Master PC in Nippon
Chapter Eight: It's All About Ai

"So like there is this swing, more of a it's a harness...and you lower a girl on it..."

Ret interrupted his friend. "I don't want to hear it Jack."

"No, it's not one of his really freaky things. It was really cool. Listen..."

Ret tried to change the subject. "What did you do with Blue and Green?"

"Cab fare plus and phone numbers. Yours?"

"Jennifer's our new housekeeper. She'll be neat about everything except her sex."

"That's generous."

"We did cost her a job."

"True. And the other one?"

"I'm not sure yet."


"No, need for that. She's at university."

"Ret, you have really got to get out more. Here's our limo. Now this sling, or harness gets lowered this basket thingy..."

"I said I don't want to hear it." Ret was too busy frowning over the morning news and the headline "Shooting At Warfside Disco."

The limo took them straight to Fukogawa Tower and to the New Man himself.

"Gentlemen, can I get you a drink?"


"Orkney Island Scotch for you, Abe-san?"


"I have rediscovered it myself. Funny how a man's tastes change over time." He picked up two cubes of ice and added it to his tumbler. He knew Ret took his scotch straight.

"I want to congratulate you on your company's prosperity. It's stock had grown under you leadership, despite the tragic deaths of those two board members."

"Yes. Most sad.  Of course, if I really wanted to increase my wealth I'd invest in your sanitarium, doctor. Or I would sell oranges in your town.  But then there are lots of new things being shipped in and out of that tiny, out of the way seaport. Isn't there?"  He handed Jack his drink.

"We are turning the place into an elite health resort." Jack protested.

"Of course you are." He handed Ret his scotch and Ret almost retched from the man's halitosis.

"When I first met your father, he said I have no business manners, so pardon if I get straight to the point. Why did you ask for us?"

The new man sipped his liquor with a patience beyond his years, teasing the young men. "As I hinted, there is something strange going on. As you know, I am unmarried. I have been approached by a man promising me to create for me the ideal wife, not "find" me a wife..."make" me a perfect wife, down to last personality trait.
To my ear that sounded very much like what was happening in my father's old town. So I sent for you."

"You want us to..what..out bid them? Even if we could so such a fantastic thing..."

"No. I want you to stop them."

"Excuse me?"

"Not only do I find their tactics distasteful in the extreme, but I was approached by a man I know to be associated with the Tanaka Business Group."

"Competitors of yours?"

"Not directly. They are mostly into biotech. But I have no wish to be another egg in their basket.
Tanaka's rise in business has been meteoric to say the least. I suspect they must possess potions similar to the orange you gave my father. Needless to say, only someone with similar potions would be a match for them."

"You are crazy." Jack stated it like he was telling the weather.

"Yes." He smiled. "Of course if you refuse I could tell Tanaka Business Group of someone who has potions like theirs. I am sure they would reward me handsomely."

Both Jack and Ret knew they were being recorded, so they watched their words. "And your price?" Ret spoke at last.

"I will not insult you by being less than direct. My price is an arranged marriage to the Lady Ai."

"She's retarded."

"She is better now."

"So first your father steals my house, then you steal my House."

"I know. Deliciously ironic, isn't it?"

"Why, Ai?"

"No matter how much they alter the girls, they are still scum inside. Ai has the samurai blood I need. I want a real son this time."

"And there is the little matter of revenge on the family that bought the house your father worked decades to build."

"I first I thought I didn't care, but I must admit, the idea has...grated on me over time."

"We need to talk, privately, and I want your word of honor, no spying."

"You have my word." Fuko put his drink down and left the office. Once the door was shut, the two friends consulted telepathically while they made vague talk.

"You think he's spying on us?"

"Of course he is."

"So what do we do?"

"I don't think he knows about Master PC but he's been sniffing around. That needs to stop."

"He's not the kind of man to take all the power on himself. He likes to collect people like tools, for use later. I've scanned his mind, he wants to simply keep us at his beck and call. But we scare him more than a little bit." That was a trained pyscologist talking.

"What about us scares him in particular?"

"He keeps dwelling on the idea that we might make him old again."

"Perfect. Call him back in."

"We agree; on two conditions. One: if our houses are tied, they are tied. Ai will be a full wife with all rights and privileges."

Confident his lawyers could say otherwise any time he wished, Fuko agreed readily. "And the second?"

"You stop any or all spying on us, indirectly or indirectly."

"Even if I accept, how will you know if I do?"

"Oh, I have your old security chief working for me now, and that security agency that worked for your father works for me too. They took care of removing their bugs from your old apartment so well, I keep them on retainer. And your old man was known for hiring the best in business, wasn't he?
 Oh, you may get away with it for a while, but such things have a tendency to slip up and when they agent of ours will slip a tasteless, odorless potion or gas into your bed, or air freshener. But it won't be a poison, it will be an antidote...the antidote to youth."

"Liar. You could not get past my security."

"Really? Did you like the bottle of scotch I mailed you?"

"I thought you'd recognize the dusty old bottle. I am just enjoying it now. You shared the first glasses with me."

"Just back from the lab, eh? No potions?"

"Nope. Just good scotch."

"On the inside. But I noticed your "father" always had the nasty habit of using his hands to pick up the ice. Too bad you share his habit. The DUST is the youth antidote."

He dropped his scotch like it was cobra, the tumbler shattering on the floor. It was the first time Retsudo saw the Old Man afraid. It was ugly. "Please Abe-san. I deeply apologize. Say it isn't so."

"Go ahead, call your security. Have them watch you become decrepit and weak before their eyes."

"All right you made your point. Just make it stop." The Old Man in a fit of hypochondria hunched over. "I can feel the arthritis coming back."

"There is no arthritis. The dust was just that, dust."

"Really." Fukogawa straightened up. "Oh yes. I feel much better." He made a mental note to erase the surveillance tape. "You have made your point. I do not use my influence.

"And I, or my agents, don't put things back the way there were."


"Fair warning, Ai will not be happy about this marriage. And you might have daughters."

"Huh. I thought you were a traditional man. It is not a wife's position to be happy with her husband. And besides, what do you suppose abortions are for?"  he grinned.

Ret telepathed to Jack, "Can't I just kill him now and be done with it?"

"Not yet." He flashed back. Then he spoke aloud. "We need an introduction to Tanaka Corporation."

"It has already been arranged."

In their secure limo, the men talked freely. Telepathy gave both of them the creeps.

"So how, in a whole corporation, will we find out who has Master PC?" Asked Jack.

"Well, I don't think an evil person would share or completely trust another, so it will probably be just one person."

"Logical." "But how will we find out which one?"

"You are the psychologist, you tell me."

Jack thought then said matter-of-factly "By finding the guy with the biggest dick."

"I miss him so much." Ai whined

"We all do, Ai-san." Chinichi replied.

The doorbell rang. It was made to be heard even from the balcony.

"That will be Toyoko-san." Chinichi went to get the door.

"How is she today?" Toyoko inquired of her new friend.

"Worse if anything. And she's been having these disturbing dreams...crying out in her sleep." Both girls shared a frown.

Toyoko's lesson did not go at all well. Ai was distracted the entire time. About half way through Toyoko went for the root of the problem. "You are not concentrating, Ai."

"I am worried about my brother and doctor, Toyoko-sensei."

"There is more. I hear you are not sleeping well."

Toyoko closed the textbook and look her student straight in the eye. "Now, I am not a teacher. I am a girlfriend. Tell me. What is bothering you?"

Ai felt like a balloon about to pop. She had to tell someone. "I have these dreams...."

"Go ahead, Ai. I am a counselor at school as well."

"And a girl. I have been too embarrassed to tell Rhee-san."

"Tell me. Bad dreams go away when they are talked about."

"I have these dreams about my brother...sexual dreams."

Previous Master PC treatments made sure Toyoko was very understanding. "That is very understandable. You love your brother and he is very handsome." Toyoko got wet just thinking of him and the hot humps they shared.

"Yes, well. In this dream I have him here." She pointed to her pussy. "And here" She pointed to her mouth. "And here." She pointed to her asshole.

"Well that's..."

"At the same time." She blushed.

Before he left, Retsudo programmed his sister's teacher to be extremely supportive of his sister. If he knew what was going to happen next he might have reconsidered his choice of directives.

"I can see where that would be very sexy."


"Really. But unfortunately, magic like that cannot happen." Toyoko thought that would be the end of it, then Ai plopped Master PC in front of her and explained how it worked.

"I cannot do that!" Toyoko sputtered.

"Yes you can. I have thinking it all out. I'll be busy. But after the Retsudo's are done with me, you can have them."

"You do it."

"I can't. I am not clever enough and Chinichi wouldn't let me. Oh, do it for me Toyoko, I miss him soooo much."

"Very, well. But only to make you sleep better."

"Yay!" Ai clapped.

With Ai at the keypad and Toyoko feeding her the practical stuff, soon the plan was put into action. Ai ran to the master bedroom and her faithful Toyoko followed, carrying Master PC.

Ai stripped off her clothes and writhed, spread eagle, on her bed in anticipation of what was about to come. A shorter, stouter Retsudo entered weaning a silk kimono. He stood at the foot of the bed and began stripping.

"I love you Ai. I want to fuck you real bad." His dick was huge.

Ai giggled at the sight of her brother in a kimono. Toyoko typed furiously. Stout Retsudo lay on the bed next to Ai. She mounted him without delay. "Oooh. I missed you my elder brother." she moaned.

Two more Retsudo's entered. One was tall and slender and the other was short and light, like a jockey. Both let their hemp kimono's fall to the floor as they entered the master bedroom.

The taller of the two knelt above the stout Retsudo's head and presented his cock to Ai for sucking. She took it greedily, like a thirsty woman in a desert. The short Retsudo stepped in behind her, hawked a loogie, stuck it on his finger and worked his finger in her ass. When he got it good and lubed up he shoved his monster cock in her anus.

Three Retsudo's fucked Ai in every orifice. She was in heaven. She could feel the two phalluses below her rubbing the wall of her flesh between them. Toyoko was more than a little distracted. When she finally came out of her trance, she ordered all three to cum at the same time.

The three Retsudo's arched their backs and blew their loads fully into their sister. Then the two tallest withdrew their glistening penises and turned their attention to Toyoko. She eagerly stripped off her very respectable shirt and blouse at their approach.

"Wait. I want more." Ai panted, but Toyoko was otherwise occupied getting her tits sucked. Ai was mad for missing Retsudo.

Ai left the short, obedient Retsudo and went over to Master PC and entered many more words.

Suddenly, there were four Retsudo's in the room. Ai went back on the bed and had everyone had to wait for the fifth and last Retsudo to arrive. He showed up five minutes later with Oichi in tow.

"Good. Now do it again." Again, Retsudo phallus filled her every orifice, except now she wrapped her hands around the two newer Rets and pumped. Just as she was building to her second climax she pulled her mouth back and spoke, "Now when I cum, you spray your cum all over me."

She could feel the dicks everywhere, it just raised her insane lust for her brother. "Now!" All five "men" withdrew and spurted the white mucus over the prone young woman.

Ai lay on the sheets and smeared the vicious fluid all over her. "Yes. Mmmm. It even smells like him, bless you Master PC. Oh brother I miss you sooo much." But it still wasn't enough.

Sticky, smelly, Ai typed some more and they dragged everyone into the master bath. She sat in the center of the black marble tub. The Retsudos took up positions along the rim, equidistant from each other. They held their cocks pointed at Ai.

"Now do it. Bathe me in my brother's sweet, sweet love." Five streams of semen flowed forth from the Retsudos, like they were Roman fountains.

"Yes. I can smell him. I can taste him." Ai showered in the streams, she spread them all over her face and chest, and she rammed her fingers up her cunt with it. On more than one occasion, she opened her mouth like a dog with a garden hose. The basin began to fill. She laid back and arithed, wallowing like a sow in mud. When she had enough of that, she stood on her knees and beckoned to her knew, if temporary, servant.

"Come Oichi. Don't worry. It won't hurt your baby. It just feels good. Doesn't it feel good?"

Oichi found that she did indeed indeed relish the idea of a semen bath but she loved the idea of sucking it from beautiful Lady Ai's tits, anus and cunt even more.

Eventually, the basin filled. Ai cut off the flow and sent the Ret's to light candles, turn off the light, turn on soft music, then go wash up. Ai luxuriated in the warm bath for an hour while Oichi washed Ai's hair in the sticky goo. "Hurry back, Retsduo. I miss you sooo much elder brother."

Toyoko closed the math book. "Wow. Where did the time go? So. You feel you learned much tonight?"

"Very much."

Toyoko look into her friend's eyes. "And that other matter we discussed? Do you think you will have that nightmare again?"

"No. You are right, it does a person good to get things all out in the open. Besides, I thought of a way I can cope with missing him."

"That's nice. Same time tomorrow?"

"You bet, just before my bath time."

"You have a bath time?"

"It's my new daily thing."

The End of Chapter Eight.