Master PC Omega- Brett Farr's story

by BusterD


My special thanks to JRPARZ, for allowing me to write in the Master PC Universe. This is a side story of Master PC - Master Omega.00


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Brett's Story


Brett's day had been normal for Brett, so far. Brett Farr was very good at anything he set his mind to do. The problem as he saw it was that he was never the best at anything. All of his friends and the rest of the kids at school had given him a nickname that had caught on and dogged him constantly; "Mr. Second Place," or to some "#2." He had even overheard some of the teachers call him that when they didn't think he could hear.


Today was a good example. He had three classes where he received tests back; in all three classes, his grade was one point below the highest grade received; in gym, the team he was on lost by one point. He was the second of two freshmen on the varsity baseball team, not because he wasn't better than the other guy, but because his stats were one point lower.


During the practice game after school, he made a spectacular catch that saved them from a homerun, but the second baseman made two very good plays, that saved the game. He had a very good homerun and another player got two homeruns.


Another problem he had was that he was an 'A' student and a geek, but still only number two. And even at home, he was the second child; his sister was older and first at everything; and she made his life miserable at times. She and her friends were the 'Elite' at school, and she wouldn't let him forget it and her 'boyfriends' harrassed him constantly with the "Mr. Second Place" nickname.


His mother was no help either; she just told him to ignore his sister and her friends and said nothing to Stacey when she treated him that way at home.


There was one thing that he was number one at over everyone else at school; and that was, that he had the hottest mother and sister of anyone else.


He was also better than his sister at computer literacy, not because she was smart enough; she just wasn't interested. He had seen both his mother, Sally and sister, Stacey naked many times with the small cameras that he had hidden in their bathrooms and had the pictures files to prove it. Now if he could just see them in the flesh.


It was nearly six o'clock as he walked home. He could have rode his bicycle to and from school, but he figured that he was being teased enough. He rode with Stacey to school and a friend of their mother's took her to work. Stacey left after school to go pick her mother up at the airport, where she worked.


As he turned down the street where they live, he saw that the car was in the driveway. "Damn," he thought, "No time to get myself off, alone; they're home already."


Stacey had been anxiously watching for Brett's arrival and when she saw him coming up the street, she told her mother and they both got into the position that their Master had told them to be.


Brett walked in the front door and closed it and called out that he was home. His Mom called back, "We're in the living room Honey."


He walked to the living room and came to a dead stop at what he saw; everything in his hands hit the floor as did his jaw. Both women were kneeling on the floor with their hands behind their heads; and they were totally naked.


Brett stood there looking from one to the other for a full five minutes, before he realized that he wasn't breathing. When he finally took the much needed breath, he asked, "What the hell is going on?"


Stacey answered, "Our Master said to tell you that we are your sex-slaves forever, and told me to give this disk to you and tell you to install it on your computer and it would explain everything." She held out a gold colored disk case; on it he read, "Master PC Omega - Where the Master allows you to become a virtual god to those around you with the ability to bend their reality to yours."


Stacey continued, "Master also said that you should take very good care of your computer, because the disk will disappear after you install the program."


Sally spoke up for the first time and said, "Master, maybe you should go buy yourself a new one before you install the program, so you don't lose it in an old computer; you can use my credit card."


Brett thought about it for a while; he had spent a lot of hard work and time to upgrade his present system to game quality, but his mother was correct, the computer was over four years old, practically a dinosaur as far as computers were concerned; he could use a new one.


However, he had two goreous naked women kneeling in front of him and his cock was trying hard to get out of his pants. Brett said, "Sex-slaves; what does that mean, and why are you kneeling there?"


Sally spoke humbly, "Master, it means whatever you want it to mean; we are kneeling in the position of respect, for you, Master."


He asked again, "What do you mean about respecting me?"


"Master," Stacey said, "This is the position that we offer our respect to you, if you accept our respect, you place your cock on our tongues and we give our respect to you; if you are pleased to give us a gift of your cum we will be honored to accept it and even share it with you. If you cannot share your gift of cum, we will still be honored that you allowed us to give you that respect."


Brett's cock was leaking precum rapidly and his cock was so stiff that it was beginning to hurt. He stepped up in front of his mother and asked, "What do I do now?"


Sally said, "You are the Master here, you command us and we obey or be punished; your desire is our command."


Brett was thinking, "If this is some kind of dream, he didn't ever want to wake up; Ever." He said to them, "Stand and undress me." They stood and started to undress him; Stacey stood behind him and took the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up, over his head and off.


Sally undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants and slipped them down his legs. She kneeled and as he lifted each leg, she removed the pants completely. She hooked her fingers in his shorts and slid them down and his hard cock sprang into view. Stacey came around in front and kneeled beside Sally. His almost seven inches looked very delicious to them both.


Brett could see the lust driven looks the two of them were giving his cock. He thought, "They said that I'm the one in charge here now; let's see if they mean it."  He commanded, "Get into position to give me respect." They both back away a little bit and assumed the position they were in before.


In his youthful enthusiasm, Brett quickly pushed his cock nearly all the way in his mother's mouth; it caused he rto gag a little before he realized what he had done. She started to suck on it and he came immediately; giving her a big dose of his cum. When he was done, he pulled out and looked at her. She opened her mouth to show him that she still had it in her mouth.


Stacey whispered, "You're suppose to share it with her or tell her she can swallow it, or whatever you want her to do with it."


Brett had tasted his own cum before, because he thought, how could he ask a girl to take it in her mouth if he didn't know or like what it tasted like; and he didn't think it tasted bad, a little sweet and salty at the same time.


Brett kneeled with her and she took him into her arms and gave him a smouldering French kissed, like none he ever had before. He didn't even know what his cum tasted like; the only thing he could think about was the two hot tits burning a hole into his chest and her belly pressed against his; his cock never got soft and probably wouldn't for hour to come.


Brett's hands caressed her whole body, from her head to her superfine ass. his cock was rubbing upinto her pussy some and he was about to cum again. He pulled away from her kiss and stood up. He was about to have his sister give her respect when he realized something; there was a number of things that were different about them.


The first thing that he noticed was that their tits were a lot bigger than they were that morning, and no sag to his mother's tits and that there was absolutely no hair below their shoulders; not just shaved, but NO hair at all. He noticed too, that their shapes were much more appealing than before with full feminine figures, without being fat or skinny.


Brett bent over and grabbed Stacey's tits and squeezed and mashed them and thumbed her nipples; this caused her some pain and a great deal of pleasure. He stepped up to her and she swallowed all of his cock in her mouth and down her throat and licked and sucked like it might be the last time she would be given a chance to have him.


He had cum less than ten minutes before and she had him ready to cum again. He came hard in her mouth, and although there was not as much as he gave his mother, he was happy that he could give her something. He kneeled with Stacey as he did with his mother, and was not disappointed with her kiss either, or her fine ass, which he grabbed two hands full of.


Brett's cock was between her legs, rubbing against her pussy; when he grabbed her ass and pulled her against him she came and soaked both of their crotches. Immediately she realized what she had done and started to beg his forgiveness, over and over, until he told her to stop and be quiet.


Brett asked, "What is wrong with you, what is the matter?"


Sally replied, "Master, she was disobedient; we are not allowed to cum without your's or Master Michael's permission. She should be disciplined for her error."


Brett thought about that for a minute and then asked, "What exactly does that mean to be disciplined?"


Sally answered, "Master, think about all the ways you and she were disciplined, when you were disobedient and make the punishment fit the disobedience."


Brett was so fucking horny that he couldn't even think of a good punishment for something that he considered natural. So he asked Stacey, "What do you think should be your punishment for this crime?"


Stacey was sobbing and shaking so hard that she could barely answer, "Master, I should be whipped hard for disobeying."


He answered her, "As much as that would make me happy, because of what you and your friends have done to me; I am not in the mood for that. Tell me the truth, what do you want more than anything right now?"


"Master," she replied, "More than anything, I need you to fuck my slutty cunt, over and over."


"Then that gives me your punishment," Brett said, "Crawl to your room and put your blindfold on and make it tight enough that you can't see anything. And get that big dildo you have under your mattress and stuff it in your mouth and then crawl back down here; and don't take all night or I will whip your ass."


She scampered off quickly to do as she was told; Brett got up and went to the kitchen and came back with two large tie straps. It was only a few more minutes before she came crawling down the stairs with the blindfold in place and a big black dildo sticking out of her mouth. It had to be the funniest sight that Brett had seen in his almost fifteen years.


She crawled to him feeling her way and listening to his voice. He told her to stay where she was and as she was until he told her differently. Brett ran up to his room to retrieve his digital camera and took three steps at a time on is way back down. He took pictures of Stacey from every angle and position he could think of and a number of photos of Sally too.


Brett had her grab her elbows behind her back and secured wrists and arms so that she could not move them. He said to Stacey, "Your punishment will be that you cannot see, touch, taste or experience my dick again, until I am certain that you will remember to be obedient; which with you, may take a very long time."


Stacey groaned a pitiful weal, "Nooooooo, pleeeeease, nooooooo!"


"And ," he continued, "If I hear another sound out of you, I will whip you as well, do you understand."


She shook her head yes, without making another sound.


Brett walked her over to the end of the sofa and bent her over laying her head on it. He kicked her legs apart as far as they would go without her falling off into the floor. He took the black dildo from her mouth and wet it in her sopping wet cunt; and then he pushed it in her ass and told her that if it fell out, he would tie it in her for a week.


He turned to his mother and said, "It's time to fuck, Slave, get on the sofa."


Sally crawled onto the sofa with her ass in the air; her perfect asshole and flushed and dripping wet pussy, shining in the light. Brett told her to turn over on her back and move down to the end with Stacey. He lifted Stacey's head by her hair  and told them to make out with each other.


Brett crawled between Sally's legs and couldn't help thinking that he was about to return to where he came from, well at least a part of him was. He bent over her and took both of her tits in his hands and sucked on her left nipple for a while and then move to the other one; Sally moaned loudly through her kissing with Stacey.


Brett took hold of his cock and slid it through her slit to get it wet, he pushed forward and down into her cunt with one motion. Eve though she was as tight as a virgin, she was also as slippery as ice. He held it there for a while, this was his virginity taken and he was enjoying the heat and pulsing and squeezing her her pussy.


Slowly, he started to pump his cock in and out of her, thrilled at the feeling of the slick friction on his cock. After a few minutes of the slow movements he began to pick up the pace and the higher his arousal climbed the faster he started to pump and the louder Sally began to moan and the longer it went, the moans became groans.


Sally began to tremble and shake and then Brett remembered that he had not told her that she could cum. As he pumped her harder and longer, the groans became small cries. He was close, so he pounded her harder and harder, until he exploded in her, and then he told her to cum; she also exploded and cried out her climax in Stacey's mouth.


Sally had several stiffening spasms, before she came back down to earth; she thought to herself that he was almost as wonderful as her other Master.


Brett told Stacey to get down to the other end of her mother and clean her cunt before there was a mess on the sofa. And to Sally, he told her to clean him up and get him hard for another fuck.


During the cleaning process, Brett grabbed the end of the dildo sticking out of Stacey and fucked her a with it for a few minutes. She moaned out in pleasure; Brett shoved it all the way back inside her and slapped her ass hard. She started to squeal, but cut it off as soon as it started.


Brett was hard again and decide that he would try fucking Sally doggy style, with a twist that he had seen on the internet. He had Stacey and Sally get into the sixty-nine position and told them to eat each out; they dived straight in to each other's cunt.


As he got into position behind Sally, he grabbed Stacey by the hair and pulled her face away from the wet cunt she was slurping on. He said, "I told you that you could not taste me or touch my dick, until I told you  that you could, do you want to add to your punishment?" She shook her head no vigorously.


He continued, "You can, however, lick and suck my balls and asshole, and if you do a good job, we'll see about fucking that smelly cunt of yours." He was being a little hurtful, because he really thought she smelled divine.


He made certain that his balls were over her mouth as he pulled Sally back onto his cock. Both women went back to work on his cock and his balls; Sally was pounding back on him as hard as he was her; and Stacey's tongue were causing sensations that he had only dreamed of being possible.


Stacey also included his asshole in her play, tickling and pushing at his hole and licking up the sweat dripping down his ass. She switched back and forth between his balls and ass; concentrating hard on him to keep from coming from her mother's ministrations to her pussy.


Brett lasted a little longer each time, but he still shot his load into his mother way too quick for his own liking.


Brett pulled Sally back over Stacey's mouth and told her to clean her up and make sure that she cums. When they were done, he told Sally to lick Stacey to a good cum, and then told Stacey that she could cum while she cleaned his cock. She got so excited that she nearly came the moment her mother's mouth touched her cunt.


Brett presented his soft cock to her mouth and she tenderly took it in and with reverent attention she sucked him clean and brought him to erection one more time. Her hope was that he would be pleased enough to take her cunt for his own, and fuck her over and over.


He was pleased with her performance and as he came to his climax, he pushed his cock into her throat and came. To keep from choking, she swallowed it quickly.


Brett collapsed on her with his cock still in her mouth; fortunately his cock shrank down in size, out of her throat. Just then her orgasm reached out and took her in its grip and she would have broke the sound threshold, but her mouth was still full of cock.


Brett's strength was all but gone, so Sally suggested that they all get a shower and go to bed. They all went into Sally room and climbed into her shower andhad a very sexy bath, but nothing the women did could get him back up. They completed their shower, dried off and all got into Sally's bed; Brett between them, their hot bodies and tits pressing against him.


He went to sleep thinking that for once, he ended a day, number one. Tomorrow was Saturday and he had all day to enjoy his new change of status in his own house.


Chapter 2


Brett was awakened early, by a hot wet tongue stroking the bottom of his cock and warm breath on his balls. He opened is eyes to find Stacey smiling over the tip of his cock; her tongue playing in the hole in the tip.


She said, "Mom said that I should wake you up nicely; is this nice enough?" And she opened her mouth and swallowed his cock whole and gave him the best blowjob that he had ever received; of course, two is not much to judge one on, but he just knew that it was an exceptional job. He came quickly; too quickly to really enjoy her effort.


Stacey sat up in the position that she had been in yesterday, and extended her tongue so that he could see that she had not swallowed without his permission. He got up and moved over to her and looked at her. He smiled at her and kissed her good morning and shared the treasure she had received.


Brett reached around her back to hold her close and discovered that her arms were still bound and reaching lower felt the dildo still  in her ass. He smiled at her and gave her a breathtaking kiss and told her that he was sorry that he left her that way. He undid the straps that were holding her arms behind her back.


Stacey said, "Master, it is your right to do as you wish with me, anytime, anywhere and anything; I belong to you."


Brett reached around her ass and pulled the dildo from her ass and handed it to her and said, "If I told you to clean that dildo right now you would do it?"


She answered, "Yes, Master, I would. Is that what you want me to do?"


It sound gross to him, but Brett wanted to see if she were serious about being that obedient. He said, "Yes, show me."


She started licking it at the base. As she moved up the shaft, she turned it to get all of it clean. When she reached the end, she turned her face to the ceiling and pushed the whole thing into her mouth; with only a fraction of an inch showing.


Brett reach over to her and pulled it out of her mouth and kissed her again. He laid back on the bed pulling her with him and said, "You are to make love to me and you may cum as much as you want."


Stacey had always loved him as a brother and now loved him as her Master; And now she knew that she wanted to love him as a lover and give him the best of herself as his lover. She opened her heart to him and gave him all the love that she could; expressing through the way she kissed him and touched him. She could feel it returned to her in the way he reacted to her.


Brett had been allowing her to express her love to him. He decided it was time to return to her that expression of love that he was feeling. He touched and smelled her hair, caressed her face, ran his hands down her back and over her breasts, lightly pinching and caressing her nipples and then down to her soft and sensuous mound.


When Brett straced his fingers through her labia and into her moisture; she came and moaned in joy, "Ooooooohh god thaaaaank yooooou Master."


Since he was new to a woman's body, he physically explored every inch of her, even the none glamorous parts such as the arm pits, her anus and between her toes. He wanted to know all about the female body, since he was wanting to have a girlfriend and wanted to know how to keep  and please one when it happened.


The touching and exploration of her body, set Stacey's climax off several times. Brett asked her what do girls want from a guy that they can't get very often.


She looked thoughtful for a moment and answered, "I can't speak for every girl, just me. What I wanted is simple really, I wanted a guy who cared for who I am and not just for what my body has to offer. In the matter of sex, I always wanted a guy who would see to my pleasure as much as his own."


"Well," he replied, "In the matter of sex, how can I please you, this is all new to me/"


"Brother Dear," She said, "You like your cock sucked, right? Well girls like it too, and girls don't like to beg for it any more than guys do."


Brett moved to the end of the bed and crawled between her legs; her thighs and pussy were soft and smooth and her juices were bubbling from her fountain. He bent over and took a big breath of her amazing fragrance and figured that anything that smelled that wonderful had to taste just as good. He licked her the full length of her pussy; he was not disappointed, the taste was indescribably fantastic.


Stacey came again and again, as his tongue ministered to her sex; she moaned and screamed in pleasure, praying that he would never stop. But he did, not because he was through, but because he wanted more and to give her more of himself.


Brett kissed, licked and sucked his way up her body, until his mouth latched onto her tit and nipple. He bumped her pussy with his cock and she moaned in need. When he lifted up to look between his legs, he saw his mother watching them. He signaled for her to join them. She crawled on the bed behind them and took hold of his cock and guided it into Stacey's pussy.


Brett slipped all the way in and held it there as he had with his mother; it felt wonderful. It was hot, slick and tight, but there was a difference, not better or worse just different and wonderful. He started off pumping his cock into her fast and hard; something inside him, told him that she would like it that way, so he filled her with his cock, over and over.


Their closeness and the loving touches and the sex brought them to their climaxes together. They lay together for a little while and Brett rolled off of her. Sally slid up his legs and took his cock into her mouth and cleaned it thoroughly, and then cleaned up Stacey too.


She crawled up between them and kissed them both; Brett told her to freeze. She was on all fours and her gorgeous tits were hanging down. Stacey could see what he had in mind and they both moved under her and took a nipple each into their mouths and sucked. Brett and Stacey both had the same idea and reached for her crotch.


He let Stacey play with her clit while he inserted two fingers up her cunt and they finger fucked their mother while nursing at her breasts. Not long after they started, she gushed her climax, soaking his hand in her cum ;  smothering them with her ample tits as she tried to get more in their mouths.


Brett lifted her up and laid her down on his body and kissed her cheek. As they lay there contented, Sally suddenly started, and said, "I came in here to tell you that breakfast was ready."


Brett teasingly asked her, "And you're in a hurry to give this up?"


Timidly, even embarressed, she relied, "No. Master, not really, but we all have things that need to be done. And I do want to take you shopping for a new computer; for that program Master Michael sent you."


Brett smiled at them and said in a mock voice of command, "Up you lazy slaves, it is time for my breakfast."


They giggled and said returning the mock command with a mock obeisance, bowing and saying, "Yes, Oh Mighty One" and every other remark they had ever heard in the movies. They all laughed as they made their way to the table.


As far as Brett was concerned, it was the biggest and best breakfast ever served in their family and he told them so.


They finished breakfast and Stacey told them that she would clean up and that they should go get their shower and dress for their shopping trip. Sally and Brett walked to the bedroom holding hands.


Stacey remembered that she had been scared, furious and outright rude to Master Michael when he told her that she was a slave and would serve Brett forever; now she could think of why she felt that way. She loved him and wanted him to be happy and she knew that she would do what ever it took to make that happen for him.


Sally and Brett were engaged in a very sexual bath, when Stacey completed the cleaning up. She hurried to the shower and arrived just in time to see Him spray Sally's face with his cum. Stacey quickly kneeled and licked up the cum before the shower washed it away; she shared it with her mother in a passionate kiss, which got Brett hard again.


She stood and with her back to him she spread her legs and leaned against wall sticking her sexy ass out for him to use as he wanted; and he definitely wanted her. He slid his cock into her pussy and fucked her the way she liked to be fucked and that was hard and fast. He stopped short of their climaxes and she groaned pitifully.


He laughed a little chuckle and smacked her ass and started fucking her again. They came together through much huffing and puffing from both of them and then she started to collapse and he eased her down to the floor.


When she could stand again, she said, "Master, that was mean, stopping in the middle of a wonderful fuck."


"Oh my sweet little Slut," he replied, "I stopped to see if you would complain about me stopping; and you did, that's why you got the slap on the ass."


Stacey dropped to her knees and cried, "Oh Master, I'm sorry, oh please forgive me for being so selfish, I'm really sorry that I disappointed you again." All this came out between sobs.


Brett lifted her to her feet and kissed her and told her that she had not disappointed him and that he would not discipline her more for this small infraction. Shame was still written on her face, but a little smile was starting to break through.


Again with the mock command, he said with a flurish of his hand, "Okay slaves, enough fun, now get me dried off.


With sincere respect, they answered together, "Yes, Master, your wish is my command." They bowed in submission and backed out of the shower, leading him by the hands. The towel had been on the warmer and it felt soft and comforting as they dried him from head to foot, not missing a single drop.


Well, the last drop they got together, off the end of his cock.


Sally went to the closet and pulled out a yellow sun dress and pulled it down over her head and picked up a yellow pair of shoes to match. She saw Brett staring at her and figured out why he was looking. She said, "Master Michael told us we couldn't wear underwear or bras without either of your consent and nothing in the house unless you allow it."


Brett smiled and went to his room and found an old pair of shorts and t-shirt and sandles and was back down stairs in just a few minutes, and then they were off to the electronics store. Brett had a friend who worked there, and although he was notorious for not giving discounts to his friends, Brett thought of a way to convince him to do it.


He found his friend Tommy Kirkland, when they went into Kirkland's Electronics store. Tommy's father owned the store and Tommy, 18, was the assistant manager. Brett walked right up to him with his mother right behind him. He told Tommy that he wanted a computer with the works; the most and best of everything and he told him that he wanted a discount, because they were friends.


Tommy laughed and said, "You're kidding, right?'


Brett looked him in the eyes and as serious as he could he said, "No, I'm not kidding, I want the best computer that can possibly be made and I want it today and I want a discount."


"Man," Tommy replied, "You know there's no way I can give you a discount on a machine like that; did you lose your mind?"


"Listen Tommy," Brett started, "I know that you've always had the 'hots' for my mother and sister. How much of a discount will you give me for a blowjob from her."


Tommy turned red with embarressment, as did Sally, but she stood tall and didn't say a word.


Tommy shushed him and said, "Dammit man, she standing right there and you're offering her services for a discount; man you are crazy."


Brett said, "Mom, am I crazy/"


Sally answered, "No, Honey, you're not."


Brett asked again, "Will you give Tommy a blowjob for a good discount?"


Sally relied again, "Yes Darling, if that is what you want."


"Unbutton your dress enough to show him your titties," Brett said, "Just to let him know we mean it."


Sally unbuttoned her dress to her navel and pulled it open and held it open until Brett told her to close it.


Brett asked again, "Look Tommy, do you want some of this or not, there are other stores in town and this offer will not be back on the table if you don't take it now."


"Dammit Brett," Tommy said nervously, "the best I can do is the employee twenty percent and the machine you want is really expensive; and I know that you can't afford that much."


Sally asked to speak to Brett for a moment. They stepped aside for a minute and she asked him why he didn't offer her and Stacey to him for sex. He hadn't wanted to give them to anyone, but if she were willing, Stacey probably would be too, so he asked.


"Tommy," he said, like the guy in the gangster movie, "I'm gonna make you a deal that you can't refuse, but I'm going to want one of every important piece of software included in the deal. I'll give you a full night with my mother and sister, to do everything you have ever dreamed about, no holes barred."


Tommy came in his pants and said, "Oooohhh Shit, For that, I will give you half of the store, when it belongs to me; it's a deal. Give me two hours to put it together and come back then and we can close the deal with a quick blowjob?"


"Okay, it's a deal, two hours, a blow job, the computer and a night for you to remember. When is the best time for you?"


"Well, the best time is usually Saturday night, but I can't tonight; there's this family thing going on and I have to be there," Tommy answered.


Brett replied, "Then next Saturday it is; come with a hard-on you are definitely going to need it."


They walked out of the store and Brett noticed a lingerie store across the street; he pulled Sally into the store and walked up to the sales girl, and said, "I need your help finding my mother some sexy underwear; it needs to enhance her natural beauty without covering up the goods. We're looking for panties, bras, shoes, garters and hose."


Tracy Keeley was the girl's name and she thought that he might have been joking, because the woman was certainly not old enough to be his mother, but when he frowned at her, she reconsidered and told them to follow her. In the bra section she ask what size her breast were.


Sally said shyly, "I'm not certain, a recent hormone imbalance made them grow, I think they are 'D's" but I haven't had a bra on for a while, because of the sensitivity." Brett pulled her dress open and asked Tracy what she thought they were.


Tracy gasped in surprise and arousal and Brett noticed. She asked if she could touch them to help determine the size. Brett said, "Sure, why not, you're a professional right." He knew full well that she just wanted togeet a feel of those magnicent globes.


Tracy took them both gently in her trembling hands and rubbed all around them and squeezed them and lightly running her finger tips over the sensitive nipples which were standing like proud soldiers. Tracy said, "They're definitely 'D's'; come over, here we have some things that will absolutely enhance these lovely breasts."


She showed them some bras with demi cups, and shelf bras, some corsets and even some cupless bustiers. He told his mother to pick out some things that she thought he would like and get two each, for her and Stacey. Sally's dress was still unbuttoned to her waist and Brett saw her secretly unbutton the rest, one at a time.


She gave him a sly look; she was putting on a sexy show for him and seducing Tracy at the same time. After about a half hour, Brett could see Tracy was panting with desire for Sallyand touching her more and taking sexual liberties that could get her fired. There was already a large stack of underwear on the counter and it would likely grow even more before they were through.


Sally walked over to him wearing the highest heels he had ever seen; she was balanced nearly on the tips of her toes. She opened her dress all the way showing him her perfect shape and spun all the way around. She whispered, "Are you enjoying the show?"


Brett pulled aside the leg of his shorts and his stiff cock stood up for her. He said, "does that answer your question?"


Sally licked her lips and turned and walk back to where Tracey was holding up some more things for Sally to look at. Brett stood and walked over to them and said, "I think that, that's enough clothes for today." Brett continued, "Tracy, I'll tell you what, I want to make a deal with you for a discount on all these things."


Tracy said, I'm sorry, but I'm not allowed to make discounts without manager's approval."


He replied, "Then go get the manager to approve it."


Tracy answered, "I can't, she's out of town today, on a buying trip."


Brett playing this to where he wanted it to go, said, "Well, the way I see it, she left you in charge, so you can make the discounts what you want to. Of course, we could always come back when the manager is here and tell her how you fondled my mother's tits and touched her inappropriately while pretending to help her."


Tracy began to panic and started to cry and say, "Oh god no, oh please don't do that please it would get me fired and I need this job so much, Please don't do this to me."


"Okay, here's the deal of a lifetime;" he started, "the choice is yours. You will give us your employee discount; I will give you my mother for half an hour in the dressing room, and you will give yourself to me for one night of the best sex you will ever have."


Tracy was shocked at what he asked for, she answered, "I can give you the discount and I would enjoy being with this beautiful woman, but I only like women, I can't be with you."


Brett said, "Then I can't promise that you'll ever have a job again, and because you turned down the offer the first time; you will have to model all these clothes for us too."


Tracy started really crying, and sputtering, she said, "Oh god, why did you have to come in here today; it was suppose to be my day off." And then she collapsed to the floor. She began muttering to him, "Please, I will do anything you want, if you go away and leave me alone."


Brett told her to ring up all the clothing, with the discount and she colud have Sally for half an hour to do with whatever her mind conceived.


Tracy's face lifted and she asked, "Does that mean that I don't have to model all this stuff for you?"


He answered, "No, it just means that you can do it, when you come to see me for the night." Her face fell farther than it was already. Then he asked her when her next day off was and she told him tomorrow. He told her to come by for lunch.


She finished ringing everything up and took the credit card Sally offered and finished the transaction. When she handed Sally her card; Sally dropped her dress to the floor and went to Tracy and planted a huge kiss on her mouth and pulled her to the dressing room. Forty minutes later, they both walked out naked.


Sally kneeled before him and offered him her respect; he accepted and dropped his shorts to the floor and stepped up to her and placed his cock on her tongue. She sucked it in and sucked him until he came; instead of waiting for him to kneel she stood and with her eyes, she told him that she wanted to share it with Tracy; he nodded that it was okay.


She kissed petite little Tracy and shared her cum treasure with her, and when they were done, he saw Tracy lick a drop of cum from Sally lip, and then lick hers.


Tracy walked over to him and said, "Sir, I'm sorry for being so rude to you and everything; I'm asking ou to forgive me, Please."


Brett smiled at her and said, "You are forgiven; I accept your apology."


Tracy kneeled and said to him, "Sir, may I respect you too?"


He asked, "Why?"


She responded,"I don't know, I feel that I need to, and also I want to do it, Please, may I?"


"Yes," he answered, "If you feel you need to you may." He stepped in front of her and she tentatively reached out with her hand to touch him to feel the first cock she had ever touched. She got into the position that she had seen Sally take; it wasn't perfect, but good enough to please Brett


He placed his cock on her tongue and she closed her mouth and let it slid inside. She held it here getting a sense of its length and size and taste; she started to suck it and to lick around the head and began to get into it and understand what felt good to him and she really tried hard to make him cum and he didn't disappoint her, he shot his cum into her mouth.


She opened her mouth to show him it was all there; and she waited to see if he would share it with her. He didn't disappoint her there either, he kneeled and kissed her and shared his gift to her. She smiled and he smile as he lifted her to her feet.


She said, "That was nice and I like you a lot, but I still like women more. I will honor my word to you and I will be there for lunch tomorrow." She kissed him on the cheek and went to Sally and kissed her like they had been lovers forever.


Sally had redressed while they were busy and picked up the large package and was ready to go.


Brett and Sally had been in the store for nearly an hour and not one other person had entered and interrupted what had happened.


They still had an hour to wait, so Sally suggested that they go down the street to the coffee shop for something to drink and they could sit and talk.


They both got a large tea; Sally's, hot and brett's, cold. When they were seated, Sally asked him where he suddenly got up the nerve and how he learned to do what he had done in both of the stores.


He said, "I don't know, it's kind of like I slipped into one of my role playing games yesterday, when you and Stacey gave yourselves to me as my slaves. I guess it just feels right and I've kind of gone with it ever since.It doesn't make much sense, but that's the way it feels."


Sally smiled and said, "It makes perfect sense to me and I'm fairly certain that it will to you very soon."


They sat there quietly thinking and sipping at their teas, until the hour had passed. They stood up and Sally took his hand in hers and they walked back down to the electronics store. Sally made the down payment in the janitor's closet, having to move quickly to keep his cum off her dress, she quickly got her mouth in front of his cock; he exploded the second she touched his cock.


Fortunately, she caught most of it in her mouth, the rest in her hair and on her face; she actually pulled his cock into her mouth and made him cum again. He was so pleased that he even helped them get the computer to the car, half a block down the street.




At home, Sally pulled the car around back by the garage; it was the easiest way into the house and to his new bedroom. They set it on the floor and Sally cleaned everything off her desk for him.


Brett had most of it unpacked in a matter on minutes and setup, ready to turn on in another thirty minutes. Sally and Stacey sat and watched him in awe of his ability to put it together without having to use a manual or instructions.


He retrieved the disk from the night table, where he placed it the night before. He intended to install it first, so that if something went wrong, he wouldn't lose several hours installing the other software that he got in his deal.


When he had the system up and running, Brett put the disk into the tray and almost immediately the install window came up; Brett push install and a 'Read Me First' file popped up.


It read, "Master Omega welcomes Brett Farr to Master PC Omega 0001, please read the following file before finishing the install of this program."


"You have received this disk because of your sister, Stacey. By now you may have noticed some unusual things happening around you; besides the two slaves, I have given you. When you touched the disk handed to you by Stacey, a small amount of the power available on this disk was transferred to you. You received increased confidence, the power of command and increased logic."


"You will keep these gifts whether or not you continue to install the program. If you choose to continue, be aware that ALL choices have Consequences. The program will not let you kill or cause permanant physical damage to anyone. You may, however, do almost anything you want with anyone."


"This program makes you a virtual god among the living; you are not a god, you are still human. Remember, All choices and actions have consequences, think before you act. And remember to always enjoy the changes you make."


"You may find that some aspects of some people, will be locked out and not available to change. That means that I have changed or will not allow those changes to be made; although there are few, they will occur."


"If you are ready to begin, click on install to start your new life."


Brett was very excited when he clicked the install button. Even with the new, faster machine, it took almost half a hour to install and half of his disk space.


When the install was complete, the screen opened up to the welcome page.


"Master PC Omega Welcomes Brett Farr to his Command Center." "Where the Master allows you to become a virtual god to those around you with the ability to bend their reality to yours."


"By default, Brett Farr, will be first subject displayed. You may change most things about yourself or anyone else." Enjoy and remember ALL actions have consequences."


What Brett saw was an exacy image of himself in the sitting position, wearing the exact same clothes. He decided to look around at the stats and see what the program said about him.


Up near the rotating image was a drop down box labeled "View image." What was showing in the box was "View Image Naturally." That made sense to him, he was dressed and sitting and so was the image. There were two other choices; "View Image Natural - Nude" and "View Image Standing - Nude."


Another box below that one read, "Preview changes" with radio buttons with yes and no; No was checked. Brett clicked "Yes."


Brett chose to view standing and nude and the image changed to him standing nude and rotating.


His stats read that he was 5'-7", 130 lb., light brown hair and blue eyes (20/20), no physical abnormalities, two slight infections and one muscle inflamation, health, generally good, intelligence above normal, 135. Penis, 6.8" erect; girth erect, 1.28"; Orientation- 80% hetero sexual.


Brett knew that he could change all these stats if he wanted to do so; and he did wany to change some of them. He raised his intelligence level to 150; his height to 6'-0", by one inch per day; he bulked up his muscles a bit and added tone and increased reflex speed by  3x; healed everything the program said was wrong and the most important part his cock.


His cock, he paid special attention to; he started to increase his cock to 10", until he scrolled down and saw variable. He pulled up the help file and asked what variable meant. It read, "The ability to change by will of the mind, the length of any body part, duration, stamina or any number of variable changes that can be desired."


He decided to leave his orientation alone, because he was comfortable with who he was.


Brett went back to his diagram and charts and looked again at the changes he had made and those that offered variable he selected variable, including his cock. He noticed that his image changed some, but not very much.


He seemed a little taller and his muscle tone was improved, but nothing else seemed changed. Then he remembered some of the attributes were variable. When he had the changes, he wanted for now, he clicked the "Execute" button. He was asked if he were sure and he clicked yes.


His body began to tingle and he could feel the changes taking place; when his body grew by one inch, he felt a little pain, but it was minimal.


Brett wanted to see the variable thing in action, so he willed his cock to erection; and it stood up as fast as he could think it. Then he tried to change the size and it grew to twelve inches and then it shrank to two inches and then back to normal.


Next he tried the girth; he went from a little over one inch to four to one half and back to normal. He decided he wanted normal to be nine inches in length and two inches wide, so he went back and changed the numbers and executed the command


Looking at the screen, his soft four inches grew to six inches and he was pleased.


It was lunch time so he sent Sally and Stacey to work on something to eat, while he looked at their stats. Not surprising, but he was happy with what they now were; this Master Michael whoever he was knew what most guys like. He also found that about one third of the stats were locked, but those did matter to him anyway at this point.


One thing in particular was the orientation setting for the women, while his orientation was at 80% hetero, theirs was 80% lesbian; the only exceptions were Master Michael and Master Brett, which were 100% hetero for them only. Another thing told him they were both pregnant.


Just for fun, though he wanted to see what they would look like with really big tits and large asses. When he saw it on the screen, he nearly bust a gut laughing; but when returning it to normal, he accidentally hit execute. He heard two gutting wrenching screams from the kitchen, directed at him.


He really wanted to see them, but figured Master or not, if he went in there now he might get hurt. He found the revert button and executed immediately. And two very sweet thank you's came drifting to his ears.


He remembered that Tracy Keeley was coming for lunch, when the doorbell rang. He called up her profile and adjusted her body to look like Sally and Stacey and upped her arousal and the stimulation to her erogenous zones and a few other places he intended to explore and reset her orientation to 80% lesbian from 100%, with the exception of him which he programmed to 100%, along with trust and loyalty and thankfulness and the fact that she belonged to him as his slave.


He locked the program with his own new algorithmic password and went out to see her. She was sitting with Stacey making out; Stacey was laying on top of her and they were going at it like dogs in heat.


Brett told Stacey, the least she could have done was help her get her clothes off before jumping her. And then he said, "Who told you that you could have sex with my property without asking me first?"


Stacey fell off the sofa to her knees before Brett and asked forgiveness for her stupid mistake.


Tracy appeared a little confused; first by what had just happened with Stacey and her reprimand and the fact that he called her, his slave and it seemed right, but felt wrong, but after a minute, that thought passed and she was happy, even thankful that he had made her his slave.


He commanded her to stand and let Stacey undress her; her new body was as hot as Stacey's; and even though their shapes were the same and could wear the same clothes, they looked very different.


Brett asked her why she had come to his house today.


She said, "It was part of the bargain we made yesterday, that I could have sex with your other slaves, if I was your slave too; and I'm in love with Sally and now that I've met Stacey, I love her too; and of course, you most of all, Master."


Stacey would believe it because she had not been there, but Sally had and had helped, so she probably wouldn't say anything about what had really happened.


He told Tracy to carry the old clothes that she had taken off and throw them in the trash, since they didn't fit anymore; and give Sally a kiss on the mouth and a tongue in her pussy and come back and bring her with you. She went to do as he told her.


He heard a squeal from Sally, evidentally she got her lick as a surprise, before the kiss. They returned quickly and he told his girls that Tracy was his new slave, and he told Tracy, that Sally and Stacey were her Mistresses and that she would obey them as if it came from him.


And he said to them all that any abuse of authority would result in discipline. "And," he said, "Speaking of discipline, someone has one coming, for disobedience; right, Stacey."


She responded with her head down in shame, "Yes, Master, please forgive me, I promise that it won't happen again."


"I told you the last time that it was the last time, now go to your room and get me that two inch wide leather belt; the one with all the holes in it." He answered.


She ran from the room and up the stairs grabbed the belt and was back in less than a minute.


Brett had her bend over the arm of the sofa and spread her legs; she had already started to weep. He told her to be quiet or he would give her more than she had already earned; and that she was to thank him for helping her to learn a valuable lesson.


Brett double over the belt and laid six hard and fast strokes to her ass and she thanked him kindly for helping her learn her lesson. He thought how beautifully hot her ass looked all nice and red and a part of him hoped that he would get to see it again, just because it looked so hot.


He helped her from the sofa and kissed her tenderly and told them to get back to the kitchen and get lunch ready; he was hungry. He smacked Sally and Tracy on the ass to send them off.


The lunch was soup and salad and was fresh and filling, but not too filling for desert; which happened to be Tracy, so they went to the bedroom. Brett had both Sally and Stacey, warm up Tracy for him. Before he let them start, he told them that it was okay for them to cum the rest of the day.


The three of them fucked each other in every way that Brett could imagne and more than he thought; and not once did any of them get left out. The bed was wet with sweat and cum, when Brett crawled up between Tracy's legs.


Since the preliminaries were done and he had a hardon from watching, he pushed his cock into her virgin pussy. Technically, it was taken by a dildo, but this was the first real cock that she had received in her cunt. She moaned in pleasure, "Ooooohhh God, That is sooo wonderful. Please give me more."


Brett figured that was what he would do, so he thought his cock to twelve inches and she started to really bounce back to his strokes, so if she thinks that is good, he made it twice as wide and pounded her with his large stiff rod and her orgasm was life-changing for her.


Tracy decided that she would never get enough of his cock, even if it stayed in her all day and night. She was seeing the proverbial stars and fireworks in her head.


When he pulled out of her, Sally and Stacey both gasped at the sight of his new expanded cock and stared as if they had never seen a cock that size, and of course, they never had, at least up close.


He told Sally to clean Tracy's cunt and when she was in position he shoved that oversized cock into her cunt, making it in one stroke. Brett thought how wonderfuly hot and tight she felt on his new cock and as wet as she was, the fucking was still tight.


When Sally reached her orgasm, she screamed into Tracy's cunt and set her orgasm off again. Both of them were panting now. Brett told her to climb on up onto Tracy and told Stacey to clean her mother, as he forced his cock into her tight little snatch.


Stacey had another climax while Brett was trying to get his cock in her, which slowed him down some. He let it rest in her to let her muscles adjust to his size; whenhe felt her muscles give a little he stroking his cock in and out of her, building up speed and force, until his balls were slapping her clit with a vibratory rhythm.


She came with more and hard muscle contractions than she had experienced thus far. Brett had never felt that kind of pressure either and spewed his cum into her, coating her whole cunt and womb with baby cream.


Since he could keep it up as long as he wanted, he shoved it back in Tracy and she came again from the pure joy of the feeling; and then moved to Sally and fucked her to another great cum; and finally back to Stacey.


He changed the size of his cock to narrow it down and without warning pushed it into her ass and as she screamed into Sally's cunt, Brett fucked her harder. At first, he thought that she had scream in pain, but soon realized that it was from another orgasm as her ass tried to squeeze hs cock into two pieces.


When her ass let up on its grip, he came in her ass, coming harder and longer than he had before.


Since he had only cum in Stacey, he had Sally eat her cunt and Tracy clean out her ass; together, in a three woman sandwich.


Tracy had come from the bottom to the top, so Brett fucked her ass to make it all work out even for everyone. All four came at the same time to finish off round one. Brett tilted the stack and every one fell to the bed, still holding on to the one they were with.


Brett woke an hour later to that warm sensation of a sweet hot mouth sucking on his cock and the slurping sounds of two women licking cunt like dogs at a water bowl.


He opened his eyes to find that Stacey was the one massaging her tonsils with his cock. Sally and Tracy seemed to be in continuous orgasm and their tongues on automatic. Brett slapped Sally's ass and her head popped up; she saw that Brett was awake and smiled at him and dropped her head back into Tracy's cunt.


Brett slapped her ass again, harder than the first time. Her head came up again and her look asked, "What?"


He said, "Get off that slut and get over here, I want a taste your cunt, before she eats you up"; and to Stacey he said, "You climb on my cock and give me a good fuck or I'll whip your ass again; Tracy, you get between them, facing Stacey and keep her happy; Sally you keep Tracy happy. Now move, all of you."


Stacey was the first on him, sliding her tight wet and very hot pussy down his shaft, then continued slowly as Tracy mounted his stomach, she started sliding her cunt back and forth on his belly, rubbing her clit against him. Tracy also took Stacey's tits in hand and mouth. Sally mounted his mouth and took Tracy's tits in her hands.


Sally was dripping wet even though she had been with Tracy for thirty minutes. Her juices were sweet and hot, her pussy soft as silk and hot as fresh baked bread; her aroma was heady perfume to his senses. Now he knew why Tracy was so eager to lap up her juices, they were intoxicating.


Stacey came first and came hard, squeezing his cock as tight as she had earlier. Brett made them rotate down and Stacey climbed onto his mouth. Tracy may have been a virgin with men, but she was certainly a fast learner; she worked his cock like she'd been doing it all her life.


Brett came in her sweet tight cunt, coating the inside of her cunt and womb; which triggered her cum too. If fact it cascaded through every one; Stacey being so aroused, she nearly rubbed Brett's face off with her pussy and tried to pull his tongue out by the roots.


After they were through, Brett got up to use the toilet and take a shower; all three women followed him like puppies. He was finding it hard to keep his erection down with them surrounding him, so he told them to get the shower ready.


Sally started the water and Stacey got out the towels and Tracy took hold of his cock to help him pee. When he finally finished, she shook it off and cleaned it for him, with a big wide lick from his balls to the tip of the head.


Still holding it, she pulled him into the shower with Sally and Stacey right behind. Brett insisted that they bath first and play later, but they couldn't leave his cock alone and insisted that it be washed over and over. Because the more they washed it the more he came and the more it needed to be washed again.


Out of the shower and dried off, he anounced that they were going to have a slave party and Stacey was going to invite the five other girls in her school group to come be his slaves with her. She started to protest, but saw the look in his eye that warned her what would happen if she said anything.


Brett could tell that she objected to bringing her friends into this arrangement; she didn't want anyone knowing she and her mother were being fucked by her brother and were his slaves.


Stacey called each one and invited them to their first ever slave party. She told them to come dressed like they thought a slave should be dressed and the one that best fit, what they all agreed on was the best, could be Mistress for the night. She told them to bring a change of clothes so that they could stay all night.


Chapter 4


Since Stacey was the leader of their group and everyone wanted to stay in her good graces, they agreed to come as slaves for the night. She told them that Brett would be out of the house for the night.


Brett opened the program and set about to make them all his slaves, as he had done with Tracy. The first thing was to make this happen slowly, after they saw his erect cock; he wanted them to know what was happening and that it was him doing it. He was going to let them remember, how they feel about him, without the ability to stop it.


He didn't want to spend the time doing it to each one separately, so he set it up to happen to anyone entering their house. Then, he opened each girl's profile and adjusted her to his whims and desires. He removed all hair below their necks and grew the hair on their heads down to their asses. All of the girls were virgins except Tiffany, who was fucking her baby brother, Jimmie, 15.


Donna Madison, 18, was the first one he pulled up; she was a tall, at 5'-10", long blond haired, blue eyed beauty; perfect hips, thighs and legs, but her tits were small, so he arranged that they would grow to 'D's.' He also filled out her body, giving it a more mature shape. He also increased her sensitivity levels to five times their norm.


Tiffany Jeffreys, 17, was the second girl on his list; she was the shortest girl in the group, at 5'-0"; Beautiful shiny brown hair and dark brown, mysterious eyes. Her tits and thighs were too big for her frame, so he made her proportional to his sister, Stacey. He also increased her sensitivity.


The next girl was Bridget Lakes, 17; Brett was surprised by her profile and knew that Stacey didn't know that she was 100% lesbian and in love with Stacey. Physically, she was nearly his ideal, but sexually and emotionally he had to adjust her to loving him as well as Stacey. She was red headed with dark emerald green eyes, with a nice round ass and an hour glass figure and tits that were 'D's'.


Sarah Matthews, 16, was olive skinned and exotic, with black hair and hazel eyes; her tits were full 'C's' and her nipples extraordinarily large and dark brown with large areola. She had a fully mature figure and an hour glass shape.


Last, but certainly not least, was Brianne Riley. She was the one he wanted most of all Stacey's friend's. He had asked her out on a date the week before and Stacey had interrupted and told him to get lost. He thought Brianne looked like she wanted to say yes, but said nothing after Stacey was a bitch.


After looking at her profile, he knew why she had said nothing; she was a totally submissive person to whoever she gave herself to. She has auburn hair, grass green eyes perfectly formed 'C' cup breasts and nipples and an ass he could kiss forever. Her figure and body were everything he had ever imagined and more.


He decided not to change her mind, but to just take her as his slave as she is. She might object at first, but being submissive and already wanting him; he would make it her choice to give herself to him, fully and completely.


When it came time for the party, Brett, Sally and Tracy stayed hidden in Sally's room until everyone was there and enjoying the snacks.


Stacey was wearing one of the shelf bras, with her large brown nipples erect and showing over the top and crotchless thongs and a spiked dog collar. Her light brown hair and tanned skin went well with the virgin white outfit.


Bridget, who was always late for everything, was the first to arrive. When she came in she was wearing a trenchcoat style rain coat. When she removed it, after seeing that Brett was not there; she was wearing a green lacy bra and matching thong and a green collar. The bra had the nipples cut out, and they were standing proudly, a dark cherry red.


Brett had ordered Stacey to give Bridget a passionate kiss when she arrived. She did and it surprised Bridget, but she returned the kiss that she had been wanting to give for two years and it left no doubt in Stacey's mind want Bridget wanted from her.


Donna was the next to arrive and both girls met her at the door. She was wearing a white coat over her outfit, which was a blue collar and a blue thong and nothing else. Her perky 'B' tits flushed red with excitement and arousal.


Sarah arrived next wearing a silky yellow sari; when she removed it, all three of her friends gasped

in surprise. She had on large hoop earrings and large hoop nipple rings, a ring in her navel and two on each side of her labia; all connected by a thin gold chain and rings on all her fingers and toes. Her dark skin had no tan lines and she was wearing nothing else.


She was hot and sexy and it was hard for Stacey to keep her hands to herself and the same went for Bridget too. Stacey had kissed each one on the cheek after Bridget arrived, but she kissed Sarah on the mouth, though more chaste than she had with Bridget.


Tiffany and Brianne arrived at the same time; since they were neighbors they rode together. Tiffany was unveiled first, and she, was dressed like Stacey in a sexy bra and thong set; her tits and nipples all aglow for excitement.


Brianne was the youngest of the group and arguably the prettiest and the sexiest of all the girls. Her long auburn hair was shining in the light and her green eyes sparkling and large pouting lips painted a bright red along with her finger and toenails. She arrived wearing a bright green vinyl raincoat; she kneeled before Stacey and asked Bridget to help with the coat.


Bridget lifted the coat away and all Brianne had on was a small gold chain around her neck and a thin gold leash, which she handed to Stacey and said, "Mistress, your slave awaits your command. Stacey came, her arousal had already been high, but this display sent her over the edge.


She noticed the other girls shiver, but wasn't certain whether or not they came too. Although from the increasing smell of arousal, she thought it probable.


Stacey announced that before anything else they were going to vote on the sexiest slave; while they all agreed that Sarah was dressed the most like a slave, Brianne portrayed what they agreed was the sexiest of all slave images; submission.


Stacey helped her to her feet and kneeled in front of her and said, "Mistress, your wish is my command." Seeing this the other girls did the same. Brianne blushed with embarressment.


In the best command voice she could muster, she said, "Arise slaves and let's get this party started." They all cheered and made their way to the kitchen for the prepared snacks.


During a break in the eating and talking, Stacey stood and announced the first game. It was a truth or dare game, with only the dare. One person would start and be blindfolded and turn  around until Brianne said stop and the person being pointed at would take the dare; whatever Brianne decided to command.


Stacey went first and she was told to stop on Bridget. Brianne told her to pick someone and give her a hot kiss. Stacey was sure that she would be picked as Bridget walk in her direction, but at the last second she turned to Brianne and sat in her lap and kissed her mouth and gave her plenty of tongue.


She heard a faint sound of disgust from Tiffany.


Brianne told Bridget to put the blindfold on and spin. Donna was the next to be chosen. She told Donna to rub her titties for all to see. Donna was a little hesitant, but she complied. As she rubbed them she was getting even more aroused than she already was. Brianne called time.


Donna turned and landed on Stacey. Brianne had seen her cum when she was kneeling and had smelled her aroma when she came. She told Stacey to rub her pussy until she came and to kneel before her. Stacey didn't want to seem to eager, but she really want to get off; these girls were driving her crazy with lust.


Stacey did as she was told and kneeled and masterbated herself in front of Brianne, and came in a matter of seconds; her cum streaming down her legs. All of the girls moaned with her, as all of them had been unconsciously rubbing themselves with her.


Stacey turned and the next turn fell to Tiffany. Tiffany was told to clean Stacey's legs with her tongue. Tiffany balked big time, because she was not into girls. Stacey produced her large leather belt  and handed it to Brianne and said, "Dare or punishment."


Tiffany looked around the room to frowns from her friends and decided to play the game; she kneeled on the flor and said, "Dare." Stacey went to her and turned her back, spread her legs and bent over giving her access to her inner thighs.


Tiffany started licking tentatively and decided that the taste wasn't bad and she was with her friends; and she was pretty sure that none of them would say anything. She cleaned up Stacey's legs quickly and even went around the outside edge or her labia.


Tiffany stood and turned and she stopped on Sarah. They all knew that Sarah was a dancer and was very good at it. Stacey had taken a few lessons and had some music. She commanded that Sarah, dance a lovers dance, as if enticing a lover to her bed, and had Stacey put on the music.


The music had both fast and slow parts and the dancing was extremely erotic and all the girls needed to get off when it was finished, but Brianne commanded them not to touch themselves. Brianne to Sarah to spin one last turn; she ended on Bridget.


Brianne commanded saying, "Pleasure me, and all of you pleasure yourselves." Bridget wanted to so bad, but didn't want to be rejected by the others for being a lesbian. She crawled slowly to Brianne and as she came forward, Brianne opened her legs wide and Bridget crawled on in and began licking and sucking her cunt like it was a fountain.


She did the best job that she knew how, having practiced with her sisters for several years. Brianne didn't last very long since it was her first time being done by anyone, let alone her friend. She screamed hard as she came and wrapped her legs around Bridgets head as she stiffened in orgasm.


Watching them, pushed them all over the edge in their climaxes, especially Bridget, who drank every drop that gushed from Brianne's pussy.


When Brianne could breath good again, she sat up and command that everyone get naked like her. Since Sarah was naked, except for the chains she was exempt. She told them that she wanted them to have partners; so she told Stacey and Bridget that they were parnter's; Donna and Tiffany were together and she would take Sarah.


Brianne commanded, "You are to make out with your partner for the next hour or until you both cum, now enjoy yourselves."


Bridget straddled Stacey's lap on her chair and they started to give each other pleasure; coming quickly.


Donna had Tiffany sit across her lap too; while they were kissing, they were not trying to enjoy what they were doing.


Sarah pulled Brianne off her chair and on top of her in the sixty nine position and dived into Brianne's pussy with boldness and tenderness. Brianne new to this arrangement did the best she could trying to repeat what was being done to her.


This went on for about half an hour and everyone, but Donna and Tiffany had cum several times each. Brett walked into the room naked and unnoticed, until he spoke to them. Then everyone saw him, with his naked slaves, Sally and Tracy on each side of his chair.


Four of the girls tried to cover themselves; Donna, Tiffany and Bridget, and Sarah, but could not move their arms. Stacey went and kneeled before him; he stood and offered her, her reward for obedience. She put his cock into her mouth and gave it pleasure and received her reward and he kneeled and shared it with her, and then sat back down.


Before Brett could say anything, Brianne stood and then kneeled in front of him and said, "Master, I offer myself to you, body and soul for as long as you want. I love you Master." Brett had not done anything to her, but had hoped that she would respond as she did; he was very pleased.


He stood again and placed his cock into her mouth and she sucked it with abandon and with a certain amount of worship. He gave her her reward and kneeled with her also and shared her new treasure, in a kiss that was better than the best he had ever received.


Stacey had moved beside Sally, so he instructed Brianne to get over between Tracy and the chair. He sat and looked at the other four girls and said nothing until Donna asked rudely, "What the fuck is going on here and what are you doing here asshole?"


Brett told her to shut her fucking mouth and be quiet and listen; she tried to reply, but her mouth would not open or make a sound. She had a look of terror on her face and then it went to defiant.


Brett stood and walked over to the four girls, his ten inch erection waving back and forth in front of him. All four girls staring at it, and then they felt their bodies begin to change. The changes happened quickly and scared them even more than before.


Before I take you and make you my slaves," he said, "Do any of you want to give yourself to me voluntarily; it will make it easier on you."


The girls remained quiet for a while, until Sarah bowed prostrate and said, "Master, I want you to take me as your slavegirl."


He said, "Very well, present yourself to me correctly." She cralwed to him in the prostrate position and kneeled before him in the position she had been taught; kneeling with her hands behind her head. Brett approached her and offered his cock for her respect.


Sarah took it eagerly and brought him off in seconds. He gave her an especially large gift of cum, which he kneeled and shared a portion, in a fabulous kiss. He told her to kneel with Stacey.


He looked at the last three girls and said, "Are you certain that you want it this way." When no one answered he said, "Very well, I was hoping you would make it hard on yourselves."


To Brianne, he said, "Do you know how to use that belt for discipline?"


"Yes, Master, I do; my father uses me as the example for my brother and sister." She replied.


"Of these three," Brett said, "Which one would you discipline first and why?"


"Master," she answered, "I would pick Donna first, because she told Stacey to make me stay away from you, because you asked her sister out. She also said that you were not good enough for any well-breed girl."


Brett turned to Stacey, who had her head down and asked, "Stacey is that the truth?"


Stacey, ashamed, quietly replied, "Yes, Master and more."


"Well," he said looking at Donna's terrified eyes, "Looks like we got our first new slave to discipline. Come here and bend over."


He could tell she was fighting his command even though it was useless. She stood from her chair and walked over to him and bent over; he kicked her legs farther apart  and told her to grasp her ankles. He rubbed her ass and ran his fingers through her hot, wet pussy, causing her to shiver.


The attraction to him and the other girls, was building her arousal quickly. He continued to stroke her for several more minutes, letting her arousal rise and her body need him.


He asked again if she would willingly give herself to him, and she shook her head no vigorously. He took her by the hair and lifted her head and told her to open her mouth. She shook her head no, but her mouth opened and and pushed his cock in and told her to suck him off until he filled her mouth with his cum.


He told Brianne to whip her ass until he came; Donna's eyes opened wide and looked at him and the first of many stripes landed on her ass. Donna was in tears and started really trying to get him off after the first blow. After about twenty stripes, Brett get go of his cum and told Brianne to stop.


He lifted Donna's head with his cock still in her mouth and asked her if she were willing to give herself to him freely. She still shook her head no. Instead of just letting her suck him, he started to fuck her mouth and down into her throat. He ordered Brianne to whip her thighs from her ass to her knees.


Donna tried to scream, but with a cock in her throat, she could not even breathe. Brianne whipped upa nd down the left leg and then the right one, leaving mark after mark. Donna was now taking his cock into her throat without gagging too much, though Brett had found it highly stimulating.


When Donna's legs were beginning to get a little rubbery, Brett came again with his cock pushed all the way in and sent cum down her throat, causing her to have to swallow or drown it his cum.


He asked Donna one more time if she would submit; her response was no, but not as enthusiastic as before. Brett told her that the next series would be on her tits, and she collaped to the floor trembling and shaking and sobbing hard. Brett asked her if she changed her mind.


Donna shook her head, yes,and told him that she was ready to submit to him as her Master. He told her to lay prostrate as Sarah had done and wait.


He asked Brianne who should be next and she answered that Tiffany should for being mean and rude to her and Bridget; Stacey concurred when asked.


He asked Tiffany if she were willing to give herself to him as his sex-slave. She told him,"NO, I will never give myself to you, no matter what you do to me; no matter whether you whips every inch of my body. I already belong to someone else.


Brett said, "I know, Jimmie brags all the time how good a cocksucker you are and how tight your pussy is, but that doesn't matter any more, you are my slave now and you cannot cum without my permission, now or ever again. And besides that, Jimmie loves boys now and will not be able to get it up for any girl unless I tell him to do it."


She still didn't want to give in to him and she told him so. He told her to stand and spread her legs and lock her fingers behind head. He told Brianne to do one stripe at a time, first on her tits and then on her pussy, until she kneeled and asked him to take her for his sex-slave.


Brianne looked a little hesitant and Brett asked her if she would like to be next, she said, "No, Master." She laid the first blow across both tits and nipples and Tiffany screamed and before her scream died, Brianne laid one on her pussy that sounded like a gunshot.


Tiffany bent over because she hurt so bad that she could not breath in or out; Brett told Brianne to hold up. Tiffany caught her breath and stood back up defiantly; he told Brianne to continue.

The next went across the underside of her breasts and lifted Tiffany to the tips of her toes.


Brett had her hold again. He asked Tiffany if she was ready yet to surrender to him. She shook  her head slightly no. Brett told Brianne that the next one was to go up between Tiffany's legs.


Tiffany dropped to the floor and cried out, "Ooooohhh god Noooooo, please noooo Maaaaster."


He stopped Brianne in midswing and she backed away. He told Sally and Tracy to take her to the bathroom and take care of her. They lifted her and she stumbled along with them hold her up. After fifteen minutes or so they brought her back and placed her with Donna.


Bridget came crawling over to him and said, "I'm sorry Master, please forgive me and take me as your sex-slave."


Brett said, "I'm sorry too, but you had five chances to give yourself to me and you didn't; now you will received your due punishment for your disobedience; and by me not Brianne. Assume the position for your discipline. She was shaking and trembling hard with fear of what was to come.


He spoke to her and said, "Before your punishment, I want you to know that after I make you pregnant,  you will belong to Stacey as her personal fucktoy, but will always answer to me and be available to me at anytime I say, even in public or your family's house. Is that understood?"


"Yes, Master," she cried quietly.


He spanked her ass hard with five quick strokes that lifted her off her feet. He said, "Now go pleasure your Mistress." She scooted quickly across the floor to Stacey, who had sat in a chair for her slave to service her hot and dripping cunt.


Bridget stopped suddenly remembering that Brett had demanded respect from his slaves; she postioned herself to give her respect to her Mistress Stacey. Brett and Stacey were both pleased and Stacey allowed her to approach and give her the respect she had asked to give.


Stacey got down to share with her and the kiss was overpowering to Bridget and she came and stacey and Bridget fell to the floor rolling all over his other until Brett slapped Bridget's ass with the belt again.


He asked Bridget if her Master or Mistress had allowed her to cum. She replied, "No Master, I'm sorry, I forgot."


Brett told her that there was no excuse and that was definately not a good reason. Stacey spoke up then and said, "Master, it is my fault, I did not remind her; I will take her punishment.


Stacey rolled over and stuck her ass into the air and he spanked her hard with two blows. She said, "Thank you Master, for teaching me this lesson."


Stacey turned to Bridget and said, "Slave, when you are with me, you may cum anytime, unless Master forbids it. Do you understand?"


Bridget smiled sweetly at her Mistress and said, "Yes, Mistress, thank you Mistress."


Donna and Tiffany had been admiring their new tits and rubbing them, although Tiffany's were still tender from being whipped. Brett smiled to himself and shouted, "Who told you two that you could play with your tits without asking?"


Their heads shot up and their hands dropped to their laps; fear filled their eyes.


Brett said, "Get down on your knees and give me respect."


They both kneeled for him and said a half-hearted, "Yes, Master."


He said to them, "Your effort to please me had better be more enthusiastic than your reply."


Brett stood in front of Donna and she opened her mouth for his cock and he placed it on her tongue; she sucked it in and made it feel right at home. He figured that she must have given blowjobs before, because she was giving him a very good effort.


As she sucked, her tongue was dancing around his cock energetically and giving him a very wonderful feeling; he came in her mouth and kneeled to share it with her. She kissed him with passion and when he broke the kiss, she asked, "Master, will you take me now, please?"


He replied, "Shortly."


He stood up and moved in front of Tiffany; he could see the lust building in her. She offererd her mouth to him and he presented his cock to her and she slid it all the way to the back of her throat. She was also accomplished at sucking cock and brought him off quickly.


He kneeled to share her treasure and she wrapped her self around him and kissed him like a lover should.


As he stood, he said, "From now on you two are to be partners; each day you will come to me and I will tell you who is to be Mistress for the day. If you don't see me, then whoever I made Mistress last will remain Mistress until I change it. Do you understand that?"


They both replied smiling, "YES, MASTER."


"For now," he said, "Pleasure each other until I decide who will be Mistress first, and you are to cum at least three times each."


They said, "Yes, Master," respectfully this time. And they fell into each other's arms and kissed.


Brett took Brianne and Sarah's by their chains and said, "You're partners and you will be mine first." To Sarah, he said, "Brianne is your Mistress and you are to teach her everything about being a proper slave and a good lover."


"Yes, Master, and thank you for saving me." she answered.


Brett was curious, "Saving you from what or is that from who?"


She answered, "My parents have betrothed me to a foul smelling old man in my mother's homeland. Please take my virginity and release me from this horrible fate."


"I will," Brett said, "But as your Mistress, Brianne has priority over you and I intend to take hers first; follow me." He was still holding them, so they had no choice.


Sally and Tracy were laying on the bed, holding each other and talking, in the after-glow of sex. Seeing Brett and the girls, they rose and left the room.


He had Brianne and Sarah get on the bed and said, "Sarah, instruct her in the ways of a man and woman in the bed. I will be back shortly." Brett went to the bathroom to have a pee.


When he returned to the bedroom, they were each sucking on the other's finger; Sarah was teaching her how to suck cock the way she does.


Brett climbed onto the bed and said, "Teach her with a real one."


Sarah had Brianne get between his legs and and hold his cock between both hands and gently move her hands back and forth, slightly rolling his cock; and then lick the length of it and caress his balls.


Then she instructed her to put it in her mouth as she did the finger before and Sarah took her finger again into her mouth and showed her how to tickle his cock with her tongue to create the best arousal. She showed her how to delay his cum until the time to take his child seed into her womb.


Brett had made certain that none of his new slaves would get pregnant; but he was going to make an exception with Bridget and Sarah.


Brett said, "Sarah, prepare your Mistress for my entry."


She laid Brianne back and got between her legs and wet her pussy and raised her arousal very high. She then asked Brett, "In what position do you wish to take her, Master?"


"The position she is in," he replied, "Will do nicely; raise her legs and open her up."


Sarah lifted her legs and then stood over her and pulled her legs out wide. When Brett got between her legs she placed them on his shoulders; and then got down behind him and took his cock to position him at the opening of her pussy.


Sarah rubbed his cock through Brianne's overflowing pussy juices to lubricate the head for penetration. Brett entered her slowly with an in and out movement, until he was pushed up against her hymen. He put her tits in his mouth and sucked, licking and playing with the nipples and tasting of her young girl flesh.


He fucked up to her hymen for a bit and then with one down stroke he pushed through her viginity. She cried out a little, as he went through, but soon the feeling turned incredibly wonderful.


He was in wonder at the heat and tightness, even though she was so wet that he slid in with little difficulty. He began to stroke in and out off her and she started to moan and shake with the rapid climb of her arousal; the intense feelings were beginning to overwhelm her body and mind.


As she neared her climax, Sarah whispered to him to slow down and stop for a while to let her impending orgasm plateau; and then when her face show her at ease again, then start again. He did that and waited until her climax had settled down then started again; pounding her pussy until he was ready to cum.


He told her that she could cum when he did and not before, or be punished. She was fighting it hard; she was shaking and trembing all over, when he finally came; she exploded in a tremendous orgasm, leaving her breathless.


Brett was glad that he had taken precautions; she had been fertile before she arrived and his cock had pushed into her womb as he came. He did want her to have his children, but not yet; he didn't have the money to support children yet.


As he rested, Sarah cleaned her Mistress, and whispered to her that it was her responsibility to clean him.


He told Brianne that she was to do for Sarah, what she had done for her. Sarah kneeled beside them and opened her mouth; it was filled with Brianne's bloody virgin cum. She shared it with Brett first and then with Brianne.


When Bret's cock was clean and wet, Brianne started on Sarah's pussy. Brett started with Sarah's tits and the rings and chains. Her girl flesh tasted differently, but with a spicier flavor and exciting. The chains were an annoyance, but the rings were interesting.


When Brianne told him that Sarah was ready to receive him; he shifted over her and she raised her legs and wrapped them around his waist. Brianne took his cock and rubbed it through sarah's overflowing pussy to get it slick and then placed it to her entrance.


Sarah said, "Please take me with one stroke, and make me your slave."


Brett was pleased to do as she asked. Her pussy was hotter than any of the others that he had already enjoyed and her flow was exceptional too. He expected her to be very tight also. He had Brianne dip intothe well and coat his cock good with her juices; her hand was soft and gentle, and very thorough.


When she inserted him into Sarah, he dropped suddenly and went right through virgin skin all the way into her womb. Not waiting for her to say that she was ready, he continued to fucked her hard. The muscles in her pussy started to flex and throb and suck ata his cock, just like her mouth only better.


He stopped deep in her as she continued milking his cock with her pussy. He knew that he would not last long at this rate of arousal. It was then that he felt brianne take the base of his cock and hold it in a ring of fingers to cut off some of the sensation; his immediate need had subsided and he was ready to begin again.


Sarah picked up speed as he did, pushing hard to cum. Brett leaned down and told her not to cum until he was through filling her womb with a baby. Her eyes went wide in surprise and her smile beamed in joy at the idea of being a mother to her Master's baby.


She started shaking and trembling hard, but continued to sqeeze and milk his cock with her pussy, until he came. When he was just about through, she clamped down with her pussy muscles very tight cutting off the rest of his cum and then had her orgasm.


The last of his cum jetted out into her, between her orgasmic spasms and the tight clamping of her pussy muscles. It was one of the most intense climaxes either one of them had experienced. After the cleaning and sharing of virgin blood, he sent them up stairs to Stacey's room to play.


He sat down at his computer and changed Sarah's and Bridget's profiles to make them very fertile.


He watched Sarah's profile and after several minutes, it showed that she was pregnant, with his son.


Brett called Stacey and Bridget into the bedroom. They both kneeled when they were near him. He allowed them to give him respect, and then told them to get on the bed. Both girls were hot and ready to continue fucking. Bridget looked nervous, but excited.


She remembered what he had said. That he would continue to fuck her until she was pregnant, and anyother time he chose to. She wanted that now to be fucked by him and to carry his child.


He left the formalities for another time; he put her on her back and climbed on and pushed his cock into her down to her hymen. He kissed her mouth and pushed on through her virginity. Her cry was covered by his tongue in her throat.


He fucked her slowly and steadily let her get used to his cock being in her. He could tell that she was completely his; whenever he wanted her, she would be willing to do anything he told her to do; anytime, anyplace.


He wanted her experience with him to be good, because he intended to make her one of his breed mares. He wanted a bunch of kids, especially girls.


Bridget's slick hot pussy was tightly sucking at his cock, not in the same way that Sarah's had, but still very arousing. When Bridget started to shake and quiver, Brett increased his speed and started to push himself into her pussy with a wild abandon.


He started to cum and then shoved his cock all the way into her womb and told her to "Cum." She did and went rigid with her contractions, bowing up at her stomach and then collapsing, as her orgasm came to a rest. If he were correct, she would soon be carrying two girls in her belly.


Stacey cleaned her thoroughly and Bridget cleaned him. Stacey shared Bridget blood of innocence with them, and then climbed on his cock. Brett allowed her this liberty and let her take control of the fucking. She rode his cock hard and to a swift climax for her and then slowed down to make the rest as good for him as she could.


It didn't take him much longer, and as he neared his, he pulled Stacey down to him in a loving embrace and kissed her and came in her; her tight pussy gripping him firmly.


As Stacey lifted up, Bridget's mouth moved to their joined sex. She licked up his cock to her pussy and attached her mouth to Stacey as she came off his cock. She cleaned her quickly and then waited patiently as Stacey took her time cleaning Brett.


They mixed both cleanings together and shared them both with Brett.


Before he sent them to Stacey's, he told Bridget that she was pregnant with two baby girls.


She was so excited that she bounced on the bed and bounced toward him to kiss and hug him. Her last bounce landed her ass on his cock and it pushed straight in, and all the way. She didn't feel the pain, until after she was embrassing him and her mouth was attached to his.


She was fortunate that a grand orgasm overtook the pain and she passed out from the pleaasure.


Brett and Stacey both laughed and later, so would Bridget, when she woke up. Brett picked her up for Stacey and they walked upstairs. On the way up he told Donna and Tiffany to go get on the bed and wait for him; it was their time to be with him.


When he dropped Bridget on the bed, Brianne and Sarah asked what had happened to her. Brett told them to ask Stacey and he left. Half way down, he heard riotous laughing from Stacey's room; he just smiled.


Brett walked through the living room and kissed Sally and Tracy on his way into the bedroom. Donna and Tiffany were kneeling on the bed in the submissive position, smiling and looking anxious.


The first thing he asked them, "How many times did you two get off while waiting for your turns?"


Sticking her tits out proudly, she said, "Master, I came twelve times."


Tiffany's head was hug and she said, "Master, I'm sorry, I don't know, I lost count after eight; they kept coming so fast after that."


Brett said, "That's okay, the point wasn't the number, but that you enjoyed what you were doing; did you enjoy fucking each other?"


Tiffany's eyes lit up and she responded quickly, "Oh, yes Master we did, we talked together and we decided that besides you, no boy could be as good as another woman; unless you want it to be."


"Okay," he said, "Tiffany, you will be the Mistress and Donna will be your slave for the rest of the week. However, I am going to take her first, because she is still a virgin."


Brett wanted this one to be different from the others. He arranged them in the sixty-nine position and crawled in behind Donna. Tiffany licked them both and helped place his cock in her hole. He told them that they could begin and their mouths went to work on the other.


Brett thrust his cock into Donna's pussy, taking her virginity in one stroke, and then waited until she was ready again. Her hymen had been thin and partially open and the pain was like a small pin prick. Between Tiffany's tongue and his cock, she didn't even notice when it tore.


All of the girls had been hot and tight, and so was Donna, but her pussy had a silky smoothness to it the others didn't have and it felt good on his overworked cock. He fucked her in smooth easy strokes, using the full length of his cock; she moaned and sighed, enjoying the feelings she was having, more than anything she had ever experienced.


Donna came long, hard and loudly, and gushed; it turned out that she was a squirter and it rushed out around his cock and soaked his cock and balls and Tiffany's face. Because of her contractions and jerking around when she came, it set off Brett's cum as well, and he filled her cunt and womb with baby cream.


Brett was thinking about how nice their babies would look, but decided now was not the right time.


Tiffany was licking like crazy trying to clean up the big mess they made and keep enough to share Donna's first blood. Tiffany's face and hair had been covered and her hair was about half matted to her head.


Brett and Donna both bent down and licked her face clean and then Donna started to work on Brett's cock and balls to clean him.


Tiffany's turn had finally come, and she humbly said, "Master, I know that you kept me until last because if am not a virgin, but I am still a virgin in one place; I would not let my brother fuck me in the ass. If you want to, I would like you to take me there for my first time."


Brett sat thoughtfully for a minute, and said, "Since you so graciously offered it to me, I will accept that virginity from you, instead of forcing you to give it to me."


He laid her on her back and placed a pillow under her hips to raise her ass up and make it accessable to him. He had Donna get her ass good and wet for him, and then he spent some time opening her up to make access easier for them both.


He got his index finger sopping wet in her cunt and gently worked it into her ass. When he had it fully inserted, she had a mini orgasm; he had increased sexual sensitivity to the asses of all the girls.


He worked, first one finger in and then two and then three. When she was stretched enough to take three and pulled his fingers out and pushed his cock into her pussy and then the head of his cock into her ass; she came again, just knowing that his cock was in her ass.


He thrust the length of his cock the rest of the way in; her ass was hotter and tighter than any pussy he had fucked so far. Tiffany's anal ring was spasming around his cock, so he waited to let it settle down before he took his pleasure with her.


When she started begging him to fuck her ass, he figured that she was readfy and he started slowly but increrased speed as she begged for it harder and faster and deeper. He was already as deep as he could go with his current length, so he increased his length by four inches to see if she could take it.


She moaned out loud, "Ooooohhh god Yesssss! that issssss sssssooooo goooood, do me me harder... faster please and harder."


He bent down over her with her legs on his shoulders and took a tit in his mouth and bit it gently as he fucked her and poundeed his cock as hard into her as he could. He could tell by the way her eyes rolled up that she was getting as close as he was.


When he started to cum he bit down on her nipple hard to set off her cum too. Her legs pushed at him so hard when she came that he nearly got thrown off the bed. Before her orgasmic spasms had stopped, Donna was sucking the dirty cum from her ass and licking the cum from Tiffany's pussy as well.


Tiffany cleaned his dirty cock until there was no evidence that he had done anything at all with her. They mixed and shared the spend with each other.


Brett decided that he wanted her cunt as well, so he flipped her over and fucked her pussy from behind until she had another splendid cum. He told Donna that he wanted to clean this one himself and that she could clean him.


Donna slid under him and took his cock in her mouth and sucked him clean and then proceeded to suck him dry, as he sucked on Tiffany's pussy, paying special attention to her clit. When she was about to cum, he stopped, and she groaned in disappointment. He did give Donna a mouth full of his cum to share with Tiffany.


He told them to go to Stacey's room and play with the rest of the girls; and to tell Sally and Tracy to come see him.


He was laying in the middle of the bed when they came in. He told them to lay with him while he rested for a little bit. They snuggled in on each side, their bodies damp from their personal exertions. Sally stroked and rubbed his chest and Tracy lightly caressed his cock and balls.


Brett fell asleep for a while, until his stomach complained that it needed sustenance soon.


When he woke, Sally was licking and sucking his right nipple and Tracy was licking the underside of his cock and his balls. He told them that he was hungry and was going to get something to eat from the kitchen.


He noticed that it was near midnight on the clock on the kitchen wall. Evidentally someone had clean the kitchen and put things away. He rummaged through the refrigerator until he had a plate full of food. He ate so quickly that he barely tasted the food, and then washed it down with a cola.


Before he went back to bed, he went up to look in on his slave girls. Stacey and Brianne were in his bed. They were laying face to face, sound asleep; there arms wrapped around the other and a leg pressed against the other's pussy.


The other four girls were in Stacey's room, both pairs laying in the sixy-nine position, side by side; they fell asleep in the middle of the fun.


Chapter 5


Brett woke up early, knowing that he had eight females to get ready work and school; showers, dressing and breakfast. He remembered how much trouble it used to be with just one sister to fight with.


He got his shower taken quickly and then woke his mother and Tracy and told them to shower and start on breakfast. Then he went upstairs and woke Stacey and Brianne first and when they were in the shower, he woke the other four with a slap to their gorgeous asses.


He had told all of them to get their showers and no playing and no cumming; he still had access to the belt and would use it if necessary; and the last one to the breakfast table took a big chance on getting it anyway.


Stacey and Brianne were out in record time and the other four girls piled into the shower together and washed each other and dried each other as quickly as was possible; in much less time than it usually took only one of them.


Brett went to his room and dressed, sans underwear; and then went back to remind the girls that they were not allowed bras or underwear either. Tiffany looked shocked; she had brought a short skirt and thin blouse that you could see through.


Brett told her that was the rule and if she didn't want her nipples to show she would have to figure something out.


Brett was just sitting down to breakfast when the first three, Brianne, Sarah and Donna, came down dressed, he took note that they were not wearing makeup, and realized he didn't remember them having ever worn makeup to school.


Stacey, Tiffany and Bridget came down together, holding hands and each sat down next her Mistress or slave. Sally was on Brett's left side and Stacey, his right and they started to eat. After they finished and cleaned up, they gathered in the living room.


Brett told them all, that they were not allowed to have sex of any kind or cum that day without asking permission from him first and that his response would most likely be no.


He kissed his mother and Tracy goodbye and felt up under their dresses to make certain that they were indeed bare; and they were. He inspected each of the girls to make sure that they were obedient too; especially Tiffany.


He could see that her tits were braless, but couldn't see her nipples. He asked her how she did it. She opened her blouse and showed him that she had covered her nipples with some skin colored make up. Her nipples poked her blouse out, as they did on all the girls, but hers weren't visible yet.


Sally had taken Stacey's car and left them the SUV, so that they could all ride together. Tiffany and Donna could pick up their cars after school. The drive to school was quiet, even though, Brett was fingering Brianne and Sarah in the back seat. The smell of arousal filled the car with a sweet pleasant aroma.


In the parking lot, he told them that inside the front door, each one of them would give him a parting kiss, before going to class. The hallway was full of students, just milling around until the bell rang.


Brett expected that Stacey would kiss him on the cheek, but she took his head and planted a kiss on his mouth that took away his breath; as did each one after her. He and Brianne were in the same homeroom, so he walked with her, with his arm around her waist. She was beaming.


As they entered the classroom, he gave her ass a little squeeze; surprised, she gave a little squeal and smiled at him and went to her seat on the other side of the room. She and two of her girl friends, Janet and Lucy, had their heads together whispering and giggling and taking quick, shy glances over at Brett and smiling and turning back and giggling some more.


When the bell rang for the first class, he waited for Brianne, so he could walk with her to the next class, since she would be just next door to his class. Brianne came up and threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. Her friends, Janet and Lucy, stopped and Janet said, "Maybe we can come to your next party?"


Brett smiled at Brianne and said to them, "Maybe you can." He put his hands on their shoulders and gave each one a kiss on the cheek. He could feel them both shiver. They left for their classes. Brett could see whispering all along the hall as kids passed them. The PDA's, by the front door, had got the rumors started that he hoped would happen.


With the rumors and with Brianne on his arm, he would most cetainly be noticed by the girls in school, especially those who wanted into the "IN" group. He was going to have to write down the name of all the girls that he knew who he wanted to have some fun with; and while he was thinking about it, some of the hot teachers too.


"Damn." he thought to himself, "Now, I wish I had bought a laptop. I need to think over what I want to be able to do with the power that I have been given; and to find out just how I really have."


Most of his classes were fairly easy for him, so school should go smoothly. In his first period, he started a list of the things he would like to do, if the program allowed it. He made two columns; one, for the powers and one, for the girls he wanted to score for himself


This early in the year, the classes were no problem and the girls were all giving him the eye. He wrote down names and ideas as he thought of them. One of those ideas was to check the internet for mind control abilities or other useful powers that he could use.


He had one more class with Brianne before lunch and she sat in front of him on the front row. He told her to arrange her skirt so that Mr. Brown could see up it when he was seated at his desk; not too much, but enough to get his attention.


During his lecture, Mr. Brown happen to notice that she was squirming more than usual and saw that here legs were opening and closing. He happened to be looking her way when they came wide open and could see all the way to her bald pussy and became so flustered, he forgot where he was in the lecture.


It was everything that Brett and Brianne could do to keep from laughing; and then the bell rang and they exited quickly to keep from being held after.


At lunch, they grabbed one of the bigger tables and all the girls gathered around him and he told them what had happened in Mr. Brown's class and they all had a good laugh; except for Tiffany, who blushed bright red. Brett noticed and asked her why she was blushing so much.


Tiffany explained that in the last period class she had forgotten that she was without panties and her legs were apart and Ms. Arnold noticed and kept her after class and basically seduced her by threatening to send her to the principal's office if she didn't cooperate. She was made to remove her clothes and lick her pussy, and then be sucked and licked by Ms. Arnold and told to report to her after school, for some personal tutoring.


Everyone laughed except Brett; he was pissed off that someone had bothered one of his girls, and he would make it right. He told Tiffany to meet her as she was told, but to leave the door unlocked and they would come in and catch her in the act.


After lunch, Brett added more names to his list of desirable females to add to his growing harem.


After school, they all met down the hall from Ms. Arnold's classroom. He told Tiffany to cooperate completely and to do what she was told and to enjoy herself, but to be alert and scream rape when they came in.


Tiffany did her part and went in to see Ms. Arnold and was told to close and lock the door. She pretended to lock the door and went and stood by her desk. Elizabeth Arnold told her to get her her close off and get between her legs and suck her pussy until she got off.


She said to her, "You sluts, think you can come to school anyway you want and tease the male teachers into giving you a better grade with your frilly, sexy underwear or as in your case, none at all. I will not let you get away with it."


All Tiffany said was, "Yes, ma'am." and did what she was told.


After her first cum, she told Tiffany to undress her and get up on the desk. As soon as she was undressed and Tiffany was on the desk, Elizabeth buried her mouth into the luscious slit between Tiffany's legs.


Elizabeth Arnold was a very good looking woman and all the guys and some of the girls wanted to see her naked, even though the rumor said that she was a lesbian. She had short cropped blond hair and large tits, 'D' or possibly 'DD' and her pale pink nipples, though not huge, were a nice suckable size; wide hips and a heart shaped ass and long beautiful legs. Her was pussy was  covered with fine blond hair closely cropped and trimmed into inch line, above her glistening, swollen pussy lips.


Very quietly Brett and all the other girls entered and turned their phone cameras on the scene going on at the desk. brett gave Tiffany the signal to scream. She did, "Oh god, please help me, she's making me do this against my will."


Elizabeth's head popped up and she jumped up and tried to cover herself, but she was too late, every gorgeous curve was captured on disk. She screamed at them to get out and leave them alone.


They all laughed at her and Brett said, "Okay, if that's what you want, but the video on each of these phones will be in the principal's hands before you can get your clothes back on. Now we can make other arrangements, if you want to, or we can still make it to the principal's office before he leaves; it's up to you."


Elizabeth Arnold was looking sheepish and asked, "Okay, what do you have in mind?"


"Well," Brett replied, "For starters, you can crawl over here and suck my cock, before I fuck you."


She answered, "There's no fucking way in hell that you are getting anywhere near me; just who the hell do you think you are anyhow."


Brett was really pissed now, and he said, "I think that I am the one that has your fucking sloppy cunt by the short hairs, and if you want to stay out of jail for raping a minor, you will get your fat ass out of that chair and crawl over here and do as you're told. Those are the only options you have for molesting my slave."


The last words caught her attention and shocked her and she asked, "What... she's what?"


Before Brett could speak, Tiffany said, "He's my Master; I belong to him... all of us do; and if you don't do as he said, you will regret it."


Elizabeth was starting to get scared; she knew that they could get her arrested and that she would never teach anywhere again. She slipped off the chair and crawled over to Brett; she was a complete lesbian and the idea of what was about to happen totally disgusted her, but she knew that she had no choice, except to obey.


She stopped and kneeled in front of him and waited for him to tell her what to do next. He told her to undress him and suck his cock until he came and swallowed the whole load or he would whip her ass and then fuck her.


This harsh way of talking sent a shiver of fear through her, so she did what she was told and undressed him. She was shocked at the size of his cock; she knew that he was the same age as Tiffany. He was semi hard when she put in her mouth and it started to grow to twelve inches and almost the full size of her mouth.


She started sucking and was doing a fantastic job and taking more than half of it in her mouth. She was really starting to get into it; she was actually beginning to like sucking and licking his cock. He came hard in her mouth and he told her not to swallow any of it, until he said she could.


As he came, he slid hid cock out to allow space for all that he would give her. He kneeled and told her to share some of it with him. Their mouths played tongue tag for a while and then he stood and told her to undress each girl and share some of her cum with them. Then she could swallow whatever was left.


When everyone was naked, he commanded her to lay across he desk, so he could fuck her. he also told her that she would have to get each girl off before he finished; and also she was not allowed to cum until he did or be punished.


She began trembling as he stood behind her and took her by the hips. Quietly she said, "Please go slowly, I'm still a virgin." Brett was surprised at that announcement from her; expecting that she had lost it to a dildo by now.


He rubbed his cock through her dripping pussy lips and got himself slick and then slid it into her. When it bumped into her hymen he stopped. He rubbed his cock in those first two inches of her cunt, raising her arousal level.


He told Tiffany to go first, so she climbed on the desk and scooted her pussy under Elizabeth's face. Elizabeth dug in immediately and Brett shoved his cock all the way in her tight little cunt. He started fucking her hard and pushing her face into Tiffany's cunt and sent her over the top to a nice fast climax. Stacey slipped in as she moved out of the way and Elizabeth buried her face in pussy again and got to work.


Every time she was about to cum, he slowed to nearly a stop, to let her plateau. Between mouthfuls of pussy she was begging him to fucker her harder and make her cum. She had brought all of them off except Brianne and Brianne was half way there just from watching as she climbed into position. Brett was nearing his own climax and Elizabeth was shaking and trembling, trying to hold off her own climax.


As he watched Brianne, he tried to pace himself to cum at the same time that she did. Brett had been bumping her womb as he fucked her. Elizabeth started to cum and nipped Brianne's clit and set her to coming, so Brett shoved all of his cock into her and came in her womb and filled her with so much cum that it was dripping out of her before he was finished. Elizabeth was shaking so hard it looked like she was having a seizure.


Most of the girls had their clothes on, although they were still open. He pulled his cock out and told Tiffany to clean him and Bridget to clean up his new slave. Elizabeth started to protest, but thought better of it and kept quiet. He told Elizabeth to get on her knees, in front of him and she complied.


She asked, "I did what you wanted, now, will you delete those videos?"


Brett looked into her eyes and said, "You obviously still don't understand your place; first, you are my slave and I am your Master and you address me as such from now on and will for as long as I decide to keep you; second, I expect immediate obedience when you are told to do something or be punished; third, if I decide to give you to someone, you will obey that person as you will me; four, you are not allowed to wear underwear or bras unless I permit it; five, you may not wear clothes in my presence, except when in public."


"You can't do this to me," she cried, "I won't let you."


"I can and already have," he replied, "And you will obey. You have two marks against you already and you will be disciplined."


Elizabeth looked shocked and outraged to be spoken to that way by a student, but decided that it was best if she kept her mouth shut.


Brett told her to be at his house at eight o'clock that night or the punishment would be doubled. He also told her to come dressed as she was then and to rub herself all the way and she still was not allowed to cum without his permission; that she had two strikes against her already, try not to make it more.


He told Stacey and Tiffany, who were still naked, to get into position and show his new whore how to submit. They took position on either side of Elizabeth and she reluctantly did what they did. Brett stepped up to her and kicked her legs wider apart; he grabbed her pendulous tits hard and jerked them up, pulling her back into position.


He told her that when she got to his house she would crawl from her car to his front door and assume this position and wait until he allowed her to enter.


Brett and the girls dressed and left the school. He decided that since they had already had sex with Ms. Arnold, he would have Stacey take them to their homes and drop them off, but then he remembered that two of the girls had cars at his house and they could take the others home.


He knew that they would want more from him and he would give them something, but he had work to do on his computer and the MPC program, before Ms. Arnold showed up.


At home, the girls all wanted to be fucked before they went home, but all he would do is let them give their respect before they left.


As she was leaving, Sarah said, "Master, when my parents find out that I am no longer a virgin, they will disown me and throw me out of the house for disgracing them and then give my thirteen year old sister, Raina, to that awful man. Please will you take her too, as your slave?"


Brett smiled at her and said, "I will take care of it, but for now, don't say anything, unless something happens; then call me and I will do what I need to."


Sarah thanked him and kissed him goodbye and left with Donna.


After the girls were gone and it was just him and Stacey, he went and sat down at the computer to see what he could come up with to enhance his powers and abilities. Brett entered 'Mind Control' in his browser and came up with a number of interesting story sites including ""


He opened the site and was surprised to see a number of stories with Master PC in the title. He quickly downloaded and read several of them about the different powers and abilities some of the protaganists had given them selves. He knew that he was going to have to spend some more time here and collect as many ideas as he could; besides, some of the stories were very good, and very hot.


He wrote everything down that he wanted to try to get the program to do for him. He found one where the guy had enlarged his brain and installed the program in it. And he remembered that Sally and Stacey said that this Master Michael was doing all these things and he didn't have a computer with him.


After he had finished writing down a good list to start with, he decided it was time to see what the program could do for him and what it couldn't.


He pulled up his image and made a few more physical adjustments; he made it where his body could by his thought produce pheromones for a variety of purposes; attraction, arousal, enslavement or hypnosis. He did concentrate on was his mental abilities; he knew from what the program told him at the start that it had already increased his ability to influence people.


He had the MPC give him the ability to read thoughts and memories and changes those thoughts and to change or add ideas and beliefs. He programmed to allow him to mentally broadcast changes, both physical and mental, just by thinking about it. He wanted to be able to locate and visualized people like a 3D GPS system and x-ray vision.


He also added the ability to connect directly to any computer, wirelessly, with his mind. The MPC told him that it could only be done with his own computer and within the 100 mile radius limit of his version of the program. He was allowed to see a 3D replica of his monitor.


He programmed some security to his computer with the MPC; if anyone looked at it, it would appear scrambled, and not be readable, unless he allowed it. He clicked "Execute;" and his body tingled and his head itched inside, as the changes he programmed were added.


He locked the computer and mentally found Stacey and tried calling up her image in his mind and an image of her profile appeared in front of him; as he moved his head the image moved with him. When he held his head still and moved his eyes the display stayed put directly in front of his face.


Stacey was in her room, doing her homework; Brett called her with his mind and told her to crawl to him downstairs in the living room. He walked out there and sat in the recliner so he could see her coming down the stairs.


Stacey got to the top of the stairs and started to crawl down head first, but thought better of it and turned to come down ass end first.


Brett was fascinated and amused to see her perfect ass and glistening pussy coming down first.


Stacey crawled up to him and asked, "Why did I just do this, I was working on my homework and suddenly had the urge to crawl down here and get in your lap."


"Then why aren't you in my lap?" He replied. "And get my cock in your pussy and lay down on me."


"You're here because I called you, and besides that, I just wanted to hold your nice hot body for a while, before Elizabeth Arnold shows up," He said.


She gave a contented sigh as she slid his cock into her pussy and then laid her head on his chest. Brett caressed her back and ass and the sides of her tits; as she made little up and down motions with her hips.


Brett loved the natural smell of her body; the light persperation from the day and the sweet musky scent she was giving off with her arousal and the flowered shampoo in her hair.


Stacey had just dropped off to sleep, when he sensed Tracy driving up the street and stopping in front of the house. He mentally told her to drop her clothes on the porch before coming into the house, and not worry about whether or not the neighbors  could see.


She knocked on the door and when no one came she walked on inside and could see Brett holding Stacey who was sound asleep on his lap. She could also see that his cock was stuck up inside her pussy.


Brett told Tracy to start making dinner, that Sally should be home within the hour.


Not long after, Sally came in naked, carrying Tracy's clothes and asked, "What were these doing out on the porch?"


Brett said, "The same thing yours are doing right now; she undressed before she came in."


Sally looked down and saw that she was naked and screamed in surprise; that brought Tracy running from the kitchen. Sally held out her clothes and said, "You left these on the front step."


At which, she turned red from embarressment. Brett told her to go out on the porch and get her Mistress's clothes and to close the door while she picked them up, one piece at a time.


Sally went on into the kitchen to continue making dinner. Tracy returned redder than she left and went into the kitchen to help.


Brett woke Stacey and told her to cum, when dinner was ready to eat. Her cum was delicious and very wet and she gladly cleaned up Brett, for the best nap and cum. Using her hand, she cleaned her self as good as she could.


Brett told Tracy to clean her up with her tongue; she was between Stacey's legs almost before she could sit down; lapping at her pussy like a hungry dog.


As they ate, the conversation turned to the visit of Ms. Arnold and why Brett was taking her. and how angry it made him when she forced Tiffany to have sex with her without his permission.


After dinner he had Sally sit on his lap the way Stacey had been for about an hour and had her cum when he lifted her off his lap. He then had Tracy sit on his lap, but his cock went up her ass as she settled down and he wouldn't let her change its location.


He made her happy it was in her ass and made her ass as sexually sensitive as her cunt and desirious of having it there anytime he wanted it there. He had her fuck herself to orgasm and then clean him up with her mouth and tongue and he blasted his cum in her mouth, as her tongue was stimulating him greatly.


Brett had Stacey come back and sit in his lap, but not to fuck, just to hold and kiss her for a while. He had always loved his sister, even though she was continually pissing him off; he was now developing a real affection for her.


He was caressing and kissing on her tits and stroking her pussy when a knock came at the door. He continued stroking her and told her to cum, before placing her in the chair when he stood up.


Brett had heard Elizabeth Arnold arrive and knew that she was crawling up the yard to the door.


Here's what happened to Elizabeth when she pulled up to his house. She was angry that she was there after being caught with her hand in a very sweet pie, but afraid of what could happen if she didn't show up. She had been afraid someone might see that she had driven all the there naked.


Now she had to crawl up to his front door and wait for him to let her in. When she was out of the car, she kneeled down in the grass and started to crawl to the door. Before she was half way there. every light in the neighborhood came on lighting the street well.


At the same time her tits and nipples began to grow before she reached the porch they were dragging the ground and she stepped on her nipples several times with her knees. The arousal and pain was stimulating and excruciating at the same time.


By the time she reached the porch most of the neighbors were stand ing there watching her. What she didn't know was that they all saw and very strange looking dog walk up on the porch. On the porch and after she knocked on the door, her tits were so large that her arms no longer touched the floor.


Her enormous tits were an illusion that only she could see, and when Tracy opened the door, they disappeared to normal. Tracy was also naked, but had a belt in her hand. She stepped out on the porch and closed the door. She said to Elizabeth, "Master said you are late and will receive part of your punishment here before you can enter his house."


Tracy indicated that she was to get on all fours; when she had Tracy laid into her ass with a dozen good hard strokes of the belt. Then she looped the belt around her neck and lead her their Master.


As yet, Brett had not adjusted her mind in any way, except with the few illusions he had cast in her mind. She was blushing red with embarressment and her ass was red and hot from the spanking on the porch. Tracy jerked her up into the submissive position.


Brett was looking at her profile and her mind at the same time. He could see that she was a very confused and angry woman. She wasn't strictly a lesbian, if fact she was 80% hetero; her mother was a man hater and drilled into her the lesbian life style. She had never been with any man until he took her in school and she had loved it.


She had been forced into the dominate roll as well and her profile suggested that she was more of a follower; more docile and submissive than she was acting. He made her completely submissive to him and to anyone else he gave her. He changed her orientation to 90% lesbian, with exception to him or to anyone he might give her.


He could see the changes as they took over her features. Her face developed a smile and she said, "Master, how may this slave serve you?"


He also changed her 'DD' tits to 'C's to fit her body and frame and made her hair long and down to her ass and got rid of all the hair below her neck. He increased her sexual sensitivity levels by a factor of five and her commitment to him to 100%.


Elizabeth was literally shaking with excitment and desire and would cum if he told her to.


Brett said, "Liz has been a bad slave and needs to finish her discipline before we can play. Isn't that right bitch?"


She hung her head and answered, "Yes Master, I was a bitch to you and treated several girls badly, besides Tiffany."


He said, "Before we get to your punishment, how many girls have you had sex with this year?"


Liz answered shyly, "Only five this year, Master; besides yours today Master."


"Then," he began, "Tomorrow, you will have them all come by your class after school, so that they can spank you if they want to and I can add them to my list of fuck-toys with you. What do you think of that?"


"Thank you Master," she replied, "That sounds wonderful to be spanked by all that hot pussy and then have them be fuck-toys like me. Will I get to play with them sometimes?"


"Maybe, we'll have to see about that, won't we?" Brett replied. She shook her head yes and was all smiles.


Brett had her bend over the arm of the sofa and spread her legs, with her head between Tracy's legs. He told her to get Tracy off as he whipped her ass; and that he was going to whip her until Tracy came twice. He put a temporary hold on Tracy because she was already ready to cum.


It made it hard on Tracy, because after a few minute under Liz's tongue she needed to to cum badly. He started to whip her with the belt and than let Tracy cum after six good strokes and put another hold on her until she just couldn't bare it again.


By this time, Liz had gotten about twenty or so stripes, he hadn't really been counting and her ass was very red and she was crying softly; but one of true repentance.


Leaving her just as she was, he slid his cock into her wet, hot cunt. He decided that she needed to be tighter, so he pulled up her prfile and tightened her pussy muscles around his cock until she was tight enough to squeeze a ten year old.


He fucked her with long hard strokes, slapping against her hot abused ass. She moaned and came and he stopped and smacked her sore ass twice and told her that she had to have permission from him before she could cum. If she did it again, she would receive more punishment.


When she acknowleged that she understood he started fucking her again. Her tight cunt was squeezing him so tight that it was everything he could do to hold off from coming before he was ready to.


He pounded her until she was shaking and trembling, trying to hold off her impending climax. It was causing vibrations from the tip of his cock to his balls and he couldn't hold off any longer and blasted his cum in her coating her cunt and womb with his pollenating fluids.


He was thinking how a pregnant belly would look on her and he liked the idea of all his friends knowing that it was his baby she was carrying, so he arranged for her to be pregnant, even though she had been on birth control.


He slapped her ass hard and told her to get her pregnant ass on the floor and clean his cock. She slid off the sofa arm and took his cock all the way into her mouth and squeeged him clean from the base to the tip, and then she cleaned his balls.


He had Tracy clean her out thoroughly, in the sixty nine position. It was then that it struck her what he had said; that she was pregnant with her Master's child. Liz nearly came from the pure joy of carrying his baby in her womb. He told them both to cum and they both shouted their pleasure to the entire neighborhood.


Liz was wondering why her climaxes with women were so much better, since he took her as his slave and why these women were especially attractive to her. Someday maybe Brett would explain it all to her, she thought.


Brett told Liz, "You are now slave to these three Mistresses and Tiffany as well, and anyone that I decide can have you and for however long I decide to let them keep you."


Liz was ecstatic and said, "Yes Master, I will obey everyone that you tell me to and thank you, Master, for allowing this unworthy slave to carry your child. I will cherish him always."


He asked her if she had brought any clothes with her and she told him that she hadn't. He said, "That is too bad, now you will have to go the school tomorrow wearing nothing at all."


She had an almost terrified looked on her face, believing that she would have to walk into the school and her classes naked, but that looked turned to peace, because she believed that her Master would take care of her.


Brett saw the peaceful look come over her face and asked her what she would do for clothes.


"Master," she started, "While I had at first thought that you were being mean to me, I now know that you have been trying to teach me to be a good slave and that if you want me to go to school naked, it is a good lesson for me to learn. I must learn to trust you, that you will do what's best for me."


"Very well said, slave," He said, "I think that you can fit into one of Sally's dresses now. She is your Mistress and you will thank her and tomorrow, she will see to your dressing. Now you and Tracy, go get a shower and don't use up all the hot water."


They scampered away like two young girls; holding hands and giggling. He thought how they would make a good couple; and while they would still answer to Sally, they could be with each other. He made Tracy dominate in their relationship and made Liz devoted to her unquestioningly.


Brett looked at Sally and said, "How does it feel to be Mistress in your own home?"


Giggling she answered, "As long as you are my Master, I will love whatever you give me."


Looking at Stacey, he asked her the same question. She answered, "I didn't know that I could love someone so much as I love you. If you want me to be Mistress to your slaves, I am honored to be... Master, If you keep collecting slaves like you have been doing, we will need a bigger house."


Brett heard the shower stop and said, "Come on, let's go see if they left us any hot water." He wrapped his arms around their waists and walked with them to the shower. The other two were just drying off and giggling. He told them to go sleep in Stacey's bed and to keep the noise down.


They started the shower and climbed in. Stacey immediately spread her legs and bent over and Brett obliged by shoving his cock into her steaming hot cunt, thinking how wonderfully slick and tight it was and he slid his full length in and out of her. Sally had kneeled behind him and was caressing and licking his balls and even started to finger fuck his asshole


"God," he thought, "How could it ever be better than this."


When he came in Stacey, she turned and sucked his cock into her mouth and got him hard all over again, so that he could take Sally. Sally leaned against the wall of the shower and spread her legs and asked, "Master, will you take my ass this time?"


He fingered her ass; one, two, then three fingers until she was loose enough for his cock, and then he pushed into her ass slowly but firmly, all the way in with all nine inches; she gasped with arousal and would have cum, but knew that she had not bee told that she could, so she held it.


He told her that she could cum whenever she wanted to and she did want to so she did; and came and came. He fucked her through three more climaxes before he came. If the shower had not been beating on her she would have been drenched in sweat. She urned and kissed him well and kneeled and sucked his cock clean.


They finished their shower, dried off and jumped into bed and snuggled close the way loving families should. Both women crabbed a handful of his still erect cock and dropped of to sleep quickly. Brett followed them in sleep a short time later.


To be continued????????