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Master PC - new user

(part 5)

By Swashbuckler


As John and Bethany watched, the newly transformed Karen finished her shower, stepped out and began to unselfconsciously dry her naked body.

"What is your name?" Bethany asked.

"My name is Slave, Mistress," Karen replied immediately. Her voice was throaty and low but melodic instead of husky and John's dick stirred to hear it.

"Slave?" John said to Bethany skeptically.

"You think it's too much?" Bethany said. When John nodded, Bethany told Karen, "Although you will reply to slave, your name is ... " Bethany stopped and tapped her chin with her finger as she thought - a gesture that had remained unchanged through all of her transformations. "Your name is Barbie."

"My name is Barbie," Karen/Barbie replied.

"I've laid out some clothing for you Barbie," Bethany said. "Please get dressed."

As everyone stepped out of the bathroom, John turned and saw a pile of shiny black latex and a white frilly apron laid out in the guest bedroom. As Barbie dressed, the pile of latex resolved itself into a heavily boned combination corset and bustier that barely covered Barbie's nipples, a pair of thigh high stockings and a short circular skirt that fell in waves only to the tops of the stockings. After she had dressed and tied on the apron, Bethany produced a pair of simple black pumps with slightly pointed toes and a four inch spike heel. Barbie sighed slightly when she slipped the shoes on, as if standing on flat ground had been uncomfortable.

"Where did you get the outfit?" John asked, careful to keep his jaw from hanging open this time.

"I found a clothing shop called 'Rex's Exotic Fashions' on the Internet. It's based in Washington DC. They deliver very quickly and have no problems handling even odd sizes," gesturing to her own hourglass shape as she replied. "Our credit cards took a pretty heavy hit but I think you will agree by the end of the weekend that it was worth it."

John grinned and said, "I gather from her outfit that you have something other than cleaning in mind for our new maid."

"On the contrary," Bethany said, "cleaning is all I have in mind for both of you this evening - Begin Chores."

Unlike most of Bethany's programmed temporary commands, John found his mind was free to wander as he took off all of his clothes and followed Barbie to clean the house thoroughly from one end to the other. It soon became obvious that this was intentional as he found himself working in the same room as Barbie. He would watch the new maid as he worked and his dick once again swelled to semi-hardness. Bethany laughed when she came to check on the pair an hour later.

"You had better think good thoughts this weekend," Bethany said. "Although I haven't programmed your mind beyond cleaning up, I have programmed your cock to not soften if your wandering thoughts, shall we say, have a reaction. Get too hard to fast and you could have a very uncomfortable weekend."

John tried to keep his thoughts pure but he soon discovered that Bethany had programmed he and Barbie to do all of their chores together. Wherever the panty-less, latex maid worked, bending and twisting oblivious to John's attention, there also John found himself working.

At 11:00 p.m., both John and Barbie suddenly stopped working and went to their own bedrooms to get ready for bed, in separate rooms for the first time all evening. Bethany walked into where John brushed his teeth in the adjoining bathroom and smiled to herself as she leaned against the door frame.

"Enjoying yourself?" Bethany asked smugly.

John grinned back at her. "I feel like I should do something for revenge, you know," he said. "But you also know how much I like it when you tease me sexually."

"So there's no reason for me to feel guilty?" Bethany said.

"None at all."

"Good. I haven't missed my sense of guilt when I programmed it away and I wanted to make sure I was still better off without it."

"Are you really going to keep this up all weekend?" John asked.

Bethany smiled enigmatically.

"Go to bed," Bethany said as she turned and headed out toward the computer.


When John snapped awake at exactly 7:00 a.m. Saturday, his stomach reminded him that he had skipped supper the previous evening. As quietly as possible, so as not to wake Bethany, he slipped out of the bed and pulled on some shorts. When he reached the door, he paused and looked back at Bethany's sleeping form.

She looked so quietly vulnerable, laying on her back with her mouth half-open and her head to one side amidst a cloud of amber hair. In that relaxed moment, Bethany reminded John of the woman he once knew, before she became a breathtakingly beautiful, confident woman. Before he had discovered the Master Program.

When John reached the kitchen, he saw Barbie scrambling to keep from burning four breakfast dishes all cooking at the same time. Smoke was beginning to curl from what John guessed was supposed to be an omelet and Barbie's arms were covered in small burns from splattering grease.

Mindful of the noise he was making, John nudged Barbie aside with his hip as he simultaneously turned on the stove-hood fan with one hand and started turning off burners with the other. Pausing only to shove a pair of a pot holder's into Barbie's hands before grabbing smoking pans with two more pot holders, John and Barbie together dumped the entire mess into the back yard.

As soon as they returned to the kitchen, Barbie began pulling out ingredients as if ready to start the whole process again.

"Barbie," John said, "don't cook breakfast. I'll do it."

"I have to," was Barbie's only reply.

"You have to? Why do you... " Suddenly John realized what had happened. Barbie had been programmed to cook breakfast when she had no clue how. Looking at the ingredients she was pulling out, it was likely that she had been programmed with a specific menu in mind.

John stepped over to the computer to fix Barbie's program when he realized to his surprise that he couldn't. No matter how much he exerted himself, he stopped two feet from the system. He couldn't even touch the cord to see what little good unplugging the computer would do.

John turned to get Bethany to help him with the computer and suddenly realized that not only did he not want to wake her early, he couldn't!

Rushing back to Barbie, John did the only thing he could do. John helped Barbie cook.


At 7:45, breakfast was complete and John ordered Barbie to care for her burns.

"I have to wake Mistress Bethany," was Barbie's only reply as she picked up the newly prepared tray of food and started walking toward the bedroom.

John followed behind and, instead of waking Bethany as he had planned, found himself picking up a chair, depositing it below the foot of the bed and sitting down on it quietly.

Sitting the tray, down beside the bed, Barbie then leaned over and began to softly kiss Bethany's sleeping body. After a few moments, Bethany stirred and rolled slightly, offering new places for Barbie to kiss. Languidly, Barbie crawled into bed and between Bethany's legs with her bare ass in the air in John's direction. At that moment, John felt the compulsion holding him in the chair release. Obstinately, despite his painfully firm hard-on, John remained seated with his arms crossed angrily on his chest.

Half-awake, with her eyes closed and enjoying the attentions of Barbie's tongue and hands, Bethany did not notice John until after she had orgasmed loudly.

"When did you become bisexual?" John asked after Bethany came down from her sexual high.

"Last night," Bethany replied as she frowned at the unusually sharp tone in John's voice. At a gesture, Barbie propped some pillows behind Bethany's back, retrieved the tray of food and presented it to her. "I figured why should you be the only one playing the whole field?"

"Barbie burned herself attempting to cook and I couldn't touch the computer to help her," John said.

Bethany inspected the small red blotches on Barbie's arms and said, "No need to worry, I'll erase all those as soon as I finish breakfast. She won't even remember being in pain."

"You can fix everything," John said in a surly voice.

Bethany stared at John quietly for a long time before saying in a steely tone, "Yes, I can."