MasterPC: Master to Master

by Mynd Hed

Author's Note: This story is my take on JRParz' excellent MasterPC universe. It will offer a look at what happens when multiple copies of the MasterPC program coexist, and, at the end, it will reveal a possible origin of the MasterPC program and a glimpse of the elusive Master. This story will be divided into five Episodes, although as in this first Episode I may decide to divide some of the longer Episodes into two or more Parts. I plan to have at least some sex in each Episode, although readers who prefer long sex scenes to plot will probably like the first two or three Episodes far more than the last few. (No shame to those of you like this- I'm a bigger fan of sex than plot myself when I'm reading- I only like long involved plot when I'm the one writing. (-: ) This first Episode is a more or less typical MasterPC story, but stay tuned, future Episodes will change that pretty quickly. The powers and limitations of the MasterPC program as portrayed in this story should be consistent with JRParz' original story, but they may contradict other stories. I have decided against maintaining consistency with all of the stories in this extensive universe both for plot reasons and simply because this would be an extremely difficult undertaking. However, if you notice any inconsistencies or nit-picks between this story and JRParz' original MasterPC, please feel free to contact me at and complain. (I'm a real nitpicker about plot consistency, if you couldn't tell.) Any other questions, comments, and criticism both constructive and unconstructive may also be addressed to me. I believe that reader feedback is the best resource of any writer. With all that said, I hope you enjoy my little story.

Episode I - A New Master

Part 1

Will pulled his truck into the parking space of his dorm building and shut off the ignition. As Audrey opened her door and got out, he stole a glance at her tight, firm ass cheeks, barely covered by her denim short-shorts. Living in a co-ed dorm definitely had its advantages. Will exited the truck.

"Thanks again for the ride," Audrey said, tossing her brown hair back. She was a short, thin brunette with the most killer pair of legs Will had ever seen, and a firm round ass to kill or die for. Her tits were a little on the small side, but beautifully shaped, perky, and ever so slightly bouncy when she walked.

With an effort, Will stopped checking her out for long enough to wave good-bye and call, "See you next week!" as she walked toward her room.

As he gathered up his Astro books and started toward his own room, Will reflected on his good fortune in being in the same Astro class and the same dorm as this college beauty. Now he had the perfect excuse to talk her up every week as he drove her home from class- while at the same time bathing his eyes with the sight of her body.

Will entered his dorm room and nodded at his roommate. His roommate, engrossed in a difficult Chemistry problem, failed to nod back. Will sat down at his computer and took a look at the mp3 files that had finished downloading since he left for class. Oddly, there was a file called Master.exe in his incoming files' folder. He grunted. His music-sharing program should have blocked any program files. He virus-checked it, and it came up clean. Since he had just updated his virus-checker this morning, he figured it would be safe enough to run it, just to see what the hell it was.

A new screen popped up with a text box that read, "Welcome to Master Command Center. The Master allows you to become a virtual god to the people around you. You now possess the power to bend their reality to your specifications. You are the Master's representative."

Will laughed out loud. His roommate looked up, shook his head, and looked back at his Chemistry homework. Will laughed again. This had to be a practical joke by one of his Computer Science and Engineering friends. How they managed to get a program file past his personal firewall and into his hard drive was beyond him. Just to prove to himself that he was a good sport, Will clicked past the text box into the "Command Center." The program asked for "Master's Name", so he entered "Will Ferris." The program then asked for "Subject's Name." On a whim, he entered "Audrey." Since he didn't know her last name, he left it at that.

To his amazement, a lifelike 3D model of Audrey's body popped up on the screen, along with all sorts of statistics, from her height and weight to her cup size, sexual orientation, and white blood cell count. "What the hell?" Will muttered under his breath. Whoever sent this sure went a long way for a practical joke. It would have taken hours, if not days, to get enough digital video footage of Audrey to make a model this detailed. And how would the mysterious sender know that Will, who had just met Audrey today, would enter her name as the "Subject"?

Will then noticed that Audrey's statistics weren't just displays, they were controls which purported to allow him to change anything he wanted to about her. He moved the sexual orientation slider from "90% straight" to "100% lesbian," then back down to "bisexual."

Meanwhile, just looking at the 3D model of Audrey's beautiful body was making Will hard. She was dressed in plain, white, too-small T-shirt that offered just enough glimpse at her nipples to drive him wild, and below that she had a pair of short, tight boxers that set off her nice round ass every time the model spun around to show her posterior. Her innocent, pixie-like face was set off by her brownish hair, which was caught up in pigtails. It was as if she had just finished changing into her PJs to go to sleep. Although Will guessed she couldn't be a day under 18- and the "Subjective Age" slider in the "Command Center" put her at 19 and four months- she looked like nothing more than an adorable piece of jailbait just entering her freshman year in high school.

It was natural enough, then, that Will jokingly clicked on the "Other" field in the "Command Center" and typed, "You think Will Ferris is the sexiest man alive. You can't wait to fuck him until he cums."

Laughing and shaking his head at whoever had enough free time to program something this complex just for a chuckle on him, Will pressed the "Send" button and then closed the Master.exe program.

Audrey slipped her plain white T-shirt over her pigtailed head and down over her budding breasts and curled up into bed. All of a sudden she started to feel very strange. She looked over at her blonde roommate, Krista, and was surprised to find herself getting a little wet as she gazed at her sleeping form. Of course she always knew that most men found Krista attractive, but now she appreciated her pouty lips, full chest, and silky white thighs in a whole new way.

She thought back to the two times that a guy had brought her to orgasm- Phil, her first boyfriend, first with his fingers, and then, a month later, once with his mouth. She had rewarded him both times with a blowjob. At the time, it had seemed like the best sex could ever be, until her wedding night when she let a man fuck her, that was. But now it seemed so meaningless and unfulfilling. Why bury her head in a guy's lap when she could put her lips and tongue to better use licking a girl's snatch? She imagined parting Krista's pussy lips with her tongue, tasting the sweet juices and....

And then she shook her head. What was she thinking? Of course Krista had a beautiful body, and of course a little later she might ask, in a roundabout way, if Krista had those... thoughts about Audrey. But that didn't make fooling around with a guy any less fun. She was proud of the way she could make a guy cum with her mouth, no doubt about that.

Thinking of guys led her to think back to that guy Will who had given her a ride home from Astro tonight. He was certainly nice enough, even if his eyes did have a way of roaming around her body. She couldn't fault him that- guys had been checking her out ever since she turned fourteen, and even if it did make her a little uncomfortable sometimes, it wasn't his fault. She would just have to be patient and try to see what he was like as a person before she....

Although now that she thought about it, Will's subtly roving eyes weren't so bad after all. It somehow seemed different when he looked at her body. It was almost like he was caressing her with his sight, like a lover. Like he wanted to feel her skin up and down with his strong hands. She was surprised that she never noticed in Astro class just how sexy Will was. Her mouth salivated as she thought about what a strong, powerful cock he must have. She couldn't wait to feel it penetrate her deepest regions, fucking her until he let his load loose deep inside her pussy.

What was she thinking? She didn't mind fooling around a little, but she'd never planned to let any guy fuck her unless it was her husband. But Will seemed so different. She wanted him like she'd never wanted another guy before. With these thoughts in her head, she slipped a hand down into her boxers, pulled the crotch of her panties aside, and started to finger her sopping cunt. She let out a soft moan....

And then Krista muttered something in her sleep and rolled over. Damn! There was no way she could get herself off here, with her roommate in the room. Audrey got up, put on her slippers, and padded down the hall with no clear idea where she was going.

Will had finished sorting through his mp3s and deleting those that he didn't want. With a shrug, he deleted "Master.exe," too. He was just about to empty his computer's Recycle Bin, removing them all permanently from his hard drive, when he heard a knock on the door. Puzzled, he opened it.

And was amazed to see Audrey, dressed in her PJs and pigtails just the way she had been on his computer screen. Only now she was right in front of him, in living color. His traitor eyes dipped down to her legs, thighs well exposed by her short tight boxers, up to the twin bumps of her breasts, nipples ever so slightly visible through her thin white T-shirt. To his further surprise, she wrapped her arms around him, pressing her young tits up against his chest. Baffled, he returned her embrace. After a little inner debate, he allowed one hand to rest on her hip, dangerously close to her divine ass. She made a small cooing noise, almost like a contented cat purring over a treat.

"I just wanted to thank you again for the ride home," she purred, breaking the too-familiar hug.

"Oh, it was, uh, no problem," Will managed. He was sporting a terrific hard-on, and it occurred to him that she had probably felt that pressing against her just as clearly as he had felt her breasts against his chest.

Will's roommate, roused out of his Chemistry homework by this vision of teen loveliness in a way that Will's greeting nod and laughter over MasterPC had been unable to do, got up and tried to introduce himself to Audrey. "Hi, I'm Walter. You're in Will's Astro class, right? What was your name again?" Audrey's glance shot icicles at Walter. "Audrey," she said shortly, with a chill in her voice.

Meanwhile, Will's bamboozled brain finally got a notion of what might be going on here. It was a long shot, but it would be simple enough to test it out. "Walter, would you entertain our guest for second? I've got something I need to finish up on my computer real quick." Walter took the bait and resumed his hapless attempts to break the ice with Audrey. Audrey, looking helpless, tried to fend off Walter's advances while stealing glances at Will.

Will, frantic, opened his Recycle Bin. Sure enough, Master.exe was still there. He breathed a sigh of relief, undeleted it, and ran it. This time under "Subject" he entered, "Walter." Sure enough, a 3D model of Walter's body popped up, complete with waving hands as he tried to tell Audrey a story about an amazing free throw he'd made last week. Will clicked on the "Other" field and typed, "You have to get some exercise. Go run around campus three times." Northern Arizona University had a relatively small campus, but even so Will figured that it should take Walter about three hours to complete that assignment.

Walter stopped dead in the middle of his story. "So anyway, I need to get some exercise if I'm going to make the cut for the basketball team. I think I'll take a jog. Would you like to come, Audrey?"

Predictably, Audrey sarcastically declined. "I doubt I could keep up with you. Have fun."

Walter, obviously torn between this beautiful college vixen and MasterPC's command to take a jog, reluctantly strapped on his Nikes, ran out, and closed the door behind him.

With Walter gone, Audrey lost all subtlety. She tackled Will and planted a long, passionate kiss on his mouth. Will's free will caved in. He returned the kiss with vigor, hands groping up and down Audrey's heavenly ass. With each squeeze of her delicious ass cheeks, she let out a little moan from her mouth to Will's. Finally she broke the kiss.

"Now that he's gone, I think it's about time I thanked you properly." She pulled Will down into his chair and sank to her knees, her baby blue eyes gazing worshipfully up at Will's, her mouth perfectly aligned with his zipper. She placed a hand on the crotch of Will's jeans, feeling clearly the hardness he was concealing. "What do you say to that?"

Will, by now totally dumbfounded by his sudden good fortune, could only say, "I never say no to a lady."

That was all the encouragement Audrey needed. She practically ripped Will's fly open before pulling his rock-hard erection from his briefs. Her left hand cupped and fondled his balls while her right began to slowly jack his shaft up and down. "Oh, Will, it looks so delicious," she moaned. Precum began to ooze out of Will's cock head, and she delicately lapped it off with the very tip of her tongue.

Will was in seventh heaven, and Audrey hadn't even begun. As Will watched with amazement, she moved her mouth all the way down his six-inch shaft to the hilt, then gave his balls a little tongue-bath before coming up for air. The whole time, her sweet blue eyes never left Will's. "You like that, baby?" she asked innocently.

Will's only answer was to bury his hand in Audrey's lush brown hair and guide her head up and down, up and down onto his cock. Her soft, warm tongue played gentle love games with his shaft and head while her hands played with his balls, still wet from her saliva.

Will somehow regained enough presence of mind to remember that cumming down her throat wasn't what Audrey wanted out of him. Far be it from Will Ferris to send the lady home unsatisfied. He removed his hand from her head and let her stop her oral assault on his cock. She leaned back onto her heels with a smile and motioned toward Will's cock. "Now that we've got this all hard and lubed up, what do you plan to do with it?"

Will's eyes couldn't stop drinking in Audrey's luscious form. With her small teeny tits, angel's face, pigtails, and ass cheeks peeking out of her boxers, she looked like an innocent teen angel. But her pouty cock-sucking lips and hungry eyes told a different story. They said she was a sex kitten on the hunt. Will took her gently by the waist and laid her down on his bed. "We'll see about that in just a second."

Will yanked up her T-shirt to her neck and buried his face in her tiny teenaged chest. Her breasts might have been small, but her nipples were hard and erect as little pebbles. Will gave the left one a tongue bath, flicking it back and forth with the very tip of his tongue, then switched over and caught the right one between his lips while Audrey moaned. His hands slipped inside the back of her boxers and caressed the silky soft skin of her ass. When he started nibbling gently on her nipples with his teeth, Audrey moaned, "Please, Will, please fuck me. I need your hard cock deep inside my cunt. Fuck me deep, Will."

Will couldn't have been happier to oblige. "Then get up and bend over the bed, hot stuff."

If Will had asked her to build a rocket and fly to the moon, she would have done it to feel his cock inside her pussy. She stood up and bent over the edge of the bed, ass pointed up in the air. Will yanked her boxers down to her ankles and beheld the round firmness of her naked ass. He positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to her virgin cunt. "Ready?"

"Oh, fuck, yes, Will, stick it in me," Audrey replied. Needing no second invitation, Will lay a hand gently on each ass cheek and crammed his cock into her tight young fuck tunnel. Audrey screamed out, "YES!!!"

Will slowly slid his cock almost all the way out of her. Her love juices felt like some exquisite oil all over his head and shaft. "Oh my God!" she moaned. "I think I came just from you sticking it in me!"

Will chuckled and started easing his cock back in. "If that's all it takes to make you cum, maybe you'd like it if I picked up the pace a little, honey?"

"Oh, God, yes!" she purred.

Will stuffed himself into her again, then slid out, then jammed himself back in, the ripped out, then pounded himself into her as she screamed, "yesyesyesYesYesYesYESYESYESYESMORE!!!" Will's hands roamed over the twin pleasure globes of her ass cheeks as he fucked this teen nympho with wild abandon.

"Ohmigod I think I'm going to cum again!" she cried. "Fuck me fuckme FUCKME!"

Will pounded himself in and out of her virgin cunt, lost in the pleasure of her tight, wet teen pussy. "Your ass is so nice, baby..." he moaned, not even realizing what he was saying. "I just want to spank it."

Audrey, lost in her own world of pleasure, could only scream, "Yes yes yes yes fuck me fuck me spank me SPANK ME, WILL!!!" as another orgasm ripped through her.

Will planted a light spank on one ass cheek, not putting any force into it, just delighting in the slapping noise, the ever-so-slight jiggle of flesh, and the light pink hand-print it made for a split second. He spanked her again with both hands at once, and again, and again. Finally he grabbed her hips firmly and began to ram his cock in even harder as he prepared to blow his load into her.

"Ohyeswillfuckmewithyourbigcockcuminmeiwantyoutofuckingfillmycuntwithcum!!!" Audrey wailed. Will struggled to hold it back on more minute, one more second, one more instant, and then finally plunged his cock deep inside her tight teenaged snatch and let his cum blast her deep inside. Audrey screamed and screamed as a third orgasm, even more powerful than the first two, blasted her brain with pleasure as she felt Will's hot creamy jizz fill her up.

Finally satisfied, Will pulled his manhood out of her and drank in the sight of the freshly fucked nympho curled up, contented, on his bed.