Master PC Universe Story

A Master's Beginning

by The Other One

Part Two

This part's a little darker than the first one. Well, not really dark...a little dim, perhaps. Okay, it's not dark at all, except for a little splotch 'round the middle. There, are you happy now? :)

Also, I drew a bit of inspiration for this story from another I read a while back, called Cathy's Sentence. Damn good story, you can probably find it on Anyway, comments and flames are welcome at Enjoy!

The Players:

What Has Gone Before:

Find out for yourself...go read part one. ;-)

Dave got into his car lugging his laptop. He started the vehicle up, and sat staring off in the distance, wondering who he should go after first. Suddenly, inspiration struck him. 'My god, was there any doubt? Jenn Sabin.'

Jenn Sabin. A pretty blonde, graduated with him from high school. Six months ago, she'd been his fiancee. That is, until it turned out she was using him to get to his cousin, Bill Thompson. Soon they were seeing each other behind Dave's back at least three or four times a week. Of course, this didn't stop Jenn from accepting all his presents, the apartment they shared for three months, the secrets he told her late at night. The trust he gave her, until she stabbed him in the back with no remorse whatsoever.

'Hmm. Guess the wounds are still fresh.' He grinned. 'Good.' He grabbed his cell phone, called Jenn's apartment. He heard Jenn's voice, and hung up. 'Well, she's home. Better head over there.' Dave backed his car out, and drove across town to the apartment she and Bill shared.

About twenty minutes later, he was in the parking lot next to Jenn and Bill's apartment. Dave sat in his car, thinking about what to do to Jenn. How best to have his revenge on the bitch? A simple enslavement wouldn't do; he didn't want Jenn to enjoy this at all, not like Amber did. And again, inspiration struck...maybe she could be a loving slave and still not enjoy it...

He opened his God Laptop, brought Jenn's image on the screen. He typed:

"Jenn, you will develop a new personality. This new personality's name is Jenny Fucktoy. Jenny Fucktoy is a worshipful love slave. Jenny Fucktoy loves fucking and sucking, especially blow jobs, and will happily do anything her master tells her to do. Jenny Fucktoy's only reason for existence is to serve her master completely, heart and soul. Jenny Fucktoy is a bimbo. She's always happy and friendly, and always talks about herself in the third person.

"Jenn, you will become Jenny Fucktoy when you hear the words, "sassy little fuckdoll.' When Jenny Fucktoy gains control, your breasts will grow to 48DD size and require no support from a bra, your hair will lengthen to midway down your back, and your skin will gain a soft golden tan.

"While Jenny Fucktoy is in control, you will feel and experience everything she feels and experiences, but have no influence or control whatsoever. You will sleep when she sleeps, you will be awake when she is awake. You will be a silent passenger inside Jenny Fucktoy, forever imprisoned.

"Jenn, Dave Martinson is Jenny Fucktoy's master." send

He knew Bill would probably be in the apartment as well. 'Well, this worked for Jason. Let's make Bill a bit more accepting of the new Jenn.' He brought Bill up on the screen, typed, "Bill, you will not notice any changes in Jenn. Any kind of relationship between Jenn and Dave Martinson seems perfectly natural. You have no sexual desire towards Jenn whatsoever. You don't care if Dave and Jenn have sex when you're in the same room." send

Dave grinned as he shut down his laptop and walked to Jenn's apartment. Now this was going to be fun. He stopped half-way to the apartment's door, and reconsidered. Was he being too cruel to Jenn? Did she really deserve this? 'Eh. I can always change her back," he thought, and continued walking.

ding dong

'Oh god, who can that be?' Jenn thought as she raced to get ready for work. She was already late for her job at Target, and wasn't expecting anyone this afternoon. "Bill, can you get that?" Jenn yelled at her sleeping boyfriend in the bedroom. No response. "Fine, I'll get it!" she declared, and went to the door.

Jenn opened the door to see, of all people, Dave Martinson standing there, holding a laptop in his hand. 'Dave? Good grief...I hope he's not trying to win me back. Didn't I make it clear to that prick we were through months ago?'

"Oh, Dave....hi. Uhm, can you come back another time? I'm late for work, and I know I made it clear to you that I don't want to see you again, and never do, and..." Dave cut her off. "Oh, I don't think you need to worry about that, Jenn. You see, you're not going to need to work anymore. Let me demonstrate, my sassy little fuckdoll."

"WHAT? Listen, buster, you get off my doorstep and..." Jenn's world started to spin for a moment as she felt a tightness in her chest, and then stopped. " my doorstep and come in, Master! Jenny Fucktoy needs to serve you!" WHAT?!?!? Jenn felt her arms unlock and open the door for her ex-boyfriend, and then embrace him.

'Oooof!' Jenn thought, as she felt her chest press against Dave's...the hell? Jenn felt her head look down at her breasts...and they were huge! Her red Target uniform top looked like it would burst! Her head looked back up at Dave, and Jenn heard her voice say, "Oh, Master, you made Jenny's titties big!" and giggled.

'Giggled? I giggled? I giggled?!? What is going ON?!?!?!?' Jenn screamed in silent rage inside Jenny Fucktoy's head.

"Come on, my big-breasted blonde sex kitten, let's go...catch up on things, if you know what I mean."

Jenn felt her body tense in anticipation, and started to get extremely aroused. Like a puppet, her body spoke again, "Oh, yes, master, fuck Jenny good! Let Jenny worship her master's cock!" 'No, no, no, no, NONNONONONONONONONONONO!' Jenn thought, 'I am not actually getting wet, I am not doing this, I am not a slave! I'm not some empty-headed slut! Damn you, Dave! DAMN YOU!' Jenn raged over and over again, foaming at the mind.

Jenny Fucktoy's eyes unfocussed for a moment, as if listening to something far away. "What's wrong, my little fuckdoll?" Dave asked his new prize.

Jenny Fucktoy shook her head, said, "Jenny thought she heard someone screaming. Jenny was sure she did."

Dave smiled, thinking of his bitchy ex-girlfriend locked inside Jenny Fucktoy's skull. He squeezed her breast, said, "I'm sure you did, tits. I'm sure it was an evil woman getting her just desserts."

Jenny Fucktoy looked at her master with adoration, while Jenn stared in utter hatred. "Jenny's master is always right!" she purred, and led her owner over to the couch. "But master, Bill is in the bedroom. He might get angry if we fuck!" 'Oh, please let Bill come out and KILL HIM!' Jenn prayed, insane with pure hate.

"Not to worry," he told his Fucktoy. "Hey, Bill! Wake up and get out here, you have company!" Jenny pressed herself closer to Dave and purred. Jenn raged.

A sleepy Bill staggered from the bedroom, and looked at the master and slave sitting on the couch. Jenn's hand was stroking Dave's crotch, and Dave was fondling her left breast...her huge breast. "Hey, Dave, haven't seen you for a while," Bill said. He looked at Jenn...was there something different about her? Nah. Just tired.

"Oh, I just came over to patch things up with Jenn here. Right, Jenn?"

"Oh, yes! Jenny loves her master! Jenny's going to get fucked again and again and again!" She pressed her lips against her master's in a deep, passionate kiss.

"Cool. I'm gonna go grab a shower," Bill said, rubbing his eyes, and went to the bathroom. The two broke the kiss, and Dave said, "Told you there was nothing to worry about, my little cum slut."

Jenny Fucktoy smiled at her master, asked, "Speaking of cum, may Jenny Fucktoy worship her master's cock?"

"Of course she may," Dave replied with a wide smile, and unzipped his pants. Jenny gasped in pleasure, knelt in front of her owner, and began to worship as best she could.

And off in the distance, Jenny Fucktoy heard a faint scream.

Meanwhile, back at Dave's apartment...

Jason unlocked the door to the apartment, and went in. He was about a long day at work! He turned to hang his coat in the closet, and...

"How may I zerve you, m'sieu?"

Jason froze. He turned around and stared at Amber, his mind reeling. Amber was standing in the middle of the living room, an absolute vision in her skimpy French Maid outfit. Her luxuriously long hair was in a bun, with strategically placed strands falling across her face. Her mammoth breasts shook with each breath, hardly restrained by the frilly black top. And the skirt, if such a term could be applied, constituted barely an inch of cloth, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. The small white apron hanging from her waist actually covered more...

"Serve?" Jason managed to croak out. He wasn't shocked or surprised at Amber's appearance, but something in the back of his mind was wiggling...

"Oui, m'sieu," Amber replied, her head bowed. "Amber is your zervant for zis evening, and weel do anyt'ing you require. Are you 'ungry?"

"Uh...yes, I am," Jason said, and decided to play along. "Could you fix me dinner, Amber?"

"But uv course!" Amber exclaimed, and bounced off to the kitchen.

Jason stared after the luscious maid. 'I know something's not right here. Isn't there?' After a moment, he gave a mental shrug, then walked over to his computer and surfed the net.

"Amber, aren't you going to eat, too?" Jason asked for the fifth time. He was seated at the kitchen table, nearly finished with the meal on his plate. Amber hovered about, ready to do anything that needed to be done.

"Oh, non, m'sieu...servants do not eat at ze table! I weel eat aftair you feenish! I am your servant, remembair!" Amber walked over to Jason, and thrust her cleavage in his face as she filled his champagne glass. Jason exerted iron control and looked away. The feeling of disquiet grew.

"Amber...please sit. I want to ask you something." "Oui, m'seiu," Amber obeyed.

"Amber...I'm going to ask you some questions. I want you to answer them honestly." Jason stared at Amber, eyes continually drawn to her breasts. "Why are you my servant tonight?"

"Because my mastair ordered me to serve you," came the quick reply.

"And who is your master?"

"Dave ees my mastair." Of course...Dave mentioned something yesterday about Amber being his slave. Jason's brow wrinkled...but Amber was his girlfriend. Could she be his girlfriend and Dave's slave at the same time?

Feeling a little dizzy, Jason asked another question. "Amber, how did you become Dave's slave? Tell me everything."

Amber told him everything.

Jason went into Dave's room, Amber following close behind. "Jason, you should not go in zere! Zee master weel be angry!"

"Like I care! He did something to me, he did something to you, and he did it with this thing!" Jason yelled, pointing at Dave's computer. "Now shut up and just stand there!" Still compelled to obey Jason for the night, Amber stood still and silent and watched.

Jason turned the computer on, sat down in front of it. He knew. He knew Dave had done something to him. Maybe he couldn't get angry about Dave fucking his girlfriend, maybe he couldn't get disturbed by Amber's new alterations, but he could get angry knowing that changes were made to him without knowledge or permission!

Dave's desktop came up on the monitor, and Jason immediately noticed an icon he'd never seen before. "'Master Command Center?' That's gotta be it!" Jason exclaimed, and double-clicked the icon.

A dialog box appeared on the screen. Jason read: "Welcome! Please enter password for access. You have three tries. Fail, and fear the consequences!" A blinking cursor invited entry of the code.

'Well, I already know two of Dave's passwords from a while back...let's see if he used one of them.' Jason typed in "LaraCr0ft."

beep The words on the screen changed: "Incorrect password! Two more tries, unless you want to cancel!" A button appeared next to the text entry box, marked "cancel"

'Not bloody likely,' Jason thought as he tried the other password he knew: "JenLopez"

beep "Sorry, wrong password," The screen now read. "Only one try left!"

Jason grimaced...he had no clue what would work this time. He went to click cancel, but the screen changed again before he could: "Sorry, I only had two tries!"

Lines of text began to flow down the screen...and stopped. Jason watched as his name came up on the screen, followed by the words, "Intruder profile saved. Locked on. Running."

"Oh, SHIIIIIII....." The last thing Jason heard as he lost consciousness was Amber's startled gasp...

Dave led Jenny Fucktoy up the stairs to his apartment, laptop in hand. It was 8 am the next morning. After an all-night marathon of sex, he had decided to bring Jenny to his apartment for a new outfit; Jenn's largest shirt was uncomfortably tight on Jenny Fucktoy's new breasts.

He unlocked the door, and the two entered the apartment. "Anyone here?" Dave called out as he motioned Jenny to remove her top. Jenny peeled off her shirt, and sighed in relief as her breasts fell free, one hand reaching up to idly caress her mounds.

A moment later, as Dave expected, Amber ran from her bedroom still dressed in her maid outfit. What he didn't expect was a second Amber following close behind, dressed in jeans and a shredded t-shirt!

"Mastair!" the twin babes chorused in unison, plastering themselves to Dave. "We mizzed you zo much!"


The End of Chapter Two.