Master PC: Not Technologically Inclined

Author's Note: This story is sexually expliced and is not suitable for minors.This is a work of fiction. All characters are based on ones created in the author's mind. This story is not to be posted or duplicated without the author's expressed permission and this notice posted with it.

Chapter 3

Journal Entry 3 May 9

-I woke up alone and cold in a dumpster. You don't really ever know the definition of fear until you wake up not know who you are or why you are in a dumpster and completely incapable of speech. I was huffing and puffing for air as I tried to sit up. It was like I had no stamina at all. I tried moving, but the effort was too much. I collapsed behind a shed of some apartment block.

I met a lady that took pity on me. Actually now that I ponder on it, I believe that she felt guilt out of having it so much better than me. Regardless, she fed me. After about a week of this, I awoke again to a new surprise. I was fit again. My stamina was back and I was in excellent physical condition. I had memories of the computer program that could alter things and I was aware that this is what happened to me. I became aware of you too. You helped me. You saved me. You are my idol and hero. You also wanted to know my where a bouts.

I gathered my newfound strength and...borrowed some money from a gentleman on the street. With this money I send you a letter tell you about Terry (the wonderful lady that has been feeding me) and where and how you can find me. That very day I found out you were coming to see me. You had changed Terry into the woman of my dreams. I thank you very much for this. Just think a 16-year-old boy has a beautiful 30-year-old woman to do with as he pleases. Even as I write this she is giving me a blowjob. But I digress, you told me to prepare the apartment for you and I did. The master bedroom is for you and the other is for Terry and myself. When I was finished with that (and my fist fuck with my new toy) I began writing my memories as requested by you. I am only sorry that there are so few.-

I added this piece of crap to my journal to show you just the kind of shit I have to put up with. I spend hours on a fucking train hoping to get answers when I arrive. What am I greeted with? 36 pages of utter bull shit. I am not a step closer to solving our little mystery. You see the problem is with kids today. They don't plan ahead. Back in my day we had contingency plans, but not these punks. They want everything fast and easy. Just pisses me off. If the kid had not been the one to give me the computer I would have kicked his worthless ass long ago.

Anyway I spent the last couple of days organizing my affairs. So this is more just to catch my journal up. I of course had a pleasant ride here. Courtney made sure of that. She mentioned that if I enjoyed sex on a train so much I should consider joining the mile high club. Now I don't have a clue what she is talking about, but I figure humor her after all she is only out to please me. Once we got here I did take a run at Terry. She was good too, but I think the boy is soft on her so I will leave her to him.

As far as the boy is concerned, I am pretty disappointed in him. He does seem to look up to me now so maybe there is hope. I have him trying out the computer daily to see if anything jogs his memory. Nothing so far, but he does seem adept at using the computer. I allowed him to view the Master PC program. I told him not to alter anything without my permission. He agreed, but I've lived to long to just openly trust him. I will keep my good eye on him.

Now that my journal is basically caught up I will leave the boy to work his magic (yeah right) on the computer. I feel the urge to bed with Courtney. Plus it is getting kind of late. Because of Courtney's shyness, she has become embarrassed with the fact that other people know she (as a nurse) is fucking her 74 year old patient. I love her not knowing I'm now 24. She has decided to spend her time in the room (unless otherwise ordered by me). Which makes it great. I know she is in there waiting to be fucked.

As I enter the room I can tell my angel is excited to see me. With almost a squeal she raises to great me. Her hips seductively sway back and forth as she approaches. I smile at the beautiful sexy sight coming at me. And sexy she is tonight. She is wearing her long black hair down the way I like it and she is dressed only in her under garments. Her bra is a white lace push-up, which gives a great view of her cleavage. Her white lace panties are of the g-string variety. They are worn over a matching garter belt. The belt itself is attached to matching white stockings. Finally her outfit is topped off with 4-inch heels.

As she reaches me, Courtney wraps her arms around my head drawing it close to hers. Our lips touch. I can feel her tongue begging for access to my mouth. I of course am happy to oblige. Her tongue begins to flick in and out of my mouth, encouraging my tongue to join in. Together our tongues enter an epic battle that songs should be sung about. It ended with her sucking my tongue into her mouth. A new sensation I recommend. I held my tongue out and sucked on it like she was giving it head. I took it as a sign of things to come (no pun intended). It was a trill and a kiss that I wish would not end, but I wanted more.

I broke the kiss. Without so much as a word from me and with only a soft smile from her, Courtney began to sink to her knees. Her hands trailed her body, stopping at my chest to give my nipples a pinch. As her knees hit the ground her hands came around to give my ass a few light squeezes. Then it was to the front. Slowly she caressed my cock thru my jeans. With a tent as big as jeans would allow she decide to undo the button on my jeans.

Once that was accomplished, Courtney leaned in and started licking the crotch of my jeans to the top of the zipper. With only her teeth she lowered the zipper. A quick flick of her hands and my jeans were around my ankles. Her next target was my briefs. Using only her mouth again, she began to lower them one side at a time. I was so hard by the time she had them off; I could have just thrown her down and fucked her. But this slow torture was turning me on. Her hands came to her head and pulled her hair away from her face.

With my cock free and her hands behind her head, Courtney moved her mouth to my cock. As was becoming the custom, she began with my balls. She sucked one into her mouth, than ran her tongue around it. She moved to the other to perform the same task. She repeated this a few times with my cock gently banging against her beautiful face. Courtney knew I was ready so she began licking my shaft. Moving rhythmically towards the tip. Once there she gave it a few flicks with her tongue and took the length into her wanton mouth. She moved her head slowly. Her lips were tight around the shaft and her tongue worked inside her mouth to stimulate me more. In and out my cock slid, yet not once leaving her mouth completely. It was all I could take. I shot my cum into her mouth. She began swallowing every drop and still my cock had yet to fully leave her mouth. When it was all down her throat, she retook the length into her mouth. Courtney cupped and gently squeeze my balls until I was hard again.

I reached down and grabbed a handful of her hair. Gently I guided Courtney to her feet. It was my turn. As she parted her legs a bit, I sunk to my knees. Using my teeth I removed her panties. Her freshly shaven pussy was a beautiful sight and its perfume only served to make me hornier. I moved in and started by kissing her sex. I could feel her heat. So I began licking her. She let out a moan, which screamed for release. I began trusting my tongue against her clit and her moans grew louder. I could feel her legs trembling. She wanted her orgasm. I sucked her clitoris into my mouth. As I sucked, I gently nibbled at it and thrust my tongue at it. Within seconds she let out a scream. Her orgasm shook her body. I wanted to quite her down, but her scream of joy really turned me on.

I rose to once again meet her gaze. Her eyes showed me lust. Again she moved in and we began kissing. As our tongues engaged in another battle, I reached behind my lover to undo her bra. Once I had it off, Courtney pulled my head tight to hers and moved her body slightly away so that I could have free reign on her breasts. I immediately reached up and roughly squeezed them. They were round and full. Enough to make any man happy. I concentrated on playing with them until I felt her nipples harden in my palms. Now the focus of my manipulations, I began to lightly pinch her nipples. With a moan she begged for more. I pinched harder and began pulling and twisting them. She seemed to like the rough play on her breasts. Again Courtney sucked my tongue into her mouth and began giving it head. A few minutes of this and I broke the kiss. Taking a step back I admired the beauty before me.

She raised her hands behind her head, letting me know the next move was mine. I knew we both wanted release. I stepped out of my jeans and removed my underwear. Then after removing my socks things got a little weird. I was about to remove my t-shirt when Courtney disappeared. Now I am not saying she vanished into thin air (this isn't fiction). It was more like my memories of her vanished. For the next couple of minutes I stood staring at her for fear her body would disappear next. As fast as she vanished she was back. She again was fully there. I looked into her eyes and say a hunger, a lust and above all a love.

Not wanting to break the moment with questions, I motioned her to the end of the bed. I had decided how I was going to take her. I had her leave her garter belt, stockings and heels on. She was much sexier this way. She sat on the bed so that only her packed ass was touching it. I told her to lay back. She complied and instinctively parted her legs. This was a sexy sight, but not what I had in mind. I wanted her legs in the air. First I moved between her legs and close to her pussy. I then had her raise her legs so they pressed against my chest and her ankles were on either side of my head. She raised her hips to greet mine. Then without warning to Courtney I slammed my whole shaft into her love hole.

Her legs bent slightly and her ankles crossed behind my head. She gasped and gave me that come hither look. She then completed the position by again locking her hands behind her head, as if to tell me that I was going to do all the work. I began to fuck her. I pulled my cock out slowly, then powerfully slammed its length back in. As I kept repeating this, I began to play with her sexy stocking covered legs. They beautiful to look at and even sexier to play with. I ran my hands up and down them. I was caressing and petting them. The enjoyment of exploring her legs greatly enhanced my sensations. I could feel her legs against my now hard nipples. I began to fuck her harder.

Her moans grew louder. I began to groan with her as my enjoyment rose. Her ankles tightened around my head. My slow withdrawals began to speed up. My thrusts grew harder. I began to grunt with each new thrust. Her moans turned into screams of joy. Then finally we had an orgasm together. She arched her back and neck so that only the top of her head was on the bed. Courtney released a scream that shock the bed. Even I got vocal with yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss!!!! I looked down at her. With her back arched this way her big beautiful breasts pointed towards the heavens.

I lowered her legs to either side of my body. I remained standing there between her legs and close to her pussy, staring at her and admiring her heaving breasts as they moved in motion with her breathing. She smiled back at me with love and bit her bottom lip. I slowly lower myself on top of her. We lightly kissed each other. She fell asleep soon after in my arms. It wasn't long before the fatigue of our romp got the best of me and I too drifted to sleep.

Master PC: Not Technically Inclined

Chapter 4

Journal Entry 4 May 10

I didn't get to sleep very long. I awoke in the middle of the night to a knock on my door. Slowly I got out of bed. Who the hell is up a 3 in the morning? I remember thinking this better be fucking good. I walked to the door and opened it, only to find the kid standing there. We need to talk is all he said as he turned and made his way to the computer. I knew the kid wanted me to follow.

I entered the living room where the computer was set up. The kid was typing in the Master PC program, while Terry stood naked behind him. She was rubbing his shoulders. I took in the sight with a smile. I could also feel my cock beginning to stir again. It was very erotic seeing this 30 year old (who was obviously turned on) serving her young master. For a moment I was lost in a dream about using the Master PC program to make myself into a teenager go to the school with the sexiest teacher and seduce her. It would be great. The boy snapped me out of it with a "we have a small problem."

I asked the boy what he was talking about to which he answered, "they found us." At this point I was pretty pissed off. If this was an emergency he should be more excited. If this was a young punk joke I was going to kill him. As I was about to ask him what in the hell he was talking about, he began explaining things to me.

It turns out the boy has a natural affinity for computers. He not only is a genius with them it is almost like a natural ability. When whoever it was erased his memory they never got rid of his natural ability. The few days he had spent on the computer he had been practicing his skills. He informed me that last night someone was hacking into his profile.

This was my cue to say what the fuck is hacking. Apparently it is like breaking and entering. He explained it to me as someone picking a lock. Anyway someone broke thru the password protection I had put on the boy's profile. They downloaded information about me, Terry and Courtney. "They were about to change our profiles and royally fuck us when I put a stop to it," the boy said with a smile.

Again I swear the kid was doing this shit on purpose just to make me mad. It wasn't until I asked how he did it that he explained. He came up with the idea to save our profiles on a CD-RW (think mini recordable record). He broke into the code (words that make the program work...I think...the kid talks to fast too) of the program and erased our profiles. Which in essence erased us from existence (which somewhat explained the vanishing act Courtney pulled in the bedroom). I later found out that I disappeared then reappear to her too. While holding up the disc and smiling (again!), he explained that now no one but myself could alter the profiles.

To which he handed me the CD. He showed me quickly how to put the profiles back into the program to change them if I had to. He explained how I could then record the changes over the old profiles. He then handed me another CD, which he explained was a copy of the Master PC program. He explained how to install it. After about twenty minutes (he was a bad teacher) I finally understood. He suggested the next time I change the profiles I should add computer knowledge to mine (like I hadn't thought of that...fucking smart ass kid).

I was a little worried about the events that transpired, but I bid them good night. I needed to relieve the growing bulge in my pants. I think I made Terry too hot. Her breasts begged to be touched. She was however off limits, plus I had the beautiful Courtney in my room that was always ready for sex.

As I was walking out of the room the boy says "Umm we still have a problem." I was getting tired of this. Why couldn't he just tell me everything at one time...I mean holy fucking waste of time! So I ask him what? He informed me that they had dispatched an assassin to get rid of us. I says "Pardon," (grammatical error intentional...punk).

He explained that the typing he was doing when I entered the room, was tracking their hack. He found only the assassin's name before they caught onto him and disconnected. People were trying to kill me. Now I was really mad. I kicked the kid out of the seat and asked for the assassin's name. He told me it was Jennifer Bell. I then pulled up her profile.

She was the same age as me (well the new me...24). Her personality was cold-blooded killer. She was in top-notch shape. Jennifer was skilled at using all types of weapons from knives to guns. Her profile stated 24 Master PC kills (whatever that meant). She wasn't very tall, but she was very built. She was one of those female body builder types. She sported short blond hair with green eyes. Her goal was to kill us at any expense. All this had to change.

I changed her body condition to athletic and got rid of the over toned muscles. Her personality changed from killer to obedient slave (of course I was named Master). I made it so she was happy to serve and would never consider anything else. I made her horny whenever she was submissive to me and whenever she was touch sexually by me. I made her tall, about five ten, with really long sexy legs. I changed her hair to long flowing blond hair. I removed all hair from her body except on her head and eyebrows plus I gave her a full body tan (both traits I added to Courtney's profile too). I got rid of her small body builder breasts and enlarged them to a more acceptable size. I kept her beautiful green eyes. I figured her weapon skills might come in handy, so I left those and added martial art skills. I changed her goal (of course) to trying to be the best slave possible. I took away any jealousy she might have towards any woman I wanted (another trait I also added to Courtney's profile), but a strong competitive desire to be the best out of my women.

An odd note: Whoever is trying to kill us kept Jennifer a virgin. This only brings up a million possible reasons, all of which come back to only one question...why?

Under the comment section of her profile, I added that none of these changes would be weird or scary to her. None of the changes will occur until she sees me. As an extra safety precaution I added a change of address for us, just in case she intended to blow us up with out seeing me. I did all this to ensure if someone is watching her they won't know about the changes until it is too late. I then added all of the features Courtney had (like can't get pregnant) and hit update profile.

I knew that this place was no longer safe. I went and woke Courtney up. I informed her we were moving again. She was to go buy tickets to some new city. She began getting dressed. When she bent to put on her mini skirt, I nearly pop a hole in my pants with my cock. I unfortunately didn't have time to fuck her, so I left the room while I still had some self-control. Besides I knew she would do as asked without further explanation. I told her to go to the city park when she had the tickets. This way if they do find out about Jennifer, they won't find us here.

I went to the boy and told him to pack everything. I told him to do it fast (I know kids today want everything fast, but when work is involved they can't seem to move). He was to leave and meet me in one hour at the city park. I informed him I was going to pick up my new slave girl. Hopefully she would have some answers. As I was walking out the door, the boy stopped me. He informs me he not to forget the disks he made and with that smile I hate, tells me he took the liberty of saving Jennifer's profile on the disk along with ours and deleting her from the Master PC program. He then tells me not to ever forget to do that (fucking smart ass kid!!!!).

I took the disks and went to meet Jennifer. I had told her we were at a hotel downtown. I figured there was less of a chance she'd blow this place up. I checked in and went to my room to wait. About a half hour later there was a knock on my door. When I asked who was there, I got a bogus "room service." I knew it was Jennifer. I opened the door and was greeted with a gun in my face.

At the other end of the gun was a woman in the midst of transformation. Her tough muscles disappeared into soft flesh. Her breasts grew and caused her to wince in pain. She was wearing a bra that was too small for her new breasts. Her skin darkened to a beautiful tan color. Probably the grooviest (do they still use this word?) thing was watching her hair grow from a short buzz cut to long sexy hair.

The gun fell to the floor, as she dropped her head in shame. A smile then grew on my face as I heard a meek voice say "sorry master." I told her to come in and shut the door. I made sure she didn't forget the gun (we might need it later). Once safely inside I had Jennifer face the wall in front of me. I positioned her like a cop would a suspect. Her hands were flat on the wall. Her back was tilted forward and her legs apart. I was only going to frisk her, but with the sight of Terry earlier, Courtney in her mini and now this I was too horny not to fuck her (besides the others will wait if I am a little late).

As I began stripping I asked her if she had any other weapons on her. She did. While I finished stripping I had her remove all weapons and then resume her position. I took my cloths of slowly as I was watching her movements. This was going to be fun. The fact that I was about to pop the cherry of a twenty four year old girl was like a fantasy come true. I had timed it perfectly so that I was naked by the time she resumed her position.

She was dressed in a dark purple suit. Her suit pants stuck to her body sexily due to her new size. She wore dress shoes that had a small heel. I could tell she wore no socks, as her pants now rode up her legs exposing her ankles. Her suit jacket was also tight around her body, partly because of her body growth, but mostly because of her new breasts. From her caller I could tell she wore a white blouse. I could hardly wait to see her bra and panties.

I positioned myself so that I was kneeling behind her, staring right at her shapely ass. I could see the outline of her panties. I wanted her naked now, but Courtney has taught me the virtue of patience. I leaned into her soft butt and began tracing the outline of Jennifer's panties with my tongue. As I did this I felt her shudder and take a deep breath. I began to kiss her backside.

Soon I found myself nibbling at it too. Small gasps escaped my beauty's lips with each bite. I moved my hands so that I had one on each of her legs, then I began to explore their charms. They were very shapely and yet still soft. I new I was forever going to love touching them. They trembled under my touch, which made me wonder if her former employers had not even touched her before. Her body jumped as I moved my right hand between her parted legs. Even thru her cloths I could feel her warmth. I asked her if she had ever been touched like this before. "No master," was all that escaped her lips.

I stop my manipulations and stood. I moved close to her and pressed up against her ass. She let out another gasp as she felt my naked cock rubbing her tight backside. I had her straighten up and put her hands on my hips. I told her she was to hold me close to her. I then pulled her hair away from the right side of her face so I could easily see her ear. I moved my hands to her front and ripped open her jacket. I moved in and placed a soft kiss on her ear lobe. Her breathing became quickened. Smiling to myself I ripped open her blouse. She gave me the pleasure of another high-pitched sound to show her surprise (and excitement). I began nibbling on her ear and as I did this I watched the hypnotic movements of her breasts. Bobbing with each one of her breaths.

They were clad in a plain white silk bra, way to small for her now perfect breasts. I could resist no longer. I reached under her now open blouse and began kneading each breast. I could feel Jennifer's nipples almost poking holes in her bra. Her breasts wanted to be free, but I had other plans. I kept my right hand massaging her soft breasts, while my left hand moved down to her crotch and began to undo her belt.

I whispered I her ear. "You are now mine to do with as I please. And although I know you were controlled, you came her to kill me. Me pet you will be punished. Yet I guarantee you will enjoy it."

In one flick of my wrist I removed her belt and let it drop to the floor. I resumed kissing and biting her ear, as my left hand returned to her crotch to undo her pants. Jennifer's whole body shivered with excitement and she moaned as the button on her pants came undone. The zipper fell on it's own. I guess her pants were a little tight. I moved my hand in and covered her panty-clad pussy.

Her breathing increased again. I loved this. Slowly I massaged her sex. She began to bite down on her bottom lip. My right hand left her captive breasts, moved to her hips and then tugged her pants part way down her legs. The pants clung tightly and didn't slide very far down, so I maneuvered my one leg between hers and stepped on her pants until they were around her ankles. I returned my right hand to her breasts and increased the manipulations to her pussy.

She was beginning to moan. Her juices were flowing from her virgin sex, soaking her white silk panties. I began kissing my way from her lovely ear to her sexy neck. There I bit softly. Her chest heaved at this and her hands drew my hips closer to her ass. I closed my lips around her neck and began to suck on her beautiful flesh. I put my tongue to work too, tasting her skin. Her moans increased. I could feel she was about to cum.

"Not so fast my dear," I said as I pulled away from her and pushed her towards the wall. She braced herself against the wall, then turned and faced me. I could see the pain of being robbed of her first orgasm. Naturally I smiled to myself. Her hands fell to her sides. As they did her one hand stopped at her panties, wanting desperately to finish herself off. She thought better of it and moved her hands to her side. She waited for my command.

I moved to the bed and sat on its edge. "My dear now is the time for your punishment." I tapped my knee. She knew what I wanted. Nervously she again bit her lip. Slowly she moved towards me. Humiliated that she was about to be spanked. Her blouse opened and closed as she stepped towards me. Her steps were short with her pants still around her ankles. When she finally reached me, Jennifer slowly lower onto my lap.

Her feet touched the ground still thanks to her long legs, but her head dangled off my lap. Her breasts rubbed against my leg and the side of her tummy was the resting place of my rock hard cock. The best sight of all was her ass. Raised and begging for attention, I lightly passed my right hand over her panties and rested it on her leg. My other hand drew her arms to her back and held them there tightly. I then had her spread her legs, which was quite hard because Jennifer's pants gave only a little. I then raised my right hand and as hard as I could I brought it down on her ass.

She let out a small scream, which turned into a whimper when I told her to be quiet. My hand slipped between her legs before being raised again. She was horny. Maybe embarrassed, but definitely turned on. I brought my hand down again. It created a loud smack and her ass jiggled under her panties. Again my hand fell between her legs. The heat between them was incredible. Her panties showed a visible wet spot. I touched them, and then rubbed my fingers and thumb together to get the feel of her juices. I raised it again and slapped her ass hard. I could hear crying between whimpers. So I again told her to quiet down.

When she was under control, I raised my hand. For the forth time I spanked my would-be assassin. Her butt cheeks tighten together (like that was going to help). My hand roamed between her legs and slowly massaged her pussy again. She gasped in between whimpers. When she relaxed again I moved quickly and delivered five quick and hard slaps to her young ass. Again she was crying. I told her that I would do this all night if she insisted on making noise. Her mouth closed and almost all sounds stopped. By the way her chest heaved I could tell she was still crying, but she was now silent. For the tenth and final time I raised my hand and spanked my 24-year-old slave. She made no sound. I was very happy.

With my fingers I traced the crack of her ass down to her pussy. There I began to rub again. She was hotter than hell. It wasn't long before she was moaning. Of course I stopped just before she had an orgasm. I told her that when I released her arms she was to kneel between my legs and show me how sorry she was. I paused for about a minute then released her.

She dropped immediately between my legs. I knew she was aware of what she was to do, but instead of heading straight for my cock Jennifer bent down and kissed each of my feet. I was shocked quite frankly. I stared into her eyes and my heart melted for this beauty. She had stopped crying now, but her tear stained cheeks seemed to harden my now steel like cock. Taking her eyes from mine, Jennifer now stared at the eye of my 9-inch cock.

Not knowing where to start or what really to do, Jennifer brought her hands to my cock. I quickly pushed them away letting her know only her mouth was to be used to please me. Nervously she leaned in. Taking only the head into her mouth she began to suck. "Now, Now my dear my whole cock needs to be attended to," I informed her. She released my cock and was about to plead her case. "Your not about to talk are you?" I said before she could even make a sound. She shook her head no and grudgingly moved towards my manhood again.

Slowly my cock entered her mouth. Centimeter by centimeter and inch-by-inch she slide my cock into her mouth. She would stop for a bit to gag, but quickly she would relax and continue taking more. I was patient. I wanted to enjoy her first blowjob. Finally she rested with my full length in her mouth. She looked up at me. The enjoyment she saw in my eye gave her lots of encouragement. She began to remove my cock from her throat. As the head was about to leave her full lips, I reached down grabbed a handful of blond hair and told her it was not to leave her mouth until she had swallowed all my cum. Then I pushed her head down the length of my cock. She struggled. She was not yet skilled enough to take my full length that fast. I knew she would learn. After a two second rest with my entire cock in her mouth, I guided her lips to the head of my cock. A short rest and again I shoved her head down on my cock. I kept repeating this until Jennifer picked the pace on her own. Finally she was giving a proper blowjob. She even had her tongue moving along the base. She lacked skill, but at least she was trying. Soon I began to climax. For a final time I pushed her lips to the base of my cock. The tip was in her throat when my load shot into her mouth.

When the last drop exited my penis, I let go of her head. Jennifer moved back and my cock fell from her mouth. She coughed a bit and some cum came down the corner of her lip. When she regained control, Jennifer pushed it back into her mouth and swallowed. I watched lovingly as my slave stared back at me trying desperately to regain her composure. I stood up and walked over her, letting my cock hit her in the face as I passed by. Once behind her I ordered her to stand. Once in position I removed her jacket, followed by her blouse. I rubbed her shoulders. She was very tense. I lowered her bra straps to her upper arms. I knew her bra was too tight to fall off. Slowly I massaged her shoulders. When her body relaxed I had her remove her shoes and step out of her pants.

With her back to me and her ass against my quickly hardening cock, Jennifer stood there in her bra and panties. I moved her hair away from her ear again and whispered, "Are you horny?" She shook her head yes. "Then beg me for an orgasm to satisfy your hunger," I told her.

I would have crapped my drawers if I was where any. Instead of speaking, Jennifer leans her torso to the side, turns her head and gently pressed her lips to mine. It was her first kiss. Her eyelids batted and her eyes seamed to scream please. I had to step back. It was too much for me. I had made her too sweet. This however made me want her more than anything. She again faced forward. A shiver ran thru her body. I guessed she didn't know if this was a good sign or not.

I stepped to her again. I grabbed her one arm and spun her around to face me. Maintaining eye contact I reached behind my beauty and undid her bra. It snapped away from her body and fell to the floor. Her perfect breasts were now revealed to me. Her nipples were hard. I could tell without touching them. I dipped my head down and took her first nipple into my mouth. I softly nibbled on it then moved to the other breast. This time as I bit on her nipple, my other hand kneaded her other breast. She was again taking short breaths. I left the nipple and moved my mouth to hers. My hand came up to play with her now vacated breast.

I ran my tongue along her lips and she new what I wanted. Parting her lips I entered her mouth, this time with my tongue. We French kissed for a bit, all the while I was playing with her tits. I broke the kiss and went after her neck. She followed suit. I grew hungrier. I lifted her chin and began kissing her beautiful face all over. My right hand went down to her panties. As I moved my lips back to her to French kiss her, I tugged on her panties ripping them from her body. She only kissed me deeper.

I guided her to the bed. She fell to her back and parted her legs so I could be between them. I lifted her legs so they crossed around my back. Her legs constricted around me, raising her ass ever so slightly off the bed. My hands found her breasts again, this time I played roughly with them. Our eyes met and she bit her lip nervously as my penis came to her opening. I waited until she inhaled then slow I entered her virgin hole. She winced in pain as I broke thru, but then she smiled at me as if to let me know she was ok.

I pulled out slowly, and then reinserted my cock. I didn't want to go to fast for her. A small grunt came from her. She was tight and this was probably uncomfortable for her. Luckily she was turned on and well lubricated. I began to slide in and out more easily. My mouth came to hers and we passionately kissed. I made love to her slowly. She barely moved her body. I figured that would come with experience. I could tell by the intensity of her kisses that she was really getting into this. I began to speed up. I wanted her to cum her first time out. I knew if I moved just right I could make it happen. Sure enough moans began to come from her lips. I moved faster, but kept a rhythm to my thrusts. Finally together we had an orgasm. We never broke our kiss.

After a few minutes I decided to come up for air. Jennifer nuzzled her head to my chest, looked up with those sweet eyes and mouthed the words...I love you. If she had not come here to kill me I would have felt bad. Things had turned out unexpectedly, but I felt I could care for her. Besides I don't think 10 spanks is enough punishment for attempted murder. I will enjoy her. I couldn't wait to introduce her to Courtney. Now if only I could solve the mystery of who wanted me dead life would be perfect.

To be continued...

any input/critisism (good or bad) would be appreciated!!