Master PC: Melissa's Revenge

By Morpheus

Melissa Strom walked quickly across the campus pathway, glancing nervously around her and clutching her school books tightly in her arms. She had just finished her last class of the day and was eager to return to her dorm room, though not so eager as to loose track of her surroundings. The best way to avoid trouble, she believed, was to see it coming.

Just then, Melissa passed a pair of boys on the pathway and gave them a shy smile. However, neither of them spared her a glance, much to her disappointment. That wasn't too unexpected though as Melissa was rarely given much notice from the boys, not with all of the gorgeous girls that were around campus.

She stood only 5 foot 3, with a somewhat slender frame, looking more like a 13 year old girl rather than the 18 year old college student that she was. Her brunette hair was cut above her shoulders in almost a bob, adding to her young appearance, and a pair of round glasses adorned her impish face.

With a sigh, Melissa looked down at the ground and continued on her way, wishing that college had been different than high school. Unfortunately though, it was still the same. All of the boys either ignored her or treated her like a kid sister while chasing after the more developed girls...or those who were willing to put out without much effort.

"I guess nice girls finish last too," Melissa sighed.

A minute later, Melissa saw another boy coming towards her, one whom she recognized from one of her classes. His name was Doug Thomas, a somewhat cute but shy boy who rarely talked to anyone. However, he did seem sort of nice.

Suddenly deciding to take a risk, Melissa smiled at Doug, "Um...hi. I'm Melissa. We have History together..." She blushed badly in embarrassment.

Doug just blinked at her, blushing himself, "Oh yeah."

Melissa took a deep breath, "I was wondering..."

But before Melissa could finish what she was saying, Doug blurted out, "I've got to get going." With that, he hurried away, not quite running.

For a moment, Melissa just stood there with a sinking feeling. Then she suddenly heard laughter from behind her. Laughter that sounded far too familiar. She snapped around, groaning at the sight of two gorgeous girls...Kelly and Sabrina.

Kelly and Sabrina were almost the exact opposite of Melissa, being tall, gorgeous and very popular. All facts that they took great delight in rubbing in.

"Oh God," Kelly laughed, "she can't even get a loser nerd to date her." With that, she ran a hand through her long red hair, then grinned at her blonde friend.

"That is like, totally funny," Sabrina giggled.

"But what do you expect," Kelly continued with a cruel sneer towards Melissa, "From a flat chested loser like her."

Melissa winced from the hurtful comments, suspecting that worse was to come. She'd been tormented by Kelly and Sabrina too many times to expect otherwise. Then she quickly tried to leave, deciding that it would be a good idea to get away before things got worse.

However, Kelly, who was 5 foot 9 and nearly towered over Melissa stepped in front of her, a wicked grin on her face. "Think you're going somewhere pip-squeak?"

Sabrina just giggled, "You really should go back to junior high where you belong little girl."

"I guess we'll just have to show her the way," Kelly suggested.

Suddenly Sabrina lashed out, knocking the books out of Melissa's hands. "Go back to where you belong," she sneered. "You obviously aren't grown enough to be in college."

"Get lost," Kelly growled, shoving Melissa and knocking her to the ground.

Melissa just scrambled back to her feet and ran, her ears aching from the laughter behind her. Tears streamed down her cheeks nearly as fast as she ran towards the safety of her dorm room.

Several hours later, Melissa was in her dorm room, surfing on her computer and trying not to think about Kelly and Sabrina's latest attack on her self-confidence. It wasn't easy though as every time, their humiliations seemed to grow stronger. She didn't know how much longer she'd be able to take it.

"Why me?" Melissa muttered, "What did I ever do to them?" However, she already knew that some people didn't need a reason.

Just then, a new E-mail appeared in Melissa's box, though she didn't recognize the return address. Though she was briefly tempted to just delete it as junk mail, she decided that she had better look at it just in case it was something important. There was even an attachment called MasterPC.

After scanning the attachment, Melissa opened it. Suddenly it started downloading into her computer while Melissa watched nervously, hoping that it wasn't some sort of new virus. As soon as it had finished downloading, the computer blanked out for a moment then opened up into a black screen.

"The Master allows you to become a virtual god to the people around you," Melissa read off the screen, among with a few other things of the same sort.

Then, it displayed a field labeled, 'select subject'. Melissa stared at it for a moment, feeling a little curious before finally entering 'Danielle Hawking', her roommate's name.

To Melissa's surprise, there was suddenly a picture of Danielle on the screen, including the clothes that she'd been wearing that morning. However, the picture of Danielle showed her wearing a jacket that Melissa had never seen. Beside the rotating picture, there were a number of statistics about Danielle that looked accurate.

"Wow," Melissa let out a whistle, "That's interesting."

Melissa was interested in spite of herself. She knew that it was obviously some sort of prank, but how could they know she'd enter Danielle's name? That didn't really make any sense. And as she thought about it, the idea of anyone going through that much effort of creating a program just to play a prank on her made even less sense.

"OK," Melissa mused, staring at the statistics curiously. It showed Danielle as 5 foot 6, with her normal short brown hair and average build. It even had a large blank space labeled 'enter commands'. "Well," she muttered, "It did say that this thing would make me a god to those around me..."

Then Melissa chuckled at the ridiculousness of it, deciding that she might as well try it out anyway. After a moment, Melissa went into the 'enter commands' section and typed, "Hair will grow 6 inches," then pressed 'enter'.

Once she had done this, Melissa glanced at the clock and frowned, realizing how late it was getting. If she didn't hurry, she might not be able to make it to the cafeteria before it closed. With that, she quickly shut down her computer and rushed out the door, determined not to miss dinner again.

Melissa strolled back towards her dorm room, having just finished eating dinner and still being relieved that she'd made it in time. However, her thoughts were more on the strange program that someone had sent her earlier.

After thinking it over, Melissa realized that whomever had sent the program...or at least created it, had probably put in pictures and information about a lot of people that she knew, figuring that she'd use one of their names. Of course, that still left the question of who would go through that kind of effort...and why.

Just as Melissa was walking past a building, she suddenly heard voices coming from around the corner. Familiar voices. Her heart threatened to jump into her throat as she recognized Kelly and Sabrina, talking with some other girl.

"And she was like, a total freak..." Sabrina was saying.

Melissa gulped and slowly peaked around the corner, relieved when the girls didn't seem to be coming her way. They were just standing there talking. And just as she was about to turn and sneak away, they continued.

"Yeah," Kelly laughed, "that little twit got turned down by some geek..." That sent another cill down Melissa's spine as she realized that they were talking about her.

"I've never seen her with a guy before," Sabrina went on with another giggle. "Maybe she's really a lezzie."

Kelly gasped out, "That is SO disgusting." She continued a moment later with, "What kind of a freak would do it with another girl?"

Sabrina giggled at that, then exclaimed, "We should teach her a lesson."

After a few seconds of silence, Melissa was beginning to feel very uncomfortable with what she was hearing, but too afraid of what she might miss if she hurried away.

Finally, Kelly announced, "I have an idea. We'll pretend to make friends with her, then get her really drunk and...," she laughed at that, "take some pictures of her sleeping with some fat ugly girl and pass them around school."

"That is like," Sabrina gasped, "totally wicked. I love it."

The third girl exclaimed, "Wow, that is nasty."

Melissa took a deep breath, gulping nervously. She knew that they were unpleasant...but to do something like THAT to her. The very thought made Melissa angry, especially since she suspected that she might even have fallen for it if they'd worked it right.

Then, without another glance, Melissa hurried away, deciding to take another route back to her dorm room. She'd had more than enough of those two as it was and didn't even want to hear their voices anymore.

When Melissa finally returned to her dorm room, she let out a sigh of relief, carefully locking the door behind her. She closed her eyes for a moment, hearing what Kelly and Sabrina had planned for her again.

"Melissa!," Danielle's voice suddenly called out, snapping Melissa out of it.

"Yeah," Melissa answered, then froze as she caught sight of her room mate. "'re hair..." Danielle's hair was the same shade of brown as always, but noticeably about six inches.

Danielle grabbed at her hair, blurting out, "I don't know what the hell happened. One minute I was talking to Jamie...and the next thing I know, my hair suddenly got longer." She snapped her fingers, "Like that."

For a moment, all Melissa was able to do was stare at Danielle in surprise...and suspicion, wondering if she was in on the prank. However, her hair certainly looked real.

"Is it real?" Melissa asked skeptically, however after Danielle invited her to pull it a little, Melissa was convinced. The hair was indeed real.

"Oh yeah," Danielle added, almost as an afterthought, "I got a new jacket too." She gestured to the jacket which was hanging over a chair...the same jacket that Melissa had seen on the computer screen earlier.

Melissa was amazed as she stared at Danielle, realizing that as impossible as it seemed, that program actually seemed to be real. Either that, or the most elaborate prank ever played. There was no way that hair could grow six inches like that so suddenly. At least no realistic way.

After a few more minutes, Danielle exclaimed, "I've GOT to go show Ashley." She tugged on her hair again, "I mean, this is SO weird." With that, she nearly ran out of the room, leaving Melissa there by herself.

"This can't be..." Melissa started, adjusting her glasses and staring at the jacket on the chair. She even had to touch it to verify that it was real.

Once she had regained her composure, Melissa stared at the computer, a burning curiosity beginning to form. It only took a minute for her to open the strange program and enter a new subject's name. This time, it was her own.

Melissa stared at the rotating picture of herself, even having the clothes that she was currently wearing. On an impulse, she went and changed her shirt, only to see that the image on the screen had adjusted to her new clothes. There was little doubt in her mind about it still being a joke.

With that, she pulled off her glasses and rubbed at her eyes, silently wishing that her eyes weren't so sensitive to contacts. Then a slight...almost embarrassed smile started to form. She glanced at the program nervously for a moment before typing the command, 'you have 20/20 vision', then pressing enter.

"Oh my God!" Melissa gasped as everything suddenly came clear. She blinked and looked around her room, seeing everything in sharp detail...without her glasses. " worked."

However, as soon as Melissa noticed Danielle's camera sitting on her dresser, the smile faded. She stared at the camera, gulping as she remembered what Kelly and Sabrina had planned to do to her. Those plans were kind of useless now, but that didn't make Melissa feel too much better.

As she thought about it, Melissa started to get angry. Sabrina and Kelly had targeted her for no particular reason, taunting and humiliating her every chance they could. And it only got worse each time, their latest plans proving that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

"No more," Melissa whispered, taking a deep breath. "I can't live like that anymore."

With that, the months of frustration and abuse finally found a release. Revenge. Melissa frowned, not liking the idea of it. She'd never believed in revenge, remembering that her mom had always told her about two wrongs not making a right. However, she knew that she had to do something.

A moment later, Melissa had brought up Kelly's profile and stared at it silently. She remembered Kelly's joking comments about lesbians, then smiled weakly.

"You are a lesbian and are attracted to Sabrina," Melissa typed in. Then she quick added, "You will do whatever Melissa tells you to."

As soon as Melissa hit enter, she felt guilty, realizing that it was wrong to mess with Kelly that way. "Just for a day or two," Melissa told herself weakly, hoping that they'd learn their lesson's by then. And even though her conscience was still bothering her, Melissa entered similar commands to Sabrina, making her attracted to Kelly.

Once she was finished, Melissa leaned back in her chair, feeling horrible for what she'd just done to the two of them. However, memory of their torments and what they'd had planned kept it bay a little. After all, it would only be for a couple days. Just long enough for them to learn what it's like to be really embarrassed.

With that, Melissa went to the 'set password' option on the tool bar and entered one as a precaution. She didn't think anyone would find the program on her computer, especially since Danielle had her own, but she thought that it would be better to be safe anyway.

After that was finished, Melissa turned off the computer and turned to her homework. It wasn't easy with thoughts about what had happened...and her own conscience bothering her, but she did her best to focus on it anyway. There were still classes to study for if she wanted to graduate.

Kelly was standing in front of the bathroom mirror in her dorm room, smiling at the sexy young woman that was reflected back. She was an incredible hottie and not only knew it, but was determined to make sure that everyone else did as well. With that, she winked at her reflection and finished the touch ups to her hair in preparation for her date.

"To die for," Kelly laughed, "Poor Mark doesn't stand a chance."

She smiled again, hoping that Mark was worth the effort of stealing him away from Sandra. Sure, he was a hot stud, but his real value wouldn't be known until she got him in the sack a little later on.

Then Kelly frowned slightly, not sure exactly why, but not feeling quite as excited about Mark coming over as she had been just a little while earlier. Still, she'd gone through too much effort both getting him and getting ready to even consider backing out. At least not without a hotter looking guy as a replacement.

However, as Kelly thought about Mark, for some reason, Sabrina drifted into her fantasies. Sabrina with her big tits and her long blonde hair that every guy loved. Kelly could easily see what they liked about her, though she knew that she was even hotter.

After a few minutes though, Kelly snapped out of her daze, startled to realize that Sabrina had actually replaced Mark in her fantasy. She frowned, thinking about Mark again, but just not getting as excited as she'd been with Sabrina.

"That is so gross," Kelly muttered, wondering what was wrong with her.

Just then, she heard a loud knocking from her door. Kelly started to hurry, then forced herself to slow down and make smaller sexy steps, deciding to let Mark wait a few minutes. It would be good for his libido. She smiled at that, realizing that he was early, which meant that he was obviously VERY eager. Just the way she wanted her men.

"Hello..." Kelly purred as she opened the door, pausing in surprise when she saw Sabrina standing there, decked out just as much as she was.

"Can I come in?" Sabrina asked nervously, coming in before Kelly could come up with an answer. There was an odd expression on her face as she stared at Kelly. One that she'd seen on men's faces too many times to count.

For a moment, Kelly just stared at her friend, her eyes locked on Sabrina's generous breasts. She couldn't help thinking about how hot Sabrina looked, beginning to get turned on. Those thoughts left a strange chill down her spine, especially when she knew how disgusting that was. Kelly wasn't like that...she knew she wasn't.

Feeling confused, Kelly tried to shake it off, "I thought you were on a date with whatshisface."

Sabrina blushed, "Darek. Yeah, I was..." She gulped, staring at Kelly again. "We were like, in the middle of making out but...but..." Then she looked down in embarrassment. "All of a sudden, I like...started thinking of you. Of having sex with you."

Kelly stared at Sabrina in shock. Her friend's confession of being a lesbian catching her completely by surprise. However, Kelly was quickly distracted as her eyes wandered over Sabrina's sexy body, growing hornier as she did so.

"Oh shit...," Kelly whispered, feeling extremely turned on. "I..." She could barely believe what she was feeling for Sabrina. It was gross. It was wrong. It hot. "I want you..."

With that, they started kissing...awkwardly at first, then with growing passion and confidence. Neither had ever expected their relationship to take such a shocking turn, but they didn't question it as they gave into their desires.

It didn't take long before they were both naked and on Kelly's bed, going at each other eagerly...though somewhat clumsily as neither had experience with other women. However, they quickly started improving as they realized that the other wanted what the same as they did.

When there was a loud knocking at the door a short while later, Kelly peaked her head up and glared at in annoyance. There was little doubt that it was Mark...the boy she'd originally planned on dating. Then she turned her full attention back to Sabrina, ignoring the knocking and knowing that the annoyance would go away soon enough.

Melissa had been amazed when she saw glimpses of Kelly and Sabrina throughout the day. Glimpses caught between classes, though she had made sure to stay far enough back so that they wouldn't notice her. But still, what she saw was enough to convince her that the computer program that she used the day before had worked.

During the few times that Melissa had seen Kelly and Sabrina, they kept glancing at each other, then quickly looking away in embarrassment. Both of them were obviously embarrassed and self-conscious, yet at the same time, Melissa had noticed them absently holding hands once.

Once Melissa was finished with her last class, she started back home, smiling to herself in satisfaction, knowing that they'd be too distracted to bother her now. And they'd learn what it was like to be the outsiders, at least for a day or so.

"Maybe I can change them back early," Melissa mumbled to herself, suddenly cringing under the weight of her conscience. She'd been feeling guilty for messing with Sabrina and Kelly all day long, and it had only gotten worse.

Suddenly, Melissa stopped, catching sight of Kelly and Sabrina a short distance ahead, nearly hidden behind some bushes...and kissing each other. To her amazement, they actually seemed to be enjoying it. It was especially amazing considering the way Kelly and Sabrina had been so venomous towards lesbians.

"I can't believe we're doing this," Sabrina giggled, "I mean, it's so..."

"Fun," Kelly supplied with a faint giggle, "I mean, it's kinda weird...but in a way, it's kinda better than chasing some dumb guy who doesn't know what I like."

Those comments surprised Melissa even more. She'd never considered that they might like being lesbians, especially with how homophobic they'd been before.

Just then, Kelly noticed Melissa and gasped, "What the...?" She blinked, "It's that fucking twerp!"

"What are you looking at?" Sabrina demanded, stepping away from Kelly, a look of surprise and embarrassment quickly crossing her features.

Kelly just glared at Melissa, making Melissa instinctively take a step back. She didn't like that look one bit. "You didn't see anything. Nothing you little bitch." Then Kelly took a few steps forward, the threat obvious in her eyes.

"B...but..." Melissa sputtered, horrified at the sight of Sabrina and Kelly quickly advancing on her.

"This is none of your fucking business," Kelly snarled, suddenly shoving Melissa, causing the smaller girl to fall onto her back. "You're gonna forget you saw anything, aren't you?"

"Yeah," Sabrina added, kicking Melissa in the side, causing her to grunt in pain.

Melissa struggled to get to her feet, gasping as Kelly and Sabrina both kicked at her several more times. "Ooooh. Please..."

After a minute, Kelly bent over, snarling, "If you tell anyone what you saw..." She kicked Melissa again.

Finally, Melissa cried out, pleading, "Stop...go away..."

Suddenly, to Melissa's surprise, Kelly and Sabrina both stopped kicking her and stood there was a look of confusion on their faces for a moment. Then Kelly snorted, "I think she got the point. Let's go."

And with that, Kelly and Sabrina hurried off, leaving Melissa on the ground, struggling to get to her feet and wincing in pain. Tears were streaking down her cheeks at not only the pain, but the humiliation as well. It was even worse than before.

After a minute, Melissa brushed herself off, knowing that she wouldn't be able to clean her pride off as easily as her clothes. Then she looked around in fear, half afraid that they would come back. Fortunately, they were already nearly out of sight, much to her relief.

"Why me?" Melissa cried out, running for home as fast as her bruised sides would let her.

It didn't take long before Melissa had reached the safety of her dorm room then locked the door behind her. Then she threw herself onto her bed, crying in shame and shuddering from the shame.

Finally, Melissa sat up on the edge of her bed, suddenly realizing that she could have stopped it at any time. She'd remembered that she'd made it so that they had to do what she told them, just to prevent that sort of thing from happening again. But it did happen again, and there was nothing she could do to prevent it. She'd been far too terrified...too intimidated to even thinking of it until it was far too late.

"I'm useless," Melissa cried, feeling even more humiliated with the knowledge that she'd been the one with the power...and had been unable to do anything. Even with that kind of advantage, they'd still beaten and humiliated her. "What did I ever do to deserve this?"

Then with that, Melissa slowly went onto her computer and brought up the Master PC program, staring at it for a moment in pained silence. She was confused, afraid...and angry. Angry at them, and at herself. Even when she had a chance to defend herself, she still hadn't been able to use it.

"Maybe they're right..." she whispered tearfully, "Maybe I am useless."

Taking a deep breath, she opened her own profile and stared at it with a deep frown. Under her personality traits it said that she had weak self-confidence and was submissive. All she could do was stare at it quietly.

Melissa was furious at Kelly and Sabrina, but as she stared at her own profile, she realized that even when she had the ability to defend get some sort of revenge, she couldn't even use it. She just couldn't bring herself to.

"Maybe if I was more like them," she snorted weakly.

Then a thought suddenly occurred to Melissa, one which left what felt like a weight in the pit of her stomach. She'd tried changing them, but couldn't. Maybe...just maybe, she was the one who needed to change.

"At least long enough to do something," Melissa whispered fearfully, surprised that she was even considering something like that. The very thought seemed so...unnatural.

For nearly a minute, Melissa stared at her profile, filled with conflicting emotions. Finally, her shame and anger won out, then with a trembling hand, she slowly started to type several small changes into her profile.

First, she increased her confidence level, then she moved the settings where it said 'submissive', turning it much more dominant. Once that was done, Melissa stared at the screen for another few seconds, her guts already clenching with guilt.

Then, Melissa slowly entered a command, "Feels no guilt for whatever she does to Kelly or Sabrina."

Pausing again, Melissa's eyes were filled with tears and her heart with guilt. She couldn't believe that she was going to do this to herself...but it was the only way that she'd be able to get back at Kelly and Sabrina.

"Only for a day or two," Melissa told herself sternly, then pushed 'enter'.

Melissa suddenly froze as a strange feeling washed through her, then she smiled, already feeling different...more confident. And angry as hell.

"I've got you now," she growled, new thoughts of revenge suddenly rushing through her head.

Melissa grinned viciously as she thought of all the horrible and humiliating things that she could easily do to her tormentors with the program, things that she never even would have considered...or imagined just a few minutes earlier. The sudden onslaught of ideas...and the sure knowledge that she could actually use them filled Melissa with a pleasant feeling.

Then, Melissa frowned, "No, not that."

She took a deep breath, deciding that it wouldn't be nearly as rewarding to just type things into the computer as it could be. They'd humiliated...bullied and intimidated her up close and personal, and that was how she wanted to deal with them back. Personally.

A moment later, Melissa looked down at herself, frowning slightly. There was no way that she was going to be able to handle Kelly and Sabrina the way she'd like, not looking the way she did. She couldn't even intimidate a child much less those two.

With that, Melissa remembered all the years of teasing she'd received from her more developed classmates, and the boys who'd ignored her. She thought of all the times she'd wished that she was taller, curvier and sexier. And as she stared at the computer, she began to smile, realizing that she could be whatever she wanted now.

"I think that I know just the thing," Melissa mused, a plan beginning to form.

Melissa quickly started making changes to her profile, feeling more and more anticipation as she went along. Once she was on a bit more even footing with the girls physically, she'd be able to deal with them without being laughed at. And at the same time, she'd actually get to see what it was like to be everything she'd always secretly envied.

"Of course no one would recognize me," Melissa paused thoughtfully, glancing at the changes in her profile for a moment. It would make it extremely difficult to deal with her parents or even go to her classes. "A few days should be enough though," she sighed.

But just as Melissa was about to press 'enter', she realized that Kelly and Sabrina probably wouldn't recognize her like that. She pause, another idea beginning to form. One which she liked even better.

A moment later, she added several more personal commands, ones which made her feel just a tiny bit uncomfortable, but she smiled anyway, but she smiled anyway, knowing that they would probably make Kelly and Sabrina even more uncomfortable. And besides, they were only temporary. Then finally, she put in a command that none of the changes would take place until she said a specific phrase.

Once Melissa had finished and pressed enter, she smiled, leaning back in her seat, for a moment...barely able to wait to see the girl's faces. She was finally going to get even with those two bitches for all the times they'd messed with her and others like her.

Melissa stood in front of Kelly's dorm room, glancing quickly down the hall to where Sabrina's was. She'd known where they both lived for quite some time, having looked that up some time earlier, just so she'd knew where to avoid. But not anymore. Avoiding them was the last thing on her mind.

With a smile, Melissa pulled one hand from her pocket while the other firmly clutched a duffel bag and knocked on the door, patiently waiting for an answer. It didn't take long before the door creaked open, only to reveal the surprised face of Kelly.

"What the hell?" Kelly gasped, obviously confused.

Then Melissa heard another voice call out from inside, "Who is it?" There was no doubt that it was Sabrina's voice. That just made Melissa smile, knowing that their being together saved her some effort.

Kelly snapped, "What the fuck are you smiling at flatty?"

Then before she could demand anything more, Melissa told her, "Stand back and let me in."

"Fuck that..." Kelly started to snap back, however, to her own surprise, she stepped back, leaving the path clear for Melissa to walk straight in. "How...?"

"Don't move," Kelly instructed, smiling at the shock and confusion on Kelly's face as she stood there frozen.

With that, Sabrina stepped into view, wearing nothing except for a towel around her mid-section. She looked at them both in confused surprise, gasping, "What's SHE doing here?"

"Whatever I want," Melissa answered with a grin. "Now Sabrina, don't move from that spot."

"I...I can't move..." Sabrina gasped, moving her arms around but unable to lift her feet from where they seemed glued to the floor.

Kelly glared at Melissa, her eyes narrowing dangerously, "I don't know what you're trying to pull, but you're dead meat."

"Somehow," Melissa answered, setting her duffel bag down, "I doubt that."

"W...what's going on?" Sabrina demanded, her voice shaking with the hint of fear. "Why can't I move my feet?"

Melissa just smiled and stared first at Kelly, then Sabrina, finally answering with, "You really shouldn't have kept pushing me. I would have just let things go."

"What do you mean?" Kelly demanded, obviously struggling to no success. "I don't know what kind of trick you're playing, but..."

With a snort, Melissa asked, "Haven't you wondered at your sudden attraction for each other?" Their eyes both widened at that, in embarrassment...and perhaps a hint of fear. "Yes, I did that to you since you kept bitching about how gross lesbians were." She let out a sigh, "Unfortunately, I didn't expect you two to actually enjoy it so much."

"Th...that was you?" Sabrina gasped, her eyes wide with shock and disbelief.

"She drugged us," Kelly blurted out, losing some of her confidence.

Melissa didn't say anything as she moved closer to Kelly, frowning slightly as she looked up so that she could see the other girl's eyes. However, Kelly was glaring back, obviously not intimidated by Melissa, even with what was going on.

However, that didn't bother Melissa since she'd been counting on it. "No more miss nice girl," she announced with a smirk.

Suddenly Melissa felt the changes start to hit, just a second after she'd completed the trigger phrase. It hit her whole body at once, nearly overwhelming her with the sensations.

"Oh yes," she gasped, feeling her bones begin to grow while her clothes seemed to shrink. They pulled tighter and tighter against her skin.

Melissa ignored the demands to know what was going on from prisoners, focusing instead on the stretching sensations inside her body. She stared down at herself, smiling as her shirt grew far too tight, especially from the growing breasts in front. Her pants were already splitting down the seams, making her glad that she'd worn such a shoddy pair.

A few seconds later, tore off the remnants of her pants and shirt, as well as her too tight panties. She stood straight and stretched, marveling at the strange sensations from her changed body, smiling as she did so.

"What the fuck?" Kelly nearly screamed out, her eyes going wide in disbelief.

Melissa just smiled and stepped closer to her, this time having to look down just a little bit to stare Kelly in the eyes. She smiled even more as Kelly seemed to draw mean feat since she was helpless to move.

"Like the new me?" Melissa asked, twirling around and gesturing down at her new body, making sure that both Kelly and Sabrina got a very clear look at her.

Then, Melissa took a look at herself, smiling in satisfaction that the changes had worked, just as she'd programmed them. She was now 6 feet tall, a full 9 inches taller than before, and a hell of a lot more developed. Her whole body was firm, toned and very curvaceous. The type that boys would drool over and that she'd always envied and secretly wished for.

Even her hair and fingernails had changed, growing longer and more feminine. Her brunette locks were now to her mid back, while her fingernails were no longer the short things they had been, but longer and more manicured looking.

"Nice, if I do say so myself," Melissa gloated, feeling two pairs of eyes staring at her in awe...and desire. After all, she reminded herself smugly, they were lesbians now and she was an extremely attractive woman. "Yes, I do think that this will do."

With that, Melissa turned and looked at her prisoners, licking her lips in admiration of their own forms. They were definitely sexy, and she could admire them in a way that she'd never been able to before. However, it was still somewhat strange while she tried to adjust to the new bisexual sexuality that she'd programmed into her latest changes...among other things.

Melissa grinned cruelly, already feeling the other changes she'd given herself. Not only the new attraction to women, but the even higher self-confidence and dominant nature. And there was also the almost complete lack of any modesty whatsoever, letting her feel absolutely no discomfort at standing there naked in front of those two.

"What the hell did you do to us?" Kelly screamed, "To yourself?"

Sabrina quickly added, "I don't like this..." Her voice shook in fear.

However, Melissa just looked at the duffel bag that she'd brought and smiled, knowing that the contents would certainly be fun. At least for her.

"Now," Melissa turned to Sabrina, "You're feeling very horny."

"But I'm not...," Sabrina started to protest, then gasped as her face went red. "Oh God, I'm so horny."

"What the hell did you do to her?" Kelly demanded.

Without even glancing at the red head, Melissa snapped, "Shut up Kelly." Suddenly her protests and demands stopped as she went silent.

Melissa just watched Sabrina for a minute, smiling at the look of extreme discomfort on the blonde's face before she dropped her towel and started masturbating right there.

"You aren't going to orgasm," Melissa added with a cruel smile, "Not until I tell you to. But you are getting even hornier."

By this time, Sabrina was nearly frantic with her masturbation, while Kelly watched in horror...and fascination, unable to even speak.

It didn't take long before Sabrina stared at Melissa, begging, "Please...fuck me. Let me cum. Anything... " She moaned and gasped, continuing to finger herself and rub at her breasts, though there was no real satisfaction.

By this point, Melissa was extremely aroused herself, smiling at the look in Sabrina's face. Then, she finally said, "You can move now Sabrina. Come over here and lick me out."

Without any hesitation, Sabrina rushed over to Melissa and dropped to her knees, wasting little time before she started to lick at Melissa's clit. It felt incredible, and not just Sabrina's efforts. She'd never felt so in control in her entire life.

"If you satisfy me," she told the blonde with a grin, "I MIGHT let you cum." That just encouraged Sabrina to put even more effort into it, even though she was obviously tortured by her own burning need to be satisfied.

After several orgasms, Melissa was satisfied for the moment and told Sabrina to back off. She watched the blonde, suffering from her horniness and still being unable to cum, then grinned, ordering Sabrina to remain frozen and suffer for just a little longer.

"Now for you," Melissa said, turning to Kelly, "You may speak again Kelly."

"You fucking bitch!" Kelly immediately screamed out, her eyes filled with terror after seeing what Melissa had done to Sabrina.

Melissa just slapped Kelly in the face, leaving a bright red welt. She smiled, knowing that she could do absolutely ANYTHING to Kelly and the girl wouldn't fight back...couldn't fight back. Kelly was as helpless to defend herself as a statue.

"Are you going to do that to me to?" Kelly squeaked, no longer looking like the bully she had been such a short time earlier.

"Perhaps," Melissa answered with a cruel grin, "But perhaps I have something worse in mind." She loved the look on Kelly's face.

With that, Melissa went over to the duffel bag and reached inside, pulling out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. As she pulled out a cigarette, she stared at it with a wry smile for a moment before putting it between her lips. She'd never smoked before in her entire life and hated the very smell of cigarettes. However, that didn't stop her from lighting it and taking a deep drag as though she'd been doing it for years.

Then with a satisfied smile, Melissa blew the smoke straight into Kelly's face, laughing as the red head started to wince, gag and cough. Kelly was a vehement non-smoker, the type who almost seemed to despise those who did smoke and quickly let them know.

Melissa took another drag, musing on the effectiveness of the Master PC program. It had been easy to make herself perfectly comfortable...even enjoy smoking, though she'd hated it nearly as much as Kelly. However, even though she knew that the changes were going to be temporary, she hadn't been able to resist adding the commands that she wouldn't be addicted, nor suffer any form of damage to her health.

"How do you like that?" Melissa asked Kelly, blowing more smoke into her face and laughing at the girl's misery. Then, after taking several more drags from the cigarette and rather enjoying each one, Melissa told Kelly, "Here, smoke this."

"No way!," Kelly gasped, "I'm not touching that disgusting thing." However, even as she'd said that, her hand had reached up and taken the cigarette that Melissa offered. "No..." Kelly started, but she was unable to resist Melissa's command and took a drag.

A look of disgust filled Kelly's face and when she started gagging and coughing, Melissa just laughed. And she was even more amused when Kelly continued to smoke, obviously hating every second of it but unable to stop.

"Please..." Kelly gagged, pausing to take another drag and another fit of coughing, "Stop..."

Melissa just smiled as she picked up the duffel bag and pulled out several items that she'd bought at a special store on the way over. A store that she never would have even gone near before she'd started her course of revenge...and her self changes.

One of the items that she pulled out was a 12 inch strap-on dildo, the sight of which made Kelly's eyes go wide in horror...especially when Melissa proceeded to put it on.

Taking a glance over at Sabrina Melissa absently commented, "You can cum now Sabrina." With that, even though Sabrina could not move, the look of intense pleasure and relief were clearly visible on her face, though Melissa didn't pay too much attention.

Once she had the strap-on in place, Melissa posed, feeling somewhat strange with it on, yet at the same time wondering if perhaps she should have actually used the program to give herself a real cock. The idea seemed somewhat wicked and nasty, but appealed to the new her. It was an idea that was definitely worth considering later on.

"Now then," Melissa told Kelly, "I think that I shall have some fun." She grinned cruelly as she pushed the massive prosthetic up inside of Kelly...who nearly screamed from the sheer size, or would have if she hadn't been in the middle of taking a drag. "You can put that out now," Melissa told her prisoner, quickly adding, "On your own arm."

Kelly let out a scream of pain as she did just that, earning a command not to make so much noise that it could attract the attention of neighbors. That command was sorely tested as Melissa proceeded to rape Kelly with the massive dildo, ignoring the girl's pleas to stop. And once she was done, she repeated the procedure...anally.

"There," Melissa spat out once she was done, making Kelly clean the massive dildo off with her tongue, "That is much better." Once Kelly was finished, Melissa told her, "You may speak now...but no louder than normal conversation."

"Shit! You fucking bitch...," Kelly cried out, obviously hurt and humiliated beyond anything she could have imagined.

Melissa just smiled at that, pleased that she was learning how she'd felt. There was no regret at all for taking it to such extremes...nor was she capable of feeling any towards those two. However, much of her anger had been dissipated by her revenge...but not all of it.

"Until I tell you otherwise," Melissa mused, looking at both Kelly and Sabrina, "you will address me as mistress. Is that understood?" Sabrina was silent, still unable to speak while Kelly glared spitefully. "Answer me," Melissa growled.

"Yes mistress," Kelly answered bitterly...her voice cracking weakly.

Almost immediately after, Sabrina answered, freed from her complete silence with the latest command, "Yeah mistress."

With that, Melissa announced, "You are both free to move...but will not attempt to harm me in any way, attempt to restrict my movements or leave this apartment without my permission." Then almost as an afterthought, she told Sabrina, "You are free to speak, but no louder than normal conversation."

Sabrina started crying, begging, "Why are you doing this to us?"

"You know," Melissa answered coldly, "I asked that very question of you two once before. And do you remember what your response was? Because I can."

Kelly and Sabrina stared at each other in total silence, both glaring at Melissa, though she didn't care in the least. She put the dildo away in the duffel bag, then picked the bag up, looking back at her prisoners as she started towards Kelly's bedroom.

"Don't disturb me," she told them, then added, "And don't attempt to escape or tell anyone." With that, she went into Kelly's bedroom and closed the door behind.

Melissa smiled to herself as she pulled the remaining contents from the bag, slowly running her hands over them before she started to get dressed. Even as she did so, she marveled at the unfamiliar clothes, knowing that she never would have imagined being able to wear such things just a short time ago. However, now, they were just what she needed.

Several minutes later, Melissa was finished and stood in front of Kelly's mirror to admire her herself. She stood even taller than before, wearing a pair thigh length, black, stiletto heeled boots. There were a pair of black panties, and a single piece black corset that cupped her breasts very snugly. Her arms were adorned with black opera gloves while there was a black leather choker around her neck. All in all, it was just the image that she wanted Kelly and Sabrina to see.

"Definitely not the little mouse I was yesterday," she chuckled.

And with that, Melissa lit another cigarette, deciding that it definitely added to her new...albeit temporary bad girl image. Then, while blowing a stream of smoke out, she marveled at how that program had been able to make even such formerly alien things like smoking or walking in high heels feel not only perfectly comfortable, but as though she'd been doing them for years.

A few seconds later, Melissa stepped back into the main room, loving the looks on Kelly and Sabrina's faces when they saw her. However, there was something else that passed over their faces as well, something which made her suspicious.

"What have you two been up to?" Melissa asked, adding, "Tell me the truth."

"We were talking about how to escape," Sabrina blurted out, then slapped her hands over her mouth, her eyes going wide in horror.

Melissa nodded, suspecting that her earlier orders would have prevented them from doing much more than talking. However, she was curious, "And what did you two decide?"

"We...," Kelly gulped, looking down at the floor, "We were going to put ear plugs in so that we couldn't hear what you tell us..."

"Interesting," Melissa mused, feeling a little surprised. She hadn't expected those two to be so creative. "However, you are not going to try that or anything else that you know I would not approve of." They both gasped in horror, "In fact, if you get any other plans to try anything, you will promptly inform me." Then with a cruel smile, Melissa asked, "Is that clear?"

"Yes mistress," they both answered shamefully.

Melissa stared at them both for a moment, slowly taking a drag from her cigarette and then blowing the smoke into Kelly's face. She might have stopped them from trying to pull anything, but still... It annoyed her that they'd even considered it.

"It is time that you understand who is in control," Melissa said coldly, glaring first at Kelly and then Sabrina, watching both of them shrink back.

For a moment, Melissa considered what to do, then started to smile cruelly. They were both lesbians now, which gave her the perfect idea.

"Put these on," Melissa ordered, tossing each of them a dog collar that she'd brought in her duffel bag. As soon as Kelly and Sabrina had them on, she said, "I know that you are no longer interested in sex with men, but now you are disgusted by it."

Kelly gulped, then asked, "How did you do this mistress? How could you become like that? Do this to us?"

"That is none of your concern," Melissa snapped, "So don't think about it any more." With that command, she knew that Kelly wouldn't.

Sabrina just cringed back, obviously trying to avoid notice, though not truly succeeding.

Then, Melissa told them both, "You are both going to get dressed, then go out and find a nearby tattoo shop, where you will each have the word slut tattooed onto your asses."

"A tattoo?" Sabrina gasped, looking confused and fearful. "Won't that hurt?"

Melissa snapped, "Don't interrupt me when I'm talking." Then, in a cold voice, she told them, "After the tattoos, you will come back on campus...and a man to give a blowjob to."

Kelly and Sabrina both cringed, looks of disgust quickly passing over their faces, though they remained silent, unable to speak at the moment.

"You will choose someone whom you never would have considered going out with before I changed you," Melissa told them with a cruel smile, "Perhaps some...nerd or geek." She said the last with a sneer, knowing just how little those two thought of that type of boy. Then, Melissa added, "And if he desires it, you will have sex with him afterwards. You will both repeat this with three different boys before returning to me."

The looks of horror and disgust were clearly visible on Kelly and Sabrina's faces. Both looked as though they wanted to scream, or attack Melissa viciously for what she'd ordered them to do. However, these were all forbidden to them at the moment.

A short while later, Melissa watched in amusement as Kelly and Sabrina left the apartment, dressed as if for a night on the town, and looking like they were heading to their own executions. At least until they stepped past the door frame in which case they both suddenly looked happy and cheerful, all thanks to an order that they pretend to be happy, regardless of what they really felt.

"Bye bye now," Melissa called after them sarcastically, "I hope that you have fun."

Then she laughed, wondering how long it would take Sabrina and Kelly to finish their errands and returned. She'd already given them several more commands to ensure that they did, without too much delay. Melissa had ordered them not to attempt communicating their situation in any way whatsoever, nor to attempt escaping or even purposely delaying their return in any way whatsoever.

"If only I could watch them," Melissa mused to herself, knowing however that it wouldn't be nearly as effective a lesson if she was there watching over them. No, it would show even more effectively just how much she was in control if they continued to do what she ordered, without her actual presence. "Maybe next time."

Then Melissa laughed, wondering how she could ever have been afraid of those two little wimps. She had little doubt that she could have easily handled them without even using her powers to control them. However, that just made Melissa wonder what that said about the old her. Perhaps Kelly and Sabrina had a point about her...the old her, though that wasn't going to let them off the hook for pissing her off.

With that, Melissa leaned back, luxuriating in new sensations she was feeling, both physical and emotional. She loved the sense of confidence she felt, the complete lack of fear and total certainty that she was in control. And that wasn't even counting her amazing new body. There was little doubt that she was going to miss it all once she went back.

Melissa stood there with a cold smile on her a whip in her hands as Kelly and Sabrina finally returned. She could see them from the window, bouncing around cheerfully, giggling and smiling. Or at least they were on the outside.

"So you've finally returned," Melissa commented when the stepped back through the door.

The moment Sabrina and Kelly had gone through the doorframe, their expressions suddenly changed from one of mindless happiness, to ones of horror. They both immediately burst into tears.

"Oh God," Sabrina cried out, "That was like, so...disgusting."

Kelly grimaced, "Hell, I had to fuck Chester McLaughlan."

Both shuddered at the thought of Chester, the acne king. The boy who's hygiene...and smell were so bad that it was rumored he only bathed once a year...and that it was always almost 12 months since. Sabrina gave Kelly a look of pity, though only for a second.

"I take it that you enjoyed yourselves then," Melissa mused, watching both of them cringe, obviously dreading whatever she told them to do next.

"Please no...," Sabrina cried, "I'll be good," she dropped to her knees, "I'll be good..."

Melissa scowled, "Quiet. Show me your tattoos."

Neither girl hesitated before bending over and baring their asses, showing the word 'slut' tattooed on both their right cheeks. They both winced though, tears running down their cheeks.

"What do you think of those?" Melissa asked, not particularly caring but curious nonetheless.

"It hurts," Sabrina whimpered, rubbing at her ass.

Kelly stared at the floor, "I feel humiliated. The that tattoo guy gave me when I asked for it..." She cringed at that.

With that, Melissa just stretched the whip between her hands, sighing, "Get undressed," then she added, "But keep your collars and high heels on." The very sight of them was beginning to turn her on again.

For the next several hours, Melissa 'played' with Kelly and Sabrina. First, she amused herself by whipping them both, then by making Sabrina whip Kelly while the blonde 'felt' the strokes on her own back at the same time. It ended with Melissa making both pleasure her until she orgasmed numerous times, and only then did she allow them to cum as well.

Melissa leaned back with a cold smile, with one hand playing with Sabrina's nipples, and the other absently fingering Kelly's vagina. Their tongues had definitely been enjoyable, but she couldn't help wondering how much better they would be if she used the program to make them longer...and perhaps even better skilled.

"How would you like to have a dick for awhile?" Melissa asked with some amusement, smiling even more as they both winced at the thought of having such a 'disgusting' organ. That just made her wonder what it might be like to have one herself.

With that, Melissa stood up and stretched, ordering Kelly to get her a cigarette. After Kelly had returned with one and lit it for her, Melissa took a deep drag and surveyed her prisoners thoughtfully.

Melissa was a little startled to realize that she wasn't really angry with them anymore, having burned out most of her rage already. They just weren't worth it anymore, and continuing to torture them for the sole purpose of torturing them was beginning to seem pointless since they weren't any challenge.

After staring at Kelly and Sabrina for a moment, Melissa decided that it was merely time for them to go to the next logical level. They weren't her prisoners anymore...they were her slaves.

"Stand up you two," she ordered, taking a slow drag from her cigarette. Once they had done so, she commanded, "You are both extremely attracted to me." Their expressions changed slightly, becoming more lustful once again. Melissa knew that they'd already found her attractive so there wasn't going to be too much change.

"Oh mistress..." Sabrina gasped.

Then Melissa stated, "You both realize that I am your mistress...your goddess. You love obey worship me. You know that you are both merely my obedient slaves and love being that way."

"Yes mistress," Sabrina gasped, this time her expression held no dread of what was to come, only an eagerness to serve.

Kelly nodded, eagerly blurting, "How may we serve you mistress?"

That just brought a slight smile to Melissa's lips. It was just what she wanted to hear, at least at the moment. Still, she knew that if she got tired of her slaves new personalities, she could always change her mind later.

"Or more accurately," she chuckled, "theirs."

For a moment, Melissa just basked in her slaves adoration, knowing that it wouldn't be quite as thrilling as forcing them to do what she wanted, but it was definitely very gratifying in a different way. Rather like the sweetness of sugar compared to the spice of before.

Suddenly Melissa remembered some of her previous thoughts and gave a cold smile, deciding that perhaps it was time to make a few other modifications with that program. That would certainly ensure that the spice remained. And after all, Melissa decided that Sabrina would look cute with a larger pair of tits...not to mention a longer tongue.

Several minutes later, Melissa had changed into some slightly less conspicuous...though still daring clothes that she'd brought with her in the duffel bag. She had no fear of embarrassment if other people saw her dressed as she was, however, she did not want to draw any annoying questions at the moment.

"Are we going with you mistress?" Kelly asked eagerly.

Melissa just looked at her for a moment, realizing that there might be a few more questions just waiting to happen. "No," she told them both firmly, adding, "However, if you are in public or others are present, you are not to let them know that you are my slaves. That is to remain our secret unless I indicate otherwise." She waited a moment, then asked, "Is that understood?"

"Completely mistress," Kelly answered with a serious, though slightly sad expression. "You want us to pretend that we do not recognize your glory. That we are blind to it like everyone else."

Sabrina just nodded, her eyes open wide.

Satisfied that they understood, Melissa turned and left them, slowly starting back towards her own dorm room. Specifically, to her computer and the Master PC program that were still within.

A short while later, Melissa was quickly moving down the hall to her dorm room, each stride filled with purpose. Then she suddenly heard it, the yelling...screaming and crashing that could be heard echoing in the hallway. It only took her a moment to recognize Danielle's voice...and realize that it was coming from her own room.

"What the fuck?" Melissa growled, throwing open her room's door and glaring at the scene inside.

A single glance was enough to reveal Danielle standing there with a lamp in her hands, while a short distance away, nearly cringing stood a large boy of around 20. He was a boy whom Melissa instantly recognized as Todd Whitman, Danielle's hot tempered boyfriend.

"You bastard!" Danielle screamed out, throwing the lamp at Todd, who barely avoided being hit in the head, "How could you cheat on me with that tramp?"

Todd yelled back, "What's the fucking big deal? At least that Sabrina chick was willing to put out."

That just set Danielle off again, charging at Todd with a scream, though he easily pushed her aside, obviously pissed himself.

Melissa watched them both with a sneer, not sure whether to be annoyed or amused. She didn't remember ever having seen Danielle so furious...and apparently it was an unintentional result of her games with Sabrina and Kelly.

Danielle screamed out, "You dickless ass hole!" And at the same time, she reached for the alarm clock which she obviously meant to throw.

"Try it bitch," Todd yelled, suddenly reaching over and grabbing at the computer, "And I'll do this to your fucking head."

Melissa's eyes widened and she yelled, "STOP!"

However, Melissa's command was a moment too late, as the window suddenly exploded outward, the glass shattered by the impact from the computer. The computer which immediately disappeared from view, sending a cold...furious chill down Melissa's spine.

"What the hell?" Todd gasped, turning to look at Melissa in surprise. "Who the fuck are you?"

Melissa ignored him, stepping to the window and taking a look down, staring at the sight of a thousand shattered computer remnants scattered along the concrete below. With a the first moment of seeing it, she knew beyond a doubt that the computer...and the program within were gone for good.

"I'm sorry about the noise...," Danielle blurted out, though Melissa paid her little attention. Nor did she pay much attention as Todd stormed out of the room.

For a moment, Melissa just stood there, scowling as she realized the ramifications of what had just happened. In a single instant, she had lost the program...the power. She had lost the way to turn herself back to normal.

Then, Melissa gave a cold smile, having already abandoned any intention of turning back into her old self...back into the miserable...pitiful thing that had let two wimps like Sabrina and Kelly push her around. She rather would have died than return to such a pitiful existence.

"Perhaps," she mused, "it is for the best."

She was everything that she wasn't before. Melissa was tall, beautiful, outgoing, confident control. Control of herself, and of others. At least two others, though that might soon change. And now, now there was no way for her to accidentally be changed back, to lose everything that she had gained.

Still, she couldn't help regretting the loss of power. The fact that she no longer had the power to control others as thoroughly as she would have liked...or gain new slaves. Then again, she smiled coldly...cruelly, knowing that perhaps it would be more exciting to do it the hard way. More challenging...more...spicy.

"Yes," Melissa mused, "So it shall be."

Just then, Melissa finally noticed Danielle staring at her in confusion. Then the other girl asked, "Do I know you?"

For a moment, Melissa stared at her with a scowl, finally answering, "No. No, you do not know me."

And with that, Melissa turned her back on her former room mate, her former room...and most importantly, her former life. None of that had any importance anymore. She had a new life now. A life of pleasure and power. A life that she was going to squeeze for everything she could. A life where she was in control.

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