Master PC: Not Technologically Inclined

By Thereisnospoon4

Author's Note: This story is sexually expliced and is not suitable for minors. This is a work of fiction. All characters are based on ones created in the author's mind. This story is not to be posted or duplicated without the author's expressed permission and this notice posted with it.

Chapter 1
Journal entry 1: May 5

I am not saying change is bad. In fact the only thing lack of change brings about is death. Even death can be considered change. So at 74 I figured why learn something new. This whole computer craze, I never understood it. As I recall it started in the seventies. Not really sure why, but even then I thought it was useless. It did advance humanity; good or bad is yet to be decided. Anyway that is not my point, I am trying to tell you that just a little while ago I didn't know a thing about computers and had no interest in learning. Truth be told I still don't really know much.

About two weeks ago I had a knock on my apartment door. When I answered the door I found my neighbor's little kid holding his tower (that's what he called it). He was panicked. He kept repeating "something went wrong, couldn't change their minds... their after me...did a are most worthy...must take my drive c: for Master pc program...programmed you to at least try." He handed me his tower. Ordinarily I would have kicked him in his skinny little ass, but something deep down wanted me to take his computer and try it out.

So he left in a hurry running down the hall. In fact that was the last time I've seen him. Cops or at least someone saying they were cops raided his place. They were looking for the kid's computer. I was going to tell them I had it, but again felt that I shouldn't. A week past, they raided his apartment, arrested his parents and exhausted their entire search.

I had since bought a TV (the sales guy kept calling it a monitor) for my tower. I don't know why kids today feel the need to rename everything. Anyway the sales man sold me everything I need (or so he says). I got some guy from the store to come over and hook it all up. The little bastard charged me $25 too. I mean it looked like he just hooked up a few wires. I should have done it myself, but I didn't want to wreck any thing. As he finished he had the nerve to ask if I wanted the Internet. I said pardon and the punk tells me so I can surf the web. You can't tell me that this kid actually thought I could surf at my age. If I fell into the water I don't even know if I could still swim. So I paid him and kicked him out.

I felt the need to find this Master pc thing. After about five minutes I found the on button. Five minutes later a screen appeared on the TV saying welcome to windows me. What ever that is supposed to mean. My next task was to find out where this Master pc thing in. I couldn't see it anywhere on the screen. I finally moved the rodent and an arrow on the screen moved. A few minutes later I found out hitting the buttons on the rodent opened things on the screen. They looked almost like windows inside the TV screen. Anyway I found a button with the word "start" on it. That opened a list of things. There was a button called "help" in the list. When I hit the rodent button twice a "window" opened. I found a search button. A "window" opened and this one had a space where I could type things. So I entered Master pc. A message appeared telling me search invalid. A sub heading came up with "how to open a program?" on it. So I hit the rodent button twice. A new "window" thing opened. This one told me how to open the master pc program. As a side note to the diary I should point out I have yet to figure out exactly what a program is. Near as I can tell it is like a different channel on the real TV. It offers alternative to the main program. Anyway when I opened the Master pc program my screen went black with a new "window" in the middle. It said please enter user password.

I remember thinking what the hell is this shit. I was about to say fuck it and go to bed when I found a button hidden that said "new user". When I hit the rodent a screen asked for my name. So I typed it. Then asked for a new user password (I figure this was like a lock so only I could use the channel...err program). I typed my password in and the stupid thing asked for it again. So again I typed it. This time it let me in.

The screen changed again. This one offered a picture of me. That little fucking kid had everything on me. He knew I only had my first date at 25. It knew that in my entire life I had sex 3 times with only one woman and paid for it every time. It knew things that I didn't even know about myself. It wasn't exact though because under personality it had: grumpy, lonely and sad. Kid didn't know everything. Anyway I found a button that said, "change user." So I hit the rodent.

A screen opened with my entire information showing. It had age: 74. Unlike the previous screen this one allowed me to type in the spot where my information was. I change 74 to 24. Next my health: Failing. I changed that to the truth...perfect. I altered a bunch of things. I made the screen say super strong, athletic, 9 inch penis and the most important I changed ugly to unbelievably good looking. I guess I shouldn't be angry, I wouldn't actual have wanted some kid to think I was attractive.

At the bottom of the screen I found a button that read update. So I had the rodent update it. Strangest thing happened. My body twitched and as I looked at my hands I saw them de-age. I'm not sure if that's even a word, but that's what happened. I ran to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and I saw my body change into a young handsome 24-year-old man. I ran back to the computer and found the help button. I typed "what does update do?" The screen explained that update changes the subject to meet the criteria set in the personal screen. I immediately went back to that screen.

I added under the "other comments" section change my ID to match profile. I then proceeded to write no will be shocked, disturbed or bothered by the changes. Again I hit update. The next thing I did was pinch myself. I never woke up. I then check my penis size. Sure enough my 3 inches of shame was now 9 inches. I decided to see what else this cool channel could do. Under a button I found call "subjects", I found another search "window".

I typed Courtney Eaton. Courtney was my personal nurse. She came and visited me once a day. She was an attractive 22-year-old woman. I hired her fresh out of nursing school. I had a strong attraction to her. I knew she would never fall for a 74-year-old man, but I was no longer a 74-year-old man. Her screen gave me access to all her personal data. I started by altering the spot that said "in love with James Hewitt." I knew this was her boyfriend. That changed to attracted only to Frederick Grant Holly (me you idiot). Her personality became submissive to myself, loving, caring and shy. Under comments I had her view me still as my 74-year-old self (except for my new penis length of course). I had her be completely faithful to me. I changed her body to become horny at my touch. And if we ever had sex it would always be the best she ever had. I had her decide to only wear sexy underwear. To feel naked when she wore no underwear under her clothing. She was to wear only form fitting sexy cloths and heels. I also included that she would wear her nurse's outfit, that I've been begging her to wear, whenever she worked. It was short and reveling, (I bought it for her from a sex shop) which is why she refused to wear it until now. I hit update and went to bed.

I had trouble sleeping. I couldn't wait to see what fun I would have tomorrow. She arrived at 9 am...right on time. She came into my room (she had a key to the house) to see if I was awake. Boy did she look good. The outfit was low-cut and showed off her cleavage and her skirt barely covered her panties. She even had the nurse's cap on. She wore white heels that matched the outfit. Her legs were clad in stockings, which I could see were attached to a garter belt.

She looked at me with a smile and a newfound lust I hadn't seen before. As she went about her morning routine of checking my pulse and blood pressure, I asked how things were going with her boyfriend. She paused in her work to tell me that last night she fell out of love with him and dumped him. Great for she did her work I noticed she touched me more and for longer amounts of time. I started off by complimenting my nurse. Boldly I told her how sexy she looked. She blushed and thanked me.

I then told her I had a new pain. Worried she asked where. I pulled the sheets away to revile my naked body and 9 inch hard cock. "Mister Holly!!! What are you doing?" She screamed it, but never took her eyes off my cock. I told her I knew she was attracted to me. I told I felt the same. I told her she should pleasure me with her mouth and to remove her cloths except for the heels, stockings and garter belt. I closed my eyes half in hopes she would and half expecting a slap.

It took only seconds, but felt like an eternity. I felt her lips close around my cock. I opened my eyes to see her trying to remove her cloths and still pleasure me. I used my hands to guide her head, but did nothing to help my young nurse get naked. Once she was naked it was only a matter of time before I exploded into her mouth. She must of felt it coming because she tried to pull off. I told her to swallow and grudgingly she submitted.

Once every drop of my juices went down her throat, I told her to get me hard again. She placed her one hand on my cock and began massaging it. Next she began licking and sucking on my nipples. At the same time with her free hand, she was rubbing my hair. It didn't take her very long and I was hard again (oh its good to be more viagra). I told her how I always wanted a young woman to fuck me.

She needed little more encouragement. Courtney climbed on top of me. Slowly she impaled herself on me cock. Boy she was wet. She began to move slowly up and down on me. She kept a slow pace. Not that that wasn't good, but I wanted a fuck not a love making session. I figured since she saw me as old and frail, she was worried she'd break something or me. So I commanded her "Harder and faster." She became wild. My nurse bucked like bronco. She was grunting telling me how good this was. Then she had an orgasm. I had her continue until I came inside her, which she answer with another orgasm.

I lay there in my bed with my new lover in my arms until she fell asleep. I got up and snuck up to the computer. I added her to profile a want to live with me. I had her develop a fetish for being spanked. I had her become embarrassed at her submissive acts that others saw, but she was always turned on by them. I made her love me and finally I made it so she couldn't get pregnant. Then in my profile I changed my net worth to 100 million dollars. I made it so I was not recognized as a millionaire (I didn't need punks asking me for money...damn government).

Which reminded me of the poor kid that gave me the computer. I pulled up his profile. It had him listed as week, low stamina, and obese. I knew that meant someone had altered his profile. They also made it so he forgot all about the Master PC channel. Now this was good for me cause it meant he wouldn't be looking for me, but I couldn't let this happen to the kid. I changed his profile. He got Excellent stamina, became strong, was in great physical condition and I gave him a recall of the program. I made it so he would never harm me or try and take the program away from me. I made it so he would never think of changing his or my profile. I then found a lock out command. I locked his, mine and Courtney's profiles out. It asked me for different passwords for all. I don't know how this works but I figure if locks can be picked so maybe passwords can be broken, so I asked the Help if there was away to protect against it. It informed me I could keep a hard copy (I found out later that this meant that the computer would type out the profiles on paper) and I could be informed if someone tried altering my profile. I know from my many years that nothing is a hundred percent (plus I had already changed my ID, which meant paper could be change), so I decide to make Courtney's profile hold this diary to explain everything to me if something happens to me. I then got the computer to type me a copy of the profiles.

I wondered why the kid never password protected his file. What was scarier was what if he did and someone broke it. They might find me. So as a last precaution I had the boys profile make him mail me his where a bouts, how to contact him and any pertinent information. Once he had done this he would wait for my response. I figured I might need him. I then asked the computer to inform me if anyone tampered with any of our profiles.

For now I was getting horny again. I had a beautiful sexy nurse waiting to please me in the next room. I made the rodent update the profiles and went back to my room. I had a day of fun planned for my nurse and me. I also had a few ideas of other women I wanted. Whatever the future held I knew it would be fun.

Chapter 2
Journal entry 2: May 6

The rest of the morning, Courtney and I had sex. Then The rest of the day she spent moving in while I bought some toys. That night again we fucked our brains out. It was safe to say I had the best time of my life. She was willing to do whatever I fancied and she loved every minute of it. For the first time in my life I woke up with a beautiful woman at my side. And for the first time in my life my morning erection was attended to properly.

Now as I lay in bed thinking, Courtney was in my kitchen cooking breakfast for us. I pondered on the day's events. I pondered on how happy Courtney made me. I pondered on my newfound power. I realized I had the potential to rule the world or get revenge on my enemies. What couldn't I do? The events that happened to the boy made me realize there must be something.

Power corrupts. So maybe the boy abused the program. Maybe I had already. I decide to forego revenge and having lived a lifetime I realized world domination was not an option. Instead I decide the producers of this program probably wanted happiness for those who needed it. Which at the time of creation, I figured to be themselves. Maybe this could only be passed on to worthy people. Maybe someone unworthy found out about it. I had to stop speculating. I needed to talk to the boy. I decided to wait for his response.

It was about this time that Courtney called me to the kitchen to eat. When I arrived in the kitchen I was happy to see my nurse had showered and fixed herself up for me. She again wore the reveling nurse's outfit. I found that she had set the table for two. I told her we would be sharing the one plate. I sat at the head of the table, but turned the chair sideways. I had her remove her panties and come straddle me. Now I was naked this whole time. I figured why bother with clothing. I liked having her strip plus I might need someone to answer the door, so she would remain with cloths unless otherwise ordered.

She placed a leg on either side of me then slowly lowered herself on me. Courtney eased my penis into her then waited for my next command. I had her drop the top half of the uniform and remove her bra. She giggled as she complied. I smiled to myself. I was happy for once. I was inside a beautiful sexy 22-year-old woman that wanted to please me for the rest of my life.

She had made eggs and toast (I figured she obviously wasn't a cook). I dipped my finger in the egg yoke and had her lick it off. She took my finger in her mouth and slowly she lick it. I repeated this several times. I then had her do it to me. Her soft fingers entered my mouth. I tell you it was a great sensation. Not really the licking, but the act as a whole. My cock in her, her breasts exposed to my touch all the while she was trying her best to please me. I could have came right there. I was pinching her nipples (which were rock hard now) when I had an idea. I had her smear honey all over her tits. I then licked the sticky topping off. I figured it would be more enjoyable if I had her do it to me.

So with her hands she scooped up the honey and ran it over my chest. Then moaning like I was actually fucking her, Courtney began licking it off. She started on the outside and worked her way to my nipples. It was a pretty cool sensation having a woman suck on your nipples. She heightened my pleasure by lightly nibbling on them then sucking again. When she got the last of the honey off my chest and was licking her fingers clean, I had all I could take.

I had her stand. I moved the chair out of the way as she pushed the dishes to the floor. I then bent her over the table and inserted my cock into her anew. With on hand holding her head down and the other lightly slapping her side, I began to fuck her. Slow at first, but my inexperience got the better of me and I began fucking her harder. We were both moaning and grunting and groaning when I came inside of her.

She smiled lovingly at me even though she had not had an orgasm. I felt bad. I knew I wasn't very good at sex yet. It wasn't fair. I knew I was her master, but I felt I should still treat her well. So down I went on my first muff dive. I licked her at first, not knowing what else to do. She seemed happy at the effort, but far from satisfied with the action. I told her to direct me, to tell me what she liked and what she didn't. Soon she had me thrusting my tongue in and out of her, while doing this twirl thing at the same time. When she was ready she had me focus my attention on her clitoris. At this point I added my fingers into play. I found a soft spot about one and a half inches in on the side closet to her tummy. With this action and the work on her clit, her eyes nearly popped out of her head. She was having an orgasm. Her legs closed around my head and her hands gripped my hair to encourage me. At the height of her orgasm she let out a scream that I'm sure the neighbors will complain about.

I stood up and watched my nurse lying on the table trembling with pleasure and a smile that went ear to ear. I was proud of my work and happy that she was as happy as me. I however was hard again. I did even have to ask. Courtney sunk to her knees. She lightly licked my balls first. Then she inserted them one at a time inter her wanton mouth and sucked on them. She moved from the base of my cock licking the whole time. When she reached the head, Courtney took most of the length of my cock into her mouth. It felt good...actually that was an understatement. It felt great. I had to sit down. We moved to the chair where her mouth kept up its work on my cock. I brushed her hair away from the side of her face so I could watch as she preformed for my pleasure. I lasted longer than normal (which gave me encouragement), but I think she slowed down every time I was about to cum to prolong my pleasure. Finally I came. Like the good girl she was, she swallowed every drop with out protest.

I held her and kissed her for a while, we then finished our breakfast. The rest of the day went smoothly. She cleaned the house while I updated our profiles. It occurred to me that I might need some physical defense, so I added complete mastery of every martial art and fighting style to our knowledge base. I gave Courtney cooking skills and an affinity for cleaning. I gave myself a better recovery time between sex bouts. I chose not to improve my technique. That was something I wished to learn with Courtney.

Around five I sent Courtney to the grocery store to shop. She didn't want to wear her nurse's outfit so I let her change. I picked out a pair of tight leather pants. They were about a size too small. She had real trouble putting them on, but it was worth it. They complimented her body perfectly. They were so tight you could make out her g-string line. I pulled the g-string so they came out above her pants. She protested saying she would be embarrassed, but when I explained how it turned me on she agreed to it. Her top was made of snakeskin. It was low cut to show off her breasts and was cut off to show her belly button. I made her go braless, knowing that this would make her painfully aware of her body the whole time.

She was truly sexy in this outfit. I t turned me on so much that when I first saw her dressed I pushed her to the wall and began making out with her. Making out turned into groping which lead to her giving me a blowjob before she could leave. As she walked passed me to leave I gave her ass a few quick spanks. My nurse responded by moving close to me and telling me she loved me. Her mouth reached for mine. As we kissed passionately I squeeze her ass and she squeezed mine. I'll be quick were the last words she said as she left for groceries.

About half an hour after she left there was a knock on my door. I got my robe (yes I was still naked) and answered it. I found an express courier their with an envelope for me. I took the letter, thanked the courier and closed the door. It was a letter from the boy. Smart fellow. I wasn't expecting the letter for a few days. I went to the living room and began to read it.

It turned out that he had fled the city. He had managed to find a home in the shed of some apartment block. He had no mailing address, but suggested I use the Master PC program whenever I needed to contact him. He mentioned he was receiving food from a woman named Terri Gellar that lived in the apartments. He couldn't remember anything that happened. His only recollection was from what information I gave him. His last word was help.

I decided we should meet. Since my apartment was not safe, I figured we should meet in his new city. I went to the computer and turned to the Master PC channel. First I brought up Terri Gellar's profile. She was 47 years old, single and very alone. She was helping the boy to earn a friend. I immediately changed her for the boy. I made her 30 years old (he liked older women). I made her drop dead gorgeous. I gave her long hair, tight yet big breasts and a beauty contest winning body. I made her loyal and submissive to the kid and myself. I made her horny whenever she was submissive, and gave her the same defensive skills as Courtney and I have (with a clause that it can never be used against us). Finally I made her feel like her physical changes were always that way. I made everyone else unaware changes had happened.

I updated her files and opened the boys. I gave him knowledge of her condition and the fact that I was coming to see him. He was to prepare her apartment for us (a room for me and Courtney and their room. I gave him our defensive skills (again the inability to use them on Courtney or myself). I told him to right down everything he does remember so we can scan for clues when I got there. Then I updated his file.

When Courtney arrived home I explained to her we were going on a trip. I told her she was to pack for us including the computer (which I made clear was to be packed with triple care. First, of course, I took her to the bedroom had her do a strip tease for me. Then we made love four times (yes made love not fuck, I guess I was getting soft on her). When I fell asleep she packed. When finished she rejoined me snuggling together for the entire night.

To be continued...

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