Master PC in Nippon

The wedding was a simple, Shinto affair, held at the Golden Shrine. Everyone was in attendance. Jack, Iyazu and a very pregnant Oichi were there. Retsudo, his new wife Chinichi, dressed as a daimyo and his Lady, and Toyoko, Chiga and Jennifer were there too. Ai's faithful maids, Mie and Miko were in her train.  Fukogawa had a vice-president serve as his best man.

The honeymooners stayed at a typical five star Tokyo Hotel, impeccable service with all the atmosphere of an office building.

The New Man booked this particular honeymoon suite because it was the only one he could find that also had a workstation. As soon as he entered with his bride, he jacked in.
"Got to check my email. Got to see if we made our bid."

"It wasn't enough you were checking for text messages at the wedding?"

"Quiet. I am earning our living. You think rooms like this come cheap?"

"I am going to the bathroom."

"Fine." At last Hiro had some peace. His hands grabbed for the scotch but his eyes never left the ticker on the screen.

When Ai left the bathroom, she was vision of loveliness. She took even Fukogawa's breath away. She wore a white silk robe lined with lace. When she undid her sash she revealed that she was wearing only a white lace boustier with garters and hose. Contrasted against her long black hair, worn, loose and flowing, she was stunning. He practically swallowed an ice cube.

"You are beautiful."

"Thank you. May I have some champagne?"

Fukogawa fumbled for the bottle and pulled it from the bucket. He covered his clumsiness with small talk. "You have been so reluctant. I did not expect...." His cork popped.

"I always wanted to wear something like this on my wedding night. The wedding was not how I pictured it, but a girl must grab whatever happiness she can. Don't you agree?"

Fukogawa poured the champagne into two glasses. "That has always been my policy." As soon as he finished pouring the second glass, he collapsed.

Ai snatched the bottle from the comatose man's grasp before it spilled. Then she spat on the prone figure. "I would sooner commit suicide than marry you, you swine." Her saliva splatted on his jowl.

She opened the door to her suite. Retsudo stepped over the Fukogawa guard and entered.

"Are you sure we are alone?" she asked.

"Our security firm is the best. We are alone." Retsudo took up his champagne. The two clinked glasses and sipped.

"Hmm, too sweet. I'll order up some Chandon." He picked up the phone. He voice suddenly changed timber completely. He sounded just like Fukogawa. "Two bottles of '92 Chandon to the bridal suite. Each in its own ice bucket. Now. " He hung up and returned to his normal baritone. "Bad manners but typical Fuko."

"I like this champagne." The two hooked arms, sipped, and then kissed.

"I like this champagne served that way." Ret smiled.

"I did not like that wedding."

"We've been over that. It was too public. Master PC cannot take care of everything. Besides, I was standing right next to you. Couldn't you picture saying those vows to me?"

"It was the only thing keeping me sane."

He ran his thumb over her breast, "You know the champagne glass was molded on a woman's breast?"

She swatted his hand away. "Tell me how this will work again."

"Every night he spends with you, especially tonight, this pig will believe he made love to you. He will be very sure of himself. But we have a handle on all the people who are supposed to have access to you." There was a knock on the door. "There is one now."

Retsudo kicked Fukogawa. "Get our champagne you murderous shit."

While Retsudo stayed out of sight, Fukogawa did exactly as he was told. He winked lewdly at his busboy spy and his now conscious guard.

Once in, he handed Retsudo the tray then went back to his collapsed state.

"When I get you pregnant, and our own Tanaka labs "confirms" Fukogawa paternity, he will have a nervous breakdown and be sent to Ryu Island for "treatment."

"But it will be our baby. Right Retsudo?"

"Right." He slung a laptop case out from under his overcoat. Ai turned off all the lights.

The two watched with excitement as Master PC booted up. Retsudo made Ai extremely fertile. Ai filled Retsudo with y-sperm. Together, they did not design their ideal son. It didn't matter what he was, all that mattered was that he was theirs. They would love and accept him no matter what.

The night started with a kiss. The bridal suite was lit only in the glow of Master PC.

The End.