Master PC – Jenn’s Story

by Eric Moffat

Arriving late again, as usual. He was always late. She didn’t know why she kept him around. She could just as easily grab another boy and make out with him for a few choice moments and in a few specific areas to make him pay. But no, she needed the social status. That was everything these days in high school.

Pushing her platinum blonde hair behind her shoulders, she prettied herself up somewhat, knowing that it would be for naught in less than a minute. He would come in, grab her, force himself on her, and have a minute of undignified, unpleasant sex. She was used to it, but it still bothered her. Many of her friends agreed that speed was necessary to get to the goal, but patience needed to stay there. She put on a bit of lip chap, just in case this was a longer visit, and he had her blow him. Ugh, what a sport among guys. To brag that your ‘girl’ gave head to you whenever you wanted it. Shaking her head, her hair threatened to spill out in front of her again. She made a mental note to cut it later this week. Or style it differently, so as not to lose the minimum hair length required to be among the ‘in’ crowd. Just as she was preparing to pull her shirt off to make sure there was to be no problems with clothes, the door bell rang.

“That’ll be Josh, late as ever,” she mumbled to herself, then put on a big fake smile. She stood smoothing her hair, clad in only a small bra, meant to show off her disappointingly small B cup breasts. She didn’t have on a skirt; it was more of a long belt, as her father said. But Daddy didn’t know about her forays into sex just yet. Maybe not until she got married. Maybe not ever. She wet her lips, tasted the wax of the lip balm. She stood before the door, and turned the knob.

“Hey Jenn, nice choice of clothing! Going out somewhere?”

Oh, damn. It was her brother, nerd king of St. Alex’s High School. She never got her brother. It was like she was from Earth, and he from one of his fancy leather-bound fantasy books. Pushing up his glasses, he walked into the house, chuckling to himself at his joke, and went downstairs to his room. Thankfully, everything he needed was down there. His room, complete with soundproofed walls, a queen-size bed, a state of the line computer, bathroom, even a bar and a small kitchen he had insisted that Daddy put there so when he wanted to eat at four in the morning he didn’t have to disturb them. And that was only in his room. Outside his room was the second big screen TV, the one that daddy bought for him for his eighteenth birthday. Not nearly as nice as her Prada bag, but close. She resented the fact that if he wanted, he could bring friends over and have a party down in the basement, because it would always be quiet with the walls. That, and he could even invoked total privacy and being alone by locking the door to the downstairs with a padlock.

Jenn snarled at her brother’s retreating form, and then sat on the couch, staring at the piano. Some years ago, when Daddy and that bitch of a mother lived together here, she had asked for a keyboard because she wanted to be a musician. They had got her a Grand Piano, and she played it everyday for at least an hour a day. She retained that habit, however she now played whatever she could remember from her lessons that seemed so long ago, and stretched her fingers over the keys whenever she had a moment to spare. Between spending Daddy’s money, hanging out with those stuck up bitches at school, fucking Josh, and doing homework, she had little time to spend doing other, frivolous activities. Oh well. Josh still wasn’t here, so she strode to the piano, and sat down on the hard leather bench.

Her skirt didn’t reach all of her ass, so a bit of it touched her skin, making it cold and clammy. She got a slight shiver, and then it passed. Flexing her fingers, she put them down on the piano. She started to play a simple song, “Saints Go Marching”. When that was finished, she played her favorite song, “Everything I Do For You” from the Robin Hood movie. Oh, how she longed for someone to say those to her, and mean it. Not like Josh. He said I love you, meaning the sex. She wondered, while she played, why she stayed with him. It was for the social status, sure, but was there something else? Fear of not being able to get another boyfriend? No, that was silly. She was in the crowd, seen all the time at all the cool places, with the cool people. It was respect. She needed the respect. And if that meant one minute of humiliating and disappointing sex, dressing like a hooker from Japan, and spending all of Daddy’s money, well, she would do it.

Just as she got to the climax of the song, the door bell rang again. She turned to see Josh looking in her direction, and the sight of him made her wet. She didn’t know why. Maybe being Captain of the Football Team did that to girls. She got up from the piano, remembering to close the top of it, so dust would not settle in it. She crossed to the door, but stopped before she opened it. With one hand she started to open the door; the other darted to her panties, and she pulled them down. A little surprise for the Captain.

He came in, and pushed her against the wall as soon as the door was closed. There were no windows in the little nook where the door was, so it let him shove his hand under her skirt in relative privacy. Still, being diddled in the hallways of her house, right next to a slightly ajar door, made her even more wet. She did not understand it. She usually made him close the door, take off his shoes, and then lead him up to her room where he could finally ravage her. Today was different though. She pulled his head down to hers, putting her arms around his neck. He was surprised, as was she, for this sudden display of heat. He was usually the one to start things, and end things. She relished in the fact of her pussy being rubbed, and sucked in a sharp breath as one of his fingers darted in there to make an exploratory dive.

Breaking the kiss, she looked at him with an animal lust. All she wanted was his cock in her. This scared her. She wasn’t in control of her emotions. She just let it go, as a way of releasing pent up sexual desire and making him last longer in bed. She caught his eye, and mouthed ‘Upstairs’. She didn’t notice her brother watching from the door to the basement, a look of wonder and glee spread across his face. Right now, all she could and did notice was the way Josh chased her upstairs, pinching her ass and getting to look at her dripping snatch.

She closed her door, facing him. She pounced on his chest, buttons on his jacket hurting her stomach. She took it off slowly, making him wait. His dick pressed into her left thigh, through his corduroy pants. When the jacket came off, he tried to turn her over and get himself on top, but she restrained him by pressing her crotch onto his hardening cock. He stopped struggling, and stayed in the moment. Next off came his shirt, a golf shirt, slightly damp from sweat. She breathed it in, and slowly wriggled her way up him, pulling the shirt with her. She left a slightly damp trail across his pants. With his shirt off, she kissed his neck, moving down his chest. It was slightly hairy, a guy just coming into manhood. She licked him around his pecks, kissing his nipples with her greasy lips. Still leaving a trail of wet kisses, she traveled down until she reached his waist. He remained perfectly still. She got off of him, and kneeled by her bed, a large king-size, and ran her hands up her legs, from shin to crotch and back. She tried to maneuver her petting by coming closer and closer to touching his cock.

She went up once more, lightly brushing her hand against his hard member, and proceeded to undo his belt. He tried to sit up, but another brush of his cock sent him back down into LaLa land. Undoing the belt proved more difficult, as she was staring more at his chest, rising and falling quickly, his cock straining against his pants. She glanced to the belt, undid it quickly, and pulled it swiftly from the loops. Dropping it to the floor, she worked next on his pants, first slowly undoing the zipper, and then the button to open his pants entirely. She pulled them off, tugging at times, and had to ask Josh to lift his ass off at one point. Getting them off was another problem, as he still had his shoes on. She pulled them off, and then the pants followed. All he had on was his boxers, with a big strain on the upper left of them, with a dark patch forming around the cock head. She touched it softly, running her hand up and down the length of it, and reached inside to play with his balls.

When she touched his cock, she felt a sensation unlike that of an orgasm. Pure bliss, and release, just from touching his dick once. She scratched his balls with one of her fingernails, releasing more pre-cum onto his boxers. She stopped, and stood up. He sat up, with a slight put on his face. He sat there, raging hard on, while she stripped in one motion. Her skirt fell off, while her shirt came off in the same instant. She stood there, naked, and then tried to take off his boxers. He pulled them off, almost ripping them off, in order to get his dick in her pussy.

Jenn smelled the room, and was overjoyed in a sense of the odors of sex. The musk was thick, almost like you could cut them. She glanced at Josh, who was absently stroking his cock. She pushed him back down on the bed, and kneeled once again. She usually had to be told to suck his cock; now she wanted him to the point of killing someone for it. Taking him in her small hands, she placed the head of his cock at her lips, kissing it. She felt him throb, blood pulsing through his cock. She kissed him again, and then started to lick around the head. She licked the underside as well, down his shaft, to get it nice and wet for her throat. She went back up, then down, and repeated that as long as she could handle. Going down the last time, she kept going past the base, and started to lick his balls. There was some hair on them, but she sucked them, and scratched them with her teeth, lightly so not to hurt him. She went back up, and upon kissing the head once more, opened her mouth and took him in. He tasted like heaven, like six multiple orgasms built upon the one preceding it. She sucked him hard, and soft, then hard, then soft. She found he liked it better when she did it softly, and then pushed her face forward until it could go no further. She looked up to see her reflection in the mirror above her bed, sucking like a pro, and loved the picture. She focused back onto the task at hand. ‘Or rather,’ she thought, ‘The task in mouth.’

She started to suck him down, past her mouth, and her jaws, until he was in her throat. Just having some of him pre-cum dripping down in her made her feel like she was made of sunshine and rainbows. She slowly took him out of her mouth, to make the feeling last. She kissed the head of Josh’s cock before she grasped it with her left hand, and straddling him, guided it to her wet snatch. She had trimmed it, almost shaved it, down to a racing stripe of sorts. It used to be bushy, until she had read that teen guys liked shaved pussies. She had cut it all off, in what meant to be a heart. It was really lopsided, so she cut it in thirds, and then shaved the top and middle of the middle ‘stripe’, so there was only a little tuft of soft curls above her lips. Hearing her pussy lips part and feeling his cock inside her made her wish that she had it all shaved off when she had the chance. She pushed onto him, harder and harder, making herself more aroused at each thrust. She would cum soon. She had too. This feeling was too good. So she pushed herself forward onto Josh’s chest, and moaned like no tomorrow, as his cock, a nice 7- inches, pushed further and further into her. She moved up and down on him, her small breasts squashed against his chest, and her arms moving up and down his chest and ribs. She kissed him, and felt her legs start to squeeze involuntarily. She was going to cum very quickly. She stopped kissing him and told him in no more than a whisper,

“Cum with me. Please, cum with me.”

Her legs gave way as she screeched in lust and passion, her built up sexual energy released at that moment. She felt a warm spray of cum enter her passage, filling her up. She sighed contentedly, and somewhat dejectedly. It was a good fuck session, but the feeling of that orgasm of incredible release just as quickly disappeared as it had arrived. She wanted more. Again and again and again until she could no longer stand, or talk, or even think. She wanted to cum hard. And she wanted to do it now.

But even as she thought of reaching down to help Josh’s monster back to life, she felt him get up. Jenn saw him put on his clothes in a silent way, not even basking in the after-sex glow. He dressed quickly, like a man on a mission, and left the room at a fast step. She heard the door slam from the main hall. So that was it, she said absent-mindedly to herself. She needed cock, and to orgasm, and to cum, right now. But who was here to give it to her? Her boyfriend just left, and her dildos were not the same. A name flashed into her head.


But which Jake? Jake Fletcher was in Boston. Jake Drummond was still in school at UCLA.

Brother Jake.

Yes, yes! That was it! Her brother, Jake, was still here! He had a cock, and who knew her better than her brother? She didn’t even put on clothes as she raced downstairs.

Upon coming to the door, a thought crossed her mind.

This is my brother! I can’t have sex with him! No way!

But I need cock!

No, he’s family, and ugly to boot!

You know, maybe he has a nine inch cock?

I never thought of that! Here we go. As they say, Incest Is Best!

She took hold of the knob to the downstairs, her brother’s lair. She took the first step, and felt something take hold of her. She could not think straight. The only thought in her head was ‘Close the door.’ Right, the door. No sense in letting Daddy know what she was up to. She turned and closed it, letting it slam in her face.

‘Turn around and walk to Jake’s room.’

It made sense, because she was here to fuck him. She went down the stairs, her pussy getting wet with anticipation. She felt something else happening to her. Her chest was getting lighter. It stopped straining her back. She felt lighter than air. What little fat she had on her was gone. In fact, it was now muscle. Flexing a bicep, she saw a small lump of muscle there instead of just bone and skin. She dropped her arm, hit her chest with it. Wait, was she always this busty. Of course, she just never noticed. Even sometimes she was allowed to be blonde. As was her hair color. Giggling, she started to massage her new tits with her right arm. They felt great! Bigger, bouncier, lighter than ever; at least a triple D if, not a double E. She loved the way they jiggled. Jiggle, giggle. Hey, they rhymed! Giggles. Lots of giggles. She loved to laugh. Laughing made her feel so good!

‘Hurry to Jake’s room. He is waiting. And you need to cum so badly.’

Oh God, that’s right! Jake’s room! I need to find Jake, and get him to pump me full of his cum. Turn right, go through the door.

As Jenn turned the knob, she felt, rather than saw, Jake, sitting at his computer, plugging away at something or other. She would surprise him, for sure! Especially with her new breasts. She closed the door softly, not hearing the familiar click like all the other doors. She turned towards him, saw the back of his brown hair. It was shiny, and sleek. She wanted to stroke it, to touch it, to place on her breasts. She walked softly behind him, and opened her breasts. She placed one in each hand, and reveled the way they felt. She wanted to let Jake play with them, to hold them, squeeze them hard. She went forward softly, placing them on each side of his head. They felt so good there, like a perfect fit. Then, a new feeling. A tongue on her right tit. Oh god! Yes, so good!

She felt him turn, his tongue leaving a wet streak across her right breast. It felt amazing! So good, and so naughty at the same time! No one had ever done this to her. Then, hands at her crotch. But not hers. No, they were too soft, too exploratory. She opened her legs, keeping Jake’s face hidden in the mountains of soft flesh she had. Then he stood up. He no longer wore glasses, but he had shining gold eyes. His features were shaped like a body builder. Six-pack abs, broad shoulders. High chest. Tall, almost 6 and a half feet. He was like a god to her. No, he was her god. Her god in human form. She wanted him so badly. She felt his cock on her crotch. Oh! Was it? It was even longer than what she had suspected! Almost ten inches long!

She stroked his abs, made sure they were real, and pressed her nipples to his chest. It felt so good, like, like… it felt better than anything in the world, to pleasure him. But he did not want to fool around. She felt herself being picked up, and carried to his bed. She was thrown on it, and then, without any foreplay, he began to fuck her. He entered her fast, like it was his last moment on earth. She wanted it to last. It was like her filled her completely, like every hold in her body, physical or otherwise, was being pumped with his juicy cock. Why hadn’t she done this before? She felt him ram her, sending her new tits back and forth across her chest. This caused her no pain. And soon, she was ready to cum. But she needed him to cum. She squashed her breasts together, and taking the hint, he grabbed them both, kneading them like dough. He twisted her nipples, hard. Jenn squealed in delight. She needed this, more than ever. And then, she started to cum. She felt what was like climbing Everest, to find the entrance to Heaven, and being let in. VIP type of being let in. And then he came, make her fly through those pearly gates so fast, she thought that they were going to break off. She got her rocks off, to say the least. She never wanted it to end.

But end it did. Slowly, but surely, he disengaged from her dripping honey pot, and proceeded to wipe himself clean on her tits. The sensation nearly drove her back to Heaven, but not so. She went back to Everest, then back down to the ground. She lay there, panting for breath, when she realized that she was alone. She sat up slowly, loving the feel of having just fucked her god. A piece of paper was sitting on the desk. It was written in beautiful calligraphy, like it was taken from a sixteenth century kingdom, and addressed to her. It read :

Dear Jenn,
We both know that this is going to be our new way of life. You will always be my Number One girl. When you finish reading this, come upstairs and join me in the kitchen.
She rolled up the letter, and went upstairs to find Jake. She needed to tell him how much she loved him. What he made her feel. How he made her feel. She loved him, and she was sure he loved her back. But why come upstairs. Down here made her feel safe, protected. She wanted to stay here, but he had ordered her to come upstairs. And one does not question a god. That was for sure. She went upstairs, through the door to the main floor, and saw her father sitting at the kitchen table, reading the newspaper. Normally, she would have been scared out her mind at her being naked with her father right outside the door, but now she felt perfectly fine. Nothing amiss here.

“Hi Daddy!” she said, sliding into his lap.

“Hi Princess! Having fun with Jake?”

“Oh yeah! We fucked for what seemed like hours and hours! It was so good!”

“I’m sure it did,” he chuckled. “Jenn, I have a little problem that I need your help with. I’m pretty sure that only you can do it. Will you try for your Daddy?”

“Sure Daddy, anything for you!”

“Well, you see, I have this raging hard on, what with you being naked and all. Will you please take care of it for me?”

“Oh, sure, I can do that! Just drink your coffee, and read your paper. Maybe, if you’re really nice to me, I’ll even let you suck my titties!”

“Well, okay.”

Jenn undid her father’s pants, with flowing grace and agility. She opened them, to find a nice 8 inch cock spring to attention directly at her face. She licked it a bit, and then did something new with her nice big breasts. She put them over his cock, and squished them together, never letting his cock out of their confines. She massaged his dick, and licked it whenever she could. She let it out after a few minutes to sit on his lap, facing him. She offered her left tit to him, and he sucked it. He let it go with a little pop sound, and took a drink of his coffee. He put his mouth back on her nipple, and it felt warm. She moved herself onto his cock, and then started to grind him, moving her ass against his partially undid pants. She loved the feeling; her Daddy fucking her and sucking her tit.

He came quickly and suddenly. She had no chance to get herself that far that quick, but it didn’t feel like she got anything from him anyway. This was a favor for her Daddy, not to get her rocks off. That reasoning made her feel better about herself.

“Oh, hey guys! How was work dad?”

Her god had come into the kitchen. She looked at him and melted. Her breasts perked up, and her nipples hardened even more. She got instantly very wet, and her upward climb toward Orgasm Heaven started again.

She could not for the life of her remember how it had been before. She wondered late at night sometimes, if there even was a before. All she needed was Jake, and she forgot everything else. She dropped out of school, and was a big hit at the local strip club, Frank’s Cowboy’s. It was a restaurant on the surface, but only men were allowed in, and women too on the last Friday of the month. She got paid to have sex, and she reasoned that she did this to pay her Daddy back whatever she made him get before… was there a before? She didn’t know. Jake always had sex with her, leading her back to those golden gates so many times, the angel at the gate got to know her by name. She was happy in her new life, and she loved it.