Master PC: Julian's Education

Part III

Chapter 1

I awoke to the alarm clock and looked over at Holly sleeping contentedly beside me. Going downstairs I made a cup of coffee and booted up Master PC, calling up Holly's file. I sat back in my chair and sipped my coffee as I thought about what to do with my new slave. I could keep her to myself, cutting her off from the world. That would be cruel, not to mention difficult to do without drawing suspicion, and I rejected this course out of hand. I decided that she would continue her studies. I still had a job that required a great deal of work and attention, and I don't need a full-time slave. Holly would become my toy, a plaything to use while at leisure. I used Master PC to set up a program of verbal commands which would allow me to toggle her between her Holly-mode and her Hollyslave-mode. All I would need to do was say the name, "Hollyslave" to her and she would transform.

My next decision center around the question of how much knowledge Holly would have of her Hollyslave persona. I thought about this one for quite a few minutes before deciding that Holly would have full consciousness of her life as Hollyslave, even when she was merely Holly; however, she would be unable to communicate to anyone, by any method, what I was doing with her. I took a few minutes to come up with a discretion protocol to cover her behavior when we were together in public, actually two discretion protocols, one for Holly and another for Hollyslave. I quickly modified her so to prevent her pubic hair from re-growing.

I closed Master PC and started up my internet program, hoping that the cable company had restored the connection. I was happily surprised to see that it worked. I spent an hour or so answering e-mails from friends and colleagues, and one from my publisher in New York. I had considered using my free hours yesterday to drop in on him at his office, but I'm glad I didn't because I ran into Holly instead. As I was typing a few last messages Holly came downstairs and entered my den. She kneeled down and rested her head on my thigh. I spent a few short minutes typing and then closed the program; Holly said nothing--she hadn't permission to speak. "Good morning pretty Hollyslave. Did you sleep well?"

She looked up at me with the same worshipping eyes from last night, "Thank you Master, I slept very well." I ran my hands over her naked body and she rubbed her face against my pant leg. I asked if she was hungry and she lifted her head and nodded. I took her upstairs and gave her an old button-down shirt and the pair of slippers which Jill had enjoyed. Holly was going to cook us breakfast, and even though I like her naked, it is unsafe to cook like that. She looked extremely sexy in my old shirt as I led her back downstairs.

I lounged in the den waiting for Holly to serve me, using the time to plan out her first full day of training. I hoped for her to begin her mastery of giving head today, and of course I was going to break her anal cherry. Shortly she appeared at the doorway of the den, waiting for me to engage her so she could tell me breakfast was served. Instead I rose and walked to the kitchen table and took a seat, gesturing for her to plant her little frame on my lap. As we ate the eggs and toast she had prepared, sharing one plate, with her feeding me and herself, I explained some of the changes and protocols I had instituted while she was sleeping. "Hollyslave, as part of your training I need to instruct you not only in all manners of giving pleasure to your Master, and of receiving it from him. You also need to be taught how a pretty young slave behaves in different situations. When we are alone I am Master and you are Hollyslave. When we are at the university I am Professor Coreto and you are Holly. You can tell no one of your bond to me." She nodded to show that she understood.

I continued, "From time to time we will be out in public as Master and Hollyslave, but you will learn discretion. In your mind you are always mine, but with others around you will do all you can to hide it. Our bond is a private one, and strangers don't get the privilege of knowing the nature of our connection. You are to continue, to all outward appearances, to be Holly Madison, college freshman, but inside you know you belong to me in all ways. You can never tell anyone, and I mean anyone, about our bond. Girlfriends, no. Family members, no. Classmates, no. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master, I understand," she replied with a smile of satisfaction. She was slowly wiggling her ass into my lap as I gave her these instructions. I was sure that when I stood up I would see the creamy residue from her unclad pussy moistening my pants. "Hollyslave, when we are in public and I need you to go from Holly to slave I will merely use your 'real' name. If you hear me on the phone or get an e-mail or letter you will similarly become Hollyslave." I paused my instruction, rubbing my hands on her sides, eliciting a pleasurable sigh from my slave. As I stood up, lifting her with me, I whispered in her ear, "You will at times be Holly, but then still you will always in the back of your mind be my Hollyslave." She loosed a throaty moan, and I carried her up to the bedroom.

There I began her lessons in the fine art of cocksucking. We spent blissful hours experimenting with her mouth and throat. I coached her to vary her level of suction, how to lick around the head with swirling motions, how to treat my dick as a lollipop for her pleasure. She attempted deep throating now and again, and she was starting to pick it up when I decided to break off the lesson. I had maintained my hard on for two hours and was becoming anxious to pop off. She had just the head of my dick in her mouth and was lashing it with the end of her increasingly more talented tongue when I decided to come in her mouth. "Hollyslave, would you like my cum in your mouth?" She looked up at me, holding my manhood between her lips, and her mouth curved into a wide smile. I blasted off in her mouth and she swallowed it all like a good slave does. I was generous with my praise because I noticed the positive effect it had on her spirit. We snuggled on the bed for a while, and I told her that tomorrow she would learn how to please her master by sucking on his balls.

"That reminds me. You need to call your friends and tell them you can't make it to the snowboarding trip." I handed her the phone and she called. Hanging up, I asked her if she was disappointed and she told me that her place now was with me. I praised her again for her insightful answer. I gave her permission to take a bath, and she left for the bathroom. I called out to her that I would be joining her shortly.

Downstairs in my study I started up Master PC and keyed in Jill's name. I needed time alone with Holly and needed a way to keep Jill away for a while. A flash of inspiration. I ordered her to go to Boston to meet her husband. I removed her prohibition against orgasming without my permission, and made her more horny towards Myron. He would never know where this lucky break would come from. I made sure she wouldn't let him experiment in her now broken in ass. No one but me could have her ass--it was mine and mine alone. Just thinking about Jill's buttery ass made me hard, and I resolved to free Holly from her anal cherry once I joined her in the bathroom. While sitting back in my chair and enjoying the anticipation of violating Holly's virgin rear passage.

Chapter 2

Holly was relaxing in the bathtub when I joined her. I had undressed in the den before climbing the stairs, and Holly eyed my naked body as I strode to the tub. Before getting in to it I allowed Holly a few seconds to try her new sucking skills. As she rolled the head in her mouth I said, "Good, Hollyslave. Very good work. You are leaning well. Giving head for you is to become a religious experience, with you as the penitent and me as your altar." She was nodding her head, as if to say "Yes, I understand. That makes perfect sense." I pulled out of her mouth and slipped in behind her, massaging her breasts, and receiving in return deep and satisfied sighs. She was nearly giddy at gaining my approval.

I had squeezed in, her pert body resting completely on top of mine. Positioning myself I penetrated her tight pussy with one stroke, and she seized up, her upper body rising off my chest briefly. Slowly I pulled myself from her, leaving just the tip inside. "Do you like it when I use you this way?" I asked. She was whimpering but managed to hiss, "Yes, Master. Yes. Yessss. Please Master, give it to me. Please." I commenced to fuck my little slave, sometimes varying the speed and depths of my strokes. After her third screaming orgasm at the end of my prick I jetted my seed into her moist cavern. Leaving my semi-hard dick in her I puller her closer to my body, resting her head on my shoulder. My face was level with the back of her head. Her sweet smelling and still-dry hair was tickling my nose, and I buried my face in it, reveling in the moment. Holly's breaths were deep and steady as I brought my hands up out of the water to stroke and lightly pinch her pink nipples. Her body began to shake at my touch, and she started to wiggle her hips and clench her tight pussy around my member. I was hard again and she began to pant, her head lolling from side to side, my nose rubbing over her hair. I slid my hands down her compact frame to her hips and pinned them down so she could not lift herself up and down my erection.

We stayed motionless in the bath water for a few minutes and then I asked her, "Hollyslave, do you like what I do to you? Are you enjoying your new role in life?" She took a long pause and answered in a quiet and thin voice, "Yes Master, yes I do. I feel as if you have freed me. I love the feelings you give to me. Even now, right at this minute, I feel you inside me, and I understand the having my Master in me completes me as a woman, as a girl, as a slave, as your Hollyslave."

I kept her left hip down with my left hand a moved my right hand to her clit and began gently rubbing it with a light and circular motion. Holly briefly tensed and then tilted her head around and pressed her lips to mine, moaning heartily into my mouth. I increased the force of my stroking finger gradually, and Holly soon orgasmed, gasping loudly. I removed her face from mine and placed it gingerly back down on my shoulder. My dick was still hard within her, her copious juices bathing it. I pulled out to her disdain, and my prick stood straight up between her legs. Reaching over to the edge of the tub I took a bottle of conditioner, flipped up the top and put it in Holly's delicate hand. I directed her to lather my cock with the conditioner. When she had finished I lifted her by cupping her asscheecks and place the head of my dick at her rear entrance.

"Hollyslave, I am now going to fuck you in the ass. Are you scared?" I asked.

"A little, Master. Will it feel good?" she asked.

"Hollyslave, your role in life is to serve me and bring me pleasure. My job is to bring you pleasure, and to train you as a good slave. Everything I do is for your pleasure and your education, " I said as slowly eased the tip of my cock into her ass. Her breathing again increased. I supported her by her asscheeks as she lowered herself on my shaft. It took a while, but she managed to take all of me, her cheeks resting on my crotch. I held her as before, my hand on her fleshy hips, allowing no motion. I asked her if she was OK and she turned her head so her cheek was resting on my chest and looked up at me with a soft smile. She turned her head back and rested her head so I could smell her hair some more. Her anus was tight as a clenched fist, and though the conditioner had briefly cooled the skin of my prick, Holly's ass was swiftly heating it up. I used the same technique I had employed before, leaving myself buried to the hilt I went to work on her clit, teasing it with my fingertips. She began to moan deeply, and her body started to shake, are ass tightening against its invader. "How does it feel, my lovely slave?" I posed.

"Oh Master," she hissed back, "I love it this way. I have never felt so full, and you fingers are making me shake." I sped up my stroking of my clit, and as she neared orgasm I pulled them away.

"Should I stop? Is the pleasure you are receiving from me too much for you to bear?" I teased.

She tried to say, "No," but instead she could only groan, "nnn, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh. " I placed my finger back at her clit and began to mash it. "Yes Master, please. Please. Please let me come! I love your hard cock up my little ass. Please make your Hollyslave come with your cock buried in her tight ass." She exploded into orgasm, her climax forcing her upper body to spasm. I moved my hands and arms up to embrace her, and to check her frenzied movements. Holding her tight I told her to begin lifting her ass and pumping it up and down my shaft. Immediately she set to task, shrieking with delight, her cries echoing off the tiled walls of my bathroom. Soon she had picked up a blinding pace, her ass bouncing off of me on the downstroke, clenching my erection with a force I had never encountered before. At one point she had completely risen off me, but she reached down frantically and reinserted my in her clenching channel. She orgasmed three times in quick succession, and I held her hips down again and went back to work on her clit. As she was approaching peak again I told her I was going to come in her tight ass. "P-p-please, Master, honor your slave by coming in her ass." I shot off an enormous load, some of it escaping past her tight anal ring, leaking onto my own crotch. I pulled out of her with a pop and held her again. With the water in the bath cooling around us I gently caressed my slaves pert body, much to her delight. She turned over and we kissed for a while.

I had just closed the door on the Chinese food deliveryman when Holly descended the stairs. She went to set the table for lunch, and by the time I had counted my change and hauled the bag in he kitchen she had finished. Holly had learned her lesson from breakfast well, and she set only one place. I unpacked the food and took a seat, Holly on my lap. I fed us both, Holly occasionally interrupting lunch to kiss me deeply. She was enormously happy.

We spent the next few days practicing Holly's new skills, and when I ate her pussy immediately following our Chinese lunch she almost died in ecstasy. By the third day we had dropped into a routine. I still had work to do, and Holly relaxed around the house, once in a while cooking, sometimes reading, but always ready for a new lesson. Here and there I even allowed her to initiate our lovemaking, curious as to what she would pick out for us to do. I was a bit taken aback at her ardor when I came to anal sex, but it was just another delightful surprise.

Two days before the spring semester was to begin I took my sweet slave back to the freshman girl's dorm. Parting was such sweet sorrow, but Holly needed to get the ball rolling on her second semester in college, and I had coursework preparation to finish up. I assured her I would not neglect my teaching her, and she was almost in tears as she left me.

Chapter 3

Settling back into the office served as a nice change of pace, not that I regretted my time with Holly. The new semester started off well. My two survey classes had high registrations, and my seminar had a waiting list. I was sitting in my office during that first week when their was a knock on the door. A girl entered and introduced herself as Arianna Anderson, asking if I was "Professor Core-to." I replied that I was "Professor Cor-ee-to," and asked how I could help her. She was a high school senior from the school in town, a student in the accelerated program. Part of this program allowed for seniors to get part-time jobs for academic credit, internships if you will. She had been assigned to me, but this was the first I was hearing of it. I looked down at my very full in-box and sifted through it until I found a letter from the provost. The letter informed me that I would be supervising young Ms. Anderson this semester. She had just completed an internship with Professor Stanislaw in Geology. I asked her what she did with her mentor last semester, and she told me she cataloged and analyzed samples, did some filing, and helped Stanislaw prepare some papers for publication. We chatted for awhile, I telling her what kind of work I was doing, she telling me her background in history, etc. She is a bright girl, and I decided to give her some responsibility.

First I found her a place to work. The building which houses the History department is Van Twiller Hall. And it has six stories. Up until a few years ago our department shared it with the theater department, but with the erection of the theater annex office building, the dramaticos decamped. My office is on the third floor, not so high as to necessitate use of the elevator, but providing a splendid view of the quad nonetheless. Since the departure of the drama department we were long on space, and on each floor there was a conference room/lounge, its shelves heavy with academic journals, and its corners graced with computer workstations. I settled Arianna into the lounge on my floor and gave her a list of books I needed through inter-library loan. She knew how to use the Internet and immediately began to log on to different universities library servers. When she had found all of the books I asked her to locate she returned to my office and I showed her how to fill out the requests. I sent her to our library, and while she was on her way over I phoned the ILL administrator to let her know that Arianna was indeed coming on my behest, and to let her know that she would be managing my affairs there for the rest of the term. Arianna returned shortly and we chatted some more. Her father was a professor of anthropology here at the university and frequently traveled for research and to lecture; her mom had split some years ago. I sort of knew her dad, but only to say hello to, and not much else. Arianna was an only child, and she was going to attend school here after graduation in the spring, probably because the university would waive her fees because of her father's appointment to the faculty. She would be my intern four afternoons per week, her course schedule at the high school reduced because of her internship.

I had never had one of these high school interns before and was fairly sure I had not signed up to sponsor one this term. My confusion rising, I went up two flights and dropped in on Myron. Myron has two offices: the smaller one he works in, and a grand and Persian carpeted beauty he uses for "ceremonial" occasions. I found him in his small office and we exchanged pleasantries. I asked about Boston and was quite sure he blushed briefly. He poured me a drink, a bourbon and ice, and one for himself and then I started in on my new intern. He quickly admitted that he had volunteered me to be a mentor, apologizing that the administration had been on his ass to come up with a name for the program, and since I was on the low end of the totem pole I was stuck with it. He pledged not to do such things in the future and we had another belt.

Around 5:30 Holly came to my office. She had just spent the whole day in classes, and I think she missed me. I told her to lock the door and she have me a smile. Coming around my desk, she sat in my lap and stuck her tongue in my mouth. We necked for a bit and then she got to her knees and took my cock out of my slacks. With the proper worshipfulness she fellated me and then disrobed.

"Hollyslave," I whispered to her, "When we are here in my office it is imperative that you keep a lid on the noise." She nodded to signal she understood and lowered her smooth womanhood down on my shaft, burying me to the hilt. I fucked her to two hissing orgasms and gave her my seed. I praised her initiative in seeking me out, and she promised to return often.

Chapter 5

Arianna turned out to be a godsend. I quickly brought her up to speed on my latest research and she was exceedingly helpful in finding sources and even coming up with a few things I hadn't thought of including in my work. By the second week in the term the weather had turned, the daytime temperatures drifting unseasonably into the low 50s. The snow had melted and a colleague and I were standing on the steps of Van Twiller Hall enjoying the (relatively) warm and breezeless afternoon. Arianna was due in a few minutes, and as I chatted with Carl Jenkins about his most recent paper, I saw a car pull up and park in front. Arianna and some leather-clad and greasy looking kid were making out in his car, right in front of me. I was pretty sure she hadn't seen me and I quickly went upstairs to wait for her.

The next day I happened to be walking up the path towards Van Twiller and saw her make out with a big jock-type. Arianna was a slut, fondling guys and letting guys touch her, probably in exchange for rides over to her internship with me! When she entered my office I made her sit for a moment, pretending to be working through some e-mail. In truth I was calling up her profile on Master PC, a copy of which I had installed on my office PC. I started off by freezing her in place, as I had done to Holly. And then I used the same commands I used with my slave during her "interview", i.e. she had to tell the truth, etc.

The interview lasted two hours. I plumbed the depths of her mind. Arianna was indeed using her body to get rides from boys at school, her father had refused to get her a car, and she thought that by letting high school boys feel her up in return for lifts was a way at getting back at him. This, however, was the least interesting portion of her tale. Arianna's father often traveled for work, and to feel that she would be properly looked after in his absence he rented out his finished basement to a student each year. Last year's tenant had seduced Arianna, and this seductress's name was Jane. I was floored. Jane had introduced young Arianna into the delights of lesbianism, and Arianna had also participated in threeways with a number of Jane's male lovers. The little slut had experience in giving head, fucking, taking it in the ass, and more. Just before Jane graduated in the spring she and Arianna had had a wild orgy and Arianna had been penetrated vaginally and anally simultaneously for the first time. She never put out for the high school boys who drove her to the campus, preferring college men as lovers. Before she left for the day I used Master PC to have her forget the interview, and as a finishing touch she gave me a very pleasant blow job.

A few hours later I was sitting at my desk at home, this time Holly giving me a blow job. When she finished, she excused herself to the kitchen table to do her coursework, a droplet of cum hanging from the side of her mouth. I was serious about Holly remaining in school, and had designed a Master PC protocol to improve her study habits and ability to process information. I was in a way glad that she wasn't enrolled in any of my classes this term, as her presence would have served as a distraction. There were, however, a number of pretty young things in my sections I would get to know better this term. Thoughts of them distracted me from my pressing task, namely the molding of Arianna into a useful plaything. I sat back in my swivel chair and considered my lot. I had Holly, a superb slave in training. I had Jill, a lover, albeit an occasional one, satisfying nonetheless. Arianna was to become my slut. The trinity before me: slave, lover, slut: a gratifying trio to meet my lustful needs.

Calling up Arianna's profile I concentrated on her screen image. She was wearing a white cotton t-shirt which did not fall far enough to hide her midriff, and a pair of black lacy panties. I sent out an order for her to strip. After waiting about forty-five seconds I clicked on "Refresh" and was greeted with a nude Arianna. Her breasts were nicely rounded, a B-cup. Her stomach was flat as a board, a belly ring centered at her navel, and her ass was pleasingly globular and taut, blonde hair coming down to the mid-point of her back. I sent out a command for her to continue as she was and to take no notice of any physical changes. I increased her bust to a d-cup, strengthening her musculature to compensate for the added load. Her nipples were surprisingly dark for a blonde girl so fairly complected. I lightened them to a bubble-gum pink and set them to always be hard in my presence, and increased the sensitivity of her nipples, pussy, and rectum. I increased her sex drive between the hours of 3pm and 5pm, Tuesday through Friday (when she was with me), and lowered it between the hours of 12 noon and 3pm (when she might be in a high school boy's car). It was not my intention to be Arianna's only lover, but I thought her serial groping with boys was self-destructive. I planted within her the idea that I would be a good person to take as a sexual partner. Tying up a few loose ends, I then closed her profile, making it so she would notice the physical changes when she awoke the next morning.

The next day I did not wait in front of the building to see Arianna arrive from school. When she entered my office she quickly became flushed and embarrassed. Her nipples were visible through her now too tight sweater. I gave her a few pages to fact check and she toddled off to the library. I consulted Holly's schedule and saw that she had a sociology class which let out at 4:30. I opened Master PC and sent her a command to come once her class ended. I opened Arianna's profile and sent her a command to return no later than ten of five. Checking my watch I noted that I had more than an hour before Holly's arrival, so I spent it preparing lecture notes. Holly breezed in at 4:35 and immediately I had her undress. She sat in my lap and I unzipped my fly and entered her. Following my direction she kept fairly quiet, though she did have a powerful orgasm, her pussy clenching hard around my cock. Looking up at the clock I saw that Arianna was due at any minute. I stood up and took position beside the desk. Holly knelt down on her knees and began to blow me. A few minutes later Arianna came in without knocking and got a shock.

"Please close the door." I said calmly to Arianna. She complied.

"Uh, Professor Coreto, uh, should I, uh, like leave and come back?" Her eyes were as wide as saucers, glued to the vision of Holly sucking me off.

"You can leave if you want, but by all means stay if you so choose." I looked directly in her eyes, and she could not return my gaze. She dropped her eyes in embarrassment, but that merely caused her to focus on Holly. I spurted off in Holly's mouth, instructing her to hold my ejaculation in her mouth. I asked Arianna if she had decided to stay and she thought for a moment. Holly stood up and I began to run my hands across her body. She was breathing through her nose because her mouth was full, inhaling large draughts of air in her excitement. This was the first time Holly had been used in front of another party, and she was stimulated by the situation. "Holly has a mouthful of cum," I told Arianna, "and she is willing to share some with you." I looked at them both and Arianna's eyes snapped up from the floor. Holly walked slowly over to Arianna and embraced her, pressing her sticky lips to Arianna's lovely mouth. Arianna offered no resistance as the began to share my cum. "Hollyslave, play with her nipples through her top." I instructed. Arianna's level of arousal increased dramatically, and her hands began to roam busily over the young slave's form.

Arianna started to disrobe and I stopped her. Explaining that my office was not the best of venues for this kind of activity I proposed to adjourn to my house. Both young ladies readily agreed, Arianna phoning home to leave a message for the coed living in her dad's basement not to expect her until late. Arianna helped Holly to dress and we walked to the parking lot behind the building. As we were making our way back to my house I clued Arianna in to the relationship between myself and Holly.

When we reached my house Holly showed Arianna into the kitchen, and I headed straight for the den and started up Master PC. I called out to Arianna to join me, and I asked her for the name of the student/tenant watching over her this year. I entered the name into the program, and her image appeared on the screen. I programmed her not to notice absences by Arianna.

Holly came in and stripped while Arianna watched her, and after thinking for a moment she also took off her clothes, remaining in bra and panties. Holly came over to me and sat in my lap, nuzzling at my neck. I kept my eyes on Arianna, saying, "Do you want to join in the fun?" She did not answer. Holly sprung up from my lap and open my pants, and I lifted my ass off the seat so she could pull them down with my briefs. She stood up and began to unbutton my shirt and I squirmed out of it. She bent over at the waist and began to give me head. Arianna's eyes were glued to Holly's ass. "Dig in, she wont mind." I told her. Arianna took a few tentative steps towards Holly and stopped, lost in a thought, wrestling as to whether to make this a threesome. I reached over Holly's body, grasping an ass cheek with each hand, spreading her open for Arianna. Arianna's gaze was locked on the gift I had presented her, and she was breathing shallowly, torn between desire and propriety. I wasn't timing her, but in less than two minutes Arianna gave in to her desire, crouched behind Arianna and gave her a big, wet kiss on the labia. Holly, whose mouth was around my erection gave a small squeak.

I let go of Holly's ass and leaned forward so I could hold Arianna's head to Holly's dripping sex. "Lick her. Suck her. Hollyslave has never known the pleasure of another woman's tongue. You are her first." Arianna's tongue immediately made a bee line for Holly clit, causing her throat o contract and expand spasmodically around my cock. I released Arianna's head and lifted Holly off of me, forcing her into a standing position. Arianna adjusted so as to keep her face in contact with Holly's pussy. I pulled Holly to me and away from Arianna. Turing her around I shoved two fingers up her smooth slit, bringing lubrication to her puckered asshole. Slowly I lowered Holly's tight ass onto my cock and gestured to Arianna that she should resume her pussy licking.

"Ohhh....Master...that feels so goooooood! Your cock feels so big in my ass, and my pussy is dripping under her tongue," Holly cooed. She started to convulse and came with a booming yell, her ass gripping me tight, bucking her pussy into Arianna's already shiny face. I lifted her off of me and carried her to the couch. Placing her down I leaned over and gave her a tender kiss. Turning around I faced a kneeling Arianna. She gasped in surprise, taken aback that my dick was still hard after fucking Holly's ass through climax. I beckoned her over to me with a sweep of my arm, and she began to crawl on her hands an knees, a wicked smile on her face. Reaching me she got up on her knees and wrapped her porcelain hand around my manhood. "Uh, Professor, uh, could you like, uh, could you like do that to me?"

"Do what to you?" I asked, a false look of innocence on my face.

"You know," she answered sheepishly.

"Do you want to have an orgasm like Hollyslave did?" I asked. "Yes," she hissed. I bent over and pulled her upright. Leaning over I kissed her, slipping my tongue past her soft lips. She moaned into my mouth and her body went a bit limp. We kissed for a while, and I let my hands roam over her young body. She began to tremble slightly when I started playing with her nipples, gently pinching them and stroking them through her bra. I picked her up in my arms and carried her upstairs to the bedroom, and Holly followed us right behind. I placed Arianna on the bed and laid down next to her, taking her in my arms, my hands tenderly stroking her quivering form. "You were the first girl to lick Hollyslave, and now you are going to be the first girl she is going to lick." I looked straight into her eyes. "Our problem is that she doesn't know how to do it. Would you tell her how you like your pussy sucked? We can teach her together." I leaned back, releasing Arianna from my grip, and sat back against the headboard, opening my legs, and had Arianna lay back against me, her legs open inside of mine. Holly crawled on the bed and leaned over so her face was inches from Arianna's crotch. I instructed Holly to pull of her panties and gently blow onto Arianna's mound, and Arianna sighed and relaxed into me while I removed her bra.

"Lick her pussy, Holly, from the top of the slit to the bottom, and then from the bottom to the top. Use the tip of your tongue against her clit." I coached. Arianna tensed up again, her legs starting to flail weekly against the mattress. "Tell her what you want, Arianna. She is yours to learn."

Arianna looked down her body to the eager slave. "Stick your tongue in my cunt, NOW!" she gasped. "Please, put a finger in my ass and pump it," she begged a minute later. I told Holly to wet the finger in her mouth before inserting it into Arianna. The girls continued for awhile, Arianna telling Holly what she liked to have done to her, and Holly taking instruction nicely. Arianna came explosively, her whole body convulsing. It took her at least a full minute to becalm herself. She looked up at me with shiny eyes, unable to speak. I rolled out from under her and kissed her, and she returned my attentions lustfully. I moved down her body and put the tip of my cock against her pussy lips. As I sunk my shaft into her, she looked up at me with that wicked smile and asked, "Are you a bad boy? I like bad boys."

I replied, "No, baby, I'm a good boy."

With a pout she responded, "I don't like good boys." I started fucking her harder and she began to gasp.

"I don't like girls who ask dumb questions when I fuck them." I retorted.

She really getting into the action. With a crooked smile on her lips she said. "OK. I guess I like good boys, especially when they fuck me hard like you."

And with that she had another screaming orgasm, her tight pussy almost strangling my dick. I pulled Holly to me while still pumping in and out of Arianna. I quietly suggested that she put her pussy over Arianna's face, and soon we were a veritable threesome. After each of the girls had had a generous share of climaxes, I laid Holly and Arianna side by side and pumped a nice load of jism over their faces. With a great deal of giggling they had a grand time licking my spunk of each other's faces.

A half an hour later we were sitting around my kitchen table eating a pizza that I had ordered. Holly was sitting on my lap feeding me and Arianna was starting to look jealous. After a while the two girls traded places. Before I drove Arianna home she and Holly sixty-nined, their pussies flooding one another's faces, all the while my cock lodged in Arianna's ass.

To be continued...