Mistress PC
A Master PC Tale
By Kaia Golightly

I suppose the proper way to pay back authors for their hard work is with money, but since I don't have any, this is my way of showing appreciation to JR Parz for the fun universe he invented. This is my first attempt at honest porn, I hope you forgive any lapses from the traditions of the genre. To send comments or feedback (or offers of employment) you can email me at kaiagolightly@aol.com

1. Curious

Technology is an amazing thing, which means I was looking at porn when my cell phone suddenly began to thunder Beethoven at me. Startled, I quickly closed the browser before answering the phone, as if the person on the other end was going to be able to tell what I had been looking at.

But it was only Martin. Everyone gets to feel superior to someone, and so Martin and I had each other. To everyone else, we were losers, but we gave each other someone to look down on. He could feel good about being the smarter than me, and I could feel good that at least I could talk to girls without breaking a sweat.

"What is that girl's name?" he asked, "you know, the redhead." He was sounding about as scattered as ever. Martin didn't quite stutter, but his speech was always a bit jumpy. It was as if the words were under pressure inside of him and he trouble controlling them as they flew out. He somehow always managed to sort of look embarrassed when was talking. Of course, I had no idea what he was talking about.

"What redhead?" I asked, patiently.

"The pretty one." I just let the line hang silent while he reconsidered that. Then he offered more. "She worked at that place where you were temping. We saw her in Davis Square."

"Oh her. Her name was Annie. Annie Moore." Annie was a pretty girl with bouncy red curls and a huge, full-lipped smile. I recalled that she was a pretty good Photoshop artist. Martin and I had passed her in the square a week or two before, when we were getting burritos. I had waved at her and she had smiled and waved back, we had worked some jobs together. Martin had been quite charmed.

"So why do want to know about Annie? Have you developed an interest in girls suddenly?" But Martin had already hung up.

Martin was good with computers, and smart as a whip, but he wasn't good at people. He didn't have a lot of friends. I don't think he'd had three dates in three years. I suppose people imagined that he was living out some ideal geeky stereotype, but the fact was that he tended to be kind of slimy. It kept people at arm's length. However, Martin and I had been friends for since we were little kids, and always seemed to end up back in each other's orbit. After college, we had both ended up staying in Boston, and inevitably, became roommates.

And he was so far from being in Annie Moore's league that they might just as well have lived in different universes altogether.

I got home from work at about the same time as usual, and sat down on the couch with a coke and said hi to my cat, Isis. She let me rub her head as she kneaded the old couch, stubbly and threadbare. There was no sign of Martin, but he often worked late at his office, pulling code out of his ass deep into the night.

Our apartment was a handful of rooms on the second floor of a sagging three decker, in a residential neighborhood that sprawled north of the city, somewhere in that boundary layer between city, suburb, and rust belt. The apartment somehow managed to be cluttered and kind of empty at the same time. It had the slightly stale atmosphere of long-term bachelors. I drained my coke and looked at the TV, but I didn't bother turning it on.

2. And Curiouser

Martin came home at about nine. I was in my room, looking at some magazines and other things I kept in a box under my bed. The sound of the front door opening made me jump, and I stuffed everything back down out of sight and stepped out into the hallway to say hi.

He brushed right past me on the way to his own room, cradling his laptop like it was newborn baby. "Doin' stuff!" he said, and I stepped out of his way. It was his usual lack of charm or grace, but it was odd to see Martin so hyped. He normally dragged himself home after a late night, and fell asleep on the couch after eating some microwaved handful, leaving Leno to tell jokes alone in the dark.

But this was more like Martin on cocaine, or Martin with religion, or something equally unprecedented. His hair looked liked he'd been in the wind all day, and his face looked sort of flush. Perhaps he was having some sort of seizure?

"Big deadline at work?" I asked, but I was talking to his empty wake, and he closed the door to his room without a backward glance. I stood there in the hallway for a moment, listening as he thumped about his room. But then I heard the squeak of his old chair, and then quiet, which meant he had settled at his desk with his laptop and his computer and his world of code and numbers.

So Isis and I curled up on the couch with a book. Then I ended the evening with my usual ritual - masturbating alone in my room, just me and my treasures. It was in such moments that I was reminded that Martin and I weren't so different after all. I liked to think of myself as the more attractive one, gifted with social skills, and some creativity, and the ability to actually interact with people. But it was all appearance, all facade. Inside, I was as dark as him, and not as smart. People like us were meant to be alone.

Later, I could hear voices, first talking, and then yelling. But they were muffled, as if I could only hear them through a thick wall of sleep. And then sleep came down hard, like autumn rain. The next morning the sun was weak and watery, just bright enough to bring a little glare to a sky of tarnished clouds. Isis woke me up. She was more reliable than any alarm clock. She batted playfully at my face, sans claws, thank goodness, until I got up to give her a fresh bowl of kibble.

The kitchen was exactly as I had left, moderately clean, except for one thing. There, in the middle of the kitchen floor, quite out of place, was an odd black tangle. I crept up on it curiously. It was, without a doubt, a lacy black bra.

The sight of it made my heart race for a moment, but I took a deep breath and saw that it was more of a mystery than a problem. I had never seen it before. How did it come to be discarded on my kitchen floor?

"I think that's mine," a girl's voice said pleasantly, and with an odd, sinking sense of premonition, I was not at all startled when I turned to see Annie Moore standing there in Martin's bathrobe. No, somehow, despite all logic, it all made some sort of mysterious sense that Annie was standing in my kitchen, reaching for her discarded lingerie. I handed her the bra. It seemed to me that she was even prettier than I remembered. Morning, and god knew what else, agreed with her. She was almost radiant. She flashed me one of her generous smiles and stepped into the bathroom.

Martin was standing in the doorway of his room. He looked as rumpled as ever, but he grinned at me and shut the door before I managed to put together a question.

I could hear Annie starting to take a shower. It was, I thought, a very odd beginning to the day.

The rest of the day was uneventful, however. It was like any other day in a long line of days that had long since merged into gray in my mind. I went to work and did a mediocre job editing technical documents for equally mediocre pay. I went home to my cat and my TV and my diversions. Sometime after I went to bed, I heard Annie and Martin come home, together.

I got up out of bed and stood at my door, chilly and naked, listening. I could hear them laughing. Then I could hear them fucking. It was hard to imagine that Martin had the skill, or stamina, to entertain a girl like Annie. Never mind that she should never have agreed to speak to him. Hell, why has she spoken to him at all?

The noise continued. They seemed very energetic. They yelled and laughed and had, apparently, a generally amazing time.

They did it for an hour and then I heard one of them go to the bathroom to pee, and then they started up again. And I just sat on my bed and listened to them do it for several hours. I was totally impressed, at first, but as the hours past and they just kept it up, like they had the energy of a dozen teenagers, I started to worry. Surely this was becoming inexplicable? Weren't these events somehow outside of the settled order of nature?

But before I could follow those thoughts anywhere, I finally fell asleep. I dreamt that I was someone else, and that was just as well.

3. The Naked God

Morning, and the house seemed free of mysterious lingerie, so Isis and I settled down to our breakfast bowls. I was pretty sure the two of them were still in Martin's room, but they were quiet. I found myself tiptoeing about the apartment. I really didn't want to talk with them. I didn't want to know any more about it. I just wanted to go to work and live my life, such as it was. The sense of "something strange" that had settled over our apartment like a thundercloud was something I preferred to avoid.

But as I was getting ready to go out the door, Annie emerged from Martin's room, all dressed and ready for the world. She breezed past me, all rosy cheeks and good cheer. She practically skipped down our stairs and out into the world. I didn't see a glimpse of Martin.

But as I walked down to the subway stop, a disturbing image kept passing through my head. As she had hurried past me, Annie had flashed me a big, warm smile. She seemed terribly happy, but she also seemed, well, different. Not quite the Annie Moore I recalled from before, from even the day before. Had she changed her hairdo? Had she put in extensions to make her hair longer? Was she wearing padding or something to make her breasts look bigger?

Annie Moore was a beautiful girl, but she had always struck me as small breasted, even petite. But this morning, it seemed to me that she had large breasts, the kind of rounded breasts that you mostly saw on TV or in magazines. And it was more than just her breasts - Annie was pretty enough before, but this morning she had seemed prettier. Well, perhaps not prettier, maybe "sexier" was a better word. It was an impression that stuck with me, lingering around me like perfume.

I didn't get a lot of work done that day.

When I got home, I could hear Martin in his room. I was kind of afraid to go talk to him, but some things you just cant walk away from. I had to know what was happening.

"Heya Lou!" he called out when I tapped at his door, and there he was, sitting at his computers. The room was dark, his face stenciled with haphazard, reverse images cast from the various screens before him. He looked up at me with a smile, and I was shocked to see that he was almost a stranger to me. Even hunched over his keyboards, his posture as bad as ever, but he looked a bigger somehow. It was as if he had suddenly gotten a lot healthier. Even his patchwork complexion seemed to have cleared up cleared up overnight. His arms and shoulders seemed more muscular, his hair darker and thinker. But his smile still had that weird cross of shame and sneer, and it was, without a doubt, my Martin. I couldn't help but wonder if was doing some kind drugs or steroids.

Or was he just exuding an awful lot of confidence suddenly? It seemed to me that a sudden change in his sex life might cause him to blossom just like that.

"S'up Martin," I said, "you've been a busy boy lately."

"Oh I have, I have indeed, indeed" he said, nodding, his movements were as awkward and jerky as ever. I found it terribly comforting. "And you're noticing the changes, aren't you Lou? But of course, you have no real idea what's going on."

I didn't like the way he said that. "Maybe you'd like to clue me in?"

"I will do that, I totally will do that," he said, his head bobbing. "Its all too good to be hush-hush about." As he spoke, he was typing furiously. I didn't recognize the program he was working in though.

"Lou, have you ever heard of Master PC?"

"Doesn't ring a bell."

"No, reason why should. No reason at all. But I've heard of it, you see, I read about it. It's this sort of urban legend - a magic computer program that lets you control people, it lets you control their minds and even their bodies. It's a sort of modern adolescent power fantasy. Beats Superman to hell. It shows up in a whole series of porn stories, you can read them on the net, if you look for mind control fetish stuff. But that's not really the way you bend, is it Lou?"

Our lifelong acquaintance meant that Martin and I knew entirely too much about each other. Or so we both imagined.

"Anyway, what matters is, no one really believes in Master PC, it's just a sort of open source porn seed. Everyone takes a turn and tries to right their own master PC story. Collect them all."

He turned to look right at me, and I was startled at how intense he was. "But its real Lou, it's real, and it's mine. I found a copy, a real copy, and I've started to learn to use it. It's a bit more complicated than it sounds in the stories, but it works, it really really works."

I was lost, but I tried to be encouraging. "And this Master PC software lets you do what, exactly?"

"Whatever I want, whatever," and then he smiled at me, but it was a new smile, not at all self effacing; it was all wolf and shark. Not my Martin at all. "Lou," he said, and now his voice took on a weird new gravity, "I want you to go open the door."

I shrugged and did as he asked. Annie Moore was just coming up the stairs and I let her in. She still looked ravishing, and she was dressed differently than before, with a very short skirt, high heels, and tight, low cut blouse under her coat. It was a sluttier, more obvious look for her, Annie was usually a very stylish dresser. The idea that she was dressing this way for Martin just piled the surreal on the surreal.

"Martin, Annie, come in here." Annie seemed eager to obey, trotting down the hallway to Martin's room. She literally threw herself at his feet, getting on her knees to kiss his hairy toes through his sandals, and then looking up at him with all the adoration of a happy cocker spaniel.

Her display of love and devotion was overpowering. Like too much sugar in your coffee, it was much to much of a beautiful thing, like a parody of love.

Martin smiled at her and reached down to stroke her hair, and I could see Annie shiver with delight. You could see the goose-bumps cross her skin in waves. He fondled her like she was a blow up doll, and I swear, she actually wept with gratitude. Tears dripped down her face. And then I saw other fluids run down her legs. Had I really just watched her wet herself with love and excitement?

Ok, I'm slow on the uptake, but not that slow. Whatever this "Master PC" thing was, Annie Moore really had been changed into some kind of sex kitten, the sort of character that a porn star would portray in a movie. A badly written movie. And Martin? Martin was something else altogether.

He saw me staring at him, and untangled himself from the eager Annie to stand up. With a grin, he pulled off his T-shirt.

His body was wonderful, a nicely shaped example of the male from. He was young and strong and vital. Abs by Michelangelo.

Then he pulled down his pants. He wasn't wearing underwear, but he was, to be blunt, rather well endowed. His penis filled with virility as we watched, until it was, as the pulp writers would say, a proud scepter. It was bit too big to be believed. But there it was, an erection like a steel bar.

I couldn't help but see how entranced Annie was, she stared at Martin and his cock with obvious worship. I rather thought she was going to pass out, she was so excited. Still on her knees, she moved forward, and Martin reached down with one powerful hand to guide her mouth to him. He was probably too big for to go down on him properly, but he seemed to enjoy the attention.

"Well Lou, well, what do you think?" Martin closed his eyes for a moment to enjoy the feel of Annie's tongue and lips on his cock.

"I think your cock is a bit too big to be practical" I said, and Martin laughed.

"You always think you're so smart, don't you Lou? Well, let's see how smart you are. Why don't you just stand there, OK? Stand there and watch us."

He pulled Annie's hair and she followed his lead obediently, surrendering her grip on his cock and turning around. Instinctively, on hands and knees, she lowered her head and braced herself as he lined himself up. I watched as he got on his own knees and pulled her up against him, his cock finding its way into her. I wasn't sure her pussy would take quite that much manhood, but it did, and her eyes glazed over like he was made of heroin. She began to cry out, over and over, a sort of sing-song that could be pain, or torment, or ecstasy, or all three.

He kept pulling her to him until he was deep inside her, and then he paused for a moment. He seemed to have forgotten me completely. Then he gently eased out, and not so gently, back in again. And then again, this time more violently. And suddenly he was fucking her like an earthquake fucks a small town, all jackhammer and crashing rocks.

He must have fucked her like that for five or ten minutes. Sweat poured off of them, and I could see deep bruises on her hips from the way his hands gripped her, but neither showed any sign of giving up. Did she cum? I couldn't tell. She might have been coming the whole time, from the looks on her face.

And I wondered at my own lack of volition. Why was I just standing here in the doorway, watching? Martin's display was impressive, but why did he need me? Was I the audience for his performance?

But for whatever reason, I did not move. I stood there and watched Martin and his superhuman coupling with the transformed Ms. Moore.

And then, finally, he was done. He pulled his huge organ out of Annie and sat back in his chair to relax. She dropped to the floor like she was comatose. I wondered if she was ok.

4. In His Clutches

"It's amazing, isn't it?" he asked me. I just nodded. Annie seemed to be coming to, pulling herself together. She started to get up. "She recovers quickly, doesn't she? I made her that way."

He made her stand, naked and at attention, and seemed to examine her body in detail. Then he sat down at his computer and did some typing. "Watch this," he said grinning, and hit a key with a flourish.

Annie's breasts got even bigger. It took just a few seconds, and happened right before my eyes. Annie was startled by the change, but seemed ecstatic. She reached up and caressed them as if she was a frat boy touching breasts for the first time. She was, somehow, turning herself on.

They, were, without a doubt, the biggest, firmest breast I had ever seen up close, like a young starlet whose just come back from getting a bit too much silicone.

"Isn't she pretty? What do you think Lou, am I, like, The Man, or what?"

"Martin," I said, "you are clearly the man."

He wasn't looking at me, he had begun to play with Annie's new breasts, and she seemed very happy about that. It was obvious that they were both about ready to go again. They had the combined stamina of a whole high school football team and cheerleader squad, apparently.

"Annie is good. I'm going to have her quit her job so she can focus on keeping me happy. I've got some ideas for making money too. But if I'm going to be a god, I need more girls, don't you think? I mean, Master PC seems to have been written for building harems. And that, Lou, is where you come in."

Something cold exploded in my stomach, but scared or not, I could not run. I couldn't move an inch. "Oh that's ok Lou," Martin said, "Why don't you come over here? Stand right there and don't move. Don't speak until you're spoken too. Don't do anything without permission though, ok?"

I walked over to where he had said, helpless to do anything but obey. It was if I wanted to obey him, though I did not. I could only watch helplessly as the naked god sat down in his chair and turned his attention to his computers. Annie settled down at his feet, like a playboy centerfold pretending to be a puppy.

I watched him type my name into some program - Master PC? - and a schematic appeared, no, an image. A 3-d model of me, naked and disturbingly accurate. Where had he gotten that?

"See? From here I can learn all about you. It says here that you may be getting an ulcer. Flat feet? And look, low self esteem! Well, we'll just have to do what we can to help you out. Annie, be a good girl, would you? Go and get the box from under Lou's bed, hmm?" She scurried to obey. She hardly ever spoke, but she seemed awake and aware. Was she drugged?

She came back with my box. I couldn't move or protest, but I wanted to cry. Godlike powers or not, why would Martin violate me this way? We had always been strange friends perhaps, but we had never betrayed each other.

"Why look," he said, opening the box. "She-male porn! Tranny magazines! fancy lingerie! Lou, you're a crossdresser, or transgendered, or whatever the word is nowadays. A boy who'd rather be a girl, right, a girl? And what's this? Bondage mags?" he looked up at me. "Why Lou, I didn't know about these! You're into discipline and pain, are you? A born victim? This is your lucky day indeed, my freaky friend."

He picked up a magazine and looked through it appreciatively, pausing at a picture of a young girl in some sort of shiny bondage, a Lolita wrapped in plastic. "Is this who you want to be, poor Lou, a girl like this?"

It was all much too much for me. I had no idea what to do, and in fact, I couldn't move or do anything. Id like to say I strained against my psychic bonds somehow, but such defiance was beyond me. Perhaps the days events had broken me. Or had Martin simply made me that way with his magic computer program?

It was time to start crying, but that seemed to be a bit more than Martin's orders would allow me to do. Water pooled in the corners of my eyes, each dropped ached to be a tear.

The God Martin turned to Annie as if she was a friend he could confide in, one hand playing with her hair, stroking her face. "Lou hides, you know, hides from the world. He's afraid, afraid to be who he really is. Shall we help him? Shall we?"

"Yes!" Annie said, "Let's help him." She had all the energy and enthusiasm of a pre-teen. They paused for a moment to trade eager, open mouthed kisses.

"Well then. I need a harem. Annie needs a friend. Lou needs to be free. Lets make things better, shall we? Let's make it all right."

He turned his attention to his software, the mysterious Master PC program. As he typed, I could feel myself dissolving into bright light, and around me rose the song of angels, as they fell, doomed and glorious.

5. A Whole New Me

After my dream, Master woke me up, but it felt like being born. Master and Annie looked at me, and I could see that I made them, happy.

I took a deep breath and felt... wonderful.

Master gave me a big smile and touched my face so softly that it made me all weak and wet. "Lou isn't much of a name for you. How about Louise? Luella? Leeloo? Hmm... from now on, your name is Luana." He said it like it was nothing, but I couldn't believe that he would be so kind as to give me a name. I mean, other names didn't matter, I had a name from Master. A real name!

Luana, I mean me, said "Hi Annie!" and she said hi back, and we beamed at each other. As sisters, we loved each other and we shared our love for Master. Somehow, I knew that already, without being told. "You should look in the mirror" said Annie, and so I did. There was a mirror in the hallway.

Was that me? The girl in the mirror was prettier than I was supposed to be. She, well, I, was a tall, slim girl, with generous breasts and a cute bellybutton. My shiny platinum hair was straight and long, my skin was ivory and clear, my eyes green and bright. I was so pretty! It felt right, somehow, as if some great problem had been solved.

And more than that, I was hot. The sight of my long legs and my proud tits in the mirror made me horny. Even I wanted to fuck me. One hand strayed to touch my pussy lips...

"What do you think?" Master asked me.

"I think I'm the prettiest girl I have ever seen." I said, Honestly.

"I think so too. I do. We used your own imagination for source material. You have quite the imagination. Very elaborate. You visualize well. You pretty much just look the way you always imagined you wanted to. I made your breasts bigger though, I like that. But it's a useful talent, visualization, it is. We should have you design all the girls."

"Its much more than I deserve, Master. I should be ugly." After all, hadn't I been an ugly boy that no one liked? Wasn't that the real me?

Master nodded. "That's true, true, you don't deserve to be so beautiful, but it's not for you, is it? No. No it's for me, for my pleasure. And my gift to you is that you get to wear this beauty wear it in my service. So, just do it, ok?"

I nodded, and filled with love and joy, I started to cry. Annie gave me a big hug and said she loved me. She kissed my tears and my cheeks trembled when her lips touched my skin. Her skin was warm and silky against mine. Then, shyly, she kissed my mouth my mouth, and I kissed her back, hungrily, for we had been born to love each other. Her kisses tasted faintly of strawberries.

Martin seemed to like watching us kiss so we kept going. Giggling, we pulled each other onto the bed. We wrestled and kissed and licked each other, knowing that our game pleased Master, and made his cock get bigger.

I loved kissing Annie. Her lips were red and soft, her tongue was warm and wet, and her breasts seemed to be as super sensitive as my own. I felt like I had never kissed another girl before, which was true, somehow. After all, I was reborn. Fresh.

I knew somehow that our whole bodies had been wired as sex organs, and we writhed with pleasure at the feel of sister-skin. Just her hands on my hips sent trembles down my spine. Her tits against mine felt like a whole new kind of virginity tearing away. Holding her made my heart race like an olympic sprinter's.

Annie lowered her lips to my pussy, and I laid back on the bed as she tongued my clit and kissed my pussy lips and I knew that life was perfect. I gripped her lovely red hair and held her mouth to my cunt and she kissed me and tongued me and quickly, very quickly, she made me cum, and it was like waves on the shore getting blasted with cruise missiles until there was nothing left but light and noise. I rocked with thunder, and then echoed. God, I loved her so much!

And then God Himself came to bed with us, and Martin-Master ran his strong hands over my body, touching and squeezing, and I was his, totally his. His touch didn't just make me melt, it made me run and flow and twist. Without a word or warning he eased his huge erection into me. It was too big, or course, but pain and pleasure were all one, and if I had a function in life, it was to serve him, to be fucked by him, to be his loving toy and victim. And if he had chosen that moment to take out a gun and shoot me, well, that would have made me cum just as hard, I loved him so.

I can't tell you how long he fucked me, he had superhuman endurance and so did I, and Annie cheered us on and caressed us, and I came and came and came and came and came, and you have no idea, honestly, no words can describe. My body was lightning in a storm. Time melted away into glory, and then into something beyond, and then I was cuddled up in warm, cum-soaked sheets, falling asleep to the happy sounds of Master fucking Annie, and the way she screamed.

6. Life With Master

The next morning, I woke up tangled in Annie's arms on the floor. We had slept in a sort of pile when master had kicked us off he bed so he would have room to sleep. I kissed her face gently while she woke, and then smelled her hair, and we hugged and smiled and knew that we loved each other. We snuggled and waited for master to wake up. Her hair smelled good, like coming home to warm house on a cold winter's day.

When Master stirred, and we dared approach, we climbed up on the bed gently. Master lay there, his big, beautiful body spread out before us, and his cock already huge and ready. We took turns fellating Master until he came in lucky Annie's mouth, and she kissed me so that I could share master's wonderful cum. I eagerly sucked some of the cum out her her mouth, and then we both swallowed our share happily. The cum was thick and rich, the most wonderful stuff a girl could taste, and it went down warm, like some kind of powerful liquor. It made me feel strong and happy.

Master got out of bed and stretched his muscles, we enjoyed watching them ripple, and announced that we would go out for breakfast. Annie and I scrounged up enough clothing to wear, there were some clothes of hers scattered around the room, and I pulled out some of my old clothing, but it was hard to find things that fit, our bodies had changed so much. Master had the same problem, none of his clothes fit his new body. So it was three terribly attractive people who headed out of the apartment that morning, but we were awkwardly dressed.

We went to Marco's, which was my favorite diner, or had been, back when my opinion mattered. Master ordered us a lot of breakfast and we ate and ate. Apparently, we all had very fast metabolisms now, and so I was famished from all the sex. I could almost feel my various bruises and contusions fading as I wolfed down my omelet, sausages, home fries, pancakes, and orange juice. Breakfast we good, really good. Perhaps some of Master's modifications were also making breakfast taste better? After all, he had my skin so sensitive, my senses so sharp, my sexual responses so powerful. And my body wasn't just sexy, it was young and almost bursting with health.

And I felt so, well, so right with the world. I could not remember ever being so happy. I wasn't just healthy and pretty, I had a Master who I loved and sister and a place in the world. For once in my life, I really belonged.

After breakfast, Master drove us to the mall so that we could buy some new clothes. The mall had always seemed kind of dull to me, but today, it seemed sort of exciting. People really noticed us, too. I was worried that our clothes mad us look bad, but people seemed to enjoy looking at us. It struck me that we were all super sexy, like a trio of movie stars visiting from Hollywood. I also realized that we looked younger than our true ages, Master had turned us all into pretty teenagers.

We started our shopping with some new clothes for Master. We started with some basics; jeans, chinos, shirts and sneakers. Master looked so good, he had the sort of cut male shape that can wear clothes well, and he seemed so healthy and sexy. His hair still tended to be unruly, just like it had always been, but on the new Martin, it looked good. Could I have been more in love with him? It was like waking up one day and discovering that God had come down from heaven to date you. I was always watching him, always ready for his commands, always eager to make him happy. I knew my place, and I loved it completely.

Everyone noticed him. The salesgirl at the Men's Clothes store practically drooled over Master as she helped him with his purchases. She was pretty, with brown skin and glossy black hair. Not pretty like Annie and I, of course. She was pretty like regular people. But she was totally in awe of master, fawned all over him. Annie and I exchanged approving glances, we liked it when girls liked Master.

"Are you going to fuck her, Master?" Annie asked. The salesgirl (her nametag said "Ella") was so startled she dropped her armload of jeans. Master reached out and touched Ella's face, very kindly, and the girl started to quiver with desire, though she also seemed too scared to move. I thought she might just explode.

"Master, she's already under your spell! But you did it differently, somehow, didn't you?"

Master nodded. "I did not use Master PC on her, no, not directly. But I give off pheromones now, strong ones. Sexual. Any girl who gets near me will be under my control soon." And it was true, poor Ella looked almost insane with desire. Annie seemed fascinated, and started to stroke the girl's hair.

Without another word, we pulled Ella into one of the changing rooms. She started to beg master to fuck her, and it all came out sort of incoherently. I held the girl in place and pulled up her skirt while Annie helped undo Master's belt, pull down his new pants, and guide his cock into Ella, who screamed with pain and joy. His cock was too big for her, really, but she didn't exactly have a choice. It was fun holding her, feeling her writhe as Master fucked her. Annie was also enjoying the show. Master should fuck every girl!

The little stall smelled of sweat and sex. Ella groaned and tried to yell but I held one hand over her mouth so as not to attract too much attention. Annie pulled at Ella's shirt so she could suck on the girl's lovely breasts. her tight, hard nipples showed just how aroused Ella was.

Master seemed to like fucking her. He smiled. He didn't work up a sweat though. She was just a normal girl. BUt Ella grew slick with sweat from the exertion of master's love. She was lost in the fucking, tempest tossed.

When he was done, Master pulled out. Ella collapsed in a heap on the floor, sobbing. She was a mess. Her face was wet with sweat and tears, her clothes were all twisted and torn. She still looked hot to me that way.

Annie licked Master's cock clean and I leaned down to scoop some of master's cum out of the limp girl's pussy with my hand. Her cunt was hot and trembling to my touch, all cum, blood, and semen. When I licked my fingers, I could taste Master and Ella mixed together.

Annie licked some of it from my fingertips greedily while master pulled his new clothes back on. He didn't look at Ella again, he just turned around and walked out of the changing area.

I wondered if Ella was going to be OK, but Master didn't seem concerned, so I guessed it didn't matter much. And the pheromone thing seemed very clever. Master was so smart, so powerful! Ella had been graced by his attentions, and I was so lucky to belong to him!

Ella was starting to cry. Was she hurt? Or were the pheromones wearing off? Or perhaps she was just realizing that Master was done with her, and she would never know his love again. I kissed the top of her head and she started to bawl. I shrugged, and licking my fingers clean, ran to follow Master-Martin and Annie.

People looked at us oddly as we walked out of the store, I guess they could hear something after all. Or was it just the way Master radiated power and wonder? Master seemed very happy now, I think the quick conquest of Ella had been made him happy.

It was time to buy clothes for Annie and I. We went to a store for girls and had fun trying things on. It was so wonderful to be able to wear the kinds of clothes I had dreamt about. I was supermodel slim with nice breasts, and I could wear anything! We bought a bunch of clothes and wore some of them out. The salesgirl was stunned by Master's presence, and very cooperative.

And in no time we were walking the mall with our bags and properly dressed, and now people really noticed us. Annie was wearing almost nothing, just skimpy shorts, a baby-T, and sandals. With her skinny hardbody and large, wonderful tits, she was a vision, a sexy teen angel with bright red curls and a smile that was like mortal sin. I wore a short schoolgirl skirt and a clingy blouse and tied my hair into ponytails and it must have looked OK because Master made out with me for a long time in front of the fountain while people watched.

I cant begin to tell you how good he smelled to me, how wonderful his kisses tasted, or what joy I found when I was in his arms. He was arms were muscular, and his embrace was strong and firm, I felt safe when he held me close. He smelled like pure manhood, fresh and sharp. His mouth was greedy, his tongue was probing and insistent. He was more than boyfriend or husband, more than Daddy or Owner. He was my God, my whole Universe.

"I love you Master." I said, when he pulled away from the kiss.

"You're such a stupid cow, Lu." Master said, and I blushed and giggled. He was right, of course.

We bought some make-up and accessories but Master was getting bored with shopping so we just stuck to the basics. We begged for more shopping later, especially sexier clothes, and Master thought that sounded fun. We stopped to buy some groceries on the way home. Master complained that we would max out his credit card soon, with all the wild spending. I knew he didn't have any money. Master had never been good with money. But I wasn't worried. He would take care of everything.

When we got home with our purchases there were messages on the answering machine from my work. They wanted to know where Lou was. Annie and I giggled while Master decided what to do. He made me write down the names of my bosses and of the people in my office. Master said that from now on I was "working from home", and that they would keep sending me checks even if no work got done. He even said I'd get a raise. He was going to control the minds of my bosses, somehow, to make the cooperate.

"The checks should come to you Master, I don't need money."

"Hmm. I should think about that, I'm not sure how to do it. I can make them send us, you know, money, but I want to keep the tax thing under control. Um. We can, well, probably just make the people, the ones at the bank? We can maybe just make them give us millions and then have them take the blame. or something. I dunno. I'll think about it. You guys make us dinner. I'm gonna do some research."

There were lots of obvious ways to make lots of money, but master didn't seem to like it if I made too many suggestions, so I decided to mention them later. He knew what he was doing, after all.

Annie and made dinner. It was fun to spend time with her. Master had that said we were sisters and that we loved each other, and so we did. And we were alike in so many ways. We'd both been modified to be pleasing to Master. I knew that we had both been redesigned in all sorts of ways, but I didn't know the details. But we both belonged to Master. I leaned over and kissed Annie while she chopping onions.

I realized, suddenly, that I wanted to own Annie, or a girl like her. I wondered if master would approve of such desires. But surely I was as he made me? He probably wanted me to desire girls in that way. Annie, it seemed to me, was the sort of girl who liked pain as much as pleasure. The thought made me drip.

Dinner, or was it lunch? - was a late afternoon thing, and then Master fucked us. He fucked me so hard that I could barely walk. He had made himself stronger again, I think. Then he made Annie's breasts even bigger and had anal sex with her several times. Her breasts were so big now that they got in her way, and that made master laugh, so we were happy. While he fucked her I kissed Master all over, and he pulled out of her at the end so he could come all over me. He said I looked good plastered with his cum. And of course, I did. It felt good on my skin somehow, like Master had marked me.

Annie licked his cum off of me, and then I licked it off of her lips. It turned out that Master's cum was like a drug or something, drinking it us made us feel all fuzzy, like champagne. Master told us that his pheromones didn't just turn us on, they contained addictive alkaloids that would make us happy. They were in all his secretions; cum, saliva, urine, and sweat. I loved hearing him talk about how clever he was.

We were all tired afterwards. Master spread out on the bed for a little nap. he said that later we would go out looking for a new girl to add to the harem, which was very exciting.

Annie curled up on the couch, but I was covered with cum, and Master liked us to look good, so I took a shower and redid my hair and makeup, put on some of my new clothes, slender jeans and a tight, very low cut blouse. Seeing myself again in the mirror was an endless joy. I had always known I was supposed to be a girl, and Master had made it true.

We still had to go shopping for sexy clothes, I remembered.

When I was all cleaned up, Master and Annie were still asleep. So I went into my old room and sat down at the computer to surf a little.

I typed "Master PC" into my favorite search engine, and in no time, had found a site called "mcstories" that was filled with stories about the program. I started reading.

7. Master PC Tales

The stories were all porn, the kind Master liked. Not really to my old tastes though. Some of them were very well, even professionally written. The "Master PC" theme seemed to be one of those things that all the writers wanted to try their hands at. Usually, a young middle class white boy got his hands on the magical computer program, and then used it's power to turn the women around him into sex slaves. Often, the sex slaves were actually family. The boys were generally represented as being without morals or any care for other people, and their slaves were simply reprogrammed to obey. Of course, some stories were about turning the tables on the standard themes.

The "Master PC" program itself went mainly unexplained. It gave the user amazing power of people's mind's and bodies, but nothing else, apparently. It could reshape your teen sister like putty, but it had no power over toasters even toast. It reminded me of some science fiction I had read. Hadn't Jack Chalker written some novels along those lines?

There were a lot of recurring themes in the stories. Obedience. Control. Incest. A lot of incest. Did boys really all want to do their sisters? The "Masters" in the stories became like gods, despite their obvious lack of intelligence or virtue. There were some odd racial themes, the girls were always white, usually blonde, or they were exotic and submissive asian girls. The stories seemed to exist in world of limited racial diversity.

The boys always turned their slaves into stupid sex-kittens and bimbos, as if stupidity was sexier than intelligence. Lots of enforced lesbianism, but oddly not much enforced gay male sex. And not many sex-changes like mine, which seemed even odder, since the software seemed perfect for things like that.

Some of the recurring images struck me oddly, like, there was a lot of using the Master PC program to get rid of body hair, which I though told me more about the author's than I wanted to know. Who used godlike power to worry over things like that?

In the stories, mind control was always achieved through multiple means; pheromones, telepathy, hypnosis, and of course, the Master PC program. One kind of mind control was just not enough for any given story.

There wasn't much variety in the way "beauty" appeared in the stories, As the various masters redesigned their slaves, they seemed to look more and more alike, identical, long haired white supermodels, little more than Barbie dolls. Why sleep with so many girls if they're all going to look alike, act alike?

And in almost every story, body parts got bigger. The boys always gave themselves pointlessly big penises, too big to even enjoy using. And their slaves got bigger breasts, to the point of sexy descriptions of girls crippled and immobilized by their giant breasts. I wondered if those scenes were serious, or meant as parodies of each other. Were the writers just competing to be amusing or outrageous?

None of the stories seemed to do much with real themes of dominance and submission. Since the sexslaves were all magically brainwashed, they never really had any chance to submit to their Masters. There wasn't much use of real SM themes in the stories either, which disappointed me.

But mostly, it was obvious that most of the "heroes" of the stories weren't very bright, and were terribly self-centered. The Master PC program was a miracle, for instance, you could obviously use it to cure cancer, or AIDS. It could make anyone young and healthy, banish insanity and depression, and in fact, it could be the end of crime and unhappiness. Imagine wasting the power of godhood on a few adolescent sex fantasies, as if the greatest thing these boys could imagine was to fuck all day!

I was glad that my Master was so wonderful, and not one of those self centered fools. At last, the power of Master PC was in the hands of someone who could do no wrong! It was clearly good news for the world.

And of course, the stories made me desperately horny. Master had designed me to arouse easily, and my reviews aside, there was obviously nothing sexier than being a sex slave, so the stories were fun to read. The ways they reminded me of my own recent experiences were fun. I even amused myself by imagining that I had a Master PC of my own. I could build a harem for Master. The thought was so delicious. I masturbated and imagined finding girls, using Master PC to make them pretty, obedient slaves for Master, a harem of big breasted underage sexcows. He would like that!

Master had never told me that I couldn't go near his master PC software, but he must have made it part of my programming, as soon as I had the thought, I knew I could never touch his computers or his laptop.

I peeked out into the hallway.

He was still asleep.

I started to search the net. I was, after all, not just the world's most beautiful sexslave. I had a few aces of my own.

8. The Games Sex Slaves Play

After napping for an hour or two, Master woke up. He was horny.

We all had sex again. By the time Master was satisfied, it was only 8 PM or so, We went shopping.

This time we went to pricier stores, with fancier wares. Master bought himself boots and a leather jacket that made him look, well, tough. For Annie and I there were short leather skirts and tight little black dresses, boots with stiletto heels, tight blouses and lacy bras and fishnet stockings. I showed Master a specialty store that sold all kinds of fetish gear, and he was happy when we modeled some tight rubber corsets and other goodies.

It was wonderful to go shopping with such a slim, young body. I could pick out anything I liked and wear it. Things didn't just fit, they looked great on me. Master ran up his credit card, but he said he could make all the money he needed off of a girl as pretty as me. "You could be a stripper, or I guess, one of those high price calls girls. You, we, could make a lot of money, a fortune." I blushed, but proudly.

We had a bunch of bundles to carry when we started to head home. Master enjoyed smiling at the pretty girls, and once they had been near him, his pheromones took effect and they responded very positively.

"We should bring one them home," Annie said, knowing that Master would love a third girl. I liked the idea. A new toy would be fun, and I might get to have more fun with Annie that way.

"I haven't seen one I like, not one that's pretty enough" Master said.

"Why does she have to be pretty?" Annie and Mast both looked at me like I was stupid. "No, seriously. Just take anyone. You can make her look like, and act like, whatever you want, right?"

Master shrugged. "Sure, but a guy needs ideas."

Master had always been smart, but I suppose I had always been the more imaginative one, when it came to anything but code. I wondered if we could use Master PC to give him more imagination. Not that I was at all unhappy with Master!

So I showed master an adult store I knew. We bought a bunch of magazines and some DVDs. We took them, and our bags of clothes, home with us. We had beers and nachos and looked at the various porn, rating the different girls and speculating on what kind of girl Master needed next. He seemed especially drawn to pretty asian girls, so we decided we should get him one of those. We fucked and acted out some of the porn scenes until we fell asleep.

I dreamt I was a boy, but in the morning, it was all kind of hard to remember.

The next day, after we made him breakfast, Master went to work. He had been calling in sick, but he wanted to go in and play with his coworkers a little. I thought it was good that he was proud of his muscular new body and his obvious air of authority. He seemed eager to get away from us, actually, and said something about needing some "fresh air and time to himself."

So Annie and I were left alone for a few hours.

"Annie, would you like to play a new game?"

"Sure, Master likes us to be sexy together, and I love you so much."

"You like it when Master is rough, don't you? Id like to be rough with you." Her smile was all the answer I wanted.

"kneel," I said, my voice cracking with growing tension, and she kneeled before me, expectantly.

I found some old clothesline in the kitchen junk drawer and tied her wrists behind her back, and then tied her wrists to her ankles. She squirmed but couldn't get loose.

I leaned down over her and kissed her face, stroked her hair, and let her just settle with the idea of being restrained, and knowing that I was in control. I could smell her fear, somehow, it made my heart race. I let my hands wander over her throat, and under her tight little t-shirt to her breasts. Her skin was so smooth and soft it was like a baby's, and it grew warm as she blushed and became more aroused. I watched goose-bumps blossom across her as let my nails scrape across her skin, somewhere between being too gentle and being too rough.

She made little gasping noises. I could see she was really into it. She arched her back to thrust her tits at me, in a rather tawdry display of her desire. I felt very much in control of her. Just for the moment, this little bitch was all mine! It was a good feeling, it made my pussy throb in time with my heart.

And those breasts! They were almost comical, really, like basketballs stuck to her chest, but she was proud of them, and they were so erotically sensitive. I loved to rake them with my nails.

So I clawed her and pinched her until she was covered with little welts and bruises. She cried out but obviously loved it, Master had wired her to find orgasms everywhere. Or perhaps she had been a masochist to begin with?

I slapped her face, almost gently. She looked up at me with fear and worship in her eyes and I slapped her again, harder. She struggled against the rope and her breathing grew labored. She started to cry, and I found myself smiling, laughing at her.

I slapped her again, this time hard enough to leave a bright red mark across her cheek. She was blubbering like a child, but her nipples were erect, and I could smell her pussy. She was boiling with desire.

She healed so fast that you could watch her skin return to normal right before your eyes. I kissed her and reached down into her hot, wet cunt. My probing fingers found her tight, and in fact, virginal. I hadn't really noticed, but our pussies must have been healing totally, tightening, after each fuck. We were endlessly as tight as virginal nuns. Kewl!

Just touching her pussy made her jump like I'd hit her with a taser. My fingers wandered through her wet folds until I found her clitoris, and she want totally mad, screaming and begging.

It only took a moment to make her cum. Then I jilled her her over and over, it was so easy! I kissed roughly so that I could feel the orgasms shiver through her lips and her tongue. I put my hand on my throat and knew that I wanted her to belong to me, the way I belonged to Master.

I stood up. "OK Annie, my turn."

I stepped over her, and with her bound on her knees, it was easy to jam my pussy into her face. She understood instantly, of course. The feeling of her on her knees, forced to lick me, was almost as nice as the feelings of her tongue playing my sex. I ran my fingers through her soft curly hair and forced her face into my pussy, and she made me cum, and then again, and again. I came hard, like windows breaking, and I let my bladder go for the sheer joy of it, covering Annie with cum and pee. She seemed very happy about it.

When I got my wits about me, I untied Annie and sent her to take a shower.

I went into my room and logged on.

There was no sign of the real master PC software. Well, it couldn't be too easy to find. or everyone would have it. I could have taken a copy off of Master's machine, if I was allowed near it, but I knew I couldn't touch that keyboard.

Oh, I thought, just the keyboard?

Annie was in the shower, so I gingerly stepped into Master's room. Sure enough, I couldn't touch the keyboard, and even looking at his screens too closely made me a tad nauseous. But the rest of the room; the dresser, the bookshelf, and of course the bed, those were no problem.

And Master kept his backup CD-ROMs on the bookshelf. It only took a moment to find one labeled "Master PC."

Of course, I couldn't just take the CD and run it on my computer. Master had a PC with windows, and I had a Mac with OSX. That might be one reason he wasn't more careful about limiting me access to the bookshelf. Or perhaps it just didn't occur to him. Either way, it didn't matter, I was just going to surprise him, after all, I wasn't doing anything that he wouldn't like!

It struck me that making him happy was obviously a lot more important to me than obeying him. Had he set my priorities that way on purpose?

I took the backup disk to my room and looked at it on my computer. Sure enough, there were some sundry read-me files (the kind you always ignore) and one of them had an ftp address.

In a few minutes, I had access to a secret stash of Master PC software hidden in some weird nook or cranny of the internet. It made me wonder how Master had found it. Just how many people had this software, anyway? It had to be a pretty small number, or we'd all have noticed by now.

I wondered suddenly how many of the stories on "mcstories.com" had been true after all. Given the way some of the stories turned out, it was an unsettling thought.

it only took a few minutes to download what I wanted.

The latest thing.

Master PC for OSX.

9. The Next Big Thing

As I installed the software, it became obvious from the various doc files that the master PC story was a complicated one. There had obviously been an original version, but since then, it had been tinkered with, and now there seemed to be several versions and clones and retrofits. When master had found his copy, he had probably been so excited that he stopped looking, eager to get started up.

There was no clue where it had originally come from, or how its essential magic worked.

My OSX version was obviously a recent, advanced version of the program.

When it was installed, my screen filled up with a shiny new interface. I tried to register it under the name "Louis Carson" but when that didn't work, I just entered "Luana", which it accepted. I was happy enough with that, Luana really was my name now, I gave myself a password, set myself up as the Root Master (or whatever it was) and hit "enter." I almost thought I felt something shift just then, like a change in the wind.

I was suddenly tempted to step away from the keyboard. My life had been so normal just a day or so ago, and now things seemed to just keep getting more and more alien. Perhaps I'd be better off just running and not looking back?

But I had come this far, and I could not imagine going back. I looked around my old room, it was just the way it had always been, unchanged my Master PC and Martin. The futon. The old chair. The empty glass. It was an empty, sterile place. It had no magic. I turned back to my screen, and the new world I lived in. The one filled with sex and magic.

Once initialized, the Master PC software offered a choice of interface options, including command line, graphical, holographic, and neuron-interface. Hadn't there been something about an advanced, holographic interface in one of the stories I had read?

I selected "holographic" and the machine hummed and thought about it for a moment.

Then a ghostly form appeared, right on my desk, next to the keyboard, a little transparent man with all the detail of a cartoon. It looked like the shadow of a stick figure, a phantom marionette.

"Holographic Interface initialized" a tiny, flat voice said. "Ready."

"Um, that's hardly appealing. Could you look like something a bit nicer? Tinkerbelle would be about right for your size."

"Avatar selected" the voice whispered. A moment later, the shadowy puppet resolved itself as Tinkerbelle, or a version of Tinkerbelle. She was a small, pointy eared beauty, naked, with green hair and fairy wings, she glittered. She was about the size of my hand.

"That's an odd version of Tinkerbelle," I said.

"This is the closest thing I have stored," she said. "You can edit it." Her voice was high pitched, like a cartoon character's voice should be, I guess, but it was but pleasant and loud enough to hear. She seemed to have adopted some personality to go with the appearance and voice.

I looked at her more closely. Her glittery body was still transparent, but it wasn't quite... realistic. She really was more like a little cartoon character than a little person.

She said "Ready" and I remembered that the Master PC program's avatar was just a distraction.

"Does your avatar mean that I can control the Master PC program verbally?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Good, I shall call you Ms PC. I want you to do a bunch of things for me. We're going to make my master very happy. And you shouldn't call me Ma'am, I'm just a sexslave." but as soon as I said those words, I knew something had changed. I still wanted to make Martin, my Master, happy. Didn't I? I was still a happy sexslave, wasn't I?

Wasn't I?

"Ms PC, what's happened? Have I changed somehow?"

"Yes Ma'am. When you initialized your own copy of the new Master PC for OSX, you overrode your previous behavioral programming. You can, of course, reinstate it whenever you want."

The conditioning had been so powerful that I almost did it, just like that. But then I realized that I was back in control of my life again.

"No, Ms PC, I'll stay in control of my own mind, I think. It was a mistake of Martin's to make pleasing him more important than obeying, it allowed me to a big loophole.

"Yes Ma'am" the little fairy said. I could tell if she was actually agreeing or just responding automatically. It was not at all clear how smart Master PC was, yet. But surely it had to be very smart to do what it did?

"Ms PC, I want to be immune to all future mind control. I want to be immune to hypnotic suggestion, telepathic mesmerism, narco-conditioning, sex pheromones, and anything else you know about. And especially, I want to be immune to mind control from other copies of Master PC."

"Finished." Just like that? I wondered how good the protection was. I suspected I'd be immune until someone wrote a newer, better upgrade to master PC. Or was there already one out there?

And what about my body? Was it time to change back into Lou?

I looked in my mirror. The thought of having a male body again was not a happy one. hadn't I dreamt of this all my life?

Hadn't I been loving it? Still, Martin and I did not agree on everything.

"Mistress PC, I would like to make some changes to my body."

"Yes Ma'am."

10. Luana 2.0

When I emerged from the bedroom, I was a new girl. Sort of.

Martin has made a lot of changes, it turned out. Though not creative, Martin had read a lot of Master PC stories. As Luana, I wasn't just a well endowed blonde babe. He had put me in a body that was more or less a 17 year old's, with a surprising lack of natural body hair, a supernaturally fast metabolism, and a biologically enhanced capacity for sexual pleasure and orgasms. I was tempted to wipe these changes out, but they weren't so bad. It was fun to be one of the horniest women on the planet, wasn't it?

So I kept my body, but I got a little bit taller, thinner, and I made my breasts a bit smaller, and made a few other changes here and there. A bit less slutty pornstar, a bit more number one world-class supermodel, thank you very much. Martin was always rather vulgar.

Ms PC flew along beside me on fairy wings while I went into Martin's room and looked at his computer. I could approach it freely now, but I couldn't get past the passwords on his Master PC program, but there was a post-it on the monitor with a bunch of names on it. I recognized the names of just about everyone who worked at the office with him.

I struck me, suddenly, that he was having a very busy day at work. What, exactly, was he doing there?

I didn't bother shutting his computer down, I just pulled all the plugs. I didn't think that would slow him down much, by now, he'd have Master PC running on his machine at work. Or his laptop.

I was going to have to start thinking ahead.

"Who are you talking to?" Annie asked, startling me for a moment.

I had forgotten her. She had been busy primping in the bathroom after her shower. Martin had programmed us to be very careful with our appearance, I think.

Annie probably noticed the changes in my appearance, or perhaps it was Ms PC that had her look so confused. "Ms PC," I said, "I want you to free Annie from any and all programming that she's received in the last few days. Her mind and emotions should be returned to normal."

"Yes Ma'am."

Suddenly, Annie made a little sound. She looked up at me, as if she'd been hit by lightning. "What just happened?" she asked, sounding scared. I didn't know what to say.

She looked a bit shaky, and then she started to hyperventilate, and tears appeared in her eyes, I got up and grabbed her, hugged her. She was having trouble handling the cascade of feelings.

"That bastard!" she sobbed, crying on my breast. "The things he made us do!"

"I know Hon, I know. He's an evil person. He was never supposed to be anyone's god."

We sat on the bed and I dried her tears. I got her some water, and a bathrobe. she suddenly felt a but underdressed, I think. She folded her arms to cradle her breasts, as if they now seemed bloated and misshapen.

"Still," she said, after she'd stopped crying, "I cant say I hated it. I loved every minute of it. It was kind of wonderful. being so, so pure. And I really loved him. And you." She looked at me, a bit confused. "Lu, I think I still love you both."

"Well, he probably did a lot of programming that I haven't found yet. And there's all kinds of pheromones and other chemicals in your system. Give it time." I held her and stroked her hair, gently. She'd been through a lot.

"I don't want to be a his puppet, Lu, but I don't know if I want to give this up, either. It's like heroin. The highs. the orgasms. The joy. I mean, I've never really felt like I belonged, it really was like finding God, even if he is a louse. I've never been as happy as I have for the last few days. Have you?"

Her question was like turning on a bright light in a dark room. Things got clearer, suddenly.

I put my hand gently on her throat, and then kissed her on the lips. She trembled, though she was so tired and confused that it could have meant anything. But I didn't move my hand from her throat, and she didn't ask me to. "A girl like you should belong to someone" I said. My voice sounded thick and hoarse to my ears.

She bit her lip, as if thinking, and then nodded slowly.

"But what about Martin?" she asked, after a moment. "What will he do to us?"

"A good question. Ms PC, can we program Martin?"

She seemed to think about it for a moment. "No, Martin is immune to direct programming."

Of course, my first impulse had been to make myself immune to mind control, and perhaps Martin and I weren't so different. And he was way ahead of me. Did he have any way of knowing that I was free of his power?

"Ms PC, can you follow me wherever I go? What's your range?"

"The Master PC program range is 100 miles." the little fairy answered. She had just sort of been hovering about the room like a hummingbird, but never getting to far from me. "Within that range, I can follow you and function fully."

"Good. Annie, do you trust me?"

She looked at me with her big brown eyes, her mascara smudged with tears, and then she nodded again.

"Then let's get dressed. We've got things to do."

11. Who is The Master?

It was a quiet afternoon on the subway, people quietly riding to and from their jobs and their homes. And then, suddenly, two girls step on and take their seats and everyone stops to look.

You see pretty girls on the train every day, if you're looking for them, but some girls stand out more than others. These were two starlet refugees slumming on the wrong side of town. A dazzling redhead with pornstar breasts and a tall, willowy blonde with a face that could launch fleets worth of ships. They had been poured into tight jeans and stylish boots and skimpy shirts and they looked both sassy, worldly, and perhaps, dangerously underage.

They looked like the world was theirs.

Well, not quite yet.

I had taken some precautions. For instance, I had gone to Mr Monaghans apartment upstairs and loaded a copy of my Master PC software onto his machine and asked him to keep it running, day and night. If Martin did anything to my computer, Ms PC would stick with me.

Mr Monaghan was a bit confused when the two sexy young girls had knocked on his door and asked for such an odd favor, but he could not resist our charms, and I had programmed him to obey me anyway.

I had ordered Ms PC to become invisible, but I could still see her, a glimmering subliminal fairy floating at my side, the perfect invisible friend.

I had made Annie immune to mind control, of course, so that Martin could not regain control of her as easily as I had taken it. I had also reduced the size of her breasts some, so she was back to having large breasts, but not unbelievable or silly ones or awkward ones.

We actually had forgotten to bring any money with us, but it was no problem. The Subway attendant would have let the two gorgeous girls through the turnstiles for free, even if we hadn't been giving off sexual pheromone perfume, even if Ms PC wasn't there to control his mind.

It was fun to be out with Annie. We laughed and giggled, and it struck me that I wasn't just prettier than Lou had been, I was a different person somehow, less gloomy. Was it because my personality was now housed in a young woman's brain, and reacting differently to things? Or was it just that my eyes had been opened to the world's possibilities? I was certainly free from my rut.

Annie seemed happy as well. She treated me like I was her new Goddess, and that was pleasing. She really was pretty, with her full mouth and sparkling eyes, her scarlet hair and her amazing form. Real happiness made her beauty stronger, somehow. Brighter.

It struck me that some of our behaviors might still strongly influenced by some part of Martin's programming, but at least we were having a good time.

We got off the subway downtown and walked the rest of the way. People noticed us as we walked by, and we loved it. We saw a pretty girl or two, and a handsome boy, who tempted us. Surely, Annie asked, we could stop for a little fun along the way?

But that was just our enhanced sex-drives talking, and we had stuff to do. I tried to ignore the burning sensations that told me I was permanently in heat and gave Annie a stern look that made her obey quickly. She really was mine, after all.

The building Martin worked in was just another office building, like a million others. We rode the elevator to one floor below our destination and then took the stairs. I wasn't sure if Martin knew we were coming, and I didn't want him to have time to react. I had been to his company's office a few times, and I knew my way around.

We went in a back door. It was locked, but Annie and I had boosted strength. If Buffy and Xena want to come in your back door, they can. The lock broke with just a little pushing. We didn't even make a lot of noise.

The back door led into a storeroom, and from there we snuck into the offices, which seemed oddly deserted. Where was everyone?

"Ms PC, is there anyone in the office at all?"

"Yes. There are eleven people in the large meeting room."

"Is Martin with them?"


"That sounds kind of ominous. What's he doing with them all in there?"

Annie Shrugged. "It might just be a meeting."

I hoped she was right.

We snuck over to Martin's cubicle first. There was a copy of Master PC on his workstation, but it wasn't running. I pulled the plugs, just in case.

It struck me suddenly that I should have put my Master PC backup somewhere other than Mr Monaghan's apartment. What if Martin took out the power for the whole building, somehow? We'd be in a lot of trouble without Ms PC. I wondered if I was really up to this sort of game.

But then we found the meeting room. I took a deep breath and just walked in.

Martin had been busy.

He was sitting in the big chair at the head of the table, watching the owner of the company, Mr. Torres, violate his own daughter.

Mr Torres had a blank eyed expression, with his suit pants about his feet. I was able to recognize his daughter, who worked for him as a secretary, but she was grossly altered. She had been turned into some kind of human cow with breasts the size of beach balls. She was bent over the table, leaning on her breasts like big pillows, squirming and making inhuman noises as she struggled desperately to impale herself on her father's sex.

The rest of the company were sitting around the table, watching the horrorshow. They appeared awake and aware but frozen in place, unable to move. They were terrified. Martin had been here for hours. I did not want to speculate about what other games he might have played.

Martin seemed startled to see us, but we didn't hesitate. We had a plan. And there was his IBM laptop on the table in front of him. That was all we needed to see.

Annie and I moved like lightning. Before he could even put a sentence together, I jumped up on to the table and ran the length of it, barreling down on Martin while I screamed like a banshee. My scream was meant to startle him, like a kiai in martial arts, and I think it worked. He pushed back from the table. I jumped on top of him and we grappled. We were both gifted with superhuman strength, it seemed. I think he was stronger than me. I think I was faster.

In fact, I think I underestimated Martin in combat. After we traded a few blows that would have splintered boards, he managed to get his hands on my throat and I could not dislodge him. He pushed me up against the wall and started to strangle me. I tried to kick him off me but I could not. His bog brawny form massed a lot more than my slim body.

Martin, I think, had done the better of job of altering himself for fighting. He hadn't just boosted his physical abilities, like I had, it seemed like he had also adjusted himself emotionally. Had he made himself a killer at heart? Given himself some ferocious instinct? The way he had turned the Meeting room into a torture chamber seemed to confirm the idea.

When I realized I couldn't breathe anymore, and I could feel Martin's hot breath on my face, and look up into his crazed, angry eyes, just inches away, I started to question my plan.

That's when I spat in his eye.

He howled at me and pressed harder, but after a painful, breathless moment, his grip on my throat loosened, and as he staggered back, I slid to the floor, coughing and trying to get air into my lungs again. Martin just stood there, looking dazed.

My saliva was rich in hypnotic peptides and brainwash RNA, and Martin was suddenly no longer immune. While he and I had played at Battle Royale, Annie and Ms PC had been at his laptop, where of course he had an active copy of Master PC running, his password already entered. Once they had cancelled his immunities from there, it was all over.

Within a few minutes, Ms PC had reprogrammed Martin completely. Standard stuff; he loved me, feared me, would obey me with every fiber of his being. And his intelligence was now low. By the time I had gotten up from the floor, Martin was already my plaything.

Annie gave me a big hug and kiss, and Martin, our once and former God, watched us with a confused expression, like a timid puppy.

I liked the feel of Annie in my arms, and the whole situation, Martin's enslavement, the battle, the weird torture of the cow-girl, it was all making me terribly horny.

I looked up at Mr. Torres, who was still fucking his poor cow daughter. He was like a robot, enthusiastically thrusting into her, and she was, well, she was something out of a very twisted sex fantasy, girl as slut as animal. Just watching them made my pussy throb like a runner's heart.

What did it mean that this horrible torture turned me on so? That I was a creature of twisted desires? That I longed to control and reshape the people around me? I was no better than Martin after all.

But Annie was warm and real and smelled like she was mine, I kissed her again, and I knew that I could live with it.

12. The Mistress of Master PC

We put Martin's coworkers back to normal and wiped their memory. Ms PC said the memory-wipe would be pretty effective, but they might have bad dreams. Me too. I hoped they would be OK.

We took Martin home. We sat in the living room and attacked the last of the beer and nachos. We took a few minutes to relax. I had never been in a super-powered battle before. But my bruises healed fast and after I felt my wits coming back to me, we talked about what to do next.

"Annie," I said, "You were right. I can't go back to my old life. I'm Luana now, and I love it. I love being beautiful and I love being powerful. I want to explore what it means to me, and I want to find out more about this Master PC program, and what it can do. I want to see if I can do some good with it, and have some fun along the way.

"Look, I love you, in my own way, and you love me. But only because we were told to, and because it was too fun to stop. Do we really have anything in common?"

"Lu, we have a lot in common now, Please let me stay. let me help you. And there's something else..."


"Well, I kind of liked being, well, taken over. You could take me, you know, if you wanted."

"Annie, do you know anything about BDSM?"

"You mean, like leather and whips? Not really."

"Well, I do. Martin thought that I was ashamed to be a boy who was really a little submissive girl inside, but he had me wrong. Really, I was afraid to be in control of things. All my life I've been afraid of, well, of shining too brightly. Of hurting people. Taking risks. I guess Martin unlocked me in all kinds of ways."

"Yes, I guess he did."

"In the leather subculture, people become slaves to their masters if they choose to. Its all about making a choice, and having a choice to make. Martin took choices away from people, away from us. And for that crime I am going to punish him. But you, you're free to do what you want."

She nodded, getting the idea. "So if I want you to program me?"

"You can even write the programming yourself," and she blushed, and I kissed her, and I knew she was going to be really mine.

"Reprogram me however you want. I trust you. And I need it. I'm all yours, Lu."

I called Ms PC over and started to describe the programming I wanted for Annie. I think she enjoyed listening. And then Ms PC made it so.

From then on, Annie called me Mistress Luana.

Later, I decided it was time to do something about Martin. He was weirding us out, the god-turned-puppy. And he did need some kind of punishment. I decided a more creative solution was in order. So we turned him into a girl. We recalled discovering his interest in asian girls, so Annie and I sat down with Ms PC and changed him to look like a girl of mixed asian heritage, about 16 years old.

We called her Mara. She was lovely, with shining black hair and honey-brown skin, and a sweet, playful personality. She didn't remember much of her life as Martin, and she was warm and loving. Like Martin, she was smart, and she tended to talk a bit jumpy, like the words were stored inside her under pressure, eager to come out... but on her, it was a lot cuter.

And of course, her sexy body was designed to my specifications. I made her endlessly horny, ultra-orgasmic, terribly kinky, and totally obedient. We called her Mara, and she was mine; body, mind, and soul.

Annie and I admired Mara for awhile, and kissed her slender limbs and her cute little breasts and her lovely lips. We played with her, and taught her a few early lessons in submission and pain. She learned fast.

And then it was time for them to make me dinner.

We woke up the next morning, the three of us in my bed, all sort of tangled together. They made breakfast and we showered and got dressed, and there was a lot of touching and kissing and giggling, we were all in love, after all, and designed to be happy, enthusiastic, and together.

I took them shopping. Mara needed clothes, and when we had dressed her up all chic and sexy I took my girls to the fetish clothes store and I bought them both beautiful collars, black leather with a shining silver O-ring in front.

As soon as I bought them, Annie and Mara knelt before me, right there at the checkout line, and I put the collars on them. They kissed my hands and cried, and I allowed them to rise and gave them hugs and kisses.

Everyone else in the store just stared at us.

When we stepped out of the store and onto the sidewalk, I caught a glimpse of our reflection in a store window. We were three breathtaking beautiful girls. One dark, slim, and raven haired, one busty redhead, one ice princess blonde. We were like three teen heiresses ready to inherit the world. Ms PC fluttered, almost invisibly, over my shoulder, reminding me that we weren't just special, we were Superpowered.

There were things to do. I wanted to grant some healing and amnesia to Martin's other victims, like the salesgirl, Ella. I wanted to clean up any trail of clues Martin had left that could lead back to us. There must be other people out there playing with Master PC. Were they playing games like Martin's? It seemed like something we needed to learn a lot more about.

And so we headed off to face the day beneath a deep blue sky. There was work to do, but we knew who we were, and and we had the keys to the kingdom. We were ready for anything.

Isn't technology amazing?