Master PC in Nippon
Chapter Five: The Mansion

Their new house was amazing. As per instructions, no servants were to be seen. They were all on the lowest floor or had taken the tram to their residence in town. Master PC made all help great help.

Retsudo, Ai and Chinichi looked around the mansion in amazement. Miko's and Mie's eyes were wide with greed.

"Look at all the space!" was Miko's first comment. She ran ahead, exploring.

"I wonder what the galley looks like?" Mie flitted around in search of the kitchen. "It's huge!" She didn't look long.

Chinichi stayed with her Captain and his sister-wife.

"We are home?"

"Yes, we are, sister. You are now the Great Lady of the House of Abe. This is your mansion."

"All this wood and no corners! I did not know they made houses like this."

"Old Man Fuko made his first money as a shipbuilder. All this sweeping wood is supposed to represent the keels and bulkheads of ships. Some of it actually is ship's wood, salvage or otherwise. The entirety of all three decks is solid teak. I can't even imagine how much that cost."

 The three walked slowly into the living room, the center of the ellipse that formed the top floor. The living room was triple sized with a central fireplace made of local rough-hewn stone. Two smaller flues with iron insets kept either end house warm are made for more intimate venues. It was inspired by the style of Frank Lloyd Wright's Arizona residence. The furniture was all in Danish Modern. Everything was simple of line and functional, yet artistically clean at the same time. Only the finest of European leather was used for upholstery.

Retsudo ignited the fireplace. "The Abe's are back, Ai." He bent over and kissed her. She kissed back.

Mouths opened. Tongues entwined. Hands pulled. Palms caressed. Fingertips explored. It was a blur for the brother and sister, they were drunk with the moment.

Soon Retsudo was where he belonged, between his sister's alabaster legs, plunging away. His back convexed with every thrust, arms forcing his shoulders upwards. Her back concaved in response. The Russian Kodiak Bear rug tickled the skin on her back marvelously.

Ret bent and sucked his sister/lovers perfectly smooth 34C tits while his pelvis continued to pile drive. She inhaled between her clenched teeth.

While her bother threw lightning bolts of bliss into her brain, Ai spoke words of adoration into her beloved's ear. "I love you so much brother. My sex belongs to you alone. Fuck it so much! Only you fill me up..only you."

The three girls watched in programmed admiration.

"They make a lovely couple, don't they?" Mie said as she stripped off her clothes.

"So hot. It's like they were born to fuck each other." Miko agreed and wiggled out of her jeans.

Chinichi stood in thought. She looked deeper at the gentleness and of the lovemaking, the simple confirmation that each was the other's, wholly, completely. In the bright light of the moment, the mutual masturbation sessions of her past, the ones she called "making love" were revealed to be the soiled, tawdry things they were. "I wish I were a lady."

Miko and Mie looked at her like she had lobsters crawling out of her ears. "What?!"

Then Chinichi remembered herself. "I mean I wish I was Lady Ai. The right of first fuck goes to Lady of the House. Don't you two join in. There will plenty of time for that later."

"But what do we do in the meantime?  We haven't had it for a day." Miko whined.

"We used to have lots of fun together, without Retsudo. Remember?" Mie shared a look with her little cousin and nodded her head towards Chinichi. The two naked cousins slowly took the two steps need to close the distance between them and Chinichi.

Mie hung on her right shoulder, pressing her heavy breasts against her upper arm. Miko took position on her left, places a foot to either side of her left thigh and slowly ground her crotch into the full figured girl's thigh.

"Remember, Chinichi? We have lots of fun together." Mie took up a lock of her long hair and brushed the inside of Chinichi's ear.
"Mie. I want you now, please?" Miko was humping just a bit faster, with her rising need.

Lady Ai suddenly screamed out loud. The two girls paused in their seduction to watch their Lady enjoy the throws of passion. Lord Retsudo did not let up. But they did roll over, trading the "beast with two backs" position for the "saddle of peace."

Chinichi look at the lady's beautiful heart shaped face, now framed by the hair that fell loose around it. Rubbing it against the bear pelt had undone the coiffure. Ai placed a hand on her lover's chest on the other crossed to her left breast, pinching it smartly. Ai slung her head over in Chinichi's direction, her eyes were unfocused, her luscious painted mouth open, dumbstruck, simply providing oxygen for the blast furnace of her pussy. Ai's eyes rolled into their sockets and her eyelids fluttered.

Chinichi noticed her breasts felt good. While she had been hypnotized by Lady Ai, Mie had slipped under her shirt, undone her bra and started to massage her breasts. Miko had undone her canvas belt and had the zipper of her jeans halfway down.

She turned her head to the right and drank from Mie's lips and tongue. Then the undressing went faster. The three naked girls fell onto the ox hide sofa. Mie and Miko continued their seduction (their favorite game up until they met Retsudo-sama) of Chinichi. One sucked on each of her 38D breasts. Mie used her long arms and fingers to reach inside Chinichi and press her g-spot. Miko used her tiny hand to tickle Chinichi's clit.

The pleasure came like a beach-bound wave that she rode to a distance shore. It felt as good as ever but now, something was missing.  Disquieted by her own discontent, Chinichi wanted it to end, but she did not want to disappoint her friends.

"I have an idea. Wait here."

Miko and Mie looked a little surprised. Chinichi used to love their hand jobs. They did have to wait long. Chinichi had packed the appliance in a very accessible place. She returned wearing the girls' favorite strap on dildo.


"You brought it!"

All three laughed. The didlo was ten inches long, thick and had even taken Miko's virginity. It had a "beard" of black velvet where its shield met the wearer's groin for extra stimulation of the "victims" labials.  Chinichi's mother treasured a glow-in-the-dark black velvet painting of Elvis in Hawaii and that was how it got its name.

The inside of the shield had a rise in the plastic to tickle the wielder's button when she ground herself into her partner. When she purchased it a year ago, Chinichi had known the velvet would be tough to clean but the brushed leather straps looked very comfortable, much more comfortable than anything thing similar she had seen in the sex store the day she bought it. Since her class's tour guide was going to be looking for her any minute, she bought the strap on and hurried back to the bus. It tuned out to be a lucky choice.

Chinichi wondered if she and the two cousins would even be friends without it. Mie used it on her horny self so she could keep the boys dangling. Miko just used it to feel good and Chinichi used it for power.

She looked over at the lovers. Lady Ai, her perfect split-melon ass in the air, and was being bang manfully by her lord. From that angle, behind Retsudo, it loked like a another pair of legs had grown from his sides.  While she used her arms to prop herself on the hearth's edge, he grabbed her at either side of her waist and moved her backwards and forward. Chinichi could hear and and even smell her great lord piston his scepter of flesh into his sister. Chinichi could hear his scrotum spanking her lady's thighs. Her thighs, coated with streams of juice and cum, made Ai's flesh glistened like abalone shell.

Ai had lost her voice, but Retsudo found his. With each lunge he asked a question. "Who do you love? Who is your lord? Who is your man? Who fucks you, fucks you over and over? Fucks you the best. Say it!"

"Retsudo!" Ai threw her head about and her hair followed like a brushstroke of ink.

"Who is Retsudo?"

"My brother, my lord."


My fucking brother. My fucking lord. My brother who fucks me, fucks me so good over and over. Aya! I love you, fuck me more. "

Chinichi was hot. "Mie bend over."

Mie bent over the sofa and Chinichi entered her. She matched her lord's stroke for stroke. Mie wasn't lubed up as well as Ai so her insertion was not comfortable, but Mie soon warmed up to the idea. Little Miko crawled beneath them as always and licked the juices off Mie's clit with her tiny pointed tongue.

Ai's hair lashed into a fury and her pussy felt like it exploded. She collapsed on the floor.

Chinichi's fantasy was ruined. She let Mie and Miko lay her on the sofa on her back, and rearrange the cushions. Chinichi knew the triangle, their favorite position was coming. It always did.  Mie mounted "Elvis." Miko planted her cut on Chinichi's face and sucked Mie's tits. Chinichi tried to bury her troubles, and her tongue, in Miko tart ass. But when she glimpsed over to the Abe's and saw with what loving devotion Ai sucked off her brother's cock, she knew where she really wanted to be.

The sex was good but all good things must come to an end. The five new residents dressed and Retsudo continued the tour. "At first, this place was going to be a fancy company retreat or conference center. Each of you will be able to have your own suite." He walked down the stairs tot he middle floor.

"Miko, Mie, you get the best guest rooms. They have a view of the ocean, the sliding door opens to the main deck, fireplace, your own bath and a work station." When he opened the oaken door with a carved cormorants on it, Retsudo showed them suites as large as their family's whole houses. "They haven't been used in some time so you will have to personalize it. But we have linens and such, but it is too much like a hotel. Look, two queen-sized beds. We will move one out.
 Down that little hall is the sauna, the steam room and work out room.

Both of the girls stood perfectly still, stunned by all the decadence of space. Both girls grew up in homes so small that they were squeezed cheek-by-jowl in with their family. The living room disappeared at night, covered by all the futons they shared, it became a communal bedroom.  They had only one bath for the whole family. The only view they had was of the houses across the alley. Now each had a place all to herself. It was like a dream come true.

"All for me?" Miko could not grasp the idea yet.

Mie bounded up to a bed and jumped onto it, trying it out. At close to two meters tall, unusually tall for a Japanese girl, she had never been comfortable in any bed before now. "I finally have room, room to stretch out."

"It's like I am a princess." Miko was finally getting the idea.

Mie ran to Retsudo and prostrated herself at his feet. "Oh, thank you Retsudo! Thank you! How can I ever express my joy?" Miko, worried that she might be thought ungrateful, prostrated herself as well.

Ai was too busy being amused to see the shadow fall across Retsudo's face. Chinichi saw it and wondered. "He should be happy. Why is he so grim?"

"Come on your two." Retsudo pulled Mie up. "There is much more I need to show you.  You decide between you who gets this room. There is one just like at the end of the hall. The ones in between open into the common area for their view. They are a little smaller but they all have a gas fireplace and their own bath. Follow me upstairs."

They processed up the stairs and proceeded from the kitchen, counter clockwise. He pointed behind him. "That room will be my office." They walked past the kitchen, proceeding in a counter clockwise path, past the entry way and a common closet. Retsudo stopped at the door with a stylized fish carved into it.

"Chinichi this your cabin... I mean suite. It is the second largest. It was the Old Man son's and then his mistresses so you find many feminine touches." That was understating it. It had bamboo screens, decorator sheets, fine porcelain jugs and expensive reed siding.

 Retsudo continued like it was nothing.  "It is one of the only two bedrooms on this floor. Though you have your own washing area, you will find access to our suite, through the master bath. Those are the walk-in closets. Now at the end of the hall is the master suite."

The master suite was colossal. The bedroom had several living spaces of its own.  Far off to the right, it had its own full sized, rough-hewn fireplace with cast iron and glass insert. The wet bar beside it and the "U" shaped conversation pit in front of it could entertain a dozen people. A partition in front of them hid the solid ash wood King sized bed. The sliding glass door off to left side opened to a deeper section of the balcony, the part with a hot tub.

Tinted, insulated, double paned, inert gas, storm windows ran the length of the "bedroom." Automated Venetian blinds could be lowered with a remote. The room's panoramic view meant that whether one was just waking up or enjoying a drink ,one enjoyed full view of the rough coast and turbulent sea. The day was clear enough for Retsudo to see Ryu Island in the distance. He wondered how Jack was doing.

"The closet?"


"The closet brother?"

"Oh yes. Through that door.  Like half this house, it is built into the cliff. I forget where the light switch is, but the skylight should give you enough light."

The girls stampeded to the cedar lined closet and were not disappointed. It was practically a whole separate room and it was already filled with women's clothes. The girls could walk in three abreast. In the middle of the closet there side lobe, a dressing space with a winged mirror, vanity adjustable lighting system all its own. The room was filled with the smell of camphor.

"Grandfather had already sold everything of value. These dresses are all this is left. I had the servants move them in. I do not guaranteed anything will fit."

"The kimono's are all silk!" Miko squealed.

"Not true. Some are common hemp."

"They are all from the fifties!" Mie pulled out a poodle skirt.

"That would be grandmother's. Papa used to say she was quite the bobby soxer. She met grandfather at university 'sock-hop" it think he called it."

"It is so cute! Ooooh! Real saddle shoes!"

Retsudo went to move the bags. He figured it would take everyone all afternoon to move it.

Chinichi left to her room. If anyone noticed, they would have seen that she looked rather gloomy as she walked to her grand new room.  It was nice, but something was missing. She used her bathroom. It had antique porcelain fixtures and she relieved herself. It was far nicer and fresher smelling than anything she had used before. She wondered what the master bath was like. She decided to investigate.
The black marble and chrome fixtures looked expensive. The master bath's commanding feature was its bathtub. It was big enough for all the girls to wash Retsudo-sama at once. But it wasn't her's. So she went back to her room.

She opened her closet door and her gloomy mood disappeared like morning mist under the heat of the summer sun. Inside, on proper racks, hung a row of bright beautiful kimonos. "Probably left by that mistress." She remarked cynically. Then she caught a whiff of camphor. She stepped up to the fist kimono, a beautiful pink one with flowers, and sniffed. It fairly reeked of mothballs. Then she moved on to the next dress, a golden red with roses, it reeked too. By the time she reached the end of the row, she was weeping openly. She never smelled anything so beautiful in her life.

After a fine dinner, Retsudo left the women to their nesting. He grabbed his pea coat went out to his balcony. He needed to feel the sea on his face and think.

It was early evening, the moon was out and Ai joined her brother on the balcony. He was enjoying a pipe of tobacco. The hot springs below met the cold sea air and sent cottony clouds of steam upwards. That and the tobacco smoke gave Ai the impression that her brother was bundled in a cloud.

"It is cold out here brother. Come inside." She snuggled up to him.

Retsudo took out his pipe and pushed her away. "Ai, you must not do that out here. We can be observed. If you must, we can hug inside all you want. The windows are made of what is called "privacy" glass."

"But I want to hug you now. I'm cold."

For the first time Retsudo raised his voice at his sister. "Ai, I said NO!"

She looked like she had just been dunked in cold water.

"I've told you we cannot embrace in public. Now go inside!"

Ai, predictably, burst into tears and ran inside.

Retsudo's fury did not abate. "She can be such a child sometimes."

A few minutes later, Chinichi walked out onto the balcony, eyes modestly downcast.

"I see you found the kimono's. Black is most becoming on you."

"Thank you." She stood beside him.

"Ai is crying."

"Let her cry. What did you two do to me?"

Chinichi did not act shocked. She had been in far worse scrapes with far less rational men. "What makes you think we did anything to you?"

"There was a time I swore I would sooner burn this place down then lay a foot in it. Now I own it."

"We made you more ambitious. It was Ai's idea but I helped."

Retsudo was about to bark that they had no right. But hadn't he done the same to them? Altered their very minds for what he considered their own good?   "I deserved it." He thought then sighed aloud.  "I suppose you meant well. Ai is an innocent who needs your worldliness. But I would appreciate you putting me back the way I was."

"Going back to fishing?"

"Hah! No. But I have been thinking. This nation of ours; first it was dominated by warlords, then by the nationalists then the industrialists. I have been wondering if one of the reasons those men have been able to succeed is that men like me simply let them.
 I mean, it is all about accepting responsibility, isn't it?
 It hit me in the gym. When Mie's mother mentioned what a pervert her father was I knew I was going to have to protect my daughter from him. In nine months I am going to have about three hundred daughters down there. How am I going to protect them all?"
He sighed. "When I was a sea captain, I had little responsibility, maybe just for my crew but that was it. "

"I understand. When I was a slut, I had no responsibility. Now I have three girls to look after."

"Three? Yes. I suppose you do. I always thought of sluts in terms of sexual appetite or economy before, never responsibility. Interesting."

 "My mother's comment really got to me. I don't want to be slut, like her."

"You are not like her. You have led a hard life and it's mark. That's all." He unconsciously touched his chin where the cable had scarred him.

Chinichi for the first time in long time, blushed. "I came out here to thank you for the kimonos. Your grandmothers? Mothers?"

"I really don't know. I just thought you would like something nice.  I am glad they fit."

The two stared at each other.

"Aren't you cold Chinichi-san?"

"I have slept on the streets on far colder nights, lord."

"I suppose you have." Retsudo looked into her broad face and caressed her cheek then moved down to the kimono. "Hm silk. Does it feel good?"

Chinichi gently took his hand and guided inside the fold to her right. "That feels better." She hesitated, building up courage.  "I do love you Retsudo-sama."

"I love you, Chinichi-san." He bent, then paused.

"Do not be shy, Retsudo, my beloved. If anyone sees, they will assume you are simply bedding the village slut." She hid her face in shame.

"And I am the village idiot, a horrible mutant, cursed by fate to wander the island and scare little children." He made a mocking ghostly sound.

The two shared a laugh.

He cupped his hand around her round and lifted it up. "I tell you are not a slut, just a pariah, like me." He kissed her on her lips, tenderly.

"Like you?  Strange. I wonder why we hated each other so?" she kissed his ear.

"We persecute in other what we do not like in ourselves." He kissed the nape of her neck.

"I do not want to be like my mother." She slipped inside his coat and kissed the spot beneath his chin.

"You wont." He hammocked her cheeks in his hands and worked his way down her neck to her cleavage. "You smell good."

"So do you. I love the smell of good tobacco on a man." She stroked the bulge of his jeans. 'You are an animal. Don't you ever quit?" she grinned. She was expecting another bawdy comment but got something rather tender instead, like she ordered boiled stew meat but received steamed filet of sole.

"Not when I love someone. Do you?"

"Do you love me?"

"Yes. Haven't you been listening? You have been wonderful, your are someone I can trust."

Chinichi's eyes began to well. Retsudo kissed her salty tears away and held her close. "Shhhh. Where is that tough, smart street-girl I seduced?"

She laughed through the tears. "You seduced? It was that machine."

"Do not avoid the issue. But since you brought the matter of sex up. What is your favorite position?"

"I did not bring up sex."

"Answer the question."

Chinichi allowed herself to be manipulated and smiled. "It used to be 'doggie style' but lately..."

"The beast with two backs?"

"How did you...?"

"I saw you watching us." He caressed her cheek. Would you like that Chinichi? Would you like me to between your legs, making love to you?"

"More than my next breath!"

"Why are we waiting?"

Simply using his pea coat as a mattress and her kimono as a shelter against the gathering night, the two joined as one. Retsudo entered her slowly, so she could feel everything. He spread his arms, like he was doing a push up and locked his lips to hers, at the same time he slowly snaked his chest against her sensitive boobs.

 She sighed and smoothed her hands down her man's muscular back until they came to rest on is ass. Chinichi stared up to the stars in wonder. It felt so natural, so wonderful, the lust was there sure, and she could feel it filling her as her man's dick filled her. But where was the nastiness?  Her legs hugged him without crushing him.

"How is that?"

 "More straight up and down so the shaft rubs against my clit."

 "Like that, sweetheart?"

 "Oh, yes my love."   It occurred to her then. The nasty sex was always preceded by little lies, double entendre and sometimes just drunken groping, but the honesty that preceded this bout of sex, the really caring for one another made the night special. At that moment she preferred the lining of her man's old pea coat to the finest feather bed.

Retsudo gently, like she was little girl going to sleep, skied her face. He planted little kissed on her eyes, her cheek, her chin, and finally her mouth. She bent her head backwards and his lips continued their venture, down her neck to her shoulder. Chinichi lifted and presented the inside of her right arm and he changed tempo. He ran his teeth against her armpit and ran it up her arm, not biting, more like scraping.

 "Ohhh, that feels nice."

 "You like that? The inside of the elbow and the wrist is the best."

He was right. Retsudo could feel her cunt go wet like a monsoon when he nibbled on each of the nerve clusters.

"Oooh, that feels so good lover."

"Give your hand."

Retsudo sucked/scraped her palm and then sucked on her fingers. Since he no longer had to stretch, his chest rubbed hers. He took advantage of her arousal and intensified his intercourse.

 "No one has ever done that...oh. I  think I must visit this Vladivostock."

"The nights are long there and the women are very passionate."

 "I think...but I don't want to... not yet."

 "Shhhhh. Stop controlling. Relax. I made you feel good, trust me to make you feel good again. Let go, surrender."

 "But you haven't come yet...oh!"

 "If there has one thing I've learn it's that, except for making babies, ejaculation is only a small part of making love. It's the giving up of one's self that matters. Give yourself to me Chinichi. Give yourself up, surrender to me...let go."

And Chinichi did let go.  Her orgasm rippled up from her pussy and up through her body, it echoed, it resounded.

Retsudo would remember the first evening he brought Chinichi to orgasm more than once without his Master PC Power. Chinichi would remember it as the first time a man made love to her without using her simply as a cum sack.

Downstairs, Miko and Mie were consoling Ai.

"He haaatttees me!"  Ai sobbed as she sat on the end the bed.   "What did I doooooo? "

The cousins tried everything to soothe their mistresses' emotions. Finally, after Ai cried herself out a little, Miko stumbled on the key.

 "Don't worry. Just apologize and everything will be the same."

 "Really?"   Sniffle.  "Nooooo! Nothing will be the same ever again."

 "Sure it will. It's always the same after people apologize, especially with boys. Boys always accept our apologies."   Mie added confidently.

After a little more cajoling, the cousins convinced Ai that they could show her how to get any boy to accept their apology. They fixed Ai a drink, some real sweet champagne wine they found in the room's mini fridge and the two dressed up. Mie provided the plotline, Miko provided the inspiration. Their luggage and make up kits provided the rest.
Mie dressed up in her black pleated slacks, flats and a long-sleeved white blouse. The trace amount of charcoal from the fireplace was enough to imitate Retsudo's ever-present stubble on her. She pulled her long black hair back tight and wrapped it in a bun.

Miko put on her school uniform: pleated plaid skirt, white long-sleeved blouse, neckerchief, white knee socks, black patent leather shoes. The she put her hair up in her characteristic two pony tails and painted her lips with soft pink gloss.

Ai sipped her "soda pop," propped herself back up on the headboard and watched the little skit play out.

 "Okay. I'll be Retsudo."   said Mie.

 "And I'm you."  Miko curtsied prettily.

 "But I don't have that outfit. Oh!"  Ai spilled a little champagne on her shirt.

 "It doesn't matter. What matters is that you are disarming. Look innocent and put on a pouty lip, like this. Put your hands behind you back. It's supposed to be inoffensive, but what it really does is stick out your breasts. And you've got really good breasts, Ai. Now watch. "

Mie spun, put her back to Miko, crossed her arms, put on a stern expression and cocked her hip.

" Now the first think to do is sound real sorry. Confess you've been real naughty make him feel like he's in control. Even if he is wrong, and men always are, just pretend you are.

Mie did not turn around but she did glance behind her. Then she recocked her hip, still pretending to fury. Miko slid one step closer.

 "Retsudoooo-sama. Please so not be angry with me. I came to apologize.
 Sway your hips like this when you walk up. Just like your breasts, you want to remind him of your sexy parts."

"Retsudo-sama. I came to apologize. Won't you look at me? Pleeeesase?"

Mie turned and shook her finger down at Miko. She made her voice and as masculine as she could make it. "You have been a very bad, girl, Ai-san! You should listen to me! You should do what I say!" Mie folder her arms and furrowed her brow.

Ai giggled.  It was so silly.

 "Sh. Be serious." Miko ordered. "This is when you really stick out your lower lip. Then tilt your head down, look up through your hair and open and close your eyes real quick once or twice."

Ai imitated her."Like this?"

 The next step is to apologize. He won't believe you but the trick is making him not care he doesn't believe you.
Oh Retsudo. I know I should always do what you say."

"I don't know."   Mie-Retsudo was weakening in resolve.

Miko swayed her hips and Mie couched.  "Now he's looking at my breasts. When he does that you know you got him. Miko knelt and bent her face to Mie's feet.
 I am truly contrite. I will never do such a wicked thing again.
I only want to make you feel good Retsudo-sama. Miko slowly unbent, until her face was at  his crotch. Now tilt your head like and look you are thinking about something else.

Miko continued in her best "naughty girl" voice.  All I want to do is make you feel good.  All I ever want to do is make you feel good.   Miko then commenced to paw with Mie's crotch like a kitten trying to get at catnip.

"I know you didn't mean it, Ai-san." Miko playing petite submissive schoolgirl and she playing the man was genuinely turning on Mie. She felt her need to dominate coming to the fore. It was the first time in a long time. Neither Chinichi nor Retsudo was there to rein her in. "I can do whatever I want to her. " She thought.

"But I was bad and now I want to make it up to you.   She slowly unzipped Mie's fly and Elvis sprung out.  Oooh you are so big and hard, Retsudo. Let me make you feel better, please? For me?"   She wrapped her tiny hand around the tan, rubber, phallus.

"All right, if it will make you feel better." The play had been turning Mie on too much for her ego to handle.. When Miko took the didlo in her hand, its shaft levered the inner bumper into the wearer's clit just like it was designed to do. Then Miko started kissing the phallus and the selfish, controlling side of Mie took control. She leaned back.

Miko did not notice how wet her tall cousin was getting. "Oh thank you, thank you very much." Miko bathed the dildo in kisses. "See? That's how its done. Once you give a boy a blowjob, they will do anything you say."

But Mie had a completely different idea. It was an idea borne of countless night, watching her mother and father interact. Unlike Miko, she was not raised in a home where the girls were spoiled rotten or even treated decently.
"Not good enough!" she proclaime in Retsudo voice. "Turn around! Bend over!"

 "Whatever you say, Retsudo-sama." Miko thought Mie might be ad-libbing so she went along.

"You have been a very bad girl and deserve a spanking." Mie held the much smaller girl's head down with one hand and spanked her bottom with the other. Not playful swats either, but real slaps.

"OW! Mie! That really hurts! Ow! STOP IT!"

"I'll stop it when I'm good and ready."

Even tipsy, Ai realized that things had just gotten ugly.

"Let's get rid of those damn panties!"   She tore cheap white cotton panties off with one hand easily. Then she spanked her bare ass. When Miko was weak with tears Mie violently dropped her trousers, never letting go of Miko of the back of Miko's neck for one second.

She hunched behind Miko and prepared to rape her. Ai tried to save her from the madwoman.  "Mie-san, Stop! Our pussies belong to Retsudo, remember?"

"Fine by me." Mie placed the dildo against Miko's miniscule sphincter and leaned in. Miko screamed and not in pleasure.  "You have been a bad girl and you need to be reminded that I am the man and I am in control here." Mie was re-creating family night at her home, the cycle of violence had programmed her as much as any Master PC.

Ai was paralyzed it was the dream, phase two. The phase where Retsudo mounted he from behind while she sucked his cock. Miko's screams snapped her out of it. Tears streamed down her face and Miko's face had contorted into a kind of vicious snarl. She chanted, "Worthless woman. Worthless woman." With every hump.

Through a champagne haze, Ai recalled her brother's warning her about the girls and how it was only Master PC that kept their dark sides in check. Ai ran our to get her luggage. In a blink of an eye, she opened the laptop on the kitchen counter, plugged in the external drive and activated Master PC.

She summoned up Mie and Miko and split the screen so she could monitor them both. From the images, Mie was still hammering Miko.

<Stop butt fucking Miko.> Mie stopped.

<Do not hurt anymore. Be healed.> Miko's figure relaxed and stood.

<Forget the butt fucking ever happened. You are best friends.>

It may have been the champagne or just the stress, but Ai simply stared at the screen for a number of minutes wondering what to do next. Then, a little smoky man and a text box appeared with a chime of syrupy sweet music.

<I notice you have taken a long time to enter your next command. Would you like help?>

Miko clicked the "yes" button gratefully. Another text box appeared but the smoky man remained.

<Simply type your question or desire into the text box and I will do my best to serve.>

<All I want is for Miko and Mie to help me.>

<May I inquire as to what way?>

<I want them to help me in all things, to be the great lady of this house and everything.>

<Done.> The smoky man disappeared and a yellow pop up window almost filled the screen. In the top space of the box stood icons of Miko and Mie, still dressed in their play costumes. Below each icon, their name appeared. In bold Chicago eighteen point font, the words in the window read.
"Slave to a Lady of a Great House." Next to it was a pulldown window with the word "select venue" above it. Ai frowned prettily and explored the pull down venue.  It listed lots of places in English from "Austria" to "Western Ranch."  She selected "Japan."

Next to it appeared two capsule shaped buttons. One read,  easy install the other  custom install.

As tired as she was, Ai defaulted to easy install.   She clicked, a little metronome icon appeared and swayed back and forth while the hard drive whirred and whirred. Only after a minute, a chime sounded and the smoky man popped up again.
<Done. Is there anything else??>

<I don't want them to fight anymore. I just want them to love each other.>

<In what way?>

Ai's head hurt. Was there more than one way to love someone? <The best way.>

<Mie and Miko will love each other in the best way. Type in SEND to confirm.>


<Anything else?>

<No.> Ai shut down then tiptoed downstairs. Mike and Miko were waiting for her. They sat on their haunches and touched their foreheads to the floor when she entered.  Mie spoke first.  "Great Lady. Please forgive our shameful, behavior earlier".

"Indeed. Please allow us to help you to properly mend things with your brother."

Only half dressed, Chinichi and Retsudo entered the house. A light appeared from the master bedroom.  "I see you have reconciling to do."  Chinichi kissed her lover on his lips.  "I leave you to your sister. Do not be harsh with her Retsudo, she is only a child."   Silk rustling in the still of the room, Chinichi went to spent her first night in her new bed.

Retsudo entered his room and saw Ai kneeling on the carpet. Her hair was done up impeccably, held together by antique lacquer pins. She wore a light pink, almost white, silk kimono that was embroidered with light pink peach blossoms. Retsudo could smell her powdery perfume from the door.

He kept it voice stern.  "Ai."

She bowed, touching her forehead to the floor. "My lord and brother. Please forgive me."

Retsudo approached and stood above her. "You should not be programming me, Ai. You made me ambitious. Suppose I decided to kill people?"

Without even a hint of argument, Ai responded.  "You are right brother. It was presumptuous and wrong."

Retsudo looked down at his younger sister. Her hair was a rich black and shiny, like a dark sea.  All her hair, except for two locks that gracefully fell down in front of her ears, was pulled back to highlight her heart shaped face. She had chosen her kimono well. The light pink highlighted her youth and innocence perfectly. It also wrapped her shapely ass attractively. Then he remembered himself and snapped himself out of his reverie.

"What you did was extremely wrong, you hear me? And we are going to put me back to normal first thing in the morning."

 "Yes, my lord and brother."

While Ai apologized some more Retsudo thought on the scene playing out for him. Kimonos, especially formal ones like the on Ai was wearing, were notoriously difficult to put on properly. And her hair looked like a professional had attended to it.

 "Ai. Did you arrange all this yourself?"

" No I hand O-Mie and O-Miko help me."  She pointed to her left.

Retsudo had been so entranced by Ai that he didn't notice the two girls. They were seated perpendicular to him, back to the walls, hands folded on their laps with blank expressions on their faces. They were dressed in two common house kimono-robes. He smelled Master PC in this. He decided to test things out.  "Mie, Miko. Get me my robe. Ai, you just stay there."

The two coordinated much better than usual. Without any quarrelling, Mie took away his clothes and while Miko slipped on his robe. All the while he stood above his prostrate little sister, testing her resolve.

When he was be-robed, Ai tried the next step.  "Am I forgiven brother?"  She looked up and batted her big, doe eyes at her stag.

"Hm." He grumbled in the back of his throat.

Miko and Mie shared a secret look.

"But all I want to do is make you happy."   Ai straightened up a bit, tilted her head and looked straight at his crotch. She stroked his cock through the fabric and looked up again.  "All I ever wanted to do is make you happy. I want to make you pleased with me. I want to make you happy."   She reached under the robe and cupped his balls.

She placed her right hand on the end of the robe's sash. Miko had tied so one tug on it and his robe fall open.  "Can I make you happy now elder-brother?"

Retsudo looked down on the impeccably dressed exquisite beauty and drew things out.  "And how would you make me feel better, younger-sister?"

She smiled and them pouted prettily.  "How? By sucking your big cock, elder-brother."   She could actually feel his balls get hotter.  "Will my big elder brother permit his younger sister to suck his big, fat cock? "


Ai pulled and her heart skipped a beat like it always did. No matter how many times she saw it, she could not help but feel a surge of blood when she looked on her brother's magnificent phallus. She kissed it and tasted salt. Then she engulfed the plum and twisted. It tasted strange. She enlisted her right hand to steady it while her left continued to tickle his sack.

Ai licked up and down the shaft and finally recognized the taste. It was Chinichi. Retsudo must have been fucking Chinichi while she was downstairs. Master PC forbade jealousy but not fantasy.

Ai pictured his cock sliding in and out of Chinichi. She wondered what it would be like to have her mouth right where the two joined. Her pussy flooded at the thought and she increased intensity.

Little Miko giggled softly and that drew Retsudo's attention. He beamed a little arousal into their brains. Miko licked her lips, remembering how good her lord tasted. Mie squirmed, mind-morphing her lady's mouth into her own itching cunt.

That done, Retsudo enjoyed the scene. A perfect little lady was now giving him the blowjob of his life. He caressed her silky hair and undid the pins. Her hair flowed down and ticked his legs.  "Yes. Ai."

She let go of his dick long enough to continue her pleading in her little girl voice.  "All I want to do is make you feel good. All I want to do is please you. Tell me, your little Ai is forgiven."

When her couldn't take it any more he shouted.  "You are forgivveeennnn!"   And shot his load into the back of her throat.

When she had finished swallowing, she said, "Thank you, elder brother."  She stood up :Now, shall we retire?"

Having learned his lesson earlier about infinite sex, Retsudo agreed. The girls washed him off, Ai hung up her kimono. The new lord and lady spooned beneath the great down quilt and slept.

Mie walked Miko to her room.  "Miko. I don't think I'd like rooming alone."

 "Me either."

Mie took Miko's hand. The two entered their room and kissed.  "I love you, Mie."     "I love you, Miko."

Chinichi was tired and used her undressing time to unwind. She put on her old nightgown and removed her makeup. The kitchen had some wine good wine it, which she sipped while she combed her hair.  "Damn hair."   Chinichi frowned. She never liked her hair, "My thighs are too fat..."   she ran down the litany of her perceived flaws.  "What does he see in me?"   she sipped. She threw off her raggedy old nightgown. Her career of bralessness had already left her tits sagging, her skin no longer had moles but it was blotchy, oily in some places, flaky in others...   Retsudo had fixed the major problems but he had only a male eye.

Chinichi wished she, a girl, had a chance to reprogram herself. She had seen the computer on the kitchen counter when she went to get wine. Retsudo usually kept Master PC under lock and key. This could be her only chance. She risked it.

She snuck into the kitchen and took the computer. Back in her dressing room, she started it up and used Ai's password,  Little Sister.  Then she entered her own name.

The first thing she did was tighten up her boobs and her ass. She made her skin smooth and tanned evenly all over. She removed her hair's coarseness but left it extra full and manageable.

She turned to her face. Her eyes had always been a little non-symmetrical, she fixed that. She would never have to pluck her eyebrows again. She gave herself long lashes and permanent eyeliner. Then she made her lips just a little fuller.

She strengthened all her nails and gave them an eternally regenerating perfect length and shape. She fixed her knobby knees. Retsudo said he liked her powerful thighs so she left those alone, but she improved their shape.

After a dozen tiny details were fixed she edited herself.
She noticed that her nipples were inset, that was bad for nursing. After she entered SEND she thought.

"Nursing. And whom will I be nursing? Retsudo's children? His daughters like those sluts in the town?"   She pressed the flat of her palm where her womb lay.  "No. I want only sons, Retsudo's sons. Gods, I want a dozen of his sons."

Master PC glowed.

"You could make it possible, couldn't you? Why you could make it so our children gestate and breech in a day. I could have hundreds of his sons all calling me mother."   She rubbed her pussy at the thought.

Chinichi had been programmed for loyalty. Chinichi had also been programmed to serve Retsudo completely. At that moment the two instructions conflicted. In the end, it was love, the real love that they shared on the balcony that tipped the scales and saved Retsudo from a life as Chinichi's baby maker. She sighed, shut the computer down and replaced it back in the kitchen.

The End of Chapter Five.