Master PC: Not Technically Inclined
By thereisnospoon4

Author's Note: This story is sexually explicit and is not suitable for minors. This is a work of fiction. All characters are based on ones created in the author's mind. This story is not to be posted or duplicated without the author's expressed permission and this notice posted with it.

Chapter 10 (The Auction)

…My time was almost here. The pawn was in place, the queen poised. I could feel my opponent was even aware he was about to be in checkmate. The night would be mine…

I woke up screaming. It was a hard night and now this. They had given me a cold cell. Cell was the only way to describe it. It was maybe four feet by four feet by four feet. I could sit or curl up into a ball. I wasn’t feed or clothed. The walls were painted black so that if I wasn’t depressed, I soon became so. I had laid here on the cement floor and against the cement wall awaiting my fate, crying for most of the night. 6A.M. sharp: it came.

Ice-cold water poured on me from above. I screamed it was all I could do. Once the shock of it subsided I was faced with a new fear. The water wasn’t draining and the room filled quickly. I pounded on the door. I needed to get out. No one came. I thought I was going to die. I take one last breath of air as the room completely fills. Then at last the door opened and I flowed out of the room with the water.

The six other cells in this room had emptied out already. Men grabbed the six of us and led us to another room. There we came to a larger room where a few more groups of slaves were lead in. All totaled there was 15 of us. 10 women and 5 men stood naked before their masters. I looked them over. All were immaculate. Obviously sculpted by the blasted Master PC program.

As I glanced at the others I noticed one hiding in the back, trying hard to remain inconspicuous. It was Jennifer. So she had not escaped my fate. Maybe when I uploaded my file I up loaded hers? Now if our freedom from Frederick we found true slavery. One by one we were led thru the doors. I wondered what was beyond the door as the man in front of me went thru. My future master perhaps. The waiting was always agony for me. Five mutes tops did I stand in front waiting my turn, but it felt like an hour.

The door opened and I entered. It was a small room with another door at the far end. In the middle were a lone man and a computer. He directed me towards him. I was forced to display my self. A shame I still felt despite having done this many time already. He informed me that he was going to prepare me so I would bring as high a price as possible. He pinched my nipples. He smiled and made a rude comment about the cold water and hard nipples. His fingers found my pussy and investigated. Another rude comment about not being horny enough and how I could use bigger breasts.

He set about typing into the computer. He told me how I would be loyal to who ever bought me, how I would do what ever the asked. No matter how degrading, how wrong or how against my morals, I would be theirs completely. When he finished he struck a key (I assume was enter) and quickly looked up at me to observe the changes. His temper was quick to flair when nothing happened. He hit the side of his computer (like that would help).

He fiddled around a bit before he picked up a phone that was beside his desk. Ten or fifteen minutes later a man entered. Stating his name and shouting “Tec support,” he waltz over to the computer. He looked me up and down and asked the man “what is wrong, she looks good to me?” “Just fix the fucking computer,’ was his answer. He bent over and tried. He worked at it for about two hours before finally asking the man if he had hit enter after selecting the changes.

“I..I..I don’t remember!” was the answer. A sigh came from the tech as he hit a key. Immediately my breasts began to grow, my skin seemed to tighten just a bit and I became extremely horny. More so than ever before, I wanted to fuck. “Don’t call me up here again waisting my time,” the tech said as he left.

The man looked at me with a hunger I recognized. He was going to fuck his new creation. I wanted it so badly I assumed a potion with my hands against the wall, bent slightly at the waist. He hastily undressed and approached from behind. With no skill or hesitation he rammed his cock in me ripping my hymen.  It didn’t faze me I ground back at him. We fucked hard and fast. I was probably the loosest virgin on the planned. He came quickly, but I managed to climax with him. At least I received temporary relief and all it cost me was more dignity.

After some more petting on his part and some heavy kissing, he told me to meet him in room 764 after the auction. “Just as soon as you can get away from your master. I’ll make sure you get to the room unhindered,” he said. I was then instructed to leave. I saw Jennifer enter as I left. I wondered what he would do to her?

I was lead down a corridor past an elevator (the tech took that), to another door. This on was white and spelled doom for the slaves. They were all their too. Obviously the had been forced to stand their the whole time while the computer was fixed for me. We stood waiting for Jennifer to be done, but they must have had computer trouble again. At least two more hours past before we saw Jennifer.

I had to admit I was kind of jealous; Jennifer was not altered at all. They seemed to think she was perfect the way she was. I guess the felt she didn’t need the double d breasts I did…bitch. She was very beautiful; I could see why Frederick had fallen for her. “OK. It is time open the door, go to the end of the room and stand on a circle,”

We heard the order and were led into a room that was like a police line up. Bright lights shined down on us. I found there was raised circle along the floor. I stood on the appropriate one and faced the glass. I could not see anything other than our reflections, but I was sure the same was not true for the other side. At the front of the room was a door, just beside where the mirror ended. I guessed once we were purchased we were to be led to our masters post haste.

The auction began. I heard both male a female voices bidding. One by one we were auctioned off. The circles continually turned so the bidders could view their purchases. The slave that was up for auction was forced to bend and move. When the auction ended that slave had a leashed put around their neck and forced to crawl out of the room. When it came to my turn a lone woman placed a bid.

Embarrassed, I went for the lowest price and with only one bid. The guard approached and put the cold leather leash around my neck. I fell to my hands and knees. As I crawled to my master all I can think about is I hope she is happy with me. It didn’t seem to matter that she was a woman. I only wanted to please her. I was so ashamed. The room was filled with masters being sucked off by their slaves.

I was led to a manly looking woman. She took control of my leash and like that I was hers. “Well lets see your skill,” she said to me. She undid her pants and lowered them to the floor. Their before me was a flesh colored strap on dildo. I knew what she wanted and lowered my mouth around it. The funny thing was that it was warm and felt flesh like. Stupid master PC program, now my mouth couldn’t tell the real thing from the fake.

The auction started on Jennifer. And to my surprise my master was bidding on her too. Jennifer’s auction went on for a while and my master’s dildo was able to cum in my mouth. I initially considered this to be weird, a dildo that was filled with cum tasting liquid, which would shoot after some oral manipulations. After the events of lately I figured fuck it, anything was possible with that god-awful program.

Jennifer’s auctioned ended with my master winning and Jennifer going for the most money of all the slaves. The thing that pissed me off the most was that she seemed way to excited to see who her master was. I mean I love her too, but she is a bit of a dog. When she got there she stood and gave her the deepest kiss I had ever seen. Jennifer truly did love her; I guess they did program use differently.

With the auction over, the fat man I had been introduced to yesterday gave a welcome to the club speech. We were the dismissed so our new masters “could become better acquainted with there new acquisitions. We were lead of to the master’s member’s room.

Chapter 11 (Revenge)

The room was quaint to say the least. A dresser and double bed, sex rooms nothing more. On the dresser I see a laptop that looks very familiar, but the again I am pretty dumb cause all laptops look alike (right?). I guess I was happy that it would be just us three women because others masters were sharing their slaves. Ours decided to lie down on the bed. Jennifer followed lying on top of the master kissing her passionately. I went to join, but was quickly told that I would be watching only.

Jennifer kissed her with more passion that I had ever seen. Her hands fumbled with master’s zipper. When she managed it down she stripped her of her pants. The master removed her top. I had to chuckle to myself. She had no real breasts and I think I can see hair on her chest. Jennifer went down on her, but as her tongue came out to lick her almost non-existent bunt she was stopped and ordered to straddle the dildo.

Jennifer rose and straddled her new master’s midsection. Slowly she lowered herself on the plastic dildo. A huge smile came across her face. She truly loved this. Jennifer arched backwards. Her hand lay flat on the bed beside the master’s unshaved legs. She began bouncing up and down on the dildo. Loving every minute. All she did was moan, “Yes, yes” over and over again.

As her orgasm came over her Jennifer flung herself forward, her tongue darting into our masters mouth. They kissed passionately. Master would recover quickly and they would most likely fuck again. I decided this would be a good time to go meet my guard friend. Quietly I snuck out of the room. I smiled because I was right. The last thing I saw before leaving was Jennifer being flipped over by the master and having him insert his penis into her.

I shut the door and proceeded down the hall. As I headed for room 764, I paused. “Why would master need to recover…and did I think I saw a him inserting a penis into Jennifer? Man am I losing it! Fucking stupid Master PC program. I continued on to my rendezvous. I soon realized what he meant by getting to the room unhindered. It was in a restricted area. I was usher thru the security gates and given directions to the room. I past a cell where I saw some one I knew…

The boy! He was alive! Holy shit they were keeping his prisoner here. I read the sign above the jail. It read “Enemies of the program.” If I could I would have freed him, Frederick would have wanted it. I am just one person. Besides I am on a mission. I left the cell and approached room 764. My guard friend was waiting there in front of the door with his pants down, just as the plan called for.

I walked to him and knelt. I slid my mouth around his cock. Slowly I took it into my mouth. I was trying to give him a perfect blowjob. He needed to cum quickly. I needed his sperm in my mouth. He moaned and I had had enough cocks in my mouth to know he was about to cum. I took his seed in my mouth, swallowing it all, as a woman should. He then collapsed. He was asleep, just as he was supposed after the blowjob. I released his dick from my mouth I had a job to do. I entered the room behind him.

The mainframe computer room, just as Frederick had said. I set about my task. The company that was out to get us had been paranoid and stored all their slaves’ and all the masters’ profiles on here. Not only that, but they were so greedy that others may find the Master PC program that they had it installed only here. Their workstations were merely networked and accessed this mainframe thru a WAN. I removed myself from their files. As an after thought I removed the boy too, then began a format of all drives. This would eliminate our attackers.

I waited until it was done then I left the room. Standing in the hallway was Jennifer. Her arm was around our master…Frederick. Frederick had a shit-eating grin on his face. The bastard had tricked me. He had used me. Fuck I was just a pawn.

“I was really going to release you, Jennifer convinced me this plan would work. You see she does love me.  And I really just want to live my life now. You saved the boy. I see he never disappeared like the rest. The disk please!”

I gave Frederick the disk. He sat on the floor and turned on his laptop. He inserted the disk and brought up my profile.

“Sex slave for the boy or freedom, forgetting everything. The choice is yours.”

I thought about my life was in shamble, but I wasn’t about to be a slave again.

“How about lover to the boy, forget the program and forget you guys.”

“Done deal, go to him!”

I understood. It was to be his last command! I realized he was keeping a copy of the program for himself, but in a minute that was not going to be my problem anymore. He and Jennifer would go off somewhere truly in love and probably life happily ever after. I would get to be in love too. And if all goes to plan, die (a long time from now) a happy woman. I turned back to Frederick and spoke “I has been; nice knowing you, see you around”

As I turned and left I heard his reply…”No. You won’t!”

…The end?

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