Master PC in Nippon
Chapter Three: A New Day Dawns

The second day was a good day. Retsudo woke to a warm, beautiful, young woman snuggling next to him.  His dick was a little sore though. He smirked as he blamed Chinichi. The girl was truly amazing. It turned out she was capable (and desirous) of multiple orgasms, he thought he'd never wear her out.

Now he thought could slip out of bed without waking her. He moved to his safe. His thighs were sticky and chaffed as he walked. He slipped on his robe and made it to his safe. He removed the computer and went to his cockpit and booted it up.

It was still early, only other fishermen moved around the docks, getting ready for Paddock season. A good thing he had not altered Chinichi. Her feedback warned him about flaws in his commands.  He started correcting his flaws by locking down Mie and Miko's loyalty.

Then he started entering a new memory for the town, but Master PC's limited text box didn't show all the text. So he typed it in his computer and pasted it in. His English was stretched to the limit, so he made himself fluent in it and Russian and all dialects of Chinese while he was at it. That would help him in his line of work.

Then he eliminated the town's memory of his, his father's or his sister's ostracization from society. Mie, Miko and Chinichi were well thought of, nice girls who served the good Retsudo Abe. They were loyal retainers. And if they slept with him, who could blame them?

He programmed all the fathers and mothers to want their daughters to marry Retsudo. He programmed the wives to dream of Retsudo between their legs, every time their husbands frustrated them in bed. And all the single women would want him. He would be a favorite conversation of women's gossip.

"I have three crew now, might as well put them to work."
Miko: "She is a mechanical and electrical repair genius."
Mie: "Mie loves to cook. She is a gourmet chef. She is also thrifty with money and buying stores and supplies."
Chinichi: "Will be the best senior deck hand a Captain could hope for."

Then he summoned up his sister. Ai was asleep. He tried to see if she was dreaming. It was vague and involved a young, male intern who was kissing her and touching her pussy.

"Why am I angry? It is just a dream." But Retsudo couldn't help altering it. "Only I touch her pussy."

Master PC turned the young intern into Retsudo. Then he commanded.

<In Ai's dreams it is always, Retsudo, her brother. It would always be Retsudo in her dreams. Retsudo owns her pussy.>

Still angry, he logged off. But Ai's dream didn't end there. It never ended there in all the years she had had it. Of course, until that morning, she had never dreamed about the same man two or three times a week, since puberty.

Retsudo locked the laptop in a less obvious storage cabinet. Then went down to the galley. He could smell something frying anchovies? He entered.

Mie had the apron on over her jeans and t-shirt and was just turning over what looked like an omelets. Chinichi was setting out the morning paper.

"Morning, sir."

"Morning, Captain."

"You are up early."

Chinichi spoke up. "Miko's up too. I got everyone up and going once I realized you were awake."

"Where is Miko?"

"Checking on the engines, something about taking advantage of low tide. She'll be here for your breakfast. Sit down, sit down." She urged him into the dining booth, his back to the bulkhead.

Chinichi served his coffee and set him at his ease while Mie prepared his plates. "Here you are, sir." Anchovies, a Denver omelett and rye toast with real jam. Not his favorites, but still... "Wonderful." He sipped. "Excellent coffee."

Mie blushed with pride. "Thank you, sir." She turned to the sink to clean up.

"Aren't you going to eat?"

"We already have, Captain. Hands eat first, right? It's tradition."

"Why, yes...yes it is." Ret wondered at how good Master PC really was.

Chinichi snuggled up against his right side. She was dressed in work clothes too, insulated overalls. Only he was in his robe.

Continuing with last night's fun, Chinichi cut off a slice of kippers and fed him. Then she cut off a bit of omelets. She whispered in his ear "I serve my beloved Captain in all ways." And she gave his pecker a squeeze for emphasis.

Ret looked up from his food and saw Mie eyeing them jealously. Ret patted the bench on his left. She dropped the dishtowel like it was on fire and slid in next to him to join in the fun. She grabbed his mug a proffered him a sip. He indulged in the offering but he dribbled.

"Mmm. Nice idea Mie, but coordinating a drink is tough."

"I have a solution, sir." Mie got up on the bench seat with her knees, she took a big gulp then bent over to lock her lips onto his. Her mouth was now his mug and he drank deeply.

The meal proceeded thusly for about a half an hour then Miko arrived. She had a swipe of oil on her brow and was removing the like from her hands and she took in the scene.
Chinichi on his right feeding and massaging him, Mie on his left, that left only below. But that's where she exactly wanted to be.

She slipped beneath the table. Caught unawares, Retsudo felt his legs spread apart and a warm, wet cavern surrounded his penis. Her hand shoved away, Chinichi unzipped her overalls, pulled down her Captain's robe and guided his hand to her tits. Inspired, Mie quickly stripped, then guided her lord's free left hand to her steamy cunt.

He did not foresee the consequences when he came. He felt the tingle and blew his new load into Miko. Suddenly, all three women orgasmed, as he had programmed. Miko bumped her head, Chinichi dropped a fork and Mie almost scalded herself.

When all four recovered, they were not sated, just the opposite. They were wild for more joint orgasms. Very little work got done that morning.

In the afternoon, Chinichi left to "pick up a few things at home." Miko went about working down below and Retsudo took his new quartermaster shopping.

The townspeople bowed when he and his retainer came by. The pickings were slim as the legitimate fishermen fleet was due out tomorrow, at the start of Paddock season.  It was almost shameful how the mothers and fathers paraded their daughters out for him. If the girls had not been so clearly infatuated with him, he would have felt guilty. A few of the wives dropped sly hints as well and that gave him an idea.

A young schoolteacher, Toyoko Ashai, eyed him at a fruit stand. She was a pretty young woman with shoulder length hair, and a nice figure.  Fresh out of the Hokkaido School for Teachers, she was already engaged to a very respectable government man who banned the "shady character" Retsudo from the fish market. She wore a warm, pleated wool skirt and a print blouse with a matching jacket, very respectable. But Retsudo knew that underneath her calm exterior, she wasn't thinking respectable thoughts at all.

"Miss Ashai. I see your basket is lacking fruit. I know where inexpensive oranges may be found."

Asahi had grown up in the big city and knew how things worked. "Really, Abe-san. Where?"

"Follow me."

He whispered something to Mie and the girl left. Then the two walked down a secluded alley. When there was nothing but wicker baskets and themselves to be seen, both dropped the pretense and embraced. "I want you!" Was all she managed to say.

He pinned her against the concrete wall of a warehouse hand groped under her skirt.  He started to pull down her panties.

"Yes. Yes. Off Off!" Toyoko panted. She fumbled at his belt buckle and jeans buttons. He came to the rescue and dropped his trousers.

With both their sex exposed, Retsudo rammed his meat home.  Toyoko's eyes went wide in surprise and delight. With each hump she simply affirmed her good feeling. "Yes. Yes. Yes." Finally, he orgasmed as did she.

After both had gotten what they wanted, they walked back down the alley together. Mie met them at the mouth with a small basket of oranges for Toyoko-san.

Retsudo and Mie resumed shopping walked down the street and old Keni approached the young teacher. "So, you get a little loving, eh?"

Toyoko was not shocked. "My first blissful moment in this fishy town...and so sordid.  I loved it. Grandmother, I find myself wanting him inside of me, not my fianc?. Is that wrong?"

"Hah! First sensible thing I've heard you say teacher-girl. If I was thirty years younger I'd be wanting his manhood inside me tlikewise, and it wouldn't stop me that he'd stuffed some other women too."

She sighed. "Soon the fleet will be gone and my fianc?' will have no work to do."

"Sorry kid. But that's good news for some. Lotsa these broads are cooking up plans of their own."

When he and Mie returned to the trawler, there were six phone messages inviting him to dinner, some were from families, some from women.

"Will you accept them?"

"No. I have work to do. Leave me."

He brought the laptop into his office, summoned up his sister and them phoned the sanitarium. His sister, in her beautiful voice talked to him. She was alone. Doctor Rhee had been called away. In his screen he could watch her as she spoke. She was less tense when they spoke last time.

"I am anxious to see you, Ai."

"I suppose I am too."

"I am sympathetic that this is a lot to get used to. It will be all right if you do not want to leave the island right away."


"Yes. It occurs to me thatuou are awakening to a whole new world."

The conversation was strained, technical. Rhee came on later, much to Ai's relief and there wasn't much to say after that. All the while Retsudo's anger built, not at Rhee but at life in general.

When he hung up the phone he thought about where she and he could live. Rentals were at a premium. Houses were out of the question. Not for the first time he picked up his binoculars and looked up at the old family mansion, halfway up Sea Eagle Mountain. Old Man Fuko had modernized the place well. He had even used some of the old tunnels the military left behind. But it would cost millions, out of reach for now. And he didn't want to just send a family, even a family of assholes out into the street. He wondered what to do.

Chapter Three: Playing Doctor

The sex that night was a joyless affair for Retsudo. Even the phone calls from attractive single women of the village were tedious. He couldn't figure out a way to get a house. Ai's internment was expensive. He could build a house but to build a house he had to end her internment. She would have to live with him for a while.

The girls seemed more than happy to help Ai adjust to the world. After that, he took it upon himself to program some insurance into them.

<You will be always understanding and supportive to Ai, no matter what she says or does. You will never ridicule her and you will defend her from the ridicule of others.> SEND

The next morning he boarded the coastal resupply freighter that doubled as the monthly ferry for several small islands.  He waved goodbye to the girls. Little Miko actually got a little misty-eyed. He would be gone for two days but he knew the trawler was in very good hands.

He was alone on the ferry, except for the crew and two girls. They looked like sisters. They were dressed very prudishly, in high collared, old fashioned print dresses. They wore very conservative pillbox hats as well. The older sister was pretty, tall, with a round face and a "real" figure but not fat. But the younger sister was stunning. Pointed chin, smooth skin, long blue-black hair, her skirt showed just enough of her leg to hint at paradise. She was shorter than her sister, but slender and yet gracefully curved;  good tits, small waist, and an ass like two half moons. She was a true beauty and, judging by her vacant stare, an imbecile.

The older sister scowled at Retsudo, like a bulldog on the watch. He considered using the computer he brought with him but decided against it. He simply sat out the choppy ride.

The golf cart and trailer met them at the ferry. They boarded and rode to the facility. Rhee greeted his friend at the door. Retsudo's youthful new face did not escape his friend's eye. "You are looking good my friend, very good."

 The sisters asked for the director of the institute, Doctor Hiyashi.

Rhee ushered his friend into his office. "So. How did you do it?"

Tense and excited, Retsudo Abe booted up Master PC.

After some brief demonstrations Rhee hyperventilated.
"I can... (breathe into paper bag)...cure the world with this."

"I am afraid not. Regrettably, I have been warned that we are not the only people with this program. What would happen if this program become general knowledge and fools like Hiyashi get ahold of it?"

The man behind the lunch bag looked very grave. (Breathe.) "Really? That is the saddest thing I have ever heard."

"I downloaded it off the internet. So of course other people have it."

Both men paused in thought.  They had faced some pretty rough characters and hard times in their day. They pondered what would happen if a bigot, bully or dictator from their past or present ever got discovered its existence.

"I would be the Age of Imperialism all over again, occupation, work camps, the experimentation." Jack contemplated the horrors visited upon the Korean people during that time.

Retsudo contemplated his great-grandfather, the general, and the brutality he had commaitted on the Chinese. "I couldn't do that to my people."

"Nor mine."

"But it is out there, a genie loose from its bottle."
Another minute passed in silence and Rhee took the bag away. "So it is only a matter of time."


"But we can act, if with discretion."

"With great discretion."

"Of course, great discretion. Only you and I will know of its existence. I will have to conceal my cures from family and staff. It will be difficult but not impossible.  Sometimes I call this place "the Island of the Forgotten." Come on, let's go to my studio, this program should really be on a CD-ROM. It is much more durable."

Rhee's hobby was tech music. He had converted the old electroshock therapy room into his own little studio. It had all the voltage he needed and it was soundproofed. Jack Rhee had stocked it with all sorts of electronic equipment he had collected over the years, including a couple of CD burners.
While the machines whirred, Rhee thought.

"So we have been recruited."


"Why were we given this? Profit? Can you imagine how much money a man could make with this? They don't need money or people. This institute of yours must be recruiting people, like you gave it to me. We are making allies."

"She said she pitied me."


"The woman who gave it to me."

"So, maybe we are on the side of the angels. Good thing they found us first."

"Yes, a good thing. I wonder what I would do if the devils had found me first. Suddenly, I feel very responsible."

"Me too. We doctors are used to playing god, but I never have been so effective a god before." He smiled

When he was done, Rhee found that Master PC ran fine on an older computer he had lying around. Rhee chose his password and did not tell his friend what it was. Retsudo understood perfectly. But Jack did show his friend what his first command was.

In Japan, the culture often makes the mistake of labeling joyous people as foolish, inexact and untrustworthy. Jack's natural good humor was another strike against him in general society. Doctors especially are expected to be serious.

But he was a very bright man. He grew up in a tough neighborhood, and succeeded in becoming a doctor despite discrimitory circumstances.  He had to travel to America before he found a college and medical school that accepted him. So he learned English as well the entire necessary curriculum.

When he returned to the land of his birth, he couldn't land a job. They administrators took one look at his last name and his smile and shook their heads. What did it matter he graduated in the top five percent from his class at UC Berkeley College of Medicine?  That was not a serious school anyway, full of hippies and AIDS.

But the next words he typed in proved just how serious he could be.  His very first command was
<Make me immune to Master PC influence, except things I enter myself.> SEND

"Ret. While I fix my eyesight and such I think you better do the same."

Retsudo frowned and entered,
<Only my own Master PC program will affect me. >SEND
Then it occurred to him.
<And no Master PC, except my own, will be able to monitor me either.> SEND
 He almost warned Jack to do the same, but something held him back.

When Ret looked over, the young doctor was flexing his new muscles and his paunch was gone.

"May I see Ai, now?"

"Sure." Jack handed Ret his two copies of Master PC in CD-Rom format.  CD's were much more valuable than hard drives so close to the sea.   "Could you give me a hand lugging the Master PC computer up to my office?
 I want your permission to try and use Master PC on your sister. I will use it only to speed up her therapy. And this is unusual, but I want you with me. I want to be sure I am using Master PC well."

"Will that disturb, Ai?"

"We will use the computer to plant a hypnotic suggestion that only she and I are in the room. It is a common observational technique."

"Yes, of course."

Another pug ugly nurse escorted Ai into her doctor's room. Doctor Rhee had a new computer set up on a side table. He typed into it while the two talked.

Ai entered the docor's office, ready for her session. Retsudo could barely stand to look at her.

During the session with Ai, it became clear that she had endured certain sexual and physical abuses at the facility, the facility Retsudo had enrolled her in. With each recounting, Jack watched his friend, her brother, and sink further and further into guilt.

When Rhee brought up how her brother examined her, Ai seem much more comfortable with it than the last time they spoke.

Jack wondered if Ret and his Master PC had something to do with it. He looked over to his friend and saw him "examining his shoelaces" in shame.

It took only and hour and a half to work through years of therapy. In the end, Ai was eager to visit her beloved brother's trawler, if only for a month. If things got too tense, Retsudo was sure he could get her back somehow. She was going to be fine, but Jack Rhee worried about Retsudo.

"Ai, we are done for today. I will still phone you daily. Now would you please help with the re-supplying? Your brother and I...I would like to call in your brother and have a few words."

"Of course, doctor."

Ai left, Jack Rhee admired her new grace, like a dancer she was. He smiled. Then he frowned.  Master PC was at work again. "Well, it was a health matter after all." he justified.

"I am a bastard."

"Ret, you did the best you could."

"It wasn't good enough."

"Are you kidding? You found Master PC didn't you?"


"Was it 'luck' you researched her condition for years?"
You provided for your sister as best you could. Hey, you are angry with yourself right now. But after a few days with Ai, maybe you'll learn to forgive yourself.
Meanwhile, remind yourself that you did not do anything wrong to her. You are not responsible for the actions of others."

Retsudo was sullen.

"Ret. You have to promise me something."

"What?" he did not look up.

"Promise me you won't use Master PC on Ai's mind anymore. You don't know what you are doing. By trying to do good, you could just make things worse.
You will be tempted to just make her forget all the bad things but that's unhealthy. The only real cure to problems is dealing with them."

"Problems are just challenges. They must be met straight on." Retsudo intoned the old maxim.

"Right. So I have your word?"

"You have my word, no altering her mind. Her body?"

"Health is a legitimate use."

"Can I teacher her English?"

"I don't see what harm that would do. Education will have to be part of the system. Just be sure to install the memory that you taught her it over the years."

"It is good to have boundaries.
 Jack, what are you going to do with Master PC now?"

"I am going to kick some ass."

Rhee burst into Doctor Hyashi's room without knocking. His secretary/wife did not even consider preventing him. Hiyashi looked up in amazement from his fresh glass of Jack Daniels. The lush had just open one of the three cases he went through every month.

"Doctor Rhee! What are...?"

"Shut up, you old drunk."

Doctor Hiyashi promptly shut up.

"And what are you doing with a glass of liquor? You are on duty, besides you don't drink anymore."

Hiyashi looked down at the full tumbler in pure amazement, like he was wondering how it ever appeared there. He quickly put it down and stuttered an apology.

"I don't give two shits for your apology, you old lush. Let me explain how it's going to be around here.
First off, everyone is going to behave like medical professionals. Second, the care of the patients will come first. Third, you are going to give back every dime you stole. Fourth, this is my office now. Oh, you will be the public face of it all and your and the other assholes who call themselves directors will run the day to day affairs, honestly this time. But I am the boss now. Got that?!" he thumped his index finger on the Hiyahsi's chest for emphasis.

Hiyashi bowed and trembled, "Yes, sir, it's an honor.."

"Shut up. Now get the fuck out of my office. You have years of medical journals to catch up on."

Hyashi's loving wife/secretary greeted her loving husband on his way out.

Rhee let out a huge breath. It felt like a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He walked up to his new walnut desk, and stroked it. He picked up the tumbler and sipped the fine Kentucky windage. It took him back to his college days. The office stank of stale cigarette smoke, but it would air out over time.

Then he felt someone's eyes on him. He looked around the large office suite. On the leather sofa two naked women sat. They were the sisters from the ferry. Their print dresses were neatly hung on the coat rack at one end of the sofa.

When Rhee gaze fell on them the elder's sister's look instantly changed from one of surprise to one of guarded determination.

They sat in a "t" formation. The elder sister's feet were planted on the oversize ottoman, pointed towards the desk and Rhee. Her legs were closed, but since her arms were set on the sofa, two her sides he had am unobscured view of her heavy breasts.  The elder sister didn't mind that Rhee, or Hiyashi for that matter; saw her breasts, because her outspread arms covered more of her sister that way.

The younger sister was an ethereal beauty if ever there was one. She was partially hidden, behind her sister, sitting perpendicular to her. Her skin was as smooth and pale as porcelain. She had the kind of legs one only saw on models. Her right breast was visible, it was shaped like a teardrop. She played with a lock of her classic blue-black hair while she stared dumbly ahead waiting for the next thing to happen to her.

Rhee soured at the proof of Doctor Hyashi's corruption. "Get dressed. Do not worry. I am a doctor, a real doctor. I have seen lots of naked people. " He did not watch when the sisters dress, the elder helping the younger.

Finally the elder sister approached, she did not seem grateful  "You have ruined it for us. Now what are we supposed to do?"

"Do? Check you sister in. I have discovered a revolutionary new therapy. That is why I threw the old bum out."

"We cannot pay."

"I figured that."

"Pride forbids me to take charity."

Rhee sipped and thought. "What can you do?"

"I am a secretary."

"I could use a secretary. Can you make good coffee? I despise tea."

She seemed taken aback.  "Yes."

"Good. You are hired." He smiled. "Don't worry, you'll get good pay. Can you start tomorrow?"

"But you do not even have references."

"I saw the way you sat. You were going to try and wear the old man out before he went after your sister. That's the kind self-sacrifice we need around here. What's your name?" he poured her a glass of Jack Daniels.

"Iyazu, this is my sister, Oichi."

"Iyazu? Welcome aboard." He handed her the JD. The two clinked glasses in bargain. She sipped down the liquor like an expert. Rhee decided he liked her. And her sister was beautiful.

It was the day the sanitarium turned upside down. The ferry was unloaded in record time. And the resupply list hit a new high as well.

Jack and Ret sat in Jack's new office sipping fine Kentucky bourbon and typing on Master PC. Thanks to Ret, Jack's work went much faster. During the lulls, Ret told his friend a mild version how he changed the whole town's mind about mental illness. And how he fucked the girls who had almost got him kicked out of town. Jack laughed. He didn't approve of brainwashing, but he did approve of come-uppance. That was the reason why he felt no guilt about reprogramming the psyche's of the villains that scurried about Ryu Island. But then he thought about bedding more than one woman at a time, like Oichi and Iyazu.

 "Doctor Rhee?"  he practically jumped out of his chair. Iyazu was leaning into the room.


"Would you and the gentleman like sandwiches?" Iyazu asked.

"Yes, please."

Iyazu left.

Retsudo observed his friend's reaction. "Nice girl."

"Very nice."

"When are you going to reprogram her and her sister to sleep with you?"

Jack Rhee acted shocked.

"Do not pretend it hasn't crossed your mind. She's good looking, and her sister is gorgeous. You still do have a dick between your legs, right?"

"Yes. I have thought about it but I won't do anything about it."

"Why not?" Ret got up from his computer and picked up his tumbler.

"I am not that letch, Hiyashi."

"No you are not. That's why it is just fine for you to do it. You have this power now you must use it responsibly."

"And using it to fuck my patients is responsible?"

"Iyazu is not you patient and Oichi will not be a patient much longer. All you are doing is streamlining the process. You and Iyazu are going to sleep with each other, it is pretty inevitable right?"


"Don't get all L.A. on me, bro. You know how things work here. She sleeps with you, right?"


"Unless she or her family can't stand Koreans..again."

Jack's face pruned. It must have been the bourbon. His mind flashed back to his days in the slums and how the girls teased him unmercifully. He was not an ugly boy, but because he was Korean, he was forced to sit in the back of the class and date only other Korean girls, or the fat and ugly girls who were so desperate for love they didn't care. Then his mind wandered to the sisters, especially Oichi, beautiful Oichi.

Jack continued with his deviltry. "All you are doing is eliminating that and dozens of other stupid complications. You know what dating is like. You are just getting to the good stuff. It's easier on her and you.
Besides, she's your secretary, now. How long do your think it'll be before she'll find out about Master PC? Do you think she will even hesitate to use it on you? "

"No. She wouldn't."

"Then at least use it to ensure her loyalty and silence."

Now Ret was talking sense. Jack took a break from healing Ako, a young girl with cerebral palsy, and summoned up Iyazu. She was sitting standing at a table, preparing his lunch. Ret leaned over his right shoulder and editorialized.

<You are loyal only to Jack Rhee. He has given you a job and protected Oichi. You owe him everything. You will guard all his secrets.> SEND

"What was wrong with that?"  Ret asked.

"Nothing. It's a good idea." Jack replied.

"Let me sit there. I've got a few ideas to make her a better secretary." Jack slid out of his chair and scratched his butt. Ret took his place.

<You like making Jack Rhee happy.> SEND
"That will make sure she will actively try to do a god job, not just do what you tell her."


There was a knock on the door then Iyazu and Oichi entered carrying two trays. One had a carafe of coffee and the other sandwiches. Oichi simply followed her sister. "Sandwiches, doctor?"

"Yes, please put them over there." Jack left Retsudo's side to guide the two young women over to the conference table. Hiyashi had left it a mess and he cleared off some dusty magazines while the two girls waited, holding the trays.

With an impish grin, Retsudo typed in...
<You fell in love with Jack Rhee at first sight.  He is the sexiest man you have ever known. Just being next him makes you horny. Try to seduce him.> SEND

"Doctor Rhee? Would you like me to turn down the regulator?" Iyazu undid the first three buttons of her dress. "Do you find it very hot in here?" She ran the fingers of her right hand up and down the fold, touching her skin. Then she moved her hands under her hair, laced them behind her neck, bent her head back and stretched. "Mmmm, yes, very hot."

Iyazu's stretch gave Jack a free view of her best feature, her 38D breasts. To Jack they seemed like they wanted to burst free from the confines of her clothes. He couldn't help but picture himself between those mounds. He swallowed.

"Is there anything else you would like, doctor?" Iyazu asked coyly.

"Not right now, maybe later."

"Later, then. Come on, Oichi."

Retsudo typed furiously.

Jack followed them on their way out. Oichi, behind her sister as usual, suddenly stopped. She bent over and ground her ass firmly into Jack's groin in slow, little circles. She snapped up straight quickly, throwing her long hair back and issued a delicious moan from her lips. Then she continued on like nothing had happened. Iyazu never noticed a thing. Jack blushed as red as a beet.

Retsudo smiled at the happy "accident" he created. He was going to make his friend's dreams come true whether he liked it or not.

When the door shut, Jack practically ran up Ret. "Did you do that?"

"It's good, isn't it?"

"Oh, yeah."

"Want more?"

"I'll probably hate myself."

"Don't worry, Jack. We'll make it a good love."

"But not Oichi."

"Damn! You can be a real pain in the ass, Jack. We're already programming one girl to love you, what's wrong with two? Don't you want a three way?"

"But she's so innocent."

"She's not innocent, Jack. She's ignorant. Wait until she's normal if that will make you feel better.
But damnit Jack! You've been a slave in this place for years. Don't you think you deserve one absolutely gorgeous woman, in love with you exactly the way you want, with no complications?
 Or would you rather make her better, ship her of to fucking Tokyo to have some rich business drone marry her? Some asshole whose idea of community service ends at his front door? You know how things work. Tell me I am wrong. Would you even have a chance with a girl that pretty on the outside?"
A decent man like you deserves the girl he wants, not the girl he gets."

"For once in my life... You are right. Fuck it. Let's do it."
Jack sipped. "Let me do it though. What you told me about people wondering why they changed their minds got me thinking. I have to think about the way Iyazu could justify bringing Oichi to my bed."  The idea of two women at once made his dick swell. He squirmed to get his pants comfortable. "I have to make it part of her protective, nurturing nature.
Let's try story format."

<You have been in love with Doctor Rhee since the moment you first laid eyes on him. When he burst into the room and rescued you and your sister from Doctor Hiyashi, you lost your heart completely.
 You were encouraged and secretly disappointed he did not take advantage of you. He is obviously the sort of man who needs the girl to take the initiative.
Even now, you fantasize about seducing him. But what about Oichi?
Doctor Rhee is the only good choice for Oichi. Heis a good man will take care of her as well as you. He is well off and qualified. In the old days, sisters shared husbands all the time, it is no big deal. Tonight, I will bring Oichi to our new patron's bed. He is a good man who will take care of us. It makes sense. Besides he is so handsome and sexy why should my sister not enjoy the best?> SEND

"The kind of man who needs the woman to take the initiative, eh?"

"I just want a woman to chase me for a change."

There was the familiar knock at the door.  "Doctor Rhee? It occurred to me that you would want the Chief of Medicine's Apartments. Should I tell him and his wife to move out?"

"Yes. But we keep the furniture until we buy something better."

Iyazu practically exploded in a grin.  "Yes, we will."  Then she shut the door.

"What was that about?"

"You used the word, "we." And I think the only furniture she cares about is the bed."

Suddenly, Jack Rhee couldn't wait for his workday to end. "What else?"

"How about making yourself a sexual athlete?"

"Okay." He summoned up his screen.
He enlarged his dick and increased his stamina, then he took a step to increase his prowess.
<Make me aware of people's wants, desires, fears and turn offs, even if they are not conscience of them themselves.>SEND

"What's that for?"

"Haven't you ever gotten a woman to bed, only to suddenly have her turn off like a light? Well now I will be the best lover in the world. I will know exactly what to do at all times."

"I prefer just to make sure the woman enjoys herself with me no matter what. Who wants all that work?"

"But it's fun figuring it out, playing them like violins..."

The debate went off and on while they brought Oichi up from imbecility. Then they debated how to make her fall in love with Jack. They stuck with the story format.

<Your pussy has been itching for years now. You aren't sure why but you know it has to do with men. Some men have made you feel all hot and wet where your urine comes out and you have sense and odd emptiness waiting to be filled.
 You know your family have taught to guard what they call your "private place." When that old doctor looked at you did not like it. When Doctor Rhee looks at you, you really like it. You have been deliberately brushing against him all day. Touching him makes your feel excited in a special way, all wet and hot "down there."
 Sister Iyazu wants Doctor Rhee too. You will pretend not to want handsome Doctor Rhee and let sister teach you all the things he likes, all the secret woman things. You love Doctor Rhee> You will do whatever he says.>SEND

Jack entered his new apartment. "Iyazu?"

"Here, Rhee-san." Iyazu jumped into his arms and hugged him. "You have cured Oichi. You have cured my sister."

"Yes, well there is a long way to go yet. I've just been to my old room. Where are all my things?"

"I took the liberty of moving all your things into here. It's a bit spare."

Rhee looked around the place he had only been in once before, to help paint it. It was very well furnished in Danish modern. Iyazu had lit incense, knowing he did not like the cigarette smell.

"Are you happy?"

"Very happy. Is that dinner?"

"Yes, it is. Steak, wild rice in wine. Oichi cooked it." Iyazu beamed. "She would always burn herself before but now she is A-number one in the kitchen and living room.

"And bedroom too." Jack thought.

The two women simply watched him eat and waited on his every word. "Where are you two staying?"

"This flat has a childrens' rooms. We thought we could stay there. In case you should need anything...during the night."

"Or I could service you in the breakfast." Those were the first words he ever heard Oichi speak.

"Yes, that would be fine. Well, it's been a long day." Jack looked at the bedroom. It was all a complete set done in deepest rosewood with an enormous California King bed. "How much money did he embezzle anyway?"

He examined further. The master bath was done in white marble and gold plate fixtures. A wall must have been knocked down and a children's room used as an extension. The bathroom had two sinks, a multi-head massage shower, towel warmers and spa tub big enough for four people. His vinyl toilette kits looked pretty shabby on the in front of the vanity lights. The view from the bathroom was good and that gave him an idea. He pulled the drapes open in the bedroom and it revealed a balcony with a gorgeous view of the grounds and the moonlit sea. He ran to the living room and pulled open the drapes. The view was the same only larger. He could see the stand of cedars off to the south. "No wonder Hiyashi never left."

"And no wonder Mrs. Hiyashi spent half her time cleaning it."

Iyazu's mention of more work, brought Jack back to his senses. "It's late." He went to his new bathroom and prepared for bed.  He was so tired was he that his big head forgot what plans his little head had made.
When he left he bathroom he entered paradise.

There, Iyazu stood before him in her white nightgown. It, like the rest of her wardrobe, was an old fashioned affair, a simple button down white cotton shrift with lace collar and trim. The entire upper half of off buttons was undone. The complete inner half of her 38D breasts was exposed and at the bottom of the "V" he could see the start of her black muff.

She walked up to him, swaying her hips, ran her palms up and down his hard pecs and let him inhale her sophisticated Parisian perfume. "Time for bed, doctor?" She looked up at him with big brown eyes. He wrapped his arms around her waist.

He sensed she liked a commanding presence, so he angled his hands down, cupped her ass and pulled her up and towards him for a deep, wet, kiss. She like her kisses slow with plenty of technique, so he obliged her. Master PC was on the nose. She loved the way he kissed. She was getting very turned on and her groin pressed against his, heralding things to come.

Rhee thanked the god that made Master PC.

She swung her shoulders from side to side, rubbing her nipples against his flannel pajama top. Sensing she was about to get bored just kissing. His right hand grabbed a bunch of hair and he firmly pulled her head back, nibbling his way down her neck.

"That feels so good." Iyazu hummed with joy.

Iyazu's tits were very sensitive and she enjoyed getting attention paid to them, but she had grown tired of boys who just dived for them. Rhee knew this and kissed his way to her nape, to her cleavage, he sucked on her navel and pulled down her nightgown until he had her pussy firmly in his sights.

Iyazu's eyes went wide, she loved having her pussy sucked. But the last few time it was more like licking stamps than licking pussy. Rhee did not disappoint. First he worked his way up and down the scented labials...

Iyazu's knees went weak and she had to walk back to sit on the edge of the bed. Rhee followed and resumed. Then he kissed his way slowly up her thighs. She spread them wider, welcoming her lover's invasive tongue. She ran her fingers though his black curly hair and cooed encouragement.

Then an odd thing happened, Jack's tongue and hands seemed to take on a mind of their own. While his tongue brushed kanji on her clit, his hands slipped inside her and his fingers pressed against what he must assume were nerve ganglia.

With each new finger, a pressure point was applied and Iyazu went a little more nuts with pleasure. She tried to keep her hips still, so as not to disturb her deliverer. She whipped her head around once and then froze. "Right there! Right there!"

Again, acting on Master PC powered intuition, Jack kept her on that razor's edge for long, agonizing minutes. For Iyazu, the pleasure was exquisite pain. Her body screamed for a good orgasm but Jack denied it. "Please Jack, I need to cum. Please I can't take this! Let me go! Please in the name of all that's holy, let me cum!

Only because his tongue was getting tired, Jack complied. He stood back and wiped his face with his sleeve while Iyazu bucked and kicked on the bed.

Rhee suddenly spied movement at the bedroom door, behind the collapsed Iyazu, Oichi had watched it all. She was naked and rubbing little circles on her laden teardrop breasts. The man and woman's eyes met. His dick twitched. Her hips rose and fell like an ocean swell, an unconscious sign that the rut was on her as well.

Iyazu became lucid, spread her legs and propped herself up on her elbows. Rhee removed his pajama pants.

"Rhee-san you are huge." Iyazu said it in a tone of voice like she was saying "Will the miracles never cease?"

With his left hand he leveled his ten-inch pole at her seething gash. He held up her legs with either arms and gave her a good, hard pumping, just the way she liked. Now he could love Iyazu long time.

Iyazu's arms went flat and she closed her eyes. Jack dared to look at the bedroom door. It was more open now. Oichi, naked as the day she was born, rubbed both of her tits with her right forearm while her left worked her clit.

With each thrust, his gazed burned into her soul. She knew it was her, Oichi, he wanted beneath her. She felt awful it wasn't her. She ached for to be beneath him, giving herself over completely, receiving him and all his gifts. She mouthed, "I love you" with those perfect, sweet cherry lips of hers. And that was all for Jack. He yelled and came like a firehose into Iyazu.

Rhee had always been the come once-snore all night types, and though he could stay hard, delay his orgasm, get hard right away again and cum by the dozens, none of those things really helped him here. He needed to rest.

Ret chuckled. "Poor Jack. He had been monitoring the scene from his guest suite. Ai lay on the bed next to him, asleep, mumbling in her dreams. Ret didn't consider what, or who she might be dreaming about.

Ret did notice that Iyazu was jealous of Oichi's beauty and Oichi jealous of Iyazu's authority. Ret decided to fix it all that without bothering to make up a silly story.

<Oichi, desperately loves Jack Rhee. Oichi would never do anything to hurt him. She would do anything to help him. She will always take care to keep his secrets.> SEND

Then Ret gave his friend the fantasy he knew he wanted.
<Oichi will be susceptible to multiple orgasms when Jack Rhee fucks her.> SEND

And since there is nothing worse than falling in love with girl who hates to give blow jobs...

<Oichi and Iyazu will greatly enjoy performing fellatio on Jack Rhee's cock. Oichi and Iyazu will enjoy the smell taste of his semen tremendously.>  SEND

Once he entered the things his friend dared not, her took care of possible strife.

<You are not jealous of your sister. You are happy to have a sister with such gifts. You ache to share the same bed as Jack Rhee and your sister.> SEND SEND

"That ought to do it."

"Do what?" His sister was standing right behind him, watching everything.

Ret looked at the screen and tried to think fast. Fortunately, he had closed the digital morpher windows to increase the speed, otherwise Ai would be treated to her first lesson in sex ed. Jack's warning came to mind. He considered just programming Ai to forget. But his guilt, his need to justify his outrageous actions to his beloved sister, overwhelmed his sense. "It is a "mind soother. I just soothed the mind of two patients."

"Is that how I got better so quickly?"

Her brother's ears burned with shame and his tongue gagged on the word. "Yes."

"Can I see it?" she touched his thigh, the way she often did, just before...

"NO! No. You are not qualified. You must be trained to use the mind soother." Ret rushed to shut down and clapped the lid on the computer. Ai watched. He grabbed his heavy coat. "I am going for a walk now." Then he stormed out.

This new world was very confusing to poor Ai. Her brother was gone. Doctor Rhee had warned her that her brother felt shame for stimulating her so he could examine her. She understood what he meant now. She felt sorry for Ret and his guilt.

A long half an hour went by before she dared touch the computer. Retsudo had made her clever and ambitious and now his seeds bore fruit.

Ret, in his shame and rush, had not fully shut down the computer. It had hung up on a shut down command and was awaiting a response. Ai, very bright now, plugged the external hard drive back in. She read the instructions and guessed that "cancel" was the safest thing. Her intuition proved correct, the default prompt window "enter subject's name." Ai typed in her brother's name, English spelling.

A cartoon of him appeared on the screen, like one of those new movie cartoons. He was walking and did not seem happy. She typed in, "Retsudo will not feel guilt about doing sex things with his sister."

She waited. Then a prompt window appeared. <Type SEND then push RETURN key to complete instruction.>

It took her a while to figure out what the "Return Key" was but when she pressed it the words disappeared. Suddenly, the cartoon Retsudo straightened up and smiled. His walking step seemed lighter. Ai clapped with joy. Her brother seemed better.  Then more words appeared with some pretty music.

<OS has detected the probability of a new user. Would you like a separate password?>

<What is that?>

<A sequence of typed keys to open this program.>

<Yes, please.>

<What words do you choose for your 'key'?>

<Little Sister.>


Ai began to fear her brother might walk in on her so she shut it down, the way she saw him do. However, this time she made sure it turned off. Then she pretended to be asleep, but after a half an hour, pretense became reality.

The long walk by the sea did Retsudo a world of good. He no longer felt the least guilt about what he did to his sister. He tiptoed into their guest room and looked down on the sleeping angel. He did love her. And she was so pretty, and why not? Hadn't he designed her? The way her bangs draped over her smooth forehead and heart shaped face was very fetching. Her long hair fell over the covers like a stream of inky silk. He could see the outline of her hip beneath the layers cotton. His dick twitched to its master's thoughts.

Retsudo did not feel guilty at the twitch. She was beautiful, more beautiful than Jack's precious Oichi. Why shouldn't he find her attractive?  And he loved her, loved her very much. Then he went still. She had never said she loved him.

Oh that sweet, sleeping girl had said lots of things that were close, but never "I love you, Retsudo." That notion was unbearable...with Master PC so close.

He opened the laptop. His battery was low, so he plugged it in. He entered his sister's name and typed in simply.

<You love your brother, Retsudo.> SEND

He shut down the program, and let it recharge on the floor between them. It had been a long day.

Ai woke sweaty from the second stage of her dream. Again, all the male participants were Retsudo, but her brother was in the bed across from her, snoring in a very cute way. She stifled a giggle. He looked so cute when he was asleep.  No, he looked handsome, noble.

She felt her pulse racing. "I love him so much. I wonder what he thinks of me? Am I a patient? A foolish girl?
But I don't want him to think of me that way. I want him to think of me as a woman."

The mind soother was out. She quietly lifted and lid and touched the button she saw Ret touch when he wanted to shut it down. Up came the prompts and in the pale glow of the CRT she sent into her brother's mind.

<You will think of your sister Ai as a normal woman.> SEND
The she shut down before she woke her brother.

Poor Ai, though she knew English, but she hadn't gotten all the connotations straight. Master PC's new message insinuated its way into Retsudo's dreams.

Ai was there, in Tet's dreams. She was naked, dripping menstrual fluid on her hospital room floor. Her tits grew and she squeezed them in Retsudo's direction. Without shame he commenced to suck on them. Then his dick was suddenly painted in her blood.

He awoke, in his dream state he had kicked off his covers. He wiped his eyes. In the glow of the moonlight beaming through the window, Ai seemed so utterly beautiful, like a calm sea at night.

Guilt gone, taboo removed, Retsudo looked at the beautiful woman across from him and wanted her. But she wasn't a woman, was she? How would she ever find a husband? Hell, how would she even date? Jack did say education was permitted.

The obsidian laptop seemed to glow, to beckon. He rolled out of bed, carried it to the room's small desk and started it up. He wasn't sure what he was going to enter but he was sure it was about Ai.

He summoned up his sister.
<Ai will have the sexual knowledge of a woman. She will know how to pursue the man of her dreams.> SEND.

Suddenly, Ret noticed the image of his sister showed he she was standing. He turned around. She was right behind him, breathing heavily, her breast causing her baby blue cotton pajama top to rise and fall.

Retsudo was not shocked, he was not fearful, he was not guilty. He simply moved aside while she stepped in.  Retsudo should have stopped her but he did not take Ai seriously yet and he was too busy admiring the young woman's buttocks. Blocking the screen with her body, Ai bent over Master PC and typed.

She turned to Retsudo and gave him a view of what she typed. Her finger resting on the return key.
  <Retsudo wants to fuck his sister, Ai.> SEND

"No! Ai!"

Ai hit return and an immediate calm washed over Retsudo. He leaned over to Master PC and typed.

<Ai wants to fuck her brother, Retsudo.> SEND

Retsudo stood, she turned to face him and the two locked mouths and entwined their tongues. They pulled off each other's clothes like they were finally free of slavish chains.  Once naked, they writhed in each others' smoothness. No place, no part, no crevice was safe from their questing hands, fingers and tongues. They uttered and moaned "I love you, my elder brother." I love you, Ai." "I love you Retsudo." "I love you little sister."  over half closed kisses.

Ai pushed her beloved brother so he tripped on the lip of his bed and lay flat. Ai, on her knees straddled him, placed his cock between her thumb and forefinger. She pointed it at he burning pussy, it was the one thing to quench its fire.  Her brother took possession of her tits while she lowered herself down upon her greatest treasure. It felt so good she wanted more. But it hit a wall that blasted hymen.

Her ever-so-wise, ever-so-handsome, ever-so-fuckable elder brother helped her out and bounced his ass on the bed, tearing her maidenhead once and for all. Pleasure flooded his sister's brain.

She collapsed on his Ret's chest and rolled her head from side to side.

"It's yours brother. My virginity is yours. My pussy is yours. I am all yours. Oh fuck me, please, fuck me."

Retsudo, breathing heavily himself, rocked his pelvis forward in and out of his sister. She cried out with tiny whines then grunts with every powerful thrust.

"Oh! I feel it brother. I feel it!" She straddled him, pinched her nipples, closed her eyes and concentrated on her pussy. "Tell me" She panted. "Tell me when you are cumming. I want to know I want to..oh gods." Ai shook in orgasm.

Retsudo held on to her hips to stop her from bouncing off. He increased his thrusts. Master PC was great. He never wanted to fuck anyone so bad in his life, especially the only woman he ever loved, his beautiful sister, Ai. "I'm cumming, Ai! I am cuuuummmmmming. Ahhhhhhhhh!" It was flat out the best orgasm of his life. No orgasm had ever come close, probably because he had never loved anyone so much. And Master PC's magic allowed Ai to share in his orgasm.

The siblings savored the moment, but did not stop there. Retsudo, pushed Ai off of him, grabbed her ankles and placed her in the doggy position. Then he slammed his hard cock into his sister's cunt a second time.

Her twat was sloppy, wet and gooey. It dripped cum and blood. It slicked her inner thighs and stained the sheets. And neither one cared. A heady musk of arousal rose out of his sister's anus and Retsudo took in the aroma like it was a fine wine.

Ai bent her head to the bed and let elder brother take control. The penetration he got with that position thrilled her. She was getting to like a good, hard fucking. The innate submissiveness of the position was delicious. She put on a little girls voice as her face bounced on the bed. "Is Ai being a good little sister, elder brother?"

"Oh yes, the best little sister a brother could wish for."  As his balls spanked her giant peach of an ass, he though to reward his good little sister.

Suddenly, Ai was awash in a flood of bliss. Yes, she liked this position very much. It was like being wrapped in a warm blanket of fuck. She felt the peculiar sensation at the base of her cunt beginning to charge again. "Oh, brother, I feel, I" This time Retsudo came too. Ai was hit by two waves of fuckjoy one, right after the other."

It took her longer to recover this time. Ai held out her hand. "Wait. I am so tired."

His dick glistening and bobbing in the moonlight Retsudo retrieved Master PC and held it open towards her. Her screen was up. Ai smiled then typed in..
<Get me ready to fuck again.> SEND

Her fatigue was gone. She was not longer thirsty or hungry. She was just horny. She scooted back on the bed, her knees bent high, her legs wide. When her back hit the wall, she curved her finger, calling Retsudo and his big, fat dick. "Come Elder brother. Come and fuck me some more."

Retsudo put the laptop down and moved forward. Ai's tongue wiped her teeth. Even saturated, she could tell her pussy was drooling for more of her brother's meat.

His lips locked onto hers and his dick hit home like a guided missile. Her legs locked over him and he thrust like a pile driver. His dick rubbed against her clit like sexual iron on flint, sending ecstasy sparks straight to her brain. His head hit bottom like a drill hitting bedrock. Ai laughed hysterically with joy. All Retsudo knew was that he wanted to do in life was fuck her and he did. Again he grunted and came and she joined him. She had no choice.

Imagine you could fuck as long as you wanted as much as you wanted. Sounds great doesn't it? But then suppose you don't want to stop. Though they feel good, orgasms are a form of epileptic fit. Within a few hours, Ai showed signs of wear.

Fortunately, Retsudo was also programmed to love her. For her sake, he quit. And while she slept with disquiet smile, he used Master PC to tone down his stamina and the siblings' compulsion to fuck. He used to laugh at "sex addicts," now he removed his and her addictions. Once that was done, he got two hours sleep. He spooned up to his beautiful, sticky partner. He fell asleep wondering how Jack's night had gone.

Jack woke to Iyazu nibbling on his ear with her lips and fondling his flaccid dick with her hand. She smoothed her warm palm up and down its shaft.

"Damn. I really do have a big cock." He thought. "It was only a hand, tops, only yesterday."

"Jack?" Iyazu's voice rose in pitch at the end of his name. She was going to ask him a favor.


"Could I ask you a favor?"

"What?" He was enjoying the hand job, getting hard again.

"My sister...she's a little inexperienced, about men."

He played along. "What does that have to do with me?"

"She is very attracted to you."

"That is very sweet."

"It is very serious. I was hoping...maybe."

"Would you like me to introduce her to ways of love?"

"I am sorry I asked. Never mind." So upset was she, that she stopped the palm job and rolled over.

Jack rolled over on his side and caressed her cheek. "Shhhh. Of course. I'd be happy to."

"Really?" She rolled over.

"Sure. I love her."

"You do?" Iyazu began to get weepy.

Doctor Rhee frowned. He didn't think he had reprogrammed her emotions so powerfully. "Yes, I love you both."

"Oh we love you too, Rhee-san." She hugged and kissed him and used her arm to signal her sister. With her diaphanous white cotton nightgown back on, Oichi shyly entered the room, eyes cast down, hands folded in front of her.

Naked, Jack and Iyazu stood up an approached the shy girl. Iyazu stood behind her, massaging her shoulder and whispered reassurance in her ear. "You'll be fine."

Rhee approached. "You ready?"

Oichi nodded.

He gently held her head. "Let's start with a kiss."

Jack was in heaven. Her lips were full, moist and undulated beneath his own, like tiny caterpillars. He opened his mouth just a little bit and she mirrored his movement. Hr first attempts at Frenching were hesitant, tentative. Jack noticed that her tongue was small, pointed.

Soon, both their mouths opened and the lovers shared breath and passion. Iyazu slid her sister's gown off. She had to admit her sister was beautiful. Of course, she herself got he brains.

Jack slid his head and hands down. His hands were tickled by her long mane of hair on their journey to her ass. He slung his hands under Oichi's buns and pulled her up a bit, making it easier to swallow her alabaster breasts.

Oichi's breath came in pants. She combed her finger's through his hair and pressed his mouth closer. She loved the warm wetness of his saliva followed by the caressing rasp of his tongue circling her sensitive nipples. She thrilled when he pulled his head back a little and blew cool air on them. They tingled happily and got all pointy like they did in the fall. "I love you, Jack. It is true. It is true."

Jack was in heaven. Her tits were juicy, firm yet loose and strangely cool. But he decided he liked that, it was like sucking on polished white marble, a Venus.
Her hips undulated, wanting something but not having the sense to know what. Her body was signaling it was ready. "Oishi, I am going to make you a woman now.  Okay?"

She smacked her lips and nodded. He kissed her again for reassurances. Then he transferred his hand to hers and he guided her to his bed. He took her hands by the wrist and put them on the edge of the bed.

This may not be her favorite position, but t was going to be his. He had been wanting this since that moment he bumped up against her.

Iyazu followed. "Don't worry, sister. It feels really good."

"What is going to happen, sister?"

"You saw how Jack put his part inside me?"


"You saw how it made me feel good? Well he is going to do the same thing to you, but in a different fashion.
 It will sting at first, then it will feel excellent. The feeling will be over your whole body.
 Wait here."  Iyazu quickly jogged to the master bath, grabbed a towel and laid it on the bed, under Oichi.

 Jack played with her long hair and nibbled on Oichi's back, warming up for the moment. He looked down at her perfect ass, it was like an upside down heart and his dick was going to be her cupid's arrow, pricking her, making her bleed. His dick was the blind boy's butt-shaft.

 Iyazu sat on the bed on her haunches to watch her beloved Jack penetrate her sister. She was nervous. More than anything she wanted to spend the rest of her life in bed with Jack and her sister. She hoped Oichi didn't blow it.

 Jack guided his dick in slowly. Oichi wondered at the big deal her hand had done as much. Then Jack slid in further.

 Oichi's mouth formed a big "O" and her arms grew weak. Iyazu smiled. "Now you are getting it." Jack felt her hymen. He waited until he caught Iyazu's eye and nodded.

"Do you like the feeling, sister?"

Oichi nodded.

"There will be more. But first, there will be that stinging I told you about. Do not worry. The same thing happened to me. It will pass." She nodded to Jack.

"If you say so, Elder...OWWWW!" impatient, Jack thrust into her. He felt the tearing of his first virgin. "That' hurts!"

Neither Jack nor her sister was letting her go. Jack took it easy on her and slowly entered and left her but it only irritated and hurt it more. The good feeling wasn't worth the bad.

"No. I want off. Let me go."

Jack's fantasy was fading quickly. He reached into his Master PC senses and it seemed to indicate that she might like a rougher technique. It wasn't really Jack's style but he tried it. He increased the energy of his thrusts. He slammed in and out of her using all of his weight and length. His shaft worked the whole length of her pussy, finally the discomfort was worth it. Oichi went wild.

"Oh yes! Yes!" She arched her back and threw her mane about, just like he wanted.  The sensation of being filled, emptied and filled again was incredible. And why did it plain feel so good? Something was happening to her and she didn't know what, but she loved it.  She caught Iyazu's eye. "Feels so good."

"Doesn't it. See? I was right."

"So right."

"Now bend you back. Jut your ass up in the air. He will fill you up better that way."

Her little sister obeyed and was instantly appreciative of her older sister's experience. Indeed he did fill her up all the way. Her love filled her up all the way, like no one had ever done before and no one ever would.

Jack was enjoying the rough sex. In his contemplative way, he realized that he had never tried it before because he couldn't get away with it before. All the women he had dated had to be wheedled and cajoled into bed. And if they did like it rough, they never told him. Now he was having sex his way and he loved it.

Oichi was so beautiful, a moon goddess bucking and shouting beneath him. He did love her smooth, muscular back, her pinched waist, her smooth, flawless porcelain ass, her long blue-black mane, everything. Iyazu wasn't bad either.

Oichi was entering seventh heaven. The sensations shooting up from her pussy were incredible. Now a new feeling joined the stampede. She had never felt this before. She wasn't sure exactly what it was, but she could tell it was good, an itch about to be scratched. She let it arrive.

As abruptly as hitting a wall, Oichi screeched and convulsed like a worm impaled on a hook.  Her loin dipped down, then slowly rose, dipped down, slowly rose, dipped down, slowly rose then remained there. Oichi folder her arms and rested her torso on the bed.

Jack Rhee was amazed. "She just had a multiple! I could feel her quiver!"  Jack had heard of these things and he always dreamed of giving a girl one.  He resumed his fucking of Oichi who, now content as a cat in cream, laying her cheek on the bed, enjoying the afterglow. "So good. So happy."

Jack felt the itch in his shaft and knew he was about to ejaculate. He shot is load into his beloved. He took his pleasure in it and did not count the cost.

After he withdrew, Oichi, turned around. Her face met the thing that had given her so much joy. It hung low, heavy with blood. Veins pulsed on it surface. It glistened with her beloved's juices. She found it strangely compelling. She kissed it, just like any other part she kissed. The mucus on it tasted sweet and salty. Delicious! She decided to taste a little more, then a little more. She licked his dick like it was the best tasting Popsicle ever.

Both Jack and Iyazu were surprised.  Jack looked down on the Nipponese beauty kissing and licking his cock clean. He ran his fingers though her smooth hair leaned his head back and enjoyed the ride.

Iyazu wasn't jealous. She did not begrudge her sister her pleasure, but she wanted to taste his semen too. Just the smell was making her...hungry for it. When she spied his glorious seed dripping from her sister's pubes she got an idea. "I am not a lesbian. But I want to taste Rhee-san's semen so much." She licked her lips, then gave into the hunger. She twisted onto her back and scooted between her sister's thighs and under her ass. Hesitantly, she raised her lips to taste her man's semen and was delighted. She loved it! She drank out of her sister with enthusiasm.

Oichi lifted her head in surprise. She caught Jack's eye. He caressed her cheek.

"Do not worry, little Oichi. Everything is fine."

She looked at him, her hair tangled, snail trails of semen across her lips and cheek. "I love you, Rhee-san."

"And I love you, Oichi-san, you and your sister."

Oichi gently squeezed her thighs over her sister's ears. " Jack, will I have your baby inside me? I want that very much because I love you."

"Maybe not this time, Oichi, but soon. Now, suck my cock until I spit more semen into it. Drink it down now and we will make babies soon."

Oichi released her sister and dove into her man's dick with enthusiasm. Iyazu, tired of being smothered, stood and offered her tits to her new lover. Jack was sucking on those glorious 38D's when he fired a load into Oichi's mouth. She didn't miss a drop.

Then the three went to sleep.  The bed was plenty big enough.

Interesting things happened during the night. Jack once woke up to Oichi crawling on top of him. She slid his dick into her and the two played a game of fucking to orgasm without waking Iyazu.  Oichi's giggling almost woke her sister twice.

Then Jack awoke to Iyazu licking the drying cum from his dick. He had to admit, she was better at giving head than Oichi. He ran one hand though her hair and played with a tit until he came.  Iyazu grabbed her tits and dripped some of the white fluid  from her mouth on to her mounds. Then she licked the drops off of them, giving her lover a show. Iyazu bent over and whispered, "My sister is very sound sleeper." Then lay down beside him.

Jack took it as a cue and rolled over on top of her. She spread her legs and then slipped inside her. Then the lovers talked, just talked, quietly, as lovers will.

"Do you have boyfriends, back on Kyushu?"

"No. No one to speak of. All the boys either dated me just to get to Oichi or they ran when they found out they were going to have to support us both."

"I understand."

"No you don't. Jack, I love you."

"I love you too."

"No, I love you. I want to least I think we might are going to be husband and wife..."

"It appears that way."

"Before you say anything else, please allow me to finish. Jack I do not want children. I feel like I have been taking care of one my whole life.  That is why I brought my sister here. I know it is shameful..."

"That is fine."

"No it is not..."

Jack reassured her for several minutes more. The Master PC sense gave him a perfect idea of how to soothe her mind. Once that was done...

"You took care of your sister for her whole life. That's a long time. Sure you could be happy here? Wouldn't you like to travel?"

"Oh I like it here, there is nothing but concrete where we used to live. When I saw the brochures..."

Jack frowned. The brochures were decades old, but they did display the little island's natural virtues well. "Will anyone miss you?"

"Perhaps my boss, at the bank. He is a good man. He knows about my sister and has kept my worthless services and me well. I hope he will not think me ungrateful."

"Then it is settled. You will stay here. I love you Iyazu, not the same as I love your sister, but I love you."

"And I love you, my Jack." She flexed the muscles inside her pussy and smiled. Jack looked over at Oichi, sleeping like a baby. He flexed his dick inside her. Then they played the same game, "fuck without waking sister."

Iyazu did have a minor, delicate orgasm, but it had more to do with Jack sucking on her practically catalytic tits. Jack didn't want to show off by coming again, but he felt her owed it to her as a sign of fidelity.  When he felt drowsy, Iyazu simple held him in her arms and had him sleep atop her.

As her love lapsed into a doze she spoke to herself  "If this is a dream, please so not let me wake up." For the first time in her life, she had no worries. She was happy, content, her life stretched out before her in one clear, shining, path. She was going to take care of the business, her husband would cure people and Oichi...Oichi would bear their children.

The freighter left with the tide and that waited for no one, which didn't leave much time to talk. Ret smiled. He had used Master PC to reenergize himself and Ai and cover their nocturnal activities. But Jack hadn't. His hair was a mess, his eyes drooped and he smiled the smile of s well fucked man. Iyazu and Oichi hung around his neck like two bejeweled pendants, not to be shook off, except to get him anything he wanted.
Jack said his girls wanted to go into town to shop, so he'd be seeing him next month.

Retsudo Abe and his very proper sister, dressed in her seldom-used kimono. Boarded the ferry. In the close confines of the small ship, privacy was out of the question...for some things. But for Ret to instruct his lover in the use Master PC, it was fine. If any of the crew came by, they saw a dutiful brother instructing his sister in the latest technology.

The End of Chapter Three.