Master PC - Jeremy

by Thralen

1. A Doubtful Beginning

Disclaimer - This story contains mind control and sex. If these things aren't to your liking then don't read the story.
Jeremy sighed as he came home and tossed down his bag. How much of a loser was he? This was the third time this year he had struck out with a girl. Unlike most seventeen year olds, though, he never even managed to swing. Every time he tried to ask a girl on a date he couldn't seem to get the words out. This time Alison hadn't even noticed him trying to talk to her as she waited for the bus. This may have been due to the fact that he couldn't even get a sound out when he tried talking to her.

Jeremy was interested in girls but they didn't seem to know that he existed. His other interests included D&D and similar games, computers, and the occasional swimming session. He wasn't ugly but he wasn't handsome either. The best phrase he had heard to describe himself came jokingly from a friend who said "Jeremy can disappear in a crowd of three." His hobbies didn't encourage any interaction with the girls he fancied either. Few of what he considered attractive girls were into gaming or computers.

Sitting at his computer he opened his email and immediately got deluged by a flood of emails. Several were spam that he added to his custom filter. There were twenty-seven remaining, mostly from online acquaintances. Two of the remaining emails were from some tight friends he had developed on the net. He opened those first: "Cool, the new game's beta is out and cracked already." He set to downloading the file and opened the second email. His first thought was that Rob was nuts. They had both read any of the Master PC stories that they could find online and agreed that while it was awesome copy, such a program couldn't possibly exist. Rob's email claimed that he had found a working copy and that it exceeded his expectations. He gave an ftp link for Jeremy to download the program from.

Figuring that Rob was having a practical joke on him, Jeremy started the download. He thought maybe it was some exceptional porn or maybe some new anime clips since they shared tastes on both of those. He wandered off to the refrigerator to grab a coke and opened the latest book in his favorite fantasy series to kill some time.

A while later he heard his computer signaling a finished download. He wandered over to see what Rob had sent him, figuring it was an anime clip since it had taken so long to download. Much to his surprise it was the beta of the game that had finished. Checking the other download he found that it was only half-way through, 2.2 gig of 4.5 gig downloaded. What the hell was Rob sending him that was 4.5 gig? He hopped on IM to see if he could find Rob online but he wasn't there. He shrugged, "It better be good!" he said aloud. While waiting for the rest of the download to complete he went and tossed a quick-meal in the microwave and ate dinner.

Jeremy's folks would be home late tonight because they had a date. So did his sister Diane and here he was stuck at home on a Friday night. He bemoaned his lack of a social life. At least he had a D&D session on Sunday that would get him out of the house for a bit. Jill would be there and she was the most attractive of the girls he met in his normal routine. He thought she had a bit of a crush on him but she was so shy it was impossible to tell. Her characters she always played were something else though, incredibly outgoing and not shy in the least. He always wondered how she could role-play someone like that while being as shy as she was. His train of thought was interrupted again as his computer signaled another finished download.

He sat at his computer and unzipped the file. It unzipped to close to 5.5 gig and was dangerously close to filling the hard drive on his laptop. He thought about transferring it over the wireless house LAN to the desktop in his room but decided to keep it on the laptop. "Just in case" he thought, Rob had a twisted sense of humor so who knew what the file might contain. The file name was MastPC.exe but that could easily have been changed. Double-clicking the file started an installer, which claimed to be installing Master PC - Trial Version. A timer started to countdown from 2:45:37 and a message flashed on the screen reading "This program will need additional space to install, may we zip your current unused files to access more space?" Jeremy sighed and clicked "yes" after removing his wireless card. He was very wary of the program now and didn't want to take a chance on infecting all the systems on the house LAN.

The timer jumped up to 2:49:22 and began counting down while giving a step by step listing of functions performed. After a couple minutes of watching it zip files the listing read "Beginning initialization of program, install will begin after optimization of host system." Jeremy couldn't take it any more, he didn't want to see what happened to his laptop system. Admittedly it was several years old and not top of the line but he occasionally tweaked it to keep it up to his standards. He was good with the internals of computers as well as programming. He had earned the money to purchase his laptop a few years back by doing some programming for hire on summer vacation. He still did some now and then and his bank account was flush. "This could be the excuse to upgrade the laptop to a newer model." he thought. He went into the TV room and watched a couple of episodes of his current favorite TV show. Actually it was the only show he watched regularly anymore, finding most of the stuff on TV to be trite and boring. When he found the sci-fi channel making a series of the Harry Dresden books (One of his all time favorite series he had read) he couldn't resist watching them and then taping them when he found he liked the TV series also.

When his shows were over he found the countdown reading 1:03:02 and he decided it was time for bed. He took the laptop up to his room and plugged it in to keep it charged. Lying in bed reading a book he lost track of time and was pulled out of his enjoyment by the laptop signaling "installation finished, please restart". He hit restart on the system and waited patiently as the registry and configuration was updated. The laptop started back up but instead of his normal desktop he was looking at a full interface for:

Master PC - Trial Version
15 days remaining
Having read many different stories about it online he quickly negotiated the interface into the registration page. He found himself hopeful and excited as he filled out the data. He then went right to the 'target' option and chose himself. "Ok, I need to make myself less of a non-entity and more self-confident. Able to at least speak in the presence of a beautiful girl." He changed his personality index to make himself more noticeable and outgoing. He also changed his features to make himself slightly more handsome. "Just a little at a time, I don't want to make the potential error of trying to change everyone who has ever known me simultaneously. I'll make the changes gradually and let people think they are natural." He thought most of the stories had talked about actually seeing a picture of the target when they were chosen but the right half of the screen was blank. He walked over to the mirror expecting to see a change but was very disappointed to see himself as normal in his reflection. Going back to the laptop he mused "well it is supposed to be a trial version, maybe some portions are de-activated." Wandering through the interfaces he found a command line interface that accepted commands by means of typing a normal sentence. He found many indices to change but he found nothing mentioning a limited functionality of the trial version.

"Rob must have be having a great laugh at my expense" he thought. "I can't imagine the amount of time he spent making this mockup though and what the heck made it so huge?" He idly entered a command in the sentence mode "Increase the size of my penis to 20% over the average on both length and girth but only when hard." The screen popped up a "command acknowledged" and nothing happened. "What else would I do if this were for real" he thought. The sentence practically typed itself "Make my sister Diane stop whatever she is doing right now and come to me panting and begging me to let her fuck me. Then when I tell her yes make her use all her sexual skills and experience for my pleasure.", "command acknowledged", "Make Jill get over her shyness with me and be just as outgoing with me as her characters are. Remove her acne and give her about twenty-five more pounds distributed all over her body.", "command acknowledged".

Jeremy undressed and went over to his bed. Sprawling on the covers he began to masturbate. Diane was such a slut that his first command would have been perfect. She was a popular date because everybody knew she put out if she felt like it. Standing about 5'5" with ash blonde hair, her 34B tits looked good on her frame. She had a plump belly but not overly so, just the tiniest little bit, more voluptuous than fat. If the rumors he couldn't help hearing were correct she had absolutely no inhibitions when it came to sex either. His second command would also have been wonderful. He was sure Jill was a virgin and if she did have a crush on him like he thought then he thought he could easily have talked her out of her virginity. Imagining the two working on him together, Diane training Jill as they worked on him, made him cum very quickly. Leaning over he turned out the light, the dim glow of the laptop screen unnoticed as he fell asleep. Several minutes later the glow brightened as the laptop flashed "Unable to find internet connection to process registration or commands, when connection is detected we will try again." Later in the night the screen darkened as the laptop went into hibernation.

Jeremy awoke from a wonderful sleep that had been filled with erotic dreams of Diane and Jill. He sighed, realizing it was just a dream. Getting clean and dressed was his first thing for the day. As he moved his clothes to the laundry hamper he felt the wireless card in his pants pocket. Half asleep and still trapped by the memory of his erotic dreams he went over to the laptop and plugged the card back in. Wandering out into the bathroom he missed his laptop screen flashing back on and reading "Internet connection detected. Registration complete. Index changed. Command processed. Command Processed. Command processed.

Jeremy came awake in the shower, the hot water causing his body to tingle all over. He felt good, very good even and was starting to plan his day when the shower door was yanked open. Diane stood there nude, looking at him. She panted "Jeremy, you need to fuck me, right now!" As he stood there dumbfounded, she tried again "Jeremy please, please fuck me. I need your cock and I need it now. I'm begging you to fuck me however you want." Jeremy shook his head and got a bit dizzy, looking down he realized that his cock was drawing a lot more blood than usual and was standing at attention, large and engorged. Diane followed his gaze down and started actually drooling. Stepping into the shower with him, she pushed him back against the wall and dropped to her knees. Taking his cock in her mouth she proceeded to deep throat him without a second thought.

Watching his cock disappear in his beautiful sister's mouth left Jeremy dumfounded and unable to move. Not that moving was in his mind at all at this point, all he was thinking about was the sensation of his erect cock stretching his sister's throat. It took all of 2 minutes for him to cum and he was surprised he lasted that long. Diane stood up "please throw me on your bed and fuck me, I need you inside me more!"

Jeremy took barely long enough to get them mostly dry and then followed Diane into his bedroom. She sprawled on the bed, her shaven pussy staring at him as she stroked her clitoris. He could see the fluids saturating it and just stood there watching for a moment as his erection returned. Then he climbed onto the bed and moved to mount his sister. She stopped him and pushed him onto his back. She mounted him and slowly lowered her cunt onto his cock. She would drop an inch or two onto it then pull back up an inch. While it seemed like forever to Jeremy she probably had his eight inches inside of her within a minute.

He laid there with his mind playing tricks on him "I must still be asleep and dreaming" passed through his mind at least a hundred times over the next five minutes. Diane raised the silken glove of her cunt off of him then and moved him to her anal entry. "I don't do this as much as anything else but I think you'll like it" she murmured. As his cock entered her ass he was sure he was asleep and dreaming. He didn't last long in her ass and filled it with his cum within a minute or two. As she pulled herself off of his slowly softening cock with a soft popping sound she said "One more thing I think you'll like, I practiced so I could do this without gagging and I can get any guy I want if I offer to do it."

She moved down and started licking his cock, which was just out of her ass. Then she took him in her mouth and he could feel her tongue cleaning every part of his cock. When she finished cleaning him she got up off the bed and walked out of the room. He watched her ass as it swayed out through his door. Wondering how this dream would end, he looked about the room and saw the laptop screen turned on again. Moving over to it he read the lines on its screen and his jaw dropped. "Holy Shit!" was the last thought in his mind before he fell to the carpet in a dead faint.

2. The Relief of Belief

Disclaimer - This story contains mind control and sex. If these things aren't to your liking then don't read the story.
Jeremy found himself lying on the carpet in his room. Glancing up, he saw his open laptop and once again re-read the words on the screen. "Internet connection detected. Registration complete. Index changed. Command processed. Command Processed. Command processed."

"Oh my God!" he thought, "It's for real and I've got a copy!" Jeremy immediately thought of a hundred things he wanted to do. "Slowly, I need to go slowly here. Who knows what will happen if I don't." he murmured. Climbing into his chair he immediately opened his profile again. One side of the screen was filled with indices and their current values. The other side held a slowly rotating picture of him sitting in his chair, nude. The picture was distracting and he really didn't feel like looking at himself nude so he grabbed some sweats and pulled them on.

Once again he hopped on IM and looked for Rob, the man needed a thanking if nothing more. Not finding him online Rob had a brainstorm, pulling up Rob's Master PC folder brought up an image of a nineteen year old, slightly overweight, geeky looking individual. The figure was swathed with bandages and had one arm and one leg in a cast. Jeremy quickly switched to the healing index and increased several of the values. He then looked around for the 'lock' function that was mentioned in many of the stories. He found it but it was grayed out, a small bubble message saying "This function is not available in the Trial Version of Master PC." Jeremy cursed, looking around again through the indices he chose the 'psionic' option for Rob and increased the value for telepathy, in the box right after the choice he typed "Telepathy will only work from Rob to Jeremy." Jeremy then went to his own file and increased the same values, setting the telepathy to be only with Rob.

{Rob man, this is Jeremy, can you hear me?} {Jeremy, what the hell man? How are you talking to me?} {I'm using the program you sent me, the MPC trial version.} {That was real? I though I hallucinated the whole damn thing. I've got a concussion and they were telling me that that can happen sometimes.} {Rob, what happened to you? With the program, how did you get so banged up?} {Dude, I made the mistake of showing it to a bitch I just used it on after I did her. She's a real butch bitch and when I explained I used the computer to make her horny for me, she took exception and beat the living shit out of me, stole my laptop to. I guess the bitch was a straight lezzie before I got a hold of her because she was definitely a virgin.} {Rob, what was her name? I owe you big time. I'll get back at her for you and get you your laptop back as well. She know computers very well? } {Nah, not at all from what I can tell. I had to explain how to boot the damn thing even. Her name is Kathy Hurston.} Jeremy quickly pulled up a file {Good thing you don't live more than 30 miles away, I haven't tested the range on this yet. Well, you still want her? I can make her forget this but don't go showing it to your conquests again until you ensure their loyalty.}{Yeah, I'd love to have her as a toy for a while, really tight and a virgin at twenty. I never even got a chance to do her ass yet.}

With a few keystrokes Jeremy altered Kathy to forget about MPC, forget that she had attacked Rob and realize that while she was still a lesbian there was one man she was willing (and eager) to be sexual with. {It's done dude, she should be by to give you your laptop in just a few. Use the damn thing to wipe some memories and get your ass out of the hospital. Fifteen days leaves no time to mess around.}{Thanks Jeremy, we'll call us even for me getting it to you and you getting it back to me.} {Later Rob, I've got some stuff to do} The image of the leering grin on Jeremy's face carried over with that last thought.

Opening Rob's file again, Jeremy made a couple of alterations. Now all of Kathy's female friends would be irresistibly attracted to Rob if he found them cute when they met. Opening Kathy's file, Jeremy gave Kathy the idea that she wanted all of her female lovers to meet Rob. Jeremy grinned, "That ought to start evening up the score." he thought. "If Rob doesn't like it then he can always change them back."

Jeremy opened Diane's file and started perusing it. Why in the world had she trained herself for those particular skills she had shown him? Looking through he found quite a few reasons. The first was that her sex drive was an 8.9 on a scale of 1-10, she needed to have sex regularly or she got seriously depressed and binge ate. That explained why she wasn't totally trim and toned. It also explained her anger and depression that occurred on a regular basis. She also had a very low self-esteem and self-worth. The look in the eyes of the guys she demonstrated those skills to made her feel better about herself. By tempting them with it verbally first, she managed to weed out the ones that might be disgusted by it so she never got let down in the end.

Jeremy decided right then that he would do something about that. He decided that with most of his changes he would mix something for the 'victim' in with something for himself. In this case he tweaked Diane's presence so that she had the same problem he used to have. Noone would notice her no matter what she did. However, at the same time he put an exception in to her self-esteem abd self-worth. Any time she tried her hardest to sexually please her brother they would go up a few notches, over a period of three days slowly dropping to where it was again now. If she continued the sexual pleasure while her self-esteem and self-worth were up they would continue to rise. Essentially if she got him off every other day she would feel very, very good about herself. Her self-esteem and self-worth would rise until they reached a point just shy of arrogant.

Staring at the picture of his sister, sleeping nude in her bed, had given him an erection again. He tweaked her memories to read that what had already occurred that morning was her own idea and that she had enjoyed it immensely (which she actually had according to the readouts he had on her) and wanted an immediate rematch. He input some sentence style commands which caused her to dream of sex with him in some way which she would find extremely kinky (if that earlier bout was normal or close to it for her, he could hardly wait) and set her to wake in half an hour, get dressed in her sluttiest clothes and come into his room. She would then act out the dream for their mutual enjoyment.

Jeremy quickly opened his parent's files and ensured that they would sleep through any noises that might occur and that they would sleep for at least another two hours. Remembering his alteration to Jill the night before he opened her file next. When he saw the picture of her his jaw nearly hit the floor. Cleaning up her acne had made her cute but plumping her up with 25 pounds had made her stunning. Clearly a substantial portion of that had gone to her breasts and ass. The remainder of the weight had padded the ribs that had always poked through her skin and fleshed her out very nicely. She certainly wasn't fat, nor even plump but the gaunt look she had always complained about (normally while trying to hide a gesture at her breasts) was totally gone. She was probably now on the large end of a C-cup, her hips were noticeable and her butt was nicely rounded. He couldn't tell from the picture since she appeared to be lying down on something but it looked like everything was nice and firm as well, no sagging was visible with her lying down.

One final change and he would be ready for Diane's visit. He made sure all other files were closed out and opened his own. In the command box he input "I now have the skill to keep myself from coming until I consciously decide to come. I can maintain my erection at will and can generate an erection at will as well. I can control how much I come when I do." Jeremy sat back and waited...

Diane walked into the room and Jeremy immediately started drooling. She was wearing clothes he hadn't even known she owned. The boots caught his eyes first, five inch spike heels on the bottom of leather boots stretching upwards over the middle of her thighs. She wore a set of fishnets under the boots, conveniently open at the crotch. A silk micro-skirt did nothing to cover the bottom of her ass and in the front, the bottom of her bald pussy was a tantalizing glimpse viewed under its edge whenever she took a hip-swaying step. His eyes climbed higher to see the open vest, also silk, that she wore over her breasts. With each step in those boots her hips swayed and causied the vest to brush from side to side, exposing first one, then the other, of her beautiful breasts. Her nipples kept catching the edge of the vest and as a result were standing fully erect, easily the length of his thumbnail and the same size around as his pinky.

Diane stalked to the stereo in his room and placed a CD in it. She switched it on and turned to Jeremy, lust visible in her green eyes. She began dancing to a familiar beat. He'd heard her playing NIN in her room and the bass always echoed through the walls. Now he could hear the rest of the music, if he could tear his concentration away from his sister's dance. She moved slowly, gyrating her hips and thrusting out her breasts. Some of the words to the song caught his attention for a moment and as he heard 'violate me' and 'desecrate me' his mind took to flights of fancy as he realized he could do anything he wanted to Diane as well as making her like it, ask for it, or even beg for it. He felt as if he was a god and she responded to his attitude. She changed her style of dancing from the gyrations to a sinuous undulation, showing off her body to good effect. Anytime the undulations included her upper torso, her breasts would come totally free from the vest for a split-second. He realized now that she had set two songs up to repeat over and over. The one he had caught some words to and another whose lyrics spoke of a devil in a car. The visuals he had from the combination of the lyrics and Diane's dancing were overwhelming and he just sprawled on his bed, his erection pulsing in time to the music. He stroked himself as he watched her. She was watching him with an equal or even stronger intensity. He could see her juices running out of her pussy and streaming down her leg. After a few more cycles through the two songs she turned the volume down, dropped to her hands and knees and crawled over to the edge of his bed.

"Have you come to take me away from this life, to lift me above it? Are you a devil or a god in disguise come to make me yours with your powers?" Her voice was husky and sensual, causing additional pulsing in his groin. "Is that what you wish?" he whispered, barely loud enough to carry over the music. "Oh, please yes!" "Then, so be it."

"Tell me what it is you wish while you please me." The sentence was almost unfinished as a nipple, swollen to the length and circumference of the upper portion of his pinky, was roughly pushed into his mouth. The sighs coming from her prevented any communication for several minutes but when his hand took to stroking her cunt and clit she quickly exploded into orgasm, squirting out her sexual juices and soaking his bed. She flopped onto her back, muscles relaxed by sexual relief. She closed her eyes and said "I want you to hurt me, I want you to make me feel as though you are going tear me open in every hole. When you are done doing that and have filled me with come all over, I want you to forgive me for not being good enough. I know that I am insufficient and want to be shown that I am at least good enough to make you come." Jeremy's mind was pretty much racing top speed from the first sentence. "If you lie here and masturbate yourself without coming for several minutes I will grant that request but you need to keep your eyes closed." Diane closed her eyes, one hand straying to her nipples and the other to her clit.

Jeremy went to his laptop and rapidly opened his own file. In the command box he typed "I wish to have control over the size of my erection and be able to will it to whatever size I wish." As an afterthought he added "I want the size of my erection to not cause problems with my blood flow to other parts of my body." Closing his file he quickly opened Diane's. "Hmmm, healing... Damn, the regeneration function is unavailable in this version. I'll need to be careful to not rip her open for real." He cranked her healing factors, resistance to infection and all the other settings up to full. Not knowing what might happen, he wanted her to feel her pain but not for very long and it seemed safest to just push everything to the limit.

Jeremy walked back over to the bed and pulled his sweats off. "You may open your eyes Diane." As she did so he instructed her to look at him. "Tell me when." He began to increase the size of his erection and her eyes widened. "There, but can you make it larger around?" A touch of drool leaked from her mouth as he complied with her request. He climbed on the bed and lay down on his back. "I will provide the equipment to hurt you with but you will be the one taking action. If you feel yourself start to tear, back off and let me know." He motioned to her head and gestured at his dick. She bent over to take him in her mouth and found she could barely stretch it to go around him. She did her best to deep throat him for the next few minutes. Jeremy tweaked the size of his cock repeatedly to make it more difficult for her. The next time she took him all the way in he swelled his cock enough to trap it there. "Diane, shall I come deep in your throat or back off to your mouth? Pinch my leg for throat, pinch my arm for mouth." A pinch to his arm had him lessening his size and sliding his head back from deep in her throat into her mouth. "I am going to come until you tell me to stop, don't drown yourself. Tell me to stop by squeezing my nipple." A muffled grunt let him know that she had heard. Realizing the level of pleasure he had risen to made him hope that he maintained enough awareness while coming to stop when necessary. He relaxed his control over his orgasm and let go.

Diane's mouth was filled with salty tasting come. She swallowed over and over and over but it kept filling her mouth. Finally, come drooling out around the edges of her mouth she reached up to pinch Jeremy's nipple. Instantly the come stopped like someone had turned off a faucet. Looking up at Jeremy she lost hope for the rest of her fantasy, no-one could come like that and be able to be hard again immediately. She intended to relish the time she had left sucking on his cock before it softened. After a few minutes she realized that he wasn't going to soften and pulled his cock from her mouth with a soft plop.

Jeremy stared as Diane continued to suck his cock after he had come. He wondered why but wasn't about to stop her. As she removed his dick from her mouth she said, "You're still ready to go? "Hell yes! Tell me when" he replied as he began to swell his cock again. She waited as it grew and grew, wondering just how large it could get. Finally she said, "That'll barely fit in my cunt." After a few more seconds of swelling it stopped growing. "Why didn't you stop when I said?" "You wanted to be hurt and filled, I figured you gave a margin of error and if you didn't? Well you did say you wanted to be hurt." After what Diane had experienced so far she was both frightened and excited, the two combining to form an emotion she hadn't experienced since the first time she saw an erect cock intending to penetrate her.

This time Jeremy pushed her down on her back. He spread the vest so he could have full access to her tits. Checking the edges of the fishnets he decided that they provided enough access and she was certainly wet enough. "Guide me in." Diane reached for the edge of his dick, feeling it pulse in her hand as she touched it. She eased the tip of it to the entrance of her cunt and pushed it in the first quarter inch. Even the head was going to stretch her cunt more than anyone else ever had and he got thicker further down.

Jeremy slowly eased the top of his cock into her cunt. As he felt resistance he continued to push gently and within moments was deeper inside. He continued his pushing until the point where she just wasn't stretching any more and only had half his cock inside of her. He leaned over and sucked on her stiffened nipples. As he began to push once more he bit the nipple he was sucking in, biting harder and harder until he was sure any harder would draw blood. Her involuntary response to that allowed him to shove another couple of inches of his massive cock inside of her. Sounds of pain came from Diane and as he eased his teeth off of her nipple he knew that it was from his penetration. Looking down he saw perhaps another five inches to go before he was totally buried in her. "Diane" he said. "Look at me!" Lust and pain filled her eyes as she met his. "I need you to squeeze me like you did earlier, use your cunt and squeeze me. As you release each time I am going to push deeper and deeper into you." He felt her muscles trying to squeeze his cock but they were already strained more than ever before and the effect he was hoping for didn't occur. "Oh well" he said, "I was hoping to stay on top but..." With that he grasped Diane tightly and rolled over onto his back, bringing her along for the ride.

Whimpers of pain came from Diane through the process but once she was on top she felt him slide into her another inch or so. She was sure she was going to tear apart and couldn't believe she had asked for this. Jeremy positioned her so her weight was entirely off the bed. Supported by only his cock and arms, she gasped as he moved his arms so his cock was her only support. Balanced by his arms she felt herself slide down his cock, the tip of it was surely more deeply inside her than was safe but she didn't care. She had taken it all in, although she felt like she was splitting apart, she was also slowly getting used to it.

Jeremy placed her legs on the bed, astraddle him and started pushing her up and down. She couldn't believe that he expected her to be able to move but to her surprise she found herself sliding up and down his cock. Just out of curiosity she slid up until she was mostly off of him and looked down. A small amount of blood showed on his cock but she wasn't bleeding or dripping blood that she could see. She let herself collapse back onto his cock and as she was penetrated to her core her body finally gave in and had an orgasm.

Diane's violent thrashing felt wonderful but Jeremy wondered if she was hurting herself. Her eyes were rolled back in her head and she was biting her lip. As she stopped shaking and looked at him, he realized that she had just had an orgasm and a pretty intense one also. Making a quick decision he pulled her tightly to him again and rolled back over. Now he was on top and fully inside her. He began to pound her and when she approached another orgasm he let himself join her. This time he had decided that he would control how much he filled her. As his orgasm went on and on, more come dripped from her slit. It seemed that she was going to continue her orgasm for just as long as he did. When he judged as much come was dripping out of her as he was putting into her he started to back his cock out, continually pausing to fill the space he had just vacated. When he was finally out of her, her cunt kept oozing come. She had passed out from the effort.

Jeremy sat up and checked the time. "Crap, Mom and Dad are going to wake up in only 5 more minutes." He jumped off the bed and opened their files again. From now on, nothing Jeremy and Diane did together would shock or disturb their parents. As he got back on the bed he tried to wake up Diane but she was still out cold. Dropping his cock to its new normal size, he rolled her over onto her stomach and mounted her ass from behind. "I bet she'll like waking up to this." he thought. Within a few minutes he knew he was right as pleasured mumblings carried to his ears from Diane's mouth. Getting off of her he sat, leaning his back against the bedpost. Gesturing her over he had her sit in his lap, facing him. Staring into her eyes, he placed his cock against her anal opening and pushed down on her shoulder. He slid in fairly easily due to the come that had dripped out of her cunt and down her ass crack. Once he was entirely in he stared at her eyes and began to enlarge his cock. Her eyes widened as she realized what he was doing and that he hadn't given her a signal to stop him. He was going to try reading it in her eyes but the sudden submission that came over her left them staring straight back at him, telling him nothing. "Beg me to stop at least five seconds before I am going to rip you open and realize that you will be moving up and down on whatever size it is when you beg." Her eyes did a slow and sultry blink at him to acknowledge his command. Just then the door opened and their mother poked her head in. Diane's eyes filled with panic and Jeremy just smirked at her. "You want breakfast kids?" their mom asked. "Yes, please a huge one, we're starving." answered Jeremy. "We'll be down in a few minutes."

The door closed and Diane realized she should've stopped Jeremy in the middle of talking to their mother. "Please stop, oh my god, please stop. You have to make it a little smaller!" Jeremy didn't reply, just stopped enlarging his dick and started thrusting in and out of her ass. Diane's eyes filled with tears but she co-operated in trying to get a rhythm going. Crying the whole way through she found that the pleasure wasn't overtaking the pain but was walking hand in hand with it. The feeling of equal pleasure and pain assaulting her senses was a new one for her. Through her tears she found orgasm after orgasm wracking her body. Finally Jeremy took pity on her and began to fill her with his come once again. His cock was such a tight stopper in her ass that no come came dripping out and he could feel her intestines begin to swell as they filled with his come. Diane began to cry harder just as a massive orgasm struck her. In the midst of her orgasm she was babbling "beg, stop, can't, stop..." Jeremy got the idea and stopped coming. He rolled her over onto her stomach and mounded a pillow under her pubes to keep her ass facing up. As he withdrew he let himself soften. Examining her ass, he found no blood showing and figured he had done just as he intended. Meanwhile Diane's last orgasm was still continuing and had been for at least three minutes. As she came down she heard Jeremy telling her "I'm not done with you yet, don't move."

He emptied a plastic bucket he had stored reusable computer cords in and set it on the floor next to the bed. "Now you are going to sit on that bucket and let your cunt and ass drain as you clean my cock." he instructed. Helping her into position on the bucket he sat on the edge of his bed and pushed his cock into Diane's mouth. "Tell me what size you most enjoy sucking on when I get to it." He enlarged his cock a bit and found out that it wasn't necessary; his new normal size of eight inches was what she preferred. She cleaned his cock as his come poured out of her ass and dribbled from her cunt. Once complete there was probably a gallon of come in the bucket and Diane stared in awe.

Jeremy looked at Diane, covered in sweat and come and decided then and there that if she really wanted him to take her away from her old life, he was sure he could find a new one for her. "I forgive you, Diane. You are insufficient but are at least sufficient enough to make me come. If you truly want to work towards being more sufficient then you may start that journey by emptying the bucket, down your throat."

Diane was shocked back to her thoughts from the post-coital glow, which in this case had the intensity of a nuclear meltdown. Hearing Jeremy's words and knowing that he remembered them for her through everything that just occurred stunned her. The last sentence he added in dropped her to her knees. Looking into the bucket and then looking at his face she grasped the bucket and brought it to her lips. Tilting her head back she began to empty the bucket, filling herself with her brother's essence and feeling like she might finally have found herself.

To be continued...

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