Master PC: Murder in Elk Springs



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Promo: A well-endowed former geek and young woman with freakishly large breasts are found dead. The sheriff must find the cause before the whole town unwinds with uncontrolled lust.

Sheriff William Robert Carter lifted a "Park Closed Due to Flood Damage" sign and stomped his across Bull Elk Meadow. He checked the sky for buzzards. They always ruined an incident scene. "Yep there they are. Going to draw every yahoo for miles."

Deputy Fox had already roped off the scene and covered the bodies with an opaque brown tarp. Roy always used rope because he complained the plastic tape was too flimsy and he could always use the rope to pull himself out of the mud if need be. "Hey sheriff."

"Hey, Roy. What we got here?"

Roy Fox was a good deputy. He was much younger than the sheriff and barely literate but he had more sense then five men put together and was as cool under fire as a packed snow. Nothing ever got him excited, nothing ever flustered him, and nothing ever distracted him from procedure.

Roy opened his notebook. "According to the ID I found in those jeans over there. The deceased are one Wayne Younger and Jennifer Cole."

Billy Bob whistled. Wayne he barely knew but Jennifer Cole was darn near famous throughout the town. She was the town beauty, popular, head cheerleader and her daddy owned a lot of land with good water. "I thought she was off to college."

Roy frowned. "Next September, gonna be a lawyer I hear tell."

"Sad." He pointed to two men sitting on one of the less broken down picnic benches. They were watching the sheriff with the look of men eager to tell their story. "They found them?"

"A couple of hunters, out of state fellahs. I got their rifles and knives and such in my truck."

"Good boy. Now let's see what we got here."

The sheriff slipped on his baggy shoes and limboed under the day-glow yellow rope and pulled back the tarp. Under it was a sight for the big city tabloids, not a sleepy New Mexico town.

A young woman lay atop a young man. Her long blonde hair, stiffened with dried mud, lay plastered on her back down to her ass. Her sex lay right on top of the boy's. The lovers had died during coitus.

The sheriff whistled again.  "Now that is one for the record books. I can see signs of exposure. Looks like the two came out the old park here for a little privacy got caught in that summer shower we had pass through here two days ago and died.
        That's what you get when you don't have enough sense to get out of the...what the hell? Maybe it isn't so clear cut." The sheriff's eyes had finally been town away for the lewd image and he began to take in the whole picture.

The boy had been tied down, staked out. The sheriff looked around and saw that pile of picnic items the two had brought (the basket's contents now scattered by coons and such) did indeed include a coil of good rope and a bucknife, still open. A closed laptop squatted amongst the shredded wicker; its gray case freckled by muddy splatters caused by raindrops.

"Look's like they used tent pegs."

"Oh boy. I'll have a hard time explaining this one. If it weren't two young people it would almost be funny. I always hate it when it's young people, you know that, Roy. The girl is a classmate of my daughter for Pete's sake."

"Yes, sir." Roy's eyes looked at the bodies meaningfully.

"You got something on your mind deputy?"

"You might want to look at them a little closer sheriff."

Sheriff Carter was not one of those types of law officers who got his jollies by snatching looks at stiffs. He had known one of those guys in Taos, the pervert. He didn't like the idea that one of deputies thought he'd like a peep. "This better be good, Roy. Damn!" The sheriff bent at his knees so he could look between the bodies and then stared in the biggest set of tits he had ever seen in his career. "Those things are huge! Got to be a big as basketballs!"  He stood. "I didn't know she got breast enlargements."

Roy shrugged. "That's just it sheriff. I saw Jennifer at Meeting three days ago. She did not have those...things then."

"You sure?"

Roy deadpanned.

"Right. Right. Sorry Roy, I don't see how a body couldn't notice. But I am a little amazed.
So now the question is, "How does a girl grow blimp tits in less than 24 hours?"

Elk Springs, New Mexico was a lot like most Southwestern towns. It still made its living from cattle ranching, a little gold panning and tourism. The Sunbirds avoided Elk Springs so did the money they bring. It had the water, the sun and the views that the other small towns had. But the people of Elk Springs valued their lazy ways over Yankee dollars.

The town had encountered a tiny building "boom" in the fifties, when American uranium was still in demand, but that was it. No, the real resource of the town was the artesian springs for which it was named. The town sat on huge natural reservoir that operated year round and in the Southwest that is no mean thing. The nearest big city was Tucson, Arizona, four hours dive away.

Sheriff William Robert Carter entered the tri-county morgue and inhaled Marcos' usual vanilla incense. Marcos burned it and even washed in vanilla extract to remove the "dead guy smell" before he went out to enjoy civilization. The vanilla aroma disturbed the sheriff tremendously because it always reminded him of the sex shops he had to visit as part of his worldly duties, back when he was a cop working vice.

"Life and death having the same smell, a body shouldn't have to put up with that.
        When are you going to get some new incense Marcos?"

"Soon as you find me another airborne oil that coats the nose as good Billy Bob." Doctor Marcos Smith G.P., D.F.M., D.I.M. was a big man. He stood over six foot six, stocky, strong and his face was as sun-grooved as a Southwest Canyon. His hands were big, strong, and calloused. Just looking at him in his usual denims, one would as soon think he was a rancher, not a doctor.  However, dressed in his lab coat and wearing rubber gloves, as he was now, he looked like a rancher playing doctor for Halloween.

Billy Bob plunked his books, folders and papers and a muddy laptop on his usual side desk. As was their custom, the two would go over the incident scene together. Diablo County was a long way from much of anything and the sheriff learned from hard experience that speed, before the perps hit the interstate, was of the essence.

"What we got here?"

"Good question. Ligature marks on the wrists and ankles indicate he struggled but look how big and strong he is. Of course she's fit too but I don't see how she could have tied him down without his consent."

"We found four open beer cans at the scene."

"No trace of alcohol or any drugs in his bloodstream. Of course I could send to Tucson for an expensive test..."

"Stow that for now. What else?"

"You were right. They did die of exposure. I'd say they'd been up there for the better part of three days."

"Three days!"

"But we only found the remains of picnic lunch. What did they eat? There was still beer left over."

"Their digestive tracts were completely void of food. I'm listing hunger and dehydration as contributing factors. Reminds me of that hunter last year with the broken leg, remember him? His buddies left him to go get help?"

"Yes. I remember the dumb-ass mother fuckers."

"Same thing. No food, no water, no shelter not for three days at least. Just look at these sunburns. Fingernails are blue and even their tongues are swelled up."

"But his brand new sports car was right there. It ran fine."
I have heard of horny teenagers before, hell I was quite the buck in my day but I never got so horny I didn't eat."  Then the sheriff looked straight at the doctor. "Marcos, please tell me you are not going to say these two fucked themselves to death."

"Billy Bob, I know this may sound crazy, and a little perverse, but there is quite the body of research out there on the subject of sex."

"I know rape cases. Don't patronize me, I've got my degree from the FBI for Pete's sake."

"I am not trying to patronize you. I am trying to brace you. Now, her body covered his and the semen is a pretty sticky substance, and I got swabs for even trace amounts, but going by volume, even conservatively...

I know this sounds crazy but I have found the seminal remains of about fifty ejaculations and his testicles were still full when I cut them open."

The sheriff whistled. "Gang rape?"

"Just listen. I took semen samples from his testes, her abdomen, his abdomen, her thighs, his thighs, her buttocks, his buttocks, her, her bosom, his chest, her vagina, her rectum, and her stomach."

"I thought you said she was empty."

"I said the digestive tracts were free of food.
        I ran simple blood tests on all the semen samples, before we go spending money on genetics, right? Well all the samples have B negative blood. All of them, every where, B-negative blood."

Sheriff Carter was a highly trained police officer. He knew that the odds of a gang of men all having B-negative blood was astronomical. "And the little Younger boy here is B-negative?"

"Yes, sir; the only one of record at Valley Hospital. They remember because he was always a sickly boy and the nurses always worried about getting blood for him someday."

"Doesn't look sickly to me. Looks more like he could play linebacker for the Broncos. Let me see that ID again." The sheriff withdrew two laminated cards from one of his manila folders and examined them.

"Marcos. Is that boy wearing contacts?"

Marcos spread both boys' eyes. "No."

"What color would you say his eyes were?"


"But on his drivers license it says that his eyes are brown. How tall would you say he is?"

Marcos looked at his chart. "Six foot four and 210 pounds."

"It says here he's five foot seven and weighs two hundred and fifty pounds. Damn, he was a real porker."

The sheriff closely compared the faces of the cadavers with the faces on the ID. "But it IS them. Look. The boy still has that little gap in his teeth, see? Just what the hell is going on here?"
How about her breasts?"

"What about them?"

"What did you find when you cut them open?"

"I haven't. There is nothing to see."

"What do mean there is nothing to see? They've got to be..."

"54 GGG, I measured."

"But that's..."

"I know; usually reserved for women who weigh over 300 pounds. But I am telling you that these are not boob jobs. There are no scars and no rigidity. Usually after death the skin shrinks around the saline sacks. I see no signs of that."

"They have got to be fake."

"I am telling you they are not. These breast are.." (He was about to say 100% natural and stopped himself.) "not boob jobs."

"Cut them open."

"No. I am not mangling this girl up any more than I have to. If you like, I can x-ray her chest. It's faster anyway."


Marcos rolled the gurney into the x-ray room and Billy Bob busied himself with his paper work. The first book the sheriff opened was the high school yearbook. In his small county, it was as good as a mug book.

He looked up Wayne Younger, senior.  The photo that stared back at him was not the Greek statute that lay on the slab next to him. It was a porcine, pale, little face that looked like an over-inflated balloon. "Interests: chess club 1, RPG club 1, 2, 3 computer club 1, drama 1. Quote: "I took the road less traveled and it made all the difference."

Jennifer Cole, a bright shining face, full of life smiled back. Her hair was fine, more brown and sun-streaked with blonde than the pure yellow blonde he saw. Women changed hair color all the time.  Even so, women didn't dye their pubic hair, did they?

Her hair in the photo was short; it couldn't have grown from just below her chin to her ass since September, when the photos were taken, could it?
Interests: Class President 1, 2, 3, 4, Young Democrats 1, 2, 3, 4, Spirit 1, 2, 3, 4 Honors 1, 2, 3, 4 Golf Team 1, 2, 3, 4 Tennis Team 1, 2, 3, 4, 4-H 1,2 Quote: "Look out world, here I come!"

"And these two were boyfriend and girlfriend?" The sheriff made a few notes of people who shared the clubs with Wayne. The RPG club would be first since he seemed to be there the longest. There would be no problem finding people who knew Jennifer, his daughter Lucy, for one. But if he remembered right they didn't get along well. Lucy being more of a homebody didn't cotton to Jennifer's liberated notions much.

Marcos came back with the body of the young girl, an x-ray and smile of triumph on his face. "See? Believe it or not, those tits are real.

"So how do you explain....those?"

"Could be steroids. Some of the boys have been caught experimenting with cattle steroids to "beef up" themselves. It's had unexpected results. One of my patients had his entire cartilage super grow. It messed up his knees and now he's got a huge nose and ears."

"Right, Ray Mitchell, the Reverend's boy. That was a shame. Why would a young person do that to themselves?"

"You'd be surprised how many teenagers live out their lives in agony because they can't live out their fantasies. For the reverend's boy, it was his small size. For Jennifer, I guess it was breast size."

"Steroids." The sheriff rubbed his chin. "I better look into this. Meanwhile..."

"I know. I'll send into Tucson for some tests."

A few more words and Billy Bob was back at his office reporting on the crime scene.
One of the best things about Roy was his Uncle Seth. Seth Levesque was the best elk guide in the state and could read sign in the dirt better than most preachers could read verse on paper. If he wasn't out guiding or sleeping in a cave somewhere, he was happy to lend his nephew a hand.

Roy had taken his uncle the park and asked him how things went. Uncle Seth didn't mind Billy Bob because he never asked fool questions like "What about the rain?"

"So, what's the verdict, Mister Levesque?"

"Car drives up. Two people, the boy and the girl get out. They have a picnic. He starts it out by eating almost all of a homemade blackberry pie, then a whole fried chicken. They have lots of sex. He keeps going to something square. He makes to leave. She goes to her backpack and picks out the rope. He walks back of his own free will. The girl stakes the boy out. He helps her do it. Then she fucks him for the better part of two days until they die out in the night rain. They had that much scat under them."

"No one else there, huh? Any idea who killed whom?"

"All I know for sure is that she never gets off of him to eat or anything. He tried to escape but she did a really good job of tying him down, like one of her daddy's steers. The boy doesn't struggle to reach the bucknife. He reaches for that." The old man pointed to the dirty laptop on his desk, instantly recognizing it as the thing that made the square "track."

"The computer? Must have wanted to leave a note or something. Seth, this is like nothing I have ever seen, but do you have any idea what caused this?"


"What makes you say that?"

Seth grew even quieter than normal and turned to look at Roy. "You leave me and the sheriff to talk now."

Without even an eyebrow raised, Roy left the room and shut the door behind him.

"Roy is a good boy, but got sex on the mind too much.
Don't want him to get ideas."

Billy Bob did his best not smile at the thought of phlegmatic Roy Fox having sex on the mind. For the first time ever he thought old Seth had misjudged something. But an over protective Uncle can be forgiven.

"I think it is drugs because every time he works at that box, you know...not have sex...she grows. She must be taking drugs then." The old man held out his hands in front of his chests and moved them outwards. "What else does that but drugs?  Always with the kids it is drugs."

Billy Bob stared at the laptop in thought then got an inspired idea. "Ate blackberry pie you said? Hold on a minute there please, Seth." Rubber gloves on, he opened the laptop. Sure enough, some of the keys were purple. "Seth, you think you can track what keys he typed?"

The old man grunted. "Maybe. It looks brand new."  He looked over the keys with a jaundiced eye. "Got a pencil?" He wrote the letters to "Loneliness" down. After that, the boy just greases up that pad there."

"Thanks, Seth. You know I just write you up in a forensics journal. We'll call it 'tracking the computer.'"

"Don't want no part of this business. It is very sad, the boy sad most of all."

"Right. Thanks Seth. We'll need a statement as usual." The sheriff walked over and opened his office door.  "Roy, what say you take your Uncle over to Rositas and treat him to some of those chili rellenos he likes so much; on the county of course."

As the two men left the station, the sheriff reflected. "So, that was it. Seth Levesque, the county burning bush, has spoken. 'Death by exposure caused by negligent erotic activity.'  That was definitely not what he wanted to type in his report. Technically, it was a murder-suicide; similar to an asphyxiation case he had covered once. But how to explain the body changes?"

The laptop was dirty and had been out in the rain but he had to give it a try. The battery was dead. So he went out to the parking lot that doubled as an impound yard and dug the power adapter out of the back seat of victim #2's
Sports car. It was under a mound of fast food packages and a couple of DVD's, "The Manchurian Candidate" and "Telefon."

He plugged the cord into the laptop, pressed the power button and crossed his fingers. It whirred happily.  The screen lit up and a query box appeared. "Password?"

"Seth was right, Wayne was sad." He put on some finger cots and typed the in the word 'Loneliness.'

<Welcome to Master PC. >

A command window opened up like for a combination of word processor, Internet sever and sound mixer.  It had icons, pull down menus and scroll bars and big blank image box just below the text box. "It doesn't look like a suicide note."
<Please type in subject's name. >

He typed "Jennifer Cole" into the text box.

A three-d image like a fancy special effect rotated in front of him. She was sleeping naked, big tits and all. Her stats, like a centerfold's, appeared above the pale image.
"So he was watching porn when they were having sex. Now we are making sense."

Mystery solved, he shut the computer down and got on to real police work, like finding out who saw them last. Since they drove to scene in Wayne's new car, he knew he should start at the Younger family residence. That thought did not thrill him.

While he didn't know Wayne that well, he knew his momma, Betty, plenty from his high school days. He knew Wayne's younger sister, Elizabeth, from the drunk tank. Like daughter like mother, both of them were fat, lazy stupid and foul-mouthed lushes. Betty had the annoying habit of talking like a holy roller, especially when she was in trouble and/or soused, even though she hadn't been to services in years. "Dropped out and knocked up if I recall."

Wayne's mother lived in a brand new double wide at the edge of town. The sheriff pulled aside the shiny new screen door and knocked. He hadn't seen Betty in about a year. She was obese, on an oxygen tank and living off of public assistance.

The vision of loveliness that met the sheriff at the door was almost beyond belief. Betty had lost weight, lots of it and put it on her chest. Her new long blonde hair was all done up, like Cinderella.  Her make up was impeccable and she wore a nice dress under her apron. From her long red nails to the five-inch pumps on her feet, she looked too good for housework. She still had a full womanly figure but could have passed for twenty-five. "Why Billy Bob Carter. It has been ages! Come on in. I am afraid I do look a fright.  Do come in for coffee. I'll just heat up some blackberry pie."

These moments were always awkward for the sheriff. He declined coffee and sat Wayne's mom down.

"Have you noticed Wayne gone for the past few days?"

"Oh yes, but you know boys, Billy Bob, they always are up to something."

"Betty. The reason I came by is to tell you that Wayne is dead."

Betty wailed and moaned like a widow of Jericho. She went on about what good, strong young man he was and cried about what she was ever going to do without the man of the house, her provider.

"Speaking of providing, where did he get the money for this new house and your clothes, Betty?"

"I do believe he said he got it off some Internet stock or online gambling or some such. I am afraid I am a bit of a ditz." She almost giggled.

"Or some such." He filed that away.

"Did you know my dear little man, sheriff?"

"I am afraid not." He reached for something to comfort the mother. "I know he liked Robert Frost."


"You know, the poet?"

Betty was left a blank, so Billy Bob jumped in with a famous quote, hoping to jog her memory.
"The woods are lovely dark and deep..."

Then the mother shocked Billy Bob by finishing the poem. A transformation seemed to come over her. She went from bereaved to bewitching. She lowered her eyelids seductively, unbuttoned the top of her dress and leaned in towards Billy Bob.  She breathlessly whispered in his ear. "Why sheriff, I do believe you haven't tasted my pie, yet." She leaned forward as she stood up giving him a good eyeful of lace-covered jugs and a whiff of her No. 5. She turned and let him admire her ass then swayed in to the kitchen like a film noire star.

He heard the oven open. "Keeping busy to avoid shock. Common reaction." The sheriff justified. His marital life had not been great of late, but he was a pro and deeply suspicious.
"You mind if I look in your boy's room in the meantime, Betty?"

"No, be my guest. I have no idea what's in there. Boys must have their privacy you know."

Billy Bob wandered in. It was a pigsty. "Don't know. I only got daughters. How long did you say you had this new home?"

"Only a week. Wayne got it for us."

"Only a week." He surveyed the vast wasteland of shipping boxes, styrofoam, fast food, pizza boxes and pie tins, lots of pie tins. He had a new desktop computer, a new stereo DVD player and a ton of CD's, still in their shrink-wrap. "Lots of brand new, high ticket goods; maybe he was into drugs." He thought. He looked at his bookshelf, lots of Dungeons and Dragons and sci-fi paperbacks but no poetry.

He looked for Mrs. Younger in the kitchen but couldn't find her there. He listened and heard noises from the bedroom. He had to shout through the closed door. "I'll have to take the computer down to the station. Is that all right?"

"I am sure it is."

He politely waited on the new, leather sofa for the grieving mother to see him out, but she was in there so long that he began to wonder if she was destroying evidence. Then he heard a vehicle pull up.

"That will be Elizabeth. Please tell her I'll be out in a minute."

The Sheriff knew Lizzy Younger, Wayne's big sister, well. She was a hard drinking, foul mouthed, tattooed bitch that was destined for the biker slut hall of fame. Peroxide blonde, smoking, drinking, the last time they met, the fat cow forced her finger down her throat to throw up all over his squad car.

The sheriff leaned back and pulled the curtain aside. He saw some girl with straight brown hair held in a ponytail disembark from the Gospel Mission van and then sweetly bounce on tiptoe as she waved good-bye. She was slim, wore a red fuzzy sweater and pleated plaid skirt. Pert b-cups tented her sweater and a tight ass held out the rear end of the skirt. The girl carried loaded backpack.

"Wayne! I'm home."

The sheriff was sure he had entered the twilight zone. The sweet little girl looked just like a slimmer, trimmer, darling version of Elizabeth. But her eyes were blue; her higher cheekbones seemed to put her in a permanent smile. To test his theory, that is was Elizabeth, he called her by name, "Hello, Elizabeth."

"Oh hello, sheriff. I saw your car outside. I am really sorry about my past life by the way.  Is Wayne here?"

"No he's not." His face was grave.

"Where is he? He's not...."

The sheriff nodded.

Elizabeth bawled about how good and strong Wayne was and went on and on about he was the man of the house. It was Wayne who got her life turned around, got her involved in the Mission, Community College and all.

"Where's mommy?" the little girl sniffled.

"In the bedroom composing herself I imagine. She asked me to talk to you."

"She did? That's odd."

"Yes. It is a bit. I quoted your brother's favorite poem to her and she lost it."

"Poem? Wayne didn't know any poems."

"Sure he did. He quoted Robert Frost in his senior yearbook."


Again the sheriff went through the brief litany. Again it had an amazing effect on a Younger.

Elizabeth suddenly stood, stretched and as her arms pulled back over her head and her breasts strained against the light wool of her sweater. Billy Bob could swear she was showing off her tits at him. "Wayne's gone. It's so sad." She took her right index finger, pulled down her lower lip and swayed her hips back and forth. "Who is going to take care of itsy-bitsy Elizabeth now? Who is going to be the big, strong man of the house?"

Before he could think with his big head, Elizabeth put one long leg on either side of the Billy Bob's and sat right down on his lap. She wrapped her arms loosely around his neck. She ground her loins straight onto his. "Mmmmm yes. Bitsy can tell Mister Sheriff is very big and strong. And my little cunny is so wet and itchy. Will you scratch where Bitsy itches? Will you take care of Bitsy's cunny now, you big strong man, pleeeeasse?"

Hard on not withstanding, Billy Bob threw the nymphette off his lap and onto the carpet. "What the hell do you think you are doing? Your brother's dead and you want to hump me? Damn!"

Elizabeth looked up from the floor in lust and not discouragement. Her voice took on the breathless animal growl the sheriff was used to from her.  "You're right sheriff." Elizabeth stood, whipped off her scrungey and shook her brown hair. "I am a very bad girl." She turned 180 degrees around and lifted her skirt, exposing her white cotton panties. I have been a very naughty girl and I deserve a spanking."

"What the hell?"

If things couldn't get any crazier Mrs. Younger walked into the living room dressed only in a red lace bra, red fishnet stockings, garters, hose, oven mitts and no panties. She held a pie tin in front of her and then lowered the baked goods to her bare, shaved pussy. "Would you like to taste my hot pie, sheriff?"

"You people are nuts." He bent to pick up his hat that he left on the sofa, was pushed down and suddenly found himself bracketed Elizabeth's arms. She took up her left hand, the one that did not block his way to the door and frantically rubbed his cock through his pants. "Please don't go sheriff, I haven't tasted any in days."

Realizing the sheriff was still attempting to leave, Mrs. Younger panicked, dropped the pie and stood over her kneeling daughter, grabbed his head in both mitts and pressed it into her pussy. "Yes, oh yes, please don't leave. I need it so bad."

He had to use judo to escape. He raced for the door made it outside and shouted from the prowler. "I'll send someone by for the computer. Don't touch it in the meantime."

"We will do whatever you say." Mrs. Younger added seductively.

"Anything!" Bitsy yelled.

The sheriff pealed out of the trailer park, fishtailing in his haste dust flying everywhere.

"Shit, mommy he's gone. Now who is going to take care of Bitsy's hot cunny?"

"Or mine? He must know the words though. At least Wayne didn't take them to the grave.
        Come on, we can comfort each other. Like we've been doing."

"It's not the same."

"I know it's not, but we know he's got the words. You're your mommy has few ideas. Now, Bitsy, you like mommy's hot pie, don't you?"

"Mmmm yes, mommy has the hottest, sweetest pie in the whole wide world." The door on the trailer shut.

"Ninety! I better slow down. Okay. Think Billy Bob. The family is a bunch of fuck crazy monsters with a Robert Frost fixation. Shit. But I know that is not a crime. Drugs? Maybe.
Of course, a new trailer and new computer might be a place to start."

He picked up the radio and flashed Roy.
"Roy get another deputy and pick up the boy's computer and any discs he had lying around and that means music discs too."

"Repeat Music disks too?"

"Roger. Music Disks. And Roy do not go alone."

"Roger. What's your low-cal?"

"Since I have to go through town to get to the Cole's anyway, might as well stop by a few stores. I want to find out how a welfare mom can suddenly afford a double wide and a new car."

The first place he wanted to stop by was King's Court: Pre-manufactured Homes, the place that must have sold Wayne his new place. This would be awkward for Billy Bob because he and the whole town knew that Jimmy King, the owner, was bopping his secretary. Billy Bob's wife, Jackie, was Sheila King's best friend.

Billy Bob could almost understand it though. Jimmy was a little more easygoing than Sheila liked. She always had lots of ambitions: Homecoming queen, Miss Tri-Counties and real popular. Hell, Billy Bob and her even dated a few times. But she up and married the quarterback, Jimmy King, a real swell fellah he was too.  Well, Jimmy wasn't her daddy and that disappointed Sheila no end.

Sheila's daddy, Old Man Meeker, owned the only car and farm equipment dealership in the Valley. Old Man Meeker was a snake but he could sell snow to Eskimos and he was as rich as Creosus.

Ramona, Jimmy's secretary and "the other woman" was another story. Thought she was a little doughy and nowhere near as beautiful as Sheila, she had it where it counted. Sweet, kind, not pushy and a real homemaker, she was everything Sheila wasn't and to Billy Bob's mind a happier match for all concerned.

It floored him when he walked into the sales office and there was Sheila chatting away on a cell phone, while the secretary, Ramona dusted the blinds. Sheila and Ramona in the same room ranked up there with peace in the Middle East. "Hey, Sheila, Ramona."

Sheila got off the cell phone and pecked Billy Bob on both cheeks. "Well hello, Billy Bob. Why you look good today."

"So do you Sheila." That was not flattery. At thirty-five, Sheila could pass for twenty-five. With her pale, freckly skin, she had always been real cautious with the desert sun. "Lost weight?"

Her blue eyes sparkled. "Well you are the devil. Yes, I have two dress sizes to be exact, back to my high school weight. Look good?" She spun on bare feet, her smart khaki pantsuit rustling, red curls flying.

The sheriff whistled. "Wow. Good job. Hey, is Jimmy around? I need to talk with him."

No one's fool, Sheila grew cautious at the serious tone of his voice. "He's outside with customers. It is a huge lot as you may know."

"I'd appreciate it if you page him."

"Ramona, page my husband."

"But senora he is making a sale and you and he have always told me..."

"Never mind what I told you. I'm telling you to page him now!"

"Yes, senora." Trembling, Ramona dropped everything and paged Jimmy.

"Damn." Billy Bob always knew that Sheila could be a bitch. Of course this new relationship could explain why they are in the same office together.

"It may be awhile. Jimmy can be real tenacious when a sale is involved." Sheila smiled and apologized. "Is it something I can help you with? I am co-owner. Step into the office, the air conditioning works better in a smaller room anyway."

"That does sound good." On the short way into the office the two talked like friends. "Jimmy's tenacious, huh?"

"Our monthly sales are up 1200 percent, thanks to my dear husband." She shut the office door behind them.

"Guess he got re-committed. Huh?"

"I guess so." She let the conversation die.

"Sheila, did you or Jimmy sell a new double wide to Wayne Younger?" He plopped himself down on the leather sofa.

Sheila visibly tensed but tried to hide it. "Well yes. Laid it in just last week. But it was more of a donation. You see, Wayne was a big help around here lately and he is such a good boy. He brought in lots of business you see. Yes, he was a very good boy."

Her words sounded frighteningly familiar in tone. The change in Ramona's personality, the loss of twenty pounds, even her youthful appearance worried him.  "I heard he liked Robert Frost."


"The woods are lovely dark and deep..."

"...but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep."

"So you do know that poem?"

"I know lots of things." Sheila sat next to him and crossed her legs. "While we wait, let's talk."

"What about?"

"How about the past? Remember when we'd drive out on canyon road in that drafty old jeep of yours and look at the moon?" She played with her setter-red curls.

"Yeah. That was fun."

"Suppose I told you I still think about those nights, a lot?"

"Sheila, we were just kids, and I am married now."

"Oh. Jackie knows all about it."

"She does!?"

"Since high school. You men have no idea what we women talk about." Then she leaned in real close and whispered in Billy Bob's ear. "You men have no idea what we women do."

Billy Bob looked shocked.

"Oh don't be so shocked Billy Bob. Your wife and I have discussed a three way with you before. Frankly, if I remember right, I wouldn't mind having that big old sausage of yours between my legs again, even if does mean sharing you with Jackie. She rubbed his crotch.

"Sheila, I think I better go."

For the second time today, the Sheriff found himself tempted. "Oh come now Billy Bob. Tell me you haven't thought about it. I caught those clear blue eyes of yours looking at me from across the bridge table. I think now I'll tell you I was flattered and maybe even a little curious."

She leaned in and breathlessly panted in his ear. Her hand rubbed more determinedly. "Remember my red pussy? Remember how we'd sixty-nine practically all night? Or the time you banged me right behind the..."

Jimmy entered the room.

"Jimmy! Thank god!" Billy Bob used to the distraction to slide out from under Sheila's fingers.

"Sheila? Just what do you think you are doing?"

"Why just talking with my old friend."

Jimmy looked like a whipped dog and accepted the lie. "Yes, dear. That's nice.
        Another sale honey! The Johnstones bought another one."


"Yes. It was easy once I showed them what a great investment it was.
Say, Billy Bob, what don't you like about your home?"

"It's fine."

"You have no idea what you are missing. Let me show you around the..."


"Yes, dear?"

"Do NOT sell Billy Bob a new home. He has important things to do today, don't you, sheriff?"

"Yes, I do." He took his cue and left the second madhouse of the day.

Sheila waved goodbye to her old boyfriend from the window. Down below, out of sight, Jimmy kissed her right foot, Ramona her left. Sheila took up a cigarette and lit it herself. "Damn."

"Did he disappoint you dear?"

"Shut up, you disgusting pig. You are talking about the finest, handsomest man, hell the ONLY handsome man, in this forsaken town. I should have married him, but I had to have the fucking BMOC instead."

"Dearest wise one?" whimpered Jimmy.


"I sold another home. Can I butt fuck Ramona like the bitch she is, now?"

Sheila took a long drag on her cig and smiled "No."

Both Jimmy and Ramona let out moans of delicious anguish.

Billy Bob radioed Roy again. Roy was in his truck just leaving the Younger residence.

"You got the stuff, Roy?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good, any trouble?"

"None. Residents say that the deceased spent lots of time at other's home. Copy?"

"Copy that. I am checking there soon. Meanwhile put all that stuff in my office and hook it up. I am going for ask Felix for help before he flies off. Wednesday is usually his flying day."

Felix's computer store was an odd duck. Between the drive in and the auto yard, it stood out like the space capsule on the moon. Billy Bob didn't know how Felix made a living in the town but was he glad he did.

Felix was a real success story. He graduated college with a degree in programming, married a gorgeous, blonde society girl, went to work for a big company in Massachusetts, made millions then returned to the desert he loved. He should have been happy.

But his wife was a complete city girl. Nothing wrong with that, it's just she was a million miles removed from all she knew and loved in the Hamptons. Felix tried to keep her happy; he even learned to fly to make visits to Tucson easier. But few marriages could put up with that for long. Felix loved her so much that Billy Bob's heart ached for the poor man, but the writing was on the wall. He wanted to raise a family here, Clarissa did not.

But when he pulled up to the store, something new had been added. The deserted gas station next door was in the middle of a conversion into a Southwest art store.

Billy Bob pulled up to the computer store, grateful to get into the best air-conditioned store in town. It was just after twelve noon. "Hey, Felix."

"Hey, Billy Bob." The two old friends shook hands.

"So, you got new neighbors?"

Felix's face lit up. "No that's my wife! Yeah, she got tired of me flying her into Tucson for art shows. Now she's into throwing her own pots, painting landscapes, even weaving her own rugs. You should really check it out."

"No. That old Connecticut girl?"  Billy Bob's balls shivered in fear. "I think I will. But I need to talk to you about something first."


"I have a death on my hands.  I think a computer can give me clues. It's that one desktop you sold Wayne Younger. He passed away under strange circumstances. I am not saying it murder but I want to check out his email anyway."

Felix got shy real quick. "Hey, I just sell them. I am not responsible for who people meet in those chat rooms."

"I don' think its that. But his other computer was password protected so there is a good chance this one is too. Can you get passed those?"

"Sure. I sold him Panes Office 2000 and that thing has all sorts of back doors."

"Back doors?"

"A back door is a secret entrance built by the programmer into the program, often without anybody else knowing."

"Like a mason building a secret entrance into the King's castle."

"Right but in the case of Panes, there are about a dozen boss access commands."

"Will they even work through a password?"

Felix laughed. "They only work when the user gets a password. It gives them a false sense of security."

"Right. I get it."

"Just bring it in. I'll lay it all out for you. I can even trace his websites if you want."

"Perfect. That's exactly what I need. I'll be right back. "

"Sorry. I was just about to fly to Tucson to get some parts. Could you bring it by two days?"

"I guess I'll have too. Thanks Felix." He turned to go, then stopped and turned. "Oh, Felix I need to know when he got those computers?"

"Uh. The desktop he got the other week. And the laptop he got Saturday. He had to wait because he wanted one with a DVD player in it."

"How did he pay?"

Felix looked at his friend straight in the eye. "He didn't pay anything, not really. He was going to work for me and that was his salary. Can I have them back?"

"Sure, just ask his mom when I'm done with them. She's real obliging."

The sheriff left the blissfully cool store and then decided to take his friend up on his offer. He turned right before he reached his prowl car and sauntered into the converted gas station, trying to act nonchalant.

"Hello? Clarissa?" He entered the shop and was amazed by the beauty within. Expansive portraits of the desert he loved like a woman faced him from every wall. Rugs, good enough for Navaho grandmother, hung from pipes in the ceiling. Exquisite pots, large and small lined the shelves.

"Billy Bob! Hi! Come on in."

Clarissa had on a t-shirt under her overalls and a swipe of potter's clay marked her forehead. She wiped the clay from her hands with a shop rag.

"Clarissa, did you do these? They are magnificent!"

"Why thank you." She blushed. "It's good to be appreciated."

Felix popped in to kiss his wife goodbye and then drove off. Leaving the two to talk art. Billy Bob was genuinely interested. "It's as good as anything I've seen in Santa Fe or San Antonio. Hell it's better! I didn't know you did this."

"I didn't and then I had a most interesting conversation with this boy."

"Tell me about it."

"Well, it's a long story and I was just about to eat. Want to join me?"

"Okay." Billy Bob saw the change in her; overalls for dresses, making art far beyond anyone's training, this uptight Ivy League girl had flipped.

"Oh, and call me Clare. I think it suits the new me better."

The last time Billy Bob had seen Clarissa, she and his wife were having another one of those conversations abut getting some culture into Elk Springs. Back then, she had her mid length blond hair permmed, her petite body, one that would stop traffic, was packaged in a tight designer mini dress.
She still had the body, nice 34C's; a butt a fellah could bounce a quarter off of, oval face and blue eyes. But now she was in overalls, hair pulled back in a rubber band and playing in the mud.

She showed him to a stool next to a counter. She reached into a mini fridge, handed him salami on rye, got one for herself and then brought out two slices of berry pie. " Lucky thing I made two lunches today. I wonder why I made them? I knew Felix was leaving today." She took a big bite of the red, fatty meat.

"Aren't you a vegetarian?"

"That was Clarissa, not Clare. You see I met this boy..."

"Wayne Younger."

"That's him! What a sweetheart! He and my husband and I had a long talk about me unlocking my inner passions, living life to the fullest. That's what all my art is about, passion! And where else to live out my passions but in this beautiful desert?"
        She stopped chewing and looked into his eyes very seriously. "I love this desert now, Billy Bob. It's in my blood. I will never leave it."

"Well I am glad you found your niche, Clare." He wiped his brow. "Boy it's hot in here." He was dripping sweat.

"Metal roof." She was sweaty but seemed fine with it.

The sheriff's sense of foreboding grew. He knew for a fact she hated the heat, that's why Felix had such great air conditioning in his places. Hell, it was downright chilly at times. He had to be sure, so he pushed it. "Now me, I don't mind New England in fall or even winter."

"Too cold." She said with a mouthful of dill pickle.

"I don't know. I seem to recall a poem by Robert Frost."


"Weren't you and English major?"


"Never heard of Frost's 'Snowy Woods'?"


Billy Bob incanted the poem. Clare stopped chewing. "You know I've got a painting in the back that I think you would like. Want to see?"

"Okay." Billy Bob stayed on alert, but he was expecting seduction, not what happened next.

As the turned a corner, Clare pointed out an old steel tube frame bed with and old pinstripe mattress on top. "What do you think of that?"

"But Clare..." That's as far as he got before Clare rammed her tongue down his throat.

Suddenly, violently he was in the mood. It was like a big claw grabbed his foot and jerked him down into a deep sea of testosterone. He kissed back with all the passion of a Brahma bull. The two wrestled in each other's arms. Billy Bob kissed her neck and tasted gritty clay and salt.

Clare pushed back and panted. "Oh yeah, baby." She slipped off her overalls and showed him her erect nipples under a cotton t-shirt and paisley boxers. Then she leaped back into his arms for another tongue wrestle.  While his hands kneaded her buns. Her delicate hands pulled at his buttons and pistol belt. He lifted up her t-shirt and sucked on her ice cream smooth breasts violently. He kept her t-shirt up high, but not off, pinning her arms so she couldn't ward him off as he bit down on the pink nipples.

"OW! Oh yeah baby! Baby likes it hard and nasty." Clare panted like a long distance runner. She wriggled out of the shirt, dropped to her knees, yanked down his briefs and sucked on his cock like it was a meatsickle.

Billy Bob was out of his head. He never remembered ever getting so completely, turned on so quick. He knew it was wrong, but he HAD to fuck her. He had no choice; he was like a buck with the rut that knew he was running into a hunter's gun sight.

"Come here." He threw here down on the ancient bed.

"Oh yeah baby." The gorgeous, muddy blonde beneath him spread her legs. "Give it to me, Give it to me hard!" She growled and wriggled.

He peeled off his remaining clothes then jumped. He stabbed her with his cock. He lunged, he dived, he did lots of things, but one thing he was not do was hold back. The old bed springs squeaked and the metal frame screamed in time with its occupants.  "Oh yeah, come on baby, come on fuck your hot momma oh you are so good so big, come inside me come on make me a mommy come on...!"

Billy Bob watched drops of his sweat fall from his forehead and land on Clare's face. She licked the beads with her tongue. As their rut fever grew, he grunted with each thrust and she answered her lover's call with a mewling bark of her own. And so it proceeded, grunt, mewling-bark-squeak, grunt, mewling-bark-squeak, grunt, mewling-bark-squeak, grunt, mewling-bark-squeak louder and louder until..

"Auuuuuuugghhhh!" When Billy Bob came, he came like an avalanche, bellowing like an elk and bending his back to penetrate his mate that much further. Clare shared the same wild ride only she screamed.

Billy Bob collapsed atop his partner. The sweat made her tits squish against his chest. "Guilty or no, that felt great. "It's been so long." He sighed.  A moment's rest and he tried to escape. He withdrew and slowly tried to stand up. "Clare, I don't what got into us, but I'm married."

"Oh no you don't, lover." Clare was on him like a cat, a cat in heat. She ran in front of him and pushed his shoulders down. He didn't see the need to fight her. Billy Bob thought the frame would collapse for sure as his muscular back fell on it. Clare hunched over him and frenched him again. He tasted garlic, onion and pickle and loved it.

"What the hell?" Billy Bob was hard and horny again. "It's like I'm back in high school." He mumbled. He thought about resisting, he was a loyal faithful man, but oh... he wanted her. His right hand presented his spike and Clare impaled herself upon it.

Clare rode him like a rodeo star, whooping and hollering the whole way.  Sweat coated each fucker's body. Clare glistened like a cola bottle on a cold day. Billy Bob hissed in his own ocean of sweat, he could feel how sopping the old cotton mattress had become. Sweat flowed in rivulets down Clare's arms and back, striping away potter's dust.
Billy Bob, through the madness, feared the old, screeching, bed would snap in two. Then Clare wearied of the delay in Billy Bob's second coming and tried a different tack.

She whipped her body up. While she slowly rocked back and forth on his phallus, keeping only her hips in motion, she urged him on "Come on Billy Bob, show me what you got." She scooped up a dollop of wet potter's clay with her left index finger and drew an oval from above her navel to her feathery, blonde, pussy. "I'm ovulating. My womb is right here. Come on big man, put a big fat bun in this hot little oven."

Again the preg talk got Billy Bob way more turned on than it should have. He bucked on his own. He tried to think of his wife and two daughters but the daughters sunk him. He wanted another, oh, sweet sunshine in the morning he wanted another. "Come on. Let's get you fat."

Clare dropped to his mouth and whined. "Fat with your baby, honey?"

"Yes, fat with my baby, honey!"

"Oh I want it Billy Bob I want your baby in me so bad, give me you baby Billy Bob, prove you love me, get me pregnant, leave me with proof of you love." She whined. With a grunting yell of wanton release, Billy Bob injected his seed.

Clare pushed upwards on her arms and screamed like banshee. Her back fluxed and her groin spasmed.  After two minutes of relishing the feeling, she fell against him, like she had been deflated. She panted on his chest, "Do it again?" Her thighs locked him in.

"This is wrong, Clare. You should be having Felix's child."

"Hmm. Felix thinks he's already got me pregnant."

"How's that?"

"I lied to him about my ovulation. I'm am so regular but he never pays attention. I knew today would be prime."

"Why did you let him leave?"

"I don't know." She wriggled her pussy, his cock still inside. "I must have sensed you would be by today. Good thing too, you are so big. I thought I'd bust."

"Thanks. I'd don't remember ever getting so hard before. I used to think you were such a cold fish."

Clare lifted her cheek up from his hairy chest and gave him a wicked grin. "And I thought you used your job to hide from life."

"I do. I still don't know why I did this."

"Mmmmm. Come on Billy Bob, the whole town knows you and your wife sleep in different beds. Her loss, a well hung stud like you."

Billy Bob grew serious. "I don't love you."

"Love?" she ran her fingers through his chest hair. "This wasn't about love. This was about lust, pure and simple. I lust you, Billy Bob." He chuckle came from deep within her throat.

"What about Felix?"

"That cocktail frank? Fuckin' forget him. He always wanted me more passionate in bed, now he got his wish. Too bad its this bed."

"So. Who's next?" Billy Bob hoped she would turn out to be a slut, someone he could blow off. But his luck was running poor.

Clare paused and thought. "Mmmmm. That's funny. I don't want anyone else. Guess that mean I want you again."

"I don't know if I have it in me."

"No?" Clare kissed his lips then his neck. She slid off of him. She nibbled down his chest.

"Please no." Billy Bob now both burned for and dreaded the sex act he loved most. Jackie, once upon a time, liked it too. It was the first thing she denied him.

Feet on the floor, pale ass rose like angel's wings Clare bent down and sucked on his cum-slicked cock. "Mmmmmmmm."

Billy Bob ran his fingers through Clare's hair. He tore off her bands, releasing her confined locks from their bondage. Her hair was smooth, full and damp at the ends. He wanted to fight, but his flesh was weak.

He could feel her wet lips running up and down his shaft. Her hand cupped and tickled his hairy balls. She deep throated his meat, rolled her tongue around it and hummed. When he did exit her mouth, she made sure it exited with a loud slurpy sound followed immediately by lewd praise, "Mmmm. You are so big, sheriff. You taste so good."

Long, luscious, minutes passed and he was hard again. He wanted the completion of the act but Clare was on the baby track. She stopped.

"Clare, I got to..."

"Sorry, Billy Bob but we don't want any going to waste."

"But I got to go." He stood.

She lay back, the old bed squeaked in protest and she bed her knees wide, the birthing position. "The only place you've got to go is here. Come on big daddy, make me pregnant." Her pussy glistened with his semen.

At the mention of the magic word "pregnant" Billy Bob again became less and more of a man. His dick twitched and he lost himself. His mouth locked onto hers, he straddled the antique twin bed frame and pumped his buttocks forwards and backwards into Clare. His hands pinched and twisted on her nipples until she yelled. Then he bent double and fed himself the inflamed areolas. Still he pumped.

They shifted Clare so she was practically below him. He bent his stiff member downwards uncomfortably and used his legs as the diving forced. His torso was the sledgehammer driving his spike into his mate.

Clare went wild. She, as programmed, had never felt such lust. Her blood was on fire, her nerves were flame, and her pussy was a blast furnace, a glory hole and a kiln. She was a burnt offering and this man was her god of fuck. How he did such things to her body left her in wonder. How he did such things to her pussy left her in awe. How he did such thing to her passionate soul left her wanting, craving more?

The third time wasn't an orgasm; it was a celebration of life. Billy Bob was the stud reborn. Clare was his grateful dam. It took a lot out of both of them. This time thought Billy Bob did not waste his escape time with pillow talk.

In the second when rational thought was possible, Billy Bob ran for it before she use the magic word "pregnant" on him again. He got just enough clothes on for decency and ran into the prowler.

Clare appeared at the door, wearing overalls and a broad smile. "Come back soon, Billy Bob! I got more art to show you."

"I bet you do."

Billy Bob Carter pulled down a dirt road and dressed in the car with the AC cranked up as high as it could go. He thought it out.
"In all likelihood I just made Clare, my friend's wife, pregnant. What had gotten a grip on me then?
Slow down Billy Bob. Focus on what you know. Okay. I know for sure know that the Frost quote is the trigger to make some women horny and Wayne was behind it. Hypnotism? Wayne did not seem like the type, especially against a strong willed woman like Sheila.
But that would explain how why Jennifer strapped him down. Suppose he gave her the suggestion "fuck my brains out" or "you want to fuck me more than anything." Yeah that last bit sounded like something a teenager would say. But "anything" would mean no eating or drinking or even living for that matter.
Come to think of it, each woman had made it difficult for me to leave each time. Was that it? Is Wayne dead because Jennifer is the only one who knew how to bulldog a steer? If he hadn't died, would Clare or Sheila have fucked him to death if he had given them the chance?  Maybe. Clarissa was expecting someone today. I bet it was Wayne.  Felix paid him off to make his wife more passionate and want a family. The computers were his fees. But it was the old double cross. Wayne left a backdoor command, Frost. Wayne was planning to cuckold Felix after hypnotizing his wife into being more passionate but he made the mistake of getting serious dead before he could accomplish his plan.

But that didn't add up. Felix got him to make Clare more passionate and family orientated. That made sense for Felix. But why an artist? You'd think a traditional guy like Felix'd make her a homebody, not released an inner artist.

Shelia got Wayne to hypnotize Jimmy to sell more trailers and Ramona to back off, and then paid him off with a new home. But he'd been too busy screwing with his family and Jennifer to use his magic words on her.
        But nothing explained all the changes in the bodies. Hypnotizing people into a diet or fitness, I can understand. But youthful? Free of emphysema? Making breasts larger?
If it is hypnotism, logic dictated that Wayne's put a there must be a 'turn off' switch as well, like snapping fingers or saying "wake up." But what is it?
One thing was for certain; I need a break from women. And I need a book on Frost."

The bookstore was, thankfully run by a man, but he "he had not, did not, will not have any such poet as this Frost fellow in his shelves."

From his response, the lawman deduced that Wayne had eliminated everyone's memory of Frost as a precaution. "Probably so no one accidentally used his words. But why am I immune? Guess I'll check the library and hope the "C" student missed something."

The town library was empty except for a few high school students.  Only a void existed where Frost's poems should have been found, even in the anthologies. Wayne must have beat him to it. He walked the collected poetry aisle anyway and hoped for a break. As he hit Chaucer, he recognized a boy from the "RPG Club," Kevin Fleck.

"Kevin, I need a word with you." He pulled him aside. Kevin looked both frightened and mystified. "Kevin I understand you are a member of the RPG Club."

"Shhhhh." Kevin looked around. "Sorry, sheriff but people think we are demon worshippers geeks or something. I'd rather it not get around."

"Fine. Do you know Wayne Younger?"

"Sure we played games a few times."


Kevin's voice hushed. "Yeah. Like dungeons and dragons."

"Oh. I've heard of that. What was he like?"

"Why do want to know?"

"He's dead. I want something for the eulogy."

"Oh! I'm sorry. Well, there's not much I can tell you. If you want, me and the RPG guys are sitting over there. They'll know a lot more than me."

Kevin brought the Sheriff over to a big old pinewood table. Around it sat an assortment of introverted young men. Each had two or three books on ancient history at hand. "Studying hard boys?"

"Uh, no sir."

"We're researching."

"Researching what?"

"The ancient Black Sea city states."

"For a report?"

All the boys laughed nervously. "No sir, its for a game. You see, we research ancient civilizations, add a little magic, throw in some elves....and then blow them up!"

All the boys laughed. Billy Bob couldn't help but grin at the geeky dweebs. They were eccentric, harmless boys who had found their own little world. "I see. Boys, I am here on a serious matter. Wayne Younger is dead. His death was an accident but I need a report on him. What kind of boy was he? Was he accident prone?"

Kevin, the leader, spoke up. "You see, Wayne, he was damaged, you know. His mom did a lot of drinking when she was pregnant and Wayne, he had no memory."

"No memory? But he graduated high school"

"No, he did have some. It's just that he forgot stuff and then insisted he didn't. Like he'd forget rope and they say he meant to put it on his character sheet. Or he'd be in one spot, where the dragon breathes and then say he was sure in the other room. The more stressed he was, the more he'd forget and he'd get real loud.
        You see, we all make mistakes, its part of the game. But Wayne, he would never admit to forgetting anything. We finally started a campaign and didn't invite him.
        Except, John, didn't you play in his game?"

"Yeah. Except we had to quit. His mom was a real bitch and all so we used my garage. But Wayne used to get real angry."

"Explain, angry how?"

"Well, in our game we've got these little scenarios, like in action movies. Wayne would set up dangerous rooms and we'd like avoid them or outwit him.
        One time he expected us to go in cave chasing monsters, but we lit a fire and smoked them out. And when they came out, all blinded and all, we shot them full of arrows."

"Pretty clever. Sounds like something they did in the old west."

"That's where I got the idea, from an old John Wayne movie."

"I take it Wayne didn't like Wayne, John."

The boys chuckled, except John. "I'm serious. He got all psycho started screaming about us ruining everything."

Billy Bob didn't pretend to know the game, but he got the idea. "So he couldn't remember anything?"

"No, like I said, he could. But whenever he was under stress, like with a dragon breathing like I said, he'd blank out. Every time we brought it up, he'd quote two poems he memorized in sixth grade as proof we were wrong."

"What poems were they?" Billy Bob grew eager.

"I forget. Whitman? Maybe?"

"Not Frost's Snowy evening?" The sheriff tensed but he had to know. "My pony shakes his head to ask if there is some mistake...?"

"Sorry. Haven't heard that one.  But I remember they were from the same author." The rest of the club nodded in assent.

Billy Bob couldn't believe he was going to ask the next question. "Was he into magic, spells and all?"

All the boys tensed. "That's not that what were about, sheriff. It's just a game."

Alan Greer, who had been quiet until now, spoke up. "Wayne didn't have the patience for books or research. He had to get a tutor just for his senior term paper. There was no way he was going to learn Latin."

"Thanks boys, you've been a big help." The boys had been a big help. Billy Bob wasn't sure yet, but this whole freaky sex thing was tied up with that boy and had to find out how. The sheriff had not gone two steps before he was touched on the shoulder. It was the Revered Mitchell.

The reverend was a tall, man, who had gone prematurely gray and it gave him the look of a sage. He could be a little severe on the youth of today, especially after his son had been mutilated then ran away. But the Valley Mission he ran was a big success. It sheltered people every day.

His twin daughters were his own daughter's, Lucy's, best friends and had even gotten her out of the house to volunteer at the mission.

"Excuse me Billy Bob, I was just here, helping my daughter's with their homework and I couldn't help but overhear. I think I can help you."

"Really?" Bob looked around for women and found none.

"Perhaps you should try the periodicals room. There are several literary magazines there."

"Of course! Thank you Reverend."

"Not I all. Do you know how to use the periodic index?"

"Not for a few years."

"Then let me help."

Through an old glass paned door, the reverend showed him to long table with thick, bound books. "Now what was his name again?"


"Hmmm. Lots of listings." The Reverend flipped pages. "Hmmm. Let's try under first lines. How does it start?"

Billy Bob looked around the room and saw no one but him and the reverend. He reached back to his college days and spoke it again, but this time with a certain heaviness. "That's it!"

"You found it."

"We found you, an answer to our prayers. Come on out girls."

The reverend's two twin daughters walked out from behind the stacks. But they just didn't walk out, they strutted. They rolled their hips like strippers on a runway and slid their hips down the side of their slim figures. They extended their tongues and ran them over their mouths, in clear invitation.

Ruth and Sarah were classmates of his daughters, seniors.  Both of them were tall drinks of water, basketball stars. They had the identical fine honey-brown "bobbed" hair. Both were tall with apple-sized tits, slim waists, smooth skin, big brown eyes and circular asses.

Their blouses had been tied in knots to hold in their tits. Their bras and panties hung loosely from their fingers. Their jeans had been freshly cut up to the point where their pixyish cheeks poked out from beneath the frayed white threads.

The two faced the sheriff and Sarah looked at her father. One of them, Billy Bob thought it was Sarah spoke, "You were right. He does know the words. Bless you daddy."

"Now that Ray's passed, we'll need another."

Now the sheriff was really alarmed. Ray was the Rev's son. "Ray? What's happened to Ray?"

Ruth closed the distance to where Billy Bob could smell her powdery perfume. "Never you mind, sheriff. Ever since daddy said you knew the words, we've just been waiting for you in this room.
Heavens, it seemed like hours. We just waited her, arranged our clothes, dripping with anticipation." She pressed her bunched panties up to her face and inhaled deeply. "Can't you smell how much we love you?"

Sarah leaned forward, cupped her tits, practically pushing them out of the shirt and offered herself to Billy Bob. "Ooohh we are sooo horny. Won't you fuck us, sheriff? We are so wet."

"What the hell?" Bob took his eyes off the twins and looked back at the Reverend.

Mitchell's' trousers were around his ankles and he was madly pumping his dick, he face twisted in a rictus. "Fuck 'em. Teach the little fornicators a lesson. They are dirty little fornicators and deserve what they get."

"Reverend, what will your wife think?"

"Why don't you ask her?"

Billy Bob felt small breasts crush against his chest and a long, lithe hand reach around for his fly. In his haste to find Frost, he had forgotten that the Head Librarian was the Reverend's wife. That was how a student who wasn't very good at research could make all of Frost disappear!

This woman, Lily, was much stronger than an average and Billy Bob was still worn out from Clare. She had strength enough to push him forward and pin his arms. The twins took a break from presenting themselves and undid his fly, took down his trousers and stuck out his cock. All the while Mrs. Mitchell whispered filth in his ear.

"You don't know how much they need it, sheriff? You could not possibly know how much we all need it. And we need it this way. We need you to penetrate our virgin twins while we watch and call them filthy names. And only you know the words.
        They are harlots. They sneak out with boys. But their virginity is yours. We offer it to you. It is my fault. I gave them their harlot blood for I am a harlot too. I wore dresses, perfume and make up designed to inflame men, even my own son, with lust. Inside I want fucking, I ache for fucking, even if it means the fires of hell, I must fuck.
You know the words. It is the only way. We have been burning for days. Oh, just do it."

The two girls and the woman dragged him over by a table. Then formerly sweet and innocent Ruth and Sarah, turned their backs on the sheriff. They presented their athlete's asses to him and wriggled out of their cutoffs. They braced their hands on the reading table and jutted their derrieres upwards, awaiting a mount.

For once in his life, Billy Bob felt good about his flaccidity. "Lily, this is not going to happen."  But the instant his dick bumped against a smooth virgin ass, whatever magic controlled the town took ahold of him. His dick turned to steel and so did his heart.

He rammed into Ruth. She squeaked once then purred like a kitten. He pumped her hard. All the while, the reverend whacked off. The librarian realizing that all resistance had collapsed, slid beneath the two pairs of legs, opened her mouth beneath and drank her daughter's blood.

"Call them names!" The reverend intoned through clenched teeth.

"Fucking bitch. Whore, harlot!" Again Billy Bob felt like a man swept off by rapids but this time he was sure it wasn't any case of blue balls. In his life as a cop, he had seen too much violence on women to find this appealing. He was under some sort of spell and he was sure he hadn't seen Wayne in years...wasn't he?

"Yes. Call me Jezebel. I am a whore. A harlot. I tease boys shamelessly. I prance around in sexy clothes. I strut around the house wet after showers. Give me what I deserve! I am slut, a cum sack, fuck toy, yes!"

The dirty talk was the trigger this time and the sheriff unloaded into Jezebel. She rolled to the floor and cupped her mounds then bringing her fingers to her mouth, savoring the taste of her violation.

Billy Bob was into her Sarah before his next breath. She tried to outdo her sister if anything. Her mother, Lily, licked up the new fuck dross. This time Lily didn't take any chances of missing a drop. Billy Bob felt her tongue rasp against his shaft each time he entered or withdrew.

"Cunt! I am Delilah. A whore. A whore for you! I belong in those fuck magazines, those fuck videos. Fuck my cunt. I am a fuck, fuck, fuck, cunt, pussy, cum, oh do me, do me like a porn star, do me like a two dollar slut." The tart' torso shook with every jab of Billy Bob's dick. What else could she be doing but orgasming with every jerk of his meat? He unloaded; a splashing boulder in white water. He withdrew his support and Delilah fell next to her willowy sister. The two entwined like serpents.

At the second cumming, the reverend shot his wad onto the periodical index. Billy Bob, the only one still standing, now observed the reverend's wife devouring his reddened meat, savoring the mélange of juices coating it. "You are so big. You are the biggest. I swear your are so big. You are the only one worthy to fuck you sisters, not like your limp dick father. He is so short, barely a man. I brought your sisters to you. This is has been all my plan. Allow me to serve you, allow me to bring my daughters to thee, my King Herod."

"Suck on it you mother of sluts. Whore of Babylon."

After those words, for an instant, Billy Bob was himself. The girls were 69ing, lapping his cum from each other's slits and moaning delicious noises. The mother was engaged in cleaning his bloody penis and the Reverend was recuperating in the reference section. Lily took her mouth off his dick to breathe.

He seized the moment, cupped his hands and slapped them, hard, over Lily's ears. It was a move from his football days. It forced air into the inner ear and dizzied the biggest offensive lineman. It was called "bell ringing." Lily fell to the ground.

Billy Bob zipped up his pants and escaped before the other three could comprehend that her screams were not of pleasure.

Back in the prowler, parked on a dirt road, Billy Bob applied a moistened towelette and wiped the twins and Lily off his dick. "Good thing you didn't clamp down, Lily."

While "little Joe" got a little less red, he though some more. "Okay. I can't trust anybody, women or men. They know I know the activation words and they seemed programmed to do anything to get them. But the sex is getting weirder and these escapes are getting tougher. I need to find the 'off' phrase.
        Wayne must be behind it all. He's made these scenarios for hire. He fixed Jimmy and got a trailer. He fixed Clare and got a computer. But the reverend? What the hell was that?
But at least I know now why I am locked into Wayne's scenarios."

After tucking in his tired peter, he drove off to the Cole Ranch. He had waited long enough. As he pulled up, no cars sat in the driveway. "Funny. I thought sure the word would have gotten around the town by now."
Then his heart filled with dread. But he has his duty. He had to tell the parents. And he had a gun.

He knocked and as the door opened his heart filled with dread. Mrs. Cole stood there, looking twenty years younger. "Hello, Judith. Bad news I'm afraid."

"Hello Billy Bob, I suppose you are here to tell me about my daughter. Please come in."

The sheriff took off his hat and looked around the big ranch home.

"Tom is in the living room, quite beside himself with grief. You are old friends, perhaps you can talk with him."

She led him into the rugged, big-beamed residence. She sat him down next to his shattered friend, Tom.

"Hey, Billy Bob." Tom Cole didn't look up from the floor.

"Hey Tom. Sorry about your Jennifer. It is a real tragedy when someone so young and so full of promise passes." He put a hand on the man's knee.

Tom let the waterworks go at that comment. Judith handed Tom a cola and sat down on the other side of him. "How did it happen?"

"Well near I can tell, she went picnicking with Wayne Younger, they got caught in the cloudburst that passed by here the other day and died of the cold. That's a real painless way to die, in the cold. Leaves people with a smile."

Tom sobbed some more. Judith sipped her mineral water and lime. "Billy Bob, may I have a word with you?"

Billy Bob braced himself and followed Judith into the dining room. As he did, he could not help but appraise her. She was a bit older than Billy Bob, but a real leader in the community, the strong role model for Jennifer without a doubt.

But now she looked twenty if she looked a day. Her mourning black dressed hugged a maiden's curves. The gray was gone from her short, black curls. She looked really good. Billy Bob knew that was a bad sign, a sign that Wayne had gotten to her and she was not to be trusted.

Judith sat in a heavy mission style chair at the end of dining the room by the kitchen and crossed her legs.  The chair was huge, an ancient oversized thing with deep, red leather cushions framed in beams. With her hands gripping the spheres at the ends of the armrests, it made Judith look like a queen on her throne.  Billy Bob remembered she was sitting in that chair when she agreed to support him for sheriff. "Tom's taking this awful hard, but I imagine you have some questions."

"Some. Tell me what do you know about Wayne Younger?"

"Wayne was the best thing to happen to this household. Jennifer was a bitch with a corncob up her ass until he showed up. He loosened her up real good, like a daughter should be.
        And he kept quoting poetry to her."

Billy Bob almost reached for his gun. This was an obvious attempt to bait him in quoting Robert Frost. He thought hard, but not long. "I have to risk it. I need to add a piece to the puzzle. Did Judith sell her only child, Jennifer, out? If so, for what? Youth?
Besides, I owe it to Tom to find out what the hell happened to his little girl."
With the guts of a man who charged into crack houses, Sheriff Billy Bob Carter quoted Robert Frost. And nothing happened.

"Oh yes, that might be some of the things he said."

"You remember any other poems?"

"I'm not sure. Let me think about it while I freshen my drink."

As Judith Cole left the dining room, Billy Bob was relieved that Wayne had the sense not to make everyone in the town a sex-crazed maniac. Then heard a "Pssst. Pssst!" from the kitchen. Consuelo and her sister Lupe were whispering to Billy Bob like they had a great secret to impart. He guessed Judith wouldn't be back for a minute or so, so he slipped into the kitchen.

Consuelo and Lupe Reyes had been working at the Cole's since Billy Bob was a boy. Dark, warm and big chested, the plump Hispanic spinsters had fed him almost as many lunches as his own mom. They were as ugly as sin, unless you liked to eat, then they were super-models.

"Yes?" He passed through the swinging door. "Oh, no." Please tell me you are Lupe and Consuelo's grand daughters."

"Oh no, senor Carter. It is us."

Consuelo and Lupe were now eighteen years old, with long, loose curls of black. The hairy moles that marred their faces were gone, as was their weight. Their figures were full and complete with dramatic curves. They wore old-fashioned cotton frill dresses that showed off their smooth, mocha bosoms.

"Oh, senor." Both women threw their arms around him.  You should not be here...if Senora Cole catches us..."

"What do you mean if Senora Cole catches us?"

As soon as he said that Judith entered. "What the hell is going on here?"

Suddenly Billy Bob found himself trapped in a soap opera. "Nothing that shouldn't be going on here, Judith. I am lord and master here. What I do in my own house is my own business."

"Over my dead body."

"Good idea." Billy Bob strode towards her purposefully and fear opened Judith's eyes. She backed away, towards the dining room. She backpedaled until her legs bumped against the mission chair.
Billy Bob felt an irrational loathing of that chair wash over him like a Carolina cloudburst. "You like that chair, don't you? Consuelo, Lupe, fetch me some bandanas and scissors."

The two sisters bowed, lifted their skirts and ran off.

"What are you going to do?"

"Teach you a lesson." Billy Bob stood Judith up and ripped open her dress. Buttons flew like wedding rice then hit the hardwood floor like dice.  Judith crossed her arms to cover her white lace bra while Billy Bob pulled down the rest of her dress to her ankles, exposing her panties, garter and hose. "I am the man here. You are the woman."

Consuelo and Lupe returned with a dozen wrinkled and well-used bandanas. "Good. Hold the senora down while I tie her up."

"Si, senor." With the grin of payback, the voluptuous Mexican-American women held down Judith Cole in the heavy chair. Lupe snatched a bandana from Billy Bob and stuffed it in Judith's mouth. The sister's laughed in wicked delight at their employer's struggles.

The first thing he did was form a rope of read and blue bandanas and tie her wrists together behind the back of the chair, above her head. Then he slid her butt forward the seat's edge and hooked her knees around either of spheres that punctuated each arm. Then he tied her ankles to the armrest's supporting pillar.

He cut her panties off. Judith's hairy, black pussy was now spread wide open, vulnerable.

"Now you're mine to do with as I will. By the end of tonight you will call me master." Internally Billy Bob retched at the purple prose, but he couldn't help himself. It was like he was trapped in a bad romance novel. "Girls, undress me." He held out his arms and Consuelo and Lupe lovingly obeyed. They were as gentle and deft with Billy Bob as they were rough with Judith. They hung up and folded each garment. "Okay Judith. You wanted to see what was going on around here, don't you? Well how is this?
        Consuelo, Lupe? Want to show senora what we do all day she is gone?"

"Oh yes!" both clapped with glee.

"Good. Undress."

Billy Bob stared in awe at the Latin beauties. With the other women Wayne had a good base to work from, but these ugly women were now works of art, silk purses from sow's ears. Their figures were full and curvaceous. They had 38C breasts were perfectly proportional to their bodies. Their buttocks were big, but flowed into their strong thighs wonderfully. There was no cellulite, no moles, no fat but they weren't so fit, they lost their femininity. Their lips were full and juicy.

Their faces had been made oval, less square, and their noses less flat and more delicate. Unlike Clare's thin pink lips, this were must have been made to be a cocksucker's wet dream. Their lashes were long, black and curly, like their hair and they accented their seductive brown eyes. Lupe's skin was a caramel, but Consuelo's was more of a light coffee. Their hair cascaded in loose curls to the smalls of their backs.

It was too good. These women were made to suit a mature man's tastes. Wayne must have had help from an adult. In his mind Billy Bob pictured Tom feeding Wayne all the lurid details while the boy typed. "Aw shit, Tommy."

"Let's begin." Bill Bob internally lived in dread. His gun was hung up on a peg on the wall. If he knew the off phrase, he could stop this now, control it. He had a made a very grave error. "Or am I beginning to like it?"

A naked Consuelo jumped into his arms. "Oh senor, that awful woman has left. Make love to me." The two lovers kissed. Their hands soothed each part of the other's body. It wasn't long before Consuelo's hand wrapped around his phallus. "Oh. Is that for me? You are such the man. I want to... I want to..." She knelt and took her pleasure from his cock.

Lupe then pantomimed entering the room and being surprised. "Oh, sister! I did not mean to see this."

Consuelo took a break from fellatio and with a spiders' thread of drool still connecting her lips to the head of Billy Bob, calmly replied. "It is fine, sister. Come, I know you have had an eye on the master for the longest time. There is plenty for a sister to share." She pointed the cock to Lupe.

Lupe looked at Billy Bob, not believing her luck. He nodded and she dove. Two raven-trussed beauties sucked Billy Bob's cock. Despite himself, he was in heaven. Their jet curls tickled his thighs. He could feel how smooth their skin was, like satin.

Then his forced lines spoiled the moment. "See bitch? They know how to treat a man. First they suck, then we fuck. Right girls?" Mouths full, the girls simply nodded. "Let's show her." He lifted Lupe up and placed her on the dining room table. "We do it on your precious Chippendale all the time, don't we Lupe?"

"Oh, yes, senor. Your needs are far more important than any silly furniture" Without reservation, she spread her legs wide to Billy Bob. "Please do me now. Let me feel you inside me, my big man."  Billy Bob slid on in. Lupe hissed with an intake of breath then bit her lower lip.  Then he rocked back and forth.

Lupe lovingly pressed Billy Bob's cheeks with her palms. "Yes, you are mi amor. You are. You are so manly. You are who I love. Fuck your woman." The sensation rose from he uterus until she couldn't maintain body control. She flopped flat against the antique rosewood and whimpered.

Billy Bob loved the feel of the buttery cunt beneath him. Lupe was like a gully at spring flood. He could smell her sex with every breath. His dick was happy. But his voice, his voice, was angry. "See? She doesn't just lie there. I don't have to beg. She loves it and it feels good."

Suddenly, Billy Bob felt like he was about to ejaculate. He didn't like it, it felt forced, pulled out of him like on a string. His joy was just another line in the play. He came into Lupe. He felt raped. As he withdrew his gooey phallus from Lupe's cunt his voice spat more vitriol at Judith. "Now I came, but Lupe hadn't. How do you feel Lupe?"

"Mmmm. Fine." She stretched on the table like a cat rousing herself.

"Don't you care you didn't get off?"

"No. I just want you to be happy. Besides it still feels good."

"Dick not too small?"

"Mmmmm. Plenty for me. Besides there is so much more I love about you."

"Time for another lesson. Consuelo, let's show my wife the way you greet me when I get home."

Consuelo skipped to the sideboard, mixed a whiskey sour in a Waterford highball glass and tongued in two ice cubes.  Billy Bob pretended to walk in a door. "Honey. I am home."

Consuelo, tits bouncing, skipped to greet him. They kissed affectionately. She took his imaginary briefcase and handed him the whiskey sour. Billy Bob sipped. It was a perfect drink and boy he needed one now. He felt he had latitude to swig it down and he did just that, gratefully.

"Ohhh, is my big man thirsty?" Consuelo skipped over to the sideboard to fix him another while he scolded Judith some more. "See? That's how a man likes to be greeted at the door of his own home, after a hard day of work, with a woman welcoming him with kisses and a drink not a fucking 'to-do' list from his wife."

Consuelo plunked two new cubes in a brand new hi-ball glass. Billy Bob pointed, "Two ice cubes, fresh ones each time, is that so fucking hard to remember?"

"Your drink, senor." She swayed her body closer until her body touched his. "Is their anything else you'd like to taste?"

"Yes." He wrapped his free, left arm around the small of her back and licked her generous tits.

Consuelo combed his hair with her fingers and "shhhhhed" in his ear. "Welcome home, dear."

Billy Bob was in big breast paradise but again the wrath of his character ruined it. His head snapped up. "See? That's how the woman of the house should behave, none of those damn fool liberated notions.
Now I think I am going to show you just what that cunt of your was made for." He handed Consuelo the empty hi-ball glass. "Another drink."  While Consuelo complied and Lupe cupped her man's ass from behind, he menaced Judith further. "And it looks like a man can have more than two drinks a day in his own house too."

Consuelo brought him the fresh drink. With his free hand he guided his rude member into Judith's cunt. It was as wet as a swamp. "Why Judith, I do think you liked all that."

Judith motioned she wanted the gag out, so Billy Bob seized the opportunity to free the woman even just a little bit. He pulled the bandana from her mouth. "Gosh, that was so hot, Tom." (Billy Bob was not surprised.) I guess I like it rough and tough. Who knew?"

"You want I should continue?"


"And the magic words are?"

"Yes, please."

"'Yes, please' who?"

"Yes, please....master."

"That's more like it." Billy Bob resumed his slow, savory, insertions, while Consuelo and Lupe licked his ears and ran their hands all over him. "Suck her tits." He commanded. Consuelo and Lupe grinned, then bent to their task.

"No, Tom. I want it to be just you."

"Screw you. I'm getting what I want now." After a bit of sucking he spoke again. "Well doesn't it feel good? You are always talking about sisterhood. How does it feel?"

"No wait." Judith resisted but it appeared to Billy Bob like she was losing a battle. It reminded him of a morphine addict he saw once, surrendering to the call of a needle. The craving for the taste of heaven was too great. The mind fell to the needs of the flesh.
"Oh yes, Tom. I admit it. It feels good. but..."

"But what, bitch?"

"But not as good as your cock. I love it."

"Yeah? What would you say to the fact I am going to knock you up?"

"Imp..." Judith cut herself off. Then she really panicked and struggled against the scarves.

Billy Bob thrust insider her with more force. "Impossible? Why? Tell me Judith! Tell me now! Why can't we have another baby?" When he increased his motion, Judith's own ecstatic joy rose as well. Her mind, flooded with endomorphines, made her crazy. "Tell me Judith. Tell me why it's impossible for us to have another baby? Tell me or I stop."

"Please don't stop. It feels to... I've had my tubes tied."

"I know. Right after Jennifer's birth. Thought I wouldn't find out did you?"

Billy Bob wanted out of this nightmare so bad he would have sold his soul. But his dick just kept pumping.

"I couldn't stand the pregnancy the first time. When did you find out?"

"Hell. If I knew what a bitch Jennifer would turn out like, I might just have sprung for an abortion. But you couldn't ask me, could you? Always making decisions without me. And now, girls do you want my children?"

The sisters took a break from their sucking and answered their man. "Of course we want lots of children by you. We love you and love means family."

"I am so sorry, Tom. I never meant to hurt you." Billy Bob watched a woman on the brink of orgasm dissolve into tears. It was sick. Even weeping, she never stopped quivering under his fuck strokes.

While Judith begged for forgiveness under him, Billy Bob grunted and shot his wad into Judith.  He withdrew. "Girls, clean me off."

The sisters licked him clean. "You like the taste? Don't you?"

They simply sucked with more energy. Billy Bob looked at Judith, he friend's Tom's wife. Tears raced on her face, staining it with mascara. Vaginal and seminal fluids dripped from her dewy bush. Her bra lay around her waist and her nylons ran where the bandanas had rubbed them. Inside, he was sick.

Judith whimpered something.

"What did you say, bitch?"

"I said I could learn to like the taste, if you let me...master"

"I am intrigued. Girl's unbind her."

"No senor, she is saucy witch. Leave her that way."

"You heard me. Untie her." Billy Bob felt his compulsions winding down. He sought escape. Judith came down from her throne, messy, soiled and knelt before him. Her eyes upraised she spoke, "I have been so wrong. I wish I could have your baby, Tommy."

He caressed the cheek of his mistress, "It's okay baby. I fixed that I fixed everything."

Judith sucked his cock and it felt like nothing in his life. It felt heavenly, wonderful, and divine, like he had a IV drip of pure joy feeding into his arm. The sisters were terrific and as far as he saw she wasn't doing anything special but this woman felt like best cocksucker in the world to him. And he dearly loved a good blowjob.
Abruptly, Billy Bob felt he could break from the script, if not the scene. But Judith felt so good. He spoke Frost and Judith and the sister's paused, hanging on his every word.
"Judith....Judith it's me, me Billy Bob."

"Billy Bob?"

"We have to do something to stop this." But then he lost it. "You two, come here. Now."

While Judith sucked, Billy Bob treated himself to a teat buffet. When he spat his seed into Judith's mouth it was the best orgasm of his life, so far. Consuelo and Lupe held him close to keep him from falling. When he was finally able to look down, he saw Judith, sitting on her haunches with her mouth open, a bowl of man-chowder between her lips. Only when she realized he had witnessed his load in her mouth, did she swallow.

"Mmmmmm. Tastes so good." She hugged him, pressing her face into his flaccid dong. "I love it. I love taste of your semen, Billy Bob."

Great all he did was cross wires. He felt more latitude in the lines and resolved to end it there. He instructed the three to dress, go upstairs, wash and go to bed. Then he was himself again. He put his uniform on himself and went to talk to Tom.

"So. You four are done I take it?" Tom gulped his straight whiskey down.

"What the hell is going on Tom?"

"Well, if you were in the scene I think you were, it should be pretty obvious; castrated man syndrome. I just got sick of it and then this boy..."

"Wayne Younger."

"Yeah. Him. Somehow he knows about my problems, see? He offers me everything I want."

"In exchange for a car and then he takes Jennifer."

"Don't know about no car. I gave him Jennifer." He took her Sunday afternoon." He reached for the bottle of Canadian whiskey on the coffee table, considered it and drank straight from the spout. "Yep. I gave him my little girl."

"Why did you do that, Tom?"

"Oh. That was the pecking order around here. Judith, Jennifer, the maids, the dog, the cat, then me. I thought it would be funny, her going out with Wayne Younger. Didn't tell him about the IUD Judith fixed her up with. I figured it was safe enough.' Sides she was too liberated to be a virgin. She could do what she wanted with her body, what does a father have to say, right?" He took another swig.

"Did he fix your wife too?"

The drunk man laughed. "He said he did. But when all three didn't get pregnant I got myself checked out. Turns out I'm really low. Jenny was a miracle. Judith and I could have done it for years and nothing. Pffftt! All for nothing. I was going to ask Wayne to fix it but... my little girl's dead. Isn't she Billy Bob?"

"Yeah Tom, I'm afraid she is. She staked Wayne to the ground and had sex until they died."

"Hehe. She was always a girl who didn't care who she stepped on to get what she wanted." The drunk man slowly sank into the sofa, sobbing quietly. Tom cried himself to sleep on the cowhide sofa.
Billy Bob left his friend there and drove away.

The sound of his front door shutting woke up Tom Cole. Still drunk, he stumbled towards his gun safe.  He fumbled for the combination, doing it three times before getting it right. He pulled out his coyote pistol and loaded it. He swayed as he walked up the stairs, often pulling himself up by the banister. He walked to the master suite. He could hear the now usual sighs and groans. On his bed Consuelo, Lupe and Judith daisy chained, sucking the last drop of juice from each other.

He hid the gun behind his back. "Ladies. Your attention please."

The three naked females immediately sat on the bed, back straight, hands on their knees. Judith was in the middle. They awaited instruction eagerly. When he produced the gun their eyes lit up. He was holding the release they so eagerly sought.

"Por favor, senor Cole." The women begged for death.

Tom Cole gave his last command. "I forbid you to harm yourselves in any way." Then he swiftly fed the barrel into his mouth and blew the back of his head off.

Consuelo and Lupe became hysterical. Judith looked at the corpse, spewing deep purple with bits of gray on her imported Baluchistan carpet. "I hate you too, Tom."

Billy Bob counted himself lucky as he drove. He had never cum so much in his whole life. In a day for ironies, it was a good things he did not expect wife did not meet him at the door. But he had figured a few things out.

One: The Snowy Evening is an override that can be used anytime..if he is allowed to speak and not trapped in a "scenario." Just before each scene activated, there was a break, probably meant to give Wayne the chance to insert his own commands.

Two: Nobody except him can even know about Wayne's backdoor.

Three: When a scenario starts, a person must play it out. It takes control of them utterly.

Tom paid Wayne to take care of Judith.
Felix paid him to take of Clare.
Sheila paid him to take care of Jimmy and probably Ramona. His mom and sister are pretty obvious.
But why the Rev? What was the thread that connected all these people of all the possible people in the town, why them? There were a few girls in town prettier, his daughter Lucy for one. Carrie would be pretty but beer is not Gatorade.

And what was the Frost poem, if it was a Frost poem that Wayne used as an "escape" button? He had a lot to think about on the drive home. He couldn't find Robert Frost anywhere. Then he remembered the Internet.  "Good old internet. A fellah can find out anything on you. I'll just slip into Jackie's office and use her computer. She'll be asleep by now."

When Billy Bob married Jackie, a lifetime ago, he thought he had made a good choice. She was a high school athlete, fit, and even more popular than Sheila. She got along with everybody. And she used that popularity to run all sorts of charity events.

She was real good looking too, short black hair, healthy figure, b-cup chest and a big round ass a man could bang on all week. But her legs were his favorite feature. Nature had made them long, but all the exercise had sculpted them into the prettiest set of gams in the state. He used to spend all day between them.  Her Daddy was the worst salesman old man Meeker ever had and a bit of a drunk. In his vanity, Billy Bob liked to think he took her away from all that.

Blaming his long and irregular hours, Jackie started hitting the bottle about five years ago. The move from Tucson back to Elk Springs did some good but not much. Jackie tried to run charity events but alcoholics don't handle expectations well.  Most people stopped coming around the old ranch house anymore.

The household had hit a routine, Jackie hit the wine a little earlier each day, finally going to bed around eight. As for his daughters, Carrie was out somewhere avoiding housework and Jackie. Lucy took care of the home and Jackie. Typical child of alcoholics, one irresponsible, the other trying to be the "perfect little mother."

He was tired and frustrated. But the lights to his house were on. He saw a variety of cars in his driveway and recognized too many of them.

He pulled up, and cautiously entered his own home. He was ready to shoot his way out.

"Honey!" Jackie got up from the card table and kissed her husband. "Look who came by."

Sitting at the card table were Sheila, Lily and Betty. All of their hair was in place, pretty dresses and make up on. They were playing bridge and judging by the ashtrays they had been there for some time. They acted very normal.

Jackie, the sheriff's wife, whispered in his ear. "I think they came by just to get the scoop on that Younger boy, That's all they talk about."


"Sit down sheriff, you never did get to try my blackberry pie."

"Ladies, no offence." He took off his hat. "But I'm not sure it's appropriate to be here.

Sheila said it firmly. "Why Billy Bob, you know there is no place I'd rather be than right with you and Jackie."

Lily, the slender Reverend's wife with short brown hair spoke up like the leader in the community she was. "Besides I brought the twins. Look how much fun they are having with your daughters." She pointed to the pool.

Five girls were playing in his heated pool. There were the twins, his two daughters and Elizabeth. They were running, splashing, diving and having a grand old time. Elizabeth spied the sheriff looking at her and stretched inside her wet bikini. The twins touched their toes so the ass strap to their one-pieces rode up.

"Don't worry. Clare's out there to keep an eye on them. She doesn't want to go in though, because she says she's in a 'family way.' Don't tell anyone though. I don't think she's even told Felix yet."

The women giggled and Jackie joined in.

"Jackie. Could you help me in the kitchen a minute?"

"Sure. Who wants more wine?" All three ladies raised their hands.

In the kitchen, Billy Bob pulled his wife away from the door. "Jackie, you have to get rid of them." He held onto her upper arm for emphasis. He noticed how bloated and out of shape her arm was.

First, she switched her drink to her unbound hand. Then she yanked her arm away. "Billy Bob Carter! I will not. Even if they are prying, this is the first party we've had in I don't know how long. And I will not send them away." She went for the fridge and pulled out a half gallon bottle of table white. "So just be nice and they'll be gone in no time."

"I want to use you computer."

"Fine. Just let me have my fun." She entered the dining room. "Who wants wine?" The ladies called out. Jackie, already half drunk, turned off the kitchen light like he wasn't there.

Billy Bob looked out to the swimming pool. His daughters must have not known he was home. Elizabeth and the twins had initiated skinny-dipping and were in the process of encouraging Carrie and Lucy to do the same. Clare stepped in to give permission.

Chubby Carrie, her mother's black hair plastered against her back and shoulders, held her top against her breast, not adverse to raising a little hell. But Lucy, distinguished in her long blonde braid, was having none of it and chided them all, flinger flicking rapidly. "Atta girl. Give 'em hell."

He could have, he wanted to, just run out there and put a stop to it all. But what was he going to do then?

Control is what they always taught him at the cop schools. Control the situation. If he ran out there now, he would lose control. He needed the command poem to end all this hypnotic madness. Then he remembered, to reach Jackie's office, he'd have to cross the living room again. He had no idea what would happen as he crossed the room. What? Lesbian orgy? Taking his daughters hostage with their tongues? Wayne's corpse was all the proof he needed that his family was in grave danger.

He left the kitchen and without making eye contact, and nonchalantly crossed his living room. He could see the ladies silently watching him from his periphery. He remembered an old movie where children have to escape from crows and they walk really slowly passed them so as not to provoke attack. He felt like one of those school children. But he made it to the computer room.

It had been a long time since he was here. He booted the computer up and waited. The ladies left him alone and his daughters as far as he could tell. The laughter and bids from the living room sounded like a normal bridge game.

He got onto his browser and phrase searched "Robert Frost's Most Popular Poems." He found a couple of sites and prayed his surfing would be fast enough.

He sorted them out by popularity and then tried to discern which poem, a popular poem, poor, brain damaged Wayne memorized would think would be a good thing to end the sex scenarios. The answer turned out to be obvious. While he printed it out he thought he better save it. He activated the F drive, the one that was reserved for the everyone's work except Judith. Up came the prompt "Welcome to Master PC. Password?"

A stunned sheriff entered the room holding a sheet of paper. "Ladies, I think I found Wayne's off phrase."

Jackie's card partners dropped all pretense and shouted for joy. "What is it?"

Billy Bob read "Good fences make good neighbors." All three relaxed but their bodies remained that same.

All three panted words of thanks. Their tension released.

"I knew you'd figure it out, Billy Bob." Said Shelia she made to leave. "See you in another week."

"A week?"

"Yes, we need to hear it once a week. Our sexual tension builds and builds unless we hear it or get some. A week is about all we can stand even with self gratification."

"I'll give you copies."

Betty spoke up. "No! We need to hear it from you."

Lily trembled. "You are my...our ideal man now. You spoke the words. Now, one else will do."

Betty added. "Wayne said he would be every woman's ideal man, now."

"Yep. If you were to order me to jump in a tub of rattlers, I'd do it, because I love you so much. I speak for us all when I say that our other men are fine, but you, Billy Bob Carter are our ideal."

"Wait. I said the off phrase."

"I guess it only takes care of our 'sex fix.'"

"I want to hear everything. Sheila, what did you do?"

"Somehow Wayne found out Jimmy was going to run away with his secretary, Ramona, to Costa Rica, taking all my money with him. I couldn't just let him do that, could I? Not only did Wayne get my money back but he made Jimmy the businessman I always wanted him to be. The new house was a white elephant anyway."

"Now your Wayne's mom. I can pretty much figure what was going on there with you and your daughter. It's a common child of alcoholic's thing.
        But Lily I can't figure you out."

" used to just be cursing. Then Wayne just arrives one day and shows him what he can do. Then Ray asked Wayne to ...change things...he fix his body and then..." she stopped.

"Tell me the whole story, Lily." If he was truly her ideal man she would obey. She would tell these women what went on.

"I used to tease Ray. He had his father's height. I used to call him "shorty." We thought it was funny, just a joke. The girls used to pat him on his head. Oh, I saw the way he looked at me when I walked around the house in my underwear, or the girls in their workout clothes. We thought it was just teasing.
Then Wayne changed us. We had to obey Ray and do it with him. But he's dead. Committed suicide in the desert, after...after..."

"So. He didn't run away because of the steroids."

"Wayne took his new car the one his father gave him, to make him feel better about his appearance. He couldn't run away."

"But why did he attack you women specifically, of all the people in Elk Springs? Why not girls in his high school? What was his motive and why am I the only guy around her who remembers Robert Frost?" He looked at his wife, Jackie.

"What? I don't know what you are talking about?"

"Liar. I found the Master PC Program on your computer, just like Wayne's. Wayne was an idiot. He didn't know anything about people or planning, but you do. Sheila, your best friend, told you about her husband. Judith, your rival for most influential woman in town is humiliated. You knew Felix was unhappy and Clare wanted to be an artist. You fed Wayne all that information. You gave him all those ideas. He was your tool, your front man. You pointed him like a gun.
But how the hell did you alter all these people's bodies?"

"Honest, Billy Bob, I have no idea what is going on here."


"No. She's right, daddy. It was me doing all those things."

Billy Bob swiveled his head and looked at his daughter, Lucy, leading four dressed, be-toweled girls in from the patio.


"Well, not me actually. Wayne, that little rat, must have sneaked the program away from me when I wasn't looking.
Oh, this not what I had planned! This is all too soon."

"What plan?"

"See, daddy, you know I tutor after school. I was helping poor Wayne with his senior term paper. He was so miserable at home, I know just how he felt. Anyway, while we were researching here on the internet, we found this program to make people better, Master PC.
        Wayne used it for evil and was punished."

"You were the one who told him about Jimmy embezzling?"

"Mrs. King told mom she suspected something. I overheard them."

"And Tom Cole?"

"Jennifer used to brag about how she and her mommy had her daddy whipped."

"But the reverend?"

"That was Sarah and Ruth's fault. After they told me how they played doctor with their own brother, I made the mistake of telling Sarah and Ruth about (she hesitated) my special feelings. They ran and told the Reverend and his wife. The two of them yelled at me for an hour and a half and called me all sorts of names. And after I volunteered in their stinky basement for years! They almost spoiled everything. Didn't you, Lily?"

Despite all the horrors of the day, the sheriff was still taken aback that his daughter took that tone of voice to an adult. But all made sense. She volunteered at the mission. The same mission whose van dropped off Elizabeth. Sheila, the twins, Jennifer all had contact with her. It would be just like Lucy to make Clare artistic but then Felix wanted a passionate wife and Wayne needed his own computers.

"Yes, Miss Lucille.  I am so ashamed." Lily hid her face.

"It's all right. I forgive you."

There was a knock at the door. "Mom. Answer that please?"

"Yes, dear."

It was Roy. "Thank, heaven, Roy. Listen to me."

"Sorry sheriff." Hang dog, holding his hat in both hands, he walked right by him and spoke to the person in charge, Lucy. "All Wayne's computers and CD's are destroyed, Lucille. All them things are a nice bonfire out in the desert."

"Thank you Roy. You may have your reward now."

A wet, bikini clad Elizabeth squeezed under his right arm and a tall, homey Mrs. Younger slid under his left. "Looks like we have a new man of the house, Bitsy."

"Yes, we do mommy."

The three walked out with Roy trying not to meet the sheriff's gaze. But he stopped in front of him anyway. "Sheriff I am really sorry, but..."

Billy Bob patted the good old boy on the shoulder. "It's all right Roy. I think we both need to give ourselves permission to be human tonight. See you tomorrow."

Roy visibly lightened and continued out the door. Billy Bob watched him go and measured out blame in his head. 'I should have listened to Seth. Of course he might be trapped in a scenario too, my daughter's scenario." He wheeled around, furious. " Lucy was gone.

"Where the hell is Lucy?"

The women looked to the home office. He stormed towards it. Lucy was there. She had just finished typing and spun around in the chair. "Hi, daddy."

"Don't 'hi daddy' me. Lucy Carter you put those people back the way they were right now."

"Even Clare? We don't believe in abortion, right?"

"Okay. Except that."

"And we make the Youngers alcoholics again?"

"Now you are playing games with me. You know what I mean, just fix things."

"Yes, Daddy, I was about to get rid of Wayne's awful, perverted stories." Billy Bob relaxed. His daughter was listening to him after all. He better tell her about the backdoor command. "And another thing..."

"I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!" She hit the return key and Billy Bob felt his mind go numb.

Lucy took a deep breath, calmed herself down, walked up and hugged her Daddy. "Don't worry Daddy. I love you and I promise not to change you. It was my protection that helped you find out Wayne did to the town. I knew you would find him out, you are such a good police officer."

"Lucy what are you going to do?"

"Now that Wayne is gone, we are going to make all Diablo County the perfect county, daddy, you and me. Now why don't you go upstairs and to bed?"

Billy Bob found that though his "outer self" was now controlled by his daughter his "inner voice," his real mind, was his own. As he slipped on his pajamas he contemplated what a sweet 18-year-old girl's idea of a perfect world was.

Jackie was gone. The note on the dining room table was clear. She was staying with Shelia and would pick up the rest of her things while he was at work. One of his groomsmen was acting as her lawyer. "Fucking great."

"Morning daddy!" Lucy breezed in from the kitchen with a steaming tray of huevos rancheros, his favorite.

She sat next to him as she plunked down the tray. "I know how much you like a big breakfast."

"Lucy, honey. Your momma's left us."

"I know. I read the note."

He held up the stationary. "Did (even the mere thought the home office computer fled from his conscious. His thoughts repelled against its concept.) you do this?"

"Yes. It was inevitable, wasn't it?"

"Baby. We talked about this. We were waiting for your momma to hit bottom."

"And how long were we going to suffer because of her? I wanted my own life."


"I'm tired of this subject. Eat your breakfast before it gets cold."

The sheriff found himself eating but his mind was still his own. "At least make your momma healthy again, before the booze took her."

"All right." She pouted. "I suppose I should, she is my mother after all."

"Good eggs, honey."

Lucy beamed.

Roy had done a great job this destroying the evidence. Wayne's computer, his laptop even the music CD cases where lots of perps hid porn, was gone. Billy Bob was hoping that in his eagerness to get a three way, Roy had forgotten something.

He filled out the report for Wayne and Jennifer. Weary to his bones, he called it a camping accident. The rest of the day was eventful but dull. Everyone gave up cigarettes and snuff but apparently cigars and pipes were permitted since Felix stopped by to offer him either one. Lots of people went to bars, but for company, not to get drunk.  There were no domestic disputes and everyone seemed to be working on their houses more than usual. Roy called in to take a "personal day."

Though the day was without an incident, Billy Bob never felt more weary than when he drove home that night. He opened the door and found a beautifully set table laid out before him. Any other time it would have cheered him up considerably, now it just looked sinister, like bait.

"Daddy!" Lucy ran in to his arms and hugged him. She smelled like perfumed soap.

"Evening, Angel. Where's your (he almost said momma) sister?"

"Carrie is in the kitchen, cooking." She said with a mixture of satisfaction and disappointment.

"Carrie's cooking? This I got to see."

"Later." She pulled him to the stairs. "Get cleaned up first we got a big night planned."

Billy Bob found himself complying. He showered, shaved and changed into a white embroidered shirt Jackie had given him and the engraved silver bolo they bought on the Navaho reservation years ago. He looked for the framed photo of them at the Rez. But all the photos of him and Jackie were gone.

He went downstairs.

Lucy was waiting for him. She had changed into an elegant royal blue evening dress. It was very mature. Spaghetti straps held it up and the line peaked downwards to show off her cleavage nicely, but not provocatively. Its simple lines flowed inward then down around her hips and thighs. Then it fell straight and loose around her legs. One could not help but notice the wearer was a woman. The whole piece was accented with amethyst and pearl jewelry around her neck, wrist and on her ears. He shining blonde hair fanned out behind her farming her oval face like a halo.

"Hello, daddy."

"Angel. You look beautiful." Billy Bob felt like he couldn't help but say those words. It wasn't like Wayne's awful scenarios where every word was scripted, lock step. It was more like his new feelings compelled him to say things he would say if he really felt that way.

His words were no longer scripted but his feelings were.
He had to admit, Lucy was beautiful, but then so is the desert.

They enjoyed a gourmet meal of spring greens, seared trout and wild rice, his favorite. Followed by tiramisu. Carrie, who, only yesterday, could burn water, prepared all of it.

Though she said she now loved to cook, Carrie did not look like she was having fun. She was hot, sweaty, and had the confused look of a cat locked in a pen of sleeping dogs. Inside, she was screaming, just like her father. They did not share secret looks of misery. Both were terrified that if Lucy ever found out that their minds were their own, she would rip that last vestige of freedom away from them.

While they ate, Lucy told Billy Bob about her plans for the town. It was going to paradise on earth, her paradise, the paradise of a child of an alcoholic; no more fighting, no more yelling, everyone works hard, everyone pulls their own weight, everyone gets along, everyone is safe.

Billy Bob could not help but praise and flatter her throughout the meal. "Have I told you how wonderful you look tonight? What a great idea., etc." It was true he did want an end to all those things, but not like this.

The meal ended and Carrie cleaned up. Lucy had the honor of bringing her father his brandy and cigar on the patio. The night was a bit chill and full of stars. They cuddled in the old Hudson's Bay blanket and shared warmth.

While Lucy told him of her dreams, Billy Bob smoked. He didn't much care for cigars but he figured his better keep it up or Lucy would eliminate them next. Lucy spoke of how she dreamed of making all the kids in town healthy, smart and athletic, maybe even gifted in art, the way she had left Clare.

Then a miracle happened. When she talked about improving the RPG club, Billy Bob found that daughter had left him with some voice after all. "Aw don't do that honey. Those boys are just having harmless fun."

"But it involves demons and spells."

"So they like fairy tales."

"They're weird."

"They were also the only boys who tried to let poor Wayne in. Every town needs a place for the misfits honey."

"A place for the misfits? I guess so. If you really want me to, I will, because I love you so much."

Billy Bob thought fast. He had wanted to protect those boys. That was what allowed him to speak up. But why didn't he speak about the other matters? He experimented and tried to say something about returning Jackie but the words didn't come.

The bitter truth was that he didn't protest because he wanted the same things for the town too. Lucille was just parroting all the things he had said of the dinner table for so many years. And it could be he was just waking up to his new life without Jackie and a backdoor command his daughter did not know about?

"I don't want to change everybody. Just make them better."

"I know angel. That's why you have me." They hugged.

"Well, tomorrow's Sunday. Time for bed."

Carrie was inside the house, working out on the exercycle and watching the news. She promised to go to sleep right after her cardio.

Billy Bob entered his master bedroom for the first time in years to sleep without Jackie. Inside his heart was breaking. He felt like a real shit.

"Don't be sad, daddy." Lucy caressed his cheek and turned his face towards hers. "You haven't lost anyone. You always said I was the real woman of the house."

Billy Bob wanted to cry, to scream, to shout to his daughter that she was mad, that she was a "perfect child" gone mad with power. "How many children have these fantasies but lack the power to carry them out?" he wondered.

He bent to kiss her and was thrilled. It was even better than his first kiss with Jackie. After a brief contact on the lips, her mouth opened and their two tongues pumped and writhed together, just the way he liked. It was wrong. His dick disagreed.

"Did you like that daddy? I programmed me to know and enjoy all the things you like."

"Yes. Baby. That was perfect." It made sense. He remembered how concerned he was about pleasing his first few girlfriends. Then his programming spoke up. "But you shouldn't go changing yourself for me, angel."

"A girl can't help it." She giggled sweetly. "Here." She kissed him on his neck. "You like that?" She slipped out of her shoes.

"Oh, yes." He matched her and sucked a little on her neck. His hands played with her exposed back while she took off her jewelry.

"It's like a dream come true, daddy."  She pushed away from him, took a deep breath and let the spaghetti straps slip from her shoulders. She stood there, her perfectly, even, round 34C's with pink areolas, nipples pointy from the cool air. Her powder blue panties her only garnish.

"You are a like dream come true, angel. Look at you, my little girl had become a woman." She blushed. "Shhh. It's all right." He closed the distance and gently kissed her on her cheek, then her lips, then and her closed eyes.

Lucy lost control and hugged him close. "Oh daddy, I love you so much." The man and woman kissed more passionately. Lucy undressed him, just as he liked. She took off his shirt, kissing his chest with each button.

Billy Bob marveled at his new pecs and six pack. Lucy undid his belt and fly. When she pulled down his shorts his new ten-inch pecker sprung out. Billy Bob watched in awe as his beautiful daughter, blonde hair flowing, went down on him.

Oral sex was always his favorite erotic act, in all its variations. Jackie knew that and used it against him. Shelia knew that and traded cunnilingus for it. Tom used it for power. Clare used it to reenergize him for fucking.

Lucy did it because she liked it. "This is so good. I never thought...mmmmm." She dove into it. Billy Bob reasoned that it was now her favorite because it was his favorite too. "I want to taste it, daddy. I can't believe it. I always thought this was so disgusting, now I can't get enough. Mmmmmmm, slurp. Oh come daddy, come inside my mouth." She held his dick between open palm while she slid her lips up and down the shaft, pausing every now and then to kiss the purple head.

He ran his fingers through her hair. He had to admit it felt really good. In some ways better than Judith and she was so beautiful. Billy Bob felt a chill as he knew Master PC was creeping into his mind. Still he didn't stop fucking his daughters face.  "You're so good, baby, the best."  Her long, straw colored, hair tickled his thigh.

He felt his load rise, like magma. "Here I come baby." Lucy wrapped her hands around his dick and prepared to drink from his hose like a thirsty bitch. Billy Bob arched his back and let loose. He could feel each dose as it pulsed though his vas deferens.

Lucy drank it all. Billy Bob felt guilty for enjoying himself so much. Indeed, that was his favorite sex act, in all its variations. "That was great, angel. You made your daddy very happy."

"I loved it!" Lucy stood, wild eyed. "I never knew." She wiped her chin, caught a drop, looked at it on her knuckle and stuck in her mouth. "MMMmmmmmm." Her hips and tits swayed. "It tastes so good. I have no idea why more girls don't like it. Let's do that again."

"Wait. My turn to suck." Billy Bob concentrated on how he liked girls with sensitive tits. He pulled her and close and sucked on her cantaloupes. They were perfect, nice and smooth, savory. Lucy gripped his head close and almost panicked. "Omigawd." "That has never felt...omigawd, stop... this it too much. I've got to fix things."

She tried to pull away now, but the inner Billy Bob struck on this as a form of revenge. "You sure you don't want me to do this, angel?" He blew cold air on the nipple and she shook.

"Please, daddy..."

He sucked one tit and massaged the other, flicking each with tongue and finger while Lucy was trembled in his arms, helpless in her rapture. "Omigawd. Daddy I'm...I'mmm  aoooooooo."  Lucy convulsed and her hand shot to her crotch. "Weeeeoew. I think I just had an orgasm. And just because you kissed my breasts."

"Awesome, wasn't it?"

"I don't know if I like it."

"You don't like it? I'm making love to my own daughter for Pete's sake."

"I know you wouldn't even think about such a thing daddy. So I changed you just a little bit. Do you mind?" She looked worried.

"How could I mind? I love you. I'm sure you did it with the best of intentions. How's Carrie going to handle it."

Lucy laughed. "Oh I programmed her to get herself in shape and be really good at the chores she stuck me with all those years. She'll love you and me. In fact the whole county will love you and me. People will only admire what a beautiful couple we make. We'll be free to do whatever we want. I feel so free! Am I bad?"

"It's okay angel, part of loving is a bit of letting go. It's trust." He pulled her towards the bed. "You do trust me, don't you?"

"Of course, daddy."

He pulled her on top of him. He knew she would eagerly comply because it was his favorite position too. He loved watching a beautiful woman bounce on him. He could play with her tits or just lay back and enjoy the ride.

She lay on top of him, the two lovers twisted their lips and tongues around each other. Her blonde tresses draped over their heads. Lucy ground her new tits into his chest, using his hair for stimulation. Her "the moment" came.

Lucy held his head between her palm. "I love you daddy. I wanted to do this with you for years." Then she grew serious. "Daddy can I ask you a favor?"

"Sure angel."

"Can you call me Lucille from now on? And can I call you William? I like that so much better."

"Go right ahead, Lucille." But Billy Bob liked Billy Bob. It separated him from the three other Bill's he grew up with. He was proud of how country it sounded. And he also liked it when the big city Tucson boys used mistake him for a dumb redneck.

"Thank you, William." They shared a moment and then she inched her loins backwards and his cock slipped inside her. Billy Bob went stupid with ecstasy. It was the tenderest, juiciest, creamiest cunt he had ever felt in his whole life. Her hymen tore like a wet paper towel. Lucille seemed to enjoy it just as much.

Through the churning sea of pleasure that tossed Billy Bob's brain like driftwood he manage to mumble. "But wait. Lucille, it is wrong."

"Don't worry, me William I won't get pregnant. I fixed it. Oh, you feel so good. It's better than I imagined." Her fingers combed his chest hair. Here ass jacked up and down on his phallus. Her long blonde hair billowed with each short plummet. Her jugs bounced with every impact.

"No pregnancy, at least." Inside William, Billy Bob relaxed. Even his mind had to admit she was a fabulous lay. She was the best he ever had. He knew Lucy probably programmed it that way, but that bit of knowledge didn't really help.

He reached up and twisted her tits and Lucille threw her head back and gasped. Then she confessed. "I want out baby made on our honeymoon."

Billy Bob screamed. Lover boy William panted, "Of course. How perfect. Join me now baby, I am going to show you my love. I love you so much. I love, I love, I love..."
The orgasm was incredible. It was like every nerve fired. It was the best orgasm of his life and it felt great. It even bestowed the feeling of freedom and exultation that he enjoyed afterwards. William's perfect lover shared in his moment of happiness. Lucille folded and covered him like a pillowy blanket. "You'll see William, everything will be perfect from now on."

Six months later, the wedding was held at the First Valley Church. Reverend Mitchell presided. Marcos served as William's best man and Roy as a groomsman. A slimmer, healthier, more organized, Carrie served as her sister's maid of honor. The twins, Delilah and Jezebel Mitchell were the prettiest maids a girl could hope for. It seemed like the whole county was in attendance. Everyone was bubbling over with joy for the happy couple. Everyone agreed that the Valley had never seen a prettier bride or a handsomer groom. They paraded through town sitting on the trunk of Judith's red Cadillac convertible. Everyone waved or threw rice as they passed.

The reception was fabulous. Younger Catering fussed over every detail. Roy, Elizabeth's fiancé, was never prouder. Everyone drank but did not get drunk. Even Jackie, William's ex-wife, had a good time. She and Sheila had taken up a honeymoon collection for the couple. Lucille and William were so widely admired that they soon had enough money for a week at Sea Turtle Bay, Hawaii.

Their getaway was just as fabulous. Felix flew them to Tucson in the Piper he now used to deliver his wife's art. Clare would have gone with them, but she was six months along at the time and a Piper's seats, unlike a Cadillac's aren't suitable for preggers.

They were everyone's favorite couple. It was like they were surrounded in an aura that compelled people to just adore them. Baggage handlers were gentle. Stewards were extra courteous and even snuck them up to first class. No one in the cabin minded sharing their space with the beautiful couple from New Mexico. They made instant friends with everyone.

They were the first off the plane. It was hard for the lei delivers to leave them. The rental car agent upgraded them to a town car for free. His store manager applauded his good judgment.  Sea Turtle Bay never had a pair of more beloved clients. Men and women envied them and ached to bathe in the glow of their marital bliss. Two complimentary bottles of '92 Dom awaited them as they entered the honeymoon suite. The bellhop refused a tip.

Two hours later and William was lying with his back on black sand, recovering from the third round of absolutely perfect, glorious, sweaty, joyful sex and it was still just noon. Inside, Billy Bob's resistance was crumbling. The sex was too good.  He checked his watch then got up.

"Where are you going, honey?"

"Get some drinks." He slipped on his trunks and picked up his satchel and took out his wallet. "Iced tea?"

"Sounds good."

"Don't forget the sunscreen."

"I thought about that already. All we'll ever do is get the perfect all over tan. No Montezuma's revenge either."

"Ha! You are so good. I am so lucky to have found you." He frenched her good-bye for now.

In the lobby he went to pay phone, took out his calling card and called Judith's home. After she got him on speakerphone he spoke "Good Neighbors" for the umpteenth time. The sighs at the other end told him the backdoor was still in place.

He didn't like it but what could he do? Lucille told him not to tell her. So she hadn't known about Wayne's back door so she didn't close it. And he couldn't get near the computer to change anything.

He couldn't afford to make Lucille suspicious and it had all gotten very tedious.  He just hung up the phone and got the iced tea. He had to admit, the town was happy and healthy and so was he. It all was wrong but it all felt good. He decided to leave fight to someone else and just enjoy himself. He prayed that someone else, in her absence, had slipped from Lucy's control; that a revolution was building in the town of Elk Springs.

The hot sand did not burn his feet, nor did the sun sting his eyes as he walked back to Lucille bearing two large iced teas.

"Are you happy, William?"

"Of course I am, angel. I am the luckiest man on the face of the earth." He rolled over and entertained her tits. "Happy Honeymoon, Mrs. Carter."

"Mmmm. Mrs. Carter. I love it when you call me that."

"How about 'wife'?" He dropped his trunks. "How about 'mother?'"

Six Day's later, when they left the resort, the staff to a man, formed a tunnel and applauded. They returned the town car themselves and insisted they use the resort limousine. William's wallet bulged with business cards of people who felt honored to share their table. The return flight went much as the flight to Hawaii.  Felix picked them up at Tucson.

"You'll see a big change in the town when you two get back."

"Really?" Billy Bob prayed that someone had a found a way into that program and freed everyone.

"Yep. Things won't be the same ever again."

Two hours later they were flying over the airfield and Billy Bob could see a mob down by the runway. It had to be the whole town of Elk Springs and practically the whole county. Felix pulled the piper up parallel to the crowd. The all were silent and serious.
The honeymooners disembarked. Billy Bob grew hopeful.

"Surprise!" Reverend Mitchell, Judge Perry, Joe Meeker and Bill Ray Jenks, the mayor, held up a big, vinyl banner that read "Welcome to Carter, New Mexico." The town had been renamed in his honor.

Billy Bob's heart sank.

William cried and so did Billy Bob but for different reasons. Lucille feigned surprise. The ranking women of the town Judith, Sheila, Jackie, Lily and others, circled her and congratulated her profusely.  William shook every man's hand. The men said he should run for state office and that today would forever be counted as "Founder's Day."

The newlyweds begged off the planned "welcome home" cook out and just went home. William carried his bride across the threshold and they made love in front of the fire that Carrie had readied for their return.

Lucille and William stripped. Lucille lay on her back in front of the fire, throwing her man out behind her before the back of her head touched the rung. Then William bracketed her head with his feet. He savored the moment.

A beautiful young blonde lay below him. Her hands molded her tasty globes, her ass wriggled on the floor and her tongue played across her lips and teeth all in anticipation of sharing their favorite sex act. He bent his knees and her lips pursed around this head. His knees hit the floor and he bent over to lick Lucille's' sweet labials. Each fold was a separate shade of pink.

Sheila had, unabatedly taught him how, lo those many years ago. He brushed up and down. He twirled around her pole, he cut across, and he scribed the alphabet on her sweet, succulent pussy. Her juices tasted like a ripe peach. It ran down his chin. He hooked a finger up in her and pressed her g-spot. He used his cheek to press the critical nerve down past the ileum.

He felt his load churning and her breath come in pants. Billy Bob/William focused on how much he like a girl with a sensitive g-spot and suddenly Lucille went wild, screaming like a coyote.

She took a break from her beloved fellatio. "What was that?"

Billy Bob shut her up by focusing on the g-spot again. Lucille practically had an epileptic fit. He loved making her loose control like that. It satisfied William and endowed Billy Bob with a sense of power. William, denied sex for hours wanted to come, so he pressed his dong against his wife's face until she got the idea and latched on a like a calf to an udder. He shot his load inside her mouth and then took another bit of peach.

Lucille slept in the sofa beside him. She always slept like a log after a night of sex. He was not exhausted from sex. He was never exhausted from just sex, now. His beloved wife could just roll over and he'd be primed and ready to shove it in.

He slipped out, fixed himself a stiff one, threw another log on the fire, sat in his recliner and thought. That was the night Billy Bob realized that he was the only one he could count on. He was the only one in town not completely enslaved. The worst part was that his strength was flagging. His nights with Lucille were the best nights of his life. The honeymoon was a dream come true. And he could feel his love for her growing as he could see what a wonderful, sweet young woman he had raised. Wait! She was a power mad bitch who had to be stopped. He figured he had a month before he caved in completely.

Not for the first time he considered his options. He could control Lucille in bed by concentrating on what he liked. The oral sex was the best. He still could use Wayne's backdoor to manipulate the women. But why would he? He loved Lucille and only Lucille. And he had to protect the town from bad people.

The sound of Carrie quietly crying stirred him from his reverie. He tightened his robe decently and walked upstairs to her room. He slowly opened the door. She was dressed in her favorite oversized football jersey. She sat on the edge of her bed and sobbed into her palms.

He entered and shut the door behind him and sat next to her. He put his arm around her. "I know, Care. It's got to me too."

"No. Dad. It's that it doesn't."


"I looked in the mirror just now and admired myself. It wasn't the programming, it was the real me admiring my new shape. I look good, real good. And I am more hard working and organized, just like I always wanted.  I used to want to be this way so bad...and now..."

"Now what...?"

"I love you, dad."

"I love you too, sweetheart."

"No. I mean I love you. She programmed me to love and obey only you. The past six months have been torture for me, seeing you and Lucille everyday and knowing, knowing I will never ever get a chance to fulfill my love."

The horror of what Carrie said should have shocked him more, now it just seemed...tedious. "She didn't specify what kind of love when she programmed us, did she? She's really just a girl, without the maturity to know the different kinds of love."

"I know. I've tried to tell that her but she just tells me she doesn't want to hear my problems. Now what do I do? I've been having these thoughts about you and me."  She put her hands on his thigh. "I know you love Lucille, I love her too, but I hurt so bad.
And now I got this body, I was fantasizing about having a chance." Carrie did look better. She was taller and less voluptuous than her sister. Her tits had shrunk with the exercise but had tightened up nicely. She had buns of blue steel that were shaped like a mirrored teardrop.

"I even grew my hair longer for you." She sobbed into his shoulder.

He held her close, trying to make her feel better. He smoothed out her long, full black hair, so much like her mother's at that age. He remembered how Jackie used to drape her hair back over her brow so he could only feel, not see, her give him head. His dick twitched.

Billy Bob considered the situation and surprisingly found that he did have the latitude to make love to Carrie now. Not for love, no, but to make her feel better. He knew how much she hurt, and Lucille had told her love him. He could be considered as obeying Lucille's  programming."

"You know what Carrie. I think I can do it." She just stared at him with a puzzled look on his face. "I'll explain when we have more time. Meanwhile, would you like a small measure of revenge?"

Carrie smiled and threw herself into arms of the man she loved.

"The woods are lovely dark and deep..." As he hoped, Carrie finished the sonnet and Wayne's old backdoor allowed her to act on her father's commands before Lucille's. Of course it meant that he was now her ideal man, that he'd have to give her the counter-poem every week but that didn't change the status quo much.

The lover's embraced and kissed. Carrie opened her lover's robe. Billy Bob's hand slipped up Carrie's shirt and massaged her tits. Carrie moaned loudly and both lover's froze.

"Come on daddy. I like it better anyway."  Carrie took her father by the hand and led him down the back stairs to the swimming pool.

"Won't Lucille see us?"

"She's at the far end of the house.  Besides if she moves' she'll turn on the light and that will give us plenty of warning."

"Sounds like you've done this before."

"Only with nice boys." She held him in her arms. "And daddy, I will never, ever do this with anyone else, I swear." The pool had been heated and the lovers threw off their clothes and slipped in. The water washed over Billy Bob's body, soothing him no end. The two swan lazy laps for a few minutes, enjoying the time away from their chains of love.

In the shallow end, they rejoined their kissing. Their wet bodies writhed within each other. The water made Carries tits that much more refreshing to suck on. She straddled his hips and floated her pussy over his loins. Then she floated down, slowly.

"Ugh. Gee dad, I'm glad, ugh, I go the water. You are huge."


"Well I should thank her about something...oh no. Dad. I really hate this. But.."

"I know baby. Let me help." Billy Bob guided his loins up. Damn she was tight.

Carrie spoke, like she was holding in the worst pee of her life. "Daddy, tell me you are working against this. It feels too good. I can't, ugh, stop myself. I love you so much and I never really cared if, ugh, something's wrong if it felt good. I am weak. I can barely talk now."

"I am working against this Carrie. This is the only way we can talk, when you want to fuck me and I want to protect you. After that, Lucy controls it all.
But I am going to find us a way to stop all this, Carrie. I swear."

"Good." Carrie let go." Now fuck me good and hard you hot stud."

The two, sopping wet lovers made ripples in the pool. Beneath a soft desert wind and a sky full of stars, a beautiful nubile, mateable girl bounced up and down on a handsome, virile man's cock, the way nature intended. It felt beautiful and vile at the same time.

Carrie had less and less of a problem as her father utilized all his art. She always did like nasty sex. And even her inner self began to admit that William was the best. He had the best cock, he sucked her breast with more skill than energy and he kept his hands going when she bounced. Unlike her young boyfriends, his strokes, caresses and kisses were confident and on target. William knew what e-zones to kiss, suck and gently bite. Little did Billy Bob realize, but he was seducing his own daughter.

Carrie had always resented the little town and it's lazy ways. She was far more demanding than the town's small pool of boys could provide. Seeking more, she rebelled and sought the forbidden, the bad boys. But all she found was drunken cowhands who were too used to a little barnyard fun. In the pool, now, was the nastiest, biggest and best sex she ever had. She was already weakened by the admiration of her new body and Lucille's programmed love. But her father's skillful loving clinched the deal.

When Carrie orgasmed, she howled like a coyote. Her father hadn't come yet but that was fine, he was still hard. While she recovered from the best lovemaking session she ever had, Carrie's inner and outer minds had a little chat. Both of them agreed that they wanted him again.

It was then Carrie was lost and she didn't regret it. Nor did she tell her co-conspirator. If the moment ever arose, she would get some of the good stuff that Lucille was getting.

The next morning, Carrie had breakfast ready for the happy couple and she joined them at table. "Why you are looking so good, Carrie?"

"Thanks, sister. I had a great night."

"Sleep well?"

"Better. I came up with a reason for living."

Billy Bob's heart stopped. Women had a bad habit of shouting their feelings to the world.

Carrie continued. "While you were away, I had an idea. Since all the women and men in the county are really into fitness now, how about I start a health and fitness club? I could convert the old market."

Billy Bob's heart resumed beating.

"That's a great idea! Give everybody someplace to go to besides a smelly old bar."

"I'll need money."

"Don't worry. I am sure the bank will give you a loan." Lucille glanced at her groom and sensed his tension. She grew pensive, worried at what he was thinking. "What do you think, dear?"

"Sounds like a good idea." Lucille looked at him closely. He felt he had to make a more dramatic show of support. "We could raffle that red sports car off. It's been sitting in impound long enough." The distraction seemed to work.

"A great idea, honey!" She gave him a squeeze on her hand, then turned to her sister, "Our water is better than any of that French stuff...."

Billy Bob left the girls to make plans. He kissed his young wife good-bye and went to work.

Except for "howdy" "please" and "thank you" the town was quiet as death. A lot of the old shacks were gone and new prefabricated homes had taken their place. That put Billy Bob in the mind to visit Jackie and Sheila and see if he could work around Lucille's control there too. Billy Bob still loved his wife and wanted to make things right in some small way.

But he doubted it. Carrie wasn't under the same kind of strict control the town was. If he even tried to meet with Jackie, someone would be on the phone to Lucille right away, maybe even Sheila. Oh sure, he could use Wayne's backdoor on her, but the second he ended it, she be burning up the phone line to tell Lucille herself. Everyone was Lucille's little bird. She was a like Josef Stalin a sweet, beautiful, enchanting, dictator who made his hard just thinking about the things she did to his dick with those magic lips of hers. He turned around then went home for a nooner.

During the one o'clock meal, Carrie and Lucille were so abuzz about the new club and they insisted that William go right back to the station and clean off the sports car.

It turned out that neither the reverend nor Mrs. Younger had any objection to Lucille's great idea of raffling off Wayne's old car. So William dragged the old canister vacuum and garbage can out to the car. He pulled off the tarp and opened the door. He came back after an hour to let the smell of the old food containers dies down.

He slid the front seat forwards, tilted down the back and began unloading Styrofoam. He began vacuuming and removed some funky shit from beneath the seat, including the two DVD cases "The Manchurian Candidate" and the other was an old Bronson flick "Telefon."

He didn't have a DVD player of his own so he checked them out. He opened the case for Telefon and looked at the DVD. It looked no bigger than a CD. He pulled it out and found that there was another CD beneath it. It was an orange colored CD. It had MASTER PC written on it in sharpie.

Billy Bob's couldn't believe his luck. Either Roy had not thought to include DVD's with the CD's he burned, or, more likely, in his rush to get laid by a mother and her daughter, he didn't check the messy car thoroughly.

He looked around. Roy should still be on rounds. He put the vacuum cleaner and garbage can back. He went to his office and thought very, very carefully about his next move.

He loved Lucille. He couldn't hurt her. But he knew that what she did wasn't good for the town. As long as he kept her best interests at heart he should be allowed to free the town from bondage.

He looked at his computer. Felix had custom built it. It had a CD-Rom and a six-gigabyte hard drive. But he had learned earlier that Master PC took a whole drive and he had some vital records stored on it. He was still sheriff enough not to dare erase it.

He considered getting another drive, but he didn't know how to install it. He needed another computer he needed to make a back up copy too. Felix had them and he knew just what pretense to use. He got a bottle of alcohol and began swabbing off the label "Master PC."

"Hey, Felix. How's tricks?"

"Hey Sheriff."

He flashed the computer storeowner an orange CD. "Hey I was wondering if you can copy my disk of honeymoon pictures."

"Sure thing. That digital camera I gave you worked did it?" He took the orange disk and turned to walk into his cubby in the back of the store.

"Like a dream. Hey. Can I ask you a favor?  Please don't look at the photos. They are kind of personal."

"Why Sheriff Carter you old dog!" Clare had come in while he was distracted. "Nasty photos on your honey moon?"

"Hey, Clare. Sorry."

"Don't be sorry. Sounds like fun, doesn't it, Felix?" Felix blushed. Billy Bob wondered if he wasn't regretting his decision to make Clare more impulsive.

"Glad you're here Clare. You know my daughter, Carrie, she's thinking turning the old market into a health and exercise club."

"Great idea!"

"What does Lucille think?"

"She's behind it 100% and so am I. I've even raffling of that sports car I got in impound."

"Nice car. Do you think Lucille would like it if I donated a computer?"

"I think she would."

"I'll write up a gift certificate right now. I want our baby fit when he comes out. Right honey?" He touched Clare's hand.

"You bet honey. And I want this wife of yours to get back in shape as soon as possible for a little rumpy-bumpy, right?" She grabbed his dick.

Felix intook his breath. "Honey, please. Not in front of company.
So, how much do you think I should make the gift certificate out for? A thousand? Clare's work has been selling like hotcakes."

Billy Bob needed a computer not a slip of paper. He thought fast. "A computer would be better, people like seeing the prizes. Besides Carrie will probably use it organize everything."

"Huh. Okay." Felix picked up the orange disk. "I'll be in the back making copies." Felix walked into his backroom.

While he was gone, Clare cupped William's balls. "Hey, stop it. I am a happily married man now."

"Come on sheriff, come back to my place. Let's give that kid of ours a black eye. I still remember that afternoon, don't you?"

Felix put the orange disk in one drive and a blank CD in the other. He moved a mouse and then shut his office door and made a phone call while the machine whirred.

"Hello, Lucille?"

William was so busy swatting Clare's hand away that when Felix re-entered the shop. Billy Bob could only hope he didn't see anything. "Let's talk about what amount I should put in the computer. Laptop okay?"

"That will be great."

"Computer talk! Boring! Hey, honey, got those diagrams from Santa Fe?"

"In my briefcase."

Clare left the men alone to discuss the features of the new computer. As she entered her husband's office, she noticed the CD Burner had completed its task. She couldn't help herself. She swapped in another generic blank disk, pocketed the first copy and set the machine to burn another. No one would be the wiser. She giggled. She retrieved her receipts and went off to plan a big show she had coming up in only three months.

The laptop would take a day to create. Billy Bob had to play it cool until then. He took his precious two copies of Master PC and left. At the office, he slid the original CD-Rom behind the only picture of Jackie he had left. No kids, just young, happy Jackie. "Soon, baby, soon. Everything will be better soon."

Back at the computer store, Carrie was filling out a check for her new laptop. "Thanks again, Felix."

"You're just lucky you're not as fussy as your dad. I'd have that prize ready today."

"Yeah, dad can be particular. He likes things just so. But it makes him such a good lawman (and lover). He and Lucille are right, I'll need a computer of my own."

"Oh. And here is the CD-Rom your sister asked for."

"What's on it?"

"Honeymoon photos."

"Oh, yeah?"

Lucille was busy fixing people from the mission when Carrie returned home. So she let her sister be and took her new computer up to her room. One of the first things she tried out was reading the Honeymoon CD. She could wait to see how much fun her beloved family members had.

<Welcome to Master PC. Would you care to enter a password?>

Felix must have given her the wrong CD. <No>

Up popped a very sophisticated screen. It had image and text boxes, control bars and buttons.

<Please enter subject's name.>

She entered her favorite subject.
<William Carter>

A three-d rendering of the sheriff appeared. "Oh. It's a simulation." He was dressed in his uniform and it moved like he was filling out paperwork. There was no background.

<Awaiting instruction.>

"Okay." She typed, "Lift right arm." The image lifted its right arm and then put it down. Then she had the figure dance a jig and unload a few rounds from his pistol.

Then she found the mind menu. "Make him think about me. Make him think about loving me and Lucille." The figure stopped capering, and reached down to adjust his pants. Then he looked like he sat down and picked up the phone.

The phone rang and Carrie practically jumped out of the chair. "Hello?"

"Carrie. It's me. Are you alone?"

Lucy had protected Billy Bob from Wayne but not Master PC. She still wanted to effect him in certain ways. So when Carrie made Billy Bob think about loving her and Lucille, it started a chain of events. William focused on a three way, then so did Lucille. Who programmed herself to be William's ideal lover? Suddenly, Lucille had a new paradigm to work with.

Carrie heard heavy breathing from the door. She turned. "No daddy, Lucille is hear with me."

"Where are you, Carrie?"

"In my bedroom daddy."

"What's Lucille doing?"

"She's undressing."

"What are you doing?"

"I am undressing too."

"I'm on my way over. I love you."

"We love you too daddy, hurry."

As Lucille's mouth latched on to Carrie's, Carrie was swept away and the phone fell from her limp fingers.

William entered Carries room to a beautiful sight. The two sisters, one dark, sleek and hard, the other blonde, round and soft lay side by side kissing each other slowly, luxuriously. As he entered, Lucille, broke her kiss.

"Daddy! What's happening?"

He undressed, hanging up his clothes on a  chair so he could go back to work in unwrinkled clothes. "Simple. You programmed Carrie to love you and me. Carrie programmed me to love her. And now because you love me, you love her too."

"It can't be."

"Sure it can." His detective's eye had already spotted the Master PC. "Let's make your love perfect. There is the computer program yourself to love what you are doing with Carrie and me."


"Billy Bob focused on his desire of a three way."

"No. Daddy, William, please."

"Can't you picture the good sex?"

"Do it sister. I want it so much. Love me."

"Or you can free me Lucille. I am the only one who can end it. You have three choices.
One: Free me and be free of your love
Two: Program yourself to join us.
Three: Remain in this limbo where you will make love with us, but not love us. That would be ironic, wouldn't it?"

Lucille sat facing master PC. Faced with the choice of losing her dream entirely, losing it but enjoying the lie or existing in a hell of voluntary enslavement, Lucille chose the third option. It was the only way to keep at least part of the dream she so fixated on lo, these many months.
<Make me love Carrie and William as much as they love me. Make it the best love>SEND
That last comment was meant to hedge, to cheat, but Master PC knew the nature of "best" love better than she.
She felt a new wave of emotion wash over. She loved her husband. She loved her sister. She didn't feel threatened or selfish that her sister loved her husband too. In fact her joy increased at the sharing.

"Well?" William had not bothered to look at the screen. His fate was sealed any way.

And she wanted what was best for them." Daddy I want you to be free. Here." Lucille typed. "There. You are free. You can type whatever you want."

William sat at Master PC. He was free. All the compulsions of the past months were gone.

Carrie and Lucille looked at each other, not wanting to return to the status quo. The happiest time of Lucille's life was the honeymoon and now she felt his baby quickening in her womb. Carrie had the best sex of her life and she didn't want it to end, not when she was so close to a lifetime of it.

Carrie sat behind her daddy at the desk. She wrapped her arms around him and made sure he could smell her perfume. She draped her hair over him so it tickled her chest. "Don't change me, daddy. I like myself this way. It's all I ever wanted to be and couldn't. This machine gave me the strength." She kissed his neck. "I owe it the best sex of my life. Won't you miss our pool sessions?"

Lucy picked up the idea quick. She slipped under the desk and took his member in her hand. She knew it was his favorite act, just as she knew momma had denied him it's joy for years. "Didn't we have a good honeymoon. Haven't I made you happy."  Though William was now Billy Bob, she still knew exactly what he liked. When she took his cock in her mouth, he almost stopped typing. "Sorry, baby."

Carrie took a break from kissing his neck and built on her sister's idea." Think how much good you can do. No more crime, no more abuse."

"But you.."

"We want it daddy. We want you. Sure it's enforced happiness, but who cares? Aren't you enforcing happiness?"

It hit Billy Bob like a lightening bolt. What was the difference between this machine and his pistol? Both had the power to protect or take life. And the blowjob felt so good.

Though the Master PC compulsions were gone, the memories lingered. The memories of the fantastic sex, his new body, the new lives and everything was just too much for an ordinary mortal to give up. He quit the program and shut the laptop down. "Come on. Let's go to the master bedroom. It has a king size."

His two lovers cheered. Their favorite position turned out to be one where Carrie backed her ass up to Billy Bob. And she licked Carrie out while Billy Bob fucked her. After he came, Carrie and Lucy switched positions and he fucked Lucille while she ate out Carrie.

First he was treated to a moon, draped in strands of night. Then he was treated to a tanned, sun, framed in sunshine. Lucille's ass was round. Carrie's ass slopped into an upside down heart, he wasn't going to think about her now.

Sated the lovers slept with the male in between. "Billy Bob?"

"Yes, Carrie."

"That was awesome. You think I could marry you too?"

Billy Bob thought about Master PC. "Why the fuck not?"

Carrie's wedding was simpler and more western than Lucille's.  The happy couple spent their honeymoon riding trails and sleeping beneath the stars. Billy Bob loved his desert almost as he loved his new bride. They didn't make a big entrance into town. They simply rode up to their new stable, handed off the reins to Manuel and entered their house. Lucille had a grand meal ready, barbequed triple tip steak and potatoes. There were three settings.

"You two have a good time?"

"Yep. I see you are beginning to show." Carrie poked her sister on the belly.

"I am only a month behind you." Lucille poked her back.

More poking and giggling ensued and then William watched his two young brides embrace. They wrapped their arms around each other and plumbed the depths of each other's throats with their tongues. When they finally broke to breath, they performed their month old ritual love.

"I love you, Lucille."

"I love you as much as you love me."

"I can never harm you."

"How can increasing my love harm me, silly? Now let's feed this big strong man of ours."

"And he IS a big strong man too."

"Tell me all about it."

"Well, we found this stream, all filled with the Spring runoff and we took off all our clothes..."

"Carrie, that is enough of that."

"Yes, William." The girls shot each other a look that said they'd talk later.

Billy Bob sighed and thanked the powers that be that Carrie's reshuffling of love had left him with a little more influence over Lucille. He prayed to heaven she would let him keep it.

The Mitchell women were helping Clare wrap her pottery for transport in the u-haul when Lily stumbled on a blank CD in an odd place. "Clare you want this?"

"Oh!" Clare's face burst into a grin. "That's Lucille's honeymoon photos I snitched from Felix when he made a copy for the sheriff. I overheard him tell Felix that they're real naughty too."

The twins tried to stifle their moans of desire. Wayne's programming had not waned over the months. Dreamy Sheriff William still had to phone the effected women once a week to bank their sexual coals. But that was only a stopgap. And they had already gotten an infection twice from their regenerating hymens. The sheriff remained the twins' and their mother's ideal. The nights watching their father fuck their mother while they rammed dildos up their cunts and stared at wedding photos of the sheriff were adequate at best.  The idea of seeing him naked or even fucking beloved Lucille, or beloved Carrie, was a dream come true for the three.

Clare was passionate but not stupid. She read the Mitchell girls perfectly. "You want a copy?"

Delilah and Jezebel had a double wedding. The whole town turned out. Their father presided, the readings concerned David and Solomon. The mother of the bride was radiant. Younger catering was impeccable as usual and everyone dance to a bluegrass quartet. The three newly betrothed donated the cost of the wedding to the overseas mission and spent the nights in the new quadruple wide prefabricated home that lay on William's lot, upwind from the new stables. It was also convenient for the mother of the brides to come by often. The five of them, William, Lucille, Carrie, Jezebel and Delilah were very much in love. Carrie and Lucille even pitched in for the bigger bed. Billy Bob wondered when the hell would end.

The Carter Health and Fitness center held their the first meeting of the support group for new mothers, Judith and Clare cradled their new sons and introduced them to each other.

"My son's name is William." Said Judith.

"Funny, so is mine." Said Clare.

"They look and awful lot alike."

"They both have a mole by their belly button."

Both of the ladies went still as they reached their minds back to nine months ago. "I have a picture of him in his bathing suit or more." Said Clare.

"Let's see."

Lucille held little William Joseph while Judith said her vows. Judith looked gorgeous in her size three Wang wedding dress. Clare, in her size four, was her bride's maid. While Consuelo and Lupe looked after the boys (practicing for their own, promised motherhood). Judith and Clare took Paris by storm. Clare's work was well praised in the papers. Judith was complimented for her flawless French and Judith's husband, William, was the best thing for Franco-American relations since Benjamin Franklin. When they all arrived home, their beloved Lucille, Carrie, Jezebel and Delilah were waiting for them. Lucille and Carrie were quite far along. Jez and Del were showing.

While they were away, Jackie was in the courthouse filing some building permits when she looked in on her ex-husband's office. She saw an old picture of herself on his dusty desk and smiled. There were no kids, just her. Then a CD-Rom fell out of it.

"Hello, Jackie."

"Hello, Billy Bob." She sat at her new computer. "You didn't bring a gun?"

"I am not going to shoot you. I still love you, you know."

"You've got a hell of way to show it."

"You can throw a guilt trip with the best."

"Guilt trip? Billy Bob, you've mind controlled the whole town."

"Just polygamy, nothing lots of people do throughout the world with no problem. Most of them time it was a move to stop them from mind controlling others."

"And our daughters?"

"They chose me themselves. If they are screwed up, who's fault is that? Wait. This is our old blame game."

"Oh no. Now I hold all the cards. See, I got the CD now. Now I am thinking straight."

"You're drunk."

"Why shouldn't I be? It's a free country. How could you do it to us, Billy Bob?" She sobbed. "We trusted you and now you are like some Hitler or something."

"No. I am not killing anyone, just removing all the addictions, all the real problems all the pride that stops people from being happy."

"You know..." she waved a wine bottle at him. "You know what your problem is, you are a fixer. You try to fix everything. Hell, you should have married Sheila but you wanted me, a real fixer upper...a craftsman's dream..hehe.
        'Course it wasn't all bad. It gave me time to think, to remember... remember my old man his late night sessions. Now you repeat the cycle."

"That's nothing we haven't talked about before, Jackie. Our daughters love our sex together, they have no fixations on incest. We are just a man and women in love. If you want, I can make you forget those things. But you'd still be an alky."

"Still want to fix me up, Billy Bob?"

"You and this whole county, Jackie."

"What is that supposed to mean, Billy Bob?"

"That's why I came back, to make a difference. And now, thanks to Master PC, I can. After I build my mansion for all my brides, we are going to build a resort. All the Snowbirds will come here for our 'healing waters.' Sure the press will debunk us and well keep the cures small time, but they will come.
        The Yankees will come here and take out goodwill back north."

"You're crazy."

"No. I'm not. Shelia?" The red head entered the room. "Have we got everything figured out?"

"Building should start within the month."

"Oh, yeah? Watch this." Jackie hit SEND. Nothing happened.

"Jackie. You think the first thing I'd do to myself is make myself immune to Master PC?"

"Ha. Well so did I." She drew a revolver. "It ends now."

"The woods are lovely dark and deep..."

"Billy Bob. I love you." She dropped the gun.

"I love you Jackie, I always have. Let's get married, you and Sheila."

"Sounds great."

As the three walked into the bedroom, Shelia talked with her new fiancé. "I thought she had you there."

"They all did. But Wayne's old backdoor always saves me."

"Why do you marry us?"

"Isn't it obvious? I've tried to make everyone normal. But the program has no idea what 'normal' is. I can't reprogram an entire human being. So I've decided to just love you. I've been left with no other choice. I love you. I love you all because no one else will."

As soon as Sheila found out she was pregnant, she kicked Jimmy out, moved Jackie in and told Ramona that she could keep her husband. If it was a boy, Sheila and Jackie wanted to name their child, William Robert, after the best man they knew, a man who felt himself a slave as much as they.

Four years later, two men from the New Mexico Democratic Committee drove into Carter. The senior man spoke to the junior. "Now listen here, boy. To win this district, you've got to get the Carter family behind you. I've been trying to get that ol' patriarch of theirs to run for the district and this might be the year. Y'see, I've had a little chitchat with his womenfolk. Yes, sir, the Carters could do great things for the people of New Mexico."

The end.