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Master PC 1/2
Chapter 3: Power

Ranma was up and practising after his night of love
with Kasumi. She had been the first of his conquests
of desire. And what a desire it had been. A sweet treat
of kind and gentle loving. But now he was looking for
something with a little more spice to her.

He looked through the window to Kasumi in the kitchen,
preparing the morning meal. A half-knowing smile on her
lips. Lips those hours before had been locked around his
cock. Nobody had found it odd that he had gotten out
of Kasumi's room instead of his. He could barely remember
getting in the room, with all of his lovemaking.
But now things seemed normal, but only because he asked
Kasumi to act normal until he had control over the Tendo
home. But he had already started to change things by giving
Kasumi some ideas of a new wardrobe. She would shop for it
and he would pick it up using his special voice.

But still he was looking to the next step in controlling
the Tendo home. And he noticed her standing over near the house.

Nabiki had been waiting for Ranma to notice her. She had even
made sure that she was dressed perfectly for the occasion. All
she had on was a tight full length t-shirt, one that showed off
her assets. She was even stretching just right, with her arms over
her head, breast trusting out displaying her erect nipples.

She wanted Ranma to fuck her badly. She had been the Ice Queen
that had held power over all of the people in her life. If
they wanted something, she provided it. For a price. But
now she wanted something and she was feeling divided. She couldn't
decided whether she wanted to hold the power or if she wanted the
power held over her.

She stood before him a half sleep look on her face to suggest
that she had just woken up. She wanted to hint of the bedroom,
a place where they could have a lot of fun. "How the practising
going this morning? Getting sweaty. I hope not, because you'll
need a bath before school starts." She said, bring in sweat and
bathing into the conversation to spark some interest in other

"Just doing the normal, everyday practise. Only thing I have to
worry about is getting too hot." Ranma answered. "But you know about
getting too hot, don't you?" Ranma smiled as he added to the flirting
that he and Nabiki were doing. And he decided to leave, hoping that
his absence would make her hungrier for him. She would be his next
conquest. He just had to set things up.

Nabiki watched as Ranma walked away. He certainly got her feeling
a little warmer. She had to figure out how she wanted to have him.
Under him or over him. That made her think of so many other possible
ideas of a delightful colour. Ideas ran through her had. Perhaps
a new costume and some role playing might be in order...

Later that day...

Nabiki stepped into the adult store. It was trick for her, being
underage. But she had to get into this store. She didn't know that
someone with a computer was helping her. The store was filled with
adult toys, videos, movies and what she was looking for. Costumes
and other clothing.

She started looking through the different clothing. Maid's outfits.
Harem costumes. Even senshi uniform. And their were different
Leather, Pleather, PVC, and Lace. And the different clothing. From
to swimsuits to lingerie to shoes and boots. A number of things that
could use to create the outfit that she would seduce Ranma with.

Nabiki had carefully arranged things so that everything would go her
way tonight. The parents would be out tonight as would Kasumi, and
Akane would be spending the night with her friends. And the other
fiancees didn't know that she was making her move tonight.

She just needed something to wear and some toys to use. That's when
she saw it. The perfect outfit. It seemed to whisper to her. 'Power.
Control. Yet also suggest something submissive.' Something that would
make Ranma go wild.

It was perfect for the night of passion that she hoped to share with
her fiance. Tonight would be the night to see which one of them would
be the one to be in charge.

That night...

Ranma sat waiting in his room, waiting. Nabiki would be here soon.
She was planning on seducing him. Only before she starts, he would
take command. She was the perfect person to help him control his every
increasing harem. To help him control the women that would soon be
sharing their lives with him. He had everything planned to get the
woman who would be his second in command. He might even allow her
limited access to the Master PC.

That's when Nabiki walked in. Ranma was glad that he used the Master
PC to gain control over the adult stores in the area. If the outfit
Nabiki was wearing was a sample of what they could produce, he was
going to have to use them more often.

She was wearing all black with traces of silver or red. A black
bustier made of a leather like plastic was holding up her round
ripe tits. It was laced up with strings that begged to be undone.
She also wore black thong panties that were made of some type of
lace. It didn't quite cover her shaved pussy. On her arms were
long, elbow length gloves with the fingers cut off. Instead, her
red painted fingers poked out. Her long legs were clad in black
pleather platform boots with a silver spike heel of about 6 inches.
The boots went up to her thighs. Around her neck was a black chocker.

A sly smile was on her face, which was painted up for Ranma's
entertainment pleasure. Deep red lipstick coated her smile, as
deep purple eye shadow shaded her eyes. She wanted to induce the most
sexual image she could for her fiance. To look like something from
his wet dreams.

"Nabiki? What are you doing her dressed like that?" Ranma said, as
he fainted surprise. He knew just exactly what she was doing here.

"I thought that we might get to know each other better. More
intimately." Nabiki said, as she moved towards him. She swung
her hips seductively, each sway screaming sex. Her breasts were
thrust out for inspection as the nipples on them tried to
escape the bustier.

"Are you trying to seduce me? Or would you rather have me seduce
you?" Ranma asked, as Nabiki stopped in front of him, her body
inches from his body. They stared into each other eyes. That's
when Ranma started to whisper his commands and new life style
for Nabiki to learn and live by. But his first commands where
for Nabiki to stand and listen to him as he told her of her new
purpose in life, of her new desires.

"You control others and yet are controlled by your master.
You live to control and manage others lives to the best of
your abilities. Yet your life is managed and controlled by
your master. Your greatest pleasure in life is to obey your
master. Pleasure is gained through obeying your master's
desires. Obeying your master, Ranma Saotome. Your master
is Ranma Saotome." Ranma whispered as his soon to be lover
was staring into his eyes. Her pupils seemed to dilate with
each new commandment.

"You are part of a mighty Harem. Part of a whole. Your job
in the harem is to control and manage the members in the harem
so that they can please master Ranma in the best way that they
can. You will help master Ranma to select and collect the members
of his harem." Ranma told her, getting ready for his sexual

Moments later Nabiki blinked as her commands completed their
mission in converting her mind to Ranma's cause. She knew that
her purpose in life was to help Ranma control and manage her
harem. She was loyal to her master and his pleasure. She wanted
to make his sex life more bright. She knew what she had to do.

But she felt a little nervous. She was here for Ranma's pleasure,
not her own. The thought of him so close had cause her knees to
feel like they were made of jello. But still some remains of her
take control personality remained and so she started on her
seduction of her master. She place her arms around Ranma's neck
as she moved her head so that she could whisper into Ranma's
ear, "I think that you might like being seduced." Her lips were
a breath away from his ear.

"I think that I might like to see what it is to be seduced."
Ranma said as he started to kiss and lick Nabiki's neck. His
arms were surrounding her curve body. His hands moving to her
tight firm ass. Nabiki let out a slight moan as she felt her
lover caress her neck. Ranma liked the soft feeling of her
fleshy rear end. He also enjoyed the feeling of the slick
leather like plastic that she was wearing.

It was also interesting to have Nabiki being taller than he
was, as her high heels made her taller than him. Normally,
she was about the same size as him, but with her towering
over him it could have been intimidating. If it wasn't for
the fact he was in total control. He kind of like the fact he
had to stand on his tip toes to kiss her neck. But he wanted
to be the same size as his lover. "I think it's time to lose
the boots. Just for now." He said, thinking of increasing his
hight soon to get over the possibility of being shorter than
most of his lovers.

Without a second thought, Nabiki took off her boots which
lower her to Ranma's level. That made it easier for Ranma
to interact with her. That's when Ranma stepped back and
started to undress himself. He wanted to keep his clothes
in one piece. "Wait one second, while I'll slip into something
more interesting." He quickly undress himself till he was only
wearing a smile.

"I thinking I like this new look." Nabiki said as she looked
Ranma over, noticing all of Ranma's sleek and yet muscular body.
That is till she saw the object that cause her to stop and stare
for a moment. His long, powerful cock. 'That looks good enough
to eat.' Nabiki thought to herself. She then decided what she
was going to do next.

She got down on her knees before Ranma's prick and started
to lick and caress the organ before her. She started a slow
pace, wanting to keep this up for a while. So it was several
minutes before she took his member into her mouth. Taking
it up till she couldn't take any more. She moved her tongue
around the long cock, trying to stimulate it. With each careful
tongue licking she gave Ranma, her master moaned a little with

She then took the cock out of her mouth and moved onto tickling
his tender ball sack, taking them into her mouth as she sucked
and licked them as tried to get a rise out of him. The more and
more she brought him off, the more and more his prick started to
gain an upright position. As it reached the highest point, Nabiki
took the cock in her mouth and began to suck for all she was worth.
Soon Ranma couldn't hold his orgasm back any longer and he came in
her mouth. Nabiki swallowed the warm sweet cum in her mouth, trying
to take the massive amount of the delicious liquid in her mouth.
A little bit of cum came out of her mouth and was flowing a little
bit from the sides of her mouth.

Ranma pulled his cock from Nabiki's mouth, it was covered with a
mixture of saliva and cum. Nabiki then licked her face trying to
clean the cum off of her face. "I think that what were need now is
a good fucking." Nabiki said as she smiled to her master.

"I think that might be a good idea." Ranma said as Nabiki stood
over his body and he lay down on the floor. Nabiki had already
moved the lace panties to the side as she revealed her pussy for
her master's pleasure. She also unzipped the bustier to reveal her
bosoms for her lover. She lowered herself down on to Ranma's cock.

"Oh yeah, Ranma-chan baby. Fuck me. Fuck me as hard as you can."
Nabiki said as she started to ride Ranma. With each thrust her
urging became stronger and stronger as she rode her lover's
wonderful tool. Her hands caress the flat muscular chest of

In return, Ranma was caressing the rich breast of Nabiki. He
was teasing and titillating the nipples that were present on those
breast. He knew that a little foreplay would be the best way to
get Nabiki in the mood for some loving. He was interested in the
way that Nabiki was talking through the fucking.

CUM." Nabiki screamed as she rode her fiance. Ranma was glad that
he had made it so that no one would notice the noise that was
coming from the room. He didn't want anyone interrupting him
during his fucking of the middle Tendo daughter.

Nabiki was going nuts from the pleasure that she was receiving
from pleasuring her master. The better she tried to make him feel,
the more better she felt. She was getting to the brink of orgasm.
She knew that even if she orgasm she could stop till she had
give Ranma his second orgasm of the night. That's when she came for
the first time that night. She screamed out in joy.

Ranma smiled at the fact that he had cause Nabiki to orgasm. That
was part of his job as her lover and master. To keep a pack of happy
and health love slaves one had to meet their need and keep them
satisfied. He now could focus on the pleasure that Nabiki could give

Nabiki continued to ride Ranma as she took her hands off of Ranma's
chest and place her hands on top of his hands and help him stimulate
her nipples. The more and more that he tried to get Nabiki to have a
second orgasm, the closer and closer he came to having his own orgasm.
The pressure was building between the two of them as each tried to
cause the other to orgasm first.

Ranma finally decided to give it up and released the pressure by
having his orgasm. He released his seed into Nabiki's pussy. It
was then only moments later that Nabiki had her second orgasm.
Ranma could feel the mixing of his cum and Nabiki's pussy juice.

Nabiki collapse onto Ranma as she finally tired. She had used up
most of her energy as she orgasm for the second time. Ranma lay
with her in his arms as he let her sleep. He knew that she would
need the rest as she would be helping him plan his future conquest.

Hours later, in the mourning...

Nabiki awoke in the arms of her master. It was one of the happiest
moments in her new life as the loving slave of Ranma. She was
to find that Ranma cock as still close to her pussy. A few little
twists and it could be in her once again. She could wait for that
to happen. But Ranma was still a sleep. She was going to leave him
resting, when he started to wake.

Ranma woke to find Nabiki looking at him. "Was last night fun for
you?" He asked as he smiled to his lover. He really hoped that the
answer was yes, even though he pretty much knew the answer already.
He still wanted to hear it from his fiance's lips.

Nabiki smile her mischievous smile and said, "Ranma-chan, you have
no idea at how much fun I had last night."

Ranma's face turned serious as he knew what he had to ask next.
"Nabiki, I need you help. I have to figure out who to seduce next
to be a member of the harem. Who should I take next? And them who
should I
take after that? I want to find out the best way to take my future
so that they will be happy."

Nabiki sat back and started to think of the best way that Ranma
create his harem. Who should be the next member of their happy, yet
different family? What would be the best plan of attack?

"I think that we should make a clean sweep of the house. That means
taking my sisters and making them into happy harem members. And the
best sister to start with would be Kasumi." Nabiki said as she came
to a decision.

"That would be a good idea, if I hadn't taken her already." Ranma
replied with a slight sigh. 'Guess I should have told her that
he thought.

"Then the next choice would be Akane, to complete the Tendo sister
collection." Nabiki said with some sarcasms in her voice. "Then you
might want to indulge yourself with a Tendo sister orgy before moving
onto the fiancees that live outside of the Tendo home. That should
us plenty of time to work out a plan of attack for gathering those

"Excellent plan. I love it. Well that means I have to figure out
what Akane's greatest fantasy might be and help her fulfil it."
Ranma said as he gave Nabiki a small, but passionate kiss.

"Plus I have a few fantasies that I would like to try out." Nabiki
said as she thought about the possibility of recording the seductions
of the new members of the harem. For historical reference only. She
smiled at this idea. "Akane won't know what hit her."