Master PC: Not Technically Inclined
By thereisnospoon4

Author's Note: This story is sexually expliced and is not suitable for minors.This is a work of fiction. All characters are based on ones created in the author's mind. This story is not to be posted or duplicated without the author's expressed permission and this notice posted with it.

Chapter 7

Journal Entry 5 May 11

...The moment of truth is upon us. I have a plan. I will have my revenge. I will stop my so-called attackers. I have knowledge and experience on my side. They will have me on the run no more. I was taught that the best defense is a good offence. So I will take the fight to them. I need help however. If my instincts are right I know just the person. Victory or defeat is at hand...

...I told myself I wasn't going to add this part into my journal, but how can I expect to learn the truth should something happen to me if I don't include everything. We arrived safely. We found a secluded hotel and tried to lay low. I took both girls at the same time that night and the sex was magical. Something was bothering me however. I lay in bed with Jennifer and Courtney for about ten minutes before my emotions set in. I stared at their sleeping bodies. Jennifer was beautiful and probably the best thing to happen to me too.

I remember pondering on the words I told myself "I will enjoy her." I kept saying that she was the one who came here to kill me. If she hadn't tried, I wouldn't have either. Still I kept hearing "I love you." Words she uttered. I had not made her fall in love with me. Was this some trick? Was this the master plan of who ever wanted to kill me?

I was feeling sick. Did I just corrupt this young lady? I had to shake the thoughts from my head. First I sat up in bed. It wasn't enough. Soon I found myself pacing from the room's door to the window. Was this program the blessing I first thought. I had lived my life as a good man. Well as good as circumstances allowed. I tried to decide whether or not this was how things were simply meant to be.

That's when I caught myself in the mirror. I never really looked at myself till then. I mean I had seen the changes, but I never saw the man before me now. The image that looked back at me was a young strapping lad. Great physic. Well-toned muscles. Nice black hair. Nine inch penis :). It was the eyes that intrigued me most. They had wisdom beyond the body's years. It was their glare that pierced into me. They told me they knew the truth. And as I watched them swell up with tears, I felt a tear of my own run down my face.

I sat in the chair that was in front of the desk on which the mirror sat. My head fell forward and my hands covered my face. I remembered hearing as a child that power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. I always told myself that this would not be the case with me. Yet with all my wisdom and all my knowledge, I fell at the first sign of temptation. Literally at the touch of a button I could have used the program to change the world for the better. I decided to corrupt my nurse into loving me and my-would-be killer into a slave.

The word of the preacher at the hotel haunted me. "The truth shall set you free." Was that meant for me? Could he be in this cruel game too? I couldn't take it. I felt things for Jennifer that I never thought possible. Courtney was fun, but I feel nothing for her. Well maybe lust, but I am confident that's just testosterone. She deserved better and I wanted the truth.

So my decision was made. I would let the ladies know of the Master PC program. I would inform them of what I had done. I would allow them to act as they would without my influence. My plan was simple. Give them knowledge. Knowledge would free them. And I would have my answers, well at least about Jennifer.

I turned my laptop on. I booted up their programs. Pausing for a moment I stared at what I had typed. Was this smart or my final down fall? I almost stopped, but I heard that voice of reason. "What is power without happiness?" I hit the update profile button and waited for them to wake...

Chapter 8

Courtney's vengeance

My life is fucked. I awoke to a personal hell. The old man I had thought I was in love with was actually just controlling me. Now I saw him for whom he was. And old he wasn't. I saw before me a beautiful, handsome man. Lucky looks are not every thing. I was about to make him pay.

Jennifer must have awakened before me. To the bathroom she must have taken him. That is where he wanted us to confront him. Even as he tries to "set us free" he controls us. I heard a loud slap and a "fuck you," followed by her storming off. As the door slammed behind her, knowledge of what happened flooded my memories. I stood and went to face him in the bathroom.

What a pathetic fool. He sits on the porcelain throne. With his hands at his face, he wept. I felt no mercy. He used me. I was now on the run. Vengeance was to be mine. I used the techniques he gave me to attack him. Jennifer was content with a slap, I was not. He didn't even see it coming. With no time to defend himself my former lover lay bleeding on the floor.

I walked to his laptop. I brought up his file. He was more pathetic than I thought. He thought he was in love with Jennifer and that she loved him back. He was wrong. His last journal entry was a laugh. He talked about truth when his whole life was a lie. He feared an invisible group that was hunting him down. Well he needed to fear no more. I deleted his profile and like that he was gone.

Wait what is this? Uploading his profile to delete I accidentally put mine on the hard drive too? No...someone is access my file. Changing things too fast. NO...

Chapter 9

Courtney's punishment

I find myself outside a door in the middle of the alley. It was a poor area of town. How I got here I do not remember. How long I blacked out for I do not know. It could be hours or days. I do recall Fredrick and what he did to me. In fact the last thing I remember is deleting his file and watching someone mess with mine. I reached up and knocked on the door.

A tall dark and handsome man answered the door.  He was a man right out of a fantasy. His words were harsh, "Take the trench coat off and get inside, bitch." I obeyed. As the coat fell from my body I realized I was naked underneath. "Follow me and don't even think of covering yourself, his voice sent shivers through my body.

He led me thru a bar like area. The place was well decorated. Red chairs seemed to jump out at you from the darkness. People filled the room. I felt my nakedness as all eyes came to me. The center of the bar was lower than the rest. Which is exactly where he led me. I thought it was to show me off better, but I was sadly mistaken. I was to perform for the people.

"On the table, bitch. Lay on your back, spread those legs and masturbate for the people. Don't forget to look up so they can see your face." I cried as I went to obey him. The table started to spin as I inserted my fingers into my pussy. I felt the table move. Sure enough it rotated so all would have a glimpse at my humiliation.

I felt a pinch at my nipples only to find the stranger playing with my breasts. Although I softly cried I felt my body heat up. I began rubbing my clitoris. My orgasm came quickly. As I screamed in ecstasy my final humiliation in front of the crowd came with them clapping.

I felt a pain on my head as he pulled me by my hair to my feet. "Lick them clean," he asked of me. He found my breasts again as I inserted my fingers into my mouth and tasted myself. He waited until I had cleaned them all off them continued thru the bar. I of course was made to follow.

At the far end we came to a room mark private. He knocked. Shortly we were told to come in. It was a small office, but very expensively decorated. I found a desk in the middle and a man sitting behind it. He was short and fat. He was very disgusting to look at. Behind him a young and beautiful brunette stood. She was naked too. She was rubbing his shoulders, giving him a very sensual massage.

He wore no shirt. At each of his nipples was a naked woman. Two blonds. Twins in fact. I saw their tongues flick out to their master's breasts. They were obviously very proud. A smile on his cigar filled mouth brought my eyes between his legs. I couldn't see very well, but I knew there was a girl down there giving this disgusting man a blowjob.

I went to speak, but was told to shut up. I obeyed of course. They talked like I wasn't even there or that if I was I was a mere object. They talked about how I was the one. How I deleted Frederick from existence. How I was to be made to pay for ruining their fun. That he was theirs to toy with. The fat man was obviously pissed off. He rambled on stopping only to lift the head between his legs so he could shoot his wad onto her face.

He rose, waving the girls away. For the first time I saw who was blowing him. I knew her and my heart sank. It was the boy's woman. I think her name was Terry. I knew these were dangerous men. They were the ones after Frederick and now they had me.

I was informed that I was to become a slave to a member of their club. I was to live my life knowing what I know and wanting to fight it, but being unable because I was a slave. He told me that he saw doubt in my eyes and that I was to learn of my fate now. The dark man came up behind me and thru me on the desk face first. I was told to stay.

Although I could not see him I knew he was taking his pants off. Once they were off he moved in behind me. He was about to have me and my body chose not to resist him. I felt a pain I had not felt forever. He had made me a virgin again and was now taking my virginity from me. I began to cry again. This time loudly. I had never been so violated in my life.

The fat man disliked my crying and I made out him saying that he new how to shut bitches up. As the dark man pumped into me from behind I felt him grab my hair and pull back. This brought my face up to see my new horror. The gross man rose from his seat.

He stepped up onto a stool, which raised his waist to my face. His cock was huge. I mean stupidly so. I wanted to throw-up as he moved the monster towards me. It was hard like it was not just sucked off. He put the uncircumcised head to my lips and said, "this is going to hurt, but you will live thru it." The dark man tugged on my hair forcing me to gasp. With my mouth open, the putrid man shoved his full length into my mouth.

I wanted to choke. I wanted to spit it out, but I had to take it. This was the worst sex I had ever had. My pussy was in pain as it's tight confines were violated and I had trouble breathing a this monster cock thrust into my throat. I cried and just didn't move as a cock slide in and out of my pussy and another in my mouth.

The dark man came and when he did my body betrayed me and came too. I went to scream my unwanted joy, but my mouth seemed to tickle the cock that was inside it the right way. My short aggressor withdrew from my mouth and came on my face. I wanted to die.

The dark man put on his pants again and slapped my ass. "You are going to make someone very happy," he said. I was then told to sit on the desk facing him. My legs were spread of course. I was then told to push the cum from my face with my fingers into my mouth. I was to swallow the pig's seed. As I complied I was told that tomorrow I was to be auctioned off to some new recruits. Maybe Fredrick wasn't so bad after all. Maybe I shouldn't have wiped him out. At least with him I had found love albeit false love. Now my future was unclear.

To be continued...

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