Based on the works of JR Parz   (used with permission)

Master PC Universe Story

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Instead of rising slowly from sleep into consciousness, as was her normal custom, Bethany snapped awake at exactly 7 a.m. Monday morning. Her husband John was deep asleep beside her, snoring loudly.

She stretched slowly even though she wasn't the slight bit stiff, enjoying the feel of a body totally free from pain, and rose to make some breakfast. She knew somehow she had grown to accept and love her new body and felt breakfast in bed might be a good way of thanking John for giving it to her.

As Bethany walked past the computer on her way to the kitchen, she noticed it was running.

"That hasn't been running all weekend, has it?" Bethany asked herself as she turned off the screen-saver. She was horrified to see the Master program running and both herself and John displayed on either side of a split screen. Below her slowly spinning image, in the command box, was typed the words, "You will accept and love your new body and feel thankful to John for giving it to you."

Bethany checked the help file and discovered that there was no way of asking the computer what other commands John had placed on her. Bitterly, she thought that maybe even breakfast was secretly his idea not her own.

She then turned to John's image and saw the words "In five minutes you will fall deeply asleep and when you awake you will feel refreshed and invigorated." Bethany smiled and shook her head. The silly man hadn't said when he would awaken. Leave it to a woman to take of the details. She typed in, "You will awaken now" and waited for John to wake up. Nothing happened. She waited, and as she waited, she started to fume angrily. What if John had done more than command her to make breakfast? What other secret commands did she have lurking in her brain, just waiting for John to activate them? She was still thankful for what John had done to her body, she couldn't help that; but she was furious over what John had done to her mind.

It was only after Bethany was mad enough to let John sleep until hell froze over that she saw the "SEND" button on the screen. She turned to her own screen and carefully typed "You will no longer feel guilty for anything you do to John or any man who acts in any way like him." Then she replaced the message she had previously typed on John's screen and replaced it with, "John, you will wake now. When you do, you will no longer have any desire to alter Bethany in any way."

She paused, looked at the screen a few moments without pressing the SEND key. If she was going to get any little bit of revenge on John, she had best get it now before he woke up. She added to John's commands, "You will awaken horny and this horniness will continually build until you have sex. You will be unable cum without my command and will be unable to put your hand close to your penis. " Only then did she press SEND.


John woke feeling refreshed and invigorated. Even his dick was invigorated: hard and thick and stiff against his body. "I could get used to this," he thought to himself.

Just then, Bethany called out, informing him he was running late for work. John scrambled into his clothes with Bethany's help, grabbed a cup of coffee in a travel cup and ran out the door. During this time, his hard-on continued to swell and stiffen until it was starting to ache.

Bethany smiled as she saw John pause at the base of the steps and bend over to catch his breath. If John was this hard and horny only minutes into the day, she looked forward to seeing what he would be like by the day's end. She knew still loved John and should feel guilty for the torture she was putting him through, but she also knew he deserved it and was in no mood to restore her sense of guilt just yet.

"As a matter of fact," she thought, "now might be a good time to make John's day just a bit tougher." She turned back to the Master program and began asking questions of the help function.


Bethany typed, "John, you will drive safely, strait to work and be unable to leave the building until your work is complete. You will be unable to call in sick, go to lunch, or otherwise leave before your work is complete." SEND

John knew, the first time he reached for his throbbing dick while driving to work, that his wife was on the program. He suddenly realized that while he was getting dressed, his wife had helped and had been the one to zip up his pants and fasten them while he was fumbling with a toothbrush in one hand and his shirt buttons with the other. His first panicked thought was to turn the car around and run back to her before she could do any more damage, but despite his best efforts, he did not vary from the most direct route to the police station where he was to work that day. Only after he had parked his car, walked into the building and sat down at the computer did he feel the unnatural hold on his will release.

John immediately jumped back out of the chair and walked as fast as he could for the exit without attracting attention.

"Aha!" John thought silently. "She forced me to come to work like this but she forgot to keep me here." John was almost gloating at his wife's forgetfulness when he reached the outer door and found he could not step across the door sill.

John tried the back door and even a window before conceding that he was trapped in the building until his wife released him. During this entire time, John's horniness continued to grow. His pants were tented out obscenely and was so painful that he had to walk hunched over. People in the station were beginning to look at him oddly, so he hid in the bathroom while he figured out what to do.

It took Bethany a considerable amount of time to figure out how to send a command to a group of people and even longer to figure out exactly what she wanted to write. Finally she typed, "Everybody in the police station who sees John will feel sexually attracted to him but will be unable to do more than tease him until John requests them to have sex with him," SEND. Then Bethany closed the group command screen and the help screens she had opened.

John was futilely humping the wall of a bathroom stall while he ran his hands over his body. His entire body had become one huge erogenous zone but nothing he did seemed to help with the ache that filled him. Tears were running thickly down his face as he moaned, "God, somebody please help me."

Instantly, a strong arm wrapped around his waist and grabbed his crotch, while another reached from the other side and kneaded his chest.

"I think I got what you need, little man," a baritone voice whispered softly in John's ear as the unidentified man opened John's pants and slid his stiff cock up and down between John's ass cheeks. "I have what you need right here."

Only a second had passed since the group command was issued and Bethany was typing in the next command for John when he noticed the tears streaming down his face. The spinning image did not show John's posture or expression, but Bethany did not need to see John's expression to know how was feeling. John rarely cried.

She carefully erased the command she had been typing and was typing in new commands to release John when his pants opened then fell away from his body. Angrily, she erased this second set of commands and began plotting even worse things to do to this unfaithful husband. Then she noticed John's stretched out ass hole.

"What the hell is going on there?" she said aloud.


Bethany grabbed the phone and dialed the number to the police station where John was working. While the telephone rang, Bethany typed, "John, stop what you are doing and answer the phone" SEND. In a few moments, John's voice answered the phone with a whispered "Hello?"

Bethany typed, "You cannot lie to me. You must tell me the absolute truth," SEND

"John," Bethany hesitated, not sure suddenly if she wanted to know, "What are you doing?"

"I'm talking to you on the phone. I'm also trying to pull up my pants but can't get my hands near my crotch."

Bethany suppressed a giggle and typed, "You may bring your hands to your crotch in order to put your pants on," SEND.

"What were you doing before you answered the phone?" Bethany asked.

"I was having sex with a man in the bathroom," John whispered. "Did you make me do that?"

"What did you do to make this man have sex with you?" Bethany asked, ignoring John's question.

"I've been really horny all day. It was really bad and since I was trapped in the building I went to the bathroom..."

"Answer the question, John."

"I was humping a bathroom stall and asked for somebody to help me," John said. Bethany could almost feel John's deep blush through the phone line. "I guess he did. The horniness went back down when he had sex with me, but I feel it building again."

Bethany sat back and considered. She really loved John and, even with her sense of guilt gone, didn't want him to truly suffer. She looked over at John's image on the screen and saw that tears were once again streaming down his face. Some instinct borne of years of marriage told her John was leaving something out.

"John, have you enjoyed everything that has happened to you today?"

This time, Johns sobs were audible. It took him a long time before he could answer.


To be continued ...