Master PC Universe Story

Master PC - new user

Part 3

"I was humping a bathroom stall and asked for somebody to help me," John said. Bethany could almost feel John's deep blush through the phone line. "I guess he did. The horniness went back down when he had sex with me, but I feel it building again."

Bethany sat back and considered. She really loved John and, even with her sense of guilt gone, didn't want him to truly suffer. She looked over at John's image on the screen and saw that tears were once again streaming down his face. Some instinct borne of years of marriage told her John was leaving something out.

"John, have you enjoyed everything that has happened to you today?"

This time, Johns sobs were audible. It took him a long time before he could answer.



Bethany sat stunned on the phone for a long moment. Hundreds of questions flashed through her mind, but she couldn't bear to ask any of them over something as impersonal as the phone.

"John, come home."

"I want to hon," John replied, "but I can't get ..."

"I'll take care of that," Bethany interrupted. "Just come home now."

Bethany typed furiously and not only allowed John to come home but dried his tears and forced him to drive carefully. She also wiped the memories of the people at the police station. She didn't want anybody worrying about a blank spot in their memory, so simply made them remember that John had called in sick and transferred all the actions John had done to a temporary replacement whose name or face none could place.

When John got home, Bethany was still sitting at the computer but was simply staring at John's slowly spinning image on the screen. John sat down quietly on the couch and leaned forward so that his elbows were on his knees. He didn't look at Bethany but stared silently at his clasped hands. His entire posture had a defeated hopeless look.

After a full minute of strained silence, Bethany asked, "So are you gay?" Her voice was barely above a whisper.

"I don't think so," John replied just as quietly. "I mean, I still love you... passionately."

"But you enjoy having sex with men, too."

"I think I would enjoy having sex with almost anybody," John replied with a slightly self-mocking chuckle. "I am a lot of things but I don't think discriminating is one of them."

Bethany didn't reply but leaned forward and retyped the command that John tell her the absolute truth on the odd chance that one of her other commands had partially nullified this one. Only then did she turn and look at John, who raised his eyes to meet her gaze.

"John, have you been sleeping around on me?" Bethany asked.

"You mean besides the incident today?" John replied with a slight smile. "No, I haven't."

"Why not?"

"Because you don't want me to," John said. "I've hinted at sharing and threesomes and a list of other scenarios over the years and you have rejected each idea in its infancy."

"You mean the only thing keeping you from sleeping around, through all the hospitalizations and rough times and arguments we have had over the years is that I don't want you to?"

"I've never needed a better reason."

"Do you love me, John?"


Bethany turned off the computer, got up and took John's hand, led him to the bedroom and they spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening with tender caresses and gentle kisses and quiet loving passion.


The next morning, Bethany again woke before her husband. She was a bit still and sore, but it was a delicious type of soreness that reminded her fondly of the previous evening. She slowly and languidly stretched like a large cat enjoying the contrast with a body that used to measure its health in varying degrees of pain.

As she passed out of the living room into the kitchen, she saw that, once again, the computer had been left running. Glancing at the screen, she saw that the last commands entered had been her own the previous evening.

She thought about the program and what it meant for her life while she cooked.

"Something smells good," John commented as he lazily strolled in the direction of the kitchen several minutes later.

"Well, its nice to know some things haven't changed," Bethany replied as she served John half of the double portion of bacon and eggs she had just cooked. "I guess I should worry more about my figure now that I have one again," she observed as she added toast, orange juice and milk to the meal.

"Why?" John replied. "Although I used to have ideas about changes I'd like to see in you, I've decided I like your body the way it is. Lose your figure you have or get high cholesterol and fix it with a keystroke. Try out a new hair color and, with a click of the mouse, change it back. You can literally be whatever you want to be for as long or as short as you desire."


While John was at work trying to make up for lost time, Bethany sat down at the computer. First, she improved John's concentration so that he could work without breaks or distraction. Then she started making changes to herself.

As John drove home, he reviewed his amazing day at work. Not only had he caught up on the previous day's work, he had been so efficient that he had actually completed today's work and gotten a head start on tomorrow. It was as if, for eight strait hours, he could think of nothing else but his work.

John stepped into his house and was stunned by the woman he saw. She could not have been more than twenty-one years old with long auburn hair that reached to her waist. Her nude skin was creamy and flawless and her breasts were huge and firm with deep cinnamon aureoles the size of silver dollars.

She giggled and said in Bethany's voice, "I couldn't find any clothes that fit. Do you like it?"

Bethany didn't wait for an answer and unzipped John's pants. She then dropped to her knees and slid the entire length of John's hard-on down her throat. She then slowly drew half of his length and plunged him again down her throat. After less than a dozen repetitions, John came. Hard. Only a small dribble escaped her lips.

"I guess you can tell," Bethany said as she wiped her chin with her finger and then sucked on it, "not all the changes in myself were cosmetic. I made some changes in you too."

Bethany stood up and whispered in John's ear, "Hard." John's softening penis instantly hardened again.


It was four hours later before John or Bethany used their mouths for anything as mundane as talking. They kissed and nibbled and licked and just breathed on sensitive skin over the entire length of each other's bodies. Of course, more than their mouths were used in that four hours.

"Enough," John finally moaned. "Any more and my magically hard dick is going to fall off."

John was on his back with Bethany astride him. She leaned forward and brushed one of her nipples across John's lips.

"You haven't gotten to see my second surprise yet," Bethany said.

John flicked Bethany's nipple with his tongue and said, "You have another magic word for me?"

"This one is your word," Bethany replied. "Why should I have all the fun? Just say 'bigger'."

"Bigger?" John suddenly gasped, as his already hard dick swelled inside Bethany.

Bethany sat up strait and moaned. After a few deep breaths, she began to rock her hips and said, "Again. I'm programmed to take it."

It was another hour before John and Bethany fell into an exhausted slumber.


The next morning, John woke suddenly at 7 a.m. with no sign of the soreness he expected after a marathon night of lovemaking.

"I guess she thought of everything," John said silently. He rolled from his side onto his back and a weight smacked him in the belly. John looked down and saw a huge semi-hard penis extending well above his waist. He was still gaping like a fish when he heard Bethany's giggle.

"I had that in you?" he asked.

"No," Bethany replied as she started to laugh harder, "but now maybe you will believe me when I say that you talk in your sleep."

"How much bigger can it get?" John said, realizing a fraction of a second too late what he had said as his dick swelled to the base of his ribs.

Bethany started laughing so hard that she rolled off the bed and landed in a giggling heap on the floor.

"I'm glad you are getting a kick out of this," John said, unable to keep from smiling a bit himself at the silliness of the situation.

"If that's what you look like now," Bethany said, still giggling between every other word, "I can't wait to see you hard."

John felt his hardening dick slap his chin before blood loss made him faint.

To be continued ...