Master PC in Nippon
Chapter Seven: The Choices We Make

For this exercise, Retsudo returned the island's revenue agent, Ichi Tojo, to a pre-Master PC mental state. It would be more fun that way.

Tojo had made Retsudo's life miserable since day one. He had labeled him a shady character and banned him from the main fishing terminal, all the while he had extorted bribes in of cash and goods.

If he had arrested or exiled Retsudo he would have understood, really. If he had winked at Retsudo's harmless contraband, he would have accepted that, but respected him a little less. But to shame him as a thief all the while extorting bribes and kickbacks, breaking his vows as an officer of the government was intolerable. Now that he had Master PC, it REALLY was intolerable.

Tojo's house was one of the new doublewide pre-fab homes that were so popular. There was one of those trendy ceramic upright cats on the stoop. It was ceramic, as large as a fireplug and incredibly obnoxious. It's looked like the chubby white, red and blue kitty wanted to give him a cute little high-five.

He kicked it over the stoop. It didn't break.

"Ah. Abe. You are here. Something wrong?"

"I knocked over your kitty. Sorry."

"Kitty!" He jumped off the stoop and examined it. "Do not worry. It is fine.
 Wouldn't want you to buy me a new one. They are very expensive." He put on a very broad grin for Retsudo. "Come inside, Toyoko has prepared tea."

"Thank you." Ret hated tea. They crossed they threshold together.

"I have brought you a small gift." Ret presented the wrapped box to his host.

"Thank you." He passed the box of to his fianc?'. Toyoko's eyes were properly downcast.

The two men sat as Toyoko graced them with a beautiful lunch. The fish was perfectly wrapped and precisely sliced. The small bowls of miso soup were clear and not too salty. Best of all, the centerpiece of willow bough and bamboo on the table, willow towards Tojo, was a great slight to Tojo. The swine probably never bothered to learn the language of flowers. Toyoko must of known that the son of gardener would.
 "Your mother should be very proud, Toyoko. This is most elegant. You know Ikebana."

"I am a amateur."

"Toyoko keeps house very well."

"You are a very lucky man."

After the post-meal tea, Tojo gave the usual introduction to men talk. "Abe-san. You said you had a matter of business to discuss."

 Toyoko moved to retire to the kitchen. "Please stay Toyoko. I would like a witness."

"Ha. She is my fianc?e'"

"Who is more trustworthy?"

Tojo shot his guest a look like he just took his rook. "Very well."

Toyoko settled in, at a safe distance.

"Yes. I have business proposition. I have come into a bit of property."

Tojo chuckled sagely, "Yes. You are lucky."

"I need a new accountant."

Tojo sat perfectly still. "Really?"

"Yes. I want to hire you."

"But I always thought..."

"Thought that I hated you? You are quite correct. I still hate you. But I hate your insipid little mouth so much.... wait allow me to skip to the good part.
 Though I hate you, you are a very good at what you do, administering a small seaport and shaking down small time businessmen."
 Then he tossed three Canadian Maple Leafs on the table. Tojo's eyes popped. Ret always admired the dramatic effect real gold had on people. Paper didn't come close.
 "Yes. They are pure gold. That is just your signing bonus. You will resign you post and administer my affairs full time."

 "As what?"

"I am getting to that. The ship-to-shore is alive with the news of the bad Paddock catch. The effect on my town will be catastrophic. The children will suffer. The fishermen need another source of income. It will be smuggling and you will administer the operation."

"I am..." he stiffened.

"Spare me the diatribe. You have been shaking us down for years." Ret plunked another three gold coins on the table. "Those are yours if you just spare me your protestations. You and I both know that this place is perfectly situated."

"Even if such a thing was possible. Fish are a far cry from goods, especially contraband."

"I have been thinking about that. I have some experience in the business after all. The old mining operations and military have left the mountain honeycombed with storage. There is even a sea tunnel built for some mad scheme to sink the Soviet navy with suicide torpedo boats."

"My replacement?"

"I doubt he will be as good as you. But I will take care of him when he arrive."

"So. If I do agree..." He eyed the coins. "What would be my salary?"

Retsudo laughed. "After I watched you steal money from our government, what makes you think I would let myself get ripped off the same way? No. You will be my co-owner fifty-fifty. If you steal it will be from anyone it will be from you."

"Co-owner?!" Now Tojo was surprised.

"Yes. If you choose to buy in to my operation, I will provide the capital, contacts, warehouse space and protection. You will administer the operation."

"I am quite taken aback there is so much to consider..."

"You have the next three seconds. Take it. You know it will mean much more money and you will be a real boss, not some government lackey."


"But there is a small matter of the buy in."

Tojo sighed. He expected a catch. It probably would be his life savings.  "How much?"


Just when Tojo thought Abe couldn't surprise him any more, he topped it again. "Toyoko?"

"That's right. You will honorably break off your engagement to her. Once that is done, you will be a fully vested partner of mine and you will become rich beyond your wildest dreams...all tax free."


"To be truthful it is because I cannot stand the thought of her marrying a dog like you. She talks to my sister and I like we are human beings."

"And if I decline your offer?"

"Nothing will happen to you. Keep Toyoko and the first coins become a wedding gift."
"That is it. Toyoko for a half share in a potentially wealthy operation. What you say is quite fantastic."


He almost looked at Toyoko. "I am sorry. But I want so much..."

Toyoko stood, placed the ring on the table and kissed him on his head. "Lunch is over. Afternoon session will begin soon."

Abe stood next to Toyoko. "My agents will be by to work out the details."

As the two left, Tojo followed them to the door. "Toyoko, I would have tried to be a good husband."

"I know."

A heavy crash interrupted their farewell. Retsudo tossed Tojo another maple leaf. "Sorry about the cat."

On the way to the school they man and woman talked. Students rushed to take violin lessons from the policeman's wife. She was in a much better mood now. Young men repaired an old woman's roof. And all along the route, people stopped whatever they were doing and bowed to the new daimyo.

"I wouldn't trust him if I were you. You won't kill him will you?"

"No. He will be completely trustworthy but he and I will never get along. Things will be more prosperous if I leave his nasty temperament alone."

A group of basketball players stopped their game and  bowed as they passed. "When I invited you tour the school, I hadn't counted all this attention. I was hoping for a more anonymous visit."

"Very well." Retsudo concentrated for a moment on a new "management tool" he imbued himself with. No one remarked on the passing of Toyoko-sensei with the nondescript man. Toyoko accepted his new anonymity like it was the air she breathed.

They entered the school and Retsudo groaned. It needed repairs desperately. He fortune would have to dwindle some more. Students passed them in the hallway.

"Look at them, Retsudo. What are they carrying?"


"No look at the girls, look at their binders. What do you see."

"Pictures of me! How?"

"Where there is a will there is a way. Some enterprising buys have taken photos of you and printed them out on sticky paper."

Ret saw pictures of him on his trawler, off his trawler, buying groceries, everything. His face frequently appeared a heart shaped outline.

"This is crazy!"

"Watch the girls at their lockers. They are about go to class."

Sure enough, as soon as the warning bell rang every single girl opened her locker and kissed her own photo of Retsudo before walking off to class.

"Does anything look familiar about them? The hair perhaps?"

Every last one of them wore their hair up, like Ai, full like Chinichi, long like Mie or pony-tailed like Miko.

"Miko's hairstyle is the most popular now. But I think in the end Ai or Chinichi's will be the most popular as soon as they grow their hair out. Their fan clubs are the largest."

"Fan clubs?!"

"Yes. Each of the women working for you has their own fan club. Even I have gained some notoriety."

"And it is not just the girls." Toyoko pointed out boys who now wore his trademark peacoat and Monmouth cap, kited from fishing relative's old sea chests.

"How bad has it gotten?"

"In my writing class, the topic was "What I want to be when I grow up." The number one answer for the girl's was 'Abe-sama's personal geisha.' The boy's number one response was 'Abe-sama's right hand man.' There is even a website called Fantasy with Abe-sama."

"I have to end that."

"Good luck." The class bell rang. "Today's Home Economics' class for girls is 'preparing a romantic dinner in case Abe-sama comes to call.' In the gym, the coaches hang pictures of you to get the children motivated to stay in shape...."

"I get the idea."

"Retsudo. I have no idea what is going on, but..."

"I know. I will tone things down."

"Thank you. I am late to teach my honors history class."

"What's the topic?" Retsudo like being a 'pop star' if even for the moment.

"The use of propaganda by totalitarian regimes."

Retsudo fingered his old scar.

A week later, Retsudo and Ai welcomed Jack and his wives at the pier.  The weather was rainy and windy but they were there nonetheless.

"Making your best friend take the ferry. Shame on you. Where's the trawler?" Jack shouted over the wind.

"In dry-dock, now that I can afford it. Let's get inside."
The Range Rover had plenty of room for all. Retsudo, shaking off the weather like it was nothing, slung the luggage into the rear compartment. Then he hoped into the driver's seat.

"Nice car." Jack was in the passenger seat.

"The best." Retsudo turned the key.

"The town looks great. People look happier too."

"Can't let you only improve the sanitarium." He pulled off the dock and turned right.

"You put your scar back."

"I needed it to remind me of just who I am."

"I understand perfectly."

Both men dwelled on their darker moments since discovering Master PC.

The rest of the drive was in silence. When the pulled up to the house, the girls proceeded in while the men folk took care of the luggage. Jack had a moment alone with his best friend.

Jack looked at his friend in all seriousness. "Ret. I have to ask again, did you use Master PC on me?"

"I have not." Ret could never get a lie past Jack. That question was THE reason he had simply inspired Iyazu to type in all the commands.

Jack sighed, relieved.

Ret felt like a shit. "Why? Something strange happen to you?"

"Iyazu pulled some pretty wild shit on me."

"Same here, only with my girls. I blame the program." That last part was true anyway.

"Yeah, well my story is pretty freaky." He chuckled.

"I bet mine tops it."

"Your on. A bottle of JD to the winner. He'll need it." The two friends laughed.

But they never got a chance to compare. Chinichi met Ret at the door and handed him a fax. Ret read it and the color drained from his face.

"What is it?" Jack asked, concerned.

"It's a fax from Fukogawa in Tokyo. It looks like we may have found our first other Master PC user."

"Good guy or bad guy?"

"Can't tell. But he says to meet him in Tokyo right away."

"Better prepare first."

A Night Out

Jack and Ret looked down on the dance floor. For Jack it was a playground. For Ret it was a challenge. Both men breathed in the smell of sweat, tobacco and perfume blended into one heady m?lange.

Retsudo had trouble getting used to his friends new height. At six foot eight he was clearly the tallest man in the room. His original height was a respectable five foot seven, but he always felt short. Ret also didn't like it that his friend had compromised his square, Korean features. True, he was handsomer, in the conventional sense, these sense that fashionable girls like, but it was lie. He hoped he would use Master PC to change them back soon.

"What are we waiting for? Let's dance!" Jack vaulted over the banister, Goliath with the grace of Astair. Retsudo surveyed the scene first, like a hawk surveyed a meadow. He saw what he wanted then took the stairs.

The tech disco held more appeal for Jack then it did for Retsudo. Jack bounced around the floor from one babe to the next, looking for just the right one to use his Master PC power on.

Retsudo went to straight to the beautiful girl sitting alone in a booth. She was slim, dressed a shiny halter-top dress. She framed her oval face in her short, bouncy hair that curled at one big wave to her neck. She fiddled with the swizzle stick in a fruity drink. She did not hide her boredom as she shooed another boy away.

Retsudo made his approach. His new Master PC power to dominate minds was on his side.

"Dance?" he offered her his hand.

"No thanks."  Weary from all the other boys who asked her before, she did not even feign politeness.

"Dragged here by your girlfriends, eh?" He left his hand out. Retsudo examined her fine gold chains and modest make up. "Not your usual place, eh?"

"Good guess. But it's still no."

"Dance with me. You will not be disappointed."

The fey girl looked at the handsome older man with the scar and felt oddly attracted to him. She could feel his power. "Is he a millionaire? A soldier?" she wondered. She found herself taking his hand and stepping out onto the dance floor. "My name is Chiga and I have never wanted to dance more in my life."

"Glad to hear it. Mine is Retsudo."

Her smile lit up her face.

The two danced.  Chiga's friends nudged and winked as they saw their friend rubbing up to her handsome partner in various forms of mock coitus.

As for Chiga, she found this "Retsudo" very attractive. The scar along his chin gave him the glow of rugged mystery. She could almost feel his masculinity washing though her. When she rubbed up against him, pleasure enfolded her like a warm comforter on a snowy day.

When the break came, Retsudo took Chiga's hand and moved to a good booth, one with a view of almost the entire club. The booth was meant to fit eight comfortably, but the red leather semi-circle was, at that moment, crammed with twelve "4amers," the kind of young boys and girls who went straight from the club to work. Many of them had full drinks.

Retsudo looked at them.

"Hey!" the leader shouted. "This place is dead. Let's blow."
They left their drinks and no tip behind.  A bus boy was wiping off the table for Retsudo and Chiga before the last of them gathered her light jacket and scooted off the bench.

"I was supposed to hold my girlfriend's bench." Chiga said as she slipped in next to her new date.

"Forget them. You are with me now." He considered calling over a waitress and reconsidered. Instead he planted a false memory of him ordering a daiquiri for Chiga, a scotch on the rocks and a pitcher of ice water. He promised her a fat tip if it was quick. From across the room, the waitress stopped taking an order and skittered off.

In the smoky darkness Jack found his friend. "Figures you'd find a good booth." Jack had already accumulated two girls. One had green hair the other bluish gray. Their hair was done up in spikes with matching rubber bands. The two were squeezed into and spandex halter-tops and ultra minis. Neither of them could have been over five feet tall. Retsudo wondered at their age but kept silent.
As long as Jack's penchant for youth did not get too weird, it kept him from criticizing his relationship with his sister, Ai. They three hopped into the booth with relief.

The waitress arrived with the tray of drinks. Jack ordered bourbon and branch water the two girls' orders martinis. Then Jack handed the waitress a tip that sent her off so fast that she could have left skid marks. The girls at the table, with a practiced eye, noted the amount and were impressed.

The girls, decided to go to the bathroom before their drinks came.

"Chiga. Why don't you go with the girls? You are friends after all."

"Come on Chiga!" her new best friends waved her on and she left.

Jack and Retsudo had a moment alone. "Wow. Nice booth! Lucky we get one just when people are leaving. An it looks like we get real good service now." Jack winked. Retsudo laughed. Master PC was great for some things. "This was one of the best ideas I ever had."

"We imbued ourselves with these abilities for a very serious reason."

"I know. But I was my idea to test them out here, to get ourselves used to how they work."

"You are right though. This place is wonderfully anonymous. I have not heard a last name,"

"Those girls I am with. They simply call themselves 'Blue' and 'Green.'  Perfect, eh?"

"That is suppose to be witty?"

"Hey. Who is the grumpy old man?" Jack pantomimed picking up a ringing phone. "Hello?" he held out the pretend phone to his friend. "It's for you Ret, Youth calling."

The drinks arrived and the Ret nailed her tip flat on the table with his finger. The waitress could see that it was equal to all the other tips for the night combined. "This is you number one table now, right?"

"Yes, sir!" her eyes were practically coming out of her head. "Anything else? Another Scotch and another pitcher of water?"

"Right away."

"What's with the big spender routine?"

"She has a child at home. If you see the manager, point him out to me.  The bastard shakes the staff down for a piece of their tips. I want to change his mind."

"Fine by me. Hey, here come the girls."

The three of them were walking together, looking like they enjoyed each other's company. Retsudo marveled at his good luck, Chiga had quite the set of gams on her, nice "handful" tits too. Next to her, Jack's girls looked like boys.

They had almost made it to the booth when Blue and Green's boyfriends, who had been in the corner gathering courage until now, intercepted them.

Two boys walked up to the booth. They were young, as young as Jack's "dates." One of the boys shouted at the girls. "Hey! You came with us."

The floozies looked to their left, over at Jack. He played it cool and merely shrugged. "Hey, do what you want." But with the Master PC advantage, there really was not a choice.

The girls looked at each other. Blue shrieked back. "We have drinks coming," and the two sat next to Jack and Green the closer, hugged him to make sure their dates got the message.

"We'll get you, mate!" and the taller pointed a finger at Jack who held up his hands in apology.

"What did I do?" He and Retsudo shared a laugh. They both knew damn well what he did.

The two boys' face reddened. They were considered tough, motorcycle bad boys in their hood. They even listened to rap music. They did not, could not, tolerate being 'dissed. "You want to fight?"

Jack and Retsudo raised their eyebrows. Retsudo looked at the young men. Jack was an academic. Before Master PC, Retsudo doubted he could take them.

Retsudo, on the other hand, had gotten his education in some of the toughest bars on the waterfront. He could probably break the both of them in half, even before Master PC, but he was too old to find fighting fun.

"It would be a good experiment." Jack raised his eyebrow at his friend. "Let's go."

The boys hesitated when they saw Jacks' size but to their credit, they didn't back down. Retsudo moved out of the booth too.

"Hey." One of them pointed at Retsudo. "Just him."

"I'm just going to watch, honest."  The spurned boyfriends believed him. "Chiga, you and the girls wait here. We'll be right back." Retsudo considered just letting Jack kick their ass, but he really need to see his new martial art skills in action.

The alley smelled of pee, damp molds and puke. Retsudo wrinkled his nose. "Why do all alleys smell the same?"

The three squared off. The two friends made no pretense of fair play. One circled around Jack. Retsudo could read that it was their usual plan. One held and the other pummeled. When the person was incapacitated, the holder threw him down and then they both "applied the boot."

Jack crescent kicked the one in front, knocking him down and then side kick the man behind him. Both times he moved so fast the men had no time to dodge or block.

The one in front fumbled into his jacket and flicked out a butterfly blade. The man behind was still sucking wind. While he was flicking it back and forth, a move meant to intimidate his opponents, Jack axe kicked the man's left foot and broke it straight through the boot. He dropped the knife and fell, gripping his left foot.

Ret spoke English as he took the knife and driver's license from the man behind him "You only used your feet."

"Got to protect the magic hands baby. Why the D.L.?"

"It's a trick I learned in Alaska." He repeated the process with the man in front of Jack and addressed them in Japanese. "Now you boys hurry home or to hospital. I do not care which. But if you trouble us again, I have your ID and the police will come for you."

The two men had to re-enter from the front so they chatted as they walked.

"What did you learn?"

"Well, a man can know too much. I had a hard time deciding between Tae Kwan Do and three styles of Kung Fu, so I was hesitating. Fortunately those guys gave me plenty of time to think."

"When one has one watch, one is always sure of the time."

"I'll probably stick to Tae Kwan Do. It seems more natural. Also, watch out for your clothes. These things really constrict your movements. Oh! And asphalt is much different to move on than a mat.
You notice anything?"

"You moved very fast but you gave away the initiative. In the bar fights I've seen, the guy who lands the first punch is the usually the guy who wins."

"Hm. That will be tough. I am such a nice guy and all."

"Please try."

Ret and Jack chucked the knives in a sewer grate, showed their stamps at the door and re-entered. After a trip to the head, another dance set had started. Blue and Green were more than a little turned on by the tall, handsome man that beat up their boyfriends. Retsudo pounded another glass of water and dragged Chiga out for another round of bump and grind. The only person in the joint who noticed the empty booth was the waitress. She re-filled all the pitchers of water with fresh ice and lemon slice.

After that set, Chiga's friends came over to the booth to say that they had run out of money, hinting that Retsudo should buy them drinks. He gave them cab fare instead.

As soon as they left Chiga laughed and hugged Retsudo. "What a face!" She looked up and Retsudo was right there. She held his head and kissed him without apology. He kissed back.

It was the best kiss of Chiga's life, just the way she liked it, not too hard, not too wet and no tongue right away. It was like electricity was shooting through every nerve of her body. She found her leg bending and overlapping his thigh.

"Hey you two! Get a room!" Jack and the girls laughed.

Chiga thought that wasn't such a bad idea and squeezed Ret's hand under the table. "This place has a cigar lounge you know?"

A moment later, in the cigar room, Ret ordered a Romeo and Julietta and got the same for Chiga but in a narrower gauge,

"Mmmm. Good choice."

'"Thank you." Ret thought Chiga looked real sexy, her long fingers with red nails, holding the cigar to her mouth. Her haircut was excellent. It showed off her delicate ears, like seashells. It made her neck look longer. Ret followed its line to her cleavage.

Ret looked up and she had caught him looking at her busom. He did not apologize one whit. "I like your hairstyle."

"Wouldn't you like it better blue? How about pink?" The two laughed.

"Your friend, Jack, is quite the card. Will he...?" She left the question hanging in the air.

"Oh yes. He will bed them at the same time. "

"He likes that then?"

Ret replied matter of fatly, "Actually it's the girls who like it. They have the best of both worlds, male rough power and feminine soft gentleness."

"I never though of it that way."

He leaned close and whispered in Chiga's ear. "Picture it." And Ret made sure she very vivid detail. "A man in the mouth, while an understanding girl tongues below? Or better still a man inside her while a girl's silky hair caressing the skin? " Retsudo brought her back to reality. Chiga was flushed and breathing hard. "So you see, it's really for the woman."

"I never thought of it that way." Chiga repeated herself as she tried to recover some of her dignity, but the thought nagged at her mind like a mother-in-law.

"Let's play game. Perfectly harmless fun.  If you could share me with any girl in the room who would it be?"

Chiga usually didn't go for such perverse talk but for some reason she was in the mood tonight. "Her." She pointed out a real beauty. She was about nineteen, hair was long, permmed into small waves and moussed until it shined.  She had a rectangular face, a cherry sized mouth and a small, sharp nose. She deliberately flashed her diamond jewelry and Rolex for all to see. Otherwise, she looked bored.

The men she was sitting with caught Ret's eye too, but for completely different reasons. They might have as well have been wearing neon signs that said "small time gangster."  The senior man in the middle wore a dark green Italian silk suit. His bodyguards wore simple dark blue suits. They just sat there, looking cool and admiring how everyone was intimidated by them. If the bodyguards weren't packing guns, Ret would have found the situation comical.

"She is pretty. But not as beautiful as you." As Retsudo kissed Chiga he thought. "No, the slut is as pretty as you, just not as classy." He had always avoided those people in his smuggling days. But tonight was for testing.  He didn't want it to end up in the alley, but he wanted a little confrontation. He probed the gangster's mind for an opening and found it. Retsudo stood up.

"Where are you going?"

"To ask her to join us."

Chiga was petrified and excited at the same time.

Retsudo straightened his jacket and approached the table. He looked only at the girl. "Hi. You looked bored. Would you like to dance with my friend and I?"

The gangster stared at Ret like he was mad. The two bodyguards stared at Ret in disbelief. The entire bar was staring at Ret like they were watching scene in a disaster film, when the whole audience knows something is about to blow up big time. But the girl looked at him with delight.

"Sure!" The girl picked up her Prada purse and squeezed her size one body past a bodyguard. She never looked back as her new boyfriend took her over to meet the fearful and adrenaline charged Chiga.

The bodyguards look at their leader.

"What?!  I have had it. You know she was just for window dressing. I am so sick of it. I am so sick of it all!
 Hello! Attention everybody!" He stood.  "I have an announcement to make! I am gay! That's right. I am a gangster and I am gay. Anybody got a problem with that?"

The gangster sat back down. And looked at his agape bodyguards. "What? You know it's true. The bitch was costing me a fortune anyway."

Relieved but not at ease, Chiga rushed Ret and the new girl out onto the dance floor.

"Um. Boss."


"You want to dance?"

Pause. "Okay."

Chiga had to admit that dancing with a boy and a girl was even much more fun than Ret said. Jennifer, the new girl, was very hot. She thrilled every time the two of them slid their arms around each other.
 Retsudo added to her education by flashing incredibly clear and lucid erotic images into her mind.

FLASH! Ret banging Jennifer from behind while she got her cunt licked.

FLASH! Her cunt is stuffed with Ret's cock while Jennifer sucks her tits.

FLASH! She is sucking Ret's monster while Jennifer fingers her anus.

FLASH! Ret fucking her from behind and she slowly lowers her face onto Jennifer's black, hairy pussy. She can smell her.

FLASH! Her mouth on their sex while Jennifer and Ret fuck.

The flash images left Ret plenty of time to probe Jennifer. She was typical high school beauty with a sugar daddy complex. She hated sex. It was messy, uncomfortable and it ruined her make up. So her deal with the gangster was perfect. He didn't touch her but she would rave about his prowess.

By the time the set ended, Jennifer's whole attitude had changed. She found Ret and Chiga incredibly attractive. She loved having sex, the nastier and sloppier the better. She especially loved cum and juice bathes. She was extremely generous in bed and loved watching her lovers get off more than getting her own "big O."

The set ended. Chiga and Jennifer went to the bathroom. Jennifer went there to freshen up. Chiga left to wring out her panties.

Ret joined Jack at the booth. Blue was with him.

"Where's Green?"

Jack pointed below the table. "Oh." Then he cautiously slid in on the other side.

"I saw you met a new friend."

"It's a very friendly place."

"I know. I saw three guys in suits dancing together. I didn't know it was that kind of club. But they looked like they were having a good time."

"The guy in the green suit is the guy I took the girl from."
Jack looked shocked. "Ret. Tell me you didn't turn a man gay just to dance with his girl."

"No. He was gay already. Everyone I his gang knew, his boss even assigned him bodyguards he knew were gay too. I just had him admit it."

"Okay. But I think we've hit our limit on altering people. Blue and Green are real party girls but..... okay we can play on people's natural personalities but no dramatic changes like sexual orientation."

"Don't change whatever floats their boat, got it. That looks like the manager. Let's see if we can pull him away from all those bouncers."

 Ret had time to fuck with the manager's mind and Jack had time to zip up his fly before the girls came back. Introductions were made and Chiga leaned into Ret's ear. "Jennifer thinks I'm really cute."

"I think this night had been a successful test. How about you Jack?"

"I think so too, Ret. You girls want to come back to our place? We've got a huge penthouse."

The girls had heard that line before but they believed these men.

"Sure." Blue and Green, normally very competitive, mutually rubbed Jack's penis through his pants.

Jack pulled out his cell and beeped the driver. "Let's go."

Jack, Blue and Green walked a bit ahead. Jack's hand firmly on either one's ass.

Ret simply took his girl's arms and used his mind to send a thrill of being possessed right into their minds.

Their limo was waiting, the door was open.  The party walked passed by an argument between the manager, his bouncers and three men in suits. "The apartment please." The driver nodded and shut the door behind them.

Inside the car the "couples" started making out. Jack frenched with Green while Blue unzipped his pants and sucked on his dick.

Ret alternated between frenching Chiga and Jennifer while massaging their breasts but his mind was really on Chiga and the experiments he had performed on her. He reviewed her impression of the night's events in her mind.

It turned out the Chiga's aphrodisiac of choice was power. And no one she had ever known in her nineteen years on the planet had ever come close to Ret's level. She could sense the power emanating off of him like a flower senses the sun.

Her pussy had twitched when he told her to forget her friends and when he tipped big and when he had come back from the fight without a mark on him.  When he simply stole the gangster's moll, she practically creamed right then and there.

Ret found himself getting turned on by Chiga's thoughts. Not one of his lovers shared his rush for power.  Ret had been spoiled by the hot and cold running pussy back at the mansion. The two days of travel it took to get to Tokyo him left him tense as a stretched rubber band. When he read that Chiga's had put her panties in a zip lock bag in her purse because they were too wet, he lost it. He had to have her right then and there.

Chiga had to have this man right then and there. "Please...I've got to have it." She never wanted a man so much before, but she had never met a man so powerful before either. Her pussy burned for him. She didn't care who was watching, opportunities like this happened once in a lifetime and she meant to seize it.

She slipped off her spaghetti straps of her dress, fed him a mouthful of tit, hiked up her dress and threw one knee over him.  The newly helpful Jennifer undid Ret's pants.

Chiga slammed her pussy onto Ret's cock without checking how big it was.  She found it extremely painful at first, but Ret changed that. Jennifer watched, fascinated and slipped her hand into her panties. Jack, Blue and Green were two into each other to notice much of anything.

Ai like feeling secure. Chinichi liked feeling loved. Miko and Mie like feeling pleasure. Chiga liked feeling power. He poured his power into her and her mind reeled. For Chiga, she had started fucking a man, now she was fucking some sort of demi-god, no not fucking...worshipping and she said so. "You are a god. Fuck me harder. I am all yours do anything to me you like just let me fuck you forever."

Then the limousine, stopped. The intercom buzzed. "Gentlemen, we have a problem."

Ret and Jack looked out the tinted windows. Motorcycles surrounded the limo. They were in the warehouse district so that mean they were pretty alone too. Jack buzzed back. "Can't you evade them?"

"Already tried that sir."

"I suppose you have. Don't call the police just yet."

"Give us back out ID!" One of them yelled.

"Yeah. And kick out our cunts!" yelled another.

Blue rolled down the window and screamed something foul at them. The motorcycle gang just laughed.

Ret was furious. His first lay in days, a hot lay too..ruined. His anger rose. He lifted Chiga off him and stuffed his dick in his pants.

Jack saw his friend's anger swell and it worried him. Ret always had a temper but he had been giving in to it more and more. "What are you going to do, Ret?"

"Something...massive." Ret got out of the limo and slammed the door shut. Chiga slipped on her dress and spectated via the moon roof. She could wait to see what Ret did to the gang.

Jack was a lot more worried than Chiga was. Two guys in an alley was one thing, but two dozen motorcycle punks was another. He tried to get his pants up, but the fearful Blue and Green held on to him, frustrating his efforts.

Ret looked at the gang and said one word. "Pain."
The entire gang winced, some cried out, like they had been stabbed.

Ret waited for them to recover. When most of the gang had dismounted, he renewed his mental assault. "Agony."

The entire gang fell to the street and writhed, screaming. Some managed to beg him to stop. Suddenly, Jack was by his side. "What are you doing to them, Ret?"

"Simply broadcasting a pain message. Watch. Searing agony now." The screams increased and no begging could be done.

"Geez Ret, that's inhuman. Stop it."

"All right." Ret responded to his friends plea for mercy like might have been asking him to "pass the salt."

The most of the gang passed out in relief some moaned for their mothers. Chiga smiled from ear to ear whooped and clapped in delight. Blue and Green let out cheers too. The middle-aged chauffer wiped his brow with his handkerchief.

"Now I'm going to have them ride their bikes over a dock." Ret grinned viciously.

Jack grabbed his arm firmly. "You can't do that Ret."

"Watch me." The gang, like robots got up and began to mount their street bikes.

"No you can't Ret. Right now we can fix this, make everybody forget. But if you have a whole biker gang drive their precious bikes into the sea, like lemmings, you might as well paint a target on our asses."

The gang kick-started their bikes.

Jack continued his plea. "These guys love their bikes more than their girls. The headline might as well read "NEW MASTER PC USER IN TOWN. EVIL USERS START YOUR HUNT NOW. "

Ret let the air out of his lungs. "You're right. I'll just wipe their memories."

"That's my friend."

Jack wiped the chauffer, Green and Blue. Jennifer had stayed hidden and hadn't seen much but Ret decided to wipe her memory anyway.

Chiga didn't ask how or why of her man, all she knew was that display of his power made her horny as herd of caribou. As Ret entered the limo, she kissed him full on the lips. "Gawd that was hot, lover. Let's do it." She pulled him inside and remounted him with more fevor than ever.  Her pussy was as hot and liquid as the inside of a volcano. Ret decided to wait until morning to wipe her memory.

Retsudo woke first. Her tuned and saw Jennifer on his left, sleeping soundly. Her face was still stained with cum Chiga's vaginal juices. He smiled, remembering how he had to tone her down after she asked him to shit on her. He had to watch that in the future.

He turned to his right and saw Chiga, face aglow in the dawn, a little smile on her face. He ached for Ai. He pulled back her hair from her oval face, exposing the tiny ears he had stuck his tongue into the night before while he gently wiped her memory of the motorcycle gang.

Naked, he slipped out of bed, walked up to the wet bar and poured himself a tall glass of orange juice. Then he strode to the wall-window and looked down on the city, just beginning to awake, like him.

The city was his for the taking. He looked at his partial reflection in the tinted window. His scar looked back at him, reminding him of his origins and his mortality. He ran his index finger along it. Returning the scar was a sane choice. He almost blew it last night. Thank fate for Jack.

Feminine hands wrapped around him. "Morning, lover."

"I did not mean to wake you."

"Mmmm. I'm exhausted. You were incredible last night."

Ret clued into the fact that the previous night. As part of her worshipful attachment to him, Chiga was generous with her praise. But after giving her five orgasms last night, he judged the compliment deserved. "You were hot too." That was very, very true. Unlike other girls, Chiga liked it when he held nothing back.

"You are the best."

"So I have been told." The lovers chuckled. At one point, when Ret was plowing her furrow, Chiga kept shouting "You're the best!" over and over again. "I think all of Tokyo knows it now."

"They better not. I want more of you to myself."

"Wasn't I right about Jennifer, though?"

"Absolutely, lover." Her hands were drawn to his cock like magnets to iron. "You are right about everything." He could feel her nibbling on his ass.  They both half turned and Chiga swallowed his phallus. She was tired, her hair was a mess, she smelled of sweat, cigar smoke, stale cum and pussy juice and she still wanted more of his powerful cock. Jack wallowed in the visceral pleasure of it.

He ran his fingers through her tangled hair. In his mind, Chiga wasn't just a woman giving her lover a blowjob but some pagan priestess worshipping at the temple of her own lust. She sucked and lolled her tongue on his shaft, trying to coax out her wicked banquet.

"You want to drink my cum, Chiga?"

Chiga nodded.


"Because once I drink it, you become part of me, no matter where I go."

Ret liked that idea. So there he was this beautiful woman, sucking him off while he sipped oj and looked out onto new morning. As he shot a load down her throat, he thought, "What a great way to start the day."

The End of Chapter Seven.