Master PC: Julian's Education
by Julian Coreto (nomme de plume)

Part II

Chapter 1

I awoke early; craning my neck, I looked over at the clock radio on my nightstand and saw that it was just after 6am.  Jill was sleeping peacefully; her body pressed to mine.  I was on my back and she on her side, her hip joined to mine, and her right arm draped across my chest.  Gently I removed it from me, and she rolled over with a sigh.  I reached to the nightstand and grabbed my eyeglasses. Rising slowly so as not to disturb her sleep I left to take a shower.

The steam and hard spray greatly helped to wake me up and clear my head.  I would have lingered in the shower, but I was extremely hungry.  Neither Jill nor I had had a bite since lunch, which was almost 15 hours ago.  I remembered that the robe and slippers Jill wore yesterday were still in the kitchen, and I quickly toweled off and ran to get them.  While downstairs I cracked the fridge and tore open the lid of a container of banana yogurt, gave it a mix, and practically 'scarfed' it down.  Finishing it, I took a second from the fridge and ate it, though at a far more sedate, sensible pace.  The sun had yet to rise on this glorious winter morning, glorious because of last night's encounter.  I pulled a third yogurt from the fridge, grabbed a fresh spoon and went upstairs.

As I reentered my bedroom Jill was stirring.  I slipped back under the heavy winter blanket and she snuggled up against me again.  "Hungry?" I asked.

"You wouldn't believe," She whispered back.

I turned the lamp on the bedside and she saw the yogurt and the spoon there.  "Gimme," she said, her eyes shining on me.  I moved backwards on the bed so
I was sitting with my back to the headboard.  Her head was now in my lap, and she rubbed her face against the cloth of the robe, blotting the drool, which had collected at the corner of her mouth. I pulled the yogurt lid off, dipped in the spoon to mix it, and dipped my index and middle fingers into the creamy container, then carefully transferred them to her waiting mouth.  We moaned quietly as she sucked in the yogurt and began licking my fingers, sucking them gently.  The process continued until she had eaten the whole cup.  I lowered myself off the headboard and we resumed the position in which we had slept.  Soon we were sleeping again.

When I awoke a couple of hours later Jill was just coming back to bed from the shower.  She had pounced on the bed with such force that I was jolted awake.  "Sorry," she explained, "I was cold from the shower and I needed to get warm fast." She was on her back, sitting at the headboard with just her lower body under the cover.  She continued to dry herself with the towel, spending a few minutes rubbing it over her lustrous raven black hair.  I turned on my side and watched her the whole time.  She sort of looked like Katerina Witt, but with slightly rounder face and softer features.  The sun had just come up and the room had that vaguely bluish tone seen at dawn.  She must have flicked off the lamp on the nightstand when she went in to shower because I remember that it was on when we had dropped back off to sleep.  The streets were quiet, and obviously there were no birds to break the silence.  It was so quiet in the room I could almost hear my own heartbeat, not quite, but I could certainly feel it, and it was quickening.  I put my hand on her midriff, looked up at her still dealing with her wet hair, and asked her, "Still need to get warm fast? I have an excellent method."

"Can you guarantee results, Professor Coreto?" she giggled.

I pulled her down off the headboard so she was flat on her back and then rolled her over so she was lying right on top of me.  "Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back, Mrs. Lattimore," I murmured to her as I plunged my tongue into her mouth.  I moved my hands down to her ass and started groping it softly, and she whimpered softly in response.  She slid herself down on my body and began licking my nipples, causing my cock to harden appreciably; immediately she noticed, and after a few seconds straddled me, the head of my penis resting at her entrance.  She gazed down at me, a sinful smile crossing her face as she hurriedly lowered herself, taking my 'pole' all the way in.  I laid back and enjoyed the feeling of her rising and falling, relaxing, letting her do all of the work.  Her channel was moist and warm, exquisite to experience.  I closed my eyes and sighed.  I wondered if I could transmit the command to orgasm to her without speaking and focused on the command, but without result.  I decided to add this ability the next time I sat down at the computer.

I opened my eyes and mumbled in an extreme low voice the command, but to no end.  Raising my voice slightly I repeated, and was rewarded with a gut-wrenching explosion on top of me.  "Unh, unh unhunhunh...yes, yes, YES!" she wailed.  I rolled her over and reinserted my cock in her spasm'ing pussy, starting slowly, gradually building the rhythm of my strokes.  Jill was nearing a peak again, but of course could not climb to the summit without my say so.  I left her just below the crest of orgasm while I slid into her for a good twenty minutes.  Her breathing was hard and erratic, her tongue hanging from the corner of her mouth limply.  When I slowed my pace she was able to moan and utter short phrases, urging me on and exclaiming in wonderment at the feelings I was giving her and at the unceasing nature of my attack.  She looked up at me, her eyes begging me with lust.  "Y-you are a machine...I-I-I've never had it this good.  Come! Now! I c-can't take anymore.  Please, Jules, please."  I smiled at her and leaned in, pressing my lips to hers, silencing her entreaties.  I pumped a few more times, hoisted myself back up.  "Let's come together." I said and a few more pumps later I shot my load deep into her, transporting her to the height of ecstasy while her body shook and squirmed below me.

I pulled out and embraced her, reaching down I hauled the blanket over her.  Although her orgasm abated, she could not stop the shivering, so I snuggled up behind her.  While my body pressed into hers I ran my hands over her body to warm her.  She half-turned to me, looking at me with tender eyes and sighed.  "Thank you."  I held her to me more tightly and enjoyed the feeling of her shivering.

"I'm sorry Jill, I thought this would warm you up, but you're still shivering."  She let out a short laugh, and soon settled down.  We held each other for awhile, not sleeping, not speaking, and not moving.  Just listening to the sound of our breathing.

Chapter 2

We held each other for a while, watching the room fill with light.  The phone rang and I let the machine downstairs pick it up, but Jill took the ringing as a signal to rise.  She leisurely lifted herself from the bed and went to the bathroom, returning after a short while.  I was sitting on the edge of the bed when she returned.  She gave me that "we have to talk" look.

"Jules, you are an incredible lover. I've never cheated on Myron before...I, I..." she was weeping. I stood and hugged her, not with any amorous designs, almost like you would hug your sister, excepting the fact that we were naked.  I lay her head on my shoulder and let her cry.  "Look," I said, "I know you love Myron.  Hell, I like Myron, and I don't think you or I should hurt him.  You were just as good for me as I was for you, and I want to keep doing this.  If we're discrete and thoughtful about it we shouldn't get into too much trouble."  She was such a wreck that her body was going limp and I was beginning to support her with my hug.  If I didn't she would have collapsed to the floor.  I walked her downstairs and she dressed back into her running clothes.  I drove her home through the empty streets of our campus town while she sat next to me curled up like a little girl.  She invited me into the house and then went upstairs to change into a clean outfit.  She returned wearing a pair of jeans and a fluffy sweater.

While we continued our conversation in her living room the phone rang and she answered it.  She looked over at me and mouthed Myron's name.  I couldn't hear his side of the conversation but from her response it seemed that he had tried reaching her last night.  Jill was improvising and tried to come up with a suitable reason for why she didn't answer his call.  I couldn't help but notice that while she was on the phone that she couldn't shake my Master PC command to be a flirt.  In fact, her whole tone with Myron was somewhat flirtatious, though I knew that I was the real target.  I stood and approached her; gratified that the color in her face rose with each yard I crossed.  I began lightly stroking her face and hair, and she began to pull back because I was distracting her from her phone conversation.  She decided quickly that my attentions were more pressing than her husband's call and shortly ended their conversation.  I noted aloud that we had found past success in the kitchen and she put her lips to mine and shot her tongue into my mouth.  I reached down and pulled at the snap of her jeans and pushed them down to her knees.  Then I moved my hand between her legs and cupped her pussy through her pink cotton panties. As we continued dueling with each other's tongues I felt the crotch of her panties gradually moisten.

I turned her around so that she was leaning over her kitchen table, pulled down my pants and underwear with one hand, and her panties with the other, and then slowly forced my turgid member into her tight depths.  She was moaning loudly and chanting my name softly as I pinned her to the table.  Looking down at her from behind I decided to have her ass and commanded her to an orgasm.  When her convulsions subsided I popped my cock from her pussy and pressed the head to her rosebud.  She stiffened, placing her palms flat on the table.  I lifted her body up somewhat and she twisted her torso to look at me.  "No, lover, I don't like it that way.  Please, please, please don't put it in."  I looked her straight in the eye. "Jill, have I ever done anything to you that hasn't felt good?"  Not waiting for an answer. "Trust me.  I'll love you there so well that you will get indescribable pleasure.  Haven't you noticed how I have been almost manipulating your pleasure?  It's almost as if you can't cum without me telling you to."  She was taut and immobile beneath me.  My 'cockhead' still poised at her rear opening.

"Are you a virgin there?" She nodded.  "How do you know you don't like it?" I asked.

"I-I don't know why. Doesn't it hurt?  It has to hurt."  Her voice had dropped several registers and her body slackened a bit, but her eyes still belied an internal fear.  "I will never do anything to hurt you." I stated.  We both held silent for a few seconds until she whispered.  "I trust you."  The corners of her mouth rose but not as far as they would have for a smile.  Perhaps she was just nervous.  "Are you going to stick it in me like that or should we use something-something to, uh, grease it?"

"What do you have in mind?" I asked.  She thought for a second, a depraved smile growing across her lips.  "I know just the thing," she said, getting off the table and heading for the pantry room.  She returned with a bottle of oil and handed it to me.  "Read the label," Jill chortled.  I looked down at the bottle and scanned it.  Extra virgin olive oil.  "Just the ticket, no?" she said, resuming her previous position.  I poured a bit of oil and rubbed up and down my shaft a few times, and then poured a bit more and rubbed it on Jill's firm ass cheeks.  I massaged her for a while, every so often pressing against her tight ring with my fingertip.  Gradually, I took it up a level, occasionally pressing my greasy digit into her ass up to the first knuckle, and then to the second, finally all the way in.  "That feels great, but it's so ti-i-i-ight," She whimpered.  "Are you sure you can get your-your-...yourself in there?"

"Trust me. You'll love it." I said, a hint of smugness in my voice.  My finger was buried in her to the hilt and as I began stirring it around her breathing became heavier. I pulled it out slowly, so that just the tip remained, and then slipped back into her (this time) with two fingers.  I took it very slow, and when they were buried all the way I held them still.  Her heavy breathing picked up more. "You're ready," I paused, " I want you to do something for me.  While I take your anal virginity I want you to talk to me.  I want you to describe to me in as much detail as you can what it is you're feeling.  Can you do that?"  She nodded with her chin touching her chest, just like a little girl would nod.  I held her head on my hands and gently drew it so it was resting on the table, turning her head so that her right cheek was flat to the surface.  I put my hands on the small of her back and pushed her body down, bringing her chest and torso similarly flat to the tabletop.

I pressed slowly into her rear passage, reveling in the warm tightness of it.  She sucked in a big draught of air as I pierced her nether hole.

"Oh! It's so tight. My ass is so hot and you're pushing you big cock into it. I feel like I'm about to burst.  Ooooh, you're pushing it in deeper. It feels like there's a baseball bat up my ass.  I can't take it. I can't take it! Uh uh uh uh uh uh! Oh my GOD! You're in all the way.  I can feel your body on my ass.  Why are you stopping? Pump it. Please. Fuck my ass. Fuck my ass, please? Please? Please fuck my ass?  Pump it.  Fuck my hot virgin ass?  Please? Ugh, ugh, ugh...thank you, thank you, thank you for fucking my ass, lover."

I pumped her ass for fifteen minutes... sometimes slowly, sometimes not.  Sometimes softly, sometimes not.  The pleasure her virgin butt was giving me was almost indescribable.  I was warm and clingy, smooth and sensuous.  I had ordered her to come twice in the fifteen minutes and was allowing the heat in her to build up one last time before I blasted my 'gism' into her newly deflowered hole.  She continued to narrate the breaking of her anal cherry in an increasingly louder voice and just as I decided to blast off I gave her permission to orgasm again, with my cock buried to the hilt.  She screamed out at the top of her lungs as her tight passage squeezed my 'pole' so hard that I thought she was going to tear it off.  I remained inside of her, losing myself in the pleasure of feeling her ass convulse around my semi-hard cock.  She had quit screaming and was now gasping and panting.  Finally, I pulled out of her and I could swear that I heard a 'pop'.  She twisted around and kissed me hard... putting her forehead to mine to stare deeply into my eyes.  "I trust you.  I trust you."

Chapter 3

I left Jill and Myron's house about an hour later, promising Jill I would call her soon.  Myron would be returning in a few days, and that would complicate things, and not just for her; I still had to work for the man.  This small college town, nestled in the Hudson River Valley is about two hours from New York City by car, and there I was headed to meet my brother and his wife for a long-scheduled dinner appointment.  I stopped home, showered and changed before 'hitting' the road and arrived in New York a few hours early.  I parked the car on the Upper East Side... about four blocks from my brother's place and 'legged' it over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Walking through the exhibition galleries I heard a voice behind me calling my name.  I turned to see a young girl, about 5'3" with hair that was halfway between blonde and brown.  She looked familiar and obviously knew my name.  I thought that she might be one of my students from a large survey class.  Had she been a seminar student I would have known her name.

"Hi Professor Coreto.  I was in your Modern U.S. History class last semester. I'm Holly, Holly Madison."

I was slightly taken aback by her ridiculous name, wondering what kind of parents would do that to a kid. "Nice to see you Holly.  I hope you are enjoying your vacation."

We stood and chatted for awhile; she asking me what I was doing in New York and I asked her the same.  She came from a leafy and expensive suburb of New York City and decided to visit a few museums.  She told me that she was hanging around until early evening so she could catch a Greyhound back to campus. She and a bunch of other kids were leaving from there to go snowboarding the day after tomorrow.  She wanted to get back a day early, partly to get away from her parents, and partly because she missed the campus.  I told her I was just in town for a few hours to have dinner with my brother and that if she could occupy her time until about 10:30 or so that I could give her a lift back home.  Her eyes, which I hadn't noticed before, were a shockingly pale green and they sparkled slightly at my offer.  I gave her my cell phone number and we walked around the gallery for a short while.  I took my leave of her and exited the museum.

Hailing a cab I directed the driver to my brother's midtown office.  As I exited the elevator on the 23rd floor I encountered my brother's secretary.  I asked to see him and she asked who I was.  When she learned that Edwin was my brother she did a 'double take'.  Edwin is twenty years older than I am.  My parents had me during their middle years... sort of an accident.  I also have twin sisters, Deborah and Abigail, only two years younger than Edwin.

Edwin greeted me warmly.  Despite our ages and relative lack of contact when I was growing up, our relationship had become closer since I joined him in adulthood.  We chatted for a while and I admired the view from the windows of his corner office.  He poured me a bourbon and water from his bar in the corner, and himself a scotch on the rocks.  We passed a pleasant hour nursing the drinks, waiting for his wife Liz to join us.  Liz called from her cell in the car and we scurried downstairs to join her.  We went downtown, to Greenwich Village and parked on Horatio Street near a Spanish restaurant, which Ed knew, was one of my favorites.  Ed and Liz's two kids, who were both home on semester break from their prep school, were waiting for us.  We had a wonderful meal, though I took it easy on the sangria given I had a drive ahead of me.  It was a tight fit, but the five of us managed to force ourselves into Liz's car and we headed back to their townhouse.  I was drinking coffee and chatting with my niece and nephew when my cell phone rang.  Looking at my watch I saw that it was nearly 10pm.  It was Holly and I asked where she was.  She was at Grand Central Terminal, having checked her bags there that morning after taking the commuter train.  I told her I would meet her at the Vanderbilt Avenue entrance in thirty minutes.  Hanging up I made my farewells to the family and headed on my way.

I picked up Holly, who threw her pack in the back seat, and then headed to the West Side Highway.  We stopped in Westchester County to gas up and get coffees.  We chatted the whole way.  The radio had been playing in the background but when an old Elvis Costello song came on she asked if she could turn it up.  I let her and then told her that she was not old enough to know about Elvis Costello.  Hell, I was only about nine years old when that song came out.  As I was nearing the wrought iron gates of the university I asked her if she wanted to come to my place for a drink.  She eagerly accepted and I made a U-turn on College Boulevard.  The campus disappearing behind us.

Chapter 4

When I got back to my place Holly followed me in, leaving her stuff in my car.  I fixed her a rum and diet coke and took a beer for myself.  Leaving her in the kitchen I told her I needed to check for an important e-mail and went into the den.  I started Master PC, entered my password and keyed in her name.  I set it up so that she would come into the den sit down on the couch adjacent to my computer stand and sit silently and immobile, awaiting my commands.  As she was walking in I adjusted the commands to have her strip.  Her body was OK, round in the right places, but her tits were flabby and oddly asymmetrical.  I typed into Master PC commands, which would allow her only to talk when asked a direct question, and to answer these questions with complete honesty.

"Holly, how old are you?" I asked.


"Are you a virgin?"

"Yes," she answered.

"What is the extent of your sexual experience?"

"The only time I did anything was last June, after my senior prom.  I let my date open my dress and touch my breasts through my bra.  He took out his penis and I stroked it with my hands.  He begged me to put him in my mouth, so I took the top part of it into my mouth for a few seconds, but then went back to using my hands until he ejaculated."  She said this in a tone of voice like one would use to describe the weather.  But her eyes-- her beautiful pale green eyes--were darting back and forth with fear.

"Where were you when you jacked off your date?" I asked.

"We were in the back seat of his father's car.  We were parked in my parent's driveway.  They were sleeping."

"Did you like taking him into your mouth?" I asked.

"It was alright, but I was afraid he would shoot his semen in my mouth."

Before the night was over I would make sure Holly would lose her peevishness about cum in her mouth.  I explored her mind for another half-hour learning her history (first date, first kiss, first crush, etc.) and fantasies.  I saw where she had fantasized about being a cheerleader, having tried out for but not made her high school squad.  I saw how she fantasized about being seduced by the star quarterback.  I saw how she fantasized about her father's attractive business partner.  Finished with my probing I went back to the Master PC program and entered a command.  This would ensure that she would follow all my verbal instructions unthinkingly.  I ordered her to stand near the window, so I could watch her while typing in commands.  I had her stand with her feet at shoulder width and her arms at her side.

With her in place I began the task of remolding her body and mind.  I began with her tits.  It was easy fixing the shape of them and aligning her cockeyed nipples.  The next was harder... it concerned their size.  She looked to be about a 'B' cup, a small 'B' cup.  I increased her bust slightly at first, then gradually grew them bigger.  Now she was at the large end of 'C' cup.  Her stomach was slightly flabby, with that unattractive cottage cheese effect, so I flattened it out nicely... but then I reconsidered and rounded it again, deciding that a little bit of tummy enhanced her 'little girl' effect.  I did, however, add tone and definition.  Her legs needed the fewest modifications.  She is, as I mentioned before, just about 5'3", but her legs are lithe and well toned.  Her ass had a little of that cottage cheese effect too, so I tightened it up and made it rounder.  I left alone her cute 'little-girl' face.  I increased the sensitivity of her nipples and pussy and activated anal-erotic desires.

Then I went to work on her mind.  I decided she would become my slave in lust.  She would deny me no use of her body and love her submission.  When together her every thought would be centered on my pleasure... understanding that in my pleasure she could, and would, attain her own.  She would obey me as if her life depended on it.  If I told her to stick her head in an aquarium for an hour she would sooner drown than defy me.  I ordered her to walk upstairs to the bathroom... two steps behind me.  Closing the door to the bathroom I stood her in front of the full-length mirror and allowed her to see her new body.

"I am your Master, and I have made you into the woman, no, the girl, no the slut-slave that you see in your Master's mirror.  To me you are no longer Holly. You are now my 'Hollyslave'.  To you I am no longer Professor Coreto.  I am your Master and that is the only way you may address me when we're alone together.  You make speak only when spoken to but I promise you that you will moan, whimper, groan, and scream unintelligible things when you receive your pleasure from your Master.  Do you understand your place 'Hollyslave'?  You may speak."

As if she was holding it in the whole time, she let out a deep breath.  "Yes."

"'Yes,' what? Hollyslave, answer me."

"Yes, I understand," she whispered.

"Hollyslave, when you answer me you must address me by my proper name.  You do remember my proper name, don't you?"

"Yes, I understand Master.  I am your 'Hollyslave' and you are my Master.  I will obey my Master in whatever he asks."

Her breathing became laboured as I kneaded her new magnificent breasts.  Then I lifted her up and sat her down on the sink top.  Quickly, I filled the basin with hot water and soaked a washcloth in it before placing it on her mound.  I then retrieved some lotion and rubbed it over her pubic hair.  Her newly sensitized pussy began to ooze juice on my fingers and I used them to further lubricate her hairs.  Poised with the razor in my hand I lifted her chin so she was looking at me.  In a low voice, my face inches from hers, I told her.  "Hollyslave will always have a shaved pussy.  Once I shave you, hair will never grow down there again."  She moaned in response.  I hadn't typed that command into Master PC but the next time I sat down at my computer, I would.

Slowly, I shaved her clean and then she turned over and I denuded her asshole of the few stray hairs there. I undressed and stepped into the shower, leading 'Hollyslave' by the hand in with me.  I ordered her to wash me first, and then herself, making sure to clean away the greasy lotion from her crotch.  When she was finished I had her kneel before me and give me a hand job, the only act she knew how to perform to this point.  I made her put the head of my dick into her mouth, and I told her that I was going to come... unlike her prom date I told her a good 'Hollyslave' swallowed.  I also told her that her Master's cum tasted delicious.  When I did 'pop' off in her mouth, her tongue circled the head of my cock eagerly, and she relished the taste of me.

Chapter 5

We exited the shower.  She was shivering, but I made her dry me before seeing to her own needs.  She followed me into the bedroom and I had her lye down on the bed.  I got down next to her and caressed her naked form.  "Do you like your new body?"

"Master, I love it.  It is a body better to serve you than my old one.  I know it is better to serve or else you would not have made me so."

"Would it bother you if I changed it further?" I was lightly running my fingers over her now smooth pussy lips while she began to gasp.  "No Master.  You are my Master and you can do whatever you want to Hollyslave's body." She managed to reply between groans... I'd been playing with her pussy.

"Hollyslave, the time has come for me to give you a gift.  I am going to take your virginity, but in exchange I will give you womanhood and the ability to serve your master as a better slave."  She looked at me like I was her daddy handing her the keys to a new Porsche.  "Thank you Master, thank you!  Hollyslave wants to be a woman, a slave, Master's slave."  She was grinning happily.

"You will feel some pain at the start, but it will soon pass," I said as I rolled over on top of her.  Pulling myself back and lifting her legs up and out.  I placed the head of my cock at her gates.  "This is my penis, but you may call it 'cock,' or "dick," or a few more words I will teach you later."  I pushed the head in slowly until I rubbed against her maidenhead.  "What you feel is me pressing against your hymen, the barrier standing between you and womanhood.  Do you want me to release you from this barrier?"

"Master, I want you to do what you want to do.  This is not Hollyslave's decision.  Only you, my Master can decide." I pressed in farther with extreme gentleness.  Her hymen tore and she gasped in response.  I pressed farther, neither of us speaking until I was all the way in, my crotch resting hard against her silky pubis.

"You are now a woman. You are now a slave. You are now my Hollyslave." I looked down at her and she looked back at me as if I was her god, which, in a way, I was.  "Thank you Master, thank you for making me a woman, for making me Hollyslave!"

I pulled out about halfway and slowly started to pump in and out of her.  Her pussy was the tightest thing I have ever been inside and moving my cock in her was real work.  Good work, or course, but real work.  I mused over the fact that she was my first virgin, but surely not my last.  After about a minute of gentle pumping her eyes rolled back and she exploded in a massive orgasm, screaming out my name, my new name of course.  "Master, Master, Master! What is happening to me?"  She had never orgasmed before.

"This is an orgasm, Hollyslave.  You will receive many, many more because I am a benevolent Master." She could only moan in response.  I pulled out and straddled her face, waiting for her to open her eyes.  When her eyes were open she pulled my dick into her mouth and sucked my 'cockhead'.  I pulled out and blasted my cream all over her face, then stuck the head back into her mouth again.  In ninety seconds, thanks to Master PC of course, I was hard again.  I pulled out and blasted her face with cream again.  I painted her every ninety seconds for fifteen minutes, ten loads in all.

I pulled back and reentered her pussy again, this time much harder.  I began to pound into her, and she was squealing in delight.  I ordered her to clean her face.  She began rubbing her hands about her face, scooping cum off one side of her face with one hand, and then shoveling my cum into her mouth.  She was experiencing an orgasm about every two minutes and after three gut-wrenching, soul-stirring climaxes, I finally shot off inside of her.  I pulled the blanket over us and took my new slave in my arms.  She was cooing gently, and I watched her until she slept.  I reached over and set the alarm on my clock radio for 8am.  I like to sleep in during vacation time, but 'Hollyslave' had a lot to learn and it was my duty as an educator to teach her.  Soon I was drifting off myself, my young slave in my arms.  One thought went through my mind as I zoned out.

Tomorrow morning I would have her ass.

The end of Part Two.