Master PC in Nippon
Chapter Two: Reversal of Fortunes

Ryu Island was beautiful in its day, Shinto priests and poets composed haiku about it. Twisted cypress lined its rocky shore and the stand of cedar trees inland provided a break from the wind. Its meadows of grasses were like another sea in itself. It even had a modest beach of white coral sand, brought up by a stray current.

Its tranquility was meant to bring peace to the inmates of the sanitarium. But everyone knew that it was its isolation that everyone really craved. That way family could have a reasonable excuse for not visiting their children.

The irony of how Retsudo interred his sister there so he could visit her, did not escape him.

After he hung up, Retsudo began to dwell on his sister and her memory of the things he did to her. It was one thing when she had the mind of...well not a grown woman anyway. Now she had to live with shameful memory of what he had done to her. His mind searched for escape.

The laptop still had Master PC hooked up to it.

He entered is sister's name. She was still dressed in institutional overalls, and sitting down. Retsudo wrestled about what...if anything he should enter.
"I could make her forget all about the times I fingered her. But then she might forget some of the good conversations, and Rhee knows all about it. How many more people would I have to tamper with before the inquiries ended?
Lies. What was it father said about lies? They web on each other until it catches the spider that built it. "

 No. He decided he couldn't tamper with people's mind just yet. But he could assist his sister's understanding more swiftly. He typed,
<Ai will understand why her brother felt it necessary to touch her so intimately. And she will have compassion for his situation.> SEND

Visibly, the image on the screen seemed less tense. He summoned up the window the exposed a person's thoughts and Ai's seemed much more tranquil. She had accepted what he had done and forgiven him.

"Now if I can only forgive myself."

The three days passed with much amusement.  He used the three girls to experiment with Master PC.

First off, he dispensed with the pretense of the ointment. The girls loved him and worshipped his cock. He reduced his penis to ten inches and less thickness, something he could get into his jeans, yet still virile.

Then he played with their bodies. He increased, himself and the girl's, physical fitness and immunity to disease and illness. He removed all of Chinichi's moles, straightened their teeth and removed all body hair beneath the neck.  All fat disappeared, but they were not muscle-bound. He made Miko's tits bigger, Chinichi's ass tighter and Mie's knees not so knobby. He sensitized their nerves to respond like lightening to sexual arousal. Then made all their hair normal, black, the way he thought a Japanese girl should have her hair.

They he played with their minds. Little Miko would look up to Retsudo as her powerful hero and lord.  Tall slender, Mie would be demure and shy. Powerful Retsudo would bring out the inner lust she so carefully hides.  Chinichi would be the leader of the three. She would live to be Retsudo's loyal servant. He liked the way she grew foul mouthed when he fucked her and so she would always enjoy nasty sex with him. He ended it with "They would only ever have sex at my command."

He discovered that Master PC was brilliant at teaching them how to perform tasks, but experience actually doing the task was always required. The three bitches scraped off paint and removed rust, the dirtiest job on any trawler. They worked doggedly for the Captain who had promised the honor of first fuck. When they came to drop off the girl's things, the parents were pleased when they saw how hard the girls were working, for a change. They thanked "Retsudo-sama" for teaching them discipline and virtue.

That night, he removed all their blisters and fatigue while they made themselves beautiful.  Then he  put his mental programming to the test. He invited them all to his cabin. Each's choice in clothing, designed to be attractive to him , was most revealing.

Miko wore tight jeans that hugged her pert ass and a t-shirt, with no bra that showed off her new tits. She wore brown leather sandals and wore her hair back in two ponytails. She was a sexy little thing.

Mie wore a long, chocolate, embroidered silken one-piece dress. Her long hair was pulled back, displaying her oval face and long, slender, pale neck. Her head was slightly bowed, doe-eyes down. She held her hands, folded, modestly in front of her. She was the perfect young lady.

Chinichi displayed her goods for all to see and admire. Her outfit was a daring, single knit, hot pink mini dress. On her feet she wore matching hot-pink five-inch stiletto heels. She had feathered her hair so it framed her full face and her side locks fell to her ample bosom. Her lips were painted pink and she wore gold bangles on her ears, neck, wrist and even ankles. As Retsudo admired her ass, he noticed that there was no panty line.

Hard already, he controlled himself, he continued with the test and asked Chinichi who should he bed first. If the programming did not hold, she would choose herself. If it did hold, she would look after his interests first.

"Miko, sir."

Miko inhaled sharply, not believing in her luck. Mie sulked.

Retsudo smiled, but not for the reason they thought. "Really?"

"Yes, sir. Mie and I worked equally as hard, but for someone of Miko's size to match us...well it takes an extraordinary effort."

"Very well spoken. Miko, you will share my bed first."

Miko bounced up and down and clapped with glee. The others looked heartsick. "Don't worry, girls. I will be with you in time." Mie and Chinichi left.

Retsudo watched the girls go. As Mie shut the hatch to his cabin, he turned...right into a jumping Miko.

She held on to him with all four limbs. She smothered his face and neck with kisses. "Oh, Abe-sama! Oh, Abe-sama! You are so great and strong. How lucky I am! I love you so much!"

Retsudo opened his mouth to speak and the seventeen year old jammed her tiny tongue down his mouth. Finally, he pushed her off, but that did not quell her enthusiasm. "How can I please you?" She whipped of her shirt, revealing a nice set of jiggly tits. "How can Miko make you happy?" She squirmed out her tight jeans, down to her white cotton panties. Her energy was infectious.

"Well, get me naked." Retsudo spread out his arms.

She sprung forward, delighted with her task. "Yes, lord." She unbuttoned his shirt. Her desire to see him naked made her careless. She missed several times to get a button off. All the while she spoke invectives in praise of her lord and master. "You are so strong, my lord. So handsome! Your Miko is going to make you happy. Your Miko will make you do her best, you'll see!"

She pulled his t-shirt over his head and painted his new, rippled chest with kisses and nibbles while she worked at his belt. Again her enthusiasm made her effort clumsy but eventually she got her lord's pants off. She paused to rub his dick through his shorts. "My lord is so big." Miko's mouth went slack and open, Retsudo thought she was she going to go up for a French kiss, but instead she went down.

She yanked down his shorts, knelt on her haunches and sucked his dick for all she was worth. Between long, deep kisses and slurpy licks she uttered praise of her lord's phallus. Her voice went from a "Christmas Morning" enthusiasm to a whiny need. "Your dick is so big. It feels so good. Its makes Miko so happy, does it make you happy too, lord?"

"Yes." Her tiny mouth and piquant tongue indeed making Retsudo very happy. He rewarded Miko my caressing the pleasure centers of her brain, like he petted the ship's cat.

Suddenly, amidst the sucking of his balls, Miko pulled her mouth away. "My lord, I have a confession."

"Oh no." Retsudo thought. "Here's the catch."
"What, Miko?"

"My lord, I love sucking you. Would it be too much to ask to drink of your semen? I love it so much. "

Retsudo smiled. "Very well. But you must show me how much you love it."

With a girlish squeal, Miko dived into her fellatio with a renewed purpose. She was going to coax the white marrow from her master's bone.

Deeper and deeper she worked his dick down her throat. She tickled his sack with her left hand. Retsudo savored the moment. Here was a girl would was cursing him only a day before and now she was his cock hungry slut and she felt so good too. He could feel her tiny tongue working his snake.
Then he felt that familiar tingle at the base of his dick. "Your lord is coming, Miko. Get ready, here I come."

He shot his load into her mouth. Then he shot a load into her brain. During his and her bucking a bit of his head slipped out and with it, a bit of cum. Miko looked up to her lord, a slick trail of semen glistening on her chin, mouth open to show him that she did indeed hold his seed.

Retsudo waited before he allowed her to swallow. He made a mental note to increase his seed in volume and potency. "You may swallow. Then brush your teeth at my sink." When she swallowed he jostled her with a bit of his canned joy.

While she brushed her teeth, he considered what to do next. "She is a senior in high school, almost college, but she is so tiny, barely four foot nine and so pixie thin.  A man could do many things with a woman so light."

She finished with her teeth. He told her approach and strip. She bounded over to her master and stripped without the least hesitation.

"Turn around for me." He admired he tight, tiny ass and how the b-cups he gave her earlier presented the proportionate equivalent of d's.

He lifted her chin upwards with the knuckle of his right index finger, bent over and kissed her. Her mouth responded in kind, opening, engulfing, and exploring her new man with her tongue. She wrapped her arms around him and he around her small, naked and newly muscular back. Then he slid his hands down to knead her cheeks. Miko moaned in his mouth in response.  He cupped her cheeks and lifted her light frame up to his hips.

Miko, used to being small, took the hint and wrapped her legs around his waist. It took some maneuvering. Even though Miko was sopping, her pussy was a small target. Retsudo laughed and Miko giggled as he two lovers squirmed to couple. Eventually he slid in, but it was a tight fit, like slipping into a wool sock just after it had been through the wash.

Miko was full to bursting and she loved it. Her voice again took on the pouty, whiney tone. "Yes, lord, you fill me up so....ahhh, so big. You make me so happy. What can I do to make you happy? Ahhhh. So big.  You make Miko so full, lord."

In reply, Retsudo bounced. Miko's eyes shot open and she yelped. "Ow! What?"

Retsudo continued bouncing her tiny frame up and down on his waist. With each shudder of her weight coming down on his hips he nailed her pleasure center with a lancet of mental energy.

Miko went from pain, to pleasure to desperate need in minutes. At first, she clung on because she didn't know what else to do. Then she let out little yelps, like an American prairie dog. Finally, she stopped holding onto him so tightly and leaned backwards.

Retsudo waddled over to his desk and rested her on it. It was the perfect height. He changed his thrusts from staccato to long slingings in and out. Miko yelped when his head hit her cervix then whined as she felt the source of her joy slide out. Yelp! Whine. Yelp! Whine. Faster and faster.

Retsudo bent over and ravaged the tiny breasts that lay on the flesh table before him. Miko's arms held onto him.  Tingle! He arched his back for one final, grand penetration and shot his load into Miko Katayama.  Then as he recovered, he rewarded he efforts with a jolt of pleasure.

"That is getting tiresome."


"Nothing." Retsudo withdrew and washed off his dick at his mini-sink. Miko lay on the desk, reveling in the sensation of the great man's semen oozing down her crotch and onto her thigh. That reminded Retsudo of something.

"You have made you lord very content. Now wipe yourself off and return to the crew quarters. " Miko did as she as she was told.

Being at sea for days on end tend to make men thoughtful. As the laptop booted up, Retsudo opened a beer and reflected on what was happening to himself. He discovered he enjoyed the sense of power, perhaps too much. He most decidedly did not want to become a despot, like more than one of his daimyo ancestors did. But he knew he wanted to keep Miko and probably the other girls too.

"Any life I give them would be better than the life they would have had. They were evil bitches." He justified.

 Then he deactivated his sperm, temporarily and made sure Miko did not get pregnant. Then he doubled his dicks' seminal fluid output per load. He hoped that wouldn't make him thirstier. He was always thirsty after sex. Then he programmed the girls to just automatically come when he did. "By the time I am done with you three, you will be fine tuned sex machines."

He shut the computer down, put it back into his safe, and slipped on his robe and easy shoes. Then he went in search of Mie. He found her at the helm, looking up at the stars.



"Watching the stars?"

"Some people say our fate is wrapped up n the stars. I wonder what strange fate brought me here."


"In some ways I feel better than I ever have before. And in other ways I feel..." she blushed.

"I see." Ret closed the distance and stood behind her. Mie visible tensed at his proximity.

"Tell me how you feel."

"I want to run away and run into your arms, simultaneously. I never felt this way. I remember treating you with disdain and it shames me. But I did not feel shame then."

Retsudo frowned. He had forgotten to alter their memories.
"How did you feel then?"

"I knew how pretty I was, especially to boys. I enjoyed leading them on. They were so easy to manipulate. Mie, Chinichi and I had fun with our bodies.
 You have no idea, lord. But a girl's time of beauty is limited. We meant to use it to the fullest."

"And now?"

She spun around to face him. "All I want to do is share your bed, now and forever. I feel just like those foolish boys at school. I am being punished."

"I see. You have these feeling and are ashamed. Miko? Chinichi?"

"Miko feels the same but does not care. Chinichi? I do not know."

"I see. So, if I kissed you, you would kiss me back, but feel shame?"

"I could not help my..,"

He interrupted her with a deep French kiss. At first she struggled then melted into his arms. For long moments the two slithered in each other's arms. Then Retsudo opened the folds of her dress. He kissed her shoulder as she shrugged off her bra.

Then his lips kissed her soft, alabaster right breast. Mie's fingers laced his hair, pulling him close. Her breast was so soft and smooth. "Peaches and cream" his American friends called it, perfectly accurate. "Please stop." Mie pleaded. Retsudo ignored her plea for mercy. He slid down the fold of her silk robe to her sweet little cunt instead.

Her cunt was indeed sweet. Master PC had down a fine job of removing the pubic floss that usually hindered his efforts. He licked, he flicked, and he hooked his middle finger inside to work her g-spot. If his tongue tickling of her clit wasn't enough, Ret encouraged her pleasure center.

Mie went breathless. "So sweet. So sweet." Then an orgasm came on her unrepentantly.  "Oh!" She held Ret's head closer and he felt a small flood of secretion on his face.

Retsudo stood up, wiping off his chin. Despite the erotic joy he had bestowed on her, Mie still denied herself. "Please no more."

He took the cushions off the cabin's bench and threw them to the deck. "Lie down."

Mie did not argue. She spread her white robe out on the deck. Retsudo untied his robes' sash, releasing his angry monster. He looked at Mie, admiring the excellent work he had done sculpting her gams. "You legs are not spread?"

"Please, I..."

"Don't you want this? Between you legs?" He held out his phallus.


"Don't you remember how good it felt? Wouldn't you like to feel that good again? Remember?"

"I can't." But her legs spread open. He body betrayed her.

Retsudo spread his robe wide and lowered himself over her. Her slit was sopping wet. He slid in easily and she grunted when he did so.

He carefully massaged her brain with joy. She would beg for it next time. "Do you like it?"

"Oh, yes."

Ret began his thrusts. At first she just lay there. Then she began to meet his groin with her own but always silently. This annoyed Retsudo, he withdrew from her sloppy cunt and cut off his pleasure transmission. "That's enough."


"That's enough. You are not enjoying it."

"But I am, lord."

"Really? Then show it."


"Bend over and beg for it. Take off your robe too."

"But it's cold."

"Do you want it or don't you?"

Slowly, reluctantly. Mie, let her last garment whistle to the deck.

"Good. Now bend over. Present yourself to your lord."

Slowly, quietly, almost cautiously she did so. Her chilled nipples pointed down like udders.

"Good, now bend at the waist, stick your ass in the air."

Mie complied. Retsudo took some time stroking the smooth texture of her fine cheeks. "What a nice ass you have, Mie. Not as tight at Miko's or as full as Chinichi's but rounder. A fine addition to your gorgeous legs. He scratched it and spanked it. It went a little red. Then he slid his dick into the prostrate Japanese girl.

She arched her back, relishing the completeness of her new being.

"Without mental encouragement from me. Interesting."  He thought. Then he thrusted. He pistoned in and out of her like one of his trawler's monster engine rods. Mie swung her head up and down and from side to side, feeling every inch.

"Now how do you feel? Do you like this?"





"YES! Oh gods, yes!"

"Good now say you are my whore, my slut."

"No. I..."


"I am you slut, your..who...Aya!" She didn't get the whole word about before Retsudo rewarded her with a bucket of cold joy.

"See? I knew you would like dirty talk. Keep it up. Tell me how you are my slut, my whore, my cum-sack."

"I am your whore. Aya! I am your slut! Aya! I am your bitch! Aya! Fuck me, Abe-same, fuck your whore! Aya! Aya! Cunt! Aya! Aya! Bitch! Aya! Aya! Aya! Whore! Aya! Aya! Aya!"  The jolts of Master PC's programming put Mie into orbit and she never wanted to come down.

On and on it went, finally Retsudo blew his load inside her. Master PC did its job and sent Mie on a mindblower of her own. The two collapsed beside each other. Unlike one of Retsudo's mind fucks, she recovered normally.

"See, you like it?"

Mie smiled and caressed her lord's face. "Young lady by day. Fuck whore cunt by night?"

"That's pretty much it."

"MMmmmm. I can get used to that." She stretched, languidly, like a cat.

Retsudo stood up. "Now suck my dick clean. I have Chinichi to attend to.'

Mie knelt and sucked her master's dick like the bitch she knew she now was. This was something she never would have done in really life, unless someone paid her a lot of money. Now she savored every taste. She loved being a whore, his whore. She finished by licking her dried juices off his thighs. "All done, lord."

"Good return to your bunk. You and Miko may entertain yourselves if you wish but we have much work to do tomorrow."

"Yes, lord." Mie dressed, returning to her haughty self and departed.

Retsudo retuned to his cabin for another beer and found Chinichi waiting for him. She had changed into her flannel pajamas.

"Done with those two?"

Retsudo tried to not act surprised and got a beer. "For now."

"How did you do it? Change us I mean?"

Retsudo sipped his beer while he kicked himself for neglecting memories.  But he still had the power. "Do you care?"

"Yes and no. I worry what is in store for me. I feel weird what you did with my body. But I really do enjoy loving you. Of course, I probably couldn't help but say that."

Retsudo wondered how in control she was. "Aren't you worried about your friends?"

"Friends? They aren't friends, just girls I happen to grow up with and have the same bitchy temperament. Miko only cares about good times and actually likes what you do to her. And Mie, she was just going to tease all the boys until she couldn't get away with it any longer, then marry some big shot who'd neglect her. Might as well be you. "

"And you?"

"I want out of this lousy, stinking village."


"My scores are not so good, nor my family so respected."

Both people knew what lay in store for her: big city with a menial job and a boss who groped her, getting drunk every night, then a grinding marriage.


"Look I know you are probably going to change my mind so I cannot talk like this again and I still love you so I won't mind all this. But promise me two things. You are samurai, right? You keep your promises."


"Promise me you'll take me out of the village."

"Promise." Was it pity he was feeling? Pity towards this girl who had so abused him only yesterday?

"And promise me you won't pass me around. The girls I don't mind, we've done things before, but a row of boys is my greatest fear."

"Promise. If I do let you go, it will be the best of situations."

"Thank you, captian. That is a great relief. And about the rest of tonight...a girl has other needs." She tiptoed towards him so her hips swayed. She eyed the beer bottle at his mouth. "Mmm. Looks good." She took the bottle from him and sipped all the while maintaining eye contact. Then she held the bottle in front of him, spout up.

She licked the bottled neck and made noises of enjoyment. She deep throated its neck. Ret need no imagination to picture what the bottle represented. His own dick grew hard, looking forward to a similar treatment.

"Lie down, lord."

Retsudo moved to his bunk and she disrobed him. While he lay down she fed him beer and one of his oranges. The spilled juice she licked from his chest. Sometimes she would bite where the juice lay.

From his refrigerator, she removed a bit of blackberry jam and spread it on his dick. She stripped and straddled him, presenting her full ass into her face. He nibbled freely and allowed his fingers to explore her sex while his cock was sucked will aplomb. From the increase in her secretions he could tell she was having a good time.

"It is not all bad. You DO have such a big cock." She hummed as she deep throated him. He loved it. He thanked her by stimulating her asshole as well. She came first, and it was an honest climax. She broke her hold on his cock to concentrate on the sensation she felt shooting up from her loins. "Shiiiiitttttt! Aw, that felt great! By the way, where did you learn that asshole trick?"


"It's terrific. Now my pussy needs some attention. Give with the good fuck." She spun and without hesitation grabbed his dick and impaled her self with it, who pussy was big and roomy, like her hips. "Oh yeah! The American girls have it right about big cocks. Never felt this full before."

Retsudo played with her tits while he enjoyed one of his strangest conversations ever. "You've seen a lot of cocks?"

Chinichi rocked back and forth on his member. "You'd be surprised. But none as big as this, not even close. All the men want my tits. " She bit her lower lip, thoughtfully. Then she leaned forward, "Here baby, have a taste."

While he arched his pelvis upwards and she rocked back on his dick, Retsudo sucked Chinichi's large 38D tits. She started to swear.

"Oh yeah, baby. Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me all the way. Fuck my hot, wet cunt!" the intensity built. " Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! OoooooOOOOOO! " Chinichi did not hold back. She yelled loudly, as did Retsudo. Passerby's could have mistaken them for two cats in heat.

Still, on her man's dick. Chinichi collapsed on her man's chest laughing. Retsudo laughed too. "How odd." He thought. "I could love this woman."

"Damn, that was good." She rested the side of her head on his chest.

"I have decided. I will not alter your mind further."

"Why because I am such a hot lay?"

"Partly. Partly because I realize that you were a victim of the town too."

"But I was mean to you. Why stop your vengeance on me?"

"A dog in pain snaps at his own master."

"You are a better person than I am. If things were reversed you and that monster dick of yours would be my fuck toy."
But I would definitely screw down the minds of the Mie and Miko real tight if I were you. They are fools."

"Why not do the whole town?"

She raised her head and looked at him in the eyes. "You can do that?"

"Yes, all I have to do..."

She quickly held her finger up to his lips. "No. Don't let me or anyone ever know. You have no idea what I would do, even trying to be kind.
 I...we...are just lucky it fell into your hands, a kind, honorable man of no ambitions. I know people. Keep it that way."

In the face of superior wisdom, Retsudo nodded.

Still inside her, the two lovers slept. Twice more that night they roused each other. Twice more they enjoyed each other's bodies.

The End of Chapter Two.