Master PC: Not Technologically Inclined

By: Thereisnospoon4

Chapter 5

Journal Entry 4 May 10...continued

The hardest part about unplanned hardcore sex is it leaves minor problems, as I have recently found out. We stayed in bed together for about half an hour before I decide we should get a move on. I climbed out of the bed and told Jennifer we would be leaving. I start to get dressed. Around the time I got my pants on I realized Jennifer had not started to dress. Then it clicked. Except for her bra I had ripped all her cloths off. Even her jacket was un-wearable.

Now what. I couldn't just take her naked thru the lobby. I do admit that it would be interesting to try, but I was trying to maintain a low profile. The only solution I could find was let her wear the bathrobe that came with the room. There was no other choice. I couldn't leave her alone here and shop myself because I wasn't even sure no one knew where to find her. No she must come with me. I decide she was to be naked under the robe too. Besides her bra was way to small now. I finished dressing, grabbed her weapons and we were out the door.

I told her where my car was and what she was looking for. I told her I would check out and she was to bring the car around. We entered the elevator and headed down. I took the time during the elevator ride to study my new woman. She was truly a beauty. Now I did altar her, but still she did have a natural beauty to her. My alterations only suited her more to my likes. She would have made anyone happy as a girlfriend. I almost stopped the elevator and took her there, but we were already behind and still needed to go cloths shopping. I debated about going and meeting everyone first. I however knew they would wait so shopping would be first.

Once we arrived on the main floor, Jennifer bolted for the door. I smiled to myself. I found it kind of funny. I watched the blond girl running with no shoes and a bathrobe that barely covered her sweet ass desperately holding the robe closed with one hand and holding keys in the other. She of course got lots of looks, which for some reason bothered me. Even the man preaching in the lobby stopped and stared. I wanted to go over and test my new martial art skills on everyone. Seeing her exit the hotel I snapped back to reality and went to check out.

I checked out, paying a little extra for the bathrobe. The clerk tried to hide his smile. It was obvious what happened in that room. I only had it for mere hours. And I ended up with a companion with no cloths. I ignored his smirk and started to leave the hotel. The preacher from before was watching me. I felt kind of weird. He was dressed in a black on black suit. Obviously expensive, in fact if he didn't have a sign that read "the truth shall set you free," and a hat for change I wouldn't of know he was a preacher at all. I also found it strange that he was allowed in such a nice hotel, but what did I know. I had bigger problems to solve.

I left the hotel to find Jennifer in the car out front. I hopped into the passenger side and we were off. I had her head toward the nearest mall. Again I found myself staring at her beauty. I could not contain myself. I reached over and tugged at her robe until her breasts were exposed. I leaned over and covered her far breast with my hand. I began to fondle its weight.

I watched a smile grow on her face. She enjoyed my touch. Jennifer looked over at me with those soft eyes. I could do nothing but smile back. She then tilted her head and kissed my other hand (which was on her shoulder). Moving her left hand to the top of the steering wheel, she let her right hand fall to my leg. Slowly it made its way up my leg massaging and exploring the whole way. I encouraged her by placing a soft kiss on her cheek. At last her hand fell between my legs and found its goal.

Gently Jennifer squeezed my cock through my pants. As she squeezed she began to rub it too. I could feel myself begin to harden. I pinched at her nipples to let her know I approved. As I added pressure to each pinch her mouth fell open and her rubbing increased. Within a minute of her manipulations I was completely hard. I repositioned myself so I could undo my pants.

Quick as I could, I undid the button in the front and dropped the zipper. And faster than you could say hand job my pants and underwear were around my ankles. I resumed my position. My left hand caressed her neck and massaged her shoulder, while my right hand reached across and again begun to play with her breast. Her hand again found its way to my cock.

Lightly and playfully she ran her long nails over the sack between my legs. It was a curious sensation. I wanted to stop her for fear she'd scratch to hard. I decided to trust my new lover and let her handle my pleasure. She folded her fingers around my balls and gently squeezed them.

I found Jennifer looking in my eyes. She looked like she had a question on her mind. At first I did not know the question. After only a moment of pondering, however, it struck me. This was her first hand job. She wanted to know if she was doing it right. I kissed her now completely bare shoulder and softly said "Your doing great my love." With another smile her eyes again found the road.

Jennifer released my balls and began running the fingernail of her index finger up and down my shaft. My cock twitched at this. The cool hardness of her nail against the soft flesh of my ridged cock excited me. She knew I was ready. Stopping the nail movements, Jennifer wrapped her fingers around my cock. Her hand immediately started to pump up and down on my shaft. Her hand moved rhythmically. I could tell she wanted to prolong my pleasure and still be able to explore my cock at the same time. It took longer than any masturbation session I had ever preformed on myself, but I could feel I was about to cum.

I leaned back into the seat (releasing her body) to further enjoy the moment. Jennifer must have figured out was about to happen because she pulled the car to the side of the rode and came to a stop. All the while her soft cool fingers kept working their magic on my needful cock. She leaned over to my seat. Placing her head above my cock. I pushed her hair to the side so I could watch her. She opened her mouth and kept it about an inch away from my cock. Her hand sped up its action. It was all it took. I tilted my head back and with a groan of pleasure I shot my load into her open mouth. I watched as the white fluid shot from the tip. Most of it made it into her mouth. What didn't, fell into my pubic hair.

I watched her mouth close. Keeping her head just above my erection Jennifer swallowed the load in her mouth. Not even stopping to look up she lowered her head to my pubic hair. I felt her nose brush my flesh as her tongue licked the remaining cum from my crotch. I stroked her back as she finished licking up my seed. I wanted her to know I had enjoyed the moment.

Soon we were off again. I had pulled up my pants and was seated properly in the passenger seat. Jennifer had replaced the robe and resumed driving. The rest of the trip I left my hand on her thigh gently caressing it. About a minute later we pulled into the mall parking lot. I quickly ran into the mall. I headed for the first department store I saw. I bought a pair of black heels, soccer shorts and a really small t-shirt. I ran back to the car and gave them to Jennifer to put on. She was to come shopping with me to buy her real cloths.

Once dressed Jennifer emerged from the car. She even looked sexy in these plain cloths. Her heels made the outfit. They were very dressy and grossly out of place with the rest of the outfit. Combined, however, with the tight t-shirt (witch outlined her breasts perfectly) and the shorts, the four-inch heels were perfect. Her hand took hold of my arm. Together we walked into the mall.

The mall itself was pretty big. We had lots of shops to choose from. The first shop we went to was a clothing shop that specialized in summer clothing. I found a few pairs of short shorts for Jennifer. They were black and skin-tight. I loved them right a way. I made Jennifer wear one of them out of the store. Next stop was a dress shop. I bought her and Courtney a few fancy dresses just in case (you never know about the future). Then it was off to the department store. There we bought her runners (again just in case), some more t-shirts, a few short skirts, a few blouses, some more heels and some luggage (for the trip). Next stop...underwear.

We headed to one of those underwear only shops. I had Jennifer try on everything we were to buy. She would then come out of the dressing room and model each piece for me. I had her keep the heels on. I could tell she was a bit embarrassed as the female salesman watched each of her performances. We ended up buying twenty some odd outfits for her (and twenty hand picked ones for Courtney too. I let her keep a lace thong and bra on. Her shorts were so tight that you could make out the basic line of the thong (well what had not road up her crack). Her white tee showed off her matching black bra too. As I paid for her underwear I pulled her close and plunged my tongue into her mouth. My hand found and squeeze at her ass. I knew it wouldn't be long before we were fucking. We kissed until the counter girl interrupted us.

Once we paid and left the store we headed to our final stop. Which was a sex shop. We entered the store to find a cute blond working the store. She was dressed in leather pants (obviously no panties) and a studded leather bra. I think Jennifer was relieved that it was a female clerk rather than a male. I was probably easier for her to be in here with another woman. Still she clung rather close to me. I walked right up to the girl and asked what she had in whips.

She showed me her selection. I was actually quite shocked at the choices. Some looked like torture devices rather than whips to be used on a loved one. I grabbed one of the regular looking ones. It was smaller. It had a 6-inch leather wrapped handle and twelve foot long leather straps. I asked the girl if she minded if I tested it out. She smiled and said no. She walked to the front door and locked it "for privacy," she said.

She went back behind the counter and sat down in a stool that was there. I had Jennifer lean over the counter chest first. Her face lay flat on its side against the glass counter. Her heels pushed her ass up and towards me. Smiling at the counter girl I stepped back and to the side of my love slave. I brought the whip down on her ass.

Jennifer let out a soft yelp. I smiled up at the counter girl who was right into this. I could tell she wanted to help. I brought the whip down a few more times. Jennifer's face was red with embarrassment, but she did not cry this time. In fact I believe she was into it. I asked the girl if she wanted to give it a try. She nodded a yes and came around. She grabbed the whip from my hands and pushed me aside. "First," she told me "it works better on the flesh." With that she tugged Jennifer's shorts and panties to the ground.

Before I could stop her she viciously whipped Jennifer on the ass three times and twice on the back of her thighs. Jennifer held her position, but screamed out in pain. Tears almost immediately ran down her face. The girl was visibly excited about this. I think she got a thrill out of beating my lover. This was not what I wanted. I wanted to whip Jennifer sure, but it needed to be at least somewhat pleasurable for her. I grabbed the whip from the counter girl sternly saying that it was enough. Disappointed she walked back around the counter.

I tapped Jennifer on the side so she knew she could redress. Quickly she bent over and pulled her shorts and underwear up. Slowing only as she pulled them over the red welts the girl had made. She turned and faced me, wrapping her arms around me and French kissed me. She then moved to my ear gentle nibbled it and whispered, "Thank you." She must have known I stopped the girl from hurting her. Jennifer then proceeded to kiss my neck. My on hand patted her back while the other again found her lush ass. With a smile I told the girl we would be taking the whip.

We ended up also purchasing handcuffs; massage oils, two butt plugs, leather collars (with chains) and two remote controlled vibrators. I figured I could have fun with those. The rest of the time we spend in the sex shop, Jennifer remained almost attached to me. By the time we left the shop I was hornier than hell. I knew as soon as we reached the car I was going to fuck Jennifer.

We raced to the car and probably looked funny doing it. She leaned into my body as she walked in her heels. Her one arm was around me with her hand gently stroking my side and her other arm full of bags. I had my one arm around her back with my hand resting on her ass and my other arm was also full of bags. When we reached the car, I loaded the bags into the back while she got to the front and started the car. I got in, turned the air conditioning to high and told Jennifer to head to an empty part of the parking lot.

By the time Jennifer found and parked in a secluded spot I was already naked. She jumped out of her seat and straddled me. Our lips connected and her tongue probed into my mouth. I soon felt her one hand on my cock and her other rubbing my chest. I undid the button on her shorts and unzipped them. Suddenly she broke the kiss and turned so her ass was against my naked cock. She was between my legs as she straighten her own. Jennifer then lifted her butt off the seat a bit and pulled on her shorts until she was naked from the waist down. As quickly as she had turned before, she was now facing me again.

Her one hand fell between my legs again and played with my now hard as a rock cock. She moved her legs to either side of me so that she kneeling on the seat. She pressed her legs together so that mine closed. As they did she lifted my balls so they rested on top of my legs. Releasing my cock, Jennifer used both hands to pull her tee off. I leaned forward and bit at each lace-clad nipple. She sunk down so that her naked ass rested on my knees and her legs still straddled me. When I finished biting her nipples to hardness, my lover began kissing me all over again.

I kissed her back and this time it was my tongue exploring her mouth. My hands went to work removing her bra. Once she was completely naked I took the liberty to play with her breasts. We continued at this for a while, but I wanted release. I broke the kiss and told her to fuck me.

Jennifer repositioned herself and impaled her pussy with my cock. She was wet. I slide into her easily. I moved my hands to the back of the seat and stared into her eyes (which twinkled at me). She was to pleasure me and she knew it. "Do it fast," I said. I tried to sound stern, but it some how came out soft and lovingly. In fast movements Jennifer would bring her body up and down on my shaft. Her pussy was tight, but that was not what reminded me that she had only earlier lost her virginity. It was her movements. She had no rhythm. Just up and down my shaft her wet pussy would go. I knew I would cum no matter what, but again I wanted her to cum with me.

On one of Jennifer's up movements, I brought my arm around her to hold her up. I used my other hand to guide her hand to my cock. Her fingers immediately formed around my shaft. I guide her hand up and down my now pussy lubricated cock. I wanted her to masturbate me, but at a slow pace so I would not cum until it was time. When she caught onto the speed, I let go of her hand and moved it to her pussy. There I inserted two fingers. Her pussy was so tight that it formed around the fingers. I found her clit and began rubbing it. She lowered her head again and kissed me. I licked her lips and sucked the lower one into my mouth and gently bit on it. At the same time my figures worked expertly on her clit. Soon her mouth opened a bit with soft moans. I let her lip fall from my mouth and attacked her mouth anew.

I sent my tongue trashing against hers. She kissed me back just as hard. I heard her moans increase, which was good because I was about to cum too. I brought my hands around the back of the seat again. Jennifer knew it was time again to fuck me. Quickly she lowered herself onto my manhood again and began bouncing again. Within a minute both of us reached our orgasm. She smiled and leaned back, resting on the dash. I placed my head on her one breast so that I could watch the other. It was soft as a pillow. I would have to remember to lay my head on them more often. I loved the feeling of her nipple at my temple as her chest went up and down with her now heavy breathing.

We stayed like this until I was no longer hard. I then had her dress while she sat between my legs. Every time she would move her ass would rub my cock. This is where I decided I was in love with her ass. I figured I might even try having sex with her there. Maybe next time I would just try it. Once she was dressed I had Jennifer move to the driver's seat and dressed myself. I left my pants around my ankles because I was hard again.

I figured she could just give me another hand job since my cock was still lubricated with her juices. She must of thought the same thing because as she drove off her had found it's way to my cock and began stroking. I knew I was going to love this woman.

Chapter 6

Journal Entry 4 May 10...continued

My life (since receiving the Master PC) has been a mix of utter happiness and all around plain old fashion sucking. Happiness was my women. What sucked was we arrived to only Courtney in the park. The boy and Terry had never arrived. The boy...I couldn't remember his name. It was strange. I had Courtney quote my journal entries to me only to find I had never written his name. I must admit to myself I was scared of this.

I quickly introduced my women to each other. Jennifer seemed genuinely happy to meet Courtney, but she clung tighter to me. I also felt her hand playing with my ass. Although Courtney displayed no true jealousy, did not seem happy to be sharing me. She to, however, pushed up against me. I loved it.

We headed to the apartment to see if I could figure out what happened. When we reached the apartment block we parked at a distance, but remained where I could still see the apartment window. I could make out five distinct figures up there. None were the boy or Terri. This city was no longer safe. We had to get out, but first I had new problems to solve.

Since I could not go back to the apartment, I had only the cloths on my back for clothing. I had no computer (luckily I had my copy of the Master PC program and our personal files). On top of everything I needed to find the boy. I had no clue where to start. Jennifer suggested buying a notebook for its portability. After some coaxing I found out a notebook was a small portable computer.

So off to the nearest computer shop we went. I had Jennifer help pick out the right computer (as it turns out she was a computer nut too). I nearly spent $4000 before I left that place with all the "extras" Jennifer said I just needed to have. She may know a lot about computers, but damn if she cares about price.

Next we went shopping for some new cloths for me followed by a trip to the park. I needed someplace quiet and out of the way to check on the boy's file. I would try and get his name this time. I loaded the Master PC program followed by our profiles. My heart stopped for a second as I brought up the boy's file. It was dark. I mean I could make everything out, but the screen was faded a bit. I also found I could not access any of his file. Which meant I could not change things to help him out. His name had been erased and the comment section read, "We have the boy! We have his girl! It is only a matter of time before we have you!!!"

I checked Terry's file out too. Her file was dark and faded like the boys. Her name was erased, but I had it in my journal so I could remember it. The question was why couldn't I remember the boy's. Her comment section read, "We have the girl! We have her young master! Soon we will have you!!!"

This was when it dawned on me that Jennifer had been a decoy. Unwittingly yes, but a Trojan horse none-the-less. That would explain her lack of memory about her former employer. I quickly brought up my file. It was normal. I changed my file to read that I was an expert in computers. Out of fear that something might happen to the profiles again I updated my file and re-burnt the profile CD.

Now we had to get out of the city. At a new place I could resume my search for the boy. We hopped into the car and headed towards the airport. My girls must have sensed my agitation. Jennifer (who sat in the back behind my seat) began to give me a massage to "loosen the tension." Courtney, not wanting to be out done, reached between my legs and massaged my cock. By the time we reached the airport I had nearly forgotten about the boy and was horny as hell for my ladies.

We had a half hour before we could board our plane. Now I didn't want to risk fucking one of them in the airport, but Courtney reminded me of the train ride promise of joining the mile high club. She finally filled me in that it was sex on a flying airplane. This excited me. I wanted to facilitate this so I had both Jennifer and Courtney go into the ladies washroom and change into the skirts I had bought Jennifer. I had them also insert the remote controlled vibrators into their pussies. This was going to be fun.

By the time we boarded the plane I was ready to fuck. My girls were looking sexy. The skirts showed off their sexy legs. The blouses they chose to wear clung to their bodies. Both women had the top three buttons undone so I could have a great view of their breasts. The piece de resistance was the vibrators. The whole time we waited in the airport and now while we waited for take off, I was turning the devices on and off. I wanted them horny and ready for me.

Courtney had gotten us first class tickets. There were only a few other passengers with us. They were all snobby types and most went to sleep right after take off. I wanted to fuck Jennifer for some reason, but since this was Courtney's idea I figured I would give her the honors. She went into the bathroom first (apparently this is where you do it). I remained back a minute or two. While I waited I made out with Jennifer. She kissed me passionately and when I broke the kiss to go to the bathroom her eyes told me she wished it were her in there. I kissed her forehead, smiled and turned her vibrator on.

I entered the unlocked bathroom that had Courtney waiting in it. Now for those of you who have never been in a plane (note to self: Why do you keep referring to an audience?:)) a plane's bathroom is very...very small. I locked the door behind myself and found that I was pressed up against Courtney and she was against the counter (if you can even call it a counter).

I like to tell you that we had graceful sex, but that was not the case. Problem one was getting undressed. With two of us in the bathroom it was hard to pull her panties to the ground. There was a lot of wiggling on her part. She removed her blouse and bra while I fiddled with my pants and underwear. I didn't bother trying to completely take them off. I just left them around my ankles. With only minor bumps and bruises we came to problem two.

How to engage in intercourse safely and comfortably? Courtney had to position herself on the toothpick (they called it a counter). Her legs had to be wrapped around my back because if she simply spread them each thrust I made would bang her foot against the door. If that happened all the passengers would know what we are doing. Her back fell to the wall forcing her arms kind of together which pushed her breasts out. Now for the moment of truth, I went to insert my dick into her hole when I felt metal.

Great I had forgotten about her vibrator. She had to loosen her legs and spread them a bit while I pulled it out. I looked down at Courtney. She had a look that told me that she knew it was there the whole time and just didn't feel like telling me. I was mad so I told her since she was a screamer she was to be fucked with it in her mouth. Reluctantly she opened her mouth.

I pushed it in and had her close her mouth around it. She gagged at the taste of her own juices. Now I smiled and without warning to Courtney I shoved my length into her. My thrusts were hard and fast. I had been horny now for over an hour and I was in a cramped place. I just wanted to cum and go (as it were).

Courtney obviously wanted to cum too. Her hips ground against me as best they could. I just continued my thrusts. Hard and fast! I was building up fast soon I would cum. Courtney sensed it to, but was to far off to reach an orgasm with me. I reached forward and grabbed onto her nipples. I pinched them and pulled them forward. She gasped in pain and I had an orgasm.

She was frustrated. I knew I probably should have let her cum, but she was a little too cocky for my liking. I had her dress and re-insert the vibrator. She left first. I then dressed and followed her out. When I arrived at our seats Courtney looked up at me longingly. She knew I would recover quick and wanted me to know she would be ready. Unfortunately for her I saw Jennifer.

Her face was flush. She had obviously had an orgasm a few times. Her eye told me that although she was not in the bathroom with me, she had shared an orgasm with me. When I was ready to fuck again it was Jennifer, not Courtney that joined me in the bathroom. Sex with her went smoothly. We even came together. While we dressed she whispered sweet nothings into my ear. I think I love this girl. At first I thought to myself that I did Jennifer instead of Courtney just to be mean, but I realized that I was doing it for Jennifer because I knew she liked it.

We both smiled at each other when we arrived at our seats. Courtney was obviously frustrated. She really wanted to cum. I ignored her and helped Jennifer to her seat. I then took mine, which was between them. I wondered if Courtney was frustrated because she had not cum in the bathroom or because when I took Jennifer I left her vibrator on random (which turn it on and off periodically enough to keep her horny, but not enough to allow an orgasm)?

To be continued...

any input/critisism (good or bad) would be appreciated!!