Master PC - new user

Part 4

Author's note: While I felt repeating the last bit of a section in the following section was nice for those who read these chapters far apart, I am spewing out these chapters fast enough that I am starting too feel this practice is more tiresome than helpful and have stopped the practice. I welcome opinions on this or any other aspect of my tale.


When John woke, Bethany was on the computer and only seconds had passed.

"John, I was thinking we need a full time maid," Bethany said in a slightly whimsical tone of voice. "Which do you think I should get, Cindy Crawford or Tom Selleck?"

"I think that, no matter what we did, somebody would notice if one of those two disappeared. And possibly one person who noticed would have a copy of the program. Like we discussed when we first got the program, we need to be careful and low- key all the time."

"I think you are just too serious - all the time," Bethany teased with a smile. "Isn't there anybody who wouldn't be noticed if they disappeared?"

"Yes, I know somebody like that," John replied to his own surprise. John sat still for a moment, reviewing what he had blurted out and realized that it was true. He then said, "Her name is Karen King. I'll try and find out more about her at work. Promise me you won't do anything radical until this weekend? We will need to plan this in detail."

Karen was homeless. She was also an addict. Although she tried prostitution, most of her income came from begging for change at grocery stores. Anyone with any sense looking for sex looked elsewhere before using Karen's diseased body. She also moved around a lot. She would appear, stay around a few months and then hitchhike to another town for several more months.

She wasn't beautiful. She was thin to the point of anorexia, with brown skin the texture of tanned leather and long greasy light brown hair sun-streaked blonde. Her perpetually reddened eyes were gray.

On Friday morning, Karen suddenly decided it was time to change towns.


During the week, Bethany's appearance changed daily. Her height rose and dropped. Her breasts grew and shrunk. Her eyes, hair and skin all changed colors. During the entire process, the Master Program ran continuously, altering the memories of everyone who saw her.

By Friday, Bethany had settled on five foot eight inches tall, equal with John. Her eyes were brilliant green flecked with gold. Her lightly tan, hairless body was toned and athletic with an artful arrangement of freckles across her nose and her large breasts that the computer listed as size F (although her own bra company catalogue called DDD). Her hair was wavy, auburn, waist length, with fiery red highlights. It also untangled itself on command, moving by some telekinetic process Bethany didn't want to understand.

By comparison, John's body was virtually unchanged. His physique gained the appearance of a man who worked out regularly instead of sitting behind a desk. His thinning black hair thickened but did not lose the peppering of gray that colored it. His penis was normal in size but hardened to a length and diameter equal to his forearm. Bethany insisted on this size as it "ruined him for other woman outside of the porn industry," as she often remarked with a grin.

During the rest of the week, John simply never did get around to talking with Bethany about Karen King. Days were spent in hard work at the office and evenings were spent in either hard work around the house or wild passionate sex.


Shortly after John left work Friday, he saw Karen King far outside of town, thumbing a ride. As he pulled over, a faint nagging worry entered his mind. What did his wife do all day while he was at work, programmed to think about nothing but work?

John filed the worry away for later thought as Karen approached his car, a wary expression on her face.

"Where you headed?" John asked.

"What's your name?" Karen replied. She looked a bit surprised, as if that wasn't what she had planned to say.

"My name's John," he replied, that faint suspicion returning, "John Bell."

"I'm sorry I didn't recognize you, Master," Karen said as her worried expression immediately vanished and she jumped in John's car and threw her few belongings in the rear seat. "Can you take me home to Mistress Bethany now?"

Karen stank. She reeked of such a variety of smells that John drove with the widows rolled down despite the chill weather. Throughout the trip home, she was also open and bubbly. She giggled often and was so vocally happy that John was beginning to feel doubly nauseous by the time he finished questioning her about anybody who would miss her.

Bethany was waiting outside when John arrived home.

"How is she?" she asked.

"Perky. I assume the heavy dose of sugar shock is your work?" John replied as he unloaded the car.

"Mistress!" Karen yelled as she ran up to Bethany her arms flung wide for a hug. However, she screeched to a halt when Bethany held up her hand.

"Whew!" Bethany said as she wrinkled her nose and jerked her head back away from the stench that surrounded Karen. "Strip off all your clothes, young lady, and get in that tub I have prepared in the back yard."

Karen scrambled to comply, flinging aside her clothing as she ran toward the enclosed back yard. John picked up the clothing and added it to the reeking pile of Karen's other possessions.

"Burn it," Bethany replied before John asked. "I have a fire pit prepared in addition to the flea and lice bath. I suggest letting the car air out overnight as well. After Karen is done with her flea bath, send her inside for a normal shower. By the time she is done with both, I'll have the modifications ready on the maid program I prepared for her. You are right about her personality - a person can only take so much enthusiasm."

When John arrived inside after burning Karen's possessions, he saw a Bethany typing with a new image on the screen of the computer. The woman pictured was petite with skin so fair and flawless that it resembled soft porcelain. Her hair was black and mostly strait and curved around her face to end just below her chin.

"Who's this?" John asked.

"If Karen is 'before'," Bethany said, "I guess you can call this 'after'. I designed all the body modifications several days ago on a regular word processor. I've pasted over the changes right after you picked Karen up and am just adjusting her personality a bit more before sending. I figured it would be less traumatic to have all the changes hit at once. Why don't you go watch? It could be fun."

John strolled into the bathroom and leaned against the door sill. Through a slight steamy haze and the clear plastic shower curtain, Karen was visible industriously scrubbing the filth and flea dip from her body. Watching the naked woman, John felt pity instead of arousal. Life had been hard on Karen and much of the pain she had endured was etched on her body.

Suddenly Karen shuddered and milky gray fluid began to leak from every pore of her body. She vomited and deficated at the same time. John dashed toward the computer but Bethany, walking from the other direction, stopped him.

"Don't worry," Bethany said, "I programmed her body to expel all the drugs and pollution in it. She's not harmed. I'm afraid you have missed the rest of the transformation though."

John and Bethany walked back to the bathroom and saw a very different person than John left still washing the toxic sludge from her body. She was tiny. Standing barely five feet tall, she also had a slender, petite build that made her even look smaller. Her breasts were not overly large but appeared so against her small frame. Her hair and skin were exactly as John had seen on the computer screen. When Karen looked up at the watching couple, John noticed that her eyes were a very pale blue with long black lashes and delicately arched eyebrows that complimented the rest of her appearance.

"I hadn't noticed her eyes on the computer," John said dully.

Bethany reached up, put a finger on John's chin and closed his mouth, which he didn't even realize was hanging open, then kissed him lightly on the cheek.

"Thanks for the compliment," she said. "I think I did a pretty good job too."

To be continued ...