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Master PC - new user

(part 6)

By Swashbuckler


John didn't remember blacking out. He was arguing with to Bethany in the bedroom one moment and was suddenly snapping conscious seated on the couch. Bethany was sitting in front of the computer. John had no clue how much time had passed, but the morning sun was no longer low in the sky.

"What happened?" John said.

You were picking a fight and I ended it," Bethany replied. "I also wiped your memory of some of the things we said to each other."

John could tell from the way Bethany was fuming that she had not erased her own memory of what he had been forced to forget.

"I feel I should apologize, but I have no clue what I am apologizing for," John said.

"You told the truth about what we have become," Bethany said, although the admission sounded bitter to John. Bethany turned around, started typing on the computer and John felt himself falling asleep again.


It was morning again when John woke.

"John," Bethany said, "I want you to meet someone. This is Master Rex. He owns that clothing shop I just ordered from. Evidently, his ordering system is flagged to tell him about customers with 'unusual sizes' and he wanted to look us over."

John turned and saw an amazing man. He was nearly seven feet tall with the build of an athlete. His face was ruggedly handsome with shoulder length hair and startling blue eyes that seemed to catch the light and reflect it like a kaleidoscope. With only a moment of eye contact, John found it hard to look away. His body was muscular, tan and hairless and he was dressed in only a pair of black jeans. John caught a faint whiff of a deeply masculine scent and his own dick began to harden.

"You didn't mention he was gay," Rex said. His voice was a deep, melodic baritone.

"Bi," John and Bethany corrected in unison.

"Whatever. Get up boy."

Despite himself, John found himself obeying the man's commands.

"Why am I doing this?" John said out loud.

"Subsonic harmonies in my voice," Rex replied "Now look into my eyes."

John stared at the man's eyes and watched the interplay to light within them. Within moments, he felt his consciousness slipping away again.


When John awoke again, it with the familiar snap that he had experienced every weekday morning for weeks. Only this time, instead of being in bed, he was on his back, licking Rex's dick and Bethany's pussy while Rex fucked her. John immediately got up and went into the bathroom.

"What's he doing?" Rex asked, without stopping his pounding of Bethany.

"He's getting ready for work," Bethany replied. "It's Monday and he won't be doing anything else until 5 pm."

Rex pulled himself out of Bethany with a wet slurping noise and followed John into the bathroom. He leaned against the bathroom door-sill while John shaved and Bethany lingered languidly on the living room floor.

"The problem with guys like you," Rex said, "is that you don't want power. You dream of being a submissive love slave when, in reality, the minute you give up control some other ass-hole like me walks in and all you become is a victim."

John raged within but continued shaving.

"Face it, Johnny-boy," Rex continued, "the minute Bethany stopped needing you was the minute you started becoming something less than a man. Good thing I was around to take up the slack, huh?"

John finished shaving and began to get dressed.

"When you get back from work like a good little wage-robot. Bethany and I will be gone. I'm also taking your computer and all the backups. I'll leave Barbie here for you. She will do whatever you tell her and sucks a mean dick but is about as sexually responsive as a door knob. I guess your wife was the jealous type. With a little KY-jelly, you and Barbie should be perfect for each other."

John glared at Rex but continued getting ready for work. Rex towered over John and blocked his route to the door.

"One last thing before you walk out on your wife for the last time, little man. I'm super strong, have hypnotic eyes, and a scent and voice that make people password protected against direct manipulation obey me anyway. I have a computer program that can look in on you at any time and alter you in any way I see fit. I even have the Bethany's adoration."

Rex continued despite John's attempts to get around him. "You got nothing but a burning need to be at work on time and a zombie housekeeper who obeys you and every salesman who knocks on the door and is going to lose that pretty figure if you don't keep an eye on her. My point, in case I'm not getting through to the little robot brain of yours, is that your life isn't that bad as long as you don't mess with me. I can change that. You lose, I win, and there ain't no overtime. Deal with it. End of story."

Then Rex stepped out of the way and let John go to work and leave his wife behind.

The End... ?