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Opening the Box
A Master PC Story

by The Sinner

Part Two

Kelly yawned, rubbing her eyes as she sat up in bed. Jason's bed, she realized. That was odd. Usually she went home at night after she and Jason spent the evening fucking. She blinked a few times. Jason was sitting at his desk, his back facing her as he typed away on his computer. She remembered now. They'd gone for a walk and encountered a man using a handheld PC to manipulate women in the park. Jason had been awe-struck by the sight, and had spoken with pride about how he'd given the man that power, how it had made him a god.

He'd taken her right there in the park, humping her furiously under the cover of a few tiny bushes. After that he'd dragged her home and they'd spent the evening fucking like animals. Kelly couldn't remember how many orgasms she'd had before Jason had fallen asleep, exhausted. And the whole time he'd talked and talked about his role as a creator, a bestower of power.

"Jason?" she asked nervously. Please let him be a little more rational this morning, she thought.

"Yeah, babe?" He didn't turn away from the computer screen.

"Umm... how are you feeling?"

"Never better," he said, still typing. "Why don't you get me some breakfast?"

"Okay, honey!" Kelly exclaimed. So far, he didn't seem to be thinking of himself as a deity. That was a good sign. Kelly crawled out of bed and walked out into the hallway. Something felt strange. She ducked into the bathroom, looking at her bleary-eyed reflection in the mirror. I need a cup of coffee, she thought as she pushed a few stray locks of curly brown hair out of her face.

She froze. My hair was blonde yesterday. And straight. And longer. She stared at her tousled chestnut-brown mane in the mirror. And my boobs weren't this big, and I was taller, and my hips were narrower, and the day before that I was a redhead, with green eyes, not brown, and not blue, which is what I had yesterday. Screaming, she ran out of the bathroom and back to Jason's bedroom. "Jason! Jason! Something's happening to me. My body is..."

He turned away from the computer, smiling like a cat who'd eaten the canary. "Of course it is, babe. I've been playing with it."

The program. She looked over his shoulder. There on the monitor, was an image of her body -- her body for today, anyway -- spinning slowly in three dimensions. A phalanx of fill-in boxes stood next to the picture.

NAME: Wright, Kelly Lynn

AGE: 24

HEIGHT: 5'8"

WEIGHT: 105 lbs.


EDUCATION: B.A. History, Boston College.

MEDICAL COMMENTS: Good health. In excellent aerobic shape; capable of prolonged physical activity. Easily aroused sexually.

PERSONAL COMMENTS: A cock-hungry sexpot who lives to please her master, Jason Hoffman. Loves to show off her sexy body and prefers to wear revealing, provocative clothing...

For a moment, Kelly was struck by the sheer absurdity of it all. Surely there was no way that typing numbers and words into little boxes on a computer screen could actually change a person. Kelly knew she was more than just data in a computer. "Jason, this can't be real," she said. Jason's smile grew broader as he turned back to the computer. Kelly saw the mouse pointer move up to the "measurements" box. A cursor appeared, and Jason overwrote the "38" at the beginning with a "44".

The instant he tapped the "Enter" key, Kelly grunted, stumbling as a sudden weight pulled on her torso. She looked down at her chest. Her boobs had somehow... grown. They jutted obscenely from her ribcage, high and round, the nipples pointing forward like bullets. Kelly brought her hands up in awe, gasping as he fingers made contact with the sensitive buds. They were real, all right. God, I must look hot with these guns. With a low-cut tank top and no bra, every guy who sees me will cream his...

Kelly shrieked. The program! The program was making her think like this. "J-Jason! Why? Why are you doing this?" Her hands, seemingly with a mind of their own, began to pinch and rub her stiff nipples.

"Because it's fun," he replied, still grinning. "By default, the subject is unaware of the changes being made to her. She thinks her present appearance is the way she's always looked. That's the way you've been up until now. But I've decided to let you know what's been done to you. You weren't always a knockout nympho-slut. I made you into what you are now."

"B-but... why? Why did you want me to... to remember" Kelly stammered, her hands caressing and kneading her queen-sized tits.

"Because I'm a god, Kelly," he responded placidly. "I have powers that mortals don't have. And in order for you to properly appreciate me, you have to understand my powers. I'm allowing you to remember, Kelly, so that you can worship me."

He's gone off the deep end, she thought. Her breathing came in shallow pants as one hand slid down her stomach toward her rapidly-moistening crotch. I have to say something. Anything! She opened her mouth to speak, but only a husky moan escaped as her hand found her dripping sex.

"Come over here and suck your god's cock, Kelly." Jason ordered. "Show your devotion by taking my tool into your mouth." Gasping in pleasure, Kelly raced over to kneel in front of him, her hands pulling down the boxer shorts he'd worn to bed the night before and allowing his rigid cock to spring free. It's the program, she thought. That program is making me behave like this.

But as she took his prick into her warm, wet, and willing mouth, Kelly realized that she didn't care.

Kelly fished a glossy black compact out of her tote bag and checked her makeup for the third time in as many minutes. Everything seemed fine. Her jet-black hair set off the tanned skin of her face, with arching black brows similarly highlighting her deep brown eyes. It was the face she'd woken up with that morning. Jason was apparently in the mood to bang an Italian chick this evening. Or was she supposed to be Greek? Regardless, her face was, as always, gorgeous.

Ditto her body, although that didn't change all that much from day to day. Jason seemed to have settled on a figure he liked -- wasp-waisted and sleek-legged, with large boobs jutting from her chest like the prow of a ship and a fleshy, inviting pussy. Kelly liked her body, too; to her, it seemed to be the epitome of female sexuality. Just looking at herself in a full-length mirror was enough to get her horny. She knew that her love for her own body was something Jason had put in her brain with the program, but she didn't care. Nor did she care about waking up with a different face every morning. She also knew that the fact that she didn't care had also been programmed into her, and she didn't care about that, either.

Kelly peered into the mirror. The lavender gloss on her lips was still perfect. Yep, I still look dynamite, she thought, sighing deeply. I'm a gorgeous babe, and in half an hour I'm going to be getting royally fucked by the man of my dreams. So why am I so miserable?

Kelly put the compact away and looked around the crowded subway car. As usual, two thirds of the men in the car were checking her out, while trying not to look like they were checking her out. She loved the attention, but she couldn't enjoy it. She pulled her black leather jacket tighter around her body.

It was Jason. Jason was the problem. Ever since he'd written that program, he'd become more and more obsessed with it. It wasn't really the program he cared about anymore, it was what people were doing with it that fascinated him. He spent nearly all his free time either watching TV or surfing the internet, hunting down news of his program.

As he'd predicted, computer hackers had taken his program and begun to tinker with it. Kelly didn't understand all the details, but from what she could gather from Jason's bragging, the thing was being copied and modified, mutating into an increasing number of forms. Hackers were transferring it from one type of computer to another, and modifying it to suit their own needs and desires.

Jason's original Linux program had first been translated back to Windows, and then quickly to the Macintosh and a few other obscure computers. Then somebody had written a version that worked on a PalmPilot, which had set off a flurry of attempts to implement the program on ever-more-obscure devices. Each announcement of success became a new challenge: The guy who wrote the Palm version had his thunder stolen a few days later by a guy who showed how to run it on a cel phone. The cel-phone hacker, in turn, was upstaged by a fellow who got it to run on his wristwatch. Home video games, fax machines, DVD players -- anything with a computer chip in it became a piece of turf to be conquered, a territory of cyberspace to be claimed for the glory of whoever could get Master PC to run on it.

And within the already conquered territory, the program was being modified and adapted by its users. Kelly had watched the news roll in as a legion of sex-starved computer geeks had begun modifying the program to carry out their carnal fantasies. Within a few days of the program's release, a guy in California had proudly announced that he'd worked a version of the program into a screensaver. Any woman looking at it would feel an unavoidable urge to frig herself every hour, on the hour. The next day, Jason had received email from a guy who said he'd hacked into the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles and uploaded the program to their computer system, configuring it to give every woman with a state drivers' license the urge to give blowjobs to at least three different men a day. And then there was the fellow who worked the program into an email virus that left every woman who read the infected email with cannonball-sized tits...

Kelly pulled a cel phone out of her tote bag, dialing quickly. Even as she brought it up to her ear, a part of her brain noted with pleasure that the phone's bright purple case matched her lipstick. Color-coordination was important for hot bitches like her. Kelly tapped her foot impatiently as the subway rolled on, listening to the sound of ringing.

At last it was picked up. "Hello?"

"Mom?" Kelly asked. "Are you all right?"

"Kelly? Is that you, dear? Of course I'm all right."

"Mom, this is very important. Have you used a computer since the last time I talked to you?"

"What? No, dear, you know how I hate those things. What is this all about, honey? Are you all right?"

Kelly breathed a sigh of relief. So her mother wouldn't have been affected by the screensaver and the email virus. And she didn't live in Virginia, so she was safe on that count. At least for now. "Y-yeah, mom," she replied shakily. "I'm fine. Look, do me a favor and just stay away from computers for awhile. I mean don't even go near one."

"Dear, you aren't making sense. Look, I don't know much about those machines, but I know enough to know that you can't catch a disease just from looking at one."

You'd be surprised, mom. "Humor me on this, mom, okay?"

Kelly heard her mother give her best indulgent-mother sigh. "All right, dear. Is it something serious? Should I warn the Johnson boy next door? He spends an awful lot of time on his computer."

"No, mom, I think he'll be fine," Kelly replied.

"Well, I hope so. He's such a sweet boy that I'd hate to see anything happen to him. There aren't many boys his age who'd bang an old lady like me."

Kelly sat bolt upright, trembling. "What?"

"I said there aren't many boys his age who'd fuck an old lady like me. Some days I get so horny I feel like I'm going to explode, but Billy always comes over after he gets home from school and pumps my wet little pussy with his wonderful cock."

"M-mom!" Kelly sputtered in panic. "You've got to get out of there!"

"Now dear, that's just silly talk. Why would I want to leave? I've got a nice house, plenty of friends, and a wonderful boy who fucks my horny cunt. Why just the other day, he was sitting on my chest, shoving his cock between my big boobies, and..."

Kelly switched off the phone, unable to bear it any longer. Her mother had always been flatchested; Kelly didn't want to think about what else that little shit might have done to her.

She looked out the window, watching the lights in the subway tunnel pass by with excruciating slowness. She'd be at Jason's apartment in ten minutes. She had to do something.

"Jason! Jason!" Kelly shrieked as she burst into his apartment.

Jason was sitting on the couch, remote control in one hand as the light of the TV screen played across his face. His eyes didn't leave the tube. "Calm down, bitch," he said sternly.

Kelly stopped, taking a deep breath and trying to subdue her panic. Obeying Jason was important. It felt good to obey Jason. Even in an emergency. "J-Jason, I need to..."

"Open the jacket, slut," he commanded.

Sighing with the pleasure of obeying Jason's commands, Kelly unzipped the leather jacket she'd been wearing on the subway. Purring softly to herself, she shrugged it off her shoulders, leaving it hanging on her arms. Underneath she wore a shiny, scantily-cut black top that just barely managed to contain her melonlike tits. The polished leather was liberally decorated with metal studs, large circular rings, flashy buckles, and shiny chains. The black leather top matched the tight pants she was wearing. Kelly knew she looked hot. Her own sexuality was the last thing she wanted to think about at the moment, but she couldn't help but notice her pussy warming up as Jason tore his eyes off the TV and looked her up and down.

As she had done every day for the last week, Kelly had gone shopping on her lunch break, heading to one of the seedier downtown neighborhoods. Two hours of scouring fetish shops and adult toy stores had yielded the outfit she now wore. She'd known just what to get -- an outfit halfway between S&M-submissive and biker-bitch. She always knew when she woke up in the morning just what kind of look she wanted to have when Jason fucked her. She knew that Jason planted these daily clothing fetishes in her head, but that didn't bother her. She'd frigged herself to a mind-blowing orgasm in the shower that morning just imagining this moment, when she would show Jason her leather-clad, metal-adorned body.

"Very nice," he commented. "Now put on the rest of it."

Kelly opened her tote bag and pulled out the accessories one by one. A black choker, resplendent with metal studs, went around her neck. A pair of matching black cuffs fit snugly around her forearms. A pair of large silver hoops came last, dangling from her earlobes. When she had fully decker herself out, Kelly dropped the tote bag and looked up at Jason, her eyes hooded and her lips pouting seductively.

"Wow," he breathed. "That is fantastic. You look like a fucking wet dream, babe."

Kelly swooned, her pussy already moist. In her mind she could already picture herself lying on her back on the couch, her black spiked heels pointing at the ceiling while Jason rammed his cock into her pussy. She loved looking like some sort of motorcycle-gang slut. Just like yesterday when she'd been horny as hell about being dressed up as an overly-endowed lifeguard. Or the day before, when she'd gotten wet just from looking like a sex-starved librarian. Or the day before, when... Damn it, she thought. Can't I keep my mind off of sex for just half a minute? "Jason, please, there's something..."

"Not now, you little vixen," he snapped. "Now get over here and blow me."

Her whole body humming with carnal energy, Kelly walked over to him, feeling her hips swaying on the heels. Jason's crotch was already bulging obscenely as she fell to her knees in front of him. As her hands began to unzip his jeans, Kelly fought through the cloud of lust engulfing her mind. "Jason, p-please... there's someone using your program to change my mother..."

"Jesus Christ," he sighed heavily. Kelly felt immediately guilty for bringing it up -- after all, a good slut wasn't supposed to be a burden on her master. "Look," he said, "that program is going to change things. It's going to change everything. Some people are going to have a hard time until things settle down."

He looked away, a gleam in his eyes. "Don't you understand, Kelly? This is bigger than anything that's ever happened before. This is bigger than the discovery of fire. I'm giving mankind the power to rewrite the fucking rules of reality." He was looking at something far away, as though staring into a dream.

"But my mother..."

He looked down at her. "No more about your mother, bitch," he reprimanded. "I'm a god, and gods don't concern themselves with what happens to mortals. Understand me?"

Kelly nodded. "Y-yes, Jason."

"Yes, master," he said sternly.

"Y-yes, m-master," Kelly repeated.

He smiled. "Good. Now give me that blowjob, slut."

Kelly returned her attention to Jason's fly, her body growing excited at the thought of sucking his wonderful cock. Her worries about her mother receded to the back of her mind as she pulled Jason's pants and boxers down, allowing his cock to spring free.

Kelly recoiled, giving a shriek of astonishment. The thing was huge! Kelly's wide eyes roved up and down Jason's length, her mouth hanging open in astonishment. His cock had grown somehow. Jason's massive member now looked to be nearly a foot long and almost as thick as Kelly's wrist. Kelly stared in disbelief and fear. Surely it could never fit inside her!

"You like it, bitch?" Jason asked. "I thought a deity with the power to control human beings like puppets should be appropriately endowed. Consider yourself blessed with the honor of being the first to take it inside you."

Kelly swallowed. A tiny part of her mind was begging her to do something to curb Jason's megalomania. But the fuck-lust ran too strongly in her blood. She examined the cock in wonder, her eyes tracing every throbbing vein along its massive length. Her mouth watered as she stared at it.

Jason laughed. "Well, don't just sit there, you dumb cunt. Suck it!"

Trembling, Kelly wrapped her hands around Jason's massive cock, feeling his pulse through the pink skin. Leaning forward, she licked the head with her tongue, tasting the pre-cum that already oozed from the tip. Jason groaned, leaning his head back.

Taking a deep breath, Kelly took him between her lips, struggling to accept the massive cock inside her mouth. She tried not to gag as the head brushed the back of her throat. Even then, a good five inches remained between her lips and his scrotum.

"That's it, whore," he moaned, his hands stroking her hair. "Suck your god's cock. Suck him good." Kelly struggled to comply, sliding her head up and down, the massive cock invading her mouth with each stroke. "Mmmm, that's good," he commended her. "You're really a fabulous slut. I think it's time you quit your job so you can serve me full-time. Yes, I like that idea. From now on, you'll be my... hmm, 'concubine' has a nice ring to it, don't you think?"

Kelly felt her pussy pulse at the word. The idea of being Jason's sexual servant added to her already feverish level of energy. "Yes, I think you'll be the first in my harem." Kelly groaned around his cock; even the fact that she would be one among many women to serve Jason only served to further excite her. "And now, my little suck-slut," he grunted through clenched teeth, "it's time for you to take..." his hips rose from the couch as his hands clenched her hair, his cock thrusting into her face, "...your master's seed!"

And with that, he exploded inside her mouth, his blood-engorged cock spilling torrents of semen into her mouth. Kelly choked and gagged as he spurted into her. The size of his ejaculation had grown with the size of his cock. No, it was even greater than that; Kelly felt like she was trying to swallow the water coming from a garden hose. She only managed to swallow a fraction of it; the bulk of it poured out of her mouth. Huge, thick globs of Jason's seed ran down her chin, spilling onto her big, round, impossibly firm tits.

At last his orgasm subsided, and Kelly leaned back, panting for air, her lower face and chest covered in jism. "Did you like it, bitch?" Jason asked, grinning down at her. "Did you like taking the nectar from your god's huge cock?"

"Y-yes, master," Kelly responded. And it was true. She had loved feeling his mighty member spraying down her throat. She felt so... so blessed to have been chosen by him to receive his seed. She knew, in the part of her mind that was still thinking rationally, that this was just feeding Jason's delusions of grandeur, but she couldn't deny that swallowing his nectar had felt so fucking good. She eagerly licked her lips, searching out the white fluid that had escaped her mouth.

"Well, I'm not finished yet, my little fuck-pet," he replied. Kelly looked down and realized that his cock was still rigidly erect. Jason smiled. "Naturally, a god doesn't get tired nearly as fast as a mere man. Now turn around and get down on all fours," he ordered.

Kelly complied eagerly, her pussy quivering. She had never felt such a need before. She lay there, her ass in the air and her legs spread, as Jason climbed down behind her, his hands caressing her ass through the tight leather pants. She was facing toward the TV now, and was dimly aware that the evening news was on. Kelly found her eyes drawn to the screen, even as most of her attention was focused on the feeling of Jason's fingers pulling on the zipper that ran down the crotch of her pants.

"And now it's time once again for entertainment news. Carrie?" The screen focused on the bubbly brunette anchorwoman. "Thanks, John! Victoria Vickers, the star of the highly-rated sitcom I'm Not Your Friend Anymore, has been a difficult woman to find since she started dating a computer programmer a week ago. But our own Maxine Chung has tracked down the elusive Ms. Vickers and managed to convince her to do a live interview. Maxine?"

The screen cut to a pretty Asian woman holding a microphone. "Thanks, Carrie! I'm here with Victoria Vickers. Victoria, can you tell us why you decided to leave your husband?"

The view panned a bit to include a stunning redhead sporting a sexy shoulder-length haircut. "Well, Maxine," she drawled in a deep southern accent, "I didn't really feel like Robert was meeting all my needs, if you know what I mean." She winked knowingly as she chucked at the last bit.

"Um... and you feel like your new boyfriend does?" the journalist asked, somewhat taken aback.

"Why yes, Frederick does meet my needs very well," the actress replied, closing her eyes and sighing contentedly. "The way he wears those thick glasses with the tape in the middle, it just makes me get all gooey inside just looking at him."

"So, your new boyfriend is named Frederick?" the reporter pressed.

"Yes, yes. Hot, sexy Freddie. He knows how to take care of a woman. Why just the other day..." Victoria suddenly froze, a confused look on her face. "Um... um... no, no, I'm sorry, Maxine, I meant to say that Ernest is my new beau's name. Yes, yes. Ernest, with that greasy hair and that giant, hairy belly. Oh, I'm getting weak in the knees just thinking about him."

"Wait, wait, so now you're saying that Ernest is your new boyfriend?"

"Yes, yes, of course, darling," the redhead replied, nodding with certainty. "Ernest. I've never seen a finer specimen of manhood."

"Where did you meet him?"

"Um... well..." Vickers looked confused. "Well, I... I suppose I haven't actually met him in person yet, but... but I just know he's the right man for me."

"You haven't met him?"

"Well, no... no I haven't. But haven't you ever just realized that a certain man was right for you? Without even meeting him?"

"Um... n-no, I can't say I have."

"Well, trust me honey, I have, and Ernest is definitely..." She froze again. "No... no, wait, Frederick is definitely my stud. With that skinny frame, and those pens in his pocket, I just can't wait for him to take me." Kelly's eyes widened as she realized what was happening, even as she groaned at Jason's hand stroking her wet snatch.

"Wait... so now it's Frederick again?" Maxine was asking.

"Yes, it's... no, no, definitely Ernest. Wonderful Ernest... F-Frederick... n-no, Ernest..." The redhead began to shake, her face glazing over. "Ernest... Frederick... Ernest..." she muttered.

The fighting, Kelly thought, horrified. It's begun. Kelly watched the woman on TV start to shake, moaning herself as Jason slipped a finger inside her sopping wet cunt.

Then the actress turned and looked at the reporter, as though noticing her for the first time. "Why Maxine... Maxine, baby, you are absolutely gorgeous!"

"Um... wh-why thank you, Ms. Vickers, but that really isn't..."

"Oh, Maxine!" Victoria gasped, throwing her arms around the newsgirl. "I'm yours, honey! I'm yours!"

"W-wait, please, I'm not..." Maxine began, before her own face took on a distant look. "Um... V-victoria..." She refocused on the redhead. Then she was returning the embrace, kissing the actress passionately on the lips.

Victoria had just ripped Maxine's blouse open when the scene cut abruptly back to the anchor desk. "W-well," Carrie stammered, trying to compose herself. "Um... we'll get back to Maxine later. Victoria Vickers joins an ever-growing number of female celebrities who have recently begun steamy relationships with computer hackers. Some of these women have disappeared almost entirely from the public eye; others have been seen around Hollywood, escorted by the new men in their lives. The list includes the stars of virtually every prime-time television show on the major networks; the female leads of most of the major-studio films released in the last five years; and, apparently without exception, every woman to ever pose nude in Play..."

Carrie's face glazed over, and her sentence trailed off. Suddenly, her head jerked around to her left, staring at her male co-anchor. Then she scrambled out of her chair toward him, disappearing beneath the news desk. The co-anchor looked down in stunned disbelief as the sound of a zipper was heard. "Oh..." he gasped. "Oh my god, Carrie... wh-what are you... oh, god, that's fantastic!" His eyes rolled up in his head as his jaw fell open. The screen cut to black, followed a moment later by a "technical difficulties" sign.

"J-Jason," Kelly gasped, trying once again to penetrate the haze of lust filling her brain. "Did you see that? They're f-fighting over that woman..."

"Hush, whore," Jason replied, slapping her lightly on the ass. "That's not your concern. Your only job is to please your master." He withdrew the his finger from her slit; Kelly heard a wet sucking sound.

Fuck, she was horny. But still, she couldn't shake her fears. "Jason, it's going to get worse. It's going to be horrible. People are going to..."

Her ass stung as he slapped it again, much harder. "I told you, you uppity little bitch, that's not your concern. That's not your purpose." He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head upward as he leaned down to speak in her ear. "You have only one purpose; only one reason to exist: to please me. You worship me. Do you understand, slut?"

Kelly shivered; she was frightened, but she was also incredibly aroused. Jason's rough treatment was getting her more excited than she'd ever been in her life. Unable to speak, Kelly swallowed as she nodded her head. He smiled and released her hair. Kelly looked over her shoulder and saw him positioning his massive cock in front of her pussy. "Now prepare yourself to receive your god's tool." With that, he pushed his hips forward, his prick sliding into her pussy.

Kelly shrieked as he entered her, his impossibly thick member stretching the walls of her pussy until she was sure she would be split apart. Her elbows buckled as she struggled to support her weight. "Ohhhh..." she wailed as he continued to burrow into her, his oversized phallus penetrating deeper and deeper inside her. I can't take it all. There's no way I can take it all. Kelly gritted her teeth, fighting back the screams. It was painful, but it was the most wonderful thing she'd ever felt. It was like she was getting fucked for the first time again.

And then it stopped. Kelly gasped in surprise as she felt Jason's hips pushing against her. Surely, it couldn't be... Kelly turned around to see that Jason's pelvis was indeed pressed firmly against her tight ass. "N-no..." she sputtered in disblief. "It's t-too big... It couldn't possibly fit..."

"Well, there was no way your natural cunt could possibly have accommodated me now," Jason said. "So I gave you... let's call it an upgrade." He began to slide his monstrously huge cock out of her, smiling maniacally. Kelly's eyes fluttered closed as she groaned in ecstasy. "No ordinary woman could survive intercourse with me. You're special now. You're not a deity, but... well, you can think of yourself as a priestess. A high priestess of lust."

With that, he thrust into her, causing Kelly to scream in pleasure. It felt so fucking good to be fucked by a god! She felt her resistance, her misgivings, ebbing away under the tide of carnal ecstasy radiating from the elephantine cock in her pussy. Jason began to fuck her, sawing back and forth with deep powerful strokes that caused her whole body to shudder. "Y-yesssssss..." she moaned aloud, "Fuck meeeeeeee!"

"You'll be my consort, Kelly," Jason grunted as he pounded into her again and again. "You'll be my bitch-queen. I'll mold you into a creature that embodies the very essence of lust. You'll be the object of every mortal's fantasies. But you will belong, heart, body, and soul, to your god. You will belong to me."

"Yesssss.... oh fuck, yes!" Kelly squealed as the tempo of Jason's strokes grew ever more furious. The pain was still there as his giant cock penetrated her again and again, but she no longer cared. She was going to be the sexiest woman on earth. She reveled in the image of herself standing at Jason's side as he ruled the world. She would be an ornament at his side, a loyal servant and plaything, always happy to serve him and eager to receive his seed. His seed.... "Master..." she whined plaintively, "Please... come in me... come in your bitch..."

Jason threw his head back, roaring in triumph as his cock throbbed inside her. Kelly's arms at last gave way, and her head and shoulders fell to the floor, her voluptuous tits pillowing against the soft carpet. The enormous cock inside her pulsed with power, pumping huge wads of semen into her belly, sending waves of pleasure surging through her body. Kelly exploded into a screaming orgasm, her eyes squeezed tightly closed as her pussy squeezed spastically, trying to draw as much of Jason's cream as possible from the massive prick buried in her abdomen. She could feel Jason's divine seed spilling out of her pussy and flowing down the insides of her legs, and knew herself to be the luckiest woman in the world.

After what seemed like an eternity of bliss, Jason's cock ceased its pumping, and he slid it smoothly out of her snatch. Deprived of her last support, Kelly slumped fully to the floor, lying dazed on her stomach. For all that she had feared Jason's oversized shaft, she now felt empty without it.

But as she lay there, panting, Kelly found that clarity was slowly returning to her mind as the fog of lust began to dissipate. Jason was crazy. He thought he was in control of what was going on because he'd set the whole process in motion. But he wasn't in control. No one was in control. No one could control what Jason had unleashed.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Jason rolled her over onto her back. "We're just getting started, slut," he said, grinning. He climbed forward on his knees, one leg on either side of her torso, his massive cock still fully erect and hovering over her ample chest. The entire length of it was coated with semen and pussy juice, much of which dripped obscenely onto Kelly's boobs. The fluid mingled with the load of jism that Jason had sprayed onto her chest earlier. "Time for some titty-fucking," he announced as he lowered his ass gently onto her stomach, the giant shaft make a wet sound as it nestled snugly into the cleft between her massive mammaries.

Kelly struggled against the arousal that once again seeped through her body at the sight of Jason's swollen cock. She knew that if she continued to submit to his sexual assaults, she would soon lose control of herself completely. There would be nothing left of her rational mind; only a lust-crazed succubus would remain. Kelly summoned her will to resist, opening her mouth to speak.

But just then, Jason began to fuck her tits. All that came out of her mouth was a long, low moan as his cock slid wetly through the deep valley of her cleavage. The purple head thrust forward, coming at her from between the tops of her boobs. Kelly arched her head up to give it a long, slow lick. She moaned louder as she tasted the unearthly sweetness of Jason's cream mixed with the heady musk of her own juices. Kelly brought her hands up to pinch her puffy, erect nipples and squeeze her enormous tits together around Jason's wonderfully divine cock.

The last island of sanity in her mind was swept under by the swiftly rising tide of lust.

End of Part  Two