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Master PC 1/2
Chapter 4: Passionate Red

"So this is what you have been working on." Ranma said as he looked at
the computer, over the shoulder of his lover and servent. Nabiki had
been working for hours on the computer trying to develop macros that
could help him with the collection of his loveslaves. Especially his
next conquest, Akane.

"I've just been thinking of the different things you might what to
develop for your harem. For instant, I created a Health Macro that
will heal all injuries and diseases that the person that is given the
macro is suffering from." Nabiki answered as she pulled up the Macro.

"Sounds like something that would be perfect for Kasumi to have. I had
been thinking of increasing the nurse's role that I had placed her in.
We could even link it to a more interesting application." Ranma said
as he looked over the macro.

"I've also been thinking of something that should make it easier for
you to keep your harem under control. What with it's ever increasing
size and membership. You might need more than human abilities. That's
why I created the T. Demon Macro." Nabiki said pulling up the
different macro. On the screen was an ordinary image of Ranma.

"I don't see the difference. What is it suppose to do to me? Is it
anything dangerous?" Ranma said. He was a little worried, with the
demon image he thought of some kind of monster.

Nabiki hit a button. The image changed and a nude version of Ranma
appeared. from his sides came eight penis ending tenticles. He also
appeared more muscular. "Presenting 'Tenticle Demon Ranma'. With eight
sensitivity controled tenticles plus his hands and natural tool, he
should be able to pleasure multiple women. He also has super human
endurance and staying power. Plus there is his mood altering
pheromones. Amoung other things. Everything that you will need to
become a sexual god."

"Interesting." Ranma said as he looked at it. It was something that he
could really use. He was already a masterful lover, but with this he
could become the sex god he wanted to become. "Let's do it." Ranma
said, pulling up the computer and bring up the Master PC. He was glad
that he had made sure that only he could bring it up. He loved his
slaves, but even slaves at the controls could be dangerous if
unsupervisored. He then put in the macros and added them. With a quick
click, Kasumi got healing powers that we triggered with a kiss. And
Ranma started his transformation.

From what was once a master martial artist a new sex demon appeared on
the earth. Ranma suddenly become stronger and grew his tenticles. They
flowed from his body and moved gently at his sides.

"I feel stronger already. But this shape might not be the best
disguise for my purpose." Ranma said, looking around , watching for

"That's why I given you a disguise form. Just concentrate on you're
previous look." Nabiki said, as she moved closer to him. She licked
her lips, thinking of the deliciuos cum with it's aphrodisac
abilities. She was also falling for the aphrodisac pheromones that was
comming from Ranma.

Ranma suddenly shifted and turned into his previous form. "This is
perfect. This should make seducing Akane much more easier. Best to get
to work. Where's Akane?"

"She in her bedroom. And from the sound of it, she thinking of you."
Nabiki said. "She going to be a luck girl."

"Why don't you and Kasumi have some twosome fun. I might get into that
later." Ranma said. "See ya."

Nabiki sat and watched as Ranma walked away. She enjoyed looking at
her master's butt twitch as he left.

Kasumi came in and looked at her sister. "Did I miss him?" She asked.

"Yes, but he said to give you this.." Nabiki then kissed her sister
and started to caress her sister's body as they started their love
making. Kasumi joined in. Kasumi moved her hands to the breast of her
sister and rubbed them. She tenderly twitched Nabiki's nipples. They
became erect and tender.

"I think that I like this gift." Kasumi said as soon as she could take
her tongue out of her sisters mouth. Nabiki merely grinned. Then they
started to rip their clothing off, to get more into the love making.


Akane was masterbating again. She was dressed in her underwear and
thinking of her fiancee. She had been doing this a lot in the last few
days. She was starting to get worried that Kasumi might notice all of
the extra laundry that she was producing.

But who could blame her. Her fiancee was a strong tender hottie. She
had always been wondering what it would be like when they had...
relations. But even more recently she had been having fantasies about
the girls in their lives. Every girl from her sisters to Ranma's
fiancees, they were all sexy babes that anyone would be crazy for.
Male or female. She just had to have them. But most of all she needed
to have Ranma's cock in her warm, virginal pussy.

That's when she notice someone standing at the door. She nerviuosly
got up and tried to cover herself.

"And here I thought that you were trying to give me a surprise." the
voice of Ranma said as he came into the room.

"Ranma," Akane said exicitedly. She had not expected Ranma comming
into her room, yet it had become a fantasy of hers that would come
upon here in her most vunerable moment.

"Have I told you have beautiful you look dressed like that? You look
good enough to eat." Ranma said, as he looked his fiancee over. As he
was doing this he was pumping the room full of his new pheremone
scent. It slowly waffed into the room filling it with the sensual
smell of sexual excitement. Ranma was hoping that it would get Akane
in the mood for the activity they soon would be sharing.

Akane sniffed a little at the air as she could smell something in the
air that seemed to be comming from Ranma. It was a wonderful aroma
that made Akane want to breath in deeper. She did so bring more of the
scent into her body. She could feel herself filling with a strange new
energy that gave her an euhoric high. It was also making her more and
more horny from the power surging through her body.

Akane's body reacted to the horniness that been surging through her
body. Her nipples harden and her pussy grew more and more wet as she
could feel herself growing more hungry for her fiance. Her body was
building itself up for the sexual act.

Ranma moved himself closer and closer to Akane. With each step closer
to Akane was another step closer for the pheromones to hit the young
woman and unleashing the sexual beast that lurked inside the innocent
girl. He desire to keep her virginity for marriage erasing in the
smoke of sexual desire.

Ranma came up to her till he was a breath away from her lips. "Perhaps
you grant me the favour of a kiss." Ranma said in a breathless. He
leaned closer and closer to Akane. Their lips slowly moving to met
each other. Akane leaned closer to the lips of her fiance. Her
thoughts slowly being replaced with the mixing of her deepest
fantasies of Ranma. She was slowly lossing her resistance to the
effects of Ranma and the pheromones mist.

This lips touched, the heat of their kiss warming their bodies up with
more passion. The urge to just forget about forplay and get down to
the nasty was crossing Akane's mind as she felt Ranma's touch on her
lips. Her hands glided down Ranma's back, savouring the touch as it

Their tongues twined as the mingled with each others. Akane could
taste Ranma's breath as it entered her body. It has a sweet taste to
it as she breathed it into herself.

Ranma, meanwhile, was caressing her back with his hands. He was moving
in relaxing circles with his hands. Like a tender massage that only
seemed to make her want him more. Little did Akane know that Ranma's
massage was designed to increase her passions.

Ranma moved her back to the bed as they slowly broke from the kiss.
Standing over her as she sat on the bed, he asked, "Do you think that
I'm a pervert now, Akane?" He joked with her as she looked into his
eyes. He knew that she had always thought that he was a pervert. Now
was the time to see if his power over her was strong.

"Yes, but right now I think that I want to be perverted. I want to be
bad. I want you bad!" Akane said as she pulled out of her bra. It fell
before her as it dropped of her body. Her rosy breasts were clear to
the world. She smiled at him as she started to shake out of her
panties and became naked.

Ranma smiled as she was nude before him. He started to strip off his
clothes and got ready to make love to this woman before him. A woman
that would complete his collection of Tendo women. Then he could move
on to more open pastures. To the rest of the fiancees and the other
women in his life that he could convince to take to his harem.

He gentlely pushed Akane to the bed as he moved to her pussy that was
glistening with her juices that were already starting to pour out of
the hoenypot.He moved his tongue over the pot and started to lap up
the honey that was coming out. He also made sure to tickle her clit
with the tip of his tongue. That brought shortness of breath from the
young girl as she felt her pleasure button being pushed by Ranma.

Ranma then lifted up and moved to her breasts as the small, yet firm
bossums stood up in excitement. The tips of the tits were firm as
bedrock as his lips took them. Her started with one and then the other
as he lightly bit and played with them. A couple of strong suction of
the nipples, cause Akane to moan out loud as she was pleasured by
Ranma's teeth and tongue.

"Oh yeah, Ranma! That feeeelllss gooooood! More! More!! MORE!!!" Akane
called out as she was being pleased by Ranma. Then Ranma took the
crook of her neck as nippled and kissed it. While she was being
distracted by it, Ranma took the plunge and stuck his cock deep into
her virgin pussy.

She felt little pain as his tool entered her body. Her hymen had been
lost years ago in the pursuit of martial arts skills. But it was
unusual to feel her pussy full of hard, firm cock. It also felt like
Ranma's cock was growing to fit her pussy's shape and size.

Akane didn't know that with the new Tenticle Demon powers that had
been granted by her sister's macro, Ranma could fit his cock to her
pussy. And yet it still kept up the sexual tempo of the music of love.
Up and out, down and in, then up and out again. This repeated over and
over again. Lubercated by the juices that Akane had been creating and
Ranma had been lapping up earlier.

While Akane enjoyed the sensation of Ranma's cock in her pussy, Ranma
pulled out his other cocks. Tenticles ending with cocks oozed out his
body and started to caress her body while she wading in the feelings
that her lover was bring to her. A couple of cocks were even caressing
her cheeks as she held her eyes close to enjoy the feeling that she
was having.

The Pheromones having causes Akane to lose herself in the act of sex.
So lost she didn't question how Ranma could be growing cocks or be
caressing her body in so many places. Her pussy, breast, neck, cheeks,
back and sides were all being touched by the man that she desired.

Ranma, however, was feeding off the sexual energy that they were
generating. It seemed to be part of the demon template that Nabiki had
granted him. He could feel the sexual enjoyment that Akane was
feeling. But he could also feel the sexual energy that was coming off
the otehr Tendo sisters as they made love with each other.

It urged him on with his love making. Trying to perfect his work. But
it also gave him a sense when his love was ready to recieve his seed
for her body to collect. He could feel the vibe of sex and orgasm. As
Akane started to come with orgasm, he knew that she would be ready for
him to come in her.

"OH KAMI! OH KAMI!! OOOOHHH KAAAAAAMIIIII!!!" Akane screamed out as
she came with a sudden orgasm. As the flood gates of her pussy opened,
Ranma released the pressure that had been building in his cock as he
pushed out his cum. What Ranma didn't count on was the fact that his
other cock were also full of cum. They pumped out their loads over
Akane's body as he came in her honeypot.

Ranma sat back and looked at the girl that was covered in the
glistening cum from his many cocks. It made her skin shine with an
unearthly grow. As the cocks moved the cum around the her body, Akane
sighed deeply as she relaxed with the cocks massaging her to a
relaxing sleep. She turned over in her effort to fall into a deep
sleep of the ages.

Ranma thought about Akane's future and came to the conclusion to make
her what she had always wanted to be. A homemaker martial artist that
could defend and take care of her home as well. Perhaps something like
a fighting maid that could look after the Tendo home as he hunted for
more women to fill his bed. It wouldn't be too hard given his powers
and the powers of the Master PC that was in his hands.

The next question that was in his mind was who to go after next?
Shampoo, Ukyo, Kodachi, Hinako or someone new? They were all open to
his sedcution methods and his transformation of the program that was
kept on his computer. Which woman would he introduce to his harem

Each was beautiful in their own way. Each of them seemed willing these
last few days to try out his love tool in fixing their holes. But who
would he take on first? Then it came to him.

His friends,Daisuke and Hiroshi, had always talked about their
fantasies involving a teacher-student affair. Especially since Hinako
sensei had started to teach their classes. Her sexy adult form was hot
in it's too tight dress that she had to wear to suit her two forms.

The only problem was that she had to keep sucking up chi to keep
herself in her adult form. If she didn't do that she would take the
form of a twelve year old girl. A buzz kill for anything sexual that
he might want to do with her.

But he had the means to fix that. The PC was ready and willing to fix
that little glitch in her hormonal balance that hadn't been adjusted
yet. He could fix it so that she would keep her adult form no matter
what would happen between them. That would protect him from violating
the law in reguards to children. But the tight dresses would have to

Another idea crossed his mind. What if he didn't seduce him? What if
he made it so that she would seduce him into the sack? That might be a
welcomed change of view as they looked at the future of his harem

But he turned from Akane and let her sleep off the sex that they had
just had with each other. She needed to gather her energy to make it
to the next session with her lover. Meanwhile, there were two minks
playing with each other in the other room and he was still hungery for
more sexual energy. So he turned to find his other loves and collect
some of their sexual energy as they fucked him.