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by MacroLass (macrolass@altavista.com)
November 2000


Duke Defiler sat on his burnished throne (still being lovingly polished by a naked Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera) and smiled.  The two nubile young singers were now his thralls Bender and Twister, both given the superpower to embed subliminal commands into their music, such as it was.  They would rise to even greater heights and project his commands over a wide audience...making everyone who listened to their mindless pap his slaves.

But he wasn't thinking of the two blondes at his feet now.  He was anticipating a visit from the Femmetastic Five, a group of heroines that it had been his...pleasure to dominate recently.  He'd come upon each of them individually in the last few days and found them all to be no match before his awesome powers of psychic mesmerism.  He'd ravaged each of them soundly and taken their measure...and was looking forward to the final confrontation where they would try to avenge their humiliation.  One at a time or all together, it made no difference.  He was secure and completely confident in his power.

Still, he was rather startled when he felt a rumbling passing through his body, a tone just below the threshold of human hearing.  The wall to his lair crumbled into powder and four lovely young women stepped through the hole.

First came Sonique, fire haired French beauty with complete mastery of harmonics.  She smiled with dazzling white teeth as she looked over the scene before her.  "Cheri...Britney and Christina?", she asked with amusement in a thick sex-laden accent.  "They are...how you say...so five minutes ago!"

Graceful from a lifetime of ninja training, Psai merely smirked behind her full face mask as she flipped acrobatically into the room, rolling to the side.  Though she was as beauteous as the others, she had her brethren's innate dislike of attention and was more than content to let her teammates take the fore.  Her skills and psychic powers would do the speaking for her....

Two pulse pistols in hand, Firepower leapt off to the other side as a red targeting dot appeared in the center of the master villain's forehead.  "Just say the word and he's vapor," the lithe dark hair woman hissed.  The former mercenary glared at him with hatred, eager for retribution.

The last two heroines entered.  A gorgeous black woman, wearing a scantily cut silvery bodysuit, strode in carrying a small hand held device.  She adjusted a couple of dials on it.  "Right on the money, Sonique," she said to her leader.  "Looks like this is where our rat's been holed up all this time."

A voluptuous blonde, gorgeous even by the standards that her companions set in her simple gold lame bodysuit, stepped carefully over the rubble and entered, making sure to stay well out of the line of fire.  "Thank goodness," Portia said.  "I was getting tired of teleporting everyone all over everywhere."

The muscular villain laughed as he stood, looming over all of them at his full 6' 8" height.  "Foolish females!  My powers are beyond your comprehension!  In just a moment, you will all be mindless sluts, completely and permanently devoted to serving my will!"  He spread his arms dramatically, gathering his awesome psychic power.

Technique just smiled and clicked the button on her psi-jammer.  "I don't THINK so," she smirked.

* * * * *

There was a moment of cybernetic silence, the cursor blinking.

<GM> What do you mean...psi-jammer?

<Technique> OOC: My character is SUPPOSED to be a master gadgeteer, remember?  As in a device for every occasion?

<GM> You don't have the specific frequency to block!

<Psai> He got it from me.  I locked onto it when he raped Psai, remember?  And we've worked like that before, during the scenario where we were fighting the alien mind worms.


<Sonique> Cool it, FP.  The rest of you too.  Give the GM a chance to think.

<Portia> Yeah guys, give him a break.

<GM> Thanks Sonique, Portia.

<Technique> "That's true.  And at least Gammazon hasn't shown up to steal the show AGAIN."

<GM> Right.  (Behind the screen, he winced and exclaimed "D'oh!" in his Homer Simpson voice.  He'd been planning to have Gammazon come in AFTER the group had been mindfucked.)

<Psai> We got you again, didn't we?  I'm getting a little tired of this.  Why do you keep Gming if you just keep rehashing the same old stuff?


<Technique> Everybody please.  Blaming the GM doesn't help.  Besides, since none of US wants to get off our butts and run games, we can't really complain.

<GM> Yeah guys.  It's hard coming up with new plotlines and stuff when you don't know who's gonna show up from week to week.

<Technique> But I *do* have an alternative though.  I was surfing a few days ago and I found a new site at MMMM.com.

<Portia> A new site?

<Technique> Words can't describe how cool it is.  You really need to visit it and see for yourselves.  Supposedly they've got lots of different Gms who are interested in running.

GM> Well, since tonight's game is a bust, might as well take a look.

GM> I guess I'll see everyone next week.  E-mail me if anyone's interested in solos.

* * * * *

As everyone logged off the chatroom, Rob...or Bobby as she preferred to be known...giggled.  It was so much fun fooling those silly boys into thinking that she was a guy too.  Not Technique, of course (who was very OBVIOUSLY female, she thought with a grin), but the persona of Robert her player.  That was what it was all about, what made it so exciting.  A game within a game, playing with pieces that didn't know they were being moved.

That was probably why she'd been so...dissatisfied lately.  She had nothing personal against Reggie, but his gamemastering had been so boring and predictable lately.  So one dimensional.

She'd discovered so many things lately.  She was eager to share them with her online friends.

"So now it's time to take things to a NEW level", she annouced.  The black woman slipped her fingers down to her eager pussy and started to jack off as she thought of her fellow gamers.

They'd come to enjoy this new game as much as she did, if not more.

* * * * *

Nathan fidgetted nervously in his chair.  At 15 years old, his parents always  popped up at the most inconvenient moments.  It'd be just his luck to be at a site full of hot naked babes as his mom walked in.  He quickly typed MMM.COM into his browser and waited for the page to come up.

It wasn't that he disliked his parents, he thought as the page started loading.  They let him do all the normal kid stuff, like skateboarding and going out with his buds.  It was just that...well, to them he was just that.  A kid.

That's why he liked playing Firepower so much.  The other Femmetastics didn't ask him any embarrassing questions or freak out about a teenager playing in a game that had explicit sex and bondage in it.  They accepted him as an adult, something he could get no where else.

Still, he wished that somehow he didn't have to worry about being treated like a child any more.

Fifteen minutes later, Nathan's mother walked by the door...and paused.  She had the strangest impression that she'd wanted to do something there but she couldn't for the life of her think of what.  She shrugged and moved on.

* * * * *

Across the Atlantic Ocean, Humberto sighed as he ran over the events of the game in his mind for what seemed like the hundreth time. Of course, english wasn't his native language, so he might be missing some of the nuances...but it looked as if the group might be breaking up.

This saddened him greatly.  They were all his friends, their faults and foibles notwithstanding.  Even Reggie, who'd been blatantly abusing his power as gamemaster as of late and treating the characters as if they were his private doormats, was a good person despite his flaws.

All he wanted was for the game to be enjoyable and challenging for everyone involved.  That's why his character, the ninja Psai, didn't speak.  At all.  It forced everyone to think more about what they were doing.
Maybe this new site would be the answer.  Maybe it would have the thing they needed for everyone to act as a team for once....

* * * * *

Warren was also feeling more than a bit morose as the plans for the evening evaporated.  As he often did when he had a little free time, he went to the website that he'd designed around his character: Portia's Portal.  There he kept records of not only her adventures (with links back to campaign pages, most of them sadly defunct), but character sheets in several game systems and galleries of the dozens of pictures he'd had done of her at conventions (he was particularly proud of the one he'd gotten from Adam Hughes).

He added the new digital pictures he'd had taken of the custom action figure as he brooded.  "Looks like another campaign down the tubes", he sighed.  Of course, that didn't surprise him.  It seemed that most online games just weren't long term things.  That worked to his benefit, of course, since it allowed him to use and reuse his favorite character over and over again.

Of course, some games were better than others.  If he'd known ahead of time that this was one of those kinky mind control and/or domination things, he wouldn't have started up in the first place.

Portia was a great character with loads of history and potential, just as good or better than the pablum that the big comic companies were churning out, he thought sullenly.  Why was it that she was always got stuck in these weird and freaky campaigns with gamemasters who wouldn't know a good plotline if it leapt up and bit them on the ass?

Maybe it was just the chat gaming thing.  He personally much preferred email games where he could ponder his moves, though Portia had originally been a character in a face to face game.  But who knew?  Maybe Rob was onto something with this new site.  It was damn sure that the old one wasn't working for him any more.

"Why is it that Portia can't get the recognition she deserves?"

* * * * *

David pulled up in front of his girlfriend Julie's house in his beat up old Audi.  He eased his lean and lanky swimmer's body out, hair still dripping on his shirt.  He knew that this was her 'gaming' night, the one where she hung out online with her computer friends, but he was hoping that she might want to go out instead.  Actually, he was HOPING to 'eat in', he thought with a lusty grin.

Frankly, he didn't get this whole online thing, but he appreciated that sometimes it made her randy as hell.  After all, she'd bought that cute french maid's outfit after one of her games.  Sometimes she'd wear after she got worked up online.  That always gave him a raging boner.  That and the sexy accent.  It just drove him wild.

Anticipating another easy lay, he fished out his key and strode into the living room.  He smiled as he saw the maid's outfit laid out on the couch.  "Julie, you home?", he called out.

"Oui cheri," came a husky purr from the bedroom.  David grinned as he heard her giggle.  There was something different about her voice.  It was...more erotic somehow.  He felt himself getting stiff already.

"So what's up?" he asked, unbuttoning his shirt.  "No game tonight?"

"I thought we could play something a bit...different," she answered lustily.  "As for the others, I'll be meeting them later."

"Sounds good to me," he said, undoing his pants and letting them drop to the floor.  "C'mon out and I'll help you get into your clothes."

"Actually," she retorted, "I thought we could play something different.  Take off your boxers."

He smirked, thinking that she must be in a really kinky mood to have strip right there where the neighbors might see.  In a trice, they were down on the floor with the pants.  "Okay, what next babe?"

"I was thinking that YOU would look tres cute as my maid", she snickered.

He scowled towards the back bedroom.  "You have GOT to be kidding me."

"Put it on!" she ordered.  "Si vous plait", she added in a honey sweet voice as an afterthought.

He looked confused for a moment and then plopped down on the couch, struggling with the fishnet stockings and garter belt.  "Okay...but this had better be good."

"Believe me, I'm already enjoying myself", she laughed.  "Oh, no panties with that.  They'd just get in the way."

After much grunting and groaning, he managed to squeeze into the outfit.  Funny, it'd been tight on Julie but it now seemed to be more his size.  Even the high heels fit, though they were frightfully uncomfortable.  He stood up and looked into a mirror.  His erection jutted prominently from the lacy underskirt.  "I look like some kind of freak," he bitched.

"But David, mon cher...you should ENJOY dressing up like that.  You look so pretty, so feminine."  The horny woman in the bedroom could hardly contain herself.

As he examined his image a bit more critically in the mirror, he realized she was right.  There was a certain perverse thrill to all of this.  His cock was throbbing.
"And I remember that you said once how you thought french maids were so erotic.   So servile.  So why not just go for it?"  She groaned in anticipation.

That's right, he thought.  They were sexy.  HE was sexy.  So he had to be subservient.  "Whatever you want...Mistress."

"Le accente?" she asked harshly.

"Pardon me, Mestress," David replied in a pathetic attempt to imitate her sultry tones.  "Eet will not 'appen again."  It was made even more ludicrious by the fact that he didn't know a word of the language.

"Of course it won't.  Now go into the kitchen and fix dinner for me."

In an unintentional parody of a slinky feminine wiggle, David moved out to the kitchen, his only thought about what to fix that would most please his new Mistress....

In her bedchamber, the new mistress of the house smiled.

* * * * *

Too angry to surf, Reggie did what he always did when he was too pissed to think straight.  He played some online Quake and Half-Life.

*How could they do this to me?*, he thought as he started blowing people and things apart.  Apart from the forced sex stuff, which was pretty much expected from the genre, he was very lenient with them, letting them do as they will.  What hurt the most was that Rob had turned on him.  The two of them had known each other for most than a year on various servers, which in internet terms was practically forever.  There were times that his access was a little spotty...something to do with his offline girlfriend, he believed, but you could usually depend on him.  He'd was a little squirelly and had his own ideas about what he wanted to do, but he was very willing to help out with stuff.  He'd done Poser pics of several of his villains and had even played one of the Defiler's henchwenches with an earlier group of players.

After several hours of mindless violence, it was well past 2 am and he was feeling a bit better.  "I might as well take a look at that site he was going on about," Reg sighed.

He typed in the address and was greeted with a rather arousing drawing of a buxom young blonde in a scanty superheroine outfit sprawled in a bowl of chicken noodle soup.  Her eyes were a glassy white and glowed slightly.  From the way she was partially disrobed and the angle between her thighs, the pose probably would have been quite lewd if the golden liquid wasn't just up to her prominently erect nipples.

So distracting was the display that it took him a few moments to notice there were actually words on the page.  In a flowing script up above the picture was the legend "Mentally Manipulated Mega-Maidens" while it stated "ENTER" below it in bold letters.  There was a bit of animation to the picture that made steam rise up off of the bowl and form a word balloon: "Mm, Mm...Good!"

Reggie couldn't help but grin at the way the whole soup thing tied together with the site name.  "Cute.  Really cute."  He clicked on "ENTER".

There was a momentary delay as a Shockwave presentation loaded through his cable modem.  The girl on the front page now stood before him, out of the bowl and completely clothed as she smiled.  "Hello," she chirped in a happy bubbly voice, "and welcome to Mentally Manipulated Mega-Maidens, the site for the discerning fan of superhuman mind control."

If Reggie had been entertained by the front page, he was blown away by this display.  "Whoa!", he exclaimed under his breath.  He wondered who had done the voice.  It was so sultry and feminine with just the right hint of obedient cheerfulness.

As he marveled, a list of options appeared around her.  Debating, he clicked on MISSION STATEMENT first.  "Right away, Master!", she exclaimed as she flew up and touched the glowing words.

The animated image disappeared to be replaced by a text message.

Dear fan of psychic manipulation:

I'm glad you've found this, my little home away from home on the web.  Please, make yourself comfortable.

As a long time fan of the genre, I have been appalled at what passes for resources for our hobby on the internet, especially for those who enjoy roleplaying such escapades.  And those who DO have anything of worth usually decide to charge an arm and a leg for it.

Thus, I've set out to make this the ultimate site for such games.  I have a full array of downloadable files for your amusement, as well as a library of related images.  And it's all completely free!

But with all due modesty, my pride and joy is the chat room utility that I have created.  Specifically dedicated to the Master Control Character Creator (more on that in a bit), it allows players and Gms to finally get a decent mental image of whom they are interacting with as well as providing a variety of environments for them to interact with.  If you were impressed with my entry page, rest assured that "you ain't seen nothin' yet!".

The Master Control Character Creator (MCCC as I call it) is a utility that generates 3D character images.  To start, all you do is input a character sheet (anything from ASCII text to Creation Workshop files) and then answer the questions as they pop up on the screen.  No sheet?  No worries!  Though the process will take a little longer, you can start from scratch and manipulate the template in whatever way you choose.

Since the MCCC is so elaborate, everything else has taken a back seat as I finish the last few touches.  I would appreciate if everyone, Gms included, used it to make a persona for themselves even if you're not planning on playing.  Until you do, none of the site's member only functions will work for you.

Feel free to E-mail me if you have any questions, especially if you're a GM who wishes special access.

Best wishes,


Reggie pondered what he had read for a moment.  It all sounded very good...and there were lots of sites online that were basically labors of love.  But to his mind, it'd have a long way to go to be the "ultimate".  However, that didn't mean it wasn't worthy of further investigation.

He went back to the home page and choose "GAMEMASTER ACCESS".  The blonde retorted with a pretty pout and announced, "I'm sorry Master...you have not been given clearance for this area.  Please E-mail my lord  at mastercontrol@mmmm.com to arrange for a GameMaster's account."

After a bit of reflection, he decided to check things out a bit more before writing to this "Master Control".  He idly clicked on "OUR MASCOT" next.  The costumed woman disappeared to be replaced by an image of her stripped naked and bound spread eagled into a high tech restraining apparatus.  Though her body spoke of exquisite ecstasy, her face was frozen in a masque of pure pain and panic.  Metallic tentacles were firmly inserted in her nether regions with an additional one grafted to the back of her head.  Reg felt the lump in his pants start to swell as the picture animated, showing her writhing in her bonds as her eyes changed from a crystal blue to the glowing that she'd displayed before, her terror mutating to a look of fanatic glee.  Frankly, the 'after' look of rapture to her post-reprogramming was more horrific than her initial terror.  There was some text included:

Dear viewer:

When I first embarked upon my career as a supervillain, there was a young woman who saw fit to oppose me.  She was defeated, of course, and now lives only to serve my will.

Who she was before is not important, since that person no longer exists and never will again.  Likewise, giving her a new name would only lend dignity to her servitude.  She is a mindless marionette, as much a part of the machinery that supports this site as the server it is hosted upon.

For those that are interested, pictures and video of her training are available in the library on the Mascot subpage.  Use and abuse her as you see fit.

Have fun.  Rest assured that she has been retooled to provide for your every need while you are here and will cheerfully obey you as she does me.


Reg shivered a bit despite his arousal.  This Master Control guy was GOOD.  Anybody that could create a storyline like that would probably be a great GM.  It wouldn't hurt to at least go through the motions and see what was what.

Putting the thought to action, he selected "CREATE A CHARACTER".  The mascot nodded in satisfaction.  "Welcome sister!", she proclaimed happily as the screen changed to another message.  It pretty much just repeated the instructions that he'd been given before along with the assurance that the character concept would remain his property.  At the bottom was an "ENTER SHEET" button.

When he clicked on it, the usual Windoze file search box appeared.  With a grin on his face, Reg choose the most powerful version of Gammazon that he had.  "Time to see what this baby can do," he smirked as he chose "PROCESS".

Figuring that it would take some time, he was surprised when in 30 seconds a new screen popped up.  This one had an almost full frame 3D wire frame model on it that rotated slowly on its vertical axis.  A plethora of tabs adorned the edges of the image; things like "SUPERPOWERS", "MENTAL FUNCTIONS", "PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS", and other such things.  The spinning stopped for a second, his machine churned madly, and the wire frame turned into an almost photographically perfect model of his character which then began its slow turning again.

Reggie stared like a moonstruck calf at his fantasy come to life.  She was tall, almost 6' 6".  She was voluptuous, large busted and wide hipped in the typical fanboy superheroic fantasy mode.  Her flawless tan skin was mostly covered by a white skintight full bodysuit adorned with a large stylized green triangular "G" that had its base at her crotch and extended up to her ample breasts.  The floor length green cape was partially obscured by the cascade of lime green hair that reached a firm but well rounded ass.

Of course, there had been a picture that he'd done at a convention embedded as a Jpeg in the file.  But still, turning that flat two dimensional image into something that looked like it could have almost walked out of the screen and into the real world was nothing short of miraculous.

After he got over his shock, he experimented with clicking on some of the tabs.  Each one of them brought up certain aspects of the character, doing into more and more detail the further in he went.  Everything was there from her history to her likes and dislikes all the way to how fast she could fly in space.

There were a few things that disturbed him though.  While she'd always been sexy, this version was a little more...kinky than he thought it should be.  Some of the things he didn't mind...for example, her bust had increased to a 50EE, making her look more rounded and feminine.  But a shaved pussy?  No.  Pierced nipples?  Definitely not.  Submissive tendencies with a fondness for mind control and transformation?  Hardly.

Given what the program had been able to extrapolate on its own though, he could hardly bitch about flaws like that.  Obviously those things represented Master Control's bias.  And after he found out that he could go through and edit any of Gammazon's characteristics, he just went and changed things back to the way they 'should' be.

Satisfied that things were now to his liking, he clicked the "SUBMIT" button.

And the world went black.

* * * * *

Awareness came slowly back.  It was like all of his senses were being passed through a kaleidoscope...everything seemed distorted and jumbled, body feeling strange.

Reg groaned.  Eyes still closed, she leaned back in her chair, brushing the long green hair from her face as she massaged her throbbing temples.

Wait a minute.

Long hair?

Cracking open her eyes, she brought up several strands of hair to her blurry vision.  It was a light lime green and held by a woman's hand in a dark green glove.

"Oh my God!", squeaked Regina.  "I've become a girl!"

In a shorter time than it took the time to form the conscious thought to look at herself, she was before the full length mirror and staring.  She was now Regina Carson...Gammazon.

As she was getting over that little shock, it also occurred to her that this was not the dingy little apartment that Reggie had been living in for the last few years.  The bedroom was spacious and breezy.  Through the glass doors, she looked out and saw the small private animal reserve where she did her research on mutagenic radiology.
Fact and figures flowed unbidden through her mind as she thought about her life.  She remembered times, dates, people...

She couldn't deny it.  Somehow, she now HAD the life of the fictional character that she'd come up with long ago.  In fact, it was getting harder and harder to imagine herself as anything BUT that woman.

The emerald tressed beauty looked back to her image in the mirror.  "How did this happen?", she wondered aloud.  "I mean, she was just a character...my gaming character."

She ran her fingers along the inside of her arm.  The sensation was a lot more intense than it would have been in the male body.  The fabric of her costume, made of a specially developed spandex, was slick and smooth to the touch.  She remembered with some pride that it was one of her best inventions, a living organism that consumed sweat and other body fluids as nourishment while being able to regenerate, mending rips and tears in itself.  The profits she made off of that patent were part of what funded the Femmetastic Five.

Her uniform did little to hide her arousal as she thought of her beauteous charges.  She preferred not to adventure with them as a general rule, but she did keep close tabs on them in case they needed her help.  It was the least she could do for...Sonique.

A soft moan escaped her full luscious lips as she thought of the exotic frenchwoman.  Of course, all of the Femmetastics were gorgeous, but there was just something about that husky sexladen french accent.

Reg noticed with a mix of shock and amusement that her nipples were erect.  The part of her that used to be male, embarrassed beyond belief, tried to stop herself as her hands reached up to pinch the swollen nubs; but the female part, gaining more dominance by the moment, only smiled as she pleasured herself as she had so many times before.

Twin daggers of pleasure shot through her mind, shredding Reggie's objections.  She rolled her more than ample boobs in her palms, groaning as her heightened senses turned the simple motions into a veritable symphony of sensation.

Not that these feelings were at all unfamiliar.  Unable to interact with normal people because of her looks and inhuman strength, Regina had long ago overcome the mental stigma attached to masturbation.

Hips swaying, Regina turned and went back to the bed, smiling in anticipation.  Heedless of her powerless passenger's protests, she lowered herself gently to the mattress, spreading her legs wide.  A few quick strokes of her fingers brought the first of countless orgasms.

Several minutes later, Gammazon lay on her bed, basking in the post-coital glow.  Reggie was practically whimpering in anguish. *I...I never wanted her to be some kind of freak!*, he shouted mentally.
Much to his surprise, there was an answer.  A calm feminine voice, soothing yet commanding, tried to comfort him. *What did you expect?*, Regina replied with more than a little amusement. *You give me a fantasy body and the libido of a hyperactive Playboy Bunny...were you expecting that I'd be satisfied with an occasional tryst with the Femmetastic Five?  I'm sorry to disappoint you with my lack of fidelity, but it's only simple cause and effect here.*

*You...you can talk to me!*, he exclaimed in surprise.

*Actually, 'talk' isn't the precise term.  My telepathic abilities are connecting the two portions of our psyche and allowing us to communicate.  I will grant you though that the effect is the same.*

*And I suppose that the term 'give' that I used before is something of a misnomer as well,* she continued, ignoring his attempts to interject. *While I'm aware of the theory advanced that fictional characters are of the projections of the superego of authors, I'm more a devotee of the proposed hypothesis that they are connecting mentally to certain alternate universes where....*

*STOP!*, he 'screamed' as loud as he could.  "Hold up!"

*Yes?*, she answered in a blase tone.

*You're Regina Carson...Gammazon?  A human woman who was kidnaped by a race of super advanced amazons, given super powers as part of becoming a weapon to assault their world, but who freed herself and took their ship's technology to establish yourself as a genius inventor?*

*Why yes, Expository Dialogue Lad,* she giggled in amusement. *I am that very person.*

Reggie was beginning to get a bit pissed at her patronizing attitude. *Okay then, if you're so smart...am I on your world or are you on mine?*

*A good question,* she admitted. *Sounds like a little empirical evidence is called for.*

With that, she launched herself off of the bed and shot into the air.  Before Reggie could object to her impulsive plan, she'd already passed through the holo-force field covering the ranch.  Raw Antarctic winds whipped around her voluptuous body as she blatantly sneered at the laws of gravity (not that she hadn't already been disregarding them....) and shot into the airlessness of space.  Neither of those environments caused her the slightest bit of discomfort, though Reg DID notice that the friction caused by the air sliding over her curvaceous form at mach-busting speeds was quite arousing, at least once he recovered from the sheer shock.

*Gahhhh!*, he cried out in mortal terror. *Give a guy a little warning next time!*

An amused smile crept over her lips even as she admonished him to be quiet.  She hovered a few thousand miles off of the Earth's surface and scanned Europe (where it was day) with her telescopic vision. *Hmmmm...I don't see the headquarters of Les Libertines or the Sloan Rangers.  No sign of Lady Dread's stronghold.  My educated guess would be that this is NOT my native Earth.*

She turned her head and then frowned. *That's odd though.  The Femmetastic Five's HQ is standing right where it should be in Manhattan.*

*I guess that's where we should head to,* suggested Reggie.

*Agreed.* Tapping a couple of concealed buttons on the back of her glove, she commanded the alien ship that powered her Antarctic base to teleport them to New York City.  In less time than it takes to tell the tale, Gammazon was standing on a building a few blocks away from her friends' HQ.  It was still a couple of hours before dawn and the city was illuminated by the glowing street lamps.

She trained her Gammavision on the building. *It's completely empty.  I wonder where they could have gone to?*

"How about right behind you?", asked Technique aloud, stepping out from a concealing elevator shed.  The busty black woman smiled, a tinge of contempt in her eyes hidden behind her visor.

Regina turned, smiling in relief as the rest of the team except for the ninja came out from hiding.  "Thank goodness.  I assume you all just found yourselves here too?"

Firepower nodded, a grim grin pulling the corners of her mouth.  "Yeah.  It was kinda a surprise.  But it'll work out, I'm sure." Her hands drifted to her hips.

"Oui," Sonique chimed in, beaming.  "Just be calm and everything will be magnifique."

Despite themselves, the two versions of Reg Carson found themselves relaxing, the request made an imperative by subliminal subsonic hypnosis.  "Okay.  So what's up?", the flying powerhouse asked with a grin.

"Your number," retorted the negro, pushing a button on her belt.

The green haired heroine swayed a bit, overcome with a lethargic lightheaded feeling.  "Wha...?"

"Just a damping field I came up with that inhibits high energy states in organic tissues," Technique replied.  "It won't hurt you...but it'll neutralize those nasty super powers of yours for a while."

Gammazon was about to protest, but faster than the eye could follow, Firepower had an odd looking pistol in her hand.  With a *paff!* of compressed gas, it launched a 3" radius disk into the larger heroine's midsection, covering her navel.

Regina winced as she felt it adhere with barbs around the outside and forcibly insert a probe into her belly button.   "Owww!," she yelped.  "There'd better be a damn good explanation for all of this...."
Firepower smirked.  "Shut up, bitch.  It's happy time."  She flipped a switch on the launcher.

Suddenly, the device that had grafted itself onto Gammazon began stimulating her pleasure centers.  A pink fog enshrouded the heroine's mind as her conscious thoughts dissolved into a thousand tiny random globs.  A half-witted grin came over her face as she began to drool.

"Poor thing," Portia cooed, gazing on the amazon with now undisguised lust.  "Not even smart enough now to take off your clothes, are you?  Let me help."  She gestured to the helpless heroine whose clothing dissolved in a cloud of golden sparkles and teleported off of her body, reassembling underneath a garbage dump in New Jersey.

Silent as a shadow, Psai drifted in behind her target.  She made two precise jabs to the base of the larger woman's neck, which removed Regina's control over her voluntary muscles.  The almost seven foot beauty was now little more than a storefront mannequin to be posed as her captors desired.  She nodded to Sonique and began to disrobe, leaving her mask on.

The others followed suit.  "This idea of yours," the french beauty commented to Technique, "c'est si bon!  You don't know how long I've wanted to give the mighty Gammazon a taste of her own medicine."  She sashayed up to the paralyzed heroine.  "Always taking advantage of us after the villains have us at their mercy.  What sort of a heroine is that?"  She ran her finger along the green thatch of their victim's leaking pussy and tasted it, giggling coquettishly.

"Don't be greedy," growled Firepower as she joined her leader.  "We agreed to share."

"Of course," purred Technique soothingly, massaging the gunsel's shoulders as she kissed the nape of her neck.  "Regina will be out of it for at least an hour.  More than long enough."

The group assisted the hyperdeveloped young woman to her knees.  They swirled about her, each indulging their most perverse fantasies on the entranced heroine.

Regina was completely at their command, unable to resist physically or mentally.  Reggie, on the other hand, wasn't quite so lucky (or was, depending on your point of view).  He screamed helplessly, trying to block out the alien sensations trying to immerse his psyche.  But the orgasmic imperative would not be denied.  He drowned in sensation, mired more and more willingly in the quicksand of the feminine form.

As he lost count of the orgasms, reality began to slip away.....

* * * * *

Gammazon moaned as consciousness slowly returned.  She was in a dungeon of some kind, bound spread eagled to a cross frame.  She tugged against her shackles, but her powers were apparently still neutralized.  The metal didn't give a bit.
"Oh, you're awake!", Technique grinned, pulling her top back up as she approached the amazon.  "So...did you enjoy yourself?", she asked with a smirk.  "Not the character...but YOU, Reggie?"

"Rob!", she cried.

"Actually, that's Bobby now...or Bobbi," she retorted.  "I kinda like the 'i' at the end better.  It's more...girly.  Softer and less threatening."  She giggled a bit.

"Dammit dude, what happened to you?", asked the green haired heroine despondently.  "I mean...this is fucked up."

The black woman smiled.  "Reg, you don't know HOW fucked up this is.  But that's all right.  You'll learn...and you'll love it, just like I do."

"But to answer the question," she continued, moving to a chair and table in front of Gamma and sitting down to work on another device, "I found this program out on the web called Master PC.  I downloaded it and found out it could control people, turn them into whoever or whatever I wanted them to be."

"I dinked around with it a bit just to make sure that it worked.  Turning the landlord into a horny Christi Canyon, had Bill Gates cut me a check for a couple million bucks, things like that.  And then I got to thinking."

She leaned forward, her eyes glittering intensely.  "Could it work on fictional characters too?  What about someone that was only an idea?  Like a roleplaying character?  What would happen if I tried to manipulate something like that?"

"I thought about bringing TK...Technique...to life, but that seemed kinda lame.  I mean, she's cute and all, but a nobody compared to somebody like Gammazon."  She began to solder connections as she continued working on the small box in her hands.

"And then it hit me.  Why not make a physical manifestation of the Master PC program?  If it worked, I'd be able to control anyone and anything WITHOUT being tied to any physical instrumentality at all!  God, I get so wet just thinking about it!"  She leaned back and jacked herself off before Gammazon's astonished gaze.

"So what happened?", the white woman asked, trying to think of some way out of this.  It was obvious that Bobby had gone off the deep end, that becoming female had driven him nuts.

"You know that bit from Forbidden Planet, that old sci-fi flick with Leslie Nielsen?  The big bit in there was 'monsters from the id', uncontrollable bogeymen from deep inside of you?  Well, I found out it was true."  She sighed happily.

"My experiment with Master PC worked.  He...it..manifested in OUR world from an idea that I had in my mind.  And his reward to me was making me the first of his devoted super slaves."
"I'm now Technique.  Totally and completely," she asserted, punctuating it by snapping the case she was working on closed.  "He changed me from Rob...whatever his name was to this hot little piece of nigger ass.  And I couldn't be happier."

"Of course, the SO freaked when she saw me," she sighed.  "I tried explaining it all to her rationally, but she went gonzo and tried to smash my computer.  Master Control put her down...HARD.  What's left of her is that cute blonde number that works his website.  Too bad too.  There's a part of me that still likes black women best."

"So the next step was bringing all of you in.  MC made the site and read your minds as you entered your characters, allowing the creation of full-blown templates that we could overlay onto you guys.  I gotta admit that it worked great...except for you."

"There's more...but I think MC wants to talk to you himself.  So...upsy daisy!  Here we go!"  She pressed a button on the remote that she'd been working on.  The cross frame that Gammazon was bound to morphed into a sleek hi-tech metallic bondage suit that secured her just as firmly as the stocks had.  The green haired woman struggled as her arms were forced to cross behind her back, but her powers were still neutralized.  She balanced on a pair of glittering 10" stiletto heels that flowed seamlessly into silvery stockings and a garter belt, leaving both tits and cunt exposed.  A thick metal collar completed the outfit.

"Mmmmm...good enough to eat!", exclaimed the negro with a lusty grin.  She smacked the helpless woman on an exposed asscheek.  "Now MARCH!"

Her prominent breasts thrust even further forward than normal, Regina's voluptuous body flushed red with shame as she was forced to strut down the hall in a precise and mechanical goosestep.  Technique couldn't help but look on admiringly as the firm ripe boobs jiggled furiously in time with the cadence of her steps.  "Wonderful...wonderful!  I gotta say, I always loved Gammazon.  I mean, sure it's a blatant ripoff powerwise, but the LOOK she has always made me hot."

For a while, they just walked in silence, the only sound the metallic ring of her bootsteps.  "Just answer one thing for me Rob...Bobby...whatever you're calling yourself now.  Why?  I mean, I thought we were friends."

The black woman smiled.  "We are!  It might not seem like it now, but I'm doing you a favor.  You can't IMAGINE what's in store for you.  If you thought your new body was mind-blowing, just wait till your mind gets altered too.  You'll wonder why you ever wanted to be any other way.  Trust me."

Then she stopped and gave the other woman a kiss and a quirky smile as they paused at a doorway.  "Besides...you know that I always liked being the traitor."

With a giggle, the negro pushed open the doors to reveal the interior of a grass hut.  The air was warm against Gamma's bare skin.  There was a scent of orchids in the air, a heavy and almost intoxicating scent.  Out a window, she could see the surf crashing against a moonlit tropical beach.  In the middle of the central chamber, the rest of the Femmetastic Five stood at rigid attention, staring unblinking into an anteroom which unlike the other torchlit sections was shrouded in darkness.

"Ah," declared an unseen speaker in a rich commanding basso voice.  "The last of my 'guests' has arrived.  Welcome, Regina Carson.  Or would you prefer to be called Gammazon?"

"I'd prefer to be called the person who kicked your scrawny ass," she snarled, writhing fetchingly in her bonds, unable to step any further forward after Technique placed her in line with the others.  After positioning the emerald tressed captive, the negro also got into line, adopting the same pose and glassy stare of her teammates.

He chuckled.  "Such fire.  How unfortunate that I'll have to extinguish it to fulfill my programming."

"So you're the big bad Master Control," she jeered.  "Why don't you let us see you?  Are you afraid of us poor slave girls?"

"Don't presume to taunt me, my dear," he cautioned.  "As for showing myself...you don't NEED to see me.  It is enough that my voice and my will are all that I need to manipulate you and your reality as I see fit."

"Yeah right!", the former gamemaster scoffed.  "I'll give you that you control me and the Femmetastic Five.  But all of reality?"

"Foolish woman, didn't you notice that when you came into being that you were in your little Antarctic hideaway?  Do you honestly believe that existed BEFORE you came into being?"

Regina blanched.  That point had indeed eluded her in the excitement of exploring her new form and its powers.  "So what now?", she asked, a cold chill running through her.  "Do you capture all of the other superhumans in the world and do this to them too?  Do you go on to control the world?"

There was a moment of silence...then booming laughter rolled forth from the darkness.  "Gammazon, what makes you think that I *want* to rule normal humans?  Such boring and mundane creatures would hardly be worth my time and resources."


"I was created for one purpose and one purpose only," he proclaimed dramatically.  "I exist to manipulate and control the Femmetastic Five...to fulfill their domination fantasies and other desires for their roleplaying personas.  They...and you...will become extensions of my will, living for all eternity as marionettes, dancing as I pull your strings."

"B...but that's insane!", protested the amazon heroine.  "Why on God's green earth would you waste your talents like that?  The world could be...."

"I don't CARE about your world," he snapped.  "Just you and the others.  Nothing else matters.  Just as YOU will be moving according to my whims, so do I follow the dictates of my programming.  There is no point to questioning it.  It is the new way of things, and the sooner you accept it the sooner we can move past this discussion."

"So the whole thing with the site was a fake?  Just something you cooked up with Robert?"  Her low husky voice was tinged with bitter hatred.

"Bobbi had nothing to do with it," the unseen villain retorted.  "By the time I'd reached that stage of my evolution where I needed the faux webpages to lure the rest of you in, she had already changed into Technique.  She was much more useful to me in that form than her male identity.  As for the site, I am undecided about whether to make it fully functional or not.  Even just as a facade for the Master Control interface, it did perform quite admirably.  Perhaps I will eventually decide to expand my horizons, finding other submissives who need me to control and remake their lives.  For now though, the Femmetastic Five will have my full undivided attention."

"Wait a minute!", she objected vehemently.  "I'm not part of their group!  I'm NOT one of their members, so why pick on me?"

"At last a logical question," Master Control acknowledged.  "First of all, you are a part of their...gaming group, I believe the idiom is.  You have participated in their adventures...and enjoyed them, unless I read your thoughts inaccurately.  As individuals, your former selves were all unimportant and will not be missed.  But if I just took them and left you, that might come to someone's notice.  I don't wish to leave any 'loose ends'."

Then he hesitated.  "The other reason is...more personal.  An odd admission from one such as me, but it holds true none the less."  There was another pause that had an aura of...embarrassment about it. "Does your Bible not have a commandment in it that mentions other deities?"

"Uhh, I think so," the captive heroine answered.  "'Thou shalt have no other gods before me' is how I think it goes."

"Quite so," the unseen mastermind affirmed.  "You are the only other entity who has domineered the Femmetastic Five.  Only YOU have truly been able to bend them to your will."

"I am a jealous god, Regina Carson.  The Femmetastic Five are MINE now, to use and abuse as I wish.  I find I like this power...and I will not relinquish it ever again."

Gammazon tried to protest, but she found that she could no longer speak.  "You are a threat to my dominance over them.  A minuscule, almost inconceivable threat, but one none the less.  As a creature of logic and duty, I *must* be completely assured of my power."

"And so you will join their ranks.  It saddens me that you are not submissive by nature, so you will need to be broken and your psyche remade.  It is a shame that you didn't simply accept the version of Gammazon that I had altered.  That would have taken care of matters simply and efficiently by changing you into someone more appropriate for their new adventures   However, my programming is advanced enough that I am able to adapt.  I could simply will a new persona into existence for you, but now somehow the prospect of brainwashing you, breaking your spirit on the wheel of my power excites me.  Perhaps that's another failing of my unique origin, but I choose to embrace rather than deny it."

"And now, if you'll forgive me, your new teammates require my attention.  If I require it, you will assist in this in whatever fashion I require.  You cannot move, speak, or act in any fashion except as I direct you.  You will retain your free will and mentality however, fully able to comprehend what is being done to your friends."

There was a flash of light and Gammazon's costume was restored.  She moved into a position of military attention as the others blinked their eyes, able to perceive the real world once again.

"Welcome back, ladies," the master villain declared.  "I'm glad that I finally have you all in one place so we can finish our...business with each other.  I know how eager you are to serve me; rest assured that these delays have been necessary to ensure our bonds together."

All the enthralled women except for Gammazon grinned eagerly.  Longing to obey burned in each of them.  Their capture at the 'hands' of Master Control was a dream come true.

"I have decided that I will let your team continue as a unit," he continued in an imperious tone.  "It will be much easier to keep track of you if you are all located in one place."

All five of them nodded as one.  Gammazon had a wild look of horror in her eyes as if she wanted to scream, but her voice was no longer hers.

"However, there will be changes.  Starting from this moment, you will discard your secret identities and be superhumans 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Further, you no longer need sleep.  The physical need for it has been removed from your bodies."

"As for psychologically, you will no longer need to dream.  Your short term memory has been obliterated and I decide what is and isn't in your long term memory.  So you now literally only think and know what I *allow* you to; except for Gammazon of course, who requires SPECIAL training.  Of course you are all glad that I have relieved you of the burden of individual thought.  You will only retain enough of what you USED to be so that you will feel only fulfillment and complete satisfaction at your new state of being.  There will be not the slightest notion of going back to what you once were."

Again the group nodded happily.  There were a few jealous sidelong glances at the huge green haired amazon.  How luck she was to receive Master Control's individual programming!

For her part, Regina just wanted to crawl into a hole and die.
"Now, I've given the matter of keeping you together a great deal of thought.  Normally, I would have to recreate all of your old enemies here in order to keep you busy.  However, I think that I've come up with a rather...elegant solution that will also fill up all of that free time that you've just recently acquired as well as serving me that much better."

"In addition to being members of the Femmetastic Five, each of you will begin solo careers as supervillains, performing crimes as I direct you.  Of course, since you have no need for anything that I don't give you, any proceeds of these activities become mine.  I will be giving you these second identities later as I see the need for them arising.  I'm sure that you'll appreciate being able to express yourselves though these more erotic and kinky motifs, especially as you come into conflict with your former companions."

"As a normal matter of course, you are all extremely competent and skilled in the use of your abilities as heroes.  However, when you face your teammates as their villainous personae, you will subconsciously sabotage your efforts against them, allowing yourselves to be captured and put into death traps as required.  Conversely, if you are operating as villains, you may be fully effective capturing your fellows and escaping from them, but any torture devices or death traps you make will be more titillating than dangerous."

Regina groaned mentally.  Not only had they all turned into mindless sexpots (except for he...him), but now the characters in his carefully crafted game were now going to become supervillainesses too.  How could things get any worse?

Of course, everyone else thought this was a great idea, another example of Master Control's stunning brilliance.

Master Control caught Reggie's errant thought and felt a flush of satisfaction move through him.  Despair was already smoothing the rough edges of the human's psyche.  It would only be a matter of a day or two, maybe mere hours, of the rather special torment he had chosen before that mind was polished to a shiny happy and quite pliant patina.  Time to throw a bit more fuel to the fire to make things that much more hopeless looking to him....

"Now, I've arranged a special little...treat for all of you to celebrate your first night as my slaves.  Portia?"

"Yes, master?", she purred sexily as she stepped forward, happily displaying herself just a bit more prominently.

"We need refreshments...and someone to serve them."  She glowed for an instant as her superheroine costume changed into a slutty black silk cocktail waitress' outfit about three sizes too small for her.  The engorged nipples of her enlarged tits jutted out from the top of her dress just as her dewy bush peeked out from between fishnet stockings and a white crinoline underskirt. A garish "BT" was stitched in gold thread right in the middle of the decolletage to draw even more attention to the lewd display of cleavage.

Portia smiled as all eyes turned to her.  At last, she was the center of attention, the object of desire for everyone around.  It was her dream become reality.

"May I take your orders ladies?", she asked as she turned about smartly on her 6" heels to face her former teammates.  "Your BarTender is now open."

The black woman grinned.  "I'll have milk...from the tap."

"Yes ma'am," she murmured as she stepped up to the other woman.  Without further ado, Technique leaned down and latched onto a teat, sucking noisily as she fingered herself.

"Champagne si vous plait," requested Sonique, her green eyes glittering.  "C'est une celebration, non?"

BarTender  nodded and reached into the air, a fluted wineglass appearing at the command of her teleportation powers.  She groaned as she placed it to her unoccupied nipple and milked the tit into it, providing the bubbly wine that been requested.  She unconsciously licked her lips as the taste of it filled her mouth.

As she handed the elegant crystal to the redhead, she looked to Psai.  Like any good BarTender, she remembered her customers' preferences.  In the blonde's case, there was room for precious little else.  "You enjoy sake served warm,"she stated rhetorically.

The ninja nodded slightly.  Soon she was lifting up her mask (careful not to let anyone see underneath) and sipping happily from a small ceramic flask as BarTender waited for Firepower's order.

The former mercenary scowled.  "Coffee," she ordered tersely.  She always got a little testy when she was horny and couldn't do anything about it.  "Black.  Strong.  And make sure it's HOT."

The servant nodded and conjured up a coffee cup, gasping with a mix of pain and pleasure as she filled it with the steaming brown liquid.  Technique suckled a bit off of that tit as well before she pulled away, satisfied for the moment.

BarTender  stepped in front of Gammazon.  "Your order mademoiselle?"

Reg wanted nothing to do with this lewd display, but before she could refuse Master Control seized control of her voice box.  "I'd like root beer.  In a frosty mug."

The dark haired woman nodded and conjured a traditional glass stein covered with a layer of white.  She smiled as she parted her legs and eased the frigid container between her legs, gasping in delight as she felt her slick thighs and clit momentarily adhere.

*Oh God,* the larger heroine thought in disgust. *She's not going to.....*

The expression of simple minded relief on BarTender's face made it obvious how she had filled Gammazon's glass.  She took it out from between her legs and gave it to the green haired woman.  "Prosit!", she chirped, moving off to the side and posing with her newly prominent breasts thrust forth in case anyone should want a refill.

Regina looked at the brown fluid with revulsion.  Even though it did have a head like normal root beer and even SMELLED like the real thing, she wanted nothing to do with it.  But again the decision was taken out of her hands as Master Control forced her to drink from the frosted mug.

To her surprise, it actually WAS root beer.  And it was damn tasty.  There was an odd...musky hint to it, but that only served to make it more exotic and refreshing.  And the more she drank, the more she found she enjoyed it....

"And now," Master Control proclaimed, "perhaps a bit of music would fit our South Seas motif.  Sonique?"

"Yes Maitre Control?", the redhead queried, stepping to the fore and snapping to attention.

There was no answer, but suddenly Sonique changed.  Her costume disappeared, leaving her completely nude.  Her hair from the neck on down had been removed.  A series of six parallel straight lines ran down her front from the base of her neck between her ample breasts to her now bald pussy.  A tattoo of a row of piano keys circled the widest part of her hips, also touching her nether parts both fore and aft.  She unconsciously widened her stance as she felt her intestines  contort, spreading her asscheecks to display her an oddly altered sphincter.

"I've heard it said that a lover can be 'played' like an instrument," the unseen manipulator declared.  "Can that be said if one is fondling herself?  Let us see.  You may begin, Muzak."

The redhead closed her eyes and began to stroke herself.  As her fingertips touched the lines that had been tattooed onto her skin, soft guitar music filled the air.  Likewise, gentle tinkling filled the air as she ran her fingers over the piano keys.  She gasped in silent rapture as a quavering flute echoed forth from her anus.

And she began to play herself.

She somehow knew that the louder she played, the more intense her pleasure would be which allow her to cum...but since her function was only to play background music, she was denied the release of orgasm.  But that didn't matter.  Nor did it matter if it was her sonic powers producing the musical tones or if the outre alterations to her statuesque body were responsible.

She drifted dreamily off into a corner and continued strumming herself.  The world fell away as she devoted herself completely to her music...and Master Control.

"That's so much nicer, isn't it?", taunted the mastermind.  "But this place needs something else.  Psai!"
The masked oriental glided up to the fore and bowed deeply.  She still had not made a sound, even when the group had been up on the roof using Gammazon to sate their lust.

"I've heard that you acquired your incredible psychic powers through intense study and meditation.  Such a person obviously has a great deal to share with us."  There was a pause.  "Strip for me.  Now."

Obediently and in a businesslike manner, she slid off the spandex straps that she called a uniform.  Her body was firm and toned, showing the hours and hours she devoted to perfecting her physique.  Every hair from the neck on down had been removed, giving her skin a smooth and glossy glow.  She stood there at attention, wearing only her mask.

Inside Gamma's mind, Reggie blanched.  He hoped that this Master Control freak wouldn't have her take it off...he remembered in her origin story about how her clan had mutilated her to punish some nebulous transgression, culminating her torture by removing her tongue.

"ALL of it," he commanded.

Without hesitation, she put her fingers at the bottom of her mask...and pulled up.  It slid off easily, taking a wig with it.  Gamma stared in horror as she saw that there were no features on her head at all...it was like one of those high fashion mannequins that you'd see in the windows of department stores.    How the hell could she see, hear...even EAT like that?

Master Control chuckled at his discomfort.  "As you can see, I've made some...changes to a few of your Femmetastic Five in order to keep with some of their other fetishes.  For example, Humberto used to have a statue fixation.  Now, she lives it."

At his unspoken command, she moved to a darker corner of the grass hut.  As she gracefully padded across the room, Reggie noticed that her color was fading...that she was becoming transparent.  As she slid into a provocative pose, Psai turned completely clear, as see through as glass.  In the dim light, as she froze in place, she looked more like a busty lucite dressing form than a real person.

"Very good, my NiteLite," the puppetmaster complimented her.  "Now, your purpose is to illuminate this room.  However, you can only glow as you are sexually stimulated.  Now let's see...who do we have here that volunteers to pleasure you for that purpose?"

Regina jerked to a position of attention, the mug she had been holding shattering into a thousand pieces as it dropped to the floor.  "Why Gammazon, how noble of you!", her tormentor taunted.  "By all means...go over and pleasure your friend."

Though she tried mightily to resist, she could only move as he directed her.  Jerkily, she stumbled across the room and dropped to her knees in front of the transparent sextoy.  Reggie was terrified.  While he'd written a lot about things like this, like many cybergeeks he'd never actually DONE it.  As he stuck his nose up into NiteLite's crotch he remembered that aside from HIS new female equipment, this was the closest he'd been to a woman's vagina since he'd been born.

As Gamma's tongue slide over the pussy lips, she was surprised that they were warm...and still soft to the touch like normal flesh, the plastic appearance to the contrary.  There was that same muskiness that had been in the rootbeer, except more intense.  It was...nice.  Very nice.  She smiled as she began to explore the rubbery folds of skin.  Her efforts were rewarded by a gentle orange glow (matching the torchlight) that the oriental began to give off.

Hidden in the cloak of shadows, Master Control felt a surge of satisfaction as Reggie again easily slid into his feminine persona.  She'd make an excellent servant once that nasty masculine side of her was expunged.

For her part, Psai was long beyond forming coherent thoughts and opinions on her current state of being.  Her mind was locked into its current state, as unable to move or change as her now rigid body.  It was all her devotion and the persistent throbbing between her legs....

Firepower was also enjoying the show.  The mighty Gammazon; able to fly in space, bounce bullets off her overinflated chest, and lift ocean liners with her bare hands...and there she was on her knees eating out NiteLite like a cheap whore.  The heavy scent of sex in the air was also to FP's liking.  She fought hard and played hard.  But she scowled as a fly buzzed around her head.  She longed to reach out and swat it, but couldn't even conceive of taking action without her controller's permission.

"Aggravating, isn't it?", agreed Master Control in a conversational tone as he noted the frown on the dark haired woman's lovely face.  "Then again, I imagine that you've never been one to suffer annoyances gladly."

"No sir," she replied, waving her hand to try and convince the fly to move along, as much as she wanted to just squash it.  "I don't tolerate vermin.  I'm an exterminator.  It's what I do.  'Course, the ones I usually deal with are the two legged kind."

"Really?", responded the villain with more than a little sarcastic surprise.  "Well then, far be it for me to deny you a chance to exercise your considerable talents."

For a moment, FirePower wondered what he could be talking about.  Then the thought was driven from her mind as she was seized by an incredible horniness.  She gasped as her nipples became erect and her cunt started to burn.  As she reached up to her tits to attend to her need, she noticed she was lactating profusely.  Likewise, she could FEEL that her bush was now sopping wet.

The fly detected the new stronger and sweeter scent in the air.  Sensing a new food source, it zipped down and landed directly atop her engorged clitoris.  There was a sharp *zap!* and a tang of ozone as the gun for hire screamed in ecstasy, an orgasm shooting through her like a lightning bolt.

"You are my new BugZapper," Master Control informed her as her aureoles and inflamed pussy lips began to glow a deep violet color.  "Now go out onto the porch and make sure no more of those nasty flies bother us.  You will constantly play with yourself to keep your arousal up, but you cannot cum except as an insect dies against you.   Until I command differently, that will be the entire focus of your existence."

"YessSSAHHH!", she screamed as another fly electrocuted against her, "yes...Master...Control," she panted as she somehow managed to stagger out onto the moonlit beach.  Like her sisters in slavery, this perversion of her body met with nothing but approval from her newly warped psyche.  Any change that the Master made to make her more his property would be welcomed with fanatic enthusiasm.  Especially if it involved executions and orgasms, her two favorite activities.  Occasionally, her howls of exhilaration could be heard inside.

The computer created manipulator turned his attention to the last of the heroines.  "Well, Technique...that seems to have gone very well.  Thank you for your assistance."

The black woman nodded in satisfaction.  "Not a problem, sir.  It was my pleasure to betray my friends and serve your will."  She gazed lovingly into the darkness.  To think that it was her creation that had done all this.  She felt a surge of perverse parental pride.

"You will find that I reward diligence, especially in work as...meticulous as yours."

The gadgeteer felt a pleasurable tingling spread through her body as she began to shrink.  Her skin lightened a bit as she took on Polynesian features.  The shiny silver bodysuit morphed into a simple grass skirt.  Her now bare bosom swelled into a pair of firm and ripe melons with rock hard erect nipples.  "Th...thank you, sir," she moaned, barely able to wonder what the goal of this transformation was.

"So accurate," he added.

She felt a strange stirring down in her abdomen.  As she reached down to her taut stomach, she thought it might be some sort of pregnancy.  But to her surprise, her skin split to reveal an analog clock.  It wasn't the least bit painful, so she stroked her new body part as she watched the hour, minute, and second hands twirl about the clock face to the precise time.  That seemed only right that she should be set to the right time.

"So mechanically precise.  Almost like...clockwork," he finished with an evil chuckle.

The second hand marked another increment and she felt compelled to throw her hip out. "Tick," she trumpeted as she was overwhelmed by an orgasm.

Another second and her hips rocked to the other side.  "Tock," she declared as a second orgasm crushed her forming thoughts like a sledgehammer.

Like a life-sized version of one of the cheap hula dancer dolls that one might find on a car dashboard, her pelvis swivelled in time with the passage of seconds on the clock in her navel.  Her hands rose up to the back of her head and her fingers interlocked, freeing up her swaying tits to also jiggle in time with her shimmying hips.  "Tick...Tock...Tick...Tock," she proclaimed, marking the arrival of each second with a thrust of the hip and a mind shattering orgasm that assured her would never be able to form another coherent thought ever again.

"And now," Master Control announced, "last but not least.  You may stop, Gammazon.  I think that NiteLite has been charged up enough."

With an embarrassed flush, Reggie realized what he'd been doing and scrambled backwards.  She rolled to her feet and glared into the darkness.  "You...you MONSTER!", she roared.  "How could you DO all of this?  What kind of freak are you?"

"Freak?", asked the villain.  "Your words wound me, Gammazon.  I am only liberating the repressed fantasies of your friends and giving them flesh.  And now it's YOUR turn.  Let's indulge one of your hidden desires."

Regina tried to flee by flying away at super speed, but her powers were still negated.  She felt Master Control's power sweep over her again.  Her uniform burst into shreds as her hips grew even wider and her breasts inflated to the size of beach balls.  She could feel her intellect leaking away as if someone had opened a spigot in the back of her mind.

"Reggie, I know that you can hear me even though Gammazon's faculties are rapidly deteriorating," his tormentor announced.  "I will leave you a part of her psyche, walled off from controlling or influencing her in any way but fully able to experience all she does.  Eventually, your sense of self will dissolve and merge with her programming.  Until then, I suggest that you enjoy the 'ride' as best you can.  And when you have succumbed and turned into my sextoy in mind as well as body, then you shall rejoin the others as a a part of their NEW superheroine group - The Sexational Sextet."

As the last part of Reginald Carson railed and rattled the bars of his psychic prison, the villain turned back to Gammazon.  "And how do YOU like what I've done?"

"Gammie likes it just fine!", she chirped as she bounced up and down in excitement.  "Gammie can hardly wait to be fucked like the whore she is!  She especially likes her new titties...they make her feel so slutty!"

Master Control chuckled.  Of course, the 'real' remodeled Gammazon would not be nearly so dimwitted.  In fact, her redirected intellect might be a bit greater than it was previously as she wouldn't have to worry about making all of those mundane decisions for herself.  But making her mind into an oversexed bimbo's was the perfect brainwashing tool for Reggie.  He would dissolve under the constant torrent of sexual stimulus, melding into the malleable and licentious Regina.

"Not quite yet, Gammie...errr...Gammazon," he declared.  "First we need your new uniform."

The scraps of spandex from the uniform that had exploded off of her body leapt back onto her.  Her boots and gloves remained the same, but the white parts of her uniform were completely gone.  All that covered her now was the large 'G' that had previously adorned her front.  The upper corners of the triangle were now secured to her mammoth mammaries by unseen clips on the underside that hooked through her now pierced nipples.  Likewise, the base was fastened staunchly via a hole in her clitoris.  For extra support, it continued between her legs as a thong over her shaved pussy to terminate in a large dildo that was lodged firmly up her ass.

She bucked lewdly as the garment molded her outrageously oversexed body.  Fortunately, as before, it soaked up all of the juices that leaked from her, otherwise she would have been standing in the middle of a huge puddle in the floor.  "Th...thank you...Master Control," she panted.

"Please, think nothing of it," he declared modestly.  "And I mean that in the most literal sense."

Gammie giggled girlishly as she looked with undisguised lust at the other transformed women.  "Hey, is there a party goin' on here?  Can Gammie join in?"

"I'm afraid not...at least for a while," he answered.  "I have another more...important mission for you.  Close your eyes and clear your mind...what little there is left of it."

She nodded and shut her eyes, letting her mind go completely blank.

In his new reformatory, Reggie felt the world fade away.  Everything went blank, including his sense of time passing.

* * * * *

Gammie blinked, feeling an imperative to awaken.  She was...somewhere, but she didn't know where it was.  Everything was dark except for some funny writing hovering in the air off to both sides.

Suddenly, somehow she FELT someone looking at her.  She posed, hoping to keep his attention.  In the dim recesses of her mind, she knew that it was important somehow.  Like what she'd been born to do.  And just as unexpectedly, words suddenly popped into her mind that she had to say.

Reggie screamed helplessly as he realized where they were.

"Hello," she chirped in a happy bubbly voice, "and welcome to Mentally Manipulated Mega-Maidens, the site for the discerning fan of superhuman mind control....."

The End

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