Based on the works of JR Parz   (used with permission)

Master PC Universe Story

New User




Ricky Binkowitz ran the huge program that had arrived in his e-mail through a virus scan. In seconds, everything came up fine. There was no letter included with the e-mail, so, after a brief hesitation, Ricky ran the program and waited... The word 'MASTER' flashed on his screen. After a few minutes the screen then flashed a message - 'MASTER PROGRAM RUN COMPLETE'.

Seeing a new icon on his computer desktop Ricky clicked it. The screen exploded and a small figure appeared on the screen. The figure appeared somewhat human...but not entirely. "Welcome to Master Command Center, your own personal command center. The Master allows you to become a virtual god to the people around you. You now possess the power to bend their reality to your specifications. You are the Master's representative."

"Cool game," Ricky said into the empty room. The little figure suddenly disappeared and the screen now asked him to type in his name. Ricky didn't hesitate here, typing in his full name. A menu came up asking for a subject's name. Ricky just typed in his name again and pressed the 'Send' button. Instantaneously, a 3D image appeared on the screen. Ricky sat in awe. The picture was of him! His arms down by her sides, slowly spinning on a sphere, the figure on the screen in the green polo shirt, bare feet and khaki slacks was him down to the scrawny 15 year old build and shock of unruly brown hair on his head

Ricky carefully studied the image and then clicked on a box in the right hand corner. A Command Center space for text appeared. He then clicked on the "?" icon and read the on screen message: 'Whatever you enter, the subject will feel/be affected by immediately after pressing the 'Send' button.'

Ricky hit 'cancel' instead to exit the command Center and just stared at the spinning image.

"This is just too weird," Ricky said after several minutes and hit the Delete button on his keyboard. The screen said ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO DELETE SUBJECT RICKY BINKOWITZ? Ricky clicked the OK button, and realized his mistake a fraction of a second too late.


It was several hours before John Bell, Ricky's uncle, could get off his shift at the police station and check in on his distraught sister. John wasn't actually a police officer but served as "the computer guy" who kept the computers that connected the stations in the small city all up and running.

"He's a very good boy," Ricky's mom said. "The policeman who answered my call actually hinted that Ricky had run away or gone out on a secret date. He's not like that. You know what a quiet good boy Ricky is."

John admitted silently to himself that Ricky was a "good" boy despite John's efforts to get the vapid boy to do more than play video games every spare moment of the day. John had actually paid for a computer and Internet service hoping that the boy's interests could be diverted but Ricky had gravitated from video games to Internet mailing lists about video games.

A search of Ricky's room showed that no clothing was missing and, what was more puzzling, all of his shoes were accounted for. Even the ripped up, worn out brown boat shoes Ricky still insisted were good enough to wear were present, laying next to the computer which had been left running. More to give Ricky's mother something to do than any valid suspicion Ricky was elsewhere, John loaned her his cellular phone and sent her to visit Ricky's friends.

John moved aside a green polo shirt and a pair of khaki pants from the chair in front of the computer and sat down. He turned off the computer's screen saver and saw a program running. Next to a vaguely human figure that reminded John of a mannequin, were written the words "Enter new user name" and an empty box. John typed in a fictional name and was surprised when the computer changed to read "User not found - Enter new user name." Frowning at the odd program, John entered in his correct name.

When the computer asked for a subject, on a whim, John entered Ricky's name. The computer said "Subject deleted. Would you like to restore subject Ricky Binkowitz?" John clicked OK and was instantly thrown out of the chair he was sitting in as Ricky appeared in it, naked.

Ricky did not remember anything between when he had hit the delete button and magically reappeared so John questioned the boy thoroughly about the mysterious program while he got dressed, then sent him downstairs to call the his mother and relieve her worries. Immediately after Ricky left the room, John turned to the computer, pulled up the command menu and typed "Ricky, you went to a friend's house to try out a brand new computer game and forgot to leave a note. You have no memory of the Master PC program. As punishment for worrying your mother, John has given you a long lecture and taken away the computer he gave you." Then with a long sigh and a prayer that the program would work, John hit Send and turned off both the program and the computer.

John walked down the stairs and overheard Ricky talking on the phone.

"No Mom, not Joey. A friend." There was a pause. "I don't remember his name. Just a friend I know from school."

"C'mon Ricky," John said after Ricky hung up. "Help me load the computer into my car. You know, me taking this computer does not get you off the hook with your mother. She will probably ground you for a month for that stunt you pulled." And silently, John added "Consider yourself lucky you aren't still 'deleted'."


It was Saturday at about 4 o'clock in the morning and John sat and watched the default "mannequin" image slowly spin. He had spent yesterday evening and the entire night reading all of the help files from system requirements to troubleshooting. There was an alternate help screen where questions could be asked directly to the computer, but John did not use it for fear that something important would be missed simply because he didn't think to ask about it. There were very few things the program could not do.

Although the computer read the mind of its user to, for example, differentiate between two subjects named John Smith or identify "all the girls at my school", commands still had to be typed into the computer. The program was compatible with most input devices but was not compatible with either audible screen readers or voice recognition software. The user had to be literate. Although a subject could not be made immune to program changes, a user could "lock" a subject to a password. John immediately locked himself upon reading that section.

The program only altered people's minds and bodies. Inanimate objects like clothing could not be changed nor could other species.

All changes were nearly instantaneous. The program could not affect time. Although memory could be altered, true retroactive changes could not happen. Changes could be scheduled for future times but only while the program was running. If an event was scheduled for midnight and the computer was off prior to midnight, the change would not occur until the computer was turned on. Although commands could be issued for groups, people were actually changed one at a time at a rate of approximately one per second: a command to change 1,000 people could take as long as 20 minutes to fully execute; slower on slower computers.

John considered pulling up his own name as the subject but didn't want to accidentally follow Ricky's bad example. He considered deleting the program but knew if one copy was out in the world, other copies had to exist. While John didn't consider himself as somebody out to take over the world, he did see himself as the kind of man who would "shoot back" if somebody tried to harm him or his family. Finally, he selected one of the women at the police force to practice upon, Susan Marks.

John stared sleepily at the slowly spinning image of Susan Marks. She was dressed in a pale green teddy that John was sure he would have found alluring in a more seductive pose. He gazed at the image of the beautiful blonde for several minutes then finally said out loud, "Face it John, you are both seriously in need of sleep and hopelessly married." He turned off the program and went to bed.


During the night, Jim dreamed of the program. He dreamed Susan Marks, and every other policewoman in the precincts he worked were suddenly hungry for his cock and rejected their husbands and boyfriends for him. He dreamed he had re- sculpted each of them into ravishing beauties. He dreamed he had captured hundreds of wanted fugitives simply by commanding them to turn themselves in.

He was in the middle of an award ceremony where he was being decorated as policeman of the year when Susan's boyfriend stormed into the ceremony with a gun. Despite the horde of policemen in the room, everyone seemed unable to move, even John.

"Who asked you to change anybody?" the man yelled. Along with his terror, John was embarrassed to realize he didn't even know the man's name. "You don't even know Susan. You've fucked her a hundred times and don't even know her. Who gave you the right?!"

And Susan's boyfriend, the man whose name John didn't know, pulled the trigger.

John woke. It was 7 a.m.


John was still shaking slightly when, a few moments later, he removed Susan Marks' name from his subject list (without deleting her). With a bit more confidence, he added his wife, Bethany, as a subject. He might not know the desires of a relative stranger at work, but he did know his wife.

Bethany was 15 years older than John and had always been in poor health. While well enough when she and John had fallen in love and married, things had gradually began to slide over the years. First, her medication for manic-depression began to loose effectiveness, then her deteriorating cartilage had worsened, forcing her to quit work and driving her deeper into depression. She had gained weight, had repeated bouts with skin cancer and undergone a series of operations to try and keep her as mobile and as free from pain as possible. Currently, she stayed in bed 20 hours a day.

John wanted to keep the changes to Bethany small and gradual, but knew he couldn't resist making some effects immediate. He restored Bethany's damaged cartilage throughout her body, balanced the body chemicals that influenced her mood, reduced her bodyfat and firmed her muscles.

He sat and looked at the changes he had made for several minutes, and then said aloud "Just a few more" and began typing anew. He removed the surgical scars from Bethany's cancer operations and then, any moles, birthmarks and natural blemishes as well. He increased her breathing lung capacity and cured a latent tendency to asthma that the computer said she possessed. He changed her graying red hair to a lustrous auburn and strengthened the strands so that she would never again worry about split ends.

John was just finishing typing in the command about hair when he heard the sound of running feet and his wife calling out his name. He had only turned around in his chair when she rushed into the room.

"John! You wouldn't believe what happened to... " Then her voice trailed off as she got a look past John at her image slowly turning on the computer screen.

John grinned back at her. "I feel just like Dr. Frankenstein."


"John," Bethany said in an ominous tone, "what have you done?"

"I've fixed you," John replied, smirking. "If I have done my programming right, you should never have to take medications, wear your leg brace or feel pain from your body again."

Bethany still wasn't smiling. "I don't know how you did it, but you realize you've ruined us financially," she said in a flat disapproving tone.

"What do you mean?" This was certainly not the gushing thanks John expected.

"Do you realize how much of our income came from disability checks from the veterans department and social security? Now that you've 'fixed me', I need to go get a job. And there aren't any jobs in my field locally. Either we have to sell our house and move or we need to set up an apartment in some other city and I just come home to you and our daughter on the weekends."

"Do you want me to change you back?" John asked, surprised,

"Yes... no... oh, I don't know John," Bethany replied with an exasperated sigh. She gestured to her new body. "My body may not have been perfect, but it was mine, John. We learned to talk about my feelings because of my bipolar disorder and I am a stronger person because of all the mental and physical pain I've gone through in my life. Now all sign of that is just... gone. I'm no longer the woman you married."

"I refuse to believe I have done anything wrong here," John said sullenly.

"This is all going to take some getting used to, but promise me one thing, OK? Stay off the computer for the rest of the weekend?"


Saturday and Sunday turned out to be a very long days. Finally free from pain for the first time in years, Bethany was a whirlwind of activity, cleaning the house, and trimming the yard and finishing in a single day a host of minor projects that she had been working on for weeks with her limited endurance. John was hard pressed to keep up. Gradually, she came to accept her new body, but she was still angry at John for changing her without her knowledge and consent and worried aloud several times that John had not loved her the way she was.

John did wait until just before midnight Sunday night before creeping out of bed and turning on the computer. He knew his wife was coming to accept her new body, he knew she would eventually forgive him, and he justified that all he was doing was hurrying a process that would occur naturally.

He did, however, wait until the clock on his computer officially said 12:01 before pressing Send on his next command. Technically, he justified to himself, he did keep his promise and stay off the computer for the rest of the weekend. Technically, it was now Monday.

John's first command was that Bethany sleep deeply throughout the night without waking and, at 7 a.m., wake refreshed and invigorated without any soreness. His next command was that she accept and love her new body and feel thankful to John for giving it to her.

John was about to turn off the computer and go back to bed, but groaned with stiffness as he stood up from the chair. With a sigh, he sat back down in the chair in front of the computer and released his own name from its password lock. While his own pajama-clad form spun slowly on the computer screen beside Bethany's, John commanded that his own body no longer be sore, stiff or tired. Instantly, it was so.

John just blinked and sat in the chair for several moments. It was one thing to see somebody else's body changed, it was quite another experience to suddenly feel your body in a way that you never felt in your adult life. Not only was the momentary stiffness from the days labors gone, but so were all traces of sleepiness and even the small traces of carpal tunnel syndrome that John had been putting up with for about a year. John's brain vainly search for a word to describe how he suddenly felt and the only word that came close was alive.

"She has got to feel this." John said aloud as he pulled up Bethany's form on the screen again. Then John realized she would feel this... at 7 a.m. John wasn't sure if a mental command would take place while the computer was off. He knew a physical change required the computer to be on, the help files had been worded poorly in that section, in his opinion, and it had been two days since he had read them, so he left the computer on and the program running after commanding his own body to sleep deeply after 5 minutes and to wake refreshed and invigorated.


Instead of rising slowly from sleep into consciousness, as was her normal custom, Bethany snapped awake at exactly 7 a.m. Monday morning. Her husband John was deep asleep beside her, snoring loudly.

She stretched slowly even though she wasn't the slight bit stiff, enjoying the feel of a body totally free from pain, and rose to make some breakfast. She knew somehow she had grown to accept and love her new body and felt breakfast in bed might be a good way of thanking John for giving it to her.

As Bethany walked past the computer on her way to the kitchen, she noticed it was running.

"That hasn't been running all weekend, has it?" Bethany asked herself as she turned off the screen-saver. She was horrified to see the Master program running and both herself and John displayed on either side of a split screen. Below her slowly spinning image, in the command box, was typed the words, "You will accept and love your new body and feel thankful to John for giving it to you."

To be continued ...