by Koji

(Mf+,ff, inc)

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Gunar winced with every plunge of an ivory key. The antique Steinway was hopelessly out of tune. Sharps were flat, chords ended in great dull thuds and worst of all when he ranged onto any new key, he was never sure what sound would come out. Yet, he stubbornly plowed on, clubbing Clare D'Lune to death, refusing to stop until the end.  As his fingers played, his mind drifted on what the instrument should sound like, what it had sounded like, back in his grandmother and grandfather's day....clear and bell-like yet warm. Grandma played the exact same tune, every Christmas, just for him. D'Lune always was his favorite.

Wisconsin weather was never kind to the priceless piano. But grandpa always made sure it was kept in tune. He flew out his favorite tuner, old Mister Issacson, from Grand Rapids just so grandma wouldn't miss the symphony so much.

"When did you learn to play, champ?"

"Grandma taught me. You remember."

"I remember all right. I remember a snot nosed little kid with a tin ear, no sense of timing and hands that barely reached an eighth." Uncle Beorn slurped at his scotch on the rocks.

"I practiced."

"And grew too." Slurp. "Looks like those bands can reach, what..a tenth?"

"Eleventh. I grew in a lot of ways, uncle." Gunar stood and looked down on Beorn's combover.

"Humph." He met Gunar in the eye. "You didn't grow THAT much." He punched a stubby, muscular, finger exactly onto the young man's solar plexus. "Just remember, college boy, books don't teach you everything."

"The piano's out of tune."

"Who cares? No one's around who can play it anymore." Slurp.

"Then you won't mind if I fly in Issacson to tune it?"

"Sold it on EBAY two weeks ago for a hundred an fifty grand."

"That's all? The Emperor Franz Josef played on this piano."

"Priced to move, boy. Needed the money for some things. Got a nice slate top pool table all lined up to replace it. Gonna turn this into a poolroom. I think I'll put the dogs playing poker right over there."  As he pointed with his highball glass, his mouth unpursed and he flashed his yellowed horse teeth.

Gunar's jaw dropped. "What happened to the Morgan?!"

"Sold it last summer. It was a Appalachian landscape anyway. Anything else? I always love it when you stop by and criticize everything. Anything else? "

"Yeah. The tree. We have 32 acres of north woods and a lake. What are we doing with a flocked tree and who decorated it?"

"Your aunt had a professional come over and do it. I like it better, not near as much work."

Gunar bit back the words, "She not my aunt. She's your trophy wife." And simply said, "It's your house."

"It's good to see you remember that. Slurp. Dinner's ready, unless you are too indignant to eat my food." Slurp.

The two men walked together. "So what did you get me this year, uncle?"

Slurp. "Every year you ask and every year I say 'I like surprises.' 'Course that's what keeps your family coming, isn't it? My rep for generosity."

"That an you my father's boss."

"Yeah. Heh heh. That too."

Gunar entered the dining room. His father's and his uncle's family were gathered around it. Only the china and silver matched. The people gathered around the table wore their sordid and varied histories on the surface, like a roomful of thrift store furniture.

Uncle Beorn freshened his scotch at the bar then took the head of the table. Beady, watchful eyes glinted over porcine jowls like black cherries atop vanilla sundaes. His belly had declared that this was the last year for his gaudy red brocaded vest.  The final brass button had leapt off like flea last Christmas and his new wife had never mended it.

Jessica, his new bombshell wife, sat on his right hand. Straight white teeth shone under the seam of jelly lips. Huge breasts pushed against the Turkish red halter-top. Her platinum blonde hair was bound to make room for gold on her neck and ears. Between sloppy bites of jumbo prawn cocktail, her hands rested on the table so that the estate gold and jewels on her wrist and fingers could not be missed.

Kristin, Beorn's daughter, sat next to Jessica. Dressed all in her signature shade of pink, and glittery in her platinum body tinsel, she chatted with Jessica about her latest diet fad. Her pepto-pink nails bobbed and flicked in front of Jessica's face for emphasis. Jessica and she had SO much in common. And why not? Jessica was only three years older.

Beorn Junior, or BJ as he preferred to be addressed, sat next to his younger sister. His triangular face and sharp-featured head sat upon his willowy figure like an arrowhead atop a shaft. His lagoon blue suit, straight from Milan, was as un-Christmassy a color as he could manage. Every few minutes he sighed and checked his Rolex.

Klaus, Gunar's father, sat to Beorn's left. His head was slumped and he tugged absentmindedly at a crescent roll. Next to his, his wife Carol was working on her third glass of heavily grogged eggnog. "Pass me the pitcher of this yummy egg nog, honey."
Klaus obeyed and left the heavy Waterford pitcher within her reach.

Tore, Gunar's sister, sulked next her mother and dragged on a cheap, aromatic Indian cigarette. As Gunar sat down at the foot of the table, he noticed she had gone to extra effort to be obnoxious tonight. Her dyed flat black hair had been cut and starched extra-irregular Her heavily perforated face bore thee new insults to it left eyebrow. A silver corkscrew tine spiraled through her left eyebrow. The punctures were still red and enflamed. Tore flicked her ashes upon her bone china bread plate. Her eyes shot blue lasers through the black holes of her sockets. She drank her white wine from her place setting teacup and sneered as her father frowned at her.

Beorn pointed Gunar to the seat at the foot of the table. "You sit there."

"That's Aunt Josie's seat."

"WAS Josie's seat. Now it's whoever I choose it to be." Beorn snorted. "Besides you're too big for the side chairs."

"Thank you for the consideration." Gunar deliberately did not take the foot. He took the chair next to his sister. For extra legroom, he reached down and moved his black nylon laptop case to, quite appropriately, the top of his lap.

"What? Are you attached to that thing? Hmph. That's one reason you've never had a girlfriend, or IS that thing your girlfriend? Bwahahaha. Visit those porn sites do ya, boy? Bwaahaahhah."

BJ and Kristin joined in their father's mirth.  "Nice one, dad." Kristin tittered.

Jessica did not get the joke. Klaus ignored it. Carol drank some more.

Tore blew smoke in her brother's face. "Why you don't stand up for yourself for a change, pussy."

"I have to take care of this computer. It's expensive."

"Yeah? I suppose it's about time someone in your family started caring about money."

BJ had to one-up. "I have the new VAIO."

"Really?" Gunar had to lean over the broad antique oak table to speak . "Which one?"

BJ gave a blank look. Then waxed glib. "It's the one that plays DVD's and MP3's. The top of the line one."

"Cool. Did you get it ready to go with wi-fi? Did you have to add any RAM?"

"I just told the salesman to give me all the bells and whistles."

"Sweet. Can I see it later?"

"Sure. I think I left it in the cabin of my Mercedes S class."

"The one outside?! The cold and damp will ruin it."

"Why aren't they making any more? Hahahahah" he sniffed and continued on his merry way of speaking. "Yeah. Dad says the old garage is packed already. It's that big Bayliner of his, I suppose." He winked.

"What Bayliner?"

"The one he bought last summer? Oh, that's right, you've been busy."

Aunt Josie pushing the swinging kitchen door aside with her elbow ended the conversation.  She was carrying an enormous turkey, enough for twice again the number of people at the table. Seed potatoes and savory garnish circled the silver platter. Behind her, Teva, the Ojibwa maid, followed with a dish of extra chestnut stuffing turnips.

Turkey was the traditional Svenson Christmas Eve meal. Served in the early afternoon, the bird and trimmings would be slowly devoured over the course of the following days. Roast beef was reserved for Christmas Day. Normally leftovers would be served for the day after. But this year was not normal. It was the worst and the best of all possible scenarios.

It was the worst because Christmas fell on Thursday. With the day after being so close to the weekend, Gunar's family would be expected to stay the weekend. If it were Wednesday or earlier, Klaus could have bowed out.  Friday or later and Klaus could have used Monday's workday as an excuse to escape the tension after only a couple of days.

The irony was that both families hated the Christmas Holiday. With the classic politics of familial relationships, they felt chained to the three-day tradition the Svensons had been maintaining since the turn of the century.

There was an added threat. Gunar knew they had to stay or they risked insulting Beorn.  True, Beorn wanted them gone. But that would not stop him from carrying a grudge if anyone left early. And Beorn was as vengeful SOB as ever stalked the North Woods.  The big bird reminded everyone they had five days of misery and turkey leftovers to look forward too.

This year was also the best of all possible scenarios. Last summer, Gunar had found a friend on the Internet.  This friend had turned him on to the ultimate computer program, Master PC. The program allowed him to shape other people's bodies and minds. It had been an interesting fall quarter at his school. He had improved on himself. He was now bigger, stronger, faster, expert pianist and gifted with a dozen extraordinary abilities. Then he.....played with certain people, especially the girls, plumbing the depths of his desires. Now he knew what he wanted. It wasn't pretty or pleasant but Master PC had given him a taste for absolutely having his way and he liked it. The world was a much different place when one could afford to toss aside emotional dross, like compromise or compassion.

Aunt Josie had obviously touched herself up before her entrance but it did little good. Sweat still dripped from her brow and she was a mess. She had aged and not gracefully. Not long ago, her curly hair was deep red. It shimmered like a ruby that had been brushed with liquid ink. Now it was rusty orange red and trailed into frizzy gray. Her smooth fair skin had waned ashy pale and pruned into leathery wrinkles. She had gained weight too.  Her figure was still there, but it had been pushed outwards. Her delicate pianist hands were now thick and cracked. Her forearms bore the scare of a dozen or so grease burns. The past five years of scratching by a living as a short order cook and the only caterer in a Wisconsin logging town had worn her town Still, she managed a show of pride. It was a fine, fine feast she had prepared.

The sideboard was stacked with steaming dishes of creamed shallots, sweet potato pie and many others, including Gunar's favorite, creamed string beans with plenty of those crunchy French onions on top. Beorn made a show of whetting his carving knife, like he had prepared the meal.

After his Aunt Josie placed the platter in front of her ex-husband, she moved to the foot of the table, stopped and sighed deeply. For a moment she seemed, to Gunar, to be lost in thought or maybe prayer. When she sat down, it was like she had snuffed out all the glitter from Kristin and BJ's evening.

Gunar leaned forward. "You should have charged him for this meal." He whispered to his Aunt. She smiled and then her shoulders slumped in exhaustion. This was the last of three holiday meals she prepared in the last twenty-four hours. The two others were for clients, Teva began conveying dishes from the sideboard to the table.

Only the sound of silver on porcelain broke the silence. That's the way the Svenson's were. When things were peaceful, it was a loud kind of peaceful, with lots of shouts and laughter. When things were quiet, it was a menacing quiet, like a bear trap is quiet.

As Beorn sliced, he put the choice cuts aside for himself. BJ got lots of crisp, golden skin and his beloved giblets, as usual.  Kristin had her plastic diet wheel out and was visually measuring ounces of the turkey, clucking all the time. Jennifer flopped food on her plate without care.

Beorn deliberately placed the turkey throat and ragged wings on his brother's and wife's plate. Tore seemed content with just mashed potatoes, Aunt Josie's homemade cranberry sauce, rolls and Uncle Beorn's cut glass carafe of Kentucky bourbon. Gunar and Josie got the dark meat.

"Thanks Uncle. You remembered I like dark meat."

"You people make me sick. You and your fucking red meat."

"Vicky, please."

"Please yourself mother, your fucking drunk. Just so all you assholes know, I plan to make this whole farce a living hell. Maybe that will teach my fucking pussy of a father not to withhold my medication.
Do you know those turkeys are genetically engineered to have breasts so big that they can moved? And do you know how they are killed? Scalded, that's how."

Klaus hunkered down like he could hide from his daughter's noise. "If you don't want me to keep paying for your antibiotics, you can remove your tongue stud and few other things. Or you can get a job."

"Hahahahha!" Tore coughed as she cackled. "Look who grew balls all of a sudden. Screw you old man. Don't talk to me about health. You know what goes into making that fucking red meat of yours?" Tore then went on another one of her tirades about the industrial meat complex.

"Klaus. Make your daughter shut up." Beorn shook a carving knife in his niece's direction.

"You fucking make me you fucking corporate nazi!"

"Father, do Kristin and I have to be here for this?"

"Damn right you do."


"Let's just say, it isn't my Bayliner taking up all the room in the garage."

"Really?" Both brother and sister bounced on their seats. Gunar could not help but notice his waif cousin was wearing no bra. Her yellow hair billowed like a halo on the down thrust. She was as gorgeous a Nordic beauty as every sailed out of a fjord. Her bouncing  reminded him of what he panned to do with her after BRAT3 was executed. His little head throbbed.

"Not you, you stupid cow, just BJ. Think I'd trust you behind the wheel after what happened last time?"

"Daddeeee! I need a new caaaaaar!" On the tantrum went.

"Now I know what happened to the piano." Gunar muttered. Josie, shot the lad a fearful glance. The beautiful old thing meant as much to her as it did to him. She had loved Grandma Dorcas as much as her own mother.

"No!" she moaned. "Beorn you didn't sell the piano!"

"Look! You can bitch all we want later! But I want to eat, hear me? Eat!" he bellowed like a bull elk, used to being obeyed. He called it his "mill voice." It was the voice that promised a beating to anyone who challenged him. Everyone at the table, even Tore had gotten served a taste of Uncle Beorn's knuckles at one time. The lumbering, jowled man didn't care about family, gender or age. He only cared about results, which is one of the reasons he was call the "Beorn Saddammson" down at the mill.

Again the table lapsed into tense silence. Gunar foresaw the pattern forming again. Beorn and his dad would talk about Green Bay's playoff chances, the only safe topic. His mother would get drunk. His sister would mumble and sulk. His cousins would brag about their greed until they got bored and left together. The new wife, Jessica, would blab at anything and anyone, or if Beorn wasn't looking, she'd cut out with Kristin. Then he and Aunt Josie would slip into the kitchen and reminisce with Teva about the good old days.

This year, Gunar broke the pattern.
He placed his laptop on the table and booted it up.

"What's that you got there, boy?"

"Just a laptop, old man."

"Who are you calling old, boy?"

"You, you old, fat, bald, impotent, corrupt, stupid, lazy pig fucker."

It was like everyone at the table suddenly fell into a glacial crevasse. Gunar could hear the turkey dripping.


Gunar entered his twenty-eight-keystroke password.

"What did you say, boy?"

"I guess I should add 'deaf' to the epithet then, pig fucker?"

Beorn tilted his head down and waved his carving knife. "Now you know, I don't like those words."


"What? 'Pig Fucker?' You did that though, right? I mean you and your buddies got drunk one night and they dared your to..."

"All right.' He put the knife down and pushed his chair away. "That's enough."

"I will say when it's enough, pig fucker."

The program set in motion a preset sequence of commands.

"Gonna enjoy busting you up, boy." Beorn lumbered around his petrified new wife. During a short strike two years ago, she had been victim to one of these moods before and just hoped to escape notice.

SEND <Return>

"No. You won't. Sit down, pig fucker."

"Yes, sir."

"No. Wait. Continue carving the turkey. It carves better when hot."

"Yes, sir."

Josie grasped his left wrist. "Gunar, what have you done?"

He yanked it away. "You'll see."

Similar commands flew into the minds of the people situated around the table.
"All you people sit still. Not you, pig fucker."

Except for Beorn, the family and their maid, dropped what they were doing and sat still, with blank looks on their faces.

"That's better. Everyone listen! I am sick and tired of all your petty bickering. This is going to be a holiday the way its SUPPOSSED to be, you got it? With a quiet meal and happiness and a loving, supportive family; the way it was back in grandpa's day. YOU HEAR ME?" They all jumped. "I guess you do.
Now let's have a holiday the way it was meant to be.  First of all there is an awful lot of tension in this room. I think a little venting the spleen is in order. But first, let's get a little of that white meat for once.  Aunt Josie too. Serve her next."

After Beorn served Gunar and a stunned Aunt Josie the fowl with all the trimmings, the young man spoke up. "Excellent. Now for phase one. I command you to be painfully honest with each other. Be as loud as you want but no touching."

"Mother loved you best, eh Klaus? Well who had the mill now, asswipe?!"
"Only because you took advantage of a dotty old woman. You cheated me out of my inheritance!"
"Can I help it if you are too much of a pussy to fight for it?"
Carol cheered, in her own way, her beloved husband on, spilling her eggnog. "Why couldn't you have been this much of man twenty years ago?"
Klaus found a moment to curse his wife. "Butt out, you fucking drunk! I'm tired of you blaming me for your problems! If it weren't for you I'd be a senator by now. Why the fuck did I ever marry you?"
"Because I was knocked up that's why! For the record, it's the only reason I'd marry you too."
"Daddy! Mommy! Why don't you love me? I hate my fucking life! Hate it. Hate it! HATE IT!" Tore threw a tantrum, scuffing her boots on the hardwood floor, shaking her head wildly, and spittle flying.

Jennifer whined more than yelled. "I hate this fucking house, I hate this fucking woods. I should divorce you and head back to LA to hell with the pre-nupt!" Jessica kicked her fat husband's shin with her Milolo-Blanics.
Then BJ produced a plastic packet of white powder from his jacket and held it aloft. "Guess what I got?"
"Gimme it, BJ! I am so fucking dry!" Kristin pawed for it but BJ held it just out of reach.
"Tough shit, bitch. You know the rules. You pay like everyone else!"

Josie was aghast "Gunar, what did you do?"

"Nothing. Just a sort of hypnosis. They'll wear themselves out in a few minutes." The he looked down, deeply into his Aunt's eyes. "We always talked about this, remember? How we wished the family would just everything out in the open for once? Well now, you got your wish. Enjoy!
The string beans are excellent."

Timidly, Josie took a bite of the white turkey meat she had cooked, the first white meat she had tasted in three years. She patted herself on the back. It was moist and tender. "Maybe a little hypnosis is okay after all. Gunar, be a dear and pass me the cranberry relish."
  On and on it went the screaming, the accusations, even the maid, Teva, got into the act, railing against BJ, the boy who broke her heart. It only took eleven minutes of full bore screaming before the families' voices were hoarse and they showed signs of suffering the onset of hyperventilation.

"Enough." Like it was cut with a knife, the screaming ended. "There. Doesn't that feel better?" All their faces were red and they were panting. "Let's get down to brass tacks.
I command everyone to tell the whole truth. Be brutally frank but talk in normal tones only. Sit down everyone.
 Why Aunt Josie, you've barely touched a thing. Relax. You're not like them. You are safe with me. Promise.
Uncle, there's a rumor that you are selling the mill to the Japanese, is that true?"

He took a break from his water glass. "Sure is."

"What about the workers?"

"Oh, we'll promise them job security (cough) but I expect the zipper heads to shut the place down in a year or two, once they figure out how to transfer the business to their own mills."

"I want a written statement to that effect before I leave. Now, have you ever wondered where BJ gets all his money? Tell us, BJ."

"I am one of the biggest coke dealers in Madison, on campus anyway. Everyone  knows that."

"Beorn knew the whole time? Okay, then what big secrets are you hiding from the family, BJ?" Gunar sipped on his beer.

"Kristin and I fuck, have been since I started dealing."

"Kristin!" Beorn's face began to swell anew.

"I can't help it daddy. I get soooo horny after a line or two. (giggle) And BJ is so sexy." She tickled his Versace' crotch."

"That's not all is it, BJ? What secret would really ruin your father's golden boy image of you?"

"Jessica and I fuck all the time too."


"Well, what am I suppose to do? Viagra ain't the answer to everything, limp dick. And it's long way to town."

"Is that true, cuz? Do you fuck my step-aunt all the time?"



BJ leered in triumph. "No. Sometimes we do a  threesome."

Beorn was flabbergasted. "What? When?

"If he's got the blow, I got the time." Kristin giggled.
"Or when I'm bored." Jessica sipped her wine. "Which is all the frigging time, by they way." She smiled at her flash of wit.

"I'll kill you, you fucking ingrates. You can just say good bye to that Hummer in the garage."

"A Hummer, daddy, really?"

"Not for you, Kristin, you stupid bitch. Think I'd give you an SUV? Shit you bawl your eyes out when we go for a lousy ski around the lake. You hate these woods."

Kristin eyes lit up. In her conscious, she knew she had to tell the truth, but now the idea occurred to her that her father, finally, had to tell her the whole truth too. She tested the waters. "Then what did you give me?" Her eyes watched him, lit by the spark of paternally inherited greed.

Beorn sense what was coming. But he couldn't stop himself from blurting out, "A fur coat! Damn. Gunar what did you do to me?"

"A fur coat? Really? Tell me more."

Beorn gripped the table until his knuckle went white, then he spat. "100% Russian sable. A buddy in Alaska got it for me off the black market.
Hmph. I may have to tell you about it, but I don't have to give it to you. You can just freeze your ass off now bitch. You too Jenny. Kiss that new fox coat good bye." Beorn seemed to have trouble getting his breath. "I feel like I've been poisoned."

BJ flicked a cig into his mouth and sparked it with a gold clad blue flame. He thought as he sucked in a long drag. "Screw the Hummer. They're sound systems suck. But I like the poisoning idea. Ladies?"

"We agreed to wait until he sold the factory."  Jenny couldn't stop herself. She kept one fearful eye on Beorn. Her left hand reflexively rested on her cheek and she prayed that Gunar's "no touching" command was still in effect.

"I don't believe it!" Beorn was reeling.

Now it was Gunar's turn to lecture his pompous Uncle about the ways of the world. "Believe it, pig fucker. Where do you suppose these two go after each Holiday meal? I'll tell you where, the little hotel down the road."

"Well, now we use the Bayliner." Kristin corrected. "We can do it all the time there. It's lots closer and we just plug in the shop heater."

"Son of bitch! Is this the thanks I get? I gave you everything."

"Just what do you suppose they were supposed to feel after the way you raised them, Uncle? Gratitude? After what a fine example of gratitude you were. Ruthlessness, greed, lust...that's what you taught them. Now reap what you sowed. How were you three going to do it, kill Beorn?"

BJ smiled and answered and opened his palms. "A little scotch. A little Prozac and then a long walk off a short boat dock."

"Sounds like how grandpa died."

"Yeah. Except Grandpa 'forgot' his medication. Daddy will just take too many."

"That's right, Uncle Beorn. Why did Grandpa forget his medication that day?"

"He didn't forget. I goaded him into rowing. The old fool's digitalis couldn't help him that much. I knew he'd just be too stubborn to admit it he couldn't do it."

"And grandma? How did you get her to sign over custody?"

"It was easy enough. I brought up that I needed a house and caught her while she was having a grieving time. She was so tired after all the lawyers, she just wanted to hand over the burden. And there I was!"

"You cocksucker!" Klaus hissed.

"Bring it on, bro. I'll kicked your ass before and  I'll kick it now."

"We'll do that later. Right now, everyone be quiet, eat and get your breath back.  If you must talk it can only be compliments and niceties. Endeavor to be gracious and jolly.  I command it."

"Yes, sir." They all incanted as one.  They started with please and thank you's. Then the talk revolved around the new and town gossip.

Josie, afraid to talk until now, leaned to her nephew. "Gunar, this is amazing. How long will it last?"

"Having fun?"

"But what happens when they snap out of it?"

"Who says they'll snap out of it?" Gunar square jaw opened and he let out a good, throaty laugh.

"Gunar, this isn't funny."

"Sure it is."

Josie retreated into her chair. "You sound like your grandpa." A pause followed. "What's next for them?"

"That's a surprise. I love the Holidays, lots of surprises." Gunar took a gulp wine. "Ah, pinot noir. Couldn't drink my favorite wine with white meat." Josie noticed that it was true. Everyone else's wine was white, Gunar's  was as dark as blood.


Gunar patted his belly. "Well that was a great feast. Now, what say we open a few presents?"

"We don't do that until Christmas Day." Beorn was somber.

"Tough tittie. What I say goes this Christmas, pig fucker. Now move it.
Teva, would you help me carry my PC over to the conservatory? Thanks."

The family obeyed but they did not appear happy about it. Josie stayed in her seat.

"Come on, Aunt Josie. It will be fun."

"I don't think I want to be there for this, Gunar." She covered her chest with her arms.

"Didn't I already promise you wouldn't be hurt? Come on." He leveled a flat stare at her until she fell in line.

The pink-flocked Christmas tree stood its usual corner of the conservatory like a giant cone of cotton candy. It rightfully belonged in the front living room. Even though grandma (or anyone else) was no longer able to play the traditional carols on the concert grand, the Svensons were trapped by tradition. So, in the conservatory they were.

Gunar sat on the sofa and placed his laptop on the coffee table. "Teva get me beer. Thanks. Now for the rest of you; I think Uncle Beorn will lead the procession for once.  Lend me an ear, pig fucker." Beorn bent down and Gunar whispered into it.

The large man lumbered to tree and pulled out two long boxes. He presented the first one to Josie. "Here. I hope this makes up for all the pain I caused you. Ugh. And all the money I hid from you will be in your account by the end of the year."

Stunned, Josie slowly untied the ribbons, slit the scotch tape with her nail and folded the paper for next year. Then she pulled apart the plain white clothing box to reveal white fur. Disbelieving, she drew forth the full length red fox coat from the box like King Arthur withdraw Excalibur from a stone.  Kristin let out a whimper that was strangled in its birth by a wicked glance from Gunar.

"It's gorgeous."

"It's murder."

"Shut up, Victoria. Try it on, Auntie."

Despite what her sense was telling her, she did. The silk lining made it easy to slip on over her white cotton blouse. She skipped over to the mirrored wall that was installed when Kristin took ballet and ran her hand down its length. "I  have never had on something so beautiful in my whole life. Why does it have to be like this?" she whispered.

"You deserve the sable but it would be too long. Dorcas is a lot taller."

"No. No. I like the fox. It goes with my hair better."

"My name is Kristin."  The mention of the name she'd been hiding since grammar school finally gave Gunar cousin's the nerve to speak.

"Your middle name is Kristin. Your real name is Dorcas. If it was good enough for Grandma, it is good enough for a slut like you. Everyone! I want you to call her Dorcas and my sister Victoria from now on.
 Speaking of Victoria, Uncle, would you proceed with the gift giving?" Gunar readied his laptop.
 The next wardrobe box went to Victoria who recoiled from it like it was a serpent. Then Gunar used Master PC.

Thus a subroutine with the following commands flowed through Victoria's mind and body.

The digital morpher section of Master PC executed the following physical commands.

Then Master PC altered her memory and hence her attitude towards her younger brother. In short, Gunar rewrote history, one that merged her new love of family to her love of meat.

""Oh, Uncle it's beautiful." Victoria, as she now loved being called, lifted the weighty snow-white sable coat in front of her and glided towards the mirror to stand next to Josie. "Oh MY! I look  a fright!"

"It's okay, Victoria. Why don't you go upstairs and clean up? Jenny and Dorcas will happily share their toiletries. Won't you, girls?"


"Before you go, Victoria, I want you take my gift with you. It's the one wrapped in blue foil. No, the blue-green plaid is for Dorcas. There, that one.." Not daring to let go of the sable coat, Victoria, walked up the stairs with the blue foil gift under one arm.

"Hey, BJ how about giving me your cars and computer?"

"Sure, cuz. Happy Holidays. I guess I better get your computer now."

"Gunar. This is wrong."  With a frown that practically dripped regret, Josie folded the fox back into its box. "Eventually everything will be back to normal and Beorn will send you to jail."

"Aunt Josie, you have to trust me. All right, I was hoping to drag this out some more, but I see you need something to hang your faith on.
 Here I it is. I can control everything: mind, bodies, everything. I've made sure no one will ever know how I do it, but I can. Right now, my sister is free of mental defect, infection and heroine for the first time in years. Before this holiday is over, everything REALLY WILL be normal, normal the way it should be, the way I always dreamed it would be.
 Here's the first proof. Let's start with my depressed father and drunken mother. Meanwhile, Beorn, you go into your office. I want a complete record of where all your money is hidden."

 "Yes, sir."

"The rest of you, lie face down on the floor. I'll get around to you in my own sweet time."


Gunar  had already learned the quickest way to fix people physically with Master PC was to reverse physical time to a point before they began to deteriorate, then to build on that. He summoned Master PC's scroll bar menu. He selected "AGE" and slid the arrow to the left. He brought his father and mother back to their newlywed ages, 20 and 19. That automatically undid his mother's liver and brain damage as well as uplifted her figure, eliminated cottage cheese and varicose veins and a lot more, all in one swift stroke. Her hair even went from gray to its original raven-black.

Then he flitted to the FITNESS window and scrolled them both to "athletic." A slack jawed Josie watched their youthful bodies bend, inflate and depress. Then he entered Master PC's text window, the most flexible, yet time consuming of its modes.

By typing in  SEND>Return, the seeming magical commands instantly became reality. Klaus and Carol's eyes locked on each other but they could not speak.

"Klaus? Carol? Do you have something to say to each other? Feel free to behave as you wish."

Both melted into each other's arms.
"Oh, honey I'm so sorry. I'll check into AA tomorrow."
"I'm the sorry one. I should have stood up to Beorn years ago."

The two kissed passionately. Between lip locks they muttered  apologies and kissed the salty tears from each other's cheeks.

Even Gunar was a bit taken aback as his youthful parents' lusty passion. "You two can go upstairs later if you want."

Gunar's father pinched and tickled his wife's butt. She squealed "Stop it, Klaus!" Then they kept on necking.

"Well, that is a surprise." Gunar turned, expecting to see a smiling Aunt Josie. Instead he saw the face of pure horror. "What's the matter?"

"You're a monster. You will change me next."

"Yes. But it won't be bad." Gunar stood and opened his palms. "I can make you young and beautiful again, give you a second chance of life. Wasn't it you all those Christmases who used to say, 'Oh, Gunar if only I was twenty years younger.' I can make it happen. I can make all our dreams happen."


"Yes, our. Aunt Josie I love you. I have for years. I know you love me too."

"I know what you are thinking but that kiss was just a mistake. We were both a bit drunk and I was going through a divorce. We talked about that. We, you and I, decided we can't."

"That was true before last summer. Our ages, our family, money, everything was against us, but not anymore, don't you see? Everything's changed"

"I see, I see only too well. It will just like it was with Beorn. Chaining me to this house, keeping me down..."

"How can you say that? I love you."

"If you love me, you'll let me go. Now."

"No." Gunar's voice was low and dangerous. "I was afraid you might not understand." Gunar sat back down. Josie didn't know much, but she knew the strange things happened when Gunar sat down at the computer. She bolted for the phone in the parlor.

Gunar kicked himself for not listening to his paranoia and preparing a sub-routine. He summoned up the text window.
Josie slipped on the fleshly-waxed oak. She cursed herself for indulging in high heels for the holiday.
Josie limped down the hall and squeezed by a laden BJ.
She turned the corner into the parlor. The old black steel antique was right where it always was.
She picked up the phone and dialed 9-1-1.
Josie put the receiver to her ear, expecting to hear a receptionist. Instead she only heard a familiar high-pitched whine. Beorn was always too cheap to get a second line. " Beorn! Get off line! It's an emergency!" she bellowed. A sinking feeling in her gut, told her it was too late. Beorn had ruined her again.
SEND <Return>
"What am I doing? Never mind, Beorn!" Josie figured he had ignored her scream anyway, like always. Josie limped back to the conservatory, picked up her sable from the floor and took her right place, next to her man. "I am sorry, honey. I just don't know what got into me.
 So, can I be next?"

"Sure. But first open that gold box with the red ribbon. It's from me, I've been holding on to it for years."

Josie smiled, squeezed her love's hand and knelt beside the tree. She opened it carefully, saving everything. Only when she pulled open the mud brown box did it occur to her where she had seen it before. It was her old cheerleader's uniform. She dimly remembered having it preserved. As she pulled it out, she admired how good a job the dry cleaner had done. It was a fresh as the day she put it away. Under the uniform, a silver framed photo, freshly cleaned and polished, of her in her prime lay on the bottom of the box.
 Josie was jumping, legs curled behind her, be-ribboned red curls flying and her purple and gold pompons held high and wide. She smiled in nostalgia. She chose to frame that picture because it showed off her chest. Josie was always proud of it. She had the biggest firmest, perkiest, most gravity defying breasts in the AAA.  She began to get more than a little misty.
 She had forgotten all about her cheerleading uniform. Gunar must have found it and the photo in the attic. Then it occurred to her. He could make her like that again. She looked at him with wide, brown eyes. He nodded. She stood took a deep breath and braced herself.

Josie's youthful glow returned as if with a wave of a magic wand. Her ruby hair, red lips, moonlight skin and hourglass figure all filled with the juices of life to the point of bursting. Even her voice had smoothed. "Mmmmmm. I feel so much better." She stretched and slid her hands down her waist. Her dress almost slid off of her. She brought her palms back around her thighs and up her cheeks. Her gymnast thighs and gluteus were as firm as strong as ever. "Ouch. This bra pinches." She reached inside her dress, slipped off her bra, tossed it aside and inhaled deeply. "That's better." She peered down her cleavage and pushed her boobs together. "Hello there boys, it's been a while."
It all was coming back to her. She moved her palms across her happy mounds and inhaled her lower lip. Her breasts had always felt so good when she was young. Her senses threw her mind back to a time when she would lie on her bed for hours mauling herself to dozens of shivering little orgasms before straining to reach her sopping twat.  "Yes. They feel as good as new." Then it hit here. She had a whole second chance at life. A chance to do all the things she had only, unil now, seen through the lens of regret. "Thanks honey."

I have a matching set of pompons too. But they wouldn't fit in the box."

Josie looked at her nephew. He was staring at her the way the geeky boys stared back in high school. She curled her tongue back upon her upper row of teeth as she sized him up. Gunar was big, not linebacker big like she preferred, more like a basketball player or wrestler. But he was blonde, blue eyed, tall, muscular and she loved him, passionately.

"Now that you've given me this body, lover, what do you want to do with it?" she smiled wryly, clasped her hands behind her back, stuck out her assests and swayed her hips. He stayed silent. She slinked towards him and leaned forward. The drooping collar of her blouse gave him an eyeful. "Come on." Her eyes lifted upwards. "It's been a long, dry spell for me. I am SO ready for a little fun."

"Me too." Uncle Beorn! Victoria! Come on down" Gunar bellowed then he thought. "hey mom, make sure sis brings her new coat. And why don't you help yourself to a fur coat while you're at it." As Carol walked away, her husband admired her ass. "Dorcas, you'll need a warm coat too."

"But you gave mine away."

"Shit. I can't stand your whining anymore."

Dorcas filled out. Her scrawny frame swelled and popped seams. Her squared faced filled out too. To Josie it was weird, it was like her daughter's new, fuller face made smiling easier too. "You look so much healthier. How do you feel, Dorcas honey?"

"Thanks, mom. I feel healthier. Hey! Looks I need some new togs. HaHA! Warm too, right cuz? I know where just where to go. Back in a flash. Ow, these damn shoes! Who could ever where these damn things?"

Josie sat next to her love, rubbed his thigh and purred in his ear. "Gunar honey, can we be alone?"

"S-s-ssure Josie. Let me just type in the sub-routines to take care of these guys."

"What guys?" Then Beorn entered. "Oh." She pouted.

It took a while for Gunar to muster everyone, but eventually they were all outside, in the front yard. There was good three feet of snow on the ground and the sky was dusting the Earth with more. Except for BJ, Klaus, Beorn, the family was all bundled up. Gunar in his new greatcoat and Teva in her wool overcoat. Finally, Dorcas had felt compelled to raid her grandpa's only winter trunk. She was now dressed in boots, red long johns, overalls, Pendleton and his old, wool, hunting coat and cap.

"I've always wanted to see this. Beorn and Dad, I always wanted to see you two have it out once and for all. So get out there and slug it out."

The two men stopped out in to the yard. At some invisible signal they started circling each other.

"Who do you think will win?" Josie squeezed her man's elbow.

"Tough call. Beorn's got the experience but Dad's all young now." The young man turned to the crowd. "Hey you guys, feel free to cheer on your favorite."

When Carol started cheering, Klaus charge and got a knee in the face for his initiative. But then he spun and punched Beorn in the kidney. A blur of close blows was exchanged then the two locked and tumbled into the cold, wet snow. It clung to their bodies but still they punched and wrenched.

The crowd cheered. Gunar laughed his head off. Josie was quiet and buried herself in Gunar's greatcoat. It stank of BJ's cigarettes.

The two men stood, winded, bloody and battered. It seemed a draw. "All right you two." Gunar shouted. "You've got it all out of your system. Now you have nothing but fraternal love for one another."

"What next, sir?" BJ looked fearful and cold.

"Don't worry, asshole. Poor Teva's been carrying the torch for you since you took her virginity. I figure marrying her and forcing you to earn an honest living is punishment enough."

The two men hooked arms over one another's neck and hobbled towards the house, laughing hoarsely. Dorcas scooped up some snow and put it to her daddy's face. Carol got the idea and followed suit.

"You like that Josie? They finally did it."

"They look hurt."

"Do worry. My next program will heal everybody up nice and smooth. I have this all figured out." Gunar led everyone into the conservatory


The family did heal. BJ even felt warmer. Josie visibly relaxed when she saw how the two men's wounds were healed.  Beorn even lost almost all of his gut. But Gunar kept typing. She leaned over and saw on the screen.


"Let's go, Aunt Josie. All the rest of you guys know what to do."

Then he typed in a few more subroutines, clapped the laptop shut, took Josie's hand and headed upstairs with her, just like he always dreamed.

Josie cradled her cheerleading uniform in her right hand, Gunar in the other. "What did you do to those guys? What are those programs for?  I'm dying to know."

"Sorry. It's a surprise. And you know hoe much I like surprises."


Josie and Gunar were on each other as soon as the door to the master bedroom was shut. Gunar whipped of both Josie's and his clothes with a speed and expertise that surprised the forty-one year old woman. But was not the only surprise. Gunar sported a flagpole between his legs the like of which Josie had never seen. "Gunar, there is no way that thing..." He gagged her with his tongue. He kissed like a tiger. They writhed and generated more heat than with the friction of their skin alone.

Josie came up for air. "My, you have been getting around!"

"I love you, Aunt Josie." He buried himself in her cleavage. "Been so long..."

"Just Josie, honey."  She purred like a cat in cream. He kissed her like he could read her mind...firm then and there, soft and circular a bit of nibble. In minutes he had her gasping for air. His long arms reached down and cupped her bottom, drawing her up to his warlock lips. Her head leaned back, baring her throat.  He pulled her up farther. She felt her bush slide against his impossibly large penis.  She dreaded what was coming and desperately desired it as well. Her thighs wrapped around the small of his back. Gunar braced her hips and impaled his Aunt upon his foot long stake.

Josie panted. "It's...its perfect..." It was perfect. It stretched her, but not painfully. It reached deeper than she ever thought she wanted. The shaft it had a way of pulsing that hammered a spike of fulfillment straight into her soul.

"I've dreamed of this for so long. I'll make you so happy, Aunt Josie, you'll see."

Her arms went limp, she leaned back. Gunar was plenty strong enough to support her as he jounced her up and down. Her red curls wound and unwound and she bounced.  Her eyes rolled into the back of her head. It was like Gunar's dick was a flamethrower and the pleasure center of Josie's brain was a pile of gunpowder. Sparks and shooting stars swam through her vision.

"I'm coming Aunt Josie. I'm coming." The only reply Josie mustered was a trail of drool. Gunar's Master PC enhanced dick shot forth its geysers of sperm and Josie reacted as every girl now reacted to feeling Gunar cum inside her, she orgasmed herself.  She flopped like she was going through a grand mal seizure (because, in a way, she was) and passed out.

Gently, Gunar laid his beloved on the king sized bed. He looked own upon his love, splayed on the bed cover, resting on a pillow of her own curls. Her rosy cheeks punctuated either end of a drowsy, satisfied, smile. Her tits stood up in two perfect half domes and a white steam from her carrot-red bush. Gunar rubbed his dick. Josie's prickly pubic hair had abraded his dick. He picked up his laptop and cleared a space for it on the nightstand. But not before setting the clock radio to go off at eleven pm.

Gunar checked his work. Josie's briar patch was now as smooth as rose petal. Her legs and thigh... pure velvet. She stirred and sighed at his touch so he withdrew. He knew from experience he had time to get a beer before she woke up. Sex always made him thirsty. He grabbed his uncle's silk robe and walked down to the kitchen.

As he past his parents' bedroom door, he heard the sound of laughter. It had been a long time since he heard that. It made him a bit green. He checked his watch. It was still quarter to five and his first round of dream sex was over. "This wham-bam may be fine for stuck up sorority girls but the future Mrs. Gunar Svenson deserves better. Think I better turn off my semen virus too."

On his way, past BJ's room, he heard rump smacking.  He stuck his head in on Beorn and found faxing his bank on the Isle of Man. Then he continued on to the kitchen. Jenny was scrubbing the sink. She curtsied when she saw him enter. "Thank you for the lovely present, sir."

"Get me a beer."

"Yes, sir."

As she poured into a glass, he spoke to her. "So you like your new uniform?"

"Ever so much, sir"

"And your accent?"

"I love it. I makes me feel like I am in a film."

"You wouldn't want to go back to your old life? You can do it if you wish."

Jenny genuinely looked horrified. "Oh, no sir. If I may, sir. I felt I was always more than a tad bit useless. Now, I have mission in life, to make this home spotless. And well, I thoroughly enjoy the prospect of keeping your house neat the rest of my natural born days. And speaking of 'natural born' may a take this moment to thank your for resorting by hair and...ahem...other attributes to their natural state?" She blushed to mention her breasts were back to b-cups, her lips were again thin, her false nails lashes and all else had been stripped off and her hair was her original dirtwater brown.

"I am glad you are happy."

"If I may sir. I will be waking you at midnight,  then sir?


"In the customary fashion?"

"Yes, in the customary fashion. Now back to work."

"At once, sir."

Gunar took his beer upstairs, passed to happy bedrooms and into the master suite. Josie was just beginning to stir.
Gunar decided the Master PC endowed abilities that his penis or tongue morph itself to the perfect shape to satisfy any pussy and  his sixth sense of how to pleasure any woman would be enough for his wife, at least for now. "Josie? You awake."

"Mmmm. And how lover! That...YOU are fantastic! I don't think I've ever come that hard before. Here, lay back on the pillows. That's right."  Josie opened the folds of Gunar's robe. "Now let me show the skills that landed me the richest man in the county."

"Who else was after Uncle Beorn?" it was too late, Josie was already licking and sucking his shaft. He laid back and reveled in the sensation. She was better than he dreamed. First she was affectionate, then she appreciated it. Then she deep throated like a pro. He could actually feel her larynx. Her tongue was smooth and fleshy. Her lips flexed all along the shaft. He gripped her curly mane in both hands and she withdrew.

"Let me know when you are about to come. I like the meat but not the sauce." He grunted. She dove back into her task. He did not rush it. He wanted to take it slow, to bathe in her attention. First times come only once. But his little head wasn't listening. This experienced woman was giving him the best dick massage of his life. She tickled the hairs on his scrotum and he moaned. "Like that, huh, stud?" she dove in again. This time she alternated speeds keeping the boy on the razor's edge of spewing. Finally he couldn't take it anymore. He clamped down on her head. Josie pushed away with all her strength but it was no use, Gunar was too strong.  Load after load of Master PC augmented jizz squeezed into her gaping maw. When his charge was spent, he released her head.

Josie vaulted up from the mattress and let loose with a Freudian slip. "Damn it, Beorn! You know how I hate that!" She sputtered, she wiped her mouth on the percale sheets.

Gunar counted. "Five, four, three, two, one.."

Josie's eyes lit up in surprise. "Hey. Your stuff's not bad. In fact it tastes really, really good."

"What's it taste like? It tastes different to everyone."

"Kind of a chocolate truffle, raspberry swirl only better."

"Want some more?" he waved his flaccid cock at her.

Josie licked her lips of the last drop of semen, her eyes locked on his lovely pink penis. "Sure." She slowly bent down and inhaled. Even his musk roused her senses. She licked the dross off his shaft like icing from a beater.  Using his big hands he guided her rump around and the two contently sixty-nined for a dozen or so lazy minutes. Then Gunar decided to bump it up a notch.

His tongue bifurcated. One half of the tip stretched out like an octopus' tentacle and tickled Josie's g-spot. The other tip snaked upwards and flicked her clit. Finally the base of his tongue expanded and rubbed up and down her labials. Josie went, predictably, nuts. Gunar loved making his Aunt so happy and he intensified his ministrations. Josie's juices streamed down his chin and dripped onto his collarbone. She shook, she bucked, she invoked the name of heaven and earth. Shudder after shudder of bliss rocked her body, finally she begged for mercy and he relented.

A voice came through the wall. It was Carol, Gunar's mother.  "Hey, you two having a good time in there?"

"Don't listen to her son. We're both proud of you! Keep it up." Klaus added. "Besides, it's making your mom real hot!"

"Klaus! Stop that."

Gunar laughed but Josie didn't. "What are you laughing for? They know."

"Of course they know, the whole family knows and they are completely supportive. Now come here." He pulled his dream girl down and the two cuddled. Gunar could tell Josie was having trouble having it all sink in.

"That was un-be-fucking-leavable. Gunar, there is only one thing I can do to touch that. Here." One after the other, she bent her legs behind her head. "Just your dick please. I think I'd pull a hamstring if you used that devil tongue of yours."

Gunar rolled over and slipped his cock into Josie's flaming pussy. It was even sweeter the second time around. "Oh, yes, baby, yessss. My pussy is all yours, baby. Fuck it. Fuck it hard. Yes, yes harder, harder." Time after time he rocked his big six foot ten frame back and forth. Like the ocean crashing into a sea cliff, the headboard slammed into the wall. Josie screamed louder and louder. Finally both man and woman exploded.

Gunar lay on top of her for the space of ten breaths then rolled off, still breathing heavy. Josie unwound herself. "Was I good for you?"

"Better than I ever dreamed. Look. He has a mirrored ceiling."

Josie curled over on her side. "We look beautiful." She kissed his pecs and slowly worked her way down. "Tell me we'll gent out of her Gunar. Promise me we'll shake the dust of this place from our feet."

"Where would you want to go?"

"Europe, all over Europe."

"How about we go there for our honeymoon?"

"Oh, baby!" she went down on him with joy."

Gunar bent back his arms and his right hand found something hard and plastic. "Hey, a remote."

Josie whipped her hair out of the way with a flick of her head. "That's how I knew the marriage was in trouble, when he moved a TV into the bedroom. Damn."

"What's the matter?"

"My hair always gets in the way. Say can you fix it?"

"Sure. Get up to the mirror."

"Make it straight. No. Fuller, not so stringy. There" she ran her fingers through her new tresses. "That's thick enough.  I always wondered what really long hair was like. Grow it down to my ass. Mmmm.  I might cut it later but its fun for now.
 Hey. I always wanted green eyes. Can you do that?"

"Sure baby. Let me know when I get the shade right." Josie settled on copper patina-like hue.

She threw half her hair over her right breast and bent one knee forward. "Well?"

"Daddy like. Come here."

"No, you come here."

Gunar chased the spry girl up and over the bedroom. She finally let him catch her at the of the bed. "Here? Now?"

"Do it, you big stud." He took her from behind. Her twat was sloppy with his leavings. Finally she rode him, but it was more of an intimate hug. She slowly rocked her pelvis back and forth "I love you, Gunar. She stroked his chest.

"I know, Josie. Dinner will be up soon."

"What will I do with my hair?"

"I like it curly. Want to keep the eyes?"


"No problem."

"This is the best Christmas ever."

"Glad you think so. I was beginning to wonder. I'm hungry. Let's get cleaned up."

And so it was a new man took his place at the head of the table and his lady sat on his right hand. Klaus and Carol sat to his left. BJ and his fiancé, Teva sat near the end. Jenny the maid served the roast beef she, not Josie, prepared. Beorn ate cold chili from an old dog dish in the kitchen and loved it. Dorcas and Victoria made their entrances.

Dorcas was no longer as thin as a beanpole. She had the full figure of her Swedish ancestors. She was not fat, but full. Her hips and breasts were womanly and promised many healthy children. She wore a billowy white sating blouse and embroidered jeans that hugged her every curve. Her yellow blond hair was bound in two woven braids that fell to just above her heavy chest. She took the seat by Teva.

Victoria caused a bigger stir. Her hair was back to the natural midnight black of her mother and had been coiffed into an elaborate bun. Her long, willowy figure was sheathed in a silk, shoulderless midnight blue gown. Her peaches and cream complexion was unmarred by steel or ink. She took each step with the grace of a queen.  She sat at the foot of the table, opposite her brother, Gunar. When she sat down, she raised her glass to him, everyone followed suit. When she drank, she drank deeply, her eyes locked on his, heavy with meaning.

The dinner was a happy occasion. There were two betrothals to celebrate. Victoria dined on the beef with praise for Josie. Teva and BJ and Carol and Klaus had eyes only for each other.  Everyone was laughter and smiles. Even Beorn was eventually let into the room. Soon the dessert had come and gone. Teva,  BJ, Klaus, Carol and  Beorn all claimed to have work to do.

It was time for the young people to retire into the conservatory, leaving Jenny to clean up. Gunar, Master PC and Josie snuggled on the sofa. Dorcas rolled up her sleeves, squatted by the hearth and got a fire started. Victoria sat in the wooden Shaker chair.

"What now, brother, dear?"

"Now it's story time.  Dorcas, Victoria, I think you know what stories I want to hear. Dorcas, you start."

"Sure thing. Well, as you know I was paranoid about looking like grandma. I used to puke up more meals than I ate. But I also knew I was pretty, really pretty. Cousin Gunar over here seemed to notice too. So I'd flash him a breast to a thigh every now and then. I think the cruelest thing was when, in the summer, I would deliberately lay face down next to him and undo my bikini top. Then I would stretch to get a soda or something and almost let him see my nipple. What a tease I was. I am SO sorry, Gunar.
 If I'd known you'd grow up to be such a great guy or so handsome I would have been much nicer to you. I hope you'll let me make it up to you. Truth be told. I was always kinda hopin' you'd make a move. I definitely would have said yes."

Josie whispered in her lover's ear. "Is that true? You poor boy?"

"Mostly. Victoria, let's hear your story."

"Simply put, my brother loves me. I started noticing his eyes following me when I was in high school. He would offer to help me do the silliest things. Then I noticed other acts of his affection, like movement outside my window or the door to the bathroom open a crack when I showered. I never caught him but then I never needed too. I knew it was him." Victoria's gracefully painted nails rested on her throat.
"What he did not know is that I thrilled every time he watched me. To my everlasting shame, I admit I would leave my curtains undrawn and the bathroom door open. It was I who left my panties where he could find them. The wickedness of my deed was quite known to me but I enticed the virile young lad nonetheless. He was a slave to his youthful passions as was I. Even now my heart races just to think of it.
Little did he know that I secretly yearned for him to more than voyeur.
 I knew it was wrong, forbidden. But that made all the more...delicious. I started peeking into his room late at night, pulling down his covers and ... then  there were the times he showered...after I could stand it no more, .  I would race into my room and commit outages to my sex.  When he or I went away, I resorted to visiting stores of ill-repute to rent and purchase younger brother-older sister themed pornography, hoping to quench my perverse fire. It only fanned the flames. Finally, my suppressed passions burst forth and I fell in with a sordid crowd. The rest you know. Except that my passion has never diminished.
 I would be yours body and soul, now, if you allow it."

"Is that true, darling?"

"Only the first part, Josie." He whispered. "The rest she just thinks its true. I planted the false memories in them both. Isn't this fun?"


What's the matter, now?"

"You are going to cheat on me." Josie showed the first signs of breaking down into tears. "Already? We made love barely one day and you are already going to cheat on me? You call this a surprise?"

Gunar sighed and reached for the laptop. "Sorry, Josie but this is MY dream. I hoped you would understand."

"But you said you loved me. What did I do to deserve this?" Josie blubbered.

"I was afraid of something like this."
Gunar continued. "I still do love you. You'll be my wife but that doesn't mean I can't love other women too."

Josie reassured him with a kiss. "I know that, lover. Boys will be boys. Truth be told, the notion kind of tickles. Which one are you going to do first?"

"That's my girl. What you say you pick?"

"Can I get the other one?" Josie's tongue curled to the top of her teeth.


"Pick me mom."

"No, pick Auntie."

"Gunar, dear, how about you get Victoria and I get Dorcas?" She massaged his prick. "I know what it like to see something you want for sooooo long and yet cannot touch."


"I still remember the first time. You were leaning against the counter with your beefy (she squeezed) arms folded and I felt a rush of blood I hadn't felt in...well I don't know how long."

"I knew it." She pulled his collar and the two kissed on the sofa. While Josie was lost in the kiss, Gunar beckoned the two beauties.  Victoria unbuckled her brother's pants, pulled them down and neatly folded them and put them aside. The more self-loathing she felt, the more aroused she became. Dorcas flipped up her mother's skirt and pulled down her panties with her teeth. Then the two nuzzled the lover's sex.

Dorcas had performed cunnilingus many times before but never with so much gusto. Her mother moaned and moved one hand away from her lover to hold her golden head.

Victoria kissed her brother's penis hesitantly, demurely, little by little daring to kiss it longer and more lusciously each time. Finally, she took the whole glands inside her mouth and swirled it. It was bad, very bad. And it felt good, SO good.

Josie opened her blouse and Gunar gently sucked her rusty red right nipple. The woman sighed and cradled him. So the undulating lips continued for what seemed hour upon hour and then Gunar spat his seed into his elder sister's mouth. Victoria felt compelled to do the most disgusting deed and drank the delicious creamy life juice down. It was as sweet and heady a brew as brandy.

Gunar broke the embrace with Josie. "Thanks sis. Josie, let's go back to our room."

"What about them?"

"They have things to do. It's late. I'm tired. I want to go to bed with you." Josie nudged him. Gunar put his trouser back on. Then the man and woman walked upstairs, hand in hand. Once between the sheets they made sweet tender love once more, then quietly floated off to sleep.

During the night, Josie thought she heard people in the attic, then the sound roar of snowmobiles returning. She almost asked her love what was going on but something inside her was still afraid.

Gunar heard the alarm go off at eleven. He turned it off and rolled over to watch Josie robotically head off for the shower. "I love Master PC." Gunar muttered and dozed off to get another hour of sleep.


Gunar never really went back to sleep. He heard Josie shower, dress and head downstairs. He was only  half asleep when the new maid pulled back the winter blankets and soothed his phallus with her lips. "Hello, Jenny."

"It's midnight, sir."

"So it is. Fetch me my robe and slippers. Then get the champagne. Is there anything else to make this night perfect? Wait, there's something one other thing I want you to take."

Gunar slipped on his evening clothes and walked down to the conservatory. The room was only lit by the tiny white lights of the new Christmas tree. It was a real tree. The flocked one was gone. The green fir still glistened with snowmelt. The ornaments that Gunar recognized from their years of use, glittered. The lights and tinsel what hung with human imprecision. Even the old nativity scene was under the tree. The family had been busy.

Beneath the tree, as he programmed,  three exquisite presents, ones he had dreamed about for years, knelt on their thighs, awaited unwrapping.  To the left dressed only in her white sable coat and borrowed platinum and diamond jewelry knelt his exquisite sister, Victoria. As his gaze rested on her, she blushed, held her fingers to her throat and breathed heavily. To the right knelt Dorcas. His cousin smiled slyly at him, twisting her left yellow-blonde braid. She was only clothed only in a cozy in bleu-green plaid flannel pajama top.  In the middle, Josie faced him. She was dressed just like she was in the photo, in her cheerleading outfit. Her pompons rested on her thighs. Purple and gold ribbons laced her hair. Josie tilted her head in his direction, her new green eyes dripped with determined lust. Then her tongue curled over to touch her top row of teeth.

Jenny arrived with a silver tray upon which rested four filled champagne glasses. She offered Gunar the first. As he bent down to join the women, Jenny served the others.
Gunar surveyed the three. The prim Victorian prude who is a slave to her lusts. The extroverted, full-bodied tomboy that loves nothing more than the outdoors, except a good roll in the hay with her cousin. Finally, the energetic girl-next store, a great cook and a firecracker in bed who'd make an ideal wife.
Jenny folded the platter under one arm and stood the side, awaiting her master's further commands.

Gunar lifted his glass. "To the best Christmas ever." The four clinked glassed. Victoria sipped. Dorcas chugged and wished she had a beer. Josie and Gunar linked arms.  She whispered "I love you." He whispered, "He'll be the best baby ever."

Josie wasn't stupid. "What do you mean?"

"Don't ruin it Josie."

"I'm fertile, aren't I? You mad me ovulate!" She held her hands to her womb. She looked for the laptop, his magic wand, and didn't see it anywhere. "Oh, Gunar, don't do this. I was hoping we'd travel, you know get out of this town. I've kicked myself forever and a day for having a baby too early. Don't do this to us."

"But I have so much to do here."

"Fine. You stay here. Get the mill ship shape. But I need a break, honey. While your been in college, I've been slaving away over a hot stove, barely getting by. Think of me, please, I'm begging you."

"I thought you loved me."

"I do." She cradled his cheek. "But I need to explore, to see the world. When you said I had a second chance, I was hoping you meant that. You know I love you. You know I'll come back. Then we can settle down and start a family. There is no other man I want to get me pregnant. But we're way too young to get stuck at home with a baby, regretting what could have been. I've been down that road before. If you really love me, you won't do that to me again."

"You know, Josie, I thought tonight was going to be the perfect fantasy. But this little surprise of yours ruined it. You know what? I hate surprises." He stood, wheeled and held out his left hand. "Jenny?"

Hidden by the silver platter and the dim lights, Gunar's flat black laptop had escaped notice. Jenny whipped it out and held it out to her master. "Girls, you better hold her down." Victoria was quicker but Dorcas was stronger. Josie could not escape.


"Gunar, please, I'm begging you for the sake of our love, don't do this to me!"

"Me! Me! Me! I thought I told you, this is MY fantasy."


"Now, ladies, let's take it from the top."

Gunar entered the room just as before. The girls reacted just as before, like nothing had happened. Jenny arrived with fresh champagne.  Josie and Gunar hooked arms. Gunar whispered "I love you." Josie whispered, "I'm ovulating." And nibbled on his ear lobe.

That night the willowy prude, the fulsome tomboy and the perky cheerleader made love to Gunar, the one man in the world they adored. Dorcas began. She scooted over to the hearth, crooked a finger and beckoned her lover over to the warmth of the fire. As he approached she slowly unbuttoned her shirt and gave him a peak of the weight he and Master PC had slapped onto her chest. Gunar kissed her lips and pushed her down. Strong, forceful Dorcas was now helpless with love. "Make it twins, Gunar, please. I have enough milk for two." His kissed her heavy tits. They were full, large and perfectly proportionate with her big frame. The old Dorcas, Kristin, had purged enough weight that the glorious D-cups had melted into B's. Now they were back to the girth nature intended. He slobbered, he flicked, he even bit. Then he slid down her cleavage, sucking her her six-pack abs, along her thighs and finally into her sex.  He paused for a moment to draw in the aroma of her juices and caress her furry pubes, then his bifurcated tongue worked its wonders. Her thighs were strong and even Gunar found he trouble breathing between their crush so he slid up and straddled his cousins orgasm wracked body on his knees.

He laid his pole into the dell of her bosom and compressed her teats upon it. Then he slid back and forth. Dorcas's sighed, she moaned and then she craned her neck up to try and suck on her loves head like it was a cocktail cherry. Sche succeeded and sucked seed until Gunar spewed white goo all over her chest and face until she glistened in the firelight.

Dorcas wallowed in the messy, visceral, quality of the act and rubbed it all over her body. She even licked a dab into her mouth. "Mmm, like Tequila. Tequila...tequila...and the worm...(giggle)."  In the end he left her gasping.

Gunar stood, Jenny hande her master a towel and a beer then helped Dorcas move aside. Gunar now sat by the fire. He sat down held his penis and one hand and beckoned his sister.

"Please Gunar. We can't." Victoria whined but still she answered his call. "It so wrong." She stood before him. He ankles promised legs that were long and smooth. Le aid back and held his dick up. She opened the sable coat. She was naked beneath it. "It's incest." She bent at her knees and took his penis from him. "It's so wicked."  His sister flicked his head up and down her labials. "Yes, so wicked." She inserted his meat inter her hot, dripping cunt. "So wicked." She hissed" And so goooood. I've waited for this moment for so long Gunar. It feels even better than I dreamed." Victoria liked it slow. Gunar let her slide up and down on his dick until he got bored.

"Only one thing could make it more sinful and more sweet, sister mine." He pushed her off and moved her over the loveseat.

OH!" He bend her over the armrest.

"Ever hear of the 'back door'?" Her younger brother flipped up the ten thousand dollar coat and pressed his penis against her bud. Then he leaned forward.

A shiver of evil delight caused her body to quiver. "Yessss." As programmed by her vengeful brother, the ruder and cruder something was, the more it tunred her on.

"Now try filthy language."

Victoria bit her trembling lip. "I don't, I don't..."

"Give it up, sis. I have my dick up your ass. Doaesn;t this feel good?" he shook it.

"Yes, oh, Gunar, please, have mercy." There was a pause. Gunar waited. "F-f-f-fFuck me. OH! So good!""

"What did you say?"

"Fuck me. Fuck me! FUCK ME! Augghh that's good. Come on little brother, shove your cock into your slut sister's hole. Sodmimiz me! Sodomize me harder! HARDER! I want to hear your balls slap...AUGHHHHH!" Filthy talk, enough to make a sailor blush spewed from the prude, making her hotter. Strands of hair flew from her bun as Victoria thrashed on her brother's meat. Over and over, he seed fountained into her bowels. At last he left her quivering, just like Dorcas. When he pushed her off of him, he took a moment to whisper, "Next time how about you dress in leather?" She moaned, bit her lip, smiled and nodded. Jenny helped her aside.

Gunar met his Josie half way. The two kissed. "That was pretty hot, lover. I get the son, though, right?"

"Make that sons, Josie. One right after the other."

"Stop it, you know how hot pregger talk makes me."

"Just how hot?"

"I'll show you." She pushed him down on the floor.

"Wait, this can lead to infection. Jenny, clean me off."

The maid was a veritable jenny-on-the-spot with a washrag and warm water. "You have a beautiful penis, if I may say so, sir."

"You may say so."

"There, sir, clean as a whistle."

"Might as well be. It totally killed my mood. You look slack too."

"You heard the missus, Jenny. Lube that baby-maker up."

"Oh, thank you, sir!" Jenny slathered her saliva on her master's shaft. After a blithe time of deep throat, Jenny turned to her mistress and piped. "There mistress all hard and ready to go, if I may say so."

Josie fluffed out her pleated skirt and sat on Gunar's lap. His dick found it way into her fiery cunt like a guided missel. "Yes. Damn baby it's always perfect."

"If there is nothing else?"

Josie turned to her maid, Jenny. Gunar may have forgotten about the maid once being Jennifer, the trophy wife who supplanted Josie as the woman of the house, but Josie certainly did not. "Just one thing, Jenny. Josie reached behind her back and lifted up her skirt. "Lick my ass."

Jenny's eyes lit up, "Oh thank you, mistress!" She dove into her task.

Then Josie rocked upon her man's dick. "There. Now daddy, put that baby inside mommy."

Gunar slid his hands under stiff the cheerleader shirt. Josie was wearing no bra. He stretched the wool garment out and levered it over her chest. Her two melons sprung out and he enjoyed playing with Josie's jiggly "bowlfulls of jelly."

Josie was building to climax. Her voice took on a strained quality. "Tell, me daddy, tell me you're putting a baby in me."

"Oh yeah, mommy. I'm putting a baby in you. I'm putting my baby juice inside you, my seed into your furrow."

"Yes, seed. Oh, mommy feels so fruitful, so juicy, so ripe..."

"Ripe, oh mommy, I'm coming..."

"Cum inside me daddy, make me big, oh I feel so empty, I need to feel full, bursting..."

"Here I come!" Gunar grunted.

"Oh, I'm coming to Dadeeeeeeeeeee!"

Josie stayed attached and bent her limber body to rest onto her paramour's chest. "Do you think that did it, daddy? Oh, Jenny that tickles. Stop that."

"My sperms as lively the last time as it is the first.' Gunar sighed. "But you know what? It doesn't matter mommy, we have all the time in the world to try. Maybe we'll take that trip to Europe you always wanted."

"Poo on the trip. But if you want to, that's fine with me. We have some time to try some more. Then I'm sorry to say, we're expected at church."

"Sounds good." Then the four relaxed and slept and lusty visions danced in their heads.

Warm and cozy, hey would always remember this day as the best ever, the day that changed their world.