbles onto it?"

"Look, honey," Rod sneered. "This database contains the names and vital stats of every fucking person in the world who's ever touched any sort of electronic communication device. The only people we'll miss are the ones who spend all their time churning butter and building barns, all right?"

"And what about the ones who haven't been born yet?" Kelly replied. "We can't get them."

Rod was silent for a few seconds. "Shit. Okay, so... um... let's add in something that makes people think the Master PC program is garbage and they'll just delete every copy they find."

"And they'll all have a sudden urge to clean their hard drives," Ed added.

"What about that virus that's been going around?" Jason asked.

"So we'll also tell people not to be fucking idiots and open strange emails," Ed said. "That good enough?"

"It'll have to be!" Rod exclaimed, turning back to his computer. Kelly could see parts of it flashing in bright colors. "They've found our entry point!"

"Are they doing anything?"

"Not yet. They're trying to trace our connection back and find out who we are," Rod said. The brunette and redhead exchanged a worried look as Rod began typing furiously. "Hurry it up!" the pudgy hacker yelled.

"Okay, okay," Jason said. I'm writing in our modifications now. Let's see... Four hundred computers in the cluster... Each one can run a hundred fifty teraflops a second... About a megaflop for each person modified, so... um... it should run in fifteen seconds once we get it going."

"They traced our connection back to Microsoft headquarters," Rod reported. "They have to tunnel through three more sites before they find us."

"I've got the batch file set up," Ed said. "It's going to run on everyone in the Vanguard database, except for Ed Smith, Rod McCaffrey, and Jason Hoffman. Now I'm going to have to..."

"And Kelly," Jason interrupted. He looked up, his eyes locking with hers. Kelly could feel tears welling up. "Kelly Wright," he said softly.

"Jason," Ed replied, "this is not the time to be..."

"Put her in," Jason insisted.

"No time to argue!" Rod growled. " They've traced back to the International Space Station! Two more links before they find us. Hurry!"

"Put her in!" Jason shouted.

Ed sighed. "Okay, fine, whatever. Kelly's on the list now." The skinny hacker furrowed his brow, then turned to face the blonde rubbing his left shoulder. "Cindy, do you want me to write you in, too?"

The girl looked confused. "What do you mean?" she said in a high-pitched voice.

"Never mind," Ed replied, turning back to the keyboard.

"Okay!" the blonde chirped agreeably, resuming her massage of Ed's shoulder.

Kelly looked down at Jason, who was turning back to his computer. She was overcome with emotion. He cares, she thought. He really cares. God, I'm so lucky! I'm so happy I'm crying! I'm so... Fuck, I'm so horny! Kelly whimpered softly as she felt the familiar wave of lust rising within her. Familiar, yet different. More substantial... more real.

"It's compiled and ready to go!" Jason said.

"They've traced it back to the Nike factory in Vietnam!" Rod yelled. "Fuck, they're fast. One left!"

"It's loading up," Ed announced. "It's distributing across the network. It's running! We need fifteen seconds!"

Kelly trembled, fear and lust tearing her apart. It had to work. She felt Jason grasping her hand and looked down at him. God, he's handsome.

"Ten more seconds!" Ed announced, rising slowly from his chair.

"They've traced us back through the White House! WE have no protection left. We've got to cut loose! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!" The rotund hacker jumped up from his chair, running toward one wall, pushing various pieces of equipment out of his way. The brunette and redhead stepped back carefully, frightened looks on their faces.

"Five seconds!" Ed was standing now.

Kelly clung to Jason, who had stood up to wrap his arms around her. She could feel his body shaking in fear, even as she felt his hard cock pressing against her hip.

Rod yanked open a panel in the wall and wrapped a pudgy hand around the large switch inside. He craned his neck to look at the monitor. "They've almost got us!" he screamed. "We've got to kill the network!"

"Done! It's done!" Ed leaped up from his chair as Rod yanked the switch. The lights in the room went out, leaving the monitors to flicker for a second before falling dark. The low hum of the computers ceased, leaving the room eerily silent. Rod and Ed turned to stare at each other. Jason looked at Kelly. After a long silence, he whispered, "We did it, Kelly. We did it."

Relief flooded over Kelly as she kissed Jason passionately. She was dimly aware of the other two hackers laughing and congratulating each other, the centerfolds jumping and cheering appreciatively. But she didn't care about any of that.

Panting with need, Kelly pulled a stumbling Jason out of the computer-filled room and down the hall. She spied a plush couch in one of the side rooms and dragged him into it, kissing him hard again and pulling him down to it. "I love you," she moaned as she kissed his neck. "I love you, Jason."

"I... I... I love you too, Kelly." he panted as he fumbled for her boobs. He had changed, somehow. The cocksure megalomaniac was gone, and the hesitant, slightly awkward young man had returned.

Kelly pulled back, spreading her legs and wrapping them around Jason's midsection. "Then fuck my brains out!" she gasped as she pulled open his pants. He groaned as she pulled his cock out. It was still monstrously huge, but she wanted it more than ever. No... she didn't want the cock, she wanted him. Kelly lay back, pushing her obscenely short denim cutoffs to one side, revealing her dripping snatch. Her hand pulled Jason insistently downward, guiding him into her. Kelly wailed in joy as he entered her. "Fuck me, Jason, fuck meeeeee!"

He needed no encouragement, grunting with effort as he began to pound her eager snatch. "Fuck me, baby!" she squealed. "Harder! Faster!" He obliged, his thrusts becoming quicker and deeper. Kelly reached up to fondle her tits, massaging the erect nipples. Jason brought his head down to kiss her lips, causing her whole spine to melt with sexual pleasure. They lasted less than a minute before they came together, clutching each other's bodies, Jason's cock shooting wad after wad of his seed into Kelly's spasming pussy. They shuddered and slumped to the couch together.

Kelly opened her eyes to find Jason smiling down at her. For the first time in nearly a month, she smiled back.

Epilogue --------

Kelly smiled slightly as Jason opened the door. "Hi," she said.

"Hi," he responded sheepishly. "Uh, come on in." He stepped back, allowing Kelly to enter the apartment. "You look good."

Kelly snorted, looking down at herself. She'd woken up that morning in her original body, the one she'd had a month ago -- slightly shorter than average, perhaps a touch overweight, and clumsy as hell. Her current appearance could hardly compare to the sex-goddess she'd looked like twenty-four hours ago. But when she looked up at Jason, she found him looking at her in a way he he'd never looked at her before. He wasn't looking at her body anymore; he was looking at her. Kelly smiled broadly. "Thanks, Jason."

"Look, I'm r-really sorry about everything that..."

"I know." Kelly silenced him with a hand on his arm. "But you fixed it."

"But Jesus, Kelly, I was going insane. Y-you saved me from that."

Technically, the guy who'd been trying to control Jason had saved him, by letting him get a look at the laptop screen. But Kelly didn't see any reason to point that out. "Well, sure. That's what girlfriends are for, isn't it?"

Jason blinked. "You... you mean you still want to be..."

"Yes, I do."

"But... even after I... I mean, I feel so awful about..." he stammered.

"I know you do. But you realized it was wrong." She leaned forward to kiss him before he could protest again. "Besides," she added, smiling as she pulled away, "if I leave you now, there won't be anyone to save you next time you get into trouble."

That got an embarrassed grin from him. "Thank you, Kelly."

"Sure." She reached up to stroke his cheek with one hand. "Now I'm a little tired, honey, so I'm going to go rest a bit while you make me some dinner, okay?"

He nodded. "Spaghetti or macaroni?"

Pity I can't use the program to make him a decent cook, she thought. Well, no one's perfect. "Spaghetti please, honey."

He nodded again before heading off toward the kitchen.

Kelly went into the bedroom, dropping her purse on the ground and slipping off her shoes before crawling onto the bed. It was unmade, as usual, but Kelly didn't mind. The evidence of Jason's shortcomings was a comforting reminder that things were back to normal.

Kelly had no idea how long she'd been sleeping when Jason's computer beeped. Kelly grumbled and turned to peer at the monitor.

New mail from unknown re: Intrusion.

A chill ran down Kelly's spine. "Jason! Come here!" she shrieked.

He ran into the room just seconds later. "What? What is it?" Kelly pointed mutely at the monitor. Frowning, he sat down in front of the keyboard and began typing. A moment later the message appeared in the window.

  From: unknown
  To: Jason Hoffman <jhoff@verinix.com>
  Re: Intrusion

  Mr. Hoffman,

  It has come to our attention that you recently made unauthorized use
  of our computing facilities.  While we understand that you were
  trying to rectify a problematic situation that you had created, we
  do not take kindly to being intruded upon.  Please do not do this

  During your intrusion, you uploaded a modified version of our
  reality-altering software.  While we appreciate the improvements
  you've made (really, our engineers are rather impressed with some of
  your code!) we cannot allow you to continue developing or
  distributing it at this time.  We have taken steps to ensure that
  you will be unable to continue your work.


Kelly's jaw dropped. "So they... Vanguard developed the Master PC program?"

"Jesus, it looks that way. But what did they mean by... Holy shit!"

Smoke was pouring from the computer case under Jason's desk. The monitor flickered out as Jason dove to the floor, pulling open the grey metal box. A cloud of acrid black smoke wafted out, causing him to choke and cough. "God damn it!" he yelled. "My hard drive! They fried my fucking hard drive! How the hell could they do that? It's not possible."

Kelly sat back in her chair. "You know, honey, they could have just killed you instead."

Jason exhaled, sitting in the chair again as the smoke dissipated. "I suppose you're right. But damn, everything was on there. That was my only copy of the program!"

Good, Kelly thought, but decided not to say. Jason's shoulders slumped in dejection. "Oh, I'm sorry, honey. Let me see if I can cheer you up a bit." Kelly felt a wicked grin spreading across her face as she slid off her chair, gliding to her knees in front of Jason. His eyes bulged out as she deftly unzipped his jeans.

Kelly breathed a sigh of relief as she pulled out Jason's semi-erect cock. Thank God he changed it back to a human size before his computer got fried. She began to rub it gently, a thrill running up her spine as she felt it stiffening in her hand. She looked up at Jason, smiling as she leaned forward. Despite all the fellatio she'd given him in the last month, he was staring at her as though this was the first time she'd ever given him a blowjob.

It was several hours before Jason gave any further thought to his computer.

The end.