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Opening the Box
A Master PC Story

by The Sinner

Part One

"Come in! Door's open!"

Kelly sighed heavily as she opened the door to her boyfriend's apartment. He can't even bother to get up and come say hi to me, she thought. Grunting with the effort, she carried her grocery-filled bags into the kitchen. After setting the paper sacks on the counter, she headed for Jason's room.

Predictably, Jason was sitting in front of his computer, his back to the door, hammering at the keyboard. A number of windows were visible on the monitor. Why oh why, Kelly thought, did I ever start dating a programmer?

Kelly sighed again as she ran a hand through her close-cropped brown hair. Easy, girl, she told herself. He's probably working overtime on something for work. Probably not any happier about it than you are. Give him the benefit of the doubt. Smiling, Kelly threaded her way through the messy room, placing her sneaker-clad feet carefully. She cursed her short, clumsy legs as she nearly tripped over a shoe lying on the floor. She made it to the desk without falling over, though, and stood behind her boyfriend, resting her hands on his shoulders and her small, pert breasts against the back of his head. "I went to the store on my way over and got ingredients for lasagna," she said sweetly.

Jason grunted in acknowledgement.

Kelly sighed. "You know, lasagna? Your favorite dish?"

"Mmmm, sounds good," Jason replied half-heartedly, not taking his eyes from the screen.

Kelly fought to control her anger. He's probably stressed out, she told herself again. Give him the benefit of the doubt. She crouched behind him, resting her chin on his shoulder, looking at the screen. One window seemed to be a control panel of some kind, featuring an image of a spinning human body. Another contained line after line of what looked like gibberish to Kelly. Her experience with computers was limited to spreadsheets and word processors at work. "Whatcha doing?" she asked.

That at least got a response. "Well, I'm working on reverse-engineering this 'Master PC' program I downloaded. See, there's a binary for Windows, but I want to write a Linux version."

"Why can't you just use the Windows version?" she asked.

Jason let out a frustrated sigh. "Because it's closed-source!" he exclaimed. Kelly groaned inwardly, realizing that a lecture was coming on. "You see," Jason began, turning his chair to face her and leaving Kelly to find another way to support her chin, "the software you get in shrink-wrapped boxes from Microsoft or almost any other software company is proprietary. That means they don't allow you to make copies for your friends. They also don't give you the source code, so you can't modify the program or even look at it to learn from it."

Christ, Kelly thought, I should have seen this coming. She'd heard this speech at least half a dozen times. It was one of Jason's favorite subjects and he usually managed to bore her to tears with it.

"Now open-source, or 'free' software," he continued, "is different because you're allowed to give it away to friends, and it comes with the source code, so people can hack on it in their spare time, like I'm doing now."

Kelly furrowed her brow. "Wait a minute. You mean this is something you're doing for fun?"

"Well, yeah," Jason replied. "You know how much I like to hack..."

"You mean you couldn't get up to open the door for me because you were busy with a hobby?" Kelly was sure he could hear the anger rising in her voice.

"Oh, look, I'm sorry, honey," Jason said, reaching out to rub her arm with one hand. "Look, give me half an hour and I'll have a simple version running that I can test. Then I'll spend some time with you, okay?"

Kelly stood, glaring at her boyfriend. "Damn it, Jason, it doesn't work that way!" She stabbed an accusing finger at the monitor. "I will not play second fiddle to that machine!" With that, she spun on one heel and strode angrily out of the room, headed for the front door.

"Aw, Kelly, I'm sorry. Please!" She heard him stumbling out of his chair and running after her. His voice had taken on an almost childlike tone. Kelly paused. Jason really was like a little kid sometimes. There was a boyish sense of wonder to him that she found incredibly attractive. When he got interested in something, he would get so wrapped up in it that he'd forget everything else. This wasn't the first time he'd ignored her because he was entranced by something else. She'd forgiven him for it before. Maybe this time...

No. Kelly stamped her foot and proceeded out the door. He won't learn until he understands how much it hurts me. "Sorry doesn't cut it anymore, Jason," she growled as she slammed the door behind her. Let him cook his own damn food, she thought.

Kelly brushed her shoulder-length hair with her left hand as she knocked on Jason's door with her right. I still don't know why I'm here, she thought. She'd been relaxing at home after a long, stressful day at work when she'd felt a sudden need to see Jason. To apologize. Why? asked a small voice in the back of her head. What do I have to apologize for? He's the one who was rude to me yesterday.

She was startled when the door opened. Jason stood in the doorway, peering quizzically at her through his wire-rimmed glasses. "Hi," Kelly said cheerfully. Jason didn't respond; in fact he hardly seemed to notice that she had said anything. Rather, he continued to stare at her, an expression on his face that looked like disbelief to Kelly. "Uh... Jason?" she ventured.

"Oh! Um... yeah, uh... hi, Kelly!" he exclaimed. "Uh... come on in." He stepped aside.

"Are you all right, honey?" Kelly asked as she entered, closing the door behind her. "You seem a little distracted."

"No, no, I'm fine!" Jason responded hurriedly. "I was just playing around with the Master PC program."

"Oh, that's great, honey!" Kelly replied, smiling. "Is that the thing you were working on yesterday?"

"Yeah. I'm testing out the Windows version, and looking at the compiled program to see if I can figure out how it works. It's going to take a little while to reverse-engineer the thing and write an open-source clone."

"Oh. Um... that's actually kind of what I came over to talk to you about."

"Oh really?" Jason asked. Only it didn't exactly sound like a question...

But Kelly hurried on. She had to do this. "Yes, I... um.... I wanted to apologize for my behavior yesterday. I realize now that your hobbies are very important to you. It was rude and selfish of me to demand your attention like that. From now on, I promise I won't try to distract you when you're busy. I'll just be there for you when you want me, like a girlfriend should."

Jason smiled, which made Kelly feel all warm and tingly inside. I love it when he's happy, she thought. He stepped forward and planted a soft kiss on her lips, causing Kelly's pulse to quicken. Maybe I shouldn't keep saving myself for marriage, she mused as her tongue welcomed his into her mouth.

Jason broke the kiss a moment later, leaving Kelly flushed and feeling quite giddy. "Hey," he said offhandedly, "I saved all the stuff you brought over yesterday. Why don't you go make me dinner while I finish up some tests?"

"Oh, sure, honey, I'd love to!" Kelly gushed. She turned around and started off toward the kitchen, squealing as Jason gave her behind a quick squeeze. I'm so glad he's not mad at me, she thought.

"Hi, honey," Kelly called softly as she stepped into Jason's bedroom. She had let herself into his apartment, so as not to inconvenience him. She remembered how she had rung the doorbell the day before, when she'd stopped by to apologize, forcing Jason to come answer the door. She'd never waste his time like that again.

He turned briefly. "Hey, babe," he said before turning back to the computer.

Kelly stepped up behind him, resting her hands on his shoulders. Her soft, full breasts pressed through her fuzzy sweater, pillowing against the back of Jason's head. As usual, several windows were visible on the monitor. The largest one displayed a picture of a nude woman, her arms extended sideways and her legs spread slightly apart. As Kelly watched, the woman slowly rotated. "How's the program coming, honey?" she asked.

"Not so hot," Jason replied. He hammered away at the keyboard, the dense script of computer code appearing in one of the smaller windows as he did so. "I'm still trying to figure out the how the Windows version works. I can probably get that done faster if I'm not distracted," he said pointedly.

Kelly bit her lip at the mild rebuke. She deserved it, she knew; Jason's programming was very important to him, and she had no right to distract him with questions. Being a good girlfriend meant supporting his hobbies. He feels so tense, she thought as she began to massage his shoulders. Poor boy.

"Damn it!" Jason exclaimed suddenly. Kelly jumped, concerned. "Why the fuck doesn't this work?" he hissed, clenching his fists in frustration.

"Oh, honey..." Kelly cooed in what she hoped was a soothing voice. She didn't like seeing Jason upset. She began caressing his shoulders earnestly, hoping to rub the tension out of him. "What's the matter?"

"It's impossible to understand this program! There's no real structure to the damn thing. It's just a bunch of spaghetti code, and it doesn't help that there's no documentation." He threw up his hands in exasperation. "It's almost like whoever wrote this didn't want anyone to understand it."

Kelly knew she shouldn't distract Jason, but her curiosity got the better of her. "Jason... what does this program do, anyway?"

"Well," Jason sighed, "it lets you modify people."

"Modify people? What do you mean by that?"

"You can change people. How they look, what they like, what they think. Anything you want."

"Oh." That sounded odd to Kelly, but if Jason said that that was what the program did, she'd believe it. She was sure that a good girlfriend didn't doubt her boyfriend. She went back to massaging his shoulders, back, and chest, and he went back to typing.

Kelly watched the lines of code appear on the screen as Jason typed, and she wondered. How could a computer program modify people? Computers were just tools that did math and stuff, and showed pictures, and let you write things. She turned it over in her head for awhile. She opened her mouth to ask Jason, but closed it again, chiding herself for her foolishness. Jason didn't need to be distracted right now. At last, she resigned herself to simply taking Jason's word for it.

A few minutes later, though, something else was bothering her. "Jason... You said that after you finish this... um... reverse-engineering and put your version of the program out on the Internet, everyone's going to be able to download it and use it?"

"Yeah, that's right." He was distracted again, though. He leaned forward and begun to type again.

"So a lot of people will be using this program that lets you... modify people?"

"Uh... yeah, that's the plan," he replied, his eyes glued to the screen as new lines of code appeared, summoned by his dancing fingers.

"Isn't that kind of... um... dangerous?"

Jason sighed, turning his neck to glare up at her. "Kelly, will you please shut up and let me work?"

"I'm sorry, honey," she apologized.

He turned back to the monitor and resumed typing, talking softly to himself... The lines appeared more quickly on the screen. "If I can just pound out this next function..." he muttered.

I've got something between my legs I wish he'd pound, Kelly thought as she continued to massage Jason's shoulders. Damn, just being around him is getting me hot. Her left hand squeezed and rubbed Jason's still-tense neck while the right slid down her stomach and under the waistband of her skirt.

It wasn't until three hours later that Jason paused and leaned back in the chair. "Damn!" he exclaimed, resting his hands in his lap and scowling at the screen.

"Does it work now, honey?" Kelly asked, trying to keep the fatigue out of her voice. She'd been standing behind him the whole time, watching him work and caressing his shoulders, arms and neck. Occasionally she'd slipped her hand down her skirt and rubbed her aching crotch furiously. Her feet were sore and her panties were soaked.

"No..." he replied, frustration evident in his voice. "The damn thing doesn't even make any system calls! How am I supposed to figure it out?" He leaned forward toward the computer again.

Despite her best efforts to be a good girlfriend, Kelly could no longer restrain herself. The heat in her crotch was too intense. "Jasonnnnnnn..." she whined, her hands sliding down to rub his chest.

"What?" he asked, annoyed, as he began to type again.

"Let's fuck..." Kelly had never used that particular word before, and she was a bit surprised at how easily it rolled off her tongue. Undeniably, though, it was the right word. She wanted Jason's cock. She wanted it inside her. She wanted to fuck.

Jason stopped typing and turned to face her. Kelly braced herself for a tongue-lashing. But when he spoke, he wasn't angry. "Oh, yeah..." he said, looking at her as though he'd just realized she was there. His eyes slid up and down her body as a grin spread across his face. "Sure, why not?"

Minutes later, Kelly was lying on her back on Jason's bed, her long blonde hair spread across the pillow and her long legs pointing up into the air as Jason slid his hard cock into her hungry, wet pussy. "Ohhhhh god..." she moaned as she felt his manhood penetrating her body. Slowly at first, Jason began to slide himself in and out of her.

"Fuck me... fuck me..." Kelly groaned, her voice raw. She'd never talked dirty before, but neither had she ever felt this sort of raw animal lust before. "Harder... harder..." she exhorted, her sleek legs wrapping themselves around Jason's pistoning ass, her toned thighs flexing as she pulled him down into her crotch. Sex had always been a soft, gentle thing for Kelly before. Now, though, she reveled in the roughness of it, savoring the feel of Jason's cock pounding into her again and again, the tightness of his hands gripping her hips, and the jiggling of her heavy breasts with each powerful thrust of his rigid shaft into her aching sex.

Jason didn't last long, but neither did Kelly. Three hours of pent-up horniness exploded into a frenzied orgasm when she felt Jason's cock throbbing inside her. "Yessssssss!" she hissed, her back arching as they came. The walls of her pussy squeezed him tightly as he spurted inside her, her body sucking hungrily at his hot cum. "Yes! Yes!" she shrieked.

Panting, Jason pulled his cock out and collapsed beside her with a grunt. Kelly lay there, dazed. "Oh, wow," she gasped. The exertion, she sheer pleasure, had made her dizzy. After catching her breath, she turned her head. "Honey..."

But Jason had just sprung up, pulling his pants back up and fastening his belt. "I've got it!" he exclaimed as he sat down in front of the computer again and began typing furiously. Kelly sat up, looking at him in disbelief, but he failed to notice her. "It wasn't compiled," he said to himself, "it was assembled."

Kelly fell back against the pillow, smiling as she heard her boyfriend typing happily away. All he needed was some stress relief.

"Well that doesn't make any sense," Jason muttered. Kelly's eyes flicked upward to his face. He was frowning in puzzlement. "Why is it trying to access the video card?" Kelly knew that he was just talking to himself, and that asking him what was wrong would only distract him, and she knew she shouldn't distract Jason from his programming. Besides, talking to him would mean that she'd have to interrupt her blowjob.

Kelly moaned softly as she slowly pumped her head up and down Jason's semi-erect member. If only I'd known how much I like sucking cock, she mused. Rolling her tongue around the swollen head, Kelly savored the texture of Jason's manhood in her mouth. Having his dick between her lips felt almost as heavenly as having it in her pussy.

The urge to service Jason with her mouth had first taken hold the day after he'd fucked her for the first time. She had no idea where it had come from, but for some reason she'd found herself practically salivating when she came over the his apartment that afternoon after getting off work. It had taken her nearly ten minutes to screw up the courage to ask if she could suck his cock. He'd seemed unsurprised by the question, and his eyes had barely shifted from the monitor. But he'd spread his legs apart. Kelly had taken that as an invitation, gratefully sinking to her knees in front of him as he continued to work.

And that was where she'd spent most of her non-working, non-sleeping, non-cooking time over the last week -- on her knees in front of Jason, her lips sliding up and down his prick. It was a pleasant way to pass the time, and she felt a little flutter of pleasure every time Jason moaned from her efforts. He never stopped typing, but every once in a while he'd bring one of his hands down to absently stroke her hair. Kelly always felt her pussy quiver when he did that.

Of course, there was a more tangible reward for serving Jason. Kelly remembered the first time Jason had come while she'd been blowing him. His cock had started to throb in her mouth, and Kelly had been scared half to death. Even though she'd never given a blowjob before, much less had a man come in her mouth, she'd heard plenty of locker-room talk through her years in high school and college. The general consensus seemed to be that semen tasted bad.

But at the same time, she knew that a good girlfriend was supposed to swallow her man's juices. That knowledge had also come from... well... no, it hadn't come from talking to her girlfriends. As a matter of fact, Kelly seemed to recall that other women considered it perfectly acceptable to pull away when a man came, and catch it in a handkerchief or something. But Kelly know that wasn't right. She just knew. She knew that Jason would be upset if she didn't swallow, and that would only make him more tense, not less. So she'd steeled herself to accept his seed into her mouth, however bitter it might taste.

It had tasted wonderful. Kelly had never realized how incredibly delicious anything could taste until she'd felt Jason's cock explode in her mouth. It was so sweet, so thick and creamy. It felt like liquid sugar coating the insides of her mouth and sliding down her throat. The very taste of it had driven her to orgasm, her body shaking in ecstasy as she'd sucked down Jason's wonderful jism.

And so Kelly had spent much of the last week on her knees in front of Jason, savoring the feeling of her man's cock in her mouth, and climaxing every time he came. On a good night, Kelly could get him off twice in her mouth while he worked on his programming, after which he'd take her to bed and fuck her brains out. The only thing Kelly loved more than the taste of Jason's seed in her mouth was the feeling of it spurting into her hungry little cunt. (One evening she'd managed to get him off three times in her mouth, but that had proven to be a mistake; he'd been too worn out to service her pussy afterward. Kelly had gone to sleep next to him horny and frustrated that night, but she'd learned her lesson.)

"Oh my God!" Jason exclaimed. "This thing is crippled!"

Kelly shook out of her reveries and slid Jason's cock out of her mouth. More often than not, Jason didn't want to be interrupted in his work to answer her questions. At times, though, he actually wanted her to ask him things so that he could talk about what he was doing and show off his cleverness. This time belonged to the latter category. Telling the difference was one of many skills Kelly had acquired in the last week. She brushed a few stray strands of jet-black hair out of her face as she looked up. "Crippled?" she asked.

As expected, that was all that was needed to get him talking excitedly. "Yeah, whoever wrote this program designed it to only work on certain types of hardware. See the whole point of an operating system is that the guy who writes programs for it shouldn't have to worry about exactly what sort of monitor or modem or whatever you have. The operating system takes care of details like that. But this little piece of code" -- Jason gestured at the monitor even though Kelly, from her position, couldn't see it -- "actually checks out your graphics card to see who the manufacturer is and what model it is. It checks that even though the program doesn't need to know that to run properly. It also checks your sound card, and the damn thing doesn't even have sound effects! And if it doesn't find exactly the right sound card, or graphics card, or motherboard, it just refuses to run."

"Well, why does it do that?" Kelly asked. She wasn't really interested, but it was important to keep Jason happy.

"Well, sometimes companies do this to prevent piracy, so that an illegal copy of a program won't run on someone else's machine. But then, of course, it becomes a pain in the ass when someone who owns the software legally gets a new graphics card, or whatever and suddenly the old software won't run." He paused, a thoughtful look on his face. "Wow, I wonder what the odds were that my computer would match the exact configuration the program looks for? Man, I really got lucky. Anyway, I'm going to make sure my version will run on any computer. Finding this is a serious breakthrough."

Jason leaned forward again and began typing earnestly, which Kelly took as a sign that the conversation was over and that she should get to work again. That was fine with her; slurping on Jason's schlong was much more fun than listening to him babble on about computers. Moistening her lips with her tongue, she bent forward and resumed her blowjob. She brought one hand up to cradle his testicles, the source of the nectar she craved, while the other hand slipped between her legs. He'd only come once so far, and she was looking forward to milking a second load of his seed and feeling it spurt down her throat. Kelly sucked eagerly as she fingered her moist slit, anticipating the reaming that she was going to get later in the evening.

Kelly set her latte down on the table as she slid her tight, round behind into the chair at the local Moonpenny coffee shop, brushing her long, curly red hair back from her face. A gangly young man was eyeing her from across the shop. She smiled at him politely, but not invitingly. After all, she belonged to Jason. There was no point in teasing the poor guy when there was no chance she was ever going to suck him off or take him up her cunt. It was strange, though, how much more attention she seemed to be getting from men in the last few weeks. Kelly brushed the thought aside and concentrated on her breakfast. She lifted the cream pitcher and began to pour the warm cream into her coffee. Warm cream...

Memories of the night before came flooding back. Jason had finished his program, at last. He'd talked on and on about how many people were going to use his program, and how famous he'd be. OpenMaster, he was going to call it. Kelly had sat there, patiently nodding and telling him how impressed she was for nearly half an hour before he'd finally ordered her onto the bed. She remembered how excited she'd been when his wonderful cock, more swollen than ever, had penetrated her needy pussy.

Kelly groaned softly, closing her eyes as she leaned back in the chair, mentally reliving the fucking she'd gotten the previous night. Jason had ridden her for what seemed like hours, his prick sawing in and out of her cunt relentlessly, driving her to countless orgasms. "You like that, slut?" he'd asked her, time and time again. "You like having my cock in your tight little snatch?" The verbal degradation had only served to further excite her, pushing her body into sexual overdrive, a string of incoherent grunts and moans escaping her lips as Jason fucked her silly in every position imaginable. And then...

Kelly ran one hand across her face as she remembered. After driving her to countless orgasms, Jason had pulled out of her pussy and ordered her to her knees in front of him. She'd eagerly complied, taking him into her mouth and sucking him for all she was worth. And then, finally, he'd pushed her head off of his cock just as he exploded. The warm, sticky liquid had splashed all over her mouth, with subsequent spurts landing on her nose and cheeks.

Kelly dipped one finger into the small pitcher of cream on the table and brought it to her mouth. Moaning to herself, she ran the finger over her thick, pouting lips. The feel of the warm cream reminded her of the other warm, white liquid that had splashed over her lips the previous night. The sensation of Jason's sperm spurting onto her face, running down her chin and dripping onto her tits had sent her over the edge into the most intense orgasm of her life. All that delicious cum... Kelly slipped her cream-coated finger between her lips, sucking on it, imagining...

"Excuse me, miss?"

Kelly jumped, looking up to see the waitress standing over her. She hurriedly pulled the finger out of her mouth, her face flushing as she wiped her hand with a napkin. "Y-yes?" she stammered.

"Are you all right, miss?" the waitress asked, her pretty face frowning in concern.

"Yes, I'm fine. Just fine," Kelly blurted, sitting up straight and rearranging her coffee cup.

"Okay, sorry to bother you." Kelly watched as the slim girl walked away, her blond ponytail swaying back and forth. She looked around the rest of the shop, wondering if anyone had seen her. No one seemed to have; the businessmen in the corner were still talking amongst themselves, as were the two sharply dressed women against the far wall. The gangly young man was typing furiously on his computer, stealing glances at the blond waitress.

Grateful that her reminiscing had gone unnoticed, Kelly wiped the cream off her mouth and sipped at her coffee. Still, her mind couldn't help but drift back to last night. It had been like a scene right out of an adult movie or something. And even more amazing, she'd played the part of the porn queen perfectly. It had to be like a fantasy come true for Jason. Well, I guess that means I'm Jason's private pornstar then, Kelly thought. His little plaything to fuck whenever he wants. She closed her eyes, sighing contentedly.

The ringing of a church bell in the distance shook her out of her daydream. Eight o'clock! She was almost late for work. Kelly stood up, gathered her purse, coat, and coffee and started for the door. She'd only taken a few steps when she saw the waitress.

The girl wasn't doing her job; rather, she was sitting on the lap of the gangly guy Kelly had noticed earlier. His arms enveloped her, one resting on her knee while the other caressed her flank possessively. The waitress giggled at his touch, her dainty fingers stroking his thin, bespectacled face. The hand on her side slid upward and across her stomach, brushing her breasts as it began to unbutton her thin white shirt. The waitress closed her eyes, breathing more heavily as the guy slowly worked his hand downward over her chest.

The most shocking thing about the scene, though, wasn't the carnality of it; it was the size of the girl's bosom. Each button unfastened seemed to release an inordinate amount of pressure, allowing ever-greater amounts of cleavage to escape the confines of the girl's uniform shirt. Jesus, Kelly thought. I'm sure her tits weren't that big before. Hell, they're almost as big as mine! I'm sure I would have noticed... The girl was panting huskily as the boy fingered the last button.

Suddenly, the young waitress jumped up, grabbing the scrawny young man's arm and pulling him across the shop. The couple disappeared into the single-occupancy bathroom, the door closing behind them with a loud click. Within seconds, a dull moan came from the bathroom, starting softly but quickly growing louder. "Ohhhhhhhh god... oh yes.... oh yes... oh.... oh!" The masculine groaning reached a crescendo, repeating the word "yes" over and over. Every person in the restaurant stared at the door.

Every person in the restaurant except one. Kelly was staring at the laptop the young man had left at the table. The portable computer was still running, its monitor displaying a single large window. Kelly's blood chilled as she saw an image of the waitress in one half of the window, her nude body turning slowly. It was Jason's program.

Just as she took a step forward to get a closer look, the bathroom door burst open, the waitress once again pulling the gangly guy by the arm. The couple lurched toward the exit, a goofy grin on the young man's face as his untucked shirt fluttered behind him. As they passed by his table, he slammed the laptop closed and scooped it up. The waitress ignored her manager's screams of anger as she led the guy out the door, a satisfied but somewhat dopey expression on her face. Kelly watched as she licked her lips absently, as though her tongue was searching for the last remains of a favorite treat. The couple lurched up the street, the girl giggling as the guy groped one barely-covered tit.

Some of the coffee shop patrons started laughing as the happy couple cavorted away, but Kelly wasn't one of them. She could feel the blood draining from her face as she stood there. It's going to get worse, she thought. I've got to convince Jason this was a bad idea.

"That's great!" Jason exclaimed, diverting his attention from the syndicated sitcom he was watching. Kelly had been surprised not to find him in front of the computer when she arrived at his apartment after work. But Jason had been programming nonstop for weeks, so it was only natural that he'd want to take a break now that he'd finished the program. "You're sure it was my program, right?"

"Well, I think so," Kelly said. "I mean, I didn't have very long to look at it before he picked up the laptop on his way out with the waitress."

"Did you see what operating system he was using?"

"Oh, I have no idea," the shapely redhead replied. "Does it matter?"

Jason sighed in exasperation. "Well, of course it matters! I'm interested in whether people are taking advantage of the source code and recompiling it to work on different operating systems."

"Oh, I'm sorry, honey. If it happens again I'll get a better look." Kelly chided herself as she reached over to give Jason a massage. How could she have been so selfish as to not think of that this morning? "But aren't you a little scared about what could happen?" she asked.

"What do you mean, 'what could happen?' What is there to be scared about?"

Kelly was a bit nervous about bothering Jason with her worries, but she was troubled by what she'd seen. "Well, I was just thinking that if you only released it last night, and I've already seen someone using it this morning, then a lot of people must have it already, right?"

"Oh, yeah," Jason said, grinning. "I put it up on Ed and Rod's FTP server last night. Ed told me about an hour ago that they'd already had several thousand downloads."

"Oh..." Kelly shuddered. "Well, if that many people have it now, how many people are going to have it in a month?"

Jason shrugged. "I don't know. Could be hundreds of thousands. Maybe millions. So?"

"Well... don't you think that a million people using that program could be a problem? I mean, you're giving people godlike power with that thing."

"Well..." Jason bit his lip, an expression of concern on his face. He remained motionless for several seconds before looking over at her and shrugging. "Look, sweetcakes, I'm sure these things will work themselves out."


"I mean, the original program was already out there. If there was a potential for a real disaster, don't you think it would have already happened?"

Kelly thought. That argument kind of made sense, but she was convinced there was something wrong with it. "Well..."

"Listen, honey-tits, you need to stop worrying your pretty little head over this. Now I've been alone all day and I could really use a blowjob. So why don't you put that hot little mouth of yours to use, okay?"

Kelly grinned. He's such a sweet-talker, she thought as she reached down to unbuckle Jason's belt. Her worries about the program faded quickly as she extracted Jason's already-stiff cock from his pants. A string of drool fell from her mouth as she repositioned herself on all fours on the couch, her head over Jason's lap. Eagerly, she lowered her head and shoulders, taking his manhood between her pouting lips.

"Ohhh yeah, baby," Jason groaned. "That feels so good." Kelly felt him resting one hand firmly on the back of her head while the other squeezed her upthrust ass. The redhead squealed in pleasure as she began to pump her head up and down on her man's cock.

"... but first, we have some interesting news regarding a pair of prime-time stars. Carrie?" Kelly cocked her head a tiny bit so that she could see the TV while continuing to blow Jason's prick. The sitcom had ended and the local news had started. Carrie, one of the show's two anchors, was a perky brunette with a winning smile. "That's right, John!" she exclaimed peppily. "Tiffany Storm and Nicole Rydell, the stars of the nation's number-one-rated sitcom, My Sister the Supermodel, appear to be involved in a love triangle. Erica Wood is on the scene. Erica?"

The program cut to the porch of a small house, where an even perkier-looking blonde stood holding a microphone. "Thanks, Carrie," she exclaimed. "I'm here at the home of twenty-three-year-old Daniel Lundquist, a rather ordinary young man who tonight finds himself in the middle of a tug-of-war between two TV stars. Both of these beautiful women appear intent on winning his affections."

The reporter turned to the right, and the camera panned to include the two actresses, each of whom clung to one arm of a short, overweight young man. His T-shirt sported the phrase "Genius at Work," and was a few sizes too small for him, revealing several inches of his round belly. "Ms. Rydell," Wood began, addressing the closer of the two women, "how long have you known Mr. Lundquist?"

"Oh, we just met this afternoon," the willowy blonde giggled. "But I know he's the only man for me!" She looked longingly at the unkempt Lundquist, who leered back at her.

"Oh... uh... I see. And how about you, Ms. Storm?"

"Oh, we met him at the same time," replied the voluptuous brunette. "He came to a taping of the show this afternoon. We both noticed him right away. It was so sexy the way he just sat there during the taping, just typing away on his laptop. Nikki and I agreed that he was just the biggest stud we'd ever seen. So we went up to him after the taping and asked him if we could be his... um..."

"His lovers," Rydell finished. Kelly felt a cold panic rising in her stomach even as she continued to suck Jason's cock. This was only the beginning. She was sure of that.

"Yeah, his lovers," Storm agreed, growling lustily as she rubbed her curvaceous body against the obese young man. She gave him a kiss on the cheek as she ran her hand through his long, stringy black hair.

"Wait a minute," Wood said, looking confused. "You mean you're both going to go out with him?"

"Well, I think we were planning on staying in more than going out," Rydell remarked slyly, winking at the reporter as her hand rubbed the inside of Lundquist's thigh.

The newsgirl's mouth opened and closed several times. "Um... w-well... uh... are you two... um... bisexual or something?" she asked at last, all pretense of professionalism destroyed by the weirdness of the scene.

The two actresses looked at each other, giggling. "If Danny wants us to be!" the brunette tittered.

"W-well... um... Ms. Rydell, what about your engagement to James Stone?" Kelly vaguely recalled that Stone was a prominent -- and very handsome -- movie actor.

The blonde gasped. "Oh, my god! I completely forgot! Well, Jimmy is just going to have to understand. We've been growing apart recently, anyway, and..."

"You just got engaged last week," Wood interjected.

"Well, we've been growing apart since then, okay?" the actress replied testily.

"And you're breaking off a relationship with one of the hottest young actors in Hollywood to share... this..." the reporter gestured at Lundquist, "with another woman?"

"Danny is more than enough man to keep us both satisfied!" Rydell spat. "Just an hour ago I watched him give Tiff the ride of her life. And after he was done, she could barely walk."

"Oh, it's true!" giggled the brunette. "Danny reamed me soooooo good!" she cooed.

"But a stud like Danny needs more than one woman to satisfy his needs," the blonde continued. "When he was done with her, he told me to get down on my hands and knees." She was becoming visibly excited as she told the tale. "And then he got down behind me, and then he grabbed my hips and he f--"

The screen cut abruptly back to the studio, where the anchors sat, slack-jawed. The tableau remained frozen for several moments. "Um..." Carrie began finally, "we... um... we've had technical difficulties. Uh... commercial! Yes, we'll be right back, folks!" A catchy piece of theme music began to play as the studio faded out.

"You see that?" Jason exclaimed triumphantly as a commercial for fabric softener came on. "He used my program!"

And what's going to happen when a million people are doing that? Kelly thought. She pulled her head up to tell Jason about her fears.

"Not now!" he exclaimed, grabbing her hair and holding her head on his cock. "Keep sucking, bitch!" he exclaimed. Kelly moaned at his harsh language, feeling her pussy grow wet. "Gonna come soon!" he growled. The redhead forgot her worries and sucked for all she was worth, eliciting a series of increasingly urgent groans from Jason. Cum... she needed to feel him cum in her mouth. That was all that was important. Anything else could wait. Kelly redoubled her efforts, pumping her head furiously on his cock, her tongue twirling madly around the fleshy shaft.

Moments later, she was rewarded when Jason's cock began to pulse, sending warm globs of semen down her throat. "Swallow it, slut!" he moaned. Kelly's body shook with her own orgasm as she struggled to comply, sucking down as much of the fluid as she could, savoring its wonderful taste. When Jason had finished, Kelly rolled off of him, collapsing onto the couch, shuddering with the last remains of her own climax. She licked her lips, seeking any stray drops of Jason's seed.

A minute later, Jason gave her a slap on the rear. "Now go fix me some dinner, you little whore," he said. Kelly struggled to her feet, her mind fogged with post-orgasmic bliss, and hurried off toward the kitchen, humming happily to herself. If she made a good dinner, maybe he'd fuck her afterward! A part of her mind wondered if there was something she was supposed to be worried about, but she ignored it. She was busy serving Jason, after all.

Kelly sighed, clinging to Jason's arm as they walked together through the park. "Let's go for a walk," Jason had said when she'd arrived at his apartment after work. Kelly had been agreeable; she found herself quite willing to accept any of Jason's suggestions these days. But she'd been more than a little confused. Jason was not in any way an outdoors kind of person. Indeed, Kelly couldn't remember any previous time in their relationship when they'd done anything outside.

But after a few minutes, Kelly had figured it out. He's showing me off, she realized, feeling more than a little bit of pride. She could feel the eyes of passersby on her as she strode confidently next to Jason, her translucent pink platform heels clicking on the concrete sidewalk. Her sleek legs flexed with each step as her taut ass swayed back and forth, its smooth curves tightly encased in a pair of shiny black leather shorts.

A teenage boy stared at her chest as they passed by him. Kelly favored him with a smile, tossing her long blonde hair over her shoulder as she did so. He blushed and averted his gaze. Kelly could hardly blame him for looking. The fuzzy, powder-blue sweater she wore left her stomach and arms entirely bare, while scooping low enough in front to expose the tops of her succulent tits. Kelly knew she looked like a wet dream; the poor boy would be fantasizing about her for weeks, if not months, to come.

Kelly was already fantasizing, herself. The supple leather of her shorts rubbed her otherwise bare pussy with each step, a sensation that was getting her more and more aroused as they continued to walk. The curvaceous blonde squirmed a bit, rubbing her body against Jason's. Maybe if she got him horny too he'd drag her behind a bush and...

"Look at that," Jason said, stopping and pointing across the park. A young man wearing thick glasses stood on a path, a thin black box in one hand. Just past him, a young woman in a T-shirt, shorts, and running shoes had fallen into the grass. She sat there, eyes closed, panting from exhaustion. Kelly squinted, trying to make out what Jason was pointing at.

Then she saw that the woman wasn't panting from exhaustion. While she leaned on one arm, the other one was thrust beneath the waistband of her athletic shorts. Under the thin fabric, her hand was moving furiously. The bespectacled man was tapping quickly on what Kelly now realized was a handheld computer. A grin spread across his face as the woman in the grass began moaning loudly.

"See! He's using my program!" Jason exclaimed. "He -- or someone else -- must have recompiled it for that handheld he's got." Kelly was happy for Jason, of course, but she felt a familiar discomfort as she watched. How many other computer programmers were playing with people's lives like this?

Just then, Kelly caught sight of another young woman approaching the scene, gliding effortlessly along the path on a pair of rollerblades, her ponytail swishing rhythmically behind her. Kelly stepped forward, intending to warn the newcomer of the peril that awaited her, but Jason grabbed her arm and pulled her body tightly against his. "Shhhh," he whispered into her ear. "Just watch."

Sure enough, the man caught sight of the rollerblader. His grin grew wider and, in Kelly's eyes, more sinister. His fingers danced across the top of the small computer as the girl zoomed closer. Suddenly, she shrieked, swerving off the path and tumbling onto the soft grass. She rolled to a stop next to the runner, her hands already rubbing her chest and her crotch. Even as she watched the scene, Kelly was aware of Jason's rapidly-stiffening cock pressing against her ass.

The man with the computer was laughing aloud now as he watched the two young women writhing in passion on the ground. The sound of his amusement sent a chill down Kelly's spine. In her mind she saw this scene magnified a hundred times, then a thousand times, then a million times as more and more people downloaded and ran Jason's program, toying with the bodies and minds of others. And when there were no more toys left, they would start using the program on each other. Fighting. No one would be safe. "Jason, everyone's going to be using it soon."

He silenced her with a hand on her ass, squeezing. "I know, babe. I know. Isn't it wonderful?" The tension in the shorts pulled the leather up into her crotch, the smooth material sliding up into the cleft of her pussy. Kelly groaned in lust, her eyes still locked on the tableau of the two moaning girls in the grass, the young man standing over them, laughing as he manipulated them with the device in his hand.

"Everyone's going to be using it," Jason whispered, his voice full of wonder. "Look at the power I've given him." Kelly watched as the two women noticed each other for the first time, their eyes locking, their bodies freezing for a moment as they stared at each other. Then they embraced, kissing passionately, their athletic bodies sliding against each other as their hands explored each other's curves. "I gave him that power, Kelly. I'm a god."

He doesn't see it, Kelly realized, even as she felt the warm lump of his erection pressing ever-harder into her ass. Against her own will, the sensation was causing her pussy growing moist. He doesn't understand what's going to happen when millions have that power. I have to make him understand. "Jason..."

He cut her off, spinning her around to face him. Kelly could see the power-lust in his eyes. "Have you ever been fucked by a deity, Kelly?"

Kelly gasped, her eyes closing involuntarily as she felt her sex pulsing with need. No... not now. She fought to keep her mind clear. I have to convince him.

But then he was kissing her, his hands squeezing her ripe tits as he pushed her toward a stand of bushes. Kelly felt her mind being overwhelmed with lust, her hand reaching down to cup the firm bulge in his pants.

Barely a minute later, he was inside her, driving into her more forcefully than ever before, his lust clearly fueled by his perceived omnipotence. Kelly knew he was drunk with power. She knew it was blinding him to the dangers of his creation. She knew that that blindness would have disastrous consequences.

None of that stopped her from experiencing a mind-blowing orgasm when he came inside her.

End of Part One