Master PC in Nippon
Chapter Six: The Swimming Pool & Total Immersion

Retsudo looked across the waters at Ryu Island and saw disaster. His best friend, Jack Rhee resided there with his two new wives, Iyazu and Oichi.

It was good thing that he had not reminded Jack to block his thought from monitoring by Master PC. His caution proved to be well founded.  He monitored his friend's thoughts all throughout his phoned therapy sessions with Ai. Jack had gotten an inkling of the power of Ai's feelings for Retsudo and concerned the trained psychologist seriously.

Jack was good man, a man with a conscience rare in the world. Jack was very smart and Master PC made him powerful, a dangerous combination. If Jack didn't understand his incestual love for Ai, he certainly would not understand the impregnation of the entire town. And since many of the townspeople relied on the sanitarium's doctors, that would be happening any day now.

Retsudo sipped his beer and reflected on what a bastard he was about to become. He justified it by saying he was protecting Ai and his unborn daughters.  He went to his brand new safe and took out his computer.

Retsudo wrote down his goals in his logbook.
"One: make Jack accepting, or at least tolerant of incestual love.
Two: make him accept his impregnation....

No. That was too specific. Sometime down the line he was going to do more to his town...yes HIS town. It was HIS town now wasn't it? "

He looked down from the porch onto the town and smiled.

"Two: make Jack accepting of my 'proprietary' authority of the town.
 I will have to be careful. He is a trained psychologist. If I monkey with his brains too much, he will fight back."

The big problem was that Jack had made himself immune to all but his own Master PC commands. The problem was for him to accept another's help.

The most likely candidates were his common law wives. But since Oichi still had the mind of six grader, he assumed that plain but big chested Iyazu was the only choice Jack would accept.

He smoked a Presidential and sipped beer, monitoring Jack and Iyazu throughout the day. Jack had performed wonders. Most of the former inmates were in the previously crated up shops or in classrooms leaning new skills.

It was when his friend admired the tight, practically non-existent ass of his sixteen-year-old patients, then felt guilty about it that caught Ret's attention. When he read that one of the best things he liked about Oichi was her "child-like" innocence, he knew he was on to something.   Ret could tell that his friend had a penchant for young girls, not pedophilia, but young, fresh teenage girls. Such things were not as disapproved of in Japan as in America, but Jack HAD been tainted more by the states than he.

If Ret had guessed correctly then Iyazu was the key. She suspected Jack had a new miracle machine but Jack had cleverly hid Master PC amongst all his techno music equipment. Sick people went into the room. Well people came out and Iyazu just accepted it all.

Iyazu followed him everywhere he went, scribbling notes and taking pride in being a fine "right hand" to her man. Retsudo took careful note of how desperate Iyazu was to make herself useful to Jack.

He sensed, that when the opportunity arose he would have would have to strike fast. He planted dormant memories in Iyazu in preparation for the moment when Jack would need her at the helm of Master PC.

It took him the rest of the day and the next morning before the opportunity presented itself. It was when Jack's thoughts showed that he was going to descend a particularly nasty set of concrete stairs that Retsudo acted.

Jack had protected himself from Master PC manipulation but left Iyazu wide open. Retsudo waited until they only had one flight left.

<Trip Jack.> SEND

Iyazu's left leg twitched and her foot hooked Jack's back ankle and he pitched forward.

Retsudo watched Jack to make sure he wasn't killed. The first hit was the worst. With his foot still hooked, he could not catch himself. He cracked his head and everything went black.

It wasn't long before he was in the hospital infirmary. The new and improved Dr. Hiyashi had just finished six stitches on the young man's scalp and applied a compress. His whistling ended. "There were are. Do not worry Miss Iyazu. He will be good as new, except for scar and an agonizing headache. No longer term effects at all...probably."

Iyazu winced. It was all her fault. Why did her leg twitch? All sorts of horrible things, like expulsion, flashed in her thought screen.

With Jack out cold and out of danger, Retsudo summoned up Doctor Hiyashi. Doctor Hiyashi, though now sober and conscientious, was still raised in the generation of medicine men that believed a pill could solve everything.  He was reaching for headache pills anyway, so it didn't take much for Retsudo to coerce his help in the scheme.

<Jack is safe and under close observation but he can be stubborn. You worry he will not rest.  It will be best to give him pain relievers that also impair his judgment, make him more pliable. It is for his own good.>

After forty years of practicing medicine in sanitarium, Doctor Hiyashi had plenty of those kind of pills.

He held up a little paper cup with two teal capsules in it to Iyazu.  "I have to do rounds. When he wakes up give him these...headache pills and a glass of water. Make sure he doesn't try and get up. He is a stubborn man but he should listen to you."

"Yes, doctor."

Dr. Hiyashi left and Iyazu pulled up a stool and fretted over Jack Rhee. That was the first time Retsudo masqueraded as her "little voice." He played on her insecurities.

"It is all your fault. He is going to wake up, remember and be furious with you. It is Oichi he really wants anyway. You are expendable."

When Jack came too, the light hurt his eyes.

"Here. Take the headache pills." Iyazu eagerly fed him the paper cup. Jack accepted, if anyone needed pills right then, it was him.

"Oooooh. What happened?"

"You don't remember?"

"Ugh. Not right now."

"You tri...slipped and fell down the stairs."

"Really. Feels like I got a concussion."

"You had me very worried." She fed him water.

She was worried? Jack was worried. Concussions were nothing to fuck with. He could die. Hell he could be dying right now and not know it. "Who looked after me?'

"Doctor Hiyashi."

"Fucking great. Iyazu I need to trust you. I need to get to my treatment room."

"Doctor Hiyashi said you needed to stay here."

"He didn't even x-ray me, did he?"

"He said there was no need."

"Fucking idiot. Iyazu you have to trust me. Take me to my treatment room now." He tried to stand but his legs were weak. "Please, I may be dying. Get a wheelchair."

Iyazu became the good right hand once again and the two zipped through the halls trying to avoid Hiyashi. Finally they arrived at the treatment room.

"Lock the door....feel so lightheaded...Iyazu I am going to have to trust you and show you my treatment machine. Start up the oldest PC computer on my desk."

For the bank secretary, starting up the ancient 486 was no big trick.

"Open up Master PC.exe"

A crash course later and Iyazu was stunned. It was like finding out one's boyfriend was Batman. She grew only more desperate. Jack was fading fast. It was just the pills but she had no way to know that.

"I need to give you access to me. Roll me up to the desk. Hold my wrists." Through foggy eyes, limp muscles Jack typed.
<Iyazu to use Master PC on me OK.> SEND

Jack had been holding on for just that moment and then he passed out.

His faithful Iyazu knew what to do.

<Heal Jack Rhee.>SEND

When she looked back, his stitches had disappeared but the chemicals in his bloodstream kept him fast asleep. She was about to wake him up when Retsudo's little voice intervened.

"Why not make him forget it was you who tripped you?"

"But that is disloyal." Her previous programming was working.

"No. You are simply allowing yourself to continue to serve him. Besides, how is forgetting an accident going to hurt?"

Iyazu's base insecurity won out. <Forget Iyazu tripped you. You slipped on some water on the stairs.> SEND

She meant to shut down at that point, but Retsudo poured more poison in her ear.

"You could be such a help to him. Only his irrational fear of trusting you with his power has stopped him. Make him see the sense of giving you access permanently."

<Dr. Rhee will see the sense of giving me access permanently.> SEND

Back on the mansion's Ai grew curious at who her lord was so intently Master PCing. She was sipping more champagne, hr knew favorite thing and sat down next to him. "What are you doing, brother?"

"I'm using Master PC on Jack Rhee so he will not interfere with our incest."

"Dr. Rhee?" Ai sipped. "Good."

"Suppose he finds out about your incest with Oichi?"

When the key word, "incest" entered her mind, Retsudo's preprogrammed memories flooded in. False memories of long sensual showers with Oichi with both soaping each other's tits and ass wafted into her mind. The memory was so vivid she could still feel her sister's soft nipples mashing into hers.
 Then she recalled the time she came back from a date, dumped again. She coaxed Oichi into using a cucumber on her to simply relieve her frustration. Oichi genuinely seemed to enjoy it. The "frustration relief" sessions turned into a weekly affair. They always began with Oichi innocently asking the words "Is sister feeling tense?" Then she stupidly held up a cucumber.

While her phony memories scrolled by, Ai spoke to her brother. "Are those the sisters we saw Jack with at the sanitarium?" Her silk rustled.


"I wouldn't mind seeing them in the shower."

"Really?"  Ret was intrigued.

Iyazu broke from her reverie and typed in the words.
<You will not mind incest.> SEND

She paused, trying to outwit Dr. Rhee into thinking incest was a natural thought of his. Then it occurred to her to have him outwit himself.

 < You will not mind sex between family. You will think of your own good justifications and rationalizations.> SEND

"That is a good start, Iyazu, but not everyone loves the doctor as much as you. You see the whispers. It is bigotry.  Use Master PC. Make everyone love your good doctor as much as he deserves."

Iyazu found the broadcast mode like she was guided to it, because she was. Retsudo dictated her words to her.

<All women love Doctor Rhee. All men respect him. He is the lord of the island.> SEND

"You are the best helper a man could hope for, Iyazu."
That was good enough for Retsudo. He dropped all subtlety and turned Iyazu into a drone. He had her give him permanent access to everyone in the sanitarium, including Jack. He could override any command.

He imbued her a subconscious goal for him to take sexual possession of every female in the place. She would consider her duty and honor to manipulate him into fulfilling his male fantasy, which included fucking lots of pretty, young girls.

"There. That would stop him from judging what we did to the town."

For his finale', he inspired Iyazu to up Jack's medical ambition so that no longer wanted to just cure everyone at the facility he wanted to improve them. If Jack noticed any change, Iyazu would take the blame.

Then he brought Iyazu back to consciousness and hoped she didn't notice that she had "lost" five minutes. She didn't.

She woke Jack and everything seemed fine.

"Wow. Thanks. Iyazu I feel so much better. You saved my life." He kissed her. "You know, it was foolish of me not have anyone for that. I need you as a backup."

"I am a great secretary. I can type faster than you and know windows better. With me, you can double your productivity."

"Yes. I can. And now that you mention it.  I've pretty much cured everybody in the joint. How about you help me...I don't know...improve their lives?"

"Oh yes, Rhee-san." Iyazu practically burst with joy over what a good job she did. Now she was going to REALLY help her beloved Jack at his job. She was his indispensable, trusted, Master PC operator.

Retsudo started reprogramming Oichi. Ai, hot with the idea of Jack fucking a hospital full of nymphettes sucked her brother off as he composed Oichi's tale of lust for her sister. He proofed, then sent it off. Retsudo, figuring his work was done, shut done and got to business.

Jack spent the whole day making female patients healthy, fit, beautiful and young. He felt like a French sculptor. One by one, he had the nurses roll them into his studio, cranked the tech music and lights then composed. After he was done with the patients he started on the staff. It was amazing how many of them asked to be made young. Jack was all too happy to comply.

That night, when Jack came home, he heard the shower running. He stripped and tiptoed into the bathroom. It didn't matter if he was going to surprise Oichi or Iyazu. He had spent the afternoon making dream girls and he was horny as hell.

As he came in, he saw two silhouettes in the shower. He was taken aback but not shocked. He appreciated the tender scene. Oichi's longer hair was visible, Then he noticed Oichi plunging a long green object in and out of what had to be Iyazu's pussy.

At first he thought to burst in and angrily demand that the act of incest stop. But then his dick twitched in protest. "True. They are both consenting adults now. No doubt they have taken many showers together." The two girls lips touched and their heads shifted. "See how they kiss? How can such love be wrong?"  He finished stripping and entered the overlarge shower stall.

The two naked, wet girls looked up at him, drunk with their own passion. "This is incest you know."

"We were born this way, born to share your bed. That is why we love each other."

"Join us Rhee-san. Join us in our love."

It was wrong...but the press of their wet flesh made him so happy...

He slipped in behind Oichi, his favorite. Then he slipped his cock inside her. Oichi whimpered in joy. Jack humped and Oichi stabbed the cucumber in her sister at the same time. It was like they were both fucking her. Iyazu was in heaven.

They did not achieve a triple climax in the shower. But it was close. After that, the lovemaking was more of a three way than a two on one and Jack didn't mind one bit.

Two weeks passed in the happy sanitarium.

"Damn Iyazu what did you do? That's the third nurse to flash me her breasts today."

"I just told them to love you. Don't you like the breasts? I mean you did make them."

"I know I made them but..."

"Shh. We are at the pool."

The sanitariums indoor, heated pool had been shut down so Doctor Hiyashi could steal more money. But the inmates and staff had gotten it all fixed up and it ran almost like new.  They even got the old patio furniture out of storage. Today was to be the day of its grand re-opening.

As Jack Rhee walked through the doors everyone yelled "Surprise!" The entire staff and clientele of the hospital were holding up a hand painted banner saying "Thank you Doctor Rhee!"

"What is this?"

"It is a combination party. Everyone wanted to thank you for all you have done."

Jack actually welled up. "Thank you. Thank you..."

Everyone had a great time. They played rock and roll over the PA. Everyone dived, had water fights, raced and generally played grabass. Somebody spiked the punch with JD and everyone, including Jack ended up with a buzz on.  No one really had bathing suits so they improvised.  Most of the guys and gals wore cut offs of some sort and the girls wore t-shirts, which didn't help Jack at all.

When the t-shirts got wet, jack could see right through them. Iyazu noticed his burning gaze and whispered in his ear. "Admiring your handiwork?"

He sipped. "Yes. I really shouldn't."

"Nonsense you are a doctor, besides the girls are so happy with their tits. Look as little Ako, barely sixteen and she his ecstatic to have such generous, womanly breasts, 36 C, no? All the women love the breasts you gave them. Some would like them even bigger."  Iyazu didn't bother to tell her man that now, thanks to his  faithful servant Iyazu, every girl at asylum practically burned to have him suck on the tits he gave them.
 "So relax. Enjoy the scenery. We all understand. This party is in your honor after all."

Jack relaxed, enjoyed the scene and wondered which of the women wanted bigger tits. He liked them small though.

He played a game of backgammon with Iyazu. She won. Then he looked back at the pool. The girls had shucked off their cutoffs. There institutionally shave pussies showed clearly through their whitey tidies.

"What the?"

"Something wrong?"

"The girls. They lost their trunks."

"Yes. They kept falling off."

"But the boys?"

"The boys all left so the girls could feel more comfortable."

"Then I better go too."

"Nonsense. This party is in your honor. Besides you are a doctor they have nothing you haven't seen before."

That wasn't entirely true. It was one thing to see one pussy in the clinical environment of an examination room. But all these young (Rhee had made them all young, to replace the years "stolen" from them.), wet, nubile women skipping around, tits and vulvae showing through dripping fabric, was quite another.  He felt a bit like one of those Roman Emperors.
He needed a swim to sober up. He did a couple of laps then came up. Now the three dozen or so patients and nurses were all skinny-dipping. Oichi looked like mermaid bobbing in the water there.

Now he just shrugged. The skinny-dipping was better than the wet panties and t-shirts. Jack could handle nudes much better.

The PA system announced lights out. Jack looked at his watch on his table. "The warning is a an hour early. What is the deal?"

Iyazu shrugged. "Who knows?" She clapped. "Lights out, ladies. Come say goodnight."  Iyazu bent over Jack, hanging her breast right in front of his face. "The girls wanted to say goodnight to you before you go to sleep and then they have a present for you.

First it was Oichi. She straddled the chez lounge and matched her groin to Jack's. She hung her arms over him. "Thank you Rhee-san." Then kissed him passionately, dry humping her slit through the fabric of his trunks onto his swelling rod. She kept it up until he got rock hard and out of his mind with lust.

Her job complete. She sat up and took her place beside her sister, behind her man and to his left. Her perfect breasts passing tantalizingly close to his mouth.

One after the other from oldest to youngest, they straddled their beloved doctor and kissed him. Bit by bit they got him hotter and hotter. More and more tongue made its way into his mouth.

The eleventh "thanker" was Susan. Jack had turned the former brute into a nice young lady. He did not realize he had turned her into a sexpot as well. She was short and stacked with immediate, dramatic curves, fat in all the right places. She kissed him longer than the rest.

"That is enough, Susan."

"Pardon, Iyazu-san." Susan stood up a little to respond to Iyazu, leaned forward and, not so coincidentally, pressed her 42D breast right onto Jack's mouth. "Oh! I am sorry, Rhee-san!" Susan teased.

The next eleven got the idea from her. It wasn't enough that they straddled Jack and ground their sex into his, now they brushed their tits agianst his face as they stood. Jack had designed those tits to be appealing, he didn't know how good he worked.



Jack searched for a pretense to end the charade. "My is abraded. The suit has abraded it. No more hugs and kisses."

"Then off with the suit."  Oichi pulled off his trunks while Iyazu held the drunk man down by his shoulders.

The kissing continued. Now nothing stood between the doctor's cock and his former patient's pussies. They slid on his rod like a train's wheel on the track. The kissed him and said things like, "Oh thank you doctor. I'll do anything to thank your. I owe you so much!" Jack could feel their vaginal juices pouring over his cock and balls.

Then it stopped. Jack opened his eyes. The women formed a circle around him they were still naked. Iyazu spoke. "Rhee-san. We all want to show you how much we love and appreciate you. So we elected on person to show out love for us."

Shyly holding her hands in front of her, young Ako stepped forward. Iyazu continued. "Ako is the youngest of us. You save her from crippling illness. You saved cherry from the bastard guards so it belongs to you by right. She loves you, truly Jack. Accept our gift to you."

"But you all my patients. This is so worng."

"Maybe that was true, but not now. Now we are grown women, with full use of our faculties and full appreciation for a good man who saved us from a living prison. Doesn't a hero deserve his just award?"

Ako approached Jack just like the others but she spoke, "I love you Doctor Rhee. Iyazu-san tells me you designed my body. My nice big tits" She waved her hands gracefuly across them. "My nice flat ass." She turned around. Jack moaned. The women smiled. "What else did you design me for if not to love you? If not to ...make love to you?"

As rehearsed, she straddled Jack,reached under her tight young ass and pointed Jack's huge cock up and acute angle. It slipped inside her wet, tight young cunt effortlessly.

Jack, surrendered to the madness now, arched his back and Ako mewed. She was still standing a bit above him, not intaking the full length. She slowly lowered herself.

Jack felt the tearing. Ako whimpered and held on to him. He felt her hot blood ooze down his leg.

Jack had had enough. He took her head and kissed her. He took her mouth and rammed his tongue down it. He took the breast, the breasts that he made and bit into them both. Little Ako was overwhelmed. The watching women murmured in approval.

Jack bucked and Ako mewed again. He held her down, forcing her to take every inch. His mouth held onto her tits like and octopus's cup. He bucked, she mewed over and over in a frenzy until he came. But he wasn't done, he kept on fucking her. These women wanted a show he was going to give it to them. Over and over he thrust. Suddenly Ako's eyes and mouth shot open. She screamed in surprise and then went ridged, grasping her sex.

She bent over and whispered in his ear. "I love you Rhee-san. It's true. It's true."

Oichi and Susan helped the girl off and onto a towel.

"We all love you that much, Rhee-san." The thirty, beautiful, nubile, terribly young looking women, stood tall, dripping, naked and stared at Jack Rhee in unashamed lust.

Before Jack could say something profound, Oichi spoiled the mood by throwing up.

The next morning, Ai hand the phone to Ret. He was in the bathtub fucking Mie and Miko. At the moment, Mie was on his lap and Miko was kissing his back. Mie's her long spidery wet hair hung in the air. She was leaning, hips first, in the odd way she had. "It is Doctor Rhee."

Chinichi entered the bathoroom right after Ai, She put the laptop that was montitoring Dr. Rhee on the vanity and Ai sat next to her.

"Thank you, Ai."

"What's up, Jack?"

"Just wanted to say that everything is going great over here. It is quite the little happy community. How are things over there?"

Chinhici mouthed "town" to Ret.

"Bad and good. The paddock season was a failure. But, Jack, I got the entire town pregnant. You see..."

"No need to explain. I am a pyschologist. Rememeber?"

"I am sorry. Jack. I know I disappointed you."

"As long as you take care of the babies, I won't mind that much. Beside I am no postion to judge. It's offical. I am going to be a daddy. Oichi's pregnant."

"Good for you." There was a heavy pause.

A shadow fell over Ai and Chinichi's face. Then they began to type like mad.

"Ret. I need your word of honor. I need to know, have you been sleeping with your sister?"

"I wont't lie to you Jack. I have. I love her. Is that wrong?"

Two sixty year old Japanese nurses, that now looked like sixteen year old blonde haired blue eyed nymphettes entered Doctor Rhee's office. Smiling prettily, they undid his belt.
"I shouldn't have told Iyazu that." He mumbled.


"Never mind. I have some issues in the office. Anyway, it think it more related to doctor-patient love thing. Those are not always healthy. But I think we made her smart enough she knew what she was doing."

Back at the Mansion, Ai giggled. Chinichi typed.

Two women entered Jack's office. Both were tall, Both had big tits, a jutting ass and long, shapely legs. Both had long, full hair that reached their ass. Except was a latina and the other a blonde amazon. The walked over to the sofa and commence making love for Jack to see. They looked just like two interns from UC Berkeley.

"Ret. You didn't use Master PC on me, did you?"

"On my word of honor, I did not."

"Nature of the beast I guess. Anyway I go to go. See you in a couple of days."

Chinichi shut the computer down. "He will not interfere with us now that he the star of his own Porn Movie."

Ai had alrady stripped and joined Retsudo in the hot, clear bath. Chinichi rushed to join him. "Hey! Wait for me."

The End of Chapter Six.