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Master PC 1/2
Chapter 5: Who's the Teacher? Part One

Ranma was working on the PC again, looking for his next conquest for his
growing harem. He was thinking of the form he had taken with Akane's
seduction. That of the traditional tentacle demon that would ravish
women in the animes that he had started to see in the spare time he had.
'Good thing I made all of my lovers bisexual. It keeps me from spending
my entire time having to fuck them.' Ranma thought, before grinning.
'Not that I don't like fucking them silly. But I have other plans.'

He also started to think of developing erotic identities for his lover.
To make a more interesting sex life as well as giving him some more help
and protection from those that wouldn't understand his new life and those
who had seen his way of thinking about things. Plus it would help when
magical trouble tried to find him again.

So that was why he was looking up on the Internet, while keeping the
Master PC in a smaller box. He had already collected the list of different
characters to give his lovers. Both present and future. He opened the
Master PC. He worked on creating templates that he might fit onto his
women when ever he needed to call them up. Soon a collection of just
over a dozen templates were stored with the TD template. He then
switched off that template. 'Being a sex demon was fun for a while,
but I want to be me more.' Ranma thought.

He looked through his collection of targets. The most obvious of the
women to take into his harem were the rest of the fiancees. Ukyo,
Shampoo and Kodachi. They had been thinking of him, lusting after him.
He could tell from their daily interaction. But he wanted to leave them
hungry for a little bit longer. To build their lusts and to make them
more pliable.

So Ranma had to look to others. Some like Kiima were out of the country
and so would be hard to find. Some like Asuka were too annoying. It would
take a lot of reprogramming to make her a good lover. The major choices to
Ranma was Cologne (Not as she was, but made younger with the power of the
PC) or Hinako (Made a permanent adult with the PC's magic.) Both were sexy
women that could really be a boon to his Harem. But Hinako would be the
best choice at the moment. Youthizing Cologne at the moment would cause
too much trouble. At least, until he had mastered the global commands.
Hinako getting cured would seem more likely for others to swallow than
Cologne getting younger.

The next question in Ranma's mind was how to do it. A perverse idea came
into his head. 'What if Hinako were to seduce me?' Ranma thought as he
looked over the computer. 'What if I altered things so that she was the
one that was to bring the initiative to the relationship...before she
became my love slave?' A delight came over Ranma as he smiled at the
idea. Soon, new points came to his head as he started to program new
reality altering details into computer.

::Ranma will develop pheromones that bring sexual arousal to his lovers,
fiancees and to Hinako Ninomiya.::

::Hinako Ninomiya's condition which causes her to alternate between her
child form and her adult form will now be cured completely. As such she
will retain the adult form. Only the adult form will be at the maximum of
attractiveness and sexiness.::

Ranma was just beginning to type the changes to his English teacher,
trying to build her into his "Seductress". He needed to change some of
her behaviour to make her more likely to be his lover.

::Hinako Ninomiya will desire to seduce Ranma Saotome. To take him
as her lover. She will want to be the one to take the initiative to seduce
Ranma Saotome. To do so she will try to dress as sexy as possible while
retaining the image of an proper school teacher.Every time that Hinako
Ninomiya tries to discipline Ranma Saotome, she will instead develop a
greater desire to seduce him. She will try to make as much time alone
with Ranma was she possibly can.::

It was time for Ranma to add a universal command for Nerima. To make
sure that there was no interruption to his sex life. He sat thinking
for a minute, till he had the command.

::People will ignore Ranma Saotome and his sexual conquests. This
will seem perfectly normal no matter how bizarre his lovers get or how
apparent their sexual life is displayed. The exception will be
Ranma Saotome's lovers and Ranma Saotome.::

Why he let the changes happen to his next love slave to be, he started
to add the new templates that he had made for his 'Family'. He tried to
add the right template to compliment their natures.

For Kasumi he altered her so that she would take the form of a typical
anime Angel, with white magic and healing powers. He just had to alter the
natural abilities so they used more sexual natures than in the comics.

Nabiki was both a little harder and easier to develop. She would be his
info gatherer. The person he would go to for data on those around him.
Both friend and foe. But the question was what was the character that best
represented her nature. Then it came clear. A dark elven character. Better
yet he could make her a techno-sorceress that had a power of both magic and
science at her fingertips. That would certainly help him. He made the
changes almost immediately.

Akane was a strong girl who wanted to be both a perfect homemaker and
martial artist. So the idea was made to have her become both. A martial
artist maid that could be both housekeeper and sparring partner. (Even with
a higher sex drive, it didn't cancel out his martial arts drive that had
been drilled into him. Plus it could get a little kinky if done right.)

As a being of strength, it was obvious to make Akane a creature that also
had great strength. That was why he had made her a biological android. One
that could also bring him children. Just as he mother wanted. He also added
a few devices that might make sparring more fun.

It was then that Nabiki walked into the room. Her skin had turned a
brilliant shade of chocolate brown, with silver hair in her normal page boy
cut. Violet eyes looked at him. "Trying a few new changes, Master?" She
said with her sly smile. "Want to try it out?" She said as she slipped off
the robe she had been wearing. Her new dark skin seemed to shine with an
extra sheen. He could see the erect black nipples on her round full brown
breasts and the little tuff of silver pussy hair.

Ranma smiled, "I'm willing!" He said as he followed her upstairs.


Hinako Ninomiya was working on the lesson plan she was developing for the
next school class, or she was trying to. Being a twelve year old at the
time, all she could think of was cartoon and candy. Then she felt a surge
of energy come over her. Like when she was turning into her adult form.

The loose dress she wore as a twelve year old tightened as she became
her twenty year old self. As her body grew to fill the dress in pleasantly
adult ways, her mind grew up and maturity emerged.

But this time it was different. She knew it some how. Maybe she was
finally cured of the curse that had made her life hellish in some ways.
There was only one way to test it. She pulled out a coin and recited
the words to release the chi in her body. She released a massive chi
blast, but she didn't shrink in age or size like normal.

'I don't know what has happen, but it looks like I'm cured from my age
shifting curse. Forever, I hope.' She thought as she got back to the test.
If the chi blast was right, she still had her chi abilities. This might
help her keep her job. To discipline the young people in the school. She
thought about the delinquents. Including the top of her list, Ranma

Her thought turned, without her noticing, to how attractive he was. His
strongly muscled body that was well formed with out looking out of
proportion. His cute ass, crystal clear eyes, his strength of will. He
was one of the hottest men that she had ever known. She had even noticed
that he had quite the package in his pants. Something she wanted to see up
close and personal.

'I really want to try that wild stallion, but how do I do that? If I was
caught seducing a student, I would be fired from my job and removed from
Ranma as well. I would be in so much trouble.' Hinako thought as she
realized the effects of such an action. 'But then, it looked like it
would be worth it. To fuck that young stallion of a man.' Hinako thought
as she had a little daydream.

In it she was a sex demoness that was there to get Ranma to spill his
seed into her. She was in a tight black leotard, with a heart cut out at
the firm breasts. Her leggings were purple with black bats on them. High
heel boots with fur trim cloaked her feet. On her head and bare back were
the two sets of bat wings.

She had flown to the window of the Tendo home where Ranma was living. She
floated outside the window watching him as he finished his school work,
weeks ahead of the deadline. Then he started to stretch. Dressed only in
a muscle shirt and boxers. Metallic red boxers with gold trim.

Ranma moved with grace as he flecked and relaxed his muscles, the skin
rippling with gentle movement. As he did this she moved closer to his
window. Landing on the outside ledge, she made noise that perked him up
from his exercises. He looked surprise to see her and was about to call

It was then that she used her hypnotic powers to place him in an almost
instant trance, one that would prevent him from calling out. His eyes lost
focus as they locked on to her glowing ones. A ripple went across his body
as he relaxed most of his muscles.

"Relax, young one. You are here to grant your Mistress pleasure." She
spoke, getting him ready for her night time feeding.

"Pleasure Mistress..." said Ranma with a monotone voice that seem to hold
it's own hypnotic edge.

"Your Mistress says that it's time to strip. Then you will sit on the bed.
You will then act as if I was the most desirable woman your mind had ever
seen. With full emotion, yet with complete obedience to your Mistress."
Hinako-succubus said as she, slowly removed her clothing, by way of magic.

"Yes, Mistress!" Ranma said, as he started to strip and obey her commands.
Soon he was sitting on the bed, looking at the now nude Hinako-succubus. He
gasped with joy. "Beloved!"

"Yes, my lover. I am your beloved. And we have much to do." Hinako said,
as she dropped to the floor on her knees. She opened her scarlet lips to
let out her tongue. A tongue that licked the tip of the young man's penis.
With her succubus skills, she knew how to lick the organ like a Popsicle.
With slow, smooth motions that sent the martial artist quiver.

While she was doing that, she was also working at playing with the balls.
Adding that pleasure to the pleasure of the tongue on cock flesh. She had
had already taken the great sized cock halfway in, before it's size stopped
her. Gentle massaging of her long fingernails, caressing and pinching the
cock was having the effect that she wanted.

Ranma was moaning in pleasure as she work. Building to an orgasm that
would shoot the delicious cum into her mouth. Knowing how to help him
reach that point of rapture, she started to hum... while the cock was in

Vibration moved the prick as it moved from the sound and the tickling
of the tongue. She could feel his balls filling as she played with them.
'Just a little more and he's mind.' The succubus thought as she prepared
for the finishing move. She let the cock fall out of her mouth as she
did her finishing move. She blew a little breeze of wind over the organ.

Ranma moaned as he finally came. Squirting cum all over her face, lips and
boobs. She could feel the heat of the liquid as she licked it up hungrily.
To feast on one of the physical form of sexual energy that she survived
on. Surprisingly, she managed to lick up all of the fluid.

Watching Ranma recline on the bed, she spoke, "Time for the really fun
stuff, lover!"

In the waking world...

Hinako broke out of her sexual daydream, thinking of what it meant. Did
she really want this boy, no young man, that much? Would she risk her
career and future for a teenage who had trouble with the most basic of
subjects. Subjects like sexual education. Subjects she could teach him.

Temptation rose through her as she thought about the risk. Weighing her
career against her desires. But thanks to Ranma's typing, desire won out.
Her mind then switched gears as she thought about the way to seduce her

'I'll need a dress that's hot without looking unprofessional. Plus I'll
have to get an excuse for getting closer to him. Detention, perhaps? Or
should I try to give him tutoring lessons on 'subjects'!' Hinako thought
as she tried to get a plan for seduction.

'I'll also need more sexual tools. Better make up, hotter underwear, sexy
clothes to wear when not in school. I'll have to get use to heels,
especially high ones.' Hinako said, as she looked at the papers on her
desk. 'But I better get back to the grading so that no one suspects what it
is that I am planning for young, strong Ranma.'

"Get ready Ranma, for your new Teacher." she said, as she got to work.

The next afternoon...

'Well, I think it's starting to work.' Ranma thought as remembered
the actions of the teacher in the school. It had been an interesting day.

First, no one seemed to detect the changes that he had made in Nabiki and
Akane in the templates that he had added to them to make them more
interesting for his sexual adventures. Even those who were close to them
didn't notice.

Hinako was still in her traditional yellow dress. It had been loose in
her twelve year old body, but was tight on the body of the twenty something
she actually was. So she had been wearing a tight little number all day.
Much to the delight of the young men in the class. She also seemed to be
wearing shiny black heels that look new and sexy.

She had also proved that she was now an adult permanently, and yet still had
her chi vampire abilities. She had drained some misbehaving boys, and then
reflected the rest at the remainder of the bad students. The boys would
have screamed in joy that the sexiest teacher at the school was cure of her
little problem. They didn't. Hinako-sensei would have drained them.

Then there was the attention she seemed to be slyly giving Ranma. She
seemed to call on him more than she usually did. She also looked at his
way more.

As he headed out of the homeroom class, Hinako-sensei had called him to
her. "Now, Mr. Saotome, I have been looking at your grades in all of your
classes and I'm worried about your education. You need help now if you are
to succeed to collage or university." She told him.

"So what can I do, Miss Ninomiya?" Ranma said, hiding the fact that he
had an idea about what it was that she was about to tell him.

"I think that you need special tutoring by an educated individual who can
become a mentor to you. With help, I am positive that the trend of your
grades can be reversed. And I believe that I am the person who could help
you most of all with your work. That is why I have decided to become your
mentor." Hinako told him as she started to write something down on a piece
of paper. "This is my address and home phone number. My home should be an
excellent, stable, relaxing place for education. You may call me to arrange
a time for study."

"Thank you, Miss Hinako." Ranma said.

The rest of the day Ranma was thinking about the sexual possibilities of
the 'seduction' that Hinako would give him trying to convince him to do
something that he had been planning along. He wonder what she would have
for him. 'I'd better give her a few days to prepare. It also gives me time
to use the PC to make sure that she can do what she has been planning.
Wouldn't want her running out of money for the sexy outfit that she had
chosen for me to see, would I?'

He then decided to check on the actions and thoughts of the other fiancee
that had been thinking about him in sexual dreams. Ones that he had been
creating and altering to fit with his plans. Once he had finished with
Hinako's seduction, he would move in on them. Who knows? If Hinako's
seduction is a success, he might have the others seduce him.