This is the first part of what I hope will be a fairly lengthy story based in the MasterPC universe. Yes, it's a little hokey, and yes, it's not well written. And it's a stupid title...tough. Deal.

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Master PC Universe Story
A Master's Beginning
By The Other One

Part One

The Players:

Our Hero(?): Dave Martinson, a guy who works, sleeps, and surfs the net.  He lives in a three-bedroom apartment with two others:

Jason Hatcher, a fellow computer geek, and...

Amber Johnson, a rather hot-looking babe who is also Jason's girlfriend.

As our story begins, Dave is just entering his apartment...


Dave took a quick look around. Jason wouldn't be back for a few hours, and from the keys hanging on the wall, it looked like Amber was home and in her room. "Ungh. So much for being able to make any noise," Dave thought...oh, well. He walked to his room, and sat at his desk. His trusty G4 sat before him, and he fired up his e-mail program.

As his messages were retrieved, Dave noticed something strange. 'The hell...a ten-meg e-mail? Well, thank goodness for cable modems,' Dave thought as he watched Eudora download the rather large message sent to him. 'Better not be some idiot spammer with way too much bandwidth.'

A few seconds later, his machine beeped it's completion. He opened the was from someone named Wendy Carmichael, but no return address was given. The name meant nothing to him. 'Someone I knew from college? I only knew one Wendy there, though. message text.  Must be an attachment.' He clicked through, and saw what had been thrown
his way...some PC program called 'MASTER.EXE.'

'Great. Another lame geegaw that won't even run on my machine,' he thought in disgust. Then he blinked...before his eyes, the generic icon had changed to a little genie floating from a bottle. The filename changed as well, now reading 'Master Command Center.'

Dave blinked, not sure he really noticed the change. "Okay, this is getting just a tad bit weird," Dave muttered to himself as he moved the program onto his desktop. He ran Disinfectant and Agax on the mysterious app, but no virii reared their ugly heads. "Well, I just backed up everything on CD-R, might as well see what this thing does."

Dave launched the program and a splash-screen came up, displaying a 3D model of a slowly rotating genderless figure. To the right, a message read:

"Welcome to Master Command Center, your own personal command center. The Master allows you to become a virtual god to the people around you. You now possess the power to bend their reality to your specifications. You are the Master's representative."

'Master Command Center? Cheesy name. Probably some lame Shockwave animation.' He pressed the space bar; the splash screen disappeared, and was replaced with a dialog box asking for the user's full name. Dave shrugged to himself, typed in his own full name and hit return. As an afterthought, he unplugged his ethernet connection. 'No sense in taking any chances...whoever wrote this doesn't need my name,' he thought.

The dialog box changed, and asked for "Subject's Name." Dave considered this, and typed the name of his female roommate. Immediately, to his utter shock, a rotating 3D image of his roomie appeared with her name above the image! The slowly-spinning model was nearly photorealistic quality.

"Now how the *hell* did it do that?" he wondered, and looked around at the other parts of the screen. There was a place to enter text on the very bottom of the screen, followed by a button marked "Send." Various buttons lay on the right side of the screen, the spinning 3D model dominated the left side of the screen, and a few MacOS-style menus were at the top. He went to the menu, selected "Show balloon help" and moved his cursor over the text-box. A balloon came up, reading: "Any command or change entered here, whether mental or physical in nature, will take effect after pressing the Send button."

Dave swallowed, moved the cursor to the buttons on the right side of the screen, and read the balloon's contents: "These buttons are customizeable shortcuts for frequently used subjects. Command-click to assign a subject to a particular button." All of the buttons were blank.

"Hmm. Well, either this is a practical joke, or it's real. Let's see..." Dave thought to himself, and typed, "Amber, you will go to Dave's door, knock once, pause, knock three times quickly, and say "It worked, my Master." in a very sexy voice. You will then go back to your room, forget having left, and continue what you were doing as if nothing happened."

Dave shook his head, not really believing anything would happen, and clicked Send. Immediately, he heard footsteps in the hallway outside his room. One knock came, a pause, followed by three rapid knocks. Then, in the sexiest tones he had ever heard, Amber cooed, "It worked, my Master."

Dave was frozen in shock as he heard Amber's footsteps receding from his door. "Holy fucking shit....holy fucking shit..." he kept repeating to himself. "I don't believe this. It *has* to be a joke. It HAS to be."  Dave took a couple of minutes to calm down, and decided to explore the program a bit more before doing anything else. He went to the "Bookmarks" menu, clicked, and saw a Netscape-esque Bookmarks bar, except with actual people's names. He didn't recognize any of them, except for Amber, so he removed them all.

Spending a few more minutes learning how to password-protect the program, Dave made sure this thing couldn't be used on him unknowingly. "Speaking of which," he thought, "let's see what I can do with *me*."

He went to the 3D model, clicked on Amber's name. A menu came up, with "Amber Johnson" and "New Subject..." as choices. He chose the latter, typed in his own name. Dave's own body came up, complete in every detail. "Yuck," Dave muttered. "Let's make a few changes right now." He typed "remove 70% of subject's fat, replace with muscle. Restore subject
to perfect health, remove vulnerablility to disease." and clicked Send.

Dave gasped as he felt his body shrink and grow all over...and in a matter of seconds, it was over. He looked down...and stared in astonishment yet again! His body was no longer (to be kind) portly, but rather seemed to be in excellent condition! He felt better than he had in quite some time, and grinned. "Wow. Who needs liposuction when you have this? Now just one more change, if what I think will happen, happens..."

He typed, "Subject will produce ten times as much semen per orgasm, has amplified sexual stamina. Can maintain erection for unlimited time." He hit Send, and felt a slight tingling around his manhood. He spent a few more minutes considering other changes, but decided to leave himself alone after a while. "No sense in making myself *totally* different." Dave thought to himself.

Dave looked at the clock. 3:30, it read...three more hours till his other roommate got home. 'Well, I think it's time to see what this program can *really* do,' Dave thought, and grinned devilishly. He clicked his name, deleted it from the Bookmarks menu, and brought Amber back up on the screen. He stared at her rotating image, thought to himself 'God, she's a babe, but her breasts could be a bit larger. Could lose a tiny bit of weight, too.' He hesitated at altering her right away, not completely certain he could restore her.

Dave explored the program a bit more, reading all the help balloons that came up. Finally, he found what he was looking for: a "Save Profile" command. He could save a subject's profile, and at a later time use it to immediately change a subject without going through the whole rigamarole again.

Dave grinned even wider, and saved Amber's current attributes as "Old Amber." He'd need them to restore her to normal before Jason got home.  Until then, however...

Dave started to type again: "Amber, you will lose thirty pounds, and your breasts will grow to 36DD size and become extremely sensitive with absolutely no sag whatsoever. Your hair will become silky-smooth, and lengthen to just above your ass. You will remove all your clothes, and put on a robe. You will then walk to Dave's door, knock three times, kneel and say, 'Master, your loving sex slave is here," as if addressing You will cheerfully obey Dave's every command, and desire to please him any way you can. Dave is your Master. Obeying your Master will make you extremely horny. Your Master's semen will be the best-tasting thing in the world, and you will desire it above all else. You will think of yourself as 'Sex Slave Amber' and you will not question how or why you are doing this, or why your body and attitudes have changed. You will enjoy your new body."

Dave read through this. 'Hmm. A bit of a run-on paragraph, but everything I want,' he decided, and clicked Send. He heard some noises coming from Amber's room, and knew that his commands were taking effect.  He sat back, and waited...

A few minutes later, he heard the expected three knocks, and Amber's voice saying, "Master, your loving sex slave is here." Dave got up, and walked to his door. He breathed in and out a few times, calming himself, and opened the door.


(three minutes earlier)

Amber lay on her bed, reading the latest Mercedes Lackey novel, as she had for the last hour or so. Her nicely rounded ass pressed against her blue jeans as she hummed quietly to herself. Suddenly, the oddest feeling went through her head, something was being *poured* into her mind!

"Uhnn...wha...?" she mumbled, moving a hand to her forehead. And as suddenly the strange feeling came, it was gone. Amber shrugged, got up and pulled her pink t-shirt over her head. 'Wow, just in time!" she thought, as her tits began to grow before her very eyes! 'My shirt would have exploded!' She also felt her legs, arms and tummy shrink as she stripped the rest of her clothing off.

A warm sensation on Amber's head drew her attention to her was growing longer! "My body's remodeling itself!" Amber exclaimed. She reached up, grabbed a handful of hair, and looked at it. With no shampoo, conditioner or anything else, the hair looked, smelled and felt wonderful!

Amber smiled, pleased with her new body, and went to grab her robe...


(where we left off)

Dave's eyes swept over the kneeling girl outside his room. The long, trailing mass of shiny black hair covered most of Amber's back, but he could see enough to know his commands had *definitely* worked.

"Stand, slave, and let me get a good look at you," Dave commanded. Amber (who now thought of herself as Sex Slave Amber) quickly got to her feet, threw her lustrous mane back, and presented herself for her Lord. Her robe tried valiantly to conceal Amber's newly-enhanced breasts, but the battle was lost. Amber's breathing quickened noticeably as she obeyed...that command was certainly working! "Amber, do you know why you're here?" Dave asked.

Amber looked at Dave, said, "I have no idea, Dave. I--" "Call me Master, slave." Dave barked. Amber's eyes widened with a mixture of indignation and awe...the awe won out. "Yes, Master." Immediately after obeying, Amber felt warmth spread out from her now-sopping pussy. "Master, I have no idea why I'm here."

"Do you like your new tits, slave?" Dave asked, barely able to remove his eyes from barely-concealed mounds. "And I want you to be totally honest in everything you tell me from now on."

"Yes...I like them...they feel good against my robe." Amber replied, eyes glazing with obedience-induced lust.

"Well, let's see them. Remove your robe." Amber hurried to obey, the terrycloth robe falling from her enhanced form.

Dave's eyes flowed all over Amber's computer-sculpted body...she was a vision of voluptuous perfection. Her long dark hair framed an angelic smiling face, her skin just the right shade of soft brown. Amber's enormous bosom truly defied gravity, appearing suspended in mid air, even while jiggling from her rapid breathing. Dave's eyes moved downward...perfectly toned stomach, neatly trimmed pubic hair, and long, long legs completed the package. "Turn around slowly, slave." Amber
complied, and Dave saw that her perfection was truly complete...a heart-shaped ass, and no hint of sag there, either.

Amber completed her turn and stared at her master, awaiting his next command. "Amber, stand there and massage your breasts. Don't move from that spot until I give permission," Dave ordered, and walked to his computer. He just came up with a couple of commands that he should try out.

Dave glanced at the screen, saw Amber spinning around with changes applied. He went to the text box, typed, "Amber, you will never use Dave's computer unless told to by Dave himself." He paused, remembered something from a story he read on the internet, typed, "When Dave's cock touches any part of your body, you will feel extreme pleasure. Every time Dave comes, you will come as well." Dave clicked Send, got up and walked over to Amber.


(I think the reader can come up wth a better sex scene here. Suffice it to say, the pair did all sorts of stuff, with much screaming and such other frills. Sorry, but I'm just starting out. Any suggestions welcome at, and I'll mention your help!

Anyway, it's now about two hours later, Dave's again sitting at his computer, and Amber's under his desk, giving some service...)


"Sorry, Jason, you don't get Amber tonight," Dave murmured to himself.  After the amazing performance Amber had just provided, Dave decided that the first thing he needed to do was make a quick change to Jason. Dave fully intended to put Amber back to normal the next morning...after all, her and Jason really *did* make a good couple. But for now, Dave wanted
to enjoy himself without worrying about Jason's reaction. He looked down at the loving slave kneeling under his desk. She was intent on giving the very best blow-job she could.

He brought Jason's image up on Master Command, saved an "Old Jason" profile while doing his best to ignore the pleasure Amber was providing.

Concentrating, Dave typed, "You will find nothing unusual about Amber's behavior, body, or any actions that Amber takes. You will find nothing unusual about Dave's behavior, body or any actions that Dave takes. You will have no problem with Amber obeying Dave's commands, and no problem with Dave having sex with Amber." Dave pressed Send, saved this profile
as "New Jason," and leaned back to enjoy his love slave's attentions.

After a few more minutes, Amber brought him to the edge of orgasm. "Get ready, slave, here it comes..." Dave warned, and five seconds later started shooting load after load into her waiting mouth.

"My god, you're a great cocksucker!" Dave exclaimed as his toy brought him off yet again.

"Mmmmm...thank you, Master...I live only to serve." Sex Slave Amber replied as she savored the taste of her Master's semen and the afterglow of her own simultaneous orgasm. "May I worship your manhood again, Lord?"

"No, my little slave...I think it's time we cleaned you up and gave you some rest. Go prepare a shower, slut!" he ordered, and smiled as his new toy scrambled to obey. He glanced at the clock, only ten minutes until Jason would be back. "Well, I guess we'll find out if my changes took effect soon," Dave thought as he entered the bathroom where his naked slave waited.


At 6:30, Jason Hatcher entered the apartment, and heard something rather strange...

"Uhhh! Uuugh! Oh, oh, oh my GOD, YES, do me Master do me do me dome dome dome fuck fuck fuck FUUUUUUUUCK!" Amber's voice.

Jason heard this, and thought, 'Amber's getting fucked. Amber's getting fucked by...Dave? Dave's fucking Amber.' He silently acknowledged this, and went to his computer to surf the net, like normal.

A few minutes later, Amber and Dave came out of the shower. Dave wore a towel around his suddenly-lean frame, while Amber dried her hair with her towel, not bothering to cover her body. 'Amber's breasts got bigger.  Amber's hair grew. Dave lost weight," Jason thought. Out loud, he said, "Hey, were you guys...having sex?"

Amber looked at her master. Dave nodded, and Amber turned and said, "Oh yes, Master fucked the shit out of me!" She giggled as she pressed her bare breasts against Dave.

"Dude, I had no idea Amber was such a great cocksucker. You don't mind that she's my slave, do you?" Dave asked his roommate, watching his reaction carefully.

Jason considered this. He somehow thought he *should* mind, but didn't.  Amber was Dave's slave? Of course she was. Jason said, "Of course not," and turned back to his computer.

Dave gave Amber's ass a playful smack, and said, "Go to my room, slave, and lay on my bed. Massage your breasts while you lay there, until I tell you otherwise."

"Yes, Master!" Amber wiggled her ass off to his bedroom, her tits shaking from side to side down the hall.

Dave turned to his roommate. "We'll be in my room, dude. We'll try to keep the noise down, but I won't guarantee anything," Dave grinned, and followed his slave inside. Neither of them would get much sleep that night...


Ten o'clock the next morning, Dave sat at his desk, staring at his exhausted slave sleeping on his bed. A wide smile still showed on her face from the marathon of sex the previous night. Her mountainous breasts shook enticingly with each breath.

'Damn. I'm the luckiest bastard on the planet.' Dave pondered what he could do with his newfound tool. 'What exactly are the limits of this program? Can it alter *anything* about someone? Does it only affect humans? Does it affect inanimate objects? How does it work?'

He thought about this for a minute, then dismissed most of the questions. 'Let's stick with altering people for now. That, at least, I know how to do. Now...who can I try this out on next?'

A few candidates sprang to mind, mostly classmates he lusted after in high school and college, but all of them were scattered across the state. Dave entered "Jenny McCarthy," into the program, and hit return.  A dialog box came up, reading, "Unable to display: 100 mile range exceeded."

"Well, that's one question answered," Dave spoke out loud. 'Hmm. Wonder if this thing will work on a Powerbook?' He looked at Amber, thought about her rarely-used platinum credit cards...and brought Amber back up on the screen. 'I think we'll do a little shopping before I put her back the way she was,' Dave mused.

He began to type: "Amber, your breasts will shrink to 34C size. You will act as Dave's friend in public but continue to obey his orders, and become Dave's slave again in private. Wake up." Satisfied that his slave would once again fit into her existing clothes, he clicked Send.

Amber's breasts shrank to merely large size. She opened her eyes, sat up and purred, "Good morning, master. Would you like to fuck?"

Sorely tempted, Dave resisted and said, "Not right now, slave. Get showered and made up...and find something sexy that fits you...maybe that one-piece striped dress. We're gonna go shopping. Bring your credit cards." Amber flashed him a grin and with a "Yes, Master!" went off to obey.


Three hours later, Dave and Amber returned to the apartment, weighed down with packages, bags and boxes. Amber was now clad in a tight pink spandex top which revealed more than it hid, and a pair of skin-tight black leather pants.

They went through the new purchases: lots of sexy outfits and costumes from Victoria's Secret in various sizes, (for any new slaves I get, Dave thought), a couple of digital camcorders, and a brand-new PowerBook G4.

Amber happily sorted all the frilly and skimpy clothes, while Dave took the laptop into his room and put a copy of the Master Control program onto it.

Dave returned to the living room, sat on a chair, and ran the program on his portable. It came up, complete with spinning Amber, just as it had been when he quit it earlier. He typed a command to restore Amber's tits to their massive size, and watched as Amber's spandex top began to overflow. Amber moaned in pain and pleasure as her extra-sensitive boobs
fought against confinement...and with a *SNAP* her top flew across the room! Amber looked up at her master and smiled with glee as her hands went up to fondle her love pillows. "Thank you, Master. I missed my big titties!"

Dave grinned...his trusty God Laptop gave him the freedom to seek out other subjects at will! Time for a road trip!

"Amber, come here and kneel in front of me. I have some instructions for you. Listen closely." Amber went to her master, knelt and focussed her attention.

"Amber, first I want you to put all those clothes in your room, then grab the camcorders and put them on my bed. When you're done with that, change into the French Maid costume we bought, and clean the apartment.  When Jason comes home, tell him that you're his servant for the night, and will do anything he says. And speak with a French accent. Tomorrow morning, you'll wake up and go about your business as normal. I'm off to find some additional slaves, and you'll have to content yourself with
Jason for now."

"Yes, Master," Amber sighed, dejectedly. She looked up. "Will you return soon? Your slave will miss her Master's yummy cock..."

"Amber, I promise to come back as soon as possible. And I will fuck you silly when I do. Now come here and give me a goodbye blowjob..."

And so she did. And after making sure his desktop computer was secure, Dave went off in search of his next conquest.

End part 1