Master PC in Nippon
Chapter Four: The Rich Old Man and The All Those Women

As the ferry closed on the town, Retsudo noticed that practically all slips were empty. The fishermen would be away on the Bering Sea for the next four to six weeks.

When they disembarked from the freighter, Toyoko, who just happened to be walking by, greeted them. The three talked politely as they walked.

To all appearances, it all looked very proper. Toyoko was dressed in a Vera Wang navy blue blazer, long blue wool skirt, hose, and shoes all under her tan overcoat and silk neckerchief to protect her hair in from the wind. Ai took small steps and walked just a but behind her brother. Ai was dressed in a sturdy kimono and had her hair bound up as well. Retsudo wore the ubiquitous wool pea coat and Monmouth cap. They might have been anyone, discussing the weather.

As they walked introductions were made and Toyoko brought up her pretense. "Secrets are impossible in the village, Retsudo-san.  I overheard Ai was coming home and wondered if you would require my services to privately tutor Ai."

Ai hid her face and smiled. During the long ferry ride, Ret had told her all of his latest escapades in the town. Both of them knew exactly what kind of instruction Toyoko hoped for. Master PC made teaching obsolete, but Retsudo and the teacher shared a knowing look and accepted each other's business cards.

Then Toyoko went off to share lunch with her loving fianc?'.

"You like her?"

"You are the one I love, sister."

Ai's heart soared to hear it.

"But at least she did not torment us."

"What do you mean, torment?"

As Retsudo was forbidden by Toyoko's fianc?' to use the modern, central docking facility.  (It was for real fishermen.) They had a long walk to the old dock and his trawler. As they walked, Retsudo explained to his sister how they had been persecuted over the years. They spoke in American so as to baffle passerbys.

Ai fluctuated between wrath for the townsfolk and pity for her poor brother,  who endured so much for her. She loved him even more, if that was possible. In the end, she shared her brothers' hatred for the townsfolk.

As they came in sight of his old trawler, Ret was impressed. The gunnels and booms had a fresh coat of paint. The girls had done excellent work. He could see the three on the deck, dressed nicely, but functionally, in nicer TH shirts, EB sweaters, designer jeans and topsiders, awaiting to receive their new mistress.

On the ferry, Retsudo had demonstrated Master PC using Miko, Mie and Chinichi as guinea pigs. Now all three were ready and willing to welcome, even encourage Ai and her peculiar, wonderful, secret, relationship with her brother. The three waved and rushed to help the couple with their luggage. The girls were perfectly deferential and they welcomed Ai profusely.

"We look forward to serving you too." Spoke Miko

"Thank you all. You are most kind."

"I have a fabulous meal planned. I hope you like salmon."

"I do, I think."

"The bags to your cabin, Captain?"

"Yes, please."

The little parade proceeded below decks. The three dropped off the bags and left the new lady to sort her things out. As soon as the girls left and hatch was closed, the bother and sister fell on each other. They kissed passionately and broke only to breathless pant words of adoration.

"Oh, it had been so long."

"Being so close to you on the ferry ride was agony."

Retsudo worked down her neck.

"No. No. I need it here. It's on fire." Ai opened the front of her kimono from her feet to the sash that crossed her belly.  Her right hand then levered down her undergarment.

Retsudo shrugged off his pea coat and flung off his cap. Then his unbuckled his belt, dropped his pants and briefs. The siblings locked lips and shared tongues and breath again. Ai jumped wrapped her legs around Retsudo's waist and slid down. Retsudo freed a hand to aim his phallus. The warm, wet envelope of Ai's pussy descended onto the obelisk of flesh it craved. Ret leaned her up to the bulkhead and humped.

"Oh yes, Elder brother. Yes. Oh fuck me!  Fuck me!"

On the other side of the hatch, Mie and Miko stifled giggles. "See? I told you."

"I'd love to watch. They must be beautiful together."

Chinichi stood behind them, enjoying the moment too. But then there was work to do. "Stow it you two. We have to make Lady Ai's first day here memorable." She clapped and the two ran off to their respective duties. She went off to the bathroom to wipe off all the juices that flowed from her pussy, listening to those two go at it.

Tension released, Retsudo checked his phone messages while Ai cleaned herself and her only kimono off. "I need more kimonos." Then she heard the phone messages, they were all from women. Three were from Toyoko but the rest, over a dozen, were all women, most of them middle aged by the sound. All of them asking him to please help them fix something because their husbands were away.

"What is that about?"

"I was planning to fuck them when their husbands were away. But now I love you and frankly many of them are not that pretty."

"You are so sweet."

"I'll change their minds later. Right now, lets' eat. I am starving and Mie is a fine cook."

They had a nice, normal supper. Ai was na•ve about the how the world worked and the girls had the most outrageous stories about the town.  Retsudo never realized it was such a hotbed of scandal. It was an education for them both the Abes.

The topic turned to living together, and then to housing, then to money.

"Brother. You didn't leave with the other fishermen. How do you make money?"

Retsudo shrugged. The girls already knew, like most of the town and they certainly kept secrets now. "I am a smuggler."

"What's that?"

He took the salt, pepper, sugar and Ai's teacup and arranged them in a kind of lopsided diamond.
"Here is Alaska. Here is Vladivostock. Here is China and here is Japan. Korea is there by China. And here is us."  He finished his beer and placed it in the middle.
 "Most of the foreign fishermen, to make a little extra money, bring out lots of their goods that are common and cheap in their country but are expensive in the others.
This last trip I traded Cuban cigars and ten-year-old Scotch I got off a Canadian for Russian mink pelts and gold dust, things like that. Trading American cigarettes and jeans for Russian vodka is always good.
 Because I speak English and am not entirely "respectable" I act as a middleman, meeting with the fishermen and bringing goods back to Japan. Most of my cargo I sell to those fancy resorts on Hokkaido, but I bring some back here.
I go out, usually with a fishing season as cover, and shuttle back and forth. " He picked the bottle by the opening and pendulumed it between all four "countries."

"The money is good, but not great. It doesn't pay as much as fishing but it is easier and I could spend more time with you."

"So you do not go out with the fleet?"

"No, no. They go out loaded with roe, rice and other comfort goods for the Japanese and Korean cannery workers; too much competition. Besides, I was just coming back from a successful venture. Not even a whiff of a police."

"You make smuggling sound bad. It sounds good, like when I traded my lunches."

"Well, it can be bad. Some people smuggle drugs, or even carry people as cargo. Those people are crazy. Those people carry guns so I avoid them.
The fishermen I usually meet are little more than grocers and have been doing this since their grandfathers were in the Cold War against each other. It is all very civilized.
The other reason my kind of trading is considered bad is that the government usually charges fees, called 'taxes' to permit captains to ship in those goods. I do not pay taxes."

"I think Toyoko mentioned those."

Retsudo's face went dark. "Yes. Her fianc?' oversees the taxes. But I pay him money to not collect my taxes. You see the nice New York City clothes Toyoko wears? I brought those in.
Of course, the people here would probably revolt if he had me arrested since I bring in the luxury goods. The money I pay him is more tribute, "face" money, than anything else."

"So you have been doing all the town's dirty work for years. And they spit on us for it?"

"Yes. That is about right. But it hasn't been all bad.  I made friends with lots of good workingmen and their families. I have picked up Russian, Korean and even a little Chinese. Besides, like I said, it easier than fishing."

"My poor brother."

"Would you like some designer jeans? The girls love them."

When the girls detected the lovers stroking each other's legs under the table, they feigned sleepiness and let them retire.

Ai entered the cabin and sighed.

"What's the matter?"

"I will not have room for all my things."

"I know. Unless it is a net, trawlers are not made for space. I will throw out a few things at least until we a get a place of their own."

Ai grew still. "Brother, show me where we lived before."

Retsudo forlornly got out his binoculars and guided her gaze to Sea Eagle Mountain. "See that mansion? That is built on what was the ancestral home of our family.  Father sold the property to Old Man Fuko for pennies, so he could take care of us."

Ai looked through he binoculars. The sleek mansion of tinted glass and cedar beams took her breath away.  It was composed of three concentric rings, each ring smaller than the one atop it. The plate glass was inset from the edge of every level. Ai could see the railing of balconies on each level. The exotic garden at the foot of the house looked like a splash of Eden on the clifface. The sight watered the seed of ambition Retsudo had planted in her heart.

Retsudo described the rest of the grounds, but Ai only had eyes for the great house. "Half way down is the gardener's shed where we grew up. Over to the right is the Shinto shrine our family built to bless the village. Not many people go there any more."

"Elder brother, will we live in the mansion now?"

"I do not think so. Old Man Fuko is rich, powerful and has a son."

"But we have Master PC."

"True. But I am a simple man would rather not tempt fate. My 'import-export' business is good. It is prosperous, but not so big to attract notice or jealousy.
 In fact, Old Man Fuko is one of my best customers."

"But it is our home." She whined.

"Ai, listen very carefully to what I have to say. I love my family. I am very proud to be Japanese and an Abe. Many of our ancestors were good men and women, heroes of Japan.
 But a terrible despot who wrung taxes and labor from the villagers built the original castle.  Our great great grandfather remodeled it. He was a pig who raped Manchuria for iron and coal when our own little island ran dry.  His son, our great grandfather, was part of the military oligarchy. During and after the war he let others fight and die while he built underground bunkers to protect and later usurp Japan. He beat our grandfather, a fine botanist, because he would not join the army.
 When grandfather took control of the castle, he turned it into a happy refuge, a botanical garden for scientists. The hot springs on the hill allowed him to grow tropical species for study.  It was an enormous expense and he was not good with money.
 When father had to sell, he was kept on to tend the exotic garden. That is where we grew up, surrounded by limes, palms and..."

"And oranges. Yes, now I remember. Those were happy days. I remember big yellow trucks too and father warning me about them."

"Ah, yes. Fuko flattened the old castle, now it is a modern mansion. He's always been building there, off and on. He owns one of the most respected construction firms in Japan. He's retired now and lives there full time."


"Except for his mistress and servants."

"I still do not see the problem. Just because some people did bad things does not me you would be that way."

Retsudo sighed. "Perhaps it is superstition but it is my belief the place is cursed. If the owner is not despotic, he is dissolute.
The current owner is a despot. Fuko is a powerful man and I am sure did many ruthless things to get that rich. I do not want to be as ruthless and take the castle from him.
I am unwilling to repeat the sins of my ancestors. I am prouder of the rose bushes and seven botanical species that bear our family name than the record of war. I prefer a yar boat and the sea beneath my feet than any fine house.
I have grown to enjoy the virtues of my humble existence and see no reason to move to a caursed residence."

She caressed his cheek in sympathy. "That is all too much for me to understand; smuggling, taxes, our house... everything. It makes my head hurt."

"Hm. Maybe hiring Toyoko wouldn't be such a bad idea."

Ai walked up to her brother and mischievously cupped his balls. "I know enough that she has this on her mind, not teaching me."

Retsudo threw a wry grin. "Who can blame her?"

"I don't."

"Really?" That surprised him, he was expecting jealousy.

Ai let go of the family jewels and looked out a porthole at the town. "I wouldn't mind you fulfilling that whole plan of yours. I'd love you to go out there and make every woman who spat on us crazy with your dick." Ai's hip swayed and her breath deepened. The idea of her brother sexually conquering the entire town fired something deep in her genes. "Make them pregnant too. Let them be filled with the Abe babies they cursed. It would serve them right,"

"They are not pretty. They smell of fish. Besides father always warned me about making bastards."

"Then make daughters. With Master PC it would be easy. Think of it. A whole town of beautiful Abe daughters."

"There is only one beautiful Abe daughter I am interested in."

Despite the flattery, Ai was a little disappointed in him.

He kissed her to silence and held her close. "Tomorrow we see a friend of mine who builds houses. But tonight..." he bent over and kissed her.

A ship's bunk is not the best place to make love. It barely fits one person, let alone two. The lovemaking was sweet and tender and pleasurable, but it was not comfortable. This time though, they were able to call it quits after each had three climaxes. When Ai was forced by lack of comfort to sleep in the guest bunk, away from her brother, her mind was made up.

Ai waited until she heard her brother's cute little snores then slipped out of bed. She put on his warm robe. In his haste to fuck Ai, Retsudo had not locked up Master PC. Ai quietly picked up the equipment and slipped out of the hatch and tiptoed to the galley.

She fired up Master PC and entered her brother's name. He slept peacefully. It is the nature of people to want what they think is best for their loved ones.
<Make Retsudo more ambitious.> SEND

"So that's how it's done."

Ai gasped and spun around. Chinichi was watching from three feet behind her. She was dressed in common thermal overalls.


"Don't bother to lie, Ai-san. I had my suspicions for some time now." She closed the distance.

"Frankly I approve. Captain Retsudo could use a little ambition. But why do you want to give it to him? Honey, you barely know what that is."

Ai, with so little personal interaction had no experience to lie, so she told her the unvarnished truth. "I want him to get our house back. And I want him to get revenge on the town."

Chinichi whistled. "That big old house. Yeah. I could definitely see us living there. This boat is cold as hell, small too. I am with you so far. What is that about revenge?"

"I want him to get the whole town pregnant." Ai waited for her disapproval but was surprised with laughter.

"Boy! You don't think small do you? The whole town, oh that is rich!" She laughed some more, then remembered her sleeping comrades. She slid the galley's compartment door shut.

Ai waited, tense as a white rabbit in the snow who is afraid the she wolf may spot her. But she need not have worried. Retsudo had programmed Chinichi to be supportive.  In the way of women, she found her own justification for the way she felt.

"I love it."

"You do?"

"Sure. Didn't the Captain tell you?  I hate this town too. Buncha stuck up bitches, the whole lot of them."

"For true?"

Like she was being patient with a child, Chinichi spoke slowly and quietly. "Just tell me your plan."

Ai didn't really have a plan, but between the two of them they worked it out. Chinichi provided the worldly experience, Ai provided the Master PC.

The first person they altered was Retsudo. After they made sure he slept all night, they made him fertile on demand. They focused his ambitions, for the time being, on the house and the wombs of the town.

Then they filled his sack with nothing but girls, beautiful, healthy girls. The two did not fool with natural variety. They did make them all beautiful, each in their own way, smart and inclined to keeping fit. Chinichi got out her college handbook and ran down the list of majors, arts and sports. Each daughter would be gifted in one of each.

Those daughters would have only healthy, beautiful daughters too. All the gifts would pass from one generation to the other.

Then they made them inclined to worship their sire, the man they worshipped too, Retsudo Abe. Chinichi insisted they be loyal to Ai too, as she was an Abe.

It took all night, but Ai showed Chinichi the trick of using Master PC to eliminate fatigue for which she was very grateful. The two girls hugged at the end.

"We are united in our love for Retsudo."  Ai felt strange when she said that.

Chinichi pulled a little back from Ai. "Do not forget, I love your too, Ai-san. Not as much as Retsudo, but still." She ground her loins into Ai's with little circles abrading the terrycloth of Retsudo's robe into her clit. Ai loved her clit. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation.

"Allow me to show you something, Ai-san." Chinichi sat Ai down on the outer bench and spread her legs. "Allow me to show you how much I love you. I have always loved you, I just didn't know it. You are so beautiful. I want to suck your beautiful pussy forever." Chinichi then knelt and glided between her lady's legs. Then she sucked her mistress's pussy.

Ai knew it was Master PC that made Chinichi but she did not care. It felt too good.  Chinichi was sensitive to her needs, she sucked like she could tell just what she wanted. She reached up and glommed onto her mistress's tits, massaging them.  Ai held her head in her crotch, enjoying the girl. She tickled her, she thrilled her but she did not allow her to climax. As soon as she sensed her lady's build up, Chinichi slowed, bringing Ai back from the cliff's edge. Anticipation and expectation built onto sexual feelings, giving the act a structure, an art, it never had before. Ai loved it.

She begged and pleaded for what seemed like minutes for Chinichi to give her ease. Half of her ached to let go, the other half held on with both hands. Both halves felt overpoweringly good. The tightrope walk had to end in a slip, Ai orgasmed. It wasn't as powerful an orgasm as the kind Retsudo's gave but it felt...sweeter somehow and the sweet feeling lasted for a long time, like a note that hung in the air at the end of a song.

"Chinichi that was so..."

"Good, huh?" Chinichi stood up." Nothing against the Captain, but no one licks rug like another girl." Chinichi kissed her mistress good night. Ai could taste her own juices on her lips. "Is that what girls tastes like?"  she wondered.

"I am happy to have served you. If you want, the other two girls love you too and you would make them extremely happy to do the same at your convenience." Chinichi turned and went to her own bunk. As she left, Ai wondered if all girls tasted so good.

Retsudo awoke refreshed he had slept very well that night. The air smelled sweeter somehow. It was still early but he had work to do. It was time he went over his books, he'd been meaning to do that for some time now.

Ai found him later, in the pilothouse, with his accounts spread all over his chart table. When she entered, he immediately ignored the books and patted his lap. Ai sat on it and the two kissed for a while.

"So what are out plans for the day?"

"First off. I am going to meet with told man Fukogawa and get our house back. Then I am going to get every bitch in this town pregnant."

Ai squealed with delight and hugged him. They made out some more. Then she dragged her brother back to the cabin for the rest of his congratulations for seeing things her way.

Ai was still sucking his cock when he hit broadcast mode. He made all the town's women between eighteen and forty fertile and as horny as bitches in heat. He took care of their health, immune system and even guaranteed milk production.
He took care of all possible witnesses.

In their minds he had telephoned each woman and told them what to do. He issued orders to the women. They loved Retsudo Abe too much to be anything less but extremely careful about arranging for tonight. When he hit SEND, he shot a load of cum into his sister's mouth. She savored the taste. "Mmmmm. That sweet."

Then he picked up his cell phone, called the Old Man and made an appointment to see him that morning.

Fukogawa did not keep Retsudo waiting. "Nice suit. Armani?"

"A fisherman cannot dress well?"

"You are no fisherman, Retsudo Abe. Drink?"

"Please, Scotch."

"I prefer Orkney Scotch."

"That is very fine."

"My son does not like my Scotch. He calls it 'mediciney.'" He picked up two ice cubes with his fingers plunked them in the lead crystal glass.

"That is the peat smoke they dry the barley with. No ice in mine please."

"You know Scotch then?" He put the ice glass aside and picked up a new one.


"My doctors forbid it, but I do love the taste and life holds so few joys for me any more. So I risk death to live a little." The Old Man handed him his Scotch and used the iced one for himself, pouring the amber liquor over the cubes.

While he sipped, Retsudo considered the Old Man. In his dealing with the black market he had learned to size up his opponent.  The old man was still tough. He reminded Retsudo of white charcoal, the fire was gone but the intense heat was still there. He must be cautious. "I want to buy this house."

"That was very rude, getting straight to business. This generation has no manners. In Tokyo, we would at least share a meal first."

"When one is bobbing up and down on twenty foot swells on the Bering Sea one does not have the opportunity to cultivate proper business manners."

"No. I suppose not." The Old Man sipped and thought. "If you made some killing in your smuggling, put your mind at ease. I would not sell for millions. I intend to die here."

"I do not offer money."

"Go on."

"I offer time."

"Time for what?"

"Time for anything.  Fukogawa-san, you are a rich man, but with all your billions of yen you cannot buy another minute of life."

The Old Man looked incredulous "You are here to sell me a life insurance plan?"

"No I am here to sell you this." Retsudo placed an orange on the coffee table.

"A vitamin C scam?"

Retsudo grew angry. "No. I am here to sell you youth. Inside this orange is a youth potion I obtained in my travels. It will make you twenty again."


"Why not give it a try? It tastes good regardless."

"If this is poisoned, my chief of security will kill you "

Retsudo had foreseen this eventuality. "Fine. But now, you will be twenty-five." While he ostensibly reached into his pocket for his Swiss Army knife he sent his 911 text message to Ai.

On the boat, Ai summoned up her brother and went to his age scroll bar. Then she counted off two minutes, then slid it down five years.

Retsudo sliced off a wedge of orange and ate its pulp. A minute later his face lost wrinkles and his facial hair fell off like pine needles in summer.

Old Man Fukogawa almost dropped his Scotch.  "Impossible. It is a trick."

"Why not try it yourself?" Retsudo already had a slice ready and offered it to the Old Man.

Cautiously, he took a bite, his dentures gave him a bit of trouble. While he ate, Retsudo's hand slipped into his pocket and typed 111. Armani suits had great, roomy pockets.

Ai summoned up Hiro Fukogawa's age scroll bar and lowered to from eighty-five to eighty.

At the mansion, the Old Man felt much better. A bit of his gray hair disappeared along with a bit of his arthritis. "It must be a trick."

"It is not. I assure you."

"What would you want for this?"

"The grounds, house, everything in it, half your non-hard assets and all my family possessions that I know you have in storage."

"That is all?"

Retsudo was actually taken aback. The Internet said his liquid assets ran into the billions. "Yes."

"I could just take the rest of the orange."

"Why? It is cheap at twice the price. Besides you might want another or need my help later. Why risk it?"

"Indeed, why? I live in pain every minute, thanks to this damn arthritis." He massaged his hands. "This might actually be cheaper than all these damn institutes I have endowed."

Retsudo had programmed the Old Man to be in the mood to be honest and straightforward but he wasn't expecting what came next, the Old Man "spoke inwards" to him.

"Do you know what my son does for sex?"

Retsudo stayed silent.

"He binds women up and pees on them. Pees on them!  Not whores either, nice girls who work at my company. Calls them his "slaves." After they leave, he watches pornography. Never dips his wick in anything. I will have no grandsons."  He sipped at the Scotch.
"When I saw he looked just like me, I had high hopes. But he is like mother on the inside. She was always weak, beautiful, but weak. A man should be able to stand alone. I should have married a samurai girl. They understand discipline." He sipped again. He was obviously thinking about something other than the deal.
 "My board laughs at him, and at me for siring him. He doesn't have the wit or will to get any contracts. They are robbing him blind. My company is going under. What good does it do a man retire wealthy when his knows his son will piddle it all away?
 "I admired your father, you know.  He did what was necessary for his family. You are strong, independent."

"Thank you. That is a great compliment, you honor me."  Retsudo replied on the outside but inside he smoldered. "Is that why you bought our mountain for coppers on the yen, you shit?  And we loved being your servants in your gardener's house too, asshole."

"I will have attorney draw up the papers immediately. Be here tomorrow morning. I presume my silence is part of the deal?"

Retsudo picked up his fraudulent fruit and almost left but the Old Man checked him, "Abe, if this turns out to be a trick..."

"I know. I will be shot."

"No. You will have an accident."

"That is one scary Old Man."

"But he agreed?" Ai spoke for them all but all the girls were there, in the galley.

"He is drawing up the papers right now." They all squealed and jumped for joy.

"Whoa! Slow down. We are not done yet. Nothing is finalized until we sign those papers."

The girls took his caution with admiration and left the room all but Chinichi. "Captain, there is a matter of which we must speak."

"What is it?" Retsudo expected more repair bills.

"The girls and I are wondering when will have our next sex."

"I love Ai, now."

"I took the liberty of consulting Lady Ai and she is agreement that a joint sex session is called for."

"She is?"

Chinichi held her eyes modestly downcast.

Retsudo smiled. For some reason he was in the mood for group sex with all his girls and Ai. "All right. We have all afternoon."

The crew quarters were all ready. The mattresses were on the floor, the heat was cranked up and incense masked the fishy smell. The five of them enjoyed each other tremendously. Alliances were re affirmed and love reassured.

Night fell early during Paddock Season. No one in town questioned why the lights were on in the Senior School Gym. Retsudo-sama knew why and that was good enough for them.

The three hundred odd women milled about the gym awaiting the sweet inevitable. Then were all dressed up, like for a dream date. Not that it would matter.  Chinichi got up on the stage and tapped the microphone.

"Testing? Testing.  That's good.
Ladies, may I have your attention please?  Retsudo-sama would like to thank you all for coming."

"Is Retsudo-sama here?!"  a woman yelled eagerly. That set off similar shouts and it took a good five minutes for things to calm down. It was like he was a rock star.

"Retsudo-sama will be here sooner if I can get through this. There will be no more disorderly conduct or he will leave. Understand?"

The crowd of women universally pouted, just like little girls who got threatened to have their candy taken away.

"Good. Retsudo-sama will be here shortly. But first he sent me to re-assure you that first or last you will all be getting pregnant tonight, so there will be no need to rush. First or last, it doesn't matter.
You will all have beautiful Abe daughters."

The crowd oohed and ahhed with pleasure at the idea of a sweet little girl wandering around the house.

"He thought you would like that. The girls will be gifted and have wonderful temperaments. But you are neither abuse them nor spoil them. Understand? Do you promise?"

All the mothers to be bowed over and over, speaking oaths of obedience. It reminded Chinichi of a flock of chickens.

"Good. Are there any questions?"

One hand slowly went up. It was the mayor's wife, the alpha female. Chinichi savored the moment; the mayor's wife begging a question of her, the town bad girl. "Yes?"

"I do not mean to question Retsudo-sama but how can he get us all pregnant at once?"

"It is a secret of his samurai ancestors." Chinichi laughed inside. "The pill, IUD, barren or damaged wombs, none of that will matter. Retsudo has given his word. That's all you need to know."

The women bobbed up in down as if they knew about "the ancient samurai secret" and the mayor's wife's question was foolish. But of course they had no idea and wanted to ask the question themselves. It was just like a classroom at Chinichi's school.
"People never change." She thought.
"Any other questions?"

The wife of the policeman raised her hand. "What will we remember?"

"You will remember Abe-sama slipping into your bedroom, just like you planned. He will kiss you and you will lead him to private place in or near your home. There you will have the best sex of your life. While he pumps you, you will be begging him to put his baby in your womb. When he ejaculates inside you will feel your life's mission has been fulfilled.

Them he will leave and his leaving will be bittersweet. You will go back to sleep. When you wake up, you will sense he got you pregnant so you will take vitamins and quit smoking and drinking. And you will all take up some form of exercise and watch your diet.
 You will NEVER ruin the sweetest night of your life by forcing a relationship of Abe-sama or even mentioning it to him.  You will not bother him in any way. You will like to just get on with your normal life, while holding a precious secret inside.
You know he sleeps with other lucky women and you do not mind. You all will be a bit vague on dates and times.
You will keep it a silent secret, a better secret than your two abortions." Chinichi couldn't help that last jibe.

The crowd laughed derisively. The policeman's wife blushed in shame, wrapping her arms around her chest. "My husband rapes me." She murmured in apology.

Chinichi now felt bad. She walked to the side of the stage to where Ai had her workstation set up. Ai's job was to use Master PC to fix any details that sprung up. Chinichi fed her the policeman's name. Then returned to the microphone.

"Any more questions?"

The guild master's wife raised her hand. "Can he leave a rose? I always wanted some one to leave me a red rose on my pillow."

The women all began to cluck. Now they all wanted a red rose.

Chinichi frowned. Now it was getting ridiculous. "No! No roses."

"So what does he leave?" someone shouted.

"I don't orange."

"Why an orange?"

"Because its sweet and juicy? And every time you eat one, you will think of him. That's better than a rose, isn't it?"

The women bobbed and clucked in agreement. "Oh yes, everyone knows an orange is much better than a silly rose." It was all too surreal for Chinichi. As she gazed into the charmed crowd, she heard Retsudo call her from the eaves. He pointed to his watch.

"Ladies! Retsudo-sama wants all you ladies to please line up at the northeast corner starting from oldest to youngest. Bend the line around the gym if you must."

Like chickens being shooed into line, they obeyed.

"You will notice that the first two ranks of benches have been pulled out from the walls. Abe-sama wants you to sit yourselves, still in order, on them."

It was a tight fit but they complied. They were used to forming lines from their own school days.

"Good. Now strip naked then sit down again. You all brought a towel. You may sit on that.
When Retsudo-sama approaches, place your hands on the bench so he may mount you like the stallion we all know he is."

The women clucked to each other in agreement. "Yes, darling Retsudo is a real stud, not like my husband/boyfriend'/boyfriend."

"Abe-sama will mount each and every one of you but you must be patient."

When Retsudo did finally enter the gym the women, eager to feel his child grow in them, placed their hands on the bench and jutted their asses in the air, never mind that that they were at the other end of the line. As instructed, they had all shaved their pubes and eliminated and ass hairs that could abrade their new lord's cock. Their pussys drooled for him, pouring lubricant over their inner thighs and dripping it on the wooden floor.

Retsudo surveyed the scene. Two lines of women all held their asses in the air, for him and him alone. Tits of every possible shape and size hung low. It would be those tits would give suck to his daughters. He breathed in deeply, enjoying the smell of sex in the air.

Mie and Miko walked in with him, hanging on either arm. Their job was to adjust the women and hold Retsudo's beer.

He stood behind the first, opened his new, silk robe and stabbed his dick into the first mare of the evening. One by one, he impregnated them. Some were fat, some were ugly but the vengeance was for them all.  The man they once ridiculed would impregnate them, happily. The men who mocked him would be cuckolded.

Chinichi walked behind the seated Ai. "What a turn on! Look at that big stud of ours fucking his way down the line. Hm. Every one of them getting a huge "O" by they look of it too. He's a machine that man of ours."

Ai looked up and her pussy instantly flooded. She squirmed in her seat and Chinichi noticed. She loved seducing innocents like her.

She massaged Ai's shoulders softly. "This was such a good idea of yours."  She noticed that Ai had adjusted her hair, it was long, flowing down to her ass. She show it off by letting it hang loose. She played with it, holding it in one hand combing it with the fingers of the other. "Your new hair is so lovely, Ai-san. It's smoother than mine, fuller than Mie's and much longer than Miko's." Chinichi couldn't resist. She lifted up her shirt and exposed her breasts. As she watched her lord fuck one woman after other to screaming orgasm, she stroked her nipples with her mistress's breath-soft hair. She moaned and reached down into Ai's shirt with her free hand to stroke her breasts. "Tell me Ai-san. Tell me what you feel when out lord puts his big, hard dick deep inside you." Ai did not resist.

Almost to the end of the first row, Miko spied her mother, ass in the air, waiting for Abe-sama's dick, like the others.

"Hello, mother."

"Hello daughter. Tell me Miko do you get this every night?"

"More than once most days."

"Lucky girl."

Retsudo slid his dick inside the mother, while her daughter looked on. Miko lit up, like her mother had just tried on a dress that really made her look pretty. "Feels great, doesn't it mama?"

"Wonderful. The only thing that could make it better is twins."

Miko looked up at her lord who nodded in approval.  Miko skipped off to the stage. She found Ai with three fingers rammed up Chinichi's snatch while she sucked her left nipple.

"Hey you two! Our lord wants my mom to have twins."

Ai and Chinichi broke as of waking for a dream. "Yes. Right away."

Miko lingered long enough to make sure those two didn't lapse back into horniness and skipped back to her mother's side. "All fixed, mother, you will have twins."

"What a good girl. You were always the best girl. I always said all those people were wrong."

Ai looked back longingly at Chinichi, who was putting back on her shirt. "I better fix Mie's mom too. You want your mom to have twins?"

"Sorry Ai-san. But I got another idea."

"Wonderful. Ugh-ah! What a good ...Ugh-ah!... daughter your are..ahhhhhhhh!" She came and Retsudo moved on.

In time it was Mie's mom's turn.

"Hello, mother."

"Hello daughter."

"Looking forward to this mom?"

"All day." Retsudo slid into middle age matriarch. "Oooo yeah. Feels good." She bit her lower lip.

"Tell me mother, is my man's dick bigger than fathers?"

"Oh yes. Much bigger, harder too."

"Father was after me, you know. But why did you not protect me?"

"Of course, and your uncles, but you are pretty but I am too old to find a job. Oh that feels good."

"First good fucking ever?"

"Best fucking. Your father is useless in bed.
 Abe-sama fills me up until I feel I can burst. Glorious! Oh I think I am cumming! I am I ama Iam, oh it has been so long....aayyyyaahhhhhhhh!"

As Retsudo moved on he whispered to Mie. "Tell Ai to make your father loose all interest in sex, except with your mother. Do the same for your uncles."

Then he came to Chinichi's dam, Chinichi arrived on the scene.

"Hello mother."

"Hello daughter."

Chinichi took a position on the benches above and in front of her mother's face. "Suck my pussy mother. Do it or my lord will not fuck you."

"I will not."

Retsudo supported Chinichi (Why not? He had plenty of women to fuck.) and moved down the line to stud the policeman's wife. She promised to climb to the shrine in thanks for being fucked that much sooner.

Watching another woman get the fucking that was "rightfully" hers was too much for Chinichi's mother. After the policeman's wife fell to the floor, sweaty, cum covering her pussy and wearing a smile that would last a week, envy got the better of Chinichi's mom.

"All right. I accede. I will suck your pussy, just please get Abe-sama to fuck me."

Chinichi and Retsudo shared a look and then moved backwards in the line. Chinichi's mother presented her pussy with a speed borne of desperation.

Retsudo waited for Chinichi to position herself on a higher tier of bench for a good tongue licking. Then he entered the girl's mother from behind.

"Mother, Who is my father? I always wanted to know. Surely not the limp dick you call your husband."

"I do not know. Probably one of your uncles. Aya! They fuck me most. Aya!"

"Uncles! They fucked you?"

"Yes. Aya! Why not? I taught. Your uncles spoiled me with two on one. But Abe-sama is bigger than all of them combined. Aya! I picked your husband because he likes to watch. Aya!
Of course grandmother taught me how to train men. Aya! Your grandfather was her slave and your uncles were her young cocks. Aya!"  She smirked at how her frankness stung her daughter like a whip.

"How nice to find out that sluts run in the family. Too bad I'm not getting a son. I could train him like your grandmother trained your uncles."

"Suck my pussy, you whore!"

Victorious, Chinichi's mother complied. Chinichi did not orgasm, the sucking was not about orgasms. Her eyes welled up with angry tears of rage and self-loathing. Retsudo ended the session. There was no way he was trusting a daughter of his to that psycho bitch.

Retsudo graced the rest of his herd with a powerful, violent orgasms and his seed. One after the other, he worked his way down the breeding line. It took all night and ran into the morning.

At the end of session, the last women departed swearing that Retsudo was their true love and their husbands/fianc?'s/boyfriend would never know. A couple of satisfied teachers were locking up and that reminded Retsudo that someone was missing. "Where is Toyoko?"

"We saved her for later, remember?" whispered Ai.

"Oh. Yes."

"We found that incredibly sexy, lord." Mie whispered and hugged him. Miko hugged him lower.

"You girls liked that did you? I knew you would. Let's go back to the boat. My dick is sore from all that fucking."

"Would my lord like Miko-san to massage his sore dick?"

"Yes, if you use your tongue."

Chinichi was strangely silent.

The next morning, Retsudo was at the Old Man's door. Fukogawa had all the forms and his lawyer brought over by seaplane.

"Aren't you going to read it?"

"Why? If you wanted to screw me, you could, no matter how many lawyers I hired." It was Mster PC Retsudo trusted.


He signed. Fukogawa signed. The lawyered witnessed it all. It was done.

The Old Man waved at the lawyer. "Leave us."

The lawyer took his copy of the papers and left.

"The orange."

Retsudo produced a plastic sandwich bag with the fruit inside and handed it over. Hiro Fukogawa ate it greedily. Retsudo sent the code 999 through the cell phone in his pocket.

Back at the trawler, Ai scrolled Fukogawa's subjective age down to twenty-five. The years melted away in front of Retsudo's eyes. It was like a Hollywood movie.

Fukogawa choked and spat out his dentures. He looked in the mirror, amazed.  "Even my teeth have grown back!"

"Yes, everything you had at twenty five you have back again. You are twenty five." While the New Man admired himself, Retsudo collected all the peel.

"Sorcery." He moved his newly muscled arms and legs, wallowing in their strength.

"Yes, it is. The good kind."

The Young Man laughed.  He rubbed his teeth. "I will take better care of them this time. " He whirled and smiled.  "If this isn't a trick, it is the best deal I ever made. You sold that orange quite cheaply.
But you have met your end of the bargain. I will meet mine. You will find all your family possessions in storage down below...." The New Man gave the new owner a tour, enjoying his new mobility. He described how he had milked the government to build his mansion's experimental self-sufficient, low maintenance energy plants in the seventies. He showed him the bunkers and abandoned shafts.

He promised to be gone, personally, by the tomorrow and his chief of security would see that he was completely moved out by the end of the week. Then saw the young man out. "You know you made a foolish deal. You should have saved the potion for yourself."

"My family land is more important to me."

"I understand completely. Family is everything." Fukogawa made a strange face that sent chills down his spine.

Fukogawa was as good as his word. He was out by the next day. Retsudo and Ai watched his seaplane depart. The same day, Sanjii Kurokawa, the old head of household security, called to say that it was regrettable, but they would have to move the date of the move in back one week. Retsudo considered the remote location of the island in the rough North Japan Sea and thought that his excuse was plausible. He agreed.

Three days later, Retsudo read a newspaper article describing how Hiro Fukogawa Sr. and his ex-wife had died. Their car plunged off the cliff into the sea and exploded, a terrible accident.
In his eulogy, the paper quoted young Hiro Fukogawa Jr. He promised to turn his life around and pledged and "to run his father's company precisely his father would." Then he announced the acquisition of a new contract to build American airplane parts.

Retsudo airmailed the grieving "son" a sorrow gift of an old bottle Orkney ten-year-old Scotch he had lying around. He left thick layer of dust on it because dust always adds to a bottle of scotch's charm. The son airmailed Retsudo the deed to his old apartment as a "thank you."

 The note read: "I thank you for youth thoughtfulness. I have learned a great lesson. Take this apartment in apology for the gardener's shed.
My father gave me a fine estate in the city, which I never used, but I think I will use it now. Take this apartment. It represents my old self too much.
I hope we can meet one day and be friends. My father would want it that way.
  The Son of Hiro Fukogawa

"The Old Dragon." Retsudo smiled. Trading with Russians and Chinese merchants for years had taught him that nothing was ever free.
He searched his mind for the Old Man's motivation and it came to him easy enough. The "gift" was actually the New Man's way to keep an eye on him. "How did you know what your son did in the privacy of his own bedroom, Old Man?"
The smile became a frown. "What are you doing to my own mansion now, Old Man?" The house had indeed become a curse and a burden. But he wasn't going just sit there and take it. He phoned Sanjii Kurokawa and made an appointment to meet with him.

The house was still a mess so Retsudo and Sanjii arranged to meet at the Shrine. Retsudo did not mind the sulphurous smell from the hot springs but Sanjii did.

"I cannot smell my incense."

"Yes. But the baths are good."

"The baths are good."

Sanjii Kurokawa look about forty and the very model of a clean cut, efficient corporate servant; navy blue suit, white shirt, spit shined black leather shoes, and crew cut. However, he was much more fit. No late night drinking binges for his man, he was all about duty and discipline all the time. His stone face would have made a Buddahsatva envious.

Today, Retsudo insured he would be in the mood to be uncharacteristically honest. Ai monitored his thoughts and Chinichi took notes just in case.

"You may move in at any time after tomorrow."

"My question is about the household staff."

"I have told all that you may want to keep them on."

"Good, they are all local people, or as good as. But Fukogawa-san did not take any of them? "

"No. The way he rushed out of here and the fury with which he made was like he was ending his life." Sanjii looked shocked. "I apologize for being so rude. I should not discuss my late master that way."

"No doubt it is the grief." Retsudo could picture the Old Man rushing out of the home, before anyone caught on to his new youth. Of course he would want anyone associated with his old life out of his way. It was lucky for them that they were all island people, or close to it.

"Yes, perhaps that is it."

"So he is dead at any rate and all of you are unemployed."

"Yes. And if I may be so bold, many of the servants are concerned about their pensions. Some are too old to be rehired."

"Ah, yes, the pensions, we Japanese value out pensions. Got to see San Francisco before we die don't we?" Sanjii did not like that tone and showed it by shifting on his knees.

"Tell me. Why do you suppose Young Hiro will not pay out their pensions?"

"I suspect it is because he wants to be able to bribe them later to spy on you." Again he shocked himself.

"And how do you know this?"

"His late father did such things often, found poorly paid staff and bribe them. Sometimes he engineered it, like now."

"Regrettable. I cannot afford that kind of disloyalty. I will raise their salaries then re-invest their pensions. I will count their previous years of service to their pay scale."

"You be ready to move in tomorrow. Is there anything else?"

"Yes. What about you?"

"Excuse me?"

"How are you situated?"

"Terribly. My contract was severed with my former master's death. And now my wife has just told me that we are expecting a baby. So late it life I thought it was impossible...but now I do not know how I will provide for my family.
 I am too expensive. Rich employers like Fukogawa-san are rare and I cannot play a junior man now."  Kurokawa sat amazed at his openness. "I apologize."

"Why? I like frank talk. All this stress you are is only wise for a man to wish to consult with others. I congratulate you on your coming happiness. But you make it sound like you cannot work for me."

"Hiro, the young one, has offered me bribes to spy on you. The kind it is hard to resist. I will not be a spy, so I cannot work for you." Again, the security man was amazed at his openness, but it was beginning to feel good.

"I expected that. How many listening devices are in the mansion and his old apartment?"

The security man noticed that this young pup was not shocked at the idea. Perhaps he had some sense of the world after all. "I cannot say."

"How about if you work for me? You get your old salary, the pension is back up to full."

"It doesn't feel right."

"You always thought of yourself as an honorable samurai, not a mercenary, right? Well your old lord is gone. His son wants to use you like scum. I promise to treat you honorably. Think of your family. I was going to build college scholarship funds for all my retainers, maybe even the town."

"I am afriad no."

Ret's cell phone rang. He excused himself, answered it made vague talk to Chinichi and then hung up. "Pardon. But I am putting my trawler into drydock.
 Now as I was about to say, sure have hinted that young Hiro has some blackmail on you, probably having to do with why a man of your character would do the dirty business of his father. Frankly I do not care about any youthful indiscretions you may have committed.
 Soon I will be running this island. And wouldn't it be better for you to be here, than someplace where Young Hiro could always get at you? You do know much about his father's business."

"I do not know what to say."

"Say yes."

"Yes." They shook hands and then Sanjii opened up quite remarkably. He felt reborn.
Sanjii went into his job with relish. "Yes. The apartment is wired through and through. Young Hiro wants to put some in the mansion now, hence the delay, but it is a rush job..."

Back on the trawler the two girls smiled. "Will he be loyal to Retsudo now, Chinichi?"

"He'll die for him now, Ai. He'll keep all our secrets safe, even if he has to kill someone to do it."

"I cannot wait to move in."

"Neither can I." The girls shared an un-sisterly kiss.

"Let's go tell the girls to pack."

End of Chapter Four.