Master PC – Jake’s Story

by Eric Moffat

Part 1 – Take What You Will

Note : This story is one of three. It is important that you read either Richard’s Story or Jenn’s Story beforehand. It isn’t necessary, but it helps a lot. This part of Jake’s story tells of his beginnings of the Master PC program, but has little if no real sex in it. The next part tells of his ravaging of his sister, the cheerleaders at school, and a sex party at his house. Please be patient! Thank you!
Jake woke to the sound of a small alarm clock next to his spare bed. Yes, he had a spare bed. He was on all accounts a lucky guy. Living in a big house, had an entire basement to himself, and was so profoundly smart that he knew binary well enough to give a rough translation. Yeah, he was a very big nerd.

No matter what he did to his hair, or his clothes, or his general appearance, he was in many ways the biggest nerd known to man alive. Tousled brown hair that never laid flat. Small in size, but lanky in his legs. And worst of all, thick glasses and braces. Couldn’t speak without a lisp, couldn’t eat solid food, nothing. He really had no idea as to how he could be blessed with knowledge and not with at least some looks too. He had a very skinny frame, and although he ate junk food day and night, he had no definition to his features. No shoulders to speak of, no hair on his face, no muscle anywhere. Nothing good to look at.

It had taken him months, and more than $2,000 to find what he was finally getting. He had purchased a small program. It was small in the sense that the package it had come in was little more than a small box, like that of his many computer games. It was a 3-D imager, one that many girls used to play virtual dress-up as a kid. His computer was a hand-me-down, nothing short of a CPU and a very bad monitor. He programmed his own code using C++, noting that it wasn’t the greatest of languages to use, but it got the job done. Now he just needed his last integral part of his program to come in. DNA from his subjects. It had cost him over a thousand dollars to get a scanner not unlike those found on one of his favorite shows, C.S.I. He needed one to transmit the DNA code into his program. Compared to this, he had assumed that everything else was playtime. He heard the doorbell ring. Finally, it was here!

Jake raced upstairs, taking them two at a time. He opened the door and greeted the mailman with respect, but not enough the show that he cared for the man. He was getting his package, and held it with reverence. If this broke, he would not care for anything anymore. He would curl up and die with it. Signing the package, he closed the door, and just about jumped for joy. He had it! His federal issue DNA scanner!

Taking his prize downstairs, he grabbed a knife to cut the cords with. Taking his time, as so not to drop the scanner, he closed his basement door, and continued on to his computer room. He had a big basement, you see. Very big. Like that of a separate house below his house. Computer room / office, bedroom, small kitchen / bar, and bathroom. Everything he needed to complete his life and hold the would-be parties and girls, was he popular enough to get either.

Opening the box, he saw the setup instructions. He disregarded them for the most part – he had his own deciphering to do. He plugged it into a separate outlet all its own, and booted it up. It took forever, almost ten minutes, for it to load and find his computer compatible. Bringing up his 3_D model display, he went to the software part. Now it would get fun for him. He placed his finger on the scanner, and it showed up in the display monitor. A small image of himself was found on-screen, sitting exactly as he was. He was more than surprised; he was fanatical. This machine had not only taken his DNA, but also his exact image he had been in a few seconds earlier. He found the next part, the coding of the program. It was huge! So many lines of code, so many variables, too many to count! He had wanted to start small, like his finger, to find the code, copy it, memorize it, and then start again with another part of him. Now, he had his entire body displayed on the screen, hunched over his computer. Even more, the program changed his picture after every minute or so. He was seen standing, sitting, kneeling, or whatever position he was in at the time.

Before he started tinkering with the code, the help button in the upper-right corner of the screen flashed. It startled him. He never had to use the help button. What could it want? He opened it up to see that the computer needed a name for the program. Naming a program was a big decision, one that made or broke companies. Remember the Virtual Boy? Neither do a lot of people. He typed in a name slowly, then did a small impression of Alex from Clockwork Orange. The name read ‘Master PC’.

He tried closing the box, but it wouldn’t, no matter what he did. He looked around it again, and saw that it scrolled down. Of course, more options. It read ‘Do you want to continue?’ Well, duh. That’s why he was here! He clicked yes, and a new box came up. It asked if he wanted to trademark the name, and patent the program. Again, another yes. Then it asked for a description of the program. A description of a program he had just created? How did he know? Jake knew that AI, or artificial intelligence, was still in its very early stages, but this was unreal. Not knowing what to expect from this mystery computer, he typed in : Welcome to Master PC – the program that gives its user god-like powers over everything and everyone else. Need more hair, a longer dick, or a sluttier girlfriend? Then this program is for you!

It looked good, but it definitely needed some fine tuning it the wording. Was sluttier ever a word? Ah well, time to tinker later. More boxes flashed up, asking for his name, a subject, and a range of control. He typed in his name for the first two, and the third, Range, had a slider bar. It could encompass the world, or a small city, or just a house at a time. The larger the area covered, the more time it would take for the changes to take effect. Maybe in a few years, with better computers, that would change, so for now Jake set the range to a 100-mile circumference. Anything within the 100-mile area would and could be changed, but anywhere outside, and there would need to be extra computers with the program.

Then the two last boxes came up. The first was asking whether it needed DNA of people to change. Jake typed in ‘NO’, because who really wanted to take around a knife or fork or whatever and grind DNA off of everyone who would be changed? A small box underneath that came up asking if he wanted to also change buildings or large areas at the same time. Definite ‘YES’. Jake had been worried about taking DNA not from the people he wanted to change, but also the places the he would want to change. And unless bricks had blood in them, it would have been impossible. The last box came up, flashing. It had a small disclaimer of its own, saying that in no way was the Master PC company involved with any changes to environment and that in no way was it ever to be mentioned outside those that the company chose to keep and use the program. Basically, unless Jake wanted to, he never had to share his program.

The last ‘Yes’ box, and he was back at the 3-D image of himself. The help button wasn’t flashing anymore, and he already felt like a good chunk of his time doing code was done for him. It was then that he looked at the time. Around 9 in the morning. His dad would be on his way to work. Maybe he could try something…

He brought up the File menu, and found – Change Subject. He clicked it, and it asked for the new subject to be changed. He typed in his father’s name. The picture was uncanny. There was his dad, probably singing one of his awful Elvis CDs, stuck in traffic again. He decided to change that. He typed in :

Richard will get to work on time. Richard will be given a promotion at work, and a sexy secretary who will flirt with him. His new office will be covered in expensive furniture, and he will have a new computer. He will no longer be afraid of computers. He will receive an e-mail from a Jake, but he will believe it is from his fishing buddy Jake.

Jake didn’t know if his dad had a fishing buddy, or even if his dad fished. But that was besides the point. Now he had to find a way to compress this program and e-mail it to his dad. He went to the help button, ready and prepared for nothing helpful. Instead, he got the whole nine yards. It gave him instructions how to close the program, send it without opening the internet, and how he could even make it a smaller version, like a trial version. That sounded like a great idea, and he hit send. The screen showed the little arrow with the envelope floating over it, and the Sent message appeared less than half a minute later. This program was great. Now he needed a better test. He didn’t want to try himself yet. No, but it was Saturday. His sister Jenn was home. She was a good subject.

Now, if she was where he thought her to be, Jenn would still be asleep, or getting ready to meet that dumb jock of a boyfriend. He brought her up, and yes, there she was, low-cut shirt and panties. She was dolling herself up for a few moments of unsatisfying sex. Not if he could help it. He smiled, as he started to type in the commands faster and faster.

Jenn will be increasingly horny by the time her boyfriend gets here. She will dominate him in the bedroom. She will give him the best blowjob she has ever given. When she is done, she will come downstairs, and proceed to fuck her brother Jake.

Looking over them with glee, he could scarce wait for the idiot to get here. If only he could remember that jock’s name… wait! Help button to the rescue! Jake typed in :

Can I target one member in a specific place, or will the entire area be changed? The one target, if that is your goal, will be changed.

Oh, this was too good! That jock would be here soon, and then as soon as he blew his wad, he would be gone. Wait, why not make him blow his wad as soon as possible? Just to make it unfair to Jenn. He closed the box, and then tried out another command feature.

He clicked area, and set it to his house. Then, when the house appeared, he chose Basement, and the entire basement floor plan showed up. It even had a neat little animation, like a scroll being unfurled. He clicked the entire area, and started typing :

Whenever a female comes down here, she will have an undying need to have sex with me. Unless I say so, she will not fuck another male down in the basement.

Okay, that was good for now. At least if he ever had a party, it would now run in his favor. He could change more as needed. Just then the doorbell rang. It had to be that prick of a guy Jenn called a boyfriend. He looked out. There was no one there. Just some kids playing a game. He decided to make fun of how she looked. He ran upstairs, but quietly, and went out the front door and almost closed the door. She wouldn’t notice the difference. He stood there, impatiently. It opened, and he adopted a smirk.

“Hey Jenn, nice choice of clothing! Going out somewhere?”

She was wearing a short jean skirt, with enough to cover the necessities. A small t-shirt pressed against her small bust, making them look bigger than they were. She got a disgusted look on her face, but let him back into the house. He went straight for the basement door, but didn’t go down the stairs. He waited for Josh, her boyfriend.

Soon enough, after a couple songs played on his sister’s Grand Piano, the doorbell rang for the third time that day. It was Josh this time, and Jenn basically jumped him in the hallway. After battling with their mouths, Jake noticed Jenn wasn’t wearing any underwear. It made him surprised, she normally wasn’t that horny. It must have been the program! Smiling with glee, he saw Jenn look at him for a second, then her attention was brought back to Josh.

He went downstairs to his lair, and took a moment to assess the situation. If what the program was designed to do what he told it, then maybe… just maybe…

He went to the computer, and typed in quickly :

Jake Yearling will be shown as a god to all those within the circumference of this program. All those who knew, know, or know of him will accept any change he brings about. The area around him will always be full of sexual pheromones, so that girls will want to fuck him and obey his every command. They will never, ever, go against him or what he says. The area that Jake controls is his toy land, and anything he says goes. All females will be able to take whatever Jake or another man gives them in sex.

He hit enter, and a box asked him to wait. It was sending the commands out to the 100-mile area, so it took longer than expected. About 5 minutes after he had entered the command, the box changed to a checkmark, and it read – Command Successful.

Maybe he could also change appearances? It was worth a try. He tried typing again, slowly as to not make any mistakes :

Jake Yearling.

His image came back up, and he changed some things about him. He grew a six pack of abs, and filled out in other places with muscle and definition. He made his hair long, down to his shoulders, but easily moldable and would lay down perfectly flat when not styled. He then started fooling with his cock. It was already the usual six inches, but, he thought, why not double that? He fiddled with girth before realizing that not all girls would be able to blow him now. He went for a comfortable 2 inch girth, and a foot in length. It was comfortable to most mouths. Like a banana, only a bit bigger and longer. And he didn’t have any curves with it. He lost all hair from his armpits, and crotch, but wrote that he wanted he beard to come in quickly. He thought about a mustache as well, but decided against it. He had no stomach hair to speak of, so that was okay. What few pimples he had were taken away, never to return. No sickness was left in his system, or would he ever be that way again. He was the person he always wanted to be, and more. Lastly, he increased his IQ fifty points, along with stamina, strength, speed, etc. He hit send, and a box came up asking how long he would like to make it. Not knowing exactly what it meant, he hit the help button.

This box asks if the changes will become instant, or take place over 1 second, 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month or 1 year. 1 second takes more memory than 1 year, but also goes faster.

He let it go for 5 minutes. He wanted to feel the changes happening. And he needed time to fix Josh. He and Jenn had been in her room for a little over twenty minutes now, and he was probably nearing his limit. He hit the ok box, and the changes started. Nothing big happened, at first. He felt exactly the same. The his shoulders started to unknot themselves, and he felt them rise, like they were bread. He turned back to the screen, and saw he had 3 minutes left.

He felt his legs become thicker, and his face felt weird, like someone was pushing his jaw from the inside. He reached up, and felt stubble. His hair touched the back of his neck, but stayed in that one position. It felt comfortable there. Then he felt his cock spasm. It was getting a little tight in the pants he was wearing. He stood up and took them off. He saw that his dick had grown about 2 inches, and then it stopped. He rubbed it back and forth, and it grew again, until it was the foot long cock most guys dream of having, fully erect and willing to plunge into the hot, wet flesh of a nubile girl. He saw the timer was almost up, and he sat down at the desk again. It reached zero, but there was something still wrong… of course! His glasses and braces!

He looked at the timer, and saw that he could make it shorter. He set it to 1 second, and changed it so he had far better vision, and that his teeth were perfect and always white. He hit send, but instead of the nice pleasantness of the changes before, this one hurt. His eyes just grew, it felt like. His glasses hurt him, and he took them off. The braces on his teeth fell off, and his teeth felt like they were being scrubbed with metal fleece. He ran to one of his mirrors in the bathroom, and the look stunned him.

No glasses, or braces, white teeth. Broad shoulders, longish hair. He looked stronger, and felt stronger. It felt good to be him for once. Oh no, Josh! He had to change him quick!

He rushed back to the computer, and brought up his house again. He typed in Josh, and there he was, lying down. He looked about ready to cum any second. Jake typed faster than ever, thanks to his now computer prowess :

After Josh cums, he will leave and not know why. He will never remember coming to the house, and when he next sees Jenn, he will have a desire to break up with her.

He hit send, and put the timer on 1 minute. No sense in screwing the poor bastard over more than he was going to be. Then he selected Jenn again. His previous commands were taken and being used well, as she had engulfed him, and was now apparently licking his cock head in her mouth while trying to get him to cum.

He brought up the commands for her, and typed in to her :

After Josh leaves, you will realize that you need to cum badly. You will think about Jake. Your brother, Jake. You will come down to the basement, completely nude, and when you get to the door, and close it behind you, you will grow to a double E bust. Your fat on your body will be turned to muscle, and you slowly turn into your brother Jake’s bimbo slut.

He clicked send, and then 1 minute as well. The box came up with a checkmark, and he smiled to himself. He let his mind wander as to what he would do next, when he heard the front door slam shut, and then a few seconds later, the door to the basement close softly. This was definitely a good day.

Part 2 – Super Orgy Porno Party

What has happened so far :

A young guy named Jake Yearling, a nerd to the highest degree, has created his own Master PC program using his dad’s old computer and a high priced DNA scanner. He played around with his dad’s life, and is just coming into the realization that anything he types in will happen in real life. He gets his sister Jenn’s boyfriend to leave, and is waiting for her downstairs.
The door to his room opened and closed, softly. Jenn was obviously trying to sneak up on Jake. Well, no use in making her wait; he had his pants off in a second. But, then something engulfed his head, completely covering him. It was her breasts! They were huge, considering that not half an hour ago, they were a small B-Cup. He relished in the feeling, big breasts encompassing his head and neck. Jake stuck his head between her breasts further, and licked her right tit, turning towards her. He could feel the saliva on his ear, but it was a small price to pay for losing his virginity to a big breasted bimbo. He kissed her chest lightly, and then reached down with his left hand. He somehow found her cunt on the first try, and stroked it lightly. It too was wet, but a good wet. He loved it. He slipped a finger in, then another. It was tight, and warm. He turned and stood up, feeling her nipples press onto his chest. He could no longer control himself. Jake stood up, and faced his sister. She now looked the part of his sex slave; beautiful features, and big breasts. He felt his sister touch his cock, and feel the length of it. He smiled to himself, and pressed it towards her snatch. He couldn’t take too much more, and flung his sister onto his bed.

He stood before his sisters opening. It looked so good, shaved and ready, almost pulsing with desire for his cock. He rammed it in. He pumped her, letting his instincts take over. He jabbed her and pushed against her again, and again, and again. He felt his orgasm rising. He would need to fix that with the Master PC program. He never wanted to cum, unless he wanted to. Not when his body said to. He just left his cock in her, knowing that she wouldn’t refuse him. He let himself go, and continued thrusting while pumping her full of his seed. He loved the feeling of sex. It was so wonderful, amazing even. It let him be free, totally free. He left her like that, writhing in her ecstasy. He smiled at her, watching her smile and almost laugh in sheer joy. He pulled himself out of her dripping pussy, and looked around for his pants. He found them near the computer.

He put them on and went onto the Master PC program for a few more changes to himself. He made himself able to cum when he wanted, and girls who drank his cum would become addicted to it and become an extreme aphrodisiac. He then smiled to himself, and checked the time. Yep, the girls who did cheerleading would be practicing right now. He knew this, because he, like many other loners, liked to watch them bouncing and twirling. Especially their big boobs. He loved watching them jiggle and bounce in time with the music. So he grabbed a loose shirt, and after writing his sister a short note, left the basement and the house. He drove his and his sister’s car to the school, and upon entering, heard the music coming from the nearby gym. He glanced in, and saw the cheerleaders bouncing and shaking their pompoms.

The head cheerleader, Cindy, was showing the girls her new ‘improvements’ to their routine. It included a three-man tower and back-flip landing, complete with two other towers shadowing the first exactly four beats later. The song they were using was some sort of techno remix, because as far as Jake could tell, there were no words. He was a little worried what would happen if the Master PC program didn’t work outside of his house. He had set the area for 100 miles, sure, but did it really reach that area? He was about to find out. He opened the door slowly, so as not to make that big of a scene if it didn’t work. He even had the alibi that since it was a Saturday, he was here for the Science Olympic meeting. It was an odd school, to be sure. He didn’t have to use the excuse, thankfully.

As soon as the girls caught a glimpse of Jake, they all smiled and winked at him or nudged their friends and licked their lips. He could see that his commands to make him look like a god had worked. But now there was no sport in the game. He would have to change that when he got home. But for now…

Jake spoke quite normally. “Hello gals. How’s practice going?”

“Oh, Jake! It’s going great! Would you like to watch what we have so far?”

“Sure, I’d love to. Where can I sit?”

“Oh, yeah! Um, how about the bleachers? Or wait no, Jessy’s got a chair!”

Jessy was a short brunette, with a stocky frame. She was built like a brick house from all the cheerleading, and it showed in her muscles. But what really made her a hit at parties and for cheerleading was that besides being strong and on the squad, was that she had DD breasts and apparently was very easy when it came to dating. She gave it easily, and apparently ‘loved the cock’.

She brought over a small folding chair, and smiled at Jake. She stood by his side as he sat down, and cooed in delight as he pinched her tight ass. The uniforms that the girls wore was a single piece blue and red jumper, tight enough to show their lithe forms and large enough to give the girls just enough emphasis on their prized assets. She leaned over to give Jake a quick peck on the cheek, and then ran back to her position as the music started. It was a slow song to start off with, some rap-like beat. The words were cut from it, making it sound even more interesting. The song was then changed into some weird rap / techno mix, remixing the song with bass beats and odd lines from the chorus strung in here and there. The girls started their routine, and for what he could tell, Jake thought that it looked more like the girls were just dancing and grinding on invisible boys. There was a lot of bending at the knees and waists, slowly straightening and brushing their pompoms across their chests. Those less endowed, which were to say, the girls with C-Cup breasts, were showing off more than the other girls. Cindy was at the back, not really shown. She was a tower base, and was used mainly for that purpose. The dance could use some work, Jake thought, but with Cindy’s improvements, it would be. It never yet failed to excite him how these girls could bend and move so well. Their timing was a little off, but for the most part, it looked very hot. The song ended after about two minutes, and the girls were breathing a little harder than usual. Jake clapped for their benefit, and they looked fit to burst with pride and happiness at his approval. For all he knew, he might never get bored with the way they teased men without giving too much away.

“A few suggestions. Firstly, great job all of you. Nice timing for the most part, I know that by game time tonight, it will be flawless. Secondly, do you still have those old uniforms, the ones with the skirts?”

“Thanks for your praise, Jake! And yeah, we still have ‘em, why?” asked a tall leggy blonde named Rachel. She was maybe 5’9”, and was one of the less busty girls. She was one of the top-of-the-tower types, and one of the highest popular ranked girls. She hung out with the ‘cool crowd’ along with Cindy and Jenn. She had long blonde hair, which hung down to her lower back, almost to her waist.

“Oh, just a little thought.”

“Really? What would that be?” The entire squad was now intent on why Jake, their god in flesh, would want them to wear the old uniforms, when these ones showed off their breasts, asses and pussies so much better.

“Well, for tonight, as it is the Championship Game, why not go all out? You won’t be cheerleading for a while after this, so why not go out with a bang?”

“Ok, suppose we do wear the old uniforms. Why would we really want to do it?”

“Well, I suppose that your boyfriends on the team will like it. That, and you can sort of flash the men in the crowd, instead of giving them everything at once. Or wait! A better idea! Why not just use the skirts of the old uniforms? That way, you can rip them off during your dance, and show everyone your new bottoms!”

“Wow, that’s a great idea! What do you say girls? Shall we do it?”

A chorus of Yes filled the gym, and Jessy ran to get the old uniforms. Cindy put in a new CD, and pressed play. It was a mix CD, with some rap and techno and overall dance music. She did cartwheels for sheer joy of it, and joined some of the other girls who were dancing with each other. Jessy came back, just as Cindy and Rachel were basically rubbing against each other. Jessy laid the old uniforms ground, and without even trying to talk over the music to the other girls, started to undo the stitching on one of the uniforms. She got it off superbly, and started on another. She was a smart girl; she started one and then went to another, instead of doing one entirely. It was a neat idea. And then, another thunderbolt struck Jake, and he got out of his chair and strode across to Jessy. He bent over to whisper something to her.

“Only do half of the uniforms. Why not make the girls in the back, the ones people usually never see, wear the new uniforms? The ones in front will wear the ones with the skirts on them, and it will look even cooler, I think.”

“Oh wow! I never even thought of that! Boy, smart and sexy! I could eat you right up!”

“You may be able to tonight. I’m having an after-game party at my house, regardless of whether we win or lose.”

“Oh, sweet! I’ll tell the others as soon as they come help!”

“Alright, I’ll send some girls over right away.”

“Thank you soo much! You are just too kind!”

As Jake straightened, Jessy followed him with her eyes, focusing on his crotch. She licked her lips, and started to rub it with her left hand. Jake looked down, and was surprised when he was looking at a cheerleader fondling his cock. He was more surprised when she used her right hand to lift up her uniform top, showing Jake her tits. They were a little droopy, but her nipples were nice and hard. He turned from her hand when someone from behind pinched his ass. She put her top back quickly, and he could still see her little nipples like rocks pointing hard against the fabric of the uniform.

Turning, he saw Michelle, Cindy, and Rachel smiling at him with what were supposed to be innocent looks. Michelle was the leader of the group, second only to Cindy. She was shorter than Rachel, about 5’6”, but had the largest chest in the group, a hefty and big DD, a 38 or 40 maybe. She was also one of the only black kids in the school. She knew it and acted the part well. She never let the fact that she was a minority stunt her – in fact it seemed to give her a better boost in self-confidence. She had a frame little that of a porn star. Apart from her big chest, she had a thin stomach and a very shapely ass, like a little heart. All three of those girls were the height of cool girl-wise in the school, and they knew it. They also wanted him, Jake. This was a dream come true.

Michelle turned with Cindy and Rachel, and beckoned him to follow. On their way out, he grabbed one of the other cheerleaders’ asses and squeezed it. He loved how he could do this and not get slapped or hit. In fact, she just pushed back on his hand for more. He didn’t know her name, but told her to get her friends and help Jessy with the uniforms.

Michelle and co. were already on their way to the change-room. Jake followed at a respectful distance, so it looked like he was walking the same way, not with them. It wasn’t until he got inside the room that he remembered that he was a god to these girls and everybody else – why would they care what he did? He figured that with the settings that Master PC had on him, most people would just let him do what he wanted. That was okay, but what about if he wanted to travel somewhere? He would have to change that as well. So much tinkering, but that came with the package of a new program. There had to be some bugs in the system.

He found Michelle undressing, changing out of her uniform into her ‘street’ clothes, a.k.a., clothes that looked baggy and had some obscure rapper’s name on it. He also noticed that after Michelle stripped, she didn’t put more clothes on. She just stood there, at the bench her clothes were on, and turned slowly, displaying herself for him. Her large tits were topped with reddish-pink areolas and little nipples. Her black skin made her exotic, not something that he had expected to be able to fuck. He heard some laughing coming from the shower section of the room. He found Michelle nodding towards the doorway. Rachel and Cindy were also naked, looking at him with lust and mischief in their eyes. Their figures were spectacular. Rachel was totally shaved, and to Jake’s surprise, not a true blonde. A patch of brown fuzz covered the top of her pussy, trimmed but not shaved. It was shaped like a little heart, which turned him on for some reason. Cindy had bared her impressive form, muscles seeming to meld perfectly into her bones, and her pussy totally shaved. It was hot in that room, and not just the temperature. The girls looked at him, stared at his form. What wasn’t amazing to see? Jake was their god, and deserved their respect. Then he looked down to what Rachel and Cindy were smiling about. They were holding a small bucket of water. Oh no.

Oh yes. They threw it on him, drenching his clothes in the front. He stood there, dripping, as the three girls laughed at his shocked expression. He decided to play by their rules. He shook his head, and put on a false frown. He took off his shirt, and then his pants, standing just as naked as them in a female changing-room. They opened their mouths in shock as they saw his ten-incher, and smiled as they thought about how much bigger it could get. He walked towards them, holding his clothes.

“Um, my clothes got wet from some girls hitting me with water. Where can I dry them?”

The girls laughed at his misfortune, and led him to a dryer. It was a small machine, built into one of the walls. All along the wall, similar dryers were built. They were designed to dry bathing suits and towels, but the girls shook his pants into one, his boxers and socks into another, and his shirt into the last one. His shoes, remarkably, hadn’t received the bath, and were still dry. He placed those near the door, so they wouldn’t get wet. He shrugged his shoulders in resignation, and turned to face the three beautiful girls. All three were in their sophomore year, and not surprisingly, none of them were a virgin. He wasn’t either, now. He stepped towards one of the showers, and turned it on. It was slightly cold, and he turned it to a warmer temperature. He stepped under the spray, letting the water run over him. The three girls each took a shower next to his, Michelle on his right and Cindy on his left. Rachel stood by herself for a moment in indecision, and then went to where Jake was. She shared his shower, and took each moment she could to touch his cock. She turned her back to him, and turned the nozzle to her hair. Jake took that moment and pressed his cock into her ass cheeks.

Michelle came up from behind and started to massage his ass. He was starting to get hard again, and from the soft moans Rachel was making, she liked it. Then a pair of hands came from in front of him, and started stroking his cock. Cindy was apparently trying to feel his cock as well, and was doing a superb job. She had also inadvertently pressed herself towards Rachel, making her move backwards onto his cock. It was almost in them both, it was so positioned. Cindy continued her ministrations, while Rachel just moved forwards and back, rubbing her soft pussy on his cock. Michelle pressed forward onto the back of Jake, and pushed her tits onto him. He just let the girls do their thing. He couldn’t cum unless he willed it, so he let them work and let the feelings soak in with the water. Rachel started to shake a bit, and then her legs clamped up. She was cumming, just from rubbing herself on his cock. She sighed and moved into Cindy. Cindy’s hands left his cock for a moment, and the next thing he knew, she was sucking him down. She got his head in her mouth, and he could feel her tongue move up and down the tip of it. Then another mouth was sucking his left ball, and another was licking and sucking his right one. All three girls had some sort of cock in their mouth, and intent on making him cum. He pushed forward into Cindy’s mouth, making her sputter on his length. She pulled back a bit, and then took the hint. She started to lick and suck him deeper and deeper. After about three minutes of sucking him off, he felt Cindy start to suck him faster. She was fingering herself, and approaching her own orgasm. Rachel let go of his left testicle to go help Cindy finish her off. Jake was surprised. Not only were they champion cock suckers, they were lesbians! Double sweet! This was not his doing, this was their own doing.

Cindy started shaking and seized up. Jake was about to let go when Michelle jumped at her and pushed her out of the way. She took him into her mouth, and proceeded to suck him down, further and further. She got about halfway before she stopped, and then proceeded to swallow him down. He was throat-fucking the hottest black girl he had ever seen, and she continued to go down further. She got to about eight inches before she couldn’t go anymore, and tears started to stream down her face, mixing with the shower water. Jake decided to let himself go. He pulled out of her, and grunted to let the girls gather. Cindy and Rachel kneeled in front of him on either side of Michelle, and he let loose. Thick stream after stream of his hot cum gushed from his cock, and the girls diligently caught it either on their faces or in their mouths. What they couldn’t get was washed down the drain, but not before they sucked him clean and ate what they could off each other. Seeing three hot girls eat his cum got Jake excited again, and was about to bend one of them over to fuck them when he accidentally hit the dial for the temperature. Suddenly the warm water turned ice cold, and all four of them jumped away from the cold water. Jake laughed a bit, and then it gave way to a full belly laugh. The girls joined in, and they finished washing up separately. Jake got his clothes from the dryer, before realizing that he had no towel. He looked to the girls with a puzzled expression.

“Um, where are the towels?”

They laughed at him, and gave him one. He just rubbed himself down quick, and tried to put on his pants. The girls stole and withheld his boxers, so he just shrugged and put on the pants. He put the shirt on, letting it hang loose and un-tucked. The girls dressed equally quickly, and exited the changing-room via the gym exit. He followed again, this time arms around Michelle and Rachel, his hands on their tits. Cindy opened the door, and Jake found the other girls still dancing or working on the uniforms. From what it looked like, they were almost done. He led his three girls to the parking lot, never once letting up on Michelle or Rachel’s chest. They had on tight t-shirts and no bras, allowing him almost free access to their goodies. At the parking lot they stopped, unsure of what to do. Jake led them to his car, and taking his arms off the girls at last, opened the doors. There was a quick tussle as to who got to sit in the front, until at last Cindy won by invoking her leadership over the other two. With Cindy beside him, and Michelle and Rachel in the back, Jake drove back to his house with the three hottest girls in school, not counting his new and improved sister. On the way Cindy reached over and started to massage his cock through his pants, and Michelle leaned over to Rachel and lifted up her shirt. Rachel sat straight, head back and legs spread, as Michelle started to lick and suck on her tits. Cindy was likewise trying to get them all killed, because she had succeeded in getting Jake’s cock out of his pants and was promptly blowing him. They made it back to his house in record time, Michelle and Rachel almost naked in the back seat and Cindy topless. He turned into the driveway, noting that his father was home. That would be interesting. He had not been expecting him home for a while yet, but then remembered how he had given him adjustments earlier that morning. He was probably either sleeping or screwing Jenn. Both prospects didn’t faze him, knowing that he wouldn’t be bothered. But he would need his father for his plans tonight. He put himself back into his pants carefully, and opened his door. He looked at his house and decided that though they made good money, it was time for an upgrade to the house. More changes thanks to Master PC. He would be busy for a bit.

He let the three girls out of the car, who hadn’t bothered to cover up. As Jake opened the front door, he felt a hand on his ass again, this time caressing. Those nymphs. He would have to do something about that. Upon entering the house and getting his girls inside, he heard some moaning and the familiar sound of fucking coming from the kitchen. His dad was fucking Jenn. He told the girls to go down to the basement and stay in the common area, and to get naked. They giggled, and obeyed. Nothing wrong there. This was already going good. Jake sauntered into the kitchen, and glanced at his father and sister rutting on one of the kitchen chairs. He smiled and asked his dad,

“Oh, hey guys! How was work dad?”

His father didn’t answer, just looked at him with awe and satisfaction, and glanced down to the sight of Jenn ogling him. He smiled knowingly, and left them to their ministrations. He went downstairs and almost got to the bottom before he was attacked by three girls. Michelle undid his pants and reverently held his cock before her, before leading it to her dripping wet snatch. She cooed and held him to her, shoving his cock into her inch by inch. After he was in to the hilt, she started to move up and down, as well as back and forth. Rachel and Cindy pressed their bodies to him, and kissed him, opening their mouths and rubbing their tits on his arms. He let his arms hang at his side, and then flicked his wrists up to find their pussies. They were also wet, and though he was having sex right now, he wanted them to feel it too. Then he got a good idea. He withdrew his fingers from the two girls, and lifted Michelle. He carried her into his room, and sat with her still on him in his chair by his computer. It was still running the Master PC program, and he typed in quickly :

Whenever a girl sucks or is fingered by Jake, she will feel like it is his cock in her. She will notice a difference when his fingers are in her and when his cock is in her by having an orgasm quicker than usual. If Jake has his fingers in a girl’s mouth, he will feel her ministrations on his cock.

He then felt Michelle hump him harder and harder, eventually stiffening and then relaxing. He never once let her get up from her seat on him. He went to go find the other two girls. They were still in the main room, as per his earlier instructions, and were doing the classic 69 position, Rachel on top. Cindy was starting to orgasm it looked like. Jake picked Michelle off of him, and then stuck his cock into Rachel from behind. She wasn’t expecting it, and let off a shriek.

“YES! Yes, Yes, Yes! Oh god, yes! Fuck me harder, harder! Oh, plunge into me with all you have!”

Jake proceeded to do just that, and stuck one of his fingers into Cindy’s mouth. She stiffened, and then started to lick his finger like it was his cock. The feeling on his dick was sensational! He was fucking a girl and having someone lick the head of it at the same time! This was too good to be true. Michelle was passed out on the floor, lying on her back, breathing deeply. Rachel was then cumming around his cock, and Cindy too. He decided to wait a minute before letting loose himself, and transferred his cock from Rachel to Cindy. He went on top of her, and then traded positions, her on top. He reached up to her tits, rubbing them and pinching her hard nipples. Rachel had crawled to his left, and rubbed her own tits in his face. He nibbled them, and continued to fuck Cindy. Cindy soon came, the ministrations of his fucking sending her off into bliss. Rachel then proceeded to lick up their love juices off of his cock, and he decided that Rachel would get his cum, being the only girl to stay alive this long. Wait, who was that? Oh wait, Jenn! Jenn was still here! He saved himself just in time, and Rachel soon came herself again. She rolled onto her back, breathing heavily and resting with her eyes closed. Jenn pretty much jumped on him, and he let her ride on him as she wanted. He palmed her big breasts, knowing how it would affect her. He then decided to give her a little surprise. He stuck on of his fingers into her already tight twat, and that proceeded to give Jenn the ride of a lifetime, having the feel of two of his cocks in her pussy. She rode him out, cumming herself. She didn’t fall right away, but wobbled a bit. She got off of him, and started sucking him down. He let go then, just as soon as she got the head in her mouth. She rubbed his balls, coaxing more cum from them. He was soon empty, and she was lying like the rest of the girls, except that she had fallen right on top of Rachel’s chest, and used her tits as a pillow.

Jake excused himself for a moment, and hopped back into his room and onto the computer. He fixed a few things while he was there. He made himself able to cum as much as he wanted. He made his sperm count never decrease. He also changed the rules of the house : Any girls that came here would immediately want to take off their underwear, if they were wearing any. Sex was no longer taboo – all people were free to take and give it whenever they wanted it. And for his party tonight especially, he would make all the girls who came extremely horny until they left ; so much so, that if four guys wanted to have sex with her, she would let them. He then fixed a few other things – making himself not a god to everyone in the 100-mile area, but just to let him go unchallenged in anything and everything he decided to do. He could now walk into a bank and fuck the tiller and no one would pay him any mind, because it was just the normal thing.

He typed in an experimental action.

Make inside of house 300% larger, but retain normal shape on the outside of the house. Make the extra room in the basement into a large wooden pavilion overlooking the back of the property, including Muskoka chairs and wooden stairs leading down to the grass. Make the basement into a large sex-oriented area, where people will want to come back to. Fill shelves with porn movies and magazines of every type of fetish and desire. Make the main floor into a deluxe kitchen and dining room area. The upstairs will now house enough room to support an additional 20 people, if the need arises. Make Jake’s room into a private room, complete with lock. No one can enter his room except for Jake and those he invites in. No one will notice the Master PC program on his computer ever, except for Jake. Make his room larger, and give him a bed the size of three king-sized beds, and a private balcony for himself which is inaccessible from the outside unless already open. Make the balcony able to reach the backyard as well as the main floor.

He read it over, looking for a few things he might have missed or forgot. He added furniture for the new rooms, and made sure that everything that they would ever want for a party of whatever capacity would be filled instantly. He made the dining room into a complete new one, complete with crystal wine glasses and a glorious chandelier above. The new rooms upstairs would be made into the image of his own room, except with 1 queen-sized bed in each room, and not his 3x King bed. Also, he made sure that the walls would be covered in a new coat of paint and look totally natural, like the rest of the house. It looked good, so he let himself set the timer for 2 hours. That would give him time to get the party ready and amuse himself with the girls for a while. He would also leave for a bit, picking up what he needed for the party.

He hit the send button, and it read – Command Successful! A timer started counting down from 2 hours, and a few images of women naked came up for his viewing pleasure. He just smiled at his AI program, and left it running.

He went back to his four girls, who were now caught up in a four-way lesbian party of their own. They saw him come in, and promptly stopped. He would also need to change that. But, later.

“Now, girls. For right now, Jenn, I need you to take your fingers out of Rachel, and go invite your friends to a party that you are having here. Make sure that they bring their girlfriends and boyfriends, respectively. Rachel, Michelle, go do the same. Cindy, I need you to go back to the school and work on the cheer. Oh, and you three aren’t going to wear any underwear from now on. If anyone asks why you aren’t, say ‘Jake told me’, and they won’t bother you about it. Go!”

The girls gathered their clothes, intent on obeying him. Jenn went upstairs without any clothes on, her breasts bouncing with each step. He could watch them bounce all day. Michelle and Rachel dressed quickly and left promptly, pulling out their cell phones. Cindy took a bit longer, doing her hair up. Jake went over to her, and rubbed her breasts. She just sighed and moaned, but continued to dress. Jake then forced her to her knees, and gave her a new order. She was to tit-fuck him, and then leave. She proceeded to do so, with great ambition. She brought her breasts together, and pumped them up and down his shaft. Knowing that she could do this for eternity and not get anywhere, he made her take his head in her mouth, his cock still engulfed in her chest. He came into her mouth, and she not once let a drop leave her mouth. She smiled at him, and stood up. He slapped her on the ass on her way out. Now he had to go get the party started, as it were.

He worked his way upstairs, slightly exhausted from all the sex he was having. His legs were a little wobbly. He came upstairs to find Jenn talking on the phone at a million words a minute. She smiled at him and winked, then continued her rapid-fire discussion. He dad was sitting on the sofa in the living room, reading the paper. He decided to broach the topic right out.

“Dad, I’m having a party here. I need you to go out and get a few things for it.”

“Sure, what do you need?”

“Oh, a few things. A big stereo, a new TV, things like that.”

“Sure son. Got a preference?”

“Just make sure that you get the biggest and most expensive ones you can. And I’ll need a laptop and a new desk and chair.”

“You got it sport. When can I expect these guests to arrive?”

“Sometime around 9 or so. It’s going to be an all-night party, so after you drop off the stuff and set it up, you can go to a motel for a night.”

“Sounds good. Anything else you need?”

“Nope that’s it.”

“Okay, I’ll leave in a few minutes. Who do we want for the TV company?”

“Whosever we have now. Make sure we get all the channels it can come with.”

“Alright son. See you tomorrow probably.”

“See ya later, dad. Thanks for getting them for me.”

Jake left the house waving goodbye to Jenn, still nude. He hopped in his car to go get some other items. He drove to the nearest liquor store and, without paying, got four carts full of coolers, wine and hard liquor. Then he went to a beer store, and picked up about four or five cases of different beers, each with four different types of beer in them. As he left, he gave the girl behind the counter his number and told her to work the rest of the day without a bra or a shirt on. Then he told her to call him and get a ride to his house after her shift was over. He left the beer store and headed over to the nearest dollar store he could find, and picked up some burnable CDs and DVDs. He knew the guys would want to borrow some of his DVDs, so he would copy them for the guys. Next, he went to an HMV, and asked the manager there to give him one of every techno, dance, and rap CD that they had. His car now filled to the brim with liquor and party supplies, he decided to go make a few pit stops to his friends. He filled them in on the party details, leaving out the sex part. Let them think that they just got really lucky one night. He made sure that they would call their friends as well, and went back home. By this time, about an hour or so had gone by, and his dad’s car was gone. The house was also noticeably bigger on the inside, like the rooms had grown. Jenn was still talking to her friends, and Jake waved her over. He knelt before her, and proceeded to lick her twat and finger her while she was talking. She never once stopped or stuttered. He was amazed at her dexterity and ability to do so. He started moving things into the house. First the CDs and the Dollar Store items. These he put in his already bigger room, with his expanded bed. It looked big enough to fit about 10 people on it, maybe more. And it wasn’t even done yet.

Next came the liquor, with Jenn’s help. He was surprised that not one person noticed that Jenn was naked, even the mailman. He simply looked her over, and gave her the letters. She was just another girl in this guy’s mind. When everything was out of the car, he gave Jenn another quick orgasm, and waited for his new equipment to come in.

About half an hour later, the television – a 10 foot screen with LCD projection and 8.6 surround-sound speakers – and the boom box came in. They were both set up downstairs, and the cable guys came around the same time. They had the cable hooked up quickly, and left without another word. His new laptop and desk came next, and those he had set up in his room. The desk was set against the old one, so that the program wouldn’t be cut off. Jake took one of his dance CDs out of its case, and put it in the television’s DVD player. He moved one of the couches to where he could watch it, and set it to play randomly. At first the television was quiet. He didn’t know why, until he turned up the volume. The bass was so strong he could feel the reverb through the couch. It even shook one of the paintings on the wall. He turned it down, afraid he might blow the speakers on his first try. He let it continue to play, while adding another dance, two techno and a rap CD into the tray. The boom box had another rap CD in it, and that he put upstairs. Finishing the necessities, he iced the beers and coolers, and put them along with the hard liquor behind the bar. No need leaving them alone for now. The doorbell rang again, and a new couch and a few new love seats were ready to be placed. He put them downstairs as well, now large enough to hold about 300 people comfortably. He wasn’t expecting that much, but it was good to be prepared. He went back to the Master PC after the delivery guys had left, and saw that the commands it had been given were now done. He typed in a new set of commands :

The cheerleaders at Grey Hill High School will perfect their dance for tonight’s game. They will also not wear any underwear. All the girls will shave their crotches, or trim and shape them. Upon the end of the game at Grey Hill, all students who attended the game will leave immediately and arrive here.

He set the command for 1 hour, and left to go find Jenn. He was in the mood for some more sex. He wanted it all the time now, and wanted it more and more. Now all he had to do was wait.

After The Game

Jake watched the clock fervently. Any moment now, hundreds of people would enter his house. He had set it up so that no one would break anything or steal anything, and that if they wanted to stay, they could and would in the new rooms upstairs. He had also made the bathrooms more accepting, meaning that they could hold about four people if need be. He dressed in a gold button up shirt, undone at the top. He put on the school’s blue and red track pants, not wanting any restrictions for tonight. He made Jenn go put on some clothes – actually, just a button-up shirt, also undone showing off her amazing cleavage and a pair of bicycle shorts. He watched the clock, and right at the stroke of 9:10, the doorbell rang. He turned on the TV, and pressed play. The room started to reverb with music. His door was locked, the Master PC program now on his laptop as well as a couple of CDs. For all that power, it still was only about 10 megabytes of memory. Astounding.

He ran upstairs, and turned on the boom-box. It started to play, and he answered the door. There was the cheerleading squad, in their new uniforms. They were red and blue still, but now the entire undergarment was red and the skirts were blue. Hovering over them were their boyfriends, and behind them, people were lining up for the party. He let them come in. The girls wearing bras and panties immediately left for the bathroom, in pairs and trios. Thank god for the new sized bathrooms. The people filed in quickly, then a bit slower. After about half an hour, everyone that was at that game was in his house or out in the backyard. The booze was found, and impromptu barmaids were set up. A few people danced in his basement, and more upstairs in his living room. The people surrounding his house would not complain about the noise level, and they could all dance and party until they had to leave. It was starting to become what he had imagined. He was slightly tipsy, and sat down for a moment between two girls he didn’t know. He made small talk, and they flirted with him for a while. He found that they didn’t have boyfriends, and they were apparently dying to fuck somebody. He put his arms over them, and played with their breasts while watching the room. Somebody had changed the CDs, and now they were playing bass music, which sounded a lot like porno music. It was a good CD. A few couples were making out, trying to be discreet. Others were not so discreet ; one guy had his hand up two girls’ pussies, and his friend Greg was actually fucking a girl on one of his new couches. A few other people were like Jake, hitting on random girls and petting, sometimes fucking them. It felt good to watch them, but it felt even better when a pair of big breasts engulfed his head. Jenn had snuck up behind him, and he just settled back. The two girls next to him, Becky and Holly, were now naked and he too had his hand up in their snatches. Their mouths were in a permanent O shape, and were getting pumped by, what they understood, his big ten-inch cock.

The party was starting to wind down again when someone hit the lights. The room was now totally dark, black except for a few lights on outside. Jake got up unsteadily, and groped for the light switch. It wouldn’t turn on. Oh well. Maybe a blown fuse. The TV was still playing, oddly enough a song called ‘Super Orgy Porno Party’, so that was good. He found his way back to the couch, and lifted Becky to his cock. He bounced her up and down, until she let out an ear-piercing shriek. Similar moans and grunts were heard in a few more minutes, and then the lights came back on. Greg was fucking two girls, one under the other, his cock switching between them every other thrust or so. The couples were now joining, and partners were switching. Becky got off of his cock to be replaced by Jessy, the girl who made the new uniforms. Jake’s head was then squashed between her tits and Jenn’s, and a couple other people came downstairs to watch and join in on the fun.

By about 2 in the morning, most of the girls had been fucked at least three times, by different guys. Some couples left, some never to return. All of the girls now paraded totally nude at all time, even coming back from the bathroom. Jake was about ready to fall asleep, so he pointed to a couple girls, including Michelle and Jenn, and led them to his room. He got them on the bed, and went for more. He ended up falling asleep after screwing 72 girls by his count, and fingering another 37. He fell asleep amidst a mass of writhing girls’ bodies, his cock hard and unwavering throughout the night. His last thought was ‘109 girls in a night. What a party!’

Part 3 – The End Of All Things

What has happened so far :

A young guy named Jake Yearling, a nerd to the highest degree, has created his own Master PC program using his dad’s old computer and a high priced DNA scanner. He has since created a living and loving bimbo out of his sister, Jenn, made his father a big-shot at his office, and made the inside of his house grow. He has had sex with three cheerleaders, his sister, and other random girls at a house party he threw last night. He went to sleep, the party still going on and with a raging hard-on.
Jake yawned and opened his eyes. He was lying in his bed, that much was true. He couldn’t seem to be able to move his arms or his legs though. And he had a stiffy so bad, he thought it might break if someone hit it. He tried looking to his left and right, only to be looking straight into something black or dark pink. It was probably his imagination; nothing that made his dreams interesting ever became real. There was no ‘Master PC’, he never had sex, or his wasn’t sister a bimbo. That dream was just too good to believe it was real. He felt something move on his left leg, but he couldn’t tell what it was. Then something wet, and slightly tight, was wrapped around his cock. He closed his eyes, thinking he was still dreaming. Then they snapped open to see Jenn riding his cock for all she was worth. No, this wasn’t real. It couldn’t be. He tried to move his hands, but they were buried under what felt like fur and big bouncy pillows. He pinched something, just hoping it was his leg or crotch. Nothing happened. Then a moan escaped some lips near his head. Another girl? She opened her eyes and smiled at him, and moved up and down his hand. She leaned forward and licked his ear, then his cheek, and finding her way to his open mouth. She pushed forward, but couldn’t get very far. Apparently she too was buried under someone. He felt Jenn move faster and harder, up and down on his cock. He didn’t know how he had lasted so long. Then it all came back to him in a flash.

This wasn’t a dream. Neither was last night. It had really happened. He started breathing heavily. It was too good to be true. He forced his head up, and looked around. His room was gigantic, complete with a new desk and a very big bed. His little computer was on his two desks, the screen dark but the lights for the computer flashing very quickly. Oh No! His program was still running! That meant that anyone could have used it. Then a command came back to him, reminding himself that he had set it up so that no one in his room would bother to touch his computer, and if they did see the Master PC program, they would ignore it. That was slightly comforting.

Jenn was still grinding him, and her hair was flying around her head. Her big breasts, a double E, were now bouncing and hitting her face or her sides, flopping from side to side. He tried wrenching his legs away, but they were too buried under bodies. Then he got a wicked little smile, and moved his head away from the girl who was kissing him. He bit the girl to his other side, and she came awake quickly, and yelped. The other girls woke then, about 20 or so of them. They all were lying across each other, and had taken up positions where they were as close as they could get to him without smothering him. He liked the look of it to be sure, but right now he needed to get to his computer. He had a few more things to take care of today. But he still couldn’t move. Then his arms got some hold, and he pushed the girls away. His other arm came with him. He pulled his legs under him, kneeling and taking Jenn off of him in the process. He stood on the bed, and moved backwards. The girls were all now kneeling in front of him, as if expecting something to happen. He was slightly puzzled, but then remembered that he wouldn’t cum unless he wanted to. That made him grin maliciously. He started pumping his cock with his right hand, very quickly. He closed his eyes, and told the girls to get ready.

He started pumping cum. It was like a fire hose. It wouldn’t stop, and the cum kept shooting from his tip. He opened his eyes at one point, and saw that all the girls were now either drenched or just covered in cum. It was like bukkake, but with one guy and lots of girls instead. He just kept going and going, never seeming to stop. He guessed that about 6 hours of being touched and fucked by random girls and not going off was taking its toll on him. He finally stopped after another minute, finally shooting off one last stream into Michelle’s still open mouth, and he dropped to the bed. The girls, on the other hand, were pawing as much as they could into their open mouths. He yawned, and slumped down on the bed, exhausted and unnoticed by the girls. He felt himself being moved and rolled over, with about five tongues cleaning him off. He opened his eyes, and saw Michelle, Rachel, Jenn and two other girls doing said cleaning, the other girls trying to get in. He picked himself up, and took charge.

“Okay, okay. I have enough for all of you. Line up along the bed.”

The girls all did so, not before Jenn gave the tip of his cock one last lick, and stood by the others. Jake told them all to kneel, and then shoved his cock head into the first girl. She just kneeled there, and he opened up again. He didn’t faint this time, but gave her just enough to make her cheeks expand. He did this again, and again, and again. Every time, he just let loose, knowing that he wouldn’t run out and he could do so as much as he wanted. By the time he got to Michelle, who was about third from the last, the other girls had left the room. He pumped her, and the next girl, and then came to the last girl, Jenn. Michelle and the unnamed girl left them alone, and instead of giving it to her in her mouth, he told her to lie on her back. She did so, almost falling down in her hurry to get his orders done. He put his cock in her pussy, and pumped her full. Before she could get up though, he jumped to her mouth and shot another load in her. Then he shot another. She was doubled over, exalting in feeling his cum in her pussy and her mouth. She drank it down, and then left the room.

Jake sat at his computer, and pulled up the program. He clicked a couple times, and including himself, he made it so his cum was addicting, but not so much as he had made it before. They would want it, all the time, but not as bad as they had wanted it. He clicked 3 minutes, enough time to let the girls finish drinking his cum, and then not bother him for a while. He then remembered that he had guests over, and that they were all over his house. He looked outside, and despite no covers or pillows, there were a couple people out there, on his deck. They were mostly girls, and some guys. One guy was still screwing a girl. His cock plunged in and out of the girl he was fucking, and he shot off in her, his legs tightening, his cum spilling out of her engorged and filled pussy. He clicked once more, this time targeting the house, and made it so that every girl there wouldn’t get pregnant from the previous nights fun. He then left him room, confident that no one could, or would, go in there.

In his expanded living room down in his basement, he saw another mass of people, more guys this time, but the girls still outnumbered them about 3 to 1. A lot of the guys must have realized that they were most susceptible down in the basement. He wondered what happened to the couples that left. Probably nothing. His previous command was still working, making it so that once they left, they would not feel like fucking. He picked his way through the crowd, and went upstairs. In the kitchen, the living room, and even the front hallway, there were people lying sleeping, totally naked. Here there were more couples and less orgies happening. He made his way into the kitchen, and found that there was still some booze left. He popped open a beer, and let it run down his parched throat. He felt the pounding in his head go away a bit, and left the sleepers to their dreams. It was only 11 in the afternoon, and from the looks of their bodies, they were tired and sore from an all night fuck-fest. Jake continued upstairs, and found his extra rooms, his sister’s room, and his dad’s room totally filled with people on the beds, floors and one couple was even inside his dad’s walk in closet. He shook his head in disbelief, and went back downstairs, and found that he was getting hungry. He really hadn’t eaten anything the previous day, and he was feeling pretty empty.

He went back to his basement, where he found Jenn sitting on one of the couches, his laptop on her lap. Oh god no! She should never have got it! He moved slowly towards her, and she smiled as he sat next to her. He placed one arm around her shoulders, and started rubbing her right tit. He knew that if he distracted her enough, she would forget his laptop, and just focus on his lap. He looked towards the screen, and was shocked to see that not only herself was targeted, but also all the girls on the property. He just watched, shaken to his core, as she made them all have bigger breasts, about a double H or even double J’s. It was scary to think that all these girls would now have great big hooters, and no worries carrying them. While he sat stunned, he couldn’t stop her. He just thought about the fact that all these girls would now support full bosoms and the problems that would arise from it. Jenn hit the Send button, and set the timer for 1 minute.

Jake just watched, horrified and very turned on at the same time as Jenn’s chest grew outward more and more. They knocked the laptop from her lap, but thankfully it didn’t hit the floor. It hit a girl below them; more precisely, her chest. She moaned in reply, and moved forward a bit. She moaned some more, and then the rest of the room replied. As girls started to realize they had gigantic chests, they didn’t freak out; they got more and more horny. Jake picked up the laptop to find that the slightest breeze would set these girls off, and a shag carpet could make them orgasm themselves to death. He grabbed for the laptop, but grabbed flesh instead. He felt the girl orgasm again, and then a tit hit his face. Apparently, Jenn’s already enlarged breasts made them grow bigger than the rest of them, already a double I and still going. There was no stopping it, it seemed, unless he could get the laptop. He looked for it, and found it under the girl on the floor. She was getting felt up by the guy and two girls next to her. The girls were delirious from pleasure. The guy was delirious from the fact that the three normally almost flat girls he had fucked last night were growing their tits for him. Jake at last got the laptop, and brought it to his lap, quickly. It was hit from the side by Jenn’s big bosom, and he glanced her way. They were huge! It was like someone had got a pump, and just blown her chest up. She was on her way past a double M, and they didn’t seem to want to stop. Any more, and he knew she would have never been able to lift herself off of the couch. They would crush her under their gigantic size. He quickly undid the last command, and made everyone think that it was just the alcohol and their own horniness talking to them. By now, everybody downstairs was awake. Oh, no! What about upstairs?

Jake rushed past some girls making out, stepping on their breasts at the same time. They all had a massive rush of pleasure, sighing, cooing and shrieking in delight at cumming. He ran upstairs, and found that nothing was broken. In fact, no one was even really awake yet. He sighed in relief, and then changed it so that the girls upstairs would leave, go pick up so breakfast foods like pancake mix and juices and stuff, and then come back. They would also have the good sense to get dressed first, and check in at their respective houses, saying that they were staying the rest of the week. No sense of letting their parents worry about them. He then selected the entire 100-mile area, and made it so that all parents were more easy going when it came to parties and sleepovers and not notice any change to their physique and shape. They would also let the girls in their family do what they wished, to the point of drinking and having sex and wearing sexy clothes. There he stopped, knowing that drugs was still a big thing for teens, and he didn’t want them to get the wrong idea. He wanted the police to do their things and leave him alone, so he changed that too. He made the area around him never worry why there were so many girls coming and going from his house all the time. It was just the norm. He then had the rest of the girls, the ones who weren’t leaving to go get food, prepare to cook it and serve it in their new deluxe kitchen. It would make Wolfgang Puck, that cool chef on TV, envious. He had the guys sleep the rest of the time away. They would wake to find breakfast made, and served by the very girls they had fucked last night. They were also allowed to eat anywhere, and have sex with the girls who were serving them.

He set that command, along with a reducing breast command, for 1 second. He hit send, and instantly there were the girls, getting up, smiling at him and going about their business. He then clicked himself, and locked his profile to be changed only by himself. He also made himself stronger, faster and slightly more intelligent than he already was. He needed to retain some humanity, so he didn’t go nuts. He could now lift about four girls, per arm, and take someone out if need be.

He let the girls go about their business, and watched as they subconsciously cleaned up and did all they could to get ready to cook without even getting dressed. It was fun to watch so many girls being his maids. Maybe he would make one or two of them permanent. For now though, he did change a few things. He made the girls who were doing the cooking wear the proper attire of apron and gloves, but nothing else. He also made the girls cleaning wear French Maid uniforms, complete with tutu and hair in a bun. He filled out the racks of all the girls present to about the size of a DD or EE if they already had a big rack. He sent that, and watched as their breasts began to swell, and clothes materialize out of nowhere and cover their bodies. With much bending over and making any excuse to get Jake to look and touch them, they eventually did get the house clean. The beer and liquor bottles were thrown in the garbage and the garbage in the garage, to be taken out later that week. Even the walls looked scrubbed down.

Jake went upstairs to see how the preparations were coming along. The girls were bustling and looking busy, cleaning and getting pans ready for pancakes and French toast, or eggs and one for bacon. They seemed to be waiting for the other girls to get back with the food. One or two were getting plates out, another one was getting utensils and still another was getting glasses and cups out of the large glass cupboard. Jake hadn’t given the order to make the pantries full, but apparently they were. They were stocked to the brim with food and all the cupboards were all full or nearly full with enough utensils to feed an army.

The girls who were out came back in record time, and tossed their food to the girls in the kitchen. Those who had put their bras back on took them off again, because their breasts began to grow when they came back into the house. Their already tight and revealing shirts grew outward, showing prominent nipples and deep cleavages. Jake knew that if he really wanted, he could fuck all the girls and not get tired, but his libido was very sated right now. He had just averted danger while giving 20 girls enough cum to make a sperm whale jealous. He waved at them to follow him, and led them towards the guys downstairs. They took their original positions, and fell back to sleep, some with clothes on but most without. The effects of the basement were still addling their senses, and they didn’t think twice about it. Apparently they didn’t care much about wearing clothes anyways. Good to know.

It was Sunday, and almost all of the people had school tomorrow and it would be bad for the school population to be depleted by about 200-odd people. He went back to his laptop, still open on the couch, and typed in that the people who were here would remember everything, and that on Monday they would behave as normally as possible, even though a few changes were still to be made.

Jake checked the clock, and saw that it was only 11:30. His dad would be home soon, greeted by naked guys and girls, fucking everywhere. It was fine, but it would probably be a little weird still. So, he inserted the command that until his dad came home and left again, the girls wouldn’t be able to have sex with anyone but Jake. There was no sense in him not being able to tease the girls and the guys at the same time. He then made one last change to his house, in that if anyone who was at this party ever felt scared, or worried, or was homeless, or anything, they would think back to this house and come here first as a sort of shelter. Here they would feel secure and happy, knowing that no one or thing could make them leave.

He then went back to the basement-living-room area, and sat on one of his couches. He looked across to his big-screen TV, and was surprised that it was still on. The music wasn’t playing, but just the whine of the screen made it enough to send his ears ringing. He was surprised that so many people, including himself, had been able to sleep through that noise. He kept glancing at the clock, and watched it go from 11:30 to 11:45, and at 11:50, Jenn poked her head downstairs and told him that breakfast was ready. Jake said okay, and typed in one last command into the laptop. He had all the girls downstairs go and help serve the food, and though they could tease the guys there, they couldn’t fuck them, no matter what happened. He let the guys wake up first, and head upstairs after grumbling and mumbling something about hangovers and blue balls. He was chuckling to himself when he heard that, thinking that it couldn’t be possible. Now it would be for a while though. He saw that most of the guys had already left, either to the bathroom or going upstairs unsteadily to face the sunlight. He also made sure that though the guys could, and eventually would, get physical with the girls, they wouldn’t be able to hurt them in the least way. Chuckling and smiling, Jake went upstairs to find the girls serving their respective boys and toys, and the ones cooking were smiling and bending over a lot to get dropped forks or to help put eggs on plates.

The guys were having a lot of trouble keeping their hands to themselves. One guy had a girl next to him, trying to get her back in the mood, but she just kept shoving food into his open mouth. He eventually relented, and let her serve him. She even held his plate and fork, and when a bit of his scrambled egg fell off her fork, she just watched as it rolled onto the floor. She bent over to pick it up, and her shaved pussy was bared to her boyfriend. He reached for it, smiling a bit, but that faded into despair as she stood quickly and wagged her finger ‘no’ at him, teasing him mercilessly. Jenn waved him into the kitchen, and he stood behind her, dressed only in the red and blue sweat pants he still had on. He considered pants to be symbolic, as his sort of leash over the other girls. He pulled the front of them down, and pushed into her ass cheeks. Jenn continued to cook and scramble eggs, moving back and forward from time to time to scramble his eggs.

Jake listened intently for his dad to come home, and at noon, sure enough, he walked into a room full of girls in French uniforms feeding guys. He looked well rested and had a small smile on his face. He walked into the kitchen and held one of the cook’s captive for a second. She turned to Jake, who smiled and nodded. She lost a worried look and turned to smile at the 40 year-old man who held her arms. He let them go and turned her back around. He then pawed her delicious big breasts with both hands, rubbing them down and back up, in her valley then to her nipples and back. She just kept smiling, her mouth opening in an O shape as he freed his cock from his pants and stuck it in her ass cheeks, like Jake had done to Jenn. Whereas Jenn was doing all the work, his dad thrust at her violently, then dropped his load in her. He covered himself up, and continued to paw and maul her big breasts as he spoke to Jake.

“Ah, good morning son. Enjoy the party last night?”

“Yeah, I did, thank you. How was your night?”

“Oh you know, screwed a couple girls and then some.”

“Well, that’s good to hear. So dad, do you have to go to work today?”

“Well, someone has to put good food on this table.”

“Okay then. I’m going to go take a trip up to Maureen’s today, if you want to come.”

“No thanks, I’m fine. Why are you going up there?” asked his dad, lowering his face now to lick the top of the breast of the girl he was still holding onto.

“Oh nothing big, just wanted her to see what she was missing, really.”

“Oh, heh, no I’m fine. Who are you taking with you? Jenn, obviously.”

“Actually, Jenn is probably all I’m going to take. She’ll have the biggest impact on her, considering that Jenn was her little beauty queen. Now she’s going to be her little nympho slut.”

“Ah, yes. I see the angle. Make her see that since she left, Jenn has gone berserk, and then make her come home and set her straight. Well, if that is the plan, will you be able to get all these people out of here by then?”

“Yeah, no probs. Would you like to watch anyhow?”

“You know what, I would like to give it to that cow. Sure, I’ll be here. Say around six-ish?”

“Sounds about right.”

“Alright then. See you at around six. Goodbye, my dear.”

At this point, Jake’s dad flicked the girl’s nipple on last time, gave her breasts one last squeeze, and left the house. The new commands flickered into life once the door closed. The girls serving the guys found themselves prey into their own emotions and lusts, and found themselves go from teasing to fucking in the space of a second. To the guys, it looked like their hard work had finally paid off. Greg, Jake’s friend, succeeded in getting a third girl to join him and ate while the other two took turns blowing and licking his cock. One guy was eating bacon from between and on top of a girl’s breasts. Michelle, Rachel and Cindy, who had resurfaced from diving on one of the other girls there, took care of cleaning messes and plates from where they could get dirty or broken. Jake ate his meal across one girl. She had eggs on her flat stomach, bacon across her tits, and even had a glass of orange juice between her legs that he had to slurp out of, causing him to inadvertently lick her twat at the same time. She seemed to like that part the best, and he decided to try and drink all the juice. He did so, making her cum as well. He found that pussy juice mixed with orange juice had a tangy taste to it, and he liked it very much.

After everyone’s appetite had been filled, he let the guys go home. Actually, after the guys blew their wad for the second time that morning, they were told to go home by their girlfriends. The girls would help them dress, and then kiss him out the door. Once he was outside, he promptly forgot how to get back in, and drove away. Jake soon had a house full of girls, and maybe one or two guys still there. He heard grunting from the dining room, and there was Greg doing the horizontal mambo. He blew his wad for the second time, and told Jake that this was the best party he had ever come to. He even made a point of showing him who he had had sex with. It was funny, because a lot of the girls blushed or looked away. His friend was definitely a stud where it counted, though he did look a little bow-legged as he left. He asked Michelle to look for any more guys, and escort them outside the house. She did so, replying from the basement that no one else was in the house except for the girls. Jake’s cock strained at his pants, but was more preoccupied with the notion of how to satisfy about 150 girls with one cock. He told most of the girls to go home, pack for a week, and come back to the house. They left, and now he only had to worry about 40 or so. These girls were the ones who were either homeless or couldn’t / didn’t want to go home. Jake asked them to sit in a big circle in the living room, with a space left for him. He went downstairs and grabbed his laptop, along with the charge cord. It had been left on all night, and he didn’t want to waste any more power than he needed to. It was down to 1/3 of a full bar, and knew that he would need it to help with his own ‘Mommy’ issues.

He asked the girls, one by one, why they were afraid to go home, or why they couldn’t. Some had abusive fathers or mothers, and that he corrected quickly. When asked why he was typing, he told them that he was going to help them by bringing in a shrink to help their family through their problems. The girls seemed to buy it, and he kept fixing things. He knew that with the new changes he was typing, he never would hear those things again. When about half of the girls had finished, there was quite a few wet eyes and some sniffles. Kleenex was brought out, and they continued in telling him their names, and why they couldn’t go home. Michelle was one of the ones still there, but she kept very quiet. She asked if she could tell him alone. He noted some big distress in her voice, and nodded slightly. None of the other girls caused a fuss, but she was looking more distraught than any others. The other girls’ troubles were slight; a broken home, a father who had raped her as a child, and so on and so forth. He changed the homes, but also some of the girls’ memories, so that it wasn’t their fathers of mothers, but rather just a scary man or woman in the night. They didn’t seem to react quickly, but they eventually did quiet down. Jenn was still cleaning by herself, and humming some tune or another. The last girl, Rachel, was afraid to go home. She said that for the past four months, she had been living at different friends’ homes, and didn’t know what to expect. She was trying to get good graces from her parents, and they didn’t acknowledge anything she did. Her older brother had been killed earlier that year, and they didn’t even seem to notice her. That was a trickier move to make. Jake had to make the memory of her brother seem farther away, without destroying her memory of him completely. He did so, and made it work for her mother and father too. She would be welcomed home with open arms.

Jake stretched, and stood up, still holding his laptop. He asked the girls to try and go home, if they could, and be patient while he contacted the therapists. They said they would try, and most of them left. Rachel was still here, understandably. Michelle was looking at Jake with some sort of pleading note, and asked her to follow him. He asked the other girls to help Jenn clean up, which brought big smiles to their glum faces, happy to be doing something to make them forget why they were so unhappy. Michelle and Jake went into the basement, which smelt as if someone had just dumped pussy juice and cum all over the carpet. It had, in a sense, happened, but on a much larger scale. And there were also people here before, which created different scents. They went into and through his room, glancing at the bed and smiling to each other, and onto his deck. She sat in a chair, while he sat across from her. He asked if she wanted anything to drink. She said,

“Um, just a glass of water, without ice. Thank you.”

Reaching behind him, Jake touched a little pad on the outside wall. It was an in-house walkie-talkie set, and let him speak to different rooms in the house. He asked for Rachel to bring down a glass of water, no ice. Jake waited until Rachel arrived, a big smile on her face. She gave the water to Michelle, and started to leave. He told her to stay, and go sit with Michelle. Michelle was puzzled, until she felt the warm flesh of Rachel’s tits next to her head. She put her head on them, making her dark brown hair fall across and down Rachel’s chest and towards the ground. The whole sight made Jake sad, and he wanted to help her as quickly as possible. So he asked her the obvious question.

“You alright?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll be fine. It’s just…”

“Just what? We’re all friends here. Just tell me, and I’ll do the best I can.”

“Well, remember that one girl, Joan, whose father beats her?”

“Yeah, except that I didn’t know her name.”

“Well, my father hits me too. But not like slapping. He punches me and kicks me. My mother doesn’t help. She just watches. And sometimes she hits me too. Then there’s my brother, Darren. He, well, he…” At this point, Michelle started crying, and sobbed into Rachel big inviting chest. Rachel put her arms around her, still smiling, eyes closed, soothing her.

“What did Darren do? I have to know. It will feel better to tell someone, I know.”

“Well,” she started, then started to cry a bit more. She didn’t seem to have a lot of energy to draw the necessary strength on. Jake pulled out the laptop, and typed in:

Michelle will tell Jake the whole truth, and not lie to him. She will feel better and better as she tells him more of what happened to her. Then, she will also start to forget it bit by bit until she has forgotten everything.

He hit send, and then Michelle stopped crying so loudly. She looked up at him, eyes puffy and red.

“You’re right, of course. Well, Darren, he took my virginity.”

“Ah. I see the problem starting to form.”

“No, you don’t! He didn’t just take my virginity, he took my life away from me! He keeps hitting me, and beating me, if I don’t blow him or make him cum enough times! I just can’t keep doing this!”

“Yes, Michelle, you can. Not only will you keep living, you will start to realize that your brother, sick as he may be, is actually hurting just as much. He probably does this out of fear that if you tell anyone, he’s going to be put in jail, or worse. If you want, I can help you forget it, or make him lose the ability to have sex, or something.”

“No, no. I can’t do that. I can’t forget it, because that’s what keeps me from having carefree sexual relationships. I need to be stronger, stronger than the guy in the relationship, because only then will he respect me!”

“No, Michelle, that’s not true. Look at our relationship. We met yesterday, and we had casual sex. A lot of times, to be sure.” That brought a small laugh from her. “But, I don’t go bragging to my friends about it, or hitting you for more. I let you be who you really are, not who you think you have to be.”

“Really? Do you really think so?”

“Watch this.” Jake set down his laptop, and pulled down his pants. His cock was flaccid, but Michelle’s eyes lit up nonetheless. She didn’t stop herself from moving forward, and almost had him in her mouth, when he said “Well now, who’s pressuring who now, hmm?”

Michelle jerked back in surprise, and to his delight, started to laugh at herself. That was a healing process he couldn’t have foreseen. But it was working, and she was feeling better. She even reached up to Rachel, who joined her, and told Jake, “Yeah, well watch this!”

She had her tongue down Rachel’s throat in under a second, and was pushing her body up and against Rachel’s faster and faster. Rachel moaned in Michelle’s mouth, and then they broke for air. With her fingers in Rachel’s pussy, she turned towards Jake. She smiled coyly, and asked him, “What, waiting for an invitation? Get yourself over here, and plunge your cock in my pussy!”

Jake needed no further encouragement, and soon all three of them were getting each other off. Jake even let Michelle finish him off by giving him a boob-job. He shot into her open mouth, and Rachel dove after it as well, making them kiss to fight over it. Jake would have gone for seconds, had he more time. But he still needed to get to Maureen’s. He sent Rachel and a now-happy Michelle back to their respective houses. He changed Michelle’s memories a bit too, making it seem like Jake had taken her virginity, and that he had done so with her consent.

He had Jenn dress in any shirt she could find, and withheld the underwear. She was going out practically naked, and he didn’t want restrictions. They waited until one of the girls came back, and left her with instructions that under no circumstances were they to let anyone in other than the girls who had been here the night before. Then, with Jenn in one of her dad’s dress shirts and a very sheer skirt, and Jake in an open shirt like his sister’s and the same sweat pants he had been wearing last night, they took off to see their old mother.


Jenn waltzed around the house with a broomstick. She felt like a queen, living with Jake. He gave her all the sex she could ever want, and even gave her some boys of her choosing to make into her own personal harem. She never went unsatisfied. She also never did try to understand how her brother went from nerd to pimp to President overnight, but she didn’t like to think about it. It made her head buzz, and then if she kept thinking, it would hurt badly. She swept it away from her mind, along with the dust on their new floor. She had married last week, to one of the boys who lived here with them. He never left her side, except when she was cleaning. He would always be sucking her tits or eating her out of subtly touching her pussy when she went out with her friends. Prom night was a night to remember. There she was, dancing with Prom King Jake, when everybody seemed to undress at exactly the same moment. The tables were taken away, and the chaperones were nowhere to be seen. It seems that they were too preoccupied with some girls and one or two guys in the alley behind the dance hall. The night never seemed to end. In many ways, it hadn’t Jake still lived at home. Home was now out at the White House, expanded on the inside like their old house. She liked it there. She walked around without clothes on most of the time, and never had to work for anything she wanted. She loved Jake, her husband, and her life.

Richard made some mental notes about his son. Firstly, not only did he only look 19, he was now the President of the United States. He lived in the White House with Jake and Jenn and her so-called husband Greg. He didn’t mind, not in the least. Work had become interesting. He recalled the day he had changed his office to his own play area. He thought that changing his office was a big job. Jake had somehow set up Master PC nets to cover the entire U.S.A. He had done a great job, too. Foreign ministers from other countries were impressed with the availability of women who wanted sex. No wars to speak of. There was nothing his son couldn’t do with that little program he had made. Not only that, but he had actually given copies of his program to other people. Some, like him, were trying to create world peace. Some were trying to gain power over their lives. Mostly, they just wanted to get laid. He wandered back from the veranda, and found his two maids, Cindy and Rachel, waiting with their heads bowed, totally nude. He smiled. Yes, his son had made some good changes.

Jake ran his hands through Michelle’s hair. They had been together for two years now, and life never seemed better. He had used the Master PC program to get himself laid, increased the general bust sizes of women nationwide, and then taken his network down. He had spread his gift, and even left some copies of the program in odd places, like a ditch, one at a university, and one even in the computer of some guy he didn’t know. He made sure that he was still locked, and that no one would be able to tinker with him or his girls anytime soon. But, it would only be a matter of time. It always was. And it always would be. He looked out at his beautiful country, and held Michelle to him, stroking her hair.